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Leno may have handled the intro poorly - made decisions we dont' like- but our President

Look, I Know Leno Is A Comedian, Not A Journalist

If they are too big to fail...?

Dear President Obama......Don't trust your friends "too much".....

You know, George W. Bush never once put his foot in his mouth.

Pontiac, Michigan “restructures” schools, fires entire education staff

Autoworkers end factory occupation in Windsor, Ontario

President Obama's appearance w/ Jay Leno coming up now on west coast.

Wait, wait, wait... let me see if I got this straight...

Navel-gazing again?

I salute Obama and Leno.

Healthy San Francisco program costs substantially less than private health insurance

No. 2: Tearing Down the Walls

They Were Against It Before They Were For It

What's Morning Ho saying?

And there was the Comment. It was said while everybody was laughing at a previous joke

Million Dollar Christmas Turkeys...

Stephen Colbert Loses To Michael Steele In Rap Battle

House Approves 90% Tax on Bonuses After Bailouts

Obama doesn't have time for this nonsense.

Is there a forum for household hints? I have a question about a fabric stain and DU is my best

David Sirota: A Government of Men, Not Laws

President Obama made a very thought-provoking and scary analogy yesterday...

Spring Equinox

After The Crisis: A Parody of 15 Corporate Logos

What happened to the Reagan documents that made Bush write Executive Order 13233 in the first place?

Its Snowing in NJ

Getting the US out of Pakistan's internal politics

Ooooh! Willy Geist takes a white Hummer stretch limo to work

Now for something a bit different,

Slaughter of the Seals in Russia is Stopped By Vladimir Putin

Release the hounds! Regulators Worldwide Scrutinize Bankers’ Pay

Eating for Peace

Don't open that dictionary ,it's filled with liberal propaganda!

Oil Back Above $50 Per Barrel; Expected To Rise

Analysis of yesterday's DU poll on trade and immigration

A.I.G. Sues U.S. for Return of $306 Million in Tax Payments (some related to offshore tax havens)

A real whodunnit: Former AIG head denies he started exec bonuses

FYI-Obama's Special Olympics Comment is no different than someone using the N word.

No Return to Normal: Why the economic crisis, and its solution, are bigger than you think

No Return to Normal: Why the economic crisis, and its solution, are bigger than you think

Chill out, folks. Obama has a lot of catching up to do.

Awww, this is so cute.

Curious about the bonuses. Does it seem to anyone else

Head Injuries and the Uninsured

Battlestar Galactica Final Episode Warning (no spoilers)

AlterNet: One Soldier's Tale of How War Drove Him Crazy

WaPo: CIA Official Accused Of Rape To Be Dismissed

I was looking to buy a new car until ...

gw bush book. His 12 most important decisions

Obama apologizes for Special Olympics comment

The Merrill-Lynch-Mob

Please DU this WaPo comment page attacking Congress for getting the AIG bonus money back.

Is there a family connection from "Hank" Greenberg (AIG) and Greenburg-

Inflation Fears Grow After Fed Prints $1.2 Trillion

The real CPAC - Right wingers and right wing racists come together at conference

A.I.G. Sues U.S. for Return of $306 Million in Tax Payments

Who Prefers a Public Health Insurance Option?

How the story changes...

Obama's Message to Iran

Obama's Message to Iran

Today: SHOCK AND AWE DAY, 6th anniversary bombing of Baghdad. What are you doing?

What did Obama say about the Special Olympics?


Freshman Florida Congressman Alan Grayson (D-FL08) questions AIG CEO Edward Liddy for names

Rhode Island strip club to host job fair

Court blocks Bush administration rule that allowed concealed, loaded guns in national parks

The only people who expect Obama to be "perfect" are the same ones who "hope" he fails

Just got the "Mystery Shopper" email scam.

Just got the "Mystery Shopper" email scam.

Certified Special Ed. Teacher and Special Olympics Volunteer here:

Certified Special Ed. Teacher and Special Olympics Volunteer here:

Madoff To Stay In Jail

Now the Repugs are being all PC...

Gay Obama Nominee Succeeds as Values Turn on Rescuing Families in Distress

Obama offers Iran 'new beginning'

War Protest Music Redux.....

Two lamebrainers on MSNBC, (one Lindsay Graham ?) whining President Obama "out of

Where do conservatives get their definition of "perversion" anyway?

Crime is rampant I tells ya! Rampant!!

Sarah Palin says she will only accept 69% of her state's stimulus money.

Rage Against the (Corporate) Machine

Obama apologized for his Special Olympics joke.

Barney Frank on "Republican amnesia"...

Navy ship and submarine collide in Strait of Hormuz - ship leaking diesel fuel - sub reactor ok

The Most Pervasive Combat Injury Among U.S. Soldiers is Invisible --

if *it happens, how do you sell gold fast to get food?

if *it happens, how do you sell gold fast to get food?

Buzzflash needs some help

Palin rejects nearly 30 percent of stimulus funds

Happy Spring

CNN Poll Quick Vote

they don't need another law just to punish the AIG guys, you know why?

empty, foreclosed houses causing job opportunities


OMG! Freaky Fundie Lady at work just attributed Natasha Richardson's death to Canadian health care..

A.I.G. - It gets even more unbelievable...

Reclaiming Democracy and The quote at a time

Connecticut’s ‘Rodeo Drive’ Abandoned as Hedge Funds Collapse

Sen. Sanders / Olbermann on 'Real Time with Bill Maher' Tonight

Trial on sex charges starts for former Missouri lawmaker - “I woke up to my hand on his penis"

received hugs from Italians saying "I LOVE OBAMA"

It's Springtime and the nuts are falling!

RICO. The law is there to fix this mess.

Question about the Duke TIP program

A word about Special Olympics.

Meltdown in the Drug Industry - Speaking of Toxic Assets...

Should Bastille Day be our Pitchfork Day?

The Big Takeover

Coming to a Police state near you. Choas is cash.

North Korea detains journalists with Current TV

Tauscher Signals Leftward Shift on Arms Control, Differs Sharply From Bolton

Hospice brings partners for resident's last dance

Pimps, Metro’s coming for you!

Change Comes to Washington

We still need to take the fight to the media

How Has Obama Been Handling His Job As President So Far?

I don't like the term "special needs".

I Fought the Law

Joe The Plumber Tells Conservatives: "I'm Horny"

NFL player Stallworth was legally drunk during fatal accident, source says

Asia Times: Free markets are not rational

Water is the next liquid gold ....

Tapper the Twitterer Instigated Special Olympics Tempest in Teapot.

Squeaky wheels . . .

One of my Walmart Clients (Computer Repair) was SO happy about her "Bonus".I didn't have the heart..

More newspaper industry misery: Unpaid furloughs and pension freeze at Newark Star-Ledger

Casino on fire in Joliet, Illinois

Casino on fire in Joliet, Illinois

Much more offensive than what the president said about S.O. is his

Florida Freshman Progressive Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson explains why AIG went broke:

NYT ignores Special Olympics gaffe focuses on (trans) fat joke from earlier in the day.

Ohio Joins State Sovereignty Movement

Daughter shot after pouring out father’s gin

(Vermont) Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously recommends authorizing same-sex marriage

U.S. Postal Service to Close Some Offices, Offer 150,000 Early Retirement

24/7 cable news. fair & balanced: Lets take a look.

Obama's Special Olympics comment was thoughtless and out of character...

Obama's "penance" for the Special Olympics remark: White House bowl-a-thon for Special Olympics..

Making a solar panel out of - powdered doughnuts?

Where was this reporting during the bush administration???? Unreal. nt

Jaw dropping... CNBC, the stockers are wanting Obama to step up and save them

Dana Bash - The joker

Connecticut:.. Bus tour of AIG executives homes on Saturday.

Who is the nastier piece of shit ...... ?

It is my observation that # of jobs posted in FL @ Careerbuilder & Monster has declined dramatically

Desperate Japanese head to 'suicide forest'

Boston Globe has some breathtaking images of submarine volcano erupting near Tonga

Is Billy Bush subbing for Kathie Lee on the Today Show?

Naked teen with poodle charged with assault

Which/who gives you more pleasure?

VERMONT Senate panel approves gay marriage bill

Spitzer will be on CNN talking about AIG Sunday at 1pm and 5pm!

My formerly positive views towards Minnesota are vastly diminished

My formerly positive views towards Minnesota are vastly diminished

Most important news story of the week (ending March 20, 2009)

From Three Decades as a Colonel and Diplomat to Six Years as a Peace Activist

Take Chairman Miller's Quiz of the Week!

Dear Elites... Please tell us common people once and for all which of these phrases are offensive.

Republicans Are Confusing Me - I Thought They Were Dead Set Against Caps On Exec Compensation

Katha Pollitt: "Love Me, I'm a Conservative" -- On Douthat & Kristol

Obama Visit Draws Highest Tonight Show Ratings In 4 Years

Galactica Fans...Eddie Olmos speech at the UN

Stupid PUMAs, Stupid Republicans and the Presidential Gift of DVDs

Has anyone tried to stream Sam Seder lately?

Obama has a 67% favorable rating--but it's only 42% in the South (86%in Northeast)

Great News! First Lady to break ground on White House 'kitchen garden' !

The Bonfire of the Vanities?

Does anyone care? Did anyone notice?

If You're Not Busy I Could Use Help With Idiot Freepers At YouTube

Excellent Article on the Death of U.S. Journalism

Are you sick and tired of hearing what we can't do...

Marriage redefined in Webster's - fundies erupt

The Secret War Against American Workers: The Unemployment Story No One Notices

‘Abuse’ Raises Question About Law for Disabled Workers

I just called Jon Kyl's office

How would Republicans respond to the amount and strength of attacks (That Obama receives) on Bush?

How would Republicans respond to the amount and strength of attacks (That Obama receives) on Bush?

Cosmetics maker takes stand against seal hunt

Bravo Governor Richardson! For repealing the death penalty in New Mexico

New 'outer edge' poverty due to forclosures in remote areas

Management Analysis

MSM - formerly tranquilized lapdogs transformed into a pack of howling jackals in 60 days

Scorn Trails A.I.G. Executives, Even in Their Driveways

AIG Shows Why We Need the Employee Free Choice Act

Norm Coleman's Lawyer Done?

Key Element in Obama Afghanistan strategy: Lure foot soldiers away from Taliban

Pink elephant is caught on camera

BuzzFlash is in Serious Need of Your Ongoing Financial Support. We Hate to Think of the Economy

Top stories of the week from Capitol Hill

How To Destroy the Government in Three Easy Steps

AIG Primer: Dean Baker

What Is The Rationale Of The Repug Governors That Are Refusing Stimulus Funds?.......

AIG Is Not To Blame

Goldman Sachs-Welfare Queen: According to Newsweek

Inhofe: The ‘Middle Eastern mentality’ is ‘worse’ than Nazism.

Armed Homeowner Drives Away Intruder, Police Say

Jobless rate at 11.2% for veterans of Iraq, Afghanistan

Ollie North sold missiles to Iran...

More education idiocy from Texas

Rights groups appeal to Americas for support in Bush torture probes

Sallie Mae puts college out of reach of more students

More on the significance of the El Salvador election from Mark Weisbrot.

The Federal Reserve vs the European Central Bank

Unemployment Understated, CEPR says

Hillary Clinton named "Global Trailblazer" by Vital Voices Global Partnership last night

White House plots

Give the stimulus money that states reject to the Special Olympics

U.S. Postal Service to cut 1,400 jobs and offering early ret to 150,000 - Reuters

Media Matters: Petition to CNBC to stop acting as Unofficial Mouthpiece for Wall Street!

Buick ties for 1st place in JD Power Quality survey, beating Lexus. Hey Shelby still think domestic

What is the outrage about people wanting elected political opponents to fail? I wanted Bush to fail

165 mil to AIG, Repuke/MSM outrage, 3.6 bIL To Merrel in Dec, not a word

How about "Tomb-stoning" any DUer who ever again mentions "Joe the Plumber?"

While we're all fighting here, I'm making calls for a special state senate election

This is Tax Weekend for me, and I have a complaint...

Fiorello LaGuardia, arguably New Yok's most beloved mayor .....

Posted without comment, headline at Townhall

Peeking in my old community to say hi. "Hi!" **waves**

As travel declines, aircraft 'boneyard' in Victorville fills up

CSPA Action Alert: Legislation to Eradicate Striped Bass Introduced

Time: Governor Ronald Reagan calls the strike and boycott "immoral" and "attempted blackmail."

Obama and 34th Cousin Jefferson

Comments on H.R. 1388?? (the GIVE Act)

CNBC rocks!! Advocates new $250,000 annual minimum wage for skilled workers!

Sometimes I'm just amazed by people's cluelessness

'Made in India': Lawmakers call foreign steel a slap in the face to U.S. workers

Where was the outrage?

Fox News’s Brit Hume Warns That Because Of Blogs, Future News Will Be ‘More Partisan’

Top Afghan clerics urge Saudi-led talks with Taliban

Can dittoheads be "cured?"

'Alarm' and 'soul searching' in Israel over reports of army behavior during Gaza war

Shameless stalker whores at TMZ pipe in on Obama's Special Olympics gaffe

Is Kieth Obermann the worst person in the world today....

xpost: Driving is down again

Iran blogger dies in Evin prison (BBC)

Reminder: KO will be on Real Time with Bill Maher Tonight

The Fox News Blackout Of President Obama

Hey.. Weren't Republicans Protecting Executive Bonuses Two Weeks Ago?

Just checked out this website

Author of Barbie Ban Bill Gets Applauded

Friday Night Bank Bust Special: The Credit Union Edition

Toddler in coma almost buried ALIVE; parents charged

What an annoying, foppish little man

Food Bank Friday March 20, 2009

Competing Utopias - Republican America vs Progressive America

Throw tomatoes at AIG from MoveOn

Pro-Poker Legislation Will Be Introduced in Coming Weeks

MORE BREAKING NEWS: Colorado National Bank and Teambank have been seized after failing stress tests!

William Komlo, Fugitive Ex-NFL QB, Killed In Car Crash In Greece: Report

say "Au Revoir" to 3 more banks......

U.S. regulator probing "rampant Ponzimonium"

Kick if you are going to a rally/protest/march this Fri/Sat/Sun to say "Bring the Troops HOme Now"

It's Friday night.

Homeless Campers to Be Moved out of Sacramento's Tent City

Hitting the breaks for a dead wringer.

Why oh why

My simple solution to the AIG bonus situation. Find out who the

Does Helping Beggars Really Help?

If Sarah Palin has the funds

Someone get some powder on Keith!

Return of the Blame Game: GOP Decried It During Katrina, Now Fingerpointing...

About self-fulfilling prophecies...

Transgender wife gets 4 years for husband's death in Chardon,Ohio

He's Back...The Return of Elliot Spitzer...

Someone please tell me how cops can get away with this

Someone please tell me how cops can get away with this

AIG, belligerent Welfare Queen

Is anyone watching Pat Buchanan on Tweety

Is anyone watching Pat Buchanan on Tweety

Wall Street's Economic Crimes Against Humanity/The Banality of Evil

Obama only wishes he could bowl like a Special Olympian. So do I, for that matter.

"Rachel and her Children: Homeless Families in America"

A question for those in their late 50s .... 60s .... 70s ..... older .....

self delete

"The best president America never had"

If Republicans want to talk about earmarks then let's talk about the earmarks that fund their wars.

Question about layoff notification to the state...

43 criminal investigations of Wall Street (CNN)

Report: MSNBC ‘in discussions’ with Ed Schultz for ‘full-time’ job.

Report: MSNBC ‘in discussions’ with Ed Schultz for ‘full-time’ job.

Santa Claus on the wall at school! I am offended!

Turns out the peons at the banks are at risk of losing their performance bonuses

ABC News: From CEO to Pizza Man

Actress Died From Clot That Compressed Brain

Corporations have lobbied for targeted tax loopholes for decades..

4 years for

Olbermann is on Real Time tonight.

Keith Olberman on with Bill Maher at 10 pm / HBO N/T

When I was in the hospital a couple of months ago

Was the Prezz's "gaffe" cut from the Tonight Show? I have watched it twice and CNN showed him

Post on a RW board: "If the Dow goes much higher, we are DOOMED!"

GALLUP: Americans: Economy Takes Precedence Over Environment

"Those who think that nuclear power would be a cheap and clean way......

First Israeli gay man gets 'maternity' leave

Transgender wife gets four years for exercising her husband to death.

Did Keith Fall Asleep on the Tanning Bed?

Why is this UnConstitutional???

My Idea of a Bonus

Newsflash: EDIT** I was wrong about bonus taxes but I'm still right about the rest :) cofounded by Jim Cramer lays off 18 employees

AIG is the saga of blackmail, and this has nothing to do with bonuses

From Hedge Fund CEO making 750K to Pizza Driver making $7.29/hour

Florida Freshman Congressman Alan Grayson (D-FL08) takes on the crooks on Wall Street

Are you Sure you Like the Idea of Targeted Taxes?

John F. Yoo's work for White House could draw UC punishment

Ever had a heart attack?

Wall Street Journal: Employee Free Choice Act "does not remove the secret ballot"

McLaughlin Group on PBS here now.

"Shock and Awe" -- The most sick and vicious act of utter cowardice in modern history.

I want this man to run for elected office. Please GOP, make it happen.

Will I be like the Great Depressioners who saved tin foil?

Lt. Choi Back On Rachel Maddow After Last Night's Feed Loss

RNC rubbed off on Democratic Rep in St Paul, MN.. propose a disturbing snooping Bill

Why did the Treasury let Lehman Brothers go under??

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

What Leno said was MORE offensive

Jon Stewart nails Ben Bernanke over the bonuses

Do you remember the scene in Jaws where Chief Brody tells Quint that he's gonna need a biggger boat?

Kind of funny....blast from the not-so past...

Obama on Leno last night explained the Aig fiasco in a very smooth talking way...

Can anyone tell me about the deficits from the Bush years?

The media is sabotaging the recovery!

AP: Geithner close to finalizing "toxic assets" plan

I would like to say this. Seriously.

McCain created this frigging monster Palin...

McCain created this frigging monster Palin...

Taxpayer money shouldn't be used to lobby against working peoples' interests

Choice can sometimes be a really, really rotten idea

To attempt to use taxation as a bludgeon and punishment towards a targeted group is just flat wrong

The Rude Pundit - Sarah Palin to Alaska's Poor and Special Needs Kids: "Suck It, You Dirty 'Tards"

Bill Maher tonight, with Bernie Sanders! and KO, is good. Catch it if you can.

I'm torn between fuck you asstrickle, pity and a prayer this guy will learn something

Mentally Challenged instead of Retarded / Retard

This Ass On CNN With Wolf Is Saying President Obama Is Overexposed.....

Only Rich Christians Should Marry?

My first anti-Michelle Obama post.

Geithner and Summers AIG Bonus Timeline

I Just Want To Say This: Obama Already Is And Is Going To Be The Greatest President In History

Suze Orman To Bush: "You Owe The American People Every Penny

daughter 17 and crew trainer got 3 days suspension from work because she looked at her phone McDonal

Dem Congresswoman Blisters Obama Admin: “They’ve Got Explaining To Do”

your car radio could be helping conservative radio.

Recommended Reading: Gays, lesbians more likely to be poor than straights

If I could write and pass one single law

4th dog dies during Iditarod race

BusinessWeek: Wall Street's Economic Crimes Against Humanity

Paul Bremer's new career: "Vermont Artiste" . . .get them while they're hot!

President Obama reaches out to the Iranian people in a new video with Farsi subtitles

Bush Administration & Special Olympics: "Why Would You Want To Help Those People?"

This guy is gonna kick Obama's ass...

Throw some tomato's at AIG

Ok my fellow Racists, we don't have a wide angle lens, how do we all get in the same picture?

What do you all think about this newly emerging phenomenon of physicians who only accept cash?

Was his comment offensive?

Rolling Stones' Matt Taibbi: I find it incredible to believe that Geithner didn't know

Homeless people use their money for alcohol and drugs. Face it.

Legal pot debuts in Midwest

Now that we're in charge, can't we change the way the National Weather Service lady says "cloudy"?

Trickle up. I think this could be a democrat concept..

Do you use terms like "retard" (non) or "retarded" (adjective) derogatorily?

Detroit's jobless rate hits 26-year high at 22.2%

Why Business is Hysterical About Card Check...And Why America Needs It

Ripon (CA) Egg Producer Recalls Organic Brown Eggs (Sold at Costco, Safeway, and Pack n' Save)

*** DUzy Awards for week ending March 20, 2009 ***

FL Republican legislature pushes to limit state's ability to stop wetlands destruction

Has the panic spread to other countries as much as in the US?

Pastor's Porta-Potties Donation Raises Stink

Survey: Faith, Bible Not Essential to Good Parenting

Go Directly to Jail..Do Not Pass Go..Do Not Collect $165 Million Dollars

BREAKING: Top two coporate credit unions have been seized by National Credit Union Administration.

Coleman Attorney: 'I'm Done'; Concedes Franken 'Probably Still Ahead' After Contest Verdict

Do any Obama cogniscenti know any specifics of what his health care plan will look like?

Headhunters are making their way through at least JPM, Bank of America and probably Citi and others

PBS: Dean on NOW says if we don't get healthcare this time, we don't get rehired.

A room full of mouth-breathing wingnuts gets Joe the Plumber "horny"

Choose your death from the following two options. (don't worry, no pics)


The latest New Yorker Magazine Cover

Krugman: The White House is "owned by the wheeler-dealers."

Krugman: The White House is "owned by the wheeler-dealers."

When we start rationing gas, what should the limits be?

Naked Short Selling...

So we can tax British Citizens (The AIG division was British) with an American Tax?

Bailing out Wall Street and the Big Banks is a Republican policy.

Mrs. Obama Speaks Out About Her Household

Celebrating Lawrence Ferlinghetti

If Friedman’s Economic Model Is a Complete FAILURE! Why Is Obama Ignoring That Fact?

Florida House committee oks bill to further deregulate telecoms, allow steeper rates.

U.S. Agencies Advised to Release FOIA Information to Public, Replacing Restrictive Bush Policy

Can't believe there are so few posts on this... China and Russia meeting to dump the dollar

Some warnings for us, from the grave.

World's deadliest spider found in Tulsa store

Drove through the Ninth Ward in New Orleans the other day - took some pictures

I just had a really bad "I miss Randi Rhodes" pang. WTF is she? Goddammit.

OK, explain this to me like I'm a complete idiot because I don't get it, Part 33 1/3.

IWW Member Laid Off By Starbucks After Confronting CEO and Blogging About It

Question: what's the current accepted term for the "mental retarded."

Well, here it is. Palin lashes out at Obama over 'Special Olympics joke'

Remember...2,192 Days Later

Sen Webb's office will not say he is NOT a Blue Dog.

WIRED: The Secret Formula That Destroyed Wall Street

"It's a little bit like, American Idol, except everybody's Simon Cowell."

Indian steel for pipeline angers laid-off U.S. steelworkers

Real Time was real good tonight, and KO was fantastic.

If they take back the A.I.G. bonuses, no one's bonus is safe

Paul Krugman: Thoughts on AIG

Do not miss Bill Moyers Journal tonight

The belief that the wealthy are worthy is waning

Oh fair Wal-Mart, transparent motive much? Wal-Mart hands out ass-load of compensation to employees:

Why men are happier

Why men are happier

Enlighten me on the Federal Reserve.

Enlighten me on the Federal Reserve.

Two teens cited in video torture, killing of cat

NOW we are getting to the heart of the matter: Goldman Sachs lobbyist is Geithner's Chief of Staff

Move Over Jacko, Idea of Communism is HOTTEST TICKET in Town This Weekend

What was Jimmy Carter like? What do you remember about his presidency?

From the concert in my sig line pic...Neil Young, MSG 12/16/08: Cinnamon Girl (YouTube)

Why is it that some people make you feel comfortable with them right away?

Trashy TV: Okay, who watched "Millionaire Matchmaker"?

Spiders On Drugs

I'm gettting wi-fi, and I don't know from where.

Sex and the City animated?

I can't stop listening to this song over and over again...

wipe my MOUTH

so what do you think PaddyBlueEyes REALLY means when he

kitten picture of the day for friday march 20

xposting for flvegan: killer spiders found at Whole Foods

Silver linings--my fridge is broken. Very broken.

"Shit your pants" funny reverse prank call

Battlestar Galactica marathon all day and 2 hour series finale tonight!

It is the start of Spring.

Some light humor - "Muppets Reenact the Continental Congress"

What happened to Democratic Underground?

Sunset - Please read disclaimer first

FOXES (the movie) on YouTube

Post deleted -- accidentally posted twice.

Thom Hartmann Vs. Michael Medved (A Link To Last Night's Debate)

Seriously scarey thought!! WHAT IF....



Haven't googled "Google", but I'm guessing it's Eric Carle's birthday?? Awesome...

Good morning Lounge

Battlestar Galactica Final Episode Warning (no spoilers)

BREAKING NEWS: Brazilian wandering spiders found in Oklahoma!

My latest MUST WIN on eBay

Well now, you'll never guess who I ran into on my morning walk.

Who the fuck lives in Cleveland

The word of the day is "crunchy froglets". Replace a word in a thread title with "crunchy froglets"

I think I spooked my new neighbor(s)

Pink baby elephant!

Punk Rock/Oi/Ska fans, check it out:

According to K - her Harriet Tubman presentation went well.


An observation about the concentration of Republican idiots.

Can files from a DVD be copied on to a 4 GB SD Chip?

heads up to potential foxy ladies in the northeast

I just painted my nails for the first time in years.

Whon, Texas

My hometown was listed 9th most dangerous city in the world,at this website.

My ex is on day three without smoking

Favorite Noir Film?

A bunch of my favorite links "appear to be broken" according to google.

The bestrepresentation of College and fun and drinkng and fucking around

Room with a View

gw bush book. His 12 most important decisions

So, I don't venture out of the Lounge, so I'm going to post Obama's message to Iran on the occasion


I'd forgotten that I had managed to archive this.

So a coyote tried to tear our dog a new one

Man loses tooth as bowlers brawl over etiquette

10 Famous "Late Bloomers"

big bay leaf

Give me a lake that I can dive into

My psychiatrist said I'm still crazy

A project I was supposed to work on just got cancelled.

NCAA Tourney check in thread!

NCAA Tourney check in thread!

I Fought the Law

I stopped in at 7-11 for my morning coffee, and the guy in front of me

Today I passed an SUV (naturally) with a "Palin-Jindal 2012" sticker.

D'oh! I shoulda had a V8 or gave up GD & GD:P for lent.

big gay boobs

I like laughing at people.

I want a set of Tweels.

nooo my cheesecake has 3 small cracks.

I locked my keys in my car.

Forget Teslas, THIS is the progressive's dream car

Well Lounge, I'm off to Amsterdam.

Can someone explain precisely why it's dangerous to heat a room with stovetop gas burners?

I just recieved the movie "W" from Netflix in the mail. Now,

Damn, I might have stayed in Missouri 12 years ago...

Ever notice that when you hide an obnoxious thread

**Spoiler** OMG this has been a funny bit....who else watches Ellen?

Tonight, I'm writing a poem about death...

Dear Elites!

You're probably all wondering, so I will keep you in suspense no longer.

VIBES NEEDED: I am on my way to the ER with chest pains and light-headedness. I am




Warning to Battlestar Galactica fans regarding tonight's finale

I liked watchmen...

Movie characters who you most associated with * and Cheney.


Just so you know, I can name that tune in SEVEN NOTES!!!

I'm such a LOST geek...

Take a break !

Take a brake!

Need those mellow lounge vibes

Today we find out which of us admins will be let go.


ER UPDATE: Phew! Not a heart attack! My ekg, x-ray, blood tests were all




Should I write myself a check for $19.95

Its Beer thirty. How's your bracket doing?

if lisa and i could have a biological baby...she would be very cute...

Just for the record - you're all f~#*@!g NUTZ

I have to watch "W" now. Or my mother is going to go into fits.


Argh - my LOCAL news led with the Special Olympics comment

Khon Kaen, Thailand + "Amorica" = Heaven indeed!


Bounce em if you got em

Men with big hands and big feet


Extreme Sheep LED Art



Check in with how long you have been smoke free.


Who the fuck lives in Mentone, Texas?

A live one in GD:P!


Why is it that people who habitually talk bad behind people's backs

Breaking: Goliath National Bank may be in trouble

+1 ain't what it used to be

I just got a new wallpaper today.

It's Friday night.

this thread needs your attention and you will not regret it

Why do Republicans and Conservatives Like Blondes?

DUzy Awards for the week are up in GD


Family trip to Washington DC in May. DC residents... tell me what out of the way places

If Republicans make Joe the idiot Plumber horny - what makes you?

Where The Frack Is The Gods Dammend Battlestar Galactica Series Finale Thread?

I'm on 3rd movie for the day

Did Pythagoras believe that people are reincarnated as beans?

Anyone up for creating DUville in meatspace?

I quit smoking over 18 years ago and had the worst craving yesterday

Help! I don't want my son to move out of the house!

Help! I don't want my son to move out of the house!

Shoe size inflation? Or maybe I mean deflation.

Go Hilltoppers!!

Argghhh!!! Keith Olbermann is on Bill Maher in 15 minutes!

I am thinking of buying a front load washer.

Cell phone photos of lunch...chicken & corn soup, black mushroom chicken, fried rice, egg roll...

Is there a bigger scam than HD Vision Reader sunglasses?

"I can haz ride on Air Force one?"

WHich makes the better marathon viewing?

The 5 stages of "old man".


This is the Sea - The Waterboys

The day I said something terrible in DU:P

Update with a puppy named Chacho...

What do you do when..

March 21: National Corndog Day!


I am taking on a couple in an emergency situation,,,

My cheesecake pics

Struggling with a pet issue

Mr. AAL wants to know why there is no Battlestar Galactica thread on DU

I'm going to Columbia, MO - what should I do?

I'm having an attack of consumerism.

I'm sitting on the sofa with the beagle!

Go Milftoppers!!

Official motto

"X-Files" fans: is "Millennium" worth watching?

A live one in GD

Why I still need a scientific calculator

This afternoon I was asked to "have a drink" with a woman who looked about 90

This afternoon I was asked to "have a drink" with a guy who looked about 30

Check in if you can't wait for next week's episode of BSG!

My Favorite Martian vs. Mork and Mindy vs. ALF

Adolf Hitler had poor table manners and suffered flatulence.

The Cylons are from inside Bob Newhart's snow globe in Patrick Duffy's shower

Go Cleveland State! Up by 9 at halftime!

He's dead Jim.

sunset over the Rincons

I'm on pins and needles, waiting for them to post the grades from Final Exams. Ask me anything.

big bay horse

Well that was the shortest performance review I've ever had...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 3/20/2009)

I posted this a while ago any comments on this poem and the last verse in particular it confuses me?

The beagle is home!!! Yay!!!

Find Ava a boyfriend

I would like to apologize to all of you.

Troll Target Practice

Human Tetris

I can't believe how HUGE I was pregnant.

Munsters vs Addams Family

May I please have a hug?

"Cougar Cottage"

My son is great at sharing things

Greatest TV Series Ever

What movie SHOULD have won Best Picture

Best Post-Classic Bowie Album

Friday's College Basketball/NCAA Tournament Thread

Marvel vs. DC

Why are accounting departments rabbit warrens?


So who here has a busted NCAA bracket already?

Ncaa March Madness Poll

My Blog Gets No Attention!

Worst ending since Contact!

Higgins High School teacher arrested after allegedly masturbating in classroom

What's your favorite smell?

Indulge me for a moment and let me tell you about my friend Richard.

Fuck it. You're on ignore. All of you.

I have no comment about teh Special Olympics comment.

I think the death of Natasha Richardson is absolutely tragic.

FREE concert in Columbia, MD this Saturday

I have a special request ---- PLEASE

Sniffa shaved off his beard!! OMG! (See pics downthread!)

Vince has a new product to sell you. The Cock Shot

Movie Quotes

I Dream of Jeannie vs Bewitched

What's the best mid-sized countertop microwave oven?

Why would a person wear a Bluetooth earpiece during a Tai Chi class?

Can someone please supply me with some fresh EYE CANDY!?

I am SO PROUD of my daughter. Most of you probably don't know that

What's wrong with this picture?

What are your plans for your remains after you shuffle off this mortal coil?

What celebrity product endorsements have irritated or upset you?

Vegetable Garden at the White House!!

Twilight the Movie is on sale in less than 2 hours

Do we have a RIGHT to Food, Shelter, Healthcare, and Security?

I want the family to visit Nova Scotia this year but the passports are gonna be $400.

Final Four/Fantasy Fooball/Baseball - What's the allure?

I am concerned

It's official (as if this is new ........... )

Arguing on the Internet is like ....


My 85 y/o Mother Stayed Up Past Her Regular Bedtime Tonight To Watch Pres. Obama on Leno.......

Obama tells Leno he was stunned by AIG bonuses

That's it. It's over. BSG is over. (likely spoliers)

What a great interview! My President Rocks! Perfect!

Delete...Dupe post

Obama just released a video speaking directly to the people and leaders of Iran

No more Chris Dodd and no more Tim Geithner!

Have we discussed President Obama's lovely message 'Blame Dodd' Attacks Ignore Facts

U.K. leader can't view Obama's gift

Ha ha! So, that was a big to-do about nothing. (Special Olympics remark)

Connecticut Working Families plans Saturday bus tour of AIG executive homes

President Obama's Disablitity Agenda

Don't know how old these are, but Barack and Roll on Youtube

Who Here Thinks Sarah Palin & Her Baby Will Have Cameras All Over Them Tomorrow?

For all DUers who need to get a grip:

Is there a point at which the Government simply cannot afford to

If only America had been this offended by a Special Needs joke in 2000...

Meghan McCain Knocks Obama For Going On Leno (And Gets Her Facts Wrong)

The defenses of the Special Olympics remark here are like the Special Olympics

Western NC GOP Calls Youth Voters "bunch of easily led, useful idiots"

DOJ Policy on Marijuana Riles Grassley

Former AIG head denies he started exec bonuses

I'm sorry to say but Obama just isn't doing that well.........

Republicans Vow to Slow Bonus Bill

The Least Deserving Best Picture Winner?

Remember Finger-gate? PortaPottie-gate? Convention Column-gate?

A Tale of Two Headlines

So Obama was referring to Leno's reaction and not his low bowling score? You mean we overreacted?!?

Geithner admits he Screwed Up again

Illinois Special Olympics lobbyist on WGN radio told positive story re: Senator Obama

NYT gives thumbs-up review of 44's Leno appearance, doesn't make big deal out of small gaffe

Surprised the repubs are not screaming about Obama having time to bowl

Obama's next gift to Gordon Brown: TV and DVD player

I'm not sensing that this Obama Special Olympics joke is getting much traction in the MSM

A.I.G. Sues U.S. for Return of $306 Million in Tax Payments

I really don't understand the massive outrage over the stimulus bonus amendment


Suze Orman To Bush: "You Owe The American People Every Penny Of

Weren't Most Republicans Opposing Exec Salary Caps Just Last Month? Why The GOP Outrage?

Brad Blakeman (nasty Repub.) on why Obama shouldn't "go on comedy shows" or "make brackets"

We are too Big to Fail....

Obama Administration Sides With Wal-Mart Workers

How is the GOP going to spin this economic crisis?

Found! The SHITTIEST Job In The World!

Iran's Reaction to President Obama's Video Message

Heavy Sigh

Iran gives cautious welcome to Barack Obama video message

Where was President Obama's message to Iran played?

Watching for Pitchforks: corrosive anti-establishment rage brewing across America

Why we are printing $1.2 Trillion (super simple explanation)

David and Susan Axelrod's war on epilepsy

There is money in the Stimulus Bill to increase funding for sped kids

Off With the Bankers

Will Congress Pass Ponzi Healthcare?

Republicans can't criticize the President's gaffe without looking like hypocrites...

Bernanke defends big bank bailouts..chickens come home to roost on the republican strategies

At This Point, AIG Should be dissolved and it's function operated by the Federal Government

Bush would've been skewered had he made the S.O. quip but actions, records and reputations matter

MSNBC First Read: Despite Gaffe, a Steller Performance by Obama on Jay Leno

MSNBC First Read: Despite Gaffe, a Steller Performance by Obama on Jay Leno

Imagine how OUTRAGED the rightwingery would be had Pres. Obama said THIS...

Watch AIG's payouts, not the bonuses, Spitzer says

Foreign Relations Chair Kerry applauds Obama Iran video

Jake "The Tool" Trapper blocks fellow "journalists" from commenting on his Twitter feed.

I just figured it out. Obama is receiving less pay than G W

Mitt Romney: Obama 'is learning on the fly'

Health Care: the people's financial crisis!

AIG bonuses are a distraction.

PPP Poll: Obama crushes Palin in 2012

Well, if the MSM can't drag down Obama, they can distract from what he's doing

Beware of Stock's Witching Hour...

Rapid Declines in Manufacturing Output Spur Global Anxiety:

Did some one mention Palin :Palin hammered for rejecting stimulus money

Is there any knowledgable Obama supporter willing to describe his health care plan?

RW Media Having It Both Ways - Article "Bonus Tax - Way To Destroy Economy"

Theres a freeper in the hometown paper

After Years Of Lies, WSJ Concedes That [EFCA] ‘Doesn’t Remove The Secret-Ballot Option’

Baseball team offers bobblehead doll for MN next Senator

Democrats Likely to Bypass Senate GOP on Health Care

The IndyMac Example: Nationalized, Cleaned Up, Sold

I must admit to I enjoy Freeper Madness from time to time

I must admit to I enjoy Freeper Madness from time to time

President Obama to speak at three Graduations

President Obama's commencements: Tradition

Obama’s Political Operation Gearing Up Big Time Across Country Tomorrow

Happy Nowruz!

Throw (virtual) tomatoes at AIG!

Attitude and Actions needed to help pass the 2010 Budget will be like fighting the GE once more!

Personally, I don't see how that's an insult to Special Olympics. It's more like "I'm like these


To those that think the Special Olympics issue is not resolved, what else should be done?

South Carolina Governor Rejects Stimulus Money

Chuck Todd said the WH is happy with Obama's performance on Leno.

Obama will be on 60 Minutes and then primetime Tuesday night.

Holdren, Lubchenco confirmed for Obama posts

Behind the story: Barack Obama’s message will seep through

Maxine Waters covering her butt by going on the offense against Obama

Defending America's Parasite Class

Nielsen: Obama visit a big boost for Leno ratings

keith olbermann has a fake twitterer?

Call it what it is - the Special Olympics comment was not a smart thing to do but.....

I have no comment about teh Special Olympics comment.

folks, most of AIG is holds $19 trillion of life insurance policies in the US

AIG & Big Banks Are Holding America Hostage: Obama Can End It Now!

Remember when Obama's bid for the Presidency almost ended because he couldn't bowl?

The AIG bonuses really are a mess...

Once again the President has outclassed many of his most vocal supporters.

POLL RESULTS: If the 2010 elections were held today, which party would you vote for? Tied.

Do You Believe Deadeye Dick, Bush the Least or Wolf Killer Palin

What was the special olympics comment? I don't understand what Obama

How many billions have been funneled so far to Goldman by Bush's Paulson & now Obama's Geithner?

ROFL! Republicans Tried To Set A Trap, But BOOM Goes The Dynamite!

Perfect Opportunity- Special Olympics Champ to Barack: Bring it On!

While Obama was making a bad joke, Sarah Palin was rejecting stimulus money for Special Education

Obama Scores for Leno - 4th highest show in Leno's 16 years

5 STARS for Barney Frank this week... no BONUSES for Fannie/Freddie!

Obama: We Should Make It Easier for Workers to Organize

Are those incentives from southern states worth it? Toyota, Nissan and Honda don't think so.

A bunch of white men take millions in bonus money yet its the black man in the WH fault

Nora O'Donnell is getting on my fucking nerves!

Goldman Sachs "made a profit as AIG used some of its federal bailout money to cover its debt"

why do people persist in bringing RW talking points here

A strange phenomenon:

A question for the rightwingnuts...


Black Georgia Lawmakers Storm Out In Obama Resolution Fight

Krugman: Preliminary thoughts on the tax bill:

There is a fine line between transition and continuity...

U.S. close to announcing bank rescue plan: report

U.S. close to announcing bank rescue plan: report

not sure I should do this, but it seems like a little perspective is warranted:

Is there a reference somewhere on the net to see how much federal money states get?

Sarah Palin For Prezident

Bloggers claim that Obama used the term "Water Head" to make fun of the mentally disabled

Special Olympics hysteria... 3 US soldiers killed Tuesday, DOW down 122, Russia threatens arms race.

Anyone at this time that is calling for Geithner's head is obviously not a President....

White House Cocktail parties...

PHOTOS The First Lady Gardener

Compare media's "concern" about "Special Olympics" comment to their snarky dismissal of insensitive

Important Presidential History was made yesterday, but it may not be what you think!

Media wonders if Barack Obama will become overexposed with his many appearances!

Guys...let's take Obama off his pedestal...take him down a notch...

Shock at Rick's Cafe: Obama is being attacked for everything?

I get so depressed by these phony outrage eruptions

When did Congress vote 52 to 45 to give themselves

The Special Olympics "outrage" is why this country is failing

GALLUP: Obama Approval stays steady at 62% .....for now

"Bank bailout is a massive redistribution of wealth to bank shareholders and top executives"

Fox News' Neil Cavuto praises Obama-Leno interview

oh good freaking grief!

Rage at Bonuses While Blowing Ass Off

Special Olympics asks Obama to consider hiring athlete

Special Olympics...outrage.

2012 Election: Sarah Palin Crushed by Barack Obama

So-called liberal blogs trying to throw Obama under the bus

Larry King asking tonight if Obama dropped the ball by not staying home and focusing on the economy.

CNN Ratings Collapse

Obama called Special Olympics before Leno aired

Mika needs an Intervention asap

Dems Make Choice: Health Care Over Carbon Caps

Dems Make Choice: Health Care Over Carbon Caps

My "Into the Woods" salute

Russian/Obama ice-cream, any one?

Why are so many DUers working to undermine Obama and help the GOP?

This may already be posted but: Palin Fires Back at Obama for Special Olympics Joke

Krugman blames the Obama people for tax bill, says "there wasn’t much alternative at this point"

Awww FUCK IT!!! I Tried!!! I REALLY REALLY TRIED To Give Obama The Benefit But Now I'm DONE!!!

Obama’s Moment is Passing Quickly: "He should seize the moment, shitcan his inept economic team"

Ed Schultz, MSNBC In Talks About Joining Network

"It's over - we're officially, royally fucked." MUST READ on the economic crisis: it's a REVOLUTION

RIP Spacebat

Palin yells at Obama for his poor comment about Special Olympics and yet she cuts funding for them.

Great Moments In Songwriting

Obama cracks Special Olympics joke on Leno show

Yuma County (Arizona) unemployment rate hits 22.5 percent for February

North Korea says to reopen hotline to South

Obama speaks to Iranian people in video message

'Duke it out': US school accused of encouraging bare-knuckle fights in cage

30 armed militants killed in Afghanistan

UPDATE 2 - Venezuela Chavez to nationalize Santander bank unit

In Silt, Bangladesh Sees Potential Shield Against Sea Level Rise

The belief that the wealthy are worthy is waning

Artist defies Web censors in a rebuke of China

Iraq, Afghanistan Vets Lead Jobless Numbers

Bernard Madoff to Stay in Jail After His Appeal Is Denied [11:22 a.m. ET]

Criticized for alleged detainee torture, Britain orders review

Senators propose registry for poisoned Iraq veterans

British credit card details on sale in India

Goldman CFO feels no guilt over AIG payments

Pirates seize Greek ship in waters near Somalia

Nuclear Submarine Damaged in Collision Near Iran

Pakistan rocket attack 'kills 10'

Report: Chinese soldier shot in southwestern China

Iraqi family sues ex-Blackwater guard over death

A.I.G. Sues U.S. for Return of $306 Million in Tax Payments

Ohio's February jobless rate highest since 1984

Threatening text prompts 3-school lockdown in Del.

Ex-soldier in 1989 China crackdown reportedly held

Ex-Soviet group pledges NATO help on Afghanistan

UPDATE: Citi Names Crittenden Citi Holdings Chairman

Former President Bush visits Treasure Island

Israeli soldiers admit to deliberate killing of Gaza civilians

Regulators seize Colorado National Bank, sell its deposits to Herring Bank of Texas

Gov. Bobby Jindal may accept refused stimulus money for expanded unemployment benefits

Citigroup plans reverse stock split

Madoff set to remain behind bars

Jobless rate at 11.2% for veterans of Iraq, Afghanistan

U.S. suspends aid to Madagascar

Dodd's political stock tumbles in Connecticut


US flag-burning marks war anniversary

China Dismisses Retaliation Fears Over Coke Decision

MA congressman meets Chavez in Venezuela

Most Guantanamo Detainees Are Innocent: Ex-Bush Official

Children sue Ala. company in Colombian mine deaths

FBI planting spies in U.S. mosques, Muslim groups say

Austria frees 'murder pits guard'

Courts Need More Staff To Manage Spike In Bankruptcy Filings

Oil giants have “cornered the market” on Western Slope water rights, study says

California economy worsens, unemployment at 10.5 pct

Anti-illegal immigrant groups launch Mexico tourism boycott

Obama Apologizes for Calling His Bad Bowling 'Like the Special Olympics'

Goldman CFO Says No Discussions With Paulson Over AIG Trades

"Ecstasy" may help PTSD victims get better

4 Canadian soldiers killed, 8 wounded in Kandahar

What's the most offensive thing a president has ever said?

Budget deficit to hit $1.8 trillion this year

Another marriage petition cleared for California

U.S. takes over 2 credit unions

China not boosting South China Sea naval presence

Coleman lawyer predicts Franken win at trial, promises appeal

US may boost development, military aid to Pakistan

US Navy Submarine And Ship Crash Near Dubai

Tensions rise between Chavez, foes in Venezuela

Goldman (Sachs) rejected offers to settle AIG trades at discount

Law for 90% tax rate could be hard to overturn

Judge Blocks Rule Permitting Concealed Guns In U.S. Parks

George Galloway banned from Canada

AIG bonuses 'BULLSHIT'

Governor Schwarzenegger Joins President Obama At L.A. Town Hall Meeting

Obama on The Tonight Show (AIG, The Economy) PT. 2+ 3 (link to FULL)

Senate Republican Hypocrisy

Christian Conservative Liars: Malkins fake anger over threats to AIG

CNBC host: Wall Street companies can’t ‘be run well’ by those making under $250,000 (1:51)

Phil Donahue on Hannity (3/18/09)

Obama on The Tonight Show (AIG, The Economy) PT. 1

New AIG Commercial

Republican invents *new* unnatural ways to suck (00:27)

Maddow Takes A Look Down the Memory Hole

UK Channel 4 Covers IDF Soldiers' Claims of Civilian Killings

David Shuster's Hypocrisy Watch: GOP Upset About Bonuses

French workers (they are in the streets again!)

WSJ commentator says big business is 'bringing out brass knuckles' to fight EFCA

Washington Republicans Should Shut Up And Start Cooperating

Micheal Steele Freestyle Battle (Mike Steez) Nigga

Young Republican questions his party

The President's Message to the Iranian People

The Award Winning Joe The Plumber

Question for the conspiracy theorists

Countdown: Brit Hume Admits Using 'Buffet' of Repub Talking Points

Google Want To Get Into Our Bedrooms Too?

From Barack Obama to Iran With Love - with Farsi subtitles

The Obama 'Gaffe' On Leno

6 Years Ago: Appointed President Launches Illegal War

Countdown: Worst Persons - Twitter (Who is the Fake Olbermann? Fox Connection?)

Rachel Maddow: Bush wants to write the 'authoritarian' version of his administration

Israeli soldiers claim attacks on Gaza civilians were permitted

Rachel Maddow discusses Afghanistan w/ Dexter Filkins - Jeebus, can we just get out of there now?

Rep. Brad Sherman laughs right in the face of ridiculous CNBC fatcat

Milton Friedman on Donahue (2:24)

wtf. Glenn Beck and Penn Gillette laugh about domestic terrorism.

Dallas School Accused of Staging Cage Fights

TYT: Laura Ingraham LIES About Calling Meghan McCain Fat (Analysis After)

WH Veggie Garden Groundbreaking

Raw Video: Undersea Volcano Erupts (Tonga) 3/19/2009

TYT RANT: Wall St. CEOs Can't Work For Under $250k?

TYT: EC Gets Busted On Bonus Vote

Mexico's Respectable Trade Retaliation

"When it got really bad, I dumped 5 tons of sand into my basement to remind me of Afghanistan."

Congress Passes New Law: AIG Execs 'Have to Be Our Butlers'

Robert Parry: Framing Obama -- by the WPost

AIG, Citing Security Concerns, to Merge With Blackwater

NY Times: AIG Tells Employees to “Avoid the (One Man) Demonstration” at HQ Building

Canadians Find Other Ways To Be Heard

The Rich, the GOP, AIG and the Tea Bag Revolution

Debate Over ‘Israel Lobby’ Clout Returns

Alabama to get $3 billion in Economy Stimulus Recovery Funds

All the Rage-Republican heads explode over AIG bonuses.

Bailouts help expose culture of greed

Corporate America's perfect storm of waste and greed

President Obama urges states to use the stimulus money wisely VIDEO of speech

Lennon / McCartney Address the AIG Concern Trolls

Elliot Spitzers page at, worth a read

Tell Us a Story, Mr. President

Rubber Chicken Littles

Why the GOP Nurtures Lies and Myths about Ronald Reagan

Commentary: Boards are real culprits in AIG mess (CNN/Nell Minow)

Rachel Maddow - Rise of the conservadems

“Newspeak” by Bush

Madoff Employee Breaks Silence

One Soldier's Tale of how war drove him crazy

Action Page: Investigate Cheney's Personal Assassination Ring

Japan's Suicide Forest

Democrat outside looking in

Obama’s Moment is Passing Quickly

Glenn Greenwald: Obama's new message to Iran

The Hilarious Hypocrisy of the GOP's So-Called 'Tea Bag Revolution'

Reagan: The Great American Socialist

David Cay Johnston on "Free Lunch" For the Rich by the Rich

Sarah Palin turns down $170 million for Alaska education

On Liberal Bias — Not Just Stephen Colbert Being Funny Anymore

The Glenn Beck Show Generator

Weekend Economists Escapist Weekend March 20-22, 2009

Friday Talking Points (70) -- Ride The Populist Wave!

Bail Out the People NOT Banks - March on Wall Street, April 3 & 4


The Big Takeover by MATT TAIBBI

Peak oil notes - Mar 19

ODAC Newsletter - 20 Mar

Please write Congress re: Industrial Hemp Farming Act 2009

Bag A Polar Bear For $35,000: The New Threat To The Species

Report: Nearly all native birds in Hawaii in peril

"Imminent Serious Flood Threat" For N. Dakota's Red River Valley, NWS Warns - AFP

Nestle Inspected Peanut Corp. Itself And Said No - But 3rd-Party Inspectors Gave Firm Thumbs-Up

Canadian Seals Have Reason to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day - Sea Shepherd News

Northeastern states make carbon polluters pay

Victoria Approved For Desalination Plant, But Planned Pipeline May Deliver Far Less H2O Than Thought

Phytoplankton Levels Down 12% In 30 Years Along Northern Antarctic Peninsula - Growing Further South

Audit reveals true cost of manufacturing the Tesla is over $140k

UB Engineers Prove That Carbon Nanotubes Are Superior to Metals for Electronics

It's snowing in New Jersey

Tuatara Hatchling Discovered Near Wellington - First Recorded "Mainland" Birth In 200+ Years - AP

Exposure to insecticide may play role in obesity epidemic among some women

Driving’s down again

Oops! Multi-State Release Of Non-Native Tamarisk-Gobbling Beetle Having Unforseen Consequences

Interior Dept. Study Shows 1/3 Of All US Bird Species Endangered, Threatened Or In Serious Decline

Brown Chemists Create More Efficient Palladium Fuel Cell Catalysts

Bernie Sanders: How to Solve Global Warming for Twice the Jobs and Half the Cost

Turning toxic coal ash into bridges, buildings (CNN)

Buckthorn biomass to be converted into electricity

Volkswagen's estimate on time till electrics have a significant impact consistent with my own. -

MA congressman meets Chavez in Venezuela

Colombian activists smeared by abuse of legal system

Colombian gets 34 years in jail for killing scribe

New OFAC Guidelines

Randall Robinson Kicks Butt concerning Haiti on Democracy Now

Colombian Supreme Court orders Minister of Defense to reveal details of Raúl Reyes’ computer

OAS evaluates with Ecuador situation in border with Colombia

Report says raids led to higher pay at packing plants

Unions Want Bill To Stop Mis-Classification Of Workers As Contractors

President Obama’s Auto Task Force Gives $5 Billion To Guarantee Parts Payments

Today in labor history Mar 20 "Uncle Tom’s Cabin," was published it publicized the evils of slavery

Pontiac, Michigan “restructures” schools, fires entire education staff

France: Millions strike and march against austerity

Labor cartoon for the week: Exports

Tattoo to mark strike

Security Officers nationwide hitting the streets in support of the Employee Free Choice Act

On the Hill, Fire Fighters Push for Bargaining Bill

Two Big Health Care Unions Agree To Cooperate On Organizing And Politics

Gettelfinger's retirement plan spurs talk of replacement at UAW

Approaching a Depression? New Twist in the Old Saga of Under-Counting the Unemployed

IATSE ratifies three-year contract

Obama picks NY’s labor chief for solicitor post

Unions seek labor agreement for $4.2B chip plant


State Ownership Vs. Workers’ Ownership: A Marxist Viewpoint

A lesson for today on mainstream media during the miners strike

Why Business is Hysterical About Card Check...And Why America Needs It

DU NCAA Pool Standings

OK! Who ever said Bowling was not a full-contact sport...

Seattle proves its UnAmerican, 32,000 watch the boring lame sport of soccer

Topless recruiting key for Vols..

Morgan State player takes down Blake Griffin ... literally

Uh oh. Oklahoma State just beat ut.

Champions League Quarterfinal draws

Was it wrong for Obama to make the Special Olympics bowling reference?

Wow. Pitt won despite being fouled on every rebound.

Guess who's in first place in the DU NCAA pool??????

Boxing: March 20-21

Religious group targets delegates 'standing in the way' of WV gay-marriage ban

ACLU Sues High School For Cultivating Homophobia

Vermont Senate Subcommittee Uninamously Approves Gay Marriage Bill

Kansas Senate Committee in favor of banning discrimination on basis of sexual orientation

Founder Of Gay Straight Alliance At Bellevue East Receives Scholarship

Another marriage petition cleared for California

Judge Judy Blasts Prop 8

New Study Shows LGBT Population Suffers Higher Rates of Poverty

Cantharidin application(s)

My cat got a rabies vaccine this morning and now I think she has autism.

The Middle East media frontline

A Silenced Drug Study Creates An Uproar

Trouble brewing in Jerusalem

Seven medical labs accused of Medi-Cal fraud

Levy on Shalit, Shalit is not important enough

Israeli crisis deepens

Final Gaza toll shows 960 civilians killed - group

The purpose of double-blind studies and why they are needed sometimes, and not others

Peres appeals to Iranian people

Aftermath of Israel’s 22 day offensive on the Gaza Strip

Israeli Army T-Shirts Mock Gaza Killings

'Alarm' and 'soul searching' in Israel over reports of army behavior during Gaza war

Israeli soldiers admit to deliberate killing of Gaza civilians

Soldier Says Rabbis Pushed "Religious War" In Gaza

Israel must root out the canker of military brutality

UN Envoy: Gaza Op Seems To Be War Crime Of Greatest Magnitude

'No virgins, no terror attacks'

Vaccine could protect against virus linked to birth defects

Wall Street Greedheads are unanimously agreed.

Obama’s Moment is Passing Quickly: "He should seize the moment, shitcan his inept economic team"

Execs From Nortel Want A Share Of Millions In Bonus Money……

No Deposit Bonuses at Rival Casinos

AIG Sues Countrywide for Misrepresenting Mortgages

Why Business is Hysterical About Card Check

"Bank bailout is a massive redistribution of wealth to bank shareholders and top executives"

Why didn't Madoff wait for a trial?

3 banks and 2 credit unions go down.

Why The AIG Bonuses Matter

Buick and Jaguar tie for 1st place in JD Power Quality survey. Hey Shelby still think the domestic

AIG the culprit? NO.. Here's the real beneficiary of the bailout money.

Wow. I just went to refinance today at 4%. That's with 2 points but still a great rate.

rumors: possible case involving constitutionality of AWB

Court blocks rule allowing guns in national parks

Fenty ready to throw D.C. gun control under the bus.....

"Case Against Gun-Store Owner Dismissed"

A technical question

Windows and Doors (no gates)

Aftermath of Fire(Following WannaJump!)

Did someone say "birds"?

M42 Fun

delta pics

The Last Snow Storm- dial-up warning!

German Army PTSD cases on rise

$500 stop-loss pay will begin April 1

Ex-Powell Aide: Many at Gitmo Innocent

Surface Ships on Cutting Block: Polmar

Gates says stop loss to end for all but extreme cases

Venus Retrograde (thru June) & Saturn Transit (3.17.9)

Geminis and Spousal Deaths

Someone a while back was asking about other Metaphysical-Spiritual Discussion Forums

Having trouble deciding upon new career path.

Hush-hush Archaeology

Happy Ostara !

# # Christopher Hitchens Debates Rabbi Shmuley Boteach [94 min]

President Obama to deliver Notre Dame’s Commencement address

A question for Peace Church people

Vatican insiders declare the Pope a 'disaster'

"Reading the Bible saves lives" ...Hanging on the wall in a physician's exam room...

Thinking about something interesting to do...

My cheesecake pic.

Crepes tonight!

What's for dinner? ~ Friday the 20th Edition

The Further Adventures of Fiona

Joe Ely's Black-eyed Pea Recipe

Ground is broken for White House 'kitchen garden'

Tenet/Bandar meeting on 9/08/01

Corpus Christi City Council and Mayoral election...

Iraq veteran becomes activist against the war

3rd Court sticks to bizarre logic

Antbody else watching the series' finale of Battlestar Galactica tonight?

Four Canadian soldiers killed near Kandahar

British MP banned from Canada

Speakers Question

Speakers Question

Hey, they changed the GIMP's UI

Well, that was predictable. AIG donations ....

Kerry and Snowe introduce legislation for inventory of broadband spectrum

Interesting NYT article about how key Congressional members are beginning work on Cap & Trade

Coverage of Kerry's speech in NC on climate change