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My children, I am your child. You will raise me, and I will raise you.

I've been away from the 24 hour Corporate News Spew and from DU all weekend!

Swine Flu in Mexico- Timeline of Events +flu link to huge hog farm?

Mimi Kennedy's (PDA) Letter To The NYT Re: Don Siegelman

My letter to David Broder.

Torture: "It's absolutely necessary [to investigate further]...

Military embraces green energy

Where's Fearful Dick these days?

Economic Crisis 101...

Germany: Union leader warns of social unrest

Video of banks literally destroying foreclosed homes!

Recession is hitting men the hardest.

100 days: Mr. Obama Overthrows Reagan’s Government-Bad Dogma to Rescue Market

Putin should join bush in the dock at the Hague.

UK steps up alert for swine flu: "Better-prepared than ever before"

Mexican Lawmaker: Factory Farms Are "Breeding Grounds" of Swine Flu Pandemic

Mexican Lawmaker: Factory Farms Are "Breeding Grounds" of Swine Flu Pandemic

Honorary PETA Director, Bea Arthur Passes On

Iowa man charged with cutting pacemaker from dad's chest

My children, I am your child. You will raise me, and I will raise you.

I won't be around much until Thursday or Friday

When you think of the swine flu...

The most important movie you've never seen- now on Youtube.

Just caterpillars and "sitting with your hands held in the air." What torture?

Who advocated specifically that we be unprepared for a flu epidemic?

European Union Health Minister urges Europeans to postpone non essential trips to USA,Mexico

Ever since the announcement of the swine flu discovery in Mexico City,

Today's RW Spaghetti (as flung at the wall in Joey the Scar's hot air emporium):

SC may have swine flu cases

"When warnings become a scare" christian science monitor-2005

It kind of surprises me that FL is so red.

Cognitive dissonance - Confederates honored at annual ceremony

Holder meets with British intelligent officials

I just want to state unequivocally that I oppose murder and robbery.

I just want to state unequivocally that I oppose murder and robbery.

On a mission...

That the writ of habeas corpus is suspended in respect to all persons arrested, or who are now

Mass. House to debate 1.25 percent sales tax hike

Swine flu to be discussed on the Diane Rehm show - NOW.

Does anyone remember the name of the General....

"A desk jockey at the CIA" sez Joe S. but doesn't mention her name.

You can't be sorta kinda against the Death Penalty.

EU warns against travel to US and Mexico

EU warns against travel to US and Mexico

Breaking: State to issue traveler warning for travel to Mexico

We're On To You Fox News

The banks are up to their old habits...

flu stats.. all flus are pandemics

I got the news yesterday - my job is gone after June 30.

I'm sick and tired of this big red white and BLUE dick being jammed up my asshole.

Florida Republicans: Legislation shielding banks from costs of maintaining foreclosed homes

Sessions urged Bush to ignore ‘political factors’ and name far right nominees, now whines ...

Sad, Pathetic, Mean, Vicious, Figure..Torture Issue.

Leahy wants to probe 'chain of command' on torture

Afghan president promises change in marriage law

We are honored 6 straight years.

We are honored 6 straight years.

Let's call it Karl's Flu: that captures both the swine flu

Indiana's Lt. Gov Becky Spillman (R-Of course) guest speaker at hate group fundraiser

Well well well guess what-the young Republican Craigslist guy ........

French news reports 20 dead due to porc flu in USA

japanese media all a-twiiter over swine flu outbreak ...

Did Phillip Markoff target gay men too?

Small Businesses Brace for Tax Battle

In a February 2009 Wall Street Journal column, Rove mocked spending on flu preparedness

Geithner Handed Out 3 No-Bid Contracts To BlackRock (Firm W/Ties To NYFed)

WJ this morning - 100 Day Mark :Grade Congress

Joe Scabrous summary (What I learned today)

Ever post a video at and get a racist comment? makes it difficult to report

Should Obama keep Petraeus and Bernanke on the payroll?

The uber-conspiracy nutjobs have lost their minds, re: swine flu

I'm a bit afraid for a DUer who seems to be in trouble

Multiple Republicans Calling For Selective Release Of Classified Torture Info

Geithner Proposed Treasury Guarantee ALL Debt In Banking System

If torture works, why don't we bring back the cross-that one even made Jesus bend to our will!

100 day report card

Perry goes after Hutchison on 60 seats issue

CIA “Whistleblower” Told Hastert About Suppression of Harman Wiretap

Montel Williams talking about sending jobs to India with TRAP money now!

Frum’s confused defense of Jane Harman and AIPAC

I'm beginning to feel some optimism about Swine Flu outbreak-- I mean it.

Pew Research Poll: FOX News is too critical of President Obama

Here is one for the conspiracy theorist

Unique Strain: Is the Swine Flu Outbreak a Bio-Terror Attack? (See these 3 items)

The High Fatality Rate of the Swine Flu in Mexico--Due to the Origin or Conditions?

School closings across the country due to suspected/confirmed cases of Swine Flu

Carville: Democrats Will Rule Washington for 40 Years

maybe the women of Swat will get rescued after all

maybe the women of Swat will get rescued after all

What benefit does GM get from closing down dealerships?

ALERT: GM Cutting 21,000 Jobs & Pontiac

U.S. Cities Increasing Use of Armed Mercenaries to Replace Police

Company that accidentally sent out bird flu in vaccines to be responsible for swine flu vaccines

Klingenschmitt is now praying for God to strike down Weinstein and Lynn

When Republicans don’t know squat about science, and proud of it

A straight guy says; Congrats Iowa! .... Gays can get married there today

David Sirota Terrific on Radio

Hate radio

Pandemic preparedness & Volcano monitoring ---- Oh, that "tax & spend Democrat party".........

Flashback: Scientists Resurrect Deadly Flu Virus

(Swine flu) Can some of the DU'ers who study molecular biology or recombinomics please explain

saying 'wash your hands frequently' isn't saying enough

Swine Flu Kills The Torture Memos

All schools in Mexico are being closed until at least the 5th of May.

Greenpeace Protesters Scale Crane, Display Giant 600-sq. ft. Banner

Breaking possible quake in Mexico City

Mexico Slammed again: First Narcos, then Swine flu, now likely Earthquake happening now

I have a question on Farms.

RSOE EDIS-Pandemic Monitoring Map

Call your Senators* and demand confirmation of HHS. Republicans holding up this nomination

my congresswoman arrested - donna edwards

Is it possible to get live online video of MSNBC?

I heard from the grapevine that the flu-infested swine that is responsible for the flu virus

6.0 Quake Guerrero, Mexico

Reporter of Bill Nye, Moonbat Story Speaks

Homeless struggle in Atlantic City

Good movement to impeach bybee

CNN: 'Atlas Shrugged' author (Ayn Rand) sees resurgence

Mexico City hit by "large" earthquake - Breaking on MSNBC

Air Force One Photo Opp Triggers Panic in Manhattan

Mexico City is the largest city in the world...

Developments on Swine Flu Worldwide

Were you a little suspicious of the way 21 horses died in Florida?

Saudi women face gyms ban

Speed Camera Slay(Of Operator) Fuels Debate In Arizona

Fox omits Republican role in Sebelius confirmation delay

Against All Enemies

Torture? It probably killed more Americans than 9/11

Just called Mexico City, not that strong of a quake

Update on that 93 yr old who froze to death when electricity shut off - new details

Swine flu casts shadow over economy

Ad Demands DHS Secretary Napolitano's Removal and Apology from Obama

Report: Still Hard Out Here For A Pimp

Report: Still Hard Out Here For A Pimp

Repubs opposed funding for pandemic readiness, huh? The shitheads can't do ANYTHING right!

Widespread Murders Of Iraq Gays by Islamic Militia (Mehdi Army) Condemned By Iraq Freedom Congress

Question ~ Given, secondary pneumonia is primarily responsible for Mexico's Swine Flu deaths ...

Levin Calls for Independent Prosecutor to Investigate Culpability in Detainee Abuse

A side of this flu story our media is ignoring and I am not surprised by this either

Countering Holocaust denials, young, old speak out

Link to rapid updates of flu cases/ locations..

Europeans urged to avoid Mexico and US as swine flu death toll rises

GM accelerates Saturn shutdown to this year

GM accelerates Saturn shutdown to this year

This Spin Is Hilarious

Young People succumbing to flu....?? (added)

The secret plan for what will really happen with Texas

Facebook surfing while sick costs woman job

When is it ever time to panic? I mean, wash your hands, Poll: How would you rate President Obama?

Very interesting flu track world map here.

Immigration court in KC begins a life-changing task

Couldn't we do with Cheney/Rumsfeld/Bush detainees ?


Calling hallucinogenic mushrooms a ‘gift from God' certainly a novel defense

I'm willing to be a witness for the prosecution of the BUSH/CHENEY criminals

Telphone the Darfur 5 to Thank Them for Standing Up for What's Right!!!

Right Wing Terrorism Watch - Man who murdered two deputies hated government, Obama

Shamflu Pharmaceticals offers swine flu vaccine wipes...

Pakistani intelligence believes Osama bin Laden is dead, "but there is no evidence"

Lone Nut Microbiologists....

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: How to Have Fun with the Coming Pandemic

Oh, how sweet... Christian Rightist prays for deaths for heads of 2 Church/State separation groups

Freeperville and Hannitown are flipping out over Iowa issuing same-sex marriage licenses.

Here's a video of Air Force One "photo op" training mission over New York City

mexico considers shutdown

'Dallas DNA' documentary series follows exonerees

Disrupted lives of those arrested during RNC in St. Paul

Where are federal stimulus monies being spent in NYC?

I Can Predict Disasters!

"Of U.S. swine flu patients only one needed hospital treatment...none...were seriously ill..."

WHO alert level so you have a frame of reference if they raise it

We have the best and most sophisticated medical system in the world

If I ever get into trouble I want this guys lawyer

Limbaugh, Beck and Swine Flu

Swiss ban nude hiking

So if a person doesn't feel well...

CDC- Q&A on Swine Flu

There is No Excuse For The Evil Use of Torture.

DNI Blair: NSA didn't tap Harman (the DOJ did?)

Randi Rhodes to be on XM 165, starting on May 11th

Swine Flu: Stay away from Disneyland on Thursday

CNBC Talking Heads say Hysteria over Swine Flu could bring Profits to Traders

CNN: The person who shook Obama's hand in Mexico died from swine flu the next day

GOP Stripped Flu Pandemic Preparedness From Stimulus

Gentlemen don't give orders for people to be tortured.

Brainless bureaucrats fly back up to AF 1 over NY, no one shares AF1 flight plans with the public

What the hell is wrong with John McCain? Does he have a split personality or something?

"Young Republican Killer" Phillip Markoff Trolled CraigsList For Men & Transsexuals

Spread this far and wide: Repubs stripped pandemic flu preparedness from Stimulus

DCCC targets Bachmann with new website

Readying between the lines

David Horiwitz is a nut....

CIA Torture Began In Afghanistan Eight Months before Justice Department Approval

James T. Kirk blames Khan for swine flu!

Tell the GOP: We need an HHS Secretary now. Please sign the SEIU Petition

Do they know something about this flu that we don't?

Do they know something about this flu that we don't?

GOP Base Opposes Progress

Gallup: Majority support investigation of Bush administration’s interrogation tactics.

That's some catch that Catch-22

"Scarborough: ‘Rational fear’ justifies torture" LINK

Terror! Terror! Terror! Swine Flu! Low-Flying Aircraft Over NYC!

Susan Collins' Web Site Still Brags About Stripping Pandemic Funds


Swine flu gives Republicans another excuse to act like racist assholes

Baxter wants to develop swine flu vaccine; accidentally mixed bird flu with human flu in vaccines

Tweety - Obama and Swine flu versus Bush and Katrina

Look for Calls to Close the Southern Border

Senator Kit Bond, ranking Republican on the Senate Intelligence Committee, Said What?

Kit Bond is on Tweety's.. I wish Sheldon Whitehouse wasn't such

Calderón gives Mexican health officials power to forcibly quarantine.

US Swine Flue Cases show Ethnic Trends

William Pfaff : hang the torturers !

William Pfaff : hang the torturers !

Providence College blocks speech by ex-congressman (Tom Tancredo)

How does the swine flu compare to the regular flu?

Richardson, TX: Elem. school closes (1 swine case, 2 possible)

I need some serious guidance here, folks.

Pontiac or Chevy?

Pontiac or Chevy?

Israel renames unkosher swine flu

Rep. Hoekstra: Obama releasing torture memos embolden countries like Iraq to prosecute US soldiers

2000 new torture photos? Not as bad as Abu Ghraib photos? What happened to the videos?

91 protesters arrested at White House

Piggy Sicky shuts down Dallas area school

"Thanks for that great reporting, Tom."

WTH? South Carolina principal uses paddle to discipline students

Freaking out about the flu...

The Republican Shrinkage Problem - 21% identify as Republicans

Five US lawmakers arrested during Darfur protests

How about this for revenue enhancement/deficit cutting/ paying for healthcare etc.

Some Sort Of Emergency Situation At WORLD FINANCIAL CTR??? LOW FLYING PLANE???

Regarding the flyovers, maybe the pentagon thought most people are decent human beings who

Former political aide to Sen. Lindsey Graham fined for theft

We can't do nothing about the borders because all our

If GW Bush was President we would all be sure that Level 4 was

Sydney’s blackouts: another sign of decaying infrastructure

Palin's pick for Attorney General defended statue of a KKK figure as an expression of free speech

Yes we can

Anyone else here get a Swine Flu vaccine the last time around? In the late 70's?

Anyone else here get a Swine Flu vaccine the last time around? In the late 70's?

Get a grip for gawd's sakes.....

The Future of the Chicago Tribune

Call the Darfur 5, and Thank Them for Standing Up for What's Right!!!

US and Cuban diplomats meet again

Swine flu....

Racist RWers Talk About Obama's "Banana Republic" Because We All Know What Monkeys Like To Eat

Conservative Wendy Wright-Flu Pandemic Political to push Sebelius Through

I'm not crazy, the people who think they can FORCE people what to think, say or do are crazy.

FOX crawl line: "Doctor says Universal Care would make swine flu more expensive"

Reporting on swine flu, Fox omits GOP role in delaying HHS Sec. confirmation

Good one from the Texas Democrats: Rick Perry voted "Most Likely to Secede"

Swine Flu Outbreak Revives Controversy Over Stimulus Funds & Sen. Susan Collins

So, an American company running a pig farm in Mexico, residents were complaining for months...

Vitamin D hope in prostate cancer -- April 26, 2009, BBC News - x

Okla. governor intervenes in Flaming Lips flap

help wanted?

Excuse me, but why in the name of all that is holy, is advertised on DU?

Can someone please help me debunk this bullshit about Margaret Sanger being a racist and eugenicist?

Swine flu now? Is there anything else that Obama will have to deal with?

Durbin: Fitzgerald will stay as prosecutor

GOP Congressman says Texas should divide into 5 states

Virginia-based Smithfield Food Pig Ranch in Mexico: Filthy:

Monday PUSHBACK Thread.

Arbitration Fairness Act

I do not advocate torture, the ends do not justify the means, but...

National public health emergency is declared for Swine flu--County testing Temecula area nose and th

Can we get a meeting of all the democratic "talkers"

Utah County Republicans reject 'Satanic' resolution

RedState editor: Obama is trying to goad terrorists into attacking the United States ASAP.

Has SWINE FLU replaced TORTURE on the news?

Notre Dame escapes embarrassment of giving prestigious medal to

Fox won't show Obama press conference

Iceland lesbian PM wins sweeping victory

Pakistan Taleban break off talks as army assault gains momentum

Swine flu confirmed at Scottish hospital

KO is about to skewer the torturers and their

"Anarcho Capitalists" Backed by $25 Billion Corporate Giant The Far Right's Plot to Capture N H

Ming Dynasty replica junk sinks (BBC) {16th-Cent. vessel crossed Pacific twice}

Plan to monitor all internet use {in UK} (BBC)

kit bond is out of his fucking mind...'now that we can't torture, how will Obama keep us safe?'

The missing sunspots: Is this the big chill?

I'm glad Obama now refers to torture as "enhanced interrogation techniques" instead of "torture."

Where in the world is Ibn al-Shaykh al-Libi?

New Hampshire Same-sex marriage vote this Wednesday (contact these senators!)

"Karzai backs down over ‘abhorrent’ marital rape law" (Margaret Atwood novel as social experiment)

Big Ed: "More people believe in ghosts than in the Republican Party"

Would you contribute to Sarah Palin's defense fund?

Since it is now known that the

'Atlas Shrugged' author sees resurgence (CNN) {Ayn Rand -- ick!}

Ron Paul is right on with this issue

GM to seek another shared Toyota model to replace Vibe

Pres Obama Promises Massive Commitment To Scientific Research

FAA notified New York PD this document shall not be released to public 1,000 people complete panic

Scarborough: ‘Rational fear’ justifies torture

His torture began on his first day in captivity. His first hours, really. From the moment he .......

Chris Hayes of the nation

Keith missed the memo, according to some the FLU should be all over

No N.C. swine flu cases, but officials preparing

Sandra Day O'Connor Should Lead Torture Investigation

Already EXCEPTIONS to Iraq Deadline Are Being Proposed

GOP Know-Nothings Fought Pandemic Preparedness

Ontario man claims dying wife stranded in Mexico over unfounded swine flu fears


So, because I didn't have enough health problems....Let's hear it for borderline diabetes!!!

Whoever decided to keep secret an 747 flyover is this weeks "America's Biggest Dumbfuck"

The Washington Post is becoming the Washington Times

Monday TOONS, Part 2 Flu

Marcy Winograd looks to be exploring running against Harman now!!!

Jeff Stein and the Jane Harman Story: Why Just Now?

CDC Press conference today, best info I've seen.

should credit scoring be banned?

Confirmed swine flu deaths in Mexico = twenty.

Are you a DU addict and/or internet junky?

Are you a DU addict and/or internet junky?

it seems odd that the homocidal professor on the loose isn't getting more attention

BBC: Iraqi gay men face 'lives of hell'

BBC: Iraqi gay men face 'lives of hell'

Ok what happened, according to the meme torture should be gone

Gregg compares use of budget reconciliation to ‘embracing’ Hugo Chavez’s ‘politics.’

Blogger John Gideon in critical condition

ALARM!! -- checking body temperatures of arriving passengers in Japan

Texas Gov. Rick Perry takes Washington money - when it's for his campaign

Oh good lord...our local NBC news anchor was flailing and shrieking over the fucking flu.

about grocery prices

The images of Mexico City... WOW! They were unreal

Did I miss the part where Faux's White House privileges were stripped?

Did I miss the part where Faux's White House privileges were stripped?

Four-year-old could hold key in search for source of swine flu outbreak

For my Canadian friends on the West Coast...

Check in here if, when you first heard of swine flu

Gay dad, kids receive Social Security benefits

A relative tries to console a girl whose mother was killed in a U.S. military raid

Ways Retailers Give You Less Product for Same Price

In GOP base, a 'rebellion brewing'

I've changed my mind about Anderson COOPER

ALL CALIFORNIA DEMS: Please VOTE on May 19. Clear Channel has declared war on Unions.

After 8 years of king george and 30 years of neocon rule,

Seen at Wal-Mart today: "Will be Waterboarded For Food"

Fuck Torture...

Got this in a mail today

faux network refuses to air Presidential Press Conference.

I was just sent this by a friend and wanted you to see what kind of

Contact Fox, remind them that the airwaves are public and that they should carry the President

AF-2 Flying over Jersey/Manhattan is TORTURE! Check out Eyewitness to Flight

Swine flu-An Al Quaida Plot

Police arrest woman they say used Taser on officer

Cheney did call waterboarding a no brainer

Cheney for President (NYT op-ed)

Tom Hanks Called "a Pawn of Satan" by Occult Expert

Cannabis Cures Cancer - "Run From The Cure" The Rick Simpson Story

Advice/Ideas needed - Neighbor verbally abusing children

Susan Boyle tests negative for swine flu after photo op aboard Air Force 2 over New York

Sanjay snooping around Mexico city hospital..

Is swine flu a red herring to get peoples' attention away from the torture info releases?

Did Obama cleverly pick up pig flu in Mexico and expose Chavez to it during handshake?

You know, if Holocaust deniers can go to prison, maybe eventually "Torturer deniers" will also

Is Swine Flu A Curse From The Almighty?

56 suspected cases of swine flu in New Zealand

If this flu doesn't develop into a killer epidemic, it will be because

Scientists Create Fluorescent Puppy

Person shoots, kills self at Casselberry shooting range

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Florida Senate approves religious license plates

Why conservatives cannot admit the existence of pandemics

Most underrated thread in quite a long time

Are New Yorkers really "frightened" "afraid" "cringing" because an airplane flew over?

It's time for the the ADIZ over NY city to be lifted. It's necessary if they are ever to live in

good read and swine flu mini tutorial

Oh my. Secessionist Texas Governor Asks for Federal Help to Deal with Swine Flu

Viet Nam vets, I had a dream last night. It was terrifying.

Is Swine Flu a biological weapon created by Obama to frame Dick Cheney for creating it?

Is Swine Flu a biological weapon created by Obama to frame Dick Cheney for creating it?

I have a serious question to DU'ers

I’ve cut those who rationalize torture, war crimes and murder out of my life

Treasury Officials Used Copy Of Financial Industry's Template To Draft Bailout Bill

GOP is filibustering the confirmation of the Secretary of HHS in the midst of swine flu preparations

Jon Stewart and the swine flu

Some blurbs from the Veratect twitter entries today

Activists Serve Blackwater With 'Statement of Foreclosure for Moral Bankruptcy'

A Weekend Immune System

Government's Terror Plane Forces Evacuations All Over Financial District, Jersey City

Osama bin Laden has won a small victory.

Panic in New York: YouTube video

Card Check Is Dead: Some Democrats only care about labor's money.

OK--You can't get swine flu from eating pork, yet it comes from pig farms? Please someone explain.

Iraq doubts possibility of keeping US in cities longer as military is set to request

Tweety just called this nation "Right of Center"! Gawd, I hate this guy!

Monday Torture toons

MSNBC is going high-def

I just realized it at work today. The right truly is going to move more toward the center.

White House Apologizes for Air Force Flyover

Minnesota Voters To Pawlenty - Seat Franken

oh fuck. Police: Man made child help as he cut up body (her mother who he murdered)

Latest Right Wing Talking Points about the Flu.

Philip Giraldi: "Some Might Call It Treason" (Jane Harmon & AIPAC Spy Case)

Glen Greenwald takes on David Broder and the other corp media APOLOGISTS and ENABLERS for torture.

Troubling News about John Gideon, Electronic Voting Reform Activist from VotersUnite

How Republicans were systematically converted to Nazism.

I found out I'm a Canadian today!

Obama Puts Gun-Control Issue on Back Burner

Note: The "Swine Flu" has not been found in ANY Swine

We Can't Afford To Ignore the Douchebags

RW commentary - if anything bad ever happens again it will be due to lack of torture

Toon: Time wounds all Heels

The Internagtional Criminal Court and A Rogue Empire

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

George W. Bush Thinks the Bush-Era Torture Should Be Investigated

Monday TOONS, Part 3 credit sharks

Pelosi knew about interrogations early on.

Hillary Clinton admits US funding of Mujahideen

Headline in Conway Daily Sun: Worried gun owners stock up. Fear is Obama will take weapons away

Rachel has a Mac on her desk.

From 2002: "Less grass, more roots". From the new CEO of the DLC.

Fire Louis Caldera, White House Terror Plane Plotter!

They've found the Swine Flu "patient zero"...

How terrified of the swine flu are you?

BREAKING: SERE trainer says he will get Hannity to ...

Imagine what George Carlin would do with Banksters, Torture Memos and Swiiiiiinnnnnnne Fllluuuuuuuu

A Question That Needs To Be Asked Again & Again - Are Our Representatives Being BLACKMAILED?

Free Speech TV just lost me forever. 2 hour infomercial for quack cancer treatment

Credit Agencies and CC co's should be sued en masse.

Will M$NBC quit trotting Michelle Bernard out there as an "independent"??

What's my political "label"?

My morning newspaper presented an interesting front page photo to consider.

US offshores 22,000 green jobs to India

Progressive Caucus Will Pitch Public Option for Health Care in Meeting With Obama Tomorrow

Un. Effing. Believable. I am actually stunned...

Swine Flu Cure ... Cannabis!

Florida's Republican State Legislators - Oh teh Crazy Part Deux!!

Glenn Beck: A Savvy Fraud Who Knows Just How to Please His Audience of Conservative Suckers

Is there a low-IQ requirement to be a reporter? I was watching

What if all this torture busines was about getting pics & videos

Torture Is Foreplay for War

Poor Neighborhoods, Untested Teachers

Our patience with our Prez is paying off.

Glenn Beck responsible for deaths of two cops in Okaloosa County

need a genius, lots of patience with a logical mind HELP!!!

Krugman: "no reason to believe wizards of Wall Street contribute anything to society"

"Passage" through humans can increase the virulence of a new flu strain.

Oil lobbyist in Florida: "The stars and the moon have lined up for us. Timing is everything."

Google Earth tracks spread of confirmed infections

A person uses one inappropriate word. Was the person trying to express an inappropriate idea?


Were They Taking Pictures of Panic, Air Force One, The F-16's or Scenery?

Overflowing toilet leads to child neglect case (single mom was working to provide 4 them)

Many Conservatives Don't Think Colbert is Joking

World Health Organization says there are 40 confirmed US cases of Swine flu. No deaths.

WHO raises their alert level from 3 to 4

Author tells women to marry early lest they lose "market value"

Necroconservative Social Disorder

Push to drill 3 to 10 miles off Florida's shore being done by oil and gas lobbyists...

Has anybody gotten a robo-call from tea-party advocates?

This Flu Scare is Torture

Why are pot smokers compelled to tell people that pot is an herb?

Swine flu updates from Science Blogs

Just got back from the Ifest here in Houston, the country was Ireland, it was great.

An important cross-post for you to consider

Wanda Jackson.

Google commemorates Samuel Morse's birthday

Monday morning wisdom from Lester Bernham

In these hard times we can ride it out together

What does M-65, M-66, M-57, M-44 M-13 and Omega Centari have in common?

Reagan was satan, and the GOP are his followers.

It is my manifest destiny to take over the Lounge, no matter how many natives I must slay

Mel Gibson said his wife can't go to heaven? Unbelievable.

My next lifetime I am coming back as a well cared for domestic cat


Writers (published or not): What's your biggest "I could do better than THAT" moment?

It seems today has a theme already...


Still sick. Still miserable. Need pity please.

My coworker was coughing, sneezing, and puked at his desk....

For those of you who would like some sanity in the lounge after the last couple of days

Squirrels In The Mood

New York Times is so fucking stupid ...


James River rapids + styrofoam lounge chair+ snow shovel paddle = FAIL

Good morning Lounge

Leonard Cohen. Yeeha!

111 days...

*** I have a 6-link Power Chain in my mouth!!!! ***

Oh, Squee! Chipotle is opening a restaurant in Rochester, NY

Two arms! Two arms!

This pig flu scare gives me an excuse to go out in public in my ninja costume.

I need to do more YouTube vids

I want to to start a sex thread that never gets fucked.

I'm back from Mexico (hopefully sans flu!) A few pics...

What is your favorite disney song?

Screw the self-appointed "Handicap Tag" police

So I finally watched "the Wrestler' yesterday and this is all I have to say about this...

I don't feel so good.

Anyone heard anything from Texaslady

Family Guy is seriously messed up

You needn't do anything to receive G-d's grace

You're Beautiful.

Censorship: Okay if it is the good guys who are doing it?

UPDATE: Sex-Doll Threesome Man Gets Off

Why have they redesigned the back of the penny?

Natinals to play World Champ Phillies - in Philly - at 7:05pm EST.

Weird idea for today: Start a Twitter Scavenger Hunt

I just thought this super cool, Adam Lambert fans. Us "rednecks" LOVE him! With data...

Gawd, I need some talking down. Freepers wear me out.

We need some more interesting conspiracy theories than the

Things are desperate here at my office.

The Ultimate Truth Of The Universe

Hey BeachBaby - did you get the new PeanutButter Tastykakes?

what is the current american idol cycle?

How come when people hear voices that aren't really there, the voices are always

Fainting Question...I'm wearing Latex over Oil and it's peeling...What is the Best Sollution?

I need to copy some files from my computer to free up some

For those who remember....

I want to start a thread that gets fucked sideways

I want to start a thread that doesn't weep over the breakfast tray when i leave in the morning and

Painting Question...We got a house w Latex over Oil and it's peeling...What is the Best Sollution?

Halvah: Love it or leave it?

holy shit, check out these DISGUSTING pictures of cats eating birds

I'm pretty sure Napoleon Dynamite is a better milk judge than me.

Swine Flu Tip #1: Don't do this...

I haven't heard any peepers this spring.

Bad news BeachBaby...No more Firebirds soon...

I know this will disappoint some of you but nude hiking in Alps has been banned

photobucket dump

Telphone the Darfur 5 to Thank Them for Standing Up for What's Right!!!

zOMG!!11!!! SacredCow was in Mexico for THREE DAYS!!!

I have had so many peoples hands in my mouth today

Excuse me a moment.

*COUGH!* *COUGH!!* *Sniffle* AHHHCHOO!!!!

This made me think of datasuspect

Joke for the day- be careful how you phrase things! :)

Shamflu Pharmaceticals offers swine flu vaccine wipes...

is God telling Republicans something?

Odd pictures.

How I'm positive new car sales are terrible.

Anybody want to attend this meeting in my place tonight?

Anybody else familiar with this artist???

update on the apple/Oreo dilemma

I love Judge Judy, even more since she's come out for marriage equality

I hate when I catch students cheating

Since when does "chance of showers" warrant this icon?

Guess where I just got back from?

Are narwhal threads still funny?


Totally zombie mesmerized by iTunes visualizer

The most exciting word processing poll you'll ever participate in

It is currently 94 degrees in my office

Has anyone cooked with ramps?

It's that time again: Democratic Underground is looking for new meteors

YouTube: "Britney Spears has a wardrobe apocalypse"

Im not going to dump on Texas because Im about to move there but I have to point out the irony...


If you like Spinach you will LOVE this recipe!!!!!

How can this scene NOT drive you to tears?

It's that time again: Democratic Underground is looking for new moderates

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 4/27/2009)

Yellow Dog Linux is in the midst of installing...

This website pleases me.

Hey Yankees fans..hows it feel to have a worse team ERA than the Nats?

OK - Finally saw "Magnolia" last week. WTF are the frogs supposed to mean?

I just ate an apple. Will it cure my jones for Oreos?

It's April 27th, we had a frost last week, it's 6:15 pm and it's 85 degrees.

Was Life on Mars (UK) intended to run for only two seasons (16 eps)

If you have an Afghan Hound

Who else thinks poor EarlG is doing a face palm right now

lol, go to and enter the Contra/Konami code

"If you know that you aren't very good at controlling your behavior or your emotions..."


So if I become a mod, then

What movie changed your life, at least a little? How?

I've been too bored lately so I've taken up a few tasks to amuse myself

Just finished with my second call back interview.

Quick, quick, before sniffa becomes a mod. GO TO HIS BLOG!!!!

Linux is on the PS3

I'm becoming a big fan of

When did 5lb bags of sugar turn into 4lb bags?

my pigs are sick

Why does Democratic Underground need new refrigerators?

I do not feel like cooking tonight

This is my 22,000th post

For planting some shit in a pot on a patio in an Apartment

Democratic Underground is looking for new modifiers hopefully.

In honor of my 14th anniversary tomorrow, my wife sent me the following video

I went to the clinic today

This is why you are fat

Crocodile Man

It's always something!!! The beagle has kennel cough.

Black Tar Heroin: The Dark End of the Street

FLUPANDEMIC - Flying Fish Sailors (a little gallows humor for the swine flu outbreak)

To those of you ragging on the Nats for Ryan Zimmerman's big contract..

Am I on everyone's ignore list?

I have completely solved the singing along with the radio, CD problem in the car.

Oh TZeeeeeee......

Houston storms are scary...

Anybody seen "The Notebook"?

Anybody seen "The Notebook"?

If you don't wanna be depressed AND horrified, don't see "City of life and death" if it comes out

I just crashed Photoshop while 'goatse'ing the new Florida Jesus License Plate

Do we get pig snouts if we get

Free Association thread: Cherry Picking

Yesterday I became an old person, as I went to the park wearing shorts with black shoes and socks

Craigslist Establishes Separate Listings for Psychos

I know, I know. Get a Mac. But read on, please!

And the band played Waltzing Matilda - The Pogues

At first I thought it was swine flu

I think I am in love with Helene Grimaud...

**********A funny clip on the 1976 flu propaganda...************

Susan Boyle tests negative for swine flu after photo op aboard Air Force 2 over New York

I just saw "The Science of Sleep"

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/27/09 (warning: graphic language; NSFW)

V for Vendetta is just starting on FX.

Online All-Star voting started today

Do you get easily frustrated?

Danger Mouse is being mean and refusing to join my Mob Wars gang.

B-52's Kate Pierson is 61. Ace Frehley is 58. Sheena Easton is 50 today

Ho. Lee. Crap. (Basketball spoilers)

I think I have the swine flu

Why does my cat do this?

"The band is about the music"...that's why it took a lawsuit for them to do the right thing.

Pot Is Illegal But Water-Boarding Is Up For Debate

Good Girls: Do or Don't?

What are you waiting for?

Wait...what's this? The Red Sox are in FIRST place in the AL?

Why are 14" shot guns illegal? Someone had an antique one on Antique Roadshow tonight

Hmmm. If I become a mod, the DUCK WILL GET FREED!!1!!

Iphone users can anyone recomend a real spreadsheet app?

At my old place of employment, I would rub my cheek against the doorknob of the executive washroom.

Why isn't the best "West Side Story" song more famous?

Those of you who have read/seen 'Watchmen'...can you identify with Rorschach?

The Florida "dead blue Jesus" license plate needs personalized tags

The Florida "dead blue Jesus" license plate needs personalized tags

.... .- .--. .--. -.-- / -... .. .-. - .... -.. .- -.--

I don't care for Heroin, I'll never inject it

Mother Abigail or Randall Flagg

I'm getting a pimple on the tip of my nose.

I don't care for pot, I'll never smoke it

Post your current earworm.

GM is going to drop Pontiac? Huh?

Heidi!! I'm sorry for this horrible development:

Need A Name For An Academic Group

Need A Name For An Academic Group

I was on my last nerve with the receptionist today.

Question about organ donors.

Anyone have recommendations for a good non-alcoholic beer?

Alright the movie Tremors has just started, I have seen this movie at least 1000 times.

oh, sh!^

I am *this close* to dumping a drum of Agent Orange on my lawn

RANT about the scientific ignorance we have seen

Are you happily married to a Repub or Libertarian?

I haz mad skillz in big trucks!

Snappy answers to stupid questions

It's that time again: Democratic Underground is looking for new matadors

I Think Bacon Is Going To Be Pretty Cheap Soon

So what are you going to buy at the grocery store in case you're stuck inside

Nerd lovers... which nerd from The Big Bang Theory is your type?

What did you learn in elementary school that you thought was cool.

There'z an 18 lb cat on my mousepad

Post Three Tracks From One of Your Favorite Albums

Wanted to share a song I heard this afternoon that got me really choked up...

New York Times' damning look at Timothy Geithner

I have the keys to my new apartment.

Any interesting new music you've discovered lately?

Why does Facebook make you use your real name?

Rollerblading - just started - when do the blisters go away?

New artwork

If CNN offers Boojatta a time slot for the daily "Fifty Minutes of Boojatta"...

How many folks in DU land are left handed?

***Happy Dance***

It's that time again: Democratic Underground is looking for new moderators

Pardon or prosecute - Bruce Fein

What political risk is there if the President pushes for EFCA?

(self delete)

Steady in Tough Times

Forgive me Rush, For I Have Sinned

Please tell Zogby what you think of this reprehensible push poll.

Obama talking at National Academy of Sciences..

Official White House photographer gets inside view

Breaking: Five U.S Reps. Arrested in Sudanese Embassy-DC: Lewis, Edwards, McGovern, Woolsey, Ellison

Push Conservative Dems to Pass Obama's Energy Bill: link

GOP Meddling cut out PANDEMIC Flu FUNDING from STIMULUS! (additional info!)

"Harry, what's John up to? It sounds crazy."

Right-wingers, including some war veterans, are killing gypsies out of hatred in Hungary

So, whatever happened to that 'Budget' the GOP trotted out?

The Nation Can Not "Move On" past the Crimes of Torture until Justice is Served

Celeb visits to Obama White House are a "striking contrast" from that of his predecessors

I am sick of this 100 day grading thing already ..

F*** CNN. Headline now: "Bipartisanship didn't last long in Obama's first 100 days" n/t

Condoleezza Rice approved 'torture' techniques

WH Briefing: Gibbs, why don't you tell these WH reporters swine flu has a 24/48 hour incubation, so

Why is the MSM so stupid? They keep on asking Gibbs if Obama has Symptoms of Swine Flu?

At These Dinners, Candor Is The Entree

Secretary Napolitano is doing a good job; she is handling the MSM well, too

Five Members Of Congress Arrested Protesting Outside Sudanese Embassy (VIDEO)

Nora O'Donnel on MSNBC announced that she would be discussing the GOP stripping the Stimulus of.....

Dear GOP: If there is funding for Killer Bees, Bird Flu, Tsunamis, or Alien Invasions....

A very important question left out of all polls about torture

Shortage of Doctors Proves Obstacle to President Obama's Goals

Obama Official: Conservative House Democrats Are 'The Bad Guys'

I can't believe that someone would be that stupid! - AF1 & NYC

PHOTOS Bo's hanging out with a Horticulturist. Seriously.

Crist Nears a Senate Decision

The NYT profile on Geithner is kind of depressing

Times/CBS News Poll: Obama is a Different Kind of Politician

The Greatest Danger to Americans...republicans.

The Republicans need to understand what bipartisanship means in the Age of Obama.

New Republic co-editor William Galston on torture investigation

I don't think Gibbs likes Chuckles Todd

The Director of the White House Military Office just apologized for NYC plane incident

AP: 'Most families allow media to cover fallen soldiers'

Fox rejects Obama's request for airtime

No Way! Study: Many Conservatives Don't Think Colbert is Joking

Stupid Repug of the Day: Collins, Pandemic Prep & the Stimulus

Next up, polls to show that some Americans are complicit in accepting torture?

And the Swine Flu is yet another reason I'm enormously relieved that Obama is president

Breaking--> 5 US reps arrested - Including John Lewis

Some Administration tax proposals are misguided and will hurt small businesses

Study: Media give Obama more and better coverage than predecessors

Democrats seek quick pact on budget

Time to stop the rumors -Why Biden cancelled his GMA appearance - h

"Number One," he said. "That's what I'm talking about."

CNN's John King: the NEXT 100 days will be crucial for Obama

Lying and hiding truth is GOP SOP

Times/CBS News Poll: Obama is a Different Kind of Politician

What color is the sky in RW Land?

What to Make of the Ironic Mr. Obama

Isn't it great we don't have the Administration telling us to go shopping

Poll: Support For Same Sex Marriage Grows, 42%!

Republican Party and its upcoming Civil War

Eric Kleefeld wonders what the Gallup poll result would have been, had it used the word "torture"

Fox blacks out Obama coverage - refuses to cover prime time press conference

CBS/NYTIMES Poll: President Obama has a 68% Approval Rating!!

Water board Kit Bond

in all the years of so-called "Bush derangement syndrome"....

Is the WSJ worried about something: two op-eds on torture

Poll Suggests Obama’s Term Is Altering Views on Race

The topic is not be distracted. Prosecution is the goal.

AG "must decide whether Bush..officials should be prosecuted...Critics call the methods torture."

It's time for the Obama Adm. to remind Fox that White House press credentials are a privilege

REPORT: Only 13% of FauxNews coverage of Obama has been favorable.

Watching a clip of McCain on one of the Sunday shows sure does help to give perspective

NYPD Directed Not to divulge Information About Low-Flying Plane Over Staten Island and Harbor

CA-Gov: Brown Leads Primary Field

Time to put "wealth on trial" again?

A U.S Senate campaign may be tougher for Charlie Crist than some realize

Obama in free fall

Suckling Pig!

Evening thought .... by President Decider

excuse me, do you know where the time masheen is?

Let It Out

President Obama Schedule: Tuesday April 28, 2009

Rush Limbaugh Blamed for Swine Flu Outbreak

What will it take for Obama to start torturing swine?

I Received A Very Disturbing Message Today from NRCC Chair Rep. Pete Sessions (TX-32)

Another Obama-hating wingnut cop murderer

Congrats Former Sen. Coleman

'Obama's innovative methods apparent after first 100 days' (Irish Times)

American Conservative Institute ranks Republican efforts during Administration's' first 100 Days

What is the time table on a Holder decision on speical prosecutor?

FOX manipulates video to attack Obama

Obama Seen as More Liberal Than Most Americans

If John McCain was President, how would he handle all the things Pres. Obama is dealing with now?

So, man enraged 'cos he can't find his Clearasil kills two cops 'cos Obama was elected President?

FOX says NO to Wednesday Press Conference

your posts offend G-d

Before you guys get worked up about FOX not covering Obama, I seem to recall ABC, FOX and NBC. . .

PHOTOS The President and the NCAA champs

Obama 'furious' over plane mishap, sources say

First Read discusses weakness of the GOP: "It's Stunning."

Hmmm...why the media silence on Repub. Tedisco's loss in NY-20? It's Steele's first loss...

Obama, Cantor let sparks fly

Extract from Harry Reid's book re Obama/McCain/Bailout meeting

A Modest Suggestion: Offer Immunity To Everyone.

60 Minutes has much more video online than they played last night of Biden interview

PHOTOS The First Couple, The First 100 Days, 50 Images

Senior prosecutor for war crimes in Bosnia: Why We Must Prosecute

POTUS: The Practice of Faith Aided by Science

Pres Obama Promises Massive Commitment To Scientific Research

It's that time again: Democratic Underground is looking for new moderators

Obama Blamed for Swine Flu Outbreak

World Bank, IMF: Crisis becoming 'human calamity'

Leahy wants to probe 'chain of command' on torture

CIA ‘Whistleblower’ Told Hastert About Suppression of Harman Wiretap

L'alerte s'étend au monde entier

What Happened to the Ban on Assault Weapons?

French news reports 20 dead due to porc flu in USA

Man of the Night: Gavin Newsom--UBER HOTTIE!!!

Worldwide alert sa killer ‘swine flu’

Sri Lanka to Halt Heavy-Weapon Attacks on Rebels

Pakistan Taleban talks 'halted'

Study Says Warming Poses Peril to Asia

White House: Obama Updated Regularly, Despite Golf Outing (Fox News)

Taliban say seize 10 police in north Afghan raid

"Swine flu" name is wrong -world animal health body (should be called "North American influenza")

Iraq Resists Pleas by U.S. to Placate Baath Party

TCS to move staff back to India (TATA)

Mexico to Get $205 Million in World Bank Aid to Fight Swine Flu

Taliban agrees to release Polish geologist's dead body

Reporter of Bill Nye, Moonbat Story Speaks

Israeli official: Swine flu name offensive (wants "Mexican Flu")

747, F-16s fly over lower NYC causing scare (federal government exercise)

Priest, wife hacked to death in Indonesia: police

Biden tours Chicago (former Republic Windows and Doors) factory

Torture Debate Follows Holder To Europe

Schoolteacher Charged With Rape

NLRB Backs Union in AT&T Fight

Flu fear closes school near Sacramento

U.S. lawmakers arrested in Darfur protest at Sudan embassy

Newberry school closes over Swine Flu concerns

Zardari says Pakistan's nuclear weapons are safe

US Official: Harman wasn't monitored by NSA

White House could release more memos on treatment of detainees

BREAKING NEWS: NY official says city has 20 more swine flu cases, additional 17 probable cases

Taliban terrorise metropolis near tribal badlands

U.S. set to issue travel warning to Mexico

Possible earthquake in Mexico

President Obama to name Goosby as US global AIDS coordinator

World animal health body says swine flu wrong name

Rep. Ellison arrested during Darfur protest

Woolsey arrested at D.C. protest

Judge: Bruno's must honor labor contract

Saudi prince says Taliban leader could be U.S. ally

Lawmakers Introduce H1-B Visa Reform Bill

Former Liberty University Professor Facing Sex Charges

Security problems uncovered at US bases in Iraq

Jury to deliberate in Liberty City 6 terror retrial (FBI's 3rd attempt to steamroll guys)

Spanish capture 'Somali pirates'

Workmen in Poland find hidden Auschwitz letter

Cuba to limit Mexico flights amid swine flu fears

GM to cut 21,000 US factory jobs, shed Pontiac

Peru grants Chavez critic asylum

WHO raises alert level over swine flu

Timken To Cut 4,000 Jobs

Raw alfalfa sprouts linked to new salmonella outbreak

Fed study puts ideal US interest rate at -5%

Maersk Alabama Crew Member Files Lawsuit Against Employer for Failing to Protect Him from Pirates

Plum Creek to close Pablo mill, possibly 2 others

Obama Seeks to Reverse Mountaintop-Mining Rule

GOP to CIA: Release interrogation briefing records

Mexico: Suspected swine flu deaths climb to 149


U.S. swine flu cases climb to 40

(Ron) Carey stepping down as (Minnesota) GOP Party Chair

Rove mocked spending on flu preparedness

Most families allow media to cover fallen soldiers

5 charged in 'nightmare' $70M mortgage scheme (more Ponzi fun)

Video proves plan to kill Bolivian President

Krystian Zimerman's shocking Disney Hall debut

Ex-envoy (U.S. ambassador to the Vatican) rejects Notre Dame award over Obama flap

MMA pirate fighter Shane Murphy injured in car accident

FAA says low-flying plane over Staten Island is 'pre-planned' flight to take photos

2 US lawmakers, others arrested at Darfur protest

Obama vows investment in science

UAW leaders recommend approval of Chrysler deal

Four-year-old could hold key in search for source of swine flu outbreak

Yahoo to hire 150 in India

Democrats announce agreement on budget pact

GE unveils breakthrough micro-holographic disc that will have capacity of 100 DVDs

7 NASCAR Fans Injured by Debris at Talladega

Pakistani leader: Bin Laden 'may be dead' _ or not

Disgruntled Japanese turn to resurgent communists

New evidence of a secret torture prison

Fox Won't Bump Sweeps Programming for Prime-Time Obama

Salazar Moves to Withdraw 11th Hour Mountaintop Coal Mining Rule-Restores Protections

Shortage of Doctors Proves Obstacle to Obama Goals

Lawrence Wilkerson: Disbar The Bush Lawyers And Get A Special Prosecutor For The Rest

Iowa judge waives 3-day waiting period, allowing gay couples to marry immediately

Onetime necessities aren't necessary these days

Austrian Holocaust denier sentenced to five years in jail

Arctic CO2 levels growing at an 'unprecedented rate', say scientists

Oil falls over 2 percent on flu fears

It's that time again: Democratic Underground is looking for new moderators

GM Offers U.S. a Majority Stake

US offshores 22,000 green jobs to India

White House apologizes for Obama plane's NY flyover

Highlights from the PARTY OF NO

Mexico City at a Near Standstill - CBS Early Morning Report

American Gun Culture Report Introduction

"Wannabe?" Music Video by Vyan - NSFW Version

Hoekstra-R: Democrats Should Have Broken Secrecy On Interrogation Concerns

John Meacham makes sense, squashes Peg Noonan on Fareed's GPS

The Daily Left - Leahy Wants Torture Chain Probed

Funniest 'gathering storm' parody yet

Talk About Torture

Listen To Buck, Use your Nukes

'GOP Is Extinct' - Steve Schmidt, Fmr McCain Campaign Manager

Vice President Joe Biden Interviewed on 60 Minutes

Young Turks: Republican Goofball Asks Dumb Global Warming Question

Christopher Hitchens CSPAN interview, on torture, terrorism, and more.

Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz critiques Obama's stimulus package

Wilkes Barre, PA Tea Party Tax Protest

National Geographic-HD-Earth Investigated Ancient Mariners

DNC TV Ad: "Foundation for Change"

Faux & Fiends p*ssing their pants about criminal investigation of torture, spinning wildly

John McCain admits US under George Bush violated the Geneva Convention

Intern Killer Joe: We live in a bubble and rational fear justifies taking a chance on torture

MOST important Rachel Maddow EVER. Explains Military, CIA, torture programs. MUST SEE

Young Turks: Will Sean Hannity Go Through With Being Waterboarded??

Turley: If BushCo Confident Waterboarding NOT Torture Allow Special Prosecutor!

Victims of Gun Violence Meet in Brockton

TYT: Barney Frank NAILS Republican Hypocrisy

Break Room Live's 8 Tips To Avoid Swine Flu.

Limbaugh: "Obama Goes To Mexico - They Get Pig Flu"

Air Force One & Military Jet Flies Over Lower Manhattan, Scaring New Yorkers!(4/27/09)

White House Issues Apology To New York City

Susan Collins On Republicans Stripping Flu Funding, Blocking HHS Nominee

Bill O'Reilly and his "Blondie Brigade" whine about angry left wingers on teevee

And the Pursuit of Happiness

Roche Introduces Program to Facilitate Corporate Pandemic Stockpiling of Tamiflu(R)

Joe Conason: Torture and truthiness

Money for Nothing - Krugman on the Results of the Banker Bailout

Confirmed cases of swine flu on the rise, U.S. begins screening travelers at borders

The Surprising Satisfactions of a Home Funeral

Mexican Lawmaker: Factory Farms Are "Breeding Grounds" of Swine Flu Pandemic

Rabid with Debt

Poor Call-Center Service Angers Indians, Too

Honoring Jesus in Florida, the Wing Nut Way

(Congressman Paul) Ryan shines as GOP seeks vision

Try Some Quid Pro Nil

Arab Sheikh (UAE) caught on video torturing a farmer

Wide Open to Pandemic?

"New swine flu feared to be weaponized strain" (4-27-09 Online Journal)

Obama's Secret Plan

David Sirota: Welcome to this era when populism is popular

The Problem With a Special Prosecutor

Michael Isikoff: How Ali Soufan, an FBI agent, got Abu Zubaydah to talk without torture.

Flu Update

Swine flu spreads to UK and is suspected in Brazil, Australia, New Zealand; death toll rises

Innocent People Suffering at the Hands of the Judicial System, & It Could Happen to You

Jenny McCarthy, bringer of the Apocalypse

Why We Must Prosecute: Torture Is a Breach Of International Law (Mark McKeon)

Innocent People Suffering at the Hands of the Judicial System, & It Could Happen to You

Rude Pundit: How to have fun with the coming pandemic

"Radiation From 1960s Nuclear Tests Is Still Hurting My Family"

Bush's First 100 Days: "A Surplus Unending", Another Stupid (Yet Moral) War, Hypocrisy, Hypocrisy...

More Atheists Shout It From the Rooftops


Waterboarding Sean Hannity

Cheney Links Swine Flu to Al Qaeda

Reagan's DOJ Prosecuted Texas Sheriff for Waterboarding Prisoners

We’ve Got a Pattern: Police Murdered in Okaloosa

Lawton Smalls Attacks Obama Overseas.

LAKOFF: Progressives lack a Limbaugh-like voice

Joe Wilson: Freedom of Disinformation

Ever wonder why people like David Broder can look the other way re. torture?

Water Wells Contaminated by Gas Drilling

Torture Fallout: Release Your Testimony About My Wife, Dick Cheney by Joe Wilson

Confederate Memorial Day flags removed from graves by Auburn Alabama city councilman

What Happened to the Ban on Assault Weapons?

Obama Is In Denial On Torture (Justin Frank, M.D.)

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 363

Years after civil war, Guatemalan activists still face challenges

Pulitzer-winning photographer Patrick Farrell told of Haiti's horrors as no one else could

Forum on Guevara just part of U.S. rebranding

NYT: US Plans Informal Meetings with Cuba

Jamaica Observer-John Maxwell: "Half a Century of Lies" re: Cuba

Brazil to Produce Cuban Medicines

Cuba's New Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, Speaks to NAM Ministerial Mtg. in Havana

Radio reporter gunned down in Colombia (CPJ)

Flight Carrying Journalist on US No-Fly List Diverted

Non-Aligned Movement Mtg. Will Call for Puerto Rican Independence

Video proves plan to kill Bolivian President

Juventud Rebelde: "Correa's Election Victory Consolidates Ecuadorian Revolution

No splitting hares: it's the great rabbit census

Drumbeat: April 27, 2009

Miliband (UK climate change secretary) calls for populist push in battle against climate change

Car Sharing Pros

Beach Loss, Cliff Erosion Threaten Key French Tourism Destinations In Aquitaine As Seas Rise - AFP

"I'm Not Sure Whether We'll Hear It" - TN Legislator On Proposal To Tighten Coal Ash Safety Laws

Murray-Darling Basin Food Output To Fall By At Least $5 Billion (AU) - About 1/3 - For This FY

Large Sponges May Be Reattached to Coral Reefs

EPA to Review Bush-Era Air Pollution Rules

Shark fins protection welcomed (BBC)

Energy Efficiency Could Save India 183.5 Billion kWh

Utilities amp up lobbying over climate debate

Seasonal Atmospheric CO2 Levels Hit 397 PPM At Svalbard Monitoring Site - Guardian

A bright future with solar lanterns for India’s poor—Women and children benefit most

Scientists Call For Closing 1/3 Of World's Oceans To Fishing For 20 Years Or More - Guardian

About 1/3 Of European Beehives Died Last Year - 50% Loss Rate In Slovenia, 80% In SW Germany

The missing sunspots: Is this the big chill?

Canada steals Sea Shepherd boat, holds trial but won't allow defendants entry

Kenya poachers admit ivory haul (BBC)

China's "Eco-City" Dongtan Boasts Organic Farm, Six Wind Turbines, Nothing Else - Gone From Expo Web

The Pachamama Alliance -- Awakening the Dreamer

All-electric cars about to be resurrected

SOS Clinton At DC Climate Conference: "Facts On The Ground Are Outstripping Worst-Case Scenario"

New blow for dinosaur-killing asteroid theory—Impact didn't lead to mass extinction 65 million…

The Dilemma: Solar Panels (Sexy!) Or External Wall Insulation (Not Just Unsexy, But Invisible)

How long before Red Sox fans start booing Jason Bay? I say June.

NHL Roundup: Hurricanes blank Devils, series goes distance

MLS Goal of the Week - Week 6

Just got back from Dallas and am I really excited about this >>

Here's something about that great guy, Jason Bay

Backstrom, Mason, Thomas vie for Vezina (best goalie).

Draft Consensus Honor Roll and Dishonor Roll

If the season ended today, the Pirates would be the NL Wild Card

Damn you Jason Bay to hell. Fucker hit a walkoff HR.

I now predict the Sharks will win tonight. *JINX*


New spring game attendance record set.

Jason Bay sucks ass.

Patriots ship Hobbs to Eagles for picks

2009 NFL Mr. Irrelevant: Ryan Succop

Uh-oh! Folks think I should be a moderator in this forum!!

Obama is putting OHSA back on our side


Workers skimp on health care while greedy millionaires fight real reform

Today in labor history Apr 27 The first strike for the 10-hour workday

Baldemar Velasquez; Farmworkers need labor law protections

Why should workers have to pay?

Reforming Temporary Worker Programs is the Goal of New Bill in Senate

Occupational safety and health in times of economic crisis: the need to resist temptation

Workers Memorial Day 4-28-2009

From the BuzzFlash mailbag,

Gay couples begin seeking Iowa marriage licenses

Widespread Murders Of Iraq Gays by Islamic Militia (Mehdi Army) Condemned By Iraq Freedom Congress

meet in the middle (Fresno) invitation from Cleve Jones

Gay and lesbian couples to wed at Tel Aviv pride parade

Married gay or lesbian DUers, a question.

Many Of Our GLBTQ Family Live in California and Other States at Risk.

Bah. Crying at 4:45 in the morning sucks....

WP: Crave Man (on the neurology of overeating)

Alfafa sprout warning issued

A question about 1970's swine flu vaccine.

Selling Out Single-Payer

Fatty foods 'offer memory boost' (BBC)

Swine Flu: Why is it killing people in Mexico but not in the US?

Chocolate offers 'significant protection' against swine flu

Vitamin D hope in prostate cancer (BBC)

No swine flu yet, but Israel on alert

Gay and lesbian couples to wed at Tel Aviv pride parade

No rejoicing for Israeli Arabs on Independence Day

'Obama's rabbi': Support for Israel doesn't mean blanket approval

Venezuela establishes ties with Palestinians

Clinton’s Mideast Pirouette

Fatah and Hamas set for unity talks

Netanyahu calls to strengthen Israel, Diaspora bonds in message

Abbas says won't recognize Israel as Jewish state

'Iran will honor any two-state decision'

Why not gun insurance...

Obama Mulls ‘Assault-Vehicle’ Ban to Spur Car Sales

What Happened to the Ban on Assault Weapons? Op-ed by Jimmy Carter

How Many More Cops Must Die?

Cops gun deaths........

Mods please delete

Don't Get Scammed

No surprise here "Investors Buy Up Shares of Flu Drug Makers "

US offshores 22,000 green jobs to India

China Loves Gold

Swine Flu and Bird Flu Stock Index (*RXFLU)

After Off Year, Wall Street Pay Is Bouncing Back

Fannie Mae Creates Housing Mirage With Bum Loans

The Joker (by Jim Kunstler)

Daimler to give up Chrysler stake (BBC)

Charlie Rose: A conversation about the economy with Joseph Stiglitz.

Five questions for Robert Reich

Is this the correct forum to discuss investing?

Need help with a few Anti-Tax rethug talking points

GM to cut total of 21,000 US jobs (BBC)

REMINDER:: Seasonal Contest begins on May 1st!!!

Carrowinds Roller Coaster

Late sun - and good bye for a while.

The Birds and the Bees

Some flowers

Almost on the road but ... I want to show you the Empire State Bldg's little brother

Interesting possible example of manifestation..

"Like To Get To Know You Well" or "Getting To Know You"... Another B'Day Request

Trusting our gifts...NEW monthly VISIONING THREAD proposal

Kitty missing

90 Years Old, and Breaking Science News With Verve

How does intelligence benefit the squid?

NASA To Hold Briefing To Discuss New Findings About Planet Mercury

National Geographic-HD-Earth Investigated Ancient Mariners

Optical disc offers 500GB storage (BBC)

Egyptian archeologists unveil ancient burial ground near Cairo

Question: Likely effect of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet collapsing?

Guatemala marks anniversary of bishop's murder

Akihabara geeks appeal to gods

Is Swine Flu A Curse From The Almighty?

Israeli official: Swine flu name offensive (wants "Mexican Flu")

More Atheists Shout It From the Rooftops

Why don't advocates of Intelligent Design try to persuade biology professors to teach it?

I have a proof that Goldbach's conjecture is false!

Has anyone tried amino acids to help mood?

My new favorite summer salad

Discovering new foods

So now it's summer!

The One-Hour Cup of Coffee

So...should we all be avoiding pork products?


Found it!

How many of you make a recipe once...

End the University as We Know It

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