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Archives: April 30, 2009

We're gonna die. RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

US closes 100 schools as swine flu spreads

This swine flu reminds me of our neighborhood watch meeting a few days ago

Pictures of our President during his "100th day" news conference.

I wonder if I haven't already had the swine flu this year...

What does the "H" in "Jesus H. Christ" mean?

Breaking: Chrysler deal might fail. Three creditors balk at proposal

WA health officials: 6 probable swine flu cases

I just posted this as a reply....

Great toon about "better" Rethug party

Ways to Reduce the Cost of Health Insurance: David Himmelstein


Where are the newly released pictures from "enhanced interrogations"?

American Airlines flight from Miami to Mexico City (PIC)

Stay Home For Flu Shutdown, Mexico President Urges (May 1-5)

Does anyone here worry about,...getting sick,...

WJ this morning: Off to a Good Start?

Is The Media (And Blogosphere) Killing Immigration Reform? - Sally Kohn (HuffPo)

"Stand By Me" sung by street musicians.

Good Morning, GOP. This Is Your Wake-Up Call. - Michael Rowe - HuffPost

Good Morning, GOP. This Is Your Wake-Up Call. - Michael Rowe - HuffPost

Elderly Sisters Face Heroin Charges (when SS isnt enough I guess)

Steele kisses boss Limpballs ass again on CBS this morning

I'm supposed to fly this weekend......omg

Bird Flu Blamed in Egypt Child's Death

Suspect A(h1n1) cases close 4 scools in Milwaukee

Pakistan: Taliban Holds Town Near Capital Hostage

VPrez Biden...Why NOT!! Shut Down All....(swine)

Don't read this if you're eating breakfast...A piece on the Wasilla Wolf Annthrax Coulter

I need help finding graywarrier's ducks

These two should be auditioning for the lead roles in a remake of "The Beverly Hillbillies,"

C-SPIN WJ: Gnew Gingrich...Stand-Up Comedy

What's best for you?

What's best for you?

Part 3 of Saul Landau's Interview of Cuban Fiver Gerardo Hernandez

GM will pay terminated dealers only for inventory, parts

My wife's company will be handing out free tamiflu to employees and their families.

GOP set to launch rebranding effort

Regarding Specter: "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer."

Congresswoman Virginia Foxx

Waiting for the T-Bone Steak Flu

Was the New York Flyover a Hijack Practice?

So.... it's just the flu, right?

The NY Times gets it wrong in this OpEd.....

Did anyone see Tweety talking about race relations last night?

Pat Buchanan there are no Reagan Democrats

...on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, gender, and disability.

A Seance for Ronnie

Harman, Cunningham's Ties To CIA & Goss's "Forced Resignation"

There's some deep irony in the Spanish inquiry into bushco torture

TOONS: The Specter Defection

Why isn't it called the Smithfield Flu?

Regarding Spector.

Buggy little dupe dupe

British troops officially end combat operation in southern Iraq

The 10 Most Outrageous Military Experiments

Immigration Agents to Turn Focus to Employers

Sean Hannity called Kim Kardashian a role model for young girls?

Scabrous Joe review for Thursday the 30th

Stephen Colbert--"Oinkmaggedon"

Encouraging Poll Numbers

GOP's First 100 Days

When Franken is *finally* seated, I'll have a new bumper sticker made...

The Ballad of Dean Cannon

Sharing a quick laugh. FoxNews "Fact Check"???

Rep. Mark Hilton(R) was angered that he was referred to as a “snake handler”

When did General Motors start coasting?

When did General Motors start coasting?

The Incredible Shrinking GOP: Party Shrunk By One-Fourth In Five Years

Specter must fight for his new Party if he is going to be a Democrat.

GOP poll shows Dems have advantage on key issues

overheard....from a wingnut

President Obama mentions Krugman and Stiglitz in interview...

Our FRiends rally to the new GOP "Rebranding" effort...

After refusing to cover press conference, Obama doesn’t call on Fox

Calif. woman: My father was the Zodiac killer

With the new GOP rebranding effort, who should be the spokesperson?

Mmmm.... Refreshing Right Wing Republican Kook Aid!

100 Daze -- How would it have been different if McCain had won?

Stand By Me - The beautiful music of the streets

Ok, here's a dumb question. Has the DU interface changed for anyone else but me???

If Africa can cut out banks, why can't we?

Secessionist ready to kill own son to dissolve union

We're all gonna die, run out and get all the Tamiflu you can find

Statement from non-Tarp Chrysler lenders

China develops instant diagnostic method for possible H1N1 virus

The Rude Pundit: Live Whiskey-Blogging President Obama's News Conference

It's a MANDATE! Paul Ryan (R-WI): "Most of us think that that's gonna happen" (Senator Franken)

3.2 Trillion dollars is a lot of money*

Girl beats off muggers with marching band baton

I order supplies for my department on a monthly basis

Oppenheimer Funds, Stairway Cap Management and Perella Weinberg Partners' Xerion Fund...

Oh FUCK!! Hello Martial law?

Common flu far more deadly than swine flu in U.S.

Torture Coming "Full Circle" - Has Kim Jong-Il written his thank-you note to Dick Cheney yet?

The Folly of the Focus on Torture: A Diversion from War Crimes Against Children & Unjustified Murder

Does anyone under 30 have any good memories of Raygun?

Way does Raw Story have a link to WaPo article from Feb 2008?

Condi Rice Pulls A Nixon: When the president approves it, it is not illegal

So because of the flu scare, the Today Show


Beware surfers: cyberspace is filling up

Gay marriage bill passes in N.H. Senate

for some reason I haven't realized that Newt Gingrich is a religionist

Do you remember the time, Nixon

Pew Research: Public Takes "Conservative" Turn on Gun Control, Abortion

Pew Research: Public Takes "Conservative" Turn on Gun Control, Abortion

Headline News craps on the OBAMAs; LIMBOsevic on union members

Headline News craps on the OBAMAs; LIMBOsevic on union members

The banks that wrote the mortgages should take some of the pain now.

UK and Europe heading for rift over regulation

The national embarrassment that is Michelle Bachmann marches aimlessly onward

The Right WIng Delusion of Mainstream Thought

I don't want to see ALL the neocons go away

Stopping world hunger? Campaigning for world peace? No and No. Let's stop the gays from marrying....

"Today Show" video: Miss California Carrie Prejean To Campaign Against Gay Marriage

Anyone know a good contact site for the GOP? I want to send angry things to them.

Do you have swine flu? Here's a diagnostic site!

Do you think we could use something different than GOP?

Remembering the 1992 Los Angeles Riots April 29

GOP Poll: Republicans are incompetent.

Debate finally settled: Nude Hikers not welcome - a lesson in direct democracy.

More GOP infighting! The (so-called) prolifers on Brownback's vote to confirm Sebelius

New Hampshire Senate passes gay-marriage bill

Gay marriage bill passes Maine Senate

GOP Leaders Publicly Divided Over Whether To Concede Franken Victory

GOP Leaders Publicly Divided Over Whether To Concede Franken Victory

Banks own Washington and everything else...see money funneled to congress to stop cramdown bill

Ohio GOP leader compares bald Specter to Dr. Evil

Memo to President Obama on Torture from Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity/VIPS

I watched tv news last night and omg, I see the problem. I apologize

What is Boehner on about on CSpan1

Why don't the GOP seem to worry about fighting the Swine Flu?

Suggestion For SNL Skit

Please let me never be one of those reactionary people wearing surgical masks on the bus

Our Jekyll And Hyde President ***CBS NEWS***

Weren't some torture photos supposed to come out this week?

I loved Jonathan Turley's Analogy yesterday..

Are there really any "truths" that the public "couldn't handle"?

Is it really "only the left wing" that wants the torture investigated and

ABC/WAPO Poll: More Americans now support marriage equality than oppose it

Has North Korea had a genocide?

My letter to Governor Rendell. I only hope it gets to his desk.

Piggy Flu Tracked Down, More or Less

This is a very sad time for bobby jindal

A special note of congratulations to the 18 Republicans that voted for the Matthew Shepard Act

The mistake of the Right, let's not make it

A riddle or trying to find logic in foreclosures and bankruptcy cramdown

Oh dear!


In MO, swine flu is now a joke on the statehouse floor!

Has Anybody Ever Posted On DU - Those Things You Must Believe In To Be A Repug.......

Byron York Says Obama Isn't Really As Popular As He Appears; It's Just Because Blacks Like Him

Pat Roberts says don't call swine flu swine flu; it's a "disservice" to farmers

Pat Roberts says don't call swine flu swine flu; it's a "disservice" to farmers

So Is It Torture If Done To These Two Americans?

Fox decision not to air Obama press conference didn't do as well as expected

The party born out of Abolitionism dies as a regional party of Southern racists.

Here's an online test to see if you have swine flu.

The skeptic in me thinks THIS is the reason conservatives promote torture

Credit card legislation nearing success

Yesterday, I called Conyers' office with the House Judiciary Committee.

H1N1 Patient Zero. Photo released.

"Take Back America"

GOP Lawyer: Unless You Are "An Idiot"-'Waterboarding Not So Bad-It Alleviates Fear of Execution'

Justice Dept. Official Violated Ethics Rules in Grant-Making

Confirm Dawn Johnsen

Let's get this straight, Specter is a craven political opportunist for leaving the Republican party


Michael "Dadgumit it Mr. Limbaugh, I'll suck but I won't swallow" Steele ...

WHO to stop using term 'swine flu' to protect pigs

So who's watching the credit card debate

Patient Zero?

Patient Zero?

The BaptistBoard Again....Hating Obama and hating the guy who brought it up

Now that Specter has supposedly changed parties...

WHO Influenza A(H1N1) - update 6

Beauty Pageant Loser To Campaign Against Gay Marriage

The Plumline Online: "The Incredible Shrinking GOP: Shrinks to 23% in Five Years"

Right wing talk radio = "stupidity mules" - spreading the virus of stupidity across America

Putting the Twit in Twitter

Most of the flu cases will never be known

GOP forms a "National Council for a New America" -- Gee, just when we got the old one back

I know its WAY over, but anyone else steaming mad at the BS they put Kerry through in 06?

"And you thought we'd have nothing to talk about once Obama was President"

Twittering about Swine Flu...

kenyan women set sex strike for peace

Enraged With Corporate Greed? French Are Kidnapping the Boss!

Swedish bank rescue expert doubts U.S. efforts will work

Vegetarians ( who post on DU about Vegetarianism) are ........

Countdown to local Swine Flu freakout in 3...2...1..

Lawmakers Look for a Smarter Way to Get Intelligence

Banana Republic

Notre Dame alums receive anti-abortion mailings

Conservative Columnist: "I Hate The Word 'Greedy'"

Got this 3 times in email. Pass the tinfoil hat or this a real possibility (video)

Ok, I'm tired of hearing how to fix the Republican party on cable shows.

Rep. Steve Israel: Right-Wing Radio Spreads Flu Lies

Has anyone else seen this email? Calling H1F1 the NAFTA Flu.

Microsoft preps Windows 7 release (BBC)

Paying a Price for Loving Red Meat

Wow..just Wow GOP sinks further

Media Matters: NBC/WSJ poll question advanced false claim about proposed labor law

Does anybody in America believe that putting someone naked in a coffin like box

NH gov mum on marriage bill

Swine Flu Cancun- More Bad News for Travelers

Laugh my old fat azz off!

GOP Chairman Alex Triantafilou scrubs Web Site of "Dr. Evil" pics mocking cancer patient Specter

Hardball now - Turley and Buchanan on re: Condi Rice statement

Republicans to launch national charm offensive (Jeb Bush (LOL), McCain, .....headlining.)

Toddler who died of swine flu visited Houston mall

Company warned officials of flu 18 days before alert was issued

PLEASE DU this poll a very the red state

Here's what I love: republicans are circling the wagons.

Ari Fleischer: ‘I’ll be proud to testify if I get a subpoena.’

Professor Elizabeth Warren

Computer Simulation of Swine Flu Infection Rate

Computer Simulation of Swine Flu Infection Rate

Swine flu and hype – a media illness

Keynote Speaker @ June 17th Manufacturer & Business Association Event? THE DECIDER.

11 Democrats vote with the Republicans to defeat Mortgage Bankruptcy bill

Self deleting because I'm an idiot.

Ed Shultz watchers: Can anyone point me to the RNC ad

Top 10 Letterman reasons Specter switched parties:

Rep. Broun Baselessly Speculates Child Who Died From Swine Flu In The U.S. Was An ‘Illegal Alien'

As of last week, Specter was on track to lose in his primary

As of last week, Specter was on track to lose in his primary

Condi: If the President authorizes it, it's not torture

Notre Dame DISAVOWS Connection to Randall Terry's Obama Attack Letter


Swine flu and no national health insurance

Where are you on swine flu?

Adam's Apple Annie resents Palin's ability to "surpass me in attracting the left's hatred"

Would the American people jump at the chance for single-payer, universal health care?

US Citizen --deported as illegal--bounces around Central America prisons and homeless shelters

If you were President, what would be your first act?

If you were President, what would be your first act?

Senator Tester, "A deal is a deal?" Regardless of the malfeasance of banks...stick it to the folks

turley is slapping buchanan all around my teevee

Anyone in Favor of a Dedicated "Swine Flu" Forum?

Wow...still another nation more progressive than the U.S.

Breathing again..the bankruptcy bill will come back..after millions more lose their homes..

Crist: Don't like Jesus plate? Don't buy it.

The funniest thing about the GOP meltdown is...

Nadler: Obama’s Torture Comments Prove Probe Is Required By Law

So the Republicans want to "rebrand" themselves. I think they need our help.

Has anyone asked this question yet re: the H1N1: Can you be an asymptomatic carrier?

Geithner "Most Beautiful" Scandal: Tim's Brother Is A 'People' Mag VP!

Ohio Militia Calls for Armed March on Washington

Bailout's 'hire American' provisions prove frustrating

I flew to Florida in March -- became seriously ill immediately upon returning home.

Swine Flu name changed to GOP Flu

Dear Elizabeth Edwards

Jonathan Turley is on Hardball making Pat Buchanan look stupid.

White supremacist gets month in jail for hate crime

Bachmann reassures nervous Minnesota electorate: "I'm closely monitoring the [swine flu] situation."

When Did Your County's Jobs Disappear? An interactive map

I was invited to dinner with Bill Clinton in LA May 1! Woo Hoo!

Many Iraqi women suffering, UN says

Guess who's in Michael Steele's posse?

Do we really need this sort of alarmism? "All of humanity under threat" - run for the hills!

Senate Dems "furious with Reid for agreeing to let Specter keep his seniority"

opposite marriage:fake boobs::same sex marriage:________________

"I just hate that smile Obama gives all the time"

Holy Moly! My 6-Year-Old's Elementary School Has Just Been Closed Due To Swine Flu!

Bank Customer Drops Bag Of Marijuana

Isikoff coming up on Rachel with breaking news

Now casting: "Octomom: The Musical"

If enough Texans say they want to secede, put it on the ballot.

Why is Tom Delay on television instead of in jail?

Virginia reports its first two cases of swine flu

Our Obligation to Investigate-By Sen. Robert Byrd

"I didn't authorize anything..."

Republicans are like horror film monsters. They're never really dead.

So if you were writing a fictional novel about a super-flu

KO: Entertainment guru Michael Musto is ripping into Prejean with one-liners...

KO and John Dean will be discussing

Judy Shepherd on Rachel now

Is the 'GOP too big to fail'?

Most media over-hyped disease?

The Yankess shut down & are not playing baseball any more

Today LIMBOsevic called "rank & file" union members "SHEEP, FOLLOWERS" n/t

Thread in LBN says Souter is to retire at end of term

Couple of my wife's cousins were in town last week...medical care

Could there be a Rendell on the Supreme Court?

How would Republicans have handled the Swine Flu?

Couldn't Specter make the move to ensure 59 votes?

Ain't No WMD's Down Here - Ha Ha

A Souter surprise?

Do you think the domestic violence shelters in your area

HaHa - TERROR!!! Ominous ad shows GOP still thinks security a winning issue

10:15 PM Eastern and Anderson Cooper still doesn't know about Souter

Brits leave Iraq today--hold closing ceremonies.

Oh how I wish it were Fat Nino or Slappy

12 posts in...and the chisels came out....

Lieberman: Border closing should be on the table

The flu outbreak affecting proms and graduation ceremonies??

Bwa-ha-HAAA! Post on Hannity's site bemoans "stimulous packages!"

Obama's Mistake: Britain Did Torture

Defence Budgets Should Not Be a Sacred Cow. UK Tories Under Fire For Possible Defence Cuts

An open letter to Ms California(tm):


Souter Reveals Retirement 2 Days After Specter's Switch

Ok this is about fear and any kind of disaster

Will FRC hold a Justice Sunday IV?

Napolitano: 'Anyone Exhibiting Symptoms-Go To Isolation Rm-Before Proceeding To Their DESTRUCTION'

Teabags - get your teabags - teabagging in Michigan tomorrow! Joenotaplumber will be there!

Teabags - get your teabags - teabagging in Michigan tomorrow! Joenotaplumber will be there!

News consumers, the news and headlines (YES THE OMG moments, we are all gonna die moments)

If there were ever a place NOT to be's when you pick the supreme court

How can you be the majority owner of a company and not be allowed to run it?

Should the Freedom of Choice Act Be A Legislative Priority For Obama?

Should the Freedom of Choice Act Be A Legislative Priority For Obama?

Will you be able to see it tonight?

Al Franken - Prophet?

Is the Republican Party a threat to Democracy?

Those robo-calls about expiring car warranty

Over the Line: Boehner Inserts Pic of Congressional Hispanics in Terrorist Montage.

Swine flu present and under control in New Jersey

Obama's new trade rep wants a NAFTA- style Panama Free Trade Agreement passed ASAP.

NOM board member advocates criminalization of homosexuality, overthrow of government

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Meanwhile, over at the laugh-a-thon also known as....

Need Info - First few bills passed in 2000 was to mark derivatives trading unregulated?

GOP chair took down mocking Specter with cancer

I nominate Johnathon Turley

The Batcrap Craziest Republican is........

Who will be the first pundit who demands Obama pick a republican for SCOTUS

Iowa probably has H1N1 now...

Don't mix flu and immigrant debate

The Uncomfortable Grayness of Life by Nathan Phelps

hypothetical question: If any Senator was selected for Supreme Court who would you like it to be?

Biohazard pink.

Feds Wrongly Deport Citizen Living in N.C.

Teens accused in plot stay in custody

I know it won't happen but I kinda wish that Obama would nominate Olympia Snowe for Supreme Court

My Op-Ed hits statewide paper: GOP lost its Integrity over Torture

Some are calling it the "Nafta flu"

Weird Facebook post I got from my cousin...

Over 50 Anti-Torture Activists Arrested at White House Protest

BREAKING NEWS: Justice David Souter plans to retire from Supreme Court, NBC/NPR reports

I think Obama made a mistake today by demonizing some of the debt holders

I nominate Mario Cuomo.

Rice Makes News - Implicates Bush AND Cheney For Torturing Detainees ILLEGALLY!

Polo Horses killed by overdose of selenium - official conclusion


Has anyone else done as much damage as Larry Summers and still been praised and given power?

How about Judge Judy for Supreme Court? (Note: She's for gay marriage)

Specter casts another vote against Dem agenda

Lest we Forget... how about a stroll down memory lane?

How much combined Military Service do right wing radio hosts have?

Could any DU cop please private message me?

Prisoners 'Tortured Until They Came Up With False Confessions About Links Between Saddam & al-Qaeda"

Some said the Republican party would die when pigs fly.

Some said the Republican party would die when pigs fly.

Quit smoking at 7 pm on Tuesday after nearly 30 years.

Michael Steele's First 100 Days

Reprise: In light of "The Dem Left as Bad as Far Right"

Reprise: In light of "The Dem Left as Bad as Far Right"

lets generate a list of possible justice replacements

What would you say or do if a Democratic elected official spoke at a tea party?

People are coughing at work...I am scared.

So sorry you're bored...

List of Democratic bank whores who voted down the foreclosure bill

If you're worried about swine flu...

If you're worried about swine flu...

An apology and an observation

Oops - more on the Smithfield flu

IF The GOP Collapses Who Will The Blue Dogs Have To Vote With?

Are you immune to Swine Flu if you are infected and survive?

Souter's replacement won't be anyone you've ever heard of before.

Maggie Gallagher, NOM, Institute for Marriage (how to get wealthy in the hate-gay-for-pay industry)

How Many Think Waterboarding is The M$M's Prime Focus Re Torture Since It's Conducive To Spin?

Coleman files Supreme Court brief

Foreclosure bill defeated

So whatever! Tragedy is cute!

So, how's the 'smart power' thing working for you? Clinton Praises Partnership Between State-Defense

Limbaugh welcomed a new sponsor today.

American Co. Smithfield Foods untreated pig waste fields in La Gloria Mex likely source of Swine flu

Chief surgeon at Abu Ghraib running for mayor of Cincinnati

Ship commanded by Black woman admiral rescued Maersk Alabama captain

Thank you Arlen Specter

"Kramden" excised from Senate Mortgage bill

Fundies going after Miley Cyrus(Hannah Montana) for saying Jesus loves everyone

OFFICIAL: Type A H1N1 Flu Info and Updates thread (post them here please) 4/30

Foxx tries to backtrack on Shepard comments: 'hoax' was a poor choice of words

Here is what VP Biden really meant to say....

The Effectiveness of Torture is Inconsequential

Scott Horton: "That Article 17 Problem"

The President stood with the unions.. I am floored.

Boycott Orson Scott Card!

"They've taken God away from us."

Fernando Botero - Abu Ghraib series (heavy pix)

Conn. Senate OKs machine gun ban for children

Souter is retiring!? On Rachel Maddow Show RIGHT FUCKING NOW! (LINK ADDED)

At present, the UAW union will own 55% of Chrysler !

CDC Confirms Ties to Virus First Discovered in U.S. Pig Factories

Elizabeth Edwards writes about husband's affair in book, 'Resilience'

To help KO out: The Nazi's did attack the US homeland

Some fact & fiction on the flu -

CIA waterboarding experts faked their resumés

Lakeville Schools Asked To Ban Confederate Flag

Breaking: Robert Nardelli says he will step down as Chrysler CEO after it

Foreclosure Bill Killed In Senate With Democratic Help WATCH: Bankers Celebrate On Camera !

This makes absolutely no sense -

Ok Geeks. What is this?

Getting Worse.. Before Better

Kismet!?! Justice Souter Should Preside Over Our War Crimes Tribunal/Inquiry

Saw Two Great Bumper Stickers Today

Randi Rhodes Returns to XM on a new channel Monday May 11th!

Historian Michele Bachmann Blames FDR's "Hoot-Smalley" Tariffs For Great Depression

A DU Forgiveness Appreciation Thread.

Ohio Has Received New Shipment Of Tamiflu; Being Guarded By The Ohio National Guard

Bank of America, God Damn It!

ADD/ADHD/Aspie Brothers and Sisters Check in!!!!

Florida developers "dancing in the streets" over House bill that gives them more power.

My $1,200 three-hour hospital stay.

"There were times when David Souter thought of Bush v. Gore and wept."

Anyone else thinking it has to be a woman?

Anyone else thinking it has to be a woman?

This is the first time that Iceland has a left-wing government.

Happy Beltane!

Get your Arlen Specter avatar right here

"Would you like to participate in my Virtual Book Tour about my client, the D.C. Madam?"

Pageant official: We paid for Prejean’s implants

Are BMW drivers arseholes or do arseholes just buy BMWs?

Edwards Says Husband Should Not Have Run

Did NYT Help Bush Win The 04 Elect By Sitting On Illegal NSA Wiretapping Story At Harman's Request?

Condi Rice Pulls A Nixon: When the President Does It, That Means It is Not Illegal

** Judy Shepard Appreciation Thread **

Anybody Here Ever Come Back From The "Dead"?

I Agree 100%, Mike. And *that's* exactly the problem! (or The Wisdom of Michael Reagan)

If you didn't hate me already, I love the song "From A Distance."

Yikes!! I just found out a friend of mine was fired for sending pron

99 things you should have already experienced on the internet.


Okay, we can go to bed now. I just pulled the Scooby Blanket

I think the beagle is starting to feel better.

Being blessed

A poem about roses

When i turn 16 i wanna save the united state and support it too!

Thunderbirds Are Go!

I miss Phil Hartman

If you had a trip planned this weekend...

My latest webcomic

You begin to wonder if a home loan is even worth it...

LATEST POLL: Do you ever LIE when polled?

MAC computer question

A large cockchafer!

Phils take day off after thrashing by Nats - Mets here this weekend!

5:00 am Central Post on Olympia Snowe

I want to get paid to drive around and take pictures of old Victorian houses.

Please help me identify a freeper.

OMG!! I think I got the job!!!

Question about "Metal Gear"- I feel like such a moron...

Is it my eyes,

How could you tell if somebody had installed keystroke recording software on a computer?

Good morning Lounge

Good morning Lounge

This made me die with laughter... Look what they are praying too.

Uh-oh! CreekDog has been in GD!!

i've found an excellent pictorial representation of the lounge

It is my sorrowful duty to inform you that 95% of you were tombstoned last night.

What's best for you?

***cough***cough*** oops sorry....

Goodbye lounge.

flying drone detects pot users....cop overdoses on brownies...

New Glasses-Pic

Post Your Mistaken Lyrics Here

Man Mauled By Mice In Nursing Home

terisan got banned.

If you saw the movie THE LAST MAN ON EARTH (1964) *SPOILERS and you and a dog named flu...

The color went on my tv.... this kinda sucks

Who's whatched that show "Mantracker" on the Science Channel?

Who's whatched that show "Mantracker" on the Science Channel?

Have you seen the "Facebook Manners" video? Hilarious!

which do you think is the better movie?

the datacatz are communicating with me again

La Lioness Priyanka La Lioness Priyanka La Lioness Priyanka La Lioness Priyanka La Lioness Priyanka

i got a big box of turds that needz polishing, so i'm up outta here like i stole something

I always get the really good ideas for DU names changes AFTER the deadline

i got some really dirty work that needz doin

DHS: Anyone exhibiting symptoms of swine flu will be "destroyed"

kitten picture of the day for thursday april 30

What color food tastes best

My L O S T theory, buying into the "they're all gods" theory

If you do come down with the flu, what's the best way to deal with it?

Songbirds: Natural Treasure or Tasty Snack?

I still can't figure this out

whatever you do, don't do a google image search of

whatever you do, don't do a google image search of

An atty here in DC killed himself this morning. Two days ago,

Is the lounge too polish?

How hard is it to clear a god damned paper jam?!

Forget puppycam, here's owlcam.

Forget puppycam, here's owlcam.

The real culprit behind the swine flu

TM's college friends are friend requesting me on FB.

Check out this cool thing I'm going to do this summer:

It is pouring rain in Key West.

A perfect example of why the "US OUT OF U.N." nuts have it so wrong.

Going to the doctor tomorrow to be tested for flu....

My neighbors had a big fight right below my bedroom window last night, and it pissed me off for

Byron York Says Obama Isn't Really As Popular As He Appears; It's Just Because Blacks Like Him

If a pet store had "Guess the number of wrinkles on this dog's balls and win a puppy" contest

My neighbor has parked his truck so close to my car I can't get in

Gamers: Which is better? The Nintendo DSi or the DS Lite?

Do you think narwhal balls have wrinkles?

What's the best piece of advice you've ever heard?

Vectical-have any of you been prescribed this?

Star Trek fans who watched LOST last night - what was your reaction

Country great Verne Gosdin has died.

Did I cross the line?

I think the interview went badly.

So when pig flu turns 90% of the population into zombies how will you stay alive?

Smite first, ask questions later. Excellent, excellent advice.

YUMMO! Denny's now has a "Handmade" sandwich

Ouch! I was coming down the hill with the two dogs when

I want graywarrior to create a thread that never dies.

If you're Irish, don't be mad at's only a joke

My vet called

what was your origional username?

Facebook fun for pirates

Obama's Chrysler Speech today........In "Pirate-Speak"...

Oh shit... infect me with the Pig flu now.... CREED is back together!

Absolute Mustard!

Please DU this poll..what grade do you give obama for his first 100 days?

Check in here to see if you have the Swine Flu


Why is it when a mirror is placed by a fish or a bird, they see

Is it just me or is this greed?

If you found out that your married boss was having an affair...

I think I have the T virus, do you think I should cancel my flight to NYC?

I passed orientation today--now comes a little more waiting...

Firefox is certainly updating frequently... OMG! IT HAS SWINE FLU!


Hey Midlo, looks like Obama is beating your Lady Huskies by himself

WOO HOO! My local beer shop got some Dogfish Head brew!

I wonder if the flu I had last month was the swine flu, it was a very light case.

things seem to be going well with forementioned person x......

anyone have a vaporgenie?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 4/30/2009)

What century should you have been around in?

To anyone that considers themselves a connoisseur of music...

Obama’s Budget Would Push U.S. into Socialism

Do You Have Swine Flu?

Is the lounge too coquette-ish?

My piano teacher handed me a bottle of Purell before I touched her keyboard.

And away we go! I just received a notice from the School District - one probable case of swine flu.

For your viewing pleasure: The complete Carl Sagan's "Cosmos"

Help please, I'm sure this is a stupid question

Damn it . . . another computer question . . . trouble signing into blogger

UK Minister: 'I'm not saying Susan Boyle caused swine flu. I'm just saying that nobody had ...

Why did the USPS only do 5 Simpsons characters on the stamps?

can anyone give me an example of wit?

Happy birthday, Call Me Wesley!

Talking cat - "Oh long John"

The wedding scene and aftermath from ACT II of Twilight of the Gods

Bat Boy! Bat Boy! Whatcha gonna do?

Whatever happened to FreeperUndercoverMole ?

I could be wrong, but I think this is a live one....

Kid's fundraisers

DU nerds , help me out with this technical problem ....

Breathalyzer Fail

How to dance:

Beck Tricks Fans Into Supporting Satanism

Where the FUCK is Parche. I'm thirsty for a beer, and I miss the airlines!

Advice needed...bad hip!

Top 10 reasons to raise your children as Pirates (kinda cute)

I stalked Mr. Midlo all day today with the GPS in his phone.

Senior Citizen Arrested For Assault

Little Boots - "New In Town" (music video)

Beck Tricks Fans Into Supporting Scientology

Yes, I admit it.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/30/09

Run for your lives! Socialism is HERE

Rays Are Stomping The Red Sox

Check in here, if you miss "William Shakespeare's Thought of the Day"!

I like pancakes.

Swine Flu Panic!!1! will not be seen it's regularly scheduled time slot. A Very Special Episode of

Houston vs Portland

What would you do if you found out your child was dating a moron?

Russian River Pliny the Elder - Quite possibly the best beer ever brewed

My babies......

Cute baby geese!

Life can be pretty fucked up.

Son of a gun! I passed 20,000 posts about 100 posts ago and didn't even know it...

Tommy Heinson is correct - Kirk Heinrich is a dirty player

Beers for Fears !

Push to make Top Gear less sexist

Cat Fight!!!

I have the flu

Boston DUers - Need restaurant advice

Best Notarized Document Ever

The Zombie Series: Celtics vs Bulls

What the FUCK!

Anyone seen Caprica yet?

From the "you usually have to pay extra for that" file...

Do you like me?

Patient Zero found in the Swine Flu Pandemic

Do you like me? Do you want to go out with me sometime?

Cat lovers

Our peony's started blooming a few days ago

Protect yourself from swine flu!

oh no...

oh no...

Texts From Last Night

What does it mean when someone calls you a "sex pot"?

An American President starting on Ion

Wanna get out of jury duty?

Humans ...

Meet Thelma and Louise

advice for getting chili oil off skin?

Is it okay to call females "Dude"?


The border collie stole a chicken carcass out of the trash...

Oooh! My fucking ACHING left back AND left leg!

Anybody in Jersey available to bring food to Haruka?

Parents of toddlers: what's your least favorite TV program designed for toddlers?

Ashling is out of surgery

Sean Penn Files for Legal Separation

The Federal Reserve and Current Crisis of our Democracy

Dark shit.. I'm alive damnit!!

Wow.That's the first time in 5 years that one of my posts end up on the greatest page!

You all NEED to see this one...

What are some entertainment TV shows past and present that you associate with a right wing audience.

A great director's daunting filmography: Any Werner Herzog Fans Here?

Woot, I figured out how to force Safari to open links in a new tab

What's with all the redhead-fans in the Lounge?

Cenus bureau to record GPS position of every front door, per Fundy nutters.

Sex on Queen's lawn at Windsor Castle

The Hunt for Gollum

Stupid banking question

I didn't go to DU medical school for 8 years to be called "Mister."

My wife picked up a disgusting parasite--please advise!

I've found the most evil person in the whole entire world.

A vacation I'll be lucky to survive... literally

Last book you bought?

Those who have NEVER been married...

In the spirt of PANIC!!! post a song about the end of the world!

Star Trek: The Action Movie?

Favorite hair color?

Wedding dresses gone bad bad bad

I want to create a thread that sinks like a mobster in cement shoes !

My Best Friend From High School is Trying to Become a Daddy!

Thanks a lot, you bunch of assholes!

I fancy me a victorian porno

I finally bought my first Harry Potter. Talk me out of it.

what ever happened to---(insert name)

Jon and Kate plus 8 - plus hangover plus paparazzi equals divorce?

My $137, three-night hospital stay.

What is the funniest thing you've ever overheard?

Please check in here if you have neither Facebook nor Twitter accounts.

Perpugilliam Picture of The Day April 30, 2009

Top Gun star Kelly McGillis says she's a lesbian.

A fact curiously missing from American history and any mention of the Warren Commission

Who Would You Support In The Pennsylvania Primary?

Gail Collins: "The Republican Party has officially moved into nutcase territory." (NYT)

Obama's first 100 days Redux.

Mayor Kevin Johnson to Larry Elders:I was never a fan of yours

arlen specter A Dem. Good Thing Or Bad Thing?

Time's 100 Most Influential - The List

As Obama grows stronger, GOP rhetoric becomes extreme

Thoughts on Melissa Harris-Lacewell's comments on Rachel?

GOP set to launch rebranding effort

GOP set to launch rebranding effort

2016 has a possible pretty cool woman to be Democratic president...Stephanie Herseth

I thought it was most gracious of Obama to compliment the Bush Presidency

FAUX News Discussing Imposing Martial Law To Halt Swine Flu Epidemic

Hatch: Toomey has no shot in Pa.

Bo, the White House Dog goes for his first walk!

So is Carrie going to speak out against divorce...

Steele in Lock-Step with RNC Chair Limpballs On Specter: "Good riddance...I'm not weeping here" (CBS

David Sirota Debate of Right-Wing Host - Round 2 - Continuing One More Hour

Republican Neighbors And The Swine Flu

Republican Neighbors And The Swine Flu

Reuters: Pelosi Predicts Credit Card Reform Bill Will Become Law

Ezra Klein: Worth Quoting: Obama on a Smaller Financial Sector

PBS, Charlie Rose, lots of different opinions on Obama tonight.

PBS, Charlie Rose, lots of different opinions on Obama tonight.

Day 100 in the Age of Obama--and I love it!

CNN Story On Obama's "Swagga" The Most Embarrassing Ever?

Republicans keep talking about how they need to go back to their roots?

Bush vs. Obama: On The Presidency

Larry Kudlow of CNBC fame has lost it.

100 days in, Obama warns of work to do

Did another "official H1N1 flu thread" in GD to gather articles, updates

Hey, Chris Matthews: It is President Obama, for you

Obama labels his agenda the NEW FOUNDATION.......

Harkin: Biden's comments "unfortunate" - misinformation

White House Issues Health Advisory After Obama Mexico Trip

President Obama's speech on Chrylser

H1N1 (Swine Flu): Member of Advanced US Energy Team---Steven Chu

Is a company from The Netherlands allowed to donate ads to Ron Paul?

the first time in a Washington Post/ABC News poll, supporters of gay marriage outnumber opponents

the first time in a Washington Post/ABC News poll, supporters of gay marriage outnumber opponents

This poll has been Freeped....pls help!

Obama on "state secrets": We’re in for a week, and suddenly we’ve got a court filing

IL-Sen, IL-10: Chicago Sun Times Says Kirk Jumping into Senate Race

Obama = Wise King Hedge funds & UAW = mothers arguing over baby?

Swine flu: How worried are you?

PHOTO Caption It? (April 30)

LOL! Palin Invited to Help "Rebrand" GOP

Rice Channels Nixon: Since The President Authorized Torture, That Makes It Legal

Glenn Greenwald today:Bankers own Congress..excellent article

Michael Steele Blasts GOP: "Disingenuous" and Implies Bush and Cheney Have No Core Values

KY-Sen: Grayson Forms Exploratory Committee, Bunning Retirement Rumored

100 Days of Competence Versus Crazy

Chrysler: Obama...blasts investors; UAW to present ratified agreements to Bankruptcy Court (updated)

Swine Flu Fever in UK! Two discharged from hospital after recovering.

Matthew Shepherd's Mum on Rachel's show TONIGHT!!!

Obama had a great speech about Chrysler

The Religious Dimensions of the Torture Debate. Guess who's more likely to say it's justified.

Obama's Chrysler

Michelle Obama encourages spouses to volunteer - turn annual WH picnic into community service event.

Dear Tweety, please keep Todd Harris locked in your studio...

Remember how Coolidge's image went through a renaissance of sorts under Reagan?

WTF did I do to get on one of Newtie the Grinch's lists?

Have you seen this new Repub. ad that Ed Schultz just played? They're still using the old playbook!

Mr. Calm

White House aide's family likely has swine flu (AP)

Obama administration's 100 days progress reports by agency

Rice shouldn't be allowed to teach

Michelle Obama: 'Leading' First Lady - "I feel like I've never left Chicago" (Trib)

Obama Is Getting The Hang Of This Gig

ACLU: Reproductive Freedom 100 Days into the Obama Administration

The NRSC has launched a new robocall targeting Specter, by linking him to George W. Bush?

ABC/WaPo POLL: Support for gay marriage, legalizing immigrants, decriminalizing marijuana increases.

Austan Goolsbee: "bald is the new chic" at the WH

Pat Toomey a Republican, he's not even a congressman (anymore). But never fear, Fox "News" is here

I'm worried that they are imploding on purpose

Is This Really The Justice America Deserves?

Michelle Obama: Beautiful -- Rahm, too

Obama = good cop. Holder = bad cop?

Souter to retire...just on Rachael

"Fiscally Conservative" - the biggest lie they spread

Senator Reid once again leads surrender to Republican Minority: On course to gut Bankruptcy Bill

Let's admit it.... VP Biden f-ed up this morning

A Teleprompter? Is that all they have? A fucking teleprompter?

A Teleprompter? Is that all they have? A fucking teleprompter?

Al Qaeda agent pleads court


Souter is the reason that they cut the deal with Specter.

Republicans didn't give Obama any budget or stimulus votes = they are cut out of the SCOTUS process

I get this weird feeling every time I read those negative comments at the end of online editorials.

Are you friends with Obama on Facebook?

Sen. Byrd: Our Obligation to Investigate

LATimes: Scientists See This Flu Strain as Relatively Mild

Jeb Bush Joins Forces with Romney, McCain to Form the 'National Council for a New America'

Ed Shultz--- Obama saying "Mistake" was smart.

The Wrong Torture Question: "Would you still oppose torture if it worked?"

FFS. An amendment is NOT a bill.

Mocking the GOP - what if it backfires?

I Can Has White House?

EPA considering extending endangered specie protection for Young Republicans

What? Obama just stood with the UAW and Chrysler against the greedy Hedge Funds

Does Souter's silence on hiring mean he's leaving? "It's getting late, even for Souter."

Want to compare Obama to Clinton, here's something

Classy House Republicans Make Ad Attacking Obama Using Burning Pentagon Images from 9/11

What do you think about Bill Clinton now?

ABC News Outs CIA's $1,000 a Day Specialists on Waterboarding, Interrogations

Freepers: "Yeah, they only ever show Obama connecting with soldiers of color...."

Biden Advises Family to Stay Off Planes, Subways (AP)

GOP Rebranding Powerpoint presentation leaked!

Michael Steele's Awesomeness for this week (so far!)

12 Democrats, including Dorgan, Tester and Specter, vote against mortgage bill

A message the Hedge Funds should have watched before they tried to "take advantage" of Obama's

PHOTOS The President and the Wounded Warrior Soldier Ride

With the GOP in bitter turmoil we here at DU must pick the 2012 GOP ticket.

Cartoon: The First 100 Days for the GOP

As a former Constitutional Law Professor

"I feel like I've never left Chicago."

to the people bashing Reid over bankruptcy reform

I want Obama to pick a woman

Ed Schultz is defending Joe Biden!

GA: Mule-fucking secessionist Neal Horsley is running for governor

Condi Rice Defends Torture in Debate with Student - "No, no dear, you're wrong" (VIDEO)

Are you preemptively upset with Obama's choice to replace Souter?

Miss California to Campaign Against Gay Marriage

Wrong? Shirtless Obama on Washingtonian mag cover

PHOTO Still one of my favourite pics ever. Cracks me up.

Polish your crystal balls and get your bets down - Who's Obama most likely to appoint to SCOTUS??

Obama didn't call on Fox at the press conference? This will have consequences!

"I love my Bo."

NYT: As Detroit is Remade, the U.A.W. Stands to Gain

IMO, Souter will be first of six to leave the court within the next term.

Obama bought all the brass in the US!

My preference for Souter's replacement...provided he does retire.

Elizabeth Edwards Says Husband Should Not Have Run

Is Michelle Bachman a TRAP???????

Google puts flu tracker to work on swine flu

Leader of the Zetas wanted by the DEA falls

Secessionist ready to kill own son to dissolve union

Kazakhstan moves to tighten Internet, media controls

Six probable cases of swine flu in Washington state

One Shiite killed, six wounded in Pakistan blast

KBR 1st-quarter profit falls

Malaysia conversion laws not enough, lawyer says

Immigration Agents to Turn Focus to Employers

New jobless claims drop unexpectedly to 631,000, continuing claims near 6.3 million

Markets in Asia Buoyed by Signs of Economic Hope

McDonald's loses trademark battle in Malaysia

Military Lawyers: Release Gitmo Youths

Driver kills four in attack on Dutch Royal Family at public parade

Police: Texas girl, 12, shot dad in back of head

Chrysler to file for bankruptcy, get financing

Suits against KBR allege burn pit fumes affected troops

Sniper downs 2 U.S. soldiers in Amara (Iraq)

GOP leader removes Web photos of Dr. Evil, bald Specter

American Co. Smithfield Foods untreated pig waste fields in La Gloria Mex likely source of Swine flu

Wal-Mart Workers Press Lawmakers (Washington) on Union Organizing Measure

Obama Security Agent Suspected of Contracting Swine Flu

Chrysler to File for Bankruptcy (today)

Obama's Mistake: Britain Did Torture

Ex-Khmer Rouge: Death was certain in his prison

Soldier: Comrades wore 'ninja suits' as disguise (before murder and rape of Iraqi family)

Britain Ends Combat Iraq Operations

Japan and China talk up cooperation, sidestep tensions

Chrysler bankruptcy deal revealed

Officials: Motorist Tried to Run into Dutch Queen, Kills 5

Iraq To Pay Foreign Cos In Oil For Signature Bonuses

Pakistan army: Taliban holding town hostage

White House aide's family likely has swine flu

Dingell Statement on Chrysler

Cult-icon Everett Ruess' remains identified

The CIA's $1,000 a Day Specialists on Waterboarding, Interrogations

Commentary: Torture must be investigated

Anti-torture activists march to White House

Anti-torture activists march to White House

Mr. President, stop saying you banned torture.

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday April 30

Nato expels Russian 'spy' diplomats

Bunning poised to retire

GOP set to launch rebranding effort

Report: Justice Dept. Official Violated Ethics Rules in Grant-Making

BREAKING: White House Overrides FBI and DHS on Gitmo Release

Dérapage de traduction: la Audi WHITE POWER change de nom

Former (Calif.) Dem chair Torres comes out

NC Rep Calls Gay Student (Matthew Shepard) Slaying Case a 'Hoax'

Government activates Thermal Scanners and Health Declaration Cards at Airports

Support for terror suspect torture differs among the faithful

U.S. Stress Test Results Delayed as Early Conclusions Debated

Developments on swine flu worldwide

Senate defeats Obama-backed, anti-foreclosure bill

Ominous ad shows GOP still thinks security a winning issue

Alleged Al Qaeda Sleeper Agent in U.S. Pleads Guilty

UK Iraq combat operations to end

Chrysler holdout changes mind on settlement offer

NASA to begin layoffs as shuttle retirement nears (900)

Mexican ambassador (to US): Flu's reach exaggerated (only 8 deaths can be pinned on the virus)

Union to ask bankruptcy court to honor Chrysler deals

Maine Senate Passes Marriage Equality Bill

Chrysler’s Suppliers Balk, Shutting 3 Plants

No April fool’s: Month was great for stocks

Chrysler Chapter 11 Is Imminent

Toddler who died of swine flu visited Houston mall

Toddler who died of swine flu visited Houston mall

CIA's $1,000 a Day Waterboarding Specialists

US to limit Guantanamo releases

17 killed, 10 wounded in school shooting in Baku

Photos of Irishman shot dead by police in Bolivia show him handling firearms

Nadler: Obama’s Torture Comments Prove Probe Is Required By Law

German Soldier Killed, Nine Injured in Afghan Attacks

8-year-old Saudi girl divorces 50-year-old husband

BREAKING on NPR-- Justice Souter to retire at the end of the current session....

More schools close, swine flu cases pass 100

GM bondholders propose debt-for-stock swap plan

Scientists see this flu strain as relatively mild

Torture tape delays U.S.-UAE nuclear deal, say U.S. officials

WTKK-FM suspends Severin for derogatory comments about Mexicans

Pakistan Group Demands Islamic Judges in Peace Deal

Four die in Queen's Day tragedy

Cuba says US is 'international criminal'

Karl Rove case witness killed in plane crash, sisters want answers

US keeps Cuba on terrorism blacklist

Chrysler CEO Bob Nardelli Confirms Departure

PHOTOS Will the President ever win over the Military?

Mortgage bankruptcy bill fails in the Senate

"But facing stiff opposition from banks, Obama did little to lean on lawmakers...."

John Edwards’ wife: His affair made me vomit

Justice Elena Kagan

What John F. Kennedy Would Say To George Bush

The REAL Tax Outrage

Paying To Off Shore US Jobs

In-Depth Look - Preparing For Pandemic Alert

GalleryGod and Eurobabe Visit Times Square

Why isn't it called the Smithfield Flu?

Veridian Dynamics: When Presidents Talk

Pentagon Channel Goes Heavy Metal - Disturbed, Different Side of Dept of Defense

The Men Who Killed Kennedy --- for Arlen Specter

Top Levels of Govt were Terrified! Gen Karpinski- Prez Should Pardon Guards

Robin Williams as the American Flag

Rep. Cantor (Hearts Britney - VA): "It's Not a Rebranding Effort" - This is a "conversation"...

Rachel Maddow on 'Clean Coal'

Steele: I Wear My GOP Hat Backwards..."That's How We Roll"

Condoleezza Rice meets with some students

Ed urges Joe Sestak to run vs. Specter in the Dem. PA primary

Benny And The Feds

RNC anti-Obama ad 'pulled for being terrible'

TYT: MS's Amusing Take On Specter Leaving GOP

Gibbs on what VP Biden "meant to say"

4/29/09: Presidential Press Conference

Discussion of public health issues makes Faux & Fiends heads hurt

Political Day in 100 Seconds - More Trouble Than You Can Stuff In A Minivan

GOP Ad: Do You Feel Safer? ... Ooga Friggin' Booga...

Rep. Scott Murphy is sworn in to the 111th Congress - woo hoo!!

Mexican Drug War on the Border

MoveOn: Impeach Jay Bybee

Sen. Durbin Takes Senate To Task For Banking Lobby Influence

Brownie Attacks Obama/WHO For Flu Response

Sen. Inhofe 'Let's just wait and see who is right, Fred Barnes or me' (3:33)

Michael Steele: I wear my hat backwards that's how we roll

The Meatrix

Young Turks: On Rep. Foxx's Matthew Shepard Comments

SMART REMARKS: The impending GOP collapse

CNN: Rick Sanchez Slams Rep. Foxx for Calling Shepard Hate Crime a 'Hoax'

Ways to Reduce the Cost of Health Insurance: David Himmelstein

Michelle Bachmann explains Hoot-Smalley

Al Gore on Clean Coal

Do You Feel Scared???

CBS: Cigarettes Deadlier Than Ever?

Cafferty File: Republican Party on brink of irrelevance?

Losing Every Battle, GOP Hunting For Easier Targets- Garofalo to be Protested

Sestak: Specter Better Shape Up

Countdown: Sean Hannity Waterboarding Challenge - Day 8

TYT: Why Are Some Republicans Celebrating Specter's Departure?

Yes, Republicans ARE really that stupid

NBC Breaking News: Supreme Court Justice David Souter to Retire

Trickle Down

California High Speed Rail

Street Dogs ~ There is Power in a Union

A Permanent Accusation - Fernando Botero on Abu Ghraib and torture

TheRealNews: Agri-biz at root of swine flu?

Hardball w/ Turley: Condi - "If Bush Ordered It, It Wasn't Illegal"

Democracy Now Headlines - Thurs. APR 30

Carrie Prejean talks marriage

Rachel Maddow: Interview w/ Matthew Shepard's Mom on Foxx's 'Insensitivity & Ignorance'

TYT: Cenk's Take On CNN's Awkward Analysis of Obama's 'Swagga'

Keith Olbermann's "Worst Person in The World" - Rep. Virginia Foxx

Rep. Alcee Hastings: I want to put in the record what we have to put up with in the Rules Committee

The Religious Right and the GOP 1992 Convention. Many familiar faces.

New NOM video with Miss California

Miss California debuts as headliner of new NOM ad

Countdown: 'Worst Persons In The World' 4/30 - Rep. Virginia Foxx AGAIN

Countdown: John Dean - Condi Rice Admits Conspiracy to Torture?

LAST NAIL IN GOP COFFIN: OUTRAGE--doc on anti-gay closeted gays in GOP

Obama Shoots Hoops w/Lady Huskies - Nothing But Net 100 Days In

The Yearly Harp Seal Slaughter

Sri Lanka Rejects “Lectures” from Western Countries on Truce With Rebels

Mortgage Bankers Celebrate Victory :Foreclosure Bill Killed In Senate

Robert Fisk: Is this the price of America's new friendship with Syria?

Apartheid lawsuit gets a green light

Forget Her Swine Flu Comment, Michele Bachmann Herself Evokes Memories of the 70's, in Minnesota!

The NAFTA Flu (farming pathogens)

Enraged About Corporate Greed? Kidnap Your Boss

Joe Conason: Combating Epidemic Ignorance

Memo to President Obama on Torture from Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity/VIPS

New GOP Internal Poll: “We’re Screwed”

Montana Wants Gitmo Prisoners, Politicians say NO, End the Madness.

Burma needs Obama's help

Afghanistan and the Lessons of Soviet Intervention

The Sinking Republican Ship

Obama aide infected with swine flu in Mexico

Katrina vanden Heuvel: The Progressive Caucus and Obama

LTTE: Michelle Bachmann vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers

Kiss the Era of Human Rights Goodbye

Venezuela takes away funds from opposition mayor

Chrysler files for bankruptcy, signs Fiat deal

Who Says Joe Biden's Flu Remark is Bad for the Economy

Pork Producers Force WHO to Drop ‘Swine Flu’

Offshore Outsourcing: Will Recession Cause a Bangalore Backlash?

Do Conservatives Understand Torture?

Could the Republican party fail?

To Boost His Chances of Succeeding Souter, Arlen Specter to Switch Gender

Robert Parry: Who Betrayed 'Objective' Journalism?

The Answer To Ahmadinejad

Neal Horsley explains why terrorism has a basis in scripture

According to Poll, Time for Evangelicals to Ask WWJD Re Torture

America's necessary dark night of the soul (/ Salon)

Swedish bank rescue expert doubts US efforts will work

David Souter: Republican dude who turned out to be a liberal

Condi Rice Pulls A Nixon: When the President Does It, That Means It is Not Illegal

Don't press Obama for torture trials

How Should Sarah Palin Relaunch Her Brand?

The myth of Talibanistan

Ex-Interrogators Say Human Connection, Not Torture, Yields Results

Young Turks: Condi Rice Answers Student's Question on Torture

Bobby Jindal Comedy Video..a new speech to the nation

Korea to Develop Lithium Mines in Bolivia

Venezuela takes away funds from opposition mayor

Laura Flanders interviews Evo Morales in NYC

Part 3 of Saul Landau's Interview of Cuban Fiver Gerardo Hernandez

DETROIT Draws the Next US Social Forum in 2010

NARCO NEWS-Al Giordano: How "The NAFTA" Flu Exploded

Leader of the Zetas wanted by the DEA falls

"Who's Trying to Kill Evo Morales?" by Zoltan Zigedy

OH BOY! Eva Golinger: "Washington Agency Creates Neoliberal University in Venezuela"

Cuba has taken measures of maximum priority ("swine" flu)

BoRev: "Jackson Peep, On Venezuelan Corruption" WaPo J. Diehl is at it again


Socialist Rafael Correa's smashing victory in Ecuador

Photos of Irishman shot dead by police in Bolivia show him handling firearms

Three new nuclear power plants in the next ten years, max: Fortune's Brainstorm: Green conference

Climate countdown: Half a trillion tons of carbon left to burn before disaster -- less than 40 years

UK 'will struggle' to meet 2020 renewables goal

Peak Oil Notes - Apr 30

Drumbeat: April 30, 2009

Anti-green economics

Crosspost related to the Pachamama Alliance

Generals must give us their exit strategy for climate change

Worlds biggest solar tower - concentrated solar power (CSP)

Nature - Less Than 1,400 Gt CO2 By 2050 Will Break 2C Barrier: Past 7 Years' Total = 250 Gt

Action Alert I received from Solar Nation

Nuclear Advocacy Network Seeks New Members

Wilkins Update - 1,300 Sq. Miles Of Ice Likely To Collapse In Next Few Weeks - Bigger Than RI

Climate crunch: A burden beyond bearing—The climate situation may be even worse than you think.

Letter to Gov of Calif, criticizing use of ILUC hypotheses, signed by over 100 scientists!

A Bruin at home in Cary

Masterton finalists (sportsmanship, perserverance, dedication): Chelios, Zednik, Sullivan

Hockey to love them!

An athlete we can all root for.

Book: A-Fraud was using steroids while with Yankees

Let the discussion begin


Forget your damn NBA, there's a hell of a hockey game going on in Vancouver as well

Ray Allen is God.

A-Rod, Bonds, McGuire, Sosa, Palmeiro, Clemens

America's Team starts a 4-game series with the Team that honors Satan with its name.

Shifting Gears --- I'm going with Dunkirk...

Rajan Rondo is a punk!

Today in labor history Apr 30 Everettville mine explosion killed 109, still lie in unmarked graves

Labor and business battle for soul of Southern Democrats

Unions: Obama 'gays in military' moment?

US Labor Secretary Solis cites unpaid wages as a top priority

Sounds and Silence: Workers Memorial Day

For Obama, labor battle looming on immigration

Labor department files suit over profit-sharing plans

Huffington Post: What's Obama Done for Workers in His First 100 Days? Plenty

NLRB Rules Against Westport Trucking Firm Velocity Express (back pay for all 8 workers)

Huffington Post: SEIU: Specter Won't Get Our Support Without Some Work

Chrysler Bankruptcy - What Happens To Workers And Retirees?

Veterans Groups Join AFL-CIO Union Veterans Council to Announce Support for the Employee Free Choice


New England Goes Gay .... New Hampshire votes for Gay Marriage

Poll: Mixed views on LGBT rights - Why we fight

Maine Senate just voted in favor of Marriage Equality

Adam Lambert and the juvenile joke by Randy

I know existingCalifornia marriages are unaffected by prop 8, but what does the future...

Just not for those who care, the Xtian right got their base out to vote against Adam Lambert on AI

For those asking for another example of the Xtians oragnizing against Adam Lambert

Kelly McGillis confirms she's a lesbian

New ABC/Washington Post Poll: Majority of Americans Favor Gay Marriage

Welcome to the club, Kelly McGillis!

FDA Warns of Botulism With Unapproved Use of Botox

Half galss of wine per day adds 5 years of life over teetotallers

U.S. Hospitals Stretched Thin, AHA Warns

Cancer pill 'offers MS benefits' (BBC)

Anyone Else With The Flu?

'Bleach bath' benefit for eczema (DILUTE BLEACH)

Israel warns EU to tone down its criticism

Turkey drops Gaza 'war crimes' probe

British airline apologizes for deleting Israel from map

Robert Fisk: Is this the price of America's new friendship with Syria?

A new order emerges in Lebanon

Man shoots woman, foils carjacking, police say

Man wrestles gun from intruder in Pittsburg home invasion

Midlothian man's fatally shot at Arlington house, police say

Homeowner Cleared in Shooting

Kamiah man shot and killed during alleged break-in in Stites

Robbery Suspect Dies After Being Shot By Property Owner

Shootings found to be self-defense

Time, Maybe, To Toss Out The "Pro-Gun" Oxymoron?

Son’s 2nd shot kills intruder

FBI Looks Into Losses at Freddie

Housing: The Steeplechase Analogy

How is "Quantitive Easing" going?

U.S. Stress Test Results Delayed as Early Conclusions Debated

Obama Criticizes Chrysler Lenders, Hedge Funds That ‘Held Out’

How many more trillions of dollars must Geithner give to his banker buddies

Greedy ass hedge funds screw up Chrysler deal!

Rising bond yields present fresh Fed challenge

Kitty porn

Professor's comparison of Israelis to Nazis stirs furor

Some prayers needed here:

David Wilcock: Pt II & III Deeper Awakening ...swine flu & more

Do you, have you or has anyone you know

wow--what an interesting horoscope today...

Need some help, prayers/light in handling this situation

Dr. Mercola re: Swine Flu

A question about oversouls

Rick DiClemente's May Starself Astrology Newsletter

Debut for world's fastest camera

Modern humans 'evolved on S Africa/Namibian border'

May 2009 Prayer, Light and Healing Requests

Barry Goldwater Tells The Religious Right To Go To Hell

Christian environmental group appoints new exec

Pope expresses 'sorrow' for abuse at residential schools

Mexico's churches to close during epidemics

Churchgoers more likely to back torture, survey finds

Honest question: How does someone pretend to have a faith he doesn't believe in?

Can I repair instant pudding made with Rice Dream?

Le goût de nourriture améliore-t-il avec un nom français?

It's hard to beat a simple baked butter crumbed fish

Do we have a results thread for the April project -- potato casserole?

One more example of why we can't always trust statistics

Safety in the classroom

Got this 3 times in email. Pass the tinfoil hat or this a real possibility (video)

L.A. will be the next big outbreak center for H1N1. Check out these chemtrails over L.A. today.

Dallas ISD closing down Webster Elementary school

2 more "probable" swine cases in Collin County

Police: Texas girl, 12, shot dad in back of head

Wilson MS (Plano ISD) closing through next week.

Hate to tell you guys, but Texas as a a state really does suck.

Don't get bit by a raccoon in Houston

Former State Rep. Juan Garcia Nominated To Be Assistant Secretary Of Navy

Paul Gross and Stephen Harper both turn 50 today.

Dérapage de traduction: la Audi WHITE POWER change de nom

Evolution classes optional under proposed Alberta law