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Archives: April 29, 2009

The more the Democratic majority grows, the more the total, complete, whackadoodles come out.

Argentina suspends flights from Mexico over swine flu

Oxfam on Swine flu: Mexico city is not an empty town

Flu scare prompts state of emergency - California

Swine flu puts 179 people in isolation in New Zealand

Letterman's Top Ten: White House Excuses


I've had it! Where are the reports of water problems in Mexico?

I'm in total agreement with Arlen Spector on the issue of ........

I'm in total agreement with Arlen Spector on the issue of ........

Defend jobs, wages and benefits! Vote “No” on Chrysler-UAW concessions! Oppose job cuts at GM!

Appeals Panel Rejects Admin's 'State Secrets' Defense Used To Deny Torture Victims Day In Court

Tape Shows UAE Royalty Torturing Man with Cattle Prods, Planks with Nails, Etc.

Who funds the site "tiadaily"

DU slow for anybody else tonight?


Is anyone else's avatars turned off?

VIDEO: Bernie Sanders and Ed Schultz. POWERFUL video.

An Officer's Obligation - Say No To Torture

I'm am going to sleep well tonight!

Arlen Specter....."Magic Bullet Specter".......

Specter "defection" - wake up call for the NOPe?

Why is Andrea Mitchell Leaving the Daily Buzz???

Scholars Urge Confirmation of Dawn Johnsen to OLC

first death in U.S. from swine flu confirmed.

small plane owned by lawyer for the Buffalo crash victims crashes,2 killed unidentified

‘Blue Dog’ Deal Puts Budget on Path to Clear

35,000 people die in the US every year from the flu ... BUT

Michelle Malkin, Michael Savage Use Swine Flu Crisis To Peddle Xenophobia

The American Crazy Party

US confirms 1st death from swine flu


I think DU needs to change it to "Top 10 Libertarian Idiots of the Week"

Mitch McConnell ........ how's that "leader" thing going?

Pres Obama, Biden and Specter live on GEM$NBC

Three signs of the (Republican) Apocalypse 4/28/09

Voting rights case at high court Wednesday

GOP = The incredible shrinking party

Arlen Specter comes home.

Pakistan Says 50 Taliban Killed in Buner Operation

Michael Douglas, Oliver Stone head back to `Wall Street'

Amy Goodman: Disclosure of ‘Secrets’ in the ’70s Didn’t Destroy the Nation

That's it! GOP now officially named Whig Party in my book.

The Fox Network Won't Air Obama's News Conference Tonight

The only thing to fear is the GOP itself

Cheney was right. The insurgency is in its "last throes" ............

Finally we are in complete control

Support for gay marriage up to 42%.

First U.S. Death From Swine Flu Is Reported

Photo Op Panic: 911 Calls Reveal Terror During NYC Air Force 1 Flyover

Was this version of the swine flu created by the CDC in 2004?

Michelle Malkin, a person of color who hates people of color

ugh, david gregory in the am is hard to handle

I hope that the Arlen Specter story helps keep Joe Biden's old seat blue

Where do Elephants go to die?

The alien threat to our American way of life

House GOPer Signals Support For Release Of Torture Intel That Contradicts Cheney

GOP Joke Thread

Texan baby is first flu death outside Mexico

Oh God-the Specter switch is the worst thing EVER to the Democrats

2fer, Brian ROSS is often wrong'cause "desperate." Ed KOCH outrage, outing

Cloned Glow in the Dark Puppies

Another winner from Oliphant

DeMint: One too many mint juleps?

In Iowa, life means life.. death penalty

What does Joe Dead Intern have to say about the Specter

Florida Forever is no more as Republican leaders omit it from budget

Bright and Early: Obama and Specter Ruining Republicans' Day


Why hasn't Obama stopped the Swine Flu? What is he waiting for? So much for change.

A Tragedy That Won’t Fade Away

Mexico Revises Pig Flu Confirmed Deaths DOWN By 2/3!

The Meaning of the Spector Switch (Mary Lyon)

What killed the Republican Party ?

Germany confirms first cases of swine flu

Let's add to the ante - help out Keith Olbermann raise money (and see Hannity Waterboarded)

Today in not-so-thinly veiled anti-semitic blood libels from the right

From Paradise to Hellish Hours on the Tarmac

Hey about holding another teabag rally? We could use another Dem senator.

Tecumseh's curse and the death of the Republican party

Kent County Repub Party cancels speech by Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman over his support of civil unions.

For those that think that purging the dem party of those who

For those that think that purging the dem party of those who

Get ready for wingnut apoplexy -- Ahmadinejad uses Obama slogan for campaigning

With Specter's defection, McConnell's job gets that much harder

Anti-Torture Activists 2 Rally, Commit Civil Disobedience at White House

What if Instead of the Nuremberg Trials There Was Only a Truth Commission?

Numbers of coincidence

They're On Their Way Out

House version of budget just passed. Senate debating now.

First 2 cases of swine flu confirmed in Mass.

Anti-Obama protesters splash graphic abortion images via plane, truck around South Bend

Ok the rate of infection MIGHT be stabilizing in Mexico

Whatever happened to the fake white house reporter??

Obama Organization Returning to SC in May with Staff and Offices, Hiring Now

G-175 Nations Convene To Discuss How Things Can't Possibly Be Any Worse

dupe. delete

Idiot Bachmann: "Interesting that the swine flu happened under a Democrat President"

What happened to Chip Ried? I dont hear him making noises

Boehner says Obama's bills makes him 'want to throw up'

So Pelosi was worried she "could be charged for revealing classified information"

Here's The Latest E-Mail Being Sent Around By Repugs To Commemorate The 1st 100 Days......

Reid Tweaks McConnell Over Specter

Domestic workers push labor rights bill

DU this poll.

Where are all the dead pigs??

Microsoft goes social

Specter (D) PA ?

The Arctic Council meets Wednesday to debate the impact of melting ice in the north.

Garrison Keillor: Let war crimes be bygones

Video: Obama vs. UConn's not-secret-anymore hoops

Will the Democrats screw it up?

One reason Specter could be vulnerable in a Democratic primary

surge update - Deadly blasts hit eastern Baghdad

Swine Flu in Mexico- Timeline of Events

How Horrid!!!! I am getting emails from the Right Wing !!!! Asking me to buy tickets !!!

Holder: 30 Gitmo inmates approved for release

Egypt Orders All Pigs in Country Destroyed

Did anyone calculate how much it cost when Bush did his jaunt on the aircraft carrier?


WJ: PA voters only. What do you think of Specter's party switch?

Michael Steele's First 100 Days: A Retrospective

Swine Flu

The desperate new meme of the Republicans: we're losing b/c we're no longer fiscal conservatives.

Do you think Sen Snowe might be the next to switch?

"Some I've talked to want to be recalled so they can go back to Iraq and die there for atonement."

Statute of limitations for Torture and Murder

From Practical Vision: The Spectre of Specter

msnbc is spending ALL DAY on the 100 DAYS bullshit


Antarctic ice nearly size of N.Y. City breaks up--Icebergs calve off ...

Swine flu: The predictable pandemic? (New Scientist)

Jon Stewart Explains the Harman-AIPAC Saga on TDS

Spanish Swine Flu Patient Had Not Been To Mexico

Swine Flu - Mexico Travelers vs. Person-to-Person Spread...

What is the difference in the "swine" flu and just the "flu"?

FiveThirtyEight: But now he's *our* no-good, dirty rotten bastard.

Morning Joe Summary for the 29th Wednesday

US cyber-security 'embarrassing' (BBC)

Commercial mortgages at risk of default has quintupled

Woman accused of beating neighbor to death

Justice Kennedy Questions 'Fairness' of Voting Rights Act

If you got sick in 1918 you didn't have a chance. Folk healers could be found all over America

Specter on executive power and the constitution in May 14 New York Review of Books

Toomey: Despite Party Shift, Specter May Not Be Democratic Nominee

31% of Americans who say they disagree with Obama's policies say they still like him personally

My town closes schools due to flu. First death inside US in Houston...

Torture is still a war crime

Iran Offers Obama Advice After Air Force One Scare (

Maybe the DNC should use this for the 2010 elections:

Arlen Specter calls for the Need to Roll Back Presidential Power Grabs

Child dead of flu in U.S. was from Mexico (US death rate - back to 0%)

Tribes look to Obama for protection of sacred peaks

Thank you Job Stewart, for again being better than all the other news organizations

Rs Try The Ian Faith Explanation For Why Specter Left

DU a poll

GDP Down 6.1%, much worse than expected

Franken Announces Chief Of Staff For Eventual Senate Office

Right Wing Media Parasites Are Killing Their Host - The GOP

Ha Ha! GOP is no longer a party....

Did Poland agree to CIA torture site in exchange for Auschwitz repair funds?

Leahy invites Bybee to testify before Senate Judiciary Committee.

Spanish Judge Garzon: Bush memos released by Obama admin, prove an authorized plan of torture

Is it safe for us to call ourselves Liberal again? now lists Pennsylvania as "Strong Democrat" for 2010 Senate Race

Is our banking system still on verge of collapse?

Question at WHO briefing: Why isn't Mexico reporting cases from Cancun and the Mexican Riviera?

Question at WHO briefing: Why isn't Mexico reporting cases from Cancun and the Mexican Riviera?

Poll: I know the rightwingnuts...

GM dealership closures to cost 137,000 jobs, according to NADA

lisa myers doing investigative reporting on flyover for msnbc

If No Health Insurance - Will People Not Seek Med Attention For Possible Swine Flu?......

US Confirms swine flu-related death in Texas

Mexico: decreasing rate of new infections/deaths...

Alright NH! State Senate passes marriage equality bill.

Now this is the Governor or Texas fer ya

Anyone else listen to Fresh Air today (Wednesday)?



Three Mainers have swine flu

Same-sex marriage bill passes New Hampshire Senate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phase 5 coming WHO set to raise pandemic alert within hours

The Specter Jump is Good, Very Good.

US, California: LA coroner's office "doubts" that swine flu was involved in the 2nd death. #swineflu

Is it overkill on the Swine Flu reporting?

the House just passed the budget without ONE SINGLE THUG VOTING FOR IT

Sen. Graham: I'm calling Ridge Wed. about running against Specter

2008 GOP Platform: Values

Colossal spy airships with 15-story radars get $400M reality check

Watchoo talkin' 'bout Willis? Michael Steele: "I'm sure his mama didn't raise (Specter) that way"

a Kennedy 85% certain to run for Obama's old Senate seat

Reagan staffer to GOP: 'Specter switch is bad. If you think otherwise, put down the Coulter book.'

Who is subbing for Ed today?

Boehner: Specter's defection is NOT about the Republican party

California Public Employees stand up to BofA

MEMORANDUM FOR: The President-FROM: Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity

WHO press conference. I love how Dr. Chan says WHO.

Violent hate groups are growing in number and in members

Violent hate groups are growing in number and in members

Swine Flu Kills - Press Coverage of the Torture Memos - Coincidence Theorists Fall for it

Swine Flu Kills - Press Coverage of the Torture Memos - Coincidence Theorists Fall for it

body type - next venue for politically correct slobs ? cow Rochumba Williams and others

Obama Said to Plan for Chrysler Bankruptcy, Alliance

Auschwitz renovation paid by CIA torture camp profits?

WHO: Pandemic imminent (raises alert level to 5)

Mexico: Swine flu toll stabilizing

When was the last time the Senate actually had a real filibuster?

If you're interested in the deep (financial) history of the US/Mexico, lecture by John Mason Hart =

it's easier to deal with somali pirates than with arlen specter....brad blakeman

WHO raises swine flu pandemic alert to phase 5.

Sen. Inhofe predicts "another Republican revolution.... like 1994" in 2010

CNN> Iraq: 52 people killed in six car bombs - US soldiers ambushed in northern Iraq

Texas suspends all high school athletic events until May 11.

The racist hate mail continues.

Texas postpones all HS sports and other events

Democrat or Republican - Obsolete labels altogether with computerized, privatized voting

The Soaring Rate of Abandoned Animals - Another Tragic Effect of a Sputtering Economy

This is quite the interesting freepwad thread

Swine flu and my dentist...

Credit where credit is due

I am impressed and heartened by Who's and our Government's

Senate vote set for 5:30 n/t

Chrysler Bankruptcy Plan Would Oust CEO

Do these Senate Hearings about the H1N1 remind anyone of the War Room in "Dr. Strangelove"?

The fix is in (re: Specter). Or is it?

Robert Baer: Dumb Intelligence

Rep. Wexler Diary: Calling for a Special Procecutor on Torture

Saudi royal: U.S. can't be energy-independent!

Chocolate giant trying to crush little guy

American manufacturers . . . protecting us from ourselves, and their companies from lawsuits . . .

Contract betrayal will give UAW majority ownership in Chrysler

President Obama's 100 days in Missouri

Gun Control Without Gun Laws

Olbermann presses Hannity over waterboarding offer

Baptist Pastor Beaten and Tazed by DHS-LINK

Anyone else get a Republican Robo call about Specter?

on the horizon: comedian Dennis Miller switches back to liberal

Great clip on The Ed Show (Obama at a town hall)

Way To Go, Guys! Your First 100 Days!

Serious question for a physician or pathologist re: flu and cause of death

Cerberus... would get nothing, the report said!

Since it's budget time again, a great flashback to 1993....

This is torture!

Baxter Pharmaceutical Mixed Avian Flu with Flu Vaccine

Benen: 'Actually,' Byron York is a casual racist

Freepers want to throw Hatch off their pure conservative party too.

Ever think about how Al Franken must feel?

Budget passes Senate 53-43 (passed House this morning)

Inhofe: Specter switch foreshadows 2010 GOP landslide

If you were issuing a ban on flights to and from Mexico for your country would you include Texas,

GOP group launches anti-Specter robocalls

The 1 trillion number you really don't want to see passed...

I know the recession has NOT ended but has the Stock Market bottomed out?

Worth a repost today: "Rumsfeld's growing stake in Tamiflu" (10-31-2005 CNN)

Swine Spring Collection

Well...inspite of my misgivings the Ed Show" on CNBC..seems to be getting a little better

Emergency landing at SEA Tact, with on air commentary on MSNBC

Why don't we get drunk and screw?

Are these guys really to blame for the swine flu?

Prizewinning:The Stupidest Blogger I have seen.

Olympia Snowe speaking truth about the Repub Party to Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC

"No" votes (Budget).... Byrd, Bayh, Specter, Nelson

The telephone repairman who pays 55% in taxes

TODAY... is my birthday. I am 54.

Now that Specter is a democrat, who do the Freepers target next as the RINO to be purged?

Sept. 11 Image For Kids Causes Furor - FEMA Pulls Coloring Book From Web Site

FL Senate passes bill to outlaw sex with animals

How to play politics with public health... re Gov Perry

Army vet who opposed Bush detainee policies takes key job

Want to know the most important difference between Bush and Obama for me?

Please DU: How do you rate the performance of U.S. President Barack Obama's first 100 days?

Latest update on the Swine Flu

We Didn’t Have to Lose Arlen Specter -By OLYMPIA SNOWE (NYT Op-Ed)

Specter's first post announcement vote: No on the budget.

Reagan Pentagon Official Opposes Torture: "Torture Is Not Only Immoral; It's NOT Conservative"

President McCain’s First 100 days

Scientists Struggle To Understand Swine Flu Virus

cnn is polling live on the first 100 days.

What does the "F'n" in "Jesus F'n Christ" mean?

How well do you know your criminals??

When country A invades country B unprovoked, does it even make sense to discuss international

Which is moving faster??

Miss California to star in TV ad from conservative group

Sheriff Joe Arpaio issues flu protection gear to deputies to arrest "illegals"

WTF - did I just hear Brad Blakeman compare Dennis Kucinich with

I'm really starting to hate all these anti-Republican editorial cartoons

Batshit Birther dentist Dr. Orly Bamblasts Sen. Spector.....

Which government/government official has proven most ignorant about the flu ?

An Obvious Question: Will Swine Flu Make Health Care Available for ALL?

WHO is considering raising their alert level to five

It won't turn into a much worse "pandemic"

It won't turn into a much worse "pandemic"

Republicans are in severe decline. Right wing radio is fast becoming white noise.

VitObamaVegamin: Feds bust man smuggling Obama-stamped pills

McConnell, other Specter donors want cash back

Senator backs increased power for ICE agents in drug war

Woman Claims Her Father Was Zodiac Killer

TORTURE AND TREASON-Listening to Obama - he DOES get it!!!

I know you've been dying to hear why Tweety Matthews isn't running for Senate

Sign the Petition to End Forced Arbitration

You think there is anything we/Obama/any world power could do to prevent Cairo/Egypt from massacring

RIGHT NOW is the time for Democrats to Ramp Up Efforts in the Repub Controlled South for 2010...

Oh Fish el Thread Series posts only

Can Legally Married Gays File Fed Tax Return As "Married?"

Axelrod deftly handles big headed blond gasbag

AG Holder: US could cooperate with a foreign court's investigation of Bush administration officials

Sorry for the repetition, but the new name for this virus appears to be 2009 H1N1. The reason

Hoot Smalley: Songs of the Permanent Minority

Hoot Smalley: Songs of the Permanent Minority

CNN is strongly hinting that the flu began in a Smithfield factory farm

Durbin On Congress: The Banks "Own The Place"

Tester, Nelson(Neb), Landrieu, we know what they are, the question is how much?

Conservative Catholic Groups Fueling Obama Notre Dame Scandal

Cure for swine flu...

State Senate approves medical marijuana

It Isn't Only A Matter Of Values, It's The Law

Local GOP cancel speech by Utah governor-- too moderate

Why is Mara Liasson's screed on NPR

Specter: Come on in, boys, the water is fine!

Administration Seeks Equalized Sentencing for Crack and Powder Cocaine

Hooray for the Democratic Big Tent! Homophobe fundies always welcome.


The good and bad of having a "sick" kid during a time like this.....

NH Senate votes to allow gay marriage

Well that didn't last long - TV converter Box stopped working

Virginia F**king Foxx

"Public Option" healthcare cost savings compared to Single Payer

GOP Rep.: Notion that Matthew Shepard murder was hate crime ‘a hoax’

How do you view Specter in comparison to Lieberman?

Inhofe: Specter Switch Is "First Visible Evidence" of GOP Comeback

Al Gore's "Current TV" ---Baxter Pharmaceutical Mixed Avian Flu with Flu Vaccine!

Al Gore's "Current TV" ---Baxter Pharmaceutical Mixed Avian Flu with Flu Vaccine!

A Swine Flu Vaccine is in Development – The 1976 Swine Flu Vaccine was a Disaster…

Transsexual wins $500,000 lawsuit

Breaking: Bank of America's Ken Lewis Kicked Out as Chairman

Surveillance Effort Draws Civil Liberties Concern

My hospital just called a code yellow infectious disease code overhead

This is why so many of my co-workers were late to work today.

So who's running against Rep. Virginia Fox (R-NC) in 2010?

Everyone, take a second and think back for a second...

Just got this in my email about swine flu. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Swine Flu is a bad name-- got a better one?

The World is Better Without Saddam, We Got Intel From Waterboarding

Sun-Times: Chicago area transit use jumps 9% over last 5 years, RTA says

HuffPo: What an Ogress You Are, Congresswoman Foxx

All nonessential Mexican government offices and businesses ordered to close from May 1-5, Mexico's h

Reid's Specter deal stirs senior Dems' anger

since torture was one of my two top issues: I'm very happy with Obama tonight

DU Issue Forum activity and some forums that deal with civil rights

So I walked down to the local panic store, picking up supplies for the flumaggedeon.

Specter... ouch.

Boy, avoiding the flu is sure hard work.

Entire Fort Worth ISD (80,000 students) has closed due to swine flu.

Obama Mocks Teabaggers (Video)

Why KO - I think you've got it

Not one question about outsourcing

BREAKING: FT. Worth, Texas School District Closes Schools Until at Least May 8th

Has your opinion of Bush changed any...

I didn't forget

Maher's new rules from Friday (4/24) = win

John Amato from Crooks and Liars says he's considering running for Harman's seat

Sen. Harry Reid: Genius?

Olympia Snowe: "We didn't have to lose Specter."

Talibornagain cleric: "Somebody needs to abort Barack Obama"

Arlen Specter: Right On The Single Bullet, Right To Change Back To D Yesterday

Meghan McCain: "Red til I'm dead baby!"

4 Degrees of Separation:Swine Flu->Gliead Sciences->Rumsfeld->TORTURE. Right back where we started.

God will make a donation to the Richard Dawkins Foundation if he gets to 20K twitter followers by ..

Serious question - which of the torturers will croak first

I thought DU was a bastian of paid posters. Where are the ones from

The era of American domination is over.

Swine flu jokes

What would the Republican Party have to do to entice you to join it?

UAW overwhelmingly ratifies Chrysler settlement, Fiat commits to make small car at US plant

George Will thinks it awful that Obama talks directly to the people - he is a ass

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

So .... a Hemi Panda or an anemic, poorly assembled 4-cyl Crossfire?

I am proud of our President.

How America USED to Treat Prisoners of War: "I Met a Man Named Franko"

If Specter was embraced because of his pro-healthcare reform stance and

The GOP-controlled media's spin of "legacy costs" (pensions, etc)

Daughter just IMed from school. Said she heard on news 2 cases swine flu

Spanking Kids? What are your views?

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 2- 100 days

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 3- Reagan on Torture

Does everyone know that asshole Coleman's appeal

"The vampires of Facebook"....Mark Morford UNHINGED!

Why is Arlen Specter so popular in PA?

Triple world record holder Usain Bolt injured in car crash

This should be your one source for Swine Flu information

Virginia Foxx (Repulsive-NC) is a pile of dogshit.

Virginia Foxx (R-NC) Story of Matt Shepard a hoax

Why I care about the Flu

Why Are People Opposed to the Swine Flu Story Being Reported?

GOP today: Zero votes for Matthew Shepherd Act, zero votes for the budget. They are finished.

The entire Fort Worth School District is shutting down!

Flu scare shows why affordable health care for all is vital

Anyone know when and where the GOP funeral services are?

WHO raises alert status to five and what it means

Moderate Republicans: RIP.

Spanish Judge has decided to investigate another Guantanamo torture claim...

No we don't - we need to find a way for YOUR staff to work better with OUR staff.

100 Days of "Fair & Balanced"

100 Days of "Fair & Balanced"

Michael Reagan (re: Specter): "It’s time for the right to come out of the closet.”

The 17 House dems who voted against the budget today:

So...Is phase 5 the "Quick, go buy out the grocery store" phase?

There must be prosecution of BUSH/CHENEY administration CRIMINALS

There must be prosecution of BUSH/CHENEY administration CRIMINALS

GIs, Vets Sue KBR Over Toxic Burn Pits

I want to thank and congratulate house dems on the passage of the Matthew Shepard Act

Should DU match Olbermann's offer $1,000 per second waterboarding of Hannity?

NYT: Harman-AIPAC Target was “Israeli Official”

OFFICIAL Swine Flu info and updates thread (post them here please)

"Specter's JFK Specter" by Lisa Pease (4-29-09 Consortium News)

Let them bottle seawater

Hannity's show on Obama's presser: uses "Omen" theme music.

Michele Bachmann: Protecting gay people from hate crimes is "the very definition of tyranny"


MSF's largest vaccination program ever underway

What dollar amount per hour could a person live on today?

Democratic Party shouldn't support Arlen Specter.

And this is why Campaign Finance Reform is the key to any real change on Capitol Hill...LINK

How The NAFTA Flu Exploded

Congressman Robert Wexler Calls for Special Prosecutor on Torture

I Know, It Must Suck Being Wrong So Often.

Would you sell out to the corporepublicans, if you had talent?

Family Ties (Bushes and Hinckleys)


Steven L. Anderson: The Gutsiest Man In America & A True Patriot

New GOP logo

Which one of these is the real Don Knotts?

Each county is limited to three testing samples - swine flu

Oh My!!!! The Torture Executive Order

The larger picture (yes on swine flu)

The larger picture (yes on swine flu)

Specter's JFK Specter By Lisa Pease April 29, 2009

I find it extraordinarily frustrating to hear nothing but vague concepts about health care reform

VOTE HERE: DU May 2009 T-Shirt Slogan Contest Finalists

Looking for several intelligent dems.....

1,445.7 miles on One Tank of Gas -- in a FORD

This is just horrible -

WHO: only 7 swine flu deaths, not 152. So why are they raising the pandemic level again?

For those of you who support the death penalty, whether driven by fear or hate, listen to the words

Dear Governor Dean, we need to talk about what you said about the 70s "left" in our party.

It Just Doesn't Matter

I done TOLD y'all we needed to keep all them Meskins outa Amurica...

GOP Rep.: Notion that Matthew Shepard murder was hate crime ‘a hoax’

Getcha motor runnin'...head out on the highway, you BETCHA! Palin to Appear on "American Chopper"

The vampires of Facebook By Mark Morford

The CAR that saved Detroit?

The CAR that saved Detroit?

My Pop: "Everything you've been talking about all these years, is all over the news."

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 1- Spectorized

Kucinich on Budget: I Will not Vote for the Expansion of War

For those defending the 17 Dems who voted against the Matthew Shepard Act

Thom Hartman talked about Democrats having battered wife syndrome yesterday

for the first time in I don't know HOW LONG...

OK, Everyone, Relax! I've Figured Out How To Cure Swine Flu: TAX CUTS!

Do you know how the swine flu got started?

Is it true that Swine Flu turns you into a Zombie if not treated?

Why is Andrea Mitchell Leaving the Daily Buzz???

I've got a fever for some swine


I wonder if Arlen Specter and Regina Spektor are related

Mother faces BWI charge... this had "lounge" thread written all over it

WHERE is the Good Morning Lounge thread?

Why does Facebook make you share your credit card information with other users?

Why does Facebook make you capture a sample of your morning breath in a Mason jar?

This Trail Blazer - Rocket game is pretty exciting!

Do you know what "chiggers" are?

Miss Honeychurch, Good Morning

Why does Facebook make you put up with 3 brazillian facebook posts by LeftyFingerPop

You don't know how lousy your coffee is until

Did you know that you can sometimes find decent food in a fast food restaurant?

Well, the Dallas Mavs eliminated the Dallas Chaparrals last night

This can't be good...

I just found justification for an Oxford comma in a Monty Python bit

Olbermann's "Best Persons" last night reminded me of this

I'm unfamiliar with Facebook. Does it have a *burping* section?

White House danger alert

Dept. of Irony cancels health fare because of swine flu concerns.

It's not "stuffed animal". It's "Fabricated American".

Never mind.

Who the hell are you?

can anyone verify this meryl streep quote?

I think that Midlodemocrat should become a Nats fan...

This is what happens when you let the cat order take-out...

If I copycat my own thread, will it eff up the space-time continuum? nt

I saw this amphibious picture in a frame last night.

Hey LynneSin - this swine flu is getting too close for comfort, eh?

New swine flu map showing it's spread. You will shit bricks

Jon and Kate Plus 8 Dad Caught With Other Woman

I swear to God, it looked and smelled like motor oil.

Is it just me or has the lounge gone kind of wacko lately?

I saw this Ambidextrous Pitcher in a game last night.

I don't know who you are, but you have been casting pearls before swine.

my tooth hurts

My shoes blew out this morning!

Why does Facebook force you to have a prostate exam before they will accept you as a member?

This is one of The Onion's weirder ones...

My armpits, they are deep and firm. They shall protect you.

Poll question: 2 Steppers. What do you say about legalizing fox-trot?

I didn't get the job.

what's yer fuckin problem?

I just had a genius idea. Remember these?

Who is more likely to drool?

I refuse to click on Bossy Monkey's "Worst Power Ballad" thread.

WOOHOO I'm finally hitting the big leagues - making someone start a DTM just to add me to it!!!

Problems with odor in sink drain - anyone who can help?

"Freedom Fries" Redux...

Which virus are you most worried about?

what constitutes evidence of an inflated sense of self?

Solved! How a family of eight can travel from A to B... on just TWO wheels

Adolph and Eva were married 64 years ago today. Write their wedding announcement-

5 liters of beer, 3.2kg potato soup, 1.6 kg vegetables, 1.6 kg lentil stew, 500g bread, 5L milk,...


For God's sake, will someone deliver snacks to Haruka the Trophy Wife?

Am I personally responsible for the demise of Pontiac?


If everything was made by Microsoft

Judge doesn't see humor in Cheba Hut shop

If you're childless, do you talk about your furkids and show pictures of them

Got a real live Scientologist Clam pushing propaganda now...

Swine Flu Infection Symptoms and Vitamin D -- Can it help? - x

Make sure to eat your veggies!

Who here can tesify for La Lioness Priyanka

Anyone else get these scam emails?


And all this time, I thought his name was 'Five Again'

Tonight's poem from the open mic..."The Crumb"

Berlusconi's wife attacks his 'trashy' choices of "pieces of costume jewellery" women candidates

Fiveagain's name is confusing because it looks like it has "Florida" and "vegan" in it

EP Appreciation Thread!

Where has MissHoneyChurch been the last couple of days?

Innuendoes in business names?

I hate to interrupt with politics, but I think something is up with this candidate's donor info

Midlodemocrat: ALL BARK AND NO BITE! She's like one of those little yappy dogs

Who's happier, Freepers or Du'ers?

Would Teh Longue like a regular 'Fundie Funnies' thread?

It this too much to frickin ask for??

Kitteh Vs Fan

I had lunch today at Olive Garden

Olive Garden Appreciation Thread....

Flvegan and his state's crazy rules...

Court climax premature for Madonna of Orgasm Church


so I took my dogs to the vet

Nationals fans, I have a favor to ask...

Just in case someone hasn't heard....


Did you guys know that Tila Tequila and Meghan Mccain are friends?

Sean Penn filed for divorce

So, if my computer room is currently a pig sty, does that mean

I went to my new dentist today. I was not impressed.

Ok, so I'm not feeling so great.

WOW! sometimes it seems like you need an excel spreadsheet to keep track of stuff here!

lack of respect, empathy, or common human decency with regards to people who are starving and

Who here can testify that I'm a person?

I ate ham and now i'm afraid I've got swine flu

Redding Trader Joe's to open Friday

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 4/29/2009)

If one more hissing cockroach lands in my wine, I'll have to get up

I ate swine and now I'm afraid I've got ham flu.

Forgive my naivete, but...

------------(((((((( HIPMOTIZE))))))))-------------

Why don't we d-do it in the road?

Which 100 Are you more Excited For?

Time to play Name That Artist!

i think a lot about satan

Slap Chop Remix

Fuck it!

Why Star Wars cannot hold a candle to Star Trek


Latest update on the Swine Flu

What is the difference between a shamble and shambles?

My first implied yarn! Pic!

Dog owners: Is this common, or unusual?

I think I just watched hummingbirds getting freak on

Who's bored senseless?

PSA: Prez on TV in 11 minutes

I have the Mexican black bean flu

I had a long, sucky day.

Rob H., I have to thank you big time

I'm going on an adventure to Tennessee....

I bought two very nice suitcases at the church rummage sale today.

Did DU change the font?

Watch my beer I'll be back in ten.

Watch my beer I'll be back in ten.

i'm filling out film festival application forms

Help me sort out some minor parental drama!

Which fast food joint should be condemned as a public health hazard first?

Check this bad boy out...

Ha! The Midlets are so screwed.

I think a lot about satin

Does the Lounge itself have a personality?

New 'My Days With Dave' update.

I think a lot about aging.

How big is your caucus?

I'm closing the lounge.

DUzy thread in GD (I just don't want you to miss it)

Worst Power Ballad

If when you drop popcorn kernels in the aquarium

Didn't there used to be a DU hate mail thing?

Fascinating but upsetting study of longevity and Ashkenazi Jews


This is pretty remarkable

The Lounge Bar is OPEN.....

Some idiot had the nerve to CALL me at 2:00 this afternoon.

Opinions on financial matters

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/29/09

Favorite dead LOST character?

Ok serious question for anyone with any physics knowledge.

I don't care who says what, Left Is Write is FARKIN HOTT!

Boris Garcia

Sinus pressure sucks balls!

"I've been standin on one leg for three damn years waitin' for God to do me a favor..."

Is my clique too lounge-ish?

Sylvester McCoy. What else needs to be said?

I'm finished with organic chemistry lab.

A Mod tombstoned himself

UFO Hunters on the History Channel is a riot

A poem about forests

A friend had blood clots in his legs,he was doing a lot of flying.

'Never go full retard "

I'm having surgery tomorrow, so I will be putting myself on ignore for you...

Whose cockpuppet do you want to be?

In your last 100 days what has surprised, troubled, enchanted and humbled you?

Phillies again host the Nats tonight, then the mighty Mets come in

Going Green Fail

Yay Tamales!

Drinking Fountain Fail

Label Fail

Yeah, the whole store got the flu!

Is Cinco De Mayo gonna suck this year?

What does the "F'n" in "Jesus F'n Christ" mean?

About Mom, because I've gotten a couple of PMs asking.

Anyone ever been to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic?

Life Choice Fail

Landlubbing DU Facebookers, Ahoy!

Rejection hurts sometimes

Obama's Facebook Feed

If one more fruit fly lands in my wine, I'll have to get up,

Shiner Bohemian Black Lager

Prom Fashions have changed sooo much since I was that age

kitten picture of the day for wednesday april 29

Ok. I just downloaded Firefox, and rather than checking on it myself, I'll just ask.

Serious question now.

It turns out Love Potion No. 9 was really just Ecstasy

Please help me identify a fruit

Question for child psychology types

June through April is NOT National Masturbation Month. Change your plans.

What are the "best" quotes in video game history?

My moms rose has bloomed and a pic of our very cute dog sugar

whose sockpuppet would you want to be?

Marketing Fail

May is National Masturbation Month. What are your plans?

Wednesday Night Blues break: Freddie King - Big Legged Woman

Hello. I have a question about cats and mice.

It was a brain aneurysm

New Dave entry - Oh No, A Mexican!

Are you normal?

So it looks like my computer's problem might boil down to 'Internet Explorer is teh suck'

After ten months, my best friend finally found a job!

We're gonna die. RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

What does the "H" in "Jesus H. Christ" mean?

I need help finding graywarrier's ducks

A cat attacked my 103-pound Rottweiler just a while ago.

44-6'er's. I want to thank you for the amusements over the last few months.

Guess what has 100% positive reviews so far? HINT: Rhymes with "Bar Fleck".

St. Lucie man arrested, drank wine as he rode electric store cart, police say

And just who the hell do you think you are?

My first plied yarn! Pic!

Match Game Story: "Slipshod Sam fixed my car, and now it runs like ____ bhay-gn-flay-vn, mm-hai."

I'm starving and out of snacks

I hate all of you bastards for not telling me about Firefox sooner!

DU lounge....the name reminds me of a smooth speakeasy type place...

I will be meeting a couple of friends at 3 am, where should we eat, Denny's or I-Hop.

When you examine your family tree, does it appear to make any difference whether or not

Uh Oh. If you tell police to look for kiddie porn on boyfriend's laptop...

Why Become A Vegetarian?


I think a lot about stain

LAX: does anyone actually _like_ this airport?

Is there anything cooler than a chick with a fiddle?

they Posted more prom fashions and the one has me in hysterics.

Is the lounge too clique-ish?

Does IQ mean anything?

Disappearing Automotive Features - Which ones do you recall?

Swine flu is a lie! Wake up people! THIS IS THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!

I hate being divorced

My new business is off to a rolling start!

Some asshole hacked my eBay account!

Do you like Pink Floyd AND reggae?

Then lounge is in shambles.


Post a hauntingly beautiful song

Howard Dean statements on Morning Joe

Conn. man recognized by Obama as Teacher of Year

Has FOX made a u-turn on the pres conference or just WGHP?

Axelrod: "I'm hoping to get a little dog time." (VIDEO)

How Can The Republicants Get Their Mojo Back

Maybe The Republicants Need More Tea Parties

Hate-Crimes Bill on Tap in House and Senate

Rahm Emanuel: 'No czars in White House'

Watching Obama, Biden and Specter, then later seeing

Which republican Is Next To Jump Ship?

My 100 day assessment- (grading is silly)

NBC/WSJ POLL: Boosh, Cheney, and Repug Party suck. Approval at lowly 26%, 18%, and 29%.

Good grief, a St. Louis town meeting today too? Is this president busy or what?

Specter's Switch Another Obama Victory - Biden Looks To Have Engineered It!

MSM Elated That First 100 Days Is Behind Them Now........

John Pilger's analysis of Obama's first 100 days

Corporate media is going out of its way to state that Obama & Bush's numbers are similar!

With the GOP in disfavor, a lot money and lobbying influence will be headed towards the Dems

Obama town hall in Missouri right now...


The best thing Obama did during the transition was select his equal as secretary of state. Dubya

Economy in U.S. Shrank at 6.1% Rate in First Quarter

Andrea Mitchell asks Budget Director Orszag what are the priorities for the next 100 days.....

I don't even want one of the men who covered up the murder of JFK IN my party

Obama's 100 Days Of Progress

What did President Obama say today in the town hall re Social Security?nt

PHOTOS: Top 12 Pics from Pete Souza

I KNOW it's Rasmussen... but waddup with this POLL?

Nate Silver's Senate Fundraising Allstars

Not bad, Mr. President.

Caldera could be fired for authorizing NY Flyover

Here's Obama's approval rating broken down by party ID & political ideology:

PHOTO Who's leading who?

Obama Administration Handed Another Defeat In Another 'State Secrets' Case

Obama Takes Swipe At Fox News, Tea Baggers

How do you think Specter will vote now?

PHOTOS Happy, eh, 100th Birthday - the President in Missouri

Olympia Snowe Op-Ed: We Didn’t Have to Lose Arlen Specter (NYT)

Olympia Snowe Op-Ed: We Didn’t Have to Lose Arlen Specter (NYT) But Now He's *Our* No-Good, Dirty Rotten Bastard

Obama calls first 100 days tense but fruitful

Before Census, a Debate Over Prisoners

Bush's approval rating went DOWN since leaving office

Obama's First 100 Days: 10 Achievements You Didn't Know About

Residents giddy about first lady's visit to UC Merced

FAUX News Backtracks On Swine Flu Epidemic

IL-Sen, IL-Gov: Giannoulis, Madigan lead

Artist cancels showing of unconventional Obama portrait (OMFG!)

Obama Establishes a Joint Pathology Center Under the Secretary of Defense

Swine flu: Obama's handling rated well

SHOULD Sestak take on Specter?

One Hundred Days of Silence

Michelle Obama And Jill Biden Spend Afternoon Volunteering At DC Food Bank Obama to be spectacular success — or failure?

PEW POLL: Less than one in four identify as Republican

Handicapping 2010 Senate Race. (5 solid pickup opportunities)

Delivering on Change, an Inside Look (Link to Pete Souza photos)

Why Is Hannity Denying Funds To Troops By Refusing To Agree To Be Waterboarded By KO? (Wonkette)

Why I believe Obama Sanctioned the Switcheroo....

Cheer Up, Liberals

GALLUP: Obama Administration Gets High Marks on Swine Flu So Far (66% approval)

Single payer - What can we do to show support? Here are links! Now do it!

President Obama wants to change crack sentences

21% of people identify themselves as Republicans. How much lower

Obama pivots from first 100 days to rest of agenda

Faux not televising Obama tonight

By inviting Americans to play a role...Obama has transformed the nature of US politics


OMG! Tweety, Chuck "T" and David Gregory all making sense in assessing Obama's 100 Days!

Flashback MAY - JUNE 2006: Democratic Party seeing influx of moderate Republicans

Even Bo needs to be shown into the oval office

U.S. Senate joins House in backing $3.4 trillion budget (updated)

Biden not giving up on EFCA. Working on Specter

PHOTOS Michelle and Jill at the Capital Area Food Bank (April 29) NOW: Start DUing their 'National Report Card'!

Delusional Element

Live feed of Obama press conference on youtube if you aren't near a TV

CNN treating 100 Days like election night

No wonder he's in such good shape. President Obama's afternoon snack:

Looks Like Chuckie T has the first question

Approval rating in low-mid 60s, 81% of public like him, Specter flips. So what does Dick Morris say?

President Obama is just beginning his third news conference .........

GOP Poll Shows Dems Have Advantage On Key Issues

Obama To Enact Major Environmental Policy Shift

What was the BEST accomplishment of the first 100 days?


100 days in let's reminisce!

Jake Tapper and his "gotcha" bullshit

An Orszag Mystery Solved

Okay, I have to ask - don't be angry: 'Pundint'? What's that all about?

EXCLUSIVE: Steele may lose purse strings

I think Bush and Cheney knew the torture would yield no information

Same as Bush???


Facebook DUers - help!

To go along with the poll grading President Obama on his first 100 days,

Pres Obama should had stated that by not allowing torture it keeps Americans safer.

Anonymous Blunt supporter: Missouri needs a male Senator for "balance"

Sands: Bybee should resign to maintain international credibility of U.S. federal courts.

I am so grateful that he is in the White House.

Call Sen. Olympia Snowe and extend an invitation to join the Democratic Party.

Why didn't somebody ask about Bo?


neocons will freak out at Obama's using Churchill to oppose torture

Michelle, Hillary and the real strength of the Democrats

Chuck Todd: " I want to move to Pakistan."

"Obama never mentioned the troops!"


PHOTO Is this the new 'Chill the **** out, I got this' pic?

Ken Lewis out as BofA chairman

"I do believe that waterboarding is torture." - Seems like that's all she wrote.


I keep telling myself, "these press conferences are going to lose their luster"

Surprised = The truth about Area 51, UFOs, and aliens. nt

How cool is this picture?

I really really really really really didn't want to watch a Presidential News Conference.

Is the Republican party that we knew in 2000-2008 dead?

Unbelievable!!! Matthew Shepard killed in non-bias "robbery," Repuke Foxx says

Senator Spector Welcome Memo Generator

Rachel just said that Ed was sitting in the front row.

Obama did not call on Fox News

Obama says Freedom of Choice Act "not his highest legislative priority"

State of the States: Political Party Affiliation

Where does Obama stand on the Platt Amendment??

AP: Obama says waterboarding was torture, backs memos

So Specter Voted NAY today on the budget

I turned on faux for 1 minute - just 1 minute - omg

Surprised, Troubled, Enchanted, Humbled....

Can anyone run for Congressional office as a Republican and.....

Spanish judge calls Guantanamo "Legal Limbo" Falls under "universal jurisdiction"

Just have to say, I think Valerie Jarett was terrific tonight. It's

heh. Fox backed down. For whatever reason, they're running

Andrew Sullivan blogged about the "Churchill vs Cheney" comparison/contrast a few days ago.

New Media Meme: President is personally popular, but his policies are not as popular!

Funky CNN's Wolf Blitzer still calling it the "Swine Flu"

I'm rethinking my Obama vote; hurried home from eating out to get to

Obama's First (Fore!) Hundred Days

Keep digging, ya bastads... Repugs Run Anti-Specter Robocalls In PA

GOP set to launch rebranding effort

WTF?? is an AP-generated editorial called "FACT CHECK" masquerading as an article??

Obama says Bush-approved waterboarding was torture

President Obama: I'm Under No Illusion That I'm Going to Have a Rubber Stamp Senate

Slate's 100 days of Barack Obama's Facebook news feed.

President Obama: Larry Summers is the new Bob Reich?

I only caught some of the PC...Did President Obama call on Helen Thomas???

By all means, CNN, let's milk this NYC Air Force One Flyover Photo Op to Death.

The President has Olbermann's wheels a'turnin'!

PHOTO Would you mess with this guy?

Obama is a polymath... a fierce intellectual, and I am so glad to have him as my President

Based on the first 100 days, Democrats are clearly going to kick ass in 2010

"It means so much to...Alaska that these guys are building this bike that will honor statehood here"

Interview with President Obama in the New York Times Magazine

Kit Bond to Obama: You FAIL when it comes to national security

PHOTOS President responds to quality of questions at press conference

Can someone from MINN tell me if Michelle Bachman is insane???

Do you know anyone who is prospering in this economy right now?

I wasnt really super thrilled when Obama picked Biden for VP .. but

Pat Bagley of the Salt Lake Tribune once again gets it.

What is the number one emotion you think guides Conservatism?

Dear Obama doubters, if this doesn't represent real change, please tell me what it is.

EMBRACE CHANGE! This is the most significant picture for me because . . .

These poll graphics say it all: 100 days

Keith is on a roll tearing into Batshit Bachmann and Virginia "Her Name Suits Her" Foxx. nt

100 days: "Reform Groups Strongly Praise President Obama’s Government Integrity Reform Measures..."

GOP to Launch Rebranding Effort

Obama: "For those of you watching a certain news channel of which I'm not that fond...

He is smarter than anyone in the room.*

On Letterman... Obama got a B+ for first 100 days....

Byron York steps in it big time

100-day photo collection from Germany's "Der Spiegel" newsmag


Planned Parenthood on Obama's first 100 days "see women's health become a national priority"

I have to say this! I like most progressives would prefer the President to be more progressive, but

Joe Biden Stands Up to Domestic Abuse

Kerry Statement on President Obama's First 100 Days

Thanks to Pres. Obama's stimulus plan, 50 million retirees will receive $250 checks in May

Thank you for setting Keith and Chris straight, Richard Wolffe!

My favorite photos...

Lincoln's First 100 Days

Tweety's show on MSNBC: what a great kiss butt to Obama

Are you more progressive than Obama?

I saw my first "Don't Blame Me- I Voted For McCain!" bumper sticker this morning...

Grade President Obama on his first 100 days

The President was absolutely right in calling Water boarding a "mistake"

Specter is not your friend.

PHOTOS Remember De La Soul's 'Three Feet High and Rising'? Well, here's four:

Obama on Abortion - Its a moral and ethical issue

Spector's Switch: Why It Matters

PHOTOS Michelle and Jill at the Capital Area Food Bank (UPDATED)

For Those Who Don't Like Specter, Ask Yourselves This...

Yankees Slash the Price of Top Tickets

Obama, Specter, Biden Plan An Early Get-Together

Photo Op Panic: 911 Calls Reveal Terror During NYC Air Force 1 Flyover

Scientists claim to have cloned glowing dogs

Turkey blast kills nine soldiers

Probable swine flu closes (Chicago) Rogers Park school

Taliban Advance in Pakistan Prompts Shift by U.S.

Taliban attacks as German FM visits Kabul

Body of Pole killed by Taliban returned to family (update)

Metro Detroit property values plunge - Cutbacks eyed as tax collections shrink

Afghan Taliban leader warns of new offensive

Massachusetts confirms two cases of swine flu

Report: Toddler is first U.S. swine flu death

Plane Bound for Buffalo Crashes, 2 Dead(owned by lawyer for Buffalo crash victims)

Govt reconsiders Malaysia massacre inquiry

Malaysia to have 303 mln dlr 'Arab cities'

Japanese PM in Beijing for visit

Jurors in Miami terror case confused on charges

Holder: 30 Gitmo inmates approved for release

Official Defends Signing Interrogation Memos

Obama reverses Bush endangered species rules

Obama Expands Housing Help to Include Second Mortgates

Obama Expands Housing Help to Include Second Mortgates

Pelosi: Officials said "they wouldn't use" waterboarding

U.S. confirms swine flu-related death in Texas

Khmer Rouge prison chief describes torture


House Passes $3.4T Obama Budget

China Drops Objection to Taiwan Joining U.N. Body

Spanish judge opens Guantanamo investigation

Swine flu: Was first victim a modern Typhoid Mary?

Where will the Republicans hold their next Convention?

Harman Hires Lanny Davis As Spin-Meister

Baxter Pharmaceutical Mixed Avian Flu with Flu Vaccine

Iraq: First Shia Al-Qaeda cell 'uncovered'

Gov’t demands U.S. raiders to be brought to Iraqi court

Time Warner plans to spin off AOL

(Michigan's) Kent County GOP cancels invitation to Utah gov (over civil unions)

Chrysler pushed to brink - Despite deal with major banks, it may be forced into bankruptcy this week

9 probable cases in Chicagoland area

Largest American Axle plant will close 500 to be laid off as work goes to Mexico

UAE Now Condemns Torture Tape; May Re-Open Royal Sheikh Case

Leahy Invites Bybee To Testify Before Senate Judiciary Committee

3 car bombs in quick succession kill 18, injure 50 in Iraq

UK ends bilateral military aid to Colombia

Specter's Defection to Democrats Roils Republicans

Hariri suspects' release ordered

Franken names chief of staff

North Korea demands apology, threatens nuke test

(Texas) UIL competition suspended because of swine flu

WHO raises swine flu alert level as virus spreads

Scientists spot oldest ever object in universe

WHO raises flu pandemic alert level from phase 4 to phase 5

WSJ: Citi asks Treasury if it can pay bonuses

Scientists Struggle To Understand Swine Flu Virus

Goldman Sachs Hires Barney Frank Staffer To Be Its Lobbyist

California Marine has swine flu; 30 quarantined

Bank of America says Ken Lewis has been removed as company chairman but will remain CEO and presiden

WHO says swine flu moving toward pandemic level

Dem Senator Invokes Cheney in Feud Over Taxes

NATO slaps restrictions on Canadian media in Kandahar

Obama seeks crack cocaine sentence changes

NH Senate votes to allow gay marriage

WHO Set To Raise Pandemic Alert Within Hours-Sources (LEVEL 5)

Obama says waterboarding was torture

Federal Reserve Leaves Interest Rates Unchanged at 0-0.25 Percent

Most on committee back gay-marriage bill (Maine Legislature)

Serbia adopts revised budget after IMF demands

Mexico to shut down government in flu fight

186 million in U.S. live with dangerous air pollution

GOP lawmaker: Although waterboarding is ‘more torture than not,’ we still shouldn’t have investigati

MN: State Senate approves medical marijuana

Economy Shrinks At 6.1 Percent Pace

Fort Worth ISD Out for Swine Flu

Local Health Agencies, Hurt by Cuts, Brace for Flu

20 'suspect' swine flu cases in Miami-Dade (Florida)

High court weighs changes to landmark civil rights law

Child dead of flu in U.S. was from Mexico

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday April 29

N Korea threatens nuclear tests

Voting Rights Act section that singles out South may be abolished

Gay Marriage Bill Passed By Senate (NH)

Steele Facing Threat To His Financial Control Of RNC

Sept. 11 Image For Kids Causes Furor(FEMA Pulls Coloring Book From Web Site)

Houston gets its first local swine flu patient

(Sen. Al) Franken names chief of staff

Wyoming murder "really a hoax," congresswoman

Nation's highest-ranking Green switching parties

Texas man likely to be freed after 22 years

Egypt orders slaughter of all pigs over swine flu

Fox not granted a question at Obama’s press conference.

Evidence Growing That Goss Camp Is Behind Harman Leak?

Spanish Judge Opens Probe Into Guantanamo Torture

California Woman: My Father Was the Zodiac Killer

Despite Reports, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Was Not Waterboarded 183 Times

Bankruptcy Looks Likely for Chrysler

The Budget Passes Both Houses--Specter, Republicans Vote No

Kenyan women's group tells men: Make war? No love

House passes hate crimes bill

Obama: I Believe Waterboarding Is Torture

(Calif. Supreme) Court lets private schools expel lesbians

Muslim Youssouf Fofana defies court over torture and murder of Jew

Pakistan Claims to Retake Town (from Taliban)

Union predicts delays as Canada Border Services imposes cutbacks

Miss California to star in TV ad from conservative group

Obama leaves crowd wanting more (took a swipe at the "Tea Party" and Fox News)

Poll: Bush Getting Even More Unpopular Out Of Office

Michelle Obama's Style: Unfairly Biased by Ikram Goldman?

Check out this CNN poll on the first 100 days......

Oracle Tweetcast #7 - Russia, gold and the US dollar

Obama's First Rose Garden Ceremony Celebrates Teachers

Steam Engine Car Races Towards Record Speed in U.S.

Rachel Maddow: GOP's Cantor High Speed Rail Flip-Flop - Money to HIS District OK

The Bay vs. The Bag

Cashing in on Swine Flu Panic

1976 Swine Flu Propaganda


Rachel Maddow: Lincoln Chafee Feels GOP Will Not Remain Viable National Party

Rush Limbaugh VS. Arlen Specter VS, The Humane Society

RSU on the swine flu

During Jay Bybee's confirmation no Democrats questioned him. Scott Horton

100 Days of Opposition

Alan Keys- New Spokesman for the Republican Party? - the Fringe of the Fringe

Tom Matzzie smacks down opposition for Obama to speak at Notre Dame

Harry Reid defends Jay Bybee

Earth Day 2009 DC - Bio-diesel Conversion Mobile Lab Exhibit

Obama to tea baggers: "Let's not play games"

TYT: Cenk's Take On The Specter Party Swap

He's still got it....

CNN anchors discuss Obama's "swagga"

TYT: Secessionist Wannabe Texas Governor Cries for Federal Help!

Frontline - The Medicated Child

Obama re: Tea Party Protesters and Fox News: "let's not play games"

Crist Leaving Floridians With The Mess (DSCC preemptive attack)

Keith Olbermann and Richard Wolfe on The Politics of Torture

Life On The Edge of A Bubble - TRAILER

Karl Rove is Evil (But I Want Him to Manage My Band)...

Space Canada Promotes Solar Energy From Space

Michael Savage Thinks Al Qaeda Is Using Mexicans As WMDs

Sen. Snowe (R-ME): GOP response to Specter not constructive (DemRapidResponse)

Howard Stern: We Must Make Gay Marriage Acceptable 4.29.09

Wingnut Fantasy: Obama is really Osama

Bush endorses Arlen Specter

Jessica Yellin: Presidential Press Conference Shows Repugs Have Enormous Challenge Going Forward

CBS: Rahm Emanuel w/ Katie Couric

Rachel Maddow: State Rock Song Winners Flamings Lips Piss Off Okla. Repubs

(CNN) 100 Black Men: Obama Has Soul, Is A True Brotha

Ed Show: 100 Days 'Confident About This Guy, But ... Liberals Have Been Patient'

Barack Obama at 100 Day Press Conference: Waterboarding Is Torture

Thom Hartmann talks to John Dean about the Bush torture memos (3/4)

Thom Hartmann talks to John Dean about the Bush torture memos (2/4)

Dems urge GOP to take back party

Baxter: Product contained live bird flu virus

TYT: Limbaugh--Obama Caused Pig Flu & Collapse of Newspapers

Bernie Sanders on Ed Show:

scientology OTIII and XENU

Thom Hartmann talks to John Dean about the Bush torture memos (4/4)

If you had any doubt about the filth coming from right wing media...

CNN on Obama "Swagga"

Psychiatric Drugs - An industry of death

Virginia Foxx, R-North WTFistan, Calls Shepard Hate Crime A Hoax

Rachel Maddow: Prof. Turley Reaction to Obama Press Conf. Torture Comments

Thom Hartmann talks to John Dean about the Bush torture memos (1/4)

Obama Talks Being 'Surprised', 'Troubled', 'Enchanted', 'Humbled'

Bachman blames FDR for for "Hoot-Smalley Tariffs"

Sarah Palin conducts interview leaning against dead bear

Obama Presser: Torture memos were legally flawed (discredited Bybee)

That Bodyguard of Lies (Trevino / Brussels Journal)

At Grand Central, a Fluorescent Twist to a Light-Bulb Joke

Wall Street Sequel

former Australian PM John Howard tells lies on US think tank show

The Difference Between Battle and Torture (Orr / TNR)

Judge defends signing interrogation memos

US 'anti-torture' claims not backed up by actions

Duch trial: translation getting into a serious state due to misinterpretations and confusions

A Torture Mystery: How Did the CIA Come to Use Stress Positions for Sleep Deprivation?

Ron Paul on the swine flu

NYT: One Hundred {crises, not days}

Obama, Day 101: Everything Goes to Sh*t

Amanpour: Obama's 100 days of foreign affairs

Firedoglake diary: "Thomas Friedman is a deeply ridiculous man."

Swine flu: Was first victim a modern Typhoid Mary?

President Obama's first 100 days in office have been like a marathon

Dole sued over death squads

Zodiac killer finally to be revealed today????

Child from Mexico Dies in Texas, Perry, Request National Disaster after “6 Cases Erupt“.

Victim of Abuse Of Power? Harmon Fights Back

Disclosure of ‘Secrets’ in the ’70s Didn’t Destroy the Nation (Goodman / Truthdig)

Madeline Albright: One Hundred Days

Disney Joins Forces With the Nature Conservancy to Plant 2.7 Million Trees

Sex Was More Fun in the 1970s

Influenza Author Says Swine Flu 'Can't Be Contained'

Eric Boehlert: 100 days of the media's trivial pursuit

The GOP's 'Specter' of failure

Olympia Snowe: Specter Switch "Truly a Dangerous Signal"

You want frights with that?

Food Stamps Create Jobs… in India

Obama administration has 66% approval rating for handling of swine flu

UPDATE: U.S. House has passed the Matthew Shepard Act

Young Turks: Idiot Repub Genius Analysis on Black Vote

Following Specter, Two More Republicans to Leave the GOP?

Robert Reich: Will Americans Have a Say in the Corporations We Now Own?

A Death in the Family

Obama Scores Big at Press Conference, But Gets Churchill Story Wrong

Farewell, the American Century

The best thing about Mr.Obama’s 1st 100 Days, BushCo has been Gone 100 Days "YAHOO"

The Far Right's First 100 Days: Shifting Into Overdrive

"US opinion split over torture" by Linda Heard (4-29-09 Online Journal)

"Specter's JFK Specter" by Lisa Pease (4-29-09 Consortium News)

The *Real* Cost of Offshore Outsourcing

Moral Majority rising to power...1980.

Garrison Keillor: Let war crimes be bygones (we just need some truth)

Scott Horton: That Article 17 Problem

TYT: Christy Harvey On How MB Blames Democrats for Swine Flu

GOP Surprised by Specter Announcement, NYTimes Headline

The Soul Survivor is now just Dust in the Wind

"'I Was Raped' Should Horrify -- But Our Culture Has Stripped the Word of Its Power" (Mikki Halpin)

Reagan's DOJ Prosecuted Texas Sheriff for Waterboarding Prisoners

Robert Scheer: The Clinton Bubble

State Dept. Press Briefing 4-28: Cuba Excerpts

CHAVEZ LINES No. 19: Trinidad and the Empire with No Colonies

FARC kidnaps up to 120 Awa indians

UK ends bilateral military aid to Colombia

In Ecuador, High Stakes in Case Against Chevron

Dole sued over death squads

Chief of Colombia's domestic spy agency fires 11 more in eavesdropping scandal

BoRev: "Watch Your Back, Evo" (Video on Lithium Mining in Bolivia)

Barometro Iberoamericano survey of Latinos, Obama most admired and Chavez least

CAOI y ONIC rechazan entrega del Premio a la Libertad para Álvaro Uribe Vélez

Cuban Parliament Prez., Ricardo Alarcon, Stresses Need to Fight for Justice"

WORKERS WORLD: "Swine Flu, Pigs and Profits"

Raul's Speech at Non-Aligned Movement Mtg. : "Our Movement's Greatest Strength Lies in its Unity"

BLACK AGENDA REPORT: "The US, Cuba and Moral Authority

BoRev: "Shhh! England Just Cut of Its Military Relationship with Colombia "Quietly"

IRISH TIMES: "Bloddy Classic on Latin America's Evolution that Chavez Gifted to Obama"

Salazar and Locke Restore Scientific Consultations under the Endangered Species Act to Protect Spec…

Chevron could be liable for $27 billion in Ecuador

Research: Tibet sees temperature rise continuously over past 48 years

Norway May Ban Gas Cars After 2015

Al Gore calls on world to burn less wood and fuel to curb 'black carbon'

Sea Shepherd Persuades Holista to Cease All Production of Shark Cartilage Products

Florida's old fears resurrected by newest oil leases: "Our legislators are goat-ropers."

Nuclear agency can't stop import of foreign radioactive waste

Gray whale found dead in Possession Sound

Contrary to recent hypothesis, 'chevrons' are not evidence of megatsunamis

America's most polluted cities (CNN) {CA, TX top seven}


Cardinals release James

NHL roundup: Crosby-Ovechkin rivalry takes center stage

Ovechkin, Malkin, Datsyuk are Hart finalists (MVP)

Looks like some other teams need to lower ticket prices as well

More proof that the NBA is a joke.

Ok, Post what sports you feel are not real sports. And why.

NHL 2nd round predictions

I predict that Vancouver will win the Cup.

Bernie Sanders on Ed Show:

Wal-Mart Pro-Union Workers Are Making Headway - President Obama Supports Them

Economic Report: Women Federal Workers Narrow Gender Pay Gap

AFL-CIO Statement on Specter Joining the Democratic Party

Obama’s First 100 Days Mark Major Wins for Working Families

Celebrate May Day with the Starbucks Workers Union

NLRB Backs Union In AT&T Fight

Today in labor history Apr 29 The Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom was founded

Overseas manufacturers losing price advantage

Power 4 the People launches ‘SAVE-A-LIFE’ campaign

Michigan auto workers denounce Chrysler-UAW concessions

Labor Secretary Solis Vows Intensified Workplace Health And Safety Enforcement

AT&T Cloaks Itself in Economic Crisis, Communications Workers Call Bluff

‘Manufacture American’ to Create Jobs

USA Today: NFL rookie pay not an issue for new union boss

WSJ: Unions Welcome Specter’s Switch

Wal-Mart workers on Capitol Hill tomorrow

Time to put workers first

Fighting for New Zealand's workers

Police Uniforms Are Seized in Garment Factory Raid

Domestic partners (of state employees) to get state benefits

Union Calls NY City Opera Strike ‘Likely’ Given Demands

Capitalist swine flu

Fiat boss dines with Canadian union officials

Flight attendants union wants flu safeguards

Out of jail, but Senegal gays risk death

Everyone get back under the bus .. we're not to dare

Hey guys Choice just got thrown under the bus as well

100 Days - What is the GLBT scorecard?

Guest column: Homosexual lifestyle, marriage cause families pain

Matthew Shepard Bill Passes House Now Moves to Senate

New Hampshire same-sex marriage bill passes 13-11

The first 100 days and the LGBT community… Don’t think we’re not keeping score, brother

100 Days - 0% Equal (Bilerico)

No doubt this goes without saying here, but I like to remind folks once in awhile.

NC Congresswoman Virginia Foxx - evil to the core

How Morphine Can Be Given More Effectively Without Having To Increase Dosages

Vitamin D and butt acne - can it help??

Swine Flu Infection Symptoms and Vitamin D — Can it help? - x

Black Salve-- does anyone know the best maker of black salve?

Family/individual checklist for flu preparedness from the CDC

Statins link to healthy prostate

Swine flu updates from Effect Measure

I guess I'm really screwed. My incisional hernia operation has failed.

lung cancer

Ingrown toenails

'Outrage': Kirby Dick kicks open Washington's closet door

Struggle for survival: Yemen's ancient Jewish community feels growing Muslim hostility

President Peres to meet Obama in Washington next week

Israel's defense minister says Netanyahu will agree to Palestinian statehood

Children in Gaza still suffering after Israel-Palestine conflict, UNICEF warns

Sick Gazans trapped, denied treatment in latest round of Hamas-Fatah power struggle

Has anyone had any bad experience with Georgia Arms 223 reloads

American Boys' Bill of Rights


Gun Bills Take Aim at Ammo...


GIs, Vets Sue KBR Over Toxic Burn Pits

New York gun "recall" planned......

Bronte Capital with a Major Scoop on Alleged Fraudster

Obama To Announce Chrysler Bankruptcy Tomorrow

Apple plots course for middle of mobile (Cnet/CNNMoney)

FUBAR Flyover NYC costs taxpayers over 300K

Milan Police Seize UBS, JPMorgan, Deutsche Bank Funds

Corning Hires Laid-Off Staff Amid Signs of Recovery

Miscellaneous shots

Cal St Fair pics from the random cache #1 ~


delete.....damn photobucket

Skagit Tulips

Gulp...just bought a 70-200 2.8 Nikkor VR

Water Falling Over Things 2009: Part III (Columbia Gorged...and more)

It's another BOY...

Cal St Fair pics from the random cache #2 ~

He needs help.

Wag the Pig & more at Planet Waves

What do we know about baby jaundice?

Psychic Incident (long)

Mark Morford, our patron-saint columnist, strikes again!

Vanishing matter points to black hole in Milky Way

International Symposium on Solar Energy from Space: Sept 8-10, Toronto

TED Talks Michael Merzenich: Exploring the re-wiring of the brain

Did some Dinosaurs survive the Cretaceous Extinction event?

NASA may abandon plans for moon base

Franciscan priest speaks in Columbia on U.S.-Iran relations

Talmud v. Torture: The Jewish Case Against "Enhanced Interrogation"

Faith Fighter (controversial video game)

What if, instead of elections, we had polls by Boojatta?

How would the world be different if all four gospels in the New Testament

Lotus Tarot website's interpretation of individual Tarot cards.

Dears, I don't know why reading this little paragraph made me cry,

A Zin like no other I've tasted

no 'what's for dinner' threads in a WEEK????

Saving party appetizers from the compost pile

Fried Green Tomato B. L. T.


Al Gore's "Current TV" ---Baxter Pharmaceutical Mixed Avian Flu with Flu Vaccine!

Swine Flu Kills - Press Coverage of the Torture Memos - Coincidence Theorists Fall for it

Baxter Pharmaceutical Mixed Avian Flu with Flu Vaccine

Study claims 'highly engineered explosive' found in WTC rubble

The real Arlen Specter . . .

Was Barbara Olson an innocent Patsy?

Worth a repost today: "Rumsfeld's growing stake in Tamiflu" (10-31-2005 CNN)

Fun for the family: FEMA coloring book includes WTC attacks

Got a kid whose about to go off to college?

Foreclosure Prevention Measures

Fort Worth school district ***CLOSING until May 8th****

Sales Tax Holiday for Energy Efficient Appliances

Compensation for Unjust Convictions in Texas

Sony Bravia tv adverts

Homage to Raiders of the Lost Ark

Harper Index: Pension changes would increase risk for workers

Harper Minority Offered Political Lifeline By Bloc, NDP Demands

Are there axioms of ethics?

Tories Court Bloc & NDP In Bid To Hold Onto Power