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If Limbaugh is the "voice of Conservatives", they will be forever condemned as the "party of hate",.

Calling Swamp Rat! Calling Swamp Rat!

Irrational Exuberance? We Are Now Below It . . .

Holder halts San Francisco death penalty to article below.

Working professionals head to food bank

The oldest bricks in the Carolinas?

Axe-handles Dredged from North Sea Win Archaeology Award

Rushbo Limpballs is to the Repig Party what Jim Jones

My limbaugh gif part two

The U.S. Is In A Race For the "God Particle"

Dean's NYC early education efforts sound very intriquing. "Big Apple Baby College".

What kind of BS scam is this complete with threats and bad English?

Illinois gets Rick-Rolanded

DTV users: How do I remove a channel from my listing?

Excavating mummy mouths: Assistant professor studies ancient health in Chile

Would that story about the capsized boat been in the news

I just learned my (soon to be ex) bank got TARP funds.

Ancient cylinder seal found in Iran

Tonga petroglyphs hint at Isle link

Desert Secret Cracked: Ancient Hunting Techniques Revealed

Sri Lankan Cricket Team hit by terrorists

Remember the ole Van Morrison song "Into The Mystic"?

"Will Africa Let Sudan Off the Hook?" - OpEd in NYT by Desmond Tutu

Meghan McCain

I would like to apologize to Rush....

I watched the movie "Donnie Darko" recently. (spoilers inside)


I wish Obama would cut the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. Why? We need the money and they

I'm A Little Freaked Out

Germany's supreme court bans the use of voting machines.

Hmmm...So where is "The Maverick" McCain now-he'll allow Limbaugh to be boss of the party?

College-Savings Funds Drop $23.4 Billion as Market Squeezes U.S. Students

Conrad Black on his prison life

Republicans always decimate jobs and create suffering

Which word best describes today's Republican Party?

If Limpball was not high, then I'm not a Democrat....

Greenburg on MSNBC now talking about suing AIG.

Warren Buffett's company joins the job-cutting parade

now this is the way to do business

This economy is sick

Aaah, it doesn't take much to make math geeks happy

Does anyone else in their twenties or thirties feel like they're

Pigs are flying....

Oh great, schools are closed due to snow again today

The Unparalleled Success Of Supply Side Economics . . . In Pictures.

Limpbawhumbug and his new biotch

Isn't limpballs the same fucker who offer up Palin to McCain

How much did the Dow drop during the Great Depression?

The Gomers Of Politics aka GOP are at war with themselves!

The Gomers Of Politics aka GOP are at war with themselves!

At least the DOW has started the morning in the right direction

Cost of Locking Up Americans Too High

When Citigroup (C) Becomes A Penny Stock

Although Franken is a comedian, he seems more serious about being a Senator than Coleman does

I don't know about anyone else but I'm holding out for some USA

Market's up almost one percent.

Red States Gobble Up Omnibus Earmarks

Coleman Lawyer Floats New Possibility To Judges: Throwing Out The Election

Gay couple sues U.S. for discrimination.

What I learned yesterday

The REAL advocates of Liberty.


My answer to the conservative de-regulation mantra

My answer to the conservative de-regulation mantra

A nattering nabob of negativity

You've GOTTA SEE this HILARIOUS graphic of Steele and Limbaugh!!!

We're losing newspapers and good journalists because we don't read newspapers any more. So...

Post-9/11 Memos Show More Bush Era Legal Errors

Hey, You! You can't do what needs to be done for yourself. You NEED the Rich or the Government

It's official - Limbaugh is the leader of the RNC. Steele apologizes for his comment on Rush

Madoff Pig Tries To Keep Fancy Sty And $62 Million. Fuck. Him. Royally.

Showdown looms on gun control (Illinois)

"First Amendment speech & press rights may also be subordinated to the overriding need to wage war"

Did Bill Press just say "Rush Limpballs" on CNN?

When the Veil on Thinly Veiled Racism gets torn

The Rude Pundit: This Is Going To Take Some Getting Used To, Part 2 (Budget Edition)

The Rude Pundit: This Is Going To Take Some Getting Used To, Part 2 (Budget Edition)

Oasis 'barred from China' over Free Tibet gig

fun pic

March Into Literacy Month

Clinton Says Missile Shield to Protect From Iran(Not Russia)

AIG's meltdown has roots in Greenberg era

Gaza aid pledges exceed US$4.4bn

Maybe there is some hope for Arizona! Young people leaning left.

Why so much focus on repubs?..they lost..remember? new age of intelligence and reason

NC Counties Ranked for Voter Activism; Both Major Parties Can Claim Victories

White House: Reporters Should Ask Republicans Whether They Agree With Rush Limbaugh

Pending Sales of Existing U.S. Homes Fall 7.7%, More Than Double Forecasts

Air America wants help........

They wouldn't like rush so much if he were a Democratic junkie pedophile.

IN NEED OF MEDICAL SERVICES (lost job, no insurance, homeless, etc.)?

IN NEED OF MEDICAL SERVICES (lost job, no insurance, homeless, etc.)?

To fix the banks, sic Walmart's auditors on them

Is the economy in the middle of birth pains of a new dynamic that will shape future generations

Is the economy in the middle of birth pains of a new dynamic that will shape future generations

Help - In A Few Days I'm Going To Have To Put Some Money In A 'SEP' .....

Ted Lieu addresses CA Assembly Democrats on Prop 8

Whatever happened to the Iranian Oil Bourse, and the fall of the dollar?

Cutest pic of the day

American Express, Chase Cut Card Limits, Lowering Credit Scores

Republicants: The Cowards of the Nation......

Rush Limbaugh Ambition, starring Jonah Goldberg

It's really hard to top SP's lack of class

It's really hard to top SP's lack of class

Help me tease out a distinction about Glass-Steagall.

U.S. supports creation of Palestinian state: Clinton

Excellent CBC documentary on Afghanistan

David Swanson that was an excellent discussion

Republican Woes and Clowns, a Perfect Ballet? Just a reflection.

john conyers and "open access"

Same-Sex Spouses File Major Lawsuit In Massachusetts Challenging The Ban On Federal Benefits


ROFLMAO! A hedge fund manager pithily explains Iceland's catastrophic banking strategy

Dem Senator Holds Up Science Nominees to Force Continuation of Cuba Embargo

Canadian Prime Minister Harper: Foreign troops can't defeat Afghanistan's insurgency

Letterman calls Rush Limbaugh a "bonehead," makes Katie Couric laugh

Will Ferrell's masterful and frightening portrayal of Bush (review)

Weight is simply a matter of calories in versus calories out, right?

Rihanna’s family unhappy about reconciliation ("No one wants them back together")

NY Times: Obama Treasury Operating like Bush Treasury-No Transparency-Where is $$$ going???

Bush Pulled An Enron With America's Economy...Just Look Where We Are Now.

Bush Pulled An Enron With America's Economy...Just Look Where We Are Now.

God help her if she wears white before Memorial Day or

"Written on the eve of Women's History Month. " (words from Swat)

Uh Oh.......Tim Pawlenty has blasphemed the Great St. Ronnie

Uh Oh.......Tim Pawlenty has blasphemed the Great St. Ronnie

Suit over $5K netbook 3G data bill; AT&T says "read the TOS"

The New Official Seal Of The Republican Party

Hey! Mike Malloy! Is your show gonna be on tonight?

Where is Thom Hartmann on Air America now???

In these trying times, a simple thing gives me joy...Russ Feingold is following me on Twitter

Over 3,000 Chicago Janitors Take To The Streets

My response to Republican who is suddenly upset about Obama's adding to the debt

Tomorrow's Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing - "Truth Commission"

If missing football players is the new missing blond for the media,

Is RIAA a victim of the recession too?

Are you all hearing this on Tom Hartman's show right now...holy cow.

Obama and Holder Must Prosecute War Crimes or Become Guilty of Them Himself


GOP think tank

Legislation Introduced Yesterday That Will Combat Tax Haven Abuse

Legislation Introduced Yesterday That Will Combat Tax Haven Abuse

KNUV/On Second Thought's doors have been padlocked...

Will Americans be as patient with Obama as they were with FDR?

The news is a little schizophrenic this morning.

Toon: Shrub visiting the folks...

Medicaid privatization experiment in trouble in Florida.

Jim Cramer makes Chicken Little look like she was on valium.

'01-'09 GW Bush Statistics - DOW/National Debt/GDP/Jobs

“When you strike at a king, you must kill him” Michael Steele Learns A Lesson!


Jane Hamsher: Ellen Tauscher (D-BofA) Helps Bank Lobbyists Write Our Laws

Let's all be Tom Joads

Newt to be confirmed a Catholic

If ya JUST ate lunch, DO NOT go to this link,,,

Everyday, someone on MSNBC calls a "market bottom"...

Please pardon my obscenity

I don't agree with each and everything that is still done the Bush ways now being instantly blamed

"We could have forgiven his public clumsiness if he had been doing anything for the country."

John Nichols: GOP Chair to Rush: "You're The Boss!"

Did you catch Letterman's take on Rush Limbaugh?

Remember when Obama (first week as Prez) said something about Rush?

NYT: Judge Orders Cheney Deposition in Lawsuit by Protester

The wisdom of Vandana Shiva........

TEDTalk Tuesday: Why SETI Matters

When Good Credit Goes Bad

Katrina vanden Heuvel up next on Hartmann......

Andrea Mitchell sucks.

Did Joe Lieberman go on the Limbaugh show

Did Joe Lieberman go on the Limbaugh show

Bill Kristol's 1993 Memo Calls for GOP to Block Health Care Reform Cause It Might WORK!!

The Predictive Power Of The DOW! Witness The Rise In May 2008!

The Predictive Power Of The DOW! Witness The Rise In May 2008!

I just dug a grave, we go to the vet at two o'clock.

How much do you figure the "homeless, please help" cardboard sign makes?

Cheers for Marcy Kaptur.....

Obama shelving Bush rule that weakened species protection

Payments to poor, disabled cut in half (Hawai'i)

White House press briefing just starting on MSNBC. (nm)

A first shipment of U.S non-military supplies has crossed Russia

Hudson River Plane Landing (US Airways 1549) Animation with Audio

I wanted the Chimp to fail horribly.

I think its time to scuttle, cancel or sell off some of our collection of supercarriers

Limbaugh thinks Steele was hired to be something other than a "media star"?!

Where Are the Other Memos? By: emptywheel

Surgery is over. I have been home and slept for a few hours

Yes, Ron Paul is a Bircher

I think they should be referred to as the Rush Limbaugh Party instead of the Republican Party

So now we know we were not paranoid

So now we know we were not paranoid

NYPD being sued by cop who saw demon and wants his gun back

Knowledge is power.

This is not a Tax "Hike" on the rich it is a Tax "Restoration"

So..whatever happened to Obama's plan to reduce interest rates?

The reality of homelessness

When the media will reach critical mass:

Democrats wanted George W Bush to fail.

Coleman camp asks that election result be 'set aside'

Why Skilled Immigrants Are Leaving the U.S.

The Hypocrisy of the GOP will never end. Cartoon.

Geithner: 'Obama Inherited Worst Fiscal Situation In U.S. History'

Apparently EVERY repub is standing in line to kiss rush's fat ass

If you’re not religious, do you have a problem with the term “evil?”

Soak up your sin!!

IVF Guidelines: who should be allowed to have it, and who should be limited to it

Soak up your sin!!

Shh! The DOW Will Improve When Underlying Economic Numbers Improve - Pass It On

Specter could be 'toast' in 2010 election, pollster says

Specter could be 'toast' in 2010 election, pollster says

Asia Times: One casino too many

Keynes Essay "The Great Slump of 1930" - Predictions Three Years Before FDR

Today's RW Spaghetti (as flung at the wall by Joey the Scar):

Dems Keep Up Attacks On Party Of Limbaugh

Obama's AIG Restructuring Leaving Best Bits to AIG, Not US Taxpayer

DOW 6726, NASDAQ 1321, S&P500 696 at close.

Obama removes Bush's endangered species rule

Where are all of the stupid people coming from? (this means YOU, media).

Porn and Republicans

Porn and Republicans

White Nationalist-Linked ‘Right-Wing Youth’ Group At CPAC

Limbaugh refuses to call prospect of economic recovery under Obama ‘good for the country.’

Is it possible to stop "junk" calls to my cell phone?

David Sirota: Making Reid Do It: The Best Way to Prevent Dem Defections and Pass EFCA

David Sirota: Making Reid Do It: The Best Way to Prevent Dem Defections and Pass EFCA

Bernanke tells Congress -- had they ...

celebrating National Women's History (her/story) month and International Women's Day

celebrating National Women's History (her/story) month and International Women's Day

When One Engages in a Political Discussion with a Republican...

Non-profits' 'quiet crisis'

CNN poll, who has more influence in the Republican Party?

Skeleton of village 'witch' to be re-buried

Pitchforks and torches!!!!

60 people got jobs today from stimulus project

Media Matters Launches "Limbaugh Wire"

Jack Cafferty on Michelle Obama

"Burn Your Health Insurance Bill" Day.......

Harkin: Failing to Adopt Integrative Approach to Medicine in Health Reform Would Be Serious Failure

Democrats Viewed as Better to Fix Economy

More OLC Memos To Come?

Is buying a judge through campaign contributions a form of free speech?

Both "Jindal" and "Palin" are off the FR "popular keywords"

Supreme Court's Judge-For-Sale Case Is Just The Tip of a Larger Iceberg

I've lost track. Franken: Yes? No? Maybe?

GOP to Michael Steele: Quiet About Rush Limbaugh or You're Fired

Limiting Deductions on Charity Draws Ire

Limiting Deductions on Charity Draws Ire

On of my customers is a sweet little old lady and a Fox News viewer

Photoshop or other similar programs?

so the wrinkled old white guy says there are 9,000 earmarks in the budget (or the stimulus bill)

Malaysian zoo names new lion cubs Obama, Hillary

EVERY Republican politician who comes up with any plan, idea, etc. should be asked

Ex-cop who saw "demon" sues to get gun, badge back

BUsh Considered Scrapping The 1st Admendmant & Other Horrors

The War on Poverty or the New Deal - which legislation have the Pukes lied about more?

Too bad rush is an addict & child molester or he could run for president

Pirates of the Constitution

GOP recruiter's pay, results questioned (earned $900,000 in salary and benefits in the 2007-2008)

Please check out National Hispanic Media Coalition Against Hate Speech Site!

Heads up: Cafferty's 5pm question - "Is Rush Limbaugh running the GOP?"

Mall wants Manilow music to Drive out unruly Teens

Wealthy Idiots Meet Idiot Reporter

George Bush didn't fail - and because he didn't fail

Limbaugh Comparison Thread

warning: tom 'hardball' delay

I don't think this really helps Jake Tapper....

Some Bias in today's Yahoo News

Philippines ends ban on gays in military

BlockBUSTED Video?

Obama beer sparks controversy

Bloomberg News: Hidden Pension Fiasco May Foment Another $1 Trillion Bailout

If you can still redo your mortgage in bankruptcy over 30 yrs...

I may be out of line but isn't Limbaugh treating Steele like Steele was

Has Obama nominated any federal court judges yet?

Emblems to Stamp Projects Funded by the Stimulus Package

Watching Tom DeLay on Tweety today.....Is it just me or does he give off a lecherous vibe?

Jim Cramer and Harold Ford ... Who's the Greater Fool?

Apple announces new Mac Pro, tweaks iMac and Mac Mini (CNET/CNN)

Kneel Before Zod: Anybody here able to do the art for Kneel Before Rush?

What's the next bubble going to be?

Website of woman who claims she can't afford to feed her kids - complete with vacation photos

a socialist project from the 1930s

hey cramer, only room for one ru$h at a time

New method to assemble nanoscale elements could transform data storage industry

Experts Weigh In On Bush Justice Memos

Man kills ex and her new lesbian lover.

More Republican Hypocrisy

Planned Parenthood has just learned that Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) is expected to attack Planned

Franken Lawyers To Court: Throwing Out Election Is Not A Legal Option

Stephanie Miller on Larry King Tonight

Obama's Afghanistan surge unites Taliban rivals


BREAKING Limbaugh's balls

Credit card fresh hell: Governed by rules of state of virginia??????

FYI..Rachel Maddow is on Leno tonight...n/t

Why is Delay on???? Why? He should be in jail!!! nt

Check out the new stimulus logo!!! I made it my new avatar.

Check out the new stimulus logo!!! I made it my new avatar.

Why the hell is Tucker Bounds?

GOP Chair Michael Steele: 'Franken Stealing Coleman's Senate Seat'

Dems are having lobbyists write the housing bill and Dems brag about helping banks not homeowners

Rush Limbaugh is a fixture in American politics...

Campaign Against Obama Health Plan Run By Notorious Conservative PR Firm

Campaign Against Obama Health Plan Run By Notorious Conservative PR Firm

Jobless hit with bank fees on benefits (AP/Yahoo)

Heads UP,, on tormorrow's hearing...

Glendale schools ban teachers' personal coffeepots and fridges

Religion and Politics.

Mexico: flow of migrants falls by more than half (AP/Yahoo!)

The GOP & Osama Bin Laden want the same thing...

Bravo Americans United for Change

3 charged in violent attack at gay bar

All 41 Senate Republicans Seek Veto Power Over Obama's Federal Judicial Appointments. Stop the

Republican Group launches health care offensive

My moon phase calculator tells me the moon is 46% full, waxing. Why then ..

Is there a smarmier, oilier, more disgusting liar than Tom Delay?

Where can I find the right wing apology to Gary Condit?

Right Wing Terrorism Watch - 3 homophobes launch a stone age style attack against a gay bar

how about a.. Rove, Delay, Limbaugh "round-table"?

Johns Hopkins freezes hiring, pay (UPI)

If Limbaugh was on the radio during WW2

Remember Rwanda.

Engaging with the Obama Admin to Advance the Human Rights of Women

Another multibillion $$$ loss! Some hugs and sympathy for these people!

Another multibillion $$$ loss! Some hugs and sympathy for these people!

So regarding Twitter, have you been following Doonesbury this week?

I'm trying to follow along at home. Has Sarah Palin apologized to Rush yet?

Limbaugh Travels to Canada for Surgery

"If the Republicans want new leadership, they simply need to flush"

Many Reactionary Democrats Are Blinded To The Benefits Of Emergency Deficit Spending

Nevada GOP executive director resigns to pursue a job "with tremendous potential"

Republicans Apologizing to Rush, You Can Too!

Turley - these memos are the definition of tyrany

VP Biden to consult NATO allies on Afghanistan, Pakistan

Is Ron Paul a sleeper for the GOP Nomination in 2012?

Where can I find up-to-date vote totals for the Illinois 5th congressional special election?

Asia Times: Outhouse politics

One more night of rebroadcasts while Mike Malloy program reconfigures...will return LIVE Wednesday!

Senator Bernie Sanders’ Bill Would Make Fed Disclose Loan Recipients

Senator Johanns' (R-Ne) surgery finds no cancer, aide says

In honor of nearly 6 yrs of Iraq War goodness - An antiwar song.

Did Dave Camp, Ranking Member of House Ways and Means, lie today?

Did Dave Camp, Ranking Member of House Ways and Means, lie today?

Howie Dean coming up on Rachel

If you oppose the Stimulus Bill stay off of these roads

Jonathan Turley- No Truth Commission please!

"Part of the 'Pentagon Papers' for Iraq and Afghanistan"

Barney Frank gave Rachael a great question to ask any Republican that would come on her show

Howard Dean on Rachel Maddow's show right now

Guantánamo: The Definitive Prisoner List

Dog that survived truck crash has a ticket home (follow up)

I've just come home from seeing the doctor (follow-up from my rant yesterday)

Poll: Obama's rating at all-time much for you know who

Well today my gazelle found a new home (Exercise gear)

Guardian UK: Toyota's European workers face three-day week

Oops, he did it again (John Lynch, that is)

Paul Krugman: Imaginary notches

Authors Guild to blind people.... Drop Dead (Kindle disabled)

Postponing The World's Biggest Garage Sale (AIG)

Week 6 Presidential Week in Review

Mooney Times: GOP resolution to tout Iraq surge

CNBC is waging a war against our president.

I'm Sorry, Rush: The Secret Republican Apology Machine

Local asshat: "Robin Hood Syndrome" is bad for gov't and bad for business.

Dean Baker says something very important re: the Stock Market and the Economy

Human factor suspected in mass beaching of whales in Australia

Paging Will Pitt Re: Stem Cell Research

We're giving the morans too much respect. Maybe we should just refer to them as the "Repub" party

Important Notice

Enough Oxy-Rush already.

Cramer: "The Stock Market IS The Country"!

From the mouthes of babes......

Local news reporter says "Democrat" rep instead of "Democratic" rep on air

I'm Sorry, Rush

Rham's replacement is more progressive than Rham.

Taxpayers to Uncle Sam: I need my bloody refund money - RIGHT NOW!!!

"...Deferred maintenance and faulty decisions by the pilot and squadron members on the ground..."

100% Free Cell Phone 4 low income - no catch - limted states currently

CU National Mortgage Court Docs Reveal Fraud

David Sirota: "Swinging for the Fences": The Major League Moment In American Politics

Russian General Says US May Have Planned Satellite Collision

My nephew is taking the road of the dittohead.

Fascinating Opportunity to look at Global Warming & Cooling over the last 40,000 years, Deep Ocean

DU, thank you for all your kind thoughts and sympathy for me and my wife today

We are living witnesses to the splintering of the Republican Party.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Best of Malloy tonight

Overexposed: Imaging tests boost U.S. radiation dose

Montclair University Student Protests Ban on Donating Blood

Warrant: Chandra Levy suspect described slaying

Nurse says traffic stop led to strip search

Nurse says traffic stop led to strip search

Nurse says traffic stop led to strip search

Another point against the overrich yammerers and their tax increase

Did Mama just say, "Maybe Rush Limbaugh should be executed for treason"? AND A POLL:

A Letter To My CEO I Emailed and Mailed Him Today

Everybody send me some positive job energy!!!!

McCain doesn't know what a "sustainable future for Las Vegas" means

Oh really? That wasn't bailout cash?


"Democrats: Beware of Michael Steele"

The economic crisis and the stimulus, and dog whistles and rush limbaugh

Biggest corporate coverup ever (my article on wildfire whistleblower)

Ford sales dive 48 percent as auto slump continues

Hey, retirees! What does your medicare supplemental

Sandra Day O'Connor on the Daily Show? I hope Jon asks her ...

Thank god Jon Stewart is taking on Rush and O'Reilly...

While checking out the new Symbol I found this article on the WPA by Saul Friedman >>

Amy Goodman: Obama’s Coalition of the Unwilling

Oh, come on "24" producers (spoiler alert)

FIX the economy???...Break up monopolies and regulate!!!!

A Progressive Dem just won the primary for Rahm Emanuel's old seat

Coast Guard Suspends Search for Missing Boaters

Its Easy and no brainer Until 90% of US Assets are not

Best. GLBT. Protest. Sign. EVAH.

*In what order would you "give up stuff", if you lost your job tomorrow?

Anyone else think that dog on KO was having a seizure?


Harold Ford needs to go.

Who pulls Limbaugh's strings?

Is Rush Limbaugh headed for a big fall?

Is Rush Limbaugh headed for a big fall?

"In my opinion Rush Limbaugh is a piece of shit that really needs to be flushed.

Global New Deal

Take Action To Get Rove Nailed: Don Siegelman

Take Action To Get Rove Nailed: Don Siegelman

The Fairness Doctrine was in effect from 1949 to 1987. So I ask:

Sun Myung Moon Front Groups to Sponsor Event on Capitol Hill

The symbol of our future

Egad! Grover Norquist is on my TeeVee right now

Hahaha. Funny comic about Rush.

MoveOn petition for healthcare--Please sign!

Is you is, or is you ain't my constituency? Is you is, or is you ain't my constituency??

Oil producers running out of storage space

YOO - TODAY: 'Sometimes, what’s legal and not legal is not the same thing'

On the "Left Behind" Appearance on The Rachel Maddow Show:

So, I was at a BBQ joint in former DeLay land....

So I am in a hotel room in Boston. I am watching MSNBC. Seething.

A spontaneous rant to a loser. My letter to Rick Santelli.

For Those Who Think Homeless Have It So Good: Body Found in Swannanoa River

"What are the three little words people love to hear? No, they aren't I love you; they are:

Where is your thermostat set?

John Yoo's legal groundwork for the subversion of liberty that US citizens narrowly averted.

Hey, straight guys! I need some help here!

The Girl in the Window


One out of six Tennesseans admit to telling racist jokes about President Obama

Red States recieve the most Federal Money. Jindle is 2nd, and Palin is 3rd

He may be a crotchety old man, but Cafferty knows style when he sees it: Crush on Michelle Obama

Apologize to Limbaugh here.

Progressives using the "R" word

"Boss Limbaugh"

Where Did the Money Go?

Banks Still Blowing Bailout Cash

Russia to give 50 armored vehicles to Palestine

World Opinion of Obama Greatly Exceeds that of Bush

Just a wee bit of advice even if you are still working

YOU can do something to stop baby seals from being clubbed to death!

Bill Calls for Ban on Barbie

Dow declines 6200 under shrub and pubs wail about 1600 point drop since mid Jan.

Monsanto in the cold in EU states

I think this is a link to contact info for Limbaugh's sponsors...

For your perusal; Obama; "impeachment not acceptable"

All 41 Senate Republicans Seek Veto Power Over Obama's Federal Judicial Appointments.

The infamous Jim Cramer says Bear Stearns is "fine" 6 days before collapse.

Have you noticed that republicons..

Newsweek: Bush Administration Considered Scrapping First Amendment

The Ultimate Class-Warfare Struggle

Vitter trying to shut down Planned Parenthood-Tell your senators to vote NO!

So I cooked the plastic pad thing under a roast on Sunday by accident. Problem?

Interesting story heard today. Guy works for a good solid transportation

I caught a few minutes of the evening show on Pittsburgh's far-Right radio station

Note To Steele: Shut Up Or Get Out

I sell cars for a living and I'm proud of it.

Proud Democratic Owners of the Afghanistan Occupation

Oh. My. God.... 188 Whales Stranded Themselves

Goodbye farmers markets, CSAs, and roadside stands.

Did You All Catch The Footnote In The Bradbury Memo Where YOO Is PROMISED Protection?

Twitter Frenzy, compliments of last night's The Daily Show.

Immigrants follow ambitions back to India, China

"The Curse of Randi Rhodes: Nova M's Successor "On Second Thought" Padlocked in Phoenix"

Make Way for Designer Babies

Get Rove off ABC's This week!

My LTTE in response to a "liberal bias" letter is printed

Recent poll showed Bush with higher favorable rating than Limbaugh

Guess Who Wants to Appoint a Special Prosecutor

Evolutionary science

Bush Lawyer: "The memos released Monday are “just the tip of the iceberg” (LAT)

Folks, how do we feel about the title 'First Lady'? Eleanor and Jackie hated it.

Whatever happened to packing your child's lunch (re: Cheese-gate)

Do you think getting patted down entering a stadium is unconstitutional?

NO - We Were NOT Paranoid

Is hunting really a "sport?

American PEOPLE ahead of German High Court: E-voting Ruled Unconstitutional!!

Meghan McCain now realizes that politics does matter when it comes to dating, and I agree

Demand Single-Payer March 5, 10, 11th

A teenager who chooses to join the military and go to Iraq is:

Crash Details from the F-18 crash that killed 4 in San Diego

This Country Has TOO MANY Overseas Military Bases- Shut 'Em Down and Save Some $$$$

I'm not U2's biggest fan

I'm disappointed in Skittles..

Do you shop around for your local phone service? Who do you use?

Quick (very quick) favor from someone:

bluesboy is getting his knee 'scoped tomorrow. How 'bout some good vibes?

Looking for someone to design and build a hybrid car with


hope this is not too hot a topic... is it racist or just preference?

Oh, to be young again. I was 20.

Anyone use a mattress topper?

Jerry Dorsey

does anyone know anything about cymbalta?

"I can't get the fucking trees.

Foodies, please help

And now a reading from the first letter of Paul to the Corinthians

How much do you love Lady gaga?

OMG Stephen Colbert & David Byrne...

Cake or Death

T & A

How many languages am I expected to know how to speak?

How many languages am I expected to know how to speak?

Wal Mart Greeter...rofl!

Pink dolphin appears in US lake

Ain't no need for you

I've seen a lot of threads titled "A Modest Proposal" recently

Denny's "Octomom Special"


Freepers call to "Abloish" the Republican Party

You can call me Nanerpus, Nanerpus, and guess what? I love pancakes!

Good morning Lounge

I say we declare today Abloish Day here at the DU Lounge.

No one is strapped in for Chitty Chitty,Bang Bang

duplicate thread - deleted

Confederate soldier on river wall mural looks like Brad Pitt. A lot.

Stuff Found on YouTube while looking for Other Stuff on YouTube

Ladies and Gentleman: I present "The Sandwich of Knowledge"

Potential meet-up possibilities in DC, Staunton VA., and Pittsburgh

Poll: Water chestnuts

What's for lunch?

Am I late on this one?

What TV Networks Occupy most of your TV watching Time?

Panic Attack


Then We Came to the End: A Novel

I understand that redqueen had a sexy dream last night...

Ted Nugent


U2 Rockumentary!

I Have A Big Bono For redqueen

Happy Square Root Day.

Is Bono the next Olive Garden, and (more importantly)....

I just won $250K, got a check for $5K and all I have to do is deposit it and wire $3K to Canada!!

I cancelled my Direct TV subscription & I am amazed at the extra time I have.

Its Grocery Time

my town rocks

Place yourself in one of the following catagories:

They're cutting our pay at work

my town's rocks

Cutest pic of the day

DU is becoming painful to visit with the Ann Coulter ads always popping up

I Introduce You To-

It's not the motion of the ocean...

Why am I not surprised?

Tonight ........ Is The Night Of Nights

OMFG Jimmy Fallon is horrid!

Who wants a sundae?!

redqueen is a Bono-bashing @#$#$ poster... and I can't stand her!

I think Conan ('s Old Show) Is SUCKTASTIC!!!!

SUCKTASTIC is the word for today-change a subject

Mall wants Manilow music to drive out unruly teens

Is it Bone-Oh or Bah-Noh?

Gorn Sucktastic

OK, the outbreak of U2 threads is spooky


Ketchup on hot dog

CONFESS!!!!!!! Most revolting thing you have ever done

For the constrination of teh DU Loungez, I hearbye abloish Bono.

Any fans of the singer Lykke Li?

I sorted the cookies!

LynneSin is Sucktastic

There's this new BBQ place I want to check out. What do you think?

U2 is ok but . . .


It's time we turn our backs to Arcadian....

****Happy Birthday (belatedly) WannaBeGrumpy****


Pimp that snack

The Would You Have Been a Nazi Test

I guess I missed something this morning: Abloish???

I think BONO was the guy

"Today's The Greatest Day I've Ever Known"

If you should see a diamond

Letterman shreds Limbaugh, calling him 'bonehead,' 'gangster'

Faucet design fail

just got a Kindle in the mail

How do you get a cell phone pic onto a PC ?

The Clash > U2 > Kenny G

Of all the name changes: PeterU to Tommy Carcetti makes no sense

WTH is going on in this photo?

Craig Ferguson is asking Paris Hilton if her dogs are "farty"

Wrong Place

The Center for Media and Democracy seeks a new Executive Director

Is Robert Downey Jr. the actor you get when you want Johnny Depp, but need a human instead?

The DTM list must be ABLOISHED!

Time Warner Sucks

Little known fact: Joe Strummer was the inspiration for Joey Tribbiani on "Friends"

ABC cancels 'Life on Mars'

If a REPUBLICAN summited with special interests & hired an advisor who wants to PRIVATIZE MEDICARE--

Rush Limbaugh is a good example of what a little bile and a few

___________________ Is SUCKTASTIC!!!!


I fear we are at the precipice of DU Lounge Music War I.

It's official there is something worse than being on a "Dead To Me" list....

Really awful, cruel joke.

Seriously - can't you all just give peas a chance!!!

Soak up your sin!!

This economy is Bushco's "October Surprise" attack everyone was afraid would happen.

I'm a Pirate. I found $2000 in a chest.

heard of National College? Or DeVry? need advice

I'm a Pirate. I keep getting hit with foul balls in my chest.

I'm a Pirate. I keep getting hit with foul balls in my chest.

Neil Peart > Geddy Lee

Introducing the Tommy_Carcetti "Shithead List"

My biggest problem with Billy Corgan:

Mariah Carey fans, just heard the funniest radio ad I've heard in a while.

Who's dumb enough to listen to U2-D2's Bonehead?

I want to turn in my apt. complex for not supplying hot water

Talk Dirty To Me

Litercy night

Is it possible to stop "junk" calls to my cell phone?

There appears to be some confusion in the DU Lounge.

Google Street View's greatest hits

Where were you during the great Tommy_Carcetti / Arcadian War?

Remember the Banana Man?

Favorite Smashing Punkins album?

Arrange the following using < or > : Oasis, U2, Geddy Lee, Billy Corgan, Pat Boone, Nickelback

I hereby ABLOISH the DU Lounge! I'm notifying Skinner now.

My state is #1 for porn consumption!

Arrange the following from most annoying to least. Creekdog,Geddy Lee ,U2,Creekdog, Billy Corgan..

I'm starting my second novella.

Words fail.

Baltimore will give fans free birthday tickets

Favorite Arcadian post

Today's EARWORM: Big Mountain's reggae-fied version of Frampton's "Baby I Love Your Way"

The Tommy_Carcetti Shithead List is now the Tommy_Carcetti Fuckin' Guy/Gal List.

Raw Story Video: "Deputies find kitten stuffed in marijuana bong"

Note to self: "Reply" and "Forward" are two entirely different functions on email.

Proof that China is advancing beyond the USA - China bans the band Oasis

Anyone want to read the rest of the archaeological report for the Army Corps?

I feel like death warmed up and allowed to congeal.

today is my youngest son's birthday. I guess I am going to have to stop

Know anyone who works for a ticket broker?

And now, a tribute to the "No Cussing Club"

I finally found where CreekDog


My state is #2 for consumption!

Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale!

ORGANIC food products using contaminated

Hey everyone, long time no see!

Time again for: What you would do if you were Supreme God Emporor of Planet Earth!

I am feeling the love today!

McGruff Survives a Beat-Down: Metro bus driver charged with simple assault

Argos is two!

Favorite U2 album

If I were a woman...

I think that TZ and CreekPuppy have a thing.

My day just got better...

Woman Calls 911 After McDonald's Runs Out Of Nuggets

I'm wiped out, kids. Nitey nite.

My Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot award for today goes to....

Midlo is DTM™

Face it: Rick Astley is better than Silly Wizzard any day

Oh great, schools are closed due to snow again today

Your thoughts on the upcoming April 17th-May 31st Spinal Tap Unwigged and Unplugged tour

Just to let you all know, McNuggets are NOT an Emergency...

Good news--I got accepted for a job!

I think we can all agree on the great accomplishments of The Clash. However, the greatest of all....

~~~Happy Birthday, FarLeftRage!!!!!~~~

My cat Sophie has issues...

My Imac just died. Off to the Apple Store. 16 days left on warranty.

As China Dumps U.S. Assets, Wall Street Insists on Continuing Bailout of AIG

Me and 806,999 People in Arkansas Have Had Our Criminal Background Check Data

Slightly rude joke about Rush Limbaugh...

WARNING: Blonde joke - don't open this thread if you are offended by them.

I just saw Watchmen last night. Ask me anything


Am I on your DTM list?

It's time we turn our backs on Billy Corgan.

I'm Proud Of My Son...

Fun email i got at youtube.

My wife and I just spent 178,000 dollars today!

My kid was listening to music I don't like, arguing with me about history,


I know you still Buy all My songs...

So who wants to be on my DTM list?

hmmm, so when y'all think the Sec.Service will be at my place?

Why don't I ever HEAR about these movies? "Bottle Shock" with Alan Rickman,

Want to know the REAL reason for the Depression? Click this thread!

Is it wrong to heckle the Vaseline basketball team for almost being funded by the KY?

Please wish me luck and send good vibes my way - Unemployment hearing tomorrow A.M.

Why does it seem that the common man pays so much more in taxes than the rich man?

Sometimes In Life, It's Really Hard To Take That First Big Step (Video)

Strange musical question.

Dylan is the Godhead

How can you all have conversations about Bono. He's dead.


bluesboy's knee surgery was a success today.

Thank God.... Disney is releasing HM4....

Face it: Silly Wizzard is better than the Pogues any day

Jimmy Fallon's new show is suck-tastic. (Replacing Conan's show on NBC.)

Just watched the first season of Twin Peaks

Surgery is over. I have been home and slept for a few hours

So the question would come up eventually - what's Narwhal sex like?

I picked up a real "Blast from the past" at work today: a VHS cassette of the movie "Phantasm".

"Grey Gardens"- I just watched the documentary and all I can say is - WOW!

late nite vibes for kitty Keiko, please

I am home. Surgery is done

I am SOOOOOOOOOO hungry.

My cat Billi will not sit on my lap, ever!

It finally arrived...

Anyone who can answer a tax question for my sis?

I am finally home from my NJ adventure

Does the US Military award medals to

I am a stressed out ball of stress

I don't think I'm on anybody's DTM/ATHOOM/etc list

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 3/3/2009)

Has anyone travelling to Italy ever stayed in a convent?

Cologne building collapses; 3 missing, many escape

My car insurance payment is more than my car payment



The BEST performance by The Byrds of a Bob Dylan song

Vibes being sent for California Peggy's public poetry reading this very day...

dave ramsey, financial guru...

I posted some photos on Mother Earth News in case anyone is interested

Oh. My. God. I want this man on my school board! He's pushing for Pnakotic Manuscripts in school.

Have you ever woken up the next morning with a strange woman...

"Barack" is the Hungarian word for "apricot" or "peach". Discuss. n/m

Shamwow Prayer Cloth

I just dug a grave, we go to the vet at two o'clock.

Face it: The Pogues are better than U2, anyday

Do any of you use Skype? I'm thinking of downloading it,

I'll say it. U2's newest release, SUPER.

Why did I happen upon this?

Too loud? (New abstract fractal art pic)

questions about Comcast

A challenge to the DU Lounge: Name one band/musician we can all agree upon without flamewars.

songs about kinky sex, post them here....

What are you loungers doing for Pi day?

I'm accepting applications for my "Annoys the Hell Out of Me" list

Mick Jones was the guy from The Monkees, right?

Caption this

What kind of fuckstick would sue his own record label over 'integrity'

First draft of a new poem: preview here

Sleazy JP Morgan Chase Won't opt-out my CC account- sleazy tactics

Is it wrong to heckle the Valparaiso basketball team for almost being funded by the KKK?

kitten picture of the day for wednesday march 4

Bono is a tax-dodging, arrogant @#%^ and I can't stand him.

Zack Parsons wants to help Joss Whedon by writing for 'Dollhouse'

A LOLcat just for Mainegreen...

I'm getting a new kitty


I'm feeding two raccoons out on my roof deck

Florida Trifecta: Woman calls 911 three times after McNuggets run out

Motherfucking iPod!

Photoshop request please: en elephant bent over grabbing it's ankles...

Kaine piles on Rush/Steele

Good luck Illinois Voters! ... Tuesday you select your Primary candidate for Rham's seat!

Video from the dark corners of CPAC...

Obama heads to Transportation Dept. to push agenda

Michael Steele Kissed Limbaugh's Ring!!!!

OxyConservative (TOON)

Obama sends top aides to Capitol to defend budget

Bob Herbert: Afghanistan and Iraq - Obama's Vietnam?

When will Michael Steele step down?

I'd like to bring some more attention to an article posted by another DUer reg. the so called "Tea

Rush Limbaugh: Eastern European Gangster or Sleazy Hollywood Producer?

Los Alamitos Mayor steps down, doesn't even show up

Ladies & Gentlemen I give you Boss Rush (Good Photoshoppers are requested to revise)

Eugene Robinson: America’s New Trajectory

As a result of yesterday's apology to Limbaugh, publisher is reissuing an old Asimov classic:

Did Bunning, Williams, and the Republican Party of Kentucky Violate Campaign Finance Laws?

Barack Obama cancels press conference with Gordon Brown "because of snow"

Ford U.S. Sales Down 46.3% in February

Obama to Emanuel to Kaine = Tinker to Evers to Chance

MSM in full 'blame' Obama for the stock market mode

FL-12: Democrats Find a Candidate

23 candidates fighting to replace Emanuel

Menendez is holding up Obama's Science advisors

ROFL...I Guess that's the end of the HIP HOP Strategy.

Gov't Spying Self-Defense Site: How You Can Protect Your Computer Data/E-Mails From Gov't Spying

Rupert Murdoch's WSJ Today Blames Obama For Prolonging Recession!

CNN makes me scared: "File for Bankruptcy"

Obama “The stock market is sort of like a tracking poll in politics. It bobs up and down day to day"

Whitehouse Website

WTF poll of the day: Many Tennesseans Admit to Telling Obama Race Jokes

Father and daughter still whinning about Obama's landslide victory

A rare optimistic prediction from my Cassandra-ass keyboard

DEPARTMENT OF POTS AND KETTLES.... (Updated: McCain and Kyl's earmarks hypocrisy)

!!ROGUE CABINET...The Cabinet is GOING ROGUE!!!11!!1!!

Krugman: 'Imaginary Notches' (for the tax challenged)

Late breaking news on IL-05 congressional race (Rahm Emanuel's old seat)

NBC/WSJ Poll: Dems dominate on who to trust to get US out of economic mess, 48% vs. 20% for Repugs.

Is that Republican wunderkid wearing lipstick?

Rick Santelli

The pukes Want To Steal Wellstone's Seat So Bad, . . .

OMG! The market is screwn! It's all Obama's fault! Companies are worried they'll be taxed to

Almost all the "questions" at Gibbs news conference blame Obama for the stock

Obama and the Progressive Movement

Effort to portray Northern Trust as a victim

Record low for Paterson’s sinking poll numbers, Ghouliani spanks him in head-to-head.

Dear Mr. President...

DOW up at opening bell!

Bush Considered Scrapping First Admendmant

what's deal with Obama and Brown meeting controversy?

This is how the right wing starts a whispering campaign:

Rush Knows he got punked. The trick now is to make Repubs either agree or disagree with Steele...

IL-05: Predictions

GOP STUPIDITY - "This Is The Biggest Proposal Since The New Deal! Wrong During A Recession!"

I'd respect the Pubs MORE if they just came out and support Limbaugh

Gibbs' response to a reporter's question about Steele apologizing to Rush for his comments:

John Berry, New Director of the Office of Personnel Management

John Berry, New Director of the Office of Personnel Management

dupe; please delete

Every Republican should be forced to offer an opinion on Rush, just like Dems and Michael Moore. . .

Senate Republicans Threaten To Filibuster President Obama Judicial Nominations They Don't Like!

DNC's Tim Kaine speaking on Fox News: Rush Limbaugh is "He Who Must Be Obeyed'

DNC's Tim Kaine speaking on Fox News: Rush Limbaugh is "He Who Must Be Obeyed'

LOL! Krugman: "All your downside are belong to us"

"Public pensions in the U.S. are now underfunded by more than $1 Trillion"

Mark Thompson on sirius left has been eviscerating the repukes for the past 2 weeks.

Jack Cafferty: "My crush on Michelle Obama"

White House Spokesperson, Robert Gibbs, is calm, informative and is able to


We should force the 2012 GOP nominee to either embrace Limbaugh or reject and denounce him

"Boss Limbaugh"

TOP SECRET FACT! Obama's Proposed Top Marginal Tax Rate Is Pretty Modest

Simon Johnson On Bank Bailout Plan (NPR) - THIS GUY MAKES SENSE!

There are now 67 federal judge vacancies, Obama has yet to send any to Congress

"Petty Despot" is what Jonathan Turley compared Bush to, citing the memos

If you know anybody who is "tax code challenged"...

President Barack Obama is more popular than ever

On Earmarks. Why the Obama team is not objecting this time to them.

This is "a great leader for conservatives"? Media Matters looks back at some of the worst of Limbaug

Confirmed: Jake Tapper of ABC NEWS is a Republican Journalist inside the White House press Corps

Judge Obama By His Critics Who Are Screaming The Loudest

PREDICTION: Damning Evidence Of Horrible Misconduct Will Come Out Against Limbaugh Within A Month

Is Limbaugh attempting to incite a lynch mob?

IL-05: Quigley Appears Headed for Congress

Conservative accuses Steele of "trying to establish his own manhood" in dust up with Rush

Dean on Rachel Maddow - tonight nt

What happen to the daily "Photos" threads?

They want Obama to fail. Why do they hate America?

They want Obama to fail. Why do they hate America?

Gay youth offered chance at White House internship

Jack Cafferty just asked a great question! He asked how does President Obama

$200 billion in loans to hedge funds and other investors - TALF

Obama Outfitted With 238 Motion Capture Sensors For 3-D Record Of Presidency

Lars Larson: The economy collasped, because there was too much regulation.

Lars Larson: The economy collasped, because there was too much regulation.

Coleman: Judges should 'set aside the election'

Obama Stimulus might have saved Repuke jobs where I work

Don't waste your time on AC360 today

Michelle Obama: Arlington, for women

Dear Wall Street, RW and complicit media: You helped screw up the economy, now get out of the way.

D. Wildmon is worried that Obama will take away the rights of nuts in the medical field.

Should Peter Welch step down in '10 so Howard Dean can run for Congress?

And they used to refer to us as the "wimps."


My GOP Friend said the Dems and Media are turning Rush into a joke!! LOL!

Barack Obama's push: Make Rush Limbaugh appear to be the face of the GOP

Tom Delay: "President Bush is innocent of the financial mess"

sorry this is so late, but can somebody tell me since WHEN "sleeveless" attire can be deemed


David Paterson down to a dismal 27% approval rating; even lower than Spitzer during post-scandal.

Calling all White Folks! Y'all didn't even know what Bamboozle meant! Hahaha

Playboy removes article alleging Santelli's rant was orchestrated

Is Harold Ford a Democrat?

Steele to Limbaugh: Yessir Massa Rush, I didn’t mean to do you no harm

AHHHHHH!!!!! Nancy Photenfluffer is back!!!!

I'm starting to think that there is nothing President Obama, or any other politician, can do to fix

The Obama Revolution

6 weeks, 42 days. Not even 100 yet. But let's give Obama a grade

From a Freeper Jerkwad I know


OH MY GOD! The Fucking Republicans!


Whitehouse Website

"The New Feminism: Breaking the Multicultural Relativism Taboo"

Feds defy judge's order in Islamic group case

Anyone watching Obama and Brown live?

Obama supporter satire site needs a thrashing

ok, that's it. Politico, MSNBC, others say "OBAMA is CODE TALKIN'"

Republicans Concede Budget Too Hard to Block

I use to like Larry King until he decided to have Tavis on his show tonight

Assholes who rape three-year-olds should be sent straight to hell

CNBC better take a Chill Pill! They are causing a Stock Market Crash!

Obama's New Gay Rights Crusader

Single-Payer Health Care Reform: Removing the Foxes From the Henhouse

Palin foe (Alaska State Sen. Kim Elton) gets administration job

As British P.M. Visits Today, Britain Reigns as Top U.S. Ally

SEC accuses Sunwest Management of fraud

SEC accuses Sunwest Management of fraud

Everybody must get stoned(new plan to legalize marijuana in CA would create a $1 billion tokin' tax)

Clinton says U.S. diplomacy unlikely to end Iran nuclear program

Blackwater founder quits CEO post

Suit over $5K netbook 3G data bill; AT&T says "read the TOS"

Afghan Children Weren’t Killed by Canadian Munitions, Army Says

Man stuffed cat inside 'bong'

Coleman camp asks that election result be 'set aside'

Indonesia's bird flu death toll climbs to 119

DoJ rejects Bush-era detainee argument

AIG's meltdown has roots in Greenberg era

Advocates of the poor praise new budget plan

Obama announces first Transportation-funded stimulus construction project

Nine trapped under collapsed building in Germany

Medvedev Denies Iran-Missile Shield Tradeoff With U.S

Recent poll showed Bush with higher favorable rating than Limbaugh

China advisory body defends Tibet crackdown

Make Way for Designer Babies

Decades later, asbestos-ravaged town has its day in court

Wal-Mart employee sets himself on fire, dies

Man accused of stealing billions: Hands off my penthouse

Russia willing to talk missiles, Iran separate

Hillary Clinton sends US envoys to Syria

(Australian PM) Kevin Rudd: let the weak go under

US monitoring NKorea missile activity from Japan

Oh really? That wasn't bailout cash?

2 troops killed in NW Pakistan, endangering truce

Corruption Bill's Bipartisan Moment May Be Coming

Post-9/11 Memos Show More Bush-Era Legal Errors

(Obama) DoJ rejects Bush-era detainee argument

Illness forced vets to euthuanize recaptured jaguar

AIG acted like a hedge fund, Bernanke says

More Terror Memos May Be Released

Fed Eliminates Compensation Limits for TALF Program

Madoff seeks to keep NYC penthouse, $62M in assets

Emblems to Stamp Projects Funded by the Stimulus Package

Governor (Lynch) will keep Ayotte as Attorney General

Supreme Court Hears Justice for Sale Case

Citi to Allow Jobless to Pay Less on Loans

U.S. senator wants Fed to name loan recipients

U.S. senator wants Fed to name loan recipients

US soldier killed when base shelled in Iraq


Offering help, hope, U.S. "job clubs" see surge

Same-sex spouses challenge US curbs; Call Marriage Act discriminatory

Clinton says two-state solution 'inescapable' for Middle East

Pelosi To House GOP: Be Thankful For What You Have

Hidden Pension Fiasco May Foment Another $1 Trillion Bailout

Coleman Camp asks that election results be 'set aside'

Prop. 8 resolution contends California constitution improperly revised

Former Countrywide Leaders Start Firm to Buy Bad Loans

Death row inmate seeks new trial in 'Boys Don't Cry' murder case

Cambodia KRouge defence warned over website

Contractor gets 6 years for Pentagon fraud

Afghan Women Slowly Gaining Protection

Clinton says missile shield to protect from Iran

Father says American journalist held; Iran says she lacked permit

Puerto Rico gov: 30,000 workers could be fired amid crisis

To stem terror in Pakistan, US looks beyond military

Obama Restoring Endangered Species Act Provision

Obama administration backs Congress tax haven crackdown

Cuba policy provision could stall Obama appointments

Reid: Senate GOP wants Obama to fail

Germany's highest court declares election computers unconstitutional (source in german)

Breaking: Murder Charge Announced in Levy Case

GOP to Michael Steele: Quiet About Rush Limbaugh or You're Fired

Federal Union Boss Calls Limbaugh's Comments 'Unacceptable'

Poll: Obama's rating at all-time high

Jet Pilot Had Chance To Land Before Crash

Half of world's population owns a mobile phone, UN study reveals

Bernanke Says U.S. May Need More Than Approved $700 Billion to Fix Banks

China bronzes will likely remain in France (Update on YSL auction)

Toyota seeing first loss in 59 years, seeks loans from Japan

Senator Asks Pfizer About Harvard Payments

Obama's plan to hike taxes meets fierce opposition

Christian Peacemaker Teams chart humanitarian law violations in Colombia

Democrats to Temper Mortgage Relief Bill

Sri Lanka's cricketers shot and wounded as bus attacked in Lahore, Pakistan

No other President has received this many death threats in the recorded history of the Sec. Service

Rush's Republicans Are Hip And New, Part II.

Rachel Maddow & Michael Isikoff Discuss the Destroyed CIA Interrogation Tapes

Larry King Live: Jindal on Limbaugh, "I think Rush is a great leader for the Conservatives"

FIREWATER Infomercial: The story behind 'The Golden Hour'

Democracy Now: Capitol Climate Action - Mass Civil Disobedience in D.C. Against Coal

Countdown-Richard Wolffe: Limbaugh's place in the Republican Party

The Way of the World

John Dean on Countdown, Bush terror memos = close to 'unconstitutional dictator'

Shah Shah a go go

Hypocrisy Watch - 3.2.09 (Bobby Jindal - Part II!)

Who's cool in the GOP?

Perversion For Profit

Power Shift 09 - Keynote Address - Van Jones of Green For All - PART 2 of 3

Power Shift 09 - Keynote Address - Van Jones of Green For All - PART 3 of 3

Power Shift 09 - Keynote Address - Van Jones of Green For All - PART 1 OF 3

The Horror: Scary Movie - The Horror of the Employee Free Choice Act

How to Become a Detainee of the US Government

Rachel Maddow, Hal Sparks & Arianna Huffington on Why Some Conservatives Want Obama to Fail

Kaine: Seems like Rush is "He Who Must Be Obeyed"

Countdown: "Fail to the Chief" - Conservative Nihilism in the Obama Era

Green Economy Job Training for Veterans

Right wing blame stock market decline on Obama

Who's the Republican Party's REAL Leader?

Homeless in America

Andrea Mitchell interviews Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Obama: Stock Market is 'Like a Tracking Poll in Politics'

Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ) says his earmarks aren't earmarks

Dr. Steve Kagen: We Are one Law Away From Everyone In America Getting Health Care!

Letterman - Rush Limbaugh: Bonehead Gangster

Sam Seder's CPAC Recap: Break Room Live.

Power Shift 09 - Keynote Address - Billy Parish of Energy Action Coalition

Michael Steele Meets With Rush Limbaugh

Fox Lie: Reid Funds "Red Light Express"

How will history judge the Bush administration?

TYT: When Will MS Go On Limbaugh's Show To Profusely Apologize?

Detecting Hypocrisy in the GOP

President Obama Announces Restoration of Endangered Species Act

Obama is no friend of the Veteran

Woody Guthrie~ All You Fascists Bound To Lose

Hilarious! John Ziegler, rabid right-winger who made a Sarah Palin documentary, goes on a blind date

Hudson River Plane Landing (US Airways 1549) Animation with Audio

Mike Papantonio laces into Jindal and other Red State governors with failed ideas

KO: Torture tapes destroyed

TYT: Guess Who's Consuming All The Porn?(!)

Eric Prince resigns as CEO of Blackwater

Andrea Mitchell interviews Howard Dean about health care reform

KO: We Are No Longer A Nation Of Chumps!

TYT: Cenk Reacts To Cop Beating Defenseless 15 Year-Old Girl

Rep. Kaptur Scolds GOP: 'Democrat' Party Doesn't Exist

Finally, a Federal Budget that Targets Inequality

SHOCKER: Republicans = Hypocrites!

In Prison or Jail, on Probation or on Parole

Warren Buffet sees better times ahead, Republicans see disaster because of Obama!

The World According to Rush - Limbaugh

Desmond Tutu: Will Africa Let Sudan Off the Hook?


It's Not the Message, It's the Messenger

Republican Logic

IAEA 'mismanagement' raises Tehran's ire

Turkey hops aboard Russia's ride

"Ridding Ourselves of the Zombies"

Power play behind Bangladesh's mutiny

Eric Boehlert: Matthews' "Oh God" vs. Santelli's rant: Which told us more about the press?

Joe Klein: On Moderation

The Limbaugh - Steele feud: Rahm’s beautiful ballet

George Monbiot: The Proceeds of Crime

Led Zeppelin, Detroit, the Great Depression, and spin

US Muslims: Young, Diverse, Striving

Roubini: Fully Nationalizing Citi and Bank of America Would Be Better

The Year in Hate-Number of Hate Groups Tops 900

Roubini Interview with Time (helpful in understanding the depth of the financial crisis)

The Latest Financial Scandal: Charles Schwab Using Fake Endorsements

Obama’s Worst Pakistan Nightmare - What to do About Pakistan's Nuclear Arsenal

In Senate, Bipartisan Love of Earmarks (Washington Post)

A Note From Naomi About Canceled Speeches

Limbaugh's excuse for hoping Obama fails -- 'Dems did it too' -- is baloney

Republican Party Strategy – When You Have No New Ideas, Attack The Opposition

Bernanke Says Insurer AIG Operated Like a Hedge Fund

Ukraine risks unrest as ills worsen (can't get their $ out of bank)

How I wish the Obama Administration would heed Edwin Starr's

Asia Times: Outhouse politics

World Conference Against Racism

In thrall to Jabba the Hutt .

Tenn Repubs to Sentence Foster Children to Life

New Ruling to force Brit voters to show I.D. before voting

Pakistan's drift into the hands of extremists

The American Media Misdiagnosis By Robert Parry

Letter to the Neighborhood By George Washington


Arizona. teens leaning left, survey says

Squatters Occupying Vacant Luxury Boxes at Hard-Hit NBA Arenas

David Brooks Warns that We’re Up the Creek

Obama's Latin America learning curve

Limbaugh Wins the 'Steele Rage' Match

No Nation Can Long Endure Half Bankrupt

Justice Memos Gave Bush Total Power

Hillary Clinton reprises “peace process” fraud

Alamo is new passion for Phil Collins

Vanity Fair: An Eyewitness Account of Iceland's Meltdown

Shelved - did Kremlin make my Stalin book disappear?

Wikileaks: My life in child porn

Naomi Wolf: John Yoo's Legal Groundwork for Possible Subversion of Liberty...

Pension bombs going off

The End of the Yoo Doctrine (Balkinization)

Dave Lindorff: Obama and Holder Must Prosecute War Crimes or Be Guilty of Them Themselves

Take the Money and Run

Obama to Single Payer Advocates: Drop Dead

Lord Helmet

Our Worst Enemies Aren't Terrorists: Rethinking National Security on a Sinking Planet

xpost: U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization says Venezuela Prepared for World Food Crisis

Santos Drops $450 Million Australian Sequestration Plan - Carbon Prices Too Low - Bloomberg

EU Environment Ministers Fail To Agree On Climate Aid To Poor Countries - AFP

JGR - Oceans Study - Potential Mediterrenean Sea Level Rise Of 2 Ft. By 2100 - Science Daily

Even 2C Increase In Average Temperatures Could Cut Rainforest C Storage By 50%, Kill Countless Trees

Human Factor Suspected in Mass Beaching of Whales in Australia

'Green News Report' - March 3, 2009 (AUDIO LINK)

NOAA Fisheries Scientists - Mix Of Pesticide Runoff Far Deadlier To Salmon Than Indivdual Toxins

Optisolar Sells First Solar Multi GW PV Pipeline for US $400M

Gainesville Reaches 4 MW in Solar Reservations (muni feed-in tariff, FL)

Iraq Looks to Solar Energy To Help Rebuild its Economy

San Jose plans first large-scale solar array on city property (CA)

Senate panel to study details of setting up electric 'smart grid'

PG&E to develop up to 500MW of solar power in California

San Francisco lays the infrastructure for electric vehicle industry

From LBN: Obama restoring ESA protection

Vegan Pirate in Galapagos, Post 3: Government Reaction, by Todd Emko

Over Half Of Humanity Use Cell Phones

New Nuclear Power Plants Texas, Florida, Georgia, S.C., India, China, Kuwait, U.K., Italy, Germany,

MY ten photos from the Non-Violent Climate Change Action of yesterday

From Venezuelanalysis: VEN gov't. Takes Control of Rice Plants that Evade Regulated Prices

Christian Peacemaker Teams chart humanitarian law violations in Colombia

Castro: 2 officials undone by 'honey of power'

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights announces the appoitment of Christian Salazar Volkmann

Cuba policy provision could stall Obama appointments

On Recent Changes in Cuban Gov't. Including a Fidel Reflection

Another leader joins the club of people who lie about Fidel, according to the drunken,

Peruvian committee establishes foreign interference in ALBA houses

Today in labor history Mar 3 The largest recorded slave auction in U.S. history

Some city workers getting 2.75 percent raises (My local AFSCME 251)

US Labor secretary Solis inspires union crowd in Miami

MARCH FORWARD? Amazing 3 tees for $21 tough times sale? No Sweat.

100% USA union grown and roasted coffee sale includes Obama Java

Microsoft Workers Protest Cuts As Company Makes $4 Billion Quarterly Profit

Bankruptcy judge throws out Checker Motors' request to eliminate labor pact, attorney says

Solis Meets with Workers in First Public Appearance

Breaking... Tentative labor deal reached for AT&T workers

Postville, Ia. (Agriprocessors Inc.) drives lawmakers to propose tougher child labor law

Just when you think things can't get any worse for the Iverson Pistons

I Hope Manny Ramirez Gets NOTHING from Any MLB Team.

Post your best Cheerleader picture!

Battle over military’s gay ban to resume in Congress (xpost from Veterans)

Gay couple sues U.S. for discrimination. Cross posted from GD.

Candlelight Vigils Set for Eve of Calif. Supreme Court Hearing on Prop 8

Tell Congress: Ignore the lies and pass the Matthew Shepard Act

Log Cabin under Democratic control?

Gay youth offered chance at White House internship

Rep. Ellen Tauscher introduces legislation to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

Last Night's "Drag Race"

Son’s sex arrest reignites questions about Bishop Jakes’ own sexual orientation

Some proposition 8 remarks

When did you decide to be GLBT?

Question for the women in the group.

AIG Restructuring Leaving Best Bits to AIG, Not US Taxpayer

WTF? Alert: Maurice "Hank" Greenberg Sues AIG, Saying Its Shares Were ‘Inflated’

College-Savings Plans Shed $23.4 Billion in 2008, a 21% Decline

Any ideas about why the Canadian $ is so low?

A $200 Billion Credit-Crunch Buster?

3x ETFs Gaining More Fans; Financial Bull Favored

Treasury floats yet another no good, very bad plan to stick us with the banks 'toxic assets'

Wall Street shows modest moves a day after tumble

SEC Exploring Remedies for Short-Selling Manipulation

Blockbuster hires professionals to explore bankruptcy

Hidden Pension Fiasco May Foment Another $1 Trillion Bailout

‘Unscathed’ JPMorgan Said to Reap $5 Billion Derivatives Profit

We're not going broke

Here It Comes (GE)

Schrodinger's Cat and the financial meltdown - why Obama is not transparent

Former Countrywide Leaders Start Firm to Buy Bad Loans

I'm awfully sick of the term "deadbeat"

Quick question on taxes

Microsoft To Grassley: We're Still Using H-1Bs, No 'Moral Imperative' To Hire Americans

Netanyahu desperate for Barak in gov't

Watchdog Says Few Israelis Safe From Chemical Hit

EU states: 'Unacceptable' Durban draft attacks Israel, condones anti-Semitism

Israel's Netanyahu says find common ground with Clinton

Why We Should All Support Israeli Apartheid Week

The die is cast

Israel to present Clinton with 'red lines' on talks with Iran

ANALYSIS: Clinton visit may be first move in looming Israel-US spat

The pasta, paper and hearing aids that could threaten Israeli security

No recognition required for peace talks

Israelis react with fury to British boycott call

Clinton - Israel has a right to defend itself.

Galloway's Gaza mission runs into protests

Group launches health care offensive

Home of Marlboro Man Passes Partial Smoking Ban. (WJLA) {Virginia}

Harvard Medical School in Ethics Quandary

ICUs see big drop in dangerous staph superbugs (AP/

Hib infection in children makes a deadly return (USAToday) {re vaccinations}

Why Diets High In High-fructose Corn Syrup (found In Soda And Processed Foods) Can Lead To Insulin R

AHSA speaks out against the "assault weapon" fraud.

Chicago gun violence costs $2.5 billion a year: Report

NYPD being sued by cop who saw demon and wants his gun back (New York City)

Handgun-control measure fails in N.J.

U.S. gun dealer trial begins in Arizona

Democrats show little appetite for gun control

Imagine if H.R. 1022 had become law and Attorney General Eric Holder had unilateral authority to ban


Museum of the North and World Championship Ice Sculpture

garage ramp in black and white

My first panorama shot

For those who like b/w - from my back yard

4,000 from 4th SBCT to deploy to Iraq

Prince quits as CEO of Blackwater-turned-Xe

Former Carson GI gets 60 years for homicides

Bills would boost job training for vets

IRR mom to be discharged, attorney said

Commissary gift certificate company goes bust

Soldier killed in Iraq combat

W. Va. seeks ex-guardsmen for health screening

NATO may ask China for support in Afghanistan

Army wife implicated in baby disappearance

Applications due for call to active duty

USAREUR chief calls for stop to drawdown

Hawaii to ask Navy to pay for reef repair

Plan would expand active-duty billet process

Iranian source viewed data on presidential helo

Navy hands over 9 suspected pirates to Somalia

Check out these incredible photographs

Coast Guard E-6 faces court-martial

MarSOC marks its 3rd anniversary

Can the EFV survive?

In Arab Jabour, troops step aside, serve as ‘enablers’ for the Iraqis

Pentagon: 3 units tapped for war tours

U.N. Command attends talks with North Korea

DeCA gift cards lose all value

Battle over military’s gay ban to resume in Congress

Interactive movies employed as Army stresses suicide prevention

CG Rescues One of Four Missing Boaters

TBI: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment

Vets Find Safety Net Online

Soldiers to Field-Test Lumbar Supports

Exercise Solid Curtain '09 a Success

Marine Dares Iraqi Children to Dream

(Military Times) Op-Ed: Doomed to Repeat History in Afghanistan?

N. Korea: U.S. must cancel drill with South

Marine One Blueprints Found in Iran

Holder Rules Out Waterboarding

Nations swap ideas on keeping frigates fresh

*** March Photo Contest Theme is Gates/Doors***

The Coin of the Realm: Crystal Clearing a Conundrum

Astro update Obama's Gemini Moon multi-tasking

Users of neti pots - have a quick question

Do you feel it?

A move to make sure integrative medicine is part of our national health care

In a Lonely Cosmos, a Hunt for Worlds Like Ours

Scientists discover new species in ocean's depths (PopSci/CNN)

Sweet! Cotton candy may help labs grow tissue (AP/Yahoo!)

Scientists find small moon hidden in one of Saturn's rings.

Swim 33 mph with new dolphin fin

Prayer in school, revisited.

Vatican: Evolution and faith in creation are complementary; cardinal rejects atheist's theory

The United States of America is not a Christian Nation.

Foodies, please help

Can you eat fresh mozzarella that is past the expiration date?

my next project

Kielbasa or Smoked Sausage on Nachos - doesn't work

The March Cooking/Baking Project

Whats for Dinner? ~ Tuesday March 3rd

Rapid Rise Olive Oil Boule - (about 3 hours start to finish)

Trader Joe's to discontinue carrying King Arthur flour...

This is what happened........

CCW Permit Holder Stops Mass Murder In Progress

Bush administration memos claimed vast war powers

its either LIHOP or MIHOP and it was an inside job

it was I.E.A.D. not CD

On October 12, 2001, Judith Miller opened an anthrax hoax letter

Witih regard to Susan Lindauer ...

Stimulus Fixin’ to Be a Fight in Texas

AT&T signs on to "air" Texas House proceedings

Schieffer: No Regrets About Voting For Bush

Layoffs don't violate commitment to Canada, Vale says

U.S. Steel to shutter Canadian operations

Systemic failures led to teen's prison death: report

What's the best & fastest box I could build to natively run Windows95 on?

Sen. Kerry speaking at the Saban Center at Brookings Inst. March 4th

Vanessa Kerry is engaged?

An old band of brothers