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Ketchup heist almost left Fenway dry

Ketchup heist almost left Fenway dry

Are there any decent movies showing in the theater right now?

Piracy Solution: Sneak up and jam a ships wheel between their legs...

"Octo-Mom" Could Have TV Deal By End of Next Week......

if you were to attend a tea party

Ginsburg Gives No Hint Of Giving Up the Bench

Happy Zombie Jesus Day!!!

Tweenbots - Every Now And Then My Faith In Humanity Is Restored By The Little Things We Do...

Have a Perfect Reese's Easter (Egg)!

Man jailed for dodging child support for 14 kids by 13 women

If the teabaggers are so into the 18th century, why don't they go after the pirates?

Getting the CIA Out of Its Other Prisons

"Ah-ha-ha. Ever get the feeling you've been cheated? Good night"

Teabag THIS

[Video] Gore Vidal On Real Time With Bill Maher


Holy Tornado! Pictures from Tennessee

It's The Second Coming of STAR TREK this Easter For Our Troops in the Middle East!

I have a star. I have the DU Lounge blocked. But, I'm seeing DU Lounge posts - were

Saudi judge upholds man's marriage to 8-year-old

Ah, so this is how it works...

Obama reaches out to the moderate pirate community

MarketWatch: Bakersfield's Upside Down (video)

Demi in Des Moines?

John Nichols: Michael Steele's Nutty ACORN Obsession

Anarchy on Land Means Piracy at Sea

Billy Bob kills shows in Canada; tense interview

Sign the petition from Gov. Dean - - Support health-care for all reform!

father in law thinks we are crazy having our daughter live in the dorms

10 a.m. CSPAN2 - "When Giants Fall" - Michael Panzer talks about the end of the American Age

Simple solutions or Simplistic Solutions: A one time only "wealth tax" and STET to reboot economy

More rotten Alabama justice: Patrick Swiney

More rotten Alabama justice: Patrick Swiney

Anyone else annoyed with the Ambien CR commercials?

No-fail Solution to Pirate Standoff:

April 13, the George H. W. Bush library will open 797 pages of records that deal with Saudi Arabia.

CSPAN2 Now: Michael Panzer: "When Giants Fall: An Economic Roadmap for the End of the American Era"

Kind of a sad commentary on the world we live in.

Get over it -- an "assault weapons" ban isn't going to happen anytime soon.

Anybody looking for a job?

It's only been 3 months but I've decided that Obama is a real let-down - I want a recall election.

Morality in Media: 'the link between gay marriage and mass murders'

Big banks lose top talent on Wall Street

The "Conservative Book Club" bestseller list........

The "Conservative Book Club" bestseller list........

Amy Goodman and Sy Hersh up on C-Span right now 10:38 am Sunday

Fighting Pirates: The Pen and the Sword

From Conspiracy Theories to Cable News

Freepers: Great Ronnie Raygun, we love you, we miss you......

lol. Morford at his best: Fear the rainbow!

At many banks, the loan money still flows

Chicago Sun-Times: Banker charged with stealing from elderly

The Tea Party Theme Song

Water Crisis Rocks LA, Mexico City; Who's Next?

Camp Pendleton Marines join Somali pirate standoff (USS Boxer)

Thaksin: Overthrow Thai government

Black helicopter alert! Conservative media suggest Obama supporting one-world government

PD uses professor to dispense RW talking points about Taxing the Wealthy.

Ronald Reagan is to Blame, the Ultimate Lipstick on a Pig

did you all know a concrete platform collapsed at a speedway

Thailand flies Asian leaders to safety as Thaksin Red Shirts storm summit

"if the approved techniques were 'not sufficient...'Ē

This is DU at its best: human, heartfelt, timely, eloquent, bound for the Greatest

Did anyone see the guy from the Cato institute who was just on MSNBC talking about taxes.

So, is the right-wing proposing teabagging as an "alternative stimulus"?

Awake and Sing! By FRANK RICH

Fox's Glenn Beck announces comedy tour

zoloft withdrawal anyone?

Cost of Iraq war will surpass Vietnam's by year's end

Seymour Hersh and Amy Goodman will be on CSpan at 10.35am

On 3/20 appx25 showed up here to remember Soldiers killed inIraq. Tea Bag parties will draw how many

Hot campaign brews in Florida, but not the one you think (It's the Governor's race, y'all.)

CommonDreams: Why Has the Press Failed Us In Reporting on Health Care Reform?

A dream come true...inspiring video (embedding disabled - pls use link)

The pirate situation has reached a point where it is time for action of last resort:

The pirate situation has reached a point where it is time for action of last resort:

Let the word go forth...

The Manchurian Candidate (new version)

God, Newt, just PLEASE go away. nt

Wow... Check Out FDIC's "Failed Bank List" For 2009... So Far...

Will The Real Moral Majority Please Stand Up?

I used to like Woody Harrelson when he was on Cheers

Saudi judge upholds man's marriage to 8-year-old

UK Police State: CCTV cars snap distracted drivers

Crisis Altering Wall Street as Big Banks Lose Top Talent

Crisis Altering Wall Street as Big Banks Lose Top Talent

The marginalization of liberal icons continues..Krugman, meet Nadar

Republican Pollution Party: Tea Bags April 15th !!

Dobson cries about culture war defeats. "We are awash in evil and the battle is still to be waged."

Given the religiosity of the USA - how come no Easter holiday?

Happy Easter (And a verse to contemplate)

Polar bear attacks woman at Berlin Zoo

SNL: Tweety fantasizes about OBAMA in a loin cloth

I would like to take a moment to thank the teabaggers

Why did Stephanopolis have Gingrich on today?

This hostage situation would have NEVER happened under Bush!

This is Howie DU it!

While some hunt eggs

I have three questions about the Teabaggers:

Successful rescue operation: captain free, 3 pirates dead - CNN n/t

UPDATE!! Captain Freed! 3 pirates killed, one captured!

Well done Mr. Obama

You Have To Spend Money To Turn The Economy Around

Front page Raleigh N & O: Dems think Burr may be vulnerable


Revisionist history from human Shar-Pei Brit Hume

The rescue is because of Bush policies that were already in place.

Goldman Sachs takes anti-Wall Street blogger to court

How long before Blackwater offers onboard security...

Good News!

What if they were to secretly swim in and attach a rope to the lifeboat from one of the ships? case anyone is really...

President goes to church. President prays. US boat captain released.

President goes to church. President prays. US boat captain released.

Who should we blame the seizure of the Maersk Alabama on? BUSH!

Spew alert: Tea Party in Sacramento is known as "Sac Tea Party"

OMG! Republican claims there are socialists in Congress!!

Who would you like to see crawl into the Berlin Zoo polar bear den?

Krugman Calls Out GOP Hypocrisy On Job Creation And Defense Cuts

Seymour Hersh said that Obama is

If that lifeboat makes it to the Somalian shore, the administration

Just had the greatest cheap thrill ever.

Are you more or less religious than your parents?

Under pressure - Chase Card to drop $10 montlhy fee to card holders

Fundies: Those damn gays, they can't be satisfied with partial equality

Why no Easter graphic on Google today?

R.I.P. Joe, the Plumber

Can we go back to not caring about Somalia again

I'm going to predict the right-wing talking point re the pirates.

US Navy holds surviving Pirate for $2M ransom...

Freeps (well some of them) are openly admitting they're disappoiinted

Vatican blocks Caroline Kennedy appointment as US ambassador

Bush's Legacy: Stool or Stone?

Newt Gingrich Hates Puppies

Michael Steele's Nutty ACORN Obsession

Are you all seeing this on MSNBC? The crew of the Alabama is really chewing out the media

Are you all seeing this on MSNBC? The crew of the Alabama is really chewing out the media

Saying "Mission Accomplished" vs. accomplishing the mission.

Darwin Award loser jumps into polar bear habitat at zoo

Darwin Award loser jumps into polar bear habitat at zoo

"And for those who seek to advance their aims by inducing terror

Now that CNBC is network non grata, guess who steps up to "fill the void" ...

Now that CNBC is network non grata, guess who steps up to "fill the void" ...

Looking back, do you regret opposing Caroline Kennedy for the NY Senate seat?

President Opeepa

Diabetics skimp on lifesaving care in recession

Is Fox News worried that WINGERS are going to the tea parties chanting OBAMA, USA

How odd it is to hear the GOP/the "party of Business" encourage an attack on Contract Law!

To whoever posted "Pirates 2. Navy 0" yesterday:

OK, let's take a breather on this incident and ask ourselves for one moment...

So, is anyone calling for reimbursement of our expenses from the rescue?

Man, that Obama is one slick guy

Somali pirates based on Disney movie, ride

Do you think conservatives wanted a Blackhawk Down incident off the coast of Somalia?

OMG. Fox is outraged, outraged, over he family of Captain Phillips

cnn reporting the cargo ship captain is now FREE! He's now onboard

Reich - Why We're Not at the Beginning of the End, and Probably Not Even At the End of the Beginning

Reich - Why We're Not at the Beginning of the End, and Probably Not Even At the End of the Beginning

Captain Phillips and Captain Sullenberger

Here comes The Tiger

President McCain...

The Inevitable Happened this week with my 9 yo son! SPOILER ALERT!

Beekeepers are well aware of what is happening to their bees, including the potential that their

Will everyone complaining about a few dead pirates please show some solidarity and walk into the sea

Key UN nations agree to condemn North Korean rocket launch, toughen sanctions

My last day working retail and final thoughts

Georgians want a piece of Saakashvili's ass

Home Sales in the Hamptons Plunged 67% Last Quarter as Recession Stifled Demand

Obama Approved Special Forces Team

What a gutsy guy: The media is reporting that Phillips jumped overboard first and

Two plus two equals four. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. The earth is round.

More on SP's attorney general pick

Microchip that tells the GP if you've taken your pills

Microchip that tells the GP if you've taken your pills

Soldiers Survive War, But Not Inner Demons

Olbermann goes after O'Reilly

US Navy 3 - Pirates 0

Warren bails on "This Week" interview

You know there will be a TV movie about the Somali pirates -hostage standoff

U want the US Navy to protect your MM Fleet?

U.S. Drones in Pakistan: Precision weapons? Not so much.

Obama's "oligarchic coup d'etat"? How long does he have to prove himself?

Germany deletes domain after raid

America's Closest Ally: Where A 47 Year Old Man Can Legally Rape An 8 Year Old

Here's another big difference between BHO and GWB: The surviving pirate will be prosecuted

Another poll gem from the local right-wing "news" paper.

How come CNN is only interviewing Rushicans

How come CNN is only interviewing Rushicans

The first Pirates.......

Is It Really Necessary to Purposely Polarlize People Into Obama Can Do No Wrong / Obama Sucks Camps?

Kudos to President Obama for keeping his word and authorizing the use of force.

BREAKING - Study: Children Exposed To Pornography May Expect Sex To Be Fun!

McClatchy: Report: Pirates were out of ammo, sought to trade captain

I can't decide who to root for.

Good news: God is Great, and he Loves you...

Evan Bayh breaks out the 'socialism' canard in saying "No" to universal health care

MSNBC has breaking news....oh, wait....

I know, I know. DU doesn't tolerate sports posts. But what a Masters tournament is happening now.

I know, I know. DU doesn't tolerate sports posts. But what a Masters tournament is happening now.

Never fear, the Littoral Combat Ship is here (well, soon)

Opera banned by Nazis revived in L.A.

Article I Section 8: To define and punish Piracies and Felonies committed on the high Seas,

Why didn't Obama and Michelle adopt kids instead of adding to our population?

Bonn 1: Action needed to close rich-poor climate divide

Freepers doubtful, disappointed, disillusioned that President Obama approved force.

An anti piracy tactic from the classical world.

American tourists at home in Cuba

Why I may not be able to eat at one of my favorite Chinese restaurants

(Easter) Our traditions make us human...

What do colored eggs and a bunny have to do with Christ?

The Progressive: Everyone Is Working for the Weekend

Think Pope Maladict will stick his foot in his mouth today?

Get Up, Stand Up! ...... Robert Nesta Marley is smiling on Thailand and Georgia right now

FauxNews just wished everyone a Happy Passover?

You know why US pirates are better than Somali ones? They wear suits here

How's this for irony: the teabaggers could sure use a community organizer just about now.

Any DUers watching When Weather Made History

Everybody was on the lookout for "the monster, the madman who would do this,"

Self Delete

Ancient Observatories, Timeless Knowledge

Italian Tug Owner: "I'm marveling that they'd do that for one American."

Legendary DU pissing contests.......

Tea Party Insanity: "Burn The Books!"

What's with the "Rah-Rah! USA! USA!" sentiment on here regarding the maritime hostage situation?

WTF is ""

Judith Krug, Founder of Banned Books Week, Dies

See that UFO in downtown Phoenix? It's a car

cnn, faux have rescue specials, msnbc - sex predators

Obama's first comment on the pirate incident

Fox News' 'Teabagging' Events Prove the Right Can't Do Grassroots

The Next GuantŠnamo

BREAKING: Passengers in FL land King Air when pilot dies.

I wonder if ASU will change their attitude about an honorary degree for Obama now?

FauxNews seems to have nowhere to go with the piracy story...

So does anybody think the Pirates can still take the NL Central this year?

CLG Action Alert! Karl Rove to Speak at Denison University

If you have any doubts about whether Obama himself personally approves of what his DOJ is doing . .

Open Pirate thread.

I'll bet the rescue of Capt. Phillips will overshadow the fleabag parties

I gotcher pirates right HERE!!!!

Clinton's Haitian Nightmare, 1994...Haitian's Perspective

Wild, wonderful West Virginia gets wilder

What do the Tea-Baggers want?

RAH, RAH USA . . . when are we invading Iran?

Albany 'Times Union' Cancels Union Contract

Suddenly Senior newsletter

If I may interject (on US image abroad)

The Eco-Crusader vs. Pirate Guide for Dummies:

Here's what you're not thinking in regards to the pirate situation.

Presidential Pets through the years

Obama is pretending to be European

The Veterans Administration continues its shameful fraud against veterans

Timothy McVeigh, the Radical Right and Glenn Beck

Expect the attacks on Obama to get a lot worse because

Heres to good news!

"Our authority came directly from the President." - US Navy Vice Adm. Gortney

Maersk has praised and thanked the US Navy, but have they either in Va. or Denmark offered

With all the dog talk today......Has anyone ever seen the film "Amores Perros"?

With all the dog talk today......Has anyone ever seen the film "Amores Perros"?

Wasn't fathead O"Really the host of Inside Edition before moving up the shit slope to Faux Nooz?

Fort Lewis soldier accidentally killed by wife

Somali pirates vow retaliation after captain freed

OK, this is corny, but with all the bad news day and night

Why We Don't Condemn Our Pirates -- Guest Post by K'naan

Obama Stakes His Fortunes on Failed Banksters

The Bank of Happiness

Is it cheap to eat out in USA?

NY Times: Longer Unemployment for Those 45 and Older

I'm supposed to fly to Bangkok Wednesday...yikes.


Democratic Hate Ground?

Obama Family dog nominee has withdrawn its name from consideration to become First Dog

"No real danger in the world ....

New Photos From MLK Assassination Emerge

X-Posted from the Lounge. Dealing with a parent whose judgment is failing.

I am starting to feel that the Obama admin has "fixed" the economy

Limbaugh's Dirty Little Secret of Radio "Success"

It's 15% for Average service; 18%+ for Excellent Service--What's So Hard About This?!

It's 15% for Average service; 18%+ for Excellent Service--What's So Hard About This?!

are we planning Iran's demise?

I just wonder what it would have taken for some DUers

Obama's Daughters Call Ted Kennedy 'Uncle Teddy'

"Obama is a muslim and my monsignor agrees"

What's this golf shit? I wanna watch 60 Minutes

Palin family interview in Esquire --family talks about Levi's "wedding ring" (???)

Christian Nation? Okay, Say You Got Your Wish. Now What?

Obama considering uranium fuel bank under internat'l control in Kazakhstan to solve Iranian impasse

Ben & Jerry & George

Fact: Last year Somalian pirates reaped $50 million in ransoms

Tell us about your good teachers

Why won't politicians who say they don't want "socialized medicine" explain what they mean by that?

WAPO: How SEALs Carried Out Their Mission

Obama needs a strong, not weak, response to the Somali pirates

Let's clarify the difference between seaman or merchantman and SAILOR.

So if Maersk is a private company why did the Navy have to help them out

This is NOT over (Pirate Saga)

Amazon Accused of Removing Gay Books from Rankings

Obama-Notre Dame protest rally draws all of 3 people

Goldman (and other banks') "Hedges"

A list of those who support single payer health care

Kudos to Obama and the new shelter dog.

Bo the dog with Obama Family - PHOTOS

Bo the dog with Obama Family - PHOTOS

The freepers are not enoying themselves this Easter..

Dog Falls Overboard - Swims 6 Miles Thru Sharks - Lives 4 Months On Deserted Island... censors GLBTQ literature

This is a Nikon D3, It takes pictures

For once even I have to take my hat off to Larry Johnson- Even he credits Obama for the Sea Rescue

There's A Difference Between Being Open-Minded, And Being Just Plain Stupid...

There's A Difference Between Being Open-Minded, And Being Just Plain Stupid...

Is anyone else having trouble with static in the videos?

President Obama and Family: Didn't you get the fuckin' Memo: You should be adopting four million

Gov't. commits a crime against you -- the taxpayers

WHY did a private corporate ship need the US Navy????

Pirates - my last words on the matter

I need to watch things die, from a good safe distance.

I'm not a stereotype.

I'm sorry but the only people engaging in senseless violence here were the pirates.

Happy New Years to all my Theravadin Buddhist Friends

Does Obama Really Work For Wall Street?

US religious Right concedes defeat

US religious Right concedes defeat

Let's Learn from the Disaster of Prohibition and Terminate the Drug War

Rooftop Garden Produces Fish, Food (waste from fish helps feed plants)

Obama spent WAY too much money rescuing that ship captain.

Karl Rove Accosted By Ex-GOP Chief Of Staff "You Guys Wouldn't Be In WH Without Feeney" ... god I hate them. Here's an idea.

Four million cats and dogs euthanzied by shelters each year

Tax Protest / Tea Party F.A.Q. !!!!!1!!!!SERIES!!

Just found out my Brother in law was again laid off from his job...aircraft

Somali "Pirate" wanted US Protection: He's 16 years old.

Guns on 60 Minutes...Starting now! 7:58PM EDT

It's About to Get Worse

It's About to Get Worse

ZEN. What does that mean to you ? nt

Obama Did NOT "Fix" The Economy; He Did Not Even Try.

Will You Be Attending One Of The GOP Flea Bag Parties?

Extreme Republican social legislation going nowhere in Florida

How much blame do you think the "western" world deserves for the sorry state of Somalia's economy?

Living 1960 Style: Minimum Wage Should Be $13/Hour

TRUTH: Somali "pirates" Just Want Asia And Europe To Stop Dumping Toxic Waste On Their Shorelines

Wonderful new discovery part of my theory of everything! Headsplodation offered again!

Neurosurgeon Alerts Pilots to Aspartame Danger

Did someone say FEMA Camps?

I may get flamed all to hell for this, but I would be remiss in not noting it

Go Navy


You are being lied to about pirates

Are there *really* flame wars going on after that rescue?

Anyone hear of a club called the Tech Noir? It's on Pico Boulevard.

What Is Your Favorite Chris Farley Movie?

Happy Jesus Resurrection Day, everyone.

Shit, I have a pimple.

Is Nosology Nonsense or is there Something to It?

A visual guide to GD.

Someone in GD has the Lounge on ignore but is seeing posts from the Lounge in GD.

I Think I'll Become A Boy Toy

This is the greatest litter box ever invented....

I've been re-discovering the glory that is Public Enemy today


Is anyone else having a drink as the 3am hour approaches? Tomorrow is Easter.

a few short clips from the storms we had on friday

Then it comes to be that the soothing light at the end of your tunnel

A thought as I head for bed...

Well, it's 5:30 and I need to have an 8-course dinner for 12 on the table by4:00

I don't know why I went into GD. Somebody cane me.


going to see the Dead tonight

I've got a pocket full of Kryptonite!

I was listening to NPR yesterday...

Anyone else annoyed with the Ambien CR commercials?

How did you learn about opera?


Peeps in a microwave!

Peeps as smores

Peep cigarette orgy

Man, I miss Freddie and Michael....

The Wizard of Peeps

I Donít Want my Country to Be an Empire

My preferred temperature range now seems to be 72 degrees to uh, 72 degrees

remembering bush at easter

Yeah yeah yeah...Happy Easter

I miss the epic "mods please delete" thread that had like 2 million posts lol

Yay! It's Easter! Tomorrow, I can buy Cadbury Cream Eggs for half price!

If you were going back for a degree, would you rush or take it slow?

Happy Easter, Lounge!

Gloucester til the end (Perfect Storm)

A letter to the passport office

Last Night I Dreamed of Manderlay

Anyone else watching the women's hockey gold medal game?

I have a star. I have the DU Lounge blocked. But, I'm seeing DU Lounge posts - were

Lets name this High School after Stephen Colbert.

Ha Ha - stole this from Facebook - Happy Easter

Someone is spamming pictures of dead bunnies all over LiveJournal.

It was 20 years ago today

I asked my son what "teabagging" was...

Hey all you zombies!

serious question about beds

Y';all remember THIS guy? I met his GOOD twin Wednsday.

Do you think it makes more sense buying a used car in a warmer state?

Hey lounge, the american captain held by pirates has been freed

Which women's bikini razor commercial do you like best?

Katie Melua - I cried for you

Anyone Know of a Source for Cell Phone Wallpaper

I'm thinking about buying a hun

Small recycling dilemma...


"Hamlet 2" - Loved it, no, liked it. Felt sorry for Tucson though.

I Am Thinking About Buying A BeachBaby

SPRAY IT, don't SAY IT: Zappa SMOKES the NY Palladium, Oct 77: "Black Napkins" from "Baby Snakes"

Almost time for the traditional Easter Chicken cacciatore. Numm.

Arggghhh, me mateys...I be the survivin' pirate bein a held captive

Finding Easter Eggs on the lawn isn't HALF as special as finding PODS in the BASEMENT...

Okay, You're Going To Wear Those 4 Pirates On The Lifeboat Down; What Music Do You Blast At Them

Instead of music, they should have translated the world's funniest joke into Somali

I'm thinking about buying a bun

Variations of LOL: A Question

Is chocolate just chocolate or is it a bedroom toy?

Do you eat hasenpfeffer for Easter?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 4/12/2009)

How's the Easter Hassenpfeffer?

What are your three favorite Deserts?

I'm having trouble remembering some people's names

Chocolate Bargaining Chips

Um... I think I need a hug

Red Dwarf: Back to Earth

Do I dare look in GD in GD:P? Are the woods burning?

Has anyone seen the recent pictures of patrick swayze (sp)

DU to issue punishment for PUI? (Posting Under the Influence)

Fun things to do with Peeps (besides eating them)

PARENTS ONLY: What the FUCK are you going to do with all the hard-boiled eggs?

Is chocolate a candy, or is it just chocolate?


Post some recent photos!

I admit it! I hate the "Get In The Hole" guy!

crappy ass day

What are your three favorite deserts?

Haha-laser pointer+sheltie dog=hilarity

Self Deleted: Dumb Post

Another Easter in Charleston

Now! Prancer!

kitten picture of the day for sunday april 12

Salted Caramels are da bomb!

Comcast is going to take away my NFL Network on May 1st


Help ME get this poll turned around....please!!

Help me get this poll turned around. Please.....

I am Arnold J Rimmer. Ask me anything!

Is DU hanging or acting funny for anybody else?

Okay, when does this No PTUI rule go into effect? Because

David Lynch's "Inland Empire." Even though to me "Lost Highway" and

father in law thinks we are crazy having our daughter live in the dorms

The Gestapo is marching in my head so I need good vibes for my clinic visit tomorrow,,,please?

What's everyone having for Easter dinner? Post yours here...

A song I like for Easter.

Hi, need some input from an architect....

Hi, need some input from an architect....

Last time pays for all. Spring Quarter starts tomorrow. Twelve more weeks of Didactic Year left.

Disgusting crucifixion things

TOONS: Funny National Poetry Month Cards

I'm thinking about buying a gan.

Just found out a good old friend of mine passed away yesterday.

Whats the dealeo with Xavier ?


Peanut playing with himself

I wonder if any of those Somali pirates had peglegs or hooks.

It's a good thing the Easter Bunny had to hide eggs this morning...

Best Johnny Depp fantasy character:

What are your three favorite Desserts?

Awkward Situation: Could use some Advice

Why is "Friday Night Lights" the best show ever?

Why is so much of "Reality" TV about emotional blackmail?

Okay, when does this No PUI rule go into effect? Because

Happy Easter

Looks like I'm going to be a Longhorn parent

I get so depressed sometimes. I worked for years with homeless animals, and

What's with the "we are pregnant" ?

Woo hoo! I'm rich!

Free, or Cheap, BUT GOOD Anti-Virus Software recs?

I'm fifteen minutes into "Milk" and I'm already getting weepy.

Hey sinners, got that "less than Godly" feeling? Try a SoulWow.

Okay, so a piece of string goes into a bar...

I am done with my family

Today was my 28th birthday!

Now! Dasher!

67th Pirates Post Today: The Question Begging An Answer, "Why Does President Obama Hate Pirates?"

Would listening to Judas Priest count as going church?

I will be very sad if they cancel The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Leporines of DU: check in here. Today is our day.

Will you offer me some captions?

Question for guys: Do you believe in "The Rules"?

Need a smile? My grandson Sebastian sings his ABCs.

Carrot, cheese, hot dog bun, and horseradish casserole

Some sunset pics from tonight...

Some sunset pics from tonight...

Is it possible to kick someone out politely?

Who makes the best mayonnaise? Hellman's or Best Foods?

Gum control

...but I don't care for the word "aspie." Just call me an asp-hole.

I've got my genealogy back to 1545!!

Apparently only two pro-choice people on the Faith-Based Council.

Apparently only two pro-choice people on the Faith-Based Council.

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning)

Somebody gave me a laser pointer for the kitties.

It's a bittersweet day: Angel has a home.

Florida lawmakers will likely reject about $440 million in additional workers' compensation benefits

Is Psychiatry Nonsense or is there Something to It?

Legendary DU pissing contests.......

C'mon. FauxNews is not promoting the teabagging parties. They're just reporting the news.

President Obama seeks new relationship with Latin America

So do these teabaggers feel Ronald Reagan was a socialist?

Edwards Campaign Manager Joe Trippi will be on CNN to discuss alleged pro-Obama media bias and....

wrong forum, sorry

Obama seeks new relationship with Latin America

Three questions.

I guess the "Honeymoon" is over

Building a Nation That Thinks Locally

NYT: Community Organizing Never Looked So Good

Jordan's King Abdullah II to meet with Obama in DC later this month.

Obamas on Easter: St. John's Episcopal

CNN Latest News: Did Obama bow to Saudi King?

Political Theory 101 - Or, RW Use of Contraditory Labels Such As "Facism," Socialism," "Liberalism"

The cowardly and lying Pastor Rick Warren bails on ABC 'This Week' Interview at last second

White House Releases Souvenir Easter Egg Design and Availability

PHOTOS: Bo. Exactly the same two you've already seen, but damn it: they're worth repeating :-)

Why don't Geither and Summers get credit for the budget?

Hey freeptards, remember these words? "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED"

Hey freeptards, remember these words? "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED"

A word on pirates.. it has been going on for a LONNNNNG time

We should give thanks to our Navy men and women for the safe rescue of Captain Phillips

This is not journalism, John King, and you damn well know it!

Photos of Bo

Warren bails on 'This Week' interview

A Message From President Obama on the Rescue of Cargo Ship Captain!

What will the RW do now.. Pick lint from their bellybuttons??

American captain rescued, pirates killed, U.S. official says

Bolton on FAUX, lying


Cavuto:FOX News Coverage For Tea Parties Same As For Million Man March But FNC Did Not Exist At Time

Canadians: "We still can't read Obama"

Canadians: "We still can't read Obama"

ASU to honor Obama with scholarship, but still no degree

Heads Up: US Navy Presser at 1p PDT and Statement from the President

I hope Pat B. is on Morning Joke tomorrow, eating his words about our President and the pirates.

Help I need an old photo...

"You're Either With Us Or You're With the Pirates."

I Want The Republicant Party So Small You Can Fit It In A Bath Tub

Look at all the little repugs.

Compare and Contrast on "The Hostage Test": Obama versus Reagan

Wow; Gingrich & Will finding a way to criticize the president over the dog

The Absolute BEST Thing About The Pirate Outcome

Obama twice approved force to rescue hostage

Can the President give Captain PHillips some kind of medal? I know he's not US military, but

Zogby Shocker: McCain Leads Obama In Latest Poll

Unsurprisingly, I guess, Freepfuck racism is so virulent, it extends to the girls' dog

Bush sent military strikes against Somalia five times, yet it didn't fix anything...

I want more Bo pictures!

We need a master list of nationalist signs for Dems to carry on Teabag Day

Would you agree that we should NEVER be for Obama doing anything we'd oppose Bush doing?

For what it's worth, 82% agree with the selection of the first dog

"Authorized by President Barack Obama"....I love those words!

Was this pirate hostage crisis the "test" Cheney was talking about?

Guys, it is possible to support Obama AND continue to push for a more progressive direction

Another poll gem from the local right-wing "news" paper.

Another poll gem from the local right-wing "news" paper.

Another poll gem from the local right-wing "news" paper.

Obama: Captain's release, U.S. resolve

PHOTOS Jeez, Bo's grown a LOT since this morning

How pathetic is it to get a boner over killing pirates?

Where Obama turns for spiritual advice: Rev. Joel Hunter of Longwood

On the upside, three less pirates to worry about!

CNN Mistakenly Identifies Interior Sec. Salazar as Sec. of Energy throughout an entire Segment!

What about the White House Easter Egg Hunt? Why haven't I seen any reports on that?

Lets claim this rescue as a Victory for Obama.

FOX News: Obama Twice Approved Plan to Rescue U.S. Sea Captain

Why a Progressive Income Tax Makes Sense

(Embryonic) Stem Cell Breakthrough May Lead to MS Treatments

Is that Inside Edition of Bill O'Really where he starts freaking out & screaming "F*CK...!"

Well, I don't give a damn what anybody says...I'm excited about the new 1st pup!

McCain uses immigration to raise money

"a flicker of hope amid the imperialist darkness"... you'll never guess who said this....

PHOTOS: President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama leaving St. John's Episcopal Church Easter Sunday

Obama is the CiC and the President and he has a cool hand and

the "Obama-policy hurricane" may force 2009 TV issue ad spending to $1 bn.

Navy Seal Sharpshooters Took Them Out

What if the information Obama voted to keep secret is evidence that could be used in a trial

No love for Micheal Steele- RNC denies tea-party slight

How the hostage rescue deal went down.

Tea Bagging Party gets 150 people according to

Ben & Jerry Looking for Ice Cream Flavor for Boosh? Some options -

President Obama's Numerous Nemeses currently in a Huddle Scratching their collective asses!

Photo of Captain of USS Bainbridge shaking Captain Phillips hand after rescue

I turned to Fox just to see- Why the long Faces?

So.... who's going to play Captain Phillips in the movie?

Prepare for an extra dose of hate this week!

Sorry, but I just don't trust Barack Obama's dog...

Paul Krugman on Rev Rick Warren's decision to skip "This Week" with Stephanopoulos

Bush Bowing Before His Master

So, you know they will make a movie about this, right?

Silliest. Spin. Eva. "Pansy Politics: Captive Captain Saves President Obama"

First Puppy Bo learns new trick!

State lawmakers tout single-payer healthcare system

Justice Souter still has not hired clerks for his next term, Ginsburg: Court Opening Coming 'soon'

Krugman: "I would not be surprised if GDP growth is positive in the second half of this year..."

Limpballs loses.

Don't You Wonder, How A President John (I Overreact ) McCain Would Have Handled Pirate Issue?

But in order for Obama to have even a chance at the 08 nomination,

Compare Obama's pirate outcome to Bush's first crisis

Bill Schneider on this test for Obama re: the pirate situtaion:

The truth, and everyone knows it: The political right wanted Captain Phillips to die

Obama ORDERED Rescue of Ship Captain

Whar Grade Do You Give President Obama In Handling His First Crisis As Commander In Chief?

Whar Grade Do You Give President Obama In Handling His First Crisis As Commander In Chief?

Officials say Obama has phoned Phillips and Phillips' family.

Analysis: Obama beats first national security test (AP)

John King interviewing Gen. Odierno and trying to put a wedge between him & Obama

Navy Seal snipers are some bad mofos

Obama personally rescued the hostage.

Trusting Obama to do the right thing isn't enough

"Fulfilling the Promise of Change? Obama Rapidly Rescinding Bush Policies"

Bayh: ĎIím Agnosticí About Having A Public Plan As Part Of Health Care Reform

Anyone going to one of the GOP flea bag parties?

Welcome Bo Obama! The Wonderful Benefits of Animal Companionship

CNN now promoting Teabagging parties as well!

Enough with the Strawman arguments against those who protest Obama's policies and appointments

Obama - Slacker-in-Chief

Help! Skinner, any chance of changing this forum...GDP...

ugh, one of my brother's friends added me on facebook

Obama fabric. Now you can make a shirt/dress/sheets/quit with big O all over.

One-way flight to Afghan outback

Rights group names 1,417 Gaza war dead

Man jailed for dodging child support for 14 kids

Crisis Altering Wall Street as Big Banks Lose Top Talent

Bangkok under state of emergency

Pakistan militants torch NATO supplies

Sri Lanka military declares truce

Maoists win three of six seats in Nepal by-elections

New orangutan population found in Indonesia

Zimbabwe shelves own currency for one-year

UN General Assembly head voices support for Bolivian president on hunger strike

Top U.S. general in Iraq: I believe we'll be gone by late 2011

Saudis ban 'lewd' license plates (eg. 'USA')

Amazon Accused of Removing Gay Books from Rankings

Anger after Afghan family killed in US raid

Saudi judge upholds man's marriage to 8-year-old

Rioting follows state of emergency in Thai capital

Former (Republican NH House) legislator charged with assault

Treasury Is Said to Warn G.M. of Bankruptcy Risk

Warning that Pakistan is in danger of collapse within months

Passenger lands plane at SWFIA with help from tower after pilot dies mid-flight

In Calif., Medical Marijuana Laws Are Moving Pot Into the Mainstream

Iraqi leaders attacked over spate of homophobic murders

Report: Conficker worm bites University of Utah

Contractors Cash in on HUD Program, Not Poor

Philippine troops seize large amount of explosives

AIG in derivatives spotlight

Plan to Change Student Lending Sets Up a Fight

Galapagos volcano erupts, could threaten wildlife

American captain rescued, pirates killed, U.S. official says

Obama Twice Approved Plan to Rescue U.S. Sea Captain

How SEALs Carried Out Their Mission (Capt. Phillips rescue)

Somali pirates vow revenge over comrades' killings

Citizens Held as Illegal Immigrants

Citizens Held as Illegal Immigrants

Americans stick to their guns as firearms sales surge

52 NH Christian center buildings burn on Easter

Vatican blocks Caroline Kennedy appointment as US ambassador

The First Puppy Makes a Big Splash-Bo, the Portuguese Water Dog

Pentagon Channel - Coast Guard Monitoring Whale In New York Harbor

NOM Remix - It's Raining Men!

Wounded Warriors - Injured U.S. Servicemen Ski Mammoth Mountain in California

Wounded Warriors - Injured U.S. Servicemen Ski Mammoth Mountain in California

Tea Party Theme Song

Stopping Spending Will Hurt The Economy

The T-Mobile Dance

The National Organization for Marriage -- Our Response

Obama's defense budget surpasses Bush by $20B

CNN's "Reliable Sources" Exposes FauxNews Shameless Promotion of "Tea-bagging"

Grouchy Newt Gingrinch on the First Puppy: "This whole thing is really stupid...Who cares?"

Bush, Torture, Guantanamo Bay and British Involvement

Top General in Iraq, Ray Odierno Certain All US Troops Out Of Iraq By 2011

The Difference Between Open-Mindedness, And Stupidity...

CNN reports hostage rescue.

One of the most feel good videos I've ever seen.

Reliable Sources: Is the US a Christian Nation?

The way repubs think of marriage

TheRealNews: Roots of Sri Lankan Conflict

Young Turks: The Most Diverse Crew of Criminals in America!!

Afghan cleric defends controversial law - 12 Apr 09

'This Week' Clip - Krugman 'They Will Likely Ask For Another Bunch of Money'

Joel Rafael - This Is My Country - plus free MP3 on his website

Young Turks: Cenk's Thoughts on the List of Socialists in Congress

TheRealNews: Zinn on the movement and new parties

Zeitgeist Addendum -

Chris Matthews Show - Who's Turn Is It For GOP Leader Now?

Paul Krugman Calls Out Republican Hypocrisy on Military Spending

Fmr Federal Agent Flips - NOT Legalizing Drugs 'Is Destroying Our Families'

**BREAKING** Captain Free'd - Pirates Slain

Republicans own Fox News: Admission by Bush Apologist

Conservative Economic Success

SNL: Underage Comedy

Gore Vidal on Conservatives

First Dog - 'Bo' Obama

Gingrich on Iowa gay marriage: 'The fix is in'

OMG!!! Hugh Tee Party in Clearwater - I'm series!!!!!!!!!!

The Glenn Beck Apocalypse: Supernews!

The British take on Fox News Seriously funny Video


Latest Obama leak: Obama's Portuguese Water dog, Bo makes a splash

One-way flight to Afghan outback

End of the Clash of Civilizations

Who Says the GOP is Not Welcome? At Mad Hatter's Tea Party

E. J. Dionne: The Real Pelosi

Atheist Banished From 'Thank GOD It's Friday's'

In These Times: An End to the War on Weed?

Neil Cavuto of FauxNews is a Time Traveler

U.S. Captain Phillips rescued by Navy Seals, 3 pirates dead

Ben Stein on tea parties.

Pakistan: the epicentre of Islamist terror

Fareed Zakaria: Is Robert Gates A Genius?

Lawmakers Respond to Improved Access to White House.

Seat Al Fraken, I guess the Majority, That is the People that Vote, Donít Count!

Amazon claims censorship of LGBT books a "glitch"

Vatican Running US Foreign Policy?

Barack Obama, Torture Enabler By Ted Rall

Fellow Washington Post columnist challenges George Willís lies about climate change

In Boost for Detroit, Obama to Buy Fuel-Efficient Fleet for Uncle Sam

Nature given a helping hand to make endangered frogs spawn

A Native Grandmother's Epic Walk Around The Great Lakes

On "experts" in the halls of power, and the unfolding eco-crisis:

Cuyahoga River Fire Galvanized Clean Water and the Environment as a Public Issue

Join the "Big Howl," and help stop the Obama Admin. from continuing Buscho's wolf-killing policies

Home based hydrogen production

FIDEL: "The Bolivian Revolution and Cuba's Conduct"

Terrorist Posada Carriles May Skip April 17 El Paso Hearing

Finally a conf. I can "get into": CAPITALISM IS ORGANIZED CRIME - April 19 DC

International Conference on the Environment and Sustainable Development in HAVANA, July 3-12

Bolivian Campesinos Announce Extension of Hunger Strike Across the Country

Clinton's Haitian Nightmare, 1994...Haitian's Perspective

It's Sunday at the Masters. Enjoy.

LOL---Pirates turn a Triple play and lose, Navy does the same and wins.

I for one am ecstatic that the U.S. may host the World Cup in 2018 or 2022.

Golf spectators that shout "In the hole" should be flogged

Sharks are the "team to beat"

What would be too much to spend on a baseball ticket?

Today in labor history Apr 12 The U.S. Supreme Court, on a 5-4 vote, upheld the Wagner Act

Keeping Swift plant open is key; Union talks to begin this year (2,500 at Grand Island, Ne)

ICE raid ripples still felt

13 Perkasie borough workers opt to join AFSCME union

Novato Sanitary District, union clash over jobs

Moves in Mexico to Stop Chinese Forced Labor Imports (Why not the USA?)

OSHA whistleblower in fight for job

OSHA Acts to Speed Regulation of Popcorn-Flavoring Chemical

OSHA fines utility contractor $50,000 for alleged safety violations at Dripping Springs, Texas, work

Congressman Connie Mack Wants Obama to Ask Auto Union Leader to Step Down

Request targets Hoffa grand jury records (did RFK use illegal tactics to indict the Teamsters boss?)

Peace, Love and Hollywood Stars

Janitors, science center battle over unionization (EFCA card check would end this battle)

Huffington Post: How Unions' Grass-Roots Organizing, Pragmatism Can Pass Pro-Labor Bill

Reading, Writing, and Union-Building

National Car Rental Employee To Trans Customer: "Screwed-Up Man Faggot"

New Hampshire Marriage Hearing on Wednesday

The Day of Silence is this Friday

Where are the best LGBT communities in LA?

Dear Amazon: Fuck you, you aren't going to profit off of me. now says a (very selective) glitch responsible for gay-panic de-listing

Amazon on an anti-gay crusade? Removing sales rankings from LGBT titles.

zoloft withdrawal anyone?

I'm just curious...

Abbas calls PM (Netanyahu), wishes a happy Pessah

My Name is Rachel Corrie

Can the United States put pressure on Israel?: A user's guide

China Slows Purchases of U.S. and Other Foreign Bonds

Why not help the borrowers instead of the banks?

"Liquidate the Banks; Fire the Executives!"

Obama Bank Fix "Worse Than A Lie" -- Former Regulator Black

Does Obama Really Work For Wall Street?

Concerned resident aims to form armed militia to patrol Stockton

Police report from North Charleston shootout

Is most of the gun control even legal???

arming merchant ships as a solution to piracy problem?

Get over it -- an "assault weapons" ban isn't going to happen anytime soon.

"It's over," a Democrat strategist admits. "The gun nuts have won...again."

Second Amendment Under Fire?

'The finance industry has effectively captured our government.'

Why We're Not at the Beginning of the End, and Probably Not Even At the End of the Beginning

another hard-working person

An Easter YouTube - Sebastian Sings His ABCs. MUST SEE TV.

Hand-powered P2P radio broadcaster

Catholics confer in Anaheim Convention Center

Happy Easter!

Easter and the Hope of Victory (Paulo Evaristo, Cardinal Arns, Archbishop of S„o Paulo: 1981)

School District Pays $400K to Settle Muslim Suit

Kohlberg's Six Stages

Would the Christian god like having those who studied the theology of the Bible then claiming to

What Do a Rabbit, Colored Eggs and Candy Have to Do With Jesus?

Good news: God is Great, and he Loves you...

Quick sausage sandwiches

Happy Easter all you cookers of food.

Homemade Easter peeps

Saw a really nice looking loaf of bread down at the mall the other day

I just made Italian wedding soup!

would like a homemade cocoa mix if anyone's got one

Happy Woo Day

Is this really solid proof?

Happy Easter to all the Dungeon dwellers - nt

Niels Harrit interview

Failed Logic: Airing "The Ten Commandments" during Easter weekend.

here's a couple Meters to keep TimeWarner honest..>link> cant believe th Porno Industry allowed this

my DVD-CD device isn't recognized.. wont start a game.. box says H/ isn't found. ...