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Obama's current Mexico & Trinidad trip, analysis of Pakistan and Afghanistan - Charlie Rose tonight

Charles Barkley on Leno LOL!!!!!!

Der Governator inspires wrath of OC teabaggers

FL legislation proposes teacher tenure begins after 5 years (Steered by Jeb Bush's Foundation)

If an American tortures an animal, that person is

The "other" pirate battle.

Obama's Bow

Should the parents of Timothy McVeigh have been tortured or imprisoned because of what he did?

"We do not torture". -GWB, November 7, 2005

Heads up: Eric Lichtblau of the NYT is on WJ talking about recent NSA spying

Moyers tonight is one of his best

Reasons to Rejoice--Competence.

Unsung heros

Unsung heros

No wonder the far right has such more money than Democrats do

Oil Independence, Carbon Emissions Reduction, and Clean Sustainable Energy all in 1

Toxic asset!!

Susan Boyle interview on the Early Show . . .

Shackled from the ceiling for 11 days and forced to stay awake...

Please tell Congress No Amnesty for Torturers

Haiku that sums up the teabaggers:

Would The Torturers Go to Jail If They'd Been Smoking Joints?

GOP congressman (CA) in "Zombie Obama" mask

2fer, What's more gross, PALIN as 1st woman prez or psycho BACHMANN lip kissing Shrub?!1

"I said 'como estas.'"

Don Henley suing CA Assemblyman Charles DeVore for unauthorized use of two songs

State of Texas is for sale on ebay

RE: The new FBI "Right Wing Extremist" meme...

It is up to us to decide what we want to do about those that tortured?

It is not pragmatic to expose torture without prosecution.

Obama Gives Torturers More Ammunition - Die Tageszeitung (Germany)

The April 15th 2009 Great Conservative "I want it my way" Tantrum

The April 15th 2009 Great Conservative "I want it my way" Tantrum

Why is Pat Buchanan so afraid that the torture memos

Hey Hugo ...... my name's Barack

Shut your dumbasses, till you're sane. Issued, by Obama's loyal opposition.

Sell Texas to Mexico, $$ for Health Care

Do we as a country want people working in our intelligence agencies that

This is funny

Here is a link for anyone that would like to read the actual torture memos

Hindsight is sooo 20/20


Want to be BLOWN AWAY? Listen to Susan Boyles sing "Cry Me a River" (from 10 years ago)

Senator Arlen Specter Is Ignorant Or Lying About Employee Free Choice Act

Can we please take a second to imagine what might have been

Why Obama is letting the Bush-era criminals off the hook: just a theory

got 33 million to invest in real estate? Val Kilmer's New Mexico ranch for sale...

An entire class of CIA operatives get blanket immunity while people like myself, Thomas Tamm and

Stooping To School-yard Taunts

Gov Goodhair asks for fed aid in TX wildfire..and in the next breath complains about the feds

Local, State Agencies Lack Resources to Ensure Food Safety

The Morning Constitutional: Because it's time for America to stop being full of crap.

can you tell if someone is an abuser by their speakable actions ?

Sarkozy - the bitchy little princess.

Roxanna Saberi convicted of espionage in one day trial in Iran

The Worst Mass School Murderer in the History of the US? A Right Wing Nut:

Jury selected for Steven Green trial (RIP Abeer). Trial starts 27th

Jury selected for Steven Green trial (RIP Abeer). Trial starts 27th

Pleasuring herself with a dildo of deceit

Obama's Chimerical Marijuana Policy - A Guide for the Perplexed

VIDEO: Gutsy Democrat Fakes Out Tea-Baggers at Open Mike

Could there ever be a "Wizard of Oz" or "Sound of Music" again? Is

Danner Smacks Gergen'We're Looking At Legal Docs That Purport To Make What Is Plainly ILLEGAL Legal'

Could society function if people weren't forced to work?

Jimmy Fallon re Susan Boyle

U.S. seeks hackers to protect cyber networks

NO Amnesty for Tortures - Blank Petition

The Sound of Wealth Inequality - speakers on

Obama wants a Committee formed to cut wasteful spending...

Cheerleader Protestors Support Naked Coach

Rep. Mark Kirk suggests shooting Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn because of higher taxes.

Psycho: Bush's Willing Medical Torturers

the Florida Department of Children and Families is in India

Time Warner Drops Usage-Based Access Fees -- For Now

Man Mistakenly Jailed For 8 Days

Please, please, please do this for Troy Davis.

Online survey for Zogby International

OK - here's one for the spelling enforcers - "Can You Spell That ?"

If someone tortures an innocent person, what should be their punishment?

Iran’s Yankee Hero

F.B.I. and States Vastly Expand DNA Databases

Unemployed Turn To Armed Forces

Some information about the judge presiding over the case of the Bush 6

Conservatives.... "Cranking Up The hate To Eleven"...

Here we go again - five dead in Maryland

Police Radios and War

Is it true that some prisoners died while being tortured?

A few Tea Parties Fox forgot to cover:

"My prayers are for peace in the World: YET WAR IS BEFORE PEACE."

For whatever reason BushCo should get away with the torture.

My co worker blames the 2006 democratic controlled congress for

Okay, I think I'm beginning to understand this whole Tea Bagger mentality...

Quit Torturing Me About Torture

Alex deTwit is clueless

Dupe - Five Bodies Found in Frederick County Home (MD)

Hugo Chavez says Venezuela-U.S. relations will improve

The CIA are the "good guys"?

Norm Coleman Legal Fight To Bring In Cash For Dems

If this were a zombie movie;

Sleep Expert "Surprised And Saddened" To Find Research Twisted In Torture Memo

No Countdown tonight — "Extra Ed" Schultz instead (PLEASE KEEP KICKED)

French hero of World War 2

Anybody hear from Gonzo lately? He still unemployed?

TSMC on spending spree for machinery, R&D staff

Anybody hear from T-Bone Nose Picker lately?

The Enemies Within

If what we did was no worse than college hazing

The Great State Of Texas For Sale On Ebay (Must Sell Before She Secedes!)

Report: Bush-era torture orders enforced by top officials

Report: Bush-era torture orders enforced by top officials

In black and white, the 'torture' files

Limbaugh’s Proof That Torture Works: McCain Was ‘Broken By The North Vietnamese’

I believe that for now the the Democrats are getting great Media coverage as to torture.

Earth Appreciation Thread!

Jimmy Fallon re Susan Boyle

Jason Aaron Bourne is going home from the hospital (mark his Mom's Facebook page)

Here's the problem with the torture issue....

Bush, in China, tells global leaders about scooping up Barney's shit while on neighborhood walks

Pro bono campaign continues late government lawyer's work

Fastforward:Life in the new post seccession Texas.

Bush Memos Suggest Abuse Isn’t Torture If a Doctor Is There

Grade President Obama (Vote in the poll ASAP)

President Obama in historic handshake with Hugo Chavez of Venezuela

Pol Pot and Teabaggers

I've found the people really responsible for torturegate.

GOP is finally figuring out something Goldwater told them almost 30 years ago

CNN just did a "some say" piece about torture...where "some" is pretty much JUST Cheney.

Might be a good time to repost this: So anyway, I was waterboarding one of my kids today

Florida's Jeb Bush Republicans rolling back 25 years of state protections under cover of recession

To all those righties complaining about that DHS report about ULTRA-conservatives...

Check out the celebrity list at the tea parties

GOP tries to fan 'tea party' flames

Torture Memos plainly state that water-boarding constitutes the legal definition of torture

Scott Horton: U.N. Rapporteur on Obama Amnesty for CIA Agents

Can Citigroup's results be sustained?

Can Citigroup's results be sustained?

this is why we need newspapers..."Poison in the well"

David Simon -Waves of corruption and misbehavior until newspapers reestablished as guardians.

Are the Tea Parties backfiring on Fox News and any Republican backers?

I'm sure that there are some times when the Republicans do the right and good thing

The basic difference between Republicans and Democrats...

Gresham Barrett, GOP Congressman, Booed Off Stage At Tea Party

With Scott Murphy the likely winner in NY-20, will Michael Steele be forced out as RNC chairman?

The Handshake!

More power to Susan Boyle

Media Matters: Weak Tea

Media Matters: Weak Tea

The RW case against single payer health care

Another murder/suicide. Father kills self,wife and 3 kids.

Electronic Cigs?

Even Conservatives Think Glenn Beck Is Nuts

Terminology. They Can Never Be "Revolutionaries"

Glenn Greenwald: Politico's understanding of journalistic anonymity

Warning to my favorite movie directors: You better be beautiful or else I'm going to rethink

I'm disgusted at how the news is demonstrating the act of water boarding

Freeperlogic: Obama meeting with Chavez means he's "sucking up"

Limbaugh's Proof That Torture Works: McCain Was 'Broken By The North Vietnamese'

Humiliation tames our little despots

Open letter to Barak Obama about economy

Open letter to Barak Obama about economy

Open letter to Barak Obama about economy

Open letter to Barak Obama about economy

Torturers are psycho. Psychos never quit and "the need and deeds" always become worse

The Teabagging Dilemma

Justice Stevens questions the Bard authenticity...

Mike Allen Grants Anonymity to Senior Bush Official to Attack Obama on Release of Torture Memos

Mike Allen Grants Anonymity to Senior Bush Official to Attack Obama on Release of Torture Memos

Garrison has a nice Prairie Home Companion show today.


F.B.I. and States Vastly Expand DNA Databases

So with the memo's released and the proof before us ... not prosecuting amounts to rubbing our nose

C-span . . . Fran Drescher - "Cancer Schmancer" Movement ...

please don't crucify me.Is president Obama's tax plan actually being implemented yet?


Famed Feminist Faces Medical Tragedies...and bankruptcy...

Freepers favor Texas Secession

Are we up to hunger strikes for prosecutions? Damn I hate to be hungry, but I'm having a hard time

Obama should start moving military bases out of any state threatening to secede

A new (Christian!) twist on an old scam.


Holy shite - G20 protester died of internal bleeding and not a heart attack

Holy shite - G20 protester died of internal bleeding and not a heart attack

April 18, 1994,

Being on vacation when your tour operator goes out of business.....Not priceless.

The CIA officer who tortured isn't some distant other

Do they say the Pledge of Allegiance in Texas?

Yesterday was Friday - you know what that means........

General Taguba: Accountability for Torture Does Not Stop at White House Door

British Scientists Develop Stem Cell Therapy to Cure the Most Common Cause of Blindness

Women at war face sexual violence

Official: 5 children feared dead in Texas storms

But of course there is no need, good Prince, to try the glass slipper on the

Best of Amy on SNL tonight n/t

Spaniards to Erect Monument to Leslie Howard

What do you make of this - new allergies?

Times are tough, but Susan Boyle shows there's hope

I have to say I love Obama's train proposal.

So, all of the 'Pukes social issue wars have basically been lost (Bramaged ramblings)

Funny Girl..... ;-)

Michael Steele, unhinged

PROGRESO WEEKLY: Saul Landau Interviews Cuban Fiver Gerardo Hernandez

Wer Not Going to Take it

Do you have Post Bush-Cheney Stress Disorder?

Why are the Banks showing a profit? Answer; AIG and your money

Guess Who's Not Paying Their Taxes?

It takes a special kind of psycho to torture for a living ... and they are employed and working

Kid Reporter Damon Weaver Scores College Scholarship

Michelle Malkin runs in fear from Southern Poverty Law Center

Helpful slogans for next years teabag protest.

Unemployment Compensation FAQ: "No, you don't pay into the fund, your employer does."

What would GW Chimp have done about Somali pirates?

Don Henley sues Senate candidate over song use

How the torture story is reported in Europe.

Who has the Right?

Who has the Right?

Abandoned pets overwhelm Metro Detroit shelters

Best Tea Party Sign Ever!!

I think I'm seeing the start of a pattern ......

What's the Real Story Behind the Somali Pirates?

'A Ton More People Were Wiretapped Than We've Been Led To Believe': FBI Whistleblower Thomas Tamm

Our government tortured people without...

McCaskill will hold hearing on government watchdogs

Late payment? Electronic Repossession.

Yahoo finance board.. talking about killing Rachel and KO

There is a debate about torture?

Humans Are Not GREEDY By Nature

Grisly slayings brings Mexican drug war to US

My songwriter friend wrote a song about the teabag parties - check out these lyrics

Liberal vs Conservative is like Left vs Wrong

Yggdrasil, the World Tree, has nine roots.

The Conservatives' Dangerous Game of Hate and Consequences

UN Rapporteur on torture: Obama decision not to prosecute CIA torturers- breach of international law

Top UN torture investigator: Obama decision violates international law

Top UN torture investigator: Obama decision violates international law

When will Texas go Blue?

Another misspelled teabagger sign AND a call for secession (SC) *edited with link to teabagger site*

Another misspelled teabagger sign AND a call for secession (SC) *edited with link to teabagger site*

Not Torture? - Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Was Waterboarded 183 Times in One Month

Wife shot in the head offers tea to first investigating officer on scene

Gen. Taguba: Accountability for torture does not stop at White House dooor

The amount of stupid is entertaining as hell...

Dispatches from an Alternate Universe

What's with NYC? Seems like half of NYC is throughly unqualified to hold a Driver's License.

In Florida, Ex-Republican Prepares to Run as Democrat

How would you react if you got a business e-mail signed with the phrase ......

2008 compensation Publix CEO: $800,000. 2008 Winn Dixie CEO made $2.9 million.

Are They Defective?

Perry awarded his "Enterprise Fund" $$ to his campaign contributors/alma mater

Anyone think that Larry King needs new hair, new makeup?

Sales soar of book Chavez gave Obama....LOL

14-year-old repeatedly raped as relatives die

St. Pete Times reports on the infamous Florida reform school. The men beaten there 50 years ago

New York Times: Obama is getting soft

A friend was nearly killed last night.

ACLU calls for Holder (Obama AG) to appoint an Independent Prosecutor RE: Torture

LOL! I was on The Daily Show on Thursday night.

Teabags for bigots?

Good News. ASSHAT Mel Gibson Divorce is going to be the most expensive ever.

Yahoo Poll: Were the tea party protests well founded?

How Susan Boyle won over the world

So how about that Susan Boyle, eh?

"A Playground For Sadists"-&-NO, We Cannot "JUST Get Over It".

Torturers’ Logic Fails “Holy F*ck” Test

Apparently, Susan is one Boyle that Americans don't want to see

Susan Boyle's virtual makeover

Women are not objects "to be allowed" to do ANYTHING.

Powerful Kos Diary - What Sarah Palin Didn't (and probably couldn't) Tell that Crowd in Indiana

A world leader who stood up at the UN and called GWB Satan...

Susan Boyle

Please let's give this poll some loving - the neo-cons are eating it up

Stray Pit Bull Saves Woman, Child from Attacker

Does everyone know what today is?

Symbolman home now - thanks to all for your support

Before Bashing Texas Find Out WHERE Your State Stands On The Issue Of SECESSION

Susan Boyle's triumph a slap in the face to prejudice

In WA state, we may be laying off 2,000-4,000 teachers; where the fuck is the econ stimulus $$$???

Please rec if you don't get the Susan Boyle phenomenon

In the age of the Internet, why not have a more direct democracy?

Is it possible for someone to be so stupid?

'nothing better then a DEAD liberal'...teabaggers in MI video

Limbaugh worries that the "tea-baggers" may desert to form 3rd Party...

Why does she thrill us? Susan Boyle is the anti-"Pretty Woman"

My argument for why this Susan Boyle discussion is important

Should women be allowed to be out in public without a shirt?

Frank Rich:The Bigots’ Last Hurrah

Why are most (if not all) American Terrorists RIGHT WINGERS?

My neighbor committed suicide yesterday.

1. Pot Legal 2. Prostitution Legal. What Do You Think of the Netherlands?

What if ........ what if Obama released the torture memos and painted them as prelude to trials ....

Please. Either set up a Susan Boyle group or stop posting threads about her.

FBI, states expanding DNA databases

Sirota just tore a Rushican a new one on CNN

Here's some basic facts the teabaggers don't want you to see

I love Susan Boyle and I can't hear, see or read enough about her.

We put our dog to sleep today...

Mind reading: A man can lie for decades to his wife about being gay.

Four CIA chiefs said 'don't reveal torture memos'

CIA Agents Were Not Following "Orders"

The news comment section in Yahoo, called BUZZ UP, is nothing but a right wing swamp.

Georgia Senate threatens dismantling of USA

Spain Study: 2.2 Jobs lost for every Renewable Job created

The biggest problem with Public Education is that

The biggest problem with Public Education is that

I think Adam Lambert is far more relevant than Susan Boyle and am surprised that

Ohio To Give Prisoners Laid-Off Janitors' Jobs

Racism comes in all colors.....

Bill easing smoking ban endorsed

Doesn't it strike anyone as strange that Obama released the torture memos

Are we watching the start of a revolution that will rival the civil war?

Greider: Be Willing To Destabilize The Party

FLORIDA Election System Only Days Away From Going Waaayyy South! Neg Impact To National Elections!


Democrats continue to use the right wing terminology when it comes to women's rights.

What is the biggest problem in public education?

United Airlines' Fat Fee

WTF is Comcast up to?


You'll have nightmares!!!

Fellow snack-haters: check in, here!

The AT&T Shoe Guy...B.S., Right?

I'm more sick of Twitter than of Susan Boyle.

Paul McCartney on LIVE RIGHT NOW!

I just put a whole bunch of people on ignore. I'm starting to like this...

What's up over at reddit?

Kirby Krackle's song "Teabagged"

To everyone who sent good wishes/vibes/prayers/thoughts for my M-I-L...

BarenakedLady have a new boyfriend !

I will be 20 in 18 days.

If my dog wakes me up with a bark, I let him out the door to bark some more.

They are getting sophisticated ....NOT !!!!!

Need lounge help: can you unfriend/defriend someone on Facebook?

Frost/Nixon - opinions? (spoilers)

IMPORTANT thread going on here in GD...

Got fifth row Orchestra Seats for Neko Case this Tuesday...

Going to pick up the main kit cat less one tooth, plus one chip, with a sore butt from all those

Countdown to May......

Rip Van Turtle: My Red Ear Slider Turtle that Disappeared over 1 yr Ago Re-Emerges

Cockroaches in Maine? I found a HUGE one outside the house.

Just got an email from tonights venue. The rumors are true.

Lil Missy sanity poll.

Waking up Canadian

Amici--The Opera Band

You Nationals fans must be so proud...

How can young puppies get people neutered?

Waaaaaaah. I want Mickey!

OK - here's one for the spelling enforcers - "Can You Spell That ?"

TMZ Video: James Caan: "You're a funny guy, for a little prick"

Etiquette question.

how young can you get puppies neutered?

To all of my fans

$674.50 & counting.. Please send vibes for Evil Uncle Willie

If you lived near where bears also live, would you have to be warned not to feed cubs?

Who was that CNN reporter who shouted down a teabagger?

Proof that making friends on DU is a wicked good thing:

the "ash grove " concerts are going to wolfgangs vault..

Grade President Obama (Vote in the poll ASAP)

When Minor League Baseball promotions collide

Ed Sullivan needs to come back from the grave and kick Larry King's ass.

I hate it when my restless leg syndrome starts affecting my arms too.

Alert the media: I have a new avatar!

"we did`t start the flame war"..........

How do you Send/Attach a PDF document in an e-mail?

Interesting. The Pirates shut Atlanta out again, 10-0, the Reag-Gnats lose in 11,

What you missed IF you didn't listen to my radio show


True story. So I went walking in the woods. And of course

Hate Echoes

Malkovich Malkovich?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/18/09

If the Pope and a bear both take a shit at a Denny's in the woods,...

I have a splitting headache. What the hell are you going to do about it?

Do ya think a Democrat lives here??

It's a gorgeous day, and I'm sick. Can I get some pity?

If a bear shits in the woods...

Check Your PM!

Rare Footage of Mamas and Papas....

What are your favorite blogs?

Paul Potts kicks Susan Boyles' ass. there. I said it. so flame me!

Are you now, or have you ever been, possessed by a demon?

Are you now, or have you ever been, possessed by a demon?

OK, I'm oiling up now. In one hour, I will post pics of the most incredible abs you have ever seen.

I have 99 problems but a cookie's not one ~ RAP

I'm going to start wearing a hearing aid

This had the potential to be a sex thread, but it isn't going to actually be one. So there.

My best friend may be in trouble! Ha!


Describe why your last relationship didn't work in one sentence.

Farrah Fawcett is down to 86 pounds.


BREAKING NEWS: I'm wearing clothes.

The boat is ready to go, the first sailing day of the year will commence shortly

California Poppies!


This thread is not about Susan Boyle.

So when are Susan Boyle and Amy Winehouse going to go on tour and party down?

Susan Boyle is the second coming of Jesus!!!

Amanda Holden

Please Post Your Migraine Cures.

Jimmy Fallon re Susan Boyle

My Phils are becoming a trainwreck.

How is Red Sox Nation's "march to the World Series" going?

Oh great :Freepers are making Nationals Uniforms

pick yours

Tell me what you think about this.

Have been getting calls from far, haven't answered the phone, but have a plan

The hole in the front of underwear is the laziest invention ever.

Waaahh my little boy is not so little

I figure The Lounge would know

Ray Charles and Johnny Walker

Bought some Kava tea from target today ...

OSS 117 - The French do Bond

OSS 117 - The French do Bond

OMG for the love of God hurry!

Quick, someone lend me $70,000.


The picture and the description do not look like a match on this craigslist ad...


I am going to the Houston International Festival tomorrow, the country this year is Ireland.


SNL will actually be funny tonight.

i think Gandolf really dropped the ball on the whole quest to destroy the ring

Is this the 21st Century's We Didn't Start the Fire?

Is this the 21st Century's We Didn't Start the Fire?

greatauntoftriplets in for the win!

Silly-ass dream

bunk bed banter

YOU KNOW WHAT????????????

Trader Joe's Chorizo Crustless Quiche -- worst ever

Tomorrow.. I'm going into the woods with an ax

Predict the date and reason for MY TS'ing...

Why has diet coke and mentos captured our hearts?

I am never buying bathroom cleaner from the dollar store again.

I've discovered the joys of hide thread!

tonight is PROM night for my "baby" here she is on the day we bought the dress. Date pics later

I'm watching "Victor, Victoria".

Predict the date and reason for your TS'ing

Good hangover cures

does diet coke work like coke on rust?

Which one of your states symbols is your favorite.

any plumbers in the house? (toilet problem)

Did anyone else watch 'Grey Gardens' on HBO tonight?

I just took a pic of the Wisteria in our front yard.

Catholics........ FROM MARS!!!

Do you have a collection that is now worthless because of the economy?

Time again for Devi's Advocate Theater: "Texas will never go Blue"

Okay, important poll: Denim over the age of thirty.

Susan Boyle made me cry, and so did this boy on BGT 2008

Susan Boyle and a pair of jumper cables walk into a bar.

This new New York Yankees stadium rocks!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 4/18/2009)

So with all of the Susan Boyle stuff, which voice(s) most impressed you?

Susan Boyle reminds me of my mom.

My dog is constipated!

If you think Susan Boyle is a great singer, you are wrong.

Republican governor for sale

I don't know why Peter Boyle has made such a cultural comeback, but I always enjoyed him.

Saturday Night "What's Your Favorite Herb" poll

Which of these great historical figures do you appreciate most?

This sunk in GD so I'll try it here. Electronic Cigs.

Please post your home remedies for multiple stab wounds to the ass and abdomen.

Did you you ever sleep with somebody that you worked with?

i bought my wedding dress today and i think we've picked the date

How do you like my new sig pic.

So it turns out our neighbor at our new house is my wifes old boss, the crank.

OLD FARTS ON THE LOUNGE.....are you a victim of CRS?

How about a post your picture thread?


I get if I had Axe back in High School I would have gotten laid....

I'm leaving in a few minutes and going to a baseball game tonight.

A Recent Poem

how did humanity survive the 1930s?

DU MALES: I could kick the shit out of all of you in here.

Post some great DYLAN COVERS!

The Lounge needs to have an IKEA intervention for LostinVA and Haruka.

Non mainstream sports you enjoy watching or participating in

Kindly send healing vibes to Amelia the cat, the actual bossy monkey

need advice on which vitamins I should take

Someone Hold Me

It's unethical but hey they wanted it on the right they'll have to understand what it meant.

Political Judo Or Just Good Ol' Dipomacy? Turning Potential Discord On Cuba Into An Asset At The SOA

The CIA agents who tortured were good soldiers just following orders.

GOP's - Obama covered Jesus' name when he spoke at GU - horror follows!!!

NC-Sen: DSCC Tipping Roy Cooper's Hand?

I just wanted to say how refreshing it is of the approach of Obama

Let's let Texas secede - How about a peek back after a few short years...

I am a student of history. Never, ever, (requesting help here)

Change I'm starting to believe in.

Harriet Miers has HOURS to waste testifying about Chimpy's library

PHOTOS Ooops, fanboy spotted at the Summit of the Americas

Joey Millwood R-SC slings the socialist haterade on Twitter

Projections have consequences

Obama To Ask Agency Heads For Budget Cuts

PHOTOS Freeper Meltdown No 68,378?

"Of course its based on only a couple of data points"

Clinton 'deeply disappointed' in Iran sentencing

WSJ pimps for Coleman (sore loser - MN) - Recommends federal challenge or do-over.

WSJ pimps for Coleman (sore loser - MN) - Recommends federal challenge or do-over.

Greens Hail Obama's OK to Regulate Greenhouse Emissions

McCain Assailed in Free Republic; he's called an idiot, a moron, a liberal and an awful pilot!

Aryan Nations recruiting again in northern Idaho

Newt Gingrich now appearing as Mickey Rooney

Feingold Wants[torture] Policymakers Prosecuted

President Obama extends hands to Chavez, Ortega at summit

Caption this Photo, Obama Points at Hugo Chavez

"Now you've got President Obama. Yeah, you know we've come a long way."

The rose is fairest when 't is budding new,

The real loser today was AhmadiNejad

Remember: They Tried To Make Deal That There Would Be No Prosecutions.

Grade President Obama (Vote in the poll ASAP)

My thoughts on the Tea Parties

Obama Reprieve for CIA Illegal: U.N. Rapporteur

Not everyone will appreciate this... but the torturers have already been held accountable in a sense

Does the dog BO stand for Barrack Obama? Just Occured to me...

PHOTOS Ooops, fangirls at the Summit of the Americas

Republicans hate that Obama is liked because they need an enemy.

Move Over, Miley. In Washington, The Obama Girls Are the Latest Craze.

PHOTO Any Ruben Blades fans out there?

President Obama's Stimulus Plan $$$ Is Keeping Not-For-Profit Clinics Open To Care For The Uninsured

PHOTO Colombian President's Diagram For President Obama.

Tea Party Hypocrisy - Corporate Media Ignores Pro-Stimulus Rallies - Where's Olbermann and Maddow?

I wonder what the conversation between Obama and Hillary was about Chavez.

Obama and Caricom leaders

Pre-emptive war vs torture

How many times has an ex-politician been elected President?

Father and Son Teabagging

"How can you stand at a rally waving the American flag while yelling “Secede”?" (Gail Collins)

Napolitano faces lawsuit over 'right wing extremism' memo

Missouri House votes to allow concealed weapons on college campuses

Chavez playing U.S. Media like a violin! Betting on them to dog out Obama for accepting the Book!

I like choo-choos that go fast.

UN Official: Obama's decision not to prosecute violates International Law

Leaders from the Americas

Clinton Scores Points by Admitting Past U.S. Errors

PHOTOS Today's photo threads, in case you're interested

I admit that I never thought Obama would shake Chazes' hand.

First there were 180,000, then 250,000, last night Steele said over 300,000.

Daniel Ortega is a pig. And for women of child bearing age Nicaragua sucks.

Freepers Openly Advocating Treason, Insurrection

PHOTO: Oh no, Obama bows again

President Obama, Summit of the Americas: "we must learn from history, but we can't be trapped by it"

America Seeks Restraining Order Against GOP

PHOTOS Do you ever get the feeling you're being followed and/or watched?

Too bad the news of teabaging parties overtook the news about the GOP torturing

PHOTOS: President Obama the Gentleman

MSNBC clip about Obama accepting the book.

PHOTOS Will U.S./Americas' relations ever recover from this fraught trip?


Miami Herald - Obama most popular leader of the Americas -

Do you favor the appointment of a Special Prosecutor re: Torture?

With the GOP Eating Their Own - Who Could They Run as President?

Joe Biden

Remeber to hoo-ha about wearing a suit while working in the White House

How does the president feel about Susan Boyle?

Who is responsible for the torture prosecutions:

PHOTOS Oh no, now Chavez is giving the President gifts (April 18)

Obama’s Savvy Cuba Move

Daily Howler attacks Janeane Garofalo

Fox News - Last Weeks' Rise In The DOW Was Due To Tea Parties - Tea Party Rally

Riddle Me This: How Do You Protest on the Fourth of July?

PHOTO How touching is this?

Chavez: Obama is more intelligent than Bush!

Shout out to Jackeens...

"If the superfan culture that brought Obama to power is going to transform itself into independent"

Howard Kurtz of CNN "Reliable Sources" is a Biased News Critic! So why Bother?

I was thinking of cable TV, from 10, 20 years ago.

Mindless, unquestioning support for a leader is always a bad idea.

Al Giordano's response to Naomi Klein's 'A Lexicon of Disappointment' article

Waterboarding is torture

How Barack Obama resurrected The Dead

C.I.A. Memos Could Bring More Disclosures

Sri Lanka health official says 28 civilians killed

Iran convicts US journalist of spying

Israel stands ready to bomb Iran's nuclear sites

No Immunity For Bad Faith Interrogators

Jury Selected for Steven Green Trial

Deadly attack on Pakistan convoy

Can Citigroup's results be sustained?

Iran sentences U.S. journalist to 8 years

Third G20 case referred to IPCC

Argentina urges end of U.S. embargo against Cuba

Susan Boyle's next interview stops: Larry King and Oprah

Philippines Red Cross hostage rescued

Thai protest leader stable after shooting (update)

Mexico, Colombia compete for US anti-narcotics funds

FBI agents to testify at Mumbai attacks trial

Bank Profits Mask Peril Still Lurking

On April 16, by a 2-1 vote, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals denied Davis' petition

IPCC chief slams tactics of G20 police at demo

McCain campaign manager: GOP should back same-sex marriage

Mother Kills Son, Father Wants Gun Range to Pay

Canada Issues a Wake-Up Call: You May Be a Citizen

PM champions free trade at Americas summit

China says key currency countries need watching

Lawyer: Iran convicts US journalist of spying

Missouri-based American Sterling Bank closed by regulators (#24 for 2009)

Caribbean asks US to expand anti-drug Merida plan

FBI, states expanding DNA databases

Obama dismayed by Iran sentence

Protester tackled, arrested at Neo-Nazis

Chávez Gives Obama Book on Latin American History

UN expert criticizes US torture decision

Five Bodies Found in Frederick County Home

Jackie Chan: Chinese people need to be controlled

Woman hiker falls to death on Utah's Mount Olympus

Dutch navy captures pirates after failed attack

Obama Names Two Officials and Vows to Cut Waste

Mother Kills Son, Father Wants Gun Range to Pay

White House tries to regain control of message at summit

US to boycott UN racism meeting

Delta stops using India call centers: report

Lawmakers start work on global warming bill

Chávez Seeks to Restore Envoy to U.S.

Illinois Family Institute's Day of Silence Video - "Dare To Stand"

Domestic Surveillance Panel (1/6) - 2009 National Whistleblower Assembly

AC360: Susan Boyle cracks jokes & has fun (& acapella on BBC news/Full Larry King interview)

Dr. Mads Gilbert Norwegian doctor who worked in Gaza for 12 horrific days

Jay Bybee Defends Torture Memos

UPDATE Ian Tomlinson's death @ G20 Protest Caused by Internal Bleeding, Manslaughter Charges Pending

Teabag party with the wingnuts (dip dip dip)

Declan Galbraith - now this kid can sing and has a great message too

MASHUP: Promotion & Hypocrisy of Teabagging [STANDARD EDIT]

U.S Senator John Kerry tours Darfur in Sudan

Obama Torture Decision Violates International Law

Dangerous wingnut holds up "KILL THE BEAST" sign in Think Progress Report From Virginia Tea Parties

Weekly Address: Efficiency and Innovation

Michael Steele Cuckoo for FAR MORE than Cocoa Puffs: Hey, Sean, IT'S GREAT TO BE WITH YA, man...

Is AIG the most depraved insurance company in history?

The Daily Left - Right Wing Extremism More Dangerous Than Terrorism

(Republican Rep. Gresham) Barrett booed at Greenville Tea Party

CNN: Torture Memos Coverage

Tea-Bagging Rightwing Extremists in MI

Countdown: Conservative tea parties were "racism straight up" (includes Pensacola Tea Party clip)

Skating around the economic crisis in California

CO: Tax Day at Colorado State Capitol - Tea Baggers, Salad Tossers Gather

'Jindal-Junior' Rep. McCarthy Mad At Bike Racks, Slips FOX Ad in GOP Response

After shooting one Palestinian demonstrator, Israeli soldiers call out, 'Do you want more gas?'

Moron carries gun at Seattle so-called 'tea party'

CBS news covers former abuses at Florida reform school. Crist orders exhumation...

Change The World MUSIC VIDEO - Remake of Ten Years After song! Awesome!

Twitters From Texas

The Conservatives' Dangerous Game of Hate and Consequences

Dave Lindorff: Obama, Seeing Darkness, Conjures up the Mists of Time

Paranoid style in Republican politics

Next GOP Campaign to Alienate Independent Voters

President Obama shines at Americas summit

Are e-books the new newspapers? (BBC)

African aid 'needs science focus' (BBC)

Nightmares made Law - Philippe Sands on Obama and the Torture Memos

Torture: Holding America to account

Iran’s Yankee Hero

Washington Week sows some more disinformaton for the GOP. Republican Noise Machine alive and well.

'Torture memos' embolden Dems

Some straight talk to Mike Allen and the Republicans

The Hundredth Senator

America compromises its ideals – again

Curb Aids and HIV by decriminalising drugs, say experts

Four CIA chiefs said 'don't reveal torture memos'

Spit and Acquit

The jousting accident that turned Henry VIII into a tyrant

Slumdog star for sale

So apparently, we're not allowed to talk about George W. Bush anymore.

What now for the American right?

The Torturers’ Manifesto

'President Obama did an amazingly important thing by releasing the torture memos.'

Why They Didn’t Use Snakes on Abu Zubaydah

U.S. Tea Association Sues GOP for Product Defamation

Dividing America with Hate

Psychologists Helped Guide Interrogations

Downtown Atlanta recycles self into a Zero Waste Zone

Energy Secretary Chu: "Al Gore is a friend of mine"

White House to nominate nuclear expert to deputy energy secretary

Maple syrup threatened by global warming

West Africa faces 'megadroughts' (BBC)

COUNTERPUNCH: "From the Bay of Pigs to Trinidad and Tobago"

Argentina urges end of U.S. embargo against Cuba

African lark soon to be extinct (BBC)

Paul Watson on live radio program - Seal Hunt - 6 PM EST, Saturday

Fla. to test air in homes with Chinese drywall - AP

Chávez Gives Obama Book on Latin American History

On Thin Ice - NOW's excellent report on the disappearing glaciers.

Obama to visit Colombia on his next Latin America tour

Pet trade puts orangutans at risk (BBC)

Wind Power installed capacity increased 50% in 2008

Ultimate Recycling: Paper from Tasmanian Wombat Poo

I'm looking for the poll our friend Andres is using in this article:

What do you all think about Obama's false comment re: a Cuban's inability to attend church?

18 APRIL 1987

Alex Ovechkin just choked another one away. Down 2-0. Looser.

Yankees are getting their butts kicked by Cleveland again

Lincecum strikes out 13...Giants still lose

After "The Save" does anyone think Fleury isn't The Best Goalie?

Only true sports fans should post in this thread.

My NFL Draft philosophy.

The spelling impared Washington Nats

Being a real or true sports fan

For Fuck Sakes---It's Loser---not Looser.

The JR Chess Report (April 17): Nalchik Grand Prix in Progress

Manny has jacked two homers so far today.

Please post your NFL Team's draft needs.

Have you seen Live Streaming of Eagle nesting?

French Hewlett Packard Workers Release Managers After Proposal To Save Jobs

Sympathy Strikes & the Law: Is Solidarity Legal?

Today in labor history Apr 18 “striking maidens of 1888” became pioneers for women on social justice

Video: With More Concessions Looming, Auto Workers Assess a Broken Industry

Something Queer Hits the Funny Pages

Great poem about MOM

I have to get something off of my chest.

A hilarious you tube video Backstreet Bears

New Way To Analyze Sleep Disorders

Reckoning nears for the US and Israel

The quintessential Palestinian experience

Report: Hezbollah cell in Egypt planned to recruit Israeli Arabs

Report: Israel gearing to bomb Iran's nuclear sites

At doctor's presentation, a Jewish woman says Gaza is slowly splitting the Jewish community

ANALYSIS / Hezbollah and Iran have become Egyptian targets

Kadima’s real test

U.S. to boycott Durban II anti-racism meet

Official Egyptian daily slams Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah

U.S.: Palestinians need not recognize Israel as Jewish state before talks

New study finds 'it's never too late to stop drinking'

Who Won The 60 Year War?

Using gun control (both for AND against) as political top cover

Statistical validity of assault weapons trace data

Fort Lewis Army Wife Kills Husband During Gun Lesson

What is a trillion dollars?

Here we go again - five dead in Maryland

You give bankers £1.3 trillion and do they thank you? Do they hell

The NRA ..........dragging its feet anyway.

Seize the chance to make banking dull again

GEAB N°34 is available! Summer 2009: The international monetary system’s breakdown is underway

And So It Begins? Biggest Florida Bank Given 20 Days To Find Buyer Or Risk Shut Down

IDF: Protester's death likely due to unauthorized fire

3 Yr old .........dead ............firearm

I'm going to buy a new rifle.

Obama is buying up all the ammuniton for his private militia

More Queens Spring...

Work photo I didn't enter in the contest

Spring comes to Queens

FINALS are up in GD

Some graffiti and some cranes...

Hi, newbie here!

Cemetery in Winter

Beagle and Swan sounds like the name of a British pub

Callaway Gardens (GA) birds of prey show

someone said Spring Queens?

Red Flowering Currant

Local Street famous for homes of wealth and its beauty in springtime


The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/18/09

Ok, ladies and gents. I really need your input about something.

First crop circle of the year

National Geographic - Death of the Universe HD part 1/5

Most massive cosmic pileup ever seen

Why Evolution is True

Now this sounds kinda interesting.

What's for dinner? ~ Saturday April 18th Edition

Does anyone have any experience with the Troops-To-Teachers program...

Ex-state Sen. Karen Johnson weighs 2010 governor race (article)

George Galloway & Tom Feeley Discuss 9/11

9/11 Truthers Meet the Birth Certificate Brigade

no steel framed building has ever survived being hit by a jumbojet

Were any OCTers watching "no conspiracies" "go to guy" Penn Jillette on Fox w/ Glenn Beck?

Texas Senate defies Perry, votes to take stimulus money for jobless fund

Luke Hayes, the new Texas State Director for Organizing for America. MEET Luke @ link

Alright I posted in GD about the growing Secession movements

Jimmy Fallon re Susan Boyle

Did my wife just become Canadian?