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Soot from Stoves: possibly easy to fix cheaply?

Rush Limbaugh . . . said that the torture in Abu Ghraib was a "brilliant maneuver"

Redstate Riding high after yesterday LMAO



"Can China Catch a Cool Breeze?" The Nation:

A message for right wingers worried about the DHS report

Gunman kills 2, takes own life at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center

Wow-Geraldo giving Rick Perry HELL on Hannity! "Lunatic Fringe" "Nutjob"!

Fun with words. Re-define "tea bag."

We are a nation that idolizes fictional characters like Jack Bauer

"He loves that little girl" a rant

Ever wonder what happened to Lionel?

So Apparently Waterboarding was the coolest thing used by Bullies in FDR's Private School

Dupe thread

Found one more on my camera

Your favorite examples of post-Bush right-wing hypocrisy?

The loonies are out! Texas is going to secede!! nt

Texas Secessionists Are Like The Killer Who Kills A Bunch of People Before Killing Himself.

Well, I'm off to waterboard and torture my neighbor! See ya around!

Jon Stewart is a must see tonite! He really has some fun with Fauxnews.

Gentle Therapy for Traumatized Right Wingers

3 teens in plot to remain in custody Fourth charged in attack will appear in court today

HELP! Pick Five of the following people that you would like to most Punch in the face

Ollie North, arms dealer to Iran, criminal, and GOP hero, admits extremism

Fan reaction to my criticsm of the upcoming Hurt Locker

Jane Hamsher: Re Susan Boyle - Teabaggers Get a Load of What a True Populist Phenomenon Looks Like

Dammit - I missed it - We passed 44 million posts while President 44 is in office.

State Street: Big investors buy into stock rally

Chris Dodd's Personal Bailout

Rep. Mark Kirk suggest shooting Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn because of higher taxes.

Susan Boyle, Sings For America (VIDEO) CBS NEWS Interview

"Everyone's love Raymond's" Brad Garrett 'racist rant'

Ohio: Ire Over Inmate Labor Plan

The left got what they deserved.

I am helping to end the silence. Are you?

Impeach Judge Jay Bybee...let the televised hearings begin.

Scripts the Oregon GOP is using in ads (They have gone off their meds)

Suspected Nazi Guard John Demjanjuk To Stand Trial

South Dakota finds clinic reused single-use supplies on patients

A lot of Republicans I know are like this clown...

Spain: "top officials weren't present at torture"; US: "agents followed orders"; no charges at all

60 years of bombing civilians

If there were some wise governors in the Mid West they would get some targeted advertising

Palin not complying with state law over vacant state Senate seat

May Harpers' Index: 31% of men over 21 unemployed or not seeking work.

Should liberals start planning counterprotests for July 4th?

Oh the teabagging ironies continue...

Personal Torture Laws: Your Tax Dollars at Work

A suggestion to every country on earth, don't enter into any agreements with the USA

Sluts & Salvation By Mark Morford

How soon until Joe and Mika are yucking it up about the children of women detainees being sodomized?

Pakistan on course to become Islamist state, U.S. experts say

o/~ I feel Gooood ....... Just like I knew that I would, now ..... o/~

what the real tea party should be (photo editor fun)

Bush's FBI and DOD documented "thousands" of US military members joining far-right extremist groups

Judge to rule quickly on Fremont, Ne. election ordinance targeting illegal immigrants

Is Julissa Brisman's Killer Finding Victims on Craigslist?

My LTTE got published!

Susan Boyle is on GEM$NBC right now n/t

Boeing: Raygun dreadnoughts will rule the oceans by 2019


What is to prevent the torture from continuing?

Ever wonder what happened to Lionel?

(Chuck) Norris Volunteers To Lead Texas Revolution

Stiglitz hammers Obama admin: White House Ties to Wall Street Doom Bank Rescue

Joe Scum the Sadist is on this A.M.

Eight police officers with Scottland's largest force have declared their religion to be Jedi

PPIP is a really bad program. Stiglitz

Did Leanne Gregg (MSNBC) get hit by car?

GOP's Anti-Tax Tea Parties End in Eco Disaster!

10 Horrifying Excerpts From The Just-Released CIA Torture Memos

WTF is a "crisis garden", and how does it differ from a regular garden?

The Dalai Lama

Okay to torture but not to smoke pot? n/t

Okay to torture but not to smoke pot? n/t

Bush-era interrogation memo: No torture without 'severe pain' intent (CNN)

Another good toon on the Tea idiots

Michaels Hayden and Mukasey Manifesto

Newly Released Memo Inadvertently Reveals CIA Held (and Abused) Missing Prisoner

Footnote to 2005 OLC memo reveals waterboarding used ‘with far greater frequency than initially ...

So I guess the right wing folks don't care if our troops are treated the same way.

Just HOW bad is the economy - or - cats are so dramatic.

Jane Mayer: The CIA and DOD Lied to the Red Cross

The Diane Rehm Show - Tony Blankley and Susan Page

How Congress has the power to restrict state secrets privilege

Anyone else having trouble with spel cheqw this mornng?

Tom Delay weighs in on Gov. Perrys' secession speech

Rep. Jim Dunnam Replies to Gov. Rick Perry's Talk of Texas Secession

Obama: No charges for harsh CIA interrogation

I just realized how simple it is...about The Others (teabaggers, et al):

Another Moran

Can the threat of torture prosecution gain leverage for Obama?

The hand of Karl Rove?

Action: 'America does not Torture'

as I drove home last night I listened to Right wing radio

Battle of Mikes who would win lol

I'm reading bybee memo while a PBS doc re: the daughter of Nazi Amon Goeth is on tv

New Susan Boyle video found on youtube!!!

"Fools," say I, "You do not know, torture like a cancer grows.."

How do you think the freepwads reacted to the torture

State of Iowa to counties: Obey gay marriage ruling, issue certificates

The Rude Pundit: A Dozen Random Thoughts Upon Reading the Released Torture Memos

Chinese woman dies from suspected SARS on Moscow-bound train

Palin criticizes Obama stance on abortion

Turns out Hatch's 'tinfoil hat' crowdmay have been right

Spanish judge keeps Guantanamo probe alive

This Guy's Trying to DO Something About the Media

WI: Let’s Apply The Techniques to Their Authors & See If They Don’t Result in ‘Severe Physical Pain'

The Great Thing About the 'Anti-Tax/Anti-Gov' Idiots....

Need help from DU American contemporary poetry buffs to design my course!

Small plane crashes into home in

Anyone else as sick as I am of hearing about Octumom???

So torture and wiretapping are ok now?

Pat Robertson urges his callers to crash Homeland Security hotline

nuke Barons pushing real hard in Scotland

oil Barons trying to mess up a scientist

The PirateBay - Guilty Verdict but Hollywood Still Likely to be Disappointed

Egyptian FM: Lieberman is not welcome on our soil

If Texas can secede, then please, can Northern Virginia ...

Altheide tracks Columbine media discourse from ‘school shooting’ to ‘terrorism’

QUICK. Need help with pictures of racist signs from the tea parties.

CIA torture memos: Prisoners thrown against a wall 30 consecutive times,stuffed in to box of insects

Sticking my head in the lion's mouth--just this once

Tortured Logic: Obama Writes Off Old Crimes While Promoting New Outrages

YOU might be a school employee if....

Bush's AG office, 2005: "While we do not equate commercial weight loss programs & interrogation..."

Statement from Human Rights Watch on the release of CIA memos:

We will not know the truth of what has been done - until a thorough-independent investigation

Amnesty International Statement on the release of CIA memos:

State Department Lists Texas As A Foreign Country

Hurricane season is coming. I expect Gov Perry to reject FEMA help when the inevitable happens...

Could We Talk about Population Growth and Accompanying Problems

"We ended the carefree culture of 30 or 40 years ago when schoolchildren enjoyed adventure outings"

Howard Dean, Rahm Emanuel Bury The Hatchet

So what did the CIA do with Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's children? Where are they now?

Hey Palin - what's that thing called, where you consider getting an abortion but decide not to?

The Lone Tea-Bagger

Letter to congress regarding torture memos

so now we can take in other countrie's nuke waste. isn't that nice?

Bush Administration Used Commercial Diets To Justify Detainee Treatment

A local realtor went to his office and shot himself to death.

Labor Department still lying about job loss numbers

One single image summarizes the Teabag Movement

State Department calls Texas a foreign country

Shameless plug for local band...The Morans

U.S. ‘Cash-For-Clunkers’ Proposal May Cover Cars From Overseas

I thought these colors never ran?

Why do We ( People of the United States of America) Celebrate Columbus Day

Canadian filmmaker gets artificial eye with wireless camera technology

Oprah may be about to tweet

HA HA HA! Guy who replaced Obama in Senate has raised $812

HA HA HA! Guy who replaced Obama in Senate has raised $812

Janeane Garofalo on Countdown 4/16 - Her "brutal" description of teabaggers....(video)

Lawmakers reject Ross (Sarah Palin's choice) as AG in historic vote

"Cramped confinement. . .judged unsuccessful, as it offered detainees a temporary safe haven."

Mexican vacation ruined by bankrupt travel company: Beware of tours

AM2PAT-five dead

Mark Benjamin - Is Torture Really Over?

GOP is being urged to support gay marriage!??

If Texas pulls out does that mean George Bush will go with them?

You know what would be nice? Just one day of the Democrats agenda.

When health care costs comes up - THIS

Obama’s Immunity For CIA Agents Still Leaves Prosecutions Of Senior Bushies On The Table

Headline News is taking comments NOW on torture - call 877-TELL-HLN; TEXT - HLNTV;

In Texas, 31% Say State Has Right to Secede From U.S., But 75% Opt To Stay

World's Worst Teabagger Suffers for Her Beliefs

How is secession talk different from Streisand's comments ...

Torture Testing Procedure...can someone explain to me how we

I would love to hear your response to this ageless question..

Deflation has gone global

Is it impossible to torture someone for information?

So you would torture too if you were given orders to do so?

Listening to Sheldon Whitehouse on MSNBC and I am a bit hopeful

Progressive vs. Conservative: Does It REALLY Matter?

Progressive vs. Conservative: Does It REALLY Matter?

Progressive vs. Conservative: Does It REALLY Matter?

Progressive vs. Conservative: Does It REALLY Matter?

Fourth teen in shooting plot to remain held Students attend classes in their detention facility

Friday TOON Roundup

Bush - he must have been squirming last night :)))) n/t

Eric Holder v. America's legal obligations - Greenwald


Jonathan Turley on Obama's "Reflection, not Retribution"

The CIA would never do anything unethical or immoral

Is Obama scared of the CIA? is that why he wont let justice prevail?

Apple leads, Dell lags in customer satisfaction

KC Man 'Humiliated' After Feds Taser Him in Mistaken ID Case

bu$h*: 'We Don't Torture'.....from 2006

LOL! Freepers devise genius plot to drive us "crazy" and win over the rest of the electorate.

Why is the conservative media getting so hysterical about Obama targeting right-wing extremists?

Why is the conservative media getting so hysterical about Obama targeting right-wing extremists?

Why is the conservative media getting so hysterical about Obama targeting right-wing extremists?

Susan Boyle taken hostage by pirates...

Teen charged in robbery after parents turn him in

NY-20: Tedisco (R) has officially lost his marbles

The evidence which I shall be giving to Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights on April 28

Obama puppy debut

Stormfront agrees with Janeane Garafolo

Why is the burden on the public/DOJ to be forgiving?

Captain Phillips is about to speak live for the first time

I learned something about would-be Teabaggers today. Some ARE newbies.

Tweety is calling out DeLay on his lies!

Faux aired 107 ads for its coverage of tea party protests over 10 days

North Carolina: Polling Update

If you liked Susan Boyle's performance

Why we're not getting anywhere (CBS news "torture memos")

Our corrupt elites -- medical science division

Rove trounces economic stimulus, praises moves in Afghanistan

If Holder has an ethical bone in his body he should resign

What sort of warped mind would think of stripping someone and putting them in a coffin like box

Sharing Colbert Report Video Clips

Please explain to me why I should not be upset at the decision not to prosecute war criminals

Leveraging Little Torturers to Get the Big Torturers

Will the military have to close SERE training now for the Air Force since it's considered torture?

All the Congress Tweets of stupidity in one simple to use website

Where were these teachers when I was in school?!

Is Obama Protecting Fellow Ds By Letting The Torture Issue Slip?

Pentagon Closes Office Accused of Issuing Propaganda Under Bush

In Texas, 2 9-year olds make journal planning on how to slaughter classmates, threaten to kill the

I think "taxation without representation" is Gingrich code

I think "taxation without representation" is Gingrich code

Control of Cybersecurity Becomes Divisive Issue

Bless the Women in Black for Their Tireless Effort

"...exactly what the Bush administration intended."

Silent thread for the Day of Silence

"We must form grass-root structures that would hold me and other elected officials more accountable

Do mess with Texas

Making some progrsss with getting our state Democratic Party to support Siegleman

So where were the teabaggers and other "prosperity not debt!" people during BUSH'S EIGHT YEARS?

Jon Stewart

Have any FBI Behavioral Sciences profilers discussed Melissa Huckaby that you've seen?

Hypothetically - *if* we discovered for sure that rape was used in the interrogations...

What if a (generic) president murders someone in cold blood, with his own hands?

Now that Obama has a dog . . .

A kingdom for Bill Maher lineup tonite!

I wonder what would happen if Texas did secede? It would set a precedent,

I am convinced more people were talking about Susan Boyle than Teabags this week.

Rush Limbaugh begins slapping himself on-air to simulate torture....

Steve Schmidt, McCain Campaign Manager: Religion Could Kill The GOP

Rich State, Poor State

Rich State, Poor State

Rich State, Poor State

Everyone who is an 100% *ss kisser please check in and recommend!

MSNBC butchers another broadcast. Re: Matthews interview with Affleck

The Dead Giveaway that the Death Penalty in the U.S. is about vengeance rather than protection

Susan Boyle Can Sing, no fluke!

Video - Democrat bumblef*cks teabaggers

WA lone labor center getting gutted, but business colleges get lion's share

AP: Expectations For Thaw In US-Cuba Relations "Soaring", Warmest Words in 50 Years

OK - What is so wrong with what Newsom said? (They better get used to it)

So ann coulter is sub teaching one day and;

Human Body Parts (Stop this Bullshit Now!)

Rahm Emanuel signals hard line on Netanyahu Adminstration.

Rahm Emanuel signals hard line on Netanyahu Adminstration.

Former Florida Speaker of House indicted, thrown in Leon Co. jail; now released

C-SPAN 3 to feature Tea Parties tonite

C-SPAN 3 to feature Tea Parties tonite

C-SPAN 3 to feature Tea Parties tonite


Remembering Marla Ruzicka (December 31, 1976 – April 16, 2005)......

The memos are evidence that the CIA was dragged into torture by the Executive Branch

Gen. Barry McCaffrey on MSNBC said there should be Prosecutions for those who ordered Torture!

O’Reilly:Boycott Of Spain Deserves ‘Full Credit’ For Torture Investigation Being Dropped

Turley on KO with Shuster

Have you guys seen this one?

Obama: "The United States seeks a new beginning with Cuba"

The repubican leadership discuss new ideas

Texas is NOT to big to be allowed to fail.

Now that the week of tea bagging is over ...

Obama cannot do everything at once ... but he can do the obvious without much investigation required

Conyers Renews Call for Investigation of Bush Administration Actions

Maybe Rush had a point likening torture to hazing --

Will the steps taken so far by Obama "ensure" the tortures will "never take place again?"

It's fun to watch the Republicans embrace teabagging.

PA could get high speed rail across the state with Obama plan.

WJ this morning: No Prosecution for CIA Operatives

Sergeant Who Smeared Fellow Soldier, New Republic Writer Executed Four Iraqi Men

South Carolina Governor sued by 18 year old

I have a theory as to torture, Bush, and Obama, so hear me out.

Wow, the one photo that is going to make both the right wing and left wing nuts orgasm

Crazy Rick Perry is just stirring the pot

MLK family charging foundation $800,000 to use Dr. King's words

"...We cannot predict with confidence that a court would agree with this conclusion"

Re: Susan Boyle's appearance

OLC = Supreme Court?

A Short Citizen's Guide to Kooks, Demagogues and Right-Wingers On Tax Day

Texas CAN Split Itself Into As Many As Five Separate States

I'd rather KO excluded that coke-jawed chimp from the show.

A Travelers Guide to Wackadoodleonia (formerly known as Texas)

We need to prosecute the rank and file torturers.

Vatican deplores censure of pope on condoms

President Kennedy's speech on secrecy:

You may be Canadian and not even realize it

Rachel Maddow, bubbles, a guy singing about Krugman...

If you're a state governor, do you think you can recite state facts without a fucking teleprompter?

Live Summit Stream

My response to the "WTF is going on in Detroit?" thread.

Coleman dodges egg with "Bush Move"

BBC: Iraqi gays face 'lives of hell'

They've already begun (changing Susan Boyle)

A woman who lived life to the fullest: Midge Miller

The "Bush Move" - New Dance Craze?

President Obama in Mexico and a full indictment of US Media

Cuba .... si.

Tonight on "Real Time"

Will Obama face a backlash from the airlines for his pro high-speed-rail stance?

If you have not shared this, it doesn't matter.

In response to the teabag party nonsense, we are going to have a Thank You Rally

Forget the AG, Palin fails to get a fisherman from Clam Gulch elected to board of fisheries

Forget the AG, Palin fails to get a fisherman from Clam Gulch elected to board of fisheries

Shoethrowing Master class in INDIA

Powell Knew: Documents Show Red Cross Told Powell Iraqi Prisoners Were Tortured

Politico Coleman dodges egg with 'Bush move'

Politico Coleman dodges egg with 'Bush move'

Politico Coleman dodges egg with 'Bush move'

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

I Guarantee You, NOBODY Will Go On Trial For Torture

Memo to Rick: You Couldn't Secede If You Wanted To

Trial begins in slaying of transgender woman (CNN)

I'm calling for legal and medical organizations and boards to strip any doctor or lawyer of their

I'm calling for legal and medical organizations and boards to strip any doctor or lawyer of their

Florida food stamp contracts outsourced by JPMorgan Chase/Citicorp to India in Jeb Bush years

Dean & Me: Heath Eiden Joins Cenk To Discuss His Documentary On Howard Dean

United Airlines to charge obese for two seats

Shooting May Have Been Sparked By Sidewalk Chalk

Why is every single "Teabagger" Caucasian?

Proof positive that Limbaugh is back on the pills again

Hey Cuba, let's be friends.

Most important news story of the week (ending April 17, 2009)

I obviously love Susan. But here is Andy and Tony, together, and DU needs to listen.

My 89 y/o dad's esophageal cancer is back.

Check out one of Limbaugh's sponsors. LOL

a small observation

Room 101

Is Obama violating the Convention Against Torture in refusing to prosecute?

God, I love this: put a HUGE smile on my face - Why Obama is Exceptionally Good at His Job!!!

Sleep Expert 'Surprised And Saddened' His Study Twisted In Torture Memo

Let's Have Our Own Tea Party!

Grandstanding piece of shit, Michael Savage, sues Janet Napolitano

Rut Roh...Is Normie Coleman A Target???

Daily Kos: The battle at Walmart begins.

The More Fred Phelps Protests - The More Gay Rights Get Supported.

Ever After: Wed 67 years, pair couldn’t go on without each other

The Good Faith Years: Revisited

We are about to witness,, the global "mean girl" attack on that middle aged Scottish singer

We are about to witness,, the global "mean girl" attack on that middle aged Scottish singer

When did congress first have access to the torture memos?

Chuck Norris Volunteers To Lead Texas Revolution

"Like writing a memo that forced intercourse is not rape so long as you make it quick."

Now this is rich. All of a sudden, Sam Brownback is concerned about veterans!

How are prices of plants in your town?

A lesson learned by a Republican co-worker

Retribution is one of the 5 primary goals of criminal law.

It's time to bring back the Chuck Norris facts

PLEASE HELP!! Anybody have the historical deficit chart I saw the other day?

PLEASE HELP!! Anybody have the historical deficit chart I saw the other day?

PLEASE HELP!! Anybody have the historical deficit chart I saw the other day?

Freepers starting facebook pages to fire CNN reporter

What we should realize about the recent unlimited teabag access to the media

The truly guilty parties for torture

The First Step in Rebuilding America's Health Care System

Top ten enemies of single payer health care, Obama is on it...easy fix...

Any lip readers? What did Debbie Wasserman-Schultz say that was just censored?

Checkmate. Checkmate = Civil War.

Do you condone torture?

The Politics of Eyebrows

Food Bank Friday! April 17, 2009!

Amnesty International: Obama "condoning torture"

OMG, I heard on the BBC World Service that 30% of women in the US millitary are raped on the job.

Susan Boyle's next interview stops: Larry King and Oprah

I'm gonna go out and buy me a Henry rifle....

My 6 month old grandson Jason is in the hospital from immunization shots

What age group constitutes "children" in relation to vital statistics?

Susan Boyle

Nadler Requests Special Prosecutor

2009 Teabagging Championships - photos and captions

The teabaggers plan to do it again on July 4th

Palin was so friggin selfless when she decided not to abort.

If Airlines are going to charge extra for the obese then do the same for those who lean back seats

Appreciation to DU for advice last night re: dealing with a loved one's oncologist

Totalitarian Communism Was as Right Wing as Hitler or Bush

Photo of teabaggin' deadbeats using public socialist funds

Why isn’t anyone talking about the people that tortured people to death?

THIS is why I love TEXAS!

Wow...the U6 unemployment rate is 15.6 percent.

Until this stops, I will continue to oppose our war policy.

George Bush sighted in Dallas.. (word is, he's off the wagon)

$6.17 a pack and 59.17 a cartoon for Marlboro's here in Michigan.

No Immunity For Bad Faith Interrogators

*** DUzy Awards for week ending April 17, 2009 ***

Another teabagger FAIL

Chavez says Cuba is more democratic than U.S.

Don’t Fall For the Old Divide And Conquer Trick

Just because Space is a beautiful thing... Hubble photos

Please help

They are still singing, Kick for Andy Williams and Tony Bennett to do a show. Check this out!

Do Limbaugh Listeners Lack a Couple "Body Parts"?

Fifth-Grade Journalist Lands College Scholarship

Susan keeps singing, raves keep coming

Susan Boyle to be on Larry King in a few minutes (9 p.m. EDT); have you heard her "Cry Me A River?"

FYI: Cenk will be speaking @ Notre Dame today. What does Gingrich think? & Wes Clark Jr Filling In!

Singer Susan Boyle Gets To Chat With Patti LuPone, Who First Sang Hit "I Dreamed A Dream" (video)

Obama still wants to leave room for 'extra-constitutional' actions in defense of 'national security'

That's so gay

That's so gay

This is frightening... people who'd scream to the four winds

Naomi Klein: "All is not well in Obamafanland"

Jeopardy Spoiler

'Restore Justice At Justice' Campaign Demands Redress For Those Politically Prosecuted

Swimming pools.

The pool is set up

Brother Louie

How many people here have a $740 cellphone bill, my friend's 14 year old kid does.

The lunatic is on the grass...the lunatic is on the grass

Jesus H. Christ, my Dad gave his real estate agent MY cell phone number and email.

Twins treated for rare childhood Alzheimer's

Dandy Walker? If you truly love cats, you will love this.

Weird, true, miraculous? Adam Lambert, therapy for autism? YES! VIDEO!

Ahhhh, don't you just love Barney Style?

Best cat stalking video

Things you want your daughter(s) to see:

How long will I last in GD-P???

Before They Make Me Run.......

What is with the Republican fascination with Golden Showers (trickle down economics) and Teabagging?




So, I've been in the lounge about 2 weeks. You all need to lighten the fuck up.

I just saw the Susan Boyle thread in LBN

Only 3 years & almost 22k posts

After flipping his speedboat

So, I've been in the lounge about 2 years. You all need to lighten the fuck up.

Get ready DU. This is the future, and I love it. just watch and listen.

Now is the Time: DEMAND Not-For-Profit Health Care!

Post a pic of someone that's smoking pot

Confession: I like to make porn with women

I'm not going to LIGHTEN THE FUCK UP!!!! No one has told me what a "crisis garden" is!


"I Will Always Love You" -- recorded by Susan Boyle in 1996 - not a rick roll

I think it's time to leave

Bound to happen: I took my first spill as a bike rider this morning.

Chuggo: "Sky Masterson stopped being funny several months ago."

Sky Masterson and OctoMom were photographed together. Can anyone else here say that?

Disciples of the order of the Lounge Chuggo, check in here.

Need computer advice.

A gift for you....only you...

I'm going to the Southern Women's Show. Don't post anything funny until I get back.

I dreamed last night I went to the town I grew up in.

I recieved the nicest gift today. A photo album with at least 50 year old pictures.

I hate it when this happens.


Someone threw a baseball through my heart

DUers, you've met Chuggo. Bride of Chuggo. DUggo. Now be prepared to meet.....

New Susan Boyle video found on youtube!!!

Which route should I take to Mrs. V.'s surgery center on Monday?

Sweet raptor Jesus, Susan Boyle sure does inspire some strong emotions.

Not seeking medical advice here, but based on your own personal experience...

Please help...advice needed.

Is that a potato in your drawers or are you just happy to see me?

Favorite Nuts!!

I think Susan Boyle should

It's thundering outside and my cowardly dog is hiding under my desk

You're on a desert island and you can only have one Brian Eno album. Which is it?

So I called my mom last night....guess where she was?

WTF is a "crisis garden", and how does it differ from a regular garden?

1 MILLION people feel the need to follow Ashton Kutcher's fucking TWEETS?

look at this fucking hipster

Last night's episode of "The Office" was one of their funniest

I've been growing asparagus in my crisis garden.

Stamos on Broadway

Anybody know what this means- First correct answer gets cookie


Would you recognize this man as Rupert Everett?

John Waters on the origins of "Teabagging"

Happy Birthday, Liz Phair

Only 5 recs? What is wrong with you people?

Vibes needed for Left is Write, let's hope she recovers soon

What's the speed limit of sex?

PSA for today. Who is this?

Foggy Mountain Breakdown!

vegetarian fahitas for dinner!!!

Can you sand the pads of your fingers so your prints can't be recognized in a court of law?

They're doing the "Freaky Friday" bit yet AGAIN?

It's Burns! It's Burns!

You heard the lady, its time to lighten the fuck up people...

MY proof that there is no God.

When I'm having a crisis, I take it out on my garden

It burns! It burns!

Rush was never prosecuted for making horrible music. True story.

Aggressive Drivers.....

GAH! I need a break from GD and GD:P - who has my bong?

24 hours from now....

I got a letter from Social Security today

OMFG! There's a Black Man in the Whitehouse!!

Yeah, I got your "stimulus" package right here. *Warning* pic

Walking the beagle is the best part of the day.

Post a pic of someone that's smoking pot

Something for midnight armadillo's office, which every office could use

How Do You Get Your Phone/Address Info Off Google?

How Do You Get Your Phone/Address Info Off Google?

Snakes on a plane ground Qantas flight! No way? Yes, way!

As Chuggo Week winds to an end, let's all sit back and have a drink.

Hold me closer, Tony Danza

Happiness has but two ingredients:

With all that's going on in this world - who the hell is Susan Boyle

Why does Earth get a Day? What has it done for us lately?

You know who else has a great singing voice - Jessica Simpson

Susan Boyle taken hostage by pirates...

What OS are you using to vote on this poll?

Chuggo Week ends today at 5pm. However, please stay tuned Monday for the final coda.

Hubble photos


"You seem a little flustered, Chuck."

Just overheard: "That's the cat calling the kettle black!"

What's the last TV station you watched/are watching?

USA should bring back Up All Night.

Yeah, I got your "stimulus" package right here. *Warning* pic

Boyleing over.


My elderly kitty was out all night last night

There was a man who worked for the Post Office

How much does media matters pay people to watch Fox and count the commercials?

Someone in GD is explaining to them what "teabagging" is.

So what I want to know about Susan Boyle is...

Should I do anything about "Elevator Kitty"?

mainly because half the people I was with believed it until I explained the situation to them

I am deeply upset with Rhythm, and I hope all of you will take my side.

I pulled a left oblique muscle.

Amazing but true! The Yanks, Red Sox and MARLINS account for EIGHT WS titles since '94 strike!

Ok, I'm Boyled out.

Phill Collins was never prosecuted for "Sussudio" True story.

Post a pic of someone that's smoking hot

BREAKING on ABC NEWS: Have you seen the Susan Boyle video yet? She's really good!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 4/17/2009)

Hope all my fellow Texans are all right with this big rain storm, it is a wide and strong.

For Sale: One (1) Colonial "Raptor" General Purpose Transport, slightly used, appox 128 billion mi.,

I disappear for a week, and the whole world seems to have gone to shit.

Army of Darkness

Poll question about Susan Boyle

Attention lounge, attention lounge. MrCoffee is no longer my friend.

Pet emergency! Help!

David Bowie - Santa Monica 72 - Changes - WOW!

BREAKING on PBS: There is poverty in America. Also, many Americans have inadequate health care.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/17/09

OK, so it's not like a *big deal* least not to me so I'm not tripping however...

Anybody here have experience with campaign finance law?

I'm on ubutnu. Ask me anything.

***Official Entertain Me Thread****

Has love found ‘never been kissed’ singer?

This teabagging thing is getting really annoying...

It is 3 am and Outer Limits time, that was a cool old show.

Post your cellphone wallpaper....I LOVE mine!

Meet Miss Aloha Hula 2009, Cherissa Henoheanapuaikawaokele Kane

Trying to recover from domestic abuse any advice?

Oxford shirt + Hershey's chocolate = HELP!

I (heart) Liz Phair

Good morning Lounge


I miss the 90's (only click here if you are a fan of grunge)

Cry me a river -- recorded by Susan Boyle in 1999

I don't think I have ever requested the friendship of lounge-vibes before...

I just found Rocky and Bullwinkle reruns!

I'm contemplating becoming a cigarette bootlegger

Sports fans: would you enjoy someone pestering you to switch teams?

my husband and I have been married for just over two years now

The Album that most Epitomized the Alternative/Grunge Movement in the early to mid 90s?

one more def lepperd

You do not want to click on this link

Overstimulated balls may be prone to explode.

Are you tired of all the Susan Boyle threads??

Ow, I think getting healthy is going to kill me

Fellow snake-eaters: check in, here!


Whatever happened to Beatnik clubs?

I am experiencing a lot of peer pressure to join a Bunco group. Should I?

These chickies are AWESOME! They defy the Laws of Nature!

I am so happy my husband bought organic fertilizer, BUT

Remember that ridiculous Jeopardy parody thread that loser Dr. Strange posted?

**** The Official Woo Hoo I'm Drunk, it's Friday Night Thread****

Should the Taliban allow a woman to wear a Pez dispenser costume and a veil?

Should the Taliban allow a woman to wear a Pez dispenser costume and a veil?

After a long, hard week, it's so good to watch Dogtown.

Who wants a Ding a Ling?

TCM 2:15 am edt "The Greatest Sinner"

It's playing with a joystick !

Lil Missy Appreciation Thread

Describe " FREAK" on the Smilies lookup table

I have disappeared

Is there better workout music than the B-52s?

I was cleaning up my myspace inbox... found this poem I'd written April 17, 2007

I have discovered

Breaking News: Midlo says she's "never posting in the Lounge again"

Jason Kubel is my boyfriend

Ugh. Pizza + milk shake + wine

I'm back from Puerto Rico!

Dylan's "It Ain't Me Babe" ...cop out or declaration of independence?

DUzy Awards for the week are up in GD


ok well, let me just spill it right here, my BF got out of rehab today

Why couldn't I do this when I was 5?

How long must a dog bark after 10:00PM before you can legally waterboard its owner?

He was born in the summer of his 27th year

"There's a red house over yonder..and that's where my baby stay."

BREAKING on CNN: Oceanic Flight 815 disappears over Pacific

Which Is Your Favorite Sport?

Kind of having a personal crisis here

I FINALLY saw Quantum of Solace


Some Of Dave's Best Friends Are

Clunking noise when I pedal bicycle...what could it be?

I haz a huge hole.

Observation: Pygmalion is a better story than My Fair Lady

OMG Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Trailer

When will Urgh! A Music War be released on DVD?

DU photographers.. I need your suggestions!

Today, leaving the Southern Women's Show, (which I might add

Passover’s Over, and Bagels Are Back, Big

Know what would be funny? If Susan Boyle were actually a total jerk

Polling for advice on piercings

Please forgive me, but I have to ask for your help.

Funniest thread lock I think I've ever seen here

I want to tell you what I thought the first time I saw Susan Boyle

Halloween on AMC.

Sometimes I walk around without my glasses on

Sometimes I walk around without my glasses on

Who here is a morning person?

So I made a music video about bullies...

woot! 161-1 and 1-161 are STILL intact!!

Does ANYBODY still exercise to a Walkman cassette player?

Yet again, I can't deal with the dog

I am bored , suggest an activity

Now I'm watching Hunt for Red October. Anyone disturbs me, I'm doing a Crazy Ivan on your ass

I am now a happy resident of one of the coolest and most lib'rul areas in the U.S.

Molly the cat, meet the printer...

Scientists Find that Low Self-Esteem & Materialism Goes Hand in Hand

Are you Susan Boyled out?

Fri. Nite, and no jokes to play with?

i love spring in colorado

Straight peoples: would you enjoy someone pestering you to switch teams?

I've been bitten by a stray cat!

Who wants a Yuengling????

can you tell if someone is an abuser by their speakable actions ?

You Know I wouldn't mind FOX NEWS

You don't want to pay taxes? Sell dope for a living.

You wanna bitch about something? Bitch about the FACT

If the President says we don't torture, that's good enough for me.

Whew, slow down! I can't hide all the stupid threads fast enough

Sunday Show Ratings: CBS beats NBC in 25-54 Demo

Yes/No Poll...Do you think a jury would convict the CIA officials of torture?

Combining today's stories into one big headline

TOPIC: KATHY IRELAND. I know some of you guys love her ....

NC-Sen: Burr Still In Trouble

For any of you on DU who argue that Obama should always be moving in a 100% progressive direction,

Obama absolves CIA officers from prosecution for interrogations

If Obama went after Bush & congress (D&R) who knew\ordered torture would healthcare reform suffer?

Want torture accountabilty-- join the ACLU...

Newfound Lichen Species Named for Obama - "Caloplaca obamae"

Naomi Klein: A Lexicon of Disappointment: the Nation:

I can understand not prosecuting maybe,, how about a good old fashioned

Can we admit that we don't know what's going to happen?

New Research 2000 poll: Obama & Democrats' numbers up a little this week

Oh no, a Freeper was tea-bagged by a guy wearing nothing but Speedos. (In a video game, that is).

Braking News: DOJ suggests change to USCode and FRCP -

CBS News' legal correspondent Andrew Cohen: "Somewhere, Dick Cheney is smiling."

Morning Humor: Scot Singer Susan Boyle, the anti-Obama?

The recurring issue of DoJ "independence"

Get A Clue From Obama

Had Obama announced an intention to prosecute yesterday would that have reversed your view?

Footnote to 2005 OLC memo reveals waterboarding used ‘with far greater frequency than initially..."

A legal question concerning Texas seceding from USA

Gov. Perry denies saying what he said about secession

Repugs trying to steal another one (NY-20). "The election will most likely be decided in the courts"

Despicable - That's Twice Now This a.m. That Bill Bennett Implied That Obama Is Soft On Drugs.....

President Barack Obama needs to hear from you about his decision on the torture memos.

Given the issue Obama is bound to disappoint us all at some point, but we should judge. . .

Sec.Clinton about to start a town hall in advance of the Summit of the Americas... live

Give Them Time To Coalesce Around Talking Points (on torture memos)

Not just Cambodia on trial

Jonathan Turley may be a Constitutional scholar and big on MSNBC

Daily Show's John Oliver discovers that teabaggers don't know anything about tyranny (VIDEO)

Yes/No Poll...If a torture case has about a 30% chance of ending in a successful jury conviction,

Obama: "I can't say it any clearer: I will be helping Chris Dodd because he deserves the help."

Obama's Best Friend Turns On Him

Schweitzer plays footsie with sovereignty crowd

coleman The Real Comic

The feud between Howard Dean and Rahm Emanuel appears to be over.

Proof that Michael Hayden and Michael Mukasey are depraved: condoning torture

Alicia Silverstone Explains How Republicans "Win" Elections

George W. did NOT destroy everything in eight years. His reign was the culmination of decades of

What Did The CIA Do With Hassan Ghul?

If the DoJ won't go after the CIA Agents, it needs to go after those who Authorized Torture

They are here, and starting to run amok...want some fun.. search the threads

Should Obama Prosecute Jack Bauer

I don't care if President Obama risks getting killed as long as torturers are prosecuted

Health Reform Without a Public Plan: The German Model

2009 Teabagging Championships - a photo essay

About Notre Dame University

Obama's high-speed rail vision

Republicans Re-Writing History - FDR and Lincoln Were Dead Wrong?

Jimmy Stewart Poem - "A dog named Beau"

If Hillary Had Been Elected, The Teabaggers Would Be Protesting Primarily Because They Are Sexist:

Rasmussen Reports: 18% of Texans are bat-shit crazy

This is good; Captain Phillips' family asked Gov. Douglas to send a letter to Obama

And yet, in spite of everything, Obama has had a VERY popular 3 months in office...

Obama credits Bush report on helping with the Pirate situation!!!

Impeach Jay Bybee - Why should a suspected war criminal serve as a federal judge?

Common Cause: Releasing torture memos was right thing to do

Should Truman have prosecuted officials in FDR's administration

What is this story about Nancy Pelosi and a "wind fall tax on retirement..."

I was in the "Slow Spellers'" Group in school but, God, if you're

Vershärfte Vernehmung

Steve Schmidt's moment of clarity...

Jonathan Turley - An Overrated, Overquoted One Trick Pro-Impeachment Pony?

Is Obama Pushing Hard To Uphold Our Constitution And Laws?

Franken/Coleman race question...

Sleep Expert "Surprised And Saddened" To Find Research Twisted In Torture Memo

Murphy Gains AGAIN in NY-20

Flashback - Obama and McCain Debate Cuba - March 2008

Is Obama Doing Too Much--Or Too Much for Their Propaganda?

Stocks Close Higher for Sixth Consecutive Week... coincidentally....

Stocks Close Higher for Sixth Consecutive Week... coincidentally....

What have you been told you are thinking? (that isn't true)

Why Does Gov. Want Mary Surratt Trial Info., Research, etc.?

Steve Schmidt - If McCain wasn't nominee, Republicans would have lost Arizona

Captain Phillips looks and sounds like Dan Aykroyd.

Obama scores 60 on Slate's Change-o-Meter, second highest day since assuming presidency.

U.S. and Cuba Exchange Warm Diplomatic Overtures-Does This Hurt Obama's Chances in Florida in 2012?

Who Are the Torture Memo Authors?

I don't think anyone is very upset that CIA operatives won't be prosecuted

Praise for President Obama

Don't be stupid. Prosecuting torturers could derail Healthcare reform

"..the people who mistreat the prisoners will be treated as war criminals. " - GWB

"Dealing With a Disgrace-President Obama strikes a wise balance in coming to terms with the torture"

The Nuremberg Defense Applies. Two reasons why it didn't then but does now.

I am fed up with the GOP for forcing Tom DeLay down our throats

The Banality Of Evil

PHOTOS Uh oh...that Summit of the Americas' opening ceremony

Proceeding Independently From Political Motive - The Nelson Mandela Approach

In other news today...JPMorgan's Profit Falls 10% But Beats Expectations

In other news today...JPMorgan's Profit Falls 10% But Beats Expectations

Maybe we should also prosecute Bill Clinton for starting extraordinary rendition in 1995...

WTF! I have to watch the Summit of the Americas on CNN-Live, because it isn't showing elsewhere!

Tea Party Fallout: Independents Turned Off, Some GOPers Worried

MediaMatters Keep The Pressure on Fox- Fight Their Lies About the President and the Democratic Party

Rick Sanchez comparing number of protestors at tea parties to immigration & anti-war rallies...

***POTUS Live Speaking at the Summit of the Americas!***

Why doesn't anyone challenge Repubs. when they say waterboarding WORKED?

The powers-that-be are trying to distract us from the looting by creating a left-versus-right drama! The powers-that-be are trying to distract us from the looting of our wallets by

Tea party cartoon.

ACLU Supports Torture Defense

It's inappropriate for ANY President to determine what does or does not get prosecuted.

So, should Khrushchev have executed Stalin's top torturer?

Putting the wingnuts' tea party FAIL in context

OMG Megan McCain runs the GOP. Steve Schmidt says Republicans should accept gay marriage

I just sent a message to my President

PHOTOS First Chavez, now this. Maybe he is a Communist/ Socialist/ Marxist/ Trotskyite after all?

Pictures of Protests of Our President's Visit for the Americas Summit!

We've Reached The First Apex Of Roller Coaster 44 Poll

California unemployment rises to record 11.2%, S.C. ties record of 11.4%

self deleted

Who wanted the "techniques" in the first place?

FauxNews aired 107 ads promoting teabagging, which amounted to at least $500K in free advertising.

Tips For Teabaggers

Gates still not ready to sign on to DADT repeal

Conyers Renews Call for Investigation of Bush Administration Actions

Obama Appears To Be Reversing The GOP's Odd Policy of Self-Isolation - Will It Work?

Fannie Mae CEO Allison Nominated to Run TARP Office

PHOTOS The President in Trinidad and Tobago (April 17)

PHOTO Crikey, the Vice President had a close encounter today.

PHOTO Crikey, the Vice President had a close encounter today.

Andrew Sullivan: The Bigger Picture (torture)

Anyone listening to Sheldon Whitehouse on Msnbc? Obama is shedding a light on what was done.

Rahmbo: DLC-PNAC/AIPAC shows his true colors.

Greenwald: The significance of Obama's decision to release the torture memos

The Freeps' heads just exploded.

HALPERIN'S TAKE: Why Obama is Exceptionally Good at His Job

3 words that can kill ANY 2012 Republican Presidential aspirations: "Palin considered abortion"

Judge Rejects Obama Admin's 'State Secret' Defense For NSA Spying Lawsuit

They are coming down from the Tea Bag high over at

One Thing That Everybody Can Agree On.

Obama is shitting on everything

House Members Report Funding Drop

Let's Start A "Whisper" Campaign About norm:

Fox News is keeping us INFROMED. This teabagger sign deserves its own thread.

Appeals court cancels plans for offshore drilling

Yes, we know. Substance should matter, not appearnce. Yet,

Ex-CIA Chiefs Slowed Torture Memos Release - Obama Overruled Concerns After Internal Discussions (AP

PHOTOS Yoo hoo, Freepers? More Pics of Presidents Obama and Chavez here

PHOTO Well, look who the President bumped in to. (Hint: Hugo).

You don't want to pay taxes? Stop making money.

I was wrong

History Lesson: JFK (In regards to Prosecution of CIA for torture)

Michigan gas fraud thread needs your help.

I hope to GOD that Newt Gingrich is nominated in 2012.

PHOTOS Obama and Lula: It's a love thing.

Sunday News Show Lineup (Emanuel on ABC, Axelrod on CBS)

NY-20 !!!??! Down by 178 votes, Tedisco sues to be declared winner

"Where's the change?"

I'm not sure I'm a fit here anymore.

We Are Now Indonesia

Nice to see Freepers responding calmly to the Chavez photos

What I think should happen with prosecutions...

Elective despotism.

So let me get this straight here.

Kerry: Agreement by Sudanese Leaders to Tripartite Talks on the Implementation of...Peace Agreement

I have had it with this "single payer" nonsense...

How Barack Obama resurrected The Dead

How Barack Obama resurrected The Dead

Hugo Chavez to Pres. Obama: "I want to be your friend.''

I seldom contribute to the Krugman adoration/bashing, but come on, Paul!

Do you think Lynndie England's Penalty was too harsh?

Janine Garofalo Hit The Nail On The Head

IMF warns recession will be 'unusually long-lasting'

Feds Plan to Prosecute Captive Pirate in N.Y.

CIA interrogation tactics: a terrifying ordeal

Taksin foe survives 100 round assassination plot

NY-20: Tedisco (R) has officially lost his marbles

Clinton pledges long-term support for Haiti's recovery

Boatpeople deaths pressure Australian asylum policy

Real Estate Plunge Spreads To Malls

Pirate Bay Verdict: Founders Sentenced To Jail, Fined

U.S. Consumer Sentiment Rises More Than Forecast on Signs Recession Easing

Facing Large Loss, Toshiba to Shed 3,900 Jobs

Dimming the Aura of Goldman Sachs

Bailed-Out AIG Pampers Execs While Denying, Delaying Claims of Contractors Injured in Iraq

Passover’s Over, and Bagels Are Back, Big

(Norm) Coleman: 'I think the law is on our side'

Washington takes first step toward climate change regulations

Gates still not ready to sign on to DADT repeal

Race car driver Castroneves acquitted in tax trial

Court blocks Bush-era Alaska offshore drilling

22 dead in earthquakes in Afghanistan

Tomlinson officer questioned on suspicion of manslaughter

Mumbai confession 'was coerced'

Disappointment with US not prosecuting CIA

Clinton welcomes Cuban 'overture'.


Role of Bush NSA Plan Under Review

BREAKING NEWS: Judge Vaughn Walker Keeps Al-Haramain Alive

White House to show off green Detroit vehicles

Greenhouse gases pose health hazard, EPA says

Marshall facility dedicated in honor of Sen. Byrd's wife

British intelligence prosecution fear over US torture memos

Obama adviser Rattner linked to NY pension probe

4 convicted in Pirate Bay file-sharing trial

4 convicted in Pirate Bay file-sharing trial

China slows again as IMF warns against optimism

NIH prohibits stem cells from embryos created for science

Judge orders former President George W. Bush to testify in SMU lawsuit

(Spanish) Judge wants to keep Gitmo case alive (investigation of the Bush Six)

Peoria (Illinois) gays react to unwelcome sign

Bailed cleric calls for Islamic order in Pakistan

TX Senate votes to take federal money

State unemployment rate highest since 1941

Donors pledge $5bn for Pakistan

Cops: 3 Dead In Calif. Hospital Shooting

Judge orders former President George W. Bush to testify in SMU lawsuit

PMO hires 2 former White House staff to boost Canada's profile in U.S.

EPA declares greenhouse gases a danger to public health

Malaysia eyes law change to help sharia banks

Toronto man charged with trying to export nuclear technology to Iran

H-1B visa use cuts U.S. programmer, software engineer wages by up to 6%

Traders, Not Investors, Fueling This Stock Rally: NYSE Chief

Hate Crime Bill Might Make Md. A Pioneer

Obama, Chavez shake hands at summit

Defense: Colo. slaying because of deception

Raúl Castro: Cuba ready 'to discuss everything' with U.S.

G20 death was not heart attack

No plans for Obama meeting with Chavez-White House

Bush Memos Parallel Claim 9/11 Mastermind's Children Were Tortured with Insects

Texas House votes to slash Gov. Rick Perry's budget

US, Cuba advance dizzying thaw in relations

Chinese woman in $57m fraud trial

Obama says Cuba should make next move on relations

Palin Says She Considered Abortion

In Iowa, bride and groom could be Party A and Party B

Holder releases torture memos I

Holder releases torture memos II

CNN: Secret Torture Memos released

Elizabeth Warren Brilliantly Explains History & Importance of Regulation

PBS: Frontline Sneak Preview - 'Poisoned Waters'

Countdown: John Dean on Hopes for Future Bush Prosecution

PBS: Now Preview - "On Thin Ice" (Global Warming Melting Glaciers)

Liddy: Burning At The Stake! Boiling In Oil! Drawing & Quartering! That's Torture!

Breaking: Prison Economy Spirals

President Obama and Vice President Biden Announce "A Vision for High Speed Rail" (11mins 43secs)

No More You in Youtube

CNN: 'Some of the Most Shocking Legal Documents I've Ever Seen'

Jello Biafra/Dead Kennedys Interview

Fault Lines - Obama's 'War on Terror'

Why weren't the tea-baggers not beaten and tear gassed like rabid dogs?

Fault Lines - Obama's 'War on Terror' - Part 2

AP: Men Charged with Obama Plot Back in Court

"Little Guantanamo" - Secretive "CMU" Prisons - Pt. 1

Joe Dead Intern Scar defends torture, naturally

Rachel Maddow Interviews Ben Affleck About Politics/Movies

Developing: Treasury Department Issues Emergency Recall of ALL US Dollars

Whitehouse on Bush Torture memos

Countdown: Guest Former USAF Interrogator - 'I've Never Seen Any Type of Coercive Methods Work'

FOX News FRAUD : Teabag Mania REMIX : The Full Report : REVISED

Obama Wrong On Torture...So Far (2/3)

Texas Lawmaker 'Texans Are More Heartfelt For U.S. Than Rest of Americans' - Hardball

SHOCKING! Demonstrator killed with same weapon that critically injured Tristan Anderson

CNN: Spanish Judge Keeps Bush Torture Prosecutions Alive

Wingnutty Asshat John Ziegler arrested for trespassing at USC Journalism School

Hilda Solis on the progressive caucus

Rachel Maddow: Is Now the Time for Texas to Secede?

Obama Wrong On Torture...So Far (3/3)


KO Special Comment = Obama and Torture

Nanotechnology takes off

TYT: Should Kids Get Arrested For Watching Porn in School?

Speaker Quinn joins Governor David Paterson to Introduce NYS Same-Sex Marriage Bill

Rachel Maddow: Federal Judge Bybee's Torture Memos

TYT: Bush Administration Might Have Spied on US Congressman

Rachel Maddow: Turley - "It's Not Retribution to Enforce Criminal Laws"

Cramer Freaks Out On CNBC, Attacks Guest

Colbert Report: A Giant Gay Storm (Brilliant Mocking of Anti-Gay Marriage Ad)

Countdown: Waterboarding Constitutes The Legal Definition Of Torture!

TYT: Rep. Kirk - 'People Are Ready To Shoot' Someone Over Tax Increase

Obama Wrong On Torture...So Far (1/3)

Faux springs to the defense of torturing people. Naturally.

Susan Boyle sings "My Heart Will Go On" from Titanic movie on Larry King Live

Christopher Hitchens tries to talk sense about torture to Morning Slow.

Coleman’s election complaints don’t hold up to scrutiny (Helmberger / Timberjay

It’s Over, Norm. O.K.? (NYT)

Coleman Is the Real Comic in Contest With Franken: Ann Woolner

Victor Davis Hanson: Our New Sort of War

Green Shoots and Glimmers

New York’s Lincoln Memorial

David Horsey cartoon: T. E. A.

David Horsey cartoon: Hannity and Limbaugh on the tax protests

Let’s Play! Name this GOP Entitlement Syndrome!

A practical demonstration of the United States of Amnesia - how is this possible :

THE ROVING EYE: The mother of all cockfights

Homeland Security: Pat Robertson Edition

Dimming the Aura of Goldman Sachs

What Facebook Users Share: Lower Grades

Those are code words, Governor (Re: Perry on seccession)

Robert Nelson: In protest of a very partisan protest (must read on the tea parties in a R paper)

Florida food stamp jobs in India aggravate recipients, officials

New Liberal Jewish Lobby Quickly Makes Its Mark.

Right-Wingers Push to Replace Water Boarding With Tea Bagging

99 Potential Job Openings in Iowa

The Torture Memos, Obama and the Banality of Evil

Right here, right now

Too Big To Flail

UT Students protest gun bill with walkout.

Labor groups seeking tighter limits on H-1B visas

The Need to Tax the Wealthy (Dean Baker making sense again)

On Behalf of the "Tea Bag Brigades:" A Proposal

How Bush's Tortured Legal Logic Won

Weekend Economists' Patriots' Day Edition April 17-19, 2009

Friday Talking Points (74) -- Pirates And Torture

Sea Levels Are Rising: It's Time to Decide

First Solar To Expand El Dorado (PV Power) Plant to 58-MW (CO)

ODAC Newsletter - 17 Apr

Climate Change Impacts on Regional Air Quality Report Just Released by EPA

NC State Study Finds ("exponentially") Better Way to Protect Streams from Construction Runoff

EPA Finds Greenhouse Gases Pose Threat to Public Health, Welfare

Local Group Fighting Uranium Mining in Colorado

BYU Professor Assures Provo Audience That Yes, There Is Global Warming

Former Libby, MT Businessman, Now Sick, Testifies Against Grace In Asbestos Trial

Con Ed's Latest Infrastructure Problem - Power Grid Plagued By Monk Parakeets, Nests - NYT

Despite Antarctic Treaty, Threat To Penguins, Norwegian Firm Seeks "Eco-Certification" For Krill

UK Oil Industry Seeking Gov. Protection - 105/176 Licensed Firms Have No Production, Developments

Time Magazine: Water Fight—"Asia is already the world's driest inhabited continent per capita"

The Ultimate Greenwashers

As (Yellowstone) bears die, hunters and climate change blamed

One In Nine New TB Cases 2002-07 Resistant To At Least One Antibiotic - "Epidemic" In Former USSR

EPIA Says Solar Growth Will Continue Despite Economic Issues (EU, 10-20% drop in PV module prices)

VENEZUELA Opposes Americas Summit Declaration

Evo: "I want to declare myself as a marxist and communist, let's see if OAS expels me"

CC Times - Bill Would Overturn HHA Powers To Regulate Drought-Resistant Lawns, Xeriscaping

If Chavez Initiates Talks, Obama Would Likely Agree, Gibbs Says

Dangl: "Latin America Changes: Obama Heads for a Summit in the Sun"

YOUTUBE Video of Raul's Speech at ALBA Meeting Yesterday

Blogger Analysis of Obama Interview with CNN re: Cuba

HAITI: Poll Projects Low Election Voter Turnout Plus Protests Banned

Websites for More Info about the Summit of the Americas

ALBA Supports Cuba AND Raul's Blistering Speech

PIC OF THE DAY: Obama and Chavez Exchange Greetings

Raúl Castro: Cuba ready 'to discuss everything' with U.S.

Live Streaming of Summit of Americas Opening Ceremon 6PM EDT

The Biofuel Bubble—…the winners likely will be Shell, BP, DuPont, and other majors

PROGRESO WEEKLY: Saul Landau Interviews Cuban Fiver Gerardo Hernandez

Only 2C Stands Between Planet's Forests As Carbon Sink And Carbon Source - AFP

Good morning cboy4! Hope you slept well after watching your "hometown" team

Breaking - Helio Castroneves acquitted.

Gary Sheffield's first hit as a Met is his 500th homerun.

Steelers - Winners of the 2002, 2005, 2006 and 2009 Super Bowls.

Gamboa on Showbox (4-17)


Is there any other sports team I should be sneering at?

Should the SF Gnats forfeit the remainder of teh season? I say yes.

The Top 10 is out!!

I have a splitting headache tonight, but unlike some people,

Today in labor history Apr 17 USSC maximum hours law for New York bakery workers was unconstitutiona

AFL-CIO Maritime Trades Salutes Maersk Alabama Crew (ALL 20 are union members)

I am just tickled RED...thought i would share this

Nebraska unemployment rate (-3,000 jobs) jumps in March (highest level in 22 years)

Figures show crisis is global & worsening

Tampa Tea Party Applauds John Russell's Progessive Populist Message Of Truth!

Gay rights groups in NY suburbs honor Harvey Milk

Defense: Colo. slaying because of deception

Bloomberg gave the NYS GOP 500,000 $ to hang on to its slim majority.

This is a day of silence.

"No one will miss you"

Amazing Race 14 ignorinng contestants’ gayness (more than 4 gays on this season)

Steve Schmidt, GOP strategist, comes out for Gay Marriage

Peoria gays react to unwelcome sign

Gates still not ready to sign on to DADT repeal

I wonder if straight people know the kind of bullying that gay people face in school

Injured war zone contractors fight to get care

Why Medicare Has Not Been Able Rein In the Cost of Cancer Drugs

Health advocates tout new model of female condom

Israeli conductor wows Cairo concertgoers

Barak asks US to continue funding Arrow

Settler council: Peace talks with Palestinians perpetuate terror

West Bank man killed at protest

'Israel could have made peace with Hamas under Yassin'

Hamas: We will never recognize the enemy

Text for U.N. racism meeting approved

Mitchell Cites '02 Arab Plan For Peace

War-shocked Gaza children 'want to die'

Israel stands ready to bomb Iran's nuclear sites

Netanyahu calls for recognition

Palestinian man killed by tear-gas canister in Bil'in

Rattling the Cage: Say 'no' to Hamas

Woman shot in the head makes tea

Palm City Woman Shot In Home Shoots Suspect

American Hunters & Shooters Association

Simon Johnson: Fighting America's 'Financial Oligarchy'

Problems with Pensions

Steve Rattner Fallout Potentially Huge

Hank Williams Jr. Can’t Reload in Ammunition Shortage

Stiglitz Says White House Ties to Wall Street Doom Bank Rescue

A Bulletin From the Captain of the Titanic

H.R. 17: "Police cannot protect, and are not legally liable for failing to protect, individual"

Michigan unemployment rises to 12.6% in March

DU photographers.. I need your suggestions!

random windows

reflections and shadows

Blind Dates Can Be Murder---More


A few shots of graffiti

Another bird ID needed

Engagement Photos -- my daughter and her fiance

Astrologers' Blogs

The Rebirth Celebration. Midpoint of the Sixth Day of the Galactic Underworld

She's BACK... Kagome is with me AGAIN... my adventure Long Story

New David Wilcock blog- "Not Doom & Gloom"!

a very uplifting dream

Something curious that keeps happening to me (insights welcome).

Newly Discovered Iron-breathing Species Have Lived In Cold Isolation For Millions Of Years

Respect. A Boojatta-like poll.

The Spirituality of Work

If something is intuitively obvious, why do children need to be actively indoctrinated in it?

Some real yummies in the ATK email tonight.

Coffee powder.

What's for dinner? ~ Friday April 17th Edition

You owe it to yourself to watch this video

Note to the Governor of Texas: You Couldn't Secede If You Wanted To

In Texas, 31% Say State Has Right to Secede From U.S., But 75% Opt To Stay

Judge rules Bush can be deposed over library suit

Proof the Texas Bashers don't know WTF they're talking about

In case you haven't noticed, we are NOT putting up with Texas bashing anymore

Listeriosis report slams Public Health Agency

Does anyone know the NDP stance on "protectionism"?

So they say Superfetch is why Vista is a RAM hog...

Avast AV is the WORST!

One word of advice. NEVER EVER cut and paste files into an open explorer Window and then expect that

Assuming you had money, which scenario would you do?

Hi, my name is Donnie and you suck at PhotoShop...