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Since the redundant intelligence & warnings about 9/11 were disregarded I believe in LIHOP more

Kelley Blue Book's Announces Top 10 Green Cars for 2009

Okay ... is there a lot of difference between the subjects of these two stories?

This is just Horrible

Another Conservative In Search of a Life

Five deferments Cheney whining about Obama's diplomacy

NYTimes: Lawmaker Is Said to Have Agreed to Aid Lobbyists

NYTimes: Lawmaker Is Said to Have Agreed to Aid Lobbyists

Video: Rachel Maddow on the possible prosecution of Bush Administration officials by the DOJ

Paul Potts, Blueprint for Sarah Boyle?

Here's a wierd thing

Obama did not grant them amnesty.

Spread the policy of harsh interrogations far beyond terror suspects who worked directly for Osama

Independent commission needed on torture issue

GOP consultant says man ho Jeff Gannon inspired tea bag idea

MoveOn Enters Torture Fray, Calls For Special Prosecutor

Jane Harman and Rod Blogojevich

Jane Harman and Rod Blogojevich

no way to view the people who ruled us these past 8 years as anything but monsters

Is the world going to hell in a handbasket?

I'm beginning to feel that the Bush criminal legacy is coming back like a huge belch.

Crimes suspected in 20 bailout cases -- for starters

Would you be so kind and hit this poll please...

This is so disturbing I debated posting it. You've been forewarned.

nice to see that the Jane Harman story got 2 seconds on morning schmoe

Darth Cheney, why are you talking about classified documents on Faux News?

Stanford - I left details to others

Recession is easing - Fed vice chairman

Pat Buchanan is getting sort of insane. i think even Tweety gets it at this point.

Fox Nation says "yes" again to "biased media," claiming "Taliban Copies Democrat Playbook"

You know, when joey scars berates mika

A Tiny little Problem with "Torture"

Bachmann's Minnesota Race A Gift That Keeps on Giving -- to Democrats

Future Republican talking points. Re-inventing the New Deal!


Sign Says IHOP, but Syrup Says Vermont

Barack Obama ~ What I have learned -

Building collapsed-1 dead- $83,500 fine for 13 violations

MySpace uReport: Fox News, MySpace To Team Up On Citizen Journalism Feature


Which would be most effective in terms of RESULTS? Senate Inquiry or Special counsel?

Hey Dick! Even if Torture Prevented an Attack,

So, I Got A Response From My Senator About Single Payer

cheney is defending criminial behavior

How Waterboarding Got Out of Control

“May the fleas of 1,000 camels infest your linen closet,”

Anyone watching Isikoff on CSpan - they showed tape of Cheney saying Al Queda was

Card on Morning Joe, 'This debate' (torture) 'happened in the oval office'

This always reminded me of Hannity and Rush

TORTURE: Feinstein Now Wants A Formal Inquiry-WH Signalling It May Support Special Prosecutor

Why shouldn't dick cheney be tortured for information?

Why shouldn't dick cheney be tortured for information?

Congress is launching the “mother of all climate weeks” today

The Torture Memos Released Deal With 2 Detainees, We Need Details on Abu Ghraib and Gitmo

Shaheen Jafargholi is the new DU meme -- Susan Boyle is finished.

Every time Cheney opens his mouth it is a plus for us

If the FBI had gotten the warrent for Mousaouis puter there would have been no torture.

If we can torture children to find out where there fathers are...

Gingrich Keeps Inviting Trouble

Map of remoteness

Monotheism destroys the Holy of the Holies....

NYT: Harman Said She'd Have More Pull With White House

Ever see the list of crimes KSM confessed to while Bush had his little kids and was torturing him?

Millions have Single Prayer Health Insurance

Darth Cheney Wants An Honest Debate

The suicide bomber wore an Iraqi special forces uniform

2fer, SPITZER watches AFFLECK "doing" him in movie. O'LOOFAH will crap out a book on OBAMA

Jane Harman is the Horsehead in the Bed

Juan Cole: Harman Scandal: All about War on Iran

Is Our Drive For Torture Prosecution Politically-Motivated?

Is Our Drive For Torture Prosecution Politically-Motivated?

One quote that explains the root cause of most of our politcal problems

DU Ethics Choir assemble!

Gun shops being emptied of ammo-Thom Hartmann.

Gun shops being emptied of ammo-Thom Hartmann.

I think Code Pink is striking again right now

Says it all.

Obama Double!

The Hill: Most Partisan Senators: Dem: Pat Leahy, Repuke: Jim Bunning

How "independent" is Eric Holder, the Atty-General?

Cheney is reminding me of Jack Nicholson in a Few Good Men

"The way that I answered might have been offensive ... but for me, it was being Biblically correct"

Pelosi Plans Post-'29 Style Wall St. Hearings

Tea-Bag Inspiration

Government To Give GM Up To $5 Billion In New Aid , $500M to Chrysler

Who are the "socialists" in our government? The National Review names and lists them for us

Who are the "socialists" in our government? The National Review names and lists them for us

Worse Than A Handshake

Of course Torture works.. look how quickly we captured Osama Bin Ladin

Another Controversial Bow And Handshake From Obama

For over a year...Darth Cheney was in undisclosed location

Obama's Tortured Stance on Torture

Dem Rep Harman DID Urge Times Not To Publish Wiretapping Expose

President Obama struggled for weeks with decision to release memos

Geithner defends bank rescue program amid warnings

One Happy Pirate

What is so funny?

Don Henley battles Republicans over YouTube video (another GOP D-Bag stealing)

How does Cheney know he won't be prosecuted?

Colleges Push Tuition Aid For Illegal Immigrants

Martin FROST says Kinky FRIEDMAN is a "liberal gadfly" - How Politico of him

The Rude Pundit - Pardon Them: A Proposition (With Many Caveats) Regarding Torture

Leno: the economy is so bad that Fox News is now hiring only brunettes

I Ask Again - Why Is She A Republican?

Why old fogeys like McPain like Twitter

Why old fogeys like McPain like Twitter

Police identify 4 dead in Md. hotel as NY family

Strangest lawsuit ever?


One thing that left-wingers and right-wingers might agree upon?

The President has left the door open for testimony...

Should Lyndie England be released from jail?

Matt PUDGE's "awful awful life" - talks only to LIMBOsevic, COULTERgeist, BREITBART

Cartoonist Ted Rall has been laid off from United no one safe??

Family Guy Hitler/Fox News Clip

Hey Dick Cheney!

Executive editor of NYT confirms Harman did call paper in Fall 2004 asking to kill wiretap story

Obama leaves door open

Re: Jane Harmon backing warrantless wiretaps: NSA Wireless can they hear Jane now?

D. Rep. Kendrick Meeks, as usual, disappoints

Iran and Israel have spies in Eritrea

Are we the taxpayers paying for Blackwater's contract in Iraq?

I need some DU love and reassurance

US Threatens to Invade Eritrea

NYT: Pressure Grows to Investigate Interrogations

Your argument is not that simple.

you are missing an adventure if you aren't reading The Long Horse Ride Blog

McCain to face 2010 primary challenge

Ex-Rice Aide Blasts Torture Program

Gerald Nadler will be on Olbermann tonight

Jane Harman is on MSNBC right now

A President has Constitutional Authority to Pardon people but

Arizona Photo Radar Shooter Suspect

So Now Harman Is Upset About Wiretaps, Legal Or Otherwise

The thread about driving around the car crash and not stopping got me thinking..

Please delete. Duplicate posting.

I just looked up "hoisted by one's own petard". This is all they had...

Scott Horton: "Gonzales' New Cover Up" (stifling the Harman criminal investigation)

10 Environmental Disasters to Remember on Earth Day

Question - Isn't it CONGRESS that calls for a Special Counsel?

if cheney had proof of torture preventing terror attack

Rep. Schakowsky: I was privy to briefings on torture - saw no evidence that it gave critical info

Gavin Newsom: It's Official...I Am Running For Governor Of California

Feinstein sought $25 billion for agency that awarded contract to spouse

Another Dem declares he'll challenge Specter

Obama not ruling out interrogation prosecutions

More American Workers Outsourcing Own Jobs Overseas

Suspect in Sandra Cantu murder also linked with another missing girl

Senator Whitehouse: DOJ Torture Report Will Be 'Devastating'

OMG too funny for words just go and watch it - Democratic Underground Date.

Police probe possible poisoning of polo horses. Could it be another form of terrorism?

Petition for Floridians to sign re attempted changes to election laws...........

Di Fi On MSNBC - Sounds To Me That She Is Using Weasel Words......

Despite Claim, Cheney Didn’t Really Ask CIA To Release Torture Intelligence

good dog, what an idiot Steve King is. On C-SPAN now talking about Obama/Chavez

To the chagrin of the teabaggers

Does anyone have Chuck Todd's email addy?

What would you do to see this?

The Case Of Richard Wilhelm Hermann Bruns, Et Al.

Just got a robo call from some anti gay marriage people

GOP Decries Anti-Semitic Tea Party Activism

UN Conference Approves Anti-Racism Declaration

Chicago Tribune: Poison in the Well

i find it stunning that the ex-vice-president is on teevee defending torture

The hidden horrors of Abu Ghraib

I think Cheney is a huntin' up another batch of them WMD's..

The reason Dick Cheney is opening his Big Pie Hole... vote: Should Bush/Cheney torture officials be prosecuted?

Hey, Cheney: Torture has not prevented a single attack on America. How do I know this?

FDR - The Test of Our Progress

MSNBC: Senior Intel source says Cheney has made no request for declassifying memos

MSNBC: Senior Intel source says Cheney has made no request for declassifying memos

Pope Joins Call for Weapons Ban

Oh good. McCain is demanding WH apology for the DHS extremist report.

Cheney lied!!

I think the Dems on the Intelligence committees who were briefed and approved torture are going down

liberals of the world, we are at war!

Phil Markoff accused Craig's list killer & College Republican.

I Believe Bush Will Be Prosecuted

Convictions overturned for Senegal gays

Crimes suspected in 20 bailout cases -- for starters

The best presidential speech of all time (With apologies to Mr. Lincoln)

This Is Good News! Stephen Hawking set to recover from chest infection

The fucking Taleban move beyond Swat into Buner, breaking the peace deal

Have you all seen "Playing For Change: Peace Through Music"? Here's one of their songs.

Strange news..Clinton and GWB will be debating in Toronto

Why is 'juror research' such a bad thing?

Forecast for Wednesday: "Snow Showers" -- Forecast for Friday: High of 79°

"Gathering Storm" parody

Now that it is out, what have you heard about the Ford Fusion Hybrid?

Teddy Kennedy speaking live on GEM$NBC with Obama

The press is so damn dumb... Obama HAS NOT CHANGED HIS POSITION!

Is Miss America or Miss Universe or beauty pageants in general even relevant today?

I understand "tough on crime". I also understand "soft on crime". What I don't understand ...

Are Business School students right of center?

Are Business School students right of center?

With Son in Remission, Family Looks for Coverage

Fmr. Bush Official: White House Tried To Destroy Torture Dissent Memo

can anyone direct me to the "Kill the Liberals"video from the tea parties?

Hill Holds Fire on Harman


OMG "conservative comedy" as posted on FR

How long will we be in Iraq?

If you want to watch The Corporation........

EFCA Would Help Blacks Find Economic Recovery

Jane Harmon on N.P.R.'s All Things Considered had a bad case of C.R.S.

Tweety heads for Cheney

Jane Harman: Karma is a bitch.

DFL Ad- "Give it up Norm"

Could this be the solution to Afghanistans problem?

I hope Chris Matthews has Buchanan on Hardball today.

Would someone please explain this?

Lautenberg, Reed, Feinstein to introduce bill to mandate background checks at gun shows

does anyone post at buzzen??..there are now eactly 0 posters on all their chat rooms

I hope everyone is watching the war criminals carefully

Checkers vs. Chess

SchultzShow lead-in teaser: "Kennedy promises health care bill by June"

Crimes suspected in 20 bailout cases -- for starters

what happened to the promise of raising Capital Gains tax?

I'm surprised the Somali Pirate teen wasn't sent to a secret prison and tortured

Patrick Lang: Harman/AIPAC Part 2

Where Were the NSA Watchdogs?

Awesome: major right wing blogger now says the movement has become “ a bunch of kooks"

NBC News: CIA denies Cheney made any formal request

Company Seen as Trying to Hide Details of West Virginia Chemical Explosion

Cheney wants to talk..Congress needs to subpoena him..and do it in public

oh michele, you ignorant......

For me, it may come to this - If prosecutions on torture do not happen

Rep. Tiahrt (Limbaugh-KS) capitulates to the Dittoheads

Philippe Sands "The Guardian" -- Publish and Be Damned, Mr Cheney

I just need to hear that motherfucker's voice and my blood boils

Alright I have had enough Go away Dick just go away and shut up until

I support torture.

People who believe in torture should be tortured. I know that

David Hamilton to Appear on the Hill. Again.

Are there more violent incidents, or are they being more widely reported?

How is that 'ole ticker feeling these days Uncle Dick ???

Senator: OPR report will be ‘devastating’ to torture memo authors

If Dick Cheney feels so strongly about torture

That was pretty fucking rude just now on MSNBC.

ed is ripping the dick

Dick Cheney pushes torture like Billy Mays promotes Oxyclean

So what does Obama gain by releasing information about the torture, but

So Republicans say torture produces valuable information

Gavin Newsom: It's Official...I am Running for Governor of California has a preview of Glenn Beck's "comedy" tour.

"Be VERY afraid! ... and get NewsMax!"

"Be VERY afraid! ... and get NewsMax!"

Now let me get this right

James Inhofe Challenges Judicial Nominee Fearing He is Secret Muslim

oh great--ed show infested w lying RWers again

DU This Poll: Torture Prosecutions

Thanks to president Obama I just saved $520 a month on my cobra insurance.

Here's How Our Founding Fathers Would Have Come Down on the Torture Debate:

GO NORML! Did you just see that legalization ad during Ed's show?

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

DiFi says that it wasn't CIA officers who tortured but

A Third Doctor Objects To CIA/DOJ Misuse of Science While Torturing

Innocent by reason of productive torture.

I'm less worried about a crooked congresswoman and more worried about the NSA.

These pro-torture people make me sick

These pro-torture people make me sick

FINALLY! and screw Brownback, McCain, et al. Senate confirms Hill as Iraq ambassador

Payback period for 3 hybrids 31 to 38 years. Just looking at the economic aspects of buying a hybrid

Freeper Tactic Alert: CIA "Confirms" Torture Prevented Attack on L.A.

Children raped in secret prisons??

did i hear tweety right? cheney made request to National Archives

Despite pleading letters to stop death penalty, Aisha al-Hamzi executed

NE1 know where I can find a video of all the Cramer vs. Stewart hijinks? nt

Nutro dog food warning out- came out yesterday, I think.

Corporate America’s Counter-Stimulus Strategy

Why so silent, Alberto?

Let's play Talk Like A Republican - Version A

Edward Kennedy Serve America Act .... let it be just the first

Not allowing all American Citizens to travel to Cuba is unconstitutional

One of these is NOT like the other..(pics)

Feinstein sought $25 billion for agency that awarded contract to spouse

For those who think prosecuting one's own

Just for a chuckle: from "24" message board

Word of the day: Explansion

EFCA in Danger

has anyone on DU ever taught overseas?

Turley on now with Shuster

Open Letter to All Republican Senators on a Possible Employee Free Choice Act Compromise

Re: Torture: Has anybody seen a poll indicating the extent to which the public

Let's play Talk Like A Republican - Version B

Senator Kerry draws on '71 Vietnam testimony in asking current vets to speak

So I was listening to POTUS radio channel 110 on Sirius Radio when...

Cool whale video from submarine

"Love Is".. a la les républicains..(had to share this gem)

Harman case is potentially happy, happy news!

W Post: If It's Eco-Friendly, It Just Tastes Better (wine)

Raising the bar on crane safety (non workers die from crane accidents too)

Just saw Rep Harmon on CNN.

A video of the interrogation session of an American citizen went missing right before his trial

Did the court in Spain decide NOT to pursue crimes against Bush administration?

Fox Nation advances dubious report that "Obama actually delayed pirate rescue"

Mesmerizingly boring or mindnumbingly exciting?

UKs Latest Terrorist raids were nothing but a fake to keep the UK scared.

It's time to ask the question...what did NSA/Cheney get on Obama?

It's time to ask the question...what did NSA/Cheney get on Obama?

Cheney argues that our country is especially competent and successful at torture. Aren't you proud?

Fatties cause global warming

How to cut 100 million from Federal budget

When the fuck did talking head media types reacting to each other become normally acceptable?

Here's a lovely headline.....

Disney To Plant 500,000 Trees As 'Earth' Makes Waves-by a ticket Disney will plant a tree

I'll accept the M$M trope that only the "hard left" wants torture prosecutions

just how awful a man am I?

Chuck Todd Depicts Support For Torture Investigations As Fringe Phenomenon

Rachel ----OH NO YOU DON'T

What do you do when you disagree with the Administration?

PBS Frontline 9pm ET and web - Poisoned Waters - Chesapeake, Puget

Looks like Guliani might run for Governor

Must see bat shit t.v. ... C-SPAN Bachmann & Pence .... Live

Obama's Truth-Commission Ideals Mesh With Congress's

Zelikow On Shadow Government: The OLC "torture memos": thoughts from a dissenter

Open letter re: "Skinner is going to open a discussion on this in the near future."

Wow!!! - Just Watched Philip Zelikow On Rachel's Show And......

Two Questions: 1. Who In The WH Ordered Zelikow's Memo Be Collected & Destroyed?.....

There's ANOTHER Storm Coming!

Another Republican apologizes to Rush!

Prosecution - Poll

Senate report: After soliciting torture ‘wish list,’ Bush admin. ordered ‘Chinese communist’ techniq

Senate report: After soliciting torture ‘wish list,’ Bush admin. ordered ‘Chinese communist’ techniq

Charter Schools vs Public Schools

Two Questions: 1. Who In The WH Ordered Zelikow's Memo Be Collected & Destroyed?.....

Senate report: Bush admin solicited torture "wish list" , ordered "communist" tactics

Atlanta's bid for high-speed rail is going to be Georgia

Open Left: Historical, Hysterical Conservatives

Republicans Less Popular Than Venezuela

Does the NSA have video tapes of you playing golf with Satan, Representative Harman?

JEC hearing at 9:30 - Joseph Stiglitz and Simon Johnson to testify

So, about those 183 waterboardings, and what it says about Cheney.

Are the Republicans scared about what a real torture investigation will find?

You tell her. Because I can't.

Report: White House sanctioned harsh tactics

High Court Limits Searches of Suspect's Car After Arrest

So did you get the e-mail from your rightwing fundie relatives protesting Obama at Notre Dame?

Upon reflection, a State should have the right to seceed. With due respect to TX DUers

Is Cheney Panicking? - Did Cheney believe he could hide all this forever?

Craiglist murder suspect called "a beautiful person inside and out" by fiance

Volunteering and acting for CHANGE - and other sites....

The SASC Smoking Gun on Waterboarding

Freepers rush to the defense of "Biblically Correct" anti-gay marriage Miss California

Riders On the Storm (Wells Fargo Chairman Still Fuming About TARP)

RW Astroturf e-mail debunked (Obama indecisive against pirates)

Deer and beer should never mix

Senate Armed Services Committee Report on Torture (released--we've been waiting for this!)

Teabagging for cars - photo

Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent

Gavin Newsom to run for Governor of California

How do you rate a thread

AP: Obama open to torture memos probe, prosecution

In truth none of us will be safe until the Bush/Cheney moles are rooted out of our Government....

New 100 MPG Light Truck Unveiled


"We'll torture to keep you safe. Vote Palin/Bachmann 2012"

Question, Do you think Obama, or someone very high up, reads DU?

Severe Texas Drought Threatens Coastal Wildlife

This poll needs our help! DU this MSNBC poll on prosecuting Bush officials regarding torture

Give your best reason/argument for investigating Bush Administration "activities."

Craigslist Killer suspect is apprehended. Cops used ip computer address to track him

Colbert is on a roll about torture tonight. Here's a chuckle on a gravid subject.

In a country that tolerates killing 1,000,000 Iraqis who didn't need killing, WHY is a Craig's List

So let me get this straight.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

51 years old and my first college choke hold

If you build it.....maybe they won't come

TOON: why do American workers take frustration out on each other but Europeans go after boss?

What does Rush Limbaugh do for a hobby, besides golf

PSA my son had an idea for- Earth Frying: Opinions?

Zelikow jumps ship - on Rachel now

"I'm sorry Master Limbaugh!" Republican Tiahrt bows to Limbaugh!

Fertility expert: 'I can clone a human being'

Famed Feminist Faces Medical Tragedies, Bankruptcy, Despite Insurance

A thought for the pep rally bus drivers, those offering crow recipes & patience self-help gurus

Zelikow is turning on Cheney!

Scientists discover a nearly Earth-sized planet

Weather Underground - Bill Ayers

Please tell me where Kunstler is wrong here.

Lieberman: Obama releasing OLC torture memos 'helps our enemies.'

If hundreds of G.I. POW's were tortured to death, how would America react?

AP: Obama open to Hill probe of harsh interrogations

i'd like to see dick cheney's face when he reads this....

Holy Cow! Free Ben & Jerry's Today

How is Tony Blair faring in all this?

As long as people believe torture was "To Protect America" they walk...

As long as people believe torture was "To Protect America" they walk...

"The relentless stupidity of Sean Hannity ....... "

Dumb question here. Re:hotel killer on craigslist.

Scientists Discover All-Female Ant Species that Reproduces by Cloning

Over A Hundred Detainees Died in US Custody, At Least 27 Were Tortured to Death

Over A Hundred Detainees Died in US Custody, At Least 27 Were Tortured to Death

Why Cheney Is So Offended By Obama And Dubya Isn't.........

“I always wanted to meet the Michael Jordan of cricket,”

3rd District in NH votes in a republican for state senate

Fwiw, I think some of what comes off as impatience re the torture situation

Week 13 Presidential Week in Review

The "empty creditor": Destroying companies, on purpose, for profit

Torture is what we expect from Nazis, imperial storm troopers, and other villains in black hats.

Times confirms Democrat tried to stop wiretapping story, possibly before 2004 election

Would you like Gov Tim Pawlenty to run for President ? Check out what kind of man he is

I have no respect for a nation or religion that forces women to wear veils & burqas

This Is Seriously Absurd. We Have Confessions To War Crimes And We Won't Prosecute.

I want DU'ers to think of something regarding the Bush Admin and torture and wire tapping...

"We Don't Torture"- Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Was Waterboarded 183 Times in One Month

Love This Quote From David Kurtz:

Should PNHP support a public Medicare-like option in a market of private plans?

Tortured to Talk…or Tortured to KEEP QUIET?

Potheads bigger problem than Torturers.

Dick Cheney, who's being weak exactly?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Dick Cheney, who's being weak exactly?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Meeting Tomorrow on Single Payer-DEMAND Not-For-Profit Health Care!

Racism is Alive and Well in America

The Pulitzer-winning investigation that dare not be uttered on TV

History Repeats from 1907 Banking Crisis to Bailout: A Manufactured Crisis to Loot and Consolidate

Report: Abusive torture tactics were used to find Iraq-al Qaida link

What exactly is a toxic asset ?

Newly Frugal Guy from Slate V

I think that Perez Hilton hurt the goal of gay marriage

Let's have a big hand for Dem Jane Harman working so hard to give Bush his second term!

Why no current Republican politicians out defending the torture? I have a theory

A government of Monsters

U.S. "home invasions" up as thugs seek drug cash

Is 'buzzed driving' 'drunk driving'?

Fire ants are on the move.

Drilling Slump Batters Halliburton's Profit

Senator Feingold Unloads On Peggy Noonan: "Never Heard Anything Quite As Disturbing"

I'm Baaack - with Many Thanks to well wishers after my near death surgery

Would you be comfortable with Patrick Fitzgerald being the Special Prosecutor on torture?

Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg in Webster, Massachusetts

13-year-old's school strip-search case heads to Supreme Court

Nancy Skinner says televised trials of BushCo shouldn't be done

I would like to apologize on behalf of those people who've hurled the Obamabot insult.

Miss California, you didn't lose because of your "opinion"

Prosecuting from the bottom up is unjust.

The No Accountability Years

Jane Harman's overnight transformation to shrill civil liberties extremist

Why Not Pay People to NOT Work

Father Throws 10 Month-Old in Boiling Water on a Dare

ACLU Petition for CIA Torture Special Prosecutor

If the Tortue issue does go to court....

Universities will be 'irrelevant' by 2020, BYU professor says

Yes, Carrie. You lost because of your answer.

URGENT: Republican Controlled Florida Legislature seeking to criminalize voter registration drives!

First they came for the jobs, and I did not speak out-- because I was not unemployed;

"Barack Obama is not given the right by our Constitution to be the judge and jury for torturers."

Take Heart and Have Courage

The pressure is on, they are frantic, and they are going down

Rec this if you support Obama... AND consider legal action on torture imperative.

Dad who killed family, self was $460K in debt, sheriff says

Note to those on the RW (re: Gay Marriage, and a lot of other things)

John Yoo Defends Torture at OC Debate 4/21/9

Washingtonian put Obama on the cover, with red swimming trunks

What a wonderful world. Take a break and watch this video. It'll do ya some good.

AG Doesn't Have a Choice -- Rep. Nadler

On the special prosecutor debate: Of Black Holes and Radio Silence

Preserving British Identity: The British National Party’s Immigration Policy

Florida legislature considering offshore drilling as close as 3 to 10 miles from coast.

A Steady Drumbeat of Pressure to Hold the Bush Administration Accountable for its Crimes

No Turn On Red?

World Digital Library . . . new online resource . . .

When do we investigate the bush regime for waging a war of agression on Iraq? nt

When do we investigate the bush regime for waging a war of agression on Iraq? nt

The Pulitzer-winning investigation that dare not be uttered on TV

Now we have a reason why they tortured

On UFOs and human motivations


Another 11 Year-Old Commits Suicide Over Anti-Gay Bullying

Iraqi militias gluing anuses of gay men and inducing diarrhea to cause death.

The Rage of the Privileged Class

Goddamn Smokers Always Complainin Bout The Taxes. You're A Smoker? Well Listen The Fuck Up:

I want a cig

Wealthy Polo Crowd (Not) Jarred By 35,000 Deaths a Day from Starvation

I'm looking at almost 160 days of solitude in a fire lookout on Oregon.

I'm looking at almost 160 days of solitude in a fire lookout on Oregon.

I'm looking at almost 160 days of solitude in a fire lookout on Oregon.

BOB DYLAN has a special 4/20 message for today's youth!


Former Apollo astronaut says UFOs and aliens are real

Grammar help, please. I'm drawing a blank.

Be a Man

Roll call. Who's up! (My Roll Call FAILED last night. My ISP went down.) Let's try this again.

So much time, so little to say

Hey all you malcontents, what's up? n/t

pop a top again

Texas is a special place

And if I haver, yeah, I know I'm gonna be...

420 is now over. Who got wasted?

goddammit.. i want august to get here soon

goddammit.. i want august to get here soon

The president reminds me of Janet Jackson

my sporting collective vanquished the opponent on the field of competition

hey, y'all can follow my tweets now

Why do FOX idiots like to dress up in costumes and do stupid shit in public?

i just wanted to post a thread stating how awesome i am

Prostitute accused of leading police on a chase with tow truck stolen from john


Anyone know if the Coachella Festival is available for download?

UV light sanitizer?

Jeff Dunham is not funny.

Bad news people....better sit down...


I want to thank one of you for the inflammation and swelling

Obama's secrets

Quick question: Does Diet Pepsi negate the negative effects of Lucky Strike non-filters?

Man am I digging that Chuck show

why do some twentysomethings like to dress up in costumes and do shit in public

Serious post regarding diet soda....

i feel like i personally know susan boyle

I think I have been punked by my 6 year old!

I need some ideas...What should I do while I wait for the electrician to call?

Jimmy Dean, wife unhurt as fire damages Va. home

Do you ever misread threat titles?

A new trend in outsourcing

A new trend in outsourcing

Read your Bible verses daily

Read your Bible verses daily

i am calling for your ouster

Oooo... I have a feeling I'm about the get in a facebook fight!

The last of the Bedford Boys has passed.

Finally, Joe Cocker translated!

I am calling for your oyster?

Normally I come home and the cat flops on his back to greet me, but tonight...

Monumentally Epic Fail...

How come everytime I am in VA, I get extra sesame seeds on my Big Mac?

I'm back. Did I miss anything funny? Probably not because I wasn't here.


My Republican neighbor asked me if I would help him pull his pontoon boat out of the water today

Was Erasure the first 100% synth dance band?

Good morning Lounge

I want to thank all of you who make me feel indifferent about posting here

Are the interwebs smarter than your doctor?

I knew there was something hinky about this when I first heard about the attempted abduction.

Did anyone save that pineapple thread?

Anyone else here have midlo on ignore?

Self-delete. Poor taste. I can't stoop to Miss Millie's level.

Whatever happened to Lauren Tewes

I was stumbling around the internet just now - found "Stormfront" -

Okay, I'm off to teach a class. Don't do anything funny while I'm gone.

Well there goes an entire morning and afternoon...

I'm zesty.

Movie night. DVD? Check. Goobers candy? Check. Maggots? Check. Wait...what?

Today, for me, home ownership is way overrated.

Noted author J.G. Ballard dead at age 78

is there a way to track certain DUer's posts

Does withholding sex to get your way actually work?

Which are the bigger boobies?

Social networking question.

The girl in the CIVONY ad

Los Cuates De Sinaloa - Negro y Azul music video from Breaking Bad

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/21/09 (warning: graphic subject)

So what say you, lounge? Should I give the Big Mac another chance?

I want to thank some of you for whipping the camel's ass with a belt

I was thinking of creating a book club.

Tuesday Poetry Slam!

The bus to boulder was PACKED full of college kids yesterday

Forget Beautiful Agony; I give you people sneezing in slow-mo

I'm against Republican marriage.

I have been trying to post more often in GD.

Just a head's up, freepers. I have bunco tonight. And, I fully intend to win again this month.

Check out this neat link - find out what party people with your last name contribute to

I don't know whether to ask the mods or to ask the lounge, but here goes...

kitten picture of the day for tuesday april 21

Aetna insurance--love it or hate it?

Is there a way to "find/replace" through Windows Explorer?

OMG. Look at this Doosh bag. WTF is wrong with people?

Pop Culture Challenged Here: Please explain Steampunk/Steampunkery?

Mrs. V. had her wrist surgery yesterday.

Who killed Marilyn?

Alright, who has the bigger cock?

Are you a "cyber condriac"?

In honor of Earth Day tomorrow....A John Denver video

Ronald Reagan was a Vegan...

What should I cook for dinner?

Which would upset you more?

Sesame Street is very important

LOST fans, Michael Emerson on Jimmy Fallon's show

Brown & Haley Almond Roca: A temptation from the DEVIL!

Businesses that don't honor gift cards: A pox on you!

The greatest thing ever.

Once again, my enormous bosons get in the way.

TONIGHT!!! One Night Only!!!

"I hope you die tonight."

Once again, my enormous bos'ns get in the way...

The DU Lounge MBTI personality servey thread.

I know: Why Don't You PM Them? But PAGING CRIM SON!

The DU Lounge SNAFU personality survey thread.

What if we found out CaliforniaPeggy's not from CA!

A Sound of Spring...the Mockingbird...

I can't watch this

Pick your Dream Band from Musicians who are Deceased

SHIT. I spilled water on the latptop. What are its chances?

If you were between jobs (and married and female), would you tell friends

I was 54 years old before I realized that potatoes are an ethnic food.

Why does Symarip suck?

Once again, my enormous white penis gets in the way.

Once again, my enormous white penis gets in the way.

Open marriages.

Is eating a lot of chocolate an example of substance abuse?

My son was telling me last night that 1 in every 4 people in our state has chlamydia

Black Cloud- Tonight's Lullaby

For Serious! Who the fuck signed Sugar Ray?

Didn't get the job

Alma Sewing.

Vegan on FBI Most Wanted List

Friend's fundy husband convinced her she doesn't need to take to take anti-depressants (read on)

Calling all Speedsters!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 4/21/2009)

Photos of my 4/20 trip!

Sesame seeds are very important

If you like Loreena McKennitt,(or, if you don't know who she is) you need to watch this video.

Just saw an advanced screening of The Soloist WOW!!!

Brandishing his bare foot at me, my five year old just asked 'why do I have to have one big toe?'

how do you afford you rock 'n' roll lifestyle?

Anyone know a great bichon breeder along the gulf coast?

I'm thinking of cheating my bridge club

Anybody ever sprain an ankle? I have questions

question for med students or practitioners

There Are Two Kinds of People in This World...

Roches fans check in!

The melody of "April Love" sounds to me like a slight adjustment of the melody

I went golfing in Alabama this past weekend. Didn't score well; had things on my mind....

Someone Special I have Never met

Smokers who do this, please tell me ...

A fantastic bit of spam in the Environment/Energy group!!!

Once again, My enormous white boobies get in the way.

OMFG BeachBaby Got a Tata Tattoo!!1 Click here to see image!

First They Came for The Smokers...

I was thinking of creating a boob club.

I'm in Iowa, having trouble finding unsecured wi-fi networks

American Idol tonight ....

Once again, I am going to leave Mr. Midlo.

Official Jenny Lewis is a Goddess Thread

Did anybody miss me?

I'm itchy.

Facebook Mafia Wars players:

On limited time...

Post a place nicknamed "the ____ of ____"

Opinions on on-line courses

My youngest daughter turns 15 tomorrow...whewwww =/

Family Guy Hitler/Fox News Clip

My babies are almost here!

Got some good news! Cider's tongue may not be amputated.

BREAKING NEWS...Natinals win two in a row!

Let's revisit a classic picture - this picture will never cease to keep me from laughing!!

Not to brag or anything, but I am at the Minnesota Vikings cheerleader tryouts..

How long is pepper sauce good for?

Cartoon Wars - U.S. Version

Do you take lime or salt in your beer?

I don't usually venture into the Lounge....who all are the fellow baseball fans?

I has pets

A few pictures from Venice



Five Tuesday/midweek questions

Its already bloody hot. Whats going to happen when Summer gets here?

Hello. I haven't been here for almost a year.

I want to club a NARWHAL that never dies

There Are 10 Kinds of People in This World...

Names some skills everyone might ought to learn

Waterboarding Video (playboy journalist experiment)

8th Amendment Stress Test

National Service Bill Signing Tuesday

Health-Care Dialogue Alarms Obama's Allies

It is deeply hypocritical and ironic for Pat Buchanan to comment on Harmon

Caution against naming special prosecutor now

Analysis: In Spending Cut Debate, Obama Wins (CQ)

Once again, my enormous bosoms get in the way.

WTF excuse for torture: "The job of interrogator is to safely help terrorist do his duty to Allah"

Significance of the Tea Parties

Analysis: In Spending Cut Debate, Obama Wins

Joe Scar and Chris Matthews going at it with Andy Card

would like to see President Obama's hair from day one to now....

National Service Bill to Get Obama's Signature

Bring on the Explosive Handshakes

Sigh, some people just don't get it - letter favorably compares torture to attacking Somali pirates

Congressional Oversight Hearing NOW on C-Span. Geithner will testify. Elizabeth Warren now speaking.

When Slapped, Slap Back, by Eugene Robinson

Pirate's day in court: 'The rule of law'

Another Cheney moment.. lets us all know where this is headed

Obamanomics: Redefining Capitalism After the Fall

National Service bill to get Obama's signature today

Obama to CIA officials: We "will protect your identities and your security"

Notre Dame sports: Jenkins’ support of Obama cheered

Eugene Robinson: Sometimes, a President Must Slap Back

So ...Guess who I saw at the Braves National Games tonight...

I just figured out why Cheney is going after Obama

Senate Panel Approves Sebelius for HHS

The Secret Summit - What Happened at the Port of Spain

"Afghan Women March, America Turns Away" New York Times


Coincidence? New FBI "Most Wanted" a Domestic Leftist Terrorist?

Bill Clinton at Obama White House today...

President Obama's Overtures Find Wide 67% Support Among Cuban-Americans

Pressure Grows to Investigate Interrogations

Elijah Cummings sets Mika Mouse, Morning Ho and Pat Boochanan straight about the handshake

"Venezuela is a country whose defense budget is probably 1/600th of the United States'.

Al Qaeda Fears Obama.

I'm convinced Cheney is playing chicken with DoJ and

Obama open to prosecution, probe of interrogations


Chris Shays living a 'nightmare'

McCain facing 2010 primary challenge from founder of "Minutemen"

A Heartfelt thank you to all the DU members.. All Hands are on Deck

We should pressure President Obama to do Nothing about Bush-era torture

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was most likely tortured to justify the Iraq War

Gibbs to Chuckles Todd: You're Right You're Confused!!

Dick Cheney.

MSNBC: Reported that Cheney has not requested release of docs by CIA

$120 for one Geo Bulb?????

Will the lawyers directed to produce legal opinions contrary to the Constitution

PHOTOS The President & the U.S. Naval Academy football team (April 21)

Why was Khalid Sheikh Mohammed waterboarded for the 183rd time?

Change We Can Believe In?

PHOTO Caption it? (April 21)

HAHAHAHAHA! Obama got Faux's attention! They covered Gibbs' briefing re: investigation of torture

Appreciation thread for Greenwald, Olby, etc. for making our President change his tune on torture

Let's show President Obama our appreciation for allowing prosecutions to happen

Impatience and the rush to judgment.

Outraged Harman Wants Full Disclosure From Justice

Dumb media trying to mock our President for requesting Cabinet Cuts!

Article: CIA/Obama Admin Deny Cheney Made Request to Declassify Memos

Did you hear Pr. Sec. Gibbs quoting Canada's Harper defending Obama on MSNBC?


In Iowa, signs that Obama never really left (he will be in Iowa Wednesday)

WHAT ABOUT THE LAW, Mr. President?

Underestimation: The O Administration

Does anyone watch The Ed Schultz Show on MSNBC?

Hilarious, Cheney thinks he's still king.

Obama never promised to cure the nation's ills by himself.

When Is America Going to Pull It's Head Out of It's Ass And Join The Rest of the Human Race

PHOTOS The Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act

Crybaby McConnell complained on CNN about Obama leaving door open to prosecutions by the AG

"those who fight monsters...............

Greenwald applauds President Obama's decision to "reconsider his approach"

Republican FL legislature trying to railroad through steal the vote bill - URGENT CALL Gov Crist NOW

Blackberry or strategy, either is a good sign.

Remember this time in 2001. Bush was already on his 9th vacation...

My LTTE in response to the Obama "Apology Tour" letter gets printed

British critics compare new Star Trek movie to President Obama

Cheney's taunting President Obama. I wonder if he's starting to think twice about that.

Quote du Jour

Jabba the Rush: Obama has a "messianic" "God complex"

The Promise of Service - Obama Signs Serve America Act

Oh my, the GOP has dragged out another "analyst". She's on Hardball now.

Tortured logic. Former Bush speechwriter tries to justify committing war crimes.

Post a beautiful, haunting, melancholy song

Obama vows to pursue Iran diplomacy despite tirade

Holder during confirmation: "the President cannot 'immunize' torture"

Missouri GOP concerned about Blunt

AZ-Sen: Minuteman founder to challenge McCain in primary

The other day, near Tampa, I saw a sign that said, "One Nation Under Obama"

Press reduce Torture investigations into Partisan Warfare

When Slapped, Slap Back

I think Cheney better talk to a lawyer before he makes any more public comments

PLEASE, ED, DON'T HURT 'EM!!!! (Ed Schultz laying some smackdown)

Why not same indignation over Dems caving on a public option for health care.

PHOTOS Caption It? (April 21)

WTF! Obama at the White House with the winning Navy Team, and MSNBC shows 30 seconds

One thing I like about Tweety

So, torture's only torture if it causes "prolonged psychological suffering"

Matthews has grumpy Cheney photo over the title "The Empire Strikes Back"

Senior White House aide leaving for new post - Communications Director Ellen Moran

Former Bush EPA head vocally backs Obama carbon plan

KS-Sen: Moran Has Narrow Lead Over Tiahrt

"This Imaginative Crowd": Obama's response to Republican critics (and press corps)

So since when is prosecuting torturers caving to the "far left"?

My Debate on Allentown TV defending the President's Economic Agenda

PLEASE urge your rep to vote Yes on EFCA:

Dear John Yoo,

Ignore this, I goofed. Should have been a reply to a post about

Big Ups for Secretary Clinton!

PHOTOS The Four Musketeers? (April 21)

MoveOn Enters Torture Fray, Calls For Special Prosecutor

Post the strangest Album/CD in your music collection

Every time Obama is accused of being "weak," replace it with an accurate label: smart

CIA got Cheney's request today

PHOTOS Today's photo thread links (April 21)

Obama invites Mideast leaders for talks on 'comprehensive peace'

Lieberman: we ought to be able to use something like waterboarding.

Tweety: Michelle Laxalt....

It's FORMER - goshdangit!

Admin Walks Back Rahm Remarks: WH WILL Pursue Torture Policy Lawyers

What happened to KO's show? I'm watching HB again?!

For anyone who foolishly expects justice for Cheney

Obama's serious discussion with Chavez -Video from huffington post

and the moles in the CIA get to work: Banned Techniques Yielded ‘High Value Information,’ Memo Says

"Daily Show" Takes On Torture Supporters (I guess including those on DU also) w/ Video

No progressive or liberal should be an apologist for someone

I am getting just the slightest whiff of Aspen root rot. Just a hint, mind you. nt.


I can't believe people are shocked and are celebrating the fact that Obama will not obstruct justice

Will The Obama Administration Prosecute Anyone Important For Torture?

Take this Obama Haterz!!

Something to think about re: Obama and torture

Something to think about re: Obama and torture

FYI: Department of Justice Communications with the White House

CSM - "Stimulus money puts teachers in layoff limbo" - I Guess Its Better To Be 100% Fired?

As Report Shows Bybee's Torture Culpability, Conyers Says: 'We're Coming After These Guys' (HuffPo)

David Schuster thinks this business of declassifying torture memos

Obama calls credit card executives to the White House

Obama open to Torture Policy-Drafters prosecution, not those who carried out the torture.

**** Official "I was wrong" thread ****

"A senior intelligence official tells MSNBC that the CIA has received NO such request

High level Bush officials will face the music

One of the reasons it was SO vital that Obama be elected: time to get on this

SEAL email criticizing Obama is bogus

If torture were made real and not theoretical even those who think they approve of it would change

Some useful home economics instructions for the "Obama condones torture" crowd

Are We Really Going to Argue Over Who Gets Credit for Today?

Seriously, it gets me to this day... I still LOVE to hear "President Obama"!

Obama is a Good President

Senior Adivsor Leaves Obama's Administration!!!!

Playing Devil's Advocate: Obama Passed the Buck

Obama triples the volunteer corp

US Senate Judiciary Committee set to send Obama's first federal judge to the full Senate

Cheney Slams Obama Again, Calls Overseas Trips "Disturbing"

Breaking President Obama invites Mubarak, Abbas and Netanyahu to Washington DC

Diplomacy and Political Subtlety - Neocon Style - Remember John Bolton?

Turley anonys me...once again Obama is not successful.

PHOTO Caption Them? (The President & First Lady)

Hill confirmed as envoy to Baghdad

Hey Haters, how does that pwnage taste?


2010 QC Senate Map Is Out: Dems Could Gain. Two D toss ups versus seven R toss ups.

Scientists '...upset,' and 'consternated' that Bush officials misused their work to justify torture.

I'll Believe It When I See An Indictment

BREAKING NEWS FROM MSNBC: Obama will leave prosecutions up to AG Holder

Haste makes waste. Measure twice, cut once, etc., etc.

Obama welcomes his first Arab leader to White House

Gloating and being obnoxious doesn't help anybody.

Remember how people thought that Obama would crumble in the face of the Right Wing Attack Machine?

Andy Card just admitted to LIHOP motivations on Morning Joe!!

PHOTOS The Tree Musketeers (April 21)

Hey Naysayers, What'cha Say Now?

Sean Penn: I Applaud An American President Who's Tough Enough To Smile

SO: Nobody watched the CNN presser just now??? the one where the Prez

BREAKING: Report: Abusive tactics were used to find Iraq-al Qaida link

Flashback - Are You Really Surprised? Did President Obama Really "Reconsider"?

Miss California Could Sue for Discrimination, Legal Analyst Says (FauxNews)

Rumsfeld: Architect of torture (and more on the new Senate report on torture)

Obama-bashers, read and learn?

America's UN Boycott Backfires

America's UN Boycott Backfires

Robert Reich: A Report Card on Obamanomics, Approaching One Hundred Days

A storm is brewing. A really big storm.

Harman's actions may have hurt Kerry's chances, top progressive blogger laments

PHOTOS Big Dawg's Day (April 21)

Watch the media try to fuck up the Torture investigations for us!

I'm sorry but it must be said.

PHOTOS No offence to my Libyan friends....but how did Hillary keep a straight face today?

Baptism of Obama's Kenyan grandma flops

CIA Kyle Dusty Foggo

Crimes suspected in 20 bailout cases -- for starters

Deflation returns to Britain for first time since 1960

Crist hints at vetoing bill to rewrite Florida election laws

National Service Bill to Get Obama's Signature

National Service Bill to Get Obama's Signature

RISAT-2 not a spy satellite: ISRO chief

Bayer worried meeting would bring bad press, focus on MIC

3 sentenced over arson in 2008 Tibet riots

KBR Memos on Violence May Undercut Defense in Iraq-Driver Cases

Treasury says about $110B left in bailout fund

Drug cartels keep Catholic officials in fear

Meltdown losses of '$4 trillion'

Fatties cause global warming

TARP cop: 20 criminal probes

Warrantless Vehicle Searches Are Limited in 5-4 U.S. Supreme Court Ruling

Pakistan Says Militants Won’t Govern Areas Under Islamic Law

Bank Bailout May Hurt Taxpayers, Be Open To Fraud

Reporter wins Pulitzer months after being laid off (exposed Sheriff Joe Arpaio)

Wealthy polo-loving crowd jarred by horses' deaths

U.S. to give Chrysler, GM new aid

Geithner Says Repayments Depend on Overall Credit Needs

Japan upholds death penalty in curry poisoning

Isikoff: Justice Dept. may pursue torture probes anyway

Strip Club Holds Job Fair

Meltdown losses of '$4 trillion'

'Well-liked’ Homeless Man Shot in Commerce, CA

Ray Nance, last surviving member of the ‘Bedford Boys,‘ dies at 94

Colo. House votes to eliminate death penalty

Nine of 11 England terror suspects released

Obama open to prosecution, probe of interrogations

US Senator (Leahy) calls on judge who wrote interrogation memos to quit

Kazakhstan snubs NATO games in support for Russia

Pakistan boosts police pay as violence grows

U.N. Anti-Racism Meeting Reaches Consensus

Report: Hackers break into Pentagon's fighter jet project

House Panel (Conyers) To Hold Hearings On Interrogation Memos

Harman Asks DOJ to Release Wiretap Transcripts

CIA denies Cheney made demand

US wants broader Pakistan military ties - official

Health nominee clears hurdle (Sebelius)

Man jailed for urinating on woman during flight

FBI names domestic terrorist to 'most wanted' list

AIG faces inquiry over medical care for U.S. contractors

Spokesman: Jackie Chan comments out of context

Senator Feinstein Urges President Obama to Withhold Judgment on Prosecutions Related to CIA Interrog

Blackwater (Now Xe) Still Working In Iraq

GM, Chrysler to get 5.5 B more in Government loans.

UK reviews arms export licences to Israel after Gaza

Judge: Free Press reporter can protect sources

(Senator) Cornyn Calls For Release of Results From "Torture Memo"

Four Corners spot is 2.5 miles off

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday April 21

Napolitano's comments about Canada's border sparks diplomatic kerfuffle

Pressure Obama, UAW Tells Members; Workers, retirees urged to ask for equitable treatment

Turbulence blamed for paralyzing woman in Continental flight

Obama signs service bill, says volunteers needed

Suspect nabbed in photo radar operator shooting

Harsh Tactics Readied (by Bush Admin officials) Before Their (Legal) Approval

Will Obama meet with China's nemesis, Dalai Lama?

The President's Mailman (Great article!)

Pressure Grows to Investigate Interrogations

Federal judge hears challenge to Iraq war

Guest workers sue Gulf Coast shipyard labor recruiters

Ron Paul: Secession is American

Anderson firm unveils 100-mpg hybrid

Citi shareholders fume at annual meeting

Prosecutors Considering Dropping Espionage Charges Against Former AIPAC Lobbyists

Venezuela gives the US an island owned by Citgo

BREAKING NEWS: Obama leaves door to open to prosecutions over Bush-era interrogations

Report: Abusive tactics were used to find Iraq-al Qaida link

Fed Stress Tests Harder On Regional Banks (And Favor Wall Street Institutions)

Father of Slumdog star Rubina Ali arrested

Breaking: Dissenter on Torture w/in Bush Admin speaks out

Senator's offer preceded deal for husband's firm (Diane Feinstein)

Court skeptical about school strip-search

Banned Techniques Yielded ‘High Value Information,’ Memo Says

Unresolved debate in DOJ memos: Does torture work?

UN puts global treasures online

European Nations May Investigate Bush Officials Over Prisoner Treatment

Dwyer went to Bolivia on 'training course' (Evo Morales assassination plot interrupted)

Sri Lanka rebels: 1,000 civilians die in govt raid

Senate Armed Services Committee Report on Torture (released)

Sri Lankan Separatists Ignore Surrender Deadline

Russia moves troops closer to Georgia's capital

Lieberman Tells Russian Newspaper: U.S. Will Accept Any Israeli Decision

CIA Heart Attack Gun at Church Committee hearing

Rachel Maddow: Sen. Whitehouse on Bybee - "Certainly Possible Impeachment Inquiry Warrented"

CIA Station Chief in Algeria Accused of Multiple Rapes of Muslim Women

Rep Jane Harman Controversy Grows - Wiretap 'This Conversation Doesn't Exist'

DNC Web Ad: Party of Hypocrisy?

Hannity Soft-Interviews Dick Cheney- Torture King - Labored Breathing -Is He Sick?

A demonstration by the Italian Police - 50 Years Ago. As good now as it was then.

President's Credit Crackdown To Begin

AIG Gets Another $30 Billion Bailout

Napolitano To Strictly Enforce Canadian Border Now - Easy Terrorist Crossing?

Rachel Maddow: Credits Marcy Wheeler Reporting - 183 Waterboardings

Max Keiser, PressTV 'organize global insurrection against copyright occupation'

Yes We Can Save the Environment for Earth Day

Thom Hartmann & Richard Pearle on the torture memos and what should be done. Part 1/2

MSNBC: Obama could support investigation of Bush terrorism tactics (Breaking News)

Ishikoff on Wash Journal: Sometimes Cheney Says the MOST AMAZING THINGS..NEEDS A FACT CHECKER

Warren SCOLDS Geithner: I'm VERY Sorry You had to Turn thru PAGES ON REGULATORY REFORM!

Bart Ehrman Speech Part 1

A encounter with a cop at the Teabag protests. (a fictional account)

Feinstein refuses to comment on impeaching Bybee

Lawrence O'Donnell again has to remind people about our economic imperialism

Thom Hartmann - New EPA regulations on global warming pollution…are they enough?

420 Protest in Idaho Falls at Drug Court on 4/20/2009

Charlie Brooker on British and American TV News

Tamil protest london 21st april


Sen. Lieberman: 'We Should Be Able to Use Waterboarding'

Secrets of the CIA Part 1

Rachel Maddow & Chris Hayes talk about random rightwing spazzing. This week: Chavez!

Misquoting Jesus, Stanford Lecture, How Bible Tainted

Cheney on Fox...A seven-minute dose of Dick from Sean Hannity

Michelle Bachman- Obama is the Puppeteer In Sound of Music, 'Like Julie Andrews'

Pelosi: Climate Change Bill This Year

Bill O'Reilly Vs. Glenn Beck

Hilda Solis: I want to pass the Employee Free Choice Act

Dean: Trailblazer for Change

This Week-Will, Roberts, Noonan: If we don't see the memos, it's like it never happened...

This Week-Will, Roberts, Noonan: If we don't see the memos, it's like it never happened...

Thom Hartmann - U.S. tax dollars still being spent in sweatshops

A FULL Day In 100 Seconds 'Show a Little Class And Shut Up'

Bloomberg Responds To Giuliani -'Govt Shouldn't Tell You Who You Can Marry. Period'

Perez Hilton Talks About Miss USA Gay Marriage Question On MSNBC

Gibbs Responds To Cheney Criticisms in Press Briefing

Is Strip Searching Students A Safety Issue?

TYT: If Torture Works, Why Did We Waterboard Someone 183 Times?

Harman: I Never Intervened In AIPAC Case

Sen. McCain ENTIRELY Disagrees with Lieberman - Waterboarding IS Torture

Turley: Obama Maybe Shifting Blame to Holder So He Can Be The FALL GUY?

Thom Hartmann & Richard Pearle on the torture memos and what should be done. Part 2/2

My Thoughts on Miss California and Perez Hilton

Disney's 'Earth' trailer (2:10) Disney to plant 500,000 trees (one for each ticket sold this week)

Democratic Underground Date.

TYT: Cenk's Take On The Jane Harman Scandal

CNN - Why Won't Cons Admit Bush Did - NOT - Keep Us Safe on 9/11?

Young Turks: Protestor in Michigan: "Nothing Better Than Dead Liberals"

MSNBC: Harman "Very Disappointed" She Was Wiretapped, After Allowing Warrantless Wiretapping

TYT: Cenk & Jayar On Miss CA's Laughable Anti-Gay Answer

Jane Harman Was For Warrantless Wiretaps Until She Was Warrantlessly Wiretapped

Dick Cheney 'NO expert on security, we got HIT on their watch' -Ed Show

Young Turks: Newt Gingrich Criticizes Obama

Cokie Roberts is Glad Torture Tapes Were Destroyed

Robert Parry: Connecting CIA Torture to Abu Ghraib

Lawmaker Is Said to Have Agreed to Aid Lobbyists

CIA Torture Article 2005 Worth a REREAD

Neocon Fantasies of Empire Crushed: the New Global Reality

Children in Peril...Bob Herbert. NYT

Mr. Fish re: "Justice"

Quality goods: India lags behind

The other side of Utah's stab at immigration reform

Latest Frank Factor Show - for MATURE AUDIENCES

Big-Spending Conservative (by David Brooks)

Dealer Showrooms Darken as GM, Chrysler Bankruptcy Threat Cuts U.S. Jobs

Fox News/Far Right Hypocrisy CODE PINK Protest Geithner We Want Our $$$ Back! Bush had Them Arrested

Bank Aid Programs Are Seen as Open to Fraud

Chuck Hugh Farley, NY State Senator, Since he Opposes Gay Marriage

Bank bailout may hurt taxpayers, be open to fraud

On Native Ground -- The art of abidance and staying home (Joe Bageant)

Today, Obama, Forget About CIA Torture Prosecutions But Not The Big Boys !!!!

Newt Gingrich criticizes President Obama for diplomacy

Franken to high court: Let’s hurry it up (MN Indy)

The Americans Are Revolting

Out of this world! The Mail's film critic gives his verdict on the new Star Trek movie

Obama: Holder Will Decide Whether To Prosecute Bush Officials

WSJ "Geithner: I’ve Never Been a Banker" (nor a Lawyer...only Public Service)

The Republicans' Paranoid Style

Clarence Thomas Conducts Live Re-Enactment of 'School Strip-Search'

Senator: OPR report will be ‘devastating’ to torture memo authors

Supreme Court Puts New Limits on Vehicle Searches.

Housing's Newest Threat: More People Are Losing Their Jobs

Bill Clinton and George W. Bush to Debate in Canada (Is Bill Protecting "The Kid" over Cheney?)

Russ Feingold unloads on Peggy Noonan

Too Big to Fail: Ecological Ignorance and Economic Collapse

Robert Parry: Connecting CIA Torture to Abu Ghraib

DFL tells Coleman to step down using his own words

Another Former Pro-Coleman Paper Calls For Him To Quit

Miss USA Contest gets political, could Miss California become governor of that state?

Texas dominate Forbes list of best places jobs, Texas Seceded, it would save the Country Billions.

The First FUBAR

A Good Sports Analogy To Explain The Need For Regulations (From Cenk @ Huffington Post)

"Sinful" Sex Addiction: The Newest Way to Demonize Sexuality

NU's Katz reminds Emanuel he's Jewish

David Sirota: A Question That Matters More Than Ever: Did Bush Keep Us Safe on 9/11?

How to stop Pirates, Give the Crew all Hand Grenades

Bolivia opposition deny links to alleged plot

Isikoff Rachel Maddow: Holder DOJ May Appoint Prosecutor Torture!!

Dwyer went to Bolivia on 'training course' (Evo Morales assassination plot interrupted)

Peru for Cuba-USA dialogue

LA ALBORADA: "The Value of a Dollar in Cuba" (addresses remittances)

FIDEL: Feverish Dreams

BOREV: Fox News Analyzes the Trinidad Summit

Here are all the witnesses for the Waxman-Markey bill hearings this week — Al Gore is Friday

Peak Oil Review - Apr 20

Drumbeat: April 21, 2009

BOREV: Brit Politicians Visit Colombia, Find Only the True Face of Terror

Toyota Likely To Apply Fuel-Cell Technology to Long-Haul Trucks and Buses First

Alt-energy stocks rise on the stimulus' tide

WaPo's Eugene Robinson: "When Slapped, Slap Back" re: Obama-Chavez PLUS an excellent response

Venezuela mayor misses court date

Kingman lands $1 billion solar plant (AZ)

No Sweat Newsletter - April 2009 - Earth Day Gear

Blessing or a burden: population, reproduction and the demographic imagination

First trainload of uranium tailings leaves Moab (Utah)

Ethanol reduces GHGs 51% vs gasoline - University of Nebraska study of current data shows.

The User's Guide to Steampunk by Bruce Sterling

Water Levels Dropping in Some Major Rivers as Global Climate Changes

Plants could override climate change effects on wildfires

New study shows widespread and substantial declines in wildlife in Kenya's Masai Mara

Increasing Antarctic sea ice extent linked to the ozone hole

Carbon emissions fuelled by high rates of obesity

Lehman Brothers sitting on a stockpile of uranium 'yellowcake'

Depleted uranium already here:..and feds have no rules yet on storing large quantities of it. (Utah)

Solar finds it hard to squeeze water from desert

Ads on Sarah Palin Aerial Killing of Wolves is Successful - from Defenders of Wildlife

Woodland Hills, CA weather report, Tuesday 4-21-09:

Someday you will die...

Payback period for 3 hybrids, about 30 years. link to spreadsheet.

First Fan Shows White Sox His House

Adam Carolla interviews Danica Patrick & Mike Tyson

What the heck is going on with these Premiership teams?

Boston sports media on Monday in the city

Pirates' Doumit out 8-10 weeks

Bruins TV announcer goes historically berzerk

Nats beat the Braves twice in a row. Just sayin'. nt

Yankees, Mets misread what market will bear

Well the Flyers should start picking their tee times. Its over for them.

Today in labor history Apr 21 New York Gov. Nelson Rockefeller signs Taylor Law

Bid to Organize Nurses Faces Setback in Congress

Obama Doesn’t Plan to Reopen Nafta Talks

Warehouse Workers For Retail Giants Rally

USW Petitions Obama Administration to Reduce Dependence on Chinese Tires

Indianapolis librarians use patience to win 4 year union battle

Harley Davidson announces more job cuts

Striking Illinois workers fight racist, anti-union harassment

UA retailers worthy of boycotting for their labor policies

NYT: Bid to Organize Nurses Faces Setback in Congress

Union approves cutting 90 Chronicle driver jobs

What’s behind a union’s full-court press to take down BofA’s Kenneth Lewis?

MassMutual Retirement Services Praises Quality of Union Labor in Completion of Memphis Call Center

Yes, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis Supports the Employee Free Choice Act

Alcoa's Cleveland plant workers ratify labor deal

AFSCME Demands Accountability at Citigroup

USW Seeks Relief from Flood of Imported Chinese Tires

Bush Gone, NYU Scrambles to Escape Anticipated NLRB Ruling

Union, DoorSystems reach new tentative agreement

(85,000 CWA work @ AT&T without contract) Communication workers rally

Bimbo Bakeries Workers Vote Overwhelmingly to Join Teamsters

Omaha Roofing Company Cited For OSHA Violations (Miranda Roofing Ordered To Pay $148,400)

Mass. plant cited after worker gets caught in machine

Court Dismisses Teamsters’ Suit Over Mexican Trucks

Wal-Mart, Congress At Center of Push to Unionize

South Beach Miami Florida holds their FIRST Gay Pride Parade

What should the LGBT movement fight for?

"I will survive" by Gloria Gaynor

Iowa GOP urges officials defy gay marriage ruling

Newsom makes his official governor bid online

GOP head tells FOX News his party has "bottomed". And he hopes that's the case.

What Are Friends for? A Longer Life

My best friend...

The Mother's Act - infrigement or salvation?

Breastfeeding 'protects mother' (BBC)

Parents, don't be immune to vaccine truths

Israel wants to buy US missile defense system

Sheikh Jarrah residents organize in the face of mass house evictions

Death in Bilin

Israel: Iran is like 'Nazi Germany'

World Bank: Israel drawing more than its share from Green Line aquifers

UK reviews arms export licences to Israel after Gaza

Obama aims to push peace through settlement freeze and normalization

Holocaust museum opens in Palestinian village

The Harman-AIPAC Story: A Timeline - TPM

Archbishop Tutu labelled 'anti-Semitic' by ADL for critique of Israeli policy

"Wild West" desert rat, no prior criminal record, shoots and kills man in cold blood

Article - A couple of cases of effective enforcement of current laws

Lots of votes.

Obama heeding lesson from ‘94 gun ban

A bad day for republican founded, republican led, republican benefitting bradys.

Should "Big Fifties" be illegal?

Lobby shops’ first quarter is mixed bag

How Much Could the Government Lose on TARP?

Typical Gun Control Debate

Lautenberg, Reed, Feinstein to introduce bill to mandate background checks at gun shows

IT isn't much but..Deere Recalls 68 laid off workers

Does anyone know

What is


Obama to attend meeting with credit card firms

Wisconsin Ammo factory owner scolds the hoarding "gun nuts"

Top bailed-out firms continue lobbying

"Why I Fired My Broker" Atlantic article worth the read

Note: Hope = Truth

IMF Hikes Bank Loss Forecast To Shocking $4.1 Trillion

You're going to love this. CNBC found out why the ships who are getting attacked by pirates

I don't get the stock market any more...

Eliz. Warren on TARP Oversight hearing NOW on CSPAN

Rattner's Quadrangle Under Investigation In Kickback Scam

So The Treasury Was Lying After All?

Federal Govt. "Stress Tests" Will Favor Big Banks Over Smaller Regional Banks

Get out your tiny violins!

Housing Bubble Smackdown: Huge “Shadow Inventory” Portends Bigger Crash Ahead

Simon Johnson Decries Influence Of Wall Street Oligarchs, US A Banana Republic

So it turns out that Treasury was lying about not having stress test results.

payback period for 3 hybrids 30 years, just looking at the economic aspect of buying a hybrid.

Kucinich fights against waste and for Veterans

Does it hurt your credit rating when card co. cuts your credit line?

Geithner is a cocky arrogant egotistical SOB....

An Effort to Save a City by Shrinking It

capital park


I ran out to buy some socks ....and came home with these 2 simple pm shots


Let's keep vibing for Lounge regular lizziegrace.

Pets in Peril (politicians gone wild) HR669 (parrots)

A thread in Editorials about an astronaut saying we are not alone in the universe..

Welp, whatever was to happen HAS happened...

Update: on *Kitties* Long Story .... Bad News or Good News With Overtures of Manifestations

I don't know why, but I love videos where unlikely animals get along.

So who loves ya, Spitzbergen?

Please spare a kind thought for Stephen Hawking

{Fossilized remains of} Ancestor of T rex found in China (BBC)

13 things that do not make sense

I found this kinda beautiful

From Studying Chimps, a Theory on Cooking

Giant carniverous centipede captures a bat

Former astronaut: Man not alone in universe

'Fraction cells' found in human brain

Robots are narrowing the gap with humans

Priest says another priest sexually molested him

PZ Myers loses patience with priests: Catholic geezers deny biology in Louisiana

Monotheism destroys the Holy of the Holies....

Who has smoked a whole chicken?

Remarkably Good! Hansen's Diet Pomegranate Soda

Macaroni and Cheese - failure, then success

I picked up a couple of cookbooks at the thrift store yesterday:

I was in the most intereesting food store today

Karbon™ articulating deck-mount kitchen faucet

Paging hippywife & Lucinda. Hello?

Letter to Obama re: The Constitution

Canada chides U.S. for remarks on 9/11 plotters

There is a book on Bilderberg

The assertions put forward in the NIST report aren't based on any tangible real-world evidence.

Texan Criminally Charged For Using Bad Word In Front of Teenager

Vice President Biden expected in Austin in a week

Carl Whitmarsh Listserv Suspension.

UT Austin to unveil Barbara Jordan statue

Against Perry's wishes, Senate OKs stimulus money for jobless

Texas cities dominate Forbes list of best places for jobs

Yoko Ono - 'Mind Holes'

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival: "Heart of Fire"

Shaheen Jafargholi is the new DU meme -- Susan Boyle is finished.

Did you hear Pr. Sec. Gibbs quoting Canada's Harper defending Obama on MSNBC?

Harper poised to crack whip in Mulroney spat

i had a File search tool i got here.. i thought it was Copernicous.. somethin like that.. lost it on

Might be wrong forum ...

Just to doodle

went to Google Chrome..i lost lots of research in my Favorites.. how do i find it..??

Advice pls. I haz to install Windows on a machine becuz I need it for one program.

Fast Flash Drive Recommendations?