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Robert B. Reich: Obamanomics Isn't About Big Government

Just curious, are we still surrounded or has that kind of gone the way of tea bags...

Lost Jobs in In US Yield Homeless Starved Children in Haiti

A Quote from Thomas Jefferson..

A Quote from Thomas Jefferson..

WaPo, LATimes reported Boehner criticism of Geithner plan, but not his support for similar GOP plan

CNN ignores GOP contradiction in criticizing Geithner's proposal as "power grab"

American Ingenuity in Haiti

British Foreign Office Finally Admits To Receiving Intelligence From Torture

Mods pls delete, posting bug error

Guardian/Observer UK: The 'revolution' starts here as 35,000 pack the G20 march

Woman viciously attacked for 12 minutes while drivers pass by

I tried to watch Will Farrell's one man show called You're Welcome America

Banks - Behavior unchanged over the last century

Interesting thread on the Mormon Church / Big Love in freeperland

Albany Agrees on a Plan to Raise Taxes on Top Earners

All this Bs about drug testing. What are they testing for?

We predict a riot: Meet the anarchists plotting to overthrow capitalism

its the execution,stupid!

So, what concepts would you include in a high school "Practical Personal Finance" Class?

*ALERT* - Spin Watch - *ALERT*

Let's break up the banks... Here's a plan..

"we still do not have transparency of oversight"

Republican Road to Recovery

Getting away with it...Stephanopolis and Gregory both give Geitner a pass on contracts

Toronto Star: What should we make of empty big-box stores?

Monday is final hurdle for 199-foot tall cross in Bossier

The awareness of problems is limited to mainly this forum.

The Children's Bible in a Nutshell - LOLOL - Makes sense to me

National Guard pictures, in the flood and ice. & a couple more picts


Lower costs lure U.S. patients abroad for treatment

New York Post Speculates About Cocaine Use (Ashley Biden)

Blizzard hits Kansas - but makes beautiful pictures

Were it not for the kindness of strangers ...... they might all walk free forever

I am weary of these presstitutes expressing faux outrage over the financial crisis

Gates: No change soon on `don't ask, don't tell'

New 3rd Place CNN attacks rivals on air this morning

Public Transit ridership highest in 52 yrs - ridership rose as gas prices declined & jobs were lost

McCain On Backing Palin In 2012: Let's See Who Else Runs

water wars come to a boil in Turkey

Conservatives hit harder by Recession?

Conservatives hit harder by Recession?

Waterboarding, Rough Interrogation of Abu Zubaida Produced False Leads, Officials Say

Swamp Rat I need a graphic for the

Where's Randi Rhodes?

Petraeus: I don’t agree with Cheney that Obama has made the country more unsafe.

Environmentally friendly wooden swing set on the South Lawn of the White House

Pretending to be civilized in an epidemic of institutional sadism

Wave the White Flag in the Limbaugh War

Booknotes at c-span 2 is hot today

Howard Dean urges passage of same-sex marriage bill

911 transcript: Richardson showed "signs of confusion, a concussion" soon after noon.

Excessive "Sports Victory Dance?" What do you think?

How many Republicans have you personally encountered that believe Obama took his oath on the Quran?

President Obama: Bush Administration Lost 'Focus' in Afghanistan

'Smooth' criminal attempts to rob a retired police a police convention !!!

What got planted in that White House vegetable garden?

We ain't gonna have none of that dancing at the County Rib & Ale House 'round here

Obama Rules Out US Troops In Pakistan

Is this legal?

Oh I get it, Chomsky, Krugman, Moyers all wrong, Obamabots correct.

Postcard from Pipelineistan

The ignorance of the Tea Party participants is glaring

What is with the ad (flashing as well) to the left - Carnal Nation?

Interesting Elitist Article: John Rawls: On My Religion

Imagine our current healthcare system as a dilapidated, termite infested house

Rep. Shimkus: Capping CO2 emissions will take away too much ‘plant food from the atmosphere


The Wonderful Wizard of Ounce ... or was that OZ?

"Minnesota Still Adversely Affected by Republican National Convention " by Coleen Rowley

Man accused of giving nursing wife meth water to "give her energy to clean the house."

Grow your own tobacco -- link

The US holds tens of thousands of inmates in long-term solitary confinement. Is this torture?

Sex with a Vacuum = 90-Day Prison Sentence

Post your before and during earth hour photos here

O.K , So Where's The Impeach Obama Petition ?

Rev. Moon Exemplifies Right Wing GOP Subsidy of Big Media to Frame Message

Perfect Palin/Jindal hybrid (NSFE)

Police: Six dead in Carthage nursing-home shooting

CNN bimbo wants to know why G20 protesters are so

"Earth Hour" in *Vegas* baby!!! (PICS)

What comes to mind when you hear a news outlet say "Obtained by"

How many people noticed that the new Geithner plan lays out proposals to...

Can the mods create a Krugman forum so that all the PK posts can go in one place???

NY Times mag sends a sports and music writer to do a science writer's job

Two more Freeper-types making shit up about the UN, Obama, and the democrats...

Is it legal to grow tobacco in one's lawn

Wal-Mart puff piece on CBS This Morning

Delay in Immigration Raids May Signal Policy Change

Interesting videos on the global meltdown How To Be A Professional Dominatrix (career advice for women)

Could a Neutrino Beam Destroy a nuclear weapon? Yes.

Huffington Post launches investigative journalism venture

Is the Democratic Party more liberal or more conservative?

Don't hold your breath waiting for Franken to be seated.

Tarp Nation: Squatter villages arise from the ashes of the West's booms and busts

Speaking of trolls....

LA Times: Sleeping pill use grows as economy keeps people up at night

Wouldn't it be possible for some churches to offer classes in evolution?

A Day In The Life: The Theocratic Corporate States Of America

Chrysler to Think Progress: ‘We currently do not have the O’Reilly Factor in our media rotation"

A Ritual Slowly Unravels In India - Alarm Grows as More Sikh Youths Give Up Turbans

Quebec orders police to turn in Tasers

McConnell disappointed by Obama partisanship

Outing Mudflats: The Dirty Martini Philosophy (from Andrew Halcro)

Friday's Drift River Terminal Disaster Declaration Petition - Redoubt-related

America's Dumbest Criminal Sticks Up Cop at Police Convention

TOON sums up the Press and Obama (and some here too...)

Mad cow disease suspected in Spanish doctor's death

Greta Van Susteren Rips Politico For Alleging She Advises Palin: A "Hit And Run"

Social Security and Medicaid

Fundie tails between legs after 'Notorious Abortionist' found not guilty in Kansas

Maybe I Shd Just Google; but What IS the Historical Record Re- Mercenaries?


GM CEO Wagoner to step down immediately

2nd person comes forward with complaint about Dallas officer

Police arrest unconscious man at Utah drive-thru

'interest rates from 40 to nearly 500 percent'

Only Great Minds Can Read This

Please use U.P.S. tomorrow to thank them for dumping Bill O'Reilly

Lights Off around the world!

Did everyone do "Earth Hour" last night?

Progressive policies stop at Aipac's doorstep.

Imagine .... just pretend ...... that certain former admin officials are indicted in Spain ......

The growing backlash is not an illusion

I think I'm going straight to hell over this one

Enron and Ken Lay's electricity deregulation is being challenged in Texas

After 9/11 were you more worried about another terrorist attack or Bush's reaction to it?

In between some over-the-top dramatic posts that get undue attention...

"The look on the faces of the kids as we were handling, weighing and euthanizing the toads..."

Don't worry, we got you covered (A Rant)

Mike Doogan's Latest Novel Needs More Reviews at Amazon

UK Finally Admits That Government & CIA Receive (Misleading) Intelligence From Torture

Isolating Bill-O

Connecticut School Bans Physical Contact

N.H. Pastor Takes Child Killer Into Home, Says He Found Jesus.

Competition with trickery, deceit and 'drama' is not competition, at all.

I'm typically a Wolverines fan, but............. (SPOILER ALERT for Tivo/DVR people)

The Tiger is on the prowl on

New Pancreatic Cancer Channel On Medical News Today

Japan, U.S. plan tie-up in environment, energy fields

The Rise of the Conservative Legal Movement: The Battle for Control of the Law

Repost of my comment on Krugman. I hate doing this, but some people don't believe me, so

Unhappy about overdraft fees? Tell the Fed what you think

Stem Cells: Is there Anything they can't do?


Someone has to take the HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANIES by the horns

Now why would the government want to know about Volcano?

GM has 60 days.

UK headed for monster budget deficit as G20 looms

The Recommendation of Posts at DU

Britain's Channel tax havens feel chill of recession

Officials: Waterboarding Foiled No Plot

"Moderate" Democratic politicians and/or policies: Ideology or strategy?

Been gone for 6 months from question is

What People Think About Emerging Food Technology

Our Gain, Your Pain: You Get Market Forces, We Get Welfare

How health insurers secretly blacklist those with certain ailments.

Petraeus: Crossing the line into torture, hard lessons, corrective measures, but NO TORTURE

Petraeus: Crossing the line into torture, hard lessons, corrective measures, but NO TORTURE

Wm. Greider/Nation: Wall Street 'reforms' may consolidate power/ratify corporate state ---

Separated at birth?

Advocates for illegal immigrants suggest a trade-off for legalization

Obama: U.S. prepared to pursue targets in Pakistan

Newsweek's unintentionally revealed, central truth

Where does the buck stop on teacher quality? Facts and myths...

Updates on ND/MN flooding, dike breached@school, river dropping but beware still

My, my, my how Freepers hate it when the Left fights back......

MSNBC - The Place For Politics

GM didn't fuck up the economy.

Letter to Minneapolis Police Chief Tim Dolan about continuing, post-RNC harassment

The Quiet Coup

Paul Street: 'We Are all Socialists Now'?

GM's Wagoner to quit under U.S. pressure as 2nd bailout nears

Palin for President in 2012? Really??? How could anybody be so fucking stupid?

California Asians upset... New UC affirmative action program favors whites over asians

Being human. It's not easy is it...

Risk, a little something to think about

Is there any gold inside Fort Knox?

East LA high schoolers get a lesson in oral history

Meet Molly

Paul Krugman Looks A Little French, Don't You Think?

Obviously, in the name of sacrifice to our nation, we need to call upon Paul Krugman to replace

Cheney Told Israelis That Obama is "Pro-Palestinian" (Seymour Hersh)

Comcast....Environmental PIGS

What do the terms "work ethic" and "contributing member to society" mean to you?

Perhaps Obama knows where Bin Laden is and that's what the Afghan surge is all about

Great news: Spain to indict Bushies on war crimes

Sen. Grassley says its unfair for the government to compete against private insurers.

So how's Georgie's speaking tour going?

Gates prefers sanctions to diplomacy for Iran

COLUMN: Union reform law helps workers

How corporations continue creating the next crises through our educational system.

GM CEO resigns at Obama's behest

Russia Building New Atomic Submarines With Improved Nuclear Missiles

Kristol on whether he owes the American public an apology for hyping Iraq WMD claims: ‘No.’

Limiting Exec Pay May Be Needed to Save Capitalism

Very Hot Tea May Raise Risk Of Throat Cancer

He’s Mad, Apocalyptic, Tearful, and a Rising Star on Fox News-Glenn Beck

It looks like DUers aren't happy with Obama

Let's face it - Obama and Geithner are evil !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I can't wait for you all to read this! "America, meet your farmer."

Did you live in Washington DC or the Maryland suburbs between 1947 and 1978?

Ex-Saudi envoy Prince Bandar 'disappears' , father seriously ill

Paul Wellstone was a varsity athlete at UNC, JC Watts was one at Oklahoma

2/3 Of St. Louis' Mass Transit System Just Disappeared!

Do you think Big Insurance will get what they want? (No public option, mandatory insurance, Privat..

LA Times now lying about EFCA.

with only $7,000 per annum - I'm in the top 14% in the WORLD - scary . . .

Obama’s Nobel Headache, Paul Krugman has emerged as Obama's toughest liberal critic

We sure like tearing each other down, don't we?

Aspartame,Donald Rumsfeld and formaldehyde

Today is Marlin Perkins' (RIP) birthday. Many Americans learned about wildlife conservation

Keeping us safe from dangerous elements: LA County Police seize 12,000 marijuana plants....

Krugman: The Market Wizards Were Exposed as Frauds -- Obama's Team Still Believes in Their Magic

Scared Cheney puts his head in the noose-The Former VP Fears Being Held To Account On Torture

Sachs on How the Obama/Geithner Scam makes the Rich Guys Richer

So did Obama reverse his position on “Out-Sourced Jobs”

It took a hell of a lot longer than eight years to get where we are. Try 30+ years.

Muchas Gracias Compadres

Amazing night photos of Mt. Redoubt erupting...

Privacy policy failed KU student

I don't like the rhetoric of 'defeating al-Qaeda'

Over marijuana. Lethal force? Are you fvcking kidding me?!

Study Offers Closer Look At 'Broken Heart Syndrome'

Harm done when Democratic "centrists" empower Republicans

Maddow Annoyed by Dems, Flattered by Groupies (and she bought a TV)

Newsweek April 6th cover "Obama is wrong"

Detroiters Make the Case for a Lifeline

Great 2004 (that’s right 2004) discussion of “Too Big to Fail” and Derivative Risks…

Dick "Dark Side" Cheney is seriously afraid of prosecution.

Not The Onion: Big Ag goes after Michelle for planting an organic garden

A new world struggling from the rubble of the old

What would be the best way to recognize Cesar Chavez Day?

100 years ago, our party's biggest superstar was the most famous Creationist of all time!

Pork Superbug Documented

Pork Superbug Documented

Sources: Obama to give GM 2 months to restructure

Gates: No change soon on `don't ask, don't tell' - he and Obama have "a lot on our plates right now.

Reeling on the Right -A liberal-bashing film festival puts this conservative critic to sleep.

A question for the self-proclaimed leftists here.

Glenn Greenwald: The Incredible Courage Of Jim Webb's Prison Bill

Goodnight, citizens of the ninth division.



Oh crap, I was messing around on a dating site and found my old flame

I get so sick of nightly routine

I've got a great idea for a book

Who killed Cock Robin?

Rules for Mastication - How to Spot the Abusers

Diamonds and Rust - Judas Priest

Letter to the Editor in regard to drug-testing welfare recipients

Letter to the Editor in regard to drug-testing welfare recipients

Roll call! Who's up!

For you, my friend: SISTERS OF MERCY I need all the love I can get

And people woner why so many people hate the Yankoffs...

Who is this singer?

"If I had a hammer, I'd hammer in the morning..."


Rose City Rollers 148, Rat City Roller Girls 134

Blizzard hits Kansas - but makes beautiful pictures

Did you know? You have to fly your nation's flag to be a good citizen!



New computer! And a plug for FEBE

If you havent had the latest flu. .be ready =(

Allegra isn't working for me anymore

Iron Maiden - Wasted Years

Real sentences you never thought you'd hear in children's television programming:

Ye, Techie-gods, HALP!1 How do I enable JavaScript?!1

I always wanted the silly rabbit to get some trix

THANK YOU, blogslut, and many DUers for Help tips on tech and non-tech topics for years and NOW!1

To the Admins: Can we please get a "yodeling" forum?

Nouriel Roubini's 50th birthday party

Survey Opportunity for Parents of Kids Under 10

Senior Citizen Choir does Outkast's "Hey Ya"

Gee thanks Crim son...

Want to read a truly haunting and horrifying book?

In honor of my PC and youtube fixed, a song by Willie Nelson

What's your favourite band right now?

Holy fucking batshit crazy wingnuttery!!!

What Are You Doing Today To Make This A Super Sunday?

George Carlin and Robin Williams DVD Just Came In At The Libree

Dont Recommend this thread if...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 3/29/2009)

OMG...almost every episode of "Schickele Mix" is being torrented! WOOHOO! WOOHOO!

Now I'm an auctioneer.

Don't miss the latest installments of My Days With Dave.

Don't miss the latest installments of My Days With Dave.

Are These Sandhill Cranes?

Will Things Domino Tonight?

Uh oh? The mods are awake now!

End of UNC / Oklahoma game posted on Youtube (spoiler alert)

Stupid question - do kids "fark" anymore?

Mythical Beast in north Wis. Hodak? Hodog?

Ok So I Am Sitting Across From The Hottest Thing In The Libree

Why the fuck is The Concorde -- Airport '79 on American Movie CLASSICS?

KPOD in about 5 hours or so

The whole FOB is sick...

And so it begins.

Anyone else think that Jim Nantz had too much fun on Beale Street last night?

Somebody Splain This To Me Please....

How world-wide satellite communication works (in 1952)


Watching Sex In The City Movie - Does it get better?

Nicely Noobeegin's Suns of Fun: Art at play to brighten your day

Sex with a Vacuum = 90-Day Prison Sentence

Are Indigo Narwhals better than the regular kind?

Stupid question - do kids "park" anymore?

Seven babies sit in tummy tubs filled with water to cool down after a baby massage class

Funny Stuff for Pet Owners..

Thinking outside the box is great. Pooping outside the box? Not so much (cat question)

So, i just finished Twin Peakes....Prison Break next?

Sweet jeebus, stay out of GD

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/29/09 (no language warning, safe for work, other places)

back on my own laptop

Are we feeling relaxed and groovy tonight, DU Lounge Lizards?

Someone asked for something little at my store last night. I was sure we

Okay, I just watched "The Cotton Club" again on Netflix's streaming viewer thingy.

Cast of Star Trek TNG is guest starring in Family Guy tonight...

I Rediscovered an old hobby...Easy to do, available, cheep...can be done by one or many..

Adventures in Pizza...

What. The. Fuck?

I don't know what Narwhal is

My NCAA brackets just got shredded. :-(

I've been avoiding talking about my neck

Shamu has peed IN THE LITTERBOX twice in one day!!!!!!!!

why is it that the weather turns to suck when you get off work?

Poll: Your Self Esteem

My sister had to say goodbye to her friend of 19+ years

Recommend this thread if...

population trends for metropolitan areas

mentalsolstice and KamaAina will never make the Midlo DTM list

Sunday Afternoon Kitteh Pic

The Recommendation of Posts at DU

Wait...IKEA sells appliances too?

Al Kooper Is One Of The Most Underrated Songwriter/Musicians Ever

If you haven't been to the PostSecret website lately, this weekend's secrets are INSANE!

What's your favorite STYLE of beer?

When you take Jhoon Rhee's self defence

So, I bought a new clarinet.

Father/Son weekend - Bonding over beers

Did you know there are narwhales as well as narwhals?

I'm Going To Be Astrologized!

Thinking about an old friend tonight.

Breaking: On April 1 - FoxNews to report the news accurately.

I do enjoy the Sun Chips.

I do not have a headache

Congrats, MTV. You ruined Headbanger's Ball.

Ugh, water heater leaking water all over the garage floor.

Anyone seen the movie "The Wedding Date"? Why don't these two women

Last update on Mom--she's home.

go on, tell me happy birthday ya bastids

Look who's throwing out the opening day pitch for the San Francisco Giants

A smile for the night - A short story...

does anyone know the name of those toy sets with woodland creatures...

Accidental discovery: interesting use for cooking spray

The Crummy Stuff Thread

What's that Midlo? UCONN is in the final four? And those other loser teams

It's been a busy day

Looks like Disney is going to do for Ska what they did to Rock with the Jonas Brothers

Does anybody know what aisle the Bugles are on?

Dammit- I have a sty in me eye.

Dog Jumps Fence

How much is your water bill each month?

Best Sesame Street song ever (tough call, I know)

Who did what now?

The Buena Vista Social Club.

I'm gonna be Anglicized!!

So a Narwhal is the unicorn of the ocean?

Does anyone know whose towers TracPhone uses??

So who should I root for in the Final Four?

I kind of want to drink all the time now.

The mighty King of Beasts, asleep:

No more Cadillacs? No more Corvettes?

I'm going to be Anthropomorphized!

So I need help dealing with my mother-in-law

My kitty died yesterday

My Italian father-in-law wants Olive Garden for his birthday today.

Your Sunday LOLcats. (dial-up warning)

anyone who knows something about cats, I need some help

For the record...

sciatica is kicking my ass

OK people a hygiene lesson here.

What is your opinion of Y-front underwear for men?

I am now an East Coast Elitist!!1!! We took our daughter to the Symphony

Christ! I get so sick of the drama sometimes.

Note to self: designate seperate areas for "current beer"& "empty can serving as ashtray".

Kitten picture of the day for monday march 30

Please vote in this poll for a girl's baby name!

I want tits, ass and gore in my horror.

The most recently published work(s) of fiction you've read that you would put on your Favorite List.

The first of this week's podcasts

My browser won't stay logged on to DU

"Born in the USA" - your thoughts on the tune?

Whats Your Favorite Beer?

Look who's throwing out the first pitch for the Nationals

I'm going to be Anthologized!

Tammy Bruce's books going for as low as 1 cent on Amazon (the radio racist who called Michelle trash

Can we establish "Rules of Engagement From Below" about discussing The New Administration?

President Obama on Face the Nation this Sunday! Highlights here!

Economics: Obama vs. Bush

Obama 'our quarterback' for final Olympic pitch: Daley

Obama coming up on Face the Nation, n/t

If Republican Supporting Democrats Remove Make Work Pay from the Budget - the Party loses.

About Krugman, what tee's me off.

Remember "let it sink"?

Republicans, and the lies they tell

Biden "not necessarily cured of his Oval Office fever"... he's "not ruling anything... out" for 2016

Snore....zzzzzzzz Gregory is, again, giving McCain a free and clear platform to spew

Oh, the Freudian slip by John King

FauxNews' Juan Williams To Bill Sammon: "Chill Out, Dude" regarding "Blame America" nonsense (VIDEO)

Obama’s Toxic Advisers

Obama on Afghanistan: "It's not going to be an open-ended commitment of infinite resources."

***HEADS UP*** President Obama on CBS's Face the Nation

President Obama's team debuts at U.N. climate talks

Staff infection: Allies rip Palin team - Greta's husband (advisor to Phalin) partly to blame.

Damned disrupters!

AIG director named to Obama tax task force (why, she asks?)

Carter gains office, gets submarined by congressional Dems...

Krugman: The magazine cover effect

Obama On Afghanistan: I Will Not ‘Simply Assume That More Troops Always Result In An Improved...

Who Said it? "I will not let anyone tell me that we must spend more (stimulus) money"

So, Obama's The Decider And If You Don't Like It, Then STFU

What's happening here?

Did anyone else see John King's interview of Holbrooke and Petraeus?

There is a difference between wholesale trashing and reasoned criticism

time to cut bait... Afghanistan.

Hillary Clinton accepts prestigious eugenics award...

What's next in the economic debate?

What are we really arguing about? An experiment.

GM CEO resigns @ Obama's request

About the "its only been 60 days, give Obama a break" argument:

Geithner's plan is completely consistent with future nationalization.

Why We Must Fix Our Prisons

If Paul Krugman was stuck on a south Pacific island, who would he want there with him?

Hillary wins!

Obama: I told bankers bonuses 'not acceptable'

Chances that Barack Obama will serve two terms:

Planned Parenthood Honours Clinton with its prestigious award

Cheerleader or Hater?

Krugman is actually doing Obama a favor.

Yikes! '10 AR Senate: Lincoln could be in trouble

At Last! We are Finally in the Forest....

March 29, 2009 Dem to Obama: 'Come make your case' for more bank bailout $$$

Obama, Medvedev to sign declaration on treaty

Caption Time

What's your current grade for President Obama?

Obama Chess: Three 2005 memos detailing torture techniques nearing release.

Drug use/abuse is a personal issue...

Heres a Food For Thought

"The People's President: Man, Myth and the Media"

Protesting President Obama at the G20 Summit

It seems we may be heading toward a real life version of Logan's Run...

Gates: No change soon on `don't ask, don't tell'

I am sorry, if you voted for Obama, and are now SHOCKED

List Of Economists That Support The Summer/Geithner Banker Bailout Plan?

I'm watching Face the Nation in HD

Found this great cartoon on Meghan McCain v. Limbaugh

Why Criticisms from the left are important.

Has "potrage" replaced "poutrage" as the rage of the day?

Read this and learn how it's done, guys: Media Matters rips Newsweek, praises Krugman's work

69 Days - 69 Fucking Days and Folks Are Already Bitching

POS Cheney Discredited Obama to Israelis: "Pro-Palestinian...never make it in the major leagues."

Vice-President Biden calls for caution in regulating financial markets

Hey people let's take a peace break and help out a fellow DU'er real quick

Alternative Economists Who President Obama should seek advice from

Obama's Brown Shirts: "National Civilian Security Force".


TNR - Liberalism v. Socialism - Is Obama Too Liberal, And Not Socialist Enough?

What is apparent about Pres. Obama's request for GM CEO Wagoner's Resignation.

Why does Gallup have Obama's approval falling while it has almost every other indicator up?

Newsweek: The Education of Timothy Geithner

Do you think President Obama is only able to do 'what he's told'?

Neocon Canadian PM went onto Fox News even though Canadian soldiers

And the Wisdom to Know the Difference

Obamas Are Personally Paying For White House Renovations

Obama "Indicted" by a "Grand Jury" (of Birthers)

G20 protests draw 35,000 in London

Krugman is NOT alone.

Obama-complaining ubermensch are our superiors.

Paul Krugman appears to have painted himself into a corner

I have a confession to make.....20 of them in fact!

"Michelle takes the world stage"

Brookings Reports - Bank Nationalization, Geithner Plan, A Mix Of Both? Krugman's Incomplete View

Obama Is Wrong: The Loyal Opposition of Paul Krugman, Newsweek March 28, 2009

Fake Outrage Poll Series: Should Joe Biden resign because his daughter may have done cocaine?

Afghanistan is NOT "Obama's Vietnam."

Jonathan Alter: Caught In the Act Of Thinking

The President is NOT following Krugman's advice.

Hillary Clinton leaves flowers for Our Lady of Guadalupe, asks ‘Who painted it?’

What the Hell has Obama got done in 69 days?

Evan Bayh steps up, Good for Him

UPDATE: Lawyer who tried to peddle supposed Ashley Biden tape has quit - dropped his client.

When bush was President, I thought the Paulson bailout giveaway plan was shit.

The Krugman/Limbaugh Nightmare: President Obama Might Succeed

Gates and Obama: We are too busy to give gays equality

What is President Obama's biggest failure???

Obama’s Nobel Headache, Paul Krugman has emerged as Obama's toughest liberal critic

Obama unveils overseas trip agenda

China's global cyber-espionage network GhostNet 'penetrates embassies across 100 countries'

Detainee's Harsh Treatment Foiled No Plots

Letter to Minneapolis Police Chief Tim Dolan about continuing, post-RNC harassment

Thousands of toxic toads killed in Australian fest

US-Backed Iraqi Troops Quell Baghdad Uprising

Obama rules out US troop raids into Pakistan

Iraqi troops order armed Sunni group in Baghdad neighborhood to disarm after deadly gunbattles

Researchers have developed a robot capable of ...interacting with the world using a biological brain

Team Obama Halts Talk of Assault Weapons Ban

G20 protest: Thousands march for 'jobs, justice and climate'

BREAKING NEWS: GM CEO Rick Wagoner will step down from the company

Judge OKs probe of torture complaint against Bush officials

Arab-S American meet to tackle financial crisis

Update: Spanish judge approves criminal probe of Bush officials

How insurers secretly blacklist millions with common ailments

How Africa was forced to accept ‘robbery’

Our Gain, Your Pain: You Get Market Forces, We Get Welfare

Scared Cheney puts his head in the noose, by Andrew Sullivan

US To Consult Pakistan On Strikes

US deploys anti-missile ships before N.Korea launch

Fargo Casts Wary Eye on Red River as It Recedes

GM CEO resigns at Obama's behest

19,000 UK credit card details posted on the Net...and accessible on Google

Spanish court considers trying former US officials

President Barack Obama unveils major economies climate forum

Man Said to Idolize Va. Tech Shooter Faces Trial

Report: Hizbullah, Mexican drug cartels working together

Gates: No change soon on `don't ask, don't tell'

DHS Signals Policy Changes Ahead for Immigration Raids

Mass. man kills 2 sisters, but police save the 3rd

I am not satisfied with the outcome of the Ashley Todd case (the "B" Girl)

Film Composer Maurice Jarre Dies -BBC 3/29/09

Prospect of Barack Obama show causes UK to clear its decks

'Friends' of Biden's Daughter Selling Film (she's 'snorting cocaine')

Huffington Plans Investigative Journalism Venture.

Police: Six dead in Carthage nursing-home shooting

General Motors Chief Rick Wagoner Said to Step Down (Correct)

Obama calls Afghanistan 'America's war'

Insurers shun those taking certain meds

Former Guyana President Janet Jagan Dies At 88.

Karzai's Minister Opposes U.S. Plan for Talks with the Taliban Apartment

SEIU Employees Picket Own Union Over Layoffs

College Shut Down For Virus - 100 Students/Staff Reporting Symptoms

D.L. Hughley Visits Calif. Medical Marijuana Store

TheRealNews: Chomsky on the Economy

McCain Refuses to Endorse Palin

Idiocracy - House of Representin'

Obama on Afghanistan: The response can't always be "we need even more troops."

Legalize Drugs, Save Mexico-RSU

Egomaniac Bill O'Reilly to grade his own show but it'll cost you $$$

Bill Moyers Interviews Jon Stewart

The Week In Cartoons 03/29

Young Turks: Police Kept NFL RB Ryan Moats from Mother-In-Law's Deathbed

Trinity Institute Keynote: David C. Korten

Climate Denial Crock of the Week - The Great "Petition" Fraud

Rush Limbaugh Uses N. Dakota Flooding To Crack

Young Turks: Ron Paul Talks to Cenk and Michael Shure

Earth Hour 2009 | Official Worldwide Roll Out

Steele on Reaching Out To Obama...I'm Done. He's President. I'm RNC Chairman. So what's your point?

Petraeus: Cheney is wrong to say Obama is making U.S. less safe.

Countdown: UPS pulls advertisements from O'Reilly after ambush





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Moderator Availability Thread for Sunday March 29th 2009





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OT: A student with crazy RW parents wrote this paragraph.

Metric System

OT: I needed a chuckle today...and got it:


Pirate Smile





Smokers face a hit as tobacco taxes spike

Obama Will Face a Defiant World on Foreign Visit

Ray McGovern: Welcome to Vietnam, Mr. President

Inside Obama's War Room

GOP's More Detailed Budget To Be Written in Invisible Ink

Worldview: Signs of hope in Obama's Afghan plan

Feeling Too Down to Rise Up

"And the Pursuit of Happiness: So Moved" by artist Maira Kalman

HORTON: Bush Torture Lawyers Targeted in Criminal Probe

More to Homelessness than Needing a Home

Seymour Hersh: Syria Calling

LA Times: Promise of globalization fades

Complete Bill Moyer William Greider interview

Atlantic: Is Jon Stewart Our Ed Murrow? Maybe...

What they Used to Teach You at Stanford Business School

The Outing of a Blogger: Social Transparency or Violation?

GOP leaders should rein in Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann, but who leads the GOP?

Guest workers will be missed

Pretending to be Civilized in an Epidemic of Institutional Sadism

Jim Hightower: Obama to Bring More Mercenaries to Afghanistan -- Sound Familiar?

Canada's Brit snit is embarrassing

Why Not Bank CEOs? (David Sirota)

Why We Must Fix Our Prisons By Senator Jim Webb

TYT: Excellent Interview w/ Economist James K. Galbraith(!)

Why conservatives hate green jobs

Environmentalists Hail Earth Hour As A Big Success

Questioning Global Warming. Freeman Dyson, the NYT and Media Matters

Obama nominates CEO of Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection to Assistant Secretary for EERE

The Myth of the 1970's Global Cooling

California's First Animal Community Center - Humane Society

Can the West cultivate ideas from Cuba's 'Special Period'?

Went to a green festival at the county fairgrounds

Electric car range extending trailers

US Media Silences support of Cuba and the Cuban Five

"The Black Jacobins, Teachers of Revolution"

NYT: "Spanish Court Weighs Inquiry on Torture for 6 Bush-Era Officials

Arab-S American meet to tackle financial crisis (Gulf Times)

Kidnapping Jews, Gas Stations of Terror, Allying FARC with Hezbollah!

Longtime NFL, college coach Lou Saban dies at 87

Write it down, The Yankees win the World Series.

Write it down, The Red Wings are going to repeat.

Holy Shit, Louisville is going down in flames 64-52

22 people die in a soccer game

Tiger Woods Y'All

Write it down, Villanova wins the NCAA.

Excessive "Sports Victory Dance?" What do you think?

Write it Down, The Patriots win the next Super Bowl

NCAA Pool Standings Going into the Final Four

Todays working family Carol Simpson cartoon: Corporate Retirement Plan

Today in labor history Mar 29 Sam Walton proclaimed that his priority was to "Buy American

Detroit hospital creates retraining program for autoworkers

Bill Moyer William Greider interview

Millions Of Auto Jobs Hang On Government’s GM, Chrysler Decision

Malware Threat Growing From Unemployed Ranks

US: Unemployment hits double digits in seven states

Tyson workers accept contract proposal

Growing Up with the UFW — A Conversation with Cesar's Granddaughter

Labor folklorist Archie Green, 91, dies

More unions favor legalizing workers

Non-Profit Status For Newspapers Could Save The Industry

Reports of NBA labor trouble might be a little premature

DirecTV deal with NFL might help with lockout

Pawlenty to state workers: Take 48 (unpaid) days off

Great Depression: The way we lived

CWA expels Katz, alleging misuse of union funds (more than $138,000 to the CWA for funds she spent )

'Card check' bill loses key supporters (Sen. Dianne Feinstein D-Calif.)

Apology to Prop 8 supporters :)

Marco Rubio sent me an email asking for money

Trivia question

Sec. Gates on DADT: "the president and I feel like...let's push that one down the road a little bit"

Desert Stonewall Democratic Club Steering Committee Votes To Boycott Acura, Honda, Toyota of the Des

Tarnished Rainbow: Hawaii Kills Civil Unions Bill

Obama fully funds LGBT witch hunts in FY2010 budget

A natural approach for HIV vaccine

Medical insurance is a losing bet for all.

"Are You Eating The Right Portions?"

Cholesterol Drugs May Reduce Risk of Blood Clots in Veins

Disinfectants and Other Products Washed into Sewers are Increasing Drug-resistant Bacteria

Taliban Says No to Polio Vaccine Meant for 300,000 Children - Fearing it’s Anti-Muslim Plot

Action video games sharpen eyesight: U.S. study

If Only the World Had Listened

Jenin orchestra shut down after playing for survivors

Good story from Florida

Heard a piece on NPR about FDIC...

What if Private investors and Banks balk on the Geithner plan?

GM CEO Rick Wagoner Resigns At Obama's Request

I was angered by a major site asking: "Will the Stock Market Continue to Rally Next Week?"

Steel Wheel Interstates

Ever wonder why credit card companies can charge such high interest?

The Banks Were Profitable In January And February Thanks To... AIG

Capitalism Hits the Fan: A Marxian View

Guns and the 'But Everyone I Know Voted For McGovern!' Effect

LBN: Team Obama Halts Talk of Assualt Weapons Ban

Anti gun supporters don't change. Elected representatives do.

How would you enforce a ban on "assault" weapons?

If an assault weapons ban was passed, would that be the end of any

Police: NC nursing home shooting kills 6, hurts 3


Volcanic ash

Non-macro shots and a near-macro with the Tokina 100mm macro

home, sweet, home

Your Iditarod photos of the day

back on my own laptop

"That will show them, now let's go home Baby..." "My Hero!"

A couple more photos -

Bear and I went on a hike last weekend.

Things are starting to pop...

Fear Of New Regs Drives Gun, Ammo Shortage

A complaint free world.

Fire The Grid ~ Part II

Animal Odd Couple

I really need to understand this 2012 galactic alignment thing, astronomically speaking...

Scientists find safer way to make human stem cells

Young Earth Creationists vs. Reality: a Visual Aid

Obama adviser on new era for science in US (BBC Video)

Buzz Aldrin's freaky space travel story

NASA Might Name Toilet For Comedian Stephen Colbert

Researchers have developed a robot capable of ...interacting with the world using a biological brain

Texas wrapup: Yup. Doomed.

Faith vs Reason

Every atom in our bodies came from somewhere else.

Seattle Atheists are starting a bus-ad campaign

Death Opens Doors on Group

A complaint free world.

Hillary Clinton leaves flowers for Our Lady of Guadalupe, asks ‘Who painted it?’

I've been a busy girl today:

What's for dinner? ~ Sunday the 29th

On the "Used Meat" section....

Here's our entry to the crepe theme event!

Not "used meat" but bread products...

Education Without Borders to kick off Monday

Purpose and Performance in Teacher Performance Pay

On Education, Obama Blows It, Part II

Why not allow high school students to drop a course as soon as the final class ends?

Obama meets with Hutto boy about sickle cell disease

How many Texas DUers are there?

need help Cinemaphiles... who was the Black Actor who played a guy who wanted to be Top Pimp and was

Harper blows it on Fox News

I downloaded VLC video player...

Anyone using Picasa 3?

I think I figured it out!

Another tool to fight Conficker

I have a small problem with the website I am building .........

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