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"Daddy when you coming home?"

Why has diet coke and mentos captured our hearts?


These are the kind of people that vote republican....

Can we split DU or each Forum or each thread to accommodate Those Who Love Drama/Divisiveness from

Conservatives gaining sway on a liberal bastion

On "Just following orders"

YouTube: What is going to happen

Empire Foreclosed?

Limbaugh: "Torture works, look what it did to McCain"

I think we are wrong to call the people we hold "Detainees"

There is something we can do about torture.

Lawmakers forge alternative to cap-and-trade proposal

When was the last time you received a standing ovation from your boss?

When was the last time you received a standing ovation from your boss?

U.S. boycotts racism conference 'with regret'

One Africanamerican Obama fan vs a deluge of White teabaggers

Susan Boyle Unifies Disparate mongol Tribes, Conquers world's Largest continuous land Empire.

Anyone watching Rahm Emanuel on This Week?

If you think Susan Boyle is a great singer, you are wrong.

Meghan McCain: "Old School" Republicans Are "Scared Shitless"

Italian scientist, turning 100, still works. She won a Nobel Prize at 77.

MarketWatch: Inching toward the worst case (Bank stress tests)

NASCAR vs F1? Let's step back and take and objective view of what "racing" is all about, shall we?

Please share your thoughts about Susan Boyle

American Violet exposes the racism of the drug war

CBS News: College Graduates Tackle Dismal Job Market

For GOP, "fueling anger is not a strategy"

Why on earth would you waterboard

Any one here ever squatted?

Did Boehner say: "And cows do what they do"?

Race/Party affiliation of Tea Party attendees

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Recession puts college goal on hold

Tower of Bassel?

Is torture just a Partisan issue?

Former Rep. Orton (D-Utah) dead at 60 in ATV accident

One of the dirty little secrets to eventually see daylight:

Frank SESNO: "Dan RATHER was brought down by CITIZEN bloggers. We KNOW that!1"

Ugh....chimpass in China: compares dog shit to what he "dodged for 8 years"

Get over yourselves Bush did not torture

Get over yourselves Bush did not torture

Fourteen years ago today

Psychologists Helped Guide Interrogations

Venezuela's Chavez to Restore Ambassador in US

Venezuela's Chavez to Restore Ambassador in US

Dumbass Goes to China ---pix--->

San Francisco Chronicle: California unemployment rate highest since 1941

Ahmadinejad urges full defense for US reporter

Have a dreamcast?

Georgia Congressman "Dr. No" Is Chief Obama Antagonist...and Hypocrite

Emptywheel: The Bybee Memo Can’t Be Used for Good Faith Defense on Water-Boarding

Michael Smerkonish...The Real Future Of The Republicans?

Jackie Chan's China comments prompt backlash

14 years ago today right-wing domestic terrorists killed 168 people and injured hundreds more

Sunday Morning Theology

Chavez's gift to Obama swiftly becomes best-seller (AP)

Not a single state is seriously going to attempt to secede.


"Report: Bush-era torture orders enforced by top officials" ... LINK

Boehner: Reality Doesn't Matter

I'm not saying it's true, but IF

morals vs. religon part 2

Hayden: We'll Have To Clear Interrogation Practices With ACLU, New York Times

Want to see a sad sight? Flip on CSPAN - The Log Cabin Republican convention.

Is it Sunday? Then it's a News Conference coming up with our President. At least

BAM! Emeril tapes show at Ft. Lee to pormote US Army going (slowly) green-local-organic

Tweet and Twitter, a Republican idea?

So... If We Could Just Get The Republicans To Stop Breathing...

The Deterrence Argument. It's a lousy one.

Greg Marmalade works for Fox News! (and I think that's Dean

Afghan President calls on NATO general to explain civilian deaths (second time in three days)

"Old school republicans are scared shitless"...yes it`s maghan mccain

"U.S. experts: Pakistan on course to become Islamist state" ... LINK

Frank Rich: The Bigots’ Last Hurrah

Christos Anesti and Happy Easter to all Orthodox Christians

What the hell is Peggy Noonan smoking?

HAZMAT/nuke plant events - Colorado and New Jersey

Bad poll numbers:

oh my god, President Obama shook hugo chavez' hand!!!

"In Iran we don't have homosexuals"

Trio depart Beijing on epic horse ride to London

Do The Dems Need Better Media Representatives To Defend Their Causes?......

Has the Purple Bandaid lady made a second appearance?

How does Peggy Noonan hold a job?

Paul Krugman and the Congressional Baby Sitting Co-Op

Obama's Press Conference coming up on CNN n/t

who is this republican shrill shill on m$nbc...she likes nothing Obama

The big question that the Obama Administration should be asked

National Ignition Facility : On the Edge of Burn

Revenge of the trees?

david gregory points out that Obama is raising taxes by allowing bu$h* cuts to expire

How I learned to love (and hate) "American Idol"

Blogger dogpile on Politico for Bush-era spin

AP IMPACT: Tons of released drugs taint US water

What are the gun buyers afraid of?

Mac or PC?

My favorite bit of horsehockey from the Boehner interview on This Week


Cop mocks dying man story on CNN any minute.

Sirens at Obama's presser a distraction, imho.

An Embarrassment To The Judiciary

Do you believe a majority believe as Cheney when he said

Pat Robertson: Demonic Fart Exorcist

Pentagon Jams Web, Radio Links of Taliban

Mortgage fraud crackdown is gathering steam in Floirda.

Wayne LaPierre on Face the Nation

It was teabag this and teabag that-----and then Susan Boyle sang....

The untold Susan Boyle story (and

Torture IS Terrorism.

Enough already

Enough already

REMINDER: Give to the ACLU. They are the only ones bringing prosecutions

I'm betting Eduardo Galeano will finally make some

According to Forbes, The Best U.S. Cities For Jobs are in Red States.

delete, please

Profoundly moving stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Profoundly moving stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

CNN is devoting an entire hour RIGHT NOW to the possible fall of Pakistan Govt...

Why work? The problem with unemployment...

Not Religion nor Theology, but Moral Reality

This lady is a much better singer than Mrs. Susan Boyle

Factories dumping drugs into sewage

Factories dumping drugs into sewage

With freepers whining about people not working all their lives, why invest in the stock market?

Which of these two looks like the better man in dealing with Hugo Chavez?

GOP Leader Cites Cow Farts To Downplay Global Warming

COBRA health insurance subsidies now available

Dem NY State Senator Rubén Díaz organizing anti-marriage equality rally

Dem NY State Senator Rubén Díaz organizing anti-marriage equality rally

Gingrich: "(Palin) becoming a national leader would take a significant amount of work."

remorse? naaaaw....Former C.I.A. Director Defends Interrogation

I don't know why Peter Boyle has made such a cultural comeback, but I always enjoyed him.

I was about to post something and totally

Susan Boyle interview: 'I'm happy the way I am: short and plump'

Sam Donaldson: I Want To Ask Castro, Before He Dies, If He Killed Kennedy

Cognitive Dissonance - Repub Style

watching MTP...where the fuck has dick armey been for the last eight years?

Do you feel safe in your privacy?

Having Trouble Accessing Google Docs

You thoughts on Nuclear Fusion ?

Susan Boyle, Republican distraction or alien plot

Palin filmmaker detained by police at Couric award ceremony

"he prefers prison in America over freedom in Kenya"

How Many Jobs Would Have Been Lost If Stimulus Was Not Passed? Think South Carolina and Texas

The Amish church frowns on government aid but they accept unemployment checks

Susan Boyle reminds me of Mom. Flame away,

On the "tea parties", FOX News is a bunch of lying assholes.

Coleman - "Sit down and Shut the Fuck Up"


12,000 people at the dane county wisconsin farmer`s market saturday

Father tried to sell 'Slumdog Millionaire' girl

$1 a Day Campaign Against Coleman

$1 a Day Campaign Against Coleman

NY Times: In Grim Job Market, Student Loans Are a Costly Burden

Iraq war videogame ignites a firestorm.

Obama diary: The first 100 days - BBC review

Beware: New US entry requirements

Susan Boyle killed the video star

Dodd faces steep road to reelection Conn.'s senior senator trails 3 Republicans

The last economic crisis of this size with fundamental industries suddenly failing the response

Guantanamo - A Conversation I had Yesterday...

EPA investigates 44,000 reactions from flea & tick killers

Tomorrow marks 10 years since Columbine

Tomorrow marks 10 years since Columbine

I know the perfect song for Susan Boyle to sing:

Is there a right to open rebellion in a representative government?

A very simple poll: With respect to torture and the course of events of the last few weeks ......

Glenn Greenwald: The significance of Obama's decision to release the torture memos

Cop mocks murder victim & mother. Internal Affairs has said cop help with his own investigation...

Huffington Post: We Are All Susan Boyle

Lifting Cuban embargo "way down the road" says White House advisor

Men bear the brunt of US jobs lost

Picture of a pogue, REMF analyst....

What kind of sadist thinks the 184th episode of torture will do the trick?

I don't begrudge Susan Boyle her acclaim, but please mods

Like A Weed, Downturn Sinks Roots Into U.S. Farms

"Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was waterboarded 183 times in one month" ...LINK

Will Canada ban polar bear trophy hunting?

5 children dead after father loses control after reaching to answer cell phone

DU to introduce new forum GD: Susan Boyle

Hey Rahm and Obama... Ever think you might have MORE distractions to "just look forward"

One song and she breaks the grip of this sneering world

Anti-union front group's complaints against Al Sharpton lead to $285K FEC fine

Putting it into historical perspective, or context (re torture memos)

State unemployment rate highest since 1941 (Cal.)

Ensign Raising Profile for Presidential Bid?

Ensign Raising Profile for Presidential Bid?

Take the Pledge to be a Mother for Peace with Code Pink

Shoot First: How Columbine Tragedy Radically Transformed Police Tactics

What is the difference between the Democratic Socialists Party and the Democratic Party?

Why don't pro-lifers protest insurance industry's discrimination against expectant mothers ?

Pentagon says space-based death star needed to fight pirates

On Susan Boyle-

If the Cuban Embargo is lifted I have a serious question re: imports

Anyone who thinks Susan Boyle is not worth the attention listen to this with backup music

Krugman: Poor Texas

Has there been a long, slow coarsening of our foreign (and domestic, maybe) policy?

Frederick County family of 5 found dead (“It was the worst, most horrific event I’ve seen)

US Future Depends on Torture Accountability by: Keith Olbermann (video)

Does anybody have information on the new Internet sales tax bill?

Former CIA Director Mike Hayden says torture was policy of the American people...

There are currently twelve Susan Boyle threads on the first page of GD.

There are currently twelve Susan Boyle threads on the first page of GD.

Dow Ends Best 6 Weeks Since 1938 On Econ Hopes

Labor Voices: Fairer income tax will solve deficit

Until the full extent of the torture regime is brought to justice ... there is a real threat of

ACLJ decries Bush era Homeland Security report calling anti-abortion activists extremists

President Obama's New Approach to a New World Order?

Polls Show Support for Texas Secession

No More Catholics On The Court?

AFSCME Demands Accountability at Citigroup

Joan Walsh: Impeach Jay Bybee, and ignore Rahm Emanuel

Joan Walsh: Impeach Jay Bybee, and ignore Rahm Emanuel

So what exactly is a "Fusion Center" ..are they all over or just here?

NYT editorial calls for impeachment of Judge Jay Bybee.

CIA fears torture prosecutions-Only some of the secrets of US ‘ghost’ prisons have been revealed

Anybody hear about the new Holocaust museum in Chicagoland?

Ever notice how the people who OP shit like this never stick around?

It's official: No U.S. prosecution of Bush officials

Anyone Watching C-Span with Brian...Janet Tavokoli on Mortgage/Banking Breakdown, Now?

What if .... What if the citizeny of Texas voted overwhemlingly to seced rom the union ......

Nearly 300,000 killed in epidemic of gun violence since Columbine; groups call on leaders to act

AP blatantly spins Obama on summit: Obama says reaching out to enemies strengthens US

How to spot a narcissist (re: a recent Susan Boyle thread)

NRA VP Wayne LaPierre vs. Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell (re: gun control)

Susan Boyle Is Ugly

Don Henley battles Republicans over YouTube video

Rapture Index +1

C&L Video, Rahm Emanuel: NO Bush officals should be prosecuted over the torture memos


Scottish Singer's Audition Video Sets Online Record

ok, I gotta ask, what is the deal with courier type?

Susan Boyle....

Be careful about getting swept up in this Susan Boyle mania, it could all be a hoax

60 minutes on 401K losses

Looking Forward, I see only two possibilities

Peggy Noonan Regrets Release of Torture Memos: “Some of Life Has to Be Mysterious”

Judge bans religious song from school

Injured War Zone Contractors Fight to Get Care From AIG and Other Insurers

China's "New Left" views government power as a remedy for free-market capitalist inequalities

China's "New Left" views government power as a remedy for free-market capitalist inequalities

Yet Another Mass Shooting

Former Utah congressman killed in ATV accident

Despite Major Plans, Obama Taking Softer Stands

Was Lincoln wrong?

PROMISES, PROMISES: Obama keeps some Bush secrets

Why is American Idol limited to ages 16-29? Are there no undiscovered 30 yr. olds?

They didn't violate the public trust, they tortured it in secret.

Trouble getting on the Huffington Post

Has America Succumbed To Ruthless, Crude Irreverence?

Has America Succumbed To Ruthless, Crude Irreverence?

For Anyone With Access To CBC Newsworld: They're Showing "An Inconvenient Truth" Right Now

Accessory after the fact

Any recent word on Randi Rhodes?

I hope the government is keeping track of stories like these...

Since when was Susan Boyle a POLITICAL issue?

Lawmakers, Palin bicker to the finish

The Devastating Effects of Addiction on a Society

Teachers in most states are Mandatory Reporters

watching michael j. fox playing golf on nbc.....

AP IMPACT: Tons of released drugs taint US water

The Latest GOP Manufactured Outrage

Republicans claim that Susan Boyle is channeling the spirit of Ronald Reagan

Do you think your local and state police departments could/should use "enhanced" interrogation?

Just when you thought right wing Christians could sink no lower

Outrage: Torture vs Steroids/Baseball

GM could sell Opel stake for zero gain

$1 a Day Campaign Against Coleman

Susan Boyle is the perfect response to Taylor Swift.

Was President Obama courageous in releasing the torture memos?

Well, Harold Ford Junior just did us a favor, and it was unexpected by me.

I need your help to keep GOP legislators from closing down a school! Please sign this

delete (meant to be a reply)

G8 agri ministers try to halt 'spiral of hunger' created by drought, falling prices, credit crunch

who is Susan Boyle?

"Waterboarding Is Something Of Which Every American Should Be Proud."...

U.S Marine caught at the airport with gun and Bomb making materials

Scott Horton: Revealing the Secrets in Room 101

I can't believe it has been 10 years. Columbine 10 years later

New book claims actor Paul Newman was an alcoholic and a womaniser

New book claims actor Paul Newman was an alcoholic and a womaniser

EFCA needed to rebuild middle class

Bush goes back to China, grapples with the language

Dumb question time. Tell me about Twitter

Who the fuck is Susan Boyle?

You Just Can't Tell It Like It Is Around Here

The World Is Watching .... Will We Demand OUR LEADERS Be PROSECUTED For Torture?

As Goes "The Wire".......So goes America?

Did Aliens Visit This Planet in Ancient Times? (picture download heavy)

What is DU really about?

Keith Ellison on Michele Bachmann's rantings: "Psycho Talk"

I put a yellow ribbon on my car today

GOP power grab is an affront to voters in Florida. These monsters must be stopped cold.

It's maddening, maddening.

It's maddening, maddening.

What are your thoughts on the current stock rally?

State of Play.... The movie

Why isn't the brain green?

Australia and the Netherlands join the U.S., Canada, Israel and Italy in boycotting

Diocese sold closed church sans stained glass windows, claiming they are "sacred objects"

AP: Paul Minor denied request to attend wife's funeral (MSM Coverage)

take a look at this pompous shit...

Memo Says Prisoner Was Waterboarded 183 Times

Fundies: Pepsi, the high-caffeine fuel for the Gay Agenda

Fundies: Pepsi, the high-caffeine fuel for the Gay Agenda

14 polo horses die at Florida tournament

On global warming and personal observations

Anyone have a kindle out there?

Newsweek:Sources say Holder seriously considering an outside counsel to investigate Bush officials

Friends/Romans, science, and math people: lend me your eyes

Here's the real scoop on Susan Boyle -- from her parish priest

Anyone here want to present a defense of Obama's stance on Bush admin prosecutions?

Time for Reflection

Pepsi Throwback: Why do I get the feeling some Pepsico suit wants this product to fail?

I ended a family relationship tonight...

I'm fighting to keep from falling through the cracks.

why the Susan Boyle jokes upset me

If several states were to vote to secede from the Union tomorrow,

For the life of me, I just don't understand this "We must look forward" line of thinking.

UN torture investigator: Obama has broken International law

It is such a simple premise: Men do not have the right to tell women

Water Manifesto

Water Manifesto

"The Quiet Coup" by Simon Johnson (former chief economist of the IMF)

Why do you think Seymour Hersh hasn't been invited on any TV shows to discuss torture recently?

Are there any Nostradamus prophecies about.....

you gotta love this cartoon

you gotta love this cartoon

ALERT: Underage kids pimped out on drugs on

Spying on Americans: "Business as Usual" under Obama

"On The Media" had a great piece this weekend about FAUX NOISE and

A small action to advance the cause of torture prosecutions

Is thread killing a bad thing?

Great good things

Everyone, please help me - sign this petition to help keep a Florida school open!

Meeting with my Congressman: Holding the Bush Administration Responsible for their Crimes

Really dumb policies vs. criminal activities - Senator Obama

Clay Bennett TOON on Glenn Beck: Oh, Snap!

Clay Bennett TOON on Glenn Beck: Oh, Snap!

Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder and gosh I love myself

CNN poll, Is there war brewing within the GOP?

Rep. Harman in Quid-Pro-Quo w/Bush DOJ-A democrat insuring a Bush victory - I mean - WOW

Prosecuting the lawyers who created Bush's torture policies . . .

WE THE PEOPLE must share the blame for the horrors done in our name.

Susan Boyle is on the radar because she told the world she didn't need to look like someone else.

Antarctic ice is growing, not melting away

Can Oregon afford the death penalty?

I Have a Good Bumper Sticker Idea.

420: Thoughts on Pot vs. Alcohol from a Former Police Chief

health Care poll needs some DU love...

CIA tortured before "legal" memos. Admin's defense shattered.

Revealing the Secrets in Room 101- By Scott Horton

So this is what happens when an unflattering video of a cop is posted on youtube?

FR revoked my posting privileges for pointing out the truth

Okay, what topics *can* be discussed on DU without wadding pants/panties?

Ok so what happens when 2012 comes and goes and the millenarian

More than Nuremberg: Update: Rahm Says "No Prosecutions"

It's not the "Nuremberg Defense". And Obama's right. Again.

I wish....

I wonder what GD would do if they found out that Susan Boyle's favorite restaurant was Olive Garden?

I've put evey OP on ignore except those created by DUer "Rxxre".

LeftyFingerPop, please pick up the white courtesy phone

What is a "chicken goat fuck"?

I can't even start a flamewar tonight.

Tihs is my fuking propertie and my fcking door and you cant...

Skinner walks into a bar...

This thread will bare my soul in the DU lounge. So embarrassing. I probably won't post again.

Dog fans, you must see this!

If we met in a bar, we could talk for hours about...

Gearhead songs!

Good night...FUCKERS.

Mark Martin just won

Any lady bikers here?

Are BM's the property of DU? Who own's the BM's?

We got a live one!

A question worthy of Ms. Carrie Bradshaw...

Are PM's The property of DU? Who owns the PM's?

Here is a picture of me fucking a goat in 1990, and then again in 2004.

Sometimes I wish I wasn't quite as empathic


It is a clear, calm, 70* here this evening....

I HATE you all so much...

22 years ago today

I have the hiccups. Somebody scare me.

I get if I had axe back in High School I would have gotten spayed....

Yup, they made one of these for Spongebob too:

Christos Anesti!!

So, about the people who comment on YouTube videos...

Get it while you can! Live one in GD

I'd like to publicly spank Haole Girl.

Chuggo delights several dozen at the Buffalo Tea Party yesterday.

A short Lyric Site rant...

I want to visit Chuggo, someone give me advice

Jack Nicholson is doing "Easy Rider" sequel?

Apparently am Harmony Bear~~ Who knew?

Yankee fans...I'm laughing.


Why do some users display Courier font in their posts?

Alien Apocolypse on sci fi.

Ok , I think the Kava made me high!

How many times does it take reading the words "Susan Boyle" for them to lose their meaning?

Woohoo, X-Gens! Blaring on my stereo, RIGHT FUCKING NOW.....

Can't sleep.


Please share your thoughts about Susan Boyle

Some want Susan Boyle housed in The Lounge.

Poll #2

I think there should be a separate Susan Boyle forum.

***ALERT*** Don't click on threads with "Scottish Singer" in the subject line.


Have you guys heard about this woman, Susan Boyle? I swear, I think she'll be bigger than Chuggo.

Susan Boyle Unifies Disparate mongol Tribes, Conquers world's Largest continuous land Empire.

Per MSNBC, Susan Boyle just cured cancer, ended the war in Iraq

Per MSNBC, Susan Boyle just cured cancer, ended the war in Iraq

I hear Susan Boyle likes bunco

Police taser Florida man with pit bulls.

Breaking News: Obama replaces Biden with Susan Boyle, thoroughly side stepping the Constitution.

If you were stranded on a desert island which would you take? Your cat or Susan Boyle?

PSA: Susan Boyle to be added as a new Administrator on DU.

Kansas couple married for 67 years die hours apart

can anyone access youtube?

Breaking CNN: Susan Boyle weighs the same as a duck.

Notice all the Susan Boyle threads are getting rec'd?

Susan Boyle to appear with Justin Timberlake at next Super Bowl

Please note: DU username "Susan Boyle" has NOT yet been taken.

Music for your Sunday morning, aka, what are you listening to?

Susan Boyle picture thread

My cat has become obsessed with a toy.

I lanced a Susan Boyle on my back.

This just in: Generalisimo Francisco Franco

Susan Boyle to start for the Red Sox

Susan Boyle can Divide by Zero!

BREAKING: Susan Boyle to be named new Dallas Cowboys coach!

Let's send this family to Disneyland

It's over. The fat lady has sung.

Death Match: Susan Boyle vs. A Narwhal

tye dyed baby anklets make me wish I had a baby to put them on

Every time you start a Susan Boyle thread, God kills a kitten

Lay off, Susan

Predict the score of todays game between the Twins and Angels...

Yuh oh

Susan Boyle to get honorary ASU degree!

so my free AVG antivirus now tells me I need to get new version and not free

meanwhile, in non Susan Boyle news... A woman jumps into a polar bear cage & gets bit

meanwhile in non Susan Boyle news....Who fucking cares?

Miles Davis Speaks From Grave: "Susan Boyle is a white bitch I dig!"

This week's job report

I've been searching for the auction for Rubina Ali on ebay but can't find it

My a-hole neighbor won't quit blasting Beethoven's 9th.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/19/09

Susan Boyle to replace Paula Abdul on American Idol.

Susan Boyle is aware of all internet traditions.

The Leer Roy Sphits Semi-Nightly Boyle Break, 4/19/09

Susan Boyle: "ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US!!!@!11!"

Tix to see Spamalot next Friday.

Susan Boyle challenges Chuck Norris to fight in a cage match.

Susan Boyle taught the world to sing in perfect harmony!

Bubble bubble Susan Boyle trouble

I am going to fly a Pirate Flag from the mast of my sailboat from now on

Susan Boyle speech at Notre Dame draws protests

I am going to fly a Susan Boyle from the mast of my sailboat from now on

Susan Boyle Vs. a mac

Post a pic of you chewing the taint off an anteater!!!!

Wow. Dial-up warning Large pic

My, Susan Boyle is constipated!

Wait, who is Susan Boyle again?

I want to create a Susan Boyle thread that never dies

Still one of my fav singing vids (not Susan Boyle)

...Windows Vista...

Vote on my Pirate Flag

I've just written my 19th new poem this month!

Word help - What's that word that means Lounge Singer?

Modification of an old joke - if you put Einstein's brain and Joe the Plumber's brain on eBay....

Mist of his dreams

What are you most offended by?

I am Susan Boyle.

Mafia Wars on Facebook.

Cats' Tails Tell No Lies

And in another one of those "Awww, isn't that cute?" moments:

OMG! There is a Barbie Doll(tm) sponsored by Oreo cookies! Guess what color she is?!

Do you run with the pack?

only one thing would have made these Susan Boyle threads funnier...

I wonder what Susan Boyle had for breakfast this morning.

I'm looking at Oklahoma on TCM

I'm looking at Oklahoma on TCM

Since Boyle is at the Olive Garden breastfeeding narwhals,


Do you insert yourself into Boyle threads for the fun of it?

Enough already

More Susan Boyle, MORE MORE MORE, I want to read useless shit

I know the perfect song for Susan Boyle to sing:

I am hiding all the non Susan Boyle threads.

Susan Boyle just cured my mother's glaucoma and then made us a souffle!

I just bought some new shoes.....

Susan Boyle vs. Godzilla?

So, Diane von Furstenburg thinks women "must have children"

Susan Boyle PoRn tape released!

Susan Boyle can tell if you're an abuser by breastfeeding her circumsized pitbull at Olive Garden.

Operation Susan Boyle was an enormous success. We recon at midnight.

I'm bullish on Susan Boyle. I think she's going places. nt

Susan Boyle v. Chuck Norris

Half this Susan Boyle is covered with Susan Boyle. Thank Susan Boyle for hide threads. [View Susan]

Susan Boyle to lead Seal team in raid to free graywarrior's duck hostage.

This just in. Brad Pitt leaves Angelina for Susan Boyle.

Susan Boyle can kill with her mind.

funny 4:20 any?

You know, I've been thinking, (Oh, wow this should be in LBN :eyes:)

I'd like to publicly thank Haole Girl.

Holy Shit! Susan Boyle just won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Holy Shit! Susan Boyle just won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Yeah the thread is going to ask you

I was thinking of picking a day where all of my responses will be posted as a new OP

The Nats are currently beating the Marlins 2-0

I told my students on Friday that I probably would not be at my building next year

Food, Inc. trailer is out...............

Susan Boyle---left fielder for the Marlins

What will it take to end the Susan Boyle threads.....

New Jersey to France: You can have your fuckin' statue - Susan Boyle is OUR Lady Liberty.

I need a GPS. Any suggestions?

Guys , I really need your help , I am desperate ...

No a medical question , just wondering is someone had similar symptoms

I lanced Susan Boyle!

Insert the words "Susan Boyle" into any current thread in the Lounge.

Breaking: Susan Boyle To Sing For Reformed Led Zeppelin

Kids' playhouses more expensive than some real homes??

little gray "x" in a box

Am I a total loser because I have no idea who Susan Boyle is?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 4/19/2009)

Sorry, Susan, my heart belongs to Barbra Streisand.

All you dopers are going to have your special day tommorow

Have you heard Susan Boyle covering The Curse of Milhaven?

I am Infinity

I am Infinity

Susan Boyle---bullpen pitcher for the Nats....

I'm calling you out MrScorpio

What p's me off about the whole Susan Boyle thing

For Nightwatcher

Half this page is covered with Susan Boyle. Thank gawd for hide threads.


Okay....fess up.....who's "Lusty Narwhal"?

Pure Pleasure Seeker

todays art.....

Best cover ever !

Ever heard a bird talk in Armenian?


Susan Boyle's second televised performance goes horribly wrong.

Breathe, breathe in the air

Hey! I like Erasure! You don't HAVE to be gay to like them!!!

Ooh, child, things are going to be easier

What's your Sunday dinner?

She's A Woman

You say your aware, believe, and you care, but...

Went paintballing today

Anybody see the film "Shooter" starring Mark Wahlberg?

When will Susan Boyles life be made into a Lifetime movie?

Polygeminus grex

I'm naming my boil Susan.

For the wealth of the snowy cotton fields

Have a dreamcast?

The Porpoise Song

Of all the things I would be mortified over if I had to do as part of my job....

I'm boiling Susan. I never said I was a vegan.

My husband and my son are in the living room playing Xbox 360

Seven Months

I hear they're remaking "Triumph of the Will" with Susan Boyle!

Wandering Star

Erykah Badu Vs Portishead

Please, no more threads about Susan Boyle.

Time Will Tell

Dueling earworms: Martika "Toy Soldiers" vs. Prodigy "Firestarter".

Taking Hold

When the music's over

The Good Shit

Apparently, my neighbors do NOT like Beethoven's 9th Symphony as much as I do...

Elton - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - WTF????

TZ, please don't take offense when I say the Nationals suck.

Interesting personality test I ran into based on the classical 4 temperments.

The Time Is Now

Time has come today

Red Dust

Hands down best protest sign ever crafted

Susan Boyle uses plastic bags when she shops at Walmart.

Speaking of pizza...........

We have been boyled into submission!1

"Zombie Strippers" on SpikeTV right now!

Susan Boyle delivered my pizza in under 30 minutes

A Susan Boyle poll

Go to hell, Susan Boyle.

Susan Boyle to cover 'Dick in a Box'

Crystal Gayle: longest hair in the world?

Anyone know how I can get in touch with Susan Boyle?

Hurricanes & NJ Devils in OT. . .


So this is what it's like to get old.

They're talking about Susan Boyle in GD:P.

Tomorrow is another day (well, that's what Scarlett said anyway)

A rose

I can haz hot dog? C'mon Loungers, turn this into a LOLdog!

GD has 69 threads with Boyle in the subject line

Crazy cellphone question

I pick my friends like I pick my fruit

What a DU: General Discussion: Susan Boyle forum might look like:

Do you experience more, "uh...what?" moments than you used to?

Cool visual representations/animations of Bach compositions

Saying good bye can be so hard, you know?

Fuck, first a friend gets raped, now my stepdad is in the ICU with Pancreatitis and might die...

Hey everybody,meet hannahbana!

Has anyone discussed Susan's Boil yet?

WTF is going on with my dog??!!

The Ten Best Sex Toys

I was about to post something and totally

My kitty,Morrison..

In the 90's today in the Bay Area

Why In The Hell Do I Watch "Rock Of Love With Bret Michaels"?

Why does pizza sound so good when you order it

I feel bad for the Columbine survivors.

Can I ask for good health vibes please?

mainly because half the people I was with believed it until I explained the situation to them

The Susan Boyle phenomenon is a Hoax (not that there's anything wrong with that)

So I hurt my back today picking up an empty cardboard box

does anyone have a link to that list of before/after name changes?

I'm back.....

Susan Boyle to pose nude for Playboy.

PUI is fun

The e-mail scammers aren't trying very hard any more.

Does anyone actually do shots for casual drinking?

BAKED BEANS: how long do they keep fresh in the refrigerator?

I believe for every drop of rain that falls, a flower grows......

Its that time of year again..... Sam's Summer Ale!

Making a list of famous Susans

Why is it a surprise that Susan Boyle can sing well?

Anyone needing help deciding what is their posting style -

Tapioca pudding.... love it or hate it

Breastfeeding... at 12

Who wants to rub oil on Susan Boyle?

Now that I know how to save You Tube videos, which ones should I add to my collection?

aaaand the circle is complete- SUSAN BOYLE APPEARS ON TOAST

Favorite Bob Seger Album?

Pictoral story of my daughter before prom last night...from ticket to her date opening the door

Happy 4/20 Eve everyone. Getting a playlist together...What are your favorite stoner songs?

What would your time machine do, and what would you do with it?

NASCAR vs F1? Let's step back and take and objective view of what "racing" is all about, shall we?

O Brother Where Art Thou is perhaps the greatest movie ever made

My turkey chili and quinoa may yet lead to the formation of a new world religion

Mac or PC?

Tusk, Fleetwwod Mac, USC Trojans

My Pickles took a bad spill this morning. She's going on 15 but she's still thinks she's

I have the best animal pics. Any good photoshoppers here with a good LOL animal imagination?

5 Sunday questions.

I'm on Episode 1 of LOST and I call bullshit

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning)

We have a slight issue with the neighbors. What would you do?

Revenge of the Sith

Have you visited Gwyneth Paltrow's website?


Paper bags without handles at Ralphs

Post the city/town in which you were born.

I want to visit Chicago, someone give me advice

Venezuela's Chavez to restore ambassador in US

Emanuel donated tens of thousands of dollars to Democratic lawmakers

Today's NYT meme: Obama isn't tough enough

Coleman dodges egg with 'Bush move'

AR-Sen: Blanche Lincoln's First Republican Challenger

My political analysis: YOU might end up as a tea-bagger (no pun intended)

Ahmadinejad urges Iranian judiciary to protect Roxana Saberi's legal rights

Inside the Obama Family PR Machine

There's as much unquestioning support here for Hugo Chavez as there is

LOL.....that book....sales are up a touch!

My best argument for vigorous prosecution

PHOTO: Caption it?

Barack Obama pandering Castro?

I don't understand...

White House: Obama to address credit card abuses

Them Tea Leaves at them Tea Parties got Boyled Off......Susan stole the limelight

Axelrod suggests 'Tea Party' movement is 'unhealthy' (CNN)

*** LIVE NOW*** President Obama Press Conference

Ana Marie Cox: Why We Should Get Rid of the White House Press Corps

"Nothing better than a DEAD LIBERAL" Sick Teabaggers on YouTube>

DUPE. Please delete.

Earth Day 2009: Obama Energy Chief Lays Out Climate Doomsday Scenario

President Obama: U.S. Rejects Plots Against Democratic Leaders

PSA: When Chavez said Obama seemed smarter than Bush

Daniel Ortega on President Obama: "I want to believe that he's inclined, that he's got the will."

The first 100 days are almost up.

What book should Obama have given Chavez??

If I'm not mistaken, President Obama will have gone three weeks without a day off

To the teabaggers, the historical highest marginal income tax rates since 1913.

PHOTOS Portuguese Water Bush?

Harold Ford, yes, Harold Ford had the perfect example/response to complaints re Obama spending too

CNN to treat Obama's 100th day like election night (AP)

Larry Summers did a good job knocking down Gregory's framing

Simple PROOF that Fox supported the Tea Parties.

President outlines elements of 'Obama Doctrine'

"Nobody-NOBODY has done more for MORE Muslims than George Bush-

If the United States does not prosecute violations of the Geneva Conventions what country will?

Six Degrees Of Separation + The President

Six Degrees Of Separation + The President

MSNBC re: Obama and Cuba. In the article from the link, I was

Analysis: Obama gores foreign policy ox (AP)

PHOTOS Um, have the U.S. and Belize always been close?

So What Does Obama's High Speed Rail Plan Mean, Anyway?

Obama lied and the economy died.

Ummm, did anyone ever give George a book?

NYT editorial calls for Bybee impeachment/full investigation: The Torturers’ Manifesto

Thousands of people at 8,000 seperate sites protested last week

Change you can believe in ... is logical.

It is so damn EMBARRASSING to be caught torturing.

One Year Ago Today...

Jailed American Gets Support From Iran’s President Ahmadinejad Due To Recent U.S. Overtures

Obama defends greeting Hugo Chavez (LAT)

Saw Bill Maher last night in Kansas City and he was on fire!

Saw Bill Maher last night in Kansas City and he was on fire!

Thank you Secretary Duncan

Obama begins leading America in a new direction

Flashback: Worried CIA Officers Buy Legal Insurance

PSA: We can get an Independent Counsel or a Special Counsel, but not a Special Prosecutor

So the answer is; YES, some people ARE above the law.

This is old, but in light of the torture it's worth revisiting.

Why doesn't Janet Napolitano just mention the birthers in the military who say they do not consider

President Obama: which broken laws will we reflect on and which will require retribution?

Rick, Bubba and Joe dont blame the President......

Chicago Tribune: "Obama Has put his ambition and audacity to work"

NC-sen Roy Cooper and GLBT rights (well one right)

Obama Chief of Staff to GOP: Put Up or Shut Up (FauxNews Headline)

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was waterboarded 183 TIMES in ONE MONTH

Susan Boyle to receive knighthood.

Politico: Obama to deliver a "pubic" message to the CIA. Jeez. The Freepers will LOVE this.

COBRA is cut BY 65% for some, even if you turned it down before.

The republicons said cut SPENDING so..

Sen. Whitehouse: If Republicans Filibuster Johnsen, I'll Be Ready

"The question shouldn't be whether to impeach Jay Bybee, but rather, how quickly..."

PHOTOS My, how Ethan's grown (thanks Clio!)

Is today's clarified prosecution stance a political error?

Vandal throws eggs at (Former Senator Norm) Coleman's house, Coleman ducks in a "George Bush move."

What I don't understand about the whole torture debate.

CHANGE! Cobra rates *are cut* 35%

PHOTO The President back home.....caption it?

President Obama, we do not want to simply turn the page and forget.

When the time comes, I hope Obama doesn't make the George HW Bush mistake with the SCOTUS

Axelrod On Torture Prosecutions

So this is what my Obama Chia head looked like this morning...

Obama is doing something correct if both left and right groups are pissed on the torture issue

"Hugo Chávez becomes the latest leader to fall under Barack Obama's spell"

Jay Bybee must go... so what are the practicalities?

DU this poll, it has been freeped!!

Meghan McCain warns of looming civil war in the GOP – a war between the past and the future.

How rabbit hole deep are the politics of torture memos Obama faces? Just think about a few things.

Why we are critics.

Does the President HAVE to be the one to instigate torture investigations and


The book Hugo gave to President Obama is now #2 on the best-seller list.

Do you like the music that I post in my YouTube video posts?

Paul Krugman: "people who ruled us these past 8 years... monsters"

A reminder

If you haven't yet signed the petition to AG Eric Holder

OK, so Texas gets $1.94 of federal fund for every tax dollar they pay in....

"defense of superior orders" is not a defense for war crimes

Oh My! President Obama is in Deep DooDoo Now; aka, What True Hypocrisis looks like!

Torture Gets a Pass: What Do I Tell My 9 Year Old Son?

Chávez Seeks to Restore Envoy to U.S.

Khalid Sheik Homhmmed was Waterboarded 183 Times in one month

Despite Major Plans, Obama Taking Softer Stands

Obama begins leading America in a new direction

Obama talks about race at South America summit

Shaky deals cost Detroit pension funds $90 million

Jobless Rate Climbs in 46 States, With California at 11.2%

Daughter killed over mini-skirt

Former Utah congressman Bill Orton dies in ATV accident.

Former Utah congressman Bill Orton dies in ATV accident.

More than Nuremberg: Update: Rahm Says "No Prosecutions"

Union reports deal with Lockheed

Author J.G. Ballard Dies at 78

Civilians held in Sri Lanka camps face disease threat

Bolivian President Says Plot on His Life Was Tied to Coup Attempt

Mexico says 8 killed in attack on prison convoy

Michigan State professor makes vaccine for deadly E. coli strain

Jailed American Gets Support From Iran’s President

US Urges Food Output Boost To Avert Unrest

Loss still felt 14 years after OK City bombing

Thomas: Valley crime, immigration sweeps lowers auto thefts

Driver distracted by phone, children drown, police say

Iran's Leader Calls For Reporter's Rights

Pakistan in great danger, says Musharraf

Chavez's gesture turns book into bestseller

Hundreds march for immigration reform

Obama sees positive signs from Venezuela, Cuba

Thousands attend opening for Holocaust museum

A kiss is just a kiss — well, not this one

Despite heavy recruitment, CIA still short on bilingual staff

Exxon Bumps Wal-Mart Off Top Of Fortune 500

President Obama to clamp down on credit card abuses

Speakers: Changing food industry can help fix other problems

Summit ending on hopeful note for President Obama

Summit ending on hopeful note for President Obama

14 horses die just before polo match

Van carrying suspected immigrants rolls; 4 killed

NATO Stops Pirate Attack On Norwegian Ship

Obama Administration: No Prosecution of Officials for Bush-Era Torture Policy (Rahm Emanuel)

U.S. supreme court poised to review civil rights laws

Memo Says Prisoner Was Waterboarded 183 Times

Blind to be cured with stem cells

Obama: I'll Stick With Embargo For Now (on Cuba)

US Marine arrested at Logan

10-year 'milestone' for Columbine shooting survivors

Tons of released drugs taint US water

RSU on Pirates

Poetic Tribute To Madelyn Dunham - President Obama's Grandmother

'Gathering Storm' Low Budget Response

CIA Torture Techniques: Stress Position & Water Boarding (Amnesty International )

Obama in Trinidad - 'Why Didn't He Leave During Anti-U.S. Speech?'

Church's Virgin Mary Beheaded - Investigated as Hate Crime by SMPD

Chmn Joint Chiefs On Alarming Suicide Rates in Military - 'Admitting Problem 1st Step'

Eduardo Rozsa Flores in Chico

Michelle Malkin snickers at the concept of rich white teabaggers, bemoans combative left-wing media

CNN's Reliable Sources: Even right-wing blogger agrees that FauxNews promoted tea bagging parties.

Democrat Infiltrates Republican "Teabaggers" Gives Anti-GOP Speech

My opinion of the Teabag Protests!

The Week In Cartoons 4/18/09

"Franklin D. Roosevelt, A Poor Man's Friend" - Little Willie Eason and His Talking Gospel Guitar

Jamaican Boycott Rum Dump at Historic Stonewall Inn

Thomas Jefferson's Corpse Vs. The Teabaggers

Republicans don't care about their children

Pat Robertson should mind his own business!

Napolitano stands by DHS report on right wing extremists

The Going Galt Freakout Video.

Rush Limbaugh On The Progressive Magazine Conference

17 year old gay Vermont youth speaks out on marriage equality

The Daily Show: John Oliver is a Tea Party pooper

David Axelrod Calls Tea Party Protests "Unhealthy"/CNN Panellists Wilfully Misinterpret What He Said

McCartney mentions Obama at Coachella...and they BOO!

Only Bank Left Standing In Iceland - Founded By Two Women!

TYT: RA Denounces Torture, Cenk Weighs In

Gov. Paterson on CNN - Gay Marriage 'Laws Should Protect People Equally'

The Obama/Chavez handshake

CNN's Fareed Zakaria & Holbrooke discuss how bad the crises in Afghanistan & Pakistan really are

CNN: Fareed Zakaria & Pakistani journalist Ahmed Rashid discuss if Pakistan is in danger of collapse

Republican Protest Song

Rick Steves on Pot Reform

'... Old School Republicans Are Scared SH*TLESS' Meghan McCain- Yes, She Said It

Hayden Says The Techniques Were Not Torture, Just The 'Outer Limits' Of The Law

What Would Jesus NOT Do? (God And His Angels Discussing His Upcoming Trip To Earth)...

McCaskill Says We Need To Look At Impeaching Jay Bybee

Lou Dobbs Rips Keith Olbermann, Garofalo, and MSNBC!

Max Keiser - Monsanto's Terminator Seeds & Copyright - AlJazeera "Inside Story"

TYT: Protestor Wants to Put a Knife in President Obama's Eye

McCartney singing "Sing The Changes" with OBAMA in the background!!

Dean's speech to VT Democratic party: Put human rights above politics.

The totally grass roots and spontaneous nature of the tea parties

Fort Wayne Tea Party Protest - Wicked Witch Interview

Bananas - an atheist's worst nightmare.....

The Meltdown Goes Global: It is time to rethink capitalism

It ain't the apple, it's the whole barrel

Blind to be cured with stem cells

LOL from local "My 2 Cents"

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Recession puts college goal on hold

"Beware" of whom you let in your house, they are not in it, for your best interest.

John Dean: A Republican Strategy That We Must All Hope Fails (judicial nominees)

It Shines When It Shines

Spanish Judge Allows 'Bush Six' Torture Case to Remain Open

John Dean: A Republican Strategy That We Must All Hope Fails

North Korea, Israel and US Hypocrisy

Major Garrett, Wearing Underwear, Attends White House Briefing

Empire Foreclosed?

Great video lecture on WTO trade agreements by Public Citizen on Iowa Public Television

HEY! I've got something to sell *you*! Act now supplies are running out

Obama to Take Aim At Credit Card Abuses.

Zombie Actors in Anti-Gay Marriage Ad Turn on Their Masters

Greider: Be Willing To Destabilize The Party

Inflation Is Looming On America’s Horizon

Bill Clinton On Netanyahu: "You Don't Know The Half Of It, My Friend"

Researchers uncover details of the Nazis' killing of Soviet Jews

America is rising from the primordial ooze - Humanity!

Americans' medical files go digital, by way of Asia

Why People Buy Assault Weapons & Wedge Issues that have been Flamboyantly used by the Far Right

NADER: Wall St. repays our generosity by trying to bring us to our knees

Republicans still struggling in Congress

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Was Waterboarded 183 Times in One Month

Janeane Garofalo on Dissent

The Great Green Con: Labour's climate measures mainly hot air (UK)

UK Police Arrest 114 Activists For Planning Coal Plant Protest

Obama talks about race at South America summit

"Capitalism Is Putting an End to Humanity and the Planet" -ALBA doc for Summit

VIDEO: Hillary in Haiti Giving Pep Talk to Sweatshop Workers!

STATE DEPT. US/VEN Discuss Ambassador Exchange

From GD: Why isn't the brain green?

Telesur: Chavez Comments at Summit Plus Pic and Story on Ven's New Amb. to US

Video Streaming of Summit Closing Ceremony and Press Conf. Sunday, 11am EDT

Jamaica Observer-John Maxwell: "Canada's Bloody Hands" re: Haiti

As Global Warming Increases, Water Supplies Around the World Are Decreasing

White House Transcript of Obama Press Conf. in T and T

Biomass systems cut heating costs at school

Tom Hayden: Is Obama Isolated in Latin America?

Venezuela and US work to resume normal ties

Ocean dead zones will expand as CO2 asphyxiates deep-sea animals

The White Curse - Eduardo Galeano / The Progressive / 2004

VIDEO: A Rare Look Inside a Haitian Prison

This week's Frontline: "Poisoned Waters"

Cold Fusion Is Hot Again, 60 Minutes

My Frigging Pens sucked donkey dick today. Discuss.

Randy Johnson gets first win as a Giant

For the adult sports fan

Personally, I think we got hosed on that call.

Pretty wild weekend here in Boston

The 500 Club

BOREV: Chavez/Open Veins of Lat Am - "1972 PolySci Tome Now Current Amazon Smash Hit"

Today in labor history Apr 19 Lexington, Massachusetts, with "the shot heard round the world."

Laid-off workers offered health plan (65% of premium paid by the federal economic-stimulus package)

Chrysler Said to Give 20% Ownership to Union Health-Care Fund

Mine Worker Punished for Trying to Form a Union

Dropping the Ax: Illegal Firings During Union Election Campaigns, 1951-2007

Wal-Mart will keep fighting 'card-check' labor union proposal

Standing up to Starbucks

Chemical Manufacturer Hit with Penalties ($121,500 ) after Forcing Residential Evacuation

No Hoax: Pass Employee Free Choice Act To Revive Economy

Aloha Air Cargo Fleet Service Workers Vote to Join Teamsters

First Student bus drivers unionize in 62-32 vote

Jeffboat, Teamsters receive labor award from University of Louisville

Testimony of key witness in 1964 Jimmy Hoffa case unsealed (framed by RFK?)

AFL-CIO Launches Web Site Targeting Executive Salaries

LA AFL-CIO chapter to "Phone Bank" for CWA in AT&T contract negotiations

Some Murray's workers want election for new union UFCW vs IUJAT

MidAmerican Energy workers approve contract, avert strike

Hoffa Announces Teamster Endorsement of Carnahan for US Senate Missouri

UFW wins key battle against Gallo wine

iPhone Could be Hurt by AT&T Strike

Big Business Blocks Working Family Bills by Keeping Franken’s Senate Seat Vacant

Messenger Band: seven textile workers set to music their daily life in Cambodia

Pipeline project to deliver jobs, cash (first of 2 projects)

Statistics show unemployment rising in all 50 states

Officers pay tribute to 1979 strike (first of it's kind)

CAW readies members for bankruptcy protection; talks with Chrysler to resume Monday

SAG Strike Likely Averted as Actors and Producers Reach Tentative Agreement

CEPR study shows unemployment rate worse than reported by media

Today's working family cartoon: Accident

Today's Carol Simpson cartoon: Babysit

What If Green Jobs Don't Pay?

The Bigots’ Last Hurrah

"100 sterling high teens give their silent support"

Thoughts about the Day of Silence

Jamaica Boycott

Exclusive Video of Historic Jamaican Rum Dump at Stonewall Inn

Parkinson's partially linked to pesticides

Gene clue to lung cancer

Need advice about High Blood Pressure medication for mildly high blood pressure.

So Much For Constituent Service As Single Payer Advocates Visit Cong. Ginny Brown-Waites Office

Rahm Emanuel on "Health Care"

U.S. pressuring Israel not to evict Arabs in East Jerusalem neighborhood

Israel, Iran and Fear

Israel, Iran and Fear

C-Span StudentCam Prize Winner Video is Worth the Watch! Students Message to New President!

Leverage U.S. Military Aid To Halt Israeli Settlements

Bill Clinton On Netanyahu Plus Clayton Swisher's Shocking Report Of Killing of Unarmed Demonstrator

Barak calls for Israeli initiative for comprehensive peace

U.S.: Palestinians need not recognize Israel as Jewish state before talks

Gaza, remember?

Does value of gun go up if Mis-stamped

Article-Man gets prison sentence for helping buy firearms that went to Mexico drug cartels

Nearly 300,000 killed in epidemic of gun violence since Columbine; groups call on leaders to act

Counting Mexico's Guns

the hypocrisy of Gov Rendell

Volcker Says Fed’s Authority Probably to Be Reviewed

This is not to be missed !!!

Goldman Sachs Executives Infiltrate the World of Finance and Business

The New Financial Overlords: The Debt Class and those that provide the Debt in Serfdom.

Nearly 300,000 killed in epidemic of gun violence since Columbine; groups call on leaders to act

Why gun control will never work in the US

Dr. Housing Bubble 04/19/09

Does anyone here think the current stock rally is sustainable.

What are the gun buyers afraid of?

Yet Another Mass Shooting

Signs of the Times

Ah, Spring!

Cactus flowers

If you like yellow....

So this ant walks into my viewfinder....

I stumbled across a soccer game

Just returned from San Diego

Psst..interesting thread in GD..

One of our DUer friends needs help for his friend (((((((((vibes welcome)))))))))

We Moon Starcodes for April 17-24

The Stars This Week: "Love Sparks or Singes" - April 20 - April 26, 2009

Hey, remember that thread we had on astrology and our home addresses?

Nature Study: Coral Fossils Suggest That Sea Level Can Rise Rapidly

Spitzer Spies Spent Solar Systems Around Dead Suns

Quantum Theory May Explain Wishful Thinking

Kepler Space telescope working already

Ancient Robots

Cold fusion on "60 Minutes" tonight

morals vs. religon part 2

Sunday Morning Theology

Islamists fight Yemen law banning child marriage

Reality vs. Religion vs. Morals

390,000 People in UK Listed Their Religion as Jedi

Can anyone recommend a good grilling cookbook?

What's for dinner? Sunday April 19th edition

I meet with the surgeon tomorrow

ATK baked onion rings - not so great

Look what followed me home. Can I keep it?

So they tried to plant WMD in Iraq.

How many OTHER high-profile bombings, fires, school shootings, etc. have been covert ops?

criminals in action -- KSM waterboarded 183 tmes in a month by the CIA

Perry threatening to keep lawmakers in sessions throughout the summer

Kingwood sinkhole forces drivers to abandon cars

music in films - from paramore to the unkown

Why is American Idol limited to ages 16-29? Are there no undiscovered 30 yr. olds?

So I got bit by the Crackberry bug. What apps do you use?

Having Trouble Accessing Google Docs