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Update on cop who delayed family from getting to dying mother: He lied on report

Update on cop who delayed family from getting to dying mother: He lied on report

RawStory: Why House Committee wanted Rove behind closed doors

Journal links are down

Progressive Europe-Uses Safety Net to Provide Stimulus-Opposite of US

Regulator Who Regrets "Silence" About Derivatives Told To Shut Up

AIG stiffs small US banks and pays 100% to Foreign Banks?

Britain ready for Taliban talks

Lawsuit by a father in Indiana targets polluters

What Is Up W/Randi Rhodes (and whiterose?)

Bancorp Exec:TARP a "lousy program" -Wells Fargo Chair: Stress-test policy "asinine"

Bancorp Exec:TARP a "lousy program" -Wells Fargo Chair: Stress-test policy "asinine"

Anyone watching Nightline debate on "Does Satan Exist" ?

Coach K should stick to the economy & leave basketball to the President.

UNPRECEDENTED HISTORY: Red River water level tops historic marker (& dike breach/evac order)

Easter Egg Hunts. I remember them in my family, and they hold such


The Best City Council Meeting Ever (VIDEO)

Clear and Present Danger

Suicide Attack Kills 48 at Pakistani Mosque

Cal Thomas: Al Gore not debating climate change with Heartland Institute nutjobs = CENSORSHIP!

oh goody. that smug little turd, Bill Kristol is now on WJ.

Question: Why are people who vote green more frowned upon than people who don't vote at all?

I'm on the top of the world!

What's up with the weather

401Ks are exact reason why to not mess with Social Security.

HR Bill 1388, Section 1304/125 - help me respond

Question for union members about H1B visas.

As New Lawyer, Senator Gillibrand Defended Big Tobacco

Anyone know anything about HR1388?

Obama announces Afghan plan with Sec. of State on one side, Sec. of Defense on the other

Are natural gas companies over charging us ?

Detroit Zoo to receive three lions rescued from a Kansas junkyard

To those opposed to a global reserve currency: How does it feel to have Michele Bachmann speak for

British Gummint Deploys Anti-Teen Lights Designed to Make Kids Ashamed

Didnt see anything posted on this "Crisis Pregnancy Centers"

Marie Cocco: How Bush and Co. Broke the Law to Keep Women from Using Birth Control

Gibbs about GOP budget " I took a few minutes and read it ".

Right Wingers Want Drug Testing For Welfare Recipients - Let's Start With Wall Street Executives!!!

Pipe War! Plumbers Union Rips Joe The Plumber

Joe scar having a bad day, too funny...

How about this 'young president'? I think he's pretty cool, for such

DNC web ad takes aim at Karl Rove...Pot. Kettle. Black.


Ohnoes, market is down, What did BO do now?

Let the Numbers Speak

Imagine George W. Bush never happened.

My trip to the White House-by John Aravosis

My wife just got notice her health insurance will rise 34%

Thoughts on charging children with child porn charges

An Impending Crisis? How Peak Water Would Reshape Civilization

Wow...Someone who came into my office just made an interesting point...

A GOP budget with no hard numbers (LOL)

The Nation: Global Labor's G-20 Agenda

More Job Cuts Coming At Newspapers / TV: Michael Copps Now Supports Cross-Ownership

Can the media do any more to destroy America?

New GOP meme! Leading House GOP-er accuses Obama of 'exploiting' recession

Morning Joe is like a wake this morning

Will someone call the Waahmbulance for Ken Blackwell? "It's all the LEFT's fault for us losing!!!"

Gov. Bill Richardson signs "culture of life" bill under pressure from Catholic bishops

Hope and change, extraterrestrial-style?

Disturbing: UN Human Right Council urges laws criminalizing criticism of religion

Scientists Create Robotic Fish To Aid In Water Pollution

Exec says Coleman donor ordered $100K payments - Star Tribune

What (healthcare) Card is in Your Wallet?

Sen. Sanders Introduces Single-payer Health Reform Bill in Senate!!!

WOOT! Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo

Quick! DU this CNN Poll on Decriminalizing Marijuana

Life After Politics.

Everything you know about affairs is wrong.

What Conservatives Do For Fun

Criticism over Obama invite mounts at Notre Dame

NOPer Road to Recovery - wish it was a joke - but it's not

So, Duke's Coach K is out, and Obama's pick North Carolina is still in?

I just heard on the NY local news, Paterson has reached an agreement to ease the Rockefeller drug

Fresh tech hiccup for V-22 (Osprey) tiltrotor fleet

Fresh tech hiccup for V-22 (Osprey) tiltrotor fleet

Please explain. The stock market represents ownership in businesses.

US backing for world currency stuns markets

Reid: Specter card-check switch closes door to Dems

DSCC Donates $100K In Madoff Contributions To His Victims

Studies show increased "sensitivity" associated with

Byron Dorgan Nailed it 10 Years Ago on Repeal of Glass-Steagall

'White, blue-eyed bankers have brought world economy to its knees'

The Amazing Adventures of DIETGIRL!

Kristol was on Wash. Journal this morning

TARP recipients doled out $85,300 to PACs

AT&T Is Going To Turn Over Customers Who Are Downloading Music and Video..

Jobless Rate Climbs Above 10% in Three More U.S. States as Slump Spreads

Former Gitmo prosecutor: "Bush holds the ultimate responsibility for torture"

nuke Barons paying big bucks to lobby Wisconsin

What credentials does THIS guy have to be dictating the rules about sex?

6 Million Americans will travel abroad for Health Care lower cost

6 Million Americans will travel abroad for Health Care lower cost

Serial Killer Mystery Solved

Feinstein, Who Co-Sponsored EFCA In 2007, May Not Support It This Time

Constant, manufactured outrage.

DNA Tests Show 13-Year-Old Isn't a Dad

FOX: "Obama Gets It Right, Mostly, With His Plan for Afghanistan"

Nyuk, nyuk! Sean Penn joins ‘Three Stooges’. Farrelley Bros make movie f/country with economic blues

People on Medicare...

People on Medicare...

Pelosi will fast-track healthcare bill

Fienstein is unhappy with the Afghanistan plan as it implements major reforms on procurement

There is no way any tax increase could surmount my current health coverage cost!

Poll shows Democrat has edge in NY 20.

China closes digital window (YouTube)

Monsanto uses behind the scenes influence to kill Montana farmer protection bill.

GM Makes Plans To Rehire Laid-off Workers After 7,600 Hourly Employees Take Buyout

Is President Obama going to take us to war in Pakistan?

Republican Ecstasy in the workplace

Deposition has bad news for Norm Coleman

According to this 2001 ND State report corn (&sugarbeets) is NOT a reason for the ND flooding

Most important news story of the (week ending March 27, 2009)

Art Imitates Life

Art Imitates Life

Former Bush NSA Stephen Hadley defends torture: "The proof is in the pudding"

Dhamma Brothers

I Can't Decide if This is Funny or Horrifying

Decriminalization poll up at CNN You know the drill.

Former Waddell & Reed executive charged with flashing students

Neo-Con Ideologues Launch New Foreign Policy Group (Kristol)

Citibank fell for Nigerian scam

Help me use my blog to get a job!

Help me use my blog to get a job!

Why Suburbs May Become the Next Slums

Will the street lights go off during the earth hour?

Why are most Americans against legalization?

For Minnesota Zoo, long wait for dolphin calf ends in sadness

Obama was right. Duke didn't make the Final Four. Take that, Coach K!! n/t

Not this again.

Anti-suicide Fence paid by Stimulus called Wasteful Spending(OH)

Obama on Af/Pak

Bwahahahahaha. Westboro Baptist Church thanks God for North Dakota’s flooding

MSNBC: Three House Dems refused contributions from Goldman Sachs

Seychelles: Paradise goes bankrupt

Investigators Find Source of Many Foods Untraceable

Joe the Plumber to speak up for the American worker......

I want to see an end to payroll taxes as we know it.....even though it won't happen

How exactly does one become "radically pro-abortion"?

MSNBC beats CNN in the month of March

Joe Scar thinks he's the master of the negative question:

8 Hours a Day Spent on Screens, Study Finds.

If America was attacked again, would Pres. Obama consider Pakistan responsible

The prosecutor is nuts. The prosecutor is not nuts.

Reid wants us to back off? He needs to apologize! 202-224-3542: You know what to do...

Administration costs of health care systems in Canada vs. the U.S.

Sioux Falls' economy tanks as credit defaults soar. The town that usury built

Dogs, cats send 86,000 Americans flying (falling) annually

Earth Hour is happening Saturday night.

Economic Terrorism

Erin Burnett, a homely, trustworthy soft looking tv bubblehead..

GOP Desperate in NY House Race (Tedisco/Murphy), pulls out its favorite boogeyman

Boys Will Be Boys, even in the Senate: Kent Conrad and Chuck Grassley take it back to high school

Delaware votes for gay rights

If You Twitter follow #gov20camp in Washington D.C. Live for two days

The TARP Email Trail: AIG And Citi Execs Clueless And Arrogant

This is your brain. This is your brain on Michele Bachmann........

Phoenix's Serial Shooter gets 6 death sentences

"We don't need new laws we need to enforce the ones we already have"

Stimulus Package - Designed to Help Poor & Unemployed - Screws Family Out of Insurance Coverage/Food

So called "Market Solutions" will not work with health insurance companies...

Freedom Tower is out, World Trade Center is in

Think Progress; Stop the O'Reilly Harrassment Machine

Think Progress; Stop the O'Reilly Harrassment Machine

Former McCain campaign chief endorses same-sex marriage

Senate smack talking

Is This a Case of Discrimination?

This is how crazy Michelle Bachmann really is:

If anyone wonders who is next for a handout

El Rushbo: "Hillary Clinton is twice the man Obama is"

My latest voicemail message to Conservadem Senator Bennet of Colorado...

Feingold fears Afghan troop buildup could worsen situation

Tweety you are correct

Muslim smokers seen "worse than cows"

Can someone help me out with this "Big Brother" push to search laptops?

Road to Climax closed.

US Military confiscates weapons in Baghdad to make it safer.

Obama advises bankers not to give back the TARP money...

Is anyone actually working on getting Obama public option?

Obama better be on the ground in ND as soon as it's safe.

REAL plumbers irate over "Horny 'Joe' the 'Plumber'" selling them out

Engineers: America's infrastructure sucks

Longtime NBC Econ Reporter Irving R. Levine Dies At 86

caption Joe the non plumber...

As New Lawyer, Senator Defended Big Tobacco

Aided by Safety Nets, Europe Resists Stimulus Push

Traffic cop denies Texans running back last visit with dying mother-in-law

Tweety is tearing Bachmann a new one

Bush Leaves Legacy of Fraud and Abuse At Small Business Administration

Check out the new Tesla Model "S"

Kansas Abortion Doctor Not Guilty

More unreasonable expectations re Madoff

A Summary of the Republicans' Buget

Hardball In Ohio & The Lost Ballots

Clean slate for corrupt judge's young victims in Pennsylvania

Bank Bust Friday

If we capture Bin Laden under Obama's watch, can we get single-payer health care?

Good Hope, Alabama up in arms over local preacher discussing s-e-x in church.

Supreme Court: Church may use Hallucinogenic Tea /New Converts Expected

Dollars & Sense: New Home Sales Fell In February, Not Rose

Diebold's Chief Financial Officer, VP Steps Down Under SEC Investigation

So who operates that Olbermann Twitter account? It's complicated...

It's Friday know what that means.......

"Americans for Prosperity" (anti-EFCA front group) Enlists JTP to be it's "spokes-IDJIT"

Jobseekers! Mayor Mike Is Hiring Volunteers...

VA: 16 colonoscopy patients have infections

'Those Who Remain' ...(families left behind in Mexico by migrants)

Mark Levin ... "The Great One"?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Economic Stockholm Syndrome

"...the insufferably strident “national syndicated columnist” David Sirota..."

Caption this pic (Bank CEOs at the Whitehouse)

A Simple Poll

Energy advocates question Palin’s rejection of federal funds

People should be allowed to speed in their cars to get to the hospital

Pat Buchanan's family tree?

Mainstream Media Bailout Bill Introduced

Interesting...I'm hearing some rather populist talk from my right-wing, fundamentalist mother.

Kansas Late Term Abortion Doctor Found Not Guilty

You're invited: Raw Story Live Chat with Robert Greenwald on Afghanistan 3-31-09

Jonah Goldberg's Plagiarized column?

UPS commercial on KO

REVIEW: Sarah Palin's Makeover in Media Malpractice


Dogs, cats send 86,000 Americans flying annually (CNN)

Fox News Gets Mafia Guy to Call Democrats Mobsters, Traitors

Chrysler Is Bringing Their Call Center In India Back To The USA

Chrysler Is Bringing Their Call Center In India Back To The USA

Police officer sorry after detaining NFL player at hospital

Police officer sorry after detaining NFL player at hospital

Ted Haggard's wife refeused to give him divorce; says what happened was "divine rescue"

Airport Security Says Disabled Man Isn't "In Possession Of" His Luggage

Freeper-types slam unions

A bargain at twice the price

'West Wing' alums on the Hill Tues. to tout EFCA

Sincerely, WTF?!? Darrell Issa pushing to limit the First Lady's power?

Small Enough to Fail

Ana Marie Cox on current GOP party strategy:

Christian Book Expo is "a major disappointment"

Why aren't the Auto execs being asked to drastically cut their pay and future?

Juan Cole is on Rachel

$8 billion Las Vegas project reportedly considers bankruptcy

Disney U.S. parks cutting jobs, seeking efficiencies

KO ...worst person ...Billo ...UPS drops ad because of stalking.

Follow up to "Would you apply for this job?"

George Soros: Britain may have to seek IMF rescue

EFCA: on to the next round

I Got My Master's Degree From Villanova in 1983, and...

For people following the recent Palin meltdowns...

There's a new lawyer being interviewed right now. She'll work for free for 15 weeks.

Only in Bachmann's World!!! LINK

For your consideration ...

For your consideration ...

Military sends help as uncertainty floods Fargo

How gullible are you Bobby Jindal?

Utopian, I know, but: If no nation had a military,

Barack Obama's aunt faces crucial immigration hearing

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/27/09 (very non-graphic language; totally SFW/minors)

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/27/09 (very non-graphic language; totally SFW/minors)

Vince Shlomi, ShamWow Pitchman, Arrested For Battering Hooker

Role reversal: Some Americans seeking jobs head to India

Still watch 20/20? *Kids in jail for a judges' profit!*

SCAM ALERT: Check fraud from Canada

Complete this: "The real problem is _________________ ."

Obama, is worrying me. Is anyone else walking around stressed out?

Will the US stand for nationalism or humanity at the G-20 Summit next week.

Secretary of State Clinton honored for support of women's rights

Why are links to breitbart/faux/drudge/politico allowed on DU?

BEN TRIP ~~~ Ann Coulter: a Portrait ~~~ warning graphic

S 727 - Please act and x-post - we need all your help to end this barbarism!

Arrest that crazy fucker!

What happened to Kim Jung Illnesses' ballistic missile? Ever launch it?

Teachers in Marietta, GA were told this morning their pay will be cut

Teachers in Marietta, GA were told this morning their pay will be cut

Real Time With Bill Maher (Streaming Video)

Obama's Afghan Spaghetti Western

If you wanted to tackle a knotty problem like ending Prohibition how would you do it?

DUers is this true about the stimulus? $3.6 million per capita for DC?

I Like Chris Hansen Better in To Catch a Debt Collector

I Like Chris Hansen Better in To Catch a Debt Collector

Gay Republicans looking for a new base for party activism


Who's watching the medical marijuana deal on cnn?

Sen. Byron Dorgan (prophet), upon repeal of Glass-Steagall in 1999 :

Re: teachers - this got buried in a thread and I wanted to put it out there.

KO is shreding what's left of Bachmann

New Kansas Law

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!! & a belated Happy Birthday Perragrande

Spokane, WA residents smuggling in non-green Dish Detergent

Who watched Olbermann and is now watching Maddow? Thoughts?

Matt Tiabbi on Michelle Bachman. Hillarious!

Report: Improper anchoring caused boat accident ( NFL Players )

U.S. Officials Say Israeli Warplanes Bombed Convoy of Trucks in Sudan

Taliban Denies Polio Vaccine To 300,000 Children

LA Times touts McCain as a "key Republican" in immigration debate, but ignores campaign flip-flop

The Immaculate Budget...

relationship between organized labor/correctional officers is doubly harmful to the American left

Dallas police department announces budget cuts, restricts dash cam use

Bill Moyers tonight - another great program

Just when you thought you've seen the most idiotic right-winger...

Link to pics of last Mt. Redoubt eruption.

Ashcroft: Some forms of waterboarding might be legal

Obama...Restoring the Old (Banking) Order...BIll Moyers

Friday TOON Roundup 2: Blue Dogs, Red Frauds and Obamas

Like Fox Mulder, I wanted to believe.

Sham Wow guy arrested for battery!

My mom has been diagnosed with Alzheimers........

Enduring Freedom

Reid Tells Liberals To "Back Off"

Friday TOON Roundup 3: Economy, Health care, Meat

Friday TOON Roundup 1- Buy yer toxic assets here!

Thousands honored the slain Oakland officers...........

What do you guys know about Alex Jones and his anti -Obama movie?

Sham OW!

Cuomo Widens His A.I.G. Investigation

Lou Dobbs

Spokane residents smuggle suds over green brands

Spokane residents smuggle suds over green brands

UPS has shown its commitment! Now let us support UPS!

The Inner World of Farm Animals: Their Amazing Intellectual, Emotional, and Social Capacities

legalize pot, but DON'T tax the hell out of it

I'm going to change my party affiliation ...>>Link>> after what obama did.. sickening censorship

How many triangles can you count? Yeah, you IQ test people. Pony up.

It's Gonna be hot in London next week

The Line Between Our Grudging Military Mission in Afghanistan and Our Nation-Building Goals

First Part of "How Screwed Are We?" here--please comment

Are you a terrorist? Merely look at a CCTV camera and you might be.

Computer worm attack set for April 1 - not a joke according to Snopes

Be honest: Which Afghanistan mission do you feel will succeed? The military or the diplomatic one?

Has Obama mania reached its limits?

The Rude Pundit: Why Michelle Malkin Ought to Be Caged Like a Rabid Shih-Tzu(Rank Hypocrisy Edition)

Irony? We fight the wars on terror so our way of life doesn't change?

Bachmann: 'I have experienced that throughout my political career, being labeled a kook.'

What was Rush's comment

Andrew Sullivan irritated at Obama for his answer to pot question...

Mitch McConnell tells hard-right Conservatives to "back off"

Sarah Palin's Greatest Defender

Just received in email: Dear Mr. President:

More states see jobless rate top 10 percent

Remember that African culture globe you helped me get ideas for? Superintendent choose 2 to hang in

Scott Horton: The Woman Who Could Nail Bush

Any health insurance reform...

Any health insurance reform...

Celtic Diva is being stalked by Fox News and Team Sarah re her Arctic Cat ethics complaint

Today recvd vm message from FCC re filing a complaint on this

California to Ban Black Cars (Not Really)

How Al Franken's Absence Hampers The Obama Agenda

Listening to President Obama's plan for Afghanistan

Sardines, IMF models, Lula and the blue-eyed bankers

Sardines, IMF models, Lula and the blue-eyed bankers

Andrew Cuomo: What a difference a political opportunity makes

BREAKING: UPS Announces It Will Stop Advertising On Bill O’Reilly’s Show

Nightline doing a story tonight on Amish Puppy Mills

What the Bible Says - And Doesn't Say - About Homosexuality

Cool a Do Not Mail List! Good on San Francisco!

Think AIG bonuses are bad? Wait 'til we grant Insurance Corps a govt mandated monopoly w NO PUBLIC..

Bachmann and Hannity Talk Violent Overthrow of the Government

Baucus responds to Howard Dean plea for a public option....probably not needed. .

Baucus responds to Howard Dean plea for a public option....probably not needed. .

*** DUzy Awards for week ending March 27, 2009 ***

"Mostly Crickets" - Make-Believe Boomlet for "Freedom Tower" Fails

Why are We Sheep?

Mar 27 2009 2:46 PM EDT T.I.: 'I Hope That Others Can Learn From My Mistakes'

where is the send email button? I see my mail box, but can't find the send new email button.

Rachel Maddow

Eugene Robinson: Drugs, Guns and Reality

Many Law Enforcement Officials Outraged at Rally for Oakland Gunman

Friday TOON Roundup 4! all the rest...

The Quiet Coup-How the financial industry took over the government

We sure are lucky to have great leaders like George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Barack Obama.

Marta and I made the paper: DVD Far From Dead: Despite competition, new titles draw buyers

My 6-Year Old Gets Rousted Out of Bed at 5:30 Every Morning

Wingnut websites in meltdown, publish same Obama-bash under 2 different bylines

Our Local 'Impeach Bush' Billboard Has Been Updated

Judges Accused of Jailing Kids for Cash

Citi just pulled our line of credit - killing our small business (Small Business Owner)

some obama cousins

Evacuations ordered as Fargo levee cracks form

Mr. President, Single Payer Healthcare is the only system we CAN afford !!!!

NY teacher invites students to his commitment ceremony .....Fundies crap their diapers.

Obama express support for public healthcare option

Obama express support for public healthcare option

Webb Senate bill seeks to shrink prison populations, 'overhaul drug criminalization'

This is sick - a rally for Lovell Mixon - A suspected rapist, who killed four police officers

Bill Maher tonight?

The Huffington Post is becoming more like a tabloid than a valid news source

Median US household income - $50K, average family health premium >12K. Do the math!

Please don't cut small pieces off of your children.

"Autism doesn't exist" - - - WTF?????

Top 10 Mysterious Diseases

CIA Warning: 'E-Voting Not Secure' - EAC Finally Releases Stunning Expert Testimony...

Since there are quite a few gardening threads, a couple pics of my garden. Pic heavy.

Che Gueverra

Anyone here post from outside the US?......

There are some who call me TIM!

So close and yet so far from home ownership

Here's The Lounge Lately, Or Maybe Always-- but I'm Okay

Missheard Kings of Leon lyrics

Organ Music!

I'll tell ya what...

This has been the worst night I have seen in here...

What's Underneath Your Burka?: (Saudi) Lingerie shops torn between genders

Pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our flaming


Is everyone ok in here? Just wondering...


I learned new terminology this week - Earthquake Swarm

I am going to dye my roots now. Behave while I'm gone.

10,000 posts and I fucking missed it. This is number 10,001.

Facebook DU'ers that play Mafia Wars....

Proof Positive that the next generation will be all right.

How many here have hard water, like me?

I have a hangnail.

Michigan man gets caught having sex with carwash vacuum

How many shopping days left until Midlo's birthday?

Pres. Obama knows more about basketball than Coach Krreyfdehjvegfdgfegski!

Celebrities use 'ghost tweeters' to update Twitter accounts

Big Hug

underpants is spamming the lounge. WTF? Does he think it's his birthday or something?

Why are there so many

$25 Rooster Booster shorts guard against "shrinkage"

I like Deja Q and think he is one of the nicest people in here.

Jr. Walker, sax

My wife and I are going to see Glasvegas tonight. I suspect we'll be the oldest people there.

Nazi Garden Gnomes

Mark Littell demonstrates his invention, the Nutty Buddy

Should I report this disgusting scam to the *real* FBI??

I learned new terminology this week - Megathrust Quake

"Secret Life of Bees." Who was the male singer 2/3 of the way through it?

NEWS FLASH: Sammy Hagar is

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! underpants, JCMach1 and that other guy, yeah, matcom.


The thread I posted this morning is really HOT!

more laughs from the Fail Blog, part 2

You know what fucking sucks?

Condometric- condom with a meaurement feature. Good idea?

Pancakes in an Aerosol Can

Elsie and Annie

Good morning Lounge

I haven't done anything geeky or rednecky

I hate tooth pain. Sitting here waiting for the dentist

Update on my distressed friend

Check in if you have nothing witty to post at the moment.

People are "douche-y" in GD.

Beck: Teh Telprompter is stealing Obama's soul!

Falcon Pawnch!

"Let's Pizza"- the three minute pizza machine

This just in ... Abe Vigoda is STILL NOT DEAD!

more laughs from the Fail Blog...

It's offical - Obama really sucks!!

Is it a sign of the end of the world?

It's almost the weekend. What are your plans?

Rest in Peace, Richard.

Could you live in a house like this? (It's for sale.)

I can't tilt my head to the left...

Has anyone discovered they are very circumspect?

I call dibs on the Bibleman codpiece.

Lets all decide on what DU should do if we went missing for a few days

Who wants to see the largest egg ever?

I have a toothache and a dentist appointment for Monday,

Is it douche-y to always and frequently call a server by name...?

The Property Tax Casino

Vocal power

Are people actually attracted to partners who remind them of their parents

My smilie, my friend...a loving tribute

If the DU Lounge ceased to exist. What would you do?

I thought I beat the pollen this year! WRONG!

In case you didn't realize----IT'S FRIDAY!!

What's the geekiest thing you've ever done?

Why is everyone concerned about duchy??

One of my favorite movies will be on TCM tonight: Capricorn One

Bath time sucks!



Don't get stuck in a rut

The Emotional Affair

What?!? Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy) is the highest paid writer on TV?

Post a pic of your desktop!

What is for lunch DU

Today is my last day.

Question about "Quantum of Solace" DVD compared to movie.

I found my $100.00!


Dogsitting this weekend & need some tips on how to keep him happy & entertained.

The rumor is that Kentucky will hire Coach Billy Donovan for $4M per year

Question about ex's and stalking

Wish Me Luck For Tonight

Thank you, progressoid

Did anyone see the commercial for Amazing Race?

"Pull My Finger" lets loose dispute

What happened to Duke last night?

Pregnant Barbie?

My aunt is awesome! She wants to pay Bella's daycare for

"Anything you say in The Lounge can and will be used against you!"

UK man buys license plate "1 D" for $513,000

Is That DU War Still Going?

A fixed income is like Greek Drama

Pete and RePete....

“Bill would allow non-citizens to vote in local elections” Maine

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 3/27/2009)

BeachBaby Is That You Here At The Libree?

People suck.

Apparently being Bible-Man doesn't pay the bills


I've been caught in one of these, again:

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/27/09 (very non-graphic language; totally SFW/minors)

OK Computer has to be one of the most depressing rock albums ever made....

the 2007 Florida Building code became effective 3/1/09.

Goddammit!!! We have a winter storm watch!!!!

re: Love

Good grief! I just discovered I'm circumscribed!

Tesla Model S. Car number 2 is unveiled.

Seth Green is talented and funny.

Seth Rogen, you're overexposed. Please take a rest.

delete duplicate

a happy Elton is a great Elton

Where can I meet this TIM fella?

Where can I meet this TIM fella?

Scooby Doo plays music from "Amelie".


Post whatever you want here, songs, pics, vids, messages, etc. that did not fit elsewhere.

My social life, snow beast or misunderstood monster?

Yeti, snow beast or misunderstood monster?

Is there a way of ripping a cd without losing any data at all?

since we are speaking of vintage metal favorites

DUzy Awards for the week are up in GD

Is California falling into the ocean?

Toothache update.

As promised:Pete and Re-Pete part 2

All of my heroes are drunks or sorry fuckers.

I think today is the first day it has felt like Spring where I live...

Why ex-friends stay that way.

...this is amazing...

...this is amazing...

Wildcat basketball!

How did Gatorboy do in that comics contest?

My TV cable converter box has died. The time on it works but the power

and for the def lepperd fans

ShamWow Guy In Slap, Chop Bust

Billy Mays Is Going To Be On Leno Tonight. Anybody Gonna Watch?

This PIC is for Yoga LOLCat lovers.

"A View to a Kill" appreciation thread!

FUCKING FRIDAY!!! I just drank a pint of Blind Pig, and finishing a pink of Pliny the Elder

My Health Insurance Sucketh

I love prepaid cell phones

Anybody see "Wendy and Lucy"?

Lonely fur friend seeks love and attention.


I posted this in GD: KO said the Sham Wow guy was arrested for battery.

A song of great social and political import.

Farts that don't stink! Under-Ease are airtight and filters the smell

So...What Beverage Are You Consuming Tonite????

this is his brother posting for him

Shave first

LoL - the debt collection story on Dateline is so true

Project Runway finalist denies cat used as weapon

Thank you everyone for my new avatar.

Does "Go Your Own Way" translate to "Fuck Off"?

Wildcats football!

Doctors Without Borders releases 10 Worst Places To Visit.

Helpful suggestion.


I was able to survive my Ambien night last night! Ask me anything!

Untamed and Uncut

Holy balls, flights to Costa Rica are expensive.

Cut and Tamed

Allman Brothers on Letterman - Jessica

anyone ever try acupuncture? would anyone recommend it?

If The Lounge had an official liquor store, Crazy Bruce would be running it

Crim son, Where Are You?

Billy Mays would kick Sham Wow dude's ass from here to kingdom come.

This is not a sex thread, exactly, but once my husband was almost rendered impotent

Freddie Mercury was one of, if not the, best male vocalists EVAH!

Great Performances: King Lear

Alright, I have something to say.

One of my friends collapsed at work today

Favorite Kathy Bates role.

Damn DUers ! I'm gonna destroy you !!!!

Any Alistair MacLean fans here?

I am not circumcised. Should I worry?

Well at elast Comcast is consistent on one thing- they SUCK at everything

We laugh, we cry. We encourage, we shout . We talk, we ignore.

Why do people have charms on their cell phones?

How are our Denver area DUers doing?

Pic thread - post one of you doing something silly

Don't let Sarah Palin win!!!

When you are really engrossed in a particullary good novel do you ever spend time imaginig yourself

Share your peculiar cusswords, oaths and imprecations

Wildcat hockey!

Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?

Worst spin-off show not connected to M*A*S*H* or Diff'rent Stokes?

Update on Mom--mixed news.

Who Is The Biggest Dooshbag In The World?

Internet/phone setup for a home-based business

I'm going online to buy an ecigarette.

Hey. Bartender!

Have You Ever Put An Ad On Craigslist for A Date?

ShamWow guy gives "SLAP-CHOP" to hooker.

Woman calls 911 over roommate taking beer away (w/transcript)

I have stepped up my embezzling from Mr. Midlo and it is going

Men! Boots! I want to know about waterproof leather boots

I overuse the exclamation point to the extreme.

Is there a way of ripping a cd without losing any data at all?

God, I'm an idiot.


What Are You Listening Too DU?

Crabs 'feel and remember pain' suggests new study

Step aside "Get a Brain, Moran" guy. I think you've just been replaced......

OK Andy Griffith fans, Miss Crump or Miss Ellie Walker?


I think I just did a bad thing in the kitchen.

There is a baby possum under my fridge.

Complete this sentence: If the internet had existed when I was in HS/college . . .

Critical Mass cyclists accost man in antique car, cause traffic jam, extort $4

Please: Help me use my blog to get a job

Kitty Belly Pic of the Day

We teach, they learn from us.....

What is a "New York minute", and how is it different from a "Poughkeepsie minute"?

Does Dr. Doom still rule Liechtenstein?

the 13-year-old british boy is not the father of the baby

ShamWow Guy arrested after hotel fight with woman: Smoking Gun

Word Association Thread

Have any DUers ever toured the New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins CO?

Math, economics and physics minded please check my work and be nice:

Math, economics and physics minded please check my work and be nice:

Can men and women be "just friends" with each other?


Does the United States Enjoy Privileged Status?

What budget plan could the GOP have that would be any different than the last eight years? WTF?

Lieberman in third place with 25% for reelection ... just now on C-SPAN....

How many times has Obama called on Fox "News".........

Stimulus in Your State

Ugh. Just ugh.

President Obama Is On Live, About Afghanistan And Such...

Someone really needs to ask Obama what is the difference for those

Is There A Video Clip Of President Obama's Answer To The Healthcare ? From The Internet Town Hall...

Obama Tax Rates

Rep. Paul Ryan, leader of Republican Party?

Please - Anybody - I'm Looking For A Video Clip Of Obama's Answer To The Healthcare ? Yesterday.....

If you guys wouldn't smoke so much weed, you wouldn't need so much health care....

Wa Slimes: Biden for minimal Afghanistan intervention; Clinton, Petraeus for nation building

MO Senate Race: Robin Carnahan (D) leading both of her potential Republican opponents

CT-Sen: Dodd Narrowly Leads Simmons; SSP Moves to "Lean Dem"

Funniest.. Link... Evah!

Overall, How Much Like Bush Is Obama?

FACTBOX-Reaction to Obama's Afghanistan plan

The world James Baker made

Sign Howard Dean's Petititon for REAL health care reform

I was angry and yelling at Obama this morning

Help Welcome President Obama to Notre Dame University

Obama ran for office by promising us...

President Lula of Brazil blames crisis on 'white and blue-eyed'

The real tragedy of the Obama presidency is "what might have been." Whether liberals were correct

I wish Obama would discuss legalization in a serious manner

Did Chertoff go back to being a mortician? Just askin

Nelson says he will vote against budget if reconciliation process is used.


Come On DU I need More Poutrage! I'm Addicted! This Place Is Boring.

Obama should fight every idealistic battle including legalizing pot.

Gibbs Pushes Back

Steele: I called out Rush as a stratagem to see where everyone was on the chessboard

Why Republicans will soon believe in global warming...

Where did the "campaign promise" thing even come from?

Is Holder just being quiet, or what is happening in the DOJ?

White House: GOP 'party of no detail'

This is something that needs to be said, and I know Duer's agree with me!

Uh-Oh... David Shuster's a viper! (Or just wants to be cool)

That Chris Plante is another wingnut crazy. Anyone familiar with his show?

Obama sets a new standard for managing the news

Bank execs vow to work with Obama on recovery plan

The vast majority of Americans would support single-payer health care in a heartbeat

what is it with these respected journalist fathers with idiot wingnut sons?

Are there any Inaugural "tunnel of doom" lockout victims here?

"America did not choose to fight a war in Afghanistan" Obama.

The Obama-loves-late-term-abortion myth. I have a coworker

I am outraged that a certain someone doesn't support legalization

Check out this question on the latest Zogby survey!

Obama Got Afghanistan/Pakistan Right - John Solz -

Baucus: We Can Accomplish Health Care Reform ‘Without’ Public Health Plan Option

Chilling Krugman Posting (criticizes no living Democrats)

Cheney, Limbaugh Make Obama's Job Easier

Michelle Obama to give 2 commencement speeches - UC Merced and Wahington Public Charter High School

How many of the GOP class of 94 are still in Congress...

Face it, most of america including me is smarter than Obama......


Day 67 --of President Obama!

"Obama Economic Program Increases America's Bondage to Wall Street Billionaires"

Obama Mail For Murphy (NY-20)

Huffington Post calls Michelle Obama a "Cougar" and/or a "MILF."

Obama: Safety of world at stake in Afghanistan

Roubini Says Geithner Plan Won’t Prevent Bank Nationalizations

Take from the poor, give to the rich

Without Bush 'millstone,' GOP can mount comeback, leader says (NOT The Onion)

Republican economics; nothing left to be said.

"Stategy vs. Strategery" on Maddow now. Not pretty.

Bachmann Touts Currency Conspiracy, Insists She's No "Kook" - Sabato Says She Needs a Tranquilizer

In order for marijuana to become legal; states must pass the law first.

A Tardy Gibbs Enrages WH Press Corps

My imagination or what?

I really wish we could have ranked choice voting at the highest levels.

Hi all, I just learned on DU that former poster maddiejoan passed away a few months ago. I miss her

What is "14 out of 19 times".

I understand the whole NIMBY hub bub and I certainly don't want a Nuclear

Why did 44 vote no originally and then 8 in final vote of '99 Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act debacle!

What did Gibbs report on President Obama's meeting with

NYT: Could It Really Be Him? Yeah, Probably

Senator (Kerry) seeks to ratify nuclear test ban pact

Harry Reid on Bayh and Blue Dogs: "...leave them alone"

*WTF* Sen Conrad: "Oh, you're good." Sen Grassley: "Your wife said the same thing." (VIDEO)

Murphy Takes Lead in NY-20

Boosh Speechwriter Calls Bullshit on Stupid TeleprompterGate

Obama / Clinton Coalition-Building. EU Ambassador Says Europe Willing To Send Troops To Afghanistan

Is it "President Obama" or "Mister Obama"?

I'm out of fervent outrage. How cool is that? I'm happy for the first time

So why do you think health insurance in America costs so much?

Taking a harsh look at Obama's use of 'look'

Is this the media and the Repubs latest strategy against the President...

William Greider on PBS Bill Moyers Journal Tonight !

Well, lookey here!! Check out what MR. Campbell Brown is up to these days:

One of NY's best young chefs cooks at the White House: ‘Is This What Heroin Feels Like?’

Confusion about and/ or distortion of Obamas positions..not so much a rant as a request

MN Dem Chairman responds to Bachmann's bitter screech

Sunday Talk Show Lineup

How would you characterize your opinion of the Obama Administration so far:

"I saw a guy huffing glue out of a bag....

What Senators said 10 years ago when the major bank deregulation bill was passed by the Senate

Obama giving 'quiet encouragement' for Sen. Webbs prison/drug sentencing reform campaign

Serious question about Obama and liberals...

Someone should go to jail for creating this economic crisis, but who?

Food Bank Friday! March 27, 2009!

CNN in third place in prime time for first time (behind FauxNews and MSNBC)

Should we be promoting SMOKING of marijuana?

Obama. Worst. Democratic. President. Ever.

Kerry Welcomes President Obama's New Strategy for Afghanistan-Pakistan

Raise your hand if you knew exactly what you were getting when you voted for Obama...

Europe doesn't want to do squat about the economy

Jim Webb: Pot Legalization Could Be Part Of Criminal Justice Overhaul

What's the most redneck thing you've done?

S N A P E ! ! !

If you had a chance to move to Canada, would you go?

Barack Obama - A Japanese Superman (pic heavy)

UK may send more troops to Afghanistan -army chief

North Korea threatens to restart nuclear plant

Senate votes to expand U.S. public service

Stimulus, bailout will lead to more fraud: FBI

As New Lawyer, Senator Defended Big Tobacco

Senate Approves National Service Bill

U.S. Destroyers On Move As N. Korea Prepares Rocket Launch

US Vice President in Chile for summit

Deflation Stalks Japan.Resentment Raises Before G20

U.S. Says Israel Carried Out Sudan Bombing

North Dakota: Red River tops historic marker, undermines dike

Obama Backs Banks, Seeks to Block Fair-Lending Probe

Judges Accused of Jailing Kids for Cash

Japan Readies Missile Defense System (N. Korea missile launch)

UK ready to send more troops to Afghanistan

Tibetans need reminding of bad old days - cadre

Consumer spending fades in February

Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand Support Call for Global Currency

Why secretly funded DEA surveillance planes aren’t flying

Feinstein, Who Co-Sponsored EFCA In 2007, May Not Support It This Time

Source: Obama To Up Auto Fuel Standards

US official: talks on Kyrgyzstan base continue

Mexico rebels at credit card rates, mulls limits

Second soldier attacked in southwest China: group

Qaeda says hit Koreans in Yemen over U.S. ties-web

1 killed by blast at Myanmar guest house

Colombian Government Ruled Responsible for Reporter's Death

Recession squeezes day care from both sides

Legalize pot? Not a change Obama can believe in

Court: Colombia responsible for reporter's death

Muslim smokers seen "worse than cows"

China Chastises West in Leadership Bid Before G-20

Major Oil Companies Are Circling Iraq

California jobs go to those with connections. Lawmakers can hire anyone they choose.

Johnson Controls To Cut More Jobs, Close 10 Plants

A swearing-in with a point

President Lula of Brazil blames crisis on 'white and blue-eyed'

Please Delete use the newer post

Vietnam Catholics lose appeal bid

Consumer Sentiment Rises In March: Report

(MA) Community health centers get (economic stimulus) money

Israel disputes soldiers' accounts of Gaza abuses

4 U.S. soldiers hurt in Iraq grenade attack

Chinese "Find" Radioactive Ball

Freddie Mac's Duel With Regulator: Does It Report Government's Role in Its Losses?

Oakland Police Funeral at Oracle Arena - live feed

Suicide Bomber Kills at Least 50 in Pakistan Mosque

First Lady Michelle Obama agrees to speak at UC-Merced's graduation

(Valerie) Plame's pension (Rep. Jay Inslee reintroduces legislation)

Pakistan mosque bombing kills 45

The TARP Email Trail: AIG And Citi Execs Clueless And Arrogant

Jury Finds Kan. Doctor Not Guilty in Abortion Case

16 Killed by Bomb in Baghdad

Senate smack talking

'We Arrested Probably The Dumbest Criminal In Pa.'

Afghan, Pakistani leaders praise new US strategy

Violations lead to 8 arrests in Fargo, including a cameraman for CNN

Ex-U.N. Official Spent Development Funds on Luxury Items, Probe Says

Shoddy wiring 'everywhere' (KBR contract) on Iraq bases, Army inspector says

Campaign for Obama's budget is widening

White House says it's monitoring flooding

Two US troops shot dead by Afghan soldier - military

New York eases 1970s drug laws

Zimbabwe 'to arrest land thieves' (Tsvangirai in apparent challenge to Mugabe)

Rebels arrested in assassination plot, Colombian leader says

Tesla Shows Off Family-Friendly Electric Car

DPD officer in Moats incident suspended

Iran and Nato end 30-year impasse

Google goes for largest-ever layoffs

Dow off 148, still posts best 3-week run since 1982

10 veterans test positive for hepatitis after colonoscopies

Gallup: Obama's approval rating at 62% for third straight Friday; disapproval stays at 27%


Barack Obama's aunt faces crucial immigration hearing

Obama: Taliban and al-Qaida must be stopped

Teens hack system, fudge marks for US admissions (Indian Students)

Canada confident of avoiding avoid major flood

Default Rate Rises for Student Loans, U.S. Government Reports

More Support for Health-Care Fix

Indonesia Dam Bursts Near Capital, Killing 58

Colombian president moves for third term

NY judge orders release of CIA 'torture' documents

Reid: Roberts 'didn't tell us the truth'

Investigation of IBM sought

Obama to CEOs: 'Show some restraint'

Lights out in 84 countries for Earth Hour 2009

BREAKING: UPS Announces It Will Stop Advertising On Bill O’Reilly’s Show

Senate GOP leader (Mitch McConnell) says Bush was millstone (around our necks)

FAA may keep bird strike records confidential

U.S. officials say Israeli warplanes bombed convoy of trucks in Sudan

Police identify 200 children as potential terrorists

AIPAC Head Testifies On Israel Aid

Australia Blocks China’s Purchase of Mining Company

Jury finds Kansas doctor not guilty in abortion case

Without Bush 'millstone,' GOP can mount comeback, leader says

Ex-Official: Bush Panicked After 9/11 (and tortured prisoners)

Omni National Bank in Georgia Shut, 21st U.S. Failure

The U.S.'s Fly on the Wall at AIG-Monitor James Cole Has Been Privy To Inside Workings

Cop Sorry For Keeping Man From Dying Kin

CNN in Third Place in Prime Time for First Time

Taliban blocks UN polio treatment in Pakistan

Those wacky Japanese...Behold the truly WTF? Cat Shit One- The Animated Series

Obama on Pot

Shutdown Corner: NFL Player Ryan Moats Police Video (while MIL dies in hospital)

cnbc open mic anti-Obama bullsh-t.

GOP - Party of 'No Budget Alternatives' - Day In 100 Seconds

Rachel Maddow hilariously describes the GOP taking the bait on the budget

Rachel Maddow hilariously mocks un-saavy GOP media attempts

Inside Guantanamo Bay-National Geographic

Tweety criticizes Obama for avoiding media filter - also for townhalls being too friendly!!

Shuster's hypocrisy watch: Karl Rove on 'misleading' people

Shuster and Joe Conason examine off-shore tax havens by unpatriotic corporations

The party of NO budget

NBC's David Gregory Says: You're Stupid

Gov. Dean Returns to DFA

Admiral Adama at the UN: "So say we all!"

Jehan Sadat -Widow of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat with Barbara Walters

The Onion: Experts Agree Giant, Bioengeneered Crabs Pose No Threat!

Full Obama Announcement of New Afghan Policy

Barack Obama in a Black History Minute from 1991

Tom Green really hates Faux News "Red eye" for their Canadian Military comments.

Sanders Blocking Vote to Confirm Obama Nominee Who Worked to Deregulate Credit Default Swaps

Earth Hour is TOMORROW -Sat 830 pm- Larry King & Ed Norton Alanis Morissette

T.I. Dead and Gone SPOOF- Barack Obama

Earth Hour 2009 from Red State Update

DNC Web Ad: The Number Zero, Brought To You By The Party Of N-O

G.O.P. P.S.A. #2

Max Baucus...public option is only to leverage the insurance companies.

Ebola Vaccine Tested As Last Resort To Lab Accident - Human Rat

Karl Rove Calls Obama Arrogant - DNC Responds With GOP Arrogance List

Obama passing new law to allow searching of PC's, Laptops, and media devices

SOUTH PARK: How Treasury really works

Rachel Maddow on Dealing with Neocon Mess- Republicans AWOL

Max Keiser, France24, kicks French bureaucrat defending bankers in the teeth

‘He Is the Hero’: Anti-Police Oakland Rally Supports Killer of Cops on Eve of Officers’ Funeral

TYT: Why Did President Obama Rephrase The Marijuana Question?

TYT: Glenn Beck: Obama is Being Controlled by the Teleprompter

Max Keiser; Al Jazeera English; "China's in the pocket of Wall St. terror Goldman Sachs too."

Chomsky on Geithner

Sen Sanders "You'll Give Billionaires Tax Cuts But No Health Care For The Middle Class!



Moderator Availability Thread for Friday March 27th 2009




snip please ej510


Hugh Moran

snip Albus 3/27



3/27 Snip please, brentspeak


Guy Whitey Corngood

OT: I finally saw someone...








Young Turks: Crazy Turk Flying Off the Couch -- Gotta See It!!

Grace Jones - Corporate Cannibal

The Quiet Coup

Michael Parenti - The Struggle for History

Netanyahu and the ‘Future of the Peace Process’ (Ramzy Baroud)

Joe Conason: 'Dick Cheney was right' and 'Deficits don't matter...'

Krugman: The Market Mystique

Why More Scientists And Engineers Aren't The Answer Joe Weisenthal

Recession squeezes daycare from both sides

Palin Cops to Poor Choice in Prayer Partners Before VP Debate

Remarks as Prepared for Delivery by Attorney General Eric Holder at His Installation Ceremony

Chomsky on Geithner

WHY WE HATE THEM: Mistreated Customers Fuel Populist Rage by Ted Rall

Pakistani and Afghan Taliban Unify in Face of U.S. Influx

Two Top Jewish Groups Want AIPAC Prosecution Reconsidered

Siegelman Asks 11th Circuit to Rehear Case

Siegelman sought for Capitol Hill testimony

Why Suburbs May Become the Next Slums

Nevermind! States accept jobless help (CNN)

There They Go Again: Wall St. Securitizes North Dakota Sandbags

The Republican leadership's budget proposal "doesn't contain any numbers."

Joe Klein: Obama on Af/Pak


MATT TAIBBI: AIG Exec Whines About Public Anger. . .

Glenn Greenwald: Britain responds to the "rule of law" nuisance

GOP Leadership To Replace Busted ShamWow Pitchman

Joe the Plumber and Tucker Carlson to Wed in Vermont

Harry Reid says "Shut up, liberals!"

London Protesters Threaten Bankers, Evoke Executions

Galbraith: This Crisis Is Way Bigger Than Dead Banks and Wall Street Bailouts

The Market Mystique (article by Krugman)

Friday Talking Points (71) -- Historically Speaking (From A TelePrompTer)

Without Bush 'millstone,' GOP can mount comeback, leader says (CNN)

Why Is a Progressive Think Tank Telling Obama to Escalate the War in Afghanistan?

The Atlantic: The Quiet Coup

Weekend Economists' Repentance Weekend March 27-29, 2009

The Real Crime in the Bailout -- Naked CDS Deals (by Cenk @ Huffington Post)

US doesn’t need outsourced jobs: Obama

Interview w/businessman who ended up on the streets of Tampa, Florida

U.S. Still Reigns in Geothermal, but the Philippines Could Take Over

ODAC Newsletter - 27 Mar

Spanish bishops complain about govt. more interested in protecting the Iberian Lynx than children:

Montana's Deer Lodge schools gets biomass boiler

Alaska takes fresh look at volcano's geothermal power

Tesla Model S Revealed

Switched wall socket?

The power of water French government interested in solar because it uses less water than nukes

Chinese 'find' radioactive ball - BBC

Oregon wind farms whip up noise, health concerns

Sacred Demise: Walking The Spiritual Path of Industrial Civilization’s Collapse

Court: Colombia responsible for reporter's death

World Bank Admits Failure of Privatizations in Latin America

BLACK COMMENTATOR-Bill Fletcher: The Cuban 5 Must Be Freed

US Vice President in Chile for summit

Colombian president moves for third term

Low Participation in Venezuelan Opposition’s Education Strike

Pertierra: Roadmap for Liberating Cuban 5, plus author's past as attorney for Jennifer Harbury

"Brave" souls from Cuba plan to meet

US will not be hostile to Funes if he moves closer to Chávez

Human Rights Council adopts Universal Periodic Reviewoutcome on Colombia

Cuban Univ. Student Federation Prez, Gladys Gutierrez: Make revolution every day

Bolivia Makes Biggest Drug Bust in Decade, Minister Rada Says

Chile tells PM 'we saved for now'

Lula - World Financial Crisis caused by "white, blue-eyed people"

2000 NCAA Championships: TJ Williams vs Larry Quisel

1995 NCAA Wrestling: Lincoln Mcllravy vs Steve Marianetti

Kentucky basketball coach Billy Gillispie fired.

okay, the refs are definately on Michigans payroll

Today in labor history Mar 27 U.S. Supreme Court rules on undocumented workers lack of job rights

Curse of sponsorship - AIG and Manchester United.

Boxing: March 27-28

Sacked French workers take to 'bossnapping'

Ireland: March 30th strike against the crisis!

Change To Win chair Anne Burger interview

'I'm having a very good crisis,' says Soros as hedge fund managers make billions off recession

HCA: Unions "not good" for us

"Americans for Prosperity" (anti-EFCA front group) Enlists JTP to be it's "spokes-IDJIT"

Capitalist crisis: Make the bosses pay!

Kosen (cancer) Fund Raiser

The return of Hoovervilles

Southwest pilots union leaders endorse contract, Ground workers ratified theirs

Union agrees to contract at Boeing's Wichita plant

Unemployment up everywhere except Nebraska

U.S. Labor Department sues former NFL player and others in bankruptcy court to recover pension asset

Transportation Labor Applauds FAA Choice

After a Long Climb, Foreign-Born Labor Declines

Write it down - Pitt's the Champ.

Bronx Bakery Owner Is Charged With Cheating Workers (44 felony and 240 misdemeanor counts)

French Workers Refuse To Take Layoffs & Plant Closings Lying Down

Can Harkin Write A Real Employee Free Choice Compromise?

Same Sex Kiss Day, April 15, 2009

William White didn't get Sec. of the Navy. Another qualified gay candidate shut out

Would you kiss and act romantic in a Sports Bar?

Memorial to commemorate the grotesque war

Non-profit hits JAMA Editors, urges inquiry

Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT)

Scientists film HIV spreading for first time

Our Beloved Health Insurance Companies

A Tax Break Fuels Middle East Friction

Anti-tank missile fired at IDF patrol

Cast Lead expose / What did the IDF think would happen in Gaza?

Some are guilty, all are responsible…

UN envoy: Israel must hand over maps of cluster bomb locations

Violent settlers freed over 'improper' police conduct

Being a Partner for Peace

US court: Iran must pay millions for killing Israeli soldier

Please tell me, where is Israel headed?

Israel suspected in Sudan airstrikes

Roubini Says Geithner Plan Won’t Prevent Bank Nationalizations

The Free Market, Financial Style

How Walmart Contributes to the Recession

Democrats’ Abandonment of the Employee Free Choice Act

Obama administration calls for changes in financial regulation

The new bailouts are an end-run around Congress

Bank # 21 closed today. Link:

Members Of Congress Want AIG Counterparty Investigation by TARP IG

Big Banks Pull off the Ultimate Bait & Switch

Ok here is one that may not make sense to some

When Banks Rob People

Max Keiser on France24

ISF confiscate weapons, clear munitions from Rash

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's call for assault weapon ban in U.S. gets blasted by gun lobby

Sorry, Marx again....i'm a socialist what can i say....

How many AK-47s are there in the US?

this is his brother posting for him

Lance and the team cross the finish line, #1 for the third consecutive year

A bargain at twice the price

A post in GDP that I think is important

A great post in the Pets Forum that I thought this group would

Um, you guys...? Can I talk to you for a sec?

Fish mega-shoals could be world's biggest animal group

University of Florida planning major cuts in science faculty

Friday Night Eye Candy (Dialup warning)

Texas: From saved to doomed in just 6 hours!

A leading jihadi theologian – and adviser to the late leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq – is under fire for

So, I'm wondering about Family Christian Bookstores...

Britain, Islam

Religious education in Germany

Is there a way to marry Positive Atheism and Buddhism?

Gordon Brown committed to ending anomaly of royal ban on Catholics

Saying that Catholics aren't Christians -- bigotry?

Just got off the phone with my brother. UPDATE

What is your greatest obstacle to spiritual progress?

"defamation of religion" is now a human rights violation?!?!?!?!

Saying "The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was a Christian" is...

I got a deal

50 of the world's best food blogs


The New World Order Bush Senior Used to Always Talk About

Freedom Tower follows the Bush administration into oblivion

I was angry and yelling at Obama this morning

Home insurance annual premium increased $473

Canada's seal shame


(cross-post) Questions about internet/phone solutions for a home-based business

Wanna sell my old Acer Aspire laptop but I lost its Vista CD

Conficker 4-1?