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Fairy tale o' fairness and justice

In 2008 McCain voted with the Republicans 93% of the time and i9s labeled a maverick. Yet Ben Nelson

Economic Cliff Diving - By the Charts…

Politicians can learn from Susan Boyle - 'The Scotsman'

Breaking on CNN: plane hijacked in Jamaica, captain dead

Obama quietly warned us not to expect immediate torture prosecution

proof that the Susan Boyle phenomenon is helping the economy...

So the Obama fan boys and girls are now defending Bush?

Anyone seen Adso's Letter around?

Centre for Constitutional Rights: It is one of the deepest disappointments of this administration--

War profiteering is alive and well in Afghanistan.

Cleopatra's Tomb Found?

N Korean rocket launch for a satellite?

N Korean rocket launch for a satellite?

Early recording of Britain's Got Talent's Susan Boyle unearthed

Teabaggers hate everybody

T for Texas, T for Tasers

Blind to be cured by Stem Cells

What is up with all the addiction specials?

Would you buy this product?

Happy Holidays Everybody

uh oh! She who can't be named on DU has competition!

Off Topic: I just randomly signed up to walk a marathon

A 4/20 point.. From 1920 to 1933 alcohol was "decriminalized"

Proud republicans

I had hope for change but

Why the US will boycott global racism conference

Focus on the Family is opening an office in D.C.

"Highly controversial handshake"?? - (Today)

How a Villager Became the Queen of All Media.

Gunman in attempted hijacking in Jamaica in custody. crew unhurt

One of the more puzzling photos from the recent teabagging acts

Canadian Charter plane hijacked at Sangster's Airport

The old timers are having a conniption on Morning Joe

Danziger toon on Rick Perry

Does any other country - even 3rd world nations - sanction torture?

How is this NOT The 'Nam? And how can it possibly end any differently?

aaaand the circle is complete- SUSAN BOYLE APPEARS ON TOAST

How to find out if the FBI is tracking you…

When perpetrators of mass shootings fail to commit suicide

Waterboarding Used 266 Times on 2 Suspects

Fiore Cartoon

Palin appoints Alaska Democrats' pick for Senate seat

Foreclosures becoming unsaleable junkers

Is Palin the Rev. Jackson of the GOP?

Ann Arbor-Based Law Center Sues Homeland Security Over 'Right-wing Extremism' Issue

another expert has LTE in NYT. ret. FBI Coleen Rowley taught ethics to FBI

Mr. Fish is right.

Who is the most hypocritical in their attacking of the DHS report on right wing extremists?

Oh crap!!.... oh never mind

Breaking: More Video of Obama & Chavez Surfaces

Breaking: More Video of Obama & Chavez Surfaces

Has anyone gone on a vacation that sucked...well, teabags?

President Obama NOT ONLY shook chavez' hand, he SMILED at him...msnbc

Anyone else "opt-out" on their CitiBank credit card interest rate hike....

Will Holder Prosecute Torture?

Britain 2009 - As a result of the "War on Terror"

just noticing: NO major personal data thefts since January

Another family succumbs to despair

Obama on Torture: “Change” Lite - Der Standard, Austria

President Obama meets with the CIA today...

I don't believe we can ever "win" in Afghanistan--has anyone?

Hey, Oprah's on Twitter? Here's how you use it, Oprah

Jeff Stein @ CQ: Wiretap Recorded Rep. Harman Promising to Intervene for AIPAC


Franken Announces Staff Hire For Eventual Senate Office

Until the average "Christian" Republican gets incensed over torture

The Boger Swing

"Bank of America posts profit, surprises investors" (and raised the interest rate on my Visa by 5%)

Christians Attempt To Force Obama's Step-Grandmother (Muslim) To Convert!

Criticism Grows Of Obama's Decision Not To Prosecute CIA Agents

"Former" CIA Officer/torturer John Kiriakou was a limited hangout.

Newt (the idiot) disses Obama meeting with "dictator" Chavez and more

New York Catholics favor gay marriage; Protestants oppose (most NYers favor)

Schuster was up on MSNBC...This is the first time I remember

I swear that this country has gone absolutely bat-shit crazy!!

42 years-Vietnam buddies make torn dollar whole (Seattle WA)

Kennedy, Baucus reaffirm: Health reform in '09

Just what is it with evangelical Christians and global warming?

Religious argument leads to shooting, man loses eye

Stephen Hawking 'very ill' in hospital

The Memos Prove We Didn't Torture

CNN Never ceases to amaze me

National Press Club and CNN covered UFO disclosure this AM.

Please contact the Worst Speaker Ever and ask her to resign. Link:

British academic whose book was used to justify US torture ‘saddened and appalled’ by Bush efforts

Federal lawsuit filed against Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano

Have any of you visited GD:P lately?

Ted Haggard will speak to Charlotte congregation

Indian leaders fear shoe-icide attacks.

My letter to Texas Democratic Party officials re: the Jane Harman Scandal

Torture Memos Reveal Brutality of US Imperialism

Happy 4/20!

Yuan trade more'far reaching' - something we should keep track of

Yuan trade more'far reaching' - something we should keep track of

Should the Federal Reserve be able to stonewall Congress re where $$ went-- ???

Meghan McCain: Karl Rove's a 'twitter creep'

Dennis Neale - CNBC Think Tanker...

DU and APAIC sitting in a tree... K-I-S-S-I-N-G......well at least it feels like it.

Why is Newt Gingrich's face on my TV so often?

Tuesday the Congressional Progressive Caucus holds its third "forum on Afghanistan

Memo: Two al Qaeda leaders waterboarded 266 times

U.S. Groups Criticize Western Nations for Boycotting U.N. Racism Conference

Bob Barr: Former GOP Attack Dog Has Written Off the Current Republican Party

Immunity for Torture Lawyers? How About a Pardon for Truth Lawyers?

Since "Americans First" when it comes to jobs is percieved as a good thing

Liberals have Failed America.

Right-wingers were given Cash Incentives for Publicizing Tea Parties

If we prosecute torture...

Is your next door neighbor a Nazi?

Is your next door neighbor a Nazi?

Ga. parents fighting against military type high school

History Question: What Law did FDR use to Inter Japanese-Americans during WWII?

What is Politics? (Beware:Humor)

"More than 300 mourn native son killed in Iraq"

Bush Twittering

Obama to Visit CIA After Interrogation Exposé

Why Bankers Would Rather Work for $0.00 Than $500K

Drew Thornley said nobody died at 3 mile Island - not true

CIA Ordered Unnecessary Torture; They Knew There Was No Info Left to Get

Obama Likes To Shake Hands With Evil Dictators

The Faces of Four Americans Killed in Iraq and Afghanistan

If it was Rahm who leaked Wiretap on Harmon why.......

Andrey Melnichenko's $300 Million boat

Speaking of "shaking hands with brutal dictators"...

Speaking of "shaking hands with brutal dictators"...

Who is former CIA director Hayden really protecting?-By Larisa Alexandrovna

Obama v. Bush = Sober-Rattling v. Sabeer-Rattling

How to be a Hit at the Prom This Year! Dress Made of Condoms

Prosecute Torturers' - Contact #'s

The Rude Pundit: In Brief: Ummm, How Is This a Bad Thing?

The consequences of not pursuing justice

George Will Views 95% of Americans as "Unsuccessful"

George Will Views 95% of Americans as "Unsuccessful"

Thoughts on when the GOP "Jumped the Shark"

The New York Post is the RW rag, right?

To Protest July 4th - The Teabaggers Can Assemble In Ohio and Let Us Know How Mad They Are

NYT:CIA officials were dispatched from headquarters “to watch the last (Zubaydah)waterboard session”

U.S. Asked to Stop 'False Information' on Medical Pot

Twitter or more useless blather

Why Obama Needs to Reveal Even More on Torture

U.S. Dept. of Labor announces $271,000 grant to assist GE Workers Laid Off in Light Bulb Factory

U.S. and International Standards Against Torture

Bob Dylan Public Service Announcement!

Obama names Washington businessman as chief performance officer

"Sen.-elect" Franken starts his staff

Fla. to test air in homes with Chinese drywall (35,000 houses)

The evil we are dealing w/ in looking back @ bush/Cheney ... a short rant

Changes coming to ICE

If you are interested in seeing Reds turn redder please vote

The only person I know who'd really want to get Twitters from me would be

Fourteen Thoroughbred Horses Dropped Dead Before Polo Match

More on that "Suspected Israeli Agent"

Longtime Anti-Nuclear Activist John Dear Arrested 75+ Times ...

When Jimi played the National Anthem...

Willy Pete Watch: White Phosphorus being used in Afghanistan.

So they're trying to make $250K/yr seem like 'not that much'.

File under ridiculous. Florida lawmakers target chocolate milk.

Who high up in administration authorized leak of supersecret NSA wiretap against sitting member of

Have the Stress Test results been leaked? If so, they're very, very bad.

Question about public schools - two of my grand nieces go to public school

The great conservative economist F. A. Hayek LOL

DoJ Nixed Investigation of Congresswoman to Get Support for NSA Wiretapping

Fuck Miss California with a barbed wire dildo.

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

'I hate Illinois Nazis'

The Wiretapping. Who else knew that they were using it to spy on the opposition?

I wonder how many books are now being written

hold my beer and watch this: Man Pretending to Fall Off Bridge Actually Falls

Retired Officer Drowns Saving Boy

I just got an unsolicited propaganda call from the NRA

Rightbloggers: Don't You Dare Laugh At Our Teabagging!

Scientist Stephen Hawking 'very ill'

A Message From Bo

It Hit 102º in SoCal Today

ATL/Obama poll

Let's Get This To The Top Of The Greatest Threads

Photo-Radar Van Driver Shot to Death-Rage against cameras taken to another

Anything new on Randi Rhodes return . . . or has right-wing succeeded ...??

Sherry Mitchell on CNN what a bimbo

Flashback: Pelosi & AIPAC to Kucinich: drop impeachment bid & you can keep your seat in Congress

Gore to testify on climate change

Remember this sign:

AIG Agrees to Cash Curbs

I hope this is a lesson to one and all.

Guess Who's Building Nuclear Power Plants!

For Mattresses Only

THEN: Impeachment / NOW: Prosecution

"But the DOJ said it was legal..."

Cheney on Hannity Tonight

California Pension Fund Managers get big bonuses

Pulitzer Prize 2009 Winners List

Emptywheel: Jane Harman: Stupid and Reckless, Not the Victim of Illegal Wiretaps

The media is starting to push more coverage of the Presidents Torture decision

Harman responds to CQ: Report ‘recycles three year-old descredited reporting.’

Harman responds to CQ: Report ‘recycles three year-old descredited reporting.’

I say we waterboard

Montana Supreme Court weighs gay parental rights

Where to Find % of US Budget Spent on the Arts?

Why cant we do this?

Blogger accused of threatening federal agent

Republicans are not against smoking

Meghan McCain: ‘Creepy’ Rove may use a ‘ghost Twitterer’

14 horses die just before polo match in Florida


NY Times - U.S. May Take Back Equity Instead Of Loan Repayment - Stocks Go Down

Jonathan Falwell and Other Right Wingers Put the 'Reaction' in 'Reactionary' Via Response to DHS

Jonathan Falwell and Other Right Wingers Put the 'Reaction' in 'Reactionary' Via Response to DHS

Wash Post's Eugene Robinson won a Pulitzer!

Waco-OKC-Columbine. A very sad anniversary of events

TX Rep: Asian Americans should adopt "names that are easier for Americans to deal with."

Now Even Alex Jones is Going After Fox - After they try and steal his Supporters.

POTUS speaking at CIA NOW.

Army Standards Inversely Proportional to American Economy (Apparently)

New York Times Wins Five Polks er I mean Pulitzer's

The people who'd authorize and commit torture are monsters. So too those who'd ignore it.

A queston, Can we ask everyone, Big Business runs the country, Or the Government?

Center for Constitutional Rights; Actions, Impeach Torture Architect Bybee

"99% of everything is bullshit."

Harman responds: if anything should arouse concern, it is that the Bush may have spied on Congress

Wiretapping Rep Harman: Transcript of chat with Jeff Stein of CQ

Patrick Farrell of the Miami Herald won a Pulitzer today for his photos of the devastation in Haiti

Monday TOON roundup- Part 3, Rights, wrongs and singers


"Team Sarah" plans "Not on Our Watch! Phone Bank Blast" to derail the candidacy of Kathleen Sebelius

Lawrence O'Donnell is tearing Buchanan a new one

"Would you rather have a president who got the warnings about 9-11 in a memo and ignored them?"

Moderator, please delete. This isn't LBN, after all. n/t

This is a dedication to all those White People who feel put upon by big mean non-white people.

Conversatives outraged over Obama shaking hands with Chavez?

Barack just said "God Bless America"

New York Times Exec Editor Denies Harman Helped Persuade Him To Hold Wiretapping Story

...the same stance taken by George Bush with one important difference, Obama makes the kids like it.

Another Key Dem Senator Won’t Say Whether He’ll Cast Key Vote For EFCA

Why should we think they are not still spying on Americans??

Why should we think they are not still spying on Americans??


This MSNBC poll needs DU's attention

Economy in shambles, Media is focused on GOP recovery??? WTF?

New WSJ Spin - Transparency And Disclosing Results of Stress Test Is Bad - Who knew?

Yay, DiFi....

Should I Be Offended To Hear Urban Radio Show Hosts Calling White People Honkies?

New York Special Election May Get a Winner

New York Special Election May Get a Winner

Did the President do the right thing in promising there would be no torture prosecutions whatsoever?

Feinstein urges Obama not to make public pronouncements about who should or shouldn't be prosecuted

"Sen.-elect" Franken starts his staff

Has anyone gone back and looked at KSM's "confession" in light of the memos?

Nancy pfupfuengruber on CNN

Poison Suspected in Deaths of Polo Horses -21 Venezuelan Polo Horses Poisened in FL

Sen. Saxby Chambliss: Obama released Bush torture memos in the effort to embarrass Bush

Is Senator Feinstein trying to pull a fast one?

Technology: Adapt or die.

What if we just spam CNN and all the other channel's twitters with WE THE PEOPLE?

Ex-CIA officer: ‘Obama should not stop there’

Great Summit pix

Some amazing bamboo structures (Dial-ups: PIC HEAVY)

Some amazing bamboo structures (Dial-ups: PIC HEAVY)

With Harman's seat in jeopardy, can we petition Marcy Winograd to replace her?

Al-Qaeda 'number-two' says he really, really, really doesn't want the U.S. and Iran to get friendly

Miss California Carrie Prejean Causes Uproar With Gay Marriage Answer At Pageant

Anybody else here agree with Governor Perry?

OK I missed something - who is Alex Jones?

Progressive Candidates Win YD of Arkansas Presidency, Sec/Treas, and Committeeman

The sources that are claiming the phone call Harman made are the people who taped her...

Pet Airways

California AB 585 to ban T-Shirts that Honor/"Exploit" Bush Gulf War deaths and allow lawsuits

Do you hate taxes? Hate government? Hate Regulations? Love guns?

Is Obama smart enough to be sending us a message?

It must suck to be Pat Buchanan in 2009

Katrina negligence case against Army Corps of Engineers goes to trial

I'm beginning to fall in love with Megan McCain..

I wonder what the Teabag masterminds have in store for July 4.

Family Guy - Bag O' Weed - For those who missed it

Corporate Earnings through Recessions

Harman, Gonzo, and the NSA: Lots of Questions

And Now You Know Why Having A FISA Court Is So Important Regarding Wiretaps....

Will the GOP successfully seperate its members from its actions?

Filthy Norm has filed his appeal to the MN SC

The "every-penny" method of taxation.

What does anyone here know about the Bildenbergers? The Trilateral Commision?

On a "Light Note"...would DU'ers back up their LIHOP/MIHOP files on

Wiretap reveals reach of US pro-Israel lobby

Psssssssssssssst There's a Democratic

Dept. of Labor Gives 271,000 Grant to Retrain Workers/ GE for plant shut Down of Light Bulb Workers!

Houston Chronicle - Most Residents Favor Citizenship for Illegal Immigrants

The Pulitzer Prize Winning .........

Bankruptcy Cramdown compromise coming soon

What's All This About Republicans Protesting The Fourth Of July?

Let's all lay low and be careful the rest of this week

Looks like the Harman story is getting MSM coverage (on Countdown with David Shuster tonight)

Boehner: It’s ‘Almost Comical’ To Say Carbon Dioxide And Climate Change Are Dangerous Since Cows

Something has been poking around

Florida Democrats Ready to Run Another Republican For Congress

Come on...Make some Noise!

Military Medicine: A peek behind the curtain

A damning story about a Democrat comes to light, and Hannity won't dare talk about it,

The hijacker

Do you believe ANY news source?

Bush, Cheney, Bybee, Bradbury, Gonzales, Mukasey, Goss, & Yoo should be prosecuted.

Harman Story Timeline

Should governments ban the R-word?

Cheney 'disturbed' Obama didn't release memos he made sure were hidden, wants more memos released

What Is Your Preferred Midnight Snack?

Keith Ellison labels Michele Bachmann's rantings "Psycho Talk"

Am I the only one who can't watch "The Ed Show" because Ed seems like a

Compelling Evidence That the Previous Administration Committed War Crimes.

I don't like "beauty contests", BUT

Why do conservatives always resort to personal attacks?

Schakowsky On Torture: "Just Following Orders" A Historically Bogus Argument

Janet Napolitano has NOTHING to apologize for.

Dimon: Iraq War, Greed Contributed To Economic Collapse

If by prosecuting the crimes of the * administration, it was discovered that WE caused 9/11

Two of my favorite people - Obama and Lara

Krugman: Erin go Broke:

Eugene Robinson (WaPo & MSNBC) awarded Pulitzer Prize in Journalism, Commentary


On average how much smarter are Democrats than republicans?

Rachel: "Republican poutrage."

Update on today's meeting with my father's oncologist.

Is There Any Wonder Some People Snap Like In Binghamton and Columbine?

Markets Fall Based On Blog Entry From White Supremecist Claiming Access To Stress Test

Cuban healthcare system is world class? Not so much.

Health Care Hypocrisy

Historical, Hysterical Conservatives

Major scandal erupts involving Rep. Jane Harman, Alberto Gonzales and AIPAC

Stanford: I've Never Defrauded or Swindled Anyone

Anyone see the face on Schmerconish when Conason brought up other things Bush did to detainees?

More about Rachel on Fire. Here's her take on Cheney who wants additional memos released

From kos: Siena NY Poll: New Yorkers Support Same Sex Marriage

Right wing whacko Hal Turner posts fake leak on bank stress tests

Colbert tonight - Alabama Maersk crewman and

Miss California's comments on gay marriage produce controversy at Miss USA

The Diagnose Dick Cheney Game

She stands out in a croud, doncha think?

On guns, and the war on drugs and murican guns

The Economy is so bad

Hopefully hoping against dashed hopes .....

Don't blame the republican wackos... ("Ayúdeme! Trabajará barato. Contráteme")

Cheney: Lead voice for the most indefensible argument for torture: It worked.

Cheney: Lead voice for the most indefensible argument for torture: It worked.

The embarrassment of American broadband

CentraCare down here in Florida is supposed to be cheaper than the ER

FBI workers accused of spying on dressing room

For all of you celebrating 4/20

DOJ considering appointment of special prosecutor re: torture

Give a buck a day to make Norm Coleman go away

NOTE: Hope=Truth (Jim Kunstler)

teabaggers to ruin 9-11 with 9-12 party

There are a great many people out of work who are vulnerable to scam job offers and

Ah on head injuries... and seeing a doctor

Spain on the verge of deflation: Krugman's great fear for the U.S.:

Clinton, Bush booked for joint Toronto appearance

On Tolerance

Dear Mr. Cheney "Do you think we ought to be torturing people?"

Your phone is tapped !!!

Need help DUing this poll

Dobson's Focus on the Family Moves Inside the Beltway

I got the blues. The yellow dog doggone blues....

... anyone else have the inkling that the shit is about to hit the fan in a major way?

Moran pleads guilty in US Income Tax Case (Florida, Swiss bank account)

Ron Paul on secession

Impeach Bybee. New Petition

4.20.09: DU De-Taunt, Detente Day for Dilettantes and Democrats; Toward a Less Demeaning Dialectic

A Call For Questions For Timothy Geithner

FUBAR 24 hours. Bad night last night and an emergency root canal this morning.

Effective Tax Rate For High Income Households Has Decreased - I Bet Ari Fleischer Is Surprised!

3:31:41------------ impressive

Fake job references?

Nora Ephron reads "me" on DU.

HR875 S425- an attempt to end organic farming...

My son can't marry his true love

Best tent for a long fire season in Oregon?

Bomb Material Found in Marine's Luggage

Iraq war's cost on track to top that of Vietnam's - Second-most costly U.S. military conflict

Health Insurers Routinely Deny Claims Of Mercenaries Seriously Injured In Iraq, Afghanistan War

Florida Democratic Party SILENT On Pending Evisceration Of Voting Rights In Florida

It´s true. Democrats are soft on crime.

File this under just weird: Indian business students snap up copies of Mein Kampf

So the Treasury department doesn't want banks to release their stress test results and they don't

No license, but Blackwater is still in Iraq

Nancy Skinner - what's the skinny?

Sheriff Joe on Colbert Report tonight

Throw Jane Harman overboard


Adding 2 + 2: Harman Wiretapping/Blackmailing + Cheney "Stay Behinds" = ?

Telegraph UK picks up the story! Jane Harman 'recorded on wiretap promising to intervene...

What's up with the budget? Has it been signed yet? What is the

OKAY - I know this is a scam but how and why?

Texas, don't let the door hit you in the ass

Gov Crist. Another republican showing us his work ethic

Do you think if stories of the torture of children or that many people held weren't

What RW'ers think Socialism is:

Larisa Alexandrovna: Hastert Informed of Harman Investigation?

So can we move on from Susan Boyle now?

$500B for the IMF is good but how about giving it some real regulatory power?

Advice would be appreciated: Today my dad was told, basically, you have six to nine months to live

A couple of DU acronyms & terms

Monday TOON roundup- Part 1, excusing the inexcusable

Rep Harman to Israeli Agent: "This conversation doesn't exist."

FBI workers accused of spying on dressing room

Can someone from CA explain how Diane Feinstein, Ellen Tauscher, Jane Harman stay in office?

Remarks by the President to CIA employees (transcript)

Hugo Chavez is ...

Maybe one more reason the Obama administration kept Howard Dean out?

CIA Kyle Dusty Foggo

Pirates... Obama fail...

Pirates... Obama fail...

O'Lielly calls up Stewart for lying

Obama: Bushco Is Off The Hook and Walking Free

Harmon case proves our worst fears: they were using wiretapping to blackmail Congress.

I think "Freeper" was just used on primetime TV --"Chuck"

Are the Harman leaks fueled by her dissent on waterboarding?

WSJ: Cash-strapped cities try private guards over police

Keep politics out of the law when judging torture

This seems a little scandalous to me...

Delayed Outrage

I just burned my back - blistered it

What a frickin' mess: Protests, mass walkout at U.N conference on racism

Obama to CIA: No Accountability for Torture

Poll Needs some DU Love - Grade President Obama

Newt Gingrich. An extraordinarily loathesome bastard.

Meghan McCain

From The Who...

Funny that a Navy SEALs sniper shot those three pirates.

America's Health Insurance Plans faking LTEs

Gonzales ‘blocked prosecution of Democrat who helped keep lid on wiretapping story’

Does Newt have a dewlap? I will call him "Newtlap."

Background on the Harmon "misstep"

Stay slim to save the planet

Is it my imagination

Would you donate your brain for medical research after death?

Would you donate your brain for medical research after death?

Dean embraces being called the "comsummate outsider" by The Hill.

Chrysler Turned Down Government Loan Over Limits on Executive Pay

Buy land cheap, get 3 free serfs with every Hectare.

Monday TOON roundup- Part 2, They are nuts

Did Jane Harman Help Persuade NY Times To Hold Wiretapping Story Until After 2004 Election?


"Cenk Of The Young Turks Pushs MSM Conspiracy That Tea Parties Were “Funded” By (R) Party, Fox..."

Obama Scorecard...

If no Bush official will be prosecuted for torture, why the hell were the documents released?

I'll say one thing for Ahmedinajad

Breaking on Rachel - Holder considering torture investigation

Can someone tell me why I keep hearing Hugo Chavez described as the enemy by our media?

Can someone tell me why I keep hearing Hugo Chavez described as the enemy by our media?

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse is the real deal. Our grandchildren will be taught about him in school

The are trying to bury this story about Harman, Gonzales, wiretaps, blackmail and treason

The right to remain silent

Is Obama Breaking The Law?

Miss New Mexico's mother chimes in: "In the Bible it says marriage is between Adam & Eve, not Steve"

Remember This?

This is no time for complacency

Idea - Make riot police wear sports-style numbered jerseys

" The Germans tried at Nurnberg were acting legally, under German law"

Never mind, I was just posting about what one/some red light cameras do

Axelrod, "We cannot afford to get bogged down in the Bush Investigation Debate."

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Meghan McCain: Rove’s ‘creeping me out on Twitter’

This really pisses me off: DPS photo radar van shot at, killing driver...

Solving the Mystery of the Richest Americans' Missing Wealth

Barack is a uniter, not a divider - eh, Newtie?

FCAT Scratch Fever. Florida to make FCAT harder while cutting 2nd chance to take it.

Senator Webb's office says not the time for EFCA.

Sell Out.

Dude, You’ve Got Problems

Fuck NBC's Today Show

Just out of curiousity,.... just how did the right expect POTUS to react to chavez?

Tom Tomorrow: The incredible shrinking rightwingoverse: The smaller it gets, the crazier it gets!

Random Thoughts for this Day…

Vatican to Build Europe’s Largest Solar Power Plant

"Heads" Up -- NPR's "All Things Considered" doing a "What if pot were legal?" segment today

Do you think along with the economy moral decline is killing us?

Miss California may be "pretty" on the outside -- but she is definitely ugly on the inside

Court Time for Gonzo: Why the Harman Story is Really a Gonzales Story

How Obama Excused Torture-By Bruce Fein: "Obama Has Set A Precedent Of Whitewashing WH Lawlessness"

Why is $250,000 a year not a lot of money?

Harman Is A Poster Child For What Has Been Wrong With Congress For The Last 8 Years


13 Year Old's School Strip Search To Be Heard By Supreme Court

I think we're through it. Anybody else agree?

Lest we forget: Over 50 Republican embarrassments that are seldom mentioned by media.

Get Rid of EVERY Single Lobbyist- Lobbying Is Nothing More Than STATE Sanctioned BRIBERY

EU parliament wants to put the internet on a cable-type tier system

Regarding Facebook, Twitter, and other passing fads

Torture -- treaties and laws it is in violation of?

We just got turned down for Washington Basic Health

Eric Holder: We members of Democratic Underground insist on PROSECUTION of BUSH/CHENEY CRIMINALS

British singing sensation Susan Boyle offered $1 million to star in porn flick

British singing sensation Susan Boyle offered $1 million to star in porn flick

I remember those days on DU

I don't care if this makes me a douche ...

I have a kitteh cat asleep in the crook of my arm.

The day after the Marathon (00:48)


Getting my haircut yesterday, someone called and asked for "80's style blow dry"

I won, I won , I won something today at the Houston International Festival

Poe's Law - come on kids, it's fun!

Roll call. Who's up!

All Bob Ever Wanted

NYC was awesome! AirTran not so much.

Anyone else anxiously awaiting underpants' annual Boston Marathon post?

SUPER SUNDAY for Philly: Phils win, Flyers win, '76ers win!

Poll question: Do you support legal prostitutes?

Mac or Steak?

Next year will people start saying the 10's.

My Chase credit card has a $0 balance and I got sent checks with 0% APR...

My trip to the botanical garden (w/pics naturally)

Your mission, should you choose to accept it

I must find a fantasy world to escape into these days. I don't mean

Will kudzu grow in zone 4? If not sure of your zone, check here:

Today, I will be reminded of how boring I am.

Dr. Oliver Sachs, Val Kilmer, Mira Sorvino, Kelly McGillis, Steven Weber, Bruce Davison

kitten picture of the day for Monday April 20

What does pot use have to do with Hitler's birthday?

Mao sperm ad angers Chinese

What do you think of the term "FOXholes" as a contraction of "FOX Assholes"?

Another pic of our Wisteria(this one is in the daytime)

What's the deal with the Lounge today? It seems dead.

LATEST BREAKING NEWS (Lounge edition): Musicians entertain tax protesters

I just read something that, imo, is DUzy worthy. How do I vote?

I have money in the bank WooHoo!


Good morning Lounge


Do YOU understand OJ Simpson?

I have been looking for a book like this for 6 years

Happy 420 day.

I don't know how I missed this. NSFTPS - Not Suitable for the Perfectly Sane.

Rev_Acts just facebook friend requested me. Should I accept?

Can YOU see my avatar?

for horse and adventure lovers

what is politics?

No offense, but you're probably a shitty person if you like Symarip.

Hey Midlo, in the mood for a beatdown??

Wish me luck

How do you like your pizza? Deep dish or not?

Does one tip a masseuse?

My vet's office, with whom I am currently on the phone

My daughter got her bra signed by the Indigo Girls at their concert last night.

My daughter got her bra signed by the Indigo Girls at their concert last night.

My daughter got her bra signed by the Indigo Girls at their concert last night.

Can't Make A Deal With The Preacher

The more I think about it, the more I am convinced

Mensa contest=word humor

Interview for a temp job at 3:00

DU cat owners, help needed

Was Marilyn on the Munsters Lily's niece or Herman's?

Breaking: Angry white mob chasing black men through Boston

I'm laughing so hard here that tears are running down my face.

Anyone here know bikes? (bicycles, not motor)

How long do condom mint packages last?

Oh great. I need a fridge repair expert. :-(

Chicagolanders - Deep Dish

Some great flame bait for the freepers...

Ten Years After Columbine, It's Easier to Bear Arms

Is this true? If you put a potato into a jar of water...

I bought an iTouch today.

How long do condiment packages last?

Wheres the 420 east coast party?

Anyone own bibbed over-alls?

I could never date a PC person...

delete - by poster

Remember the chick from Weird Science?

Do any of the 'As Seen On TV' products work?

Proud of my team, sorry Lioness, it didn't seem to fit in with those pics

Knock knock

For anyone that wants to know: The new Mastodon album is pretty awesome.

Who in the hell is the quarterback for the Yankees this year?

Why can't the FDA ban this...

in case anyone was wondering

No offense but you're probably a shitty person if you like deep dish pizza

In case anyone was wandering

Question for hot tub owners--especially those is warm climates

In case anyone was blundering

Oh boy. Another "popping champagne cork as euphemism for male ejaculation rock video"

Does your avatar affect how people interpret what you say?

I still remember the time I totally tore into Dubya at a Press Conference or dinner or something

Advise requested

Butt Cracks...vs Breasts???

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 4/20/2009)

I'm not Drowning!

What is your city's nickname?

Peter Boyle

What will you be doing today at 4:20?

uh oh! She who can't be named on DU has competition!

Sugar Kane

Sugar Kane

question for those who vacation in condo's/timeshares or hotel rooms with fridges

Need help finding Chapelle skit. Smoking weed in the drive thru & I think a

I'm applying to a job that requires a masters degree

Tool - Prison Sex

Susan Boyle offered $1 million to star in adult film (really)

Self Deleted

Susan Boyle update!

I can not believe there are no Susan Boyle updates in the Lounge today...

DU Ladies - any of you have a tattoo in your cleavage?

What they did to "mother fucking snakes on a plane" for TV (youtube)

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/20/09

Kindle 2 - worth the $? Talk to me!

My Big Mac did not have sesame seeds on the bun.

Electrical Question: Dimmer buzzing

I just stumbled across an incredible vegan blog (pics included)

The hip-hop drooping pants thing...

The hip-hop drooping pants thing...

Anyone know anything about the new mini laptops

Sports announcer blooper.

92 in SF right now (this is April, right???)

Is TZ a fan of the Nationals or the Natinals.

I got called an "a$$hat" in GD

i've often wondered about chewbacca's grooming habits

Self Delete - DUPE

Nationals, 3B Zimmerman agree to new contract

If I were to go on the net to the Yahoo website...

Happy 420 Everyone!

So, DU? What's for dinnah?

You know what is the opposite of awesome? I'll tell you what the opposite of awesome is.

How many of you find yourselves dropping in more

Just witnessed a pretty nasty car wreck

Welcome the newest members of the family :)

I just bought this wonderful terrier mix puppy. Ladies and Gentlemen, please say hi to "Marcus"


Anybody know when the next iPhone is coming out?

.BREAKING-white mob chasing black men through Boston area streets

Scientist Stephen Hawking 'very ill'

look at what I bought today

Teabag This Focker!!!!!!

Susan Boyle invented high fructose corn syrup

I don't feel especially joyful around little kids...

The Gaming Forum is a graveyard so I must risk Lounge scorn. (D&D related questions. Advice sought)

Now, this guy didn't need a 420 excuse

Pure contentment is ......

We All Love Ella, Queen Latifah ROCKS!

I'm making an appt. to get my septum pierced tomorrow

I figured out why the Nationals left the O off their uniforms

Yet another new freeperism: Remember Descent!

FYI: A most excellent film noir web site.

Yellow River by

I just made some brownies...

ok... what doofus brought the triple chocolate chip cookies into the house

I miss myy friend :-(

How awesome is this?

Susan Boyle saved me money with my car insurance!

Please enjoy this fun weim video! Expressions, vocals, everything!

look at what I bought today

Wanna see what the SWEDISH equivalent of the Susan Boyle phenomenon looks like?


What Is Your Preferred Midnight Snack?

Ever had a cancerous skin lesion removed?

I am so tired of this cold and allergy season!

In case anyone is interested, they are showing how the Dallas Cowboys Stadium

One reason I hate college...

I played for Bernadette Peters' show this weekend...

Mad can still do a cover, the first 100 minutes.

So I watched one of the first ever episodes of Married...With Children last night.

New blog - feedback my dear Loungers? title for my latest is Being defeated is only a temporary ...

for the first time in my adult life i am not financially independent

47 posts from 16,328 Posts! Ask me anything

What were you doing at 4:20?

Child With A Toy Hand Grenade in Central Park.

There was just a kitteh cat standing on my chest, showing me her heiney.

Getting ready for my high school reunion....

Paul Simon during my afternoon spent recovering from last night...

Collectors: What is the ultimate find you would love to have or add to your collection.

I want to thank all of you who make me feel welcome here...

I Went to Walk to the Beer Store, and this Beauty Was Staring Me Down

Any posts about twitter now falls into the same category as: guns, 9/11 and mac vs pc.

Vulcan Insults

Recreation of the final dogfight in Top Gun done with cars, an amusing 5 minutes

12 Boston Marathon pics

What Exactly Is 2% Milk?

May I please have some help with images?

A legal question concerning a Chapter 13 bankruptcy discharge.

It's time for the weekly MLB check-in thread!

CBC News. Fructose, like high fructose corn syrup, results in more belly fat, more diabetes, more

Just a Thank you for a warm welcome...

A contest I know I can win: I root for the worst franchise in sports, currently...

Susan Boyle's fence is replaced by West Lothian City Council...

How many people on your "ignore" list?

Who watched "Grey Gardens"???

Do you have anything autographed?

Cool consumer website.

Dave has a beautiful mind

Cats are more problems than they're worth!


Amazing what happens when the Marlins run into a quality team with quality pitching!!

Has anyone tried any of the Acai Berry weight loss prods?

Do you support legalizing prostitution?

I am amazed at how easy it has been to reduce my meat intake

God, I HATE the Boston Bruins.

You know what I'd like? A portable well.

Last night we had an orgy in our saltwater aquarium. It started with one clam and then progressed

Goodbye to my little bunny boy, Harry. You were a joy to have in our lives.

Goodbye to my little bunny boy, Harry. You were a joy to have in our lives.

That stupid Sham-Wow has got nothing on the Body Snake.

A day of culture

Digital broadcast TV is a catastrophic failure

Question: Could Obama have used executive privilege to get around the ACLU deadline?

Ensign Raising Profile for Presidential Bid?

New r/w term: "provocation with a purpose"="economic fascism"

Obama to Order Cabinet to Quickly Cut $100 Million From Department Budgets

Why the handshake is considered "news"

Race and the Obama Administration by Danny Glover

Nearly half of N.C. senator's campaign funding from PACs

Meet Obama's Mailman: He Picks 10 Letters From Citizens A Day

Memo to Harmon, Bush officials, etc. (updated)

Open letter to U.S. President Barack Obama from Kanaka Maoli

This may be a rerun for some... A day in the life of Joe Republican

Obama Budget

dupe, sorry

The right wing opposes Obama's diplomatic tactics because reducing our enemies takes away ammunition

The 200 plus waterboardings of two captives.. Where is that story coming from.. source

Thrice-married Ghouliani declares war on gay marriage.

What’s Wrong with Washington? Great column on what idiots the punditry are by Wolcott

Is this woman the suspect or a victim? (A reality-based exercise)

Statement by UN Secretary-General on Iran's President Ahmadinejad Speech

TPM: Did Obama's Auto Czar Steve Rattner help scam NY pensioners?

Ahmadinejad's speech 'vile, hateful': US diplomat

The Rights "rage" re the smile and handshake with Chavez has little

Reno-era Torture memos uncovered

Who has killed more people? George Bush or Hugo Chavez?

Hillary Clinton not pleased with NATO's rules of engagement against Somali Pirates

BREAKING: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Confesses To Sex Acts With Satan

Statement by UN Commissioner for Human Rights On Iran's President Ahmadinejad Speech

What would have happened if Chavez and Obama had fistbumped each other?

Thank You President Obama. You have provided evidence to prosecute Blair.

Meghan McCain: Karl Rove's a 'twitter creep' (CNN)

Dodd Taps Wall Street Money For Re-election

I love that Obama got a tea party bounce

Source: NSA Wiretap Recorded Rep. Harman (D-CA) who was promising to intervene for AIPAC

McCain trying to have it both ways: Waterboarding is torture, but it should've been covered up

Obama up at CIA. Big ovation therel

Poll about idealism and moral perfection versus pragmatism: Taking on the CIA in the first 100 days

Crist's Schedule Shows Many Blank Days

Republican Pit Bull Attacks Don’t Hurt Obama

A Simple Counter-Argument to the Chavez-Obama-Handshake Outrage

we should never EVER shake hands with the enemy........

Does anyone else think credit card default rates are going to surge

Obama defends secret memo release to CIA employees

Behind the tea bag...(political cartoon)

"The path of least resistance is the path of a loser" HG Wells

Darth Cheney calls for declassification of CIA memos that supposedly show success of torture tactics

Fun day for the President - meeting with the White Sox and Tiger Woods.

Here she is.... Miss USA!!!!

PHOTO Caption it? (April 20)

Chrysler Financial: Thanks But No Thanks on Loan

Obama Begins Mocking GOP’s National Security Attacks

Rick Sanchez

Obama Puts Out Rainbow-Colored Welcome Mat

The UN World Conference Against Racism: Stay informed of their proceedings at:

Somtimes I feel so LUCKY to live where I do!

Stephen Harper defends Obama's handling of Chavez

Random picture thread: please post your own

"Mr. President, can I have a hug?"

PHOTO Oh no, the President has cheated on Bo.

What will come first, Coleman's appeal to SCOTUS or his indictment for corruption?

PHOTO An oldie but a goldie: caption it?

Dick move: Cheney hits Obama on handshake

Chip Reid from CBS really is an asshole

Lawrence O'Donnell and Pat Buchanan going at it on Hardball. I love ...

Axelrod: Obama Has Made Anti-Americanism Uncool

heh heh... Ed said "farting."

PHOTOS Pulitzer Prize-winning photos by Damon Winter (Obama campaign)

PHOTOS Who was giving who golf tips today?

Another "bow" gate

PHOTO The President Meets The White Sox (April 20)

PHOTO Whooooo hooooo, the President has taken up cricket!

Top Republican Says NY-20 is Lost

The Emanuel-Netanyahu Smackdown

Win/Win on a bad situation

Oh My God! He Said He's Going To Read The Book!!!!

Isn't it too late for Obama to go back on his word and say he will prosecute torturers?

Langley welcomes POTUS like a rock star.

Miller releases controversial beer ad!

"As an inactivist, the amateurishness of the (teabagging) protests is something to take pride in"

Right Wing Media and Freeeper-esque web pages are getting

An old joke updated...

An Independent Counsel will be appointed to investigate Bush-era interrogation practices. (?)

Is Obama really serious about "upholding our values"?

I have had it with Norm Coleman: CONCEDE ALREADY, DAMMIT!

Have you endorsed Russ Feingold?

PHOTOS Today's photo thread links (April 20)

Happy Birthday Justice Stevens!

NY-Gov: Another Day, Another Bad Poll

Let the parade of torture supporters begin: Lindsey Graham

Looking into his eyes and seeing his soul is NOT the same as shaking a hand & having a short convo.

Palin backers try to derail Sebelius

Today's Gallup Tracking Poll: Obama's approval up to 63% and disapproval down to 28%.

"On Dealing with Pirates' a poem by Calvin Trillin writing in The Nation

Obama to deliver address on Holocaust Remembrance Day

Trick Question:

I guess it's over.

Torture works like...

Poll/Vote on MSNBC Obama's Job performance

Self Delete - Wrong Forum

PHOTOS The President & the CIA (April 20)

It seems an opinion-consensus is forming rather quickly around an Independent Counsel

edited out subject heading

I don't care if we're talking about Adolph Hitler himself, torture is wrong, PERIOD.

Imagine for a second if you will.

Hillarious-the more the haters hate, the more popular President Obama gets

My letter to the President re prosecution of the previous administration.

Nadler: Impeach Torture Memo Author (Bybee)

A problem with "extreme" partisans right or left is..

OH, NO!! Remember Billy Carter? This wont end well - "Bo Obama's Half-Sister Ruby Discovered In MN"

Bush's 2003 statement on torture

My apologies for appearing to be snippy defending Obama's torture law strategies

GOP Wonder Twins Attack! Dick Cheney and Newt Gingrich Attack The Handshake!

It's official: No U.S. prosecution of Bush officials

Obama's 100-Day Hope Check

Harman: I Never Contacted DOJ On AIPAC Case

McCain: Japanese Hanged For Waterboarding

ABC News: President Beefcake? D.C. magazine to feature shirtless Obama on cover

TAKE ACTION: Tell Congress To Hold Impeachment Hearings Against Judge Jay Bybee

Water-boarded 183 TIMES??? And you don't think he started making shit up?

Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton will debate each other next month. (updated)

Flashback: Dems Give Mukasey a Waterboarding Primer

If he's not going to prosecute, why release the memos???

Well It Looks Like The Obama Administration Now Owns The Torture Issue......

Sam Brownback is an idiot

Seriously. Does anyone think Obama would announce plans to prosecute Cheney et al?

~ It's no wonder the right-wing is outraged over a handshake ~

Obama is just one bad-ass mothafucka.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed: Mastermind Behind 9/11 Attack Waterboard 183 Times? Not Enough In My Opinion

Talkin' DOWN to the Lower Classmen

NEWSWEEK: Sources say Holder "seriously considering" outside counsel to investigate torture

FDR made the modern Democratic Party.

Ahmadinejad completely blew up the U.N. Conference on Racism. Why Did He Do It?

Wow...I had no idea there were so many lawyers on DU

Why is FDR considered such a Great President by Liberals?

Obama bashers, please ignore: Conyers begins torture investigation that is better than Leahy's!

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights "shocked" at US boycott of anti-racism conference

Obama to Order Cabinet to Quickly Cut $100 Million From Department Budgets

Early recording of Britain's Got Talent's Susan Boyle unearthed

IAEA chief calls on Iran to reciprocate US moves

Iran president urges full defense for US reporter

Gunman holds up Jamaica aircraft

GM exec says 1,600 will lose jobs in next few days

Europe threatens UN conference boycott over Ahmadinejad speech

S Korea blogger found not guilty (for predicting economic collapse)

Oracle to Buy Sun Microsystems for $7.4 Billion

Suicide bomber killed in Afghan governor's compound

Pakistan air raids kill 20 militants: military

ICC removes Pakistan as World Cup host

Government makes 'unprecedented' apology for covering up Binyam torture

Reports: Croats in Bolivia face accusations of extremism

Blast in Philippine south wounds 4, damages bridge

NZ wants exit plan for commandos in Afghanistan

China launches new English-language newspaper

Ahmadinejad jeered at anti-racism conference

Consumers start feeling higher costs of clean fuel

Made homeless by Taliban, Afghans shelter in caves

Leading U.S. Economic Indicators Index Declines 0.3%, More Than Estimated

AP IMPACT: Tons of released drugs taint US water

Chinese official in quake zone kills self

Chinese official in quake zone kills self

Nevada Senator (Ensign) calls president "irresponsible" (for shaking hands with Chavez)

Halliburton CEO: In Discussions About Iraq Opportunities

Justice at Justice? (Obama may reinstate at least one of the U.S. Attorneys fired by Bush)

Suicide Attack on Iraq Meeting of G.I.s

Father of 'Slumdog Millionaire' star Rubina Ali tries to sell his daughter

NYT: 2 Suspects Waterboarded 266 Times

US Senate panel to look at future of newspapers

Unspecified number of hostages held in air-jacking

Tons of released drugs taint US water

Report shows immigrants tend to be in stable families

Are the Harman leaks fueled by her dissent on waterboarding?

Army troops in Iraq prepare to head to Afghanistan

Supreme Court Won't Disturb Death Sentence In Case Of Jurors Who Consulted Bible

(Federal) Judge to Rule if President Can Illegally Spy on Americans

Atlantic States ex-supervisor sentenced to 70 months on conviction for environmental, OSHA violation

Obama orders Cabinet to cut spending by $100M

Bank of America profit more than doubles

13 Army Suicides in March

U.S. May Convert Banks’ Bailouts to Equity Share

GM ‘Likely’ to Build in China as U.S. Factories Close

AP source: Chrysler Financial refuses exec pay cap

Clinton, Bush booked for joint Toronto appearance

Zawahri tells Muslims not to be fooled by Obama

Japan ex-minister urges nuclear weapon debate (wants Japan to get nukes)

Suspect Arrested in Craigslist Slaying

Obama defends greeting Hugo Chavez

Senior Judiciary Committee Dem (Rep. Nadler): Impeach Torture Memo Author


Gangland-style slays alarm Iraq

‘Dirty money’: MN Teen Challenge returned Bachmann’s contribution

Study: China's Great Wall is longer than thought

Iran president triggers EU walkout

Boston police charge a man they had in custody Monday in the fatal attack on a hotel masseuse

Jane Harman denies CQ report she was heard on NSA wiretap lobbying for AIPAC officials

Stressed Americans postpone healthcare

Detroit councilman walks away from mortgage Candidate for mayor saw value of home tumble as payment

St. Petersburg Times wins 2 Pulitzers

As Costs Fall, Companies Push to Raise Internet Price

As Costs Fall, Companies Push to Raise Internet Price

AIG closes deal for $30 billion in new federal funds

Impeach Bybee: The Growing Movement to Unseat Bush Torture Lawyer Turned Federal Judge

U.S. Senate Approves New Top Antitrust Chief.

Stephen Hawking 'very ill' in hospital

13-year-old's school strip-search case heads to Supreme Court

Cheney Calls for Release of Memos Showing Results of Interrogation Efforts

Kucinich: Victory Against Privatization

Canada PM defends Obama on Chavez

Coleman taking Senate case to higher court

Sources: Wiretap Recorded Rep. Harman Promising to Intervene for AIPAC

Miss Calif: Gay marriage answer cost me Miss USA crown

Chile indicts retired general, 2 officers in Pinochet-era killings by 'Caravan of Death'

Pakistani Cleric Demands End to Conventional Courts by April 23

In A Shift, Obama Doesn't Plan To Reopen NAFTA Talks

Lechuza Caracas owned by Venezuelan multimillionaire (21 polo horses poisoned)

Somali Pirate Arrives in NYC, Awaits Court Hearing

Obama thanks CIA for work against America's foes

Eugene Robinson Wins Pulitzer (For Obama Coverage; NYT Wins For Pentagon Propaganda Scandal)

Israel protests at racism talks

Secret prison in Illinois and Indiana for jailed Muslims

Full Pres. Obama Press Conference - Answers Questions In Trinidad

Vegas Airport Screeners Let Firearm, Fuses & Detonator Board Plane

Richard Armitage talks to Al Jazeera's Avi Lewis about the Bush administration's use of torture

TYT: Obama Talks Tough On Israel. Good Idea?

It's Official - No Prosecutions for Bush

aaron russo interview about the rockefellers

What We're Up Against - National Organization For Marriage

NPR Justice correspondent Ari Shapiro on release of torture memos

Wrecking Ball

The Truth About Homophobes and Gay Marriage

NSA Wiretap Recorded Rep. Harman Promising to Intervene for AIPAC

TYT: Anti-Muslim NY Congressman & Hypocrisy On Extremist Report

Regarding Torture. . .

Green Day - Know Your Enemy - New song

Banks Raking In Billions In Penalty Fees Ahead of New Regulations

Family Guy - Bag O' Weed - For those who missed it

President Obama's Speech To Men & Women of the Central Intelligence Agency CIA

Happy Shining Smiling Nazis - Photos Donated to Museum

Video: Obama, Hugo Chavez 'Long Chat' @ Summit of the Americas - April, 2009

Neil Bush defends his brother's suspension of Habeas Corpus. Ignite! learning video.

Food Inc. - Trailer

Gibbs: We're not holding torture authors accountable because I said so.

More Countries Join US, Israel Boycott of UN Racism Conference. Democracy Now 4/20/09

Press Sec. Gibbs Asked About Release of Torture Memos

Obama's Missed Chance with the GOP

Obama's Amnesty For Crime

Dude on Price IS Right bids 420 over and over

Joe Conason vs. M. Smerconish on waterboarding/torture on Hardball

Miss USA California Gives Anti-Gay Marriage Response to Perez Hilton

Climate Denial Crock of the Week - The

Bag o' Weed -- from Family Guy

Coming soon GPS chips in all guns. Montel Williams

TYT: Glenn Beck Encourages States to Secede, Cenk Reacts

Richard Dawkins is happy the religionists have left town

Mental damage from CIA tactics is disputed

Mexico Gets $46 Billion Railroad Stocks up China/Mexico/Wall Mart Connection

A Blast, an Ambush and a Sprint Out of a Taliban Kill Zone

19th century China Fotos on sale in England

Legal Scholars: Excessive Waterboarding Violates 'International Pruneface Convention'

...The Real Story Behind "Tent City" -- and How the Media Get It Wrong

Note: Hope = Truth (James Kunstler)

Suddenly Susan: Singer's Town Is Agog.

Vietnam, Afghanistan: Seven Lessons and Many Questions for the President

Is There Any Wonder Some People Snap Like in Binghamton and at Columbine?

D.C. Reporters Just Make Sh*t Up, Part 1,489,890,992,384

We Are All Susan Boyle

George McGovern urges pullout from Iraq this year

"3 (Little Known)Trustees of A.I.G. Are Quiet, Perhaps to a Fault." No Office, Staff or Mission

GOP's Civil Liberties Hypocrisy

The Bigots’ Last Hurrah by Frank Rich. I'm trying again

Guilty of being poor

Alberto Gonzales and Jane Harman Prove Blackmail Works

'Americans first' gaining traction

Legal Doors Closed To The Poor

Progressivism Goes Mainstream

Crankonomics: We Have A Right To Rant Susan Lee

Thoughts on Pot vs. Alcohol from a Former Police Chief

Pallin' Around with Monsanto

The Bush Administration's Stunning Geneva Hypocrisy

Obama's trip to 5th Summit of the Americas in pictures

Yes, Virginia, David Brooks is a Neo-Con

What the World Expects from America

Intel. Report: Iran Will Use Latin America to Attack US, Israel

CREW wants House Office of Congress/DOJ to investigate Rep. Harmon

Murray Waas: A U.S. Attorney's Story

Another Earth Day

New York Magazine The Wail of the 1%

Robert Baer: Why Obama Needs to Reveal Even More on Torture

Kudlow Report CNBC Should Move to the Far Right Fox News ASAP

Professor Stephen Hawking very ill in Cambridge hospital

Clive Stafford Smith: What about the torture victims, Obama?

Pundits Whitewash Torture

Robert Reich: Let's fast-track universal healthcare

Why the Philadelphia Inquirer is in Bankruptcy

Former astronaut: Man not alone in universe

Why the Harman leaks smell to high heaven

Ron Howard: It's A Thriller, Not A Crusade

Why did Nazis protect rabbi on Kristallnacht?

Obama Doesn't Plan to Reopen Nafta Talks

Ten Years After Columbine, It's Easier to Bear Arms

10 terms not to use with Muslims

Torture Memos: Waterboarding

My meeting with the man accused of plotting the assassination of Evo Morales

Reports: Croats in Bolivia face accusations of extremism

Cubans divided on more issues than travel

UN atomic chief warns of nuclear power dangers

Global warming due to increasing absorbed solar radiation ("decreasing cloud amounts")

FIDEL: "The Secret Summit"

BOREV: Let's Let Evo Run the World!

Ecuador’s president orders U.S. official expelled

Cyclones spurt water into the stratosphere, feeding global warming (by increasing cloud cover)

Snatched From the Air—Carbon dioxide as a carbon source—a carbene catalyst opens new perspectives

Critical turning point can trigger abrupt climate change

Tom Hayden: "Obama and His Dinosaur in Trinidad"

alot more links on the Iberoamericano poll, Chavez dead last

Study Finds Increase In Yangtze River Eutrophy, Projects 7% Water Loss By 2030 - China Daily

In Honor of 4/20

UK Gov Gave Confidential Police Documents To Private Company Before Power Plant Demonstration

CSIRO Scientist Raises ? - As Oz Plant Species Shift, What Weeds Will Colonize In Their Place?

With tax credit, consumers give turbines, solar panels a second look

PDBE Shows Up In Matanzas River Oysters (FL) Despite Fading Status Of Fire Retardant In US Mfg.

Big earthquake coming sooner than we thought, Oregon geologist says

Mariah Power Opening Turbine Factory In Manistee, MI - Will Employ Former Auto Workers - ENN

BOREV: "Alvaro Uribe Creates History's Greatest Political Document" (you won't believe this one)

Interview with Brazilian Squatter Activist Nete Araujo

Barack Obama's America poised to take lead over carbon

Anybody catch this morning's Dianne Rehm?

"We Have Caught Most Of The Big Fish, And Now We Are Going After Their Food"

Pen Hadow Team Surprised By Lack Of Thick, Multi-Year Ice In Trek Across Arctic Basin - Reuters

Warming Climate May Have Potential To Leach Phosphorous From Soils At Accelerated Rate, Study Shows

China considers setting targets for carbon emissions

HSUS Predicts 10 Million Animals a Year Saved by Downturn in Fur Sales and Public Support

Small windmills put to the test (which they fail)

CUBA Will Expose US Internet Discrimination and Prohibition Policy

Mountaintop Mining Activist Wins Global Award

Venezuelan banker/oil guy owned the dead polo horses in Miami.

Chile indicts retired general, 2 officers in Pinochet-era killings by 'Caravan of Death'

Scientists weigh geoengineering in global warming battle

A Manifesto for Our Times

I was impressed with Yao Ming's play on Sat. night. I haven't seen him in a while.

This year's NFL draft

Sports announcer's blooper.

A laugh at my team (who aren't that great right now)

I LOVE Patriot Day!

Tommy Heinson is correct

Joe Biden's SS Code name is "Celtic" WTF. As a REAL SPORTS FAN, how

How low can you go? ..Nats and Pirates attendance

Is it too much to ask that the NBA announcers don't OPENLY root for Cleveland?

Today in labor history Apr 20 using machine guns and fire, kill about 20 people—including 11 childre

What killed the auto industry?

Screen Actors Guild to lay off 8% of its staff

Any guy can be a model, but only one can become Mr. USA.

NY poll: Gay marriage supported. (Catholics support. Protestants oppose.)

DU this poll

Eliminationism in America

In need of advice and moral support

Miss California speaks out against marriage equality, loses Miss USA

Drug screening tools for Doctors.

finally some good news: Experts tout chocolate milk for exercise recovery

Weighing up the costs of being obese

The Mummified President: Or the Follower of the Follower (Re: Egypt/Hizbu'llah feud)


Israel, Iran and Fear (Article by Roger Cohen)

Wiretap Recorded Rep. Harman Promising to Intervene for AIPAC

NU's Katz reminds Emanuel he's Jewish

Netanyahu's new-old methods of stalling peace talks

Congresswoman Waddles Into Israeli Spy Storm

VIDEO: After shooting one demonstrator, Israeli soldiers call out, 'Do you want more gas?'

Walk-out at Iran leader's speech

From CNN: mass walkout from UN conference when Ahmadinejad refers to the "racist" Israeli govt....

For those who are pro-gun control: Here's what your allies, the DLC/New Democrats have done for you

Looking for AR15 ammo in NE Ohio? PM me. nt

Would allowing White House visitors to bring firearms into the WH increase the POTUS' safety?

Wayne LaPierre horse whips Ed Rendal on live TV.....

Re-inflation Rally Part I: Falsehoods, fantasies, fabrications, and fake-outs

9th circuit incorporates 2A

How Citi made $2.5 billion betting on its own bankruptcy

Black is Back: Don't Trust Earnings New Accounting Rules, Stress Test is a SHAM!

Calculated Risk: Undisputed Champion of the Econo/Financial/Business Blogosphere

On guns, and the war on drugs and murican guns

Bank Lending Keeps Dropping

Can Our New Bullet Trains Look Like This, Please?

BBC News -Democrats just as passionate

CNBC is interviewing Ken Lewis CEO of BAC at 3. Do u think the banks will rally?

SEIU saz to banks.. "Give us our money back"

Housing Bust Comes Roaring Back, Worse Than Ever

How to win at losing.."Bankrupt luxury community sold to same developer"

Earnings for the "Fortune 500" companies plunge 85 percent

A picture is worth 1,000 words....wanna see who owns us?

Feeling a little bit sorry for the privileged Wall Streeters? I have the antidote.

Right Wing Turns on Elizabeth Warren, Congressional Oversight Panel Head

Karl Denninger on BlogTalkRadio: Tea Parties and Partisan Politics

Okay, how many folks here have been exposed to live gunfire? A gunfight?

Hope the TORNADO pic shows up:

After Two Rainy Days, This Beauty:

More shots from last Friday (dialup warning)

Hey - thought you fellow photogs might like this.

Just made a trip to the plant store to spruce up the back yard for Summer. PIC HEAVY

9th Circuit Incorporates 2nd Amendment

I'm baaaack! Anybody miss me?

Do any of you make a PT or FT living

Who Will Face Down the Gun Lobby?

More on Cold Fusion

New flat flexible speakers might even help you catch planes & trains

New rival to world's tallest man

****Submission Guidelines and Instructions for Calendar 2010***

Meryl Streep was steeped in Julia Child for 'Julia' role

Half whole wheat is not bad

Now Even Alex Jones is Going After Fox - After they try and steal his Supporters.

Since the redundant intelligence & warnings about 9/11 were disregarded I believe in LIHOP more

What does anyone here know about the Bildenbergers? The Trilateral Commision?

OK I missed something - who is Alex Jones?

police chief fired for using taser on wife

My letter to Texas Democratic Party officials re: the Jane Harman scandal

Keeping an Eye on the Texas ARRA Dollars

Just how many ways can you violate private citizens' Constitutional rights

DMN: "Perry blind to Texas' great potential"

Tracking the Texas Economy

No plan to reopen NAFTA, says U.S. trade rep

Julia Roberts to Film Next Role in Bali

Volunteer web designer for torture prosecution project --

Did you ever wonder why Firefox