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Iowa Supreme Court to release gay marriage ruling (Friday, 04-03-2009)

Rich People Have To Get All The Money Or They Won't Give The Rest Of Us Jobs

Gross National Happiness Index

Fool ass

Obama’s “Path to Viability for GM & Chrysler”: The ruthless language of Wall Street

Detroit schools plan new round of closings, layoffs

Flashback: Bush snubbed at G20 summit in November 2008


Obama Berlusconi and Medvedev walk into a photobooth....

Mullen: Suicides, homelessness trends a concern

Madonna loses Malawi adoption bid

is there a dem website for me?

Lieberman and Wiping Countries off the face of the Map

Media Matters: "Socialized" medicine: Next front in the right's "-isms" arms race

"...We insist on democracy in orbit,"

Date of Hash Bash in Ann Arbor coincides with debut of Michigan's new medical marijuana law

More pain for homeowners: Escrow funds bilked

This Conservative Ahole on WJ

Tombstone Pizza brought to you by Phillip Morris

== Pope, extra ribbed = By Mark Morford

Blagojevich Tried To Extort Rahm Emanuel: Lawyers

Sigh. Yesterday the VT House Passed Marriage Equality 95-52. And that is not good news.

Has MSNBC muzzled Maddow, Olbermann?

Iowa's Gay Marriage Ruling Today

Mourning Joe Scum can't take it...

Why is the Center For American Progress Cavorting With Neocons?

Aftermath of April Fools Day - Ann Coulter reveals to the world just how big of an idiot she is

Will Obama be the Gerhard Schroeder of America?

Congress Advances Federal Budget-Some Highlights

Is it true that righties are having a fit over the Obamas and the queen? Berlusconi irritates queen

Glen Greenwald on WJ now n/t

monthly peggy-noonan-sucks rant::

New Hampshire Judge Orders ML-Implode To Divulge Identities of Anonymous Posters

Sheesh, just turned on Fox to see what they had to say about the town hall

Alaska Gov. Palin dismisses political road bumps

Sanford will ask for funds, but ...

Ok so people are comparing her to Jackie Kennedy

Governor Sanford, you posturing fuck ......

Hey, Republicans - This is what great leadership and diplomacy looks like - READ AND LEARN

Barack Obama is good for the world.

Blago is back!!!!


Will Chuck Todd ever stop calling any Obama event a "campaign"?

If George Bush is watching Obama in Europe

Windfall Profits Tax

The radical rightists are fighting Harold Koh.

Perception of foreign aid

Unemployment jumps to 8.5 percent. Highest in 25 years

Unemployment jumps to 8.5 percent. Highest in 25 years

"Is this heaven?" "No, it's Iowa"

The West's Fatal Overdose

Craziness scale from least crazy to most crazy: Weird, crazy, insane, psycho, birther

Excerpt: Parents, your kids aren't that special

Do the new mortgage help programs require a down payment?

As a native Iowan I want to salute the Iowa Supreme Court and their decision!

Michael Moore Goes To Washington - Gets Shit On

The third Political party that is needed.: Unemployed

What Would You Do To Keep Warm?

Back to square 1

UFC president offends mental health activists, women, and gay right advocates in 2 minutes

UFC president offends mental health activists, women, and gay right advocates in 2 minutes

MSNBC covering Levi on Tyra Banks. Can we send the whole Alaska crew to a deserted island?

Alaskan Republicans want Begich to resign because charges were dropped against Ted Stevens

Ironic protester at Iowa Supreme Court today

“Ground the Drones…Lest We Reap the Whirlwind”

Michael J. Fox on Letterman

2004 AIG Advertisement-"Be Lulled Into A True Sense Of Security"

MOMocrats Rebuttal of Sen John Cornyn's op-ed, "Why I'm Voting Against The Budget"

Budgets Approved, With No G.O.P. Votes

Blago's indictment suggests Rahm and his brother were victims of extortion attempt

57,000 cars sitting in Port of Baltimore-bought 14.6 acres in February to store them

Kick Ass & Take Names - Note from Rachel to Ed Schultz on bottle of champagne

Palin Jumps On Begich-Should-Resign Bandwagon> Wants do-over since DoJ acted on Stevens

Graphing how we got here.... LOL

A little caution with that jubilation would be nice...

Why Rove shouldn't be 'throwing any stones' at Obama

Bailed-out banks may buy toxic assets

SC Governor Finally Accepts Stimulus Funds, but with Caveats

Ed Schultz has Richard Belzer calling into the show right now.

Article & Video - Indian ecologist Dr. Vandana Shiva on "The Future of Food and Seed."

Fake Faith and Epic Crimes- John Pilger

Hey Reid and Pelosi...Want to increase your favorability ratings???

Fighting Demons, Raising the Dead, Taking Over the World

OK, now this is cool:

GOP Legal Heavy Dismisses Right-Wing Assault, Defends Obama Nominee Harold Koh

Hey Sanford!!! WHO'S YOUR DADDY?!!!

lots and lots of white powder appears in Florida

Does anyone have a list of recent domestic investigations of Republican politicians?

Carlos Santana wishes Obama would legalize pot

Immigrant Detainee Dies, and a Life Is Buried, Too

I'm listening to

The Reality Is America Will Change

poll in the Des Moines Register about today's decision re marriage equality


"Schwarzenegger Opens 'Obamaville' for Homeless"

Wolverines! Resist Obama's Electricity!

NYPost: Nora O'Doodle crying, MSNBC "shaken" over SHULTZ hiring & line-up shuffle

Reporters' Hair irks The Boehner

Fargo Flood 2009 : THE REMATCH

Right now Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck and the rest are praying that the "patriot" in N.Y. has their

American Civic Association

Hartmann discussing revival of 60's hatred by wingers

What's the address of that immigrants' office

Ed Schultz will be introducing a segment on his TV show called "Psychotalk."

Fallen star Silicon Graphics, bankrupt, to sell most assets for $25M

Wall Street celebrates accounting rule changes designed to hide losses

NYT: "Budget approved, with no G.O.P. votes."

With crazies like the Shooter in NY and NRA who needs Al Qaeda?

Why can't M$Greedia wait until we know something

Can Vermonters vote for marriage equality?

Need all the CEO Bonus Receivers names! Am planning on contacting them!

Noam Chomsky on US Expansion of Afghan Occupation, the Uses of NATO, and What Obama Should Do

Republicans for Environmental Protection calls GOP’s cap-and-trade myth ‘a disservice’ to Americans.

Too Many Officers in the Military

NRA to launch rescue mission to Binghamton, NY to save guns

NFIF No future in foreclosures.

Inside the Bush Treasury department


caption bonehead!

is swiss cheese the anti-cheese?

Man opens fire in New York immigration services building, at least 4 people shot

Man opens fire in New York immigration services building, at least 4 people shot

AP says the shooter was found dead in the building.

Palin and AK Repubs Are Good For A Laugh ... D-Begich Resign?? I Don't Think So!

I would like to be able to UN-Recommend some threads

Clashes at Nato summit protests

Jenny McCarthy Body Count

Hostages held after 'multiple' shootings

I'm so confused, what's with all these people "thinking" and using their minds?

Should DU start a "Blind Loyalist" forum?

The news reports on the shooting in NY...

AIG's troubles are over-Mark Penn is defending them!

I Support Repealing The 22nd Amendment

The Problem With The Obama Admin Disclosing The Torture Memos Is ...

BofA's overseas workforce has grown sharply

To 911 Operator: HELP ME! I'm locked in my car and I can't get out!"


120 trucks will transport U2's new stage

Musings on our current economic situation.

Holy shit!!! IOWA!

Holy shit!!! IOWA!

It takes some time - Things are not what they first appear to be

The Rude Pundit: Glenn Beck Puts Barack Obama in a Nazi Uniform in His Magazine

My administration," the president added, "is the only thing between you and the pitchforks."

Natural mechanism for medieval warming discovered

Binghamton: What is sad is that this is not a "shocking" occurence anymore.

Are mass shootings with multiple fatalities on the rise this year?

Iowa Supreme Court strikes down gay marriage ban

MSNBC shows banner reading; "Dow Falls Short of Ending Week Above 8,000"

Jiverly Voong. That's the name of the shooter in New York. CNN has said they won't say

Calls to Havana enliven U.S. debate of Cuba travel

President Obama Says America Has Shown 'Arrogance'

Embattled NASA Inspector General Steps Down Finally

Big day for CNN Money

L.A. detainees sue immigration authorities over holding conditions

26.99 % !!!!!!! Thats what my interest was ramped to

You know what? Every day without a Republican in the White House SHOULD be a day of celebration...

Obama tries US campaign style in Europe

MI Gov. Granholm writes to VP Biden

Admiral Says War Veterans Will Suffer for Years

Maricopa County Sheriffs on camera yelling that they're not bigots

Huckabee: Voter Suppression is "The Lord's Work"

wow. DU is having a difficult time coping with a democratic leader.

That's the thing about social progress; it's almost impossible to turn it back

I laughed so much at these dirty bigots I nearly wet myself

Any Laobr Lawyers Here on The DU....

New Photos of Aftermath of MLK Killing Published

Dow ends best 4-week run since 1933

Michelle Obama Or Carla Bruni?

So, which would be the worse puppet?

Please explain to me one more time why are we sending more troops and money to Afghanistan?

Please explain to me one more time why are we sending more troops and money to Afghanistan?

When Is It "The Right Time" For Gay Marriage, Gun Control, Etc?

Police: Man Videotaped Girls Tanning (says he was trying to catch beer theives)

Now Newt Gingrich can come to Iowa and marry a man in a tip

Can BOTH Michelle Obama and Carla Bruni be attractive?

This Democrat

Speaking for the Democratic Party of New Hampshire

What color absorbs more light and heat, black or green?

From FR: "Any politician who uses this incident to push for a suppression [of] our freedoms...

Colin Powell Admits Afghanistan War Was a Failure

CDC: Rocket fuel chemical found in baby formula


Daily Kos: Nooses, Racial Harassment Used Against Workers Trying To Form Union In Alabama

If the Immigration Center Shooter Turns Out To Be A Free Republic Reading RW Terrorist...

+++ 4,937 +++

Date of Hash Bash in Ann Arbor coincides with debut of Michigan's new medical marijuana law

Typical press conference when there is a tragedy: politicians standing around thanking each other

Giants cut Plaxico "Ouch Sh*t I just shot my leg" Burress

Has anyone ever pulled a gun and fired back at one of these shooters?

These conspiracy theorists are really starting to bug me

Pence: If economy grows, it will be 'in spite of' Obama

Why is Brad Blakeman?

"When you stand in a voting booth by yourself, You are standing with the souls...

Minnesota Held Hostage: Day 149

Tedisco faces a vote of No Confidence. Rethugs carry on eating their own.

Levi Johnston: "Pretty Sure" Sarah Palin Knew Of Sex Going On Under Her Roof

Are you kidding me with this Chia Obama?

Ex-NASA official indicted for ethics breach (AP) {old news, under the radar}

"He shot those people. No! No! I'm going to pass out!"

Reporters Call Hillary Clinton, Get Phone Sex Line

Two School Shootings, and an example of how Sick radio talk show hosts can be

I feel good every time I hear the words

Oye Como Va: Carlos Santana wants Obama to legalize pot

Oye Como Va: Carlos Santana wants Obama to legalize pot

CDC: Rocket fuel chemical found in baby formula

CDC: Rocket fuel chemical found in baby formula

BREAKING: Obama Set to Lift Ban on Family Travel to Cuba

Zach Wamp (Country-Fried-Repug - TN) Blasts Limpballs as Not "Serious" and an "Entertainer"

WNYC/NPR.."fair and balanced" Like FAUX NOISE...

Reps Paul, Frank introduce bill to legalize industrial hemp

hey there. Wanna help Mickael Steele fill out a repuke survey...

While you two argue and post back and forth

Second Red River crest could top historic mark, "Here we go again"

Ballots from 'Fixed' AZ Election Finally to be Counted in Criminal Investigation by State AG

Catch "Joe" the "Plumber's" newest "project": Abolish the IRS!!!1

‘Angry’ McCain Referred To Hispanics As ‘You People’ During Outreach Meeting

With Measure Expected Soon, Industrial Hemp Called 'No-Brainer' Reform

Israel: Women Photoshopped From Cabinet Picture To Cater To The Ultra-Orthodox

House moves to keep Blagojevich from book profits

Glenn "Clownshow" Beck: The Binghamton shooting happened "because we've unpegged from God."

New Web Site Launched: "Financial Media Matters" to combat economic misinformation!

A call to GrayWarrior

Video: Pakistan SWAT Valley-17 year old girl Flogged for Being Seen with Man

ZOA: Celebrate 30 Years Of Zionism At Its Best

Going "Galt"

Here's a question.....

Here's a question.....

any engineers here?

Alaska GOP wants Stevens successor to resign

Food Bank Friday! April 3, 2009!

Judge says religious order must open files. (related to California sex abuse cases.)

Heads up! Joe the Plumber to be on Real Time with Bill Maher tonight!

Video: inquiry into film of Taleban beating teenage girl

Congressperson Eleanor Holmes Norton today made me proud

Heads up -- Amy Goodman on Bill Moyers tonight!

Shuster repeating Colbert's classic Beck

Ex-Army Sec'y: Don't Ask, Don't Tell "like having a bowl of bigotry surrounded by a curtain of silk"

Lawyers for Binyam Mohamed face jail sentence in America after writing a letter to President Obama

Seized U.S. journalists become 'hostages' in N. Korea crisis

Oddball: KO I can't beleive I'm hearing this

Corporations complain that Americans aren't skilled, amongst other reasons...

What Drives Bayh?

Mea culpa: I am a Democrat

Why Is It Such An Issue That I Hear "Immigration Center Shot Up" And I Think "Right Wing Nutbag"?

Fundies: Sodom, Gomorrah and Des Moines.......

Bill Moyers Journal tonight-Glenn Greenwald and Amy Goodman

Our responsibility, however, is to protect constitutional rights

Gotta disagree with Rachel Maddow on this one...

Fannie, Freddie Plan to Pay $210 Million in Bonuses

Has anyone seen Joe the Plumber and Brad Blakeman at the same time?

Will Lou Dobbs stfu now that he has gotten people killed? More

Fundies go after Looney Tunes-version of "Last Supper" in San Diego:

Bill Maher's guests tonight:

I am ashamed of DUers hoping for political motivation for NY shooting

Michael Vick's agent "hopes Vick can return to the NFL by September"

I have observed that the American Civil War seems more recent to Southerners

Oklahoma Legislature - "Bill Lets Moms-To-Be Kill To Save Baby"

"Queen is not amused by Berlusconi"

Budget Continues Massive Farm Subsidies for Rich & Unproductive-Workers Lose Again.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D) - We Hear You & Salute You! Mr. President - DON'T EXPAND THIS BLOODY WAR!

Thank you, DUer who gave me the pretty star!

So Obama's giant budget is passed overwhelmingly by Dems and not so much by repubs .........

Clarification of how banks use the TARP funds.

oh joe sammie..go blow it

Todd Palin's half-sister arrested for burglary

Is Berlusconi trying to replace Chimpy as the global village idiot?

David Frum made a complete ass of himself tonight on "Real Time"

Oh, so Joe the plumber REALLY doesn't know what the hell he's talking about.

I thought "Joe the Plumber" was a Repug Phenom...that died..why posts here on DU about him?

Chas. Krauthammer is exercised, and you *don't* wanna see Krauthammer exercising but it goes...

A lady who was checking me out at the convenience store just told me Obama

Most important news story of the week (ending April 3, 2009)

GOP Senator stalls Duckworth's nomination as Asst Sec/ Veteran Affairs

Anybody remember this ??

MSNBC: "Stocks finish week strong despite poor jobs data"...Isn't that SPECIAL?

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

Compare 1984's San Ysidro massacre to today's killing of 14 in New York.

Pharmaceuticals and healthcare

A Chilling Glimpse Inside a Madoff Feeder Fund

Mullen: Veterans will suffer for years.

What Should I Tell My Congressman, Bobby Bright?

So...there was supposed to be a "womenless pageant" for charity tonight...


Fundies: Churches being targeted by tax collectors

MoveOn To Reid And Van Hollen: Sorry, We’re Not Backing Off

haraS nilaP is Burning Her Bridges to EVERYWHERE - from Shannyn Moore

Aid groups urge NATO to separate military and humanitarian activities to protect civilians in Afghan

Remember Krugman's take on Obama's budget?

I bet you don't like Drudge. And if that's true, why do you keep quoting Politico?

Seriously, Glenn Beck is the WORST FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT on FOX NOISE (Binghamton related)

California Sales Tax is over 9 percent

YouTube Absorbed By Corporate Machinery: The Amateur-Video Pioneer Begins Transition

...............and the jobs keep vanishing rapidly.

I am watching V is for Vendetta for the first time...

Kucinich - I Simply Cannot Endorse a Budget or a Plan that Authorizes the Expansion of War

New Law Poses Severe Threat to Afghan Women

New Law Poses Severe Threat to Afghan Women

New Law Poses Severe Threat to Afghan Women

Just published photos show MLK killing aftermath

What does "I love my country" mean to you?

Bush Library With Complete Tour

What You Learn At Liberty U

Can someone in plain English explain to me why war escalation in this administration is forgiveable?

I'm so sick of all the Obama haters on here

Response to "God and the Bible" are against homosexuality?

Response to "God and the Bible" are against homosexuality?

Revealed: 90 Immigrants Have Died in US Custody in Last 5 1/2 Years

If you were a Member of Congress, Would you have voted For or Against the Budget?

Y'know- I couldn't care less about anything Paul Kangas of Nightly Business Report says...

Perception problem. Unemployed = out of money.

George Harrison to get star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

in case anyone was wondering

Obama will use executive power to lift ban on travel to Cuba

Should Obama Control the Internet?

Thank you to Ward Churchill's LAWYERS . . . and to the Denver JURY

Shout out for H2O Man

BREAKING: Iowa Supreme Court unanimously upholds marriage equality

AZ: "Brewer order reverses Napolitano’s pro-union move"

Not at all bad - I enjoyed Bill Maher tonight - including New Rules

Real Time With Bill Maher (Streaming Video)

If you make your prom dress out of duct tape, is that good or bad?

If you make your prom dress out of duct tape, is that good or bad?

If you don't like what Obama and the Dems on Capitol Hill are doing, there is a solution...

Study: Arctic sea ice melting faster than expected

What happened at TMI was a whole lot worse than what has been reported, Hundreds of times worse

President Obama is advancing many issues, but not far enough, in my view

I see a lot of comments that put down Dennis Kucinich

NY's Paterson not bereft at news of Rush's imminent departure


Breaking: Vermont House passes gay marriage bill 94 - 52

Caption THIS! "Backrub?!! I thought de mudderfokker was trying to strangle me!"

Anyone else think Senator Dodd's been hung out to dry by corrupt Democrats?

An interesting comment about cigarettes from school today

I wonder how the Iowa decision might impact the one still to be made in

Tea Party Bumper Stickers - So lame, they can't give them away

What is that ignoranus Burr from North Carolina trying to block Duckworth from obtaining as

"Nature Doesn't Do Bailouts." ". . . we are our own asteroid".

Today I confronted a District Attorney who is trying to prosecute political protesters as terrorists

Murphy (NY-20) Picks Up 198 Votes As County Fixes Errors

Gang of villagers chase away Google car

Ask Secretary Clinton Why the US Continues to Deliver Arms to Israel

"London cops reach new heights of anti-terror poster stupidity"

*** DUzy Awards for week ending April 3, 2009 ***

Afghan law turns clock back on women's rights and legalizes oppression, subjugation and marital rape

Girl gets suspension for one of those cake knives she used to hand out campaign cake at school

Girl gets suspension for one of those cake knives she used to hand out campaign cake at school

‘Holy Hell’ Over Torture Memos-AG Holder wants them released, intel officials don't

Mass shootings in the US since December- 4

Was the gunman in the immigration services center shooting a recently laid-off IBM employee?

If You Helped Cause This Mess and You Don’t Have The Character To Apologize –

Which of the following poses the gravest threat to America?

William K. Black spanks Geithner for covering up financial scandal

Obama: "My administration is the only thing between you and the pitchforks."

Why is the GOP pushing nuclear power?

Is anyone keeping tabs of all these shooting sprees

Is anyone keeping tabs of all these shooting sprees

All DUers should be watching William Black on Bill Moyers now

National Geographic film goes ‘Inside Guantanamo’

The Startling Effects of Going Vegetarian for Just One Day -- by Dave Johnson

Equality Day *** Iowa *** Photos

Idiot comment of the day.

Grab a glass of what you're drinking and raise 'em. A toast. To the great state of Iowa!!!

Glenn Greenwald and Amy Goodman kick propagandist butt on Moyers:

I thought the Primaries were bad, but I don't recognize DU anymore.

Bill Would Grant President Unprecedented Cyber-security Powers

Joint Statement from IOWA legislative leadership on same-gender marriage decision

Unemployment and depression

I'm very glad Obama is President.

Tonight's Friday News Dump IS the news: NY Times Co. threatens to close Boston Globe

Robert Reich: It's a Depression

Concise Analysis of What Went Down at G20 Summit

Saw the tax-man today

Oh, no. The GUN lobby is at it again.

Got a few hours to spare? - THE most informative thread I've ever found on DU

Another try: Posters' ages and attitudes toward Obama and the Dems

Carlos Santana To Obama: Legalize Pot

On the 8th of July

Chinese develope "kill weapon" to sink US carriers

Rove-connected judge recuses self from Minor case

The very dangerous United States.

Anyone watching Real Time With Bill Maher??

Sarah Palin Lashes Out at Levi Johnston for Sex Talk on Tyra

Video of Taliban Flogging Rattles Pakistan

Reality check: Who here disagreed when Obama announced his Afghanistan plan pre-election?

Freeper's Michelle Obama comment on Times Of London: "She is angry and doesn't much the US."

Authoritarianism as the Scourge of Humankind and Major Cause of War

Sarah Palin Lashes Out at Levi Johnston for Sex Talk on Tyra

CNN's Jack Cafferty & The Author of Hella Nation/Generation Kill talk to Cenk on TYT

The reason I cannot stand President Obama is because....

10 Democrats vote yea to cut estate taxes for supremely wealthy; 5 are ConservaDems

Maddow, Powell, and the Need for a Torture Commission-By Scott Horton

Maddow, Powell, and the Need for a Torture Commission-By Scott Horton

"Under President Bush's Authority, they've been going into countries... and executing people on a li

Anugram - yes it's a word

John Edwards investigation reported

A tribute to Edie Adams.

I cannot believe it. Today, I've written three poems.

Not a bid for "vibes"--father-in-law might've had a stroke.

what the heck was that GA GA performance on American Idol last night?

Wow, a friend of mine from high school got shot 27 times and killed.

Little brown jug , don't I love thee

I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die.


I absolutely luv Heineken ....burp

Great. I owe 2K in taxes for 2008

PSA: Do not pass me, just to slow down

Bob Loblaw!

I just got a friend request on Facebook from an LDS Conservative

I got a haircut yesterday. My feet are warm tonight. Mom is happy. I still have Girl Scout cookies.


Three Musketeers on TCM...

Happy go to Hell !



That new Fast and Furious was pretty good.

Where online can I watch Jeopardy, assuming it's available anywhere?

I feel nekkid as a jaybird! Am I the only one?

Only in the life of priyanka: i dreamt yesterday night that lisa was cheating on me

Jessie Jackson Host SNL (1984):The Question is Moot

BREAKING NEWS: Delaware and DC form unholy alliance; Traffic Circles to now feature tollbooths

Hokey Smoke! Batman and Robin can get married in Iowa

I just got an email from elsewhere sent by "MoneyDrone"

Our office got broken into last night.

Just because you put "DELAWARE" in your subject title doesn't mean I'm going to respond

Just because you put "I Adore Taterguy" in your subject line doesn't mean I'm going to respond

Just because you put "NARWHAL" in your subject line means Symarip will automatically respond

As I post this, a person is droning on and on in my ear over the phone.

Our local TV station WOOD TV has a radio spot

What does high and low pressure mean on weather maps?

Ted Nugent Lands Hunting Show - With Humans As His Prey

Need a good safe place for adolescents online (Posting art)

Pebbles Flintstone.

Speaking of duct tape! - Something I overheard at the redneck house...

I wish to offer a heartfelt apology for telling all those Iowa jokes


NB: just because you think a noun is important in a sentence does NOT make it a proper noun;

Interesting job offer: Henchman/Henchwoman Needed 6 Month Contract

DUPE - deleted

Okay, so we are out of clean spoons except this one.

I have 12,500 Dong

I have 12,500 Dong

So, has anyone seen Padma's commercial for Hardee's?

Tough Luck MrCoffee Trebek

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 4/3/2009)

Teen's Painted 60ft Phallus on Parents' Roof for a Year before Parents Found Out.

I need helpful suggestions. I'm a 16 year old girl and my teacher keeps looking at my cleavage.

Wha....what just happened?

BREAKING NEWS: GD now discussing the merits of Jenny McCarthy. Details at 11.

Duct tape: Perfect teacher's tool to keep a student at his/her desk?

would hollywood be capable of even thinking about greenlighting a movie like this today?

I dare you not to smile while watching this

what's up with chiquitas in omaha?

i forgot if i took my blood pressure pills today

I Adore Taterguy

should i be offended?

Hating this new iMac...

Good morning Lounge

My sister is into this song , Sia - Soon we'll be found

"Body of Lies" what a huge disappointment

who knew Boss Hogg had his slimy tentacles on Buck Owens too?

Because no one asked (LOL) a little about me (as per my FaceBook info):

Am I the only one that is god damn tired of hearing about Twitter?

What idiot gave Billy Mays his own tv show?

Let's say you are having twins. What are their names?

I'm proud to be an Iowan today.

Name something that you laughed at as a kid and now realize how un-PC/offensive it was

Why do some people enjoy conflicts between two other people?

The meat thief is on the loose....

Confession: I have issues

If the lounge were to start selling its own cleaning product, what would it be called?

I don't know if saying this will get me banned from DU or at worst - on everyone's DTM list but....

I HAVE created a thread that never dies.

Personnally I think it's great that the Denver Broncos traded Coulter.

it seems there is an outside cat

I drool all over myself and I believe every word I read in the National Enquirer.

I'm being told that 4/15 is "B.A.G. Day" or "buy a gun" day

We're going to a public document shredding event tomorrow! YAY

Waffle wafer cookies: Love 'em or leave 'em?

OMFG, EarlG's avatar is a TEABAG!!!!

I want to create an April Fool's joke that never dies....

Thoughts, prayers, and vibes for the people of Binghamton

Whats with the food posts today ??

I always knew people who went on Dr. Phil were idiots.

TV Science Fiction-Verses

is swiss cheese the anti-cheese?

Still believe in flying saucers? UFO prank catches NJ in the buff.

OMG, gays can marry in IOWA???!!! I would think that state would be one of the last ones

Should I be offended? (Dumb comment by mom)

To 911 Operator: HELP ME! I'm locked in my car and I can't get out!"

I am so tired of people skeeting up f

Post a link to a post that asks people to post something.

Anyone know of a good place to order tomato PLANTS online?

Giants release Plaxico Burress

***OFFICIAL- PLACE BETS ON WHEN THE 'I want to create a thread that never dies.' THREAD WILL DIE***

Four times in the last 20 minues, my Internet has stopped responding while on GD or GDP...

btw, you should only use "shall" in the singular or plural first person.

Post here why I should forgive you

I was tunin' by the light of the late night dial doin' anything my radio advised

O'Hare Airport sucks.

I'll be the first to admit I'd love to see Michael Vick make a comeback in the NFL

Amazingly stupid coverage of the NY shooting tragedy from FOX - no joke - it was on the tube.

Sometimes junk food hits the spot

I just got a job!

What's your favorite intelligent-ingredient food?


I dislike how British people say "in hospital" instead of "in the hospital"

to avoid complications

New Freeperism to add to the dictionary DEFFEST.

They had a party for me at work today.

THE Prank to pull on your man!!


Grilled cheese sandwich...

sweet set up

GD has been renamed. It is now "GD-STFU"

I'm about to call into a "Healthcare not Warfare" conference call.

Wheeeeeeeeen you wake up in the mornin' ....

My dad and I and sometimes my brother were in Hell


I'm watching Jeopardy tonight JUST to watch Diane crash and burn.

i'm thinking of opening a suicide/crime scene clean up biz. help me out with a business name . . .

People love to raise other people's children!

Michigan - My Ancestral Homeland - what MUST I do???

People are visiting, people are joining, but people are not posting

I hate it when people shoot up in places!

Ok seriously, I need some help - re: one of those slimy debt collectors

The mini-laptop doesn't have Mah Jong!

I just tried drying a wet spot on my shirt using a hair dryer and it cut a hole right through.

Oh shit! Someone's about to get bombed

I wish that some, but not all, could be California Girls...

Guiding Light, the oldest show on TV (72 years) has been cancelled

Best. Pilot. Ever.

DUzy Awards for the week are up in GD

Lounge men - how often do YOU wear dresses (outside of work or formal occasions)?

What Do DU'rs Do To Stop Your Heart From Breaking?

brownie recipe

So,are we really through the looking glass at DU?

So,are we really through the looking glass at DU?

You deep fry the turkey and wash the dog , right ?

I find this picture very disturbing

Band of Horses - the funeral

I'm going to see U2 in C'ville

I posted this as soon as I found that a new one is out - NEW CHICK TRACK - WOOHOO

kitten picture of the day for friday april 3

"Eagle Wrestling"

jeff30997 is the sexiest.

I'm craving a Twinkie.

Baked mahi-mahi seemed to attract the cat's attention

NBC renews "Friday Night Lights"

What about clipping dogs for the summer?

Advice on washing dogs needed

I am so tired of people shooting up places!

sweet! One of my photos was used by

I'm joining the ranks of the unemployed.........

Aviation history buffs -- some pix to freak you out.

A poem just for you.

How much did they pay Vince, the guy who

how many cats is one to many cats?

Am I drinking alone tonight?

Found my 2 year-old sitting behind the basketball hoop in the corner. 'What are you doing?' I asked.

I have a large package

Husband set wife on fire as part of bizarre sex act

How often do people typically clean their basements?

Writing checks. How do you do the line where you write out the amount in words?

My doggies demand attention

Why does my husband want to see Fast & Furious 4?

four vodka sprites in hour = bad idea

Did you hear about the psychic midget who robbed a bank?

How do you hook an XBOX 360 up to an internet connection

My eyes are tearing up to see that some folks here know about the band Jesus and Mary Chain.

A call to GrayWarrior

Chuggo got a mention in a video about 'Unintentionally Hilarious Amateur Videos!'

Robin Williams' favorite word is 'cloaca'.

Ok, I just joined Twitter; now what?

need some help please.from a birdwatcher

Jack Black

pic thread

Weird taco chip dip from my youth. Does anyone recognize this, or know how to make

Wolverine Origins leaked!

LOST: Who' the sexiest ?

Everyone in the lounge on a Friday night instead of going out is an effing LOSER

My 14 year-old daughter is at

Fallin' down like rain on the the ground, everytime you say goodbye...

That damn McDonald's commercial with the singing wall fish is about to drive me crazy!

I love how the Brits say "in hospital"

Lounge Ladies - how often do you wear dresses (outside of work or formal occasions)?

Which One Are You?

Go ahead and laugh at me but my latest musical kick is listening to pep and marching band recordings

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/3/09 (non-graphic language and not a prank)

I just drove 100 miles to get terminated. Ask me anything!

Would you consider this alcoholism?

Cat licking my nose-- does she love me or is she tasting to see if I'm done?

Either I am insensitive or my girlfriend is crazy. Help me distinguish!

What's your favorite single-ingredient food?

Post a picture of a person or an animal in a chair.

Hey, I know this is mean and

I did my taxes tonight. I'm gonna get sick.

Any plans for the weekend?

What should I do when in Portland, Oregon (or near there)?

The score: BeachBaby 4, PiGuy 3


I feel like calling someone out.

President Obama's Weekend Schedule

Just learned my congressman, Bill Foster (D) ( Illinois 14),

Exclusive Photos: Behind the Scenes with the Obamas (Time)

"hopefully, at the end of your life, you'll be able to look back and say, 'I made a difference'."

PHOTOS Will there be G20 sleepovers at the White House? So many new friends.

The White House responds to Iowa same-sex marriage ruling.

PHOTOS The Obamas and the Sarkozys (April 3)

Obama sure dodged a bullet by not picking Evan Bayh as his VP last year...

Yet Again. The House Delivers; Republican Democrats in the Senate Fail.

Proposed Executive Order . . .

Russia's Dmitry Medvedev hails Barack Obama as his "new comrade" - cue Freeper meltdown!

Quick-Richard Quest on CNN gushing over the Obamas

OMG Obama's talking to the French citizens right now!

For Obama devotees who have (almost) everything

Obama said his full name in French town hall

Have I told you lately just how much I fucking despise these people (Republicans)?

Bayh And Nelson Vote Against Obama Budget Because It ‘Costs Too Much,’ But Support Costly Estate Tax

World Community Organizer

I don't recall a singe photo of Bush mixing it up with the European crowds

FL-Sen, FL-Gov: McCollum Leads Sink By 1 (for Governor)

Governor, Now that you have been indicted, what are you going to do?

Just for fun, I think the four of them should gather in Sarkozy's office

McCain's hispanic meltdown **VIDEO**

About the kissing (during the Obamas' trip to Europe)

Mark Halperin and Mike Barnicle gushing over Obama right now on MSNBC!

Your President is doing fine on this trip.

"Can take the people out of the ghetto, can’t take the ghetto out of the people" Freeper Madness

David Sirota pulls of the one of the most disingenuous conflations ever


PHOTO C'mon, c'mon: caption it.

Obama video to open Olympic session

Notice more "deleted" messages today? There's a surge of em whenever President O.

Photos: Angela Merkel definitely has a crush on Obama

"Shelley O"

Zakaria: President Obama is failing in his role as leader of the free world

Let me guess...NRA will say that if people killed in NY today had guns it would have saved people!!

PHOTOS Links to today's photo threads

Video of chitchat before G20 meeting - Obama, Clinton, others.

I didn't know DUers could post Freeper Racist shit complete w/t Link at GDP!

Blagojevich Targeted Emanuel... and now you know why Blagojevich is where he's at

Baldwin invites Michelle to '30 Rock'-‘I think my character falls in love with Michelle Obama'

Who are the 2 Dems that voted for the Republican alternative budget

Chairman Kerry Statement on G-20 Summit Agreement

OMG I can see why Michelle fell in love with Barack!


GOP obstructing Veterans.

I'm sick of these networks treating people like Chuck Todd like experts

What Real Diplomacy Looks Like

Chuck Todd trying so hard to find negative comments .. what an asshole.

Show of Hands - Who Plans on Watching Levi Johnston's Interview on the Tyra Banks Show on Monday?

MSNBC-"The Place for Politics"-has non-stop coverage of NY shootings and about 1 min. of Obama

Drudge strikes again, advances lies about Obama Administration taking credit for a fire station

Video: Rapturous welcome for Obama

Thank God for George W. Bush!

Obama Offers Chip Reid Condolences

Obama: 'I don't come (w/) grand designs'

I can only speak for myself...

Second NEWS CONFERENCE today... this one with Merkel in

CNN - RW Neocon Media Spin - Unilateralism Is A Sign Of Strength, Diplomacy A Sign Of Weakness

"DOW Falls Short of Ending Week Above 8000"? Wrong.

One very nice thing about President Obama is that...

BREAKING! Republican Leader Rush Limbaugh Announces His Own Charm Offensive!

Newt Gingrich Speaks For Me!

House and Senate advance Obama's budget

Obama Calls Out European "Anti-Americanism" And American "Arrogance"

LOL! They served FRENCH toast on Air Force 1 this morning

No Republican in Congress voted for the budget

To recap... Obama in France: Gitmo & 'hell of a lot' more. -- Obama in Germany: No "grand designs"

OMG They are cheering Obama like he's a rock star...

Developing world's agenda makes gains at G20 Summit

CNN reporting that Iowa allowing same-sex marriage!

PHOTOS: Obama's gaffe with Merkel today?

OK, you know what I'm guessing the next meme on FOX will be?

Media Tries to Sabotage Obamas With Pseudo Stories on Faux Gaffes But No One Buys It

HILDA SOLIS on MSNBC right now

Obamacomics coming to a comic shop in June

Am I the only one who is suprised by how proud I am of our IMPERFECT President?

Making me proud Obama

iPod, fashion, bowing, teleprompter,...

What I noticed about media in its reporting on the G20 Summit.....

Obama pledges new US relations with Europe

Black and White Now: Kids Talk Race (video & story/ partial transcript)

I'm confused. Are we supposed to be upset about respect or disrespect of monarchy?

Now our President is in Baden Baden Germany!!!

War in Asia?

Michelle Obama meets her match

Request: Someone here posted an Inauguration Background Blend they made

Question: is the carbon cap and trade in the budget bills

What a difference a Dem makes

***HEADS UP*** President Obama Town Hall in Strasbourg, France **LIVE NOW**

God He's Good!


Been out of town three days, and the good news in the real world is the President is hitting it out

President Obama will pay his respects in Normandy on the 65th anniversary of D-Day in June

fyi, cnn covering press conference, Obama/Sarkozy now, 6:30am CT.

Obama's New Global Vision: It's Beginning to Happen

Heidelberg in the Hayyyouse!

GALLUP: Little Change in Negative Images of Bush and Cheney (both at 63% unfavorable)

Bless you!

As Crisis Loomed, Geithner Pressed But Fell Short

44th generation... America President Barack Obama - First African type American president

Obama In France: Sarkozy Pulls Out Red Carpet For President's Arrival (AP)

Hey, Evan Bayh!

Anyone have a list of those in the House who voted for/against the budget?

~~~Need some (quick) DU love with a really insane poll here in Anchorage!~~~

Senate follows House, approves Obama budget

Did anyone else get their prayer mats ??

House Members to Obama: Rethink Afghanistan Surge

PHOTOS: It's amazing how smitten European LEADERS are with Obama. Also, BREAKING NEWS.

"Obama to free Cuba family travel, remittances"

The Bailout Double Standard And The Revival Of Reaganism

Ronald Reagan was not popular in Europe.

HuffPo: Glenn Beck Mocks Obama's Aunt

PHOTO Messiah? Don't be SO STUPID.

Chuck Todd is such as A-hole..

Time articles sure seem to be trying to paint Obama in a negative light:

PHOTOS The Obamas' Afternoon/Evening


Chuck Todd just said on Hardball that our President runs the risk of appearing cocky

Journalists Give The First Lady Full Marks at G-20

McCain has a meltdown with Hispanics, "You people made your choice!"

Any of you old DU fools ever owned a Chevy Vega?

I feel the love coming back.

PHOTOS Achtung! It's the Obamas!

President Barack Hussein Obama, keep on doing what you're doing.


Obama's "bow" stirs wingnut tizzy fit

Obama's "bow" stirs wingnut tizzy fit

Eugene Robinson: What We're Not Talking About

Obama sells out again!!!-- by acting to end global poverty and starvation.

Unemployment Spike a Wake-Up Call for Obama

Obama to Bankers-“My administration is the only thing between you and the pitchforks"

World leaders disappointed in Obama

Forbes Magazine Cheers Obama Silence on EFCA (Corporations to Obama: THANK YOU!!)

Thoughtful piece on Europeans' impressions of Obama (Christian Science Monitor)

MoveOn: We Won't Back Off Moderate Dems

PHOTOS Hillary's Day (April 3)

Obama offers tough love to Europe

Hedge Fund Paid Summers $5.2 Million in Past Year

Obama taps 2 more for federal appeals courts

The President Looking Like An Idiot at November 2008 Summit

I wish Michelle Obama would take on school bullying.

Alexi Giannoulias For Illinois

RIP Tom Braden - Founder of Crossfire.

It did look like a bow that Obama performed in front of the Saudi King.

US Cybersecurity Bill Would Set Standards For Government, Private Companies

China Vies to Be Leader in Electric Vehicles

States Look To Tax Wealthiest Residents To Shore Up Budget Deficits

China pushes for bigger role in reshaping the world economy

The Words Have Changed, but Have the Policies?

Boats Too Costly to Keep Are Littering Coastlines

NASA's Embattled Inspector General Resigns

Democrats Agree on a Health Plan; Now Comes the Hard Part

Video of girl's flogging as Taliban hand out justice

G-20 Pact Has New Rules and $1.1 Trillion for Loans and Trade

Senate Follows House, Approves Budget

Calls to Havana enliven U.S. debate of Cuba travel

U.S. Senate contest: Coleman prepares supporters for long battle

Honoring the new age-Ithaca College’s Park Center for Independent Media presents first Izzy Award

Iowa Supreme Court: Marriage Ban Unconstitutional (AP)

Pressure grows on minister over torture claims

U.S. Aircraft Targets Sons of Iraq Members

For U.S. immigration, 'partnered' doesn't count

Unanimous Ruling: Iowa Marriage No Longer Limited to One Man One Woman

US in Iraq kills Sunni paramilitary (Sons of Iraq) planting bomb

Tales of WTFery, Volume 17: This is Jeopardy

Merkel: Germany will bear its share in Afghanistan

Afghan law legalizes marital rape, critics say


After G20, Obama to Discuss Afghan Plans With NATO.

Shooting and Hostage situation in Binghamton, NY

New Afghan law worries Nato chief

English villagers send Google snapper packing

Norm Coleman Won't Say Whether He's Been Interviewed By FBI

Immigrant Detainee Dies, and a Life Is Buried, Too

Foe of Hugo Chávez arrested in Venezuela

U.S. Jobless Rate Hits 25-Year High

Jobless Rate hits 8.5 %, After 663,000 Jobs Lost in March

Massacre kills 12 at immigration center in NY

Obama seeks world free of nuclear arms

CDC Finds Rocket Fuel Chemical In Baby Formula

As Crisis Loomed, Geithner Pressed But Fell Short

Obama blasts anti-Americanism in Europe

At least 12 killed at immigration center in NY

Fannie, Freddie worker bonuses total $210M

Why Legalizing Marijuana Makes Sense

Ted Stevens should run against Palin, Alaska Republican says

Cambodia says 4 Thai troops killed in border clash

Video of Taliban Flogging Rattles Pakistan

Village Mob thwarts Google street view car

Obama Set to Lift Ban on Family Travel to Cuba

Vandal corrects spelling on anti-Obama sign

Obama Set to Lift Ban on Family Travel to Cuba

Brewer order reverses Napolitano’s pro-union move


Prime Loan Default Rates Doubled as Credit Tightened, U.S. Says


OECD names and shames tax havens

Science 'Eureka machine' puts scientists in the shade by working out laws of nature

Diet-Drug Lawyers Guilty of Stealing Settlement Money (Update1)

Fannie and Freddie Detail Retention Bonuses

US Marine stood with gun over Iraqi: witness

Racism accusations fly over man in Sudan denied emergency passport

Burr delays Duckworth confirmation

Former Bush aides help form new political intel firm

Police arrest 2 in 'horrific' child abuse case

Reporters' hair irks House Republican leader

Venezuelan police sentenced for 2002 violence

Ala. Senator(Shelby) Blocks Pentagon Nominee Over Tanker

Rape victim's lawsuit dismissed

Bailed-out banks eye toxic asset buys

PPG loses bid for World Trade Center

Shooting and hostage situation in Binghamton NY

Mexico's Senate approves property seizure law

FedEx Lays Off 1,000 Employees Amid Cost-Cutting Effort

‘Holy Hell’ Over Torture Memos (AG Holder wants memos released - Intel officials fighting against)

Protesters Rally On Wall Street To Ask Government To 'Bail Out The People' - Not Big Business

Seton Hall Law Students Reveal That Generals Knew Guantanamo Detainees Were Tortured

Paul, Frank Introduce Hemp Legalization Bill

US Stocks Up; DJIA Has Best 4-Week Streak Since 1933

Pentagon fires Khadr's lawyer

South Carolina Governor Requests Stimulus Funds

Israel cabinet picture doctored to remove women

NY governor: At least 12 killed in Binghamton

Medvedev praises Comrade Obama after milestone meeting

Inquiry into torture allegations announced (Britain)

White House says U.S. needs H-1B visas to avoid 'competitive disadvantage'

Obama to Lift Ban on Family Travel, Remittances to Cuba

Doctors Are Opting Out of Medicare

Summers Received Hundreds Of Thousands In Speaking Fees From TARP Recipients

IOWA Supreme Court Uphold Marriage Equality

PHOTOS & VIDEO Ooh la la, Les Obamas! (April 3)

Todd Palin's half-sister arrested for burglary

Siegelman attorney asks Holder to intervene

'Sexting' Hysteria Falsely Brands Educator as Child Pornographer

AT&T-union negotiations expected down to the wire (100,000 ready to strike)

Vermont House gives final approval to gay marriage

H-1B bill seeks to 'staple' green cards to Ph.D.s

Two more teachers murdered in Colombia

Report: Grand jury investigating Edwards over mistress



OT GDP mods please welcome pinto!

Captain Lance Bass


Moderator Availability Thread for Friday April 3rd, 2009





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Catherine Vincent

40/3 Snip please, democracy1st.



Press Conference: Barack Obama (London Summit 4/2/09) Parts 1-6

Air Force 1 G20 in London President Obama 747 Stansted

Democratic Rep. Rob Andrews Takes On GOP Climate Change Distortions

I was a witness to the death of Gangsta' culture

Obamas received a rapturous welcome in the French town of Strasbourg

David Shuster's Hypocrisy Watch: Karl Rove sez Obama WH 'playing politics'

TYT: Obama personally creates dialog, compromise, impresses at G20 summit

Noam Chomsky on US War in Afghanistan, NATO and Israel/Palestine Pt.1

To Save A Whale - The Voyages of Greenpeace 1975, 1976

Jack Cafferty-What's Behind Michelle Obama's Popularity- Admits He Has a Crush on Her

Abraham, Martin and John

In Cramer We Trust?

Cheney Spies On Obama-Red State Update

Goldman Sachs Vet Sparks Conflict On Hill

Project For The New American Century II: William Kristol's Revenge

Healthcare Equality Project Launch

Queen Elizabeth Loses Temper Towards Berlusconi

Norm Coleman: "This is Not Judicial Fast Food"

MSNBC Reports on Iowa Gay Marriage Ruling

Obama Holds Town Hall In Strasbourg, France

ACLU: How Bush Abused Power

Gingrich calls for preemptive attack on North Korean missile using lasers

TYT: Who Is Better - Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert?

Max Keiser slams bill o'reilly, rush limbaugh, glenn beck on PressTV; comments on g20 summit

Fabric of America - National TV Ad for the Employee Free Choice Act

Johnny 'Guitar' Watson - Ain't That A Bitch

Meet Avigdor Lieberman, Israel's (new) Foreign Minister

Blago Does Disney

Jean Klock Park Devastation

Keira Knightley brutally beaten by boyfriend!

Robert Fisk despairs how little impact his work has had.

Michelle Obama Also Wows French Schoolgirl Madeline

Tax havens: Let in the light

What Real Diplomacy Looks Like

AlterNet: China Hates Us -- How Much Longer Will They Back Our Debt-Ridden Economy?

So, Girl Scouts are Really Storm Troopers, Then?

LTTE: Corporate outsourcing obscene

Bipartisan (adj.)

A Tale of Two Latin American Experiences: Biden and Nixon

Forget Michelle, Now We Know Why the Queen Refused to Meet Sarkozy

The CIA's Open Secrets

Shut Out: How the Cost of Higher Education Is Dividing Our Country

Behind The Numbers: Workforce Dropouts

Israel: Women Photoshopped From Cabinet Picture To Cater To The Ultra-Orthodox

Joe Conason: The French are right (again)

‘Slap In Face’ For US From Israel’s New Government

An Open Letter to Congress: Help Me or I Will Die

Echoes of Kennedy as Obama embraces Europe

The Return of Statecraft-How Obama proved his mettle at the G20 summit

Obama Kills in Strasbourg, But Some Frenchmen Still Prefer Bush

G-20’s Bizarre Contradiction: We All Pledge to Re-Regulate …and Further De-Regulate

Post here, if you want graywarrior to FREE THE DUCK!!1!!

Why Legalizing Marijuana Makes Sense

The US should quit Nato

Friday Talking Points (72) -- The Unfairness Doctrine

Do You Know What You Are Getting When You Buy Health Insurance?

Bill O'Reilly claims credit for Rush Limbaugh's radio success

Iowa Families Headed for Destruction

PBS cuts single payer conclusion from health care documentary

David Sirota: This is the truth on drugs ... any questions?

Joe Klein: Why Legalizing Marijuana Makes Sense

White House says U.S. needs H-1B visas to avoid 'competitive disadvantage'

General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt wakes up?

Obama: ".....between you and the pitchforks.”

Don't Socialize the Losses -- Liquidate the Losers

Three Mile Island Horror stories show real risk of nuclear power

Should Obama Control the Internet? —By Steve Aquino

Weekend Economists' Deal You Can't Refuse April 3-5, 2009

Western U.S. Entities Move Quickly on Geothermal Mapping

ODAC Newsletter - 3 Apr

(DOE) Stimulus Dollars Begin to Flow: Here's How, Where and When

Germany: The World's First Major Renewable Energy Economy (FU US GOP)

312 MW of Biomass to Power Burger Production in Ohio

Large turbine blade factory slated for Wisconsin Rapids (WI)

"First Read" of the Waxman-Markey Energy and Climate Discussion Draft (Huff Po)

As Baltic Sea Ice Goes, Ringed Seal Pups Hypothermic & Dying - Must Swim Too Early - #s Collapsing

Increased Amounts Of Mercury In Seal Tissue May Be Directly Linked To Sea Ice Loss - ES&T/ENN

Scientists - California Should Begin Planning Now For More & More Intense Wildfires

False Killer Whale Numbers In Freefall Off Hawaii - Scientists Saw None In 2000, 2003 Surveys

Florida - Crist Cuts Area Of Everglades Restoration Plan By More Than 50% - NYT

European Space Agency - Collapse Of Wilkins Sheet Ice Bridge "Appears Imminent"

Endangered right whales appear to be on the rebound (CNN)

On the verge of veganism

Newfoundland touts historic hydro deal with Quebec (Labrabor -> US hydroelectricity)

Action Plan for 50%: How Solar Thermal Can Supply Europe's Energy

Humane Society takes Washington Wildlife Dept to Court over Killing Sea Lions

This may not be appropriate in the way that the DOE thinks...

Ice shelf about to break away from Antarctic coast

Two more teachers murdered in Colombia

FIDEL: The Start of the Summit

Morales Charges U.S. Conspiracy to Force Bolivia onto Daylight Savings Time

A Tale of Two Latin American Experiences: Biden and Nixon

LA JORNADA Profiles Cuban-Am, Carlos Pascual, New Ambassador to Mexico

Something you may want to read: Caracas mayor tells Venezuela's military to ignore Chavez

BOREV has a happy friday treat - Cuban gynocologist/American Auto Salesman Ad

VENEZUELA and Iran to Form Joint Companies and Bank

Mexico's Senate approves property seizure law

Venezuelan police sentenced for 2002 violence

Rep. Barbara Lee in Cuba on Congressional delegation to talk tourism and trade

Baduel, rival of Hugo Chavez, arrested in Venezuela

Venezuelan Leader: "Capitalism Needs to Go Down

Chavez at the vanguard (Dr. Francisco Dominguez, Middlesex University)

Beyond Elections: Redefining Democracy in the Americas

Remember, it's only spring training,

Giants release Plaxico

Which team do you think made out better in the Cutler trade?

Kyle Orton pics >>

Paging Bill Bellichek: College baseball team clobbered 49-1 in 5 innings

MLB free on your TV until 4/12

Greeks Stage Walkout Tied to Summit

Today in labor history Apr 3 1954 $4.5 million in back pay and pension credits

Video: Chrysler workers oppose Obama auto plan

We Need a Working Class Program for the Economic Crisis

Weekly checks grow $9 million in Nebraska (new worker tax credit from economic stimulus bill)

Union Pacific CEO got 20 percent increase in compensation (while laying off more workers)

Palm Sunday goes green with fair-trade fronds harvested in eco-friendly way

St. Catharines Workers United Local 2347 Wins with Overwhelming Community Support

Taking the boss hostage – and other workers’ stories

Carpenters Local 22 Speak Out On Their Union

Forbes Magazine Cheers Obama Silence on EFCA (Corporations to Obama: THANK YOU!!)

Ed Shultz Supports Employee Free Choice Act on Hardball

Tell Rite Aid: Stop the union-busting and sign a 1st union contract!

Queerty: Best blog answer about phobes across the pond.

Hi all! Anyone in Illinois? Please consideder attending this and tell your friends!

Iowa Supreme Court Rules Gay Marriage Ban Unconstitutional

Go Iowa! Make this viral

Those Activist (Republican-Appointed) Judges

Is this heaven? No, it's Iowa!

Does Iowa's decision help us in other states?

Sending all here some Iowa love


Doha Debate on BBC:'This House believes it's time for the US administration to get tough on Israel'

ZOA: Celebrate 30 Years Of Zionism At Its Best

Increased humanitarian aid to Gaza after IDF operation, 29 Mar 2009

White Man versus Dark Boy in Israel

Women Erased in Israel, Flogged in Pakistan and Restricted in Afghanistan

Netanyahu: We don't want messianic cult controlling nukes

UN names South African to lead Israel-Gaza probe

Livni: Lieberman ruined years of peace efforts in just 20 minutes

“Mexico, US to battle weapons traffic” Napolitano vows to use existing laws. I’m glad Holder doesn’t

Man jailed with a gunshot wound after harassing ex-wife NY

Hollywood loves spreading false informaiton about guns.


I've Got Friends In Low Places - April 2009 - Contrary Investor

FHLB Chairman Disgusted With FDIC Accounting Alchemy, Quits

Pay 100% house insur. Premium, get 60% coverage, 40% IOU. Sound Fair to you?

Banks Plan To Bid Up Each Other's Toxic Assets With Taxpayer Money

Accidental Gun Deaths since 1981

Congress gives its staff 9.1 million in bonuses.

Efficiency reduces stability, and vice versa

Fannie and Freddie Detail Retention Bonuses

'Good Banks' Are the Cost Effective Way Out of the Financial Crisis

Rep. Wexler of Fla introduces 3% tax hike bill ... on working class.

Former AIG CEO: We Should Have Let It Fail

It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane . . . No, it’s Spitzer to the Rescue

Move to Ease 'Mark' Rule May Subvert Treasury Plan

Geithner relied too much on assurances from banking executives that their firms were safe and sound.

Hey fire_medic_dave, I brought you some coffee.

While you two argue and post back and forth

Number of firearm accidents compared to others.

Bank of America to pay $713 million in TARP Preferred Dividends (Bloomberg)

Should we ban everything that accidentally kills kids?

“Mexican Gangs With American Guns: 'A Threat To U.S. National Security'” Brady lies ad nauseam

On reading about another mass shooting, I'm thinking....

“DHS, Drug Interdiction and Common Sense”, forget Posse Comitatus, integrate & expand existing

Unemployment Numbers Prove Stress Test Is Useless

Has anyone ever pulled a gun and fired back at one of these shooters?

Gunman kills at least 12 or 13 people in Binghamtom N.Y.

Ever have a suspicion this country's gold has been spent?

Who Killed the Little Man?

Social Security: There Is No Trust; There Is No Fund

The quiet around here is deafening. I suppose we all have a lot of weird weather and rain.

Woo-hoo! The first Iditarod gallery is up.

Don we now our gay apparel....


First Friday Photos (April 09)

PA: Death penalty for those who sell land to Jews

"Poised on the Edge of the New...Setting Food on a New Shore" - Karen Bishop - April 3, 2009

Best Pet for Your Sign

NPR Science Friday: A Tour of the Universe

Gene-engineered viruses build a better battery

The Evolution of Religion (Link NSFW)

Virginia, the 24th state to adopt “choose life” auto license plate

Man vents anger on 8-foot tall Moses statue

Crazy things being preached by Evangelicals

What's the best world map projection? [long]

In honor of the March Crepe Challenge

What's for dinner ~ Friday ~ April the 3rd Edition


Dorothy Hunt, wife of Howard Hunt was killed in a plane crash...she was carrying blackmail money---!

I'd like these videos debunked, anyone personally know a good skeptic?

What's wrong with this picture

Movie Screening - PARIS 36

Canada denies passport to blacklisted citizen

As to my AVG only situation from a post prior to this, I reinstalled

Vista sound problem

Need LightScribe software.

Time Warner metering experiment