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Archives: March 4, 2009

CPAC: White kids on dope (a Conservative's view)

Obama's preemptive strikes in Pakistan/Afghanistan look like naked provocation

Sen. Carl Levin, Chair, Defense Dept. Weapons Spending . . . C-span . . .

North Carolina bucks Dixie trend to ban gay marriage: Democrats are running the legislature

Stimulus Flows Into Patchwork of State Transport Projects

Man allegedly puts cat in bong (Another Idiot Alert ) (Misleading Title for article)

Bush appointee (Schlozman) saw Justice lawyers as 'commies,' 'crazy libs,' report says

Utah is No. 1 - for online pornography consumption

65 graves point to largest Harappan burial site next door to capital

Scientists: Don't make ancient site a rail hub

Noblewoman's tomb revealed

Science rewrites Northern legend

Was the 14,000 Dow mainly the result of a bubble??

Remains from Clovis culture cast doubt on comet theory

Squiggles in stone reveal old words to modern scholars

John stwewart skewered O'Llieliy et al

Rachel Maddow is on Leno Tonight (right now!)

Tweety sure has Delay stuttering and stammering....

Secret Republican Apology Machine

Construction workers in Aztec discover centuries-old bones


Drudge: Obama Will Destroy the World

So, how does one get stimulus money to start a small business in Mich. or

So, how does one get stimulus money to start a small business in Mich. or

Talk about irony - Cologne city archives building collapses

WJ this morning

Let's get several things straight about the....

I didn't write this excellent piece, but I wholeheartedly indorse it

== Ode to the unhappy = By Mark Morford

Senatre Judiciary Committee Hearing - Truth Comission - today at 10:00am

Let's shoot down that "punishing prosperity" BS the Rs are tossing around.

Single-Payer Advocates excluded from health care discussions?

Ex-Leaders of Countrywide Profit From Bad Loans

I'm wathcing Michael Steele on NBC -- Where's his FLAG PIN?

Judiciary meets at 10, British Prime Minister Speaks to Congress at 11

Do you have any friends or associates who listen to rush every day?

rush wonders why women don't love him. Tell him.

Prosecuting Bush will NOT cause a civil war. Why? Because those gun-swinging right wingers don't

Suppose tomorrow.....

Suppose tomorrow.....

Banking bailout question

Why worry?

Job creation comparison between Dems and Repugs

The Nation: The Second Great Depression

Benefits Denied: The Push for Marriage Equality

Top Republican's Groveling Apology to Rush Limbaugh Is a Media Disaster

As recession saps demand, a world awash in oil

EARMARKS - modest suggestions

The Secret Republican Apology Machine.. "I'm sorry Rush"

Las Vegas woes: MGM Mirage facing bankruptcy?

the DCCC's "sorry rush" template

I'm sorry Rush

Health Reformers Meet Their Enemy

Let's send rush a dozen red pounds of bacon!

Bill Moyers: Zombie Banks Are Devouring Our Public Money with No End in Sight

I have a new signoff for Keith Olbermann at the end of "Countdown"

SC Governor Mark Sanford just proclaimed Joe Scarborough head of the GOP on Morning Joe! ROFL!

Rham's seat goes to Quigley a progressive reformer without much campaign cash!

Rham's seat goes to Quigley a progressive reformer without much campaign cash!

Wingnut.... Democrats plan to assassinate Rush and Savage

John Yoo's Monumental Idiocy

I think things would be different without the 24 hour barage of idiocy.

"peace train"....biden and specter riding the rails

Check-in if you are distracted by Rush Mania while Bush crimes are being ignored.

John McCain can kiss my wrinkled old ass (his constituents are angry)

Holland may boycott UN racism meeting

Minority Leader Limbaugh

When you are a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

DeLay: Limbaugh's a GOP "role model"

Rush Limbaugh is a _________________________! (you fill in the blank)

How liberals, progressives and Democrats prop up Rush

Ex-Leaders of Countrywide Profit From Bad Loans

For the love of God, stop it with the Oppression Olympics.

'Mr. Beef' goes to Washington


Can a new administration get justice for LaVena Johnson?

One thing I hate about living in an area that's red as a baboon's ass is that many people assume

Sean Penn Calls for ‘Harvey Milk Day’

CBC: Doctor recycles prescription drugs to the homeless

Ex-cop who 'saw demon' sues to get gun, badge back


Isn't the stock mkt drop a reflection of lack of confidence in corporate leadership?

What other "peaks" are there?

Bush emails not a priority: Congress budgets $650,000 to declassify Nazi war docs

Pakistan Declares: 'We Are At War'

“Getting to the Truth Through a Nonpartisan Commission of Inquiry”

They Believe Their Own Propaganda?

Leahy Opens Committee Hearing on Truth Commission

When did the Democrats become the good guys?

Is Rush Limbaugh a pedophile of not?

Ok I really like the green choo choo and bike path and bus and tree

Leading House GOPer Agrees With Rush Limbaugh, Wants Obama To Fail

GOP aproval hits all time LOW

No iPhones, iPods at Bill Gates's house

I'm Done With Internet Rightist Scum!

Ecstasy for PTSD?

24/7 WallStreet: Can The US Economy Eat Eight Million Jobs This Year?

24/7 WallStreet: Can The US Economy Eat Eight Million Jobs This Year?

Lessee now, The Republicans failed because they didn't stick to their core values.

California Supreme court to weigh in on Prop 8. tomorrow...

from Huffington/Financial Times - "I got stuck in a lift and ruined my life"

Jonathan Krohn's (the 13 year old Conservative wiz kid) book "Define Conservatism"

International Court issues arrest warrant for Sudanese president (for genocide)

3fer: CORZINE's pen. Shrub's PICASSO. Blago's lie detector.

Good interactive map on economic data & how stimulus will affect states

Should GOP Put No Money Where Its Mouth Is?

Obama to cut wasteful defense spending.

First step forward to Universal Health care.

Economy forces horses from their homes too

Sarah Palin Will Be Working For Russia Next Year......

Almost ready for PHASE 2

My former business partner is closing shop

Where did us humans cross the line?

Hugo Chavez to ban hunting

Release of Memos Fuels Push for Inquiry Into Bush’s Terror-Fighting Policies

Rachel Maddow next up on Leno.

Rep. Allyson Schwartz was just on Steph Miller

Steele trap? GOP fears grow


Steele: ‘My Personal Opinion Doesn’t Matter In This’ — Only Limbaugh’s Does

Obama to Single Payer Advocates: Drop Dead

New Post Proposed at Pentagon- Director of Independent Cost Assessments

Hmm... I could jump out a window, Or pound a nail into my hand - or, watch Mourning (sic) Joke!

John Cornyn needs to be slapped with a dead fish........

Beautiful ad for peace

McCain and Feingold working to give Pres. Obama line-item veto power?

Russ Feingold is on my TV standing next to McCain

This is what I think I just saw. McCain came on tv and gave another

President Obama & Congress, make C-SPAN3 be carried in all markets like the other CSPAN channels are

Harold Ford spouts off again. I'm glad he lost. He's a traitor.

The panic is creeping closer...

To be a celebrity in America...

Two words describe Limbaugh's relevance to anyone under 40........

Welfare drug testing bill called 'inane'

Deep inside rush & his devotees is a tiny, frightened child.

Afghanistan Roadside Bomb Kills Three Canadian Soldiers Serving With NATO

U.S. Rep. Steve King, fruitcake

Are we at "War"?

The question I would like to ask Alan Greenspan

Truth and Reconciliationhearings C-span 3 NOW

The Leahy Hearing today is a good thing. Here's why:

Unbelievable, even for PA hinterlands...

Like Gordon Brown or not, that was a hell of a speech.

Like Gordon Brown or not, that was a hell of a speech.

American people don’t blame Obama’s policies for stock market drop.

Great Ann Telnaes animation. She tells it like it is.

Rep. Alan Grayson apologizes to Rush...LOL

Designer babies

nsa/at&t wiretap. suspend first amendment. anyone having people say

Jerry Brown: Prop 8 Should Be Struck Down

one woman - - and the National Guard

one woman - - and the National Guard

EU court attacks GM crop secrecy (yea!)

Blue Dogs Don't Get It Anymore than GOPers Do: Government Spending Is NECESSARY at this Moment

Marjorie Cohn: Memos Provide Blueprint for Police State

GOP'S New Theme Song Honors Limpballs

Somebody tell rusty lampshade

Lawmakers Want to Ban Politicians from Cashing In on Corruption (think blago)

Dem. calls Limbaugh a 'sorry excuse for a human being'

GE Drops Below $6 for First Time Since 1991, Denies Need to Raise Capital

Wall St blames us for not paying mortgages while we're actually paying more than they're worth

I'm feeding two raccoons out on my roof deck

The Rude Pundit: John Yoo and His Merry Band of Traitorous Lawyers

This is what Rush dreams about becoming.

Sudan soldier: 'They told me to kill, to rape children'

C-SPAN3: Live Coverage Of The Leahy Truth & Reconciliation Commission Hearings

Soldier slain in Afghanistan returns home

Bush memos on presidential power shock legal experts

The New GOP theme song.....

Can the court throw out Prop 8?

Sonograms, ‘child porn’ in North Dakota

If the pig is getting too fat....

How long until Pat Buchanan apologizes to Limbaugh?

Please don't throw me into the briar patch!

Democrats apology Website

Rep. Rush Holt Introduces Antrax Commission Legislation

republic strategist Brad Blakeman calls rush 'entertainer'

Oklahoma City news

True or False: Corporations have had a gravy train in tax cuts during the Bush years

Prop 8 Should Be Struck Down - by Jerry Brown

Limbo is not a comedian or entertainer, but I believe he may be a columnist

GOP Recruiter receives 900,000 to find canidates

Real estate businessman turns bank robber--sign of the times?

Rachel Maddow on The View on March 5.

Biggest Corporate Cover-Up Ever?

Rush Limbaugh is a poopy-head

'Anonymous Call Led Police to Change Route of SL Team's bus' Into the Ambush

How Long WIll Pakistan's Civilian Government Claim Control?

Diebold voting system sported 'delete' button

Has anyone asked DL Hughley want he thinks of Steele's apology?

I think Limbaugh is a grand deflection

We can’t afford the death penalty

My problem with this Hillary Clinton statement in Palestine:

A fee simply for buying something? Outrageous!!

If all countries were human beings then

Senator Tom Harkin talkin shit on C-SPAN 2

First I laughed

Too much oil

GOP Recruiter receives $900,000 to find candidates...

Asteroid 2009 DD45's Passing Was A Cosmic Near-Miss

MoveOn asks for YOUR Health Care / Economic woes - tell your story!

Another Freeper-type from Fido...

Say it ain't so - The Obamas should NOT get a Portugese water dog

Obama's Next Gauntlet: Reviving the Middle Class

Could Specter, and maybe Snowe and Collins switch sides?

Let's make Cinco De Marcho a Rush free day on DU!!!

A must-see animation about Rush from today's Washington Post online.

Poll: Majority Wants Bigger Government

Rush Job: Inside Dems' Limbaugh plan

Bill Scher: A United Middle-Class. Eeek!

Memo to the media by kos

Iraq vet loses house, finds his home

Hey conservative lurkers, better talk limbaugh out of inviting the President on his show

Market up because of China stimulus. Does the market love communism now?

Talk of the Nation is discussing Rush Limbaugh.

AIG Insanity: Why Are We Bailing Out a Giant, Unregulated Hedge Fund?

A friend of mine who is from Iran, said it was a cool country until the USA brought them the mullahs

Will Ferrell relieves eight years of Bushed

Will Ferrell relieves eight years of Bushed

Furious Cricket Ref: 'Pakistani Police Left Us Like Sitting Ducks'

Iran's warning for Israel: Your nuclear sites are within our missile range

Republicans & Blue Dogs Are OK With Helping Banksters But Balk At Helping Homeowners

Charlotte Observer: The audacity of hoping to reverse Reaganization

Rush demands Obama debate him, according to Freepers.

oo--oo--that smell

Just got this in my email, "...the secret Republican Apology Machine!"

Bobby Scott was great on WJ this morning

BNP uses Polish Spitfire in anti-immigration poster

dude fish looks like a lady (male fish develop female sexual organs due to hormones)

The Defense Department should be renamed the Department of Warfare.

"Rush is the bloated face and drug-addled voice of the Republican Party"

McClatchy: Martinez mum on new GOP chief's battle with Rush Limbaugh

Sen. Grassley "Richest 1% pay 40% of taxes..."

Obama's fault the Dow is dropping? What are the arguments against this?

Who said these words :

Dow is up around +235 ... sshhh

Who said these words :

Eric Cantor is going to hold an important news conference tomorrow

(Military Times) Op-Ed: Erasing Red Ink

Vitter, 'Senator Scruples', Fights Family Planning Money In Omnibus

Vitter, 'Senator Scruples', Fights Family Planning Money In Omnibus

Democrats' 'apology' Web site mocks Limbaugh

LTTE: Hypocrisy in the news

Merrill's top 10 earners made $209 Million in 2008-WSJ

too BIG to fail?

is Maine effing up the "weatherization" stimulus?

I apologize Rush

If I wanted to debate the President, I'd run for the office

AP: Dems seek 'Truth Commission' probe of Bush. The GOP response: Forget it.

lookingh for a Rush Limbaugh video

Needy ...... Party of 1 ... The Chicken McNuggets tragedy

Stimulus Money Hits The Streets

Sign up now!! Rush For President!!

Call the Mormon Church - tell them no more lies!

Commentary: My crush on Michelle Obama-By Jack Cafferty

Is Calif. Gov changing mind on Milk Day?

Rush to the President: Debate Me

Limbaugh's afraid of Meeting the Press - So he challenges Presidents to come on his show....

ACLU: Updated Chart Available of OLC Memos on Interrogation, Surveillance , Etc.

Steele: Punishing senators who supported stimulus is ‘absolutely on the table.’

I've had some time to digest today's Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing

100,000 foot soldiers for the Sinaloa cartel

TIME Blaming The White House For The Limbaugh Flap?

If Limbaugh is such a great debater, why wasn't he up on stage debating instead of McCain?

Toxic Waste Dump Found in Fla (repost)

Exactly why DON'T you run for office or head of the gop rush? WHY?

"Day after Obama says to 'buy', DOW is up 250 points."

Who does he think he is? It's time to put Rush Limbaugh where he...

Did the stock market actually lose value, or did an unsustainable

What should we do with the NEA? (Natl. Endowment for the Arts)

Miami abortion clinic owner threw live baby away, prosecutors say

Rush versus Obama: Who would win?

Is there life after AIG? The subject deserves an Obama Speech.

POL Pile-on: Warrant issued for former GOP chair

a letter I got today from Jeremy Funk about Rush

The FR discussions on Rush are cracking the hell out of me.

Here's why Rush doesn't have guests or debate.

Now that Rush has basically declared himself the GOP nominee for 2012

Please Wish My Family Some Luck

Tweety called Rush's demand that Obama debate him the 'Ultimate jumping of the shark".

Hardball - starting off with limbaugh debate

Are Radio Stations Right to Censor the Eagles? (goddamn-Life in the Fast Lane)

I think Michael Steele has watched too many episodes of The Wire, and

The "Get Even" rule of any commission given authority to investigate torture

How was Rush not fired for the "magic negro" song?

An open letter to the religious right: You have no right

WAPO Headline - "Administration Targets Troubled Homeowners"

All hail Rush! - Congratulations card for Rush! rofl

Obama has left intact a brain dead banking system that is out of control

Tin foil hats turn into knitted scarfs

RNC Lawsuit Seeks to Eviscerate Nation's Campaign Finance Laws

What is the deal with the "democrat" or "democratic" party thing?

The anti-choice Fundies are going after Sebelius hard......

Rivkin wants a private Senate investigation

Fox News Ratings Remain Strong, #2 Cable Channel In Primetime

How does this sound for a bumper sticker.

Preposterous pomposity - Tweety on Rush's

Flashback 3/08: Rush Brags on his brilliant OPERATION CHAOS

Michael Steele's new role: Repug Mob Enforcer

Joint Hearing Set on Plan to Ban Governors From Appointing Senators

So I've noticed work gets easier and easier by the day

Greg Craig released a statement hailing a deal reached allowing Rove, Miers to testify...

Bill Hicks: "Rush Limbaugh is a Sc**-Muncher"

Bear Stearns’ Jimmy Cayne’s Profane Tirade Against Treasury’s Geithner

were johnny mccain'ts constituents 'really angry' with every bu$h* spending bill?

now we're gonna get boners take on the nazi jock....coming up on '1600'

ACLU: Senate Hears Testimony On Proposed Truth Commission

The Nation: Chas Freeman Redux: "When Idiots Attack"

Gordon Brown just Knighted "Sir Edward Kennedy".

Alter/Newsweek: How Rush is making the GOP the party of wimps.

Rush is being played like a fiddle

If utilities are regulated by the government on what they can charge

Afghan commission rejects Karzai, sets election for August

What question do you want to ask John Yoo?

John Yoo: A Proud War Criminal

Perhaps it's not a good idea to have 2/3 of your economy based on sales and service

Rove's testifying in private?

Ari Fleischer just slipped in a "Democrat Party" while talking to David Shuster.

what if leahy and congress INSIST the world courts investigate bu$h*/cheney

AlterNet: Mormons Mobilize to Deprive Gays of More Rights

Head of U.S. nuclear weapon transport gets DUI

Cut them off at the knees

US economy could lose 8 million jobs this year

Do the released Yoo memos constitute proof of a plot to commit HIGH TREASON

Power to the Peeps (contest)

rush Limbaugh, who the fuck cares?

XM Subscribers missing Randi... Listen to Pete Dominick on POTUS

A LOLmoran!

Dem Congresswoman to Speak at Moonie Event on Capitol Hill

President Obama needs to have a "fireside chat" .. to define things to the people

Another apology to Rush, sort of

Economy of Scale - Failed

Brian Williams just ran a Kaiser Permanente commercial masquerading

The stamp machine gave me J. Q. Adams and Andrew Jackson dollar coins

Of my 100 cable channels, there is only one that has this big black box cover half the screen

CBS Evening News: 50% of mortgages in NV are underwater. 40% in MI

UPDATE: Merrill Lynch Top Earners Subpoenaed By NY Attorney General Cuomo

Hey CNN, stop cheerleading the recession

FDIC May Become Insolvent This Year

The House Judiciary Comm has "reserved the right to have public testimony."

Pelosi: Rove and Miers Testifying Before Judiciary Committee is a Victory for the Constitution & Law

McCains constituants are mad

Libertarian Democrats in Congress

So why does Rush Limbaugh constantly refer to testicles, grabbing ankles, and bending over....

A young newlywed democrat is dying of cancer

Madoff agrees to give up property, art, tickets

My dogs are laughing their asses off right now ......

Prosecute the Bush Crime Family (Letter to Senators)

The FDIC is a crock of crap: The total liability for the FDIC in 2007 was $4.29 trillion...

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll (GOP) and Mr Hyde (Rush Limbaugh) - The Metamorphosis Is Complete

Queen Elizabeth awards Kennedy honorary knighthood

Palo Alto's high-speed rail regrets.....

Wartime troop brain injures could reach 360,000


Repug mofo you'd most like to see in pinstripes........

Is it time for Franken to take his case to the next level?

A last word on a GLBT Thread I started earlier...

NYPD officers accused of raping an intoxicated woman

Good ol' Politico .... right on time ..... Johnny On The Spot ......

William F. Buckley .......

Rove and Miers to Testify - About fucking time

What's to say if we do promote green jobs?

Is it just me, or has the traffic more than doubled here since the Rusharrhea?

Jonathan Alter on KO. Says "if Repubs can't stand up to Rush, how can they

U.S. denies manipulating Al-Marri case

Scott Horton: John Yoo Hearts Orange County (Previously Announced Endowed Professorship Disappears?)

Poetic Juxtaposition

Can we leave Iraq now and just leave a nice note?

Penn and Teller (So when did Penn sell out???)

Dr. Nathanial Frank: DADT is "...rooted in denial, and deception, and repression."

I just turned on the radio.. and you are never going to believe this one.. Limbaugh wants to debate

Playwright, screenwriter Horton Foote Dies

Reid Spokesman: Coleman Doesn't Get Another Election

My Congressman from Orlando is turning out to be a Rockstar!

Does Rush actually think that Obama listens to his radio show?

Do we have a DNC Chairperson?

Rush Limbaugh truly does have "Balls of Steele."

So Rush has challenged Obama to a debate....

Why do progressives listen to Right wing radio and watch Fox News???

Why do progressives listen to Right wing radio and watch Fox News???

Scott Horton: George W's Disposable Constitution "Late 2001-January 19, 2009... A Dictatorship."

Tweety just said Franken has high unfavorables in MN. Is that true?

"A functional dictatorship"

dupe - delete

Hey Jonathan Alter

How difficult would it be for you to relocate?

What do you think of David Schuster's show?

America's Emptiest Cities

Was Josh Bolten still under subpoena, included in the lawsuit?

The Housing Bears Are Wrong Again (the brilliance of Larry Kudlow in 2005)

Ex-Fannie Chief Received Lower Mortgage Rate, Panel Says

Scott Horton: This country was a dictatorship from late 2001 to 1/19/09

A marksman in Iraq; No gun permit in Omaha

DLC "New Democrats" stab the middle class in the back -- again

SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS (Loosely translated as death to tyrants)

EGADS! TCM star of the month is RONALD REAGAN

Quick someone call Rush and let him know the election is over.

Tuh-Weet! McCaskill to call out Rushpublic leadership today

FYI 10pm est "Hudson Plane Crash" Discovery Channel

Ah, fer Chrissakes, can we have a GD: Pillboy forum?

Folks we need to prosecute these folks, PERIOD

I would love to get the link to the Rachel "punking the boss"

White House taps experienced emergency manager to lead FEMA

White House taps experienced emergency manager to lead FEMA

I miss the mullet, guv ........

thank you, tim pawlenty (via Rachel's show)...

Mormon Machine Cranking Up Against Illinois Civil Unions Bill

Right now on Discovery - a story about the airplane that ditched into the Hudson.


Dear ReTHUGlican Party: Rush LIMBOsevic does NOT care about YOU!1 n/t

Can someone post the link?

Aviation enthusiasts; Here's a webpage with extensive aviation links...

Headline I've love - "Senate and House downsize, all Republicans laid off due to poor performance

Mini-Madoffs in London

Bailing out homeowners raises housing prices

Karl Rove and Harriet Meyers to be deposed under oath --in private--

A break in the action - flying fun and you're the pilot

What really pisses me off is that there's even a slightest HINT of a question about prosecuting Bush

Mike Malloy to be self-syndicated? (Green 960 blog)

Obama should counter offer to Limpy:

(Help. Andy Worthington has given me an interview for DU but

So You’re Dead? That Won’t Stop the Debt Collector (pass this info around)

What's the worst/most difficult addiction to 'break', in your opinion?

From Rep. Conyers House web site

Republicans Make a Case for Prosecuting Bush Officials

Regarding Leahy's "Truth Commission" - is it possible that...

I;m having so much fun with Michael Steel driving the Pubs NUTS!

The Dittohead Party: Why the GOP is Screwing Itself

Ooo, Loud Dobbs thinks the Dems Rush strategy could backfire!!

This is a resource post for advocating single payer health care.

Egypt in deep water with sunken treasures plan

Contractor gets 6 years for Pentagon fraud..."only" 6?

Rightwingers Hate It When You Fight Back

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 1: Who's he leader of the party GOP?

Tomato pickers' Fla. plight a growing concern

Edible Excretions: Taiwan's Toilet Restaurant

We need a grand jury of randomly chosen state career prosecutors to investigate BushCo.

"Barbara Bush has undergone heart surgery"

Bernie Sanders wants Ben Bernanke to name names

THANK YOU Jon Stewart! Thank You Thank You for exposing CNBC

What is this shit: a repug publicity on DU who promise grant to people

Officials want Steele apology over school remarks. Alonso says GOP leader broke his word.

David Frum: "Rush is a walking stereotype of self-indulgence--- And we're cooperating!"

OMG. The Decepticons are coming!

Leno compares the recent asteroid to Limbaugh.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Stewart and Colbert are on fire tonight.

Poll: Who has the lamest OP's?

"Housing plan leaves out those in the most battered housing markets"

WE ARE NOT AN EMPIRE STOP SAYING THAT! "If anyone finds a continent of indigenous people...

You all know, of course, that Mike Steele will continue to be a never ending source of entertainment

Grandparents Say Elmo Toy Spouts Inappropriate Message-"Who wants to have sex?"

Conyers gets a seat at the table he'll be at White House Health Summit tomorrow

David Rivkin wants the career prosecutors at the DOJ to investigate/prosecute Bush et al...

"Gender Gap in Politics Is Invite for More to Run" - Womenenews March 3, 2009

Are you left-handed or right-handed?

MarketWatch: Private-sector cut 697,000 jobs in February, ADP says

Yoo: I wouldn’t change the substance of my torture memos, but they do ‘lack a certain polish.’

So, the Feds Knew All Along Who Killed Levy, But We Had to Wait For Obama to Clear Condit's Name?

EXCLUSIVE: Ex-Employees Claim 'Horrific' Treatment of Primates at Lab

"Certified Elf Free"

Ok. So under what conditions do you think a person should be able to come here and become a citizen?

Elder's Meditation of the Day - March 4

New Freeperism

Any DUers well-versed in Karl Marx's writings? ...... Which book would you recommend as an intro?

CEOs, Bankers Used Corporate Credit Cards for Sex, Says New York Madam:Reveals Client List of 9,800

PNHP President Oliver Fein To Attend Health Care Summit


The pathetic, sickening spectacle of the repubs kowtowing to a crazy, fat d.j.

U.S. denies manipulating Al-Marri case

Anybody know why they STILL have the limits on carrying liquids on planes?

Naomi Wolf: Yoo and The Subversion of Liberty Narrowly Averted

Help, I am thinking of entering into a debt settlement agreement, should I run for the hills


Unofficial Rush Limbaugh Apology Thread

When listing the rogue lawyers who helped Bush trash America

Rick Santelli is on The Daily Show tonight according to TiVo

I defy you to cite something more irrelevant than ......

Limbaugh dares Obama: 'Debate me'

Why the Truth Commission won't work and why this all will happen again...unless...

From 9/11 Widows: An Open Letter to Senator Patrick Leahy

Catholic church complains because 9 year rape victim gets abortion

I was told by the woman who invested my retirement savings

US military chief to offer help to Mexico in violent drug war

What motivated Yoo? Weakness? Dumbness? Evil?

Tens of thousands of unopened claims letters hidden at VA offices

Wartime troop brain injuries could reach 360,000

Does learning a foreign language necessarily require a lot of memorization?

You know why I oppose Chavez?

David Sirota: If It's "Too Big to Fail," Then It's Too Big to Be Private

Ok, so under what conditions should I be able to go to Canada and become a citizen?

Jon Stewart's War on CNBC

EASY DU action alert from the Human Rights Campaign!

Compound may block HIV infection

A brief history of the Civil War (Or: How the midwest could've been a liberal bastion)

Another Anti-Choice Senator wants to strip funding for affordable birth control - HELP!

Say goodbye to the Yucca Mountain Nuke Dump: Obama has cut almost all funding for it

It's been awhile, DU, but I have a little news!

Live Avian Flu & Human Flu Viruses Accidentally Mixed and Sent to Several Euro Facilities

Is anyone watching Jon Stewart DISMANTLE CNBC right now?

credit card language questions

I no longer consider myself progressive/very liberal........

Top Russian Scholar: US will collapse next year, partly due to gays

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 2: Anger, sadness...and Krugman

Fallout on the Santelli rant . . GE throws it's weight around:

Here's why Iran is angry at America.

Here's why Iran is angry at America.

Why is Rush relevant?

So my favorite Democrats Carville, Begala and Emanuel cooked up the Rush Limbaugh strategy

what contributes the most to the dumbing down of information

Maybe people should move to the Midwest.

New Credit Card/Balance Transfer offers coming my way

Large asteroid buzzes earth and no one saw it coming

Jon Stewart Rips Rush & O'Reilly

New photo of Cuba's Fidel Castro

People Have been Convicted On Less Evidence Than This

There is a swing set on the White House lawn!!!!! I think that's **wonderful** ....

Swinging girls in DC...

someone please put the ru$h montage from olbermann on youtube

The Never-Ending Bailout - AIG

In keeping with apologies to Rush Limbaugh, Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) issued the following statement:

The US is in a textbook liquidity trap, and yet you've never heard it on the news.

FR to be shut down by the Secret Service???

I just got off the phone with Satan.

Turley: Bush terror memos are 'very definition of tyranny'

Breaking: Turdblossom and Harriet to Testify

Bwahaha! The Rethugs fell for it lock, stock, and barrel...

Anyone know anything about antivirus 360?

Rep. Shelley Berkley, D-Nev: Stop bashing Las Vegas!

When Venezuela takes food plants away from Cargill....

Your Opinion, Please.

Mother Bush had her chest open.

Our friend Robin Williams in the hospital with heart problems.

The Laugher Curve

Is it just me (as usual) or is Gordon Brown


EXCLUSIVE: 100,000 foot soldiers in Mexican cartels-Numbers rival country's army

Who would you most like to see debate Rush?

NJ Widows to Leahy: Include Sept. 11 in Truth Commission

The $2,000 car you can't buy (in the US)

The $2,000 car you can't buy (in the US)

An Anti-War Response to Obama's Iraq Plan

I am the granddaughter of immigrants.

John Yoo is an accessory to war crimes

NYT - Thomas Friedman On Banks and Nationalization - Finally! Someone Addresses The Logistics!

How much of a discount would you require for legal services from attorneys wearing bluejeans?

Question for the GLBT folks RE: prop h8

AIG Owes You $500.

Well, the GOP mess finally got me - I lost my legal asst job here in Miami , FL

(Obama's) White House Counsel Greg Craig Asked to ‘Step Down’ (Represents Rove)

Can someone explain to me why a flat tax is bad for the middle class?

Dilemma: How to shave a 2 month beard w/o blood loss

Which of these 3 guys is the oldest?

Box of Hammers....

I Really Want A Beagle Dog

I laughed so hard my eyes went out of focus.

G'night DU, with a sleepy puppy picture

"5D"- The Byrds

It's 3:10 here, and I need to be up at 10:45 for my busiest workday of the week, so GOOD NIGHT DU!

I just left the empty 12 pack of sprite in the fridge after taking the last one.

What does LTTE mean?

"We've got two lives, one we're given and the other one we make"

830 AM. Who else is PUI?

How to insert image w/hyperlink into profile signature?

Mrs. V. won't be going with me to California in June.

Cat owner's purrfect way to mellow out his pet... stuff it in a giant home-made drug pipe and blow

Face it: Pilaf Crab Flambe is a better item of food than a loaf of Portuguese Sweet Bread, anyday

Today, at 11:36 am, some years ago, a LayDeeBug spread her wings for the first time...

Mary Chapin Carpenter "You win again"

Stories From the Road: Times When I Wish I Would Have Done More

Happy Hump Day!

Face it: An Olive Warbler is a better animal than an Asian Leaf Turtle , anyday

Face it: Frank Johnson of Alsip, IL is a better human being than Joe Harris of Fairbury, NE, anyday

Will McDonalds make me the big mac with chicken for bread?

I, for one, do not want to hear about potential parallel universes, tyvm.

I'm bold, wired and pranky

Today's The Greatest Day

A co-worker just tried to tell me the Brazilian joke. He was laughing so hard.

Good morning Lounge

Power to the Peeps (contest)

I'm cold tired and cranky

New Dudespaper Column

Woman has 911 meltdown over McNuggets

Today, for one day, can't we all just get along here in the Lounge

Sex in Christ

Am I the only one when they saw the "Dad busted for teen stripper pole party" thread...

The 1980's weren't all fun and games. There were real problems.

I'm here to barter the peace between Midlodemocrat & Taterguy

We know the price of fame Midlo pays here in the Lounge, but what are it's benefits?

There's a land that I see where the children are free

Annette Benning went to Iran, and the Iranians tell here that they're pissed off

Today is a good day...

I'm feeding two humans out on my roof deck.

Snow day fun photos. Post 'em if you've got 'em!

Ever participated in a seance?

Please alert on this vermin in LBN at once! Response #13!


Weird karma

Woman 'bit off boyfriend's tongue'

Who is the more enigmatic DUer?

Are you a member of Linkedin? I need some etiquette advice please.

DU men: could you please do me a favor?

I need to escape into a fantasy world, at least mentally.

Word of the day: uffda

crude humor got my post deleted, serious question

I'm old, and require a spanky

DS1 = never disappoints. Never.

I just got the word

New job opportunity

Who would you rather listen to than Billy Corgan?

Oh, my! I totally want this thing! Gorgeous copy of the Sarajevo Haggadah of 14th century.

Well-known fact: Conservatives love The Clash.

Damn these baby catalogs I am getting! Now I must have these for Bella.

Just found on the INTERNETS - the REAL State-of-the-art Midlo Gas Grill....

As much as we bitch about Creed & Nickleback - this band was waaaaaay worse!

Just found on the internets --> MIDLO's Gas Grill...

All this brings me to my next topic: What kind of name is Zwan for a band?

Reach into your nearest pocket and count the change that you pull out

Gas Grill? Charcoal Grill? Screw THAT noise.

Ahhh, new laptop....Yay me!

BeachBaby Summer Meetup Update

A LynneSin spelling appreciation thread!

Mariska Hargitay hospitalized for chest pains

For those of us who DO like U2 (myself included), a question:


Separated at birth: Michael Steele and Shock G?

Phish 3/6 Hampton, VA

For the Trekker in your life who has everything...

I want to recommend a movie..."The Martian Child" with John Cusack.

How many "Crazy Conspiracy Theories" have to come TRUE before we realize these are extreme times?

DID YOU JUST HEAR THAT? "from late 2001-January 19, 2009, this country was a dictatorship"

You can fit nine people in the bathroom of one of those coach buses.

I love small town America, and I don't care who knows it.

What kind of fuckstick would name himself Symarip?

So, anyone else who doesn't have plans for either weekend that BB is considering?

How did we get on the topic of Midlo's gas grill? A literal flamewar...

Jeebus Krist The Guy Next To Me At The Libree Just Boofed One

Cold showers can be a good thing.

The chili in the crock pot is driving me FUCKING NUTS!

* MEDICAL * FOOD * JOBS * (lost job, no insurance, hungry, homeless, etc.)?

* MEDICAL * FOOD * JOBS * (lost job, no insurance, hungry, homeless, etc.)?


Will Parche drink himself into sexual dysfunction before his date even begins?

My financial adviser sent me a letter today...

I interrupt the normally scheduled music flame wars to ask an important question.

I have a tremendous amount of love and respect for Midlo

Remember the old - cool, better - days of DU, when we mailed each other punch cards?

Tavernertavern serves: Green Flash Trippel!

Well I'm expecting a full report (with details) from Parche tomorrow.


I'd like some feedback on this car......

OMG -LynneSin uses a Son Of Hibachi??!!! Someone ban that freeper numnuts right FUCKING NOW

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 3/4/2009)

OMG - Midlo uses a GAS GRILL!!!???!!! Someone ban that freeper numnuts right FUCKING NOW

Against my better judgment, I am admitting that I actually despise most of you.

Best Wishes to Parche and TZ on their date tonight!!

Proof positive that times are bad....

Dad Busted for Teen "Stripper Pole" Party

Anyone have a clue when LOST airs its last episode for this season?

nothing ever comes easy for me lost a lot of blood....And...drugs are gooooood

Whoops! Just set some of the household staff on fire.

Random "getting fucked" poll (NOT a sex thread).

Truer words were never posted.

I am done working for the day. You have 12 minutes to entertain me.

Any recommendation for non-sweet spaghetti sauce?

Is it time to impose a three thread per day rule in the Lounge?

For those of us not 'in' on the Parche joke...

Is there anything good on TV tonight? Broadcast, please

The Lounge is giddy and intoxicated tonight.

If you find that your mortgage is under water......

Another sleep-walking dog:

Eskies that spaz out SUCK!!!!1111

Funny ikea commercial

Dudes, I'm really feeling the stress right now.

My new supergroup idea: Nickel Creedback!

EEK!!! Columbian DOG BAT!!!!

5,000 Posts! It only took me 5½ years!.......

New Rule: no whistling songs when you are happy

Doggie Sings The Blues (Video)

Remember The Contractions and The Cramps??!!

ok bookworms - help me remember a title of a book

To those who still think babies mean new hope, I will have a new granddaughter by the end of the day

You people are so dirty!

How many discs in your Netflix queue, and what are they?

Wow, Key West

has Rush Limbaugh ever eaten a cheese sandwich??

Dammit. This is actually upsetting to me.

Is It Wrong To Say Douchebag Here Now? If Not, We Should Start Douchebag Awards

Damn. Just found out my mom just lost her job. Their main client is HSBC, and since they're shutting


Anyone want to run for elected office in 2009?

Oops. Just set the roof on fire.

Tell me why I should click on the link in your sigline

If I had a conjoined twin and she listened to new country, I'd cut her off of me

NEW client, NEW 3/4/09 photo shoot: Combo pizza, spicy chicken wings & deluxe salad

Oldie but goodie! Jimmy Stewart and his dog Beau.

Top Chef Reunion Tonight! Who's Fan Favorite?

I'm going through "Entourage" withdrawal.

I feel so gross right now.

How much of life is reggae?

Why does air travel turn people into such huge jerks?

Why does air travel turn people into such huge jerks?

I defy you to post the name of a creepier character on TV other than Roman Grant of "Big Love"

There's no OTHER business like ______________ business?

Music Fans - It's time to bury the hatchet with the recent flamewars

Oops. Just set the oven on fire.

Of all the terribly pathetic things in this world -- and I know there are a lot -- is there anything

Well, I go back to work tomorrow, should be fun with stitches in my mouth wish me luck

KILLER Wolfgang's Vault updates: Zappa w/ Flo & Eddie Fillmore West 1970, Tubes Oakland 1979

And they say Microsoft doesn't listen

Should I go to my morning classes tomorrow?

Charter Cable SUCKS!

The Nashville Cat has something she would like to say to you.

Garden Pics...

SATAN lives in Brentwood Tennessee! I have proof !!

Another arrest in the kitty kept in a homemade bong case.

What does it mean if someone has 3 major accidents in as many months

Man vs Train & Truck

Fight Club

Which one of these is Rush Limbuaghs cat?


Unofficial Rush Limbaugh Apology Thread

One Tough Cat

One Tough Cat

Holy f&*k!!! Did %$&^ $%&^ %^&*** piece of $%&^ $&^^%*$&^% Bono???

Do you participate in office politics?

My two favorite Marines: Yours?

taterguy inspired me to create this form that must be completed before you post.

4Hours Until The Ultimate.........

I Am Fukin Drunker Then Sh*t Right Now

Tonight is the night I might get..................

Why is "Just for Men" just for men? nt

As much as we bitch about Creed & Nickleback - this band was waaaaaay worse!

Against my better judgment, I am admitting that I really do like all of you.


Against my better judgment, I am admitting that I really do like some of you.

We have added a rescue puppy to the menagerie

I confess. This list of progeny motivational tools was lifted from Midlo's dissertation. My bad.

The Doors movie

Understanding Robber Barons & How To "Deal" With Them

What the hell is the matter with you?

Lawyer Jokes, give us yours!

Given the economy of the 80s, just how did the Huxtables and the Golden Girls buy all their clothes?

Match Game Story: "Modern Millie was surprised that her cereal's prize was a __ of Ereshkigal"

FUCK YOU flickr!

Why is the void so comforting?

What commercial is making you sickest?

Some "Alaska in the Winter" photos for you guys...

I Am Going To Do Something Tonight That I Never Thought I Would Do


3 Words Might Keep Your Home Out Of Foreclosure

How many people love you unconditionally right now.

How much of life is regret?

And what are you listening to NOW?

Hank Williams "You win again"

I need vibes for my sister and her step kids

kitten picture of the day for thursday march 5

'Tis fast approaching the high holy days of Basketball

Why do people hate Kansas?

I just ate a whole pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. That was my dinner.


I am too old for LostinVA

Post an innocuous topic most likely to turn into a lava-hot, blood boiling flame war

Anagram of your real name

Keira Knightly can shiver my timbers any day of the week.

Gawd, I had the HOLY CRAP scared out of me last night!

Kitteh or Gremlin?

Who is the best Character on Television?

I Dont Know How To Explain But Tonight Is The Night With..

I Dont Care About Midlo's Gas Grill, I am about to get...

Learning To Fly

Lets Groove Tonight

Gas Grill DU'rs Unite

I Think I Have A Date Tonight

I Dont Know How To Explain It, Butt I Am Jello Right Now

Wish Me Luck Tonight

One Of The Best 70's Songs

I Think I Am In Love

Pat Robertson can kiss my ASS! I quit the 700 Club forevah!!!!ELEVENS!!!!

I'm trying to get my house ready for my son. Is there anything I forgot?

Heh! David Plouffe WP OP-ED: "Minority Leader Limbaugh"

mods delete plz. DU burped on me.

Today's RW Spaghetti (as flung at the wall by Joey the Scar):

Michael Steele = Les Nessman (with aplogies to Richard Sanders)

In Tim Geithner's defense ...

Alex Bennett brought a something we should scream to the high

Feingold on CNN with Paul Ryan and John McCain NOW

Obama's FCC Pick Another Good Sign for Open Media

Obama And Wizards Fan Exchange Trash Talk At The Bulls/Wiz Game! hahahahaa!!!

John McCain; stupid, or just lying?

An Idea: Maybe Obama should say "You want totally free markets? You got 'em" and walk away from it

What the GOP Really Wants: Obama's Autograph


They give us crumbs...Dems compromise on Mortgage Relief Modification

Obama Gets Strong Support in Poll

Watch PM Brown NOW!!!!!

SIR Edward Kennedy!!!

Iraq War – Six Year Anniversary of what Should have Prevented it

The War on Obama

Do the Obamas spank their daughters? (official dem site) don't miss your opportunity to apologize to Rush!

MO Repubs push birth certificate questions to oppose 'tyranny'-My response: an Obama Youtube classic

Ahem, why do we need to have "earmarks" in our budget anyway?

McCain must be suffering from the FLU he normally looks like crap but today he looks like sh&t

Sec. Clinton criticizes Israel over E. Jerusalem demolition

Why should Americans have nationalized healthcare?

Obama Outfitted With 238 Motion Capture Sensors For 3-D Record Of Presidency

Obama Outfitted With 238 Motion Capture Sensors For 3-D Record Of Presidency

Mark Morford- Ode to the Unhappy

The Tale of Two Parties

I agree with other DUers who suggest that GDP be called GD Politics

What Happens When The Stock Market Starts Going Back Up?

Presidents don't debate entertainers, but entertainers need headlines for ratings

Very interesting article from The American Conservative on the damage done by right wing radio.

Time to deflate the balloon-" Hey, we were just kidding about Rush being the Republican leader."

MSNBC-"Winning the War on Terror?"

Conservatives Tossing Michael "Gimpy" Steele Under the Bus

Here's the video of Steele's interview on The Today Show

President Obama committed to Employee Free Choice

Time posts TWO blogs defending the Republicans against Dem claims of Rush as their leader.

Centrist Dems Start Rebelling on Obama's Spending Plans

George W. Bush has reason to celebrated - he's not the #1 hated republican anymore....

Democratic Revolt May Slow Obama Agenda

GOP "caught in a crossfire between Democrats" and Limbaugh

Report: Diebold Voting System Has 'Delete' Button for Erasing Audit Logs

Today's Mike Luckovich is a hoot!!

Somewhere Sean Hannity is crying with disappointment

Missouri Republicans push birth certificate questions to oppose 'tyranny'

Woohoo Ted Kaufman (Senator that took Biden's seat) sponsors bill: THROW THE BUMS IN JAIL!

Obama meets military advisors over DADT

GOP to Michael Steele: Quiet About Rush Limbaugh or You're Fired

A Jebbie employee to run FEMA? What the fuck?

Rush calling for debate with Obama to try to make it R vs D instead of R vs R...

Obama reverses Bush policy on Federal contractors

Hey, Freepers...Rush Limbaugh does not care about you

Anyone watching Sanchez on CNN right now? He is

LOL DRUDGE is in full freak out mode re: White House v. Limbaugh

Illinois Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias aims for Senate seat

Operation Rush in full effect

Claire McCaskill is kicking ass on the Senate Floor right now

WHY a line-item veto now?

Limbaugh's Callers are Calling Him Out. LOL

"Their number is negligible and they are stupid."

On MSNBC now: Brad Blakeman (RNC strategist) just said Rush Limbaugh is WRONG!

GOPiggie leaders accuse Dems of using Limbaugh as a distraction (CNN)

why the hell did McCaskill vote aye on Coburn's stupid amendment?

Have you seen anyone cower more than Michael Steele?

NY stock exchange has lost 52% of its value in 18 months. (An optimistic rant)

What's With This Budget Bill Being Left Over By The Previous Administration...

Why is the GOP so afraid of Rush? Someone forgot to send them the memo ...

I don't buy the argument the Obama is against single-payer

Michael Steele Gets Repeatedly Dissed On Morning Joe (VIDEO)

Use the Rush Limbaugh Republican Apology Machine! Draft Your Own Apology! Give It A Try!

Hilariously misleading Daily Mail headline: MPs' fury as....Ted Kennedy gets honorary knighthood

LOST theory

The Audacity of a Dope.

Limbaugh, who picked on a high school and got his ass handed to him, wants to debate Obama?

Michelle Obama rocks the bureaucracy with her star quality

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll (GOP) and Mr Hyde (Rush Limbaugh) - The Metamorphosis Is Complete

A pretty good look at the economic travails and how they started....

Rove, Conyers reach deal on testimony

Tough Questions Dog Health-Care Overhaul

Limbaugh is great for republicans: Buchanan (Hardball)

The one thing I hate about all of this Limbaugh BS...

Wonkish but fascinating (increasing money supply has no effect on demand if interest rate is zero)

Obama Hosts Congressional Leaders for Dinner


Freeper Wins Republican Primary in IL-05

I was going to post this earlier, but I got caught up.

Pigboy demands President Obama debate him on the "EIB network"

Please don't make the same mistake the RUSHlicans are making...

Limbaugh, GOP Just Comically Walking Into Every Trap (Wonkette)

Rove finally to testify under oath

Did anybody just see Michael ALUMINUM* on THE TODAY SHOW? He is a beaten man . . .WOW

On the budget: "Go Big or Go Home"

Keith Olbermann is FRIGGIN' BRILLIANT!!!

Chistopher Hitchens gets waterboaded...


Bernstein (Biden's econ advisor) on Alan Colmes radio show now

Lehey is pissing me off on Rachael

I want his policies to fail...

DU this Poll: Give President Obama a Grade at MSNBC Site!

Obama should say this to Limbaugh's debate proposal:

So, if Obama's solely responsible for financial crisis because he's been in office for 6 weeks

I hate when Tweety has this horrible bigot on. I have to turn

FY 2009 Omnibus Appropriations Act (summaries from Rep. Obey, Appropriations Committee)

Clinton-Gore Technology Advisers Kalil And Kohlenberger Join Obama White House Staff

Who Will Become The REAL Leader Of The GOP?

Obama agrees to debate Limbaugh

advocates believe a major credit card bill has become almost inevitable

Bayh: Obama should veto the omnibus budget bill

Nouriel Roubini: Why Bill Gross Is Wrong and I'm Right About Nationalizing Banks

Rush Job: Inside Dems' Limbaugh plan

Rush L., then and now:: 1994 Newt Contract w America wins control in the House

Ari Fleisher is a world class asshole. Today on MSNBC he was impossible...

Talkingpointsmemo: David 'D.C. Madam' Vitter Fights Family Planning Money in Omnibus Bill

lou(d) Dobbs broadcasts his intelligence

Maureen Dowd lies about Obama's position on earmarks.

MO voter ID proposal also says SOS has to check birth certificate of all prez candidates

President Obama now putting the kibosh on wasteful contractors

Five Days Ago, Congress Said No To the Fairness Doctrine. Today, Rush Limbaugh Is All Over the News

Click here to visit Maureen Dowd's home

Politico: Key GOP Leaders now believe they made a mistake in electing Steele

G.O.P. Turns Sights on Obama (Taking the gloves off)

Rush Limbaugh - The GOP Hides Behind Him Because He Is Unelected and Unaccountable

Kerry says Syrian president leaning toward West

The Smoking Wreckage Of Limbaugh Nation

More Women for The Supreme Court

A stroll down Memory Lane. A year ago, Ohio and Texas.

PHOTOS The President, the First Lady and a bunch of March 4 pics

New Study: Medicare for All (Single Payer) Reform Would Be Major Stimulus with 2.6 Million New Jobs

To show how "socialized" programs don't work, a RightNoid says the Postal Service is a failure

Is There A Teabaggers Party In Your City?

So, 24 hours ago, we were all pretty sure that the Limbaugh affair was a huge, huge win for the Dems

The Missouri Republicans. Another nomination for the most stupid of stupidest bigots.

Dean: Give Americans A Choice, ‘I Don’t Think We Should Impose Single-Payer On Everybody’

Hold For The President: Obama Makes Dozens Of Calls Daily

My Dearest, Darling, David Brooks ...

Jeopardy has an Obama category. Anybody aware of this? n/t

The FBI framed the "amthrax" killer. Is Chandra Levy's "killer" going through the same?

I don't want Barbara Bush's health to fail

For the few lurking republicans who still have a conscience: This is not an eye for an eye.

Kids in the White House? Obama surprises daughters with new swing set

I bought some stock today

For those of you who seem to have forgotten. Obama never promised single-payer.


Stimulus Flows Into Patchwork of State Transport Projects

Israeli aircraft fire on Gaza smuggling tunnels

Sun Myung Moon Front Groups to Sponsor Event on Capitol Hill

I'm sorry Rush

As recession saps demand, a world awash in oil

Robin Williams cancels 4 comedy shows in Florida (shortness of breath)

Israel to present Clinton with 'red lines' on talks with Iran

'Seize moment' Gordon Brown to urge US

Bush emails not a priority: Congress budgets $650,000 to declassify Nazi war docs

Sen. Kennedy to be knighted

Attackers stab journalist in Kyrgyzstan

Rush Job: Inside Dems' Limbaugh plan

Obama names Genachowski as FCC chair

Sri Lanka faces war 'catastrophe'

Zardari defends cease-fire in volatile Pakistan region

Supreme Court rejects limits on drug lawsuits

India Offers to Buy Gandhi Watch, Glasses to Halt N.Y. Auction

Obama seeks major change in federal contracting.

republic strategist Brad Blakeman calls rush 'entertainer'

"Criticizing Rush Limbaugh: Over the Line?"

Engineer invited teen to operate locomotive

Britain's Brown warns US against protectionism

Rush to the President: Debate Me

U.S. Prescription-Drug Imports Would Be Allowed in Bill Introduced Today

Obama seeks major change in federal contracting

Official: Fla.'s Fugate is Obama's choice for FEMA

Limbaugh dares Obama: 'Debate me'

Chavez boosts food price controls



New photo of Cuba's Fidel Castro

Altimeter 'had role' in air crash

Germicede Might guard against HIV Infection.

Britain's Brown Says 'Economic Hurricane' Has Swept The World, Warns Against US Protectionism

Pakistan Offers Reward as Sri Lankans’ Gunmen Escape (Update)

U.S. denies manipulating Al-Marri case

Three Canadian soldiers killed in Afghan blast

Warlord: Ex-Colombia army chief aided militias

Sacramento cops give up raises to save 70 jobs

Microsoft to hire H-1B workers, even as it lays off some visa holders

Tyco Electronics Announces Additional 20,000 Job Cuts

Source:Obama to order govt contracting overhaul

Senator (Leahy) calls for ‘truth commission’

Obama Administration Launches Housing Plan

Cuts Concern Hundreds of Teachers (nearly 200 Hartford teachers losing their jobs)

Reid Spokesman: Coleman Doesn't Get Another Election

Geithner blames budget woes on Bush administration

More Than 8 Million U.S. Mortgage Holders Are Under Water as Prices Tumble

(Spokane, WA) Store tells customers to pay what they want

Albany Takes Step to Repeal Rockefeller Drug Laws

Steele: Time to move on from Limbaugh spat

Supreme Court rejects limits on drug lawsuits.

China Outlines Ambitious Plan for Stimulus

China to boost military spending

Warrant issued for Sudan's Bashir

697,000 jobs lost in February

Too True Specter and Cornyn Oppose Truth Commission

Court: Federal Rules Don't Protect Drugmakers From Consumer Lawsuits (3/4/09 - Major Ruling)

In past 2 years, 87 million in U.S. went uninsured

Bayh: No dice on massive spending bill

Iraq Vet Gets Pink Slip (Boston firefighter loses job while serving in Iraq)

Probe Urged over Chas Freeman, Obama’s Anti-Israel Intel Pick

Merrill's top 10 earners made $209 million in 2008

Russian scholar says US will collapse — next year

'Party' Drug Could be PTSD Treatment

Illinois Medical Marijuana Bill Passes House Committee for the First Time Ever, 4-3

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday March 4

Tester, Baucus tell AG to back off on gun control

Bush memos on presidential power shock legal experts-Admin sought unchecked wartime authority

Iran sees Obama 'on wrong path'

U.S. Sets Big Incentives to Head Off Foreclosures

33 Towns Support Closing Of Nuke Plant

Robin Williams in South Florida hospital

Man killed after attacking judge in Stockton court

Unopened claims letters hidden at VA offices

Report: Diebold Voting System Has 'Delete' Button for Erasing Audit Logs

Fmr. First Lady Barbara Bush has heart surgery

Chimp Victim May Be Brain Damaged

ELECTRIC-CAR FEVER -- Grand Visions at the Geneva Auto Show

Docs seek gag orders to stop patients' reviews

New Vaginal Gel Stops AIDS Virus

Ted Kennedy to receive knighthood

Still many food product contain melamine

Venezuela to Cut Oil Contracts as Prices Fall

Boy, 13, Kills Brother, 10, With Dad's Gun

Chavez orders nationalization of Cargill

HELP!! Need support getting votes in a comic book competition.

TNGA Lt. Gov Ron Ramsey took oath of office sans hand on Bible

End the conflict - israeli tv commercial

Rachel Maddow Interviews Howard Dean

Steele: ‘My Personal Opinion Doesn’t Matter In This’ — Only Limbaugh’s Does

David Shuster Smacks Down Limbaugh For His Rank Hypocrisy

We fell in love with a word: peace

Ron Paul and David Shuster Discuss Rush Limbaugh's Role in the GOP

Whitehouse: ‘Blanket immunity’ that prevents prosecution of Bush officials is a ‘mistake.’

The Battle for the Soul of the GOP

Schoolhouse Rock - Three-Ring Government

Telling. Couric fears Rush, makes excuses for him, & dreads not getting an interview with him (2:14)

Whitehouse Questions David Rivkin About Establishing a Commission to Investigate Bush Crimes

Steele Won't Say Whether He Wants Obama To Fail - "That's the nature of this job, baby."

Rivkin: Bush Admin. War Conduct Has Been "Exemplary"

The Devil and Rush Limbaugh

Conservative Coulter Critic Ejected From CPAC

Rove To Testify In Private?

Rich Sanchez & Media Matters Fact-Check Rep. Pence (R)

Schahill debates Korb on Obama's Iraq Widthrawal. Democracy Now 3/4/09 Pt 2

Countdown: Worst Persons Fox News Trifecta - March 4

Schahill debates Korb on Obama's Iraq Widthrawal. Democracy Now 3/4/09 1 of 3

Rush Limbaugh Sings

Countdown: Jonathan Alter Trashes Repub 'Objections' to Obama Economy Plan (MUST-VIEW)

KO: More John Yoo memos revealed

Rep. Holt Reintroduces Anthrax Commission Bill

Larry King Live: Stephanie Miller & Arianna Huffington Lay Into "Treasonous" Limbaugh & GOP Pundits

Climate Denial Crock of the Week - I Love The 70s!!

Truth Commission = Senate Judiciary II

Truth Commission = Senate Judiciary III

GOP Strategist Wallace: GOP is Like Start of American Idol

KO: Sen. Whitehouse on Truth Commission

Think Progress: Howard Dean on Single-Payer Health Care

"Earmarks Of The Beast" - Olbermann Destroys GOP's Lies & Disinformation


What makes these freaks tick?

TYT: Why Are Dems Getting Clobbered On The Pork Issue?

Countdown: Keith Shows Rush Limbaugh Retrospective 'Rush Redux'

Republicans Change Their Minds On Filibuster

TYT: Cenk's Take On The Bush Administration Secret Memos

Truth Commission = Senate Judiciary I

Rush Limbaugh: A CPAC Mashup

Howard Dean to Think Progress...the president is considering a health mandate.

Whitehouse Questions = Establishing a "Truth Commission"

Obama Was For Sinlge Payer Health Care...

TYT: Did Michael Steele Surrender His Manhood to Rush Limbaugh?

FDR Madison Square Garden 1936-Welcoming The Hatred

"If the Republicans want new leadership, they simply need to flush"

Mark Benjamin: How to build a torture commission

Robert Scheer: Billions Dished Out in the Shadows

It’s Time to Make Free Energy our Next Grass Roots Victory By Steve Windisch

US plans for military intervention in Sri Lanka

Who You Calling Socialist?

Freegan Terrorists

The Geography of a recession

Top Republican's Groveling Apology to Rush Limbaugh Is a Media Disaster

Martin Wolf: To nationalise or not – that is the question "Call it a banana if you want"

Obama skews battle lines in 'class war'

Happy Talk

Big Oil “Deja Fu” Ready to Rape us at the Pumps Again! Fix Gas Prices Monopoly?

OxyContin Fires Rush Limbaugh as National Spokesman

Fox sweeps Rush Limbaugh under the rug

David Plouffe: Minority Leader Limbaugh

Iran Going Nuclear? Get Over It, Strategist Says

WSJ (and FauxNews) Spins Negative About Record Numbers for Obama

Dead? Debt Collectors Dont Care

Bair Says Insurance Fund Could Be Insolvent This Year

Conservative Author: "Rushification" Is Result of GOP Leaders' Incompetence

Merrill Lynch gave top earners $209 Million in 2008

Annals Of Repudiation (CBS)

The Tortured Memos (NYT)

Troy Record: The GOP needs a new game plan (NY-20)

Mad Max's Justice Department: The scary post-9/11 thinking of the Bush legal team (WaPo)

Justice Department to Reveal More Bush Administration Legal Memos (WaPo)

Is the Republican Party racist?

Robert Parry: How Close the Bush Bullet

Climate Change You Can Believe In (The Progress Report)

The memos' authors, John Yoo and Jay Bybee, should be investigated, prosecuted, and disbarred (Cohn)

Feingold supports 'truth commission' with reservations

Obama Nominates Net Neutrality Backer for FCC Chief

CPAC'S 'Doogie Rabble Rouser' to Get Own TV Show

Operation Chaos II: Get Rush

Who's prettier, Palin or Rush? (no pictures I promise)

No legal basis for Senate do-over (Star-Trib)

Bush administration memos on presidential powers stun legal experts (LAT)

Zombie Banks Are Devouring Our Public Money

You’re Dead? That Won’t Stop the Debt Collector

Ending the War on Drugs

The Pursuit of Social Democracy

GOP Rep: "I Might Be A Closet Democrat"

The budget reveals the liberal Obama

Former Countrywide leaders start firm to buy bad loans. Housing Hits Bottom?

Thomas Friedman discovers the economic crisis

Guardian UK: Never mind the evidence - a drug-free world is nigh

Arrest Warrant in Sudan May Force Obama's Hand

Help set the agenda at Netroots Nation (August 13-16, in Pittsburgh)

The Nation: Slavery at Your Table

"Criticizing Rush Limbaugh: Over the Line?"

Garrison Keillor: When your brother dies

How food-service providers like Sodexo bilk millions from taxpayers

The rich should stop whining and pay their damn taxes.

Where's Palin's $150G Wardrobe? RNC Doesn't Say

Matthew Rothschild: We Came an Inch from Martial Law

Obama's Middle-Class Task Force Has No Middle Class

Docs ask patients to sign gag orders barring online reviews; some sites don't cooperate

Why the GOP is failing and what Rush Limbaugh really means


Canada Senator Harb introduces Seal Bill to end Seal Hunt

Complex Of Climate Problems In Uganda - More Malaria, Likely Loss Of Ability To Grow Food, Coffee

VW CEO: Electric cars 15-20 years away

75% Of 122 European Bird Species In Study Have Declined In Range, Numbers Since 1980s - BBC

Iowa Public Health Warns Against Alfalfa Sprouts - At Least Five Sickened By Salmonella - DMR

Japan's Consumers MUST Have Charcoal From Mangrove Forests - No Other Charcoal Will Do, You See . .

Clean energy investment not on track to avoid climate change

First Look: 2011 Opel Ampera – Europe Scores A Volt (EU version of Chevy Volt)

Michio Kaku discusses the future of nuclear energy with Michael Marriot of NIRS

The Amazon's most ardent protector

Guardian UK: Let's wipe out toilet paper

It’s Organic, but Does That Mean It’s Safer?

Traveling-Wave Nuclear Reactor

Peak Uranium.

Roof Leaks, Dead Mice, Rodent Droppings Found Throughout TX Peanut Plant - Reuters

From The "Oh, GREAT!" Dept. - Sudan Inaugurates New Massive Dam Upstream From Aswan - AFP

HOw much time does anybody really think we have.

Anyone Here Read "Where The Wild Things Were"? Fantastic Book On Trophic Cascade

Global Warming: On Hold?

Asteroid 2009 DD45 Missed Earth By About 49,000 Miles On Monday - Roughly Size Of Tunguska Object

Warlord: Ex-Colombia army chief aided militias

Cuban-American businessman freed from captors in Panama after being held nearly a year

Guatemalan minister's kin threatened over archives

VEN Re-Takes Course Toward Socialism with Inauguration of Water Pump and Commune

Witness 4 Peace: House Approves Round 2 of Plan Mexico,Call Senators Not to Double Merida Initiative

Panama's Torrijo asks Chávez for entry into Petrocaribe

Be a Voice for Peace in Colombia

Where Are the Workers?

Union official: Franken 60th vote on card-check

President Obama: Bush government tried to undermine unions

Unions Look for Help from Labor Relations Board

Open Left: Why We Need EFCA (over 1 in 4 private ballot elections ends in a worker getting fired)

Employee Free Choice Act: Fight of a Lifetime?

Scary Movie (video)

Big Unit looking strong

Manny agrees to 2 year $45 million deal

Army, The Citadel, Northwestern, St. Francis (NY) & William & Mary.

Sick to my stomach. What a fucking chump

Some good news posted in GD-P...

California Supreme court may weigh in on Prop. 8 tomorrow; cross posted from GD...

Need advice/help.

Socialism and Gay Liberation: Back to the Future

Court Warner? QB chase magnifies ineptitude of the Niners front office

LGBT Political Cul-de-sac: Make a U-Turn

An open letter to the religious right: You have no right (crosspost from GD)

Cross Post GD: Compound may block HIV infection

(Military Times) Poll: Should 'Don't Ask' be Repealed? (xpost from Veterans)

Dear GLBT posters: Need help on finding statistics

Judge Who Gave Canada Homosexual "Marriage" Had Conflict of Interest Says Women's Rights Group says

Just had a Prop 8 debate — and, boy, is my brain tired

Bring on the Indian Stonewall

Roubini Sees More Economic Gloom Ahead

Ex-Leaders at Countrywide Start Firm to Buy Bad Loans

CNBC New bullshit meme.. "Foreign investors are nervous about how much money we're spending"

ADP Says U.S. Companies Reduced Payrolls by 697,000

More Than 8.3 Million U.S. Mortgages Underwater as Values Sink

Obama Rescue Plan Said to Be Limited to Homeowners Most in Need

The "Best Men" Fall: How Popular Anger Grew, 1929 and 2009

Bush rule required SEC enforcement lawyers to get the OK from commissioners before moving on cases

Retired and Scared

Thar's GOLD in the cell phones!

Nouriel Roubini: Why Bill Gross Is Wrong and I'm Right About Nationalizing Banks

Bank Charges May Surge as Mortgages Marked to Market (Update1)

The Big Winner in the Bear Market

Hedge Funds To Face Fresh Wave Of Redemptions

Sector Snap: Drybulk shipping stocks leap

Stocks Rise Around the World; Commodities Gain, Treasuries Fall

This pretty much sums it up.

UBS Tells Senate It Won’t Turn Over More Names in IRS Lawsuit

When Debt Securitization Blew Up So Did the Economy

Why are the taxpayers making good on hedge fund trades gone bad?

Wouldn't banks be more likely to lend money,

My deepest sympathy to all you friends of capitalism.

How The Banks Used AIG's Swaps To Dodge Banking Rules

FDIC’s Bair Says Insurance Fund Could Be Insolvent This Year

Challenge of Israeli settlements

U.K. minister: Gaza war crimes claims against Israel should be probed

What Bibi faces in liberated Washington

Hillary Clinton warns Israel over settlements and house demolitions

Obama taking "wrong" path over Israel

Gaza needs trust, not just aid

Targeting Israel with Boycotts, Divestment, Sanctions, and Prosecutions

UK says open to talks with Hizbullah

Palestinian Astrophysicist in US Reunited with Wife & Three Remaining Children ...

Will Justice Roberts recuse from Wyeth v Levine for his huge conflict of interest? (Pfizer stock)

Health Care Tuesday

What Goes On In the Back Office

Free Health Coverage

Wyeth, Drugmakers Lose as Top US Court Allows Suits - after phenergen/gangrene suit case

Clinton: Israeli Home Demolitions 'Unhelpful'

More On The Economy From 2006 Debate Russell vs Brown-Waite Russell's Predictions Painfully True

Idaho tells off the feds


Florida, a leader.............

One Bird, One Beer and Warren, the Homeless Veteran

The ride home - in two parts

In A Hurry

The ride home - part 2

In case you haven't seen these.

Photo I took for "Decay"

Commanders hone battlefield diplomacy

Unopened claims letters hidden at VA offices

Paratrooper’s death under investigation

Soldier killed when base shelled in Iraq

First Lady praises military women

Gates, Army working out stop-loss payments

Iraqi deaths hover near lowest level

Looking for doors...

Ga. guardsmen honored before Afghan mission

Afghan-bound U.S. supplies crossing Russia

Lawmakers want faster progress on TBI, PTSD

Murtha says Afghanistan plan lacks goal

F/A-18 had chance to land before deadly crash

Corps punishes 13 for San Diego F/A-18 crash

Ex-Seabee pleads guilty to murder

E-6 gets 10 months for sexual harassment

Fire at Fort Carson grows to 100 acres

Navy identifies man found dead at Pearl Harbor

Man wanted by Navy for desertion arrested

Subs head far north for ICEX 2009

Marine killed in Iraq traffic accident

WWII ace, 87, gets out of jail after 8 years

Flight restrictions apply, even in the desert

Airmen lead PRT in Afghanistan

Just like Mom and Dad

Marines’ plans could go before Guam voters

Troops wait for Dow to hit ‘rock bottom’

The war within the war

S. Korea approves U.S. use of money for relocation

Kyrgyzstan tells U.S. to leave Manas by Aug. 18

U.N. joins chorus against moving Afghan election date

Soldiers draw gear for large-scale exercise

CG ends search for NFL players and 3rd man

What is the best free hosting service?

Obama may Drop Missile Shield

Theater at Baumholder closes for repairs

Gunmen Ambush Cricketers in Pakistan

False Dates on VA Claims

Bush OKd for Curbing Rights After 9/11

(Military Times) Poll: Should 'Don't Ask' be Repealed?

DoDBuzz: Insurgents Offer Tough Air Critique

(Military Times) Op-Ed: Erasing Red Ink

'Party' Drug Could be PTSD Treatment

***March Contest Question***

Skelton: Navy must end ship debates soon

***March Photo Contest Schedule***

Starchild Energies for March : Aligning with the Cosmic Sacred Heart

Another manifestation request from my ASAH friends.

"C Freak"

A different kind of request......

Future Visions Foundation--Health Care for the 21st Century

Obama Overturns Last Minute Bush Endangered Species Rule

The woman in charge of the world's biggest experiment

New 3D tours of the LHC released

Obama goes 'all in' for science

A bizarre universe may be lurking in the shadows

An OLD Slate article on which minority religious/ethnic group has a chance at the Whitehouse

Vatican Can Be Sued Over Abuse

...and the bus wars continue to continue...

Tibetan monks defiant over ban on new year prayer festival:

Jerky recipe

'Unorthodox' stir fry

What's for Dinner? ~ Wednesday March 4th

Organic - Safer???

My Friday lunch ........


Helping Students, Not Lenders

Lindauers Prosecutor - Left Case for Alaska - Palin Truth Squad


Nothing to see here.

Austin DUers-cable question

Jim Hightower donating archives to Texas State

Robin Williams cancels 4 comedy shows in Florida (shortness of breath)

Just saw Gordon Lightfoot in concert...

Court orders Ottawa to help Canadian on death row

Eradicating parasites

Easy question for this group, regarding DU profile:

Good Old Games

What the heck is "myfreeze"?