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Torture works sometimes -- but it's always wrong

Does evidence of the crime compel prosecution?

FDA expands access to Plan B for 17-year-olds

O.C. police investigate Melissa Huckaby in two arson fires

The Corporation series

Did Either Keith or Rachel Talk About The Fannie Mae CFO That......

Why aren't Hannity and his lot standing behind a wartime president?

Americans may be angry with Banker Bail-Outs but the UK Gave them £1.4 trillion. The whole Economy.

Damn! N. Myrtle Beach is burning

What? Yale's "Porn in the Morn" course may not carry science credit in future?

Fox News's Cavuto *OWNED* can't understand “They use less, they pay less,” VIDEO

The BaptistBoard Again...Plan B is abortion pill...will the propaganda ever cease with these people

Heads up: Amy Klobuchar to discuss the MN Franken/Coleman mess on WJ

A song parody that won't leave my mind...a "tribute" to the freepers

AP Poll: Americans high on Obama, direction of US

The Rant: CNBC's Lawrence Kudlow -- A New Low in Right-Wing Trash Talk and Hypocrisy

Progressive Democrats of America: Working People United Will Never Be Defeated

Power-mad cop put on administrative leave. Arrested a news crew for no reason other than he can

BUSHCO's TORTURE Bought al-Qaeda "Time To Rebuild -INSIDE- Nuclear Armed Pakistan" By Robert Parry

The Army investigates itself again and comes up short

Mr Obama to prod Credit Card firms on fee practices.

Fact beats fiction: Thepiratebay trial a sham

Fact beats fiction: Thepiratebay trial a sham

Why Do Conservatives Like Stephen Colbert?

Where are all the "moderate" Senators on the torture issue?

The valuable torture derived information Cheney wants released ...

Palin faces ethics complaint for SarahPAC role

Bush administration False Terror Alerts (part one) & (part two)

Matt Lauer is surprised that Beyonce considers singing for the Obama's

Dixie Chicks

Remember the Brit intel guy who exposed the ongoing investigations to photographers?

surge update - At least 28 people have been killed and 50 wounded in a suicide blast in southeast Ba

What It Takes For Sean Penn To Be Joe Wilson

Spencer Tracy in Inherit The Wind has something to say about right wing America....

Torture protects Americans from Al Quaeda.

GOP Urges Democrats From Industrial States to Fight Pelosi Pollution Objectives

is torture now a partisan issue? republics are for it, democrats are against?

Could the Karpinski Rant be the Key To Getting Bush/Cheney/Rice/etc

USA Today/Gallup Poll: Most Want Inquiry Into Anti-Terror Tactics

so "dunk in the water" means what, we have a pool now at Guantanamo, and they go swimming?

How would India react to a nuclear-armed Taliban?

Dick Cheney parallels Col Jessup from, "A Few Good Men".

New DNC Ad: Meet the New GOP

Torture Defenders Have Already Dehumanized the Islamic Terrorist

No One to be Held Accountable for Torture

Reality check for Sean Hannity - Who murdered more people, Ortega or the Contras?

A Couple Of Questions About The Taliban & Pakistan.......

Honestly what is with these guys?

Bailout for Breakfast: Lobbying The Hand That Feeds You

Love This Headline: Condoleezza Rice Gave Nod For 'Torture' Techniques

UPDATE new info with photo too: Man accused of severely beating a barking dog

Latest Bank Bailouts - a list by Propublica

Will Governor Sanford bite the bullet and allow Federal aid to help in his State's time of need?

It'll take a while, but the torture issue and her compliance with it, will take Pelosi down

Right Wing Terrorism Watch - 7 members of violent white supremacist group arrested

Prosecuting bush, Cheney, Rummy & Condi: Little People Who Had Big Titles

The Story of Stuff - Video

It appears the torture began before the memos

LOL! Are You a Weak Leader?

Free the torturers – and the rapists too!

5 MORE secret memos identified revealing new info about Bush admin interrogation policy LINK

You like the Shep Smith F word video? Shep Smith Goofs on Glenn Beck!

If I Was A Political Artist.......

Robert Koehler: "Obama wasn't elected to play politics."

Why Dick Cheney keeps torturing us

Memo to John McCain: The last thing you would want to call this is a "witch hunt"

How timely! Bill Kristol to Receive $250,000 "Bradley Prize"

What's wrong with the "it will compromise ability to get quality advice" meme.

This msnbc poll is being freeped

Torturegate - The Movie

Alabama House considers resolution praising Miss California for position on gay marriage

Dig? - Fuck That, I'm The President

The Rand Institute - The torture debate

The GOT--The Grand Ole' Torturers

The GOT--The Grand Ole' Torturers

If you had to choose...?

Club Gitmo

Miley Cyrus supports gay marriage (What will the fundies say?)

"Witch Hunt". You'll be hearing that phrase a lot.

Military May Asked Reservists To Fill Civilian Posts In Afghanistan

On Torture (from a soldier/witness)

Mad Money Cramer: investors should buy stock in companies that pollute

Enhanced Prevarication Techniques

Conservatives Target Key Obama Legal Pick Dawn Johnsen As A 'Radical'

Why I trust Obama.. I just trust his "gut" ability to sift

The real appeasement by Obama I can't support.

what ever happened to Tom Delay's felony charges?

The Mayor of N. Myrtle Beach has asked Gov. Sanford for help

The Mayor of N. Myrtle Beach has asked Gov. Sanford for help

Heads exploding at FR. Love it!!!

How many days before Dick Cheney runs out of town?

Heated debates at Conservapedia offer window onto civil war ripping apart conservative movement

Prosecute torture website -- need designer help!

Why did they agree to the "plan"?

2 + 2 = 6

How Bush's Torture Helped al-Qaeda

Senate report: Rice, Cheney OK'd CIA use of waterboarding

SFRC hearing on Afghanistan War Experiences on C-Span 3 now:

Even though they attempted to legalize I Can't Believe It's Not Torture

My Theory As To Why Health Care Reform Inextricably Tied To Possible Torture Prosecutions ...

Sikhism and Islamic fundementalism: Question?

What? Only 44 percent of Dems in survey think Fox is biased?

If the Repubs want to make torture a political issue, then let them !!

Ignatius: We Must Cover Up CIA Misdeeds to Ensure the Viability of Future Misdeeds

DISH Earth, Channel 212: Isn't she beautiful?

DISH Earth, Channel 212: Isn't she beautiful?

If Obama is not going to prosecute covert operatives, he should pardon soldiers...

Part 2 of Saul Landau's Interview of Cuban Fiver Gerardo Hernandez

The right-wing already has a spin name for the torture memos.

Hamptons Home Prices Plunge 23% as Wall Street Firings Hit Vacation Haven

National Religious Campaign Against Torture

Sanford has requested help from FEMA because of the fire.

"Fox News": Since 2002 Congress had more than 30 meetings and briefings regarding torture

NATO Supreme Command to Move to France?

Mike Allen of Politico wins Media Putz of the Week award - ha ha

Obama's plan looks offshore for energy

Europe’s new buildings get welcome push to produce as much energy as they use

some good news for teenage girls

Report: Angry Intel Officers Tipped Pelosi To Harman Wiretap

Cheney is correct, torture was a "success" - results used in Powell's 2003 UN speech

After this scene, how long before Shep Smith is no longer at Fox News?

Texas lawmakers consider telling U.S. to ‘cease and desist’

Well Done Shepherd Smith

Cuomo: Paulson Kept SEC Out Of The Loop On B Of A

Trustees Begin to Parcel Leona Helmsley’s Estate

Does a child need both a mother and a father in his/her life?

Are we not allowed to post about Texas wanting to secede?

Detroit to Rachel - Ouch That One Hurt!

Where has Donald Rumsfeld been hiding?

da Boehner doesn't call interrogation, he calls it torture

Condi Rice is not a scapegoat. that's a ridiculous suggestion.

So let me get this straight. We removed Saddam Hussein because

We silly Liberals, always griping about Bush.

A major instance when the our typical knee jerk reaction for revenge malfunctioned, unfortunately

Just got an email about a poll on MSNBC...grading President Obama. Cast your vote since the repukes

Orlando Sentinel speaks out against GOP voter suppression bill - DU the forum on editorial PLZ

Prop 8: Any News On When A Decision Might Be Rendered?

The Right Keeps Stating that Torture Works

Megan McCain co-hosting The View right now...

NEWSMAKER OF THE WEEK: Brig. Gen. Janis Karpinski

www giantgayrepellantumbrella com

I would give up every other TV station Comcast offers if I could

MN Senate Seat: Vin Weber On Andrea Mitchell Just Said The Following.......

Attorneys Ask Federal Court to Declare Iraq War Unconstitutional

Obama Plays Hamlet; Shredders Hum, by Ray McGovern

Who really owns Congress, Part 2

Judge adopts Obama standard for Gitmo detention

Cheney Succeeding In Shifting Torture Debate?

Velvel: "The Four Torture Memos, Eichmann, And The Obama Administration."

Peter Karmanos, Compuware founder & boss to Kwame Kilpatrick, tells why Detroit schools are failing

If the Torture worked...

If you live in Indiana we need your help

Feburary 15, 2003 The first time I EVER read the name Jay S. Bybee

Apple under fire over iPhone 'Baby Shaker'

NYT: Interrogations’ Effectiveness May Prove Elusive

If we prosecute Bush and Cheney, then the Repubs will do the same...

Webb: Pot legalization 'on the table' in prison reform effort

If you live in Indiana we need you help

Court rules PM must press U.S. to repatriate Khadr

Maybe if we redefine abortion as torture, the right will approve of it?

I always wonder what happened to this soldier who was stationed at Guantanamo

"In Contravention of Conventional Wisdom: CIA 'no touch' torture makes sense out of mind control

What charges could be brought against those who authorized torture?

Who in the hell is the dumb blonde credit card whore anchor on MSNBC?

Zubaydah Interrogator, from the horse's mouth: Torture Was Unnecessary and Ineffective

AP Reports Condi Rice Approved Torture

Jeff Macke - Wall Street Trader

Will "private contractors" mercenaries be held accountable for torture? CACI

British court is demanding that the UK government obtain US torture docs within a week

Toilet paper.

credit card issuers say it is a 'risk' business so their customers should assume that risk

credit card issuers say it is a 'risk' business so their customers should assume that risk

Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba

Bored? Call AG Eric Holder & ask for torture investigations: (202) 514-2001

Can one of us "formally request" that the archives release Cheney's energy task force information?

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? And why/why not?

Anyone watching the "Wolf" on the Senate Committee on Justice....

Tax the heirs of the rich (at least of few of them)

And now into their fourth week, the never ending FleeceaFreep....

Forget reforming the credit card rules. How about raising wages

Cheney Calls for Probe of McCain, POWs

Who does MSNBC get to comment on Dick Cheney's part in torture?

Hehe: "pardons for CIA" + "no pardons for military" = ....

Elizabeth Cheney, I wish you a life as happy and as healthy as your father's

Robert Bear: CIA interrogators had no training

Repug Sen. Johnny Isakson said US has best health care system in the world

Quinnipiac: N.J. voters back marriage equality

Ask right wingers what they think about a country that makes a difficult...

Kit Biond, you sad sack, lying, obfuscating motherfucker

Live - Holder before Congress - MSNBC ........ listening now ......

Robert Parry: How Bush's Torture Helped al-Qaeda

Octo-Mom in labor.

Jerrold Nadler: We Must Investigate Torture … and Fix State Secrets

Are you getting the feeling that we are only seeing the memos the Bush admin. wanted us to see?

Are you getting the feeling that we are only seeing the memos the Bush admin. wanted us to see?

Were Abu Ghraib abuses learned from Israel?

Economy & anti-payday loan actions result in Check'n'Go leaving Virginia

wingnut blogger (Debby Schlussel) gets death threat from wingunt ex-freeper

Via C&L: Shep Smith: "We do not f***ing torture!" (Video)

Senate Republicans block vote on Sebelius nomination.

I need help understanding this sentence in the Bybee memo

Cheney is so frickin scared he has his own daughter on my TV

There is something very strange in the water in the Cheney home

I wonder how many people in our govt. that pig 'anthrax cheney' threatened with death?

A Way To Get Dawn Johnsen Confirmed

Pakistan poses a “mortal threat” to the U.S. and the world

Good for the EPA! Crack Down on Mercury Pollution

What & When Will Be The Tipping Point When The MSM Tips Over The Teetertotter......

Does a child do best with positive role models of both genders in their life?And taking it further..

The GOP's Torture Pivot

Would you trade prosecuting the Bush* Cabal for Health Care?

Here's how to call the Republicans' bluff on torture.

Army: 3 vials of virus samples missing from Maryland facility

Breaking: GM temporary shutting down of 13 plants is official, to cut production by 190,000 units

Without Media Support, Will Torture Prosecution Ever Get Off the Ground?

Obama's approval rating high, but will it last?

Why is a NG Combat Support Batallion necessary during a marathon?

Why is a NG Combat Support Batallion necessary during a marathon?

DU has almost 140,000 users. I have been told that we should memorize other users usernames

"My Tortured Decision" - FBI AGENT Speaks Out: 'NO Actionable Intell Gained From Torture'

As long as we have Idol and Dancing with Stars posts

Liz Chenney... defending her dad

it amazes me that there are people on my teevee actually supporting torturing fellow humans

The Milgram Experiment

Mary Matalin signs on as CNN contributor

Oi. Whaaaa! Republicans angry that Steele won’t call Obama a ‘socialist.’

FBI Weren’t the Only Ones Objecting to Torture — So Did the Army, Marines & Air Force

Mike Pence Declares War

There is a huge difference between "Right and Left" and "Right and Wrong"

Giant Mystery Blob Discovered Near Dawn of Time

Believe Me, It’s Torture

CafePress : Screw you, shopkeepers!

If Only He Saw The Point

Eric Holder what about the soldiers acting in good faith convicted of torture?

Slump Creates Lack of Mobility for Americans

Yes, we need to prosecute torture

liz cheney quote on really can't take her seriously

Yes - There Were "Bad Apples" .......

Don't Playbooks Change When The Coach's Change?.......

Strongly recommend hearing testimony of Cpl Rick Reyes today (Afghan & Iraq vet)

Pizarro: Al Gore coming to San Jose to receive humanitarian prize at Tech Awards

Luxury or necessity? Pew Research Poll

Two MN Justices Recuse Themselves From Coleman Appeal

Hannity: "Would you listen to a brutal thug murdering dictator?" Grodin: "I'm listening to you."

General Assembly approves gay marriage bill (Connecticut); Governor to sign

15-Year-Old Denied Permit For Crash He Had When He Was 6.

15-Year-Old Denied Permit For Crash He Had When He Was 6.

What the hell is wrong with this congresscritter on Hardball?

Tweety: Who ordered the torture?

If Waterboarding is 'Effective' and 'Not Torture', Would it be Acceptable for Iran

I still don't get it.

She's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!! May 11th!! (Randi)

I have a new favorite picture of Obama

fyi: Tonight on HBO: Trouble the Water

Anyone Play the "Plan It Green" Game

14 Years Ago Today

chris matthews is wrong, the question is not 'does torture work?'

(Annotated) RW nutjob chain email du jour


I want to know how much BAD intel we got from torture!

Pakistan---What is Going to Happen?

How the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times Buried the Madoff Scandal for at Least Four Years

Nora O'Donnell and Elizabeth Cheney are literally having a row over "torture" or "not torture"

Guess what I saw on my drive home today...

Just got back from Chase "we are going to have to hold your $3000 check"

Daily Kos/Research 2000 poll: 51% of Texas Republicans Approve of Gov Perry's Secession Talk

Breastfeeding Helps Mother's Heart

Levin is laying this out on Ed

ok, anyone else get this irony: Repubs don't want a "witch hunt" on waterboarding...

Pew: Public Remains Divided Over Use of Torture

Liz Cheney saying waterboarding is not torture

Homeland Security cancels some newspaper, magazine subscriptions

Rep Bachmann: As Obama Denies Jesus, We Must Humble Ourselves Before God

Nick Anderson's torture toons

An article from 2007 to bookmark where McCain explains waterboarding.

Cheney has some physical problem. (seriously)

Gates: US 'torture memos' could not be kept secret - "Just deal with it."

Please support Shawn Johnson

Please support Shawn Johnson

MO lawmakers want to use stimulus funds for tax rebates

'Cramdown' bill could hit Senate next week

Since So Many Americans Celebrate the Bloodlust of Capital Punishment

If Rice Approved Torture - What Was Zelikow Trying To Do The Other Night......

Oh NO!!! Pelosi takes on ...... Jon Stewart !!!!!!

When was the last time you heard of an individual protecting themselves by torturing someone?

Mitt Romney: Investigating Torture is “Lowest Form of Partisanship”

Suicide bombs kill scores in Iraq

Elks Club or the Mafia: you decide...

Elks Club or the Mafia: you decide...

Statement on Torture, 2004

LOL this congresman on Hardball is worried about investigations affecting morale


Martin Savages take on torture this morning - it's a big diversion and the economy is more important

On UFO and human motivations part II (yes it is getting large)

Looks like Ed has changed his mind about torture prosecution

Is the media missing the real issue with the torture memos?

Flight information for freepers who hate President Obama

RawStory reports Harmon is walking-back the wiretap denials

What on earth is "thorium" ???

Posted some job ads over in the career forum

Torture saved us from another attack(s)

Which War Criminal will be the First to Squeal?

I guess the new Republican talking point is "Banana Republic".

Should Ed Shultz tell Producers "Ditch this Orange and Red Flashing Set?

Congress notices Florida's "shell game" using Medicaid stimulus money.

"Some docs do know harm" Please give this columnist some accolades.

Does MSNBC REALLY Want to be the Face of Torture Advocacy in the Mornings?

TimeWarner working to shut down local cheaper ISP - corporate bully as enemy ->

Michael Smirconish

What the Republicants still haven't learned....

Mac Thornberry (R-TX) on Tweety ..

A bit of fun with my Rethuglican friend today!

Sex Drives Everything.

Only Experts Can Conduct Torture Properly.

Cracking Down on Credit Cards

Jay Leno Hospitalized, Tonight's Show Canceled

Jay Leno Hospitalized, Tonight's Show Canceled

For those who want to arm merchant ships,

Meet the torture experts!

Uh-Oh: Is Obama Having Second Thoughts On That Commission Idea?

White House may relieve DHS of cybersecurity role

Steele under pressure to support RNC resolution calling Democrats "Democratic Socialist Party"

To the long time DUers who knew...

Did you see Lawrence O'Donnell deconstruct Cheney's spawn?

Rep. Grijalva (D-Az) Introduces Legislation to Protect and Conserve Public Lands Along Border

The Liberal Insurgent

Ken Lewis, Pay Back is a Bitch (updated)

Pregnant woman running from bear hit by car

Bob Graham: "I was not briefed on these interrogation techniques." Calls for grand jury probe

A FEDERAL USURY LAW with stimulate spending and grow the economy.

A proposal for a new "law"

Would you watch a show hosted by Steve McMahon and Todd Harris?

Would you watch a show hosted by Steve McMahon and Todd Harris?

Too Big to Fail is also Big Enough to hold America hostage to their whims

They Keep Pimping The Liberty Tower Attack, BUT!!!!

Could Food Shortages Bring Down Civilization?

Has any of the members of the 9/11 Commission come forward to speak about torture?

(1024) - Talking Heads

In our new world, can people say out loud that Bush et al ignored multiple warnings, vacationed,

In our new world, can people say out loud that Bush et al ignored multiple warnings, vacationed,

If what they did wasn't torture and was "legal" why did they hide what they were doing?

Did I just see a FNC commercial on MSNBC during KO?

"WTF?" and " BFD!"

When Evil People Breed.......

The Right Vs The Geneva Conventions by Andrew Sullivan

A little something for everyone .........

Is there really a "Powerful Amtrak Lobby" behind the rail spending?

Teachers should all have military training and carry guns.

This is the perfect opportunity for INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISTS ...

After Losing Freedom, Some Immigrants Face Loss of Custody of Their Children

LOL They're Doing The Hundred Days Before It's One Hundred Days.

Question for those posting about KO & Rachel & Billo & Beck et al

The military will continue to be a dominate part of Obama's 'solution' for Afghanistan

The Rude Pundit: Torture and the Permanent Republican Majority

Exelon plans solar project in Chicago using stimulus loans

This may sound a little tin foilish but I've been thinking

Film industry concerns delay NC smoking ban debate

Media Protects it's Own, Once Again! Mary Matilin to join her Hubby as CNN Political Consultant

So, billo the clown denies Nixon shook hands with Mao. Named

Obama Didn’t Ban Torture

Article: "The Theocratic Chain of Misery"

The last tea party photo thread

Dead Horse Abuse Alert: Repugs demand increased use of the word "Socialist"

Cheney: Waterboarding US Troops Is OK Because It Isn't Torture

Pollution 'fights global warming'

Larry Murphy, R-PA: "Rush...Is a Racist...A Cancer To the Republican Party"

Arguments against Commissions?

Gun Owners of America: "Obama Proposes Signing Treaty To Ban Reloading"

SEVEN mysterious cases of swine flu have been found

Chinsaku Yuki

Who is this sanctimonious Texas Congressman (Thornberry) gasbag on Matthews' show?

Who is this sanctimonious Texas Congressman (Thornberry) gasbag on Matthews' show?

Morgan Stanley's Miscue-Bank fund blows up on senior execs.

Self Deleted: Meant for Lounge NT

First 100 Days: Key Civil Rights Leaders Give Obama 'A'

If a husband cheats on his wife (or the converse)

Mr. Whitley goes to Washington (a nice story amid all this torture talk)

Condi Rice is getting tossed overboard?

Condi Rice is getting tossed overboard?

A simple law to reign in the Credit Card companies - Expedient, effective and fair.

I never though of this, but Lawrence O'Donnel is right! The Pubs

I never though of this, but Lawrence O'Donnel is right! The Pubs

I've been watching video clips of Bush

Sebelius vetoes abortion bill - THANK YOU GOVERNOR SEBELIUS!!

While the topic is so hot "Close Torture Loopholes in the Army Field Manual"

Ray LaHood is a stool pigeon.

DOD paying KU for Mapping of Indigenous Lands in Oaxaco, Mexico

Calif. lesbian mother given deportation reprieve

$$$ SUPPORT THE ACLU = Torture Memos released = court order obtained by the ACLU.

Serious question - Who supplies the talking points for the RW now?

Newsmax advertising on Rachel Maddow. God, they must be hurting.....

Newsmax advertising on Rachel Maddow. God, they must be hurting.....

In Place Of The N-Word

April is also Confederate History Month

REMINDER **** Gay marriage starts in Iowa Monday *** REMINDER

Is Sarah Palin a serious threat anymore? Has she ever been one?

Waterboard a repub Pay Per View playoffs, Round One: Cheney versus Hannity

Jesus was tortured...

U.S. to release photos showing alleged abuses by American personnel

Proof positive that Chaney was the real president (or at least co-president)

Are there lots of push polls around here?

surge update - At Least 75 Are Killed in Two Attacks in Iraq

RedState has a podcast on iTunes - and you can leave a comment!

Montana town wants its empty jail to be new Gitmo

Montana town wants its empty jail to be new Gitmo

i too want to contribute money to the charity of hannity's choice

T. E. A. = Tortured Enough Already

Senate Leaders Opposes Interrogation Inquiry Panel

Pelosi has denied any knowledge of specific methods of torture, yet

Torture helped foil a planned 2002 attack on Los Angeles? The guy they tortured was captured in 2003

Ban on saggy pants ruled unconstitutional

Ban on saggy pants ruled unconstitutional

Richard Engel's story being told on Maddow's show ought to scare the shit out of this country.

FBI Director Mueller-Re: BUSHCO's 'Torture Works' Claim: "I don’t believe that has been the case"

MSNBC: GM's 9-week shutdown will affect "much more" than the 24,000 workers involved

"Kean, (Lee) Hamilton, Warner Should Lead ( a torture) Commission"

California Housing Defaults Skyrocket

The Stanford Prison Experiment-A Simulation Study of the Psychology of Imprisonment

Truck in Utah leaked radioactive sludge from duct-taped hose

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

OK Duers, a couple questions about the Bushco insiders

Mother uses Bible verse on modesty to fight Texas school dress code requiring tucked-in shirts

Colbert Report: Shepherd Smith..We are America...We do not swear on camera!

Beware new Comcast Terms and Conditions

Somali pirate families ask for U.S. pardon

A survey worth taking

Did Keith just say some GOMPER volunteered to be tortured to prove that water boarding isn't torture?

Emergency Senate bill saves lesbian couple from deporation

Microbe-powered 'fart' machine stores energy

When I hear about all of this "bipartisanship" bullshit, I think to myself.....

When I hear about all of this "bipartisanship" bullshit, I think to myself.....

RNC faction wants Dems branded socialists

The Torture Moment by Arianna Huffington

Michelle Obama sneaks out for burgers

Why did we torture in the first place? Here's why:

If the purpose of the torture was to get "confessions" of links between Saddam and 9/11..

Jon Stewart: Sh#t that's never gonna happen!

Has Boeing management finally learned that outsourcing doesn't pay?

Hey Keith ..... you put up your $1,000/per second, and I'li put up ten bux.

The Torture Apologists Have Doomed Their Argument

Oh noes! Mitt Romney just sold off two of his four mansions!!

"If the repubican party implodes, the Democratic party will split to fill the void"

What a sweetheart, that Kim Jong not-just-il-but-a real Sickfuck is ........

Torture Is Not A "Policy" -- Torture Is A War Crime

The Freeper-type is at it again

In the last week, Maryland was the site of two family eradications with 7 murders and two suicides

Obama DOJ Seeks to Restrict Defendant's Right to Lawyer During Questioning

ProPublica: Dozens of Prisoners Held by CIA Still Missing, Fates Unknown

George Carlin, GOOD American


There is currently a US citizen in jail based on evidence from "enhanced interrogation" techniques

GM is shutting down all it's US production plants for the summer

The torture policy was Cheney's baby, not the military's.

Lawrence O'Donnell nails it!!

Fr. Brig. Gen. Janis Karpinski, A Grateful World Honors Your Service, Your Witness and Your Outrage!

A list of names within the Bush Admin. who sat on the Principals Committee.

Steal these pictures of our First Lady during "Take Your Kid To Work Day"



It's time to abolish the Senate filibuster.

BREAKING NYT: Treasury Preparing Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Filing for Chrysler

***** Support a Truth & Reconciliation Commission = 100,000 + signatures ****

Is there one issue the GOPers can agree with us on?

Greed will destroy the human species. If climate change doesn't do it first.

Stevie Nix sang, "Thunder only happens when it's raining".

Feds (DHS) Turn to 'Brain Music' to Boost Emergency Worker Performance

Premiere Radio Networks Syndicates The Randi Rhodes Show

McCain Obtusely Accuses Obama of Running A Banana Republic

FBI Agent Who Interrogated Abu Zubaydah: The Torture Advocates Are Lying to You

The Rift

2003- Bush Encourages UN To Prosecute Those Who Torture

The Hannity $1,000,000 (Million) dollar Water Boarding Challenge

Who would have thought Shepard Smith has more character than Keith Olbermann? Wonders never cease.

Recent Sibel Edmonds interview.

Hey, DU'ers -- if you want to show the President of Notre Dame some support for inviting Pres. Obama

Reid discourages call for independent "truth commission" re: torture. "Relax!"

The David Addington indictment thread

The Fatal Thread: Torture, War and the Imperial Project

Media watchers needed for the next week.

Government Should Make Bagram Documents Public, Says ACLU

Please send good vibrations to First Family and White House Admin

Japan Pays Foreign Workers to Go Home

Something a little different. Tomorrow is National Arbor Day...

Cartoon: Coleman as Monty Python’s Black Knight

Remember the investment advice people used to get, and probably still do, about how to retire rich?

The Torture Apologists are doomed..Amendment 8 U.S. Constitution

The Torture Apologists are doomed..Amendment 8 U.S. Constitution

Condescenda Rice War Criminal and Torturer

Stanford prison experiment

China Leads The Way In Renewable Wind Energy

What do you think pushes someone over the edge, and can we prevent it?

Florida has not applied for their share of the education stimulus.

Remembering US Soldier Who Killed Herself--After Refusing to Take Part in Torture

Why do some women care so much about the military draft?

Why do some women care so much about the military draft?

Holder Just Made Me a Promise

Question on Abortion.

Detainee Abuse Pictures to Be Released May 28

If you were arresred & charged for killing a homeless man while he slept, would you be smirking?

Do you want to just feel uplifted?

Joke I heard on Earth Day

Eating Beef is Green.

Eating Beef is Green.

So when will the Military Commissions Act bite us?

Washington, DC in late April 1971 - - how many of you old timers remember?

So was seating at the dealership today waiting for my car to get serviced

(A Top Rated Diary @ DailyKos) Cenk: What if KSM Had Died?


I may be thrown out in the lobby for this, but politics is a religion...

I may be thrown out in the lobby for this, but politics is a religion...

Kerry panel listens to Iraq, Afghanistan vets - Peace Action Responds

'Baby Shaker' app pulled from iPhone store

Send your love out to Stephanie Miller.

13 Breathtaking Effects of Cutting Back on Meat

Recession-Driven Suicide or Murder/Suicide in my town/city

Pakistani Taliban end feudalism and corruption in the Swat Valley.

Activist in MN shut down several recruiting stations on "Zero Recruitment Day"

Sean Hannity Agrees To WaterBoarding. Can We Do it 183 Times?

Damn credit card company

Republicans Threaten To Become Bigger Assholes

Florida Dem Chair Misleading Public In Fund Raising Letter. Corporatist Election Bill Dropped!


Airport to Nowhere? or is it just plain mischief?

A quick note to all who claim that water boarding is not torture...

If you had $50 million dollars to spend to create jobs in your city or county

The "torture prevented a west coast 9/11" lie

Is women's sexuality is less fixed than men's?

Six Dimensions of Scandal

For the next week, we should look for ops to counter "torture is a policy"

Did you know that the Abu Ghraib Abuse First Exposed was the Rape of Female Prisoners?

OK, Explain This To Me Like I'm a Complete Idiot because I Don't Get It, Part FORE!!!

Heil, Heil, the gang's all here

I think that ACTS 4:34-35 basically supports capitalism.. compassionate capitalism

Watching Rachel Maddow discussing the GOP with Ed Rendell, I can't help but think

Is it just me or are new cars WAYYYYYYYY overpriced?

Sen. Feingold Questions Afghanistan Strategy During Foreign Relations Committee Hearing

Unarmed and Naked Concert-Goer (Coachella) Tasered by Three Police Officers

In 1966 the CIA launched the Phoenix Project

Charles Grodin To Sean Hannity: You've Got A Fascist Mentality

Tedisco Throws Out Liberal Radio Host Sam Seder's Ballot (NY-20 Special Election)

School District IT Database Manager Makes $70k, 30 Year Math Teacher Makes $66k

Religious right got their "abortion reduction" as a top goal of the Faith-Based Council.

An old friend of my husband's died in childbirth yesterday.

Did your local paper use the word "torture" in the headline of its coverage ...

Just Popped The Cork On A PUKE At Walmart

Let's have a war

Skywalking on Earth Day

I want to watch Northern Exposure from start to finish

You don't have a hair on your ass if you don't read this book

you people are in trouble!

Oh crap!

Hm. Those red-hot Marlins were swept -- by whom I wonder? I'm curious....could it be......

When Paul Newman died it was all over for me.

Outside of listening to the cardinals singing, is there anything good about being up this early?

What color should the next t-shirt I buy be?

Don't ask me why, but I watched Pitchmen tonight

Another great tea bagger moment

Hey, Beach Boy Fans, did you know that Bruce Johnston was a

Coming up on GMA - Levi may challenge Bristol for custody.

Crap! Crap! Crap! Have I made it pretty clear I am gay? And don't wish to be cured?

Help! Motivate me to move from my chair.

Today Paula Deen cooked quail and grits with Jimmy Carter!

A moment of silence for former UGA football star

A beautiful 80s classic to start your day....

Okay this is cute: rugrats in lab coats and glasses

Magazine subscriptions

Now I'm in the mood for THE SPECIALS!!

I am bored, Have we decided who will be the next Susan Boyle?

As my sanity hangs by a thread...

My neighbor warms his cat up for 45 minutes!

Knock knock. "Candygram"

Neener neener neener - My Wii Fit age is 22!

There are ten kind people in this world!

"Laser treatment! Extra crispy. See, no skin graft here, just pure laser pain."

So, The Nurse said to The Dying Patient...

Rooting for the Montreal Canadiens is like rooting for the Yankees

it wasn't a bad dream... Regis Philbin (in full make-up) as "Shrek" on Letterman last night

Today, I am feeling very pretty...

Hot women with brains & personality.

Oops, beaten to it.


Trivia question: Who is Theodora Nathalia Nathan?

what should I have for lunch?

Posting from my iBong just to say...

She who can not be named was mentioned on South Park

Uncle Bill?

The Red Sox have the day off today.

My neighbor warms his car up for 45 minutes!

Totally misleading headline on Yahoo, check it out while it’s still there:

Michael Jackson's chauffeur hits ambulance @ Cedars-Sinai: "Jacko" + "Whiplash" = "Lawsuit?"

My neighbor warms his cap up for 45 minutes!

To the person that just PMed me and told me I do not have an iPhone...

This duo is playing for free tomorrow. Would you go?

My neighbor warms up his - wait, what rhymes with "cap"?

I'm going to Cleveland! For work!

Somebody is boarding: the Deck fairy is back..

There are two types of people in this world! Which are you?

I can't decide which I like better.

Going to Boston today!!! As a tourist!!!

Psychological experiment: How does this photo make you feel?

I just got a new jar of Blackberry jam! Ask me anything!

Toilet paper.

think of how much water we can save

Posting from my iPhone just to say...


If you didn't notice this (and because we've had iPhone posts...)

So yesterday I had oral...

Both the Red Sox and the Bruins are off tonight...

I just got a new Blackberry! Ask me anything!

Anyone install Google Chrome?

Do you recommend Lounge threads knowing full well they're not allowed on the Greatest Page?

Yeah, well that's just, like your opinion man.

I think DoucheDog is making fun of me.

Oh, I was a BAAAAAAAD boy over in GD just now...

So apparently today was bring your child to work and show them pron day

My LOL cat... ain't she cute - this is Soleil

We all know that your dog will miss you if you pass away... But what about your cat?

I am going to work! For Cleveland!

Leaving behind a dirty toilet: are some people just sick like that?

Anyone check in on Midlo this morning? 'm sure she's doing something to destroy the integrity of DU

Teachers should all have literary training and carry books.

I have to run to the grocery. Can I pick anything up for you?

Did you guys know that taterguy used to drink wine coolers?

Teachers should all be hot..

By now you've probably seen those Extenze TV commercials...

Did anyone see the Disney Earth movie yesterday?

Did anyone see the Disney Earth movie yesterday?

Geocities to close

as if anybody needed additional reasons to hate cubs fans

Job interview---15 minutes

Thanks to Mr. Coffee I am now getting a craving for something I haven't had in years...

" cute!" pic of the day

Anyone else get a goodie bag from their dentist

Ok, seriously. WTF is with all of the court shows on tv?

What are the ingredients of meh?

"I cheated on my wife while sleepwalking. What do I do now?"

I think I am quite funny.

anybody want a knuckle sandwich?

OK I've done it. After years of searching I've finally found it.

I'm sick, and it's freezing in here.

Somebody is bored: the Rec fairy is back..

Letting Go Sometimes Is Painful

the hostory of susan boyle

As if anyone needed additional reasons to hate cats

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/23/09

Did you guys know that Midlo . . .

Asparagus, Asaparagus. Ah Sweet Asparagus. - We have a poetry book by that title.

i'm done. you guys can have your precious lounge back for today

I already know what I want for Christmas

What are the ingredients of meth?

I'm almost positive I could make room in the monthly budget for a fluffer.

Why do I keep trying...

I can piss off MadinMaryland in 4 characters.....

Finally! A day off! I've been busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest!"

I'm thinking about spamming the lounge

I'm thinking about lounging in SPAM

A little affirmation please

i got the itis and stigmatizm in my eye. anyone have a folk remedy that don't involve magic?

Nothing real significant other than to me but

Ha, I got you all beat, my mere existence pisses off half the lounge, and irritates the rest...

And then I dreamt I actually got somewhere in the wheel.....

Credo mobile...Does anyone have experience with them? Id like to try it


I think I want to become a caketarian

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 4/23/2009)


So yesterday I had oral surgery...

So yesterday I had oral ....

the truckstop bathroom wall poetry thread

Not all attention is good attention

Question for LynneSin. When was the last time the Eagles won a Super Bowl??

“I have a temporary tattoo of a baseball that will be going away" (BeachBaby will NOT be pleased)

I can piss off LynneSin in three characters.

Another MLB uniform FAIL!

Tomorrow I am going to post something epic. And, you are all going

joe baca, supposed dem, rides again!

What is up with this crazy ass weather...

What I learned about my father's stem cell transplant today

I'm so happy to see Lounge threads receiving recommendations

SPAM Wellington

Man attacks cops with medieval battle ax (Florida)

Everybody! Look at me! Here's my new baby!!!

Tea bagging parties in France - From a friend

If SoxFan posts one more time about the ribs he's having for dinnah

I can piss off the entire lounge in one character

Singing piano-playing dog (video link)

there is no underwear in space!

Good evening, New Jersey

KenKen appreciation thread!!

Mr. Jeff Beck

Whoever thought of mixing Cherry & Chili and then putting it in a dark chocolate candy bar...

I can piss off the entire lounge in one phrase.

LynneSin appreciation thread

I am farsighteded. Anyone know what can I expect to pay for exam and glasses?

Is teabagging torture?

How do you feel when you start a thread and it gets no replies, plummeting straght for the archives?

Jay Leno cancels tonights taping, checks into a hospital

You fucking village idiots need to get over the Dallas Cowboy hatred thingie!

Comments on Susan Boyle from all over internet (Sweet and Funny)

I love going to my local record stores and browsing the used CDs and Records

REMINDER **** Gay marriage starts in Iowa Monday *** REMINDER

I Watched The Rick Astley YouTube Video Again

I am going to win the prize for threads that drop to the bottom like a rock

Where is the computer/technology forum -?



Pictures of the squirrel who's living with us right now!

Guilty pleasure, TV division: Survivor... anyone else?

I Watched The Susan Boyle YouTube Video Again

it is so irritating when i can't find the cd i want to listen to

There is a PARTY....everyone is there...

Did you ever make a mistake that you felt was so bad you had trouble accepting you had

Shop online and avoid the sturm und drang of department stores.

The Tree of Life.

Can you get in trouble from ordering Canabis seed online ?

List some artists you would love to interview for one hour, some who are alive, some who are dead

I think this is a really serious, sad song and the drummer's fried on acid

Are free vaccinations still given to schoolkids?

Can we think of something like the "pencil test" for men to fail?

Auto-Tune the News!

Ask a historical question that's probably never been asked before.

I have a female health question about my mom.

Are there any other Pastafarians in the lounge tonight?

Today I sorted burned photos of my kids growing up from the fire that

Life Expectancy and Age Calculator - See how long you'll live!!

Whats for dinner DU?

Stupid question about Mattress toppers... feather or fiber

I used to post here, but most of you probably do not remember me.

my NEW favorite three stooges quote:

Apple's iCrap still can't touch Blackberry sales

It is not every day that when you walk your dog in NYC you see someone walking their cow!

Because Midlo abdicated her role as publicist - new Dave update

Imagine Chris Matthews' head floating outside your window at night.

Some chihuahua knowledge needed here, PLEASE!1 (Re: housebreaking)

great song Hallelujah by Rufus Wainwright

Is 7 too young for a tattoo?

I have decided to forgive someone....

One hour and ten minutes to the glory that is Supernatural and the adorableness

Good morning, Loungers! Today is my 10th Anniversary being married to Mrs. Aristus.

Mo is AWOL!

Worldview emails?! Is this someones idea of a sick joke?

Do you ever have a sudden, fleeting experience of joy and/or peace?

Second Life part II my house,store,dancing at the AnthroXtacy,and blue unicorn.

Do you have the problem of being always right ?

I was sitting on the hopper at 3 am last night and there was a grasshopper sitting on the

Oh Look, Matthew McConaughey Has Another Romantic Comedy Coming Out

What's the most uncomfortable topic a stranger/aquaintance has discussed with you...

I am going to win the prize for threads that drop to the bottom like a rock

it's 91 degrees in alabama today

The Marine Corp tried to recruit me at the Wawa!

Pricey seats at new Yankee Stadium bomb

Ribs. Pulled pork. Collard greens. Food coma.

Ribs. Pulled pork. Collard greens. Food coma.

Psychological experiment: How does this photo make you feel? (The sequel)

This is why Baltimore is better than DC:

My new 'oil-less' turkey 'fryer'. It WORKS!

Five Random Questions for theThursday Night Lounge!

It seems we are missing Parche. Where is he?

Does this look like bronze to you?

Does this look like bronze to you?

Drake's cakes

Well, you likely Portishead despising philistines, I'm off to go read some Savage Sword of Conan

There's a raccoon on my back porch.

TREK YOURSELF: Create and post your own here!

Serious liquor drinkers: Is "Wild Turkey" a serious whiskey or a joke?


C'mon over and welcome a new DUer,

Why do some men care so much about abortion?

What happened to Mo the Lounge Cat?


I got electrocuted today:

Post your favorite pissed-off, kiss off, breakup songs here.

Stranded by bad economy, fewest Americans moved since 1962

Woman who pleaded to Obama faces homelessness again

Joe Klein: "(H)is is as serious and challenging a presidency as we have had in quite some time."

Washingtonian cover.

Obama Among the Dictators

IL-10: Bond Gearing Up to Run

Dupe re Lieberman-Graham-MCain Letter

Time's Joe Klein: Sizing Up Obama's First 100 Days

Lieberman joins McCain & Graham: Don’t Prosecute Over Interrogations

Maybe Obama Wants Pressure to Prosecute Torturers

The republican party has lost its "moral" arguments to gin the values voters.

What is this meme on MSM about prosecuting ONLY lawyers?!

Torture: "There's a word for this: it's evil"

Looks like they might make Rice the scapegoat

Coincidence: Obama To Speak At A Holocaust Remembrance Event........

PEW POLL: Obama at 100 Days: Strong Job Approval, Even Higher Personal Ratings (73%)

U.S. Soldiers Prosecuted for torture in Afghanistan:

Many Republicans Would Vote for Obama Over Palin

What Good Are Republican Voting Democrats?

He is NOT *THAT* popular!!!!!

O-phoria: AP Poll shows nation at most optimistic since 01/2004

From 3/07 thru 2/08, about 70 million credit card accounts — nearly 1 in 4 had interest rates raised

Torture means you can never have a legitimate trial of anyone subjected to it.

Obama gets high marks in polls

Heads Up: Watch Obama Live speak at Holocaust remembrance event

Are Members of Congress Being Blackmailed? Representative Harman and the NSA Wiretaps

Politico: Obama back at W.H. Credit Card Execs go thru SW gate-dodging more than a dozen reporters

Cantor says he's ready to work with the President..that Rs need to do so.

It's a trap ! Congress should stay out of the torture debate. Here's why:

Sorry to be a dunce but does someone have a PDF link to the timeline KO was referring to...

Looks like Holder may have to go after Paulson and Bernake

Schumer calls on Fed to implement new credit card rules immediately-rather than wait 'til July, 2010

MSNBC's Contessa Brewer upset with credit card companies practices, but can't seem to ask...

Meghan McCain smacks down Cheney and Karl Rove: "Go Away"

Chuck Todd's book "How Barack Obama Won": my review

Why is Obama such a polarizing figure?

Should Obama pardon Lyndie England?

Prosecuting admin. officials for torture is something a BANANA REPUBLIC would do...

100 Days Are Nearly Up. Vote for The Worst Media Moment of Obama's Presidency. MediaMatters

Heads-Up! Pres. Obama on TV now on MSNBC speaking about credit markets

AG Holder testifying before House Appropriation’s Justice Subcmte.

Water-Boarding is Not "Simulated" Drowning, Water-Boarding is Drowning.

I must be really stupid. I always thought that in so called banana republics

DUPE - please delete

Anyone who says waterboarding is not torture needs to read this VF article by Christopher Hitchens

Obama Caves to Right-wing in Boycotting UN Anti-Racism Conference

O'Reilly hack infiltrates GE shareholders meeting

Given the resistance and sabotage that Pres. Obama has gotten from the media, the pukes, and the

The "Banana Republic" meme was mentioned on TWO different local radio programs today

FEMA nominee pledges higher standard for disaster response

I do not want to see the tracking polls everyday.

Carolyn Maloney, Possible Senate Candidate, Gets a Statewide Finance Director

President Obama's schedule - Thursday, April 23, 2009

The questions I am dying to be asked of Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld, et al

Thank you, Lawrence O'Donell!! Thank you! Well done!

Caption for this photo of President Obama...

Credit-Card Companies Bracing for W.H. Meeting on High Fees (use my links to contact your reps now!)

OBAMA VIDEO "We have the opportunity to make a habit of empathy...

OBAMA VIDEO "We have the opportunity to make a habit of empathy...

Ha! Here's a fun thought about our financial demise

Anyone have a pic from inauguration night...

Mitt Romney: Investigating Torture is “Lowest Form of Partisanship”

Today's Gallup Tracking Poll: Obama up to 65%!

Democratic candidate for Congress inspired by opposition to Obama

Republicans making the Democrats get 60 votes for Sebelius

CEO of GE Defends Notre Dame Invitation to President Obama

MSNBC: Reid throws a rock in front of the prosecution bus.

Senate Leaders Opposes Interrogation Inquiry Panel (Reid joins Obama in opposition)

Barack Obama's Incovenient Encounter with America's Destiny

It's OK that I stole your bicycle

To the Republicans whose only idea is 'tax cuts' and 'more tax cuts.' Read this and get a clue!

Wow did AP step in ta pile of poo with this story about the National College Football champs

Is there anyone in politics more irrelevant than John Boehner?

DE-Sen, DE-AL: Castle Leaning Toward Senate Run or Retirement

RFK Jr. supports Gillibrand

President Obama tells bank execs he wants credit card consumer protections enacted in 'short order.'

Former Bush Official Zelikow Decries Bush Interrogation Techniques (ABCNEWS)

Obama, Clinton leave their egos at White House door

Is President Obama Tough Enough?

I think everyone owes President Obama a BIG

Beating Your Kids Works Too.

Please help my DU poll (link inside) ...

Salon Interviews Simon Johnson who says: "Break Up the Banks"

Is Karl Rove Scared About Possible Torture Prosecutions?


right wing talking points lies about torture stopping attacks debunked

Check out this anti-Obama LTTE in Everett Wa...and my reply

Wouldn't Obama's healthcare plan allow us to keep our own doctors?

Dodd: Fed has emergency power to ban retroactive fee increases, implement changes set for 7/2010 now

This is outrageous: Obama warned at Holocaust memorial

Boehner drops the t-bomb (tries to blame it on liberals)

Obama plans prime-time news conference Wednesday

PHOTOS Golf legend meets Tiger

Senior McCain aide (Schmidt): The GOP is a 'shrinking entity'

PHOTOS Larry Summers giddy with excitement after meeting with officials from credit card industry

Liz Cheney takes after her dad and mom. She's being interviewed on MSNBC...


Interesting numbers from the Associated Press-GfK poll.

"Democrats Should be Careful How They Tread from Here on Out" - re: Pelosi's knowledge of Torture

Time's Callie Shell: Obama's 100 Days: Behind-the-Scenes Photos

PHOTOS Today's photo thread links

Where are the torture polls?

Obama administration to release Bush-era detainee photos (LAT)

How vacuous is the Repug Party? To call Obama a "socialist" or not...

Levi vs. Palins: I wanna see my baby! May go to court to battle it out

First lady says she sneaks out for burgers


Republican Torture Lawyer McCarthy: Waterboarding repeatedly is torture

The President and First Lady in a word (Pew Research)

X-Post from GD: Premiere Radio Networks Syndicates The Randi Rhodes Show

LOL....anyone else cracking up at how the GOP are getting more and more desperate???

Testicular Politics: Obama and the Big Dogs

PHOTOS The President at the National Commemoration of the Days of Remembrance

If OJ Simpson Walked Around Yelling "I Killed My Wife, And It Was A Great Thing!!!"...

Where is Bush? Come to think of it:

PHOTOS Nudeness. Well, sort of.

Gates supported release of torture memos.

Obama: World's people must resist hatred, racism


Sebelius Being Blocked

As U.S. Attorney, Chris Christie Approved Warrantless Tracking Of Suspects Using Cell Phone GPS

What effect has GD:P on your mood on an average day?

36 years 1 month ago the blood was in the water like it was today.

What is the freeper referring to here - please. Obama, Seals and the Hostage Captain?

Rep. King (R) threatens "scorched earth", "shut down activity across the board".

The Return of Hillary

Democrats must not allow the Republicans to justify torture since it produced intelligence.

Breaking: First Dog Is "Crazy," Says First Lady

Obama inherited executive power that he has not abused. RAISE HELL, YES!

A "Great Nation" : Andrew Sullivan nails Peggy Noonan's rank hypocrisy.

Insects aren't torture....

HRC: "President Obama won the election."

Batshit-crazy Bachmann: As Obama denies Jesus We must humble ourselves before God

What's up with Attorney General Holder?

Mueller on whether intel from torture disrupted attacks: “I don’t believe that has been the case”

Media In Full Assault in Trying to Justify Torture.

Would a Christian nation ever use torture?

The Torture Timeline

"W.H. backs reconciliation for health-care reform"(why Obama met with Congressional Leadership)

NJ-Gov: Two More Terrible Polls for Corzine

PHOTOS The First Lady - Take Your Child to Work Day

Obama smiles with dictator who actively worked against American values

CNN: Bill Bennett

PHOTOS At home with the Obamas (Callie Shell)



PHOTOS Football legend meets the Gators

Pelosi: Bush Admin Never Briefed Congress on Waterboarding

Murphy now ahead by 401 votes in NY-20

Sean Hannity says he'd allow himself to be tortured for charity.

Anyone watch Hannity's interview with Cheney?

OK....Those who wanted Investigations on Torture, YOU have a JOB TO DO....You Better Believe THAT!

U.S. Soldier Killed Herself -- After Refusing to Take Part in Torture

You can't make this up. Now Cheney is bashing Obama on the economy

They tortured to justify Iraq war

PHOTO The First Lady and Queen Rania

PHOTOS Count the nostril hairs.

Favorite Line of the Night: "They're literally eating themselves alive."

Obama plans prime-time news conference Wednesday

VP-Shock: Biden Less Popular than Cheney

Question: Why are we torturing our own service people?

Levi Johnston: I have a lawyer

That's it? Obama wants clear CC bills and no "sudden" rate increases?

Bill Nye Booed for saying Moon reflects light from the Sun

WSJ: BofA CEO says was told to be quiet on Merrill

Reducing MIC 'feasible, but costly,' Bayer documents say

Cybergangs use cheap labor to break codes on social sites

Bailout for Breakfast: Lobbying The Hand That Feeds You

UK High Court demands U.S. torture document

US lacks civilians for Afghan 'civilian surge'

Malaysian blogger boycotts trial

Iraq Al-Qaeda boss Abu Omar al-Baghdadi 'is captured'

Iraqi insurgent leader captured-state television

Indonesia orders ICRC out of Papua over jail visits

Gephardt, not Pelosi, promised Harman chairmanship

Nearly 70 Killed in Suicide Bombings in Iraq

Suicide bombers strike, killing 60, in Iraq

Chinese Hackers Target NYPD Too, Says Police Commissioner

Congress Debates Fresh Investigation Of Interrogations

China puts naval power on display; pledges peace

March existing home sales fall by 3 percent

Senate report: Rice, Cheney OK'd CIA use of waterboarding

Senate report: Rice, Cheney OK'd CIA use of waterboarding

Iraqi officials say suicide bombs kill 78

US Said to Prepare Filing for Chrysler Bankruptcy

David Miliband claims of US threat over torture case 'slippery',

(Sec. Defense) Gates supported release of torture memos.

Boehner: Memos Outline "Torture Techniques"

Lawmakers say Congress WILL investigate torture, bipartisan support in place

Lawsuit would let Sioux take money for Black Hills

Pakistan Sends Special Police to Taliban-Held Area

China says Obama should not meet the Dalai Lama

U.S. defence chief urges action on Pakistan militants

Pirate Bay judge under fire for conflict of interest

Nests found of endangered sea turtles

Man: Sorry for threats to immigrant group

McCain: Torture Probe Will Be A "Witch Hunt"

Sioux Split on Suit Seeking Money for Black Hills.

NYPD's(Police Commissioner) Kelly Says Torture Bad for U.S.A.

U.S. jobless claims jump more than expected

Filipino court overturns US Marine rape conviction

Investors claim they lost millions to NY man (family dead)

Bristol Palin's ex: Court fight possible over son

Pharmacy Made Mistake In Horse Drug That Killed 21

Obama pledges protections for credit-card users

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday April 23

Stock futures rise as Apple tops expectations

Costco to change how it sells gas

GOP backs abortion bill

Obama Nears 100: Average Approval & Ultra-Polarizing

Rape, beatings and bribery: Iraqi police out of control

U.S. to release photos showing alleged abuses by American personnel

Report: Hispanics victimized in U.S. South

House votes to strengthen Fla. school voucher program

Malaysia tackles child conversion

Microbe-powered 'fart' machine stores energy

(AG) Holder: Won't selectively release torture memos

Interpol seeks arrest of opposition leader: Venezuela

Appeals Court Rules In Favor Of (Cindy) Sheehan Protesters

Man claims torture before U.S. memo OK'd it

Gov. Rell (Connecticut) Signs Gay Marriage Bill

White House: No independent interrogations probe

AP IMPACT: Secret tally has 87,215 Iraqis dead

U.S. to release photos showing alleged abuses by American personnel

Holder Says He Will Not Permit the Criminalization of Policy Differences

Report: Jay Leno hospitalized

Honor For Donna Brazile Prompts Archbishop's Boycott

ACLU: US Attorney OK'd GPS to track cell phones

Company defends sludge blamed for cancer in Mo.

So Long, GeoCities: We Forgot You Still Existed (died today)

PM must press U.S. for Khadr's return from Guantanamo, court rules

New Hampshire Senate Committee Recommends Killing Gay Marriage Bill

New Plan: Cable Boxes Track Viewers, Gather Data

Lewis Testified That U.S. Urged Silence on Merrill Deal: Report

Cheney, Rice signed off on harsh techniques

What Do You Think? Should I Go For It?

AP Poll: Americans High on Obama, Direction of US.

Two U.S. senators say H-1B visas allow 'legal discrimination'

(GOP Congressman) King: Torture trial should spark "scorched earth"

Rival party leader shot dead as South Africa votes

New photo: Nazis dig up mass grave of U.S. soldiers

Microsoft sales fall for first time in 23 years

BREAKING- Boehner Gives Low Grade To Obama's 100 Days

MSNBC: Ron Suskind - Torture Was Used To Link Saddam Hussein To September 11th

San Francisco's Mayor, Gavin Newsom, on Tidal Power and Clean Ocean Energy

The Shining City on a Hill Doesn't Torture - Day in 100 Seconds

Bush's Bad Apples- Blaming Our Troops For Torture

Countdown: How America Became A Torture Nation

Thom Hartmann talks to Elizabeth de la Vegas - She says WAIT! on Bush War Crimes

Documents Show Rice's Role In Torture More Than Previously Admitted

Gov Perry Is Helping Tx Democrats Rise to the Occasion -Sharp After Hutchinson's Seat

Lisa Ling Investigates Foreclosed Homes Oprah com

Hillary - "I don't consider him(Cheney) a particular reliable source"

John McCain's Anti-Torture Outrage Ends When Lawyers Give A Legal OK

Palin In-Laws On Larry King - Levi says 'Abstinence Unrealistic- Doesn't Work'

Torturing saves lives. Haven't we seen this movie before?

Dr Claims Cloned Human Coming - Animal/Human Hybrids Experiment Underway

Obama Says Torture Prosecutions Not Off the Table

100 Days of Progress. 100 Days of the Party of No.

Perez Hilton Vs. Miss California

Wal-Mart CEO Mike Duke is the Voice of the Common Man...

Houston, We Have a Solution

Shimkus: Capping Carbon Pollution Is A Greater Assault On Democracy Than 9/11

President Obama: Biggest Gain in 'Right Track' Poll Of Any Recent President

O'Reilly: "Torture, My Ass"

Thom Hartmann.. Why Bush and Cheney Tortured.. The REAL reason!

Darth Vader's iPhone

Boehner CIA MEMOS: All the activities that our Country was ENGAGED in was BIPARTISAN!

Major Garrett Ducks Bee Attack During Live Shot! (WH Bee Attacks Faux)

DNC ad: 100 days of "NO"

Cheney's Daughter Tries to Salvage Her Daddy's Reputation - 'Effectiveness Counts'

GOPers on Torture Prosecutions: Is This a Banana Republic?

Alter: Bybee's approval of waterboarding could result in his impeachment

Calls grow to remove Jay Bybee from the bench

Sean Hannity's guest calls for him to be waterboarded

The Cigarette is Dead

TYT: Karl Rove's spasms

Obama targets Holocaust deniers

Boehner: Bush 'Tortured'

Thom Hartmann & Gov. Don Siegelman about Eric Holder reviewing his case & Karl Rove

Meghan McCain on Rove: "You had your 8 years, go away"

Former federal prosecutor: Special prosecutor would be PR move


TYT:Taliban Video Of A Girl Getting Beaten

Sen. Leahy: Investigate Bush-Cheney Abuses

Clinton: Bush's Iran Policy Was a Failure

Rep Bachmann: As Obama Denies Jesus, We Must Humble Ourselves Before God

Debbie Wasserman Schultz: We need torture hearings.

Torture is Evil

Rufus Wainwright - Going to a town

Senator Webb: U.S. prisons are a national disgrace - Drug legalization should be "on the table".

Former Christian coalition director argues for torture

The Worst Media Moments of Obama's First 100 Days

TYT: R's Siding With Big Credit Card Companies (Dems Should POUNCE)

Liz Cheney: Waterboarding isn't torture because of SERE training

BREAKING: Randi Rhodes to Return to Talk Radio

Olbermann Bets Hannity $1,000 Per Second Of Waterboarding


Barney Frank on the Credit Card Holders' "Bill of Rights"

TYT: LO Absolutely Hammers GOP Strategist, Cenks Loves It

The difference between pirates

Ruth Marcus: Palin's Personal Choice

In Pictures: President Obama's trip to Iowa

My Tortured Decision

Minor Earthquakes felt in Alabama on Tuesday and Wednesday

Holy Valerie Plame! Dick Cheney 'Outs' Himself

Robert Parry: How Bush's Torture Helped al-Qaeda

The Tortured Logic of the Torture Superfans

Religious Revolt: New Christian Sect Battles Demons, Raises the Dead, Campaigns for Sarah Palin

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend: My Father's Stand on Cuba Travel

Gene Lyons: Rationale for torture appalling

The CraigsList Killer More than “Boy Next Door”

Gene Lyons on The shaming of America

"Be Nice" at Home, Torture Everywhere Else

Robert F. Kennedy Urged Lifting Travel Ban To Cuba In '63 (National Security Archive EBB 158)

Rediscovering Human Rights in an Age of Torture(rs)

Losing Its Cool at the Mall

Amy Goodman’s New Column, “Torturers Should Be Punished”

Torture works sometimes -- but it's always wrong

U.S. Soldier Who Killed Herself--After Refusing to Take Part in Torture

AlterNet: Today, Life in the South for Poor Latinos Is Pure Hell!

As U.S. Attorney, Chris Christie Approved Warrantless Tracking Of Suspects

Matt Taibbi: Tom Friedman Strikes Again

Stupid is as stupid does

Taliban Advances in Pakistan

The Judgment on Vaccines Is In???

Europe Needs No Part in Doomed Afghan War

Norm Coleman (Urban Dictionary)

Helen Thomas: Bush shares blame for torture tactics

Glenn Greenwald: Three key rules of media behavior shape their discussions of "the 'torture' debate

Forget Bootleg DVDs, China Complains to U.S. About Piracy, of Torture Manuals!

In Pictures: Presidential Pets over the years

Coulter’s Eulogy for Her Mom, Complete with Liberal Bashing

Meghan McCain tells Karl Rove and Dick Cheney to 'go away'

It's Only a Flesh Wound!

FBI Interrogator Ali Soufan has an important op-ed in the NYT

Publish and be damned, Mr Cheney

They never tortured Saddam. Consider what that tells us.

Hannity re Waterboarding: "I'll do it for charity"

FIDEL: "The Summit and the Lie" (Ortega Provides Some Background)

Round Table Guest Daniel Ortega: "In Cuba Democracy Does Not Divide the People"

NELSON VALDES: A Modest ["Transition"] Proposal: From a Really Acceptable Cuban to Obama

MACHETERA: Heelary Cleenton Joo Espeek Espaneesh?

Part 2 of Saul Landau's Interview of Cuban Fiver Gerardo Hernandez

Seeming mixed signals from Cuba's Castro brothers

Displaced in Colombia

Robert F. Kennedy Urged Lifting Travel Ban To Cuba In '63 (National Security Archive EBB 158)

CUBA (video): Interview of Two Foot Soldiers in the Cuban Revolution (english subtitles)

Local (DE) impact of Obama's energy policy announcement yesterday

UK bets on carbon capture - go-ahead given for 4 coal plants with CCS

Drumbeat: April 23, 2009

Discovery of an Unexpected Boost for Solar Water-Splitting Cells

Central New York Rep. John McHugh takes aim at acid rain

'Super reefs' fend off climate change, study says

Record-low inflows to Murray-Darling Basin

Energy Regulatory Chief Says New Coal, Nuclear Plants May Be Unnecessary

Beyond Fossil Fuels: Leon Steinberg (CEO of National Wind) on Wind Power

Energy Regulatory Chief Says New Coal, Nuclear Plants May Be Unnecessary

Wind Power Growing in New York—Wind power capacity increased 300% in past year

Ozone Hole Causes Antarctic Sea Ice to Expand, Slows Warming

Peak oil notes - Apr 23

Scientists Discover Intersex Fish are More Widespread (USFWS 4/22)

Giant crocs cause plane problems

Senate Finance Examines "Technology-Neutral" Energy Policy (reduction of greenhouse gasses)

Fire Is Important Part of Global Climate Change, Report Scientists

Bottled Water Sales Plunge Hits Nestle As Consumers Cut Costs, Take Note Of Environmental Price

Double-action power stations: energy and hydrogen

Chinese Urban Pollution "Extremely Severe", Environmental Minister States - AFP

Industrial Nations' GHG Output Up By Not Quite 1% During 2007 - Reuters

Reef boom beats doom—"spectacular recovery of certain coral reefs in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

Microbe-powered 'fart' machine stores energy

Nuclear plant sold for scrap

Pick your paradigm

Could your trashcan solve the energy crisis?

The Parable Of The Tribes

Freaking HILARIOUS Video Of Young Conservatives' Earth Day - Maybe 12 People, Bad Audio, Rain . . .

H.R. 2015: carry out a study on the use of thorium-fueled nuclear reactors

Team captain blames injections for polo pony deaths

"I really did play baseball with Superman."

Hosts didn't have ghost of chance

Mason, Ryan, Versteeg vie for Calder honors (best rookie)

Chiefs trade Tony Gonzalez to Falcons for 2010 pick

Rumor has it Michael Phelps is dating Miss California...

Norris Finalists (best defenseman): Chara, Lidstrom, Green.

Extreme golf: million dollar Par 3

Obama Lauds Florida State Gators

looking for baseball TV schedule

Thrill of the fight fuels Yanks-Sox rivalry

Early Derby Picks

Two hospitalized after fall from scaffolding

Today in labor history Apr 23 nationally recognized as the country’s first woman coal miner

Faked Evidence of “Gay Conversion”?

Former Miss USA Supports Marriage Equality!

Pastors force gay student to step down as group leader - outcry erupts (Cornell Univ)

Twitter, gay rights and controlling the message

NGLTF Condemns Gay 'Glued Anus' Deaths in Iraq; Donates to Exile Group

The company I work for has an LGBT area on a message board

What a shock. Miss Cal's granny is an old bigot too!

Please support Adam Lambert On Idol. The Xtian Groups have launched a full fledged assault

Closeted Gay Republicans Hung Out to Dry in Outrage

Miss California Could Sue for Discrimination, Legal Analyst Says

Emergency Senate bill saves lesbian couple from deporation

Seven cases of a weird new swine flu have been confirmed in people in Texas and California

Disturbing information within the reporting about new "swine" flu outbreak.

The intellectual bankruptcy of the anti-vaccine movement

The suffering of Israel's Mizrahis

Amos Harel / IDF's idea of 'proportionate' is a matter of interpretation

Clinton: U.S. won't deal with Hamas until it accepts our terms

Were Abu Ghraib abuses learned from Israel?

Netanyahu's Mideast policy damaging EU ties

Can someone share the difference between Haaretz and Jerusalem Post?

The two nation-state solution

Joseph's tomb compound vandalized

Clinton: Israel risks losing support on Iran

Israel strives to re-brand image

White Phosphorus In Gaza: From Flat Denial To Final Admission

Nobel Laureate Accuses Israel of 'Ethnic Cleansing'

California senate bill No. 697: Owner authorized handguns

Next battle for the 2nd Amendment Obama wants senate to ratify CIFTA

The games that credict cards play

A copy of the Right Wing e-mail circulating about the Maersk Alabama/SEAL team incident

'The Goldman Conspiracy': 10 reasons why Wall Street has absolute power over America's democracy

Congress going after estate taxes - again - USA Today editorial

Nancy Skinner's latest blog post - Detroit to Rachel - Ouch That One Hurt!

In Defense Of Elizabeth Warren

Human nature, capitalism and the global crisis

The Mighty Debt Purge of 2009

a pussy willow

Lounge? or here? or both?

shots from level 6

Stopping to smell the roses

A Departure from taking walks - I took a picture of a bird

Kind of Blue: It's NEVER to late for a B'Day Celebration

In response to those who wrote about last week...


Connecting the Dots

Do the Palestinians Really Want a State?

World first for strange molecule

Brain-Twitter Project Offers Hope to Paralyzed Patients

NASA in dire need of an administrator.

Black hole spews water vapour

A web of intrigue in the Arctic

Fluorescent puppy is world's first transgenic dog

Some internet resources on the Amarna tablets

If you need a good laugh tonight . . .

"Third Wave" of Christianity is growing faster than the earth's population and faster than Islam

What does "spiritual" mean to you?

Politics IS religion

minority religions in the State of the Jews-Israel

the only cooking I've been doing lately, fresh bread twice a week

Can anything be more disgusting?

I'm back! Did ya miss me?

I posted the other day to GD.... Deer and beer should never mix

Timewave 2013 (video)

Bush Admin Used Torture to Find Links Between Iraq and al Qaeda

WHAT IS YOUR "HOP" LEVEL? (Page that refers to DU)


Crawford protesters win appeal

Skilled Labor in Texas

The Texas Economy Over the Next Two Years

Thermitic Pyrotechnics in the WTC Made Simple

Please support Shawn Johnson

Inglourious Basterds - Quentin Tarantino

CBC: PM must press U.S. for Khadr's return, court rules

Need help finding a Mini Computer

Petulant TWC says it will delay DOCSIS 3.0 rollout