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Calif. Seeks Prison Expansion To Reduce Crowding

Stephen Colbert Rips Apart Glenn Beck: Building His Career On 9/11 (VIDEO)


LAPD cop falsely claimed two latinos with shaved heads attacked him,

any music lovers/Malloy fans out there?

BBC Live Stream of Summit here.

G20 Summit question-with all those bankers in one room...

Welcome to Sanfordville

Question for DU legal minds, re: the "mistakes" made during Ted Stevens conviction

American Airlines union goes viral against execs

American Airlines union goes viral against execs

Fuckity fucking fuck fuck fuck nt

D.C. voting rights bill may be unconstitutional


Indian Casinos are starting to lay people off..

GOP Group Hosts "Gays Were Behind the Holocaust" Pastor

Hidden Planet Discovered in Old Hubble Data

AlterNet: Radical Kansas Cleric: 4 in 10 Catholics Unfit to Present Themselves for Communion

Keeping the money rolling in vs fixing the economy.

Frederic Gaynor, 1935-2009: Model for Daisy air rifle ads

Escanaba woman released from jail (Basically jailed for being poor)

Protesters urge Sanford to ‘take the money’

Recipients of Carnegie Hero Medals

Historic US-Russian agreement on nuclear weapons

Did I miss something or is this just more in the bizare world of freeps?

Canadian Parliament votes again (5th time!) to let U.S. war resisters stay

DU this poll about Glenn Beck:

It's clear now which countries have sane leadership....

G20 summit masks the elite’s fears

Hidden Planet Discovered in Old Hubble Data

American Schizophrenia: Elect Obama watch FOX

I know it's only Thursday, but should FOX News be congratulated...

What a douche

An interesting comment from my aunt's husband.....

Wrong man cremated at Texas funeral home

Another thing about CNN and the G20

Cognitive dissonance?

G20 summit: Diary of a London green protestor

As bad as CNN is...

Terror as a Tool of Empire By Chris Floyd

"Everyone can make it , you just have to work hard..." WTF? Bill O'Reilly needs to STFU!

Documentary chronicles MB family's journey to understand 'autistic-like' son

O'reilly on Rachel Ray: Everybody can make it, you just have to work hard.

I give credit for any Duer who has the stomach to read Freeper-land

Tomorrow Vermont will become the first state to legislate marriage equality

"LOO"-gate scandal in Canada!

OMG CHIA Obama - Determined Pose

amusing case for gun control, a list of reasons

...Sens. Kyl and Lincoln think ‘the most pressing issue’ is ‘America’s wealthiest families.’

David Schuster

A Live thread that will soon be dead: The Budget Debate in the House

U.S. Could Face Second Recession Next Year

The Rude Pundit: A Failure of Imagination

State of Pride for Izzo. A great read about our despair.

Sessions on TV talking about missile defense saving us from North Korea!

Fresh Budget Coverage from CNBC

Disgusting O'LOOFAH compares OBAMA to "Princess Di"

Will Stevens dismissal undercut Alaska's corruption probe?

The Rude Pundit: A Failure Of Imagination (Repub's "Budget")

The IMF's SDR has to start somewhere to become a global reserve currency, thankfully the G-20

Republican Outrage

President Obama has warned N. Korea over rocket launch

What is HuffPost's Problem?

Obama praises Lula, infuriates right-wingers.


President Obama played peacemaker in a spat.....

Evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence found

E-Mail I got from David Horowitz

Wingnut calls for violent overthrow of US government in my local paper

Do any of you morning people stream KPOJ (Hartmann's early show)?

The REAL story behind Freddie and Fannie- as told in 2003 (hint it's Bush's fault)

EPA to monitor 62 schools' air

Senate voting now on McCain's "Budget Substitute". That was quick.

Richard L. Scott, builder of the world’s largest health care company, is taking on President Obama

andrea mitchell has her bozo the clown makeup on today

What would it look like to fall into a black hole?

So what happened at the G20? The European view.

Meacham at the Reagan Library: Big Media loves Big Politics

Rush Limbaugh said..

Judge: Afghan Prisoners Can Challenge Detention

Judge: Afghan Prisoners Can Challenge Detention

U.S. has farmer-soldiers in Afghanistan

Another Reason Why I Love DU!

The news gets better and better:

Should US Join An International Bank Regulatory Body Like The WTO?

Cantor Says Dems "Overreacting" To The Economic Crisis

"The Ed Show"

Obama press conference supposed to be starting soon



Progressive Caucus Budget being introduced on the floor now

G-20: solutions for the world?

It's your call, kid

If they wanted to come, they would (excellent short vid!)

Please stop saying the english are America's oldest allies

OSHA failures = worker deaths: report

MIT Scientists: The GOP Is Wildly Distorting My Cap-And-Trade Study

26 Democrats: Climate Change Should Be Filibustered

DU Is a heaping, steaming pile of inconsequential bullcrap! TRUE/FALSE?

DSCC petition: "Time to give it up, Norm"

Ed Schultz just said that the radio show will go on. He's a bit choked up over the whole thing.

With Change in 'Mark to Market' The Banks Can Now Inflate Their Asset Values.... LINK

I'm looking for a link to the DU forum about debunking

FASB loosens "mark-to-market" rules at behest of Cong. leaders

New plan to save the markets: From now on we're gonna score it like golf

Conservatives just crack me up sometimes..

Greenberg: AIG Rescue Has Failed

The G20 Agreement -- Here is the text of the final statement.

Obama's Press Conference in England

Dunkin' Donuts Announces 'Iced Coffee Day' Event to Support Homes for Our Troops

If anyone expresses sympathy for Ted Stevens, be sure to ask them about O. J. Simpson.

What's Obama reading on his Blackberry?

HOw does a one day meeting with big hoopla lead-ins and ending activities actually do anything?

Stiglitz & other prominent economists: test of the summit would be how it helped the poorest.

With charges dropped against Stevens, Alaska GOP now calling on Begich to resign.

Boehner's Office: We Stand By Our Distortion Of Cap-And-Trade Study

Mark to Market...or why the NEW bubble could be right around the corner.

Does anyone remember bush's first g-8 meeting....

The Washington Consensus is over -

Admittedly addicted to JACKEENS' photo threads...

"Chip, my heart goes out to you."

We already have a global currency, its called the American dollar

GOP Morons from Top to Bottom

Factory orders post better-than-expected increase in February, breaking string of 6 declines

And Then They Came for Koh ...

Progressive radio: What's worth streaming (3PM EDT edition)

Leahy Bails on 'Truth Commission' Plan


Remember the Brazillion joke?

Lemondade from Lemons - Fun Way To END COLLECTION CALLS

Scientists Name New Syndrome: Limbaughtosis

A New Spring for U.S. Diplomacy?

Strippers Turn To Anchoring at Fox News to Fight Economic Hardships

Elkhart RV supplier turns to making line of purses, totes to keep jobs (pass the word)

Food Stamp rolls hit Record 32.2 million...(or one in 10 of all Americans)

Gay marriage

Where is our prosperity? Where are our jobs? We were told low taxes meant job creation!

Context Matters

Justice Department Again Delaying Release Of Bush “Torture” Memos

Latest poll has Chris Dodd down by 16 to Rob Simmons - time for him to announce he is not running

Dobson's "Family Research Council" praises Dungy's invitation to join President's Faith Council...

Events in American history that need to be renamed.

Tea Party Pooper: Rick Santelli Wants Nothing To Do With Protests He Spawned

Police: Mom drugged daughter so she'd get pregnant (& produce baby for mom and boyfriend)

Franken puts Pawlenty in a jam

Tweety on the face of change

Farewell, Glenn Beck, Poet! (actual transcriptions from the oeuvre of Beck)

Apparently, she has "gone and done it".

AP: Signs recession nears bottom, but laid off workers: C-ya, hate to BE ya.

Michelle Obama is a wonderfully warm, caring, empathetic embodiment of the good within humanity

Tweety gives Obama "The Hardball Award of Honor!"

Germany's Merkel Enters G-20 Scorning Market ‘Evil,’ Leaves as an Obama Fan

I can't believe Tweety and GEM$NBC are trying to

Police say mom drugged girl to let man impregnate her

Is there a word that describes a feeling of....

Why am I able to log in one one computer but not another?

Hush Falls Over Prison Population As Madoff Stabs Cellmate In Throat

Delicious... Ann Coulter Falls For Fake April Fool's Story

Peter Orszag on the daily show

The Words Have Changed, but Have the Policies?

G-20 and the Republicans

Daily Kos: Another Day, Another Worker (Gulf War Vet) Fired For Trying to Form A Union

Oh Shit! It's that Babbling Bastard, Brad Blakeman, now on MSNBC!

They released their budget on April Fool's Day

Blago - 16 count indictment

Cramer sez "The Depression's Over"

A.H. Belo Corp to cut salaries and pension supplement for 3 newspapers' workers

Loxley, Alabama cop stopped Shawn Johnson's stalker, let him go on to LA

Today, when Blago was indicted where was he?

Freep Running for Rahm's Seat: "Global Warming is a hoax""Chicago should be cut off from Fed. Funds

Dow Jones industrial average has its best four weeks since 1933 - scare anyone else?

I have a friend who is in real trouble re: health care / insurance

Will the Republicans Filibuster Dawn Johnsen?

Schuster just got his little 1600 song; and now he's getting moved.

Obama's Press Conference

Why the fuck are we being inundated with the ugliest, most ghoulish anti-monarchy posts tonight?

Man found in tree 29 years after committing suicide

Help me understand the "other side:" Why do corporations hate unions so much?

G-20 on the developing world

Oh Noes! Michelle actually touched the queen...latest Freeper hissyfit

China secures Myanmar energy route

I want

AIG: What struck me about Hank Greenberg's testimony today before the Oversight Committee

Withering internal report faults U.S. spy agencies

Sweden OKs gay marriage

The Wasilla Wolf Killa thinks Begich should step down because Internet Tubes Ted has been exonerated

Huffs and No Puffs: Committee Blows Down House’s Smoking Lounges

"The Market", the Economy, and Real Life

I'm with ya, David Shuster

PhotoEssay: Why They MUST Be Prosecuted!

Oberlin College Tuition Hits $50K Per Year (OH)

Rush: I'm making supreme effort to ingratiate myself to the babes.

G20 protestors smashing up bank. Mindless violence or righteous fury?

Teamsters Support Safe Highways and Infrastructure Preservation Act

Hong Kong market soared on 4/2

Obama issues warning as Korea readies missile

2009: The Year of Hope and Heroes

"THE Movie You Need To See This Year" . . .

I just saw that clip of the man robbing a convenience store with his little kid in tow

Rush Limbaugh is a human.....

Iowa Supreme Court to issue gay marriage ruling

Anyone know where the First Mother In Law is?

Anyone know where the First Mother In Law is?

With Schuster taking the 3-5 slot, does that mean Nora O'Donell is gone?

Joe The Plumber Admits He Knows “Little” About EFCA, Gets Jeered By Workers

Is Your Representative Speaking Out Against Escalation in Afghanistan?

ColbertWatcher Appreciation Thread

What's the worst aspect of hiring mercenaries?

As of this moment, Asian stocks up nicely

if i make a donation do the nasty "Clean Coal" and "Carnal Nation" ads disappear?

Guantanamo detainee to go free after Obama-ordered review

I'm not on twitter, but keep getting emails that people are following me on twitter. WTH?

The 13th Annual Day of Silence is April 17.

What's wrong with my TV?

First thoughts from CADIE, Google's new cyber-personality

The Enclosure of the Commons

Finally, a little good news...

Climate Change Calls For "Continuing, Visible and Aggressive Nonviolent Direct Actions"

Hundreds mourn man who killed police officers

Andrea Mitchell subbing for eyes !!! owwwwww

iTunes to drop catalog songs to 69¢ on Tues. Apr. 7th

Amy Goodman and Democracy Now!, and Laura Flanders and Grit TV. Do you watch either, both or not.

Dodd down 16 points in poll - Needs to retire

Reissue of my most recent novel

Sebelius confirmation stalls over GOP objections

Vermont House passes veto vulnerable marriage bill, 95-52

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Officials worried that Fresno water district may want to shift Shasta County water rights south

Bernie Madoff

Tell Michael Steele what you think of the GOP!

"I'm certainly not perfect, and expect to be held accountable too."

"I'm certainly not perfect, and expect to be held accountable too."

Are liberal groups forming a circular firing squad?

Are liberal groups forming a circular firing squad?


"President Hamid Karzai has just signed...

Newt is bluffing.

Why would Rachel give ANY crap time to Colin-the-Fuck-POWELL?!1

Obama's demanor has changed

Lawsuit: AIG Not Just Screwing Over Taxpayers Anymore

Are credit rating firms a cancer on the financial system?

Nearly 2/3 of U.S. companies paid NO fed income taxes (1998-2005)

Burglar paused to feed hungry cat

Anti-abortion Westboro Baptist Church plans to disrupt Boston area funeral

'Mr. Poopy Pants' and fees frustrate flyers

Silver Lining - A billion less in poverty worldwide in last 10 years?

Christopher Hitchens ..... I **just** figured it out ......

Health Critic Brings a Past and a Wallet / Get ready for sleezy Republican tactics.

Man detained and harassed at airport for carrying CASH! Was this warranted?

Obama Health Critic Ousted by HCA in '97 Amid Nation's Biggest Healthcare Fraud

What do you think the Iowa Supreme Court case ruling on same-sex marriage will be.

MSNBC is broken

Michael J. Fox on Letterman

Wolcott-DC/Press Don't Get It -Americans Voted Overwhelmingly For Dems & Drove Repubs Out Of Office

Detroit retiree, 69, supplements his income by living off the land (hunting and eating raccoons)

Nigerian 'Black Money' Scam Turns Deadly for Two Suspected Con Men

Dems Investigating Bush Administration Role In AIG Collapse

Palin calls on Begich to step down. Like that'll happen. Fuck her.

Judge rules terror suspects in Afghanistan prisons can sue in US courts

New 50,000-volt Taser offers capability to shock multiple 'targets' at once

So ...... let's consider this Congresional Progressive Caucus threat against leadership ............

Fools on the Hill

The Queen In Her Parlor, After the Party....

The Queen In Her Parlor, After the Party....

Siegelman: Stevens Case Is Dropped, So Why Not Mine?

Obama's Blackwater? Chicago Mercenary Firm Gets Millions for Private "Security" in Israel and Iraq

Real Change

Taking the Klavan Challenge, Part II: "But What About ME, Politico? What About MEEEEEEEE?"

Geithner's dirty little secret - Asia Times

OK, I just noticed my paycheck is reflecting the new payroll tax cut

G20 - Bankers lay bets on amount of protestors killed injured and arrested

April Fools: Ann Coulter falls for fake Obama NASCAR story

Studies indicating that marijuana may kill cancer cells doesn't mean that it is beneficial to smoke

Line in the Sand - an email from Howard Dean

Do You Feel Like A Man Or A Woman Without A Party?

WTF??? Mike Pence just made a bizarre "confession" on the House Floor

The AP caught something rather curious-What (& WHY) Does Dusty Foggo Know about the Torture Tapes?

How Many Detestable Things Are We Willing To Do… To Continue a Disgraceful Policy?

Anyone else think Glen Beck is insane?

Old guy, back in school update. Sad day

"The Anarchists"- So Who's Really The Violent Hooligan Here?

THEY KNEW! - AIG was a Ponzi scheme plain and simple

so... about Karl Rove...

Bush Torture on Trial? (The Nation)

Boats Too Costly to Keep Are Littering Coastlines

Friggin Corporations and Their HR Coordinators....

Flashback: In his last year in office, Bush still didn’t know what the G20 was.

Flashback: In his last year in office, Bush still didn’t know what the G20 was.

Norm Coleman’s mysterious finances

Do you have dental insurance?

was alaska stevens vindicated for his crime. what is the story on this

Dahr Jamail | The Growing Storm (about Iraq, an important read)

How about a nice K&R for Schuster!!!!! Tonight was the last 1600.

Obama's Blackwater? Chicago Mercenary Firm Gets Millions for Private "Security" in Israel and Iraq

What have they done to screw up potatoes?

House liberals insist on public health plan option, threaten to vote against alternate plans

The Curious Juxtaposition Of Ted Stevens And Don Siegelman

This is what is wrong with Kansas. They follow Glenn Beck. Check out this stupid shit

Truth, Crimes, Commissions, and Hope

Yay! My dad got a job today!

World Leaders Meet At The G-20...SLIDE SHOW

Protester: "They are giving our money to the banks to lend back to us with interest."

Chris Van Hollen joins Harry Reid in telling activists' groups not to be critical...

Chris Van Hollen joins Harry Reid in telling activists' groups not to be critical...

Phoenix police raid home of blogger whose writing is highly critical of them

Should the US split into different countries?

If you feel like a Man, a Woman, or a Beast without a Party...

Brain tumor diagnosis....

Why I Like the new Democrat that the Obamas Represent.

Is this news? Yes, banks profit by lending money at a rate of interest.

OK, fine. Capitalism is poison. It's evil. It's unreformable.

U.S. says will push hard for Palestinian statehood

People: come see what I figured out, and I'll cite some real math people. Headsplodation offered.

Everyone Annoys Me

Ward Churchill wins case, jury awards monetery damages

Does an American President bow to a foreign king?

Absolutely blistering NY Times....

Something is Rotten at PBS

30 year fixed at 4.78 avg with some at 4.373. Refi or not? Buy or not?

Given the Opportunity, Would You Move to Europe?

Progressive Caucus draws a line in the sand on health care public option.

My dearly departed dad had a saying that I think really fits Glen Beck...

I'm feeling more and more like a man without a Party

Video of girl's flogging as Taliban hand out justice

GOP senator wants guns allowed on Amtrak

Fox News: President Obama Blatantly Breathed British Air

Holy crap. There will never be a way for me to best this most inane achievement...

Cleanup on aisle

oh nevermind

I Am Legend, after watching this movie I will never complain about having a bad day.

You know, I ruined my reputation when I mulched

I need help identifying a late-80s, early-90s made-for-tv ghost (haunted house) movie...

I submitted a job application at 1am who does that? lol

Hear that?

Who wants to go for a walk?

Question: Why are even the skinny Myspace layouts such atrocities?

Little Miss Perfect

Stupid Microsoft mouse.

ONE! For Beach Baby and TZ

Today's earworm: Geggy Tah - "Whoever You Are"

Wow, I watched a brutal film last night...Frontiere(s)

My 'Rube Goldberg' invention WORKS!

I'm told that my April Fool's post was too subtle. So . . .

Which character(s) would you most like to see in a LOST spin-off

Jupiter's Great Red Spot is shrinking...

Hulu doesn't have China Beach.

My new reply in GD and GD:P


Is anyone bothered by the fact that Google reads your email?

*BACON* Jim Gaffigan's "King Baby" on Comedy Central

OMG I watched the most amazing movie last night "Hunger"

my art.....interior design ( pic heavy)

Naturists may be seen beyond this point.

Michelle Obama doesn't wear hosiery!!!!!!!

YouTube: "Hamster In A Wok" (NON-HEATED, NO hamster harm, he just runs around like crazy)

Evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence found

anality and the analists who practice it

The Spanish Steps

Real Worlder gets call on the show that he's being redeployed back to Iraq

Did anyone ever have sea monkeys as pets? I'll never forget the ad

BREAKING NEWS: 75 year old man plays air guitar in a traffic circle while awaiting rescue by TZ.

This is A JOKE!


Did anyone ever have flying monkeys as pets?


taterguy is very depressed. He tried to convert a lesbian in a bar and got his lights punched out.

amusing case for gun control, a list of reasons

Reno 911 sucked last night

Help help...I have a trojan horse BHO.IGB trapped in AVG

Man Cries After Robbery Attempt Fails

The new reply to me in GD and GD:P

I'm looking for an old and very funny video clip - haven't found it - help?

The roomies........

Housing market is up

Four inches of snow overnight?!

There is a HELLACIOUS storm heading my way.

Who is hungry for dessert? Here's a how-to video that will make you drool!

Seriously! What will it take for you not to reply to my post

So, am I on the government watchlist now?

to everyone who responded to my thread re; my great grandson

Man turns anti-tank missile launcher on nagging ma-in-law

"You damn bastard, answer me!"

How Come MrCoffee Didnt Get Any Answers In The 'Political' Category

Republicans in my life

I finally saw Religulous - man that was good! Especially the rant at the end

Would you open an anonymous email titled "How to start all over?"

Post a neutral statement about a DUer.

Great Big Sea!

Doh! I KNEW DU shoulda trademarked "the Moran Guy"

My calculator has Pie on it

Post about another DUer behind their back

computer question - .3GP file: legit? paretologic - legit?

My mancannon was dirty last night

Joe Cocker With Subtitles, For the Clear-Headed

Burglar trapped by fencing he could not climb

Midlo called me "Freeper" three times in a row yesterday, so I called her out on it

Ten Percent of World is Addicted to Prawn

Midlodemocrat is a Kitler

Blind Willie Johnson went into space?

CreekDog is a freeper, Hitler, PolPot and every other rogue dictator rolled into one.

Well, well, well Trebek. Fancy seeing you here. It's been a while.

Why the HELL am I still awake?

How can I see last night's Jeopardy?

You know those old Internet tales about the "coffee cup CD player" and the like? I just got one

Lounge Travelers: Taking a Mexican Riviera cruise soon- any must sees?

LynneSin has her very own cyberstalker. How many of you can say that for yourself?

Someone in the neighborhood shot one of my cats (last year). I need advice.

When I see movies that were made around the time of my infancy, I say, "Damn, I'm old"

My calculator has Pi on it

Venti no-whip mocha Fap please!

If the US has, in the future, a former rock star as President, who do you think it would be?

You're never too far behind a love of your own

Update: Last Call for Fantasy Baseball!!

Post a compliment about the last person who posted in this thread

Are you unfappable in the face of adversity?

Why funny guys get the babes

Wrecked Ferrari Day. Two Loaned Ferraris Wrecked By High School Baseball Players

Wrecked Ferrari Day. Two Loaned Ferraris Wrecked By High School Baseball Players

Seriously! What will it take for you to reply to my post

Who here is glad that April Fools is over?

Acid spill in GD!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/2/09

Please pray, vibes, whatever for my family

~~ Large Collection Of Used Porn For Sale! ~~ Magazines Only $1.00!!! ~~

My cat WILL NOT leave me alone...

Yesterday was our 9th wedding anniversary!

Another sign that I'm in a civilized country: receipts on tap for tax reports

You know the Lounge rules?

i had my first NYC whole foods shopping experience today

Cat and mouse armor -- really cool sculptures

Speaking of royal gaffes:

Ninety Percent of World has stick up their ass, which in turn has stick up it's(the stick) ass.

Is the Polyphonic Spree like a cult posing as musical group, or whatever?

Post a complaint about the last person who posted in this thread.

My MIL chose where I am going for my birthday dinner again this year.

MacArthur Park, baby

So when is Mr Coffee taking us all out to dinner?

Mr. Coffee, it is "ZOEology," not "Zoology"

I'd like to share a song with you.

Ha. BabyM's reaction to tonight's Jeopardy.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 4/2/2009)

This is Life.

White Collar Crime

Question for DVR user/Downloaders

Iggy Pop Live "TV Eye" - your thoughts?


I'm taking TM and some friends out to dinner tomorrow

Idiot's Ferrari gets hit by a train, 911 call. Must listen to this one.

JEOPARDY IS ON!! (At least on the east coast.)

Just out of curiosity, how many people here failed Art in kindergarten

my daughter got her Cap and Gown and grad invitations today

If You Could Be ON A Game Show Which One Would You Choose?

I am just saying...

So The Office isnt on you know what that means?

And now, your Wingnut Post O' The Day!

If you give Bill O'Reilly a loofah...

What is your opinion about Canada ?

Damn, so I can't play my old Myst CD on Vista ?

"Humility"___ The most important word spoken abroad by the president, so far

Lansing, MI - what should I expect? Say late April?

Favorite sitcom family

kitten picture of the day for thursday april 2

Hi...I'm back from the ER...

"G20 Accomplishments Beyond Expectation"

There's a guy in GDP complaining about the Michelle O. threads so guess what happens?

Movie clichés

Sad for me that show ER is ending tonight. The two years I was

Jerry's Kids: Check in here....

"Dave is a good guy"

No Animals Were Hurt Making This Movie Scene...

Best Living Will Template Ever

A Pic of Me, and a Huge Thank You

My son is pissed off at Mr Coffee.

It has been so windy here in Houston even the birds are not flying.

OK, what's the deal with this CADIE thing?

Bif Naked's new song is incredible

Reissue of my most recent novel

Why aren't you self satisfying? (Poll) [View All]

"porn" or "The Porn"? (Poll)

I can either argue with jerkwads in the main forums or I can finish this bottle of Smirnoff.

25 Continuous Days With No Sunspots....Longest In A Century

Relaxing after a long hard day of napping.

Goddamnit. I typed a long, serious post, and when I went to submit it...

That love is a poor man's food

Good morning Lounge


Why aren't you breastfeeding?

Is DU acting funky for anyone else?

I'm goint to bed.Good night peoples !

The X-Files: I Want To Believe. Is it good ?

My husband saw Rachel Maddow and Larry Flynt in DC

Jenna Von Oy (Six LeMeure from "Blossom") has a music career!

God damn fucking trojan horse virus hit me three times today!!!

Bang Cartoons takes on the Dallas Cowboys

Strip searched???

I can't believe that they ended "E.R." by claiming the whole thing was Bob Newhart's dream.

Darkstar Reviews (Trailers): Chocolate

This means WAR!

MrCoffee missed a cat question. This isn't going to end well here in chez lounge.

So it's settled. Isaac Brock is the greatest lyricist of all time

WTF......stomach flu

I'm not wearing any pants...

So, I'm Watching VH1's One Hit Wonders of the 80s

Chicago Bears trade for Jay Cutler, Sign Orlando Pace!

Now that I've pinpointed the towns my ancestors came from,

Pick a TV show whose scenario that you'd like to live in

Economy especially hard on zombies

Still believe in flying saucers? NJ prank catches UFO buffs

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

"Prom" or "the prom"?

You know why the Lounge rules?

Missing child? The 8 year old Sandra Cantu, in CA? I just don't believe this is going to end well.

Finally: Bacon you can squeeze from a bottle

You May Hate Walmart but....

LAST "ER" of 15 year run tonight at 8PM on NBC -3 hour special

The end of E.R. has me thinking of actors who were able to make that leap to the big screen.

Figure 99.

My son shocked me yesterday.

Name a TV show that you wanted to like, but just couldn't....

Is there an album that, no matter when you put it on, it just works?

Why do you take a shower?

What are you currently reading?

Just rented Quantum of Solace

I'm New To The Lounge...

I watched the Sex in the City Movie tonight on HBO.

The most UNDERRATED albums of all time.

Netanyahu to Obama: Stop Iran—Or I Will

Check out! this email I got from the DCCC!

Michelle Obama fever hits the UK

US media praises Barack Obama's performance - but Gordon Brown is just a bit player

Obama's Budget Vote: Poised To Pass House, Senate (AP)

Republican Alternative Budget

Yet another stalwart of the Republican Party shreds Michales Steele:


Re: Stevens and Holder. I think the law is more important than the guilt of the accused

Gregg Definitely Not Running

GALLUP: Michelle Obama’s Favorable Rating (72%) Eclipses Her Husband’s

Myths and falsehoods relating to President Obama's budget proposal

Isn't Michelle awesome?

Obama plays peacemaker in French-Chinese smackdown over tax havens

AP: Obama to Nominate Sampling Expert to Head Census (Republicans bitching already!) stupid is Bush feeling as the weeks go by? Obama is exposing how lame he really was!!!

Carville: Obama has best day as president.

The Return of America (heavy photo)

I'm gonna gush ... GOD I LOVE the President and First Lady

The irony of Michelle Obama's triumph in Great Britain . . .

The girls' reaction to Michelle Obama today is a beautiful depiction of what it means to people

Former UN Ambassador John Bolton Denounces Obama's Move to Lead Human Rights Council

K&R for One of the Best First Ladies Ever...Michelle Obama!!

The "Let's fawn over Michelle" threads should have their own separate forum

I must say that I am taking great pleasure and going on right wing blogs

Dana Perino is Wolf's Repuke expert.

British don't take kindly to Oregon comparison

PHOTOS Michelle at the Opera

A way to tweak Geithner's Toxic Asset Plan from Harvard Law Prof Bebchuk... What do you think?

Ending Protectionism

Your feedback needed for Obama's second regional health care forum

I'm nosy...What happened to Chip?

Yiddish lesson for y'all: I'm kvelling. I'm proud to be an American and have Barack and Michelle

Something about this Summit reminds me of what happened last Summer......

Dodd Falls Way Behind in New Poll (losing by 16 points to Repug, 33% job approval)

Britons' Interest in Michelle Obama Grows After Meeting With the Queen

You know what I just realized? It's very likely Pres. Obama will have to dedicate the Bush library.

Siegelman: Stevens Case Is Dropped, So Why Not Mine?

Obama has a terrible job and we need to do our best to support him

"Bush was treated like a rock star when traveling overseas"

Majestic Michelle revives a weary nation



WOW, World Leaders Desperately Want To Be Near Obama!!!

Obama: US Will Double International Food Aid

Oh DUers, the Captions, the Captions are Calling

Okay... Somebody Needs To Say It : Barack Obama Has Given The Whole World HOPE!!!

There is one little thing Obama could do that would INSTANTLY make the republicans adore him;

Fucking Enough!

Friday's Public Schedule for Barack and Michelle

I just plain and simple love the Obama's on the world stage!

What grade would you give Franklin Roosevelt as president?

I am SO. DAMN. PROUD. of our president and first lady.

Free fake Apple iPod ad with Queen for your enjoyment

The "liberal" New York Times, tries hard to turn wine into drain water

In contrast: PHOTOS of events if McCain/Palin were on European tour

Please de-freep poll on Obama's performance

The fashion face-off happens tomorrow! Oh yeah, and Pres. Obama's doing a town hall in France.

I am so sick of these shrieking Obama haters on the left.


Jim Webb in Parade Magazine - Worth a read and a call to your Senators!!!

Michelle mobbed by the school girls.

Why Can't Anyone Answer This Question re: Geithner?

President Obama chasing Michelle Obama in the polls

As a practicing Catholic, Cardinal Francis George can kiss my ASS over President Obama's speech.

Storm Clouds Gather Over Obama Nominees (Dawn Johnsen and Judge Hamilton)

Michelle Obama vs Sarah Brown

Gillibrand schedules visit to Mohawk Valley

Is Michelle WORKING those eyelashes or WHAT??

I'm all choked up over the Michelle Obama Countdown story

So today must be "Post Your Most Trivial Concerns about the President and First Lady in Europe" day.

Jeffrey Sachs: G-20 Accomplishments Beyond Expectation

Congress: They're Not Really Working for You

I just noticed that Obama's flag pin is slightly smaller

PHOTOS Jeez, even the Daily Mail is giddy!!

Michelle Obama gets emotional in remarks to London Girls School

Stephanie Miller and others coming up next on LKL. I can't watch Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC.

Gregg says he definitely won't run again

msnbc: part two of rachel's colin powell interview. andrea mitchell in live for rachel. nt

NYT: Ex-Illinois Governor Is Indicted on Corruption Charges (updated)

Fawn Over Michelle O

So glad to see Rachel humiliate Powell.

Ok, that clip about Mrs. Obama in London at the end of Countdown just about killed me.

AP Analysis: Dems Punt hard choices on Obama budget

Krugman on G20: "outcome was better than I expected"

Oh God no! Carly Fiorina reiterates her interest in Barbara Boxer's senate seat.

PHOTOS British Newspaper Front Pages (April 3)

Why isn't Obama leading the call to get the EFCA passed?

"GRRRR! SCREW our popular President who people in foreign countries actually LIKE!

On the Lighter Side of Life: Anyone read O'Reilly's new book?

Alaska GOP calls for Begich resignation: if they were not serious this would be funny

Just a reminder... 78 soldiers die in Afghanistan so far this year.

MSNBC Story - Example Of Lying With Numbers - Building Sympathy For The Rich

Everything you need to know about the G20 deal (UK Independent)

He really is Superman!

House approves $3.6 trillion budget blueprint

PHOTOS Michelle's Afternoon (April 2)

It looks like the G20 event at least has a vintage 45 record as an accomplishment

Another drug raid, two more innocent dogs shot and killed.

LOL, The Queen to Michelle: "Will you please keep in touch?"

PHOTOS Germany and France prepare...are Baden-Baden people very big??

Rush on Gordon Brown's relationship with Obama and another Repub. who won't condemn him

White House Directs Reporters to Sex Line

What's Biden been up to lately? He's been awfully quiet.

Arianna Huffington should be fucking ASHAMED for posting her "Touch-Gate" Poll.

Obama taps 2 more for federal appeals courts

ZOMG! PM Gordon Brown refers to a "New World Order"!

Autograph-hunting at the G20 Summit

Michelle Obama urges British girls to take future in hand

The Minnesota Fat Lady:

Touching video of the First Lady inspiring young women today (from BBC)

Even with a bad cold, he's the hottest President ever!

White House Corrects Conference Call Number After Directing Reporters to Sex Line

Would the hug have been a "hug-gate" if it was Barbara or Laura

NY-20 will probably go Republican

Obama's Blackwater? Mercenary Firm Gets Millions for Private Security in Israel & Iraq

PHOTOS Okay, today's photo threads, in case you missed any and want to see them! (April 2)

Michelle Obama charms queen away from protocol

How 'bout David Shuster replacing Andrea Mitchell?

PHOTOS The President's Press Conference (April 2)

Romantic story behind the Richard Rogers gift

I just had an awful thought! Can you imagine if Sarah Palin met the Queen?

Desperate little weasel Arlen Spector introduces flat tax legislation

Obama budget $3.5 Trillion (with war costs included). Bush last budget $3.1 Trillion (no war costs)

One of the most blatantly racist threads on Freak Repukelick...

Stock market up over 200 points already this morning.

PHOTO G20 Banner of the Day?

MSNBC reported that N. Korea has begun loading fuel into missiles.

PHOTOS G20 Meet Up (April 2)

OMG Our President sounds intelligent!

President Obama on America's Standing in the World (Transcript and Video)

PHOTOS Michelle at the Opera (Updated)

G-20 vs. Bretton Woods: This isn't Churchill and Roosevelt with a brandy.

According to the Royal Press Office:

Nebraska city rejects Stimulus money

Harper misses G20 group photo, was 'in the loo' ROFL

I am requesting that every single DU'er watch this clip from the "Glenn Beck Show."

Here's the kind of present Obama needs to start giving world leaders:

OFFS! MSNBC 9am Second Story is "Did Mrs. Obama violate protocol..."

On MSNBC. Pelosi talking about the budget they are about to pass

CT-Sen: Dodd Gets Spanked in Terrifying Q-Poll

FDR Economist Says Obama Should Put Stimulus First

***HEADS UP*** Presidential Press Conference from G-20 Summit, in London

President Obama's Remarks at Press Conference Following G-20 Summit (TRANSCRIPT)

The 10 highest paid politicians in the world

Wow, he's really got a cold.

Dupe, pls. delete. nt


WH says queen requested it

U.S. factory orders increase first time in 7 months

The G20 Agreement. To agree a $1 trillion package you meet FACE to FACE

Should The U.S. Join A Global Regulatory Body Re Banks?

Gordon Brown: Agreement on the largest macroeconomic stimulus the world has ever seen

Obama speaking now in London (presser)

THe Republicants Are Down Right Orwellian

PHOTOS Whoops, the Bank of England has a lot of cleaning up to do....

Ex-AIG chief says problems 'not his fault' "I don't feel any responsibility at all"

Flip Flops, Plungers, Tea Bags... How Cheesy Can the "Get a Brain! Morans" Crowd Get?

Obama to Nominate Robert Groves as Census Director

LOL The Market Likes Obama Being Out of the Country!

Karl Rove trying to stay relevant; now claims Obama 'keeping scores' with Dems

Homemade window sign I saw on a car yesterday. The koolaid is still in circulation.

**LIVE NOW** World leaders discuss G20 agreements (VIDEO FEED)

Obama Tells China How It Is Going To Be

Polularist Heroes: Angela Merkel, Nicolas Sarkozy. NOT.

The good old days of "the President" and the Queen

Tea Party Pooper: Rick Santelli Wants Nothing To Do With Protests He Spawned

The Obamas "hold hands." How horrible or wonderful is that?

Blago indictment could come today - while he & his family are vacationing at Disney World

The Rise, Fall and Rise of Tim Geithner (WaPo)

Prosecutors Screwed Up Stevens' Case Because They Were Incompetent.

WOW what a FABULOUS Republican BUDGET!!!!!!

Anyone watching the budget debate on C-Span?

Lower Profile for Clinton, but Her Influence Rises

Jon Stewart to Limpballs: "Finally!...Here's my EZ-Pass. Get the fuck out of here!" (VIDEO)

Give people a $600 "stimulus check" and they'll stick it in the bank or pay off a credit card.

This one's for you: Valentino: Michelle Obama Will Be the Next Jackie O

Is this for real?

Senate passes Kyl/Lincoln estate tax amendment to budget bill 51-48 with 9 Dems voting yes

Michelle in London is like when Jackie went to Paris.

(DIAL-UP WARNING) Pictures of Michelle Obama in London

Would any of you Hopheads be interested in starting a DU Beer (Wine & Spirits ) Group?

Kerry, Lugar Amendment To Restore Full Funding To President Obama's International Affairs Budget

Man found dead amid massive G20 protest

Rove-connected judge recuses self from Minor case

At Trial, Peru’s Fujimori Says He’s Innocent

Many Medicare patients return soon after hospital discharge

Leahy Bails on 'Truth Commission' Plan

(US Supreme)Court: Power plants can weigh cost in saving fish

MN-SEN: Coleman finally concedes

G20 summit seeks end to rift over economic crisis

China Vies to Be World’s Leader in Electric Cars

Global leaders begin G20 summit

Global leaders begin G20 summit

Law for Afghan Shi'ites stirs anger and concern (Update)

Documentary chronicles MB family's journey to understand 'autistic-like' son

China Finds More Than 200 Deadly Tuberculosis Cases

China to investigate prison abuse

Mexico border security, aid to Pakistan get Senate support

Obama issues warning on missile test

Indictment in Blagojevich case coming later today

U.S. donates rice for Myanmar cyclone survivors

Man who died during G20 protest was walking home from work

G20 could give $1 trillion stimulus to boost world economy

Judge rules Afghan detainees can appeal in U.S.

Iraq declares Korean oil deal with Kurds illegal

G20 - Bankers lay bets on amount of protestors killed injured and arrested

Leaders agree to end non-compliant tax havens (update)

Khmer Rouge foreign minister seeks release

World begins 100 Hours of Astronomy marathon

G20 family photo restaged - twice

Former AIG chief says bailout 'failed'

Israeli 13-year-old killed in West Bank ax attack

Israeli Foreign Minister questioned over fraud

Russia may offer US Afghan access

Source: Obama Plays Peacemaker in French-Chinese Smackdown Over Tax Havens

DECRIMINALIZATION (CT)-Panel Votes To Decriminalize Less Than Half-Ounce Of Marijuana

Mexico reports arrest of major drug suspect

Fast-track budget tool would kill bipartisanship, GOP says

Leading Republican Calls for Cuba Policy Shift

Mexico nabs a top leader of Juarez drugs cartel

More delays in release of 'torture' documents

G20 declares door shut on tax havens


Venezuelan offer for Guantanamo

Blagojevich indicted on federal corruption charges (19 Counts)

Dow Jumps Above 8,000 for First Time in 2 Months

“US, Mexico work together to fight drug cartels”

Clashes at Nato summit protests

Immigrant detainees file lawsuit over jail conditions

Initial jobless claims rise to highest level since 1982

Another 9/11 victim identified

Van Hollen asks liberal groups to lay off

Blagojevich, brother indicted

US and Gibraltar agree to share tax information

Journalists get shock with 'sexy' White House call

Judge: Bagram prisoners can challenge detention

Franken puts Pawlenty in a jam

G20 Protests. Italian student beaten unconscious by police

Study: Arctic sea ice melting faster than expected

U.S. says will push hard for Palestinian statehood

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday April 2

Banks Given More Leeway in How They Value Toxic Assets

Hit-and-run driver leaves apology note near victim's body

(Sen Arlen) Specter running ads critical of Toomey

Immigration Agency’s Revised List of Deaths in Custody

Colin Powell: 'No meeting on torture'

Cardinal: Obama (Notre Dame) invite an 'embarrassment'

India to begin fighter jet trials soon (2 US companies in the running)

ACLU Agrees To Extension Of Torture Memo Deadline-DOJ Pledge To Consider Releasing Bybee Memo

Food Stamp List Swells To Record 32.2 Million

House Passes Obama's $3.5 Trillion Spending Plan

House approves FDA regulation of tobacco products

(Ward) Churchill wins case against CU

Reporters call Hillary Clinton, get phone sex line

Cops: Mom drugs daughter in pregnancy plot

Robo-scientist's First Findings

Alaska Republicans call for new Senate election

U.S. Consumer Loan Delinquencies Highest On Record

G20 summit: Sarkozy praises Brown and Obama for roles in 'historic' outcome

IAEA chief "encouraged" by U.S.-Russia arms pledge

English-only driver's tests proposed in Georgia

Pakistan: Would-be suicide bomber shoots himself

Stocks extend the rally

Al Qaeda seen behind Pakistani Taliban threat

Marijuana helps in battle against cancer: study

Barack Obama warns North Korea over rocket launch as Pyongyang 'fuels missile'

Village mob thwarts Google Street View car

U.S. Senate contest: Coleman prepares supporters for long battle

I baited jaguar trap, research worker says

Obama: I love this guy (to President Lula of Brazil)

G.M. Willing to Consider Bankruptcy

Teen Commits Suicide Due to Bullying: Parents Sue School for Son's Death

Social Security clogged with disability claims

Farmer's Market at Climate Camp in the heart of London's financial district (G20 protest)

Several videos of Climate Camp's peaceful G20 protest in the heart of London's financial district

Al Jazeera English's Hamish MacDonald gets charged by police during report on London's G20 protests

Geithner's New Deputy

Day in 100 Seconds - Do You Know The Queen's English?

'Empty Bldg Tax' Causes Owners To Tear Down Empty Businesses During Downturn UK

NY Wants Wider Net - Expand Surveillance Cameras, License Plate Readers

Rachel Maddow: Neocon Celebrity Sightings & Foreign Policy Conference

Obama Returns To Downing St - Shakes Guard's Hand, Brown Misses Chance Oops

Sy Hersh on Countdown

Obama Expresses Strong Support of S Korea in Light of Saber Rattling By North

U.S. Economic Financial Crisis Akin to Emerging Markets

John McCain on Afghanistan With Hightower Comments - Listen to McCain's Plans

David Shuster's Hypocrisy Watch: Mitch McConnell

G20 Leaders Arrive At Summit

Remember This Guy?

TheRealNews: Chomsky on the Economy III

Tweety totally gets all of the facts wrong on Poor Ted Stevens

Exxon Valdez - 20 Years Later

Rachel Maddow & Colin Powell vs. The Republican Budget

David Brinkley's son leads Griff Jenkins on long, silent walk


OT - Going home tomorrow!!!

Tweety smacks down Ryan on ridiculous GOP 'spending freeze'

hasidic acid

Moderator Availability Thread for Wednesday April 2nd, 2009

OT: Gun Forum Mods- sandnsea posting a TON in the gun forum.




OT - Is DU acting up for anyone else?

OT -- I am sure that you all know that ex-governor of Illinois Rod Blagoejvich was indicted today.













OT: Brought over GD alerts but need to head out for a few hours



Crooks & Liars compiles O'Loofah ambush videos

Mighty Michelle Wows Europe - Queen '...we must keep in touch.'

Beck chatting with my states AG

Joseph Stiglitz On CNBC April 2 2009

Rep. Blumenauer - Republicans are intentionally misrepresenting the research

Rain of Fire: Israel's Unlawful Use of White Phosphorous in Gaza

Marxist Geographer David Harvey on the G20, the Financial Crisis and Neoliberalism

Gordon Brown Announces 'New world order is emerging' At G20

CNN Rick Sanchez: Sy Hersh on Dick Cheney

Obama On America's Standing In The World

Democracy Now: Amy Goodman discusses the G20 protests with Tony Benn

Democracy Now: G20 Talks

GOP Reveals Their Budget Plans - Obama Calls It A Joke: TYT

Riot police attack peaceful protesters at G20 Climate Camp

Sticks An Stones Can Break My Bones BUT Words Hurt Forever

Stephen Langa Teaching from Richard Cohen's Book

Bill O'Reilly's 'Ambush Journalism' in 87

Countdown: Ed Schultz to Get His Own Show on MSNBC

David Shuster Signs Off '1600 Pennsylvania Avenue'

President Obama meets the Queen

Rachel Maddow Grills Colin Powell on Torture Authorization In Bush Admin.

South Park Nails the Financial Crisis

Young Turks: Jack Cafferty of CNN on TYT

George Soros On CNBC April 02

TYT: Palin's New Attorney General Pick Is A Crazy Homophobe & More

FOX's Glenn Beck compares Obama to the Nazi's

Michelle Obama At School - Secret Service Nervously Move in As Kids Rush Stage

Rush Limbaugh Talks About - Gordon Brown and "Anal Poisoning"

TYT: Exposing Anti-Union BS On Fox News(!)

TYT: Limbaugh--British PM Going to Get 'Anal Poisoning' from Obama

Legalize pot!

Is there any gold at Fort Knox?

Obama's Blackwater? Jeremy Scahill on Triple Canopy, the New Lead US Mercenary Force 4/2/09

Tell Marco Rubio What You Think Of His Senate Run And Why He Might Want To Reconsider!

Conceding U.S. Lapses, Obama Resists New Bank Rules

GOP goes crazy over Obama's bow to Saudi King -- ENOUGH OF THIS!

G20 Summit Eve: Obama met with Queen and Presidents of Russia, China

Pentagon report: Economy could hamper training of Iraqis

Escanaba woman released from jail (Basically jailed for being poor)

The Queen Greets Obama, With a Royal Flush of Bush

Gene Lyons on aristocrats without honor

The secrets of Obama's surge

A lost vision for US intelligence

Bank Bailout Could End Poverty for 50 Years

Queen and Michelle Obama - the story behind a touching moment

Google exposes 19K credit card details

Tech Demand Likely to Be Strong in Annual H-1B Lottery

Hank Greenberg: Hostile Witness for AIG

President Obama speaks from G20 Summit and cites consensus

RedState Whack Job Foments Revolution, Over Dish Soap

Mexico's legalisation solution

G Brown Declares "The New World Order is Emerging"

How do we save NATO? We quit

Jeremy Scahill: Chicago Mercenary Firm Gets Millions for Private "Security" in Israel and Iraq

Why Obama Hates the New York Times

Protestor Dead (Michael Greenwell)

Japan, Sweden may offer economic recovery lesson : Bite the bullet initially and it'll cost less

Families to be Torn Apart in Sweden Starting in May

The Words Have Changed, but Have the Policies?

Conservatives? The Obamas leave 'em flummoxed

The Forgotten Rich - Estate Tax

Michelle Obama: The Biggest Thing for London Schoolgirls Since Sidney Poitier

The Washington Post Continues Jihad Against Social Security (Dean Baker)

The Regulatory Charade, By Eliot Spitzer

George Will- the new lightbulbs aren't perfect so let's scrap the whole idea

Starting Over

Loxley, Alabama police officer ticketed Shawn Johnson's stalker, let him go on to LA

Obama's Blackwater?

At the Ward Churchill verdit

Texas state Senate bans Vista from use in government agencies

Morford: The Last Muscle Car

I want to create a NARWHAL thread that never dies.

Peak oil notes - Apr 2

NASA/NSIDC Arctic Ice Conditions Teleconference Scheduled For Monday, April 6th

Sec. Clinton To Host 1st Joint Meeting Of Arctic Council & Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting 4/6

Huge new power line project planned for north state

US Review Of Outer Continental Shelf Highlights Renewables

Officials worried that Fresno water district may want to shift Shasta County water rights south

New Google Earth Layer Shows What US Lands Should Be Off-Limits to Renewable Energy Development

EU Vote on Seal Product Ban is Postponed

U.S. News & World Report: Romm is one of the 8 most influential energy and environment policymakers

Mexico Finance Ministry Cuts Estimates For Oil Exports By 18%, Production Down To 1980s Levels

Nature - Study Shows Buried CO2 Unlikely To Lock Up With Minerals - Stays Gas Or Dissolves In H20

Virus battery could 'power cars'

New plan to reduce planes' CO2 emissions

Leading Republican Calls for Cuba Policy Shift

EXCELLENT: Cuba's Revolutionary Gov't. Bringing Batistianos to Justice

FIDEL: The Prelude - G-20

Colombian activist waits in prison limbo

Garcia Gets Stupid About Eye Operations, Fidel Sets Him and the Media Straight

Former Venezuelan defense minister detained

Asesinan a periodista Rolando Santis

Venezuela charges 3 men with drug trafficking, LT

Trinidad Express: "No Discussion on Cuba Trade, Says Obama" (at the Summit of the Americas

EXCELLENT: Batista Propping Up Regime with Help from Trujillo and Somoza

US Blockade Hampers Housing Programs in Cuba

Chavez backs Sudan's al-Bashir

Miss Universe on Gitmo: "So calm and beautiful ... I did not want to leave."

Cito Gaston on Roger Clemons-“He’s an a------ himself. A complete a------. I will say that out loud,

Mods please delete this thread

Boxing: Bradley vs Holt

Cutler: “I didn’t want to get traded”

And Cutler's new team is....

Today in labor history Apr 2 “If men owning millions find it advantageous to organize"

Check out April News from International Labor Rights Forum!

How to Make Your Union Newsletter Better

Reed Smith Negotiates Ad Industry Deal With Actors

Lax Labor Safety Enforcement Costs Workers’ Lives

NYT: Taking the Boss Hostage? In France, It’s a Labor Tactic

Iowa slaughterhouse child labor trial is postponed

Job losses aren't letting up, forecasters say

Above, Under, and Around the Law

Former Smithsonian Employee Alleges Whistleblower Retaliation

Penalty timeline of the Turner egg farms (3.6 mill 1996 etc)

The best thing women could do to counteract pay inequality might be to join a union.

South Bay car wash owner pays $270,000 in back wages

Wall Street greed IS capitalism

New York: Starbucks union busting attempts

Boycott Fox News Sponsors

Does anyone know of the group Human Rights Foundation?

Follow the live Twitter Blog of Vermont's historic vote on gay marriage live NOW

Live stream for Vermont House?

HRC | Scholarships for LGBT & Allied Students

Vermont Same-sex Marriage Bill Passes House 95-52, short of the 100 majority to override veto

Iowa Marriage Equality Decision - tomorrow?

OK, I've just been informed by a number of posters, that "pansy"

Petition Calls For Banning Mormon Marriage

Stem cell 'deafness cure' closer

Dizziness/vertigo question

Jenny McCarthy Body Count

Ex-foreign minister: Israel not a peace partner

Disposable justice (Gideon Levy)

Israel army bans t-shirts mocking attacks on Palestinians

Obama Administration Defends Move to Join UN Human Rights Council

Israeli youth killed in West Bank ax attack

Lieberman to Haaretz: Israel ready for mutual peace moves

Israeli child killed in West Bank

Bursting the ‘Bubble,’ as Tel Aviv Turns 100

Israeli FM questioned over fraud

Israel's Awful New Government

The very eye of the storm

Spanish prosecutors seek to shelve Israel case

Not an Analogy: Israel and the Crime of Apartheid

U.S. Jews offer cautious support for Netanyahu government

U.S. Jews offer cautious support for Netanyahu government

Juan Cole: Lieberman and Wiping Countries off the face of the Map

PA expels founder of Jenin youth orchestra to Israel

Assad: By war or peace, we will liberate the Golan

Israeli 13-year-old killed in West Bank ax attack

Livni condemns new Israel leaders

Intruders hunting valuables, police say

Man jailed with a gunshot wound after harassing ex-wife

amusing case for gun control, a list of reasons

Home invasion results in shooting of one suspect

Sampling Mexican Freedom

Geithner's Ridiculous Bank Scheme

Toddler Shoots Himself In The Foot

Teen Says Fatal Shooting An Accident

4-year-old shoots self in hand

China pushes for bigger role in reshaping the world economy

Alan Grayson's bill to rein in bonuses clears House, heads to Senate

Finally... a mainstream media source gettting Guns & Mexico CORRECT!

Ray Dalio: Why Bridgewater Won't Participate In Geithner's PPIP

Geithner’s Non-Recourse Gift That Keeps on Giving to Bill Gross

15 largest holders of Gov't debt ...Note #1 at bottom

Mark To Market Reform Approved By Accounting Board

Cramer: The Depression Is Over!

Man shot during pizza-shop robbery attempt dies

Connecticut Voters Revolt Against Chris Dodd (pay attention DLCers!)

Robbery suspect dies after getting shot, run over

Home invasion leads to gun battle with two intruders

geez, you guys

Teen Girl Killed By Accidental Shooting

19 month old dead in accidental shooting

Advice on a IRA, please

Orange Blossom Trail pharmacist kills armed robber

AMI holding monetary seminars across the country

Army investigating reports of unfit soldiers from Alaska being deployed

Army, for first time, sends unit from Iraq to Afghanistan

Rock Band Drowning Pool Continues it's Amazing Support for the Troops

Pentagon report: Economy could hamper training of Iraqis

Uriel Heals: Channeling Your Empathic Gifts

school update -- just in time

Angel Numbers - Doreen Virtue

This is a good site for free online Tarot readings.

Signals could be from dark matter

Revealed: why we need a good night's sleep

Jupiter's Great Red Spot is Shrinking

United States Delivers Massive New Weapons Shipment to Israel, Confirmed by Pentagon, Says Amnesty I


in the eyes of many, including some atheists, the only acceptable way to be an atheist is to shut up

Episcopal minister defrocked after becoming a Muslim

Breadtopia has a new video

What's for dinner ~ Thursday ~ April the 2nd Edition

I mixed up my first ABin5 this AM!

Pleasure from silly little things


Cooks Illustrated method for making ricotta

Voter suppression bills up for public testimony 3/7/09 - Austin

Harper unexpected no-show at G20 group photo


I have a new monitor, and the characters in "Morrowind" are now fat..

My Favorite April Fool of the 2009