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AIG officials need million dollar bonuses to save our country.

The disaster of the "CEO President"

The disaster of the "CEO President"

The GOP will stop at nothing to ensure Obama, and YOU, fail. Here's how....

Family Values Update...GOOP Committeeman Admits "Nobody Was Naked"...

"we need more noise in the streets"

Dutch to return Ghana king's head

Most Guantanamo detainees are innocent: ex-Bush official

Pls. delete. nt

Passport facility open, but nobody's coming

Dereliction of Duty = AG Eric Holder

Rove vs. Limbaugh = Bracket of Evil

I, for one, am outraged at Obama's remark!

Why Do Conservatives Hate Your Children?

The Fallout from Gaza

Slate: The Long And Sadistic History Behind The CIA's Torture Techniques

Stay home this weekend if you want the troops to stay in Iraq and Afganistan

Is anyone else participating in a Pledge Project Canvass this weekend?

Whispers of a card check compromise?

Obama - Special Olympics

AlterNet: We Have a Golden Opportunity to End the War on Drugs: Can You Help?

Independent UK: G20 protesters 'will try to bring London to standstill'

A word to the wise about history, humans and other stuff..

The Young Conservative on WJ just blamed the economy's trobule on Dodd and the Carter administration

Bankruptcy problem??

If you do not usually go to GD-P; the MOST AWESOME thread ever!

How Wall Street insiders are using the bailout to stage a revolution

Major media outlets yet to report IG testimony implicating bu$h* administration in AIG bonuses

Video of radical Islam

If globalization is so great, how come those for it aren't giving their own jobs first?

Shit. I just remembered that I'm actually a catholic. So I get to "bash" catholicism all I want.

London's (conservative) mayor trying to kill former Mayor Livingstone's (successful) congestion fee

Commodities watchdog warns of ‘Ponzimonium’

My recent Zogby *Push* Poll

When you wonder about the influence of the Rethugs in the media......

AIG paid more in bonuses than previously believed, Conn. official says

AIG paid more in bonuses than previously believed, Conn. official says

A Defense of Organized Labor in a Time of Crisis (Post of the day!)

Disabled Vet Called Up for Iraq Tour

When Was The Last Time We Had A Situation LikeThe Franken/c* Fiasco,

If a high level AIG employee were found brutally murdered your first thought would be?

"Reading the Bible saves lives" ...Hanging on the wall in a physician's exam room...

Tim Shriver, chairman of the Special Olympics: Obama’s Special Olympics Quip Is ‘Teachable Moment’

What else can Republicans do but squeel like stuck pigs at this point?

Billionaires can create policy.

Lawrence O'Donnell Reduces Eric Cantor To Babbling (VIDEO)

Official: AIG bonuses bigger than believed

What the hell is going on with the catholic church?

The Great AIG Tomato Toss

Rummage sale at the Lehman Bros logo store

Everytime a DUer critcises Obama's Special Olympics statement........

Credit Unions With $57 Billion in Assets Seized; 3 Banks Fail

The belief that the wealthy are worthy is waning

Has the "martial law" threat by BushCo ever been investigated?

Coleman lawyer predicts Franken win at trial

Communism? Really? How quaint.

"Religulous" and "Milk" receive Rotten Banana awards from Ted Baehr's fundie nut Movieguide

Connecticut’s ‘Rodeo Drive’ Abandoned as Hedge Funds Collapse

"Coach K: Only joking about Obama bracket"

In hard economic times, become a doctor

NOAA Is On The Right Track With Obama's Appointment Jane Lubchenco

The Joys of Not Being European (They're Not What Conservatives Think)

SMUG .. The most dangerous four letter word.

In a 'culture of life' or 'Christian nation', how does the phrase "nobody is indispensible" fit in?

Paul Krugman: "The Zombie Ideas have won"

While Pope decries "evil sorcerers" in Angola, Church accused of forcibly evicting people in Angola

The Great Shame: Bob Herbert

Too funny, local reporter wearing bright safety vest in Penn reporting on the acid spill

As global public health policy, the Pope's condom comment is reprehensible.

BREAKING NEWS:Those lying weasels, AIG bonuses exceed $215 million, more than originally reported!

QUERY: is Congress discussing un-repealing Glass-Steegal and repealing Commodities Futures

Texas high school students forced to fight in cage matches

One hardly expects victims of racial and religious intolerance . ..

Who was the Rethug Senator Mill Maher asked if he believed in evolution?

She was skiing where? Glen Beck gaffe - HELP!! PLEASE!!

Who here actually believes the bonuses will be taxed at 90% ??

Obama saga inspires kids -- to read

Palin's "Financial vulnerability at hands of those with a political vendetta bent on destruction"

U.S. Plans Vastly Expanded Afghan Security Force

Stolen-Treasure Hunter Matthew Bogdanos

Hiring Trends to Follow in 2009 -green jobs increase

Forget AIG Bonuses - The Next Bailout is Here (socialism for bankers and hedge fund managers)

We all want President Obama to succeed.

Ban Political Contributions by Bailout Recipients and Bring Back Eliot Spitzer

White House launches Web site to help homeowners with mortgage payments, refinancing

Octomom and the Fear She Inspires Immortalized in Pink Rubber

Any YouTube posters here?

Not Really Joe The Non-Plumber Gets Spring Fever...

What happens when your bank goes under??

What happens when your bank goes under??

Does America Face the Risk of a Fascist Backlash? A Must Read!

I was encouraged by the fallout over Obama's Special Olympics comment.

Arizona Widens Lead in # Women Governors-Mofford, Hull, Napolitano, Brewer

The TRILLIONS of dollars in debt that BUSH gave us!

Recipe for Disaster: The Formula That Killed Wall Street.. david x. li

An open letter to Timothy Geithner and Christopher Dodd:

What did you think of the Battlestar Galactica finale? Please don't post spoilers in subject line.

Senate Republicans Brake Rush to Tax AIG Bonuses

Senator Chris Dodd = Senator Joseph Harrison Paine

Is common sense parenting uncommon these days?

Plant a Row for the Hungry.

Pope condemns 'evil' and 'sorcery.'

DUers did the stimulus bill have 200 millin for resodding the mall?

'Barack Obama and the Altar of Greed'

As I look around, I seem to see lots of whistlers .......

How much trust would YOU place in a company that advertizes relentlessly for a very cheap product

U.N. panel says world should ditch dollar

A Life Sentence for Shoplifting.... hmmm

FYI: BookTv has a video up of Gore Vidal at the 2009 Key West Literary Festival.

Selling schools on eBay raises questions

Queensland elects female premier (BBC) {first for Oz}

North Korea confirms journalists detained

Iran To U.S.: "You Change, Our Behavior Will Change"

I am entirely optimistic that USA's diplomatic outreach to Iran is by far the best course of action.

Nun arrested for solo protest in Kardze

Is anybody sick of these snarky anti-Clean Coal commercials

Mainstream Populist Democrats: How Unions Can Help Restore the Middle Class

Turning purposeful ignorance into a newspaper story. Add an unrelated photo. It looks like this...

Pope's poll numbers plunge in (heavily Catholic) France

Is food becoming poison?

Just noticed my neighbor who proudly displayed a flag for 8 years on a poll with a light ...

UBS: Bonuses Canceled, With Clawbacks (How The Swiss Do A Bank Bailout)

Sugar, on Labels as a Selling Point

Needed to steal...

Holy moly: Reader's Digest pushing Rick Warren's magazine. ("Memberships" instead of "subscribers")

"Off With Those Pants": Bill O'Reilly Seduces You in Clips From His Dirty Audiobook

George Galloway: Canada can't muzzle me

Connecticut, 19 other states launch AIG investigations (CNN)

Connecticut AG says AIG documents show $218M,.....

Alan Colmes replacing Peter B. Collins show, Green 960 SF

AP: Dodd's stock with voters began dropping before AIG

Krugman: Geithner's Toxic Asset Plan = awful mess + massive moral hazard

Overburdened Internet to reduce email delivery to 6 days a week

City tows Jenna Bush's Secret Service van for violations

Palin's legal debts pile up

Just curious.... homeless encampment in Denver

Palin may create a "fund" to pay her legal bills

G20 Protesters 'Will Try to Bring London to Standstill'

G20 Protesters 'Will Try to Bring London to Standstill'

Pioneering ecologist to head NOAA

Mayor's status may imperil Sacramento's federal stimulus funds, lawyer says

White House seeks oversight of executive pay

Lawrence bans bottle use in schools

Pastor jailed for Oakland anti-abortion acts

Defense urged to develop a weapon to disable foreign satellites

The latest attempt to demonize universal health care

Question: What is the difference between regular shorting and "naked" short selling

Consumer Product Safety Commission: children's books printed before 1986 may contain lead

Anyone else curious about the executive bonus plans offered by the HEALTH INSURANCE corporations?

Boy Accused Of Flatulence, Banned From Bus

Dexter Filkins on "The Forever War" -- BOOK-TV at 7pm ET today, 11am ET Sunday

AIG warns staff to travel in pairs after death threats over bonuses

Florida and Alaska plan to outlaw bestiality

SMU Economics professor claims Ronald Reagan should be considered the great American socialist

Some fun news for a change - Mr. Spock helps Canadian town of Vulcan sneak peak at new Star Trek!

Isn't it ironic dontcha think?: Bank of America Stuck With Real-Estate Chief's Unsold House

American Airlines’ unions compare AA management bonuses to AIG’s

Calif. egg producer recalls organic brown eggs (sold at Costco, Safeway and Pack n' Save)

Mr. Cheeeney likes to boast that it was he (perhaps he alone) and

AP IMPACT: Some nonprofits can't touch their money

Independent UK: G20 protesters 'will try to bring London to standstill'

`Hillary: The Movie,' now showing at Supreme Court

Militant Welfare Queens

Judge won't block ex-GOP boss from taking kids on vacation

IFAW Condemns Conservative Government's Attempt to Hide Outrageous Seal Hunt Quota (280,000 pups)

Anyone watching the brawl on CNN

A comment about the LA Times pathetic attempt to sell newspapers with the Manson picture.

A comment about the LA Times pathetic attempt to sell newspapers with the Manson picture.

State Department Report On Jamaica’s LGBTs: Arbitrary Detentions, Mob Attacks, Stabbings, Harassment

A Good Use For The AIG Bonuses

Do You Know Where Your Husband Is? Florida sheriffs will soon tell you by letter

Feds seize two large corporate credit unions

I want to cut taxes on executive bonuses

NEW Obama conspiracy theory coming from a financial blogger.

Pat Buchanan=Nazi=MSNBC hates America

Everyone does remember how we could have stopped this financial meltdown right at the get-go right?

Costco, Starbucks, Whole Foods Present Alternative Labor Plan

Senate FINALLY Confirms Holdren & Lubchenco

If we liquidate the banks, what will happen to people with pension and retirement funds?

AIG / MADOFF’S “PONZI SCHEME” –the same or ??

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Your experience and recommendations

As it is unraveling..

Children of the 80s: Remember this piece of commentary on Reaganomics?

Venezuela military 'seizes ports'

How come the red welfare states get a choice about federal money?

The Nation: The Necessary Eloquence of Protest

Brass you-know-whats at WAMU

Madoff must stay in prison, U.S. appeals court rules

About Those Bonus Contracts

The Market Rallied Last Week But Not On Citibank Stories... That Was Just A Cover For...

Activists Slam World Water Forum as a Corporate-Driven Fraud

US Fed's move is the bigger problem

In hopes of an end to ridiculous marijuana laws..light 'em if ya got 'em..and some Ben Harper lyrics

Anybody know the answer to this about Glenn Beck...

Think the Richardson death was bad, look what happened in Sarah Palin's backyard

The Wasilla Wolf Killa, buried in debt to lawyers, may launch a (wink, wink) legal fund

Why is the Obama Admin still bailing out AIG ?

Iran's Leader Rejects Obama's Offer Until It Sees Real Change

OH MY GOD! Fascism has arrived, and it's dressed up as a founding father:

Almost unreal . . . Kissinger leads team to Moscow

Report: MSNBC ‘in discussions’ with Ed Schultz for ‘full-time’ job.

I am mad at keith and Seth MacFarland on Countdown last night.

A step backward in Canada

Reclaiming the Commons......Quote by Quote



What's a "LEVEL 1 TRAUMA CENTER" you ask?

Palin backpeddling on refusing stim $: "The money is still on the table"

Interview with Tomas Young (subject of the film Body of War)

Eight Years

Soldiers attacking a man's goatherd in Iraq with a flash grenade.

Obama hits back at Cheney: Terror policy "a great advertisement for anti-American sentiment.”

I must be wrong about Corporate Concerns for Workers

CIA reveals it has 3,000 pages of documents relating to destroyed interrogation tapes

Join Pastors for Peace in Cuba this July.

Are you willing to give up your sorcery?

Are you willing to give up your sorcery?

Palm Beach family could use some help

Glenn Greenwald: The success of drug decriminalization in Portugal

I'm beginning to feel like Angelina Jolie's character in CHANGELING, where I am beginning to worry

Is it illegal to be generous ? It is just a personal choice.

Assert a "Label". It's far easier to hate without a human face attached to it.

Bill in Texas would allow creationists to grant Masters of Science degrees

The government failed to protect the workers of this country while protecting the bonuses of fatcats

Photoshoppers, I have an assignment for you . . .

Hypocrisy: GOP Urged Gore to Concede, But Not Coleman

What if we all took our money out of the banks what would happen tell me please ..

Stimulus Package Offers Additional Incentives to Buy Hybrids Now

Why Are People with Mental Retardation Still In Nursing Homes?

Courts Unlikely to Strike Down AIG Tax Law, Legal Experts Say

Greenwald: The virtues of public anger and the need for more

Check out this GREAT site- Link to interview with Dmitri Orlov

Was the Bailout Itself a Scam?

We're applying for a Freddie Mac relief refinance.

And remember: A husband wants to come home to the support of his wife and his children.

Which of these is more of a threat to your future?

I just don't think folks don't understand, so let me explain as best as I can

So, how's your bank (or credit union) doing this Saturday morning?

Toilets of Fire in San Francisco

Young family loses life savings to housing developers after being screwed by banks

I think we are completely screwn.

Please email Bob Sommersby at the Daily Howler

FactCheck.Org: 'Blame Dodd' Attacks Ignore Facts

Our manipulated media: Check out Iran's response to Obama as reported here & in Arab world.

Obama Extended Family Picture

So they needed to give "Morning Joe" a boost...

is Liddy really working without pay for AIG ?

Administration Seeks Increase in Oversight of Executive Pay

America in the 1940s: Gas coupons/rationing were common. Would rationing work today?


I Fucking Hate Republicans

Naked Short Sales Hint Fraud in Bringing Down Lehman

I'm not ashamed to say I love President Obama.

How did you feel when Reagan was elected?

Corrine Brown is really embarrassing.

On the History Channel Now: Was Lincoln GAY?

Massive anti-war, anti-Wall Street protest in San Francisco

Police: Incest Dad Fritzl Suspected in 4 Unsolved Murders

Underwater volcano creates new island off Tonga

Humanitarian Greg Mortenson Goes Where Solutions Are

Coming Soon: Declassified Bush-Era Torture Memos

What's with the increase in crime in the northeast?

AIG Protest Pics

Activists Hosting 'Bus Tours' Of AIG Executives' Homes

Just how many former Goldman Sachs employees are working for the government?

Fee, fi, fo, fum, I smell the blood of a green-eyed media monster

POT IS NOT LEGAL - US to arrest Medical Marijuana Patients in National Forests

CA: Four police officers shot in Oakland

Larisa Alexandrovna @ HuffPo: Dershowitz Needs Refresher Course On What McCarthyism Was

Can someone tell me about the Republican plan for fixing this banking crisis?

"Tankless WaterHeaters" ....Green Energy...anyone using them...what are the Pro's and Con's ?

I know I am late to the party .... but last night we watched "Milk"

My God! Have you ever witnessed such wining?

Notre Dame Criticized Over Obama Invite - Boston Globe

Newsweek: The history of banking crises indicates this one may be far from over

This will bake your noodle: The Bush-AIG connection.

Maron & Seder doing "Ring of Fire"?? Oh Hell yeah!

My cousin had a head injury in December, got care at a level 1 trauma center

The Red River of the North is flooding and is expected to pass 1997 levels in Fargo (40ft)

K&R if you think AIG should be liquidated

Krugman: The Zombie Ideas Have Won. What a Terrible Mess.

Hookers, AIG, Rep Adam Smith, Geithner, God Vs. The Bible, Unhappy Marriages & More with Cenk!

What are the Republicans??? Fascists? Ideologues? Bully Assholes?

Naked Greed: The House of Morgan

Where is the safest place to invest?

How to destroy a popular president in a few easy lessons.

Why does no one wish to talk about Obama's health care plans?

Should the government fire the top execs at AIG & other gov't owned investment banks & replace them?

"Foreclosure dogs" are filling local animal shelters. - video, NBC Nightly News

The Secret War Against American Workers

Four Guys In Minnesota

Is the fake outrage over the Tonite Show comment done yet?

The new Camaro is sweet

My problem with the AIG tax is that it is emotional, and not Constitutional

Is 11 yrs old too young to travel abroad and learn about the world

Frank Rich: Has Obama's Katrina Moment Arrived ?

Top trauma doc re: Richardson death: Montreal's "system isn't set up for traumas"

Top trauma doc re: Richardson death: Montreal's "system isn't set up for traumas"

Oprah: Why Women Are Leaving Men for Other Women

Obama needs to reflect a little

Wasserman Schultz kept cancer, operations from media for a year. One tough person.

Frank Rich nails it again....(and you ain't going to like it)....

Just got back from The March on the Pentagon.

Wind Power

Who's buying up organic companies?

What "is our children learning" by throwing spaghetti on a teacher as a reward.

Ya know, this seems to be happening

Getting emergency medical care in a timely manner. (Natasha Richardson and my own ER trip yesterday)

High Fructose Corn Syrup is Safe?

Every time everything isn't perfect - should Obama's admin get attacked?

Where's Randi Rhodes? I miss hearing her

Going to a dinner w/Republicans tonight. Need help with facts.

Are Americas so easily fooled/misled?: HFCS bad, Sugar good

The Internet Surging as a Major Influence in the Political Landscape

Southerners looking to share their Confederate holiday

Feinstein: Don't Spoil Our Desert With Solar Panels

YES ON EQUALITY ~~ California Ballot Measure on Marriage Equality ~~ Please K&R

Now that BSG is over...

Maybe So, Maybe No - THE NEW HOLIDAYS

It's All Over-The Impressions

big bay house

Mayer Hawthorne - Just Ain't Gonna Work Out

I can't believe how HUGE I was.

Sniffa shaved his head!! OMG!

I am headed to bed. Thanks again to everyone who lit a mental candle for me while I was at the ER.

average white band - work to do

Mayer Hawthorne - When I Said Goodbye

Lee Fields & The Expressions - "My World"

Do you support Single-Payer health care for America?

Facebook: Brutal honesty, or just ignore the friend request?

I find slamming my balls in a steel door is less painful than reading GD:P.

Too Big To Fail


It's 150,000 years ago and you've just arrived on Earth. Where do you want to settle down?

I'm loaded right now, walked by the police and they acted like I'm in charge

Battlestar Galactica Series finale

They don't even try any more. Hrrrmph.

Michael Steele "wins" hip-hop battle with Stephen Colbert

Queer as Folk vs The L word

my tulips are coming up.

Kramer vs. Kramer

For fans of The Princess Bride

Please tell me I have nothing to worry about.

I want to create a tread that never dies.

I'm Midlo drunk right now! Weeeee!!

Caption this pic... "Hey, these are only $14.99? Dang, they fit great!"

Fuck You

Maybe it's the weather, if not the prozac, but I am feeling great this morning! How are you?

this is my kind of breakfast

My 2-year-old son, the progressive rock enthusiast.

LOL! My 2 year old grandson just came in and looked at my computer screen

Banned video, how hollywood controls your mind, and other Saturday stuff

Long distance relationships... How often do you see your SO?

I just noticed a lack in the DU search function. You can't search for

Has anyone ever heard that when you give a knife set

Every few days I do a search on my user name to find out if you guys and gals are thinking of me

I heard the worst story yesterday.

Obama wants America to compete in a 21st century global economy

Wireless modems

What the deuce? Finger-staches?!?

oh christ, anyone have the steenkin stomach flu??

Why can't I burn music from iTunes?

Minor crisis

Octomom and the Fear She Inspires Immortalized in Pink Rubber

Shootings leave 4 Oakland police officers in critical condition - UPDATE, officers may have died


trying to sleep in this morning was a wasted effort.

What do you get when you sit on the ice too long?

'Zombies ahead' on Harrison Street

Uh-oh...caffeine is wearing off!

Mac vs. PC

Coach K is probably very glad the president didn't put Duke in the Final Four

I finally saw "Slumdog Millionaire". What a great movie. What did you think?

Did anybody ever

I miss my favorite uncle(s). One time, my favorite uncle was driving me home

A judicious application of explosives can warm a cup of coffee...

Today's College Football Thread


It's hard to be sexy in cold weather

Band of Brothers just started on History Channel

Band of Brothers just started on History Channel

How's your weather today?

Song titles that sound dirty...but aren't!

Ukiah Teen Branded By Friends Hospitalized

You'll love my radio show today

SHUT UP!!!!! SHUT!!! UP!!!!! STMFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I tried to read Catch-22 but I couldn't get past the first dozen pages.

Mean and Cruel People

Look at this you’re gonna have an exciting life now.

Is there streaming video of the March Madness NOT requiring Micro$oft Shittylight??

Are any of you planting little organic veggie gardens to have free, healthy food available?

I finally replaced my monitor.

Another NCAA championship comes to Oregon

Chinese Buffet day today

Thinking about the term "trials and tribulations"

If you trip and fall on your ass, how does your dog rate that on a scale of 1 to 10?

I am falling over laughing here...THE 70'S!!!

Can't I just have a nice, uncomplicated, simple relationship with someone?

Where to Live After Retirement: (funny)

I, Twittericus

Is love about the soul or how the body looks?

Quick Poll

Why did I do it??!!

Do you like Dead music? Here are about 6,516 shows!

Fellow Guitarists Please Help: Wrist hurts intensely

Prosecutors want to jail Guns 'N Roses pirate, I say no.

My mom has no idea who LSU is right now.

My mom hates LSU right now.

Leaving for the annual property owners' meeting.

Today's College Basketball Thread

My mom hates LSD right now.

Like Chris Crocker said, aren't we lucky Britney even performs for us walking walleted peons?

Just Curious. CME: Continuing Medical Education. I'm not a doctor but can I participate in CME

So I stopped myself from having a total melt down today

"I went to a brewpub last night," or, "I love when I'm an idiot".

Fer sure. It's 80's night

Should mctata's and I go to a dive country bar tonight?

Uniqua is the best dancer, but Tasha has the nicest singing voice

So when are 8-tracks coming back into stores?

Fellow Grammar Nazis who hate it when people use apostrophes in the wrong way

Seatbelts? Check

Who was the better president?

I haz a microwave! Thanks DU

What's better the Mac Mini or iMac?

What's up Doc?

When a movie plot involves machines trying to kill people...

OK oshy...

Eddie Izzard's Encore on Computers

Sam Raimi's new movie Drag Me to Hell trailer.

OK. That's it. After BSG last night and Watchmen today I am officially giving up.

Have you ever received a massage from the moderators?

Mr. Miller of the greater Flint, Michigan area

Best Beagles cover?

Whatever Happened to matcom?

***URGENT*** I need some medical advice about a bodily function problem that is impacting my sexual

Chad Vader after the dentist

What is the duration of "RIGHT FUCKING NOW"?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/21/09

I bought that mini laptop.

The Ice Cream man!!!!!

POLL about getting emergency healthcare. (X-positng for those Loungers who never venture into GD)

The mystery man came over,

It's true. A person can hide their own thread.

I have a funny PaddyBlueEyes story....

I've been working nonstop for almost seven years now.

What is the proper terminology for females who act? My sister acts, but I've never asked her this

These cookies taste like Thin Mints, NOT Girl Scouts.

What if guns could smoke cigarettes?

Confession: I don't use apostrophe

The Magic Jack. What say you...?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 3/21/2009)

kitten picture of the day for saturday march 21

Good Evening everyone. How is everyone?

Show me your Johnson

the "blog" of "unnecessary" quotation marks

Poll question: Jennifer Marlowe vs Bailey Quarters

Best 'Ring of Fire'

I'm calling Shenanigans on Vince's ShamWow commercial!

Any Battlestar fans on here going through withdraw right now?

Many grammatical mistakes are forgivable, but not the apostrophe.


Lounge Vibes, please?

Why are all the guys in alternative tenors?

Another Saturday night and I aint got nobody...

Post some cryptic horse shit here that only you and your friends...

Insult the shit out of someone, and then delete it before the mods see it!

Mourning the loss of another cat. Warning, some details may be unpleasant.

Does a beautiful woman usually need to be told that she's beautiful?

What is the duration of "now"?

anyone familiar with a woman's name that sounds like YAM-a-lot?

Is 36 minutes too long to hard-boil an egg?

Happy Saturday all.

Do you consider yourself to be a nice person?

Post a song that no one but you likes and I will mock you for it.

Best Beatles Cover?

"In the Electric Mist," or, How to make a pretty weak movie from a strong book.

I am now using my mini laptop. How do you like it? nt

Bong hits vs. joints

On Biography, I'm learning that Ed Gein was a "collector". (warning, dark stuff)

What did you think of the Battlestar Galactica finale? Please don't post spoilers in subject line.

Have you ever received a message from the moderators?

Movie scenes that always brings a tear to my eye

I finished watching "W" today. I thought it was way too kind to some characters.

Police cite breast-feeding driver for endangering

Feeling really lonely tonight.

Best cover ever?

An interesting 60 days.

I know how Obama can help reduce the projected budget deficits

New Deficit Forecast Casts Shadow on Obama Agenda (New York Times)

I am as inept as a woman, as a GLBT, a Muslim, etc

President Obama announces $2.4 Billion for electric vehicles

President Obama announces $2.4 Billion for electric vehicles

Palin stumblin in Alaska

Ginger vs Mary Ann

"Special Needs People" don't want your sympathy or your self-righteous outrage.

TOWN MAYOR: She wanted to know if books would be pulled.

Here's a very scary though about Obama's recent Special Olympics comment...

Goldman Sachs, Obama, Money (as in, the taxpayers' money)


President Obama to Deliver Three Commencement Addresses

Mrs. Obama Speaks Out About Her Household

If you think Obama isn't getting support at DU...

People calling for Geithner's head are now completely missing the mark.

The insurance proposal is still hiding one fact - The most generous VA budget increase EVER.

No idea is a good idea on this financial crisis

RNC outraises DNC

If you're in CT, join the field trip to the cribs of AIG execs

Reinstating protections of Glass-Steegal and other regulatory laws

*snicker* Wingnuts are holding a "National Conference on Obama's missing birth certificate"

Why doesn't the government just guarantee new loans?

Obama will call for increased oversight of 'executive pay at all banks,

Two rules: 1, no bonuses for failure and 2, needing a government bailout equals failure

Teleprompter of the United States

In Nationalizing Banks, what happens to Gov money that are now loans to Banks?

Here's my mortgage bailout plan:

All who knows exactly what Obama should do, will you take responsibility instead of the Prez?

FUN FACTS - Part I - Who/What is responsible for our Current Financial Mess?

FUN FACTS - Part II - Who/What is responsible for our Current Financial Mess?

If Bush had made the Special Olympics comment I would have been upset, I am upset at Obama also!

Hillary Clinton named Global Trailblazer

Obama is damned if he does damned if he doesn't

politics 101 - political pragmatism and reality in 2009 america.

General Discussion: Presidential Polls

Next time a reporter asks why the President isn't focusing every waking second

Which one of the following statements is correct?

Question: If we were to Nationalize the Banks, who would we get to then run them?

It's really ironic that Leno had Garth Brooks on with Obama

Flashback to 2007:

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

It's ON: Smart-ass Econ professor confronts DU critics

Biodegradable Plastic Bags -- let's make it a new priority

I wish that someone would shoot straight with the American People right now

Khamenei: Iran Ready to Change if U.S. Leads the Way

Is Geithner Obama's Henry Morgan? Or it takes a pirate to catch a pirate.

Obama is playing budget rope-a-dope

Obama makes pitch for budget priorities

Michael Steele's take on the First Amendment

Mrs. Obama Speaks Out About Her Household

Democrats really do eat each other

Will Leann Rimes be performing at Hannity's "Freedom Shows" this year?

A.I.G. Bonus Rage is Useless & Harms Efforts to Shore up Economy:

If you are really upset about the Special Olympics comment

McCain and the GOP Threaten this Nation with their DIVISIVENESS and Harping

Ruh Roh. All Arguments Are Declared Null And Void. Geithner Must Go...

Obama's first federal judicial appointment describes the process that resulted in his selection

President Obama

For all the economic geniuses out there.. whats your "plan"?

Rabbi: The President radiated a sense of decency

It is time for President Obama to tell South Carolina to shit or get off the pot

Connecticut AG: AIG paid $218 million in bonuses, more than the $165 million previously disclosed

So, as the brother of a special needs person, I've had a rough day

Why Do You Think GOP Complains About Bonuses Even Though It Opposes Caps On Such Comp? Distraction

Obama "60 Minutes" Interview: Hits Back At Cheney, Supports Geithner

Agreeing with Obama

Don't blame me, I voted for McCain

Time to revisit Donald Trump's idea

President Obama's latest picks for Key Administrative posts

Sunday talk show tip sheet

Stop the drumbeat!- Obama says would not accept Geithner resignation

On words vs actions Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist and Obama's comment about his bowling

`Hillary: The Movie,' now showing at Supreme Court

The Japanese Lesson: don't take 10 yrs to nationalize the bad banks:

Obama Therapy!!! 2 things you like, and 2 things you don't.

Despite snubs, dem groups back Obama

Judge Judy on CNN: Obama shouldn't use the pejorative "RICH" when he talks about the Rich.

Gallup Daily Tracking Poll: Obama up to 64% approval, down to 26% disapproval

This is what we get- Chavez: Obama seems to lack knowledge on region

Krugman is pissing me off! He is starting to remind me of Nader in 2000!

Obama will call for increased oversight of "executive pay at all banks, Wall Street Firms..." (NYT)

A vegetable garden in the back yard is one thing, but when will we

Paul Krugman.... It would be nice if he proposed SPECIFIC plans for a change

Sooo... DUers would like to get rid of Dodd and, no doubt of Lieberman

Obama to allow the theft and incompetence to continue: he's keeping Geithner

Criticisms of Policy vs. Political Hits

Ruth Marcus: The Costs of Bailout Rage

Please email Bob Sommersby at the Daily Howler

PHOTOS The Obamas (and Reggie) head for Camp David

Dodd's getting heat at home for his coddling of wall street failures ....

Is Elena Kagan in line for SCOTUS??

Gawker: Barack Obama Doesn't Do Gaffes

Krugman: Why was I so quick to condemn the Geithner plan?

Whoa....the Notre Dame Catholics are pissed off Obama is going to

Favorite Dustin Hoffman Film

On Supporting Obama: What Other Option Is There?

Michelle Obama once teased for talking ‘like a white girl’

Conservatives support nationalization of the banks, conservatives are stupid and support the rich...

Tim Geithner.... It would be nice if he proposed SPECIFIC plans for a change

FUN FACTS - Part III- Who/What is responsible for our Current Financial Mess?

Anyone want to unfreep a poll? WRAL (Raleigh) web site news poll

Hey DU.... Remember this????

Why is it OK to criticize Obama, but not Krugman?

Frank Rich: Has a (Obama's) 'Katrina moment' arrived?

Sorry Krugman, Geithner's Plan is the Least Risky Option

We need a moderator to delete all posts that complain about Obama...

Krugman: Obama admin wedded to idea there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with financial system

Here's one attempt to define a nationalization plan

Now they attack him for basketball- "Obama’s NCAA bracket in crisis mode"

I will be pissed if Ed Schultz joins MSNBC!!!

So, after Krugman is taken down, what other lefty voices should be silenced?

"In the Flatulent Mist," or, How to make a pretty weak cabin from a strong log

If We Bail Out the Banks, Why Shouldn't We Own Them?

Networks Not Happy About Obama Press Conference

Coleman's Lead Lawyer Expects Victory Via Appeal

The Big Takeover - The global economic crisis isn't about money - it's about power.

Police kill knife-wielding man in Vancouver

Southerners looking to share their Confederate holiday

Depression pill OK'd for kids but probe goes on

Police: Incest Dad Fritzl Suspected in 4 Unsolved Murders

Naked Short Sales Hint Fraud in Bringing Down Lehman

CIA Has 3,000 Docs on Torture Tapes

Official: AIG bonuses bigger than believed

U.S. eyes closer military ties with Mexico

Half Of US Auto Suppliers Face Bankruptcy

Rogers Park man arrested in bomb threat against Jewish school

Zoellick Calls 2009 a ‘Dangerous Year’ as Crisis Curtails Trade

Venezuela suspends sale of Stanford Bank

Vermont Closer to Allowing Gay Marriage

Administration Seeks Increase in Oversight of Executive Pay

Jetliner’s tail slams into runway during takeoff

Some Rich Districts Get Richer as Aid Is Rushed to Schools

4 Oakland Officers Fatally Shot, Gunman Dead

America floats plan to tempt Taliban into peace process

AIG traders richly rewarded as rivals pay slashed

WaMu holding company sues FDIC

Activists protest bonuses at AIG executives' homes

Citigroup, Bank of America, JPMorgan Criticize Limits

In Iraq, Chaos Feared as U.S. Closes Prison

Vet suicide prevention program faces big cuts

Obama criticizes Cheney's approach to terrorism in '60 Minutes' interview

Iran's Supreme Leader Dismisses Obama's Appeal

Special Olympics bowler: I can beat the president

Administration Seeks Increase in Oversight of Executive Pay

Now showing at Supreme Court: 'Hillary: The Movie'

Regulators close banks in Georgia, Colorado, Kansas; 20 bank failures so far this year

Palin's legal debts pile up (Half-Million+)

Costco, Starbucks, Whole Foods Present Alternative Labor Plan

Obama Uneasy About Tax on Bonuses

Venezuela military 'seizes ports'

CA: Four police officers shot in Oakland

Church plans protest of Richardson funeral

CIA Has 3,000 Docs on Torture Tapes

Montreal Protest Against Police Brutality 2009 - Part 3/3

Gibbs on Joke - Accepts Responsibility 'thoughtless' Obama comment

Rachel Maddow: Lt. Choi Discusses 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' on Return Visit

Daily Show: Springsteen - '...Was This Subculture of People Who Basically Brought Down The Country'

Obama Mocks Special Olympics

New Rules - 3/20/09

Grand Rapids protest of GVSU student being shot by police



Pakistan: "The Most Dangerous Country" (Trailer)

Protesters Clash with Police in France

BART Shooting: Rockridge BART Protest 3-19-09

George Galloway Barred Entry to Canada

Hypocrisy Watch: Michelle Bachmann's Earmarks

Argentine farmers in food strike

Keith Olbermann On Overtime

Real Time w/ Bill Maher 3/20: Bernie Sanders - Obama Stimulus Puts Billions into Special Education

Woman Sets Herself on Fire in a Protest

BillO Spins the Word Torture

Morale-boosting video: Dems Against Bailout

Republican hypocrisy on AIG bonuses, executive compensation

Michelle Obama Plants "Kitchen Garden"

NBC News: AFL-CIO "Hard Hats" protest Labor Dept. hearing on discrimination (1969)

Real Time w/ Bill Maher 3/20: Madeline Albright Speaks with Bill

Pegasus and Magical Money

RACHEL MADDOW - De-Regulation for Dummies

The Week In Cartoons 03/21/09

Rep. Lynch Slams AIG

CBS News: Death of Francois "Papa Doc" Duvalier (1971)

Real Time w/ Bill Maher 3/20: Olbermann; Sanders - 'We're Not Doing Too Much, It's All Related'

The Anonymous Weirdos

Republicans Awesome, Dems Suck, Glenn Beck *Red State Update*

Bush visits ottawa - not very nice welcome

BBC: Israeli troops admit Gaza abuses

Your Weekly Address- President Obama Reflects on Trip

CBS News: 200,000 at Washington Peace march (4/24/1971 ... John Kerry speaks and John Denver sings)

Anti-Anti War Protesters (no typo)

TYT: What Percentage of Married Couples Stay in Love?

Conservative Left Brain, Liberal Right Brain? (

Faux Buffoons trash Canadian soldiers

AT&T Employees Protest in Dallas, Texas

Climate Denial Crock of the Week - Mars Attacks!!!

Rep. Barney Frank Calls Justice Scalia A Homophobe

Phil Donahue Sets Hannity Straight

AP: Holder Signals Shift in Marijuana Policy

America's Most Wanted.... I'll start

Newt Gingrich woos religious right for his anti-tax cause

The Obama grassroots army's new mission

Amazing trove of Hemingway papers found in Cuba

President Obama's latest picks for Key Administrative posts

Sarah Palin, Champion of Special Needs!

Wal Mart Reveals It Pays Employees DETENTION Bonuses

Israeli Coalition Appears Fated to Clash With U.S.

Awash In Greed


How many ways can Senate Republicans show intellectual hypocrisy?

A Quiet Revolution Grows in the Muslim World (TIME)

AIG and Goldman Sachs - How We Got Here from There

Bonus tax not the answer, some say (CNN)

Is this for real? Is Obama going to dismantle the Fed. Reserve?

Turkish children drawn into Armenia row (BBC)

America floats plan to tempt Taliban into peace process

Pitchforks and Protests: The Fury Down Below

New Honda Takes on the Prius

Activists Slam World Water Forum as a Corporate-Driven Fraud

“The Truth” Employee Free Choice Act Website Educate Public Card Check Legislation

“I talk to Newt on a Regular Basis", Eric Cantor Talking Points and Wife’s Influence.

Can Congress use the USA Patriot Act to address CEO bonuses?

The Virtues of Public Anger and the Need for More

Obama's Campaign Army on Road Again

What Conservatives Just Don't Understand.

Bob Herbert: The Great Shame

Texas high school students forced to fight in cage matches

Israeli Army T-Shirts Mock Gaza Killings

Barack Obama and the Altar of Greed By David Michael Green





Palin Stumblin’ in Alaska

The Big Takeover - The global economic crisis isn't about money - it's about power.

New York TImes: Mr. Obama and the Rule of Law

Joe Romm beats Taylor Swift in Rolling Stone top 100

Obama announces $2.4B for electric vehicles

Smart Grid may be vulnerable to hackers

Solar + DiFi + GD =

Argentine farmers in food strike

Oil Company To Enter Uncontacted Tribe's Land

Double Post -sorry

Urgent Action: Visas for Families of the cuban Five

Legacy of a 'disappeared' family in Argentina

Join Pastors for Peace in Cuba this July.

Today in labor history Mar 21 Dr. King & 3,200 people began their march from Selma to Montgomery, Al

CU Denver prof awarded for mining strike history (Nearly 100 deaths were attributed to the strike)

Report from the front: Workers arrested (want back pay owed) as factory assets auctioned off

Union uses $ 10/hr homeless day laborers to staff the picketlines

Firing: The Best Way to A Quality Workforce!

EFCA a "no-compromise" issue for business, head of U.S. Chamber says

DU NCAA Pool Standings after Round 1

Who is going to take home the NBA Championship?

Ticket sales down for men's tournament so far

Iowa wins the NCAA Wrestling Championship by 4.5 points..

Gay Porn Star Gives a Ride to a Dallas Cowboy?

Ky. Derby Trail: Louisville Shuffle

Who do you think will take home the Stanley Cup?

California Ballot Measure Re Gay Marriage

Australian government to 'block' gay websites

Knights: Out with 'don't ask, don't tell'

Oprah: Why Women Are Leaving Men for Other Women

There’s No Cure For Stupid.

Please support single payer health care:

Does anyone here work for CHI? Are you getting your hours cut?

Police ordered to ban 'Palestinian Culture Festival'

Palestinian Doctor, Peace Advocate Recounts Israeli Attack on Home that Killed 3 Daughters, Niece

The Lobby Falters by John Mearsheimer

Israel marks 1,000 days since soldier's capture

Abbas says new Israel PM must accept Palestinian state

Jerusalem & Babylon / Lieberman the Diaspora czar

Police foil terror attack at Haifa shopping center

Travel bans violate freedom of movement

Worried about apartheid? Too late, Mr Olmert, it’s already here

Did Israel Intentionally Undermine Obama's Outreach To Iran?

Israel Promises Internal Probe After Soldiers Describe Civilian Killings, Lax Rules of Engagement

Goldman Sachs Made BILLIONS Shorting AIG

Geithner's Crappy Bank Plan Coming Monday

Boutiques and hedge funds lure cream of global banking

Anger over AIG sparks bus tour of homes of executives

This Private Equity scandal has legs.

Unbelievable. A long list of companies that might not survive.

Geithner's New Bank Bailout: Crappy, Dishonest, Possibly Illegal.

If We Bail Out the Banks, Why Shouldn't We Own Them?

James K. Galbraith re: Geithner's Toxic Asset Plan: EXAMINE THE LOAN TAPES

Shifting attitudes in DC?

AIG has given twice as much $$ to Democrats since 2006. Dodd & Obama

Chateau Montelena

For Mira, another tranquil pastoral panorama..


Could you take a perfect picture with an unfamiliar camera of an unusual subject on the first shot?

March Light

Something else I want..

More HDR fun

The Body Elemental

Can Vitamin D cure the common cold?

Can regular energy work and meditation change your appearance?

Report: Birds endangered by energy development (AP)

Newly restored "Picture of the Century"

Irvine rabbi gives invocation at President's town hall

I am going to a Kundalini

What the hell is going on with the catholic church?

I'm comfortable with the theory that if you treat animals well you

March 21, 2009: Pope Decries "Evil Powers of Sorcery," Urges Angolans to Convert to RC

Danish Dough Whisks are back in stock at Breadtopia.

Really important information about food production.

What's for dinner? ~ Saturday the 21st

Cookie of the week 3/21 edition

Not sorry to see the last of the corned beef!

King Arthur Sourdough Bread and Starter

somebody mentioned a substitute for buttermilk recently

What's the secret to baking good cookies?

Ya know Tab's trick to defrost food from the freezer?

I'm making a rye starter...

Young Americans going abroad to teach (CNN)

Ezekiel Bulver; the first Truther;

This week's Talk Cinema movie: Moscow, Belgium

Police kill knife-wielding man in Vancouver