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Smuggling Boat Intercepted By Coast Guard Cutter Narwhal

Did Jack Cafferty Say Something About That Zit cheney ?

Everybody can discuss AIG bailouts and bonuses "seven ways to Sunday"

Was Leno just get censored?

Great Quiz: What the Heck is Socialism Anyway? I scored 20.

OK Folks: New Term... Tweetup!

Ancient fish trap discovery in the Teifi Estuary

The ideal measurements of a pre-Roman model

Archaeologists discover Byzantine-era church in Jerusalem hills

Finally I read an article and I believe that GM is starting to "Get it"

Humans hunkered at Meadowcroft in Pennsylvania from Ice Age to Space Age

"Fixing The Fed" explained in detail --- LINK

Don't retreat on deregulation (article from 1990)

Networks of plunder

Mad money for funnies.... now that the Daily Show is now

Question for those saying impossible for government to impose 100% tax on AIG bonuses

Political Pet Peeves: Don't start your political career by running for the United States Congress...

Johnny Cash, to the predators: "God's Gonna Cut You Down"

Classic gags discovered in ancient Roman joke book

AIG....nothing but Gypsys, Tramps, and Thieves

We were tortured and the Foreign Office did nothing to stop it, claim three more British detainees

Where the hell is Eric Holder?


Schwarzenegger Launches Green Corps As California Fisheries Collapse

Experts baffled by Malmesbury's Roman coins

Welcome to GDA: GD Archaeology???

CEBK= Close Encounters of the Beck Kind... Glenn Beck is NOT Alone...

Ancient Egyptian Gold Found in Luxor by Spanish Archaeologists

Woman Shot By Arrow In NYC...

S.C. bill protects pets if couples clash

Feds focus: Madoff's very high paid "back office staff" including his niece, wife of former SEC atty

HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY !!!! That is all.........

Archaeology office lets 7,000-year-old boats rot away

Barney Frank makes great point about AIG on Rachel show.

One of the movies republicans hate the most.

Obama to appear on Leno show on Thursday...

Christian Symposium on Aliens

GOP 'trackers' stalk Dems in hunt for 'macaca' moment

This Thursday, March 19: Find a protest near you.

Dear Mr. President -- No more lipstick -- Butcher the pig

Huffington Post: Employee Free Choice Poll Gives Labor Backers Big Boost

What happened to Pharaoh's workers?

Looks like a certain DUer has been cruising History sites tonight

The Sanford Plan

USC archaeologists to raise confederate cannons from Pee Dee River

Taxing AIG bonuses at 100% rate

BlooInBloo's Adsos Letter archaeology posts appreciation thread! appreciation thread.

Protest Set for White House Health Forum Tomorrow in Vermont

It's MORE than just AIG

What is required to enjoy private health care

repubs stay up all night worrying about some poor schmuck living high on a welfare check.

Scarbutt not on his show this morning??

Happy St Pat's Day Danny Boy Video

Sam Stein: Steele's Overlooked Radio Rant: Compares Obama to Nixon; Greenland???

EU threatens boycott of UN racism talks

Happy Evacuation Day!

AlterNet: Apparently, 18 Percent Unemployment Can Create a Sense of Community

Are you Angry? Unofficial F-U list

How credit card issuers sank the economy

MarketWatch: Whodunit? 27 'villains' planning 'Doomsday 2011'

Why hasn't Obama fixed the economy yet?

Sacramento Tent City Reflects Economy's Troubles

Weird -- George F. Will likes Arne Duncan

Gather round kiddies for the Freeper Letter of the Day.

Quadrel-shaped stone carving unearthed in E China

Fox News presents deceptively cropped six-month-old Biden clip as new

March 17

Question: Wasn't the TARP money given to help unfreeze the credit market?

Barack Obama no-show at top journalist society Gridiron Club event

Secret Memo From the Past to Save Republican Party

Who are you madder at? AIG or the thugs who pushed for invading Iraq?

Hood not so good? Ancient Brits questioned outlaw

Secret prisons and torture discussed on C-SPAN now 9:35 EDT.

Why NO Bonus For Al-Marri? - Wreaking havoc on the banking system=terror!

Sen Grassley to AIG Execs Resign or Commit Suicide

Madagascar President Says Power Handed To Military

Don Imus Says He Has Cancer

Hatemonger Beck is pulling down huge numbers on FIXED News

Happy St. Corgan's Day, everyone!

Happy St. Corgan's Day, everyone!

Prosecutors: Ruth Madoff's $100 Million Net Worth "the fruits of her husband's crimes"

Prosecutors: Ruth Madoff's $100 Million Net Worth "the fruits of her husband's crimes"

2 + 2 = ?? (Did it occur to anyone that the AIG "Outrage" is all part of the plan?)

2 + 2 = ?? (Did it occur to anyone that the AIG "Outrage" is all part of the plan?)

A 45 yr old man who takes blood pressure meds will likely be turned down

Truthout: A.I.G. Using "Suicide Strategy" to Push Bonuses

The Wind That Shakes the Barley

Apparently Jim Cramer Didn't Get The Message

Freud and the Irish

Happy St. Patty's Day President O'Bama, of Moneygall county Offaly

Cable news numbers......has this been posted yet???

Sen. Grassley's Wanting AIG Execs To Resign Or Commit Suicide Spurs A New Building Boom......

Fellow Shareholders: Your Attention Please

Celebrate the good saints....

What are teachers so damned scared of?

Wonder if republicans will be highlighting bush getting a "shoe" welcome

Wonder if republicans will be highlighting bush getting a "shoe" welcome

Conservatives Suggest Torture Tactics For AIG Execs:

WaPo Bullshit....Anger Over Firm Depletes Obama's Political Capital

Bonus restrictions for Wall Street? No problem, increase salaries!

I Haven't Seen The Movie Milk Yet

ACLU Urges New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson To Sign Bill Abolishing Death Penalty

Perino Claims Bush Was Responsible For Last Week’s Stock Market Climb

Here is a BIG REASON to let AIG Fail.. ( at least the credit derivatives part).

St. Patrick's Day Blessing for everyone

I watched "Jimmy Carter, Man From Plains" last night.

Was Dodd given this 'fight with AIG' proposal to help with his sagging poll numbers?

About reading in the public high school.

Nurturing a Society of Need

'Show Business on the Hill. AIG and the Posturing Democrats '

U.S. Housing Starts Rebound

9/11 Ground Zero - Freedom Tower to be renamed Narwhal Tower!

My contribution for St. Pat's day? A couple of smiling Irish men

Stem Cell Battle Begins in Georgia

Adsos Letter Archaeology Posts Appreciation Thread!

Washington Post: Don't Blame Jim Cramer

"...Five years ago, I don't think I would be working at Sticky Fingers..."

Bearing Witness to a Family's Heartbreak: today's LA Times

3fer: CNN luerve affair. Ron SILVER claimed reverse blacklist. eBayer want$ to governate.

Juan Cole: Cheney's Mission Accomplished

Dissing the Gridiron Club, just because Obama is skipping it this year

GOP Eyes Bush v. Gore To Save Coleman Seat - Politico

When will Meghan McCain become a Democrat?

GOPers Cite Bush v. Gore For Possible Coleman Win

Hey Boehner, during what "previous administration" was Geitner the Chairman of the NY Fed?

Isn't March 17, 2003 the day Bush bombed Baghdad?

Human Rights Report - The Hypocrisy Edition, Volume 8

Human Rights Report - The Hypocrisy Edition, Volume 8

Top Liberal Radio Host Ed Schultz will be on 1600 today and hosting again tomorrow.

Caterpillar cuts another 2,454 jobs

Didn't we already give money directly to certain banks through TARP?

Would you pay a fee of ten to fifteen dollars a month to have access to a news group?

US Taxpayers bailing out foreign banks?

Irate Congress Takes Aim at AIG

Oops! Palin’s Office Refutes GOP Dinner Speaking Gig

Karl Rove, Sarah Palin & Tim Griffin Walk Into A Bar...

Homeless in Fresno, CA.. being evicted from their tent cities

Geither needs to be fired. Who else?

Geither needs to be fired. Who else?

I'd like to remind everyone how shameful it is that we pay for health and education as we do.

Right wing blathering boobs miss the point regarding education

U.S. Moves to Replace Contractors [Blackwater] in Iraq

Summers: No good alternative to Obama economic plan

Summers: No good alternative to Obama economic plan

Digby: Condit hunter DePaulo's self-serving 'apology' for being wrong and evil

New term: Sleazel in Rick Santelli is a sleazel!

Remember when we thought $350 billion bailout for savings and loan fiasco

Could Congress not just pass a special tax to get these bonuses back?

USN Sailors versus AIG Businessmen

Olive Garden opens in Noblesville

I don't believe that Ann Coulter's little black dress is a dress at all.

Not Paying $165M Bonuses Could Open AIG -- and Taxpayers -- to $330M Lawsuit

The Rude Pundit: America's Torture Policy During the Reign of the Savage Idiots

The National Ponzi Scheme, Trolling the Wreckage

Coleman Raked In More Cash For Recount Than Election Campaign

Barney Frank on LIVE now CNBC 12:53 EDT. Talking clawbacks.

Zakaria, Obama, and 'The Establishment'

South Carolina Republican State Rep: Sanford’s Stimulus Rejection Would Cost 4,700 Jobs

China inoculates itself against dollar collapse - Asia Times

Instead of merit pay, let's base the education of students on the participation of parents.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Ireland

Family is seeking $50M for chimpanzee attack

Anyone else watching Santelli hyperventilating on MSNBC now over

Is this Page Six item on Jon Stewart a hit piece or just good reporting?

‘Battlestar Galactica’ at the UN-Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell, 2 producers & writers

Commentary: Obama a leader who actually leads (by CNN's Cafferty)

What does "American International Group" actually mean

Hard hitting segment from FauxNews: "Is Dora too hot?"

George Bush Did Not Make Us Safer After 9/11

I Met David Brooks Last Friday

Laura Ingraham to Meghan McCain: You’re a ‘useful idiot’

CNBC bringing on the Chimps

An Open Letter to PBS

Cheney's Personal Death Squads Not Worth Asking About

GOP Lawmaker suggests AIG execs be thrown into military jails

The outrageous offenses against Richard Cheney

CNN Radio Reporting 11 AIG Executives who resigned paid bonus

A rant about this "Wall Street" term.

The stupid, it hurts!

Question about credit default swaps -- can damage be limited because of "physical settlement"?

Cheney Rejects Gore's Model for Ex-VP Decorum

Please, Mr. President, just look at the camera once in a while!

Glenn Beck Comes Out in Favor of Paying AIG Executive Bonuses

Obama Admin Won't Block AIG Bonuses Despite Tough Talk

Obama Admin Won't Block AIG Bonuses Despite Tough Talk

Salon: Pundits more aghast that W.H. hit back against Cheney's vicious claims than at the claims

Where did the $$ go?? "There is a Trillion Dollars sitting on the sidelines, waiting to come in..."

Not Dead YET: A 'Peter B. Collins Show' Update

What do you think about this whole "entertainer" label for The Great Gasbag?

AIG bonuses "It's only millions" Santelli

Happy St Pat's Day from the O'Bamas

There's no one as Irish as Ba-rack O'bama! Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Madagascar president forced out

Kirby: Are ceremonies so sacred, or are Mormons insecure?

Kirby: Are ceremonies so sacred, or are Mormons insecure?

"Prophet and Loss" Brooksley Born warned them - Stanford Alumni Magazine

Wouldn't there be a RICO case for Wall Streeters who got dereg & appointees to ease fraud?

Why Is TYT Ignoring Cramer VS Stewart

NASA Watch: Houston... Discovery Station Tally Ho!

McCain Refuses To Condemn Ingraham’s Attacks On His Daughter

McCain Refuses To Condemn Ingraham’s Attacks On His Daughter

The budget war has officially started.........

TEDTalk Tuesday: A Sixth Sense for Wearable Computing

"Your Agenda's Too Bold."

While the Kabuki theater continues, try not to notice what the other hand is doing

Santelli: AIG $165 million is like worrying about 16.5 cents

AIG bonus checks may be taxed at up to 100%, says Sen. Chuck Schumer

NASA Watch: Today is docking day at the station..Shuttle Discovery is closing

Mark Crispin Miller: The End of Peter B. Collins and the Need for Media Reform

Obama's 'ultra-liberal' judicial nomination

Nurse charged in patient's deaths

Financial Services Mentality

The Nation: Stop the Presses?

So many gods to not believe in

Oops Caught in the CITI

Bad parents vs. bad teachers? Is this another way to pit the less wealthy against one another?

Report: Is Best Buy refusing to match prices?

Pat Boone Has A Dream

PETA Asks AL Governor to Implement Empathy Training for Meat Industry Workers Following Shootings

a thought on Grassley calling on AIG welfare moms committing suicide ...

Stop the Delisting of Wolves from Endangered List !!!

Twittering Senator Claire McCaskill decided 140 char wouldn't cut it sometimes - she has a blog now:

A video reminder about drinking and driving on St. Patrick's Day

According to Census Bureau: 34.5 Million Americans claim Irish Ancestry

Freepers link Talkingpointsmemo?!?!

Fox News Edits Six month old clip from Joe Biden

Tuesday TOONS part 1: An AIG in the face makes you Madoff

Sen. Grassly: suggests that firm execs should resign or kill themselves

CNBC hires former Bush flack Tony Fratto.

Is this shuttle docking available in HD anywhere?

Pet Peeve: Don't just post a link without commentary or summary!

Why TF does Brad Blakeman ALWAYS 'go first'

'Bathroom Whupping' Divides Races: See link to story

NPR watch: "Is It Time To Move Past Outrage At AIG?"

"Off With Those Pants": Bill O'Reilly Seduces You in Clips From His Dirty Audiobook

Electricity thefts surge in bad times

I need to vent: Richard Daly is a damned fool and a sleaze.

The Pope is a stupid MF.

Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy:CHASE will not take our money and run

Mika hosting Hardball

Apparently CNBC feels it hasn't lost enough credibility.....look at their latest gem:

A question for the moderators.

I just had a brilliant idea! Let's fuck the auto workers and ...

CEBK - Close Encounters of the Beck Kind... Glenn Beck is NOT Alone...

Met A Madoff Victim Today

Since we're exposing Freepers, whatever happened to the Head Freeper of Washington DC..

Just Go To Russia Already

You know what I hate about those who are against Universial Healthcare?

Calgary Protests Bush! (Video)

Mosquito laser gun offers new hope on malaria

Well, if the "AIG Executive Bonus" story was meant to deflect....

Asia Times: Justice on Comedy Central

Surprised by Iraqi Freedom? Must have missed Panama "Just Cause" 1989.

Endangered cat was run over by vehicle and shot

GM chief: Automaker might not survive bankruptcy

Jeez Louise.. "Why weren't they outraged about the bonuses on Friday, instead of Monday"...

psst! Ann Coulter

We still mark the YES for the Presidential Election Campaign Fund

Asia Times: China inoculates itself against dollar collapse

$500 Million in AIG Bonuses? Who Cares.

20 ridiculous complaints made by holidaymakers

Why There Must Be A Criminal Investigation of the Bush Administration

It's not going to be mandatory helmets for skiing, it will be mandatory helmets for all auto

Holy crap. Somebody called out the local Freeper about Andy Stephenson on my local paper's website!

Tonight on "Hannity"....

Please get a hold of the vid or transcript of Marcy Kaptur's speech on the House floor.

Chris Dodd's Tarp amendment exempted the AIG bonuses????!!!

Chris Dodd's Tarp amendment exempted the AIG bonuses????!!!

Chris Dodd's Tarp amendment exempted the AIG bonuses????!!!

Obama has a +41-point net approval rating; Bush has a -41-point net disapproval rating

SC Dems to Sanford: "Stop Playing Pen Pals"

Nix that...

NASA Watch: Shuttle Docked with ISS at 4:19PM Houston Time.

Sorry, Big Eddie!

Screw green beer and all that...

A honeybee resurgence?

Bush did not inherit a recession from the Clinton administration

problems with google

Blame the victim

Ruth Madoff files homestead exemption in Palm Beach on same day authorities announce investigation

Business collapse can end union contracts, but not AIG bonus contracts

We don't need no stinking fairness doctrine.

2003 Lawsuit Suggests AIG Wasn't Always So Careful To Honor Bonus Deals

2 months in ......

As a foreigner I truly don't understand why people blame teachers for the school failures

CIA director taps retired senator for advice

Anybody Here Up For Nationalizing SOMEBODY... Anybody ???

Marc Ambinder: Don't Blame Chris Dodd For The Bonuses

Maria Bartiromo really gaffed on "Morning Joe".

A COP is posting Glenn Becks "You are not alone" videos...

It was, almost to the day, eight years ago .............

Coming up on CNBC: should the government BAILOUT Madoff's victims?

Pope Egghead Benedict: Condoms won't solve Africa's AIDS crisis, "spiritual and moral" lessons will

Rants/Raves...what say you?

Poll: Americans Don't Support More Help For Automakers

Space Shuttle kills bat

US home construction accelerates (BBC)

US home construction accelerates (BBC)

US law sparks Mexican trade row (BBC) {truck safety inspections}

This is fat?

Stephanopoulos ignored McCain's reversal on AIG bailout during Twitter interview

thom hartmann mentioned a democratic underground post today...

I've arranged for the CEO of AIG to be here today; let him know how you feel about him

US seeks $100m of Madoff assets (BBC)

The Nightmare of Universal Health Care

American International Group (AIG) Sues Government Claiming It Paid Too Much Taxes!!!!

The Vikings: it wasn't all raping and pillaging

"Cursebird is a real-time feed of people swearing on Twitter."

White House may seek to bypass filibuster rule in Senate

White House may seek to bypass filibuster rule in Senate

How do we get a Pulitzer to Comedy Central?

43 House Dems Blast JP Morgan's Plan to Invest $400M in India

New Flyer plant is a ‘green jobs’ – and union – success story (& card check win)

Tuesday morning bimbo fest...

Park Service concerned about Alaska's helicopter wolf kill

Closing Businesses Add To Blight In Bellevue Ne (Our new hometown & video)

What do you approve/disapprove of Obama's term so far?

Tonight is, historically, a pretty deadly time to drive.

Will A 2010 Bright v Love Rematch Be A Replay Of The Dynamics That Doomed Don Cazayoux ......

OMG: AN HONEST MSM ARTICLE about AIG and credit default swaps....

Here's a provocative pay plan for teachers! Whole life commissions!

georgie's welcome to Calgary

U.S. May Widen Strikes in Pakistan - NY Times

Just Curious - What Financial Records Were Destroyed At The WTC On 9/11?......

HOT gossip!1 White-hot, undeniable CHEMISTRY between Beck and O'Loofah!1

What happened to Iowa Sen. Grassley with the "go commit suicide" comment?

Re: AIG: "Numerous Individuals Who Received Large 'Retention' Bonuses Are No Longer At The Firm"

Fla Repubs won't raise taxes but they want to cut salaries of state workers

Week 8 Presidential Week in Review

"Off With Those Pants": Bill O'Reilly Seduces You in Clips From His Dirty Audiobook

What Cooked the World's Economy? It is not your overdue mortgage

Did Bush release the $

America's Granny-Bashers: Different Facts but the Same Policies

WTF is Mika Mouse doing on Tweety's show

Apparently the dictionary is written by liberals

Atheists urge Obama to condemn UN anti-blasphemy scheme

Alright, so I'm watching this Mika person filling in on Hardball, um...

"Sudden thoughts and second thoughts" from MSNBC today:

Why is the government/administration debating **anything** with the AIG CEO?

Instead of men kneeling in confessionals admitting to lust...

Now would be a great time to raise the top rate income tax

Last Chance to Save the Peter B. Collins Show by Tuesday 9am PT

My stepdad is having dinner with Steny Hoyer

Tuesday TOONS part 2: Cramerfied Economy

Guardian UK: Jon Stewart and the crisis of journalism

Rep. Virginia Foxx Fails to Protect her Constituents

Gays again sidelined at NYC St. Patty’s Day Parade

Ohio GOP Senators fighting against flatulence tax

Tuesday TOONS part 3: Of Republicans, rights and science

So is George Bush going to sneak around in underground tunnels

What's this I hear from a repuke friend about Obama asking the military

Thank you Chuck Hagel

A Prosecutor's questions for AIG:

Why newspapers are dying and bloggers are winning

Solution to peak oil here:

Stupid flu. Doc came to the house last night and gave me a shot.

Stupid flu. Doc came to the house last night and gave me a shot.

Here's a thought about those AIG "retention bonuses"

Actress Natasha Richardson in critical condition in Montreal after skiing accident

FINALLY, a top notch financial guy joins the Obama Treasury team

Petition: "No More Dough Till We Know Where It Goes"

*how* will the economy recover in "4th quarter 2009", "by 2010", "3 years", etc?

Dollars & Sense: AIG, Labor, and the Sanctity of Contracts

A petition for children and their families

'Was lucky to have had many good teachers and regret

Protestors marr Bush's first speech after office

Did you all see Rachel Maddow's stick figure cartoon...

Morgenthau, Manhattan Prosecutor Since 1961, Won’t Run Again

RIP Seattle PI


Huff Post archive: Irish and Mexicans Need Not Apply (Happy St Patricks Day)

AIG: Truth in Lending--an Oxymoron?

I about puked all over my stearing wheel today....

Anger management class ordered in Prop 8 sign beating

George Bush: "I'm an a Authoritarian Voice"

Fox News apologizes for dishonest splicing of Biden clip.

Perino Defends AIG Bonuses: They Are ‘Middle Class People’ Who ‘Are Expecting To Get This Bonus’

Pew Poll: Republicans Don't Like Their Leaders This Is Ridiculous (Obama Tax Cuts)

Iraqi Metal Band ACRASSICAUDA Interviewed On 'Fresh Air'; Audio Available

Fundie preacher says economic recovery will occur when churches repent and get on their 'faces'

Palin's Pipeline - The only problem: It isn’t there. And it’s her fault

Red Cross secret report about TORTURE leaked?

More Floridians ready to grow their own,,,

My Brother in Outlaw just got let go

Where are All the New Jobs?

Have many AIG Execs refused their bonuses?

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

What will Labor Day be like this year???

Anyone else think a charity haircut could raise anything?

When we were smart.

Did anybody see Jon Stewart today?

The Party of Lies

Hello, Your Cluelessness

Notable quotables: Corporatism and Democracy

Caption the Secretary.

Janes Hamsher just joined Cenk at (On LIVE right now!)

Matthew Rothschild: The Pope’s Immoral Message on AIDS in Africa

Using the 'T' word (Baltimore Sun Edit) 'Clearly, US Officials KNEW Outrages Constituted War Crimes'

I've Been Listening To Sean Hannity A Lot Lately

Damn we've sure cut back on coffee. Columbia production down 20%, Nicaragua down 9.8%, Honduras

Guardian UK: Newspapers aren't dying, democracy is

FREE-FOR-ALL: How should Wall Street be reported?

Here is why this "populist uprising" is a thing to be feared.

KO's Gonna be on Real Time with Bill Maher This Friday

Connecting the Dots: How the heirs of the Walmart fortune fuel the charter school movement

Florida Held Hostage: Day 28 - The State Budget Crisis

My Canadian Girlfriends letter to Parliment "MUST READ"


God-damned rhinos, hippos & elephants.. How dare they be so BIG..and so FAT

Homer Police Chief Russell Mills says he wants black men to be afraid when they see police

I am recently unemployed and trying to get Cobra, help please

Chavez readying "artillery" for Americas summit

Rate your performance on day 54 of your job

Rate your performance on day 54 of your job

I know a guy named John. He was a semi-pro mountain bike racer. He's basically quadriplegic now.

The long and sadistic history behind the CIA's torture techniques

Steelers owner Dan Rooney to be ambassador to Ireland

Teens capture images of space with £56 camera and balloon


Burt's Bees, Tom's of Maine: Your Favorite Brands? Look Again -- They May Not Be What They Seem

Under Cassano, Troubled AIG Unit Was Charged With Major Securities Law Violation

Hey, how did Chuck Norris' Revolution go?

CNN's John Roberts, Kyra Phillips Dating

Charges dropped in pit-bull mauling

"Just because you robbed the grave doesn't mean you killed the guy."

Time to Get Geithner under Oath on AIG

How long before the "concerned" demand mandatory ski helmets?

Michele Bachman Says "Socialized Medicine" will be a "Magnet" for Illegal Aliens

Michele Bachman Says "Socialized Medicine" will be a "Magnet" for Illegal Aliens

"People are watching this lunatic" Very scary

In the "You Just Can't Make This Stuff Up" department....

Multiple Reports that Natasha Richardson is brain dead from ski accident

I think this is great out of the box thinking about teacher compensation

Celebration of Diversity and of our huge/small World - For everyone's enjoyment

Glenn Greenwald: The success of drug decriminalization in Portugal

US to Sign UN Gay Rights Declaration(Crosspost/GLBT Forum)

Pope Benedict XVI: condoms make Aids crisis worse

How bad can it be to provide Education, housing and health services free to all citizens

A fine Christian man chokes his wife ..... wearing a I HEART my Marrige t-shirt

Warning: dangers of leaving children alone with dangerous breed dogs

How common are deaths from skiing accidents?

Ingraham deflects Megan "fat" remark with President Obama's "passing reference" to Jessica Simpson

Josef Fritzi is worse than an animal - Warning... daughters description of life in cellar

WSJ: "Immigrants Can Help Fix the Housing Bubble". What do you think?

What 'exactly' is Twitter? Every time I try to find out I have to join and

Wow, Russians gift 9/11 Memorial to United States.... very thoughtful

In Calgary Today: "bush Is A WAR CRIMMINAL, Terrorist & Murderer" PICS>>>

Here's An Idea For Education: Fund The God-Damned Public Schools To Begin With!

MI cop shoots unarmed, 20-year-old marijuana activist

US Torture: Voices from the Black Sites by Mark Danner

Bob Dylan's Neighbors say He put a Smelly Port-O-Potty on Property Line, Refuses To Move It

Ed Schultz hosting 1600 Pennsylvania Ave March 18th & 19th with guest President Obama on 19th!

had a talk with a fundie coal miner today and it made me think

Chris Dodd can kiss my ass

Why is there even an argument about repealing "bonuses" for banking execs?

It really speaks VOLUMES about a party . . .


Capitalists are parasites. True or False.

NYT: Religious Belief Influences End-of-Life Treatment Choices

Americans Have Had Enough! National Demonstrations At Major Banks On March 19th

Cool Amateur Video of Shuttle Launch....for those who can't get enough.

This teacher has had enough.

Why is not showing up for Jury duty a punishable offense while not voting is not?

If you want to understand what just happened in El Salvador, here's the key blog...

Toddler Attacked by Family's Cocker Spaniel

MYTHS ABOUT MADOFF’S “PONZI SCHEME” – Bernie’s Game Wasn’t What They Tell You

The talented, lovey Natasha Richardson seriously injured, reports she is brain dead

I am sick of so I need some ideas for a new home page.

How history remembers. How many people did Typhoid Mary kill? How many did Bush kill?

What childhood "phases" did you never grow out of?

Attn: PaddyBlueEyes & mcctatas

So, the Orkin guy came today, and when I apologized for the condition

Pink women-only taxi service launches in Lebanon

Narwhal, walrus and baby seal not on the menu at local food festival.

Join the petition drive for a national Cesar E. Chavez holiday!

We had graupel today!

BSG ending... (spoiler?)

Peak Oil Happened

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Did you get pinched for not wearing green on St. Patrick's day when you were a kid?

Out on a limb

cute puppy




Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig oraibh!

The Real AIG Scandal-By Eliot Spitzer: "This Was ALL An INSIDE JOB"

I know we hate Republicans here, but Megan McCain rocked The

Obesity danger 'rivals smoking'

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I'm wearing green ...

Did St. Patrick really drive the crocodiles out of Ireland

What do you think of the term "feminized men"?

Do you ever see a thread, usually in GD, and you think it is unbelievably stupid

Happy Birthday, LeftyMom!!! Welcome to your 40s, sweetie!!!!

The dog stole my pillows again.

Happy St. today is the best excuse to drink of the year day, hooray

March 17th only comes around once a year, so it's important you celebrate the occasion of the day

Duplicate post nt

I just alerted on my first post ever

And now, a tribute to those who gave their lives for a free Eire...

Easter 1916 - William Butler Yeats

Let's get the music started!

Papa Roach needs a new lyricist

Can we forget beer and drinking for a minute?

Who is more likely to grace the DU Lounge with their presence after reading of their fame here?

Happy St. Corgan's Day, Everybody!!!

Good morning Lounge

Narwhal! Fuck yeah!

Asked my 2-year-old son to tell me the name of a Spider-Man action figure. His response? "TROGDOR!"

If I download a video from Amazon to my PC and burn it to a

Is there such a thing as a programmable DVR for over the air TV?

Real Men

'CHUCK' fans. Who is Orion?

For the Irish protestants: The Wolfe Tones - Protestant Men

Dydd Gwyl Padrig Hapus!

I'm drinking orange juice today! Who's with me?

Electronic billboard in L.A. playing gay porn

Aerial camera systems provide stunning views over nature's great events(Narwhal Migration).

Oh boo...I've stolen my own identity apparently...

wow, Steelers Owner Dan Rooney Nominated for Ireland Ambassador

I may have justification for homicide for I have had to call Norton Anti-virus "customer service"

Bumper Sticker Idea: "Fuck Chuck" (Norris)

Happy St. Patricks Day Everyone!

Dog lovers, somebody told me back in the 1970s that if a dog was registered

Would you pay a fee of ten to fifteen dollars a month to have access to a tata's group?

This Nietzsche novel is not the laugh riot I was expecting.

That was me who called The Stephanie Miller Show today!

Good god! Is there anything that smells worse than a cat fart?

This week keeps getting better and better. Now there's a pit bull post in GD!

Do bad posters drive good posters out of circulation?

I'm wearing gray with white stripes today. Who's with me?

Where are the DU bonuses for posters?

"Don't Tutch the Butt" at the vet the other day

Are you a good poster or a bad poster?

Should police be allowed to use their tasers on people at their discretion?

Hey! Watch that potty mouth!

Woohoo.....feels good to be Irish today (update on surgery)

Does Tommy_Carcetti exist? Your thoughts, please

Should we allow rich Americans to build McMansions and drive Hummers?


St. Patrick's and New Year's Eve... promoting drunk driving for tradition!


Breastfeeding in public--yea or nay?

Ya know? It's really kinda sad...

Who is your personal choice for Democratic nominee in 2016? Please explain why he/she is best.

A message to the DU Lounge. Screw you. Screw all of you.

ok jumped the gun re:Natasha Richardson

Veggie latkes for lunch today. Yum!

How to ruin one's credibility:

I was at a karaoke memorial party on Sunday night

I think we can all agree that there are too many cliques in the DU Lounge.

Generalissimo Fransisco Franco is in fact still dead

It's SHEMP, baby! It's the "The Three Stooges Collection, Vol. 5: 1946-1948" DVD...

Danny Elfman has not died.

Known fact: Oingo Boingo music has been used to kill Narwhals.

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I give you

Is Keith Richard the one who was dating his son's wife's' daughter?

'Twas an evening in November. . .

Natasha Richardson has died- edit added

When you hear the song "Weird Science", what exactly do you think of?

What Green things are you doing for St. Patrick's Day?

David Bowie's "Low,""Heroes," and Lodger" - I just can't connect these three

My mom's town dedicated the annual town report to her!

The final word on "Sexting:" Chuck Norris

I'm going to Times Square. Can anyone recommend me a good Italian restaurant while I'm there?

So, anyone still hungover from the St. Urho's celebrations yesterday?

I just ate 99 grams of Andy Capp's Hot Fries!

I'm lookin' over a three-leafed clover that I overlooked bethree . . .

The following is disturbing imagery, but it is important to show that evil does exist in this world

The Wolfe Tones - Wearing Of The Green

What the Lounge needs is more threads about St. Patrick's Day!

A graphic that I like.

Ski Wars are up in GD.

What is the greatest threat to Narwhals today?

The Irish Tenors

the ad I posted on to get Angel a home

The word of the day is "tata's". Replace any word in a thread title with "tata's".

Who would win in a fight to the death?

I'm wearing nothing today.....who's with me?

Am I a good poster or bad poster?

List people who have or haven't died lately!

To those of you who've stopped subscribing to or reading print newspapers - you scored a success

Symarip: Dupe!

Was the Chicago River dyed green today?


I wish I could clone myself. seriously.

I am offering an Olive Garden branch to Symarip.

Whats the stupidest argument you ever had in a business meeting?

Hi, my name is Danny Elfman and I don't suck like Billy Corgan

Man wearing "I (heart) My Marriage" t-shirt busted for domestic battery

I'm looking for a new way to bread my chicken. Does anyone have any good ideas for me?

My Irish Tattoo From Hell Story

I wish all holidays did not involve being drunk midday.

I'm wearing pink today. But then again, I wear pink every day.

Billy Corgan: Revealed

Should the Lounge be allowed to keep Tommy_Carcetti as a pet?

What is up with all the women driving in Saudi Arabia these days?

Tommy_Carcetti is in fact still spamming the lounge

Wolfe Tones - Erin Go Bragh

And 3...2...1...Happy Birthday, LeftyMom!!!

I pulled a 36-hour shift this weekrnd, and slept until 6::00 today. Good Night DU!

Irish drinking songs for cat lovers

The recommend fairy is really busy today


What is up with all the narwhals driving around pitbulls these days?

What is up with all the women driving men around these days?

Billy Corgan kills Narwhals while Skiing with Danny Elfman and wearing Orange on St. Patrick's Day

St. Pat's not among Top 8 beer drinking holidays

P Diddy Confused and Disgusted by a $1 bill

Job interview


What's on your office and/or personal chat client?

OMG What was I thinking?

Just FYI....

Tony Little...

How would you improve Smashing Pumpkins?

It's Awareness Del! Making people aware, aware of Delaware!

Some threads I need to avoid... I swear if someone starts an Irish teacher thread in GD

Abe Vigoda: Still not dead

Mr. Van Morrison of Belfast, Northern Ireland

Rose Marie: Still not dead.

Calgary Appreciation thread

I'm Horny

Beagles are English.

The beagle and I are going to take a walk on this most beautiful

Anybody read "Brave New World"?

Asteroid Fly By Tonight-Tunguska-class size !!!!!11111

The mom of a childhood friend died last week. I friendship ended in a really bad way.

The mom of a childhood friend died last week. I friendship ended in a really bad way.

Happy St Patty's Day from Savannah, Ga

Uh-oh, I've pissed off the Narwhalites

Should people be allowed to keep pitbulls as pets? Discuss.

Post your favorite corned beef and cabbage recipe

Fran Fine's voice and headaches

Your VideoLounge Thread (of the day)

Caffeine and headaches

I don't think I've ever seen this many current flamewars on DU in one day.

WOOHOO!!!!! Only five hours to go until it's March 18th!!!!!

We're eating fish and watching Battlestar Galactica tonight

Today's book recommendation: Bill Bruford - The Autobiography

How do the kids wear their pants so low..

Do baby rattlesnakes have an orange stripe down their back?

La cucarach, la cucaracha

That was fast.

Hey Big Lebowski fans....FLYING IN NIGHTSHIRTS!!!!!!

We got trolls aplenty tonight.

* * * * 1000 POSTS - WOO HOO!!!!!!!! * * * *

Combine screenames in a humorous way

Did you ever feel the need to just IM with someone?

I boarded the shuttle from Denver to Boulder like I do every week

How would you improve Oingo Boingo?

You can tell people are enjoying their potent potables this evening

What if Syracuse had a tournament game today?

Do teletubbies have an off switch in their backs?

So today marks my 2-year anniversary with my SO

The Fundamentals of Our Economy Are F***ed Up

Oh, fer fuck's sake - the full of himself 22-year old SUPERMUSICIAN just elevated his assness to PRO

Simon Cowell's T-shirt. How old is it? Has it been washed?

A St. Patrick's Day toast to those here among us

Noodleboy has 100 posts. Ask me anything.

LyricKid speaks Simlish

Women of DU of American descent, have you ever thought about polyandry?

Fear is what kills. Love is forever.

Out of respect for my Irish friends,

Facebook is a headtrip

Why would Comcast need my Mom's SS# for setting up an account?

Help Bush identify the 12 toughest decisions he's made in office for his book.

First lounge post. Here I am in a pic doing my best angst. Download warning

I have a 4 phaze plan for financial bliss

While the rest of you celebrate St. Pat's today, ours is pretty sedate...

While the rest of you celebrate St. Pat's today, ours is pretty sedate...

My St. Patrick's Day cats. Sophie and Snickers.


Post the name of a movie with "Error! Hyperlink reference not valid" in the title

BarenakedLady starts a new job today.

Delete (testing a link)

Delete (testing a link)

WTF is up with Facebook?!?!?!?

Picture Thread Time: please post your own!

Irish whiskey for the evening it is!

Never heard of Pizza for St. Paddy's Day!

Favorite tusked mammal?

I'm embarrassed to be associated with you drinkers today.

One of my very good friends has started blogging

So I have UCONN and UNC

Someone tell me, what exactly is batshit crazy?

Shared custody of pets???


Taylor Hicks Concert tickets for free (just service charge)

In honor of St. Patty's Day

Are you Reverse Polish?

Can you broil in pyrex?

David Holmes or David Arnold?

I would sincerely like to wish each and everyone of you

Are you REALLY Irish?

Do you know where your Irish ancestors came from?

Hey DU ladies, read this

Before the Fall, AIG Payouts Went to Washington

If Kama'aina and Haole Girl got in a fight, who would win?

Somebody likes to recommend posts.

Oh fuck

LeftyFingerPop has died ( THIS IS A JOKE )!!!!!!!!


I'm just gonna leave this here ...

I almost cut my hair today. Modem warning.

Toby's YouTube Debut

On this, the holiest of Irish days, I'll hoist a drink in remembrance of Padraig18.

Got to the house about 30 minutes ago

"but you are blanch, you are in that chair."

I disappointed my mother. :(

I'm boycotting St Patrick's Day

Tiocfaidh ár lá

The Quiet Man is on tonight!!

Red Rocks Amphitheater:

I saw someone in the grocery store today that bore a strking resemblance to

It's not going to be mandatory helmets for skiing, it will be mandatory helmets for all auto

post your fave Irish tunes for St. Patrick's!

Cooking is the gateway drug for eating...Discuss

We had shepherd's pie and potato pancakes for dinner

It's a good thing Gracie's cute

Vibes please, Mom's back in the hospital.

If only this holiday were used to teach some history about Ireland...

I got bitten by a damn tick.

I am so fucked up

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 3/17/2009)

DUers with Animal Names, Report in!

Killed him a bar when he was only three...

NV travelers- I have a question

Are you IRISH?

Had the Final Exam for Maternity and Child Health today. It was a rough one. Hold me...

How do the kids wear their pants so low..

I saw this on someones facebook wall...."wots rong hun"

"Live like you mean it"

Another regional colloquial question....

It's St. Pat's! Time for my annual leprechaun beheading, ritual drinking of its blood,


Anyone know this song from the 90s? I don't remember lyrics enough to search.

Tune in next week, as Symarip forces the DU Lounge to choose between the following:

Do baby orange tabbies have an orange stripe down their back?

I has a snuggle

WTF? The dish washer didn't clean the cast iron skillet.

I had a dream last night that my thread had over 50 replies.

Please congratulate me. I am the only person in DU history to have never been placed on ignore.n/t

The Perfect Cocktail...

We're having corned beef and cabbage with an actual Irish person tonight.

I think the balrog of Moria is stalking Redding tonight

For Battlestar Galactica Fans, Was This New Series A Re-Imagining Or....

Time again for WHAT ARE Y'ALL READING?

Cat-lovers, today is a special day for you.

Orange cat story

Saturday Morning Watchmen

Whiskey in the Jar - Thin Lizzy

What was your best day?

Do you know where your non-Irish ancestors came from?

Jon Stewart's son? Freakin' adorable!

How many people in here do you think have you on ignore?

kitten picture of the day for wednesday march 18

Shea-Porter Will Not Run for Senate

Minnesota Senate Standoff Plays Into GOP's Hands (says the WSJ) VA Budget: Praise and a Warning

by golly i've got it: keep short selling legal, tax the crap out of it

TX-Sen: Hutchison Won't Give Up Senate Seat

CEBK = Close Encounters of the Beck Kind - Glenn Beck is not alone!

Obama to appear on Leno show Thursday night

Did MSM distort a statement by Biden about economy being sound?

OH POLL: Strickland approval lags but still far ahead of Repugs, Kasich gaining on Dewine

Maria Bartiromo on Mourning Joe: Looking a little Rode Hard 'N Put Up Wet

Headlines: 'GOP losing confidence in their leaders' v 'Obama shows off his cheesesteak knowledge'

The Answer For AIG Bonuses

Gridiron singed by Obama no-show

Pat Buchanan Is Wanting His Presidents To Be Pompous Asses.....

How come Gibbs is being held to a higher standard than Cheney? Cheney's defenders are pathetic. . .

***HEADS UP*** President Obama makes statement about the budget / economy.

"I did not come here to pass our problems to the next generation, I came here to solve them."

LOL 'JUST SAY NO' is only a response to your teenager for driving intoxicated

My Own Senator "No" Rationalizes Voting AGAINST the Stimulus Package

It's All About That 59th Vote

Conservatives Suggest Torture For AIG Execs: ‘Exemplary Hanging,’ Guillotine Party, ‘‘Boiling In Oil

m$nbc's First Read Joins Chorus Hitting Robert Gibbs For Being Mean To Cheney

Finance hearing on C-Span

Biden: Economy tougher than FDR's

Finally, a Washington Post columnist who wants Bush-era torturers to be held accountable

Public Outrage - Media word of the week

AIG bailout=$170 Billion, Small Business bailout=$15 Billion - Huh?

Reid: Congress intends to retrieve some AIG money

The Party Of Stupid

Dean Baker: Bonuses and Bankruptcy

Mika cherry picks polls and whacks Gibbs

Bank analyst who foresaw toxic dangers says worst isn't over for big banks

Where the economy is at

I am (less) concerned

Is Anyone Familiar With Susan Lindauer?

Shit Happens...

Bravo Andrew Cuomo! Uncovers 73 AIG Execs Received More than $1 million in bonuses each!

Meghan McCain and Laura Ingraham are in a war of words. Let the Fun Begin

Adam Lambert FUCKED UP Ring Of Fire By The Great Johnny Cash

Dodd (D) Suggests A Tax On AIG Bonuses - Grassley (R) Suggests Suicide

Does God exist? Your thoughts, please.

Gov. Paterson Wooing NY State Republicans: Rejects Democrat's Plan to Prevent Subway Fare Hike

Statement on the State of your Newly Outraged Media: CNN = Rock Bottom Garbage

Anyone watching Robert Gibbs' press conference right now??

CBS POLL: Obama approval at 62% (unchanged), growing # believe country is moving right direction

If someone asked you about your politics, what term are you most likely to use?

The destruction isn't complete...

NASA Watch: Discovery has closed to within a few thousand feet of ISS - Great Video Right Now

Kerry Condemns Bonuses for AIG Execs

Just now on MSNBC Rep. Pence, R Indiana wants no more bailouts

In retrospect, were Summers and Geithner a good idea?

The Stock Market is Up today because of what Pres. Obama said!

O'Bama! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Fireside Chat 2.0 - Obama's plans to adapt FDR's model to address today's economy.

What are you listening to right now?

Who thinks crowds with pitchforks and torches should drag AIG execs into the streets?

Peter King (R) on Mika Hardball - AIG - AND WHERE THE HELL ARE THE CAMERAS?

The main problem with the bailouts isn't the AIG execs; it's our government, Dems and Obama included

Pelosi, Reid: Dems Will Take Up Legislation to Recoup AIG's Bonuses (TEXT of LETTER to Liddy)

Calgary Canada protests Bush. Now, I am angry.

NYT publishes mind-numbing rationalization for AIG bonuses; readers rebel

A year ago, the "press" and Bush laughed it up at the Gridiron dinner.

Chuck Todd is taking up for the White House in regard to the AIG thing.

Today was the Crunchy Froglets' due date. (PICTURES)

The Irony Of Republican Outrage - GOP Opposes Expiration of Bush's Tax Cuts For AIG Executives

"These executive bonuses are the best argument against socialism."

Retention rewards? 11 of 73 AIG bonus recipients had already left the company

Robert Gibbs is a human cliche machine.

Obama's lobbyist rule: Promise Broken

Obama to Appear Sunday on '60 Minutes'

My "Unsafe with Team Bush" LTTE also makes it to print

WH Chief Tech Officer Kundra Back on Job; Not Target of Investigation

Lead Attorney in Hollister v "Soetoro" responds, claims Judge is trying for Supreme Court

Who is with me?

My LTTE on the stimulus package/government spending gets printed

Richard Burr on Obama: 'tremendous athlete' but I won't dine with him

What might be a good first sentence to a post that criticizes something Obama did?

So Obama is to blame for AIG's greed?:

Alabama Labor Council and Kentucky CWA Local Endorse HR 676

Is Obama letting us down on AIG?

Mika is Sitting in For Tweety...I hope you all appreciate him while watching this Colossal Failure

Did Obama Fall Into a Deliberate Bailout Trap?

Wait, so Chris Dodd put in the very same restrictions that he now wants to void?

So I began my grassroots campaign against my congressman

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R), Smacks Shuster's 'Obama losing political capital' meme

Why did Sen Dodd attach the amendment, was it the campaign money from AIG????

KERRY: Economic crisis' new challenges

Barney Frank: It’s ‘Nonsensical’ To Retain AIG Employees To Undo The Mess They Created

Is it me or does Peter King look a lot like Chris Dodd?

Let's get serious here. The President is risking some major political capital....

"Liberal" media's question of the day: "How much political capital is AIG costing Obama?"

Ambinder on AIG bonuses: Make them sue for it!

Meanwhile, there's a lot more than bonus money being given away (TALF)

Nationwide Protests Against AIG, Citi, BofA: Send In Your Reports

Republicans Who Opposed Wall Street Salary Caps Last Month Now Condemning ‘Outrageous’ AIG Bonuses

Faux news takes clip of Biden quoting McCain saying 'the fundamentals of the economy are strong' BUT

Cantor is having a Press Conference with Grover Norquist tomorrow

NY Times disappears Bush Treasury Department from article on AIG bonuses

Video of Rachel's Hagel interview including the Cheney question is on You Tube now

The bailout has been a cash bar for the banks & AIG - no oversight demanded

I hear Chimpy had to sneak into the back door in Calgary

Fox News Apologizes For Misleading Viewers With Old Clip Of Joe Biden

There's no one as Irish as Ba-rack O'bama! Happy St. Patty's Day All!

Obama to Appear Sunday on '60 Minutes'

Geithner Says ‘Wind Down’ of AIG May Accelerate

Outrageous! I Totally Disagree With President Obama! Insane!

PHOTOS Okay, the President isn't perfect, but his enemies?

Seotember 2008 TARP never should have been passed

I need a fact-checker please

Greenwald's "Article" Is An Opinion, Not Fact - Greenwald Is Blurring The Two

Does someone have the names of 73 AIG execs that got bonuses - I WANT NAMES!!

Who do you think has been Obama's best and worse appointment/staff pick?

Specter won’t rule out run as an Independent

Come on then, how many DUers have Irish roots?

New York Magazine profile of!?!

Well, the hell with Hardball today. Mika? Give me a break! n/t

Some 600K people a month lose jobs. Why is Obama's Economic Policy

Some 600K people a month lose jobs. Why is Obama's Economic Policy

Media now in full "What did Pres. Obama Know and when did he Know it?" Mode

Can the Republicans accept responsibility for anything?

David Brooks believes in Obama's educational agenda

Oh man, I just overheard someone talk about the tax against those AIG Bonus - if true, this rocks

The media is brutal. I am depressed when I see the full force of them on Americans

The Hill: Obama axes GOP in new budget push / Budget that will end 30 yrs of Reagan dominance

Panetta appoints Republican to advise him on CIA torture probe

What condition will most DUers be later tonight for St. Patty's Day?

"if [Obama] wants my help he is welcome to call me.”

NY Times Changes AIG Bonus Articles to Clear Dodd

"US Treasury's Geithner: AIG must pay back bonuses"

Need I Remind Anyone?

Obama Should Use The AIG Bonus Scandal To Hike Top Tax Rate On Million Dollar Earners-Take That GOP!

Flashback - Media Matters Article Comparing Press Coverage of Clinton/Bush - Media Double Standard

Obama must fire Larry ''sanctity of bonuses'' Summers

Photos from Bush's first speech since leaving office

Senator Kerry and Michelle Obama have a Youthbuild event today on the National Mall

PHOTOS The President, First Lady and, eh, St Patrick

Shit. Mika Mouse is subbing for Tweety today.

White House's green fountains: St. Pat's

Did AIG use "bailout" money for political contributions?

Geithner Must Go.

The "Blame Dodd for AIG Bonuses" Story is a Disgusting Right-Wing Lie

Please sign this petition regarding the offshoring of medical records.

WTF? Populist rage is great and all but we really cannot levy a special tax on AIG bonuses

WHO stripped the SNOWE-WYDEN AMENDMENT out of the ARRA??

Team Obama rolls out the welcome mat for Family Research Council, Concerned Women for America

I'm wearing orange today! Who's with me?

Since we had a thread on avatars, what does your screen name mean? Fill us in!

If Greenwald's article is correct, I am disappointed in the Administration. What a shitty political

Smokers: Anybody tried the e-cigarette?

Do you like live music? Here are about 500 shows!

Texas jail was an Animal House, authorities say

Barack Obama no-show at top journalist society Gridiron Club event

Australian Soldier Killed by Taliban in Afghanistan Firefight

Arab League will not arrest Sudan's president

Why the rich do matter

Citi, Morgan Stanley look to sidestep bonus caps: report

World Heritage Sites to be proposed in Cambodia

Madagascar president hands power over to military

Malaysian Legislator Charged With Sedition

President's Visits Buoy Federal Employees

Bomb lobbed at police station in China's west

China's milk victims complain of intimidation

Pakistan Suicide Bomber Kills 7 People, Wounds 20 Near Capital

American U.N. official kidnapped in Pakistan said sick

Qaeda bomber behind Yemen attack trained in Somalia

The American Legion Strongly Opposed to President's Plan to Charge Wounded Heroes for Treatment

Reform Candidate Withdraws in Iran

U.S. Challenged On Sealing of Detainee Files

U.S. Housing Starts Surge, Inflation Slower

Obama Admin Won't Block AIG Bonuses Despite Tough Talk

China seeks export carbon relief

Late Auto Loan Payments Continue To Rise In 4Q, Could See Highest Level On Record By Year-end

NKorea reopens border to SKoreans

Bernanke May Need `Massive' Asset Purchases to Counter Deeper Contraction

CA hired more workers despite budget cuts

Tiger Hunters May Fall Prey to Malaysia’s Poaching Clampdown

Shovels Are There, but the Readiness May Not Be

AIG paid 73 employees bonuses of $1 million or more; 11 of whom are no longer there, according to NY

BREAKING: AIG paid 73 employees bonuses of $1 million or more; 11 of whom are no longer there,

UPDATED: Natasha Richardson Injured In Accident

GM CEO Says Bankruptcy Would Cause Liquidation

Obama: Go big or go home

Report: Is Best Buy refusing to match prices?

Housing starts surge 22.2% in February; producer prices tame

U.S. banks suffer 149 percent rise in bad loans

Russia announces rearmament plan

IRS to Issue Guidance to Aid Victims of Madoff, Other Ponzi Scams

Poll: 45 percent of Americans expect another Great Depression

Majority Receptive to Law Making Union Organizing Easier

Rage on the streets in Calgary as Bush visit begins

'Star Wars' scientists create laser gun to kill mosquitoes

GOP tries to catch Democrats in ‘macaca' moments

Stimulus plan: Spend now, details later (promise)

IRS giving relief to some Madoff investors

Reid: Congress intends to retrieve some AIG money

Malaysian court accepts woman's decision to convert from Islam

3 arrested (so far) in Calgary as Bush event begins

Army puts Madagascar opposition leader in charge

Obama, Cowen praise N. Ireland response to attacks

Sarkozy faces no-confidence vote

Obama to Appear Sunday on '60 Minutes'

UPDATE: Natasha Richardson Is Brain Dead

Obama Picks Steelers Owner To Be Ambassador To Ireland

UN expert: North Korea commits widespread torture

Obama Administration Proposes Third-Party Billing for Combat-Related Injuries

Cuomo Offers Some Details of A.I.G. Bonuses

Embattled Va. GOP Chairman Vows Fight to Retain Post

1970s radical freed from US jail

New Jersey sues Lehman officials for fraud

Israel Could Use Ballistic Missiles Against Iran-Report

Poll: Public Supports Aid To Homeowners

Pope rejects condom use in Africa

2003 Lawsuit Suggests AIG Wasn't Always So Careful To Honor Bonus Deals

Grassley: AIG execs should quit or commit suicide

Chief Information Officer Is Quietly Reinstated

U.S. preparing integrated plan on Mexico drug war

Justice Ginsburg Says She Will Have Chemotherapy

(Mr. Magoo creator) Screenwriter Millard Kaufman dies at 92

Fox News admits mistake in misleading editing of Joe Biden clip

Brown puts Trident cuts on nuclear arms talks table

GOP eyes Bush v. Gore to save Coleman seat

Nobel Prize Krugman says US and EU stimulus packages insufficient

Unconfirmed reports: Natasha Richardson is brain dead

Intel to Obama: Not in this economy

Bush faces footwear protest in Canada

New Mexico: Former Senator Sentenced

Iran FM calls oil price 'unjust': report

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday March 17

Caterpillar lays off 2,454 workers in 3 states

GM CEO says bankruptcy would cause liquidation

Palin PAC mistakenly confirms she'll keynote fundraiser

Reid: Tax on AIG bonuses coming in next 24 hours

High court ruling prompts Superferry to suspend operations

McCain gives first Twitter-based interview

Frank Prepares Bill to Revamp Fannie, Freddie

Senate passes pay freeze

Feds Probe Islamist Extremists' Recruiting in San Diego

Gilani Says Government Will End Its Rule in Pakistan’s Punjab

Report: Natasha Richardson dead at 45

Prosecution heat turns on Madoff sons

With protests outside, Bush defends free trade, Guantanamo in Calgary speech

Union Unleashes Brutal Video Tying Anti-EFCA Blue Dog Dem To Dead Worker

Senate deal could lead to smooth sailing for public lands omnibus

Feds clear way for NYC's Bloomberg to run again

Killer dogs sow terror in Sicily

Obama drops 'war on drugs' rhetoric for needle exchanges

$5,000 voucher pushed for new fuel-efficient vehicles

ACLU Calls on Attorney General to Investigate CIA Interrogations

US poised to join Mexico drug war

Drywall from China blamed for problems in homes

Gates readies big cuts in weapons

NYT: Goldman Sachs (GS) Offers Loans to Stretched Employees

Obama to be presented with proof of Irish ancestry

Mexico Imposes Tariffs ($2.4bn) On US Goods

WSJ: Citi's Chief Economist Leaves for Treasury Post

Justice Thomas: Americans don't sacrifice as much

Reader's Digest Outsources Tech Ops To Indian Firm

Bush refuses to criticize Obama in Canada

Prison Restrictions on 'American Taliban' John Walker Lindh Loosened

Drones Are Weapons of Choice in Fighting Qaeda

Madagascar president 'to resign'

President picks moderate as first judicial nominee

Russian president announces rearmament plan

If Franken wins, he wants Coleman to pay court costs, some lawyers' fees

Obama Administration Proposes Third-Party Billing for Combat-Related Injuries

Appeals Court Refuses To Revisit Decision Ordering Defense DeptTo Release Prisoner Abuse Photos

As Pakistan Restores Judges, Taliban in Swat Sends Some Home

Krauthammer and Kondracke suggest death for AIG execs

KSM is smarter than Cheney

David Shuster: Hypocrisy Watch: Eric Cantor

Rachel Maddow Show - Rachel gives a comprehensive chronology of AIG malfeasance

David Shuster & Isikoff discuss Red Cross torture report

Mark Danner on torture - C-SPAN

There's No One As Irish As Barack Obama

Ingraham Defends Calling Meghan McCain Fat: 'Can I say lighten up or is that offensive too?'

Seeds of Domination - (Monsanto's attempt to monopolise the seed supply)

Rep. Barney Frank "We Own AIG - There Should Be No Bonuses"

The West Wing: Why is Liberal such a bad word?

Grassley on his AIG Suicide Remark

Rachel Maddow examines The Quagmire That Is Afghanistan

Court Says Navy Can Shoot Recruits With Deadly Pepper Spray

Could Bush be Arrested in Canada?

A Pillar of Austin Activism Needs Your Help

Hilarious, brilliant and devastating! Will Ferrell as George Bush on Iraq

More Will Ferrell: George Bush says goodbye

On a noob making it to the front page.

Calgary Protests Bush! (Didn't Arrest Him, Though...)

Katie Couric: Sex Abuse & Female Soldiers

U2 - North and South of the River

TYT: Would You Trust This Wall Street CEO?

CNBC's Rick Santelli on AIG Bonuses "No Big Deal"

Mark Danner: Press Is Obfuscating Torture Issue

Dennis Miller Makes Fun Of Glenn Beck

Obama's Good Cop/Bad Cop Routine

11. Smoke And Strong Whiskey - Christy Moore Live

Rush Limbaugh Rant (Comedy Routine)

Larry Summers And AIG

Fox Apologizes For Editing Biden Quote On Fundamentals of Economy

Countdown: Politico Claims Left-Leaning Bloggers Conspire at JournoList (Funny) w/ Markos

Countdown: Jonathan Turley - We Made Our Own Bed With AIG

Colbert spoofs Glenn Beck's "War Room"

Countdown: Breaking News - Geitner to Pelosi on How to Get AIG Bonus Money Back

TYT: Fake Outrage By Politicians (including Obama) On AIG

Rachel Maddow on Letterman

Sen. Grassley: AIG Execs Should Commit Suicide

Rachel Maddow Show - Chuck Hagel discusses US policy towards Russia

Countdown: Canadians Protest Bush Visit to Calgary

Senator Grassley "Sucking the Tit of The Taxpayer"

Pat Boone Sings Judas Priest

Young Turks: Rick Santelli Defends AIG Bonuses

Young Turks: Glenn Beck is Just Like Jon Stewart!

Mark Danner = Iraq War and U.S. Torture = 59:47

Coleman-Franken trial notebook: As we await some rulings, a few odds and ends ... (MN Senate Trial)

On the Road Today - AIG HQ, 70 Pine St., NYC

More GOP LINGO translations

Bush Aministration is Responsible for the Damage to our Economy (Blog from Capitol Hill Blue)

Gay French Monkey Blogging

Newspapers and Thinking the Unthinkable

Politics of language: For Obama, the right 'words matter'

Uber RWer Diana West: Conservatives would be better off if Kerry won in '04

Bonus Madness and AIG

Insider commentary from CNN

Leader -- or Just Louder?

President Obama, 'Challenges we face are too large to ignore'

Let Me Chew My Coca Leaves (Morales / NYT)

Harsh reality, tough love (Afghanistan)

Congress threatens to tax AIG executives' bonuses

Moral outrage in the age of AIG

Cheney's Mission Accomplished-by Juan Cole

Glenn Greenwald: The outrageous offenses against Richard Cheney

Walter Shapiro: Fix the Country Already!

Note to the Air Force: Butt out

Joe McGinniss: Pipe Dreams (of Sarah Palin)

Financial Times: Let fairness triumph over corporate profit

Shoes thrown to protest Bush

Q&A with Goldman Sachs over AIG bailout

The Painful Cost of ‘Breed Standards’: Mutilation Vs. Cosmetics

Obamanomics Sparks Ire Across the Aisle

The sanctity of AIG's contracts

Asia Times: China inoculates itself against dollar collapse

The Pope's Past with the Right Wing

Obama Proposes Trade of AIG Executives in Primitive Swaps

Row over AIG bonuses threatens Obama's economic plans

In These Times: De-escalating the Drug War

GOP eyes Bush v. Gore for Coleman

Should Bailed-Out Homeowners

The End of Peter B. Collins and the Need for Media Reform

Meghan McCain takes on Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham responds

A.I.G. Bonuses Strike a Nerve on the Internet

President Obama gives VA a makeover, adds $25 billion to budget

Eugene Robinson: Now It’s Personal

Haiti: Coup Drugs CIA Republicans IRI Bush

So-called «Eastern European financial bomb» is Manipulation - LEAP/E2020

Women opt out of math/science careers because of family demands

Hudson burns Down Obamas Burning House Metaphor for Banks.

Inconvenient Contraception

Commentary: Obama a leader who actually leads-By Jack Cafferty CNN

Are videogames changing narrative structure for boys?

So Long, Alex P. Keaton

Tax Tea Party Republicans Conservatives Neocons Fox Nuts Propaganda Parade

Why the rich do matter


Chinese Lawmakers' New Renewable Energy Policy Will Benefit Solar Companies

Would you like to read AIG's blackmail letter to govt?

Climate science: A call to think big - and think policy

Peak oil review - Mar 16

Super Vegan in the Galapagos - Tod Emko, First Campaign End

The Iron Lady of Climate Research: Drop the Geek Language

Good news from California! We're at 87% of normal precipitation

China Wants To Exclude Entire Export Sector In Any Emissions Deal - AFP

Arctic Sea Ice Basin Survey Team Down To Half Rations As Foul Weather Blocks Resupply Drops - AFP

Mighty diatoms: Global climate feedback from microscopic algae

Gartner predicts ray of light for solar tech

Shell to focus (more) on biofuels (than wind or solar energy) and raises dividend

Tom Brokaw's New Global Warming Documentary (Discovery Channel on Mar. 18)

Navy to test tidal power off Marrowstone Island

DuPont Ignores Solar Market Woes (Article says "bad" I say "Good for DuPont!")

Nature Conservancy land buy to help revive coho

Manufacturing inefficiency—Study sees 'alarming' use of energy, materials in newer manufacturing…

Fungus devastates 'chicken' frog (BBC)

US Govt cuts red tape on offshore renewable energy

Oil and Gas Lobby Spending Up a Whopping 64% on Capitol Hill

China buys up natural resources at bargain prices

'Whale kill tapes' taken by government must be made public: Australian Greens

BBC: The Maldives plans to go carbon neutral

Peak Oil Happened

Venezuela Confronts Capitalism's Crisis with More Revolution

"Plan Colombia has achieved its purpose. It is no longer necessary," Colombian VP

Businessman sentenced in Miami for suitcase cash scandal

Another whacked Miami Herald/Montaner op/ed: No foes, more power

Look at this -- they didn't even wait to get the results in.

Machetera Uses the Machete on Castaneda: "Inside Jorge Castaneda's Feverish Mind"

Wooster (Ohio) Daily Record: Card check could bring sweeping change

Pa. labor offers Specter a deal

Today in labor history Mar 17 HELP WANTED No Irish Need Apply.

Toyota nixes pay-scale hike, but to pay bonuses worth 5 months' wages

US labor secretary says recession hard on women

Bonus fever: a university in Fl gives bonuses & tries to hide them!

Why the left won in El Salvador

Bellevue police officer's firing overturned

Machinists (IAM) Call for Terminations at AIG

Hoffa Calls Mexican Tariff Threat “Absurd Overreaction

Economic Report: U.S. Industrial Output At Seven-Month Low

NYT: New Head of N.F.L. Union Gets to Work Right Away

China labor activist free after 7 years jail

More labor unrest at Microsoft: Custodians want subcontractor to restore jobs

Teamsters Yank $14 Million Out of KeyBank Because of Labor Dispute

Wal-Mart May Win Democrats Unions Need on Card-Check (Update3)

Forget the UAW, the average American should be on strike

In a First, Bankruptcy Judge Rules Calif. City Can Void Union Contracts

Pelosi Pushes for Papers

Recent Mass Layoffs Are Revised Upward

"Sizable" Layoffs Coming To MySpace, Fox (NWS)

New: Just get laid off? Please fill out our newly launched “Layoff Satisfaction Survey”.

Detroit gets 1% of AIG loans

Kaiser to cut 860 information technology jobs (story & video)

Stir It Up site a good resource for student activists

I just checked the count, over 18,000 posts in this forum

Warnock may sue over Tevez saga

I always thought soccer was boring, but that was before I knew about the gun play

Rumor: Pedro to the Astros

I found this video of Lost In The Fog...

Why do foreigners think football is boring and soccer is exciting

Bracket of Integrity or Multiple Brackets?

Due to popular demand, here it is, The "Official" NCAA Tournament Thread!

West Point grads form gay support group (xpost from Veterans)

RuPaul's Drag Race- 03/16/2009

Pope: Condoms Not The Answer In AIDS Fight (Cross posted from R&T)

US to Sign UN Gay Rights Declaration

A conservative’s thoughts on gay rights

A Lake Beyond the Wind

Five arrested during protest over wounding of Oakland man in Israel

Portugal urges EU to pressure Israel against settlement expansion

Egypt blocks Hamas cash at Rafah border

Israel's national security aide barred from U.S. (Washington Times)

'Durban II' organizers issue new draft document

Obama's Middle East moment of truth: His diplomatic moves are a good start. But does he have the

WP: Critics Object to 'Pseudoscience' Center

Housing Plan Creates Opening for Scammers

Intel, Lockheed Tell Obama on Taxes, F-22: Not in This Economy

Who's idea was "Too big to fail"....????????

Card Issuers Choke U.S. Businesses With Rate Hikes, Limit Cuts

Market doing quite well this morning....

Thoughts on the Death of Rachel Corrie

Do antidepressants kill love?

Can someone clafify exactly what a credit-default-swap does

Some of the AIG bonus getters aren't even working for the company anymore.

Richard Haas President of the CFR was just on MSNBC and said something interesting.

China likely to be stronger after crisis

Question about credit default swaps -- can damage be limited because of "physical settlement"?

Why, despite the 'chatter' is there no talk whatsoever of consumer bridge loans?

Shipowners in stand-off with banks

Congress must tackle "too big to fail" problem

Market Had a Good Day...

Accounting Standards Eased Today!

Americans Have Had Enough! National Demonstrations At Major Banks On March 19th

With our economy leveraged 30 times over,

Citi's Chief Economist Leaves for Treasury Post

Running the settler gauntlet


IMF poised to print billions of dollars in 'global quantitative easing'

DOW up 13% in last 6 sessions. Now only an idiot would say I am claiming this means that the

Scott County Homeowner Holds Burglary Suspect At Gunpoint

Gun prohibition is akin to drug prohibition: a losing battle.

EPD: Man shot by homeowner after attempted break-in

“New Hampshire's 10th Amendment Rally: 'Armed but Peaceful' “ 2nd & 10th Amendment meet.

Bullet recall

Chicago’s Mayor Daley beats the drum for more gun-grabber laws.

My other door pictures

More doors & ancillary shots

March Photo contest update

The Duck and Swan Show

A little sunshine after 4 days of nonstop rain. I'm no longer depressed

Got sidetracked looking for something else entirely - guess I'm stuck on the contest theme

Another restoration..

Maple Drip

Latest Right-Wing Canard: "If Workers' Productivity Increased, Workers' Wages Would Rise"

New fitness program to focus more on stress

F-16 shot down Iranian drone in February

82nd paratrooper killed in car accident

Green Beret dies during underwater training

Fort Hood soldier found dead in barracks room

Iraqi girl killed in U.S. shooting near Mosul

Borat star fools Ala. Guard into training stint

Obama renews pledge to transform VA

Fight to end widows benefit offset goes on

West Point grads form gay support group

Nearly 3,200 Miss. guardsmen prepare for Iraq

Veteran on cross-country bike trek dies

Canadian officials visit U.S. war deserter

Experts: Financial crisis threatens security

CNO announces new missile defense command

Death of CG Academy coach ruled a suicide

SMCR lieutenants get more time to go infantry

Report: Troops need more sleep

U.S. aid slips by Kurds’ veneer of success

State Department warning Americans to be alert at Roppongi bars and clubs

Arrest warrant issued in death of U.S. soldier in Iraq

Twin blasts rock southern Afghanistan

Obama Expected to Name Mabus as SecNav

Poll Shows Iraqis More Upbeat About Future

Task Force to Focus on Protective Gear

DoD contracts for 3/16/2009

(Military Times) Op-Ed: Failing The Test

Air Force weighs e-mail’s religious neutrality

Sagging Economy Sinks Navy Bonuses

Thorns in Boxes

Connecting Spirituality, Philosophy & Science.

A true Irish ghost story that my late Irish husband told me that happened to his mother.

The History of a Truly Scary Irish Spirit


Some Scientists want to shut down alternative medicine research

From Charley Reese (pardon moi if this was posted before)

Heart Meridian Weakness and what to do

The economy and the planet.

Luck of the Irish B'Day Wishes, BanzaiBonnie

Diet Soda and Aspartame

New York Seas to Rise Twice as Much as Rest of U.S.

Canadian dig yields tiny dinosaur (BBC)

Arctic sea monster's giant bite (BBC)

Scientist: Warming Could Cut Population to 1 Billion

Former journalist who appealed to churches wins Salvadoran election

Dead Sea Scrolls 'were a spoof'

Researchers aghast that key figure in funding controversy invokes religion in science discussion

I gotta admit, as a teacher, I sometimes wish this ran all day...

Islamic creationism will bury Darwinism:

Pope: Condoms Not The Answer In AIDS Fight

Religions driving people away from God -- Leonard Pitts Jr.

So many gods to not believe in

For those who don't have the Ain5 book yet

Happy St. Patrick's Day: Chocolate Stout Cupcakes

Geeeze .... what to do when a pound of fresh crabmeat hits the floor and busts open ........

What's for dinner? ~ Tuesday the 17th ~ St. Paddys Edition

So, is anybody making corned beef and cabbage tonight?

Commencing at 11AM on September 11, 2008...

Has anyone here seen "The Obama deception"?

Texas Senate approves bill requiring voter ID at polls

Anti-gay appointee for refugee board

Goodyear retreats on evolution

Science minister won't confirm belief in evolution

Any experience with "pokapoka" aka Elite tb?

can you figure this out?

Yet another virus question

Vundo/Virtumondo malware: HELP!

Sending DVR signal to second TV ?

Buying a new computer -- advice please?

Cable tv/internet

Senator Kerry quoted on Pakistan in the Times of India last week

Finance Comm hearing: 3/17 10 am Ponzi Schemes and Offshore Tax Evasion

Kerry praises Obama Small Biz plan. Nice to see JK's ideas becoming reality.

Oh Tay Tay - (pics)

JK with Michelle Obama at a green Youthbuild event on the National mall

Kerry there for Don Imus, who was just diagnosed with prostate cancer.

KERRY: Economic crisis' new challenges

Has John Kerry weighed in yet on a VA plan being considered?