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Romney picked as 2012 GOP front-runner

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Ok folks, you want to see what kind of radical wackos we really have

TOP secret contingency plans to counter the threat posed by a “summer of discontent” in Britain.

7,000 job seekers for 500 part time jobs with Los Angeles Dodger stadium

7,000 job seekers for 500 part time jobs with Los Angeles Dodger stadium

Cuneiform tablet discovered in Homs dating back to 1700 B.C.

Check Out The Feb 25 Entry On This Blog Re: AIG & Universal Healthcare.......

Funds help Crow Canyon unearth archaeological answers

Amenhotep III statue rises again

Ehm, how do I say this......I was attracted to DU b/c there were/are so many good minds here......

Archaeologists rediscover lost Egyptian tomb

Experts trying to decipher ancient language

Bronze Age Pottery Kiln Identified in the Burnt City

Bronze Age Pottery Kiln Identified in the Burnt City

PHOTOS: The Art of Foreign Influence

Ancient seal dating back to Bronze Age discovered in Abu Dhabi

Rare Magic Inscription on Human Skull

North Korea requests rare meeting with U.N. forces

Afghanistan: A Treasure Trove for Archaeologists

Hillary Clinton is speaking live on BBC

Case of right wing gunman going on killing spree revealed to be even more tragic

Anybody know what kind of dog Amy Poehler/Sharon Osborne was

Renegade Soldiers Kill Guinea-Bissau President

February sees a sharp rise in Iraq violence with at least 258 people killed- US TROOPS OUT NOW!

"We have to get rid of the War on Terror language to placate some of the Democrats"

Yo, Chicago Tea Party, Freepers, Right Wing Nutjobs - Obama is NOT King George the Third

Number of homeless students rising in Dallas-area districts

'Family Values' include pornography

Opposing The Idea Of Ideas

Some Md. agencies squeezed despite federal stimulus

hang onto your butts folks...this AIG number is gonna hurt

The Re-invasion of the Vote snatchers...

What exactly is it about proposed higher taxes that send conservatives into a frenzy...

Pat Buchanan on Mourning Schmo... 'Is this war winnable?'

Today legislation repealing the ban on gays and lesbians serving openly

LOL How did I (and maybe others) miss this? Morning Joe Radio on WABC-AM

Operation Rescue Loses Brownback

I'm looking for progressive talk radio in the NYC/Long Island area.

DUers /Activists--the Most Important Political News Today.

Asia Times: Beggar, I thy neighbor

What if King George III sponsored the Boston Tea Party?

James Howard Kuntsler: "Consumerism" Is Dead -- Can Obama Lead Us to a Downscaled Lifestyle?

Now that Obama has fully bought into the Afghan war, it's really time to stop screwing up.

AP editorializes for GOP in Budget Bill story.

Judge orders gun-toting schoolboy to write essay on 'Bowling for Columbine'

Fmr. Irish President Mary Robinson Heads Panel Faulting “War on Terror” for Eroding Human Rights

$30 Billion more to AIG? After already pumping

I had an issue with my daughter today. She's gay.

WORLD SOCIAL FORUM: "Wake Up, World!" - SOS from the Amazon

Chutzpah?! Burris Launches 2010 Campaign Site, Accepting Donations

Party like it's 1999? Fuck that, more like 1997. Dow below 7,000. Party is a wake.

Fundies: Bible ranks low as resource for parenting

When praising Rush on Morning Joe, should Mike be forced to disclose she works with him?

Need help. I've been researching but can't find the answer.

GOP now openly priming the pumps of revolution in the streets

what is this reverse cost shit that Fox news is throwing?

Goosing the Gander

Dobson Steps Down From Focus on the Family, Replaced by Real-Life Dr. Strangelove

Stephen Colbert PLEEEEEEEEASE Watch This

The lost lifetime

Suspected U.S. missiles kill 7 in Pakistan

My friends' really exciting solar project in Arizona: The Wave

Time or Newsweek?

Bizarre satire piece at

Bizarre satire piece at

Will the Dow fall below 7000 this week?

DOW at sixty nine and a half and floating lower

Power concedes nothing

Ordering Prescription drugs from Canada?

New York Vulnerable to Poaching in Recession

Warning, GOSSIP!1 Don't like?-- don't CLICK-in!1 (re: TOOBIN & WOLFF)

CA tax refunds continue to be delayed

Ten things you should know about Obama's plan: From Move On


This is what al-Quada wanted

US nuclear relic found in bottle

Jim Bunning threatens to resign from the senate. YOU GO JIM GO!!!

EmptyWheel: "Dam May Well Break" - ACLU: More Torture Info Coming Shortly

It's a sad day at DU when.....

The best snow in Central NC in years - the entire local economy is stalled - DUH

I posted this here last night, but it was kind of late and I thought the

"Grocers, name-brand food producers at odds over prices"

need a little help here.

TIME Poll: "Is Rush Limbaugh good for the Republican Party?"

"Moderate" Dems trying to pressure Pelosi not to help working Americans

Ron Kirk is getting to work. President and trade rep working to open up Panama, South Korea and

AIG too big to fail? What are the arguments for new anti-trust laws?

How old was Governor Jindal when he changed his name to Bobby?

Why Sebelius?

AIG-- has anyone resigned or stepped down for malfeasance?

I'm getting pissed off by some of the posts in this thread.

Limbaugh Misquotes Constitution

Susan Lindauer, American Cassadra, Blows the Whistle on the 9/11 Scandal

The Rude Pundit: Rush Limbaugh Dined For Your Sins

Affirmative Action Bake Sale idiocy reaches Purdue University

Uncertainty Over New Health Safety Net For Jobless

Uncertainty Over New Health Safety Net For Jobless

Okay, so I STILL don't understand how a fugitive and confessed criminal, Karl Rove...

Please Help Solve These Murders

buzzflash is offering a new book: Dating Jesus

Congress - Despite All The Mock Outrage, Banks Still Call The Shots On Bankruptcy Reform

Low Mortgage Rates a Mirage as Fees Climb, Eligibility Tightens

Time Poll Needs Help, "Is Rush Good for the Republican Party

Any alternative streaming links to Thom Hartmann's show?

Christian salt seller hopes to shake up market

As the criminals sip their martinis...

Hey Rush, Smell your own S**t

It seems that the Repubes are having a field day with the market today.

AG Holder Ends SF Capital Death Penalty Case

A Modest Proposal An Iraqi Vote on Troop Withdrawal

Tell Pelosi to stand up to Tauscher (D BofA) and her big banks...

CPAC Audience - Compared To The Rest Of America - In Charts

Larry Kudlow makes everything on me shrink, shrivel, and tighten.

How does an insurance company lose $62 billion?

Where did the "Sebelius is Anti-Abortion" train of thought Come From? She is Pro-Choice

Limbaugh misquotes Constitution while arguing Obama policies are ‘bastardization’ of Constitution.

MN-Sen Events v. 89.0; Norm's Case Rests

Conservatives Are Biggest Consumers of Pornography - Why would that be?

Billions for Banks? Who's Missing Here? --TAXPAYERS!

The View is kissing up to PICKENS: "I'm NON-political"!1 (HAHAH!1)

The United States of Socialist Republicans (U.S.S.R.)

Coast Guard finds boat, one survivor at sea

Can someone tell me why Republicans are still throwing hissy fits over affirmative action?

The end of the world is near — the Reagan world, that is.

Dealing with my right wing brother. Is Obama thinking about granting illegal

What recession?

Need screen shot of Hannity's poll asking which revolution is better.

‘Tidal wave’ of homeless students hits schools

‘Tidal wave’ of homeless students hits schools

Time for the Judge to start sending CIA Officials to Jail ... LINK

Leaving Iraq?

Howard Dean: 'I'm returning to DFA.'

Wash Times Investigates Senator Hatch: "Sen. Hatch's secret drug firm links"

I had a dream the other night...

The time for saying "please" is over.

It's on TV, it must be true

Crazy Conservatives Still Rallying Behind Obama Conspiracy

SWEET Headline - "Limbaugh's latest attacker: RNC's Steele"

RNC Chairman Michael Steele fails miserably in his attempt to give some dap to Chuck D

Repukes, quit b!tching about the budget.

The repubs can't find anyone stupid enough to lead them.

03/02/2009,- Manufacturing index rises/Consumer Spending UP

The oh-so-cheerful headlines on

I saw something in the grocery store I've never seen before:

Please contact any Southerners you know and tell them that is NOT the rapture that fell from the sky

Hartmann's no longer with AAR? ...... Ring of Fire is the only thing worthwhile left over there.

I'll probably get TSed for this but I'm sick and tired of this shit...

Iseman denies affair with John McCain on CBS news this morning

CPAC Poll VS Gallup Poll

Blackwater founder, CEO resigns

Republicans Concede Budget Too Hard to Block

The new "Fred Thompson" show just came on my, the excitement is

Arnold Schwarzenegger's violent video game ban overturned.

Joe Leiberman for head of the GOP!

Economists are fantasy based thinkers.

I love this TOON:

"I could not put this book down. Seriously, something really sticky was on the cover."

Will health care reform slow down deficit reduction or do the numbers somehow work out?

Repug resigns

This weekend I heard some commentator mildly mocking Obama's statement that he wanted

Howard Dean is returning to DFA!

Limbaugh fires back at Steele

David Frum not happy about the new "voice and the intellectual force...behind the Republican party"

Reactionary DEMS will be the biggest roadblock to Employee Free Choice

Contact Rep. Ellen Tauscher, and tell her to stop trying to water-down HR 200

“Fractional Reserve Banking”-The government is in debt to private banks that pretend to have money.

Green for more greenbacks: New options make Prius pricey

Portraying Bush as a Failure

The latest industry being outsourced to India: clinical drug trials

Bobby/Kenneth 2012

Bobby/Kenneth 2012

Guess The Governor? Bet'cha Can't!

Some humor for our crazy times

Follow me! I'm lost too.

re: ECONOMY. One consolation is that all countries of the world are in it together

The treasury bubble is a lot worse than any stock bubble.

The treasury bubble is a lot worse than any stock bubble.

a Superficial Question about our New Health Czar

a Superficial Question about our New Health Czar

Sen. Hatch's secret drug firm links-Drugmaker money to Utah senator's charity escaped disclosure

Hightower: Why the blank is America "surging" so unquestioningly into Afghanistan?

DOJ Release Nine Office of Legal Counsel Memoranda and Opinions from Bush Admin

What does this economy mean for "Us"... ?

Capitalism Going Down Same Dead Path as Communism

They were just talking about what the fight is going to be about

DOW 6818...

White House needs to Answer CNBC Morons

Academic Endowments: The Curse of Hoarded Treasure

Why is David Frum comparing Limbaugh to Jesse Jackson?

US Supreme Court Rules Against Anti-Gay Westboro Baptist Church Pastor

Oops! In 2007, Cantor created 'I Stand With Rush' website, petition.

run ru$h run

So what's going on with Thom Hartmann? Anybody?

"Leave the gun. Take the cannolis." Will BushCo end up whacking Rush Limbaugh?

$14 bounced check costs $285 - privatizing the criminal justice system

Rush Limbaugh’s Rant Attacking RNC Chair Michael Steele

Poised as we are, on the edge of a truely rotten day,

Red State Trike Force

Do We Ever Get A Break From Stupid "Conservatives"?

This A.M., Mika B. said that she 'loves' Rush...

Anybody know what the current Dow PE is?

We need to increase taxes on cigarettes, beer, and porno.

Florida considers charging bottlers for state's water

Rove: Bush administration 'fulfilled' its Katrina responsibilities

10 things you should know about Obama's plan (but probably don't)

Who Watched the 92 Torture Tapes Before the CIA Had Them Destroyed?

New Low For DOW Today: 6781 and Going Fast.

Bank Nationalization - The Issue May Just Be Logistics - Help Wanted

Thermometer reading: The Fairness Doctrine


What should the letters AIG now stand for- Suggestions Please


Even the statues are cold today

NC mom recalled to Army duty will be discharged

Do or Don't?

You can't eat with your mind.

Mom Reports For Army Duty With Kids In Tow

DOW: From 12,000 to 8,000 in Bush's final 4 months.... to 6,800 now

World's airlines expected to lose $8 billion

Japanese Emperor to Visit Pearl Harbor in July

Newest Freeper anti-Obama protest: "Operation Teabag." I swear to God...

So on the bright side, it still ain't a depression era crash (yet)

Help me understand the AIG bailout...

100K women die by fire in India PER YEAR!

Susan Lindauer Blows the Whistle Again-Former Accused Iraqi Agent Reveals Facts about 9/11 Warning

Fla. county may declare itself a (manmade) disaster area

Please Delete, didn't realize this great piece was already posted.

Dow goes to the 6800s before Beavis can even say, "The DOW said 69... heh, heh."

Breaking: Former AIG CEO sues AIG for Securities Fraud

Something tells me this guy isn't up for some gardening - Who stole 4 tons of fertilizer, and why?

I hope he fails to promote the general welfare

Secret DoJ memo reveals the first rule of extraordinary rendition: "Deny Everything"

Looking through the trash on Google Earth - sign of the times

I think Team Obama did a great job of setting the GOP house on fire

UBS chairman may be tied to alleged IRS fraud

Anyone listen to This American Life on Sunday? The bank bailout.

Fresh from Disney World: Gov. Jindal defends message of his GOP speech


Who was President the Year You Were Born?

Is the Republican Party finished?

Haaa! Tweety rips Bush* again! Says Gates was in fact saying that

No Vouchers For Skid Row

Lovecraftian School Board Member Wants Madness Added To Curriculum

Coleman Team Rests Case After More Than Five Weeks At Bat

CNBC - The American People Have Thrown Up Their Hands

CEO Of Bof A: No Strings Bailout: "I don't think it will fundamentally change way we run company"

Taxpayer Perks for Ex-CEOs

Putting cat in bong brings animal cruelty charges

Tweety handing out the b* slap to Trent Lott

4 Tons of Fertilizer Stolen From Store

Republican John Barrasso underscoring Robert Gibb's point about Rush

Harbinger of things to come? MD Gov O'Malley moves to reregulate public utility

Fox News is asking "What would Reagan do in this Crisis?"

Limbaugh...questions why any Republican would ever give a dime to the RNC

"Eventually, the administration will get around to nationalizing the big banks"

Did police frame a convicted man? Old murder case gets another look

Tomorrow is the day Surgery at 8 AM I am really scared now

" ....... she's known to be a supporter of universal health care .... "

I tend toward ........

Ron Reagan's description of Rush at CPAC

Go Shuster nail the Rushican Barrasso

NY Times Gets It Right on Employee Free Choice: “The bill would take away management’s ability to in

June 2008 and the Royal Bank of Scotland issues a warning of a global stock and credit crash

My husband learned today at work that his department is among those considered for worker furloughs.

The billionaires will not suffer in this crash. We will. I do not want to see

DU Investors: I can't think of a single hiding place anymore

The Problem With the Left and Pharmaceutical Companies

The Second Great Depression? It's too soon to judge

Newspapers: From No Profit to Non-Profits?

Kathleen Sebelius is in line for HHS and is pro-choice; of course the wingnuts are crying foul!

Did Obama snub Dean because Dean would NEVER cave to Zeke Emanuel's plan to PRIVATIZE MEDICARE?

Anyone see the way the Limbaugh was sweating like a stinking pig at CPAC?

Too little stimulus or not enough. Forget deficits vs deficits matter. Bail them out; let them fall

Who here wanted George Bush to fail

The Great Gasbag


B of A's Lewis: Actually, Taking Public Money Was A Mistake

What's Teabagging?

Anyone play the lotto?

Raul Castro Reorganizes Cuban Cabinet

Limb-O-Thon is Making MSNBC Unwatchable

The Republican Lies are getting comical.....Repug says Harry Reid supports rail line to a brothel

Coulter and Maher on "debate" tour, and I can't go.

Has anyone heard of the Phantom Filibuster?

Thoughts on Gleen Beck and his comments about Obama being Evil

Time Warner and Time Warner Cable splitting?

If you draw a pension or have a 401K, thank your lucky stars we are bailing out AIG

The best line I've heard all day came from...*gasp*...Mika.

Another thing that makes this "recession" different from past recessions

Current GOP Strategy Echoes Kristol’s 1993 Memo Urging Obstruction Of Dems

We angrily debated bailing out the car guys ....... why?

A little something else to make ya feel gooder and gooder ....

Here's their new brand: The Rushpublican Party

Mike Steele called Rushbo "ugly" ..... how soon until Steele ....

What will you do with another $8 a week? (proof that people are disliking Obama...)

if there was a God

tweety...rush is dressing like johnny cash

They have us surrounded!

Here's a novel idea for tax cuts

Michael Steele - You must kiss the ring of the comedian er... uh... don.

Drill not so much now.

I'm Content to allow the Banks and Financial Institutions to Fail because:

It was all a bullshyte scam, Mr. Santelli

If a Dem spokesman had wished a Rethug president to fail during a recession ...

My God, Rush is fatter and more idotic than ever!

Chris Hayes of the Nation: The Conservatives are caught in a hall of mirrors

I once had to placate a giant egocentric asshole...

Specter could be 'toast' in 2010 election, pollster says

Rush - 20 million listeners?

Steele's 'Apologia' reminds me of a joke...

Power Shift 2009

Dem party chair: Steele's apology proves Limbaugh is leading force behind GOP

America's 'House of Credit Cards'

Elder's Meditation of the Day - March 2

Rush Limbaugh -- ignorant and clueless

Texas Independence Day Marks 173rd Anniversary

Why Are We "Surging" into Afghanistan? By Jim Hightower

You meanypants quit saying bad things about repukes!

OMFG Michael Steel backs down from criticizing Rush

OMFG Michael Steel backs down from criticizing Rush

Bush Administration Claimed Fourth Amendment Did Not Apply to NSA Spying (memo released today)

Bush Administration Claimed Fourth Amendment Did Not Apply to NSA Spying (memo released today) Find 'shovel ready' projects by state and city

You remember all that happy horseshit talk about 'taking a haircut' ....... ?

Whats up with Peak oil ?

So ..... let's keep score ....... how many goopers have had to kiss The Great Gasbag's ass?

Congresswoman cynically taps gay issue for political diversion

Is it finally time to use the dreaded D-word?

As expected, Steele kissed Rush's feet and apologized

Where should the Republicans hold the 2012 Republican National Convention?

John Dean coming up on KO to deal with the Bush

WHBO Sanctions First Bout (Emmanuel vs. Dean)

PHOTOS: Thank God!!! Another $30 Billion in new funds to AIG!!!!

So what do you think Exxon-Mobil is planning to do with all those profits?

Cops had somebody surrounded.

Paul Harvey's "The Rest of the Story" on Rush Limbaugh

The future: Where you and I will spend the rest of our lives By Tom Tomorrow

Put on some techno music and be entranced by this for hours:

KLGA 021435Z 35019G27KT 1/4SM +SN BLSN BKN004 OVC010 M06/M09 A2987

Married and family in all but name: Meet Anna and Ruby

The Worst is Yet To Come….Part 2: To Shit or Go Blind…

Dean for health would have been a home run - he has already been there and done that for his state


Grab for power, anybody hearing to KO?

I figured out Limbaugh - its the ratings!!!

Michael Steele kisses Limbaugh's ass, bows down before the drug-addicted pig

Michelle Bernard prays that we won't have universal health care.....

Michelle Bernard prays that we won't have universal health care.....

California prisons won't hold some illegal immigrant offenders - LOL

My "El Rushbo At CPAC" Cartoon

Gay men in NYC targeted by NYPD

Origin of Life On Earth: Scientists Unlock Mystery Of Molecular Machine

obesity, a different historical &cultural perspective..

I joined the millions on the Unemployment roles today.

Monday TOONS

Tim Geithner Should Copy Hank Paulson and Calm DOW By Declaring That Worst Is Over

Fire truck strikes, kills 1st grader on his way home from school

Man I'm so pissed

Remember the song sung on "The Mickey Mouse Club"? (ala Tweety)

Remember the song sung on "The Mickey Mouse Club"? (ala Tweety)

Where are Republicans getting their information on Socialism?

David Letterman Calls Rush Limbaugh a Bonehead!

Dog needs a ride home after master dies in crash (from Omaha to San Diego)

Handy tool for contacting federal & state representatives from Union of Concerned Scientists

The GOP has been morally bankrupt for years, and is now a cult. Hail to He-Who-Can't-Be-Criticized.

MarketWatch: Casinos, media join autos on way to bankruptcy

Another day, another 300 points.

This Depression will continue until we get back to Fundamentals...

Re the influence of Rush Limbaugh...

Rick Santelli Really Scares the hell out of me, he's so powerful we need to keep paying attention to

Yet Another California Campaign: Elections Abound In the Arnold Era


Darth Cheney to recieve subpoena...

An asteroid the size of a 10-story building flies closely past Earth

Just out from Gov. Tim Kaine-Dems gloat after Rush awards himself sole custody of Steele's testicles

Every week I love Jon Stewart more.

Coleman shutters campaign office, sheds spokesman

Need Help...

Hey, uh, Bobby?

What is that sort of forward-B/Backward-B logo that The Great Gasbag has on everything around him?

Another ‘Cruel Joke’ About President Obama (+ photo)

I kinda like it that the Republicans are gnawing the flesh off each other's

U2 On Letterman All Week!

Newly released memo reveals that Laura Bush hates knock-knock jokes

So here is what I think. I think that the last 8 years were worse and more damaging

Who has looted their IRA's (even just a little bit) to stay current on their bills/obligations?

Virgin Megastores likely to shut all U.S. stores, cut 1,000 jobs

This Rush love-in thing. So touching! I can see a nice sordid romance

Rush is afraid, very afraid

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Heath (the Blue Dog Moron) Shuler #1 on Pelosi's shit list

Republican indignation is total crap

Aw, keep your chin up, Michael Steele - Rush is very compassionate

Folks the market is at 97' levels

Is Obama the only black male left with a job? Black jobless rate in Buffalo: 51.4 %

***BOBBY J. ON LARRY KING OFFICIAL THREAD w/ stars*** I could use another good laugh.

***BOBBY J. ON LARRY KING OFFICIAL THREAD w/ stars*** I could use another good laugh.

"Mind-Boggling" DOJ Lawyers Threaten To "Physically Remove" Critical Document In Torture Case

Guard unit's Afghan mission to involve restoring the agriculture economy

Obesity can be beaten... sort of... but then, not really

Call to action: March 4th - Eve of Justice - Lighting the Way for the Supreme Court

a GHASTLY thought: a LIMBAUGH/PALIN ticket. And you thought it couldn't get any worse.

We can bail out AIG to the tune of 250 Billion with nary a peep, but GM asks for 25 Billion and POW!

If freepers want to be taken serious with their Teabagging Protest they need more people than this..

Madoff: $7m Manhattan penthouse, $62m in assets 'unrelated' to fraud...let me keep 'em.

US offers $900 million to Palestinians

Secret Bush Memos Released

Mad Money's Cramer-Stock market crash is Obama's fault

60 Minutes: Madoff whistleblower alerted the SEC with 5 seperate submissions since 2000

what started all of the obesity posts?

CNN - Jeffrey Myron - "senior lecturer in economics at Harvard University" - Fraud


Recently overheard

Where are those young people who wanted to take the money they pay into

Accused hate killer who savagely beat man to death with a baseball bat: 'I had to protect myself'

Can the PGA Tour survive the economic downturn?

The Audacity of Affirmations

The movie "How Obama Got Elected" is here Thursday with the director too

Just when you thought you had heard it all: Man allegedly puts cat in bong

Rep. Jerrold Nadler Is Drafting a Letter to Eric Holder Asking for a Special Prosecutor

Michael Steele agrees to do rap battle with Stephen Colbert!

Cost of locking up Americans too high - Pew study

Could you please decriminalize marijuana already?

Scott Horton:THEY 'Fully Appreciated (Tapes THEY Destroyed) Could Be Offered As Evidence Of Crimes'

video of steele apologizing to ru$h

Woolsey - "50,000 Residual Troops is Unacceptable"

If obesity is so simple

Marjoe Gortner

Grocers Fuming Over Food Prices

NYT Takes A Stand - 4 of 5 Contributors To Editorial Say Obama Admin SHOULD Investigate Bush Admin

Two Limbaugh videos guaranteed to make you smile, laugh, chortle, or otherwise express joy

Does the Constitution Grant a Right to DNA Testing That Could Prove Innocence?

Michael Steele should have --

What one belief/notion/idea by a specific wingnut triggers your "Not worth my time" mechanism?

FALLOUT: Coming Home from the War in Iraq - Promo Video for the Documentary

Reminder: Thom Hartmann is no longer on Air America.

The GOP has been morally bankrupt for years, but now it's officially a cult.

FL Gov. Crist: Water pumped by Nestle and others from FL's springs and aquifers FOR FREE should end

How come karl rove isn't in jail?

Update: Santelli Stares Down Playboy... (Playboy piece pulled)

I finally get why Dean can't be in charge of HHS.

US deaths in Afghanistan triple in past 2 months. More Afghan civilians killed by US than by Taliban

This "Dave RAMSEY" is the latest new thang - wingnut Xmas

Evidence of Bush-Rove Crimes Hidden Away in Southern Town?

Evidence of Bush-Rove Crimes Hidden Away in Southern Town?

They WANT/NEED/MUST HAVE you spend.

Massachusetts Health Care Reform Is A Failure.

Seriously, what is the difference between appropriating and earmarking?

Hillary Clinton offers handshake of friendship to Syria

A prescription pill abuser who takes sex trips to the Dominican Republic...

Florida's CSX deal..from $491 million in 2006, to $650 million in 08, to 2.6 billion this year.

I had to block my own brother on Facebook

Rush Limbaugh is not a conservative; he's a Republican.

Forced From Executive Pay to Hourly Wage

This Modern World The future: Where you and I will spend the rest of our lives. By Tom Tomorrow

California bill targets LGBT domestic violence

Krugman: "policymakers refusing to face hard facts, & are dithering while the world economy burns"

Laugh Of The Day

I really hope this isn't true,

Anyone who complained about Limbaugh appearing on CNN this past weekend

The Carlyle Group is Run By Zombies That Want to Eat Your Brains

Those that have it, make sure to take small denominations when you take a drive

Here'a an idea! Before handing over taxpayer bailout $$ make the company sign over their corp jets..

What's with all the earmarks?

Terminator Salvation

This Toon NAILS It

Enough of Everything but Dollars

Greenwald: Obama Embraces Bush Claims - 'President Has Unilateral/Unchallenged Power'

This Should Be The Last AIG.......

This is it - I'm at the end of my goddamn fucking rope.

About Bobby Jindal

Is a Strong Middle Class Dependent on a Healthy Wall Street?

How safe are credit unions?

Some ASS on CNBC

Dear CNBC's Screaming Monkeys

Submitted for your approval- my Limbaugh gif

Beginning Now: The Panic Phase of the Collapse (Please read)

If you wait enough, and have a reasonable memory, things start making sense. (Re: Melinda Barton)

Obama is failing on the Banks.

nadinbrzezinski appreciation thread.

An interesting day at the United States Supreme Court today..

Everybody must get stoned (Salon)

So I go to pay a bill today, and talked to someone who can't speak english.

Cenk Uygur: The Flaw in the System: The Bankers Don't Care About the Banks

F*ck the Dow.... Can Greed Die Already?

60% of NBA players are broke five years after they retire.

Rick Santelli: I Want to Set the Record Straight

Annie Leibovitz needs help

"We Didn't Elect Obama To Preserve Bush's Anti-Constitutional Power Grab-We Elected Him To End It"

100,000 women killed in fires, every year in India

The end game: Elect Palin 2012

Universal Single-Payer


Should renters have gotten a tax break in the mortgage bailout?

Empire’s Law – The Law that the Bush Administration Foisted on the World

End the Wars - End the Bailouts - Single-Payer Universal Now!

OMG! Freeper Says It Loud! (and stupid)

Police Say Man Stuffed Cat Inside Bong

Everybody must get stoned(new plan to legalize marijuana in CA would create a $1 billion tokin' tax)

Limbaugh is Satan's voice on Earth

History Channel-2012 Nostradomas.

Dinger's Weekly (Sometimes Daily) Bitch About The Minnesota Senate Recount

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!!!

Twin Peaks

I hope you're happy

I hope you're happy

Sorry, but how do I find/edit my profile?

Kucinich on Iraq Troop Withdrawal: You Can’t be In and Out at the Same Time

Mother in law pasted Thursday with burial tomorrow. Alzheimer's

Apparently, no form of abuse exists, unless you have video or photographic evidence.

Cool video - "Lost Generation", video that won AARP video contest

Denny's Now Offering New Octo-mom Special!

It will be nice having to plug the car in at night.

A question about Eight Is Enough.

Oh, thank God, Shelley Cook has ended my search for the natural supplement to get big.

Anyone Else Ever Play the Computer game Political Machine?

Canadian Wildlife Service Nature Film - Spiders on Drugs

*sigh* you people make it so hard to get off my butt and go to class


Attacking Limbaugh's Weight is Wrong

BSG: Am I the only one who can't stand Bubbles?

Happy dance

Check out Google's banner for today - it is really cute.

Revenge relationship? How about revenge shopping?

The REAL reason DU duesn't allow sex threads???

Happy 105th birthday, Dr. Suess!

Ellen Tigh

9 Inches

Is there a TECH Forum ~ my Outlook Express

Literally from John Lennon's personal jukebox....Midnight Hour ~ Wilson Pickett

Johnny Legs

Aaaw! Isn't he cute

you mean I got up and hour early and didn't know it????

So we had this baby....

A photo of Denali (a/k/a Mt. McKinley) for you - up close and personal

I'm gonna sit at the welcome table.

Looks like a great day to go sledding

Jessica Alba's Melons REVEALED!!

There Is Snow Place Like BeachBaby Covered in the white stuff

I ran across this woman on a dating site that I am attracted to

I am freaking bored

Stick a fork in Joan Rivers. She's done. (warning graphic image)

Some opinions on the passing of Paul Harvey

Digital camcorder questions

Conservatives want to go back to our pre-"socialism" days - What do you think they miss the most?

$#$%##! L.A. County tries for cuss-free week

When you err, do you 'ur' or do you 'air'?

A little rant about "difficult people"...

200 Shopping Days Until Talk Like A Pirate your wishlist here

A difficult rant about "little people"

Jennifer Anniston...Why? Why? Why?????

20 depressing yet hilarious possible endings to Battlestar Galactica

Oh yeah? Well my city was shut down by snow, and it didn't even snow

Am I a pedophile?

I want to study German Expressionism and the "Brücke" movement - where do I start?

Your help in this thread would be appreciated

Sony releases new stupid piece of Sh$t

I really wanted to watch a movie tonight but the line was too long at the RedBox kiosk

Need Help posting an avatar

Speaking of pedophiles

Ahoy, me hearties! Thar be narwhals in GD!

Willie Nelson - Whiskey River

Anyone use Kaspersky?

Symarip, I salute you!!

If you're in LA County this week, watch your fucking language...

I will cherish this moment forever

Uh oh, the pooch is "nesting" again. He makes me laugh!


The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 3/2/2009)

Now that it's been locked. Why would someone compare being gay to an "incest movement"?

LucasFilm Says "Star Wars: A Musical Journey" Bound For U.S.

Who Is Getting Snow?

Happy 105th birthday, Dr. Seuss!


Two Obscure Questions about references to famous rock groups in art.

I'm pretty distraught right now

Funniest Commercial I've seen in years

What do you suppose this lass is doing in this field, all alone...

Talking about weird food.. I invented something in the lab today

kitten picture of the day for monday march 2

Let's face it: The lounge is the kiddie table of the DU house

Yellow black green

The parking lot next door has turned into the Mother of All Fusterclucks

Rush Limbaugh-Mucus, seperated at birth?

I have a short promo vid/trailer up for my documentary

Whats a Narwhal? Mammal or fish? Or is it a swimming bird?

Brother, can you spare a job?

Ever feel misunderstood?

KWdaughter just made up a new holiday - Spongebob Day

BREAKING: Rachael Ray defends 2003 FHM photos, provides convenient excuse for me to post them here

We need a DU chatroom.

Gulp! She swallowed her own engagement ring

Just because it is so cool - the best ad ever (my opinion, of course)

I touch pod, worth it or not?

Cat peoples, how often do you change their water?

Cat peoples, how often do you change their water?

Who does this "Your factory warranty has expired" phone calls come from?

Tonight's Top Gear thread.

Tonight's Top Gear thread.

You have reached the verizion wireless voice mail box of..............

Can an annuity be bequeathed in a will? Maybe I'm not understanding what an annuity is.


I think I had a out of body experience....

Happy 1997 everybody!

Don't you love when you find the perfect gift??

RLS sucks


Snowfall amount checkin. How much snow did you get from this Nor-easter?

For no apparent reason, here are two Obamicon Kittehs

I'm going to host a fundraiser here in the Lounge

PHOTOS from today's shoot at client's restaurant: BBQ Combo Platter & Peach Cobbler

Quick facebook question...

Holy Shit, It's Good To Have My Home Computer Up And Running Again!

Learn to play go

The UN, PETA, and Scientific American on the devastating consequences of eating meat

Single payer advocates apparently being excluded from health care discussions.

I still don't understand why the movie "Lili" isn't on DVD...

Diets don't work

Twitter will be the end of civilization

Know what The Lounge needs?!? More Cash!

and after all that bbq I am gonna eat these

I just purchased The Road by Cormac McCarthy. Anyone read it yet?

Happy 497A.D. everybody!

Good morning Lounge

I used a narwhal tusk as a murder weapon...

Dazed cat found inside homemade bong

Ain't tonight Conan night?

Tomorrow, I am going to read one of my poems in public!

Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers fans

Question for Cat Owners -- 2 Cats, 1 is Pregnant.

On the West Wing, after Leo died, who was going to be Santo's VP

I've owned about a dozen printers in my adult life

All I want

New Englanders, how was the storm for you?

Enjoy a free movie on me tonight

To hell with all yinz jags--I thought it was funny.

Your opinion about fasting

What's for breakfast?

Cheese Poll

Italy in April - questions

Blank is to blank as GD is to the Lounge

Wesley Wyndam-Price

Anyone else having an XTC kind of day today

Tomorrow is the day Surgery at 8 AM I am really scared now

Can anyone finally, definitively, answer this life question that has always puzzled me?

"A collection of DU running gags walks into a bar..."

The elusive snow kitty.

Over the Rhine: Anyone familiar with this Ohio band?

I feeel like an EDIOT!

Quick question on crate training our shelter dogs...

Ipod touch, worth it or not?

kitten picture of the day for tuesday march 3

Nine more wake-ups and I'll be too busy to post much. My pic heavy smilie thank you --->

Have you googled your user name?

Another cool physics-based game.

The Bachelor!

The heck with Bad Bank we need a Bad Girl Stimulus Plan...

I smoke marijuana

Friday was a good day for us... we adopted a puppy !

Limbaugh lashes back at Steele: "You are head of the RNC-You are not head of the Republican Party"

Ketchup on rice

What did DU used to be like?

I Think I Am In Lust

people raise a good point about CELEBRITY, RICH, newsreaders vs. rumpled reporters

MSNBC: Obama budget cuts taxes of typical family

Remember Al Gore's lock box?


Am I on-target in thinking the stimulus will pay for itself?

Freepers LIVID that Michael Steele called Limbaugh's CPAC comments incendiary

Michael Steele Calls Rush Limbaugh an Entertainer

Obama and Hill Republicans avoid direct confrontation, target each other's surrogates

Nancy-Ann DeParle to run White House Office for Health Reform


OMFG! I Can't. I Won't. I Don't Care What It Means...

I can honestly tell you that I hoped Bush II would succeed, when Al Gore said

New Meme: To Win the GOP Nomination, Hopefuls Must First "Kiss Limbaugh's Ring"

Have You Fed Your Birther Today?

I'm glad Sebelius was chosen

Ladies and Gentlemen, the King and Queen of the Republan Party

how much patience do Americans have?

The Early Word on Nancy-Ann Min DeParle, new WH Health Care Advisor

Flashback: Emanuel crowned Anne Coulter Queen of the GOP three years ago

My question to Republicans that are screaming "socialism"....

Republican asshole Alex Castellanos compares Obama's speech to sex

Working class fans of capitalism ...

Why is the GOP an Anti-American, Terrorist, Anti-Troop Organization?

PA-Sen: Toomey Reconsidering Senate Run

Who Is The Voice Of The Republicant Party?

CNN: Ron Kirk, trade rep nominee, owes $10K in back taxes.

MSNBC: Blago gets 6-figure bookdeal to "write about Obama"

Obama Makes Secret Bush Memos Public

Further GOP implosion and infighting: Pigboy goes after Steele today!!!

Obama snow days: First lady grounded

Sec. of Defense Gates: "Obama more analytical than Bush"

Krugman: "Failing the Test"

Limbaugh vs Steele: A Long Hard Slog That Won't Go Away

Blaming Obama for the current economic troubles.

Limpball's full rant on Steele

"It's better than what your crowd left us with."

CIA Destroying Evidence of Torture? 92 Interrogation Tapes - Destroyed.

shuster just called out gov jindal for being a hypocrite!

Barrasso won't say Limbaugh is wrong ... another chickenshit Republican.

1st Nation of Islam event since Obama election

Individual Ready Reserve or back door drafting an Army of One....

The GOP's Rush problem

Please Submit Your Titles for Uncle Roddy Blagojevich's New Book

The GOP - A party of pansies

Holder's DOJ has just released new batch of *Bush OLC Memos*

Bank Nationalization - The Issue May Just Be Logistics

Steele Wimps Out

Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper doubts Afghan insurgency can be defeated


Senate delaying confirmation of some Obama Economic Team Staffers

Obamas message to the GOP and Lobbyists. BRING IT.


Coleman rests case; Franken up tomorrow

CIA Director Panetta apologizes to Argentina's president for "unstable" remark

Deleted n/t

Letterman Calls Rush Limbaugh A "Bonehead," Makes Katie Couric Laugh And Cringe

Governor Martin O'Malley: Maryland Needs to Repeal the Death Penalty -- Now

Nouriel Roubini: "stimulus from U.S. government spending will be puny this year"

Arianna and Hal Sparks make a delightful pundit couple

To what extent was the sub prime crisis caused by Bill Clinton?

Joke of the day! Support Roland Burris 2010

Wow, what's wrong with Bob Dole?

Michael Steele you didn't need to be a militant Black man, you just needed to be a man & you FAILED!

Limbaugh fires back at Steele - whines about the librul media - freepers rejoice

Mitt Romney - I'm the guy that almost lost to Obama


Afghan outrage at U.S. raid highlights challenges facing new military push

Rush admits that it will be hard to beat the Dems in 2012 if Micheal Steele continues siding with us

Question: What are the odds of cap&trade passing?

Republicans Concede (Obama) Budget will be hard to block

You know, I tried real hard not to "hate" George Bush during the past 8 years.....

Rush Limbaugh is going to be the GOP's Moses...

Imagine If Michael Moore Had The Same Power Over The Democrats That Rush Has

Breaking: Rush Limbaugh, the Messiah?

R&D Advocates Laud Obama Budget Outline

Warren Buffet says there's a T-Bill bubble...

Rachel Maddow's new set and feeling....

AWRight...whose Bright Idea was it to get Rash Ass to headline the CPAC??

To say CPAC looked like "Nazi Germany" is just wrong.

DU this poll please!

You know we should start Emailing and Twittering the Media about

Would we want McCain to fail?

Larry King interviews Jindal

I just caught on to something: GOP politicians secretly HATE Rush!

Limbaugh Blasts Steele: If I Were GOP Chairman, I'd Quit

Politico: Limbaugh's Latest Attacker: RNC's Michael Steele

Sasha Obama Keeps Seeing Creepy Bush Twins While Riding Tricycle Through White House

Another tax problem. Ron Kirk this time

DNC Chairman Tim Kaine Sticks It To Steele and Rush

Corporate Media Continues To Feature Karl Rove - What Happened to "Deficits Don't Matter"?

RNC: "There was no attempt on my part to diminish his (Limbaugh's) voice or his leadership."

TPM: Dems gloat after Rush awards himself sole custody of Steele's testicles.

BREAKING VIDEO: This is what went down with Michael Steele following the DL Hugley Show

49% say Obama should wait on health-care reform; half say it is not possible to even insure all.

Obama Offered Deal to Russia in Secret Letter

Michael Sleaze vs Rush Limpballs

U.S. May Boycott U.N. Racism Conference Over Document

Steele to Obama: ‘How You Like Me Now?’ (Flashback)

Wow! - Howard Stern is blasting Rush "oxycotin" Limbaugh

Steele Slips on Gimp Suit - Tells Limpballs He's Sorry

did the politically correct of RNC fuck themselves with Steele vote?

Steele and Jindal's pathetic toadying to Rush shows how pathetic the GOP has truly become.

A Goldwater Republican Goes For Obama As GOP Tent Shrinks

Hey Steele!!! Tell Us MORE About How You're More Bad-Ass Than Obama!!!

A real marriage penalty

Bobby Jindal: I'm Glad Steele Apologized To Rush

Sherri Shepherd (from the View) and Rush Limbaugh?

Ron Paul on CNN: Pigboy is "pretty sad."

MSNBC's Contessa Brewer says Rush Limbaugh dressed at CPAC like a sleazy Hollywood producer

TMI Alert: Meghan McCain can no longer get laid...

Rush made a mistake at CPAC which is getting covered on MSNBC...

Thousands of Youth Descend on D.C. to Demand New Climate Change Policy

David Frum: Limbaugh at CPAC (And the Rush Republicans)

It's time for Geitner to go.

I know why Rush Limbaugh is so angry.

Mika loves Rush

** So what happens if the market totally crashes? **

Just give people some damn money.

Dear Gordon Brown, please channel Al Gore and save the world. Thank you.

Ex-hostages leap to Betancourt’s defence (re: US contractors' claims against her)

Undercover Agent Hunts the Hunters

Spain Socialists have mixed night in regional polls

Brown to support Obama's Afghan plea - Prime minister will back American call for more Nato troops

Arsonists Torch Berlin Porsches, BMWs on Economic Woe (Update1)

In Obama, Labor Finds the Support It Expected


Clinton Pursues 'Comprehensive Peace' in Mideast

U.S. outreach to Iran could aid IAEA probe: ElBaradei

Iraqi Court Acquits Tariq Aziz

HSBC slashes 6,100 U.S. jobs

Ex-Serb intelligence chief worked for CIA: report

Susan Lindauer Blows the Whistle Again

Supreme Court turns down Agent Orange appeals from Vietnamese, US veterans

AIG reports record $61.7bn loss

Freddie Mac CEO to resign

U.S. government condemns "waterboarding" as torture

Obama gov't will not use 'waterboarding' - Holder

Marine 1 Blueprints Found On File Sharing Network

Search on for (25) W.Va. Troops in Possible Exposure (to toxic chemical in Iraq)

Missing boat found in Gulf, 1 person rescued.

Holder Ends S.F. Capital Case (reverses Mukasey death penalty decision after trial had begun)

Stocks tumble; Dow drops below 7,000 (1st time since Oct. 1997)

Republicans Concede Budget Is Hard to Block

Surveillance Court Quietly Moving

N.C. Military Mom Arrives at Fort Benning with Kids

Pope rescinds promotion of priest who called Katrina punishment for New Orleans

CIA destroyed 92 interrogation tapes

Blackwater founder, CEO resigns

US attorney general rules out waterboarding

Live from DC: Thousands Converge for Capitol Climate Action Against Dirty Coal

Pentagon: Aid Only For 'Essential Items'

'Tidal Wave' of homeless students hits schools

Election Worker Admits She's "Somewhat" Sympathetic To Coleman

SEC Enforcement Lawyers Say Morale Is Up

Guinea-Bissau president 'killed'

US lawmaker: End limits on gays in military

Clinton arrives in Israel on first visit as US top diplomat

Stimulus Money May Re-Open Chicago Windows Factory

(Former AIG CEO) Maurice Greenberg Sues AIG, Saying Its Shares Were ‘Inflated’

Calif. Legislature supports gay marriage challenge

Trading in HSBC shares suspended in Hong Kong

GOP chairman says he leads party, not Rush Limbaugh

Calif. Supreme Court this week hears Prop 8 challenge

Judge Reinstates Cheney Subpoena in Lawsuit

Judge Reinstates Cheney Subpoena in Lawsuit

'Bad Bank' Funding Plan Starts to Get Fleshed Out

NATO may ask China to help with Afghanistan war effort: report

Report: Obama Offers to Scrap Missile Shield If Russia Cooperates on Iran

UBS chairman may be tied to alleged IRS fraud

Chief of Freddie Mac Resigns

Lobbyist Denies Affair With McCain

NC mom recalled to Army duty will be discharged

House May Tighten 'Cramdown' Measure

Blagojevich lands book deal. Will pull no punches.

(Update) Limbaugh fires back at Steele

Supreme Court won't decide whether high school coach can bow head, kneel as players pray

AIG’s Liddy Says Greenberg Responsible for Losses

Former Gitmo prosecutor slams detention camp (says many were grossly abused)

The D-word: Will recession become something worse?

Blackwater founder steps down as CEO


Jobless, Or About To Be – And Rushing To Use Medical Benefits

NC mom recalled to Army duty will be discharged

Secret Bush memos made public by Obama

WP: Raul Castro ousts top Cubans loyal to Fidel Castro

VIX Premium Shows Bear Market Lasting Two Years in U.S. as Traders `Panic'

4 Tons of Fertilizer Stolen From Store

Velvet Revolution’s investigation of the crimes of Karl Rove and Mike Connell

Steele to Rush: I'm sorry

GOP senator Orrin Hatch's charity tied to massive pharmaceutical donations

iPods and iPhones forbidden at Gates home

White House fires back at Rush Limbaugh

Where would we be right now if McCain/Palin had won?

Burris launches re-election site

Senator Reid's Phantom Republican Filibusters: The phantom filibuster is clearly unconstitutional

Breaking: CIA destroyed 92 interrogation tapes Thomas Ricks Interview (pt. 4/4)

Money Talks: Profits Before Patient Safety

Mass stranding of Pilot Whales March 1, Tasmania (near Australia)

Young Turks: Did Kellogg Screw Up By Dropping Phelps?

CNN: Mayor Nutter On "Green Jobs" in Philadelphia

Limbaugh Repeats Wish For Obama Failure

Howard Dean Discusses Kathleen Sebelius' HHS Nomination

RFK, Jr. on Civil Disobedience in DC

Rahm discusses Rush on Face the Nation

Rachel Maddow discusses Obama's budget plan w/ Peter Orszag

Obamas partisan battle: the economy

Vicki Iseman Denies Affair with Sen. John McCain

Mayor Rocky Anderson addresses Power Shift 09


Joe the Plumber: Menace to Society

Delegate Bob Marshall (R) Compares Stimulus and Slavery


For The Sake Of The Members

rush limbaugh bitch slaps Michael J Fox

Rush Steele Controversy Ignites - Limbaugh Audio

(Non-Political) introducing


Wall Street Execs Find New Jobs!

Limpballs to Steele: "I think you have some explaining to do. Why are you running the Repug Party?"

Power Shift 09 - Keynote Address - Gillian Caldwell of One Sky

Ron Paul on Rush Limbaugh - Sad, Republicans STARVING For Leadership

Press Sec. Gibbs asked about Rush Limbaugh wanting America to fail

Kids Locked Up For Cash

TYT: Who Gave Away Taxpayer Money for Bankers' Bonuses? (W/ Article)

TYT: Cenk Picks Apart Nonsense From Hannity & Rove Regarding Obama

Congressman Ed Markey at Powershift 09: "We got rid of the Gang Of Polluters (GOP)!"

Kucinich on Iraq withdrawl: You can't be in and out at the same time

Ed Schultz discusses Michael Steele's apology to Limbaugh

TYT: What Does Cenk Think About The Latest Rush Limbaugh Debacle?

Young Turks: All of the Banks' Profits Go to Bonuses for the Executives!!!

Every Breath Bernanke Takes

David Schuster interviews Amy Goodman on Obama's Iraq plans

GOP Squad '09

Abstinence Only Education is Doing Its Job!

Republicans Criticize, Help Inflate Bill

Ron Paul: Pretty sad that Limbaugh is GOP leader

Glenn Beck & Ann Coulter carry Rush's water for him regarding Steele's comments

It's about to get nasty: time for Obama's movement to get moving (Gary Younge, The Guardian)

EJ Dionne: Redistributionist, and That’s Just Fine

Down economy boosts military

Juan Cole: We're really leaving Iraq

Senator Bunning is GOP Bobblehead of the Week!

Howard Dean on Situation Room today...emphasizes "real reform" with Medicare opt in

It's Bring Your Gun to Church Day

To Republicans Still In Office We're All Losers

Ahmanson and DIEBOLD!

Hendrik Hertzberg: "We finally have a plan, and a President"

As capitalism stares into the abyss, was Marx right all along? (The Independent, UK)

What Next? by James Howard Kunstler

Matt Bai in NYT Magazine Explains the REAL 'Appeal' of Newt

Rick Sanchez has just discovered the prison industrial complex, and he is outraged!

Copyright Challenge for Sites That Excerpt

Bloggers charge 'Tea Party' anti-stimulus protests are corporate front

Rightbloggers Hold a Sparsely-Attended Tea Party

Letter from Washington: The Gatekeeper: Rahm Emanuel on the job (Lizza | NYer)

A.G. Eric Holder on Monday reaffirmed his commitment to ban waterboarding as an interrogation tech

Joe Klein: Shocking

The Insanity and Depravity of the GOP

The special relationship is going global

Tom Engelhardt: The Imperial Unconscious

Economic crisis threatens the idea of one Europe

Sean Hannity + Bobby Jindal love fest busted

NASA's chief Climate Sci calls for civil disobedience

Rush Is Right

Robert Gates on The BIGGEST Difference between Obama and Bush

A Truth Commission for the Bush Era? (NYT)

There's Astroturf At The Tea Party

Guess What Got Lost in the Loan Pool? (produce the note)

Funder of FAKE Teaparty Howard Ahmanson Jr

OLC Memo Authorized Torture of U.S. Prisoners Held on Foreign Soil

Subsidy debate weighs farmers vs. children: Vilsack

Obama's War with the Right (and Media)

Fear Of Obama IT Protectionism Policy Spreads In India

Victims being blamed for sinking economy

Having Rove on to Pontificate on the Economy is like Having Madoff on to Pontificate on Investing

Class warfare? Bring it on.

Jim Hightower: Why Are We "Surging" into Afghanistan?

"In Praise of More Primitive Finance" ...The decidedly retro Canadian banking system

Turkey-Israel honeymoon over

Crime Up, Ruger Sales Up, Democrats, Reid Joins Pelosi Against Gun Control.

Republicans in Denial

EPA Director Lisa Jackson at Powershift 09: "Science has been resurrected"

It's Time for the Madness to Stop

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 359

Economist William Enghdal: Pres. Obama must reinstate Glass-Stiegle Act

‘Tidal wave’ of homeless students hits schools

The recession in U.S. manufacturing persisted for a 13th month in February

FALLOUT: Coming Home from the War in Iraq Promo

Right-Wing 'Tea Party' Movement Was Planned Months Ago by GOP Billionaires

Yale will fire up to 300 staff




First organizational meeting of Denver Food Not Lawns, 3/4/09

Russian 'Nuclear Renaissance' Hits Roadblock

Climate policy: The road to hell is paved with conservative intentions

The Call of the Biosphere: Dangerous Diminishment

Peak Oil Review - March 2

Westinghouse helps develop China's nuclear sector

My friends' really exciting solar project in Arizona: The Wave

What Next? (James Kunstler)

Green Groups Slam FAO Call For More Fish Farming As "Simplistic"

UK Cops Valiantly Guard Citizens Against Climate Protestors' Crayons & Clown Outfits - Guardian

Pacific Ethanol Suspends Operations At Idaho & California Plants - Restart Plans Unknown

PEMEX Struggling To Keep Mexico Among Ranks Of Oil-Exporting Nations -

Mass stranding of Pilot Whales in Tasmania, some are saved

Pink dolphin appears in US lake


Ormat Technologies commissions two OREG 2 project power plants

Live streaming video of Climate Action civil disobedience in DC

UC Davis Study - California Drought Could Eliminate 80,000 More Ag. Jobs This Year Alone - SJMN

Marine Survey Finds Emaciated Apex Fish, Porpoises, Whales As Prey Species Vanish

asbestos-ravaged town has its day in court

POWER POLITICS: Big Nuclear's money grab

I just heard a radio ad for Solar City--solar with no upfront costs.

97% Of Texas - #2 Agricultural State - In Some Stage Of Drought

AAAS Author - Climate Outlook "Beyond Anything That We've Considered Seriously In Climate Policy"

CIBC - US Automakers Likely To Close Half Of All Plants, Given Demand Picture

Unstaining Al Gore’s good name, Part 1: The NYT’s false “guilty of inaccuracies and overstatements”

3rd Time In 6 Years; Early Warmth Pushes Indian Mangoes To Bloom Too Soon - Huge Crop Losses Likely

New report predicts 32.7M electric cars by 2015

"What the 2008 Democratic Landslide Means for the Nat'l. Endowment for Democracy"

Thousands March in Haiti Demanding Return of Aristide

Verde -an ode to Sleep walking Romance

CIA Director Panetta apologizes to Argentina's president for "unstable" remark

BIG Changes in Cuban Gov't. Shakeup

Uribe does not give interviews: director Semana

Today in labor history Mar 2, 6,000 drivers strike Greyhound Lines, most lose jobs to strikebreakers

Taking their stand...on the necks of the jobless

Ford workers oppose new concessions

Memo To Business: Unions Will Help Your Bottom Line

Protesting cuts at the LA Times

Labor Federations Seek To Revoke Tax-Exempt Status Of Two Right-Wing Groups

Cold War U.S. Atomic Workers Being Paid $4.5 Billion

More than 3,000 Chicago Janitors Rally in Chicago for Good Jobs to Strengthen Our Economy

AFL-CIO: African Americans Win With Unions (by my good friend Edgar Moore here in Omaha)

NLRB blocks work-site elections by new union

NFL may be headed for labor unrest

Obama's FY 2010 Budget Allocates $13.3 Billion to Labor Department (a new era)

OS&S: Excavation Firm's Citations Piling Up; Latest Nears $700,000

City crews exposed to asbestos, worker claims

10 years after girl's death, new law protects public from trenches (Mom works decade to pass law)

Former Bush official: unions are cartels with a violent history

In Obama, Labor Finds the Support It Expected

New NLRB chief sees a future where workers’ rights top the agenda

In Rare Move, NLRB Takes Hospitals To Court

Report: NBA to borrow $200M to aid 12 teams

T.J. Houshmandzadeh will sign with Seahawks

A-Fraud cooperates with MLB investigators

Warner travels to 49ers complex

could Dustin Lance Black pull a two-fer

Counter-protest against Phelps today in Moore, Oklahoma


Prop 8 Racism

Calif. Legislature supports gay marriage challenge

Camp OUT for Equality

The Woo-Woo Conundrum Has Been Solved.....

Mildred Loving

Social isolation a significant health issue

New push for Harvey Milk Day - with Sean Penn's help

2nd Marriage Equality Action Fair: Sunday, March 8th. 2-5pm.

So... We were going to watch Gone With The Wind...

Cross posting cuz the story is important, re Annie Leibowitz

Black Hole Alert: AIG to Get as Much as $30 Billion More

Worst job losses in 60 years expected

(MarketWatch Error) Please delete.

AIG: $61.66 Billion Loss

Financials dragged lower by HSBC rights, AIG results

EU Rejects Multi-Billion Dollar Rescue Plan For Eastern Europe

Adios, DJI 7000

If the Gov. already owns 80% of A.I.G.

DEEP CAPTURE! CNBC ......And the beat goes on.......

The Greenberg Brothers: A Response from AIG

India Maintains Sense of Optimism and Growth - in part due to protectionist policies

Power company makes record profit, yet asks customers to voluntarily pay for green energy.

Geithner - Too late or Too Smart -Only time will tell.

European Leaders Screech about "Protectionism" AGAIN!

Bankers and Wall Streeters are playing a giant game of musical chairs.

Banking has become a Chinese fire drill

Hungary's ratings outlook revised to negative by Fitch

Europe sees trouble rising in the East

Ukraine risks unrest as ills worsen

Barry Ritholtz on what's driving the markets down.

Four Bad Bear Markets (updated)

Rewriting Frankenstein Contracts

The Repo Man Cometh.

VIX Premium Forecasts Two More Years for Bear Market ... corresponds with past financial crises

Nouriel Roubini: "stimulus from U.S. government spending will be puny this year"

What Next?

MI5 alert on bank riots

The Challenge Before America

When Erin Burnett was talking to AIG CEO today she was asking him

Don't Forget: AIG's Customers Were Running A Scam Too

Feds: Cuban exiles made millions in false Medicare claims, then left Miami

Dow industrials fall below 7,000; lowest since '97

Credit card charge-offs hit record high in January

Should I short stocks now?

How much did Credit Default Swaps contribute to the Sub-prime Mortgage Meltdown?

Why retirement savers are numb

Clinton says no U.S. funds will go to Hamas

Rattling the Cage: Provoking anti-Semitism

A Peace Now Report: New Land Seizure Orders Issued During the Gaza Operation - February 2009

Israel plans to double West Bank settlers

Israel's Olmert may face corruption charges

Puzzled in Gaza

Gaza rocket hits Ashkelon, Israel files complaint with UN

A single gene controls the amount of adipose tissue in worms, insects and mice

Good or Useless, Medical Scans Cost the Same


Tell me about aneurisms

One Ride Forward, Two Steps Back - child development

Should we ban salmonella tainted peanut butter because a subset of the population might be at risk?

Huff Po: Health Officials Back Study Idea on Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated Children

Bill to regulate Credit Default Swaps goes to House Financial Services Committee

Has anybody here undergone radiation treatment for tonsil/neck/throat cancer? How bad were the side

Six Minutes with the Renegade Economist - Michael Hudson Special...

Gun Sense and Nonsense

Bsck from Fairbanks,

Okay, my last one for today

Things in the Snow

Salvage that blurred image with blind deconvolution.. for free..

Putting the garbage out this morning...

It was imperative I take another walk and do better

JCS Chairman: North Korea watched closely

Officer gets 25 years in detainee’s death

Because I fully know how ignorant I am about such things - I pulled out the book

You guys sure get excited about a little snow!

***March Photo Contest Theme Poll***

A few more from our trip to Fairbanks

Submarine, aircraft carrier deploy with NWUs

Navy freezes surface ship maintenance funds

Japan emperor, empress mull Pearl Harbor visit

Seabees return from Iraq, Afghanistan

Coast Guard searching for 2 NFL players

Corps expands running suit rollout

General to lead Lejeune Marines to Afghanistan

UAV graduate school opens

Local leaders are making a comeback in Iraq

UAV pilot career field could save $1.5B

Marines in Ramadi sweep to see and be seen

Army life wish list drawn up at conference on Okinawa

Wiesbaden JROTC hosts, wins drill team meet

Aviano’s indoor firing range remains dormant

GI Mom Refuses to Abandon Family

When Johnny and Janie come marching home.

snow peas

The Stars This Week: "The Gift of Review" - March 2 - March 8, 2009

Shared Affirmations

Adventures with my Quartz Crystal

Hi Everyone....

Quantum Physics~ The Matrix (video)

I'm just OVER it ALL today ...

Big Fast NEO passing over tonight and tomorrow night..

Mars had 'recent' running water

I think I've found one of next year's IgNobel candidates

Did Rush Limbaugh break the FIRST commandment?

Wilmington nun marks 65 years of service to children, immigrants and God

I confronted our parish priest yesterday immediately after mass about his remarks about FOCA

cowboy brioche



Whats for Dinner? ~ Monday March 2nd

Democrats Limit Future Financing for Washington Voucher Program

To Keep Students, Colleges Cut Anything but Aid

Anyone else's school laying off teachers?

Susan Lindauer Blows the Whistle Again

Former Accused Iraqi Agent Reveals Facts about 9/11 Warning

Susan Lindauer, American Cassadra, Blows the Whistle on the 9/11 Scandal

Tuesday Hear a Live Interview with Kevin Ryan

Happy Independence Day, Texas!

Gagging on more voter ID craziness

Panel Says Ron Kirk Underpaid Taxes

Watched History Channel (I know) series last night on the Armageddon/Revelations end-of-the-world

Kaspersky question.

Hearings this week

What blogs are you reading these days?