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Archives: March 19, 2009

KO no longer on Leno (for eastern time zone)

I gotta say I strongly disagree with Obama on this and I will be proven correct on this

The clock is ticking Democrats... It's just a mater of time...

As long as I lived,I never thought....

At G20, Kremlin to Pitch New Currency

Charles Grassley Confronts AIG Execs

Condi on Charlie Rose? I

"...Neighbors said the couple had lived in the tool shed ..."

Fundies up in arms about Panetta's 'anti-American' daughter

Marriage redefined in Webster's - fundies erupt

Business Booming at 'Breastaurants'

Totally cool pic of Pres. Obama

Why the AIG Bonus is a big deal...

The Grievance Committee - LOL


If I Threw a Party?

If I Threw a Party?

How Much Water Do You REALLY Use? (INFOGRAPHIC) view!

Too fat to work?

WJ this morning: Corporate Bonuses - What's Next

i finally got a rw BS email from my sister

Not only does the Walton family fund the charter school movement - they invested in school mgt.

COLBERT coming up on Today!. . . .

Fraud prosecution.

A call for unity in the face of War

I love this picture.

Pete Seeger's 90th Birthday Celebration . . . unbelievable lineup! . . .

Dollars & Sense: Crisis = Opportunity for Single-Payer

I have Twated....

Who, in their right mind, would want to work for the government for $1

This isn’t rocket science.

The 2009 National Douchebag Tournament

Good News: Palin Still Killing Wolves

Here's Pete Seeger, age 2 yrs., sittin' on his daddy's knee in 1921

When did the spelling of "Oops" get changed to "Opps"? Did I miss something?

Vikram Pandit (bailed-out Citigroup CEO) Executive Suite's $10 Million Refurbishing

Jim Cramer has learned nothing--Criticizes Jon Stewart for "attacking media"

Octomom brings two home, paparazzi mob her CHILDREN

Americans are outraged huh? We aren't NEAR outraged enough.


Richardson abolishes N.M. death penalty

90% Tax on Executive Bonuses - For a British-based AIG Division?

SEN DODD: Obama Treasury Department pushed to cut language restricting bonuses

North Korea detains 2 American journalists

Colin Powell’s former chief of staff: Cheney is ‘evil,’ his fearmongering is ‘assisting’ al Qaeda.

Jon Stewart to Cheney: Drink a cup of 'Shut the f**k up'

BLOOMBERG: Bailed Out Citigroup to Commit $10 Million for New Executive Suite

An Obama / Rep. Kilroy's Socialist Project (Kilroy on Steph Miller now)

What interests me about people here who want to destroy the capitalist system

Patiently waiting for when a Republican gives Bush credit for the economic recovery....

6 years ago today

Coming up on Joe, When Ronnie saved the world..


Stewart to Cheney: Drink a cup of 'Shut the f**k up'

The Award Winning John King

Coming to the bargain bin at a bookstore near you: The Decider's memoirs, called "Decision Points"..

IL: No jail time for sadist pastor who hit 12-year-old with crown molding as 'discipline'

13 Firms Receiving Federal Bailout Funds Owe $220M in Back Taxes

Rich Powerful Congress & Govt Leaders Shield Selves by Villifying Corporate Workers?

25 people ran AIGs credit derivative dept and Liddy refused to name them

China's factories get desperate as orders drop

U.S. House Set to Vote on 90% Tax Targeted at Executive Bonuses

Citi may spend $10 million for executive suite

Bernie Madoff's hellhole: Ponzi schemer is caged 23 hours a day, gets bad food and few visitors

In Torture Cases, Obama Toes Bush Line

The Rude Pundit - AIG Bonuses: Did It Break the Law? Then Shut the Fuck Up

Fox News Smackdown: ACORN vs. Blonde Bimbo

Why the BIG TODO aabout Gitmo prisonerrs going to US prisons?

Horrible reasons to hate Obama: from my friends

Father, mystic held for allegedly raping daughters

Mexico Tariffs Hit A Diverse List Of U.S. Goods

remember being ripped off by Halliburton, year after year?

13 firms receiving federal bailout owe back taxes - more than $220 million in unpaid federal taxes!

OK, we heard about the deal for Rove and Miers to give depositions...

What exactly is a "Blue dog democrat"

Marie Douglas-David, Wife Divorcing Former CEO, Says $43 Million Not Enough...Needs $53K a week

Marie Douglas-David, Wife Divorcing Former CEO, Says $43 Million Not Enough...Needs $53K a week

Today's awwwwwww picture

Bizarro Economics and Superman

The European Union must vote for a full ban on seal products - The Guardian

No, you can't have your deposit back..(sheesh!)

Did they become senators & congressmen to serve us, or rob us?

Nation’s major newspapers ignore Iraq war’s sixth anniversary.

New York Times rescued from bankruptcy by ... Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim

Which Conferees Stripped Dodd's Anti-Bonus Language?

Schwarzenegger to help Obama answer GOP critics

Light shed on AIG as a political cash cow

Moran Freepfucks in thread after thread use Natasha Richardson's death

For Ellen Tauscher's Seat (CA-10) think Tom Torlakson as the better replacement

Citigroup's NEW $10 Million Executive Suite (Why Not A Low-Rent Corporate Park In Jersey)?

Samantha Bee Explains Short Selling (VIDEO)

Former evangelical pastor Ted Haggard, wife to discuss gay sex, meth, marriage on 'Divorce Court'

Job suggestions for unemployed Sesame Streeters

Consortium News / David Swanson of After Downing Street: Torture Revealed Yet Again

Will Rogers was right

If you know how cell phones and computers work...

Russia May Lease Cuban Offshore Oil Blocks, Reuters Reports

Pity Party Time: Geithners Could End up LOSING Money Selling Their N Y Home!!

The Fed followed my advice! "Prints" $1.2 trillion of new money .

Troops Admit Abuses

Thousands March in France to Protest Sarkozy’s Economic Plan

Bill would ban nonmedical drug use in U.S. livestock

Today's Outrage: Citigroup Stiffs Stockholders - If you own Citigroup Stock you're a chump.

Just got a call from my congressman, Latta (R). He will be in my town and wants to know what

House Minority Leader fading

Democracy Now! -- excellent today: Tariq Ali on our ME wars, Pakistan

"Ask the President" launches now....

"Ask the President" launches now....

Near the pinnacle of those endowed with chutzpah is ......

America - fix it or we all fall...

A War Resister Speaks from Prison: Let GI Resisters Stay in Canada, by Robin Long

Labor Issue Puts Pennsylvania's Specter in Political Bind

If the repubican party were to fade away, I think there are more than enough .....

Lying Or Incompetent - Either Way, Geithner Needs to Be Fired

Most obvious shovel ready project: Bury the fuckers!

The modern republican

Cramer responds to Stewart: ‘It was naive and misleading’ to attack me.

New Obama Book Deal -worth millions

Chief of KBR’s government division quits abruptly

So, this I found interesting....

Coming Soon To eBay: The Taxman

Norris. Beck. Palin. Traitors.

Rare Reptile Returns to New Zealand Mainland

Against their own best interest.......Don't blame me Bumperstickers

Its the three wise monkeys excuse.....

Obama no longer on CNN, sorry

65 House Democrats oppose "assault weapons ban" in letter to Holder.

San Quentin Seen as a Hot Property

"I'm sick & tired of hearing admin & Secretary of Treasury say-I just found out about it"(Rep D-PA)

Sarah Palin to deliver huge speech — except she doesn’t know about it

A crook is a crook no matter if they're a republican or a Democrat

Rep. Barney Frank: Is There an Antidote to the Republican Amnesia?

Obama on with Ed Schultz NOW

Obama on with Ed Schultz NOW

Hartmann's got Susan Lindauer on NOW!

Arkansas: Challenge to the Ban on Gay Adoption Clears First Hurdle

Fannie and Freddie are about to give out bonus bucks. Will we

Fannie and Freddie are about to give out bonus bucks. Will we

Fannie and Freddie are about to give out bonus bucks. Will we

President Obama will be on Ed Schultz Show today - Link.......

Natural Selection Only a "Figure of Speech," Says State Education Board Chair

Teen birth rates up....again

American Express May Be Downgraded by S&P on Prospect of Borrower Defaults

A 36-year-old Swedish countess divorcing a former CEO says she cannot live on $43 million

Norquist: GOP Can Vote For The AIG-Bonus Tax -- If We Cut More Taxes, Too

Who here is planning to watch President Obama on Leno tonight?

The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch causes trouble

Ask the President -- Brought to you by The Nation Magazine

I've got a retention bonus for AIG FP employees...

Want to defeat the blue dogs and their republican allies?

Remember this one?

The Evan Bayh 'Gang of 14" obstructionists who will derail the Democratic agenda

Inspectors head to undersea volcano in Tonga

Colin Powell’s former chief of staff: 'Evil' and 'dangerous' Cheney makes U.S. less safe

the sanctimonious outrage of the republican congressfolks regarding aig

NJ considers ban on bare-it-all 'Brazilian' wax

Sanford's audacity of 'nope'

This Progressive’s Self Diagnosis: Bush Withdrawal?

When is the best time to post on DU? Some observations

My 18 yr old son asked, what do repubs stand for...

Ad featuring Angelina Jolie ordered off UK TV (AP)

Pelosi: "We want our money back and we want our money back now..."

Jim Calhoun will NOT coach UConn today

More interesting GM decision failures

Boehner: "There was no deregulation of anything"

Energy Secretary Chu Suggests Carbon Tariff

Who Are the Wealthiest Members of the Obama Administration?

Constitutionality of taxing bonuses?

I just saw an interesting Texas vanity license plate: SECEED

Recycled sewage struggles with yuk factor

But we're just as bad. Or Worse: A short rant.

Pac. NW/Seattle DU folks.....alert...alert..only you can avoid a tragedy...

First three NCAA games at halftime, I'm at 100% so far


Born in the USA?


Am I the only one who thinks Josef "House of Horrors" Frankl got off lightly?

I think I hate the corporate media even more now

Norman Lear Gets It

Political cycles, and why the Dems will be in power for a generation.

AIG has done what no politician could ever do.

Smart transit-based housing development plan in San Francisco

Only in DC do protesters get a police escort

What I REALLY can't stand about Rush Limbaugh

Seriously, do you think you'll read any book by Bush, Rove, or Cheney?

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Boehner took 87 plus lashes

Florida city shuts down Bingo games in city trailer park. Requires million dollar liability coverage

I am going to admit something that will probably get me branded a monster.

Obama on CNN, Starting Q and A for town hall meeting now

'he flies off to los angeles to be on the jay leno show'..... senator jon kyl

God-less 'congregations' planned for humanists (WaPo)

Special Camera Reveals Republican Secret Identity

You know what else is cool....Chase +$50 bill...

House passes 90% tax on bonuses

I thing most of congress and the senate are out of thie minds

A song that I wrote a while back...

Leaked GOP Talking Points: Blame Dodd For AIG Mess

Oops Israel troops admit Gaza abuses

What are the prospects for the Senate passing this AIG bonus tax bill?

What are the prospects for the Senate passing this AIG bonus tax bill?

What are the prospects for the Senate passing this AIG bonus tax bill?

Whoa! Throw a couple of these at an intruder....

Susan Lindauer will be on Thom Hartman today

Remember when Antonin Scalia said that "punishment" could only apply

Bruce Springsteen to appear on "The Daily Show" tonight

The lesson of Judith Miller is that journalists can be full of crap too.

I don't know where it went- an article posted by kpete about madsen:

U.S. won't prosecute medical pot sales (LAT)

NASA: Environmental disaster avoided on ozone loss

Stewart to Cheney: Drink a cup of 'Shut the f**k up'

The AIG bonuses matter because they are part of the political and corporate disconnect

U.S. Teen Birth Rate Rises in 2007 for Second Straight Year

msnbc cut away for hardball....

Holy shit! What do you have to do to be found legally insane in Texas?

Cheney to Pen Bush's Memoir

Are Obama’s primetime TV appearances designed to damage Fox?

THE Solution for Iraq & Afghanistan...

Limbaugh on NJ bikini wax ban (warning: extreme bad taste)

Senate again passes bill to expand wilderness

Oh ohh...MSM is pissed.

If you stopped reading a newspaper out of boredom or because it's the money

Feingold introduces bill to ban federal death penalty

Taxing After the Fact - What if The Money Is Already Spent and Other Remarks

Taxing After the Fact - What if The Money Is Already Spent and Other Remarks

Maybe this is how to handle AIG

Global Super-Currency To Flood the World

Global Super-Currency To Flood the World

Baghdad's water still undrinkable 6 years after invasion

I am reading Barbara Bush a Memoir from 1994 She is a pathetic

Alternet: Does America Face The Risk Of A Fascist Backlash?

Ex-Bush Admin Official: Many Gitmo prisoners are innocent

Is there any other news besides AIG to cover for krees sake?

Top brass disturbed by GOP stalling of Iraq ambassador

Let's tax talk radio!

Remember those 92 tapes?

Lou Dobbs interviews Dennis Kucinich

How much more are you willing to give to AIG ?

Where is the 'Obama is going take away our guns' meme coming from?

Quote of the Day - From NY Times Columnist Gail Collins

"Massive effort" needed to protect Fargo as Red River could crest at 40 feet

We cannot allow the republicans to define populism -- Support the newly formed Populist Caucus

Obama on guns - repost from last year (his interview with field and stream)

I want Geithner to stay at Treasury.

RNs & Healthcare Workers Unite: SEIU/NNOC/CNA Announce Accord - Endorse Single-Payer

Thousands of Iraqis held by U.S. to go free

Who remembers Dick Tracy's "wrist - radio"?

Dodd back pedals, admits to role in AIG loophole

Brian ROSS blames 2nd Amend.for U.S.gun exports to Mexico, violence over there

Brian ROSS blames 2nd Amend.for U.S.gun exports to Mexico, violence over there

Welfare Queen?

Liddy Testified that most of Congress knew before Geithner about the Bonuses, didn't he?

Well, Obama just got a bunch of Republicans to vote for a tax increase... Hmmmmmm.


AIG will now offer their building for sale according to the Boston

bu$h* LIED us into war, TORTURED people, SPIED on americans and the media yawned

Fort Hood Soldier Arrested After Killeen Woman Shoots Would-Be Burglar

Welfare for Billionaires Watch: Florida Marlins want a $600 M stadium paid for by the taxpayers..

Sen. Kyl Upset About...Obama's Leno Appearance

The argument on Tweety: Is a 90% tax a "PUNISHMENT"

I Apologize to my fellow DUers.

David Gregory Hosting NBC Nightly News...

Ok, so here is what I understand of the AIG issue to this point....

Want to know how solvent your bank (any bank) is?

USFS New Mexico Office - Medical Marijuana Patients will be arrested in National Forests

Fed to pump 1.2 trillion dollars of 'extra' money into the economy - ITS MAGIC

CNN WHERE WERE YOU FROM 2001-2008????????

1980: Men elected Ronald Reagan.

So, let me get this straight. We capitulated language in a bill so the republicans would vote for it

susan molinari...what a hateful, nasty person

Ex-Bush official to AP: Many at Gitmo are innocent

Where are you on the Religion/Belief scale?

No Return to Normal-Why Economic Crisis & Its Solution Are Bigger Than You Think-By James Galbraith

Will Interest in genital waxing wane?

Governors Who Are Rejecting the Increase in Unemployment Compensation Benefits

Guess we know now why the Fed Reserve head went on 60 Min

Hell no, he shouldn't go. At least not yet.

R.I.P. for the Economy

Rush Limbaugh: "You ARE PEASANTS!" Can you believe?

Six Dems voted Nay on taxing the bonuses and for the life of

Five Wall Street Whoppers And Why You Need To Know Them

College Costs: High and Rising

Republicans vote to increase top tax rate to 90%

Pawnshops Boom as Rich Feel Gloom: "So long, flat panel"

Isn't it ironic that Bill-0 has a list of "far left" smear merchants

Jesus - almost 90 days now and can't get freaking TVs instock

From Alternet: Does American Face the Risk of a Fascist Backlash?

Top 5 Habits to increase your life...Yahoo Health

Gay student banned from wearing rainbow

EIGHTY FIVE REPUBLICANS in the house voted to RAISE TAXES today!!!!!

There was no "secret provision" to allow AIG bonuses

US to attend Afghan meeting in Russia - Iran expected to attend

Verizon Wireless Customers - Just Say No!

The real problem with education... in the US

If you would simply watch AIG's CEO's testimony, your questions would be answered.

I just un ignored my list

CEO's. Now I understand their pain.

Oh Norman... Norman, Norman, Norman... What The Hell Happened To You ???

Tenn. bill delayed that would gag gay students, teachers

Heeeere’s Barack…...Leno

Life in prison for Fritzl

Geithner's new lying strategy.

Uh Oh.. Heads Up .. Keith has a SPECIAL COMMENT TONIGHT!

Bush Pioneer JC Huizenga: 2nd-largest charter school management co. in the US

Actual legislation (H. R. 1586) appears to exclude "commission" from the definition of bonus.

Not one dime for AIG bonuses

Don't close Gitmo! Use it to jail the CEOs and repub crooks.

Gawd ...... that's JARRING

Happy Birthday worst foreign policy decision ever

HOLY SHIT! I just realized that Rick Santelli reminds me of Quark from DS9:

What about "transparency"?

Human cannibals that we ignore at our own risk

Wanna scare yourself? Break into your own house.

Poll: I believe Oil is unlimited and/or I believe in abiotic oil

Apparently, Another Freeper Got A Visit From The Authorities

Save the earth - homeschool, grow your own pot...and other things to do

Sweet Lemonade from AIG Bonus Lemons

Hedge Funs Are "The Ultimate Beneficiaries" Of AIG Bailout (WSJ)

RIGHT-WING MYTH: The Daily Show Doesn't Criticize Obama

Was The Rachel Maddow Show just censored?

Palin rejects nearly half of state’s stimulus funds meant for education, health care, and labor

Mr President, here is a question I would like to ask?

As a great cartoon character often says, "Good Grief"

Weekly Most Annoying Republican Poll

"Palin Rejects 30 Percent Of Stimulus Cash"

Keith is on a roll...surprised GEM$NBC hasn't pulled the plug on him yet.....

Was Eliot Spitzer Taken Out Because He Was Going to Bust AIG?

MI: unarmed young marijuana activist shot in chest by cop

Obama gets Rebubs to vote to tax the uber-rich at 90% inside his first 100 days- AMAZING! n/t

Should the teacher have been arrested for this?

Internet Archive to unveil massive Wayback Machine data center

7.9 magnitude EQ near Tonga Tsunami warning issued.

Can't you just walk into your bank?

CNBC host: Wall Street companies can’t ‘be run well’ by those making under $250,000.

CNBC host: Wall Street companies can’t ‘be run well’ by those making under $250,000.

We all say things sometimes without thinking it thru completely.

Bruuuuuuuuuce...Daily Show...Now

Self deleted.

Self deleted.

Ky. officials accused of election-rigging scheme

I'd like to talk about the Whitewater Scandal from the 1990's

State of Birds just Released, and What You Can Do:

I'd like to talk about homosexuality, abortion and taxes

I'd like to talk about bluestateguy's very short attention span!

I'd like to talk about the O.J. Simpson trial

Did Congress & the Senate vote to give AIG the money?

I'd like to talk about the Forced Busey issue

I'd like to talk about the Forced Busing issue

I'd like to talk about how Steve Bartman cost the Cubs the pennant in 2003

AIG Provides Names of Bonus Recipients to Cuomo

"Blaming Dodd for AIG-Gate Misses the Mark"

Chicken parts -- Where'd they come from????!!!???? AGGGHH!

Greta's botox has spread to her brain

Come on, Andy Rooney - reading GD now is like a season of Rooney spots!

Where is the official DU thread: Obama on Leno?


Ron Paul has a point, though I wish he didn't

Cartoon from Sunday's Star Tribune regarding Normie Coleman's behavior

Step away from the computer

I'd like to go to bed now.

Autopsy: Richardson died of impact to the head

I'd like to talk about concrete floors in our family room...

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

I'd like to talk about the flag burning issue

(found on fark) They're hunting witches in Gambia

(found on fark) They're hunting witches in Gambia

I wasn't around for FDRs fireside chats but

I would like to talk about funding for after school programs

Anti-gay screed by local Texas GOP official proves that Republicans love teh gheys

Fascinating few minutes

Oops. Obama gaffe on Leno?

Bush’s book deal fetches just $7 million.

Bomb squads... (AIG)

Fast Car

Tim Geithner was just caught groping a cutout of Rick Warren while Tweeting Bristol Palin at DLC HQ.

Tim Geithner was just caught groping a cutout of Rick Warren while Tweeting Bristol Palin at DLC HQ.

I'd like to talk about: Troubled Texas students forced to fight in cage

1,500 Friends and I are on local TV tonight

Legislators say say ban on small ATVs, motorcycles hurting Oklahoma

Teacher who shot student with Nerf dart quits job

Geitner needs to go - Treasury Department should welcome a lawsuit -one word: DISCOVERY

Obama Insults Handicapped People On Tonight's Leno

"Has the Iraq War been successful?" Please DU this POS poll.

When you live in absurd times, sometimes (in a free country) absurdity is all that cuts through the

U.N. panel says world should ditch dollar(Reuters)


Is it Nice or just Creepy to try to thank a teacher you had thirty years ago?

Does A College Degree Make You Clueless

15 "Moderate Democrats" (Joe Lieberman) Decide to Piss Me The FUCK OFF.

Did I really hear Dan Lungren use the words

We still fighting?

What would happen if we let them fail?

E&P: 'How Did Newspapers Get in This Pickle?'

Army Veteran Protester scales VA building to hang sign

Iraq Veterans Against The War: Our Troops And Iraqis Are Still Dying

So .... we all cheered when Begich won in a squeeker over Stevens .......

Quick turn on Keith Olbermann now to see his last show!

FYI BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN is tonight's guest on The Daily Show w/Jon Stewart!!!

Dallas school accused of staging fights

Why don't they just pay these bonuses in "toxic assets"? It keeps

Robert Parry: Framing Obama -- by the Washington Post

Euthanasia for Cancer Victims should not be the only option!!! National Health Care Now!!!

Do You Have a Passport?

You didn't have to Toke, Shoot or be Flower Child to be a "Dirty Fuckin' Hippie!

AIG Is Being Abused: "It is as bad if not worse than McCarthyism"

WTF happened??

Seriously, why do threads about Infrastructure sink like stones?

Robert F. Kennedy: Free Paul Minor - Victim of Karl Rove Witch Hunt

There are certain times when it is just best to get off DU because

DVD-gate continues: Digital Protection Thwarts PM Brown

General Strike in France very popular

XM Radio Listeners-- Changes: Alex Bennett?

a tree is about to fall on our house.!! it has leaned over precipitously in the last 12 hours after

Lessons for the west from Asian capitalism

God Vs. The Bible? Cenk interviews John Armstrong, author of this controversial book.

DU Psychics: What's going to be the next OUTRAGE? What should be?

When I buy my next car, it'll be a Smart-fortwo

The Greatest Cliché: The Unexamined Propaganda of "Political Correctness"

Six Fucking Years!

"Twatted" edited out of Colbert's Today show appearance

BTP: Obama-Dodd pull a Bush-Specter Fast-One on the American People

Charter school students more likely to graduate, attend college

Geithner is falling on his sword.

I *love* hearing RWer's eat their own guts, out on the delta today..

I do not give a fuck about any "contracts" that award huge bonuses to companies taking stimulus $$$

Despair as California's Central Valley dries up

Al Franken’s 2015 Letter to his Grandchildren

None of us have an ounce of xenophobia but what good are foreigners?

Do you ever moderate your opinions when posting here?

I am autistic. I have participated in the Special Olympics. Obama's remark didn't offend me.

Freeper gets visit from Secret Service

$15 For A Glass Of Sludge-Water W/Lemon - The American Way

Olbermann says Obama made off color joke about his bowling, involves special olympics.

Woman Hoping To Bust Ex-Boyfriend For Child Porn Ends Up Arrested On Multiple Bestiality Charges

Barbara Lee, Lynn Woolsey, Maxine Waters: Asking the Hard Questions About the Iraq War

China backs Russia's call for a rethink of the US dollar's status as world's sole benchmark currency

Norton's quite a pain to remove

Charter schools and the attack on public education

My aunt and her dog were attacked by a pit bull today.

Oh, Noeeeees... The Freepers want to divorce us!

Who's advice would you take to improve food safety? The CEO of Kellog's?

Anyone here remember the 2005 A.I.G. Accounting Scandal??? Here's a reminder...

Communism failed. Capitalism failed. What do we try next?

Help me design a semester course in Creationism

Geithner Fesses Up: He Pushed for Dropping a Senate Restriction on Bonuses. Geithner's Becoming a

People defending Geithner are defending Wall Street, are delusional, or both

Citibank - CitiMortgage is terrible - Bailout ridden failure


From Cube Steak To Mac and Cheese

Two women, two pictures, too funny.

Rotten at the Core

Are R's & D's Equally To Blame For The Current Financial Crisis? (AKA, The 50/50 Argument)

SIX hours elapsed before Natasha R. received specialized trauma care.

AIG Republican Death Match: Bonus Loophole v. Retroactive Taxation

I just had to help hubby take his best friend to the hospital for psych/alcohol/suicide

I prefer Queen Latifah to Rihanna as a Cover Girl role model

Need someone to write to?


They should have never gotten rid of the "30 minutes or it is free". Is the pizza sometimes late?

Let my inspiration flow in token rhyme, suggesting rhythm,

Failing Florida schools face sanctions. Using "disaster capitalism" to privatize public schools.

Dark Shadows


My favorite song on St Pat's


"Helsinki"- Night On Earth (1991)

"Ember" by Mia

Just got back from seeing "Wake Up World" at the Steve Allen Theater in Hollywood

This one song dominated my evening.

This guy at the bus stop told me that LeftyFingerPop needs to go to bed

Shit. Barack Obama is President of the United States.


This guy at the bus stop told me that they are closing the internet at 2 pm eastern today.

Pete Seeger's 90th Birthday Celebration . . . unbelievable lineup! . . .

The search for the dumbest criminal ever has ended...

UFOs photographed over London

Jesus Christ Superstore

This guy at the bus stop told me that they just discovered that all calculators manufactured...

Who is Mysterion? (South Park last night)

I know spring has arrived...

I am so proud of myself.

NCAA Madness!

NCAA Madness!

Working at Cedar Point for the summer!!


So this is it. The BIG college basketball tournament has started. The one we all care about.

Don't forget to finish your NCAA brackets - Complete against Barack Obama too!!!


Why can't we all just get along?

HOLY SH!T! Pete Seeger's 90th birthday concert!

Video game nerds, pick your Video Vixen

This guy at the bus stop told me that Lovey Howell of Gilligan's Island...

I had a dream that Hugo Chavez was overthrown in a Coup, and that my friend cut his dreads.

Ugh, Youshinuya, you're dead to me

Good morning Lounge

Where can I buy a box of disposable iron skillets?

Tobacco can make you impotent

How much is this baby faced mug of mine hurting me in the dating scene?

Am I the only one here who refuses to do the whole respond to Tommy_Carcetti thing?

A quadruple Saturn transit!

Did you know that "Sandra Lee" from The Food Network

After watching Reese Witherspoon on Leno

Dear Mom, Step-mom, and Dad,

Am I the only one here who refuses to do the whole respond to Mildo refusing to respond to me thing?

Top Eleven Reasons we love March Madness

Am I the only one here who refuses to do the whole "+1" thing?

Any Carter Oosterhouse fans here?

What is on YOUR desktop today - here's mine - -

Goodfellas' Billy Batts Scene: "Nah. Nah. Nah. You insulted him a lil bit."

New Lounge Song.... "Look at me I'm Sandra Lee"

If you really want to know about Sandra Lee, visit...

Extreme Sheep Art!

I see that the latest Midlo drama has been boiled down to elegant mathematical expressions

When are we going to see some new art work from the "but-tutcher"

Who here likes (or even knows) Mission of Burma?

all of which begs the question - would Sandra Lee bread her fried chicken with corn flakes?

I finally found that French condom !

Cast your vote for Bag of the Year 2009! Brought to you by Fresca. mmm refreshing

Is this cute? Asher says yes, I say FUCK NO!!!

Double Babelfish a recent DU Post.

OMG I just sent a blank check in the mail

This is very difficult for me.

DU training video

DU training video

why couldn't u just have kids? why?

Delaware Average Weights Down 22%, Cannibalism Rates Rising - AFP

Do you warn other drivers by flashing your lights if you see a cop?

Tax Season Office Etiquette rant

Are you ready to possibly get a new Zodiac sign ?

I need a good reason to get dressed

I am moving to Oklahoma(one day)

Television Without Pity Forums for Sandra Lee

Daughter says independence likely led to moonshiner's suicide

Bare or curly?

Do you warn other drivers by beating the shit out of them with a shovel if you see a cop?


1993 was the last time BYU won a first round tournament game.

Pre 5:00am television

How would you classify my religious beliefs?

Bear or Curly?

Check in here if you know Jason Somebody

My roommate took a 2nd job...... As a bouncer/doorman....

I would like a shoat!

I would like a tote

What would "Going Galt" really be like?

I would like a stoat.

I got my taxes in the mail today!

woohoo, I just got a gig, covert (private, domestic) surveillance. Ask me almost anything

Put your Ipod(or other device) on Shuffle - what are the first 10 songs that are picked

I do not like green eggs and ham..not in a boat...not in a moat

Let's come up with titles for Dick Cheney's book

Has a famous celebrity that you THOUGHT that had died turned out to be still alive?

Will COBRA be extended?


About someone ending the horror: NJ considers ban on bare-it-all 'Brazilian' wax

The Noodleboy needs help! I need ideas for short funny monologues.

So am I the only one

I'd like to go to Choate

Anybody else with Yahoo mail unable to sign in today (from Firefox)?

March is a good month


Shemp or Curly?

Is this cute? ashling says yes, I say FUCK NO!!!

Does matcom ever post here anymore?

I would like a grit

New photo reveals an elderly Charles Manson

I've become a geek. I have laptop envy.

gifts for the boob lover

I would like a moat.

I would like a boat.

I would like a mote.

I would like a goat

I would like My Pet Goat

****Official Gloat About Being in First Place in LyneeSin's Bracket Thread*****

what are your guilty pleasure TV shows

I think that Midlo just ran a clandestine flyover, across my farm.

What are your suggestions for the DU Lounge Zodiac signs?

They cancelled "Life on Mars"!

Beagle update--she has an intestinal infection, and must stay one more night,

There's a new DUer that only posts anti-Soccer threads.

Got a brand new brew from a friend at Oskar Blues

Is there someone far away that you "chat" with by email during the work day?

As usual CBS coverage of NCAA tourney sucks

I just missed my sons school play. :(

I Can't find my bracket on Facebook

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/19/09

How long a trip is it from the GW Bridge to Philly?

What should the plastic surgeon name his retirement mansion?


Michael Jackson feels like a kid again.

Emergency Med. - The FINAL Final. Coming up in 90 minutes or so. Last plea for Lounge vibes.

Hey, my neighbor got a part on LOST

I accidently cut a tomato.

I am putting together a walk a thon!

I got served!!!!!

Anyone hear from PARCHE???

Here's quotes - Guess the movies they came from

Do you dream...???

if you want to improve education, improve the society.

Another food thread: What do you consider processed food?

Have you found BuelahWitch?

why isn't the NCAA tournament spread out over 5 or so channels?

Why is my money infested with little round stamps?

Can pizza sauce be used in place of tomato sauce?

What's the deal with the acne all the sudden, I'm about to be 34, not 17...

If you had a ranch, what would you name it?

I'm thinking about inviting Barack and Michelle to my summer DU Meetup.

Walked out of my door this morning to a police cruiser in my driveway...

This is bloody brilliant: WW II in pictures

Only one thing left to do

Have you ever put an operating system on a USB flash drive and booted from it?

Favorite DU Forum

A message from my Mom. :)

I want to know

Have you ever taken a money bath?

Do you like this poll?

You cannot remove the six "Big Forums" in the top left-hand corner of the forum list.

From Eno to Eagles - can it be done?

Boo Noobs!

a few pictures, in the hopes someone has an explanation

The lights on Broadway were dimmed for a minute at 8:00 for Natasha Richardson

The fundamentals of the economy are fundamental.

Would anyone here be in favor of a topic forum for writers?

Top 5 habits to increase Life Span ..Yahoo Health


You are granted only one wish, what is it?

Tom Hanks

I just had the weirdest work call ever

Did Hamilton get what he deserved?

Muck Fichigan

Frankly, if you are driving your children around in a car that

Happy 40th Birthday Allman Brothers Band!

Whew, what a morning. I'm a little shook up.

Some really cool & clever advertising graphics on city buses.

a song for LeftyFingerPop

I would like a float.

Into the Woods was like the bestest movie ever...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 3/19/2009)

Name a movie based on a comic book

You know Pete Seeger is going to be 90 this year?

I definately have an "issue" about books.

Got a *** out of ***** review for the latest "Queen Victoria" book!

How do you unfriend someone on Facebook?

RevActs! I want a divorce.

Seeking advice from New Yorkers

What is there to do in San Francisco ?

I'd like to talk about concrete floors in our family room...

Tabloids and gossip rags make me sick

Today's College Basketball Thread

Okay, which of you spiked the punchbowl in GD: P?

Prez on NBC..Lenno

Is it wrong to look forward to being put under, for a medical procedure?

Do animals have souls?

Have you found Jesus?

Birthday present advice needed...

What music video weirds you out?

Asheville Firefighter working

Sometimes it's better to be cruel than kind.

Should I take this personal?

Lookie! My art stuff


NJ wasn't to ban the Brazilian wax

TWENTY DUers can brag about how their picks are better than Barack Obama's

If you are from Texas, I need help IMMEDIATELY please please please...

Is it wrong when your boss asks you, 'Guess what I have?'

How much do pets really understand?

I found out my step mother is near her death bed. In a birthday card!

4 hours post ungood shrimp, I'm fine. Have I mentioned that y'all are pretty nice people?

I had a dream I was at burger king last night ordering food.

Curb Your Enthusiasm: Yea or Nay?

Rented a farm house in Conway NH

D&D players, have you picked up PHB 2 yet?

I want to get a Master's in Creationism

When did appliances get so shitty?

Everything suddenly went dark in here. The lighbulb burnt out.

Do you believe in astrology?

Blue State Residents - Does Your State Have RED State Laws?

Chicken parts -- Where'd they come from????!!!???? AGGGHH!

New portrait

Has a famous celebrity ever died and you had NO IDEA who they were???

Need some vibes folks

How awsome would this be? my idea to make it ALL about the World Baseball Classic

There is currently *no* programming on any TV station that I like or look forward to

man boobs ***WARNING***

Post it Artwork from Some Flounder

I just un ignored my list

Would you change who you are based on how others see you?

Fixed Gear Bikes are for emo poseurs and are inherently dangerous.

I think I just saw a Pampers commercial rip off Bob Dylan's "Rainy Day Women #12 & #35"!

If there is not a scientific explanation for it


Does anyone else here have a novel burning inside?

Literally translate a foreign language title or expression into English


23 years clean and sober today.

Question for Everyone who hates Grammar-Nazis

Do me a favor: lie to me and tell me that good raw shrimp is supposed to smell like bleach

GALLUP: Majority Receptive to Law Making Union Organizing Easier

Obama Getting Tougher With Congress

GALLUP: Weekly Economic Wrap: Consumer Mood Improves

C-Span 3 - Chuck up Todd of MSNBC giving a talk - Admits he doesn't understand what AIG does.....

I'm 57 today. WTF?? I was 27 just last week! Where did the time go?

I'm "sick and tired" of hearing Geithner say he just learned about the bonuses, Democrat says

Barney Frank: If I were a Superhero!

Outraged Americans Want AIG Bonus Money Recovered

Obama bumping American Idol.

Initial unemployment claim filings dip 12,000 - continuing claims of 5.47 million highest on record.

Democrats throw public punches at their president

Digby: The media "seem to think they've caught Chris Dodd lying about something"

President Obama confirms: not born in the US. Not born in Kenya either...

I want Laura Bush to write a tell-all biography entitled "I'm With Stupid"


Obama picks UNC to win NCAA Tourney

Requesting some help - Myths of the Obama Administration

If Rush Limbaugh jumps off his soap box, it will cripple him literally.

Franken Wants Coleman To Pay

FYI: Obama will be on Ed Schultz this afternoon. n/t

Cramer, Stewart Feud Continues: Cramer Calls It "Naive And Misleading...To Attack The Media" (VIDEO)

TPM: Tone Deaf?

Concerning yesterdays Town Hall Meeting....

I can't stand John Boehner. Claiming the Taxing AIG Bonuses

Talkingpointsmemo: Sheila Bair: 'Too Big to Fail' Strategy Must End

Dodd: Administration pushed for language protecting bonuses

What the hell is the DC Examiner?

Democrats throw public punches at their president

Today's Agenda for the "Mad as Hell" Outrage Brigade!

International Labor Conference In Iraq Announces New United Labor Confederation!

Eric Cantor blubbers with no answers..

Compromise on Immigration Reform

Should the Freepers be on a terrorist watch list?

It's A Bad Idea for Obama To Appear On A Comedy Show During These Times

White House Cheat Sheet: Obama and Leno

Rolling Stone: "100 Agents of Change"

"Jobless Claims Fall To 646K"

Where, in all this outrage, is talk of campaign finance reform?

Obama doesn't really answer woman's interest rate Q. Believes banks 'too big to fail.' Explains why

Obama Administration to Stop Raids on Medical Marijuana Dispensers

Why the AIG bonuses are not good for the GOP

Dodd is the hero

US births break record; 40 pct out-of-wedlock (Damn, Bush's abstinence not working??????)

Ignoring The Lessons Of Enron and Worldcom - Outrage As A Distraction From Real Reform

President Obama on LIVE with Ed Schultz Now! nt

Could Obama have gotten confirmation for a Treasury team

Working People Not Heard At Obama Administration's Vermont Health Care Summit

Diluting the dollar leads to lower interest rates. We live in interesting times!

I've Changed my Mind! I'm for Going after Them will all of the Gusto we Can Muster!

Sorry dupe. delete

Would You Feel Better If The MSM/Powers-that-be Were Praising Obama Like They Did Bush?

Former Democratic Senator Mike Gravel: "Let the Republicans Filibuster"

Talkingpointsmemo's Josh Marshall: Bigger Than the Both of Us

So when exactly is the President on the Ed Schultz show?

House Passes Heavy Tax on Bonuses for Rescued Firms - 90% on bonuses

President Obama visits electric vehicle site, will hold townhall meeting afterwards in LA

Wall Street’s $18.4 Billion Bonus

Barack fills out NCAA Brackets - so what? Eight years ago Bush was probably on vacation

Sean Hannity - Blames Economic Crisis On Excessive Regulation

AIG bonus recipients gave campaign cash to Dodd

What does Coach K really think of the President?

DH Obama 7/7, 4HR, 9RBI...

Pelosi also blames Senate for provision allowing for AIG bonuses

Fed knew about the AIG bonuses but did not tell Treasury nor White House.

How can the GOP be against the AIG Bonuses and the Tax hike to get them back?

Bills of attainder and ex post facto. Does it apply to the taxing of bonuses? n/t

***HEADS UP*** President Obama Town Hall in LA, Live Now

Bayh's new group makes it even more important to CALL YOUR REPS to push the President's plan...

** delete ** dupe

After Successfully Protecting Wall St. Bonuses, Financial Lobbyists Turn Focus To Defeating Obama’s

There was no "secret provision" to allow AIG bonuses.

Obama says he takes responsibility for the AIG bonus mess.

Flashback - February 2009 - Republicans Oppose Any Caps On Exec Comp - Hypocrisy Exposed!

Simple poll... I continue to support President Obama in the direction he has chosen,

Fox News - Pretzel Logic - Don't Tax AIG Bonuses Because It Will Be Challenged In Court. Instead...

President Obama ate lunch today.

Obama will Pull His Call for 3rd Party Insurance for Sev Connected Vets.

For those who think press wasn't hard on Bush in beginning

Eric Cantor sounds like this to me: "Oh Buffy, Muffy! Tennis anyone?"

Larry Wilkerson frightened by Domestic Nutballs ginned up by Cheney, Limbaugh, etc.

Obama says "Blame Me" so OK Barack, I blame you

OMFG...What is up with all these "crippled" threads?

Does that man know how to work a crowd or what ?

What I REALLY love in this president...

I know why the press and Washington insiders hate Obama's Presidential townhalls

It's time for a full-scale investigation into the financial crisis

The Bonus Tax Law vote split the House Republicans nearly in half.

Geithner: Treasury pushed for bonus loophole

larry summers vs timothy geithner.

Duke Coach to Obama: Worry About the Economy, Not NCAA Picks

I hate Obama and want to have his children.

Hey KNEE JERKERS in the MSM and on the DU here is Coach K's FULL QUOTE

Ex-Bush admin official: Many at Gitmo are innocent

Two new groups ready to take on the Conservadems in the House and Senate

The GOP has run out of lies, so they're forced to tell the truth: Geithner must go

House Bill to punish bonuses is nothing more than fake outrage!


Geithner needs to be given a chance

PHOTOS The First Lady's Day (March 19)

PHOTOS The First Lady's Day (March 19)

Tangled web: "Goldman to respond to ('misperceptions') coverage of AIG bailout"

We've Been Brainwashed Into Thinking The AIG Bonus Tax Is Revolutionary

WSJ: Guantanamo Detainees May Be Released in U.S.

From Jay Leno's opening monologue tonight:

The Nation: Investigate A.I.G.:


NY Times Editorial - "It’s the Regulations, Not the Regulator" - MUST READ

God, I love Lawrence O'Donnell. He screwed over Cantor and is

In Geithner We Trust

Cherry-Picker in Chief: Obama NCAA Bracket Suggests Bias Toward Schools from Swing States

MI-Gov: Cherry's Numbers are the Pits

Who would you prefer to prosecute?

Screw this "new" tax idea with AIG

Connecticut steps on AIG's contract argument

PHOTOS The President and the Sperminator, or whatever that bloke's called

Answer truthfully or it's lights out for the puppy

Answer truthfully or it's lights out for the puppy

So they're mad at Obama for filling our basketball brackets

PHOTOS The President's Day (So far) - California, March 19

Just A Comment - Washinton D.C. Has Been So Entrenched For So Many Decades.......

As long as we're talking about the Special Olympics... From the Onion:

Why doesn't Faux air Obama's town halls? He's THEIR president, too!

Official Special Olympics Comment Post Count Thread

*** delete***

Let's have some perspective here.


keith olbermann special comment on citigroup ceo.

So, if I understand this correctly....

My bowling is SOOOO bad, the Special Olympics committee would

The President Also Said This on the Tonight Show

Ish Kabbittle.. My first negative Obama post

I'm thinking we need to call them "The Republican Potty"

President Obama flew over our house!!

I don't want Kay Hagan to be a blue dog.

If AIG would only change their name to KBR, nobody would complain.

WH Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton clarifies "Special Olympics" comment.

Reminder: Obama named Kareem Dale as a special assistant for disabilities policy.

President Obama on The Tonight Show (TRANSCRIPT)

Self delete, wrong forum

We might as well push the button on the Nuclear option and end the filabuster

y'all take your 'Special Olympics comment' with your various level of outrage...

PHOTOS The President on Leno. Not literally.

Anyone else see what Keith just said about Obama on Leno tonight?

Obama on Leno: Washington's like American Idol, except everyone is Simon.

230 viruses on the laptop.

Michelle Obama talking to students at Anacostia High School (challenged DC public school) today

Obama insults the mentally disabled

I love all of you

Is Barack Obama a Corporatist?

Burr weak in new poll

Mudflats: Signs pointing towards Palin gearing up for 2012

I'll Bet That President Obama Shows Up At The Next Special Olympics

My brother is autistic with severe behavioral problems and lives in a group home

Presidential Motorcade Arrives for "Tonight Show" Appearance (VIDEO)

President Obama announces First Dog news on Leno

Obama's stupid 'special olympics' joke is proof the man is human.

If Geitner resigns, it will cripple Obama politically.

The Tyranny of the Senate Republican Minority: Confront Republican "phantom filibusters"

I suspect this newest outrage will be just as damaging as the "Girly Dog" outrage of November 2008.

"Patience,please!We can feed Obama to the Limbaugh lions if he fails Or maybe not,should he succeed"

*****I'm a LEMMING. Going to delete mine too!!!*********

A third grader just told President Obama that he wants to be a 'cop' when he grows up.

Kerry gets a job with the administration!!!

Cam Kerry heading to Commerce Dept.

Its creul and unusal punishment to penalize employees for the trangresions of the employer!

awww - Arnold loves the President

Raise your hand if you've NEVER EVER made an off-color joke.

President Obama is doing a SIX DAY BLITZ to push his budget...

If Bush had made the same comment, there would be ZERO threads defending him.

SEVENTEEN (this makes 18) f*cking poutrage threads already?

DU warfare and all that - where do you stand?

I sincerely believe Barack Obama would be on MY SIDE on this issue

Gardener in chief! White House garden details.

why no populist outrage when Bush Dec '08 paid $55 mill retention bonuses to AIG's London office

"The ex post facto clause applies exclusively to criminal punishment and poses no difficulty here"

Are republiCONS blocking President Obama's nominees?

Geitner needs to go! The Treasury Dept. should welcome lawsuits! One word: DISCOVERY!

BREAKING: Obama Leaves Toilet Seat Up, Enrages Women's Groups

**To GD:P in an hour of need**

Olberman special comment on Citi's Pandit and other greedy financial execs: "Class economic rape"

CNN sticks a knife in- Obama's 'blame me' means 'move on'

Andrea Mitchell-Greenspan asking probing questions on Bonuses on MSNBC!

Michelle Obama Dispatches Stars to D.C. Schools

Any law passed based on yesterday's headlines is a bad law

Wouldn't a tax on the AIG bonus boobs be Ex Post Facto? Consitutionally shaky?

Obama bumping American Idol will cripple him politically.

People - Please do not give the Obama administration a break

America The Illiterate Is Why We Find Ourselves on the Path To Catastrophe Chris Hedges Truthdig

Any swingers on DU?

new boobs

Rachel Ray just said she likes a good rub.

Palin the latest to reject half of Stimulus money. Politics over People

Greta Van Susteren Defend Husband's Role As a ‘Protector Of The Palin Brand’

AIG HQ to sell at fraction of price

U.S. Systemic Risk Watchdog Not Panacea: Regulators

North Korea Detains Current TV Journalists: Reports

North Korea 'holds US reporters'

Charter school students more likely to graduate, attend college

Richardson Abolishes N.M. Death Penalty

China urges resumption of NKorea nuclear talks

China 'to step up naval patrols'

A War Resister Speaks from Prison: Let GI Resisters Stay in Canada, by Robin Long

Army to end forced extended tours

Media warned on Mumbai evidence

Israel's Katsav charged with rape

Thai prime minister faces no-confidence debate

Roadside bomb kills 4 in southern Thailand

Mexican tariffs will cost Oregon 'millions'

China's factories get desperate as orders drop

Father, mystic held for allegedly raping daughters

Top Sunni Arab official assassinated in Baghdad

Administration Plans to Loan $5B to Auto Parts Manufacturers

Taxes Not Seen as Making the Rich Flee New York

FDIC's Bair: 'too big to fail' strategy must end

Chief of KBR’s government division quits abruptly

US Rep Pelosi:Fed Chairman Partly To Blame On AIG Bonus Fiasco

13 Firms Receiving Billions Of Dollars In Bailout Money Owe Back Taxes

China Denies Protectionism In Coca-Cola Ruling

Police give coach ride to game after jail release

Cambodian court sentences Michigan man to 13 years on charges of sexually abusing girl

Feds to pursue charges against GOP operative (NH phonejamming)

ANC to shift to the Left after South Africa's presidential election

Timken Cutting 14 Percent Of Workers At Plant

13 firms receiving federal bailout owe back taxes

Geithner: Treasury pushed for bonus loophole

House passes bill taxing AIG and other bonuses

Earthquake: Magnitude 7.9 - Tonga - Tsunami warning issued

China tests J&J baby shampoo for unsafe chemicals (Johnson & Johnson)

Why Obama Didn't Know About AIG's Bonuses

Ex-Bush admin official: Many at Gitmo are innocent

Former Bush admin. official says many innocent men at Gitmo, terrorists number only 2 dozen

Former State Department Official Says United States Knew Many Gitmo Prisoners were Innocent

Whistleblower calls for Iraq war intelligence to be made public

Palin offers olive branch on (natural) gas taxes (to attract oil companies to pipeline)

Geithner says he should have known about bonus problems sooner

Why the U.S. Is Losing Foreign Graduates

NY mayor: Wall Street bonuses shouldn't be public

Singapore court fines WSJ editor for contempt

Fed knew of AIG bonuses, failed to tell Obama

Land boost for Brazilian Indians

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday March 19

Breaking news: Couple cleared of traffic stop charges

Mexico nabs suspected cartel leader without a shot

(Senators) Corker, Gregg criticize aid for auto suppliers

Group says files show US knew of Guatemala abuses

Jacquielynn Floyd: South Oak Cliff 'cage fight' case not about geography, race (national story)

Next Scandal: Unpaid Corporate Taxes

France hit by new wave of nationwide protests (somewhere between one to three mil strikers)

White House to break ground on 'kitchen garden'

Obama puts immigration reform on docket

California Wins Settlement From Omaha Voting (ES&S) Machine Company

Unproven oil alternatives could spell disaster say Saudis

On Leno, Obama cracks joke about Special Olympics

In AIG flap, it's not just about bonuses anymore

House Passes Bill to Punish A.I.G. Bonus Recipients

Chavez Runs Short of Cash for Takeovers as Oil Slumps

Pakistan Accused of Link to Kabul Attacks

Madoff Employee Breaks Silence

Judge allows Abu Ghraib detainees to sue Va contractor for torture, rejects immunity claim

NY AG gets list of AIG workers who got bonuses

Global crisis 'to strike by 2030'

Intelligence made it clear Saddam was not a threat, diplomat tells MPs

Attorney General Issues New Freedom Of Information Act Guidelines (Overturns "Ashcroft Doctrine")

Obamas to Plant Garden on White House Lawn

JP Morgan told to explain India outsourcing plan

NY Cuomo: Tainted deals included Carlyle Group

13 firms receiving federal bailouts have unpaid taxes, congressman says

China backs talks on dollar as reserve -Russian source

Bomb attack kills Afghan MP

Two more RNC protesters acquitted

Obama ‘stunned’ by millions in AIG bonuses In first late-night presidential spot

ATF takes aim at deep 'Iron river of guns'

Bush Decides to Write a Book on Decisions

IBM's workforce in U.S. declines in '08 but grows overseas

TARP inspector general says Bush administration specifically considered and approved AIG bonuses.

A.I.G. Sues U.S. for Return of $306 Million in Tax Payments

Palin rejecting federal stimulus money

Overseas credit card scam exposed

Professors: Stewart, Colbert's tactics unconventional, effective

Citigroup Said to Commit $10 Million for New Executive Suite

Buick ties with Jaguar for first in J.D. Power dependability study

US Army Confirms Israeli Nukes

Dollar slides after US Fed plan

Bill Would Allow Texas School to Grant Master's Degree in Science for Creationism

So what's being done on DU about Bayh and his gang of 15?

Nestlé's Inspectors Saw Rat Droppings, Rejected Peanuts

Photo of Charles Manson is released by prison officials

Circuit City cuts board members and more executives

Many Iraqis held by US to go free

Uh Oh, Exploit code targeting major Intel chip flaw to be posted 3/19/09

KeyBank Lays Off 120 Workers

Calif. lawmaker sees potential $1.5 billion in marijuana taxes

KY Election Officials Arrested, Charged With 'Changing Votes at E-Voting Machines'

Marriage Redefined by Real World Not Republicans

Cutting Thru The Bull on Financial Meltdown


C-SPAN: Mark Danner on Torture

Shimmysham The AIG Dummy

President Obama on immigration reform

O'Reilly Talks Dirty

Democracy Now: Bush Lied About Torture

Rachel Maddow: Bush Administrators Go to Jail

Barack Obama Said It: We Need Single Payer

Jim Cramer thinks Jon Stewart is wrong to blame financial media

Obama in Costa Mesa California today

TYT: Will Geithner & Summers Continue To Protect Bankers Over Taxpayers?

Robert Scheer on AIG Bonuses, the “Backdoor Bailout” and Why Obama Should Fire Geithner, Summers

Obama on Leno: What Are Risks, Rewards?

Republican Hoover White House: No Bonus For Army Veterans

Republican Coach Takes Jab at the President’s Bracket

Robert Scheer on AIG Bonuses, the “Backdoor Bailout” and Why Obama Should Fire Geithner,Summers Pt2

Rachel Maddow: It doesn't trickle down

"The Pope is clearly condemning many many people, innocent people, in Africa to death... "

GOP Flip Flops on Executive Pay Restrictions

Morning Joe: Lawrence O' Donnell reduces Eric Cantor to babbling nonsense

The AIG execs are the real elitists

Predictions: Obama on Leno

Schwarzenegger Introduces President Obama, and Defends the Economic Recovery Bill

R.I.P. Space Bat: A tribute

Keith Olbermann on The Tonight Show - 03/18/09

Countdown: Lawrence O'Donnell on Pelosi's Tax Trap for Repubs

Acorn spokesman calls out FauxNews for their lies and smears, unhinged "anchor" goes apoplectic

Jay Leno asks President Obama about the White House bowling alley

Whitehouse to GOP: Where Were You?

Colbert introduces the new word 'Twatted' on the Today Show *LOL* (00:29)

Young Turks: Geithner Admits Treasury Pushed for Bonus Loophole

in TOMBSTONE, Kurt Russell shows how to deal with Wall Street

Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) can't say what he'll do to recoup AIG bonuses

TYT: Republican Busted w/ Two Hookers, Gets Beat By Wife w/ Toy Guitar

Wal-Mart Hourly Workers to Get $2 Billion in Bonuses

Evan Bayh's "Name That Obstructionist!"

(D) Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan Comes On TYT To Talk AIG, Bonuses & Geithner

Young Turks: Fox's Megyn Kelly Fights w/ ACORN Guest

Rachel Maddow: Lawrence Wilkerson on the Dangers of Dick Cheney

Keith Olberman Special Comment- ENOUGH! 3/19/2009

Rice says she never linked Iraq to 9/11 - ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!

The Case for Hoopsteria

States cope with rising homelessness

Medical Marijuana: Compassion, Common Sense, and Law Enforcement Finally Meet

Earth Hour - 3/28/09, 8PM to 9PM

David Horsey cartoon: Pirate Ethics

Just kiss the Republican party goodbye

Ron Paul, and Paulistas, Make the (Sexy and Dangerous) News

Gene Lyons on another education President

AlterNet: Does America Face the Risk of a Fascist Backlash?

What Ted Haggard Learned from a Male Prostitute

Bush the Deciderer to Write Book About Whiney Excuses

How the Fed Failed to Tell Obama About The Bonuses (WaPo)

It bears repeating

Florida GOP loses ground among new voters

Commentary: GOP's "small government" talk is hollow

AIG Loses Some Cover in Court Decision

In Iraq, a boy named 'War' turns 6

Bartcop Gets It

Making the News: A guide to getting the media’s attention (UTNE, reprint from RedPepper)

AIG, Ed Liddy, and Me in NYC, Part II

A Party of Amnesiacs

If Bernard Madoff were a Doctor

Madoff's accountant faces fraud charges

The Economy In Two Different Eras of Democrats

Joe Klein: Don't Panic About the Economy

Forget AIG Bonuses - The Next Bailout is Here

New whistleblower claims over £1bn Barclays tax deals

"Loan Shark Protection Act‘s."

Latest CIA Scandal Puts Focus on How Agency Polices Self

Bush Book to be Changed, From '12 Decisions' to 'Ten Plagues'

U.N. panel says world should ditch dollar

Marie Cocco: If You’re a ‘Little Guy,’ a Contract Means Nothing

Who Prefers a Public Health Insurance Option?

Rachel Maddow: Evan Bayh and his "ConservaDem" coalition

ROOT OF RAGE: Is our democracy Wall Street's bitch?

Spitzer on AIG: I told you so

The Fed hits the emergency button

Researcher hacks just-launched IE8


No Return to Normal: Why the economic crisis, and its solution, are bigger than you think

Indian CEOs raise H-IB visa issue with Obama Administration

Pete Seeger's 90th Birthday Celebration . . . unbelievable lineup! . . .

The Age of Stupid: New Film Gives Us a Painfully Realistic Look at Life in 2055

Chinese Study Projects Methane Emissions From Rice Agriculture Have Been Overestimated - Nature

Naked Spaniards in seal-cull protest

Dupe - Mods, please delete

With 80% Loss In Caribbean Coral Cover Since Mid-1970s, Reef Fish #s Falling Significantly - AFP

Hudson Bay Polar Bear Average Weights Down 22%, Cannibalism Rates Rising - AFP

UK Chief Scientist - Expect Perfect Storm Of Environmental, Energy, Migration Problems By 2030

Good News - De-Icing Antarctica Could Take 1,000 Yrs; Bad News - It May Already Be Too Late To Stop

Large Humpback Sighted Off Hong Kong - First Instance On Record In Territory's Waters - Reuters

Potsdam Institute - Odds Of Major Disruption In Planetary Climate Better Than 50% - Science Daily

Arctic Sea Ice Survey Team Finally Gets Much-Needed Supply Airdrop - AFP

An innovative wave-energy generator (cheap, easy, and reliable)

Climate Action Partnership Top Contribution Recipients - Inhofe, Barton, "Texas Freedom Fund"


Group says files show US knew of Guatemala abuses

CUBA FM: Power Shake-up Won't Alter Foreign Policy

CUBA - MINREX on Restoring Relations with Costa Rica (en and sp)

MARK WEISBROT: El Salvador's Left Wins Historic Election


HAVANA JOURNAL: End of embargo and Obama at Summit of Americas

Scratching Each Others Backs and US Human Rights Politics (Cuba "dissidents" and US gov't.)

LOS ANGELES March 29: Film - DECLASSIFIED: Godfathers of Havana (2006)

Another twisted Myriam Marquez op/ed: Rationale for Cuba embargo strong as ever

Chavez Announces ALBA Meeting PRIOR TO Americas Summit

RELATIONS with CUBA: "And then there were none"

Top US diplomat visits El Salvador

Ctr. for Const. Rights Argues before IACHR that US should be prosecuted-3/20-Live Streaming

Yesterday's State Dept. Briefing - Cuba's "dissidents" (plus a good laugh)

GALLUP: Majority Receptive to Law Making Union Organizing Easier

Firm clears Fire Chief McDonnell of financial wrongdoing while union president

Today in labor history Mar 19 New York City moves to condemn and seize Fifth Avenue Coach

Limpballs: "One day Tony Soprano will walk in with a lead pipe and he will start beating people...

Working People Not Heard At Obama Administration's Vermont Health Care Summit

A lesson in AIG bonus math

International Labor Conference In Iraq Announces New United Labor Confederation!

Man Killed In Accident At Co-Op (Victim Was 20-Year Employee, Had 3 Children)

Industry Groups Say Union Card-Check Bill Violates Principles of International Law

Contracts Can’t Be Broken—Unless They Involve Union Workers


Here we go Binghamton, here we go!

Stallworth legally drunk when he killed pedesterian

Uh-oh! cboy4 caught hard at work...

How can such a lively, jovial group of fans like such a boring sport?

Coach K disses Obama's basketball picks

Gay marriage gets recognition — in the dictionary

3rd Action Fair for NJ Marriage Equality: Sunday, March 22nd, 2-5pm

Vatican defends pope's stand on condoms as criticism mounts. (Cross posted from R&T)

Sen. Kerry working to reunite married gay couple separated by immigration problems

Opinion: Lobbies will clash over 'stimulus' plan for Palestinians

The writing on the wall (Amira Hass)

I am going to a training to be a better community organizer all weekend at the Audre Lorde Project

Former President Katsav indicted

Israel swoops on Hamas as prisoner-swap talks fail

France calls on Israel again to free certain categories of Palestinian prisoners

In Israel, recession pressures boil over into looting

Is Lieberman a fascist?

IDF in Gaza: Killing civilians, vandalism, and lax rules of engagement

New Durban 2 statement still singles out Israel

Troops Admit Abuses

Israel vows to improve minority, prisoner rights

Israel arrests Hamas political leaders

Israeli army uses PIs to spy on suspect dodgers

Hamas threatens Shalit amid talk delays

Health-Care 'Reform' - or Insurance Industry Preservation?

Once Reviled, Black Hebrews Now Fêted

IDF soldiers refute claims of immoral conduct in Gaza

Key Argument for Incentives Questioned

FedEx 3Q earnings tumble on weak global economy

GALLUP: Weekly Economic Wrap: Consumer Mood Improves

Did the Fed just shrink the dollar?

THe "Bad Bank" idea will not die.

Fed Spending Hundreds of Billions on Bailing Out OTHER Governments

OK after hearing and reading ALOT of what has gone down this week here is my opinion,,,

China's Stimulus Fattens Its Agriculture Firms

Russia/China Call for Talks on US Dollar

The Federal Reserve banks---private or not.?

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Less Regulator And More Facilitator (Progress Energy)

The Coming Dollar Collapse

Man shoots himself, kills 1 and wounds 2 in his home.

UK Bans Angelina Jolie Commercial-Ignore, already posted

Ad featuring Angelina Jolie ordered off UK TV (AP)

I'm Surprised that the Sporting Clause

Feinstein Urges Tougher Gun Laws to Prevent Mexico Violence...

If I knew "bird" was on today's menu...

Tea Time

Spring Has Sprung

not birds

Some birds of 2008 for the day's theme

Golden Sunrise on the Pond.. An Autostitch Production..

New hobby to go with the old hobby . . .

another fire picture I can now use

Another Autostitch Production.. Pastoral Scene..

Feel good pictures

Japanese Tea Garden and a bird.

asheville.... downtown night no hdr

Who wants a link to my birding forum?

Get out your drool guards

‘Stop loss’ to end

Ala. sheriff says he asked Rucker MPs for help

Officials: Afghanistan set for civilian surge

Leaders testify in D.C. on high suicide rates

House committee OK’s Roth option for TSP

Obama backs down on vets insurance billing

Mullen, Cartwright nominated for 2nd terms

DoD to bring families to Dover if they choose

Sailor, soldier accused of assaulting girl, 17

Turning military training into college credit

Judge elevates lesser charges against Kreutzer

Republicans propose big jump in VA spending

Inouye questions treatment, rehab of war vets

N.C. Guard unit trains for deployment

Army: AWOL reservist to be disciplined

Ballistic missile intercepted in Hawaii test

UN: 2 piracy networks operating in Somalia

Last NC CH-46 squadron soon to have Ospreys

Court upholds dismissal of Hadithah charges

Six years into Iraq

Troops may withdraw from Iraq, but issues will remain

Exit strategy is still forming

Gates: Dover media coverage to start in April

Number of USFK school-age children on the rise

Army pledges more work to lower suicide numbers

Gates says stop loss to end for all but extreme cases

Pentagon to Phase out 'Stop-loss'

Nigeria Next Stop for APS Nashville

Tankers on Top of AF Shopping Lis

Kandahar Unit Prepares for More Troops

DoDBuzz: Irregular War Shift Accelerating in QDR

(Military Times) Op-Ed: Thank a Soldier

Woman who said Marine raped her changes story

Alaska Base Expands for Brain Injured

DoD contracts for 3/18/2009

US Army Confirms Israeli Nukes

Obama will pull his call for 3rd party VA coverage today.

Does this mean my Dad might get covered?

There's a few changes coming to this forum.

UFO post in GD:

***Update*** Thank you for prayers, etc

The Game of Loss and Lack

Happy Spring Equinox!

Test to test the differences politically/morally etc

Meta Art - Patterns Reveal/Conceal

Is anyone else having a very bizarre Venus Retrograde?

Nearly One-Third of U.S. Bird Species Seen at Risk

Rights group names 1,417 Gaza war dead

The Creationist version of "Two Cows"

Vatican defends pope's stand on condoms as criticism mounts

A Philadelphia-area rabbi is in line to become the new executive vice president of

Anyone reading Bart Ehrman?

Atheist Author to Battle Christians at Book Expo

Gambia President holding witch hunt, killing people.

Plan Would Limit Prison Chapel Books

Pastor didn’t believe her when she said she was molested, so he beat her with a stick.

Have you seen this search site? Addict-o-matic

This is how the pros make crepes

Could the theist versus atheist alternative be a false dilemma?

Delicacy of the Wild West Lives on for Those So Bold.

Authentic Chinese?

What's for dinner? ~ Thursday the 19th Edition

Soooooooooooooo.....anyone have any favorite sourdough recipes?

I want this! NOW.

That's very sweet of you, but... it was delayed AGAIN

My first ABIN5 bread

More Evidence That Intelligence Is Largely Inherited: Researchers Find That Genes Determine

I am curious (question for atheists)

Tonight on Black Op Radio.. 9 PM Eastern Time

System Restore, what does it do?

Virtual Box question

An Ubuntu question: where the hell is the photo folder?

Why I have found John Kerry's rhetoric on the Israel/Palestine conflict disappointing.