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Archives: March 14, 2009

I don't know whether to be amazed or disturbed.....

Sunday Times’ London Editor Must Quit Over False “Wakefield MMR Data Fixing” Story

Homeless, neglected horses multiply as Maryland's equine industry struggles

Will Ferrell On Letterman Now

The best thing John Stossel ever did

Paul David Hewson

Cheney Reich Wing Death Squads of ASSASSination - New Game!

Amsterdam man receives $7 billion surprise

This is just as true today as it was in 1916

Anchorage teen dead in accidental shooting

"We surround them" analyzed

Some days it is hard...

WV: State Senate passes anti-discrimination legislation

Greed and hubris bring down Babcock & Brown

Chrysler Canada rejects GM-CAW “pattern,” demands even greater concessions

"Deception & Abuse at the Fed: Henry Gonzalez Battles Greenspan's Bank"

In puff piece on Newsmax, quoted Dick Morris without noting he writes for Newsmax

Pakistan Troops On Standby Ahead Of Protests

Politico, Fox News advance McConnell's "fuzzy math" on cost of omnibus and stimulus bills

MSNBC producers told ‘not to incorporate’ Cramer’s Daily Show interview into their programming.

Japan Warns It May Shoot Down North Korean Satellite Launcher

Media Matters: The media's deliberate stupidity

Guns vs People

So how many racist and sexist inferences can you find in this article?

George Bush's tax cuts were a stimulus in an already overinflated

Man unwisely tries to rob Tae Kwon Do studio

WJ this morning - Heffner from Scoop is on

CNBC's Kernen, Bartiromo falsely claimed Obama promised to eliminate earmarks

Alaska ski resort bills injured skier for rescue

Sanford's Beach House for Sale for $3.5 Million

We seem to have forgotten the fact that Republicans Have Been Trying to Starve Public Education

This is B*sh's legacy. (1) Stupid is chic. (2) Lies are fine.

New Mexico Legislature repeals death penalty

washington post / msnbc

Enough Demonizing The Mortgage Holders, It Was The Irresponsible Leveraging

A romantic inn in Vermont is giving away free trips - the catch, you have to be unemployed

TV's Montel Williams to host Air America radio show

The crisis of capitalism is not all bad news

Switzerland breaks with tradition on tax evasion

I have jury duty Monday.

GOP Rift on Different Ways to Say, "Suck It: We're Rich, You're Suffering. God Wants It That Way."

The Vermont Legislature will pass Marriage Equality this session: Fat lot of good that will do

Drinkers hit by sunstroke in Scottish pub

One response to Governor Sanford from a Rethug legislator:

Complete text of letter to Gov. Mark Sanford signed by 52 state mayors:

Obama vows to improve the FDA

HR875/S425 Food Safety Bills (warning: long post)

Healthcare plan - not rocket science

scary stuff: 10 kids at daycare drank washer fluid mistaken as koolaid

$1 House

Meanwhile the President of the USA can still end all human civilization by pressing a button.

IMO ANY bank or financial institution that receives bailout funds from the government

Coleman Lays Out Appeal Strategy Pending Recount Decision

Automakers' late payments threaten tool makers

Russia’s Richest Woman Seeks Aid, Drawing Double Takes

I won't go as far as to say I am "hoping" for a Depression, but.......

Beverly Hills Pawnshops Snapping Up Artwork, Rolexes

This old, embarrassing pic of Glenn beck needs revived

Global Hurricane activity collapses

Cramer & MSN-BS don't get it. Watch Mad Money's coverage of TDS

Stars of TV's 'Ax Men' Accused of Illegal Log Harvest

Beck & Chucky Norris "We Surround You" Cells - Local news reports

WaPo eliminating separate business section

CNN's Willis falsely claimed "household net worth ... dropped by almost 18 percent since last year"

WaPo's Scott Wilson slams Obama for being too partisan.

Suspected Drunk Driver Shot In The Arm By Home Owner

Great reverse "concern" article: Doesn't the Media Have a Little too Much on Its Plate?

Fundie Enemy No. 1 (for the moment, anyway): Michael Steele

Senate recount trial: Now it's up to the judges

SoS Clinton Calls President, Opposition Leader as Pakistan Simmers

Ross Douthat will replace William Kristol

please delete

Rename Ross Douthat

Cops Arrest Priest For Filming Them

Get some real coverage of the G20: send "Why They Suck" to cover it.

So, Chuck, How's The Revolution Going?

Where do Satan et al. publish, anyway?

The Stewart Dip? Ratings Down for CNBC, Cramer

Obama signs a law forbidding fed money for embryo stem cell research

How About A Reality Show About Teachers?

Saw a truck today with these stickers:

This is Hell - stream live

This is Hell - stream live

The complete Madoff client list (per the Wall Street Journal in PDF format)

Thoughts on Walking Away From Your Home Loan(NYT)

Democracy on trial - Judges to decide whether Franken will be Minnisota's new Senator -

No charges in threats against alderman

Was the AIG Bailout a Gift to Goldman Sachs?

"This Song Ain't About You": The Media Misses the Real Message of the Stewart/Cramer Interview

Haven't Republicans been mocking the 9 principles of the "We Surround Them" movement since Day 1?

Deranged Golfer Attacks 12 Year Old Boy

Reality: Public Schools Serve The Purpose Of

MGM mulling breakup to pay looming debts: report

Obama focuses on Food Safety picks FDA new chief

In your opinion why was "Gitmo" created?

Who, in your opinion, is the shittiest, meanest, nastiest credit card comapny out there?

Remember when Jon Stewart went on 'Crossfire'?

Bayh voting against party on multiple issues

"The 9/12 Project"

Cash-hungry U.S. states turn to Web to auction goods

Dead heat nationalizes New York special election

Elder's Meditation of the Day - March 14

Police: Man Dragged Pig To Meet Women

Is there a name for people seeking election only to make government works fail?

We need to start teaching ecology in schools again, like back in the '70s

The NYT ran a story about the #1 boat repo man last year. In today's paper, we meet ...

Another twist for the unemployed: Debit card fees

Suriname starts free circumcision project

Battle brews over Bush library ("it’s great, whether they agreed with the president or not")


Here's another earmark: More privacy for red wolves to breed

Hundreds Rally Behind Glenn Beck at The Rex Friday

Did you know you now own a damned fine ski resort?

Cramer felt ‘blindsided by Stewart’s hostile approach.’

GOP Divided On Need To Offer Rival Budget Despite Attacks

Why Keith Olbermann is muzzled while Jon Stewart isn't.

Deaths of gamers leave their online lives in limbo

Is this stealing or just a bad investment project?

Is this stealing or just a bad investment project? CEO quits after Cramer’s TV flameout

Who else finds HuffPo an increasingly slow to load website?

Did the RWers "Take their country back" yesterday?

CREDO Petition: Tell CNBC: Listen to Jon Stewart

CREDO Petition: Tell CNBC: Listen to Jon Stewart

did the oil companies, with the help of the bu$h* administration, gouge the country for 8 years?

Not sure I fully wrap my mind around what this guy said:

So, I was stampeded into the floor and trampled, yesterday, by 7th graders who were going to lunch.

Bill Maher should be worth a look on 3/20 with

Madoff Victim's List USA graphic-WSJ

The Video Of Violence Against A Trans Woman Is Violent And Shocking

MN Senate recount trial: Now it's up to the judges

Banks jumping on to screw the unemployed

Trucker kills intruder in West Knox County

Michael Steel Appreciation Poll

Stewart/Cramer - Anyone notice that Cramer actually supports the bank bailout (Socialism)?

Senate recount trial: Now it's up to the judges

Earmarks only became prominent when GOP took House in 1995, so Republicans are the party of earmarks

These DAMN DRUG Commercials!!!

Pakistan On Edge As Zardari Arouses Cabinet Rebellion

Pakistan On Edge As Zardari Arouses Cabinet Rebellion

Labor Secretary Proposes Suspending Farm Rules

G-20 to Agree to Boost IMF Resources, European Official Says

Deaths of gamers leave their online lives in limbo

How important was Jim Cramer's appearance on The Daily Show?

GOP House Conservatives Seek Patriot Act Extension

Guarding the U.S.-Mexico border, live from suburban New York

Obama Administration Affirms U.S. Neutrality in Salvadoran Election

Videos: NYPD Officer Sodomizes Man With Police Radio! Chicago PD Beats 20 people on election night

Out! Damned intruder!

train your replacement? Washtech query

Germany and France reject Brown's global economic recovery plan

Students spend spring break building homes

Some questions that have bothered me

I find it sad really that some people find this odd:

Anyone know anything about

Congressman Ron Paul and Steven Baldwin Debate Marijuana Legalization On Larry King

Evolution less accepted in US than other Western countries: study


HUFFPOST: Palin lashes out at ABC News over report on her earmark requests...ABC responds

Limbaugh Dubs Mitchell A "Butt Boy"

GOP eyes offensive strategy for 2010

c h a n g e - 'Downer' cows banned from food supply....damn i already thought they were

Government investigator used phony documents to get passports to test post-9/11 security

Glenn Beck's "The 9/12 Project" is finished....

An Open Letter to Veterans From Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki

So will SNL do the Stewart/Cramer face-off?

AIG is still giving out bonuses after the 30 billion dollar bailout we gave them

So will SNL do the Stewart/Cramer face-off?

Bush Men on Cspan telling their version of 9-11 Day.

Bizarre, Unusual Question to Business-Minded People

I passed by a house with plywood propped against it that said, "We Surround You" and

Health and Human Services under Bush discovered that abstinence-only programs do not work

This is timely once again...

We started out married life during the Ford recession.

Press Release: Midtown Bar Refuses Gay People

Obama 'lookalike' in Azerbaijan become a popular celebrity

Now I'm hearing the insurance companies want to be bailed out.

Now I'm hearing the insurance companies want to be bailed out.


Has the stimulus trickled down?

Has the stimulus trickled down?

Independent UK: It's about time the US had some 'union tyranny'

don't tug on superman's cape and don't mess with my partner...

We need a bicycle usage tax NOW!

Ann Comptom just said " Norad scrambled planes immediately after first plane hit tower"

Happy Birthday, Albert Einstein. New website created to promote 'better thinking'

R.I.P. - A Hero

So I went to the store today, and I see the cover of the National Enquirer

For all the Garrison Keillor and Molly Ivins fans

Lambda Legal Urges Federal Court to Reject Gay Defamation Claim

Gay couple wins right to adopt foster son

Gay couple wins right to adopt foster son

7.5 out of 10 on the Weird-Shit-o-Meter

Is it time yet to repeal the Bankruptcy "Reform" Act of 2005?(corporate welfare to credit card......

NY-Gov: Another Disastrous Poll for Paterson

"Content downsizing" (prices same or higher) of grocery products

Opposition to HR 875 being astroturfed by Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty

Rec this if you want to get rid of ALL cable news...

What's in an avatar?

"View" skit coming up on SNL

Fun Fact. In College Basketball, the women play with smaller balls than the men.

CNBC's Erin Burnett Questions Need For Extended Unemployment Benefits...

Then what's the definition of a double dribble?

Will Ferrells You're Welcome America is funny shit

I'm waiting right now for SNL - in a few minutes I hope they will

PRINCETON: Rep. Holt re-files battlefield, anthrax bills

"The Economist" Hits on Alan Greenspan on Housing Bubble: "He had the power"

I Knew I Saw This Guy Somewhere Before.......

I Knew I Saw This Guy Somewhere Before.......

LA Times: Conservative talk radio on the wane in California

The sickening republican strategy of turning American against American intensifies.

THEORETICAL question about "merit pay"

The relief felt after the Cramer trial underscores our common need to prosecute the criminals that

If you have HBO... "A Final Night with W"

Btw, LinkTv has a whole page dedicated to accountability for torture.

In storm-ravaged, poverty-stricken Haiti . . . orchids bloom

Some thoughts about schools (long post)

In Denver, a pay what you can cafe

Moderates in Congress win clout

Important Breaking News!

Off the table vs. Single Payer?

Who owns America's debt?

We need intellectual property reform.

Hey Freepers! If Glenn BEck invites you over and serves Kool-Aid--Don't, I repeat, DON'T drink it

Airplane repo-man (NYTs)

2009 Rosemary Award for Worst FOIA Performance Goes to FBI, Can't Find Records 66% of the Time

Dora the ... Streetwalker?

Stewart Vs Cramer poll on CNN in need of some lovin'

There's only one sure-fire, reliable indicator I know of to identify a "good teacher."

Obama warns of US food 'hazard' (BBC) {more funding, inspectors}

Shep Smith (Fox News Anchor) mocking out Glenn Beck

R W brother just called to whoop up on his liberal brother- new RW meme:

Obama Administration Moves to Protect Bush Administration Military Officials

Prosecutors target assets of Madoff's wife

"10 things to hate about me"

Seven Avoidance Indicators by Ralph Nader

Boy Banned from Wearing Obama Mask in Skit

"We Are Greedy Shits" - The Rude Pundit-NAILS IT

"A big, big step has happened . . . Mullah Omar has given the green light to Afghan peace talks.”

In These Times: The Future of Transit

Steve Martin will pay for the production of banned high school play

City of Phoenix killed big batch of swarming honey bees on Friday.

State takes 'Ax Men' logs-Illegal Logging Tipped off by History Channel Show

Jim Cramer Will Be Thrown Under The Bus by CNBC & Wall Street

The City that Ended Hunger

Multinational conglomerate corporations should not be allowed to own media companies.

HBO...You're Welcome America..on now.

Reply to Operation Tea Bag email I just got

Madoff Had Accomplices: His Victims

Madoff Had Accomplices: His Victims

If "" is so free, how can they afford so many f**kin' commercials?

Which Comes Closer to Your Definition of Someone Being Stupid?

Another twist for the unemployed: Debit card fees

Secretary of Education Duncan: Obama doesn't want to continue NCLB

Glenn Greenwald: The success of drug decriminalization in Portugal

Emotional Abuse and Violence Cross a Line that Should Never Seem Murky

Houston Bar Refuses to Admit Gays - Union Bar and Lounge

Will Farrell as GWB was OUTSTANDING on HBO. Anyone see it?

Why is it that people who work hard, strive to excel, and show aptitude keep getting kicked in the

The Idiocracy conumdrum... should we denounce dangerous propaganda hidden as comedy.

Ex-Cal Tree Sitter Injured In West Bank Protest

Obama scapegoats teachers, continues Bush education policies

Is shooting (a gun) a solution to every problem?

Bill Maher vs Teacher's Union...

I just got a request from a neighboring church for supplies

Why I Worship Teachers.

Michelle Obama on Paula Deen's cooking show today

It CAN be hard to dismiss a bad teacher. I've seen it happen before.

AIG Motherfuckers A.I.G. Planning $100 Million in Bonuses After Huge Bailout

What kind of businesses do you see closing in your area?

Dog owner to serve 11 years - His dogs attacked 73 year old woman

A.I.G. Planning $100 Million in Bonuses After Huge Bailout

I Wrote McDonalds About The Nigel Haskett Incident... Here Is There Response:

octomom is frickin' insane. why is that so hard to grasp?

Stewart VS W

“ought to be looking at” Cramer

Garrison Keillor is ignorant.

I liked Obama until he called for lengthening school year.

Gun and ammo sales on the rise, dealers can't keep up

Rec if you think Jon Stewart deserves a Pulitzer!!

*** DUzy Awards for weeks ending March 6 & March 13, 2009 ***

I can count on one hand how many "bad" teachers I've had

Merit pay (yes, again, but stay with me). I need someone good with statistics..

New e-Bombs New ways to terrorize and kill brown people.

*****The octomom/sept-o-mom double standard******

I went to pick up a prescription last week - the co-pay was 222.00 dollars!

I'm getting damned annoyed with the limitations of CFL bulbs.....

We can create a new form of Currency. One based on an Hour of Labor equalling a unit of exchange.

Hardball: Trying To Defend GWB's Record, Frank Gaffney Blames Saddam For Oklahoma City Bombing

Chavez open to Russian strategic bombers using Venezuelan island

Best wishes from everyone please....

When is DU's Birthday? - and where can we find other DU info?

Resident Evil Racism

Florida's CFO says too risky for state to take on CSX liability. State to bear passenger liability.

Give Me An Epitaph

"Role Models" - funny or pathetic?

Put the Snuggie on Man. Just do it - what's wrong with you?

A hug to the lounge and any one that needs one tonight

I am slightly tipsy and my butt is asleep....

Can a cat named Sid the Kid shoot and score with the judges?

Is "has more nads" something people say?

I don't get horoscopes

Hey Thom.. I see you are up.. I have an idea

I am watching televangelists.

sooo.... my 25 year old daughter

Let's play "Name this DU Loungeperson"

What Xbox live arcade games do you like?

Hey Heidi! looky!

I refuse to recognize St. Patricks day

Christina Ricci looks like a two-bit tramp on Craig Ferguson...

Who wants a sick baby doll?

How (ecologically) cool is this?

we re-fied our house today...

Here's the Most Amazing Music Video You Are Going to See This Month

Seriously, there should be a Richard Thompson edition of Guitar Hero

Will Ferrell/HBO: Bush on Bush

First half-day in DC (dial-up warning)

Anybody wonder what happened to Lee Mercer Jr?


How to get a warm beer cold in less than 2 minutes

This member of my household is strongly ANTI St. Patrick's Day!

Today is National Pi Day...seriously!

sooo... HAPPY Pi day!!!! (the OFFICIAL THREAD) oh yeah

It's Pi day! Saturday! Let's dance!

Another one of those "Evil People" stories this morning. John Jamelske

Happy Anniversary! old mark!


Fukkin' LinkedIn TROLLS! Quick, someone gimme a pokin' stick.



Easy guide to metric units, courtesy of xkcd

Earliest reference to Robin Hood found, monk is negative about him

I need a Guinness

I did not use AP for this LOL kittie art!

You know what word is going to be dead in a generation?

Ian Anderson Plays the Orchestral Jethro Tull

I'm really disappointed in Rihanna.

12,000 posts?!?!?!?!

things I have learned so far at the age of 31

There should be a new Olympic sport for tape measure extending.

a big hug for my wife

News story on my Death Threat Adventure

'80s Bawdy Women and Mullets!



A penis extender that actually works! (science)

Never mind

I give you: The Sopchoppy Worm Grunting Festival!

Do you buy the stuff from kids who go door to door selling stuff?

Why does sugar free red bull make me sleepy?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 3/14/2009)

In honor of Pierre.Suave, I give you: his namesake

How many asterisks does it take to make a DU post "official"?

does anybody have a form letter that they have used with their insurance company

Happy monkey faces! (Looking at things from a new perspective)

Name some of your pet peeves.

Deranged Golfer Attacks 12 Year Old Boy

So it seems my marriage really is over.

The Ohio State University!!1!!

Happy Birthday to Les "Tamboo!" Baxter, a pioneer of "exotica" music

Is it wrong for men to wear jewelry?

Has anyone seen Deja Q since last night?

I got the call... looks like it's blow out Saturday Night time

Attention Clive Owen: Pierce Brosnan called, he wants his career back

After 5 years on DU, I changed my avatar for the first time

I can't believe it's light out so late.

So what kind of pie are you having for Pi day?

went house hunting. It SUCKED.

DUzy Awards for the past two weeks are up in GD

Synchronized Driving

I hate rude behavior in a man

woah, Brown's WR Dante Stallworth hit and killed a pedestrian


Anyone watching the Pac-10 Final?

Ole GOP sofshoe

One look at those eyes and I knew I could never fake it

Name that Lounger (for real this time....I hope)

I may need to create DUcky awards for stupid ass shit that we do in the lounge

Elephant walk

I'm racsist

Pick the DU member in this series of comments

Anyone else having trouble watching video or w/ youtube?nt

"Last House on the Left" vs. "The Hills Have Eyes."

Screw it. In 2012, I'm voting

How Do You Put On Your Socks and Shoes?

was gonna say ask anything..I'm at 666 posts

Anyone seen the movie "The List of Adrian Messenger"?

My daughter wants me to buy her a guinea pig so she can name it

Anyone here seen the movie "The Whole Shootin' Match"?

Rename the Sears Tower? Ooooh, that gives me an idea....

Don't Play With Your Food?

What's the best MOVIE of the last 20 years

Will the drug cartels put up


Do you like Tetris? Do you have a LOT of time on your hands?

Abused/abandoned dogs: emotional problems?

"Time heals all wounds." True or false? How long does it take?

Oh, this is bad.....we don't have a drinking topic forum....

Farscape or Firefly?

Shooting Star

Now I know I'm getting old

Dumb question: how can I tell the difference between a choking child and seizures?

I just watched Rachel Getting Married

Favorite Will Smith movie

Kath & Kim

kitten picture of the day for saturday march 14

Time for another "Name that DU Lounger!"

I have two serious questions about men's underwear.

I find the damndest things between my legs.

I find the damndest things between my legs.

Dammit! I HATE when they lock or disappear a thread while I'm responding!

People that let their dogs run loose to wreak havoc S.U.C.K.

A Girl On The News Gave Up Texting And Facebook For Lent...

It's Saturday night, and I'm gonna spend it with you guys.

Kick and Rec this thread of you like Blue-Jay's poll about official threads


Gawsh, Fergie (the ex-royal) is on the Graham NORTON show

People here are sometimes more attentive and real than

Lookin' cool.

Dry aged rib eye tonight.

Television is always better with a Morphine drip and Pudding...

I love Flavored Tootsie Rolls

I'm just about to hit the 5,000 post mark. What do I win?

Why is it the badly-behaved children's antics

How do you put on your underwear?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/14/09

Regarding Vista and its Memory usage: I was wrong. Deja Q is right.

In response to a request made at today's gathering

Today is the Annual Prairie Home Companion Joke Show. Do not miss this

I'm PUI at an Irish bar on Pi Day with MN DUers! Mask he thanyhing!

YOU decide my dinner, lounge

Last House on the Left: Notably less effective than the original

Sexy People

Post a music video with horses as a theme or even a band name.

Favorite Cartoon...full length, or short film, or both..

Went prom dress shopping with my 17 year old's SR Prom Royal Blue was our mission

The Rosslyn Metro Station escalator is scary (with pic)

So much for finding the good in people...

Pictures of the AWESOME prom dress. I decided it needed its own thread

Rant, piss, moan.

For those in troubled times, a poem by Robert Burns

O.K. who knows how to use the new Facebook?

And the Big East champs are....NOT UCONN!!

Hey! Is Parche still alive or what?

As a rule of thumb, how soon is too soon to move in together?

Smartest Dogs?

Pakistan Turmoil: Deadline for Zardari From US

President Obama welcomes Brazilian president to the WH

Dean Baker: The New York Times Wants the Government to Increase the Unemployment Rate

President Obama to pick Reed adviser for Pentagon post

I can't help but think these two headlines are related, in a sucky kind of way.

When "Mad Money" is cancelled, will it be replaced by

The WaPo claims the economic crisis is not Bush's: points finger at Obama!

Are these the Same Republicans?

WSJ tries desperately to downplay Obama's strong polling numbers

MN-Sen: Where Things Stand

G20 ministers agree to "tougher regulation of the financial system."

So Obama's gonna bust the Teacher's Union?

Souter, no fan of capital, seems at home in D.C. (yet to hire law clerks for the October term)

Must View Web ad from via Time's Karen Tumulty and Sen. Ron Wyden

Barack Obama as a Community Organizer-in Chief

Pres. Obama signs law bannin embryo research (What's going on?)

"Gimme a f*&$#ing break" - Biden Unplugged

Thai Obama sings to a different tune

Anybody watching Will Ferrell's "Final Night With George W. Bush"?

SC Governor Sanford putting his house up for sale for 3 1/2 million....

President Obama and President Da Silva

A question for the forum...about the economy...

Another Post On First Read That Will Probably Be Censored

Michelle Obama's Emotional Meeting With Military Families

Yeah right- "A source close to Mr Obama's top team..."

Obama's new strategy: Blaming Bush for 'mess'

So the media catches Biden swearing on an open mike? The media neeeds to "give me a f'ing break!"

Biden sees signs economic confidence returning

The Sunday Show Line-Ups - CNN has Darth Vader Cheney

Russia signals its response to the missile defense system (bombers in Cuba)

Bank CEOs: Nationalization ‘Doesn’t Work,’ ‘A Mistake,’ ‘Would Be A Nightmare’

AIG still paying bonuses. Oh wells.

I had x great teachers growing up

Obama jokes that if visits Brazil, Republicans would like to seem him get lost in Amazon

Michelle Obama on Paula's Party in a few minutes

Chris Whalen: "Barnanke and Geithner don't seem to have a clue what to do about the big banks"

Dr. Orly in Idaho, Confronting Chief Justice Roberts

Republicans make huge mistake by comparing Obama's and W's approvals

Not surprising; CNBC would turn to Michele Bachman as a critic of Pres Obama's Wall Street policy

i just got his email from a freeper 'pal' of mine:

Vibes requested...

I can't possibly imagine why this book went out of print...

It's Bush's deficit, not Obama's

Bernie Sanders has introduced his credit card usury bill with Dick Durbin as a co-sponsor, S.582.

Movie Talk: Which movie isn't as bad as they say, and which movie isn't as good as they say?

Woman finds hungry calico cat hiding in $27 couch

Homeless, neglected horses multiply as Maryland's equine industry struggles

Alaska ski resort bills injured skier for rescue

Amsterdam man receives $7 billion surprise

Greed and hubris bring down Babcock & Brown

G20 ministers meet to discuss recession

Cops Arrest Priest For Filming Them

Obama, Brazilian president to meet at White House

Japan may shoot down N Korean rocket

American Axle says it's also on the brink

Baby sitters accused of taping sex with children

Obama's new strategy: Blaming Bush for 'mess'

No charges in threats against alderman

Senate recount trial: Now it's up to the judges

How Heritage Community Bank came undone, and why its buyer is protected

Calif. Teacher of Year Gets Pink Slip

Obama, Brazil leader focus on economy, energy

World will agree new climate deal, says Al Gore

Bozo the Clown creator Alan Livingston dies at 91

Obama Announces FDA Picks, Food Safety Measures

Ex-U.S. envoy to UN: Obama policy 'bad news for Israel' (John Bolton)

Obama should better ties with Cuba, says Lula

Gov't investigator gets fake passports using phony documents of a dead man, 5-year-old boy

China’s Leader Says He Is ‘Worried’ Over U.S. Treasuries

Jon Stewart puts spotlight on CNBC and meltdown

Taliban chief backs Afghan peace talks

Family caught in Madoff swindle forced to sell Jewish heirlooms

Greek guerrilla group claims Citibank attacks

AT&T hopes to gain concessions from unions

Mexican drug lord makes Forbes' billionaire list

Obama calls Arroyo on VFA (Philippines)

Obama he has 'unique' chance (re Latin America)

Montel Williams to host Air America radio show

'Bin Laden' attacks Arab leaders

Report: Russia may base bombers in Cuba

New Mexico lawmakers vote to repeal death penalty

U.S. autos task force hires bankruptcy lawyer

Immigrant suspect says jail officials broke her arm

Government Bans `Downer' Cows From Food Supply

TSA to look at Vitter airport incident

Secret Service, other agencies investigating Norm Coleman campaign credit-card leak

Battle Brews Over Bush Library

Travel plans 'to be tracked'

Browns WR Stallworth, hits, Kills,Fla, Pedestrian.

Sex claims against US Church rise

Santelli's losers: republicans

Who Opposes the Employee Free Choice Act?

Does Obama Support the Employee Free Choice Act?

Dmitry Orlov: Social Collapse Best Practices

David Shuster interviews Robert Reich on the economic crisis

Think Progress: Rove Claims He Never Made Threats

Robert Gibbs Take On The Jon Stewart Massacre

You're Welcome, America! Part 2 - Bush is Tenawesome!

You're Welcome, America! Bush interviews Bush

Sesame Street Explains the Madoff Scandal

TYT: Hannity & Meghan McCain On Gitmo Detainees (Analysis After)

VP Biden on unions

American SiCKO Adrian Campbell Montgomery at White House Regional Health

President Barack Obama Inauguration slideshow to Charice Pempengco's God Bless America

Americans United for Change AD: REPUBLICAN BUDGET PLAN -

Howard Dean, Hardball, sort of defends Steele but says he shouldn't have apologized to Rush.

Tristan Anderson, 37 year old Californian, shot by Israeli soldier

Climate Denial Crock of the Week - The

Rachel Maddow talks with Norm Coleman Web Site Sleuth

Real Time w/ Bill Maher 3/13: New Rules - Bobby Jindal, Exorcist, Should Be in Jail

Weekly Address: Reversing a Troubling Trend in Food Safety

Gavin Newsom coming to a city near you and i'm excited!

Maddow w/ Jonathan Turley: Just what IS an 'enemy combatant'?

TYT: Guess What % Of Iraqi's Think The Shoe Thrower Is A Criminal?

Take the corporate profit OUT of healthcare

DNC ad highlights incredible Boehner quote

Letterman - Top Ten Ways The GOP Can Become More Hip

Celebrate Pi Day

AIG Paying Millions in Bonuses Despite Receiving Federal Bailout

lol. Stephen Baldwin vs Ron Paul on Larry King Live (drug war)

When animal rights activists attack

Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer in Remake of 'Trading Places'

The Perils of Being Right and Wrong

Is the Economic Mess Going to Kill 100,000 Non-Profits?

Why are Republicans scared of competition?

Obama's New Tack: Blaming Bush -- (WaPo attacks Obama)

A To-Do List for the New FDA Commissioner (New Eng Jour Med)

The Brave, Living and Dead

Mathpol Weighs In on Cramer vs. Stewart.

It All Gets Real

The Financial Crisis Just Might Lead to Legal Pot

Obama vs. the Democrats

In Congress, UN chief calls US 'deadbeat' donor

Earmarks Are A Model, Not A Menace

HORTON: Enemy Combatant, Rest in Peace?

Terrorist watch list hits 1 million

Does Congress Want to Tackle America’s Problems?

Tombstone thrower headed for boot camp.

A Lesson in International Gamesmanship By Scott Ritter

Helen Thomas: What Are U.S. Goals in Afghanistan?

CNBC and the Stockholm Syndrome for Speculators and Greed

Even More than Race, the South Is About Exploiting Workers

Rove, Fox News and Rush Declare Propaganda War on Democrats New Head of RNC, Incognito.

No exaggeration - a critically pivotal moment has occurred in British politics:

The Case For Walking and Chewing Gum

President needs to stiffen spine

Obama Signals Readiness to Further Militarize Drug War with Potential Deployment of National Guard t

Glenn Beck Saved My Life

Administration is open to taxing health benefits

The straight-jackets of humanity are socially conditioned and absolutized institutions.


Rachel Maddow: The Conservadems



Help Wanted: Wind Farms Need Techs To Keep Operating

Placer biomass plant gets federal funding

Review starts for Central Valley solar thermal-biomass plant

Here it is- the entire energy resource comparison. A to Z.

Americans care about global warming, but don't see how it connects to other environmental problems

Australia {oil} spill '10 times worse' (BBC)

Things I learned from reading EIS/EIR sections, part 3,542:

Coarse wood fight in GD

Why don't we hear more about sorghum as a biofuel source?

Obama, Brazilian president to meet at White House

Obama, Brazil leader focus on economy, energy

CUBA is most sustainable nation on the planet - Cuba, an energy model

Obama should better ties with Cuba, says Lula

Obama and Cristina had a nice chat today

Kozloff: "Down But Not Out: Latin Am. Right and Its Chavez Fear-Mongering"

Venezuelan Farmer Rights Orgs. Unite to Oppose Assassinations by Landed Elite"

VIDEO: Morales Chews Coca Leaf at UN Int'l. Drug Control Progr conference and says "Arrest Me"

Good vibes to El Salvador's Election thread.

Any labor/employment lawyers on here?

Today in labor history Mar 14 Granted most of the demands made by workers

Daily Koz: Teamster Online Round-Up for Members & Friends

First Contract for Kansas Child Care Providers


Economic Report: Financial Crash Has Convinced Californians It's Worst Of Times

Employee Free Choice Act buttons for sale

Madoff's Crimes Stole Retirement Security From Thousands Of Union Workers

Historians Back Employee Free Choice Act

“Mexican truck project may return”. Congress ends Bush’s cross-border trucking program but Obama

Go Milwaukee Panthers Womens BBall team

NFL Player (Donte Stallworth) Detained In Pedestrian's Death In Miami

The Ohio State University.

Manny bashing by Boston fans has grown tired

WTF!? Cal Bear Women lose to USC? Worst. Call. Ever. (EDITED)

Who are your top 4 women's seeds???

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report: Hou's in First

A Gay couple wins right to adopt foster son

'Iron Chef' Cat Cora and partner both pregnant

American citizen critically injured after being shot in the head by Israeli forces in Ni’lin

Kaffiyehs are now ‘as Palestinian as wonton soup’

Gaza sewage flood visible from outer space

Tristan Anderson Critically Injured in Demonstration Against Israeli Wall

Top officials urge dialogue with Hamas

Ex-U.S. envoy to UN: Obama policy 'bad news for Israel'

ISM's Tristan Anderson SHOT IN HEAD by IDF

Israelis 'firing live rounds' at West Bank protesters

Tel Aviv stripper found roaming Ramallah By Anshel Pfeffer

Anti-Apartheid Activists In Los Angeles Set Up Mock Checkpoint

Interview With Charles Freeman by Robert Dreyfuss

Treatment stops for Palestinian patients

If you pay premium for Long Term Care

America must find courage to stand up to Israel, injustice

What can I expect when my conventional ARM resets?

Microfinance Misses its Mark…Romanticizing the Poor

Chris Whalen: "Barnanke and Geithner don't seem to have a clue what to do about the big banks"

Paraplegic Man Suffers Spider Bite, Walks Again

Traditional Chinese Therapy May Help Ease Eczema

{Hyperbaric} Oxygen therapy benefit in autism (BBC)

spent $1,137 on ammo yesterday

Trucker kills intruder in West Knox County

So where are the drug cartels REALLY getting their weapons?

Shut Out

Even more doors!

Double post, my mistake

A dumb question about filters.

Treasure Trove of images

*** March Contest Question Redux ***

Yay! My slide scanner is working again!

So Many Gates and Doors!

HDR done right

Vertical Panorama

An Open Letter to Veterans From Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki

Small-town guardsmen groomed to hunt bombs

Report: Logistics lacking for Spec Ops units

Jackson soldier with meningitis returns home

Vets committee wants $800 million more for VA

Obama: No more ‘enemy combatants’

Filing: Shield officials from torture lawsuits

At least 22 killed by UAV in Pakistan

Fort Benning arson shakes community

Michelle Obama begins military advocacy

Japan protests N. Korea’s launch plan

Obama’s Afghanistan goals due soon

Fitness-test waivers becoming scarce

EOD Group 2 commander fired

Coasties try new tactics to combat smuggling

Navy eyes Super Tucano for SpecOps work

Sailor’s death attributed to Iraq war

Some fear sonar may harm endangered whales

New helo squadrons take over in Afghanistan

CMC: Living MoH recipient may be coming

Ex-Marine charged in Utah bank robbery

Tyndall could lose F-15 mission in 2010

Air Force cadet acquitted on rape charge

Man indicted in Buckley bomb threat

Kansas delegation ramps up AF tanker pressure

Guard civil engineers to deploy involuntarily

With their wives — not them — reporting for duty, military husbands work to find their place

NATO chief wants more troops in Afghanistan

Airborne surgical team headed to Afghanistan

Policy on treating troops’ mental health proposed at conference

Kadena-area residents appeal noise ruling

U.S. officials mum on report that military shot down Iranian drone

Chaplain Issued Court-Martial for Rape

Five Killed in Op. Targeting Bomb-Maker

Half of AF C-130s Remain Grounded

'Cover Me' Leaves no Marine Behind

DoD contracts for 3/13/2009

Uncle Sam Still Wants Her at Age 58

Obama May Deploy Guard to Mexico Border

Soldier Suicides In Afghanistan Rose Sharply Last Year

Air Force Planning Giant Spy Airship

Starchild Equinox Meditation

Urial Heals: Time to Say Goodbye

A sincere question

For FirstLight


March 2009 Prayer, Light & Healing Requests - part 2

Sixth Sense game changing wearable tech


The Religious Violence of "Defending Marriage"

Nine year old rape victim excommunicated

So . . . What do you think of Cormac McCarthy's The Road?

What's for dinner? ~ Saturday the 14th edition

Okay, I give up. I don't bake. What is this Ain5 shit everyone keeps posting about?

One more variation on the Ain5 bread: cinnamon rolls!

See ya!

MotherEarthNews: Chocolate: The Best of the Best Organic Fair Trade Chocolates

100% Whole Wheat Bread. I'm taking the plunge.

Baking with non-gluten flour

Cross-posting a reply: public vs private schools

Help! I'm being held prisoner in a Dilbert comic strip!

Warning over narcissistic pupils (BBC)

Corporal Punishment for Children

The Pledge

" Semtex theory 'scientifically implausible' in Pan Am 103 explosion"

Victims of Hurricane Ike get the boot from hotels

An Open Letter to the HLSR Board

Got this from Montgomery County dem's- need your help with poll !

Battle brews over Bush library

Hollywood pulls the plug on hospital for retired stars

Canada's dirty subprime secret

Sudden problem w/iTunes 8.0, new version??

Boston globe on Amtrak, quoting JK , with photo