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Alert chefjas1960 - from madokie (General Discussion)

It's 12:01 AM EST. I've already teabagged. Post here to claim the two spot

"Stop Feminist Pork", "How's your 401K?". Signs at Van Nuys (LA) Tea Bagger event

"Stop Feminist Pork", "How's your 401K?". Signs at Van Nuys (LA) Tea Bagger event

Eager Iraqi readers struggle for access to books

A million tea bags vs. a million people:

Mexican Druglord Thanks American Presidents for Making Him a Billionaire!

Is it just me or does Gov. Perry sound just like Bush when he talks?

Why That Big Meal You Just Ate Made You Hungry

So has the daily show reported on todays events

*LOL* has updated its definition of "teabagger"

Yours for $4.64: bobble-head angry black kid

False Security: 'Scareware' Spreads

Hey, Hannity: "Common Man" John Rich lives in mult-million dollar mansion!

Heads up. Robert Greenwald is on with Tavis Smiley tonight. n/t

Thank you teabaggers for showing up today and confirming our suspicions

April 15, 2009 - First Annual McFailin Mob Reunion.

Decipher This Moran Moment

Billionaires for Bush at a teabag party today!

Rob Riggle (former Daily Show correspondent) promoted to Lt. Colonel USMC Reserves

A great American activist patriot passed on Saturday. You know her work. We all owe her.

ENRON "The Smartest Guys in the Room" is airing on HDNET

Teabaggers will look like idiots when Obama's policies save the economy

"Tax Slavery Sucks" Photo

We need our own rallies in response

Today, Tea Parties; Tomorrow, Glue Sniffing Parties

Another 'monkey' reference in hate email going around.

Another 'monkey' reference in hate email going around.

Fear and Greed Have Sales of Guns and Ammo Shooting Up

Woman to police: 'There's a dog taped to the fridge'

We had our rally - It was called Inauguration Day and it ruled.

We had our rally - It was called Inauguration Day and it ruled.

Willie Nelson and the Dixie Chicks should be granted political asylum

Critics Skeptical Of Obama's 'Openness' Vow


Maybe we need "Constitution Rallies":

WashTech: Microsoft offshoring writers and editors to Shanghai

Has anyone seen a non-white teabagger yet?

The Mudflats on Anchorage's teabag party - "Huge Anti-Bush Rally In Downtown Anchorage."

WV teabaggers end rally with prayer for state amendment to ban gay marriage

Two WTF photos from today's protests

Since Texas' governor has declared sovereignty, shouldn't their senators resign?

Unfortunate suicide rates among army recruiters

Why do they call ME for HIS bills?

The 12 Hour Tax Day Facebook Religion War, FOR REAL!

Holder praises JAGs for work with terror suspects

Wisconsin Nurse Laid Off Mid-Surgery; Could it be any worse?

Ala Moana owner General Growth files for bankruptcy

Comments section from a local paper. I'm considering forwarding

The double standard of teabagger coverage.

Pics from the HUGH Atlanta Rally!!!

Who cleaned up after the Teabaggers?

Fox teas up a tempest

Dupe- sorry

Sorry about these multiple dupes...

CNN's Christiana Amanpour Interviews Admiral Mike Mullen: We need the military, and more

Those people explaining why they are protesting their tax cuts remind me of

Will the Texas Democratic Party organize protests against the anti-American comments of Rick Perry?

Cavuto Caught lying about the crowd

It gets better: "Freeloading Illegals are Raping U.S. Taxpayers"

Response when invited to a tea party protest:

For Sale - Cheap - Tea Bags.......

Tea baggers are good for DU apparently.

Craig Ferguson having too much fun with "teabagging."

Joe Scum defend torture

Second largest U.S. mall owner files for bankruptcy protection

Village Voice: 2,000+ (NYC) Tea Party Denounces Obama Spending, Cheers USA, Fox News

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Who cleaned up after the Teabaggers?

AlterNet: Rapacious Corporate Players Are the Real Pirates of the High Seas

Teabagging protest photo from Kos - This one's really, really ugly...

The Consequences of 'Drill Baby Drill:' More Than 90 Oil Spills A Day In U.S.

"Down With Sodomy, Up With Teabagging" - WTF?

Any diversion that might work, over and over and over...

Iraq air raids hit mostly women and children

Dept. of Homeland Security issued report on left-wing extremism in January...

Teabagging is Forbidden!

It couldn't be clearer who the Teabagger in Chief is.

Sip on this, Tea Party People: Americans Hold Most Positive View of Income Taxes Since 1956

Transposing one's beliefs upon Obama

March housing construction plunges worse-than-expected amount to second lowest level on record

Mainstreaming the Militia

The creatures outside looked from pig to man

Stupid, and I mean really stupid, legislation introduced in Iowa in response to recent ruling

A suggestion, re: Rick Goodhair Perry, seceding talk.

Tea Party - Taxation and Suburban Protest

Ted Rall on *'s new digs

The worst of America on display today - truly the ugly Americans

Breaking: Housing construction plunged to the second lowest level on record in March

N.S.A.’s intercepts exceed limits set by Congress

Robert Parry: Right-Wingers Desperately Trying To Destroy Obama, Cowardly Corporate Media Helping

'Cheney Assault Arrest by Secret Service Agent' Suit Allowed to go On

the state of maine teabag party was a bust

So I guess the tea baggers don't support the troops anymore?

Hulk Hogan: I understand OJ's actions

Bloody Start to Indian Elections as Maoist Rebels Kill 17

The shooting in Blacksburg Va. was two years ago today

All that media promotion and yet the Easter Bunny at the local mall would draw bigger crowds

No Spanish torture probe of US officials

Final thought on the teabaggers - what we need is media reform NOW

"IT'S A FARCE" William Black: banks "lying to the public" in their earnings reports (Bloomberg)

Whadda ya think of this sign?

Limbaugh: "Imagine if a Republican president ordered shooting of black teenagers on the high seas"

Time to get active with the truth again.. 1.The extremist threats from left and right were

Now that your grand ol' PEE party is over, maybe you repubs will finally GET OVER IT.

GOP-Are they killing themselves?

Well, now it's back to douche bagging

Europe 'Participated' in Secret CIA Flights

Throngs of ignorant slaves rise up to protect their master's right to enslave them

How many people attended the tea parties?

No Spain torture probe of US officials

OK, the teabagger tea parties (Anti-Obama rallies) are over, what's left for the GOP?

Whoever said "The Teabag joke is silly - people won't get it" - OMG you were SO WRONG...

How to fix a broken state (Republican-battered Florida)

'The Politico' shows its true colors: Different shades of red

Astroturf Tea Parties -- Fake Grass Roots

Greenwald -Obama's huge test today: do we believe in secret law?

Thank You, President Obama, for High Speed Rail

Uh, Gov. Paterson is announcing his support for marriage equality right now.

Million Moran March?

Anyone have a blogspot blog?

Dedicated to a Cause: The Cold and Lonely Experience of one Teabagger...

Have you ever tried a Google Image search for "teabagging"?

Joe the Plumber is now a full-time activist.

So if yesterday was National Teabag day....

OMFG - Religious video (shocking)

Asian Spices Sicken 33 People

Well, well, Suzy Welch is telling us how to live our lives on MJ! How bout extramarital affairs,

Nurse gets called out of surgery to get pink slip

I admit it, sometimes I troll at freeper hell;

I wonder if the Teabaggers are grateful...

MediaMatters: Fox Snooze really put the word out for TeaBag Fest

The ultimate teabagger....

Wah Wah Wah "my government hasn't listened to me" in two months

Will Obama Be a No-Go to Racism Conference?

Levi Johnston lawyer raises possibility of custody fight

tea toons

Why Did Beck Choose To Tea-Bag The Alamo?

The Award Winning Fox News Channel

Pics from the HUGH Atlanta Rally!!!

Simon Cowell may sign Susan Boyle to record deal/ Demi Moore "moved to tears" over Boyle

"we're a group...who have seen the past 6 mos the historically highest tax upon us"

John Madden retires from broadcasting

'Twas a Real Teabagging, alrighty!

You can't have a real tea party without property damage!

More from the religious right

"I am under a lot of pressure to not diagnose PTSD" (Salon)

Want to DU a Fox Tea bag poll?????

Anyone have pictures of baggers holding signs with grammatical errors?

Anyone have pictures of baggers holding signs with grammatical errors?

An Open Letter to Glenn Beck (Huffington Post)

"Folks whom rich people despise as losers protesting against raising taxes slightly on rich people"

Anybody still have that post featuring pictures of Republicans using teleprompters?

GM may discontinue Pontiac and GMC

Berkeley Professor: Skilled Immigrants Create Jobs

What's so radical about progress?

With all the Tea bagging yesterday, this more important story slipped by:

Dear wing tea nutbags: You have reaped what you sowed. Don't get mad, ask for forgiveness.

Tea Party pictures from my spelling noted!

The MSM are picking up the Somalia toxic dumping story!

NSA tried to wiretap member of Congress

Our grandparents grandparents paid taxes and didn't like it, but paid theirs

So Which Member of Congress Was Wiretapped?

Taser used in Tancredo protest was just a "communications tool," says UNC campus security

Does DU have the hiccups?

Websites That Detail American Military vs. World's Military

We have a moran that will become a DU Fave ..... a must see

Another Ethanol Producer Goes Bust - CBO Report Says Ethanol Drive Food Prices Higher

Largest real estate failure in US history!

Chimpy was right, ya'll should have shut up and go shopping (2nd largest mall owner files Ch 11)

Spanish government wants torture charges against Bush Six dropped . . .

Did anyone catch the irony of the teabag event in Cleveland?

If you have children, you'll understand conservatives.



New online Craigslist scam.

Majority of Teabagging Parties held in Public Parks. Paid for and maintained with "tax dollars"

Need a Link to State funds received from federal gov chart

I Declare May 1st National Throw a Repuke Douchebag..

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The Slim Gray Lady

So is this it? Do we let the teabaggers have the last word?

Officials Say U.S. Wiretaps Exceeded Law

Re- Net Neutrality: Congressman Wants to Ban Download Caps

What a "wingnut" friend recently told me

What Cognitive Dissonance Is And Is Not

Teabagging moran in Austin, Texas

Happy Emancipation Day!

So where was Fred Phelps yesterday?

Has Homeland Security paid a visit to Rick Perry yet?

Canada’s Quiet Bargain: The Benefits of Public Spending

pssst. New York governor to push same-sex marriage bill

Mt. Redoubt steaming today

Thank you Teabaggers. Seriously and sincerely, thank you.

HEY remember "Poutrage"

Houston area Teabaggers! :-)

A Reporter Telling The Truth Is Not Bias

Banker linked to 1980s S&L scandal dies after jumping off Tampa International Airport garage


Econ Myth #467: "The Consumer Spending Bubble hasn't burst yet!"

Man Rams Airport Gate, Fence (Fort Smith, AR)

More tea toons

Church sign read "Change is inevitable except from a vending machine".

Whats more important to you?

Whats more important to you?

Catastrophic sea levels 'distinct possibility' this century: study

Gawd...git 'em while they're young!

Russians quarantined after Chinese woman dies on train

Some good ones from Louisiana....

lest we forget, the prez of Mex. is a neo con

Jesus' General: The ultimate in teabagic warfare

why aren't there federal troops in texas right now?

Guardian UK: Consumption dwarfs population as main environmental threat

FL police raid Marijuana grow house- Value plants at $12,500 each!

I love fucking with wingnuts

Should Texas Secede From The Union?

looking for a piece about what to thank the commie liberals for... like sidewalks, weekends,..etc

Flashback: 2 FBI Whistleblowers Confirm Illegal Wiretapping of Government Officials & Misuse of FISA

forget teabaggers--"Capitalism is Organized Crime" Conference on April 19

IN SEARCH OF...teabagging smilies/emoticons

FReepers showing their true colors

Obama Pushes for High Speed Rail

Recommend problem fixed

We Keep Hearing We Haven't Hit The Bottom Yet With This Economic Crisis........

Does Rick Perry no longer say the Pledge of Allegiance or wear a flag pin?

Elizabeth Warren interview on Stress Tests for banks

Did we learn anything from the teabaggery?

Greenwald - Obama's huge test today: do we believe in secret law?

Car Payment Or Else: Engine Shut Off Systems

Anyone got the torture memos yet?

U.S. Army sergeant convicted of murder in the 2007 killings of 4 bound, blindfolded Iraqis gets life

Oh My - Republicans showed that they know how to

This has to be the dumbest sign at a teabaggers party.

One of my students. Bless his heart

Mow the Lawn! (Razor commercial)

Anyone else been on local message boards to give some liberal feedback on

Spanish AG: No torture probe of 'Bush 6'

Thom Hartmann is posting videos of his program on DU!

Donald Trump is a clueless rich prick: NY taxes on the rich are too high; workers retire too early

It's boiler-plate histrionics; also a frame onto other matters 'sovereign'...

let texas go --

let texas go --

What the hell did you expect?

Irony alert - Head of Bill O'Reilly's stalker squad refuses to answer questions for anyone

New Info on updated "Red Dawn" movie

Why are Fos and GOP hellbent on defending KKK, Skin Heads and

Thom Hartmanm Program - Friday's With Bernie Sanders

I've had a way too freep-tastic day

The next teabagging party is 4th of July

Right wing nutjob vs right wing nutjob. Randall Terry fighting Bill Donohue of the Catholic League

Tea Parties: GOP Once Again Manipulating the Average Joe

Results of my taxes yesterday

Texas Secession: why wait?

No wonder that Brit can (allegedly) sing. She sold her soul to the Devil

A couple questions for "State's rights" right wingers

The Susan Boyle YouTube Stats - a truly off the charts viral phenomenon!

It's Odd That A Governor Of A Former Confederate State Would Bring Up Secession

Delay is supporting Perry on Tweety

Delay is supporting Perry on Tweety

It Would Be So Cool If Obama Called Texas' Bluff

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC, 20500

The tea baggers don't support the troops... they are anti american!!

Susan Boyle coming up on CBS

The pro forma question whenever his smarmy, oily smile shows up on teevee is ........

Fox slimes Captain Phillips.

Obama's statment on releasing the torture memos

Are any of you guys reading the torture memos?

Excellent Bumpersticker!

Boy, they weren't kidding about the threat of right-wing terrorism

Hardball Award next (guess who wins?)

Phony e-mail going around about "socialism"

I don't ever want to see a DUer called a fringe conspiracy nut

Lending By Bailout Recipients Falls Again

Beware the Scholiasts!

Breaking on GEM$NBC - CIA Operatives who tortured

Best Teabagger Photos?

Do you like the television program called 'American Idol'?

is it too early for the susan boyle vs paul potts poll?

Michelle Bachman Overdrive!

Man Jailed For Peeing On Woman On Plane

Insect torture? Are you KIDDING me? INSECT TORTURE?!?

FYI - Ed Schultz just said he listens to his audience and they don't want to hear RW blabber mouths

If we organized a million people and set it up so that at precisely 0742Z they all dialed ........

From Senator Leahy on the release of the torture authorization memos

I just had to say it - Does anyone else wonder why the "tea bags" get the publicity & others can't?

"We're American Seamen. We're Union Members. That's How We Did It"

Why is "state rights" associated with the right-wing in America?

The Torture Memos - this sentence in the first paragraph says it all

BBC article covers the root causes of Somali piracy.

IMF finally dares to utter the D-word (depression)

ACLU posts the new torture related documents that were released

Ed Schultz has two liberals and one conservative on the panel today.

***BREAKING**** Obama to release torture memos

How does a governor "introduce" legislation?

The talk of secession is stupid. BUT ...... it foments hate among the crazies out there

"The Honorable Al Franken" (Chris Matthews Hardball Award just now)

If some red states secede, what would their newly formed country call it self? (hypothetical)

Kill me now. Tom Delay is on Hardball.

Obama: No prosecutions for waterboarding. Time to "move on"

Why don't conservatives actually conserve anything?

The GOP is going for double or nothing.

If Texas Secedes, Then The Dallas Cowboys Are No Longer America's Team


Has there been any word from Pawlenty on certifying the election in MN yet?

Burris raises $845 - for the 1st. Quarter

Breaking: Two dead one in critical condition. Shooting at Long Beach CA hospital

Pentagon Closes Office Accused of Issuing Propaganda Under Bush

Who jumped the shark this week?

Just a few words to Tom Delay from a fellow Texan

Which Definition of the Word Liberal Do You Most Relate To?

What the fuck is with Texas Governor Perry?

When did ignoring torture become a part of the Democratic Party's platform?

DU this poll: If you were grading Barack Obama on his performance as president, what would he get?

O.K. Texas is wealthy because they work hard says Delay

O.K. Texas is wealthy because they work hard says Delay


Enough of The Texas Bashing!

Tweety has wood over Sarah Palin.

We all thought the morons, tea baggers, and....

Special Comment coming up on KO

Mega Malls in trouble: No surprise to me.

I shaved my balls for this?

anyone bored?Letters to the editor on teabagging in my local paper.

President Obama's performance so far

Tom Tomorrow on the "teabaggers"

George Bush's FBI and DOD documented "thousands" of US military members joining far-right extremist

surge update - Bomb at Iraqi Base Leaves at Least 16 Dead, Scores Hurt

keith will have a special comment tonight!

It's All About the Magic

Jane Hamsher nails it:Teabaggers Get a Load of What a True Populist Phenomenon Looks Like

Daily Kos blogger speaks at Pensacola tea-party

jeepers, tweety has delay on talking about perry....what a shitfest...couldn't turn fast enough

Here's one of those teabagging infiltrators they warned us about

Bush Administration authorized use of insects in interrogations

So the same people backed these tea parties lobbied for the company that got bailouts..

You have to feel sorry for some people having to do certain jobs.

1. Breaking Corporate Power vs 2. Breaking the GOP

Teabagging Portland: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (pics and comments)

" There is no inconvenient time to investigate torture"

I've never liked John Madden much

Interview: Janeane Garofalo on 24, Henry Rollins, and Her Inevitable Run for Senator of Minnesota

Check out Glenn Greenwald's: "Obama did the Right Thing Releasing Memo's...It's Up to Citizens..

Not enough to wake the teabaggers up: (graphic)

I want this thread to be a RESPECTFUL disucussion of the decision to not prosecute torture

The whole torture thing shows how fucked the government really is.

OMG, Chrysler is run by socialists!

GOP op ed at CNN:Work till you die, die when you're supposed to,give the rich more tax breaks,

Tennessee schools block LGBT info sites, not ‘ex-gay’ sites

Voter fraud in TX--complaint formally made. Will DOJ act?

Turley on Maddow Show "...enforcing Federal Law is not retribution..."

Physician Etiquette Question: Important Meeting with your Oncologist

So I stopped on Fox News Today just to see what was up...

ACLU Needs our help

Beware of Darkness - George Harrison

Torture Memo: As Long As You Don't Keep The Guy Awake For More Than 11 Days, It's Fine

Torture memo: You can put an insect in the confinement box, just don't tell him.

Torture Memo: Detainees Can Be Naked In Front Of Women, Causing "Pyschological Discomfort"


Bachmann Makes Up Thing About ‘Flying Imams’ Attending Muslim Congressman’s Party

What the Tea Baggers are doing now

HW Bush to host 'Economic Leadership Forum' with...Santelli

Torture Memo: You can keep him in the large confinement box for no more than 18 hours at a time.

Anderson Cooper: "It's Hard to Talk When You're Teabagging"

Let's parse the exact words Obama used

Oh My! Thailand Now it will be Yellow Shirts versus Red Shirts

Joey the Scar and the ever doting Mika Mouse are on with Charlie Rose tonight

Obama Promises to Defend Interrogators, But No Promise on the Bush Lawyers Who Signed Off

Look, all I'm saying is that it's just like taking impeachment off the table

Peter Coyote apologizes for using the term "wing-nuts"

I just sent an email to Chris Matthews after having to sit through him talk to Delay about nutty

CNN vs. Ashton Kutcher - Ashton Is Winning

Lawmakers reject Ross as AG in historic vote

Don't miss Keith's special comment on the rerun at 10 after Rachel. He is taking on

I'm convinced republicans are actually incapable of comedy

Low-Path Bird Flu Confirmed in Kentucky

I'm livid at the Spanish Attorney General.

Waterboarding you can believe in.

What Obama and America needs: widespread protests demanding prosecutions for torture

Rick Santorium coming up on Fox News.

$40M fuel theft from Army prompts global manhunt!

Holy SHIT! Video Of A Fir Tree Growing In A Man's Lung!

Yes let's all just come together and move forward, forget the past, don't dwell, how depressing

Pro-war and anti-tax are mutually exclusive positions

Libertarians Need To Divorce Themselves from The Conservative Movement

Are you ready for the latest outrage from the right..

"the forces that would divide us" Excuse me who are these forces?

Tea bagging orgy on the river

The torturers had the option to say no, they are fucking guilty of war crimes

What Was Tom Delay Eluding To On Hardball?........

House Members Report Funding Drop (WSJ article)

Here we go again.

Fox/Tea Bags - Is promoting/hosting/emceeing different from news coverage?

You know you're listening to Bill O'Reilly if

Good God Y'all

Good God Y'all


Emanuel Says Obama Insists On Implementing Two State Solution, No Ifs, Ands, or Buts

Question. Maybe a stupid one, but a question. Having been let off the hook from torture charges

Question. Maybe a stupid one, but a question. Having been let off the hook from torture charges

Question. Maybe a stupid one, but a question. Having been let off the hook from torture charges

Torture has always been recognized as a means to: extract FALSE confessions

As predicted: Commercial paper coming due: 2nd wave of foreclosures starts:

As predicted: Commercial paper coming due: 2nd wave of foreclosures starts:

Involving Children In Your Politics Is Vile - Only If You Are Conservative

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Tom DeLay is claiming that Texas is a donor state, and only gets

Let's Hope the Rightwing Repubs Can Hang In There Until the Next Elections in 2010....

Letterman top 10 list about NSA spying on us!

Does anybody realize that the fact we are even seeing these memos is a HUGE step?

ACLU Petition: Demand Accountability for TORTURE

This is a victory for Bush’s lawyers who justified torture.

Does anyone remember when the kids asked Shrub not to torture?

A whistle-blower who needs Obama and Holder's protection (Joe Conason)

"I vas choost vollowing orters"

Did you receive a tax refund or mail a check yesterday?

I got your teabags right here...hangin' (As they say in Brooklyn.)

So what "Grass Roots Movement" will FoxNews be dreaming up next?

How to deal with "red states" secession: It would be very messy.

Keith's Comment To Obama On His Torture Decision - Is There Anyway We.....

Maersk Alabama Crew Explains How They Got Through Pirate Attack: “We’re Union Members”

Torture is just "working on the edge" -- Michael Hayden

So we'll trust future administrations to be less of a police state. How's that been going, Pres. O?

Best quote ever:

How to use your word-based English: a guide for teabaggers.

George Will On Jeans: Entire Column Devoted To Critiquing Your Pants

Why are these people not upset with corporations?

Has anyone noticed how butt-ugly most of the teabaggers are?

Yesterday showed how bad our education system is

This past weekend, I had the ultimate pleasure of hosting Ms. Kathryn Abbe for two days.

I understand that the founding fathers were noble wordsmiths, but can you help me...

Seen any photos of non-caucasian teabaggers?

Chomsky on Global Economic Crisis, Healthcare, US Foreign Policy and Resistance to American Empire

For Coleman, the End is Near; For Senate Democrats, It's Not Near Enough

Person in the foyer at the doctor's office said technology is making jobs obsolete...

What the fuck is with Texas Governor Perry?

Why Mr. Obama needs to drop the hammer on Texas Governor Perry

Millions Attend Tea-bagging Events Across the Country

Democracy Now / /Thomad Tamm

Cavuto Lie "They were expecting 5,000 here, it's got to be easily double, if not triple that"

Pentagon Closes Office Accused of Issuing Propaganda Under Bush

Poll: Minnesotans want Coleman to concede

Obama Protecting Bush from Spain?

"American Taxpayers are the Jews for Obama's Ovens"

Umm, the Spanish AG does not have the last word on Bush 6 indictments.

I Guess We Learned Today That There Really Is A Red States of America And ....

My right-wing Facebook "friends" are getting more insane by the day.

Prosecutor(In Spain): Drop Case Against (Six) Bush Officials; Should Be Done First in the US

10 Republican Lies for Tax Day

Dagbernet! Its going to be 80 degrees here tomorrow, why hasn't Obama cured global

The Tea-Baggers Next Move

The Rude Pundit - The Tea Parties: So That Happened

E-mail from the General (my cuz) .. and my response, Re: "Our Queen" (Pelosi)

So, the local Glen Beck wannabe is running free ads against me


There are a whole sh@tload of movies that Americans can no longer watch without drowning in irony

As an aside, Lula in Brazil gave an income tax break MUCH similar to Obama's a few months ago

How in the fuck can we not prosecute these people?

Pop quiz: In the 2000 election, which of the following counties was the BLUEST?

Holy shit. From Greenwald:

Breaking: another 610,000 initial jobless claims. Over 6,000,000 continuing claims.

Go for it! Secession and the 10th.

Feingold (and ACLU): I Told Congress So (Emptywheel)

faux news should be shut down, free speech my ass......

WAPO: Worried CIA Officers Buy Legal Insurance. The year was 2006.


Paul Minor Might Not Be Allowed To Attend His Wife's Funeral

Bush's Hypocrisy on War Crimes = "If there is somebody captured ...,"

Bush's Hypocrisy on War Crimes = "If there is somebody captured ...,"

This photoshop pretty much says it all about yesterday's festivities:

So the Pirates, Tea Parties, and Susan Boyle crap all makes so much sense now.

Soldier in Iraq (friend) conversation on my Facebook today

Can we talk? Of Course Obama Supports Empire….

Can we talk? Of Course Obama Supports Empire….

Can Spain really prosecute George W. Bush aides over torture?

High Speed Rail

Is the Susan Boyle performance a hoax?

Elizabeth Warren (TARP Watchdog) On Stewart - EXCELLENT!

I have a six minute "sneak preview" of my documentary online

Her Name Was Marla Ruzicka

Medical personnel watching as pain is inflicted....a Rumsfeld legacy?

Torture and Accountability: *The War Crimes Act of 1996*

The Finnish War Crimes trials

False Outrage Joe? Why, Your Side Hasn’t Tried That Since… Yesterday.

If I were a mean person...

Leo the Border Collie reunited with family 9 months after being lost in the wilds of Souther Oregon

How to counter the "Our country was founded on Christianity" distortions...

What's driving the US over a cliff? (apart from this "journalist's" manure)

Dear Lovely Susan Boyle

Where's MY bailout - the fallacy in Obama's rationalization of the bank bailouts

No one has mentioned it YET, but what the h*ll is with that "number"

The Most Offensive Tea Party Signs (photo heavy)

Didyouallknowthat "alot" wasoneword?

GOOOOOOO Janeanne!!!!!! Right on!!!

My experience at the AZ tea party...

Former IMF ECONOMIST: Unless US breaks up financial oligarchy crisis could be worse than Great D

Former IMF ECONOMIST: Unless US breaks up financial oligarchy crisis could be worse than Great D

United Airlines could require obese passengers to buy a second ticket

Obama is shooting for the top regarding this torture issue.

The good faith talking point

1,500 Farmers in India Commit Suicide

To hell with the Democrats who had the power to impeach Bush and didn't do it...

John Zeigler arrested at Katie Couric Award

So much for hope. Robert Gates: We may NEVER change 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

Canada's Increasingly Unpopular Conservatives

There is a reason the Nuremberg trials were held in the first place.

Hate to be the bearer of bad news but the torture memos that were released was the minor stuff

Which mangling of the English language makes you cringe?

Which mangling of the English language makes you cringe?

D.U. Meet the Milita Moran Mascot!!!!

How the Medical Industrial Complex Fed Us Tea (and Bullshit)

Nearly got run off the road yesterday -- other driver didn't like my Obama sticker.

The Obama administration effectively states that torture was legal

The Obama administration effectively states that torture was legal

Armitage: "They Tortured" "Maybe I should Have Resigned"

ACLU petition - Demand Accountability for Torture

Some (obviously) forgotten context regarding the release of the additional torture memos

Read 'em and weep for humanity

Russ Feingold's Reaction

Maybe the Bottom Line is Whether or Not We All Seek the Same Depth of Changes In Our Society

Home Births 'As Safe As Hospital'

Is the death penalty a deterrent to crime?

Sergeant Joseph M. Darby....the whistleblower

Please send some good thoughts for Symbolman today

US sees surge in white supremacists

Michigan gas users, have any of you seen these guys?

What we need is Revolution. What we got is Revelation.

The Tea Bag Spelling Bee!

WTF is going on in Detroit? Can anyone in Detroit confirm this?

Susan Boyle sings - "Cry Me a River" Her first CD

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Help Ashton win by following him on twitter

Who else believes that Bushco was wiretapping

how do we be ourselves and be enough?

Don't you hate it when you're looking for a movie scene on YouTube

Don't you hate it when you're looking for a movie scene on YouTube

Good night soon. I don't feel well, and no sense of humor tonight.

Dennis Miller sucks hairy teabags!

CP just f-bombed me... PM-style

good night moon...

Susan Boyle or Paul Potts?

can I just say....

I am suddenly seized with an intense longing...


Is their a youtube video of Cavuto caught lying with his producer?

Fuckin' guy...

Off to New York City tomorrow morning!

Its the middle of April and I had ICE on my windshield this morning?

Hulk Hogan: I understand OJ's actions

Somewhere out there are some grandkids embarassed that Grandma is in the news getting teabagged....

Anybody live in or around Yuba City?

For my gig this weekend, I'm getting paid in nacho's

An idea to stimulate creative thought towards efficient cars...

Clever, catchy title...

Snakes on a plane

Redbear appreciation thread

Seriously, does someone have some farmland in the Mid-atlantic region and could take in Stalker Cat?

Anyone else here use one of those "Brain Age" programs?

John Madden retires


More original Steerpike Art

Is there anyway to actually call Skype and speak to Skype customer service?

That's nice

Fate can be cruel. A former co-worker who was a Bob Jones graduate

Kristy Hammonds.

YouTube: "That's STILL not grounds for calling me Señor...or "Don Beeg-les" for that matter..."

OMG! They're water-boarding racaulk!

Man bites off tip of his own...well, you'll see.

My combined land/cell phone bill is over $200. How much is yours?

Craigslist is hardly worth the trouble anymore....

Is the Greatest page screwed up for anyone else

These things

Any opensim developers out there?


I'm 99% over the day of teabag....

My new low-flow water-conserving toilet won't stop running.

Dupe delete

Help! Trapped in a horrible dilemma

Anybody going to Earth Day celebrations this Saturday?

These two kids look like they're having a hell of a lot of fun.

HOLY SHIT!! Why has NO ONE tipped to the danger posed by the population of Consumption Dwarfs?!?

Grammar experts, I need a little help, please.

It is official. Chuggo has infiltrated for Chuggo Week.

If you Rec a Lounge thread, does that monkey up the Greatest Page too?

I had fun teabagging today. Going to those tax protests was kind of fun, too

Oh Ellen, Ellen, Ellen, I trusted you.

I need a price check on Tea Bags in aisle GD please!

YOUR favorite term for FOX

Funniest Freecycle post I've seen in a long time...

There's a great Colbert clip over at Crooks and Liars is scary right now

Balance xfer?

Favorite long tunes...

everyone was dancin'

There is no such thing as a bad World Series winner from 1966.

Poll: Was Dr. Manhattan’s ****s Distracting?

After Easter sales!

I have a six minute "sneak preview" of my documentary online

Listening to Bowie sing "Sister Midnight"

Listening to Bowie sing "Sister Midnight"

Did you see what LeftyMom did?

Thank you all for your support!

Anyone know a good source for mushroom identification?

Domino's Pizza: Workers Who Videotaped Themselves Passing Gas on Food Face Arrest

How long can GDP survive without the Recommend button?

because I felt like it, that's why..........

Ok, who's the other DUer in Greenfield MA?

Now would be a good time to start your Thursday evening

No wonder that Brit can (allegedly) sing. She sold her soul to the Devil


Frijoles Borrachos! it's what's for dinner!

What would you rather see on live TV on Memorial Day:

What would you rather see on live TV on Memorial Day:

I have learned well the simple lesson of "Locked up Abroad"

NY Boy Dies Using Homemade Parachute

The DU lounge...10 years from now.

Silbermond, and something extra!

howdy ya'll---- had to "go away" for a while-- hope to be here a while

Ants are "bugging" the crap out of me

Is It A Good Idea To Microwave A Projector Lamp?

Ok, the word of the day on Noggin (kid's network) is...

I saw two DU doppelgangers today...

Good morning Lounge

Freddy Jones Band - In A Daydream

Anyone want to show my poll some love?

I Didn't Get Teabagged Today...

It's a fact, you're not as cool as Susan Boyle

SNAKES!!!! On a motherfuckin' plane!!!!!!

my goodness, the mini sliders at Figlios are wonderful

FYI, happy hour has been good to me

MODS: Skinner told me that I can do whatever the fuck I want to.

I think I've slept maybe 7 hours total this week.

Are you ready to go AWWWWWWW!?

We Need a Lounge RoboCop or Rescue Squad.

has GD:P gone nuts ?

has GD:P gone nuts ?

I'm covered with saw dust.


She Glories In A Thing Like That

GD.. 10 years from now. What will they be arguing about?

I am getting so nostalgic.

I am 62 posts away from 4000 ,ask me anything !

"Your queen awaits you...Start your journey now, my lord!"

With regards to Retro and BlueIris--another Poetry Thread for tonight.

Ever put a thread on hide, then decide you want to post in it & can't find it?

Kansas (the band, not the state)

Kansas (the band, not the state)

Ahh. So bored.

Baby Snakes On A Motherf**kin' Australian Plane. Does Samuel L. Jackson get a royalty payment?

Susan Boyle should do a duet with this guy

Organic Does make a Difference

Hi. Here's a funny:

There is no such thing as a bad World Series winner from 1971 or 1979.

I have a friend who looks a bit like Susan Boyle...

My neighbor ladies who I take to the grocery store every week bought me a new laptop.

Dave has one for the road see if I'm insane here

I didn't need coffee to wake me up this morning.....

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 4/16/2009)

Susan Boyle or Chuggo?

Nats win!Nats win!

Can anyone here record their own voice and create a file from the recording?

Worst music video ever?

Guy freaks out at "UFO"

My experience tonight at dinner with someone's damned kid

PSA - Fox News: They keep us infromed.

Which surprise MLB team start is real?

God Bless Amercia & FOX News for keeping us infromed!


Most embarrassing story of having to explain tea bagging to someone:

OK - Phineas and Ferb - is this shit genius or what?

The Office and Parks and Rec

Smoking Contact - This is too funny to not share

Holy SHIT! Video Of A Fir Tree Growing In A Man's Lung!

Seriously, is there a way to block a forum from the Latest page?

I'd rather listen to the following artists than Susan Boyle...

What's on your TV/stereo/mp3 player?

Is this video offensive?

I just shaved one leg completely, but I am too tired to shave the other one.

My uncle shot himself and died

How's this for a Lego project?

Happy Birthday Charlie!

Job update:

Another Susan Boyle recording

Let's go for a walk in your neighborhood, what are we seeing?

I don't care if the Cleveland Indians win another game the rest of the season

Are you following Ashton Kutcher on Twitter? He will be "Twittering" on Oprah 2moro

When did tea-bagging get limited to just placing testicles in someone's mouth?

McCabe and Mrs. Miller, and Leonard Cohen

OK - so how easy would it be to establish a series of train-sized vaccuum tubes?

"My Car Is My Lover" is on now on BBC America

Name an occupation and the one word people in it would say if they could say only one word.

I hate "Edited for Television"

Mass DU'ers! I'm gonna be in Boston around May 22. Can we plan a meet up?

It is time for another round of, Who doesn't have me on ignore?

I need an assistant.

I fixed my GPS unit!

I'm watching Casablanca. I don't want to be disturbed. If you post in the next 2 hours, you die.

People with an irrational fear of snakes would fail the human sifting of the Bene Gesserit.

I just had to share this. Jack Cafferty and Wendy O Williams

I just realized I have been here for almost 4 years.

What if those posters in the GD forums actually believe they will win their arguments?

Am I the only one who never heard of "teabagging" a week ago?

I feel kind of down today. Not sure why.

Some good f'n news for a change! Yay!

What's your favorite Elvis Costello song?

Do you use a cell phone?

Can we have an appreciation thread for Bunny??? YES! Yes, we can!

Happy Birthday to RainDog and Lady Freedom!

Fellow snake-haters: check in, here!

There is no such thing as a bad record from 1966.

Amateur Rock Critics: Three Questions.

BEHOLD: the very essence of "fierceness":

Taking care of your parents


Just when ya think teabaggers can't POSSIBLY be dumber...

Oooohhhh RIGHTWINGNUTS!!! You have become a DEFINITION in your own time!!!

I'm sick of the teabaggers

Dear President Obama; Please rescind your tax CUTS for all the

The Nation: Tories among the Teabaggers

Fuck ~70% of Texas

Delete (fixing codes)

"doesn't preclude telling financial vampires & high falutin' snakeoil salesmen to get the hell away"

What a real rightwing conservative says about teabagging:

What does this pic mean?

GOP needs to be held accountable by the media for Perry's borderline treasonous rhetoric

The freaking idiot repubs got off their ass and protested the almighty dollar yesterday

OK, I admit it...I am sad teabagging day is over...

Are the flea bags done yet?

Teabagger Gone Wild, Exposes His Deep Affection for Barney Frank

No representation without taxation

A Reminder

** LIVE ** Anyone interested in High Speed Rail? President about to speak

has anyone pointed out to Rick Perry the legacy he's making for himself?

Homeland Security Chief Defends Report On Right Wing Extremism Risk (AP)

The 15 minutes of Fame for the Teabaggers is now officially Over.....

Caption on KO was "Teabaggers Go Nuts" it should had been

Gov. of Texas Belongs In Jail For Perjury

We haven't seen the last of the Tea Baggers, not by a long shot...

Is anyone else attending the Ken Salazar-Barbara Boxer event in SF, right now?

Dem Homeland Security chair "dumbfounded" by DHS report he once called for

Obama Administration Reportedly Considering Withholding Vital Information In Torture Memos

Should we be worried that Ken Starr is pushing for OLC nom Dawn Johnsen's confirmation?

The White House robot picked up litter on tax day

Nate Silver has the numbers for the Tea Parties:

Astroturf protests: "turn the 'hand-painted' sign in at the end"

Obama to Release Secret Interrogation Memos (updated)

UN nuclear inspectors leave North Korea... This is troubling...

PHOTO Story time for the Secret Service

Problem with Greatest Page PLEASE READ

Live mic catches Fox host inflating crowd estimate by 300%

ROFL!!! WWN - Sarah Palien...

Senate panel to investigate wiretapping violations

The Presidency and the DOW

FauxNews Still Spinning: "Cable Anchors, Guests Use Tea Parties as Platform for Frat House Humor"

Recommend problem fixed

The DHS report was correct - a quick look is all thats needed to confirm it

Guessing which member of Congress was targeted by the NSA

BREAKING NEWS: ++++++++++The Obama administration FIXED the banking system!!! ++++++++++++

Gillibrand supports same-sex marriage proposal in New York

President Obama's Tax Cut for the Middle Class - The Official Math

Well NOW you know we're in trouble: The Tea Party Goers Took Their Message to Second Life!

Obama publishes 'torture' memos

I am now offically "Mad as Hell"

Do They Really Think They Can Win Nationally With That "Coalition"?

Obama Hints At Torture Investigation: ‘We Are Moving A Process Forward’

Rightwingnut sign; "The Founding Fathers were rightwing extremists". Yeah, I'm series.

PHOTOS Joe looked a bit downbeat today. (April 16)

So, What's Next After The Teabagging?

President supports Pittsburgh-Harrisburg-Philly rail line!

Tom Delay on Tweety Advocating Secession

Live on C-Span, MSNBC, etc... Obama in Mexico

Holder on release of torture memos

Bush Administration Approved The Use Of Insects During Al Qaeda Interrogation

Jindal to Cheney: Lay off Obama - Bobby's toast now in Freeperville

Democrats open fire on Perry over secession - comments "anti-American", should be condemned

Democrats open fire on Perry over secession - comments "anti-American", should be condemned

The ED SHOW: Ed and Robert Reich are on fire tonight - anyone watching??

Republicans -

Former CIA director decries memo release

How to turn a media outlet into a propaganda empire in 3 easy steps.

Obama on releasing/redacting memos: We have been through a dark and painful chapter in our history

President Obama: On the Release of the Torture Memos

Kerry: White House Commitment to High Speed Rail A Step Towards World Class Rail System

an official apology to DU

Imagine it were a year ago and instead of all white, the teabaggers were all black and Hispanic

KO's Special Comment on the torture non-prosecutions coming up NOW! n/t

I love the MSNBC Aerial shots of the Teabagger Rallies.....

Republican Party now just another show on Fox

IL-Sen: Burris Raises $845.00

Obama pledges help to slow US arms flow - but, no "Assault Weapons Ban".

The guy from Pensacola who punked the Teabaggers - Sinfonian

PHOTO Is a 'Scholiast' a cross between a Socialist and a Scholar? It is? Cool!

Flashback: U.N. special rapporteur on torture calls on U.S. to prosecute Bush and Rumsfeld.


My theory of the Teabaggers, GOP, BushCo criminality, etc.

Hannity will say an "image of Jesus" was blacked out at Georgetown.

PHOTOS HuffPo's Pick of the Teabaggers' Banners

Time to draft Howard Dean for 2012?

Poll: ‘Tea Parties’ not a significant new movement

someone needs to point out to the idiots that there is no "free speech zone" they are being allowed

Blaming the mirror.

Tea-partier compares self to MLK Jr.

Exactly how hard is it to indict and prosecute?

Remember in the campaign when Hillary proposed a 90 freeze on foreclosures?

Wingnut blog whines about linking "patriotic Americans" to "immoral, immature and perverted sex act"

Obama must go back in time and have the Bush Justice Dept rewrite the torture memos

Ex-McCain aide - Steve Schmidt - to call for gay marriage support

Torture today, torture tomorrow, torture forever. That's Obama's legacy.

Capitol Police Taking All That Tea Home To Enjoy

Obama cut taxes for middle class, why isnt the DNC getting THAT message out via wash, rinse, repeat?

If you are aware of a Felony Crime and do nothing, you become

Tweety has lost his DAMN mind tonight (acting as a Palin cheerleader)

"They didn't even arrest the Kaiser?"

Hell, all it takes is a memo ordering you to do something and you are immune from punishment!

why does Obama have to do everything?

Will someone write me a flimsy legal memo that says it's legal to go rob the bank down the street?

So on this entire "Prosecute the War Criminals" Thing

My daughter brought me home a great Obama T-shirt

Basically, Obama's resurrected the Nuremburg defense

Obama Publishes Op-Ed in Advance of Summit of the Americas

Pat Buchanan on Tweety's Show--- Same-sex Marriage

Given that Pres Obama flew to Mexico he is flying over Perry's house

I'm embarrassed for our country today.

Glenn Greenwald: Obama deserves "real credit" for releasing torture memos

O-BAM-AAH!™ Energy Stix YES YOU CAN!!!

Well.. one thing's for sure... Holder and Obama got the Teabaggers off the front page, eh?

When going after a corrupt organization, you don't fry the little fish

Did Obama even read the torture memos??? Here is the ACLU website link about the torture memos!

About the "ticking bomb" torture scenario

This could be huge. Raul Castro says he's willing to talk about everything

if you were told innocent lives where on the line...

OK, I don't agree with the President on torture prosecutions. But he isn't most to blame.

U.S. Squeezes Auto Creditors (aka the fraud takes on bankers)

PHOTOS The President in Mexico (April 16)

KY-Sen, OK-Sen: Lousy and Lousier

Tea Parties Fail to Draw Anywhere Near Predicted Attendance

Obama Administration summons Credit Card execs to the woodshed, I mean, the White House.

Anyone see the Sarah Palin speech at the anti-abortion event?

My favorite photo from the teabagging event

My favorite photo from the teabagging event

Wall Street Sharks Circle the Auto Workers

Make Me Do It

Keith O is fixin to tell President Obama off LOL

The people criticizing Obama and Holder are at least five chess moves behind them

This may be hard to swallow, but President Obama is a Politician.

I'm pretty embarrassed about how my generation has wielded power...

Time for all cable TV systems ot come under federal license

I wonder if we really appreciate how much it took to get the memos published..

The Top 10 Enemies of Single-Payer Health Care for All

The Bush Admin. torturers are never going to jail, but it's NOT Obama's fault...

Obama's double-flip, triple-spin, chess move of political strategy!

Portland Teabagging: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly -pics & comment (revised)

Did Obama DO the right thing on document release and no Prosecution of those guided by them?

**UPDATE RELATED to Single Payer Health REFORM

Texas Secession... what if?

It's possible that the torture memos prevent prosecution of CIA officials

Reaction to Release of Bush Era OLC Interrogation Memos


President Obama strikes a wise balance in coming to terms with the torture of terrorism suspects.

Yet another case for using the ignore button.

Awww.... 68 year-old teabagging woman falls into Susquehanna River while dumping tea leaves.

Would you support the prosecution of Bush war crimes even if it costs Obama a second term?

Now Booby Jindal Wants To Play Nice: 'Give the new administration a chance'

Turley (with Rachel Maddow) says that the President has no choice...

There is a major meltdown tonight on DU

There's a TEA PARTY tonight on DU ... Let's bash President Obama is what seems to be in the air

Hey, Who Knew?

A case for using the ignore button.

maybe you all that are "done" with Obama can go join TexAS

Spare me the outrage Olbermann

PHOTOS Are the people of Trinidad and Tobago expecting someone?

Senator Leahy on the release of the torture memos

Blame the Black man

You're never ever going to have a President that you agree with all the time

Obama is corrupt. He's a warmonger. He's a fraud.

Strike TWO President Obama....

BREAKING NEWS...Obama Administration: No Charges for CIA Interrogation Techniques

See Feingold gets it. People aren't actually listening to what Obama and Holder said

Nuremburg defense? The Iraq War is illegal under international law.....

re: Obama is seeking to save his own life

Summarizing the shifting bar

I fully support the president

Why the reflexive embrace of the "Nuremberg defense"?

Obama is right: it would be folly to prosecute the CIA operatives involved

Three killed in asylum boat blast off Australia

Baby pythons escape during flight in Australia

Bloody start to Indian elections as Maoist rebels kill 17

Thousands rally with 'tea parties' on tax day

Study: More whites, fewer blacks going to prison for drugs

NSA Wiretapping: Justice Department Reining It In

Ousted Thai PM urges protesters to reconcile

Vietnam suspends newspaper over China reporting

U.S. Jobless Claims Fall; Benefit Rolls at Record (Update2)

Spanish AG: No torture probe of US officials

Pet trade puts orangutans at risk

Republicans criticize report on right-wing groups

Dozen die in Mexico clash ahead of Obama trip-media

America's Perilous Anti-Immigrant Protectionism

Murphy gains as judge narrows challenges (NY CD-20)

Spain rules out torture probe of US Officials

Overwhelmed Illinois Court Postpones Foreclosures Until September

Blind Amputee Has to Fight AIG for New Plastic Leg, Wheelchair

NY state governor introduces gay marriage bill

Iran Sanctions Would Be Frozen By U.S. for Talks, Envoys Say

No Charges Against CIA Officials for Waterboarding

No Charges Against CIA Officials for Waterboarding

Russians quarantined after Chinese woman dies on train

Obama unveils high-speed passenger rail plan

Soldier given life for Iraq murders

Alaska's Palin facing Polarizing Problems

Coleman: ‘We will never know who won’

Head of Senate Panel Calls for Hearing on Wiretaps

Paterson: Same-sex marriage is civil right

Portions of CIA Memos Expected to Be Released

Farmers To Acquire AIG's Personal Auto Group for $1.9 Billion

Homeland security chief apologizes to veterans groups

As world growls, China sends tigers to North Korea

1.5 Billion Dollar Yankee Stadium formally Opens

Taxpayers to pay legal tab for anti-abortion protesters ($125,000)

Foreclosure Filings Climbed in March

Democracy Now / /Thomad Tamm

Rights group alarmed over Islamic law in Swat

Suicide Attack Kills at Least 16 in Iraq

Indonesia court says Time magazine wins Suharto case

Cocaine Highways: Post-NAFTA, Most Drugs Cross U.S. Borders in Trucks

General Growth Files Biggest U.S. Property Bankruptcy (Update1)

Captured Somali pirate to face trial in NY

New NATO chief is Islam's "major enemy" - Taliban

Lawmakers reject Ross as attorney general (Alaska)

John Zeigler arrested at Katie Couric Award

Geithner Refrains From Labeling China a Manipulator

U.S. refuses to reverse its ban on Arar

Russia ends anti-terrorism operations in Chechnya

No Torture Probe Of Bush Admin Officials: Spanish AG

Obama to push for Latin American arms treaty

Talk of delaying WTC towers for decades

Ottawa willing to let GM, Chrysler collapse

More high drama on high seas as France captures pirate ship

Exclusive: 'Case Dismissed' Against Arrested AZ Election Integrity Advocate

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday April 16

Report: Iraq Air Raids Hit Mostly Women and Children

Women protesters against 'marital rape' law spat on and stoned in Kabul

IMF warns recession will be 'unusually long-lasting'

Best Buy Cuts Wages, Jobs In Its Stores

House Members Report Drop in Fund Raising

Sudan to allow some relief aid in Darfur

'Slumdog' filmmakers give Mumbai charity $747,000


GM preparing to make official bond exchange offer

Earth's temperature 8th-warmest on record so far in 2009

White House: No Religious Cover-up at Georgetown

Israel rejects U.S. plan for Palestinian state

NBC football broadcaster John Madden retires

Obama Officials Release Terror Memos That Guided CIA

Spanish AG says no torture probe of US officials

Pelosi Calls for Probe Into Financial Crisis

CIA employees won't be tried for waterboarding

Card Issuers Face New Scrutiny - Credit Executives Are Summoned To White House

Time Warner Scraps Bandwidth Cap Testing

Russia ends 10 year war in Chechnya

Obama unveils high-speed rail plan

Bolivia says kills 3 foreigners in asassination plot

Afghan law does not allow rape, cleric backer says (but allows starvation)

Californians say "baby, baby, no more drilling"

Unlikely diva grabs A-list attention/Fans of unlikely singing sensation demand album

Desperate Vets turn to Suicide

Democrats: Texas gov should disavow secession talk

Joe the Horny Teabagging Plumber tells MI crowd that saying 'In God We Trust' will get you shot

Life of Brian - What have the Romans done?

Day in 100 Seconds - Is Our Nation In Hot Water? Then Time for Tea

Armitage: 'Maybe I should have quit' 15 Apr 09

Tea Party comments by Red State Update

Take up the IDAHO Challenge - Help fight homophobia and transphobia

The Other Bhutto

Tea Partay

Anderson Cooper: 'It's hard to talk when you're teabagging'

Keith Olberman : ** FOX...Half Cocked* lol...

Napolitano Comes on Morning Joe... with Conditions

Steele: We Have Overcome "MSNBC's Of The World" With Teabagging

KO Tea Party Recap

Xavier and Michael

Temecula, Ca Tea Party 4/15/09 part one (anti obama rant)

Rachel Maddow w/ Wayne Slater on Rick Perry, teabaggers in TX

PBS: Solar Energy And The Economy

Faux vs MSNBC "Teabagging" Remix

Texas Governor Suggests Texas Could Secede

Old and weak tea

Brent Bozell whines & mewls about 'oral sex jokes' wrt to teabagging. Too funny.

Islands at Risk - Genetic crop engineering in Hawaii

Rachel Maddow Celebrates Teabagging Day (Part 1 of 2)

Countdown: Still Bushed April 15, 2009

Fox Reporter Contradicts Rest Of Network: DHS Report Was 'Requested By The Bush Administration'

Anti torture teaser trailer (warning - scary)

Senator Dorgan National Conference for Media Reform address + Launch of Dorgan YouTube Channel

The link between anti-depressants and school shootings, suicide, addiction.

CNN, MSNBC, FOX Teabagging/AstroTurf REMIX

Sam Seder/"Katherine Harris" on teabagging

CNN: Ron Paul On Legalizing Marijuana -Drug War Is A Horrible Failure

Justice Dept. Whistleblower Defends Decision. Democracy Now 4/16/09 2 of 3

Thom asks Donald Trump why he doesn't want to pay NY taxes

Is Obama endorsing investigations into Bush's torture program?

“Obama Deception” Thom confronts Alex Jones about his latest documentary and his stints on Fox News

Gov. Perry: TX Can Secede

Sam Seder Beaten Up By Teabaggers.

Countdown: Author James Risen - Bush Admin Attempt To Surveil Congressman

TYT: Is Obama Covering For Bush? If So, Why?

Obama On Torture Memos And War Crimes

Hardball: Tom Delay Defends TX Governor's Stupid Secession Comments

Firesign Theater joins Thom to talk about the “Box of Danger

Brave Women of Afghanistan Take to the Street in Protest Against Rape Law

NY Gov. Introduces Bill to Allow Gay Marriage

Countdown: Olbermann Special Comment on Torture Prosecution - 4/16

Pensacola Tea Party 4-15-09

Susan Boyle singing Cry Me A River HQ

Teabagged By Fox News

TYT: Breaking Down Some Of The Worst Signs From Tea Bag Protests

Teabagging In Houston, TX -- April 15, 2009

Young Turks: Right-Wing Tea Parties are Just Misdirected Outlets of Anger

Young Turks: Here are Some Nut Jobs on Texas Secession

Rachel Maddow: 'I Will Not Be Bullied by Offices of U.S. Senators...'

TYT: Right Wing (FAKE) Outrage On 'War Against Veterans'

Baptist pastor beaten + tazed by Border patrol - 11 stitches

Why Has the Press Failed Us In Reporting on Health Care Reform?

Geithner and Summers Want More Debt Bubbles

America's Perilous Anti-Immigrant Protectionism

Consumption Dwarfs Population as Main Environmental Threat

"Water Boarding Is Torture"

1,500 farmers commit mass suicide in India

David Horowitz’s Latest Attack on Higher Ed ‘Inaccurate, Distorted’

Dean Baker: The need to tax the wealthy

Dispatches From the Front

HINT TO TEA-BAGGERS actually, quite a few people will be paying less taxes, not thanks to Obama

Gene Lyons on Bad news for the news

"No Promises to Bush Lawyers Who Signed Off on Interrogation Tactics" (ProPublica News)

Clueless Army Researchers Urge Giving Brain Damaged Troops the Shaft

FOX News to Next Sponsor a 'Kool-Aid Party'

May 1st, 2009: International solidarity! International militant coordination!

Robert Fisk: How can you trust the cowardly BBC?

Why Not Snakes?

War as Entertainment - Robert C. Koehler on Pirates

The Crisis That Could Bring Down Obama

Right-Wingers Are Desperately Trying to Destroy Obama, and the Cowardly Corporate Media Are Helping

Is seceding anti-American?

The Nanny State Gone Haywire, in the Reddest of Red States

Seat Senator Franken, Minnesotans Say

"Prelude to Disaster": James K Galbraith

Obama's Search For A Moral Compass by Melvin A. Goodman

Chris Floyd: Tortured Logic: Obama Writes Off Old Crimes While Promoting New Outrages

Hopebroken and hopesick, Obama fans need a new start

Tanya Gold: It wasn't singer Susan Boyle who was ugly on Britain's Got Talent ...

Yes, in fact, the teabagging events were the GOP's "Anti-Obama rebellion"

George Will editorial - Hates adults who wear blue jeans, play video games

Pornocalypse Now

US GNEP programme dead, DOE confirms ("Global Nuclear Energy Partnership ")

Birds face longer haul flights thanks to climate change

Peak oil notes - Apr 16

Overfishing ‘annihilating’ Uganda's Nile Perch

I'm watching Barbara Boxer and Ken Salazar, right now (9:30 am in SF).

Murray River Water Levels At All-Time Record Lows Jan - Mar 2009 - Little Help From Queensland Rains

PNAS Study - Longer, Hotter Summers Hammering Keystone Med Coral Species

Wow! Pete DuPont Cites CEI's Myron Ebell In WSJ Editorial Against Climate Legislation!

Prodded by petition, EPA reconsiders ocean pH limits

USTR Ron Kirk - Obama Administration Wants Climate Laws To Be WTO-Compliant - Reuters

Argentinian Study Reveals Amphibian Embryo Deformations Linked To Glyphosate Use - IPS

NASA ponders 'carbon copy' of crashed mission

Life thrives beneath Antarctic glacier—Unique chemistry enables microbes to survive harsh conditions

EPA To Begin Testing Pesticides (Including Glyphosphate) for Endocrine Disruption

West Africa faces 'megadroughts'

Reuters - Climate Destabilization May Cut Southern Africa Grain Output By 50%

Catching up with ... Julia Butterfly Hill

The Ecologist - The End Of Consumerism - Politicians "Like Drunk Drivers In Fog"

1,500 farmers commit mass suicide in India (crop failure, debt)

EPA Publishes Annual U.S. Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report (emissions +1.4% in 2007 compared to 2006)

Debating the Climate Benefits of ‘Biochar’

Polywell fusion gets $2M from recovery act

NC State Study Shows How To Deflect Asteroids and Save The Earth (attach a long tether and ballast)

LA ALBORADA: "The Golden Years of the OAS" (or not so golden)

FIDEL: "Soldiers with Correct Opinions" (ENG & SPA)

Fidel Tells How He Helped Get Chavez Released in April 2002 Coup

Venezuela opposes Americas Summit declaration

Cuba News Agency: ALBA Articles Featuring Remarks by Raul, Evo, Manuel Zelaya

BOREV - Never Say Evo Again

No big deal but one of my notes was put up by CSM

Raul Castro Leads Cuban Delegation to ALBA Summit

Telesur Covering ALBA meeting - Raul is there

PROGRESO WEEKLY: "Respect for National Sovereignty" - Aruca dissects CANF Policy Paper on Cuba

White House - A Cuba Envoy? If so, envoy will have responsibilities broader than Cuba

ALBERTO JONES: "Another Brother Gone Astray" - Kendrick Meeks

Ira Kurzban: Press Release "Major Victory for Cuba Charter and Travel Companies"

Weisbrot: Obama Team Could Use Some "Audacity of Hope" for Latin America Summit

Venezuela to press US on extradition (of Posada)

Interesting details from Brazil regarding Obama summit meetings

Plot to assassinate Evo, others disrupted:

Great editorial on the Hillsborough tragedy (20 years later)

How about those Marlins??

Interestingly, this is what was going on in Yankee Stadium this afternoon by the MSM...

McLaren's Dennis quits Formula 1

John Madden retires

Har har har!

What Should the NBA Do About the One and Done Rule?

Legendary Fights: Hagler vs Hearns

Please Brent Musberger, follow the example of John Madden and retire, RIGHT

Is this a homophobic picture, sports fans?

Celtics GM Ainge has heart attack

If Texas Secedes, Then The Dallas Cowboys Are No Longer America's Team

Alex Ovechkin choking like the looser he is.

Same man attends both Yankee stadium openers: 1923 and 2009

CHOKE Sharks CHOKE!!!!!!

Today in labor history April 16 60,000 strikers win union recognition and the right to strike

Wall Street Sharks Circle the Auto Workers

Labor Board (NLRB) Rejects Appeal by Northern Berkshire Healthcare

OSHA cites Orange Lanxess plant for Ike cleanup violations (while working with hazardous chemicals)

Man Killed On the Job After Power Saw Kicks Back and Cuts His Throat

Transport Workers Union protests American Airlines execs' bonuses (union tea protest?)

NYT: Pipe Made in India Incenses Illinois Town

OSHA Drive-by Results in $60,000 Fine for Construction Firm

Staley Captures Corporate War on Unions (book says it started with R Reagan)

May 1st, 2009: International solidarity! International militant coordination!

Tea Party Video: Progressive Democrat John Russell Addresses New Port Richey Fl Conservative Rally!

One Iowa video of Equality - Marriage Equality in Iowa

Best of DU--Spring 2009 Edition

An Honest Question For The Community Where Everyone Comes To Ask Questions

Just What I've Long Suspected--What a Lot of COWARDS!

Calif college student leaders condemn gay Day of Silence event


Blue 470-nm Light Kills Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in Vitro

Fewer than half of U.S. women screened for chlamydia

Nancy-Ann DeParle was a mistake...a big mistake

De facto government police arrest Fatah Youth planning Prisoners Day events

Israel to withdraw from Lebanon's Ghajar by late April

Israel faces nationwide blackout over Electric Corp. sanctions

They really don't like each other

Norwegian doctor's presentation on Gaza attack leaves Chicago audience 'shell shocked'

'Hezbollah planned huge terror attacks in Tel Aviv'

Analysis: Real 2-state problem is the Hamas-Fatah feud

Obama wants concurrent Israeli talks with Palestinians and Syria

PA wants new name for Gaza, W. Bank

Mitchell: Push for two-states begins now

Emanuel Says Obama Insists On Implementing Two State Solution, No Ifs, Ands, or Buts

Capital One Reveals Big Increase in Credit Card Chargeoffs

Fear and Greed Have Sales of Guns and Ammo Shooting Up

Is Geithner's Hedge-Fund Bailout Illegal? (Mother Jones)

Lending By Bailout Recipients Falls Again

Anyone see the increased searches southbound at the border?

The Community First Fund has spent 17 years proving that lending to poor people is good business.

TARP Cash Isn't Moving Forward (despite the bailout promises, banks are still lending less)

Dallas woman shoots, kills intruder

We can require a permit for people to exercise their right to assemble & protest...

Woman with gun thwarted drug-addicted thief, say police

SB 776: California bill to prohibit the possession of large-capacity magazines.

Example of proper gun control

Intro - Bailout Acronyms :Elizabeth Warren on Jon Stewart

Photo Tour of Submarine PROVIDENCE

DU vets...a favor-my latest letter

A stunning photo tour of a decommissioned Soviet Tyhpoon class missile sub

Obama:Assault Weapon Ban made sense

Where am I?


A photo of women I did not use in the contest

Not that it really an update - Monday DID shift things...

Ready for another B'Day Party, come on in Wish lostnotforgotten a Happy B'Day

"Ooooooh Wheeeeee! New Energy Arrives!" - Karen Bishop - April 16, 2009

Synchronicity or psycho-kinetics?

The Proof

Global Healing Experiment 5-9-09

Juan Enriquez: Tech evolution will eclipse the financial crisis

Richard Dawkins Rap - Beware the Believers

Archaeologists Discover Temple That Sheds Light On So-called Dark Age

[Video] Sam Harris debates with Rabbi David Wolpe

When Words Can Kill: 'That's So Gay'

Flaming Bacon "Lance of Death"

HW -- the mango cream pie is delicious

Simon Johnson: Fighting America's 'Financial Oligarchy

Duncan to Spend Billions to ‘Transform’ U.S. Schools

The Torturing, The Endless Spying, the Bogus Wars-- was it really just a result of 9/11?

about this time every couple of years...

Can we put GD on Ignore?

maybe we should do something as a group to tell Perry to STFU

I love the #1 Ladies Detective Agency on HBO!

CBC News revamp geared to 24-hour coverage

CBC: Conservatives losing ground to Liberals: EKOS poll

Do you like the television program called 'American Idol'?