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Dagmar Celeste (Former First Lady Ohio) is on The New Agenda BlogTalkRadio. Feb. 8, 2009 at 10:00PM

Is it just me, or has Nancy Pelosi improved significantly?

The evolution of the great Darwin debate-Darwin’s 200th birthday with a weeklong celebration...

GOP-controlled media POLL!

GOP-controlled media POLL!

Amtrak hits snowmobile in Vermont.

I have just watched the first hour of Sicko for the 1st time

David Archuleta sings the National Anthem at the Pro Bowl today (ok, so I'm a fan)

What this shit reminds me of: If a drunk crashed into your car, would you ask him for a ride home?

R&B singer Chris Brown booked on suspicion of making felony criminal threats against singer Rihanna

DADT Discharges Continue - Kansas Guard discharges first gay soldier

Politico: Dick Lugar Turns Down Obama's Air Force One Invite

should Obama threaten to veto, if the bill sucks?

Has anyone ELSE sent links to Krugman's blogs recently to

More on TX Company accused of exploiting disabled; state closes home

Right-to-die case in Italy turns into political crisis

For those saying "change takes time"... I've already run out of time and money:

George W. Bush: A Weapon of Mass Financial Destruction...

President Obama is going to Ft. Meyers, FL. Tuesday.

Good morning...and now for today's GOP meme let me just get the envelope...

Unemployment benefits safety net is fraying

Stranger gives away baby..............

Shouldn't we be calling him Bernie Made-off?

The USA is up the economic shit creek without a paddle and

Creepiest video clip ever!

Can the dueling pro and anti gun threads call a truce please?

DU Labor Forum now RSS feeding Joe's Union Review

BREAKING: Pro Gun Guy Posts A Pro Gun Anecdote on DU

Texas evangelicals funded effort to kill Palin 'troopergate' probe

Recession limits Americans' ability to find work by moving

If Government Spending Jump Starts the Economy....

quick question...

Worst fears for a successful stimulus bill

Worst fears for a successful stimulus bill

Gore Beats Colbert, Sedaris, Steve Martin, Poitier for Grammy

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is on TCM!

Where were the fuc*ing repuklicans when they agreed to spend the FIRST $350 Billion? Hmmmm?

Stimulus tax cuts~Question?

Bush's Greatest Achievements

Dear President Obama,

As the world burns, Kansas Army National Guard discharges 1st gay soldier

Why Do We Have to "Win" in Afghanistan?

If we can give out billion $ no-bid contracts in Iraq, why can't we take care of the unemployed

Remember when the Rethugs were patting themselves on the back for building a new school in Iraq?

We're a "center-right" country *SQUAWK!* We're a "center-right" country!

Picture on the home page of MSN has a very serious picture of

Once upon a time

Stop Using Live Dogs as Shark Bait

FEMA Is Faulted on Aid After Hurricane Ike-Deja Vu

The Johnny Bright incident

Cult of Reagan continues descent into madness, now says that Reagan was assisted by angels

The Lonesome City Blues

"I'm not serving a war criminal in my restaurant"

New Deal Architecture Faces Bulldozer

New Deal Architecture Faces Bulldozer

A Plea From Us Hyper-Sensitive Types:

More than 300,000 Iraqi women have been left widowed by U.S. aggression in Iraq

Militarism in Biden's Speech - Two Views

Lipstick on a BIG Pig! GOP Sees Positives In Negative Stand

Remember when this headline would have read: Afghanistan blast kills 2 "coalition" soldiers?

Vitter (R- LA-Depends) may have porn star problem in 2010?

National Guard band readies for its tour of duty in Iraq

The Happy Party

Life After Layoffs: A City's Struggle to Survive (Elkhart, IN)

Got spare DTV Coupons? Need a coupon? Check this out....

TARP ver 2.0, the Obama re-write.

Octuplet Grandma Calls Daughter 'Unconscionable'

Rendition case in S.F. to test Obama policies - San Francisco Chronicle

Department Of Pots and Kettles...

Two short guys the world needs to stop ridiculing and listen to: Robert Reich and Michael Dukakis

Saddam and Bush are taboo subjects in Iraq schools

Check Out This Gallup Poll

U.S. commanders favour slower Iraq pullout ... Slower? How many have we pulled out so far?

Oh the irony: An African-American fundie nut (Star Parker) accuses Obama of Plantation Politics.....

California Debt Downgrade Puts Credit Below Louisiana

Ak. gov and Fl. Lt gov use similar travel expense account rules

GOP Moderates See Political Benefits in Opposing Obama’s Economic Agenda

not all economists agree on the stimulus

This is hugh: Arabs have morans too

Porn star being recruited to run against David Vitter

Have any of these scummy Rethugs against the Dems jobs bill said they won't take the money?

Partially responsible for declining retail sales: credit card interest rates

How Drugs Can Win Afghanistan

Scarborough "flinches" when he hears Obama and the Democrats say...

Anyone know of anything coming up in the bills for people who are refinancing?

Poll: US, allies, Kabul government losing ground - AP

22 Mummies Dating From 640 B.C. Found In Egypt

MSM keeps reporting that public support for the stimulus plan is dropping. However.......

Thom Hartmann just nailed it....

US Military wouldn't have passed Bush's demand of Iraqi WMD accountability of 2002/03

US Military wouldn't have passed Bush's demand of Iraqi WMD accountability of 2002/03

US Military wouldn't have passed Bush's demand of Iraqi WMD accountability of 2002/03

Gitmo Detainee’s ‘Genitals Were Sliced With A Scalpel,’ Waterboarding ‘Far Down The List' Of Things

Dr. Krugman aims at the target: The Destructive Center (and the notion of 'Bipartisanship')

sorry, dupe

President Obama....'we didn't screen the audience' at town hall meeting

Mandarin Oriental Hotel collapse in Beijing

Mandarin Oriental Hotel collapse in Beijing

The Republican version of fiscal responsibility.

Protest of Fred Phelps by Kansas high school raises $13,500 for AIDs research.

The only people left in the Republican Party are the crazies...

" removing all obstacles to the release of a new National Academy of Sciences report"

Housing Solution - The Bank of Negative Equity

I've figured it out. The media really ARE **Liberal**--

The Republicans are really screwed now

A conversation with Al Franken on life in Minnesota's political limbo

Fundies continue their War on Sex

Conservative Women’s Group Cites Small Petrodictatorship as Ideal Form of Government

Britain Foreign Secretary Says NATO Stuck in 'Stalemate' in Afghanistan

The cuts, thanks to "moderates"

Comment I read on a blog about Nadya Suleman: "Her uterus

CIA made Rolling Stone satire into dirty bomb plot: report

Democrats! Stop Losing! Now! Today!

Heh. Think Richard Lugar is feeling any heat right now?

If we only had a spine...

Nissan to Cut 20,000 Jobs

Please critique my LTTE on the media being in the tank for Republicans

Obama's Defining Moment

What if McCain had won the election and Obama had shafted him during the stimulus debate?

What if McCain had won the election and Obama had shafted him during the stimulus debate?

This month's VANITY FAIR is a rip-off.

This Ezra Klein fellow on Washington Journal is really sharp

Why isn't Italy's Senate trying this hard to find the people behind for the Yellowcake Forgeries?

how do we get the neo cons out of the pentagon?

So Mrs Greenspan is reporting that because of the past 8 years incompetence

Homophobe Meg Whitman to run for governor in California

Homophobe Meg Whitman to run for governor in California

Apple TV's in the future?

Benjamin Netanyahu/Likud Party . . .

Graphic: Public Acceptance of Evolution in 34 Countries. US Leads Turkey Just Barely.

Gitmo Detainee’s ‘Genitals Were Sliced With A Scalpel,’....

Dog purfume.

Senate back in session debating the bailout. Bulletin: Enzi still an a*&hole

Senate back in session debating the bailout. Bulletin: Enzi still an a*&hole

Congressional wage stimulation package.

Why don't Democrats ever challenge the liberal media myth, or the conventional wisdom machine?

Group medical insurance and rehab--hypothetical question.

CNN says its too early to look at the Polls for Obama

CNN says its too early to look at the Polls for Obama

Obama Facing Stiff Pentagon Resistance to His Iraq Troop-Withdrawal Timetable

Obama Facing Stiff Pentagon Resistance to His Iraq Troop-Withdrawal Timetable

DCCC hits seven GOPers with stimulus calls

Can we give Rachel Maddow's radio show a proper send-off? **OFFICIAL THANK YOU**

Obama’s Unscreened Town Hall Audience Is Clean Break From Bush’s Supporters-Only Public Events»

BRAINSTORM: What would be the best way ...

Obama puts brake on Afghan surge

Commentary: Free Trade has sold out the American worker

If we don't invest in ourselves....

OMFG--GLAMORIZING unemployment??????

TV News Makes TV Look Bad

Read this if you want to understand what we are up against in Afghanistan today

$15,000 tax credit won't help low-income home buyers, experts say

Listening to Diane Rehm - I am just amazed at how the discussions get framed and responded to.

Listening to Diane Rehm - I am just amazed at how the discussions get framed and responded to.

John Dean: To hold Rove accountable, Obama's DOJ must enforce contempt statute that Mukasey blew off

Is a sports-related thread ever appropriate in GD?

Why is gas going up again? Isn't it still around $40?

Change you can download: a billion in secret Congressional reports

surge update - Four U.S. Soldiers Die in Suicide Bombing in Mosul

How many of bush's cabinet nominees were rejected

lack of government insurance funds forces closure of Motion Picture/TV Hospital & Nursing Home

Ooops Linda Chapman Thomsen from SEC

I know he'll do things that anger me but so far, I'm impressed with Obama

Porn Star To Challenge Vitter For Senate Seat!

another child left behind...

sen. roger wicker (R-asswipe) mississippi

38 years ago today: The Sylmar Earthquake...

Jobs, JFK and unbalanced budgets, and grandkids

4 US Soldiers Killed By Suicide Car Bomb in Iraq

GM and Chrysler negotiating with government to try to avoid forced bankruptcy

Yay Jonathan Alter - makes point on M$NBC that New Deal+WWII

Another shoe dropping.

The President said today he was disappointed on the School Construction Cuts

Monetary Reform!

Lay Off Bush - He Created Lots Of Jobs

To push economic stimulus, Obama goes where it hurts

Okay now!! The people who run the state of SC have really got a good reason for high unemployment...

If government spending really is a great stimulus what happened these last eight years

7 U.S. states borrowing to pay jobless benefits

State trooper from Grafton suing over Taser injury -“loss of consortium” with his wife, more

What ever happened to the "Survival and Emergency" forum we have been asking for?

The Difference in Coverage of Wars and Economic Crises is Stunning

Keep Your Identity Small

Where's George ?? (I know that nobody cares)

In this economy, can you fathom turning a job offer worth 60 million? Manny Ramirez did...

Tony Perkins is vewy vewy angwy at the Republicans

has norah o'donnell had an epiphany?

Forward Observer: Don't Americanize Afghanistan

Stimulus Watch website: you can find projects by state or territory.

OK, folks the (Republican) party's over. I get nervous when thinking about

Why do republicans think that they are the only ones who should be supported

Unfinished Mandarin Oriental hotel in Beijing is on fire

Was that a**hole of a passenger on the plane that landed on the Hudson

What it took to complete 8th 1895 Kansas, could you do it?

What's wrong with "free trade"?

GOP says it is necessary to spend my tax dollars to rebuild Iraq,

GOP says it is necessary to spend my tax dollars to rebuild Iraq,

How The Senate Stimulus Compromise Burns Cash-Strapped States

Italian coma battle woman dies

chris matthews wants President Obama to directly answer his questions...chris, he's real busy

Contessa Brewer blushing!

Reid: Finish stimulus or no recess

Repugs want cuts? Tell them to cut this!!

Am I the only one here watching the Senate debate on CSPAN?

vote to invoke cloture starting

List For Kelloggs Boycott

Rep. Smith: "No good purpose is served by continuing to persecute ... the previous Administration"

Holy bi-partisanship Batman! Gov. Crist will introduce Obama

i don't recall the media 'scrutinizing' the bu$h* tarp plan


Missionaries accuse Amazonian tribes of infanticide; Brazilain Government Condemns Missionares

Vitter and the porn star

what's strength? (a survivor's op-ed )

So why doesn't the Senate go ahead and vote?

Where's Randi Rhodes?!?

GOP Leaders Taking Cues From Malkin On Stimulus, Call It ‘Generational Theft’»

GOP Leaders Taking Cues From Malkin On Stimulus, Call It ‘Generational Theft’»

Economy's Silent and Heavy Toll on Children

Pres. Obama, here is a respectful suggestion on explaining the stimulus

Attention DUers: Lie on your taxes, claim kids you have no right to. The IRS doesn't care!

Letter calling for passage of H.R. 1 (A.R.R.A of 2009)from..... the US Chamber of Commerce

Ands to the nay sayers that say that not FDR but the war got us out

Raising taxes on the wealthy saves the USA.

grASSley is soooo full of shit!

I sincerely hope the Secret Service is keeping an eye on Free Republic

Why do Democratic 'strategists' talk about Reagan like he was a good president?

Hey, Repuke Senators, Do You Still Favor the Nuclear Option in the Senate?

Bill Scher: The Gang of Moderates, is a gang alright, committing economic crimes against humanity.

900,000,000 Letters wouldn't get us Universal Health Care

ARGH! All three networks lead with A-Rod steroid story

Hutcheson states that she doesn't want taxpayers in her state subsidizing

One of the Bad Guys bites the dust.

Phelps. Pot training results in most medals ever.

The "silly stuff" that was cut from the stimulus bill by the senate.

There's a far-right extremist running in Israel's election with the last name Lieberman......Hmmmmm

please debunk jonah goldberg. Dems hypocrites when comes to paying taxes

more confirmation...the republic on schuster's show is from politico

Harry Reid spokesman's low blow against Heath Shuler

Coming up on Shuster - Republican hypocrisy watch

Freepers having a snitfit about Stimulus bill

Al Franken

Do you think you have an obligation to pay your parents' credit card bills when they die?

Blissfully disconnected

Just a reminder...The stimulus bill passed both house of congress with 3 republikkan votes

Doesnt Senator Susan Collins Sound Like She Is Pinching A Loaf?

what did NBC pay for the anne curry/big momma story?

Folks we may need to prepare ourselves in case the Republicans are right about this...

BradBlog obtains complaint filed against Coulter (subject of a formal probe)

Why was Bush sending Iraqis to Guantanamo?

Just Say No to Kellogg's

Just Say No to Kellogg's

Suicide bomber kills 4 U.S. soldiers in Iraq

The $800 Billion Gamble: Economists Say Stimulus Cuts Could Be "Disastrous"

NY Times; last man standing strategy

Maureen Dowd's Party.... the Best!

Sen Burton's (R-Indiana) Freudian Slip: Tax "crap" not "cuts"

Republicans Play Politics With Stimulus Package – GOP Backs Spending To Rebuild Iraq But Not America

Antiwar Lawmakers Wary of Adding Troops in Afghanistan

Do you waste time on the internet?

Do you waste time on the internet?

obama presser live on the internet this afternoon? where? thanks! nt

I hate smoking but sorry, even THIS is ridiculous - Boston to ban selling cigs in Pharmacies

An Obama prime time drinking game???

Rossford pet store's vets treat wandering, injured deer, then set it free

Who are your five least favorite Senate Democrats?

Guardian: The Chinese Premier forgives his shoe thrower. Will Bush be as gracious?

Some frustrated with lead mandates

*US. Taxpayers Risk $9.7 Trillion on Bailout Programs*

Is the President speaking tonight?


1.3 Trillion Bush Tax Cut vs. $900 Billion Recovery Plan

Marburg, Ebola's little brother, in Denver/We're all dead!!! Sky falling!

Some things we may hear tonight from Obama...

The act of foreclosure, is a punitive measure...not a restorative financial venture

Garry Trudeau must read DU.....cracked me up today!!!

Free Bipartisanship and Simple Decency Rejected by Republicans...

Televisions 'to be fitted in contact lenses within ten years'

Maybe we should reformat the DU Front page...

NBC time delay is making the audio not match the video

What do you think of the Olive Garden?

'Christians Reviving America's Values': Obama's simulus package the end of his credibility?

Now that Holder has been sworn in as AG the corrupt Bushies must be purged from the system.

Ex-SEC head will be on tomorrow.

Ex-SEC head will be on tomorrow.

Republican Francophobia or Why the hell DON'T we just go to Socialism?

So, after Obama's strong day in Indiana, the press is foaming at the mouth to ruin him tonight.

Economic Recovery and Reinvestment bill ... better than "Stimulus"?

Who are your five least favorite House Democrats?

really a question on Iran policy

(BLEEP)-ing Obama!!!

Man honored for rescuing child in pit bull attack June 08 (photo of the hug!)

There is a direct link between spending and jobs and no such link between tax cuts and jobs

Question: Are there any more filibuster opportunities for the GOP for the stimulus bill?

The President gave it to the Chimp in his opening statement twice!

Obama's really taking the old guard to task.

Folks...judging from what we are seeing, there will be no rehabilitation of Chimp's legacy for 4 -

Ya know what I think would be healthy for this country?

Obama admin. invokes Bush's 'state-secret' defense to silence detainee's rendition testimony

Do you watch tv?

Battling for America's "Soul"... at the grocery store. (HUGE image alert)

"A lot of bad habits built up here in Washington."

He mentioned we're not building much here at home.

Thank you, Chuck Todd

Tapper asked a good question. "How will we know that this is working? Metrics?

Ladies and Gentlemen The President

Ladies and Gentlemen The President

This is the most persuasive Press Conference I have ever seen

Capt. Sully is not a hero.

Some good news for Michigan

Obama's rhetoric of "change" is meaningless as far as this case is concerned...

Alex Rodriguez "apologizes": I was young, I felt pressure, I felt the weight of the world

Which "news" outlet will ask Obama the first stupid-ass question?

There you go - -

Do you get the idea the presser is NOT scripted?

MarketWatch: More than 1,000 banks may fail, analyst estimates

You just went from Mr.Mackey's 4th grade class to Professor Obama's college class

"I inherited the deficit that we have right now"

cbs - that old guy who took over from the real journalist (dan rather) says he has to

Raising taxes.

A president mentioning the dead troopers TODAY....

I think my new sig line will be: President Obama-smart is back in style. nt

Will the MSM pick up on the fact that there were NO "Free Speech Zones" in Elkhart, IN, today?

dontcha just loved how Obama wouldnt answer that Isreal is the only country in the ME with Nukes?

Stimulus passes cloture in the Senate, 61-36

Anyone know where I can watch the whole news conference online?

Postcards from the economic meltdown: Starbucks value meals?

I love our president

The book is now out on Obama's 1st Presser

Why didn't Cornyn vote int he Senate today?

Why didn't Cornyn vote int he Senate today?

Anybody watch that on FOX? Shepherd Smith was already whining about pegging Bush policies.

Take a step back and ask yourself this question ....

Obama mentioned that school story for a big reason

yuck! Freeper in the house! calling bouya65! Loser!

This news conference should be acting as a very strong, very good medicine for the country.

So, does President Obama expect a proposal from Senator Leahy

The tragicomic fiscal crisis back-and-forth in California (Ahhhnuld vs Chiang)

I love baseball but

Already Gregory misstates the truth - "support for the stimulus is falling fast"

Robber Shot During Stick-Up Attempt

Huffington Post credentialed and called upon.

mush limpballs and the Dixie Chicks

Awwwwwwwwwwwww he singles out Helen

What is the over/under for freeper tombstones on DU tonight?

Obama at a townhall meeting in Indiana, CSPAN1

I feel bad for Ron Reagan

Gergan just called tonight "a classic and shrewd use

DU'ers in SoCal STAY SAFE and dry

Boy, Rachel really made that creep Ben Nelson squirm

Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, Arlen Specter.

The food/fuel crisis in Western Alaska makes it to the front page of CNN!

the citizens of a small country are looking for land elsewhere in order

Not since Clinton ........

LOL. Freepers concerned over Tiger Woods' choice of name

Chuch Todd- "Consumer spending got us into this mess."

Mods pls delete, posting bug

Dear Whora Donnell - Exactly who are these "some people questioning

The most fascinating part of the Hudson Landing for me is

For those of us who couldn't see or hear Obama's speech how was it?

Surprised by press conference

ON PHONE:SEAN HANNITY--calls in for his response to Obama's beer offer

Giving Too Much Credit To Pilot

"It's a little hard to me to take criticism from folks who oversaw a doubling of the national debt."

I loved the way Boxer reminded us that McCain LOST

The only things I remember about *'s pressers are 1) he

Not to incite violence, but who's the right-wing blowhard you'd most like to slap the sh*t out of?

Is it just me, or does that look like Ed Schultz next to Helen Thomas? nt

15 Companies That Might Not Survive 2009

American Experience The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln PBS 9pm est.....n/t

Right-wing extremist Netanyahu "warns" Obama

Overheard at the blood bank today


After every tax cut there is a recession, and it is always a surprise.

Video of CNN report on Emmonak/Western Alaska - nicely reported

$1.3 trillion in tax cuts in 2001 by Bush administration for the wealthiest

Aww...our FRiends had their feelings hurt by a Republican...

BlooInBloo's Favorite Tidbit Of The Whole Press Conference....

Liberals and progressives have used the internets for community organization ...

What is Ben Nelson talking about?

Leahy seeks a Bush-era 'truth commission': "There were lies told to the American people all the way"

Chamber of mummies found in Egypt

What He Really Said

Stupa found in Bihar 'could be world's second largest'

Folks tend to think criticism of the Pentagon is a slam on Obama

When will Bonnie Newman take office?

Cornyn skips stimulus vote to meet with "prominent media conservatives"

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Harrison subs for Mike tonight

The "Extraordinary Rendition" smear....

Was the Bankruptcy Bill a leading Factor in Causing the Recession?

Presdent Obama confirms they are reviewing Dover Air Base press ban...

Decoding the Propaganda: CNN explained.

From the bowels of their mother's basement come.....

CNN..... "He took a question from Huffington Post a fringe news group"

How the War, Tax Cuts, and the Swaps Market Debased the U.S. Financial System

WH says President never told the military to, 'Give me three (Iraq) drawdown plans'.”

was teddy roosevelt a blue dog

A little reminder for the freepers making fun of Obama's Press Conference.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Wow---The Media has ADD(attention deficit disorder)

Chase just raised my credit card rate

When will Al Franken be seated?

Old fashioned filibuster... we were talking about this in the morning

Some things we will not hear tonight from Obama...

Google "Inflammatory Breast Cancer"

Not a smirk, not a shrug, not an obfuscation, not a single hint of incoherence....

"FEAR! FEAR! FEAR!" - As Economy Tanks, Rightbloggers Say Obama is Just Trying to Scare Us

"FEAR! FEAR! FEAR!" - As Economy Tanks, Rightbloggers Say Obama is Just Trying to Scare Us

2T economic contraction over 24 months, ok lets translate

Bush torture and the Obama administration.

Octuplets' mother receives public assistance + 3 disabled children

Remember this... (from Carl Sagan)

NYT on the despair and foreclosures in Florida. Boomtown to Bust.

Steele Claims Government Jobs "Aren't Jobs," Private Sector Jobs Never Go Away

"Thoroughly vetted"

Why are Nazis left wing? Well was talking to brother in law and it finally made sense

Capital One isn't making enough money so they just raised my rates 8 points

Ladies, would you kiss this man?

Ladies, would you kiss this man?

Blaming the Victims: the Heroic American Consumers

Ideological Blockage!

It's A Start - I Guess

These People Have No Shame- Geithner Set To Ask For Another $$$TRILLION$$$

Call and demand (request) freedom to travel.

Navy Ship Runs Aground

Which is the worst threat to our society? Marijuana, tobacco or liquor?

Anybody see that Free Grants for Republicans ad at the top of the page?

The nice little town I grew up in looks like total crap now...

Does anybody else hear "The President is going on national TV tonight" and just CRINGE?

I'm sure I'm not the only female in America who, when Obama


I just caught 10 seconds of incredible insanity on MSNBC. WTF???

Let me explain the purpose of Marijuana laws

Holy Shit!!! It's been so long, I'm not use to this. We have someone with a brain as President.

Thracian wine complex recovered by a team of archaeologists

Sherffius TOON sums up the GOP

Should a person go to jail for possessing a joint?

6,731 Congressional Research Service Reports Leaked

Grandma blasts octuplet mom: "Nadya's not capable."

If only Enron had managed to keep its thievery and scams going until today...

ACLU Defends Teacher Suspended for Facebook Gun Photo

Girl police allegedly mistook for hooker on trial in Galveston

Krugman Calls Out Obama

Energy jobs creates more jobs and puts more money in the taxpayers pockets

How to Piss Off the American Family Association - 1 minute activism opportunity

The Nation: Krugman predicted this economic collapse:

Obama's Reagan problem...

Dear Strategerists: Obama's non-answer on Bushco proves the dangers of not impeaching at the time

Divorce only legal for a man and a woman and not for gays - stephen colbert n/t

How delusional can you get? (Rush's sad new logo)

Property seizure by police called 'highway piracy'

Girl Scout cookies smaller, less in box, same price

Way To Go Subway

Pit bull that injured Omaha woman yesterday fought 'to the very end'

Is the wedding off? Palin's kid and Levy?

It must be tough to be an atheist in Texas

What makes someone a Holocaust denier?

What makes someone a Holocaust denier?

Coleman Says 'God Wants Me to Serve'

Please DU this Poll

Study links Marijuana use with Cancer

Centuries-old legend in Gozo proved true

Anybody Here Hear Of Jimmy Santiago Baca?

Rep. Kanjorski: $550 Billion Disappeared in "Electronic Run On the Banks"

K&R if you think that Rush Limbaugh should shove that fucking gold microphone

Tonight's forecast for the San Fernando Valley is 34 F. The forecast

AlterNet: 1,000,000 Strong to Strip Mormon Church of Tax Exempt Status

How long can we continue to support a trillion dollar military?

Cities prospered during the depression with the help of the Roosevelt programs

Plug-in Ford Transit Connect to make its debut in 2010

parents in 'an uproar' over teaching social studies in Spanish

Helen!!....... She knows Israeli has nukes and wants Obama

Is Obama condoning torture by allowing force-feeding at Gitmo?

What's this Bullshit that the Stimulus Passed by One or Two Votes?

Grandma's Moistening Kettle May Have Held Off Flu.

My friend got dragged out of bed, cuffed and arrested over a left turn.

The $780 billion stimulus bill can be paid down if we legalized marijuana

I'm 100% FOR the legalization of marijuana, but one argument used here by many is very very lame

Sebelius, Bredesen up for HHS spot

One more false smear of our President....State Secrets

This Modern World: There's that media melody again!

I just heard the most outrageous news story on WCBS Radio!!

Has your health insurance cost increased lately?

Let's get one thing straight about torture....

Scientists Uncover a Dramatic Rise in Sea Level and Its Broad Ramifications

Anybody see Senator Boxer on Rachel Maddow? She said something extraordinary that is

Weekly DUers for the prosecution of Bush/Cheney criminals and traitors check-in thread

I do NOT love Obama

Citibank just raised my wife's APR from 12.9% to 36%. 36%!!!!!!!

The Five Year Ban: Because A Billion Less People Is A Great Place To Start

"Money is just paper and superfluous." -- Octomom

Building a Bush Memorial

Folks! Obama's now using "State Secrets Privilege"! Just say NO!!! Enough's enough!

Armour shows how Henry VIII grew into an ‘absolute monster’

"You Try to Live on 500K in This Town"

State Secrets privilege update (bad news)

Alternate Stimulus: $10,000 To Every Taxpayer

Cenk: Why Firing Phelps Might Cost Kellogg More Customers

OK, the press conferenence could have gone better - how hard is

Are you a pussy?

Bernard Madoff, the Mafia, and the Friends of Michael Milken (Mark Mitchell)

Grab Your Torch ‘n Pitchforks! At-risk homeowners storm mansions of mortgage CEOs

Obama Aides Rip Cable News, D.C. Media And Political Elite

Beatles were on Ed Sullivan forty-five years ago today. Where were you?

Gah! Netflix "Watch Instantly" now has "Tango & Cash" and "The Last Boyscout"

WHO GETS WHAT: Billions to colleges and students

The Pharcyde - Runnin'

I don't know what's wrong with me tonight...

Twas the taste of the Whiskey (to tell you the truth)

Know any good dream interpretation books or sites?

Do spanish snakes hiss? Do Russian grenades go boom?

Monday morning Dick Nixon appreciation thread

what happened to "family values"

Monday morning Don Dixon appreciation thread

Post something you like about Terra

A cat's diary

A dog's diary

Breaks my heart.............

REALLY tough decision poll

Which is the grossest video clip:

If my old job does not send me a 1099

Woohoo, did you know W-2 forms make great paper airplanes!!!

Effing Robert Plant is STILL a diva pain in the ass. Lacks the simple ability to say "thank you."

Cell Phone Plans. Which company has the best offer?

Good morning Lounge

Somebody help me remember that....

Draw with others on your computer.

Any word on the Duzy's?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/9/09

Looking for clever Obama merchandise

? about Public Domain photos

Hate to say it: Arse

Ice fishing houses, what happens to them? Are they moved to the shore and recycled the next year?

Drat. They blocked Facebook at work.

I can't help but smile when I see this man on TV


Men, do you like it if a woman purses you?

Dropkid is awesome because

Roll me over Romeo

Fact: A 4-week old puppy will turn anyone to mush.

Does anyone here have a Kindle?

Fire extinguisher training at work with LIVE FIRE!

My Nephew Is Here From Army (Afghanistan)

My Uncle lost his RV repair and snowplow repair shop today.

Okay inspired by Turtleandsue threads: Men, do you like it if a woman doesnt pursues you?

LynneSin Must Be Happy, Robert Plant Won A Few Grammy's

My Dad has a nice idea I hope he follows through regarding the Olympics

Well there goes the Rush tour

Someone Just Farticled Sitting Next To Me At The Library

World Nude Day Contest- Win $10,000

Wanna see my wiener

The nurse saw my blood pressure and kept asking if I felt dizzy.

BSG question from the miniseries/season 1 (possible spoilers)

Wanna shot of jaeger

Sea Of Heartbreak

My boss just gave me symphony tix for Friday night

Steamed artichoke with hot garlic butter....

Why is it that when the weather turns from cold to nice

Separated at Birth?

Do you need a licence to buy a scalpel?

Forgive Me Lord For I Have LynneSinned

Monday morning Mojo Nixon appreciation thread

For those keeping score at home - Parche is now on my "Dead To Me" list

Buying a horse is nerve-wracking!!!!

Buying a horse is nerve-wracking!!!!

True confession time - I admit to watching baseball while on steroids.

I FUCKING hate corporate America!!

Prawnstar to challenge Vitter (R-Diaperboy)

Why Cant The Library Computers Allow You To View Prawn?

Hi Jean

Anyone here have to fill out TPS reports?

Nuclear bomb evacuation training at work with LIVE NUCLEAR BOMBS!

I used this antenna to pull in HD on my new TV

Help name the UFL football teams

A-Rod admits using performance-enhancing drugs

Hell of a business plan there, Einstein.

Today's 30-minute feel-good video: "Every single curse word from every episode of The Sopranos"

I'm so tired of being tired.

Animal Lover Kills Hawk to Save Squirrel

Mother in law (LOL)

"my posts" doesn't automatically update with a little red flag when someone replies to a post.

Where is redqueen when you really, really need her??

How Big Is Your Stimulous Package?

Whether they know it or not... Verizon is giving me a new phone today....

I saw my doctor today, and apparently my blood pressure (top number) has risen by 15 points!

That pregnant gal who performed on the Grammys last night...

I found a great podcast site.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 2/9/2009)

Remember this, from Carl Sagan....

Dear "Single and Looking"...

Remember the very pretty actress, last name Blhee or something like

Don't tell me it will only be one hour to change my tires on my car

Rocking a house is nerve-wracking!!!!

A horse with no name

Which hand do you give somebody the Middle finger with?

Okay inspired by BB's threads: Men, do you like it if a woman pursues you?

Screen capyure/Paint question

Why Cant The Library Computers Allow You To View Pron?

Crazy best man toast/speech at wedding

Get me Vaughn...... you mean RICK VAUGHN?????

Why can't the library computer allow you to view Tron?

Masturbation is Male Empowerment

Did Anyone Watch The Rap Awards I Mean Grammy's Last Night?

Yeah, gonna need you to come in this weekend...


A little Cowboys humor

This cat is friggin' hilarious.

Top Gear Season 12 starts tonight, BTW.

The Wicked Witch of the West's Hourglass: The flaw in Capitalism. Part I

MrLaraMN is in Florida. I'm going to make obscene snowmen

You are powerless. You must saw "Awwww"

This is just silly looking.

Crap I lost my star

Washington Post Style Invitational - Sent via email

Please post links to threads in which freepers get locked and/or

Can Anyone Recommend A Free Anti-Virus Software?

did you know that FB has chat?

Best way to serve fresh strawberries...

My friend, who just lost his son, died...

Next time I find a live troll...

kitten picture of the day for monday february 9

Heading out to bring hatchet head to the vet. Duct tape duct tape duct tape

Poll question: Which hand do you give somebody the Index finger with?

A Change Is Gonna Come

Singer Chris Brown turned into LAPD and released after beating up pop singer Rihanna

OMG! THIS IS HUGH!!!!@ THEY ARE SACRED!!!!!!@!!@!@!212

When I hear "New Jersey" I think of Bruce Springsteen and the mob.

Old-school TV Question.

Lounge, please welcome this new DU member.

Thank you to my anonymous donor!

Sony Releases New Stupid Piece Of Shit That Doesn't Fucking Work!

My ass hurts.

How much was the band on Ed Sullivan's show Feb. 10, 1964 paid?

George Bush flies into Heathrow airport....

Why In The Hell Did John Mayer Win A Grammy?

Koenigsegg? Y'all need a REAL hot car like mine!

Overheard on COPS: "Back one-and-a-half somersault, tuck " for $20 during a prostitution sting.

I am, right now, a stressball....

Overheard on COPS: "Half and Half for $20" during a prostitution sting.

For the first time in 8+ years: I can't WAIT to see the President on TV tonight

I just found out my first love got divorced

TOONS! HOT BUTTERED TOONS! Get 'em right here. While they last!


I just found out that my first love got a horse.

Oh yeah, well I want peace on earth and good will towards men.

I just passed a house with a red light bulb on the porch

And now tonight's Republican response to Obama's presser....

Some people have a lot of god damn nerve, you know that?

BJ Questions.

Ben & Jerry's B*SH-INSPIRED Flavors (LoL!)

i feel sad and down today... not sure why

LA area - slow speed chase - a Bentley - on KCAL 9!

Do you like Guinness?

An Open Letter to You Republican Obstructionist Fucks

Beanpot hockey tonight!!!

My dog is a mutt! Ask me anything!

Okay, men - your turn!

Bill Hicks' Spot On David Letterman in 1993 - Another Tragedy Exposed

mondays aren't always bad!

For my 40,000th post I've decided to flash the lounge a little leg.

Well if BB, GOPisevil, flvegan, and Pierre. Smooth get what they want...

If BeachBaby gets her Koenigsegg, then I want THIS!

How do YOU keep your stainless steel pans sparkly clean


Instead of your desktop, post a screenshot of your browser configuration

Hi, my name is Jason, and I am a gummywormaholic...


This poll in GD needs some Lounge attention

kitten picture of the day for tuesday february 10

Who Is On Your DTM List?

If Pete Rose is denied the Baseball Hall-of-Fame then so should anyone guilty of Steriod abuse

What thread titles make you hit the little ignore "X" instantly?

Okay, Lounge, a question: What makes someone a musical genius in your mind?

You can have your F-15s, Koneggseggseggseggs, S7s, I'll be happy with a new Honda Civic

I just paid off my car. I guess I should be a good American, and go get a new one. nt

I just paid off my car. I guess I should be a good American, and go get a new one. nt

I was offered the Senior Discount today. I'm 51.

Do you love Adult Swim?

Tonight I am tired, sick, having my period, and am fasting for my blood work tomorrow morning.

Question for the ladies of the lounge.....

Buying a house is nerve-wracking!!!!

Buying a house is nerve-wracking!!!!

The Language of Cats

Did any DU'ers watch The Beatles live 45 years ago? (tomorrow)

I just want these, that's all.

Thursday is Darwin Day.

Vibes for my mother, if you will. She found out today that she's losing her job.


Do you fit the following two qualifiers:

Give Your Special DU'r A Valentines Thread

Its amazing how a Show (Heroes), can go Downhill So fast (Span of Two Episodes)

An old cartoon demonstrates just how profoundly Jesus will smite all of us.

from this is why your fat

Am I evil for this?

"Scrap Paper Philosopher" makes economic views known in Berkeley

Do you want to play with fire, little boy?

I Have Lost Track, Who Changed DU Names....

Kerosene. Good to drink?

Speaking of birds...This weekend is the Great Backyard Bird Count!

Post a "haunting" song

All time favorite SNL sketch?

I know its only noon...but im on vaca and drunk...ask me anything!!

John Donne

What Is Your Favorite Show From The 70's

Some of my latest bird pics

Things you learned you liked because

Ok, if Beachbaby gets her Koenigsegg, GOPisEvil gets his S7, and Flveganator gets his Pagani...

PB&J Questions!

Dancing Cockatoo Video

I just lost my star I guess...when can I by some Valentines?

I missed my 40,000th post!

Just booked our cruise for June

So, what's for supper? I'm making 2 gallons of venison stew to feed the house tonight.

Are there any African American GOP Congressmen?

Pelosi tells it to the press in SF. This bill is about JOBS, JOBS, JOBS.

Was the stimulus passed by the House even big enough?

Self delete.. Double post.

Morning Rant and a bit of today's Krugman in NYT

Obama channels Marine General James Mattis?

"House meeting harvest"

Media whine fest on Scarborough... Obama

Why Do Republicants Hate Aid To States?

I just had a Poem Accepted for Publication!

Joe Klein's mea culpa on the media's coverage of Clinton's, Obama's economic plans


Who Does Angela Merkel prefer? You tell me (pix)

Critics will say Obama's Still Campaigning, and they will be wrong.

Obama-like candidate seeks to be 1st black Ala. governor

Republicans rediscovering their conservative roots is like a porn star rediscovering virginity.

Guardian: Be happy, worried liberals. Obama's bill is a triumph

Kyrgyz Committee Passes Bill to Shut Key U.S. Base

The thought of President Barack Obama, schooling people tomorrow and

About that Isakson amendment for a $15,000 tax credit for a home purchase...

Move Along People, There's Nothing To See Here

Let the republicans filibuster. Let them own their obstruction.

President's speaking schedule today, 2-9-09

Edsall: Economists Say Stimulus Cuts Could Be "Disastrous"

Just went to a right leaning site I used to post at, and they are doing a call bank

Fine ReFarts...put your money where your vote is!

MSNBC Now covering, (sort of) Obama in Indiana.....

Poll:Obama Has Upper Hand in Stimulus Fight-67% approval rating on the stimulus is 2X that of Repubs

"Obama wields the Oval invite"

Obama: "We want to hear from everyone...."

MSNBC and CNN Schedule covering Obama Press Conference Tonight

To the guy who wanted a check in his mailbox- after you spend it

Obama Will Be The DEATH Of The Traditional Media

So Dick Lugar turned down Obama's offer to fly with him on Air Force One

So Dick Lugar turned down Obama's offer to fly with him on Air Force One

Poll: Obama Way Ahead Of GOP On Stimulus

Obama Aides Rip Cable News, D.C. Media And Political Elite

Paul Krugman on the destructive Democratic/Republican "centrists"

OK I'll be the first one to say it. I miss bush's town hall meetings.

Obama gets it.

What was that about Hannity at the Townhall meeting, anybody hear that?

What a difference a poll makes.

I can't WAIT to see how the media even begins to try to negatively spin Obama's plan now.

President Obama on Hannity offer: "I'm always good for a beer."

Alaska Senate: Palin's husband, staff in contempt

Remember that $600/$1200 "stimulus" check we received last year?

***Heads Up: Obama Pushes The Stimulus Plan***

Stimulus, Yes; Bank Bailout II, No

Obama: I would like to see Education cuts made by senate in stimulus restored

Collins: Private Meeting With Obama 'Was Amazing'

Leahy had the right Idea on a Truth Commission but I don't understand

"We didn't screen the audience..."

Why isn't big business pushing for government sponsored health care?

Ed Schultz will be at President Obama's press conference tonight.

Just for grins.

Obama just called out the senate cuts on Education!

I wonder if the stimulus is not large enough

Class on this display. . .Obama won't let crowd boo lady who asks about appointees tax problems. . .

Yes you need to pick up the phone

Leahy Speaking at Georgetown just announced his plan for a Truth Commission

So is the intended end result to make American Workers so desperate

Repubs Are Getting ROLLED AND HARD!!!!

More From The Dept. Of Not Bush: Aboard Air Force One

Move to draft porn star Stormy Daniels to take on "Diapers" Vitter in 2010

A letter to Rush Limbaugh (from one wingnut to another)

Republican FL Gov. Crist will appear with Obama on Tuesday at Townhall meeting

Decreasing the size of the stimulus may be clever politics but it's not smart economics

Paul Krugman is the #1 ranked economist in the world.

Obama Names More Economic Advisers. (Krugman not among them.)

New GOP chairman Steele accused of spending abuses

So THAT'S how a President acts!

I would like to meet President Obama.

Obama quells push to ‘Buy American’

Obama Reclaiming Outsider Status

Enough about Krugman! What about Larry Summers?

Google "Inflammatory Breast Cancer"

Sean Insannity just said "Apparently President Obama wants to meet with me"

Hilarious! Andrea Mitchell just announced

Minn. Senate trial judges hope to speed up process

ThePage & Mediabistro spinning that Obama AGREED to a beer with Hannity. . .

Well! I think he just successfully marginalized know-nothing Republicans and the bloviating media.

I'm convinced that the cable news channels are not about news at all

Can you imagine BUSH doing something like this, a true town hall meeting?

The Nation: Save the Solis Nomination:

"Isn't There A Political Cost To Opposing This INCREDIBLY POPULAR President???"

I disagree with the "We can't compete with countries that pay low wages" argument.

CNN OBAMA 76.5% Approval (+/- 3.5) 54% Stimulus Approval

Paul Krugman

Who else saw Lieberman on MSNBC?

Why do you think the stimulus will actually work?

Obama at the town hall made me have one of those "oh my god he's actually president" moments

***Heads Up: Michelle Obama Visits Dept Of Interior***

Which would you rather have?

What is the most likely outcome regarding the stimulus at this point?

Obama Signs Up Operative For Big Blog Outreach Gig

If Republicans had been in charge when America needed FDR's New Deal

Must Read from Huffpo's Robert Kuttner: Stimulus, Yes. Bank Bailout II, No.

Presidential GENIUS: Telling city that voted for McCain "the American people rejected those ideas"

Florida Gov. to join Obama at stimulus town hall

"This is a spending bill, not a stimulus bill," said Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn.

We Are Still Divided (but the division comes from within)

Senators and congressmen..

Senators and congressmen..

There's only one taxcut that should be in the stimulus plan: stop taxing interest on personal ...

Transportation was not cut in Senate compromise


Oh how I wish someone had brought up Howard Dean for HHS at the town hall

President Obama is like Mr Smith goes to Washington

John McCain and his puppet Lindsey Graham.

Republicans: Defense of the Alamo Mission a winning cause for us

Can someone explain the process of the bill going to conference?


"Seems Like He Wants To Meet With Me."

IMAGE: Barack's bipartisanship with Hannibal Lecter

going forward, remember that republicans fuck shit up.

Who was the FOURTH vote for cloture?

Obama will be on Nightline Tuesday


Obama's Justice Department backs Bush secrecy on renditions suit

Fort Myers residents line up Sunday to see Obama on Tuesday

Have been at work; did the Media televise the Obama town hall today?

Paul Krugman has no concept of Politics

White House web-site to live stream national address

Thank you Collins, Snowe and Specter.

dupe, delete.

Job growth under Bush worst since WWII:

Obama drinks Beer and admits it!

Does anyone else think the gay marriage debate is a waste of time?

I don't understand, what am I not getting here?

When is this presser? n/t

You can't fool a baby.

Obama is a liberal, through and through- just under the radar.

If WWII ended the Depression, why didn't the Iraq War prevent/end our current Recession?

I hereby withdraw my support from Barack Obama

The Obma prime time drinking game?

Juliana Goldman of Bloomberg ?

Haaha---no, Chuck Todd, the premise of your question is inaccurate.

"The party is over." Good line n/t

Who is this asswipe Repuke Congressman debating Rep. Meeks on Hardball

Is the Pres calling these reporters from a list in his head or notes?


Zinger of the Night, Next time they get nothing, I'll throw in the stuff they want and I want later

Hope----To me it is the intelligence of our man.

President Obama just made me cry...

Comcast HD Channels went out on ABC HD, CBS HD, Fox HD in South Florida at 8:45

There may be politicians who say we dont need a stimulus, but very few ECONOMISTS

PResser Thread 1: THREAD 2 NOW OPEN

You want to know what amazes me? How these dumb asses (Tweety and Todd)

Was that Ed Schultz sitting next to Helen ???

This is how much I love our president

The Obligatory "Chuck Todd is a Dufus" thread.

Dover coffins / American deaths question dodged.

Breaking: Obama gives torture victims the middle finger

Cheers to President Obama for answering "Tara's" question in a presidential, direct manner

Approval poll

Gergen: job well done

Obama on torture: "generally speaking..let's get it right moving forward, not backward"

Gergen: "A classic and shrewd exercise of political power..."

Is the Pres calling these reporters from a list in his head or notes?

For the record...

Kennedy comes to the Senate to vote for the stimulus bill

LOL! Remember during the debates when reporters said Obama was too long-winded?

At this moment, Senator Leahy is one of the Democratic Party's biggest liabilities

No earmarks in the stimulus package?

barack seems to be calling on the ones who he knows will ask the wrong...

"I am the eternal optimist."

Peanut butter deaths a result of the Republican "small government".

As we defend the Obama Administration, we need to avoid THIS habit:


And he ended it at 9 sharp

Obama, "Nobody is above the law." (Investigating Bush Admin)

Weird! I just saw Malcolm X's demeanor in Obama and Googled it

Todd just gave away his stupidity by suggesting that consumer spending

How would you Rate President Barack Obama in his first Prime-time News Conference?

So what kind of drinking game could we play with an Obama press conference

HuffPo got a question, and it was one of the best of the night

LMAO, Bill O's guests are debunking his spin...

The Republicans are playing to their base

The repeat of the town hall in Indiana is on CSPAN

JFC! Blitzer says the Upcoming Speech is "The President to the Democrats!"

Will Fox News get to ask a question? Or ........

good grief! can't nebraska do better than ben nelson?

I wonder if Herr Bush is watching Obama's press conference

Josh Marshall over at TPM has some Great Obama Speech Stuff Up...Check it Out!

Ed Schultz is @ the Presser

President Obama is Rooseveltian. The Republicans are all Herbert Hoovers.

President Obama is Rooseveltian. The Republicans are all Herbert Hoovers.

Obama prosecuting Bush admin officials: "My view is also that nobody's above the law..."

Our President on Nightline Tuesday 2/10

Ari Fleischer on Oleilly gives Obama an A- . nt

*******President Obama Presser Thread Deux....Krugie Krugie******

Castellanos and Madow agree Americans are too stupid to

Heads up! Barbara Boxer on Rachel's show next.

Predict what the final bill reconciled bill will look like.

Excellent news from Gallup: Do you approve of how Prez/GOP/Dems have handled stimulus package?

Show us where the waste is in this bill!! Republicans are fools and

What I like best about having a President like Barack Obama.....

Paul Krugman: Pro-Union, Pro-Labor, from the AFL-CIO

Obama sure is long winded - he was only supposed to speak for 10 minutes they said.

The level of knowledge that Obama is showing is awesome

Will Dick Lugar cave in and vote yes on the final bill? He got slammed today--2x--without even

Without a new transcontinental rail line 300mph the stimulus package is toast. Why?

Have You Seen Anything Like This Before?

SO here's the "Bumper Sticker" sound bite Keith and Rachel

Graph comparing recessions, can someone post?

Rude Pundit - Live Whiskey-Blogging the President's News Conference

I have to say this - I LOVE my President! He's not trying to flim-flam

Like the stim package? Want it passed? Get off yer BUTTS!

Rachel: Dumb it down and put it on a bumper sticker

The Press Conference just "jumped the shark!" The A-Rod question is stupid!

Drudge and Politico trying to turn Ed Schultz front row seat into scandal

Dean Gets HHS Endorsement From Patrick Leahy

Has Obama Neutralized Lieberman?

My favorite part of the Presser was the A-Rod question response.

If he's THIS good just 3 weeks in, imagine what he'll be like with a little more experience!

Do we have any really "indelpendent" voters here at the DU?

I don't Smoke, but...

Obama Opening Remarks at First Presidential Press Conference

Obama Opening Remarks at First Presidential Press Conference

Oh Gawd no. Morning Joe looking at Florida Senate race.


President Obama: CALL ON HELEN FIRST!

Steele: government jobs are not jobs?

The only country in the middle east with nuclear weapons?

Republicans fail to obtain bipartisan support for blocking stimulus

How often have you agreed with an action of President Obama?


Have Republicans got something against FIREFIGHTERS?

Exploding Heads Galore in FreeperLand

If this doesn't shake you you're unshakable...

Where should Obama go to put political heat on filibusterers?


Believe it or not: the source of all DU criticism of Obama isn't a Hillary obsession

So if another country entered into a trade agreement that sucked jobs out of their country,

Who caught what Paul Begala said on CNN?

The pundits are still committing the same mistake.....

Limbaugh Proposes ‘Bipartisan Presidency’

I think tonight is a good example of why you should think twice before betting against Obama...

Dear Freepers I have a message for those of you lurking here....

A wonky sermon? WTF Rachel? n/t

Norm Coleman (fugly disgRace - MN): "God wants me to serve."

Bipartisanship my ass!! Dick Lugar declines ride w/Obama on AF1

MSNBC host considering Florida Senate bid (Scarborough)

Tear Down This Myth

***HEADS UP***: Senate voting on cloture now.

Yellow Matter Custard: Chapter 9

Er, Um, It's Kinda Quiet Here For What Happened Today. Humble Pie Anyone?

Is Paul Krugman fashioning himself an "Oracle Of The Left"?

Krugman: The Destructive Center

"So called Terrorists"????

Obama's Press Conference Answers Three Formal Grade-Levels Higher Than Bush's First

Paul Begala: Cut off funding to Mississippi and South Carolina.

Steele calls for "Bling, Bling"-free stimulus

Obama Pulls A Major Coup!

Oh my, Cornyn didn't show up for the vote on the stimulus package.

Your "First Prime Time Presser" Photos Thread

Wow! The president speaks fluent English, talks in complete, coherent sentences...

Obama On Lessons Learned: I Should Have Started With No Tax Cuts

O'Reilly just called Helen Thomas the Wicked Witch of the East...

Who do you trust more, Paul Krugman or DLC corporate toadies?

My God! How freaking STUPID are these republicans????

I think I just died and went to heaven.

Excuse me for one moment . . . "COLORED PRESIDENT ON TV!!! COLORED PRESIDENT ON TV!!!"

Excuse me for one moment . . . "COLORED PRESIDENT ON TV!!! COLORED PRESIDENT ON TV!!!"

The "swiftboating" of and character assassination campaign against Paul Krugman is in high gear

Attention Mr. Krugman, et al.....This ain't no Boy Scout Outing that we are talking about...

PLEASE show this poll some DU love regarding the Stimulus Bill

US workers' unions oppose offshoring as IT cos trim jobs

Dozens of California Senate staffers get little-known pay sweetener

US using British atomic weapons factory for its nuclear programme

Radical Books Raise Fears in Indonesia of Spread of Militants’ Ideas

Pakistan Vows to Monitor Scientist

Pakistan mortar shell 'kills 14'

U.S. Bank Bailout to Rely in Part on Private Money.

China Delivers Human Rights Report to UN; Amnesty Leads Critics

NGO website barred in Cambodia for releasing scathing report

Thai academic accused of insulting monarchy flees

China premier asks Cambridge to pardon shoe-tosser

Militants killing laughter and music in Pakistan region

China-Saudi strategic friendship deepens with frequent high-level visits

Sebelius, Bredesen up for HHS spot

Iraqis Say U.S. Patrol Killed Girl, 8, in Crowd

4 ex-Gitmo prisoners transferred to Iraqi custody

Poll Finds US, NATO And Kabul Government Are Losing Ground Among The Afghan People

Pentagon Issues 'Credits' To Offset Harm to Wildlife-Payouts to Landowners Draw Criticism

Obama Names More Economic Advisers. (Krugman not among them.)

General Motors to Invest $1 Billion in Brazil Operations -- Money to Come from U.S. Rescue Program

2 U.S. soldiers killed while disabling bomb in Afghanistan

Female suicide bomber kills 24 in Sri Lanka

Federal appeals court to hear torture lawsuit today

Arms en route to South Sudan as pirates collect $3.5m ransom

$3.9B in hurricane aid still unspent

(Peter) King noncommittal on (NY) Senate run

EXCLUSIVE: The New Voter Fraud Complaint Filed in CT Against the GOP's Ann Coulter

Refinery cuts sending gas prices up

U.S. Taxpayers Risk $9.7 Trillion on Bailouts as Senate Votes

Gore Beats Colbert, And Other Unseen Grammys

Nerve agent may be missing

Bishop Who Denied Holocaust Ousted

Obama's approval is high — but the stimulus isn't as popular

Scientists plan emergency summit on climate change

Netanyahu Warns Obama on Talks as He Challenges Livni

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday February 9

Obama signs PLA executive order

Senator (Leahy) seeks Bush-era "truth commission" (investigate war in Iraq, etc)

TennCare Troubles: Doctor Accused of Trafficking Prescription Meds Has Murder Conviction

Besieged Auto Industry Sheds 20,000 More Jobs, This Time At Nissan

GOP Sees Positives In Going Negative

Bailout, Take 2: Investors want US to share risk

Obama reaching out to Native Americans

Md. Lab Germ Research Halted For Records Probe

Nissan to slash 20,000 jobs, sees annual loss

Union: Hacker broke into FAA computers-Accessed the names, national ID numbers of 45,000 employees a

Senate advances stimulus package

Video Is Said to Be Polish Hostage’s Beheading in Pakistan

EXCLUSIVE: FBI Raided Lobbying Firm Connected to Murtha

'This is the worst recession for over 100 years'

Italian coma woman’s death ends Berlusconi’s bid to keep her alive

Suicide car bomb kills 4 U.S. soldiers in Iraq

AG Holder reviewing all state secrets claims

Netroots backs Dean for HHS Secretary

Knoxville church shooter: 'This was a hate crime' (Pleads guilty, all charges)

In Rural Alaska Villages, Families Struggle to Survive

Leahy: Investigate Bush Now

SEC chief resigns

Judges Order Thousands Of Calif. Inmates Freed

Dean Gets HHS Endorsement From Patrick Leahy

Obama Administration Maintains Bush Position on 'Extraordinary Rendition' Lawsuit

Orlando "Cachaíto" López, bassist for Buena Vista Social Club, passes away

Congressman Hoekstra takes heat from blogosphere for Twitter updates in Iraq

Low-income home buyers lose out on (tax credit) break

Gitmo Detainee’s ‘Genitals Were Sliced With A Scalpel,’ Waterboarding ‘Far Down The List Of Things

A-Rod admits, regrets use of PEDs (performance-enhancing drugs)

Octuplets' Grandma Disses Daughter

Kansas Guard discharges first gay soldier

Marijuana may raise testicular cancer risk: study

16 illegals sue Arizona rancher

ABC News - Good Morning America: "Michelle Obama's Listening Tour"

1929 Stock Market Crash (Part 1-5)

GOP anti-Obama instructional 'How to' video leaked (00:41)

I'm Against It (Made me think of Republicans lately)

Bailed Out Banksters Screwing Hookers, Using Company Credit Cards! 2/9/2009

Porn star vs. U.S. Sen David Vitter

Wall Street Madam Unveils Client List

Obama and mccain fight again

John Cornyn Worried About the Census Being Politicized. Hilarious hypocrisy

Neil Cavuto gets his ass handed to him over Employee Free Choice

Whaaa! GOP whines

TYT: Cenk reviews the OUTRAGEOUS Senate changes made to the stimulus bill


Obama Calls for Swift Action on Economy

TFF-I'm a Democrat, Kick Me -EXPLICIT LANG!

TPMtv: A Talk With Robert Reich

Glenn Beck Compares Al Gore To Hitler

Obama Press Conference PT. 3: 'Folks Who Presided Over A Doubling of National Debt'

The President & FOX's Sean Hannity's Beer Date?

Obama Press Conference PT. 4: 'Banks Taking Exorbitant Wild Risks Caused This'

Health Provisions In Recovery Package Would Put Privacy At Risk-Limbaugh Worried

Obama Press Conference PT. 5: 'Step #1 - Job Creation'

Obama Press Conference PT. 6: Photos of Flag-Draped Coffins

Obama Press Conference PT. 7: Next Bank Bailout

Obama Press Conference PT. 10: 'Ideological Blockage'

Rachel Maddow Show - Rep. Phil Hare (D-IL) discusses Hilda Solis, unions under GOP assault

Stephanie Miller on Liberalism

Obama Press Conference PT. 1: 'Won't Return to Failed Policies of Last 8 Years'

Obama's Opening Remarks at First Presidential Press Conference

President Obama's Remarks at Townhall Meeting in Elkhart, Indiana (02/09/09)

Jonathan Alter Smacks Down RNC Chair Michael Steele and Sen McConnell

Former KKK member Elwin Wilson apologizes to Rep. John Lewis for beating him decades ago.

Young Turks: Republicans Want to Pay Bank CEOs More

GOP Sees Positives In Negative Stand

TYT: Beck Calls Al Gore A Nazi - Gets A TYT Ban

"Why We Fight" director Eugene Jarecki on the Election 2008

EU-Ukraine-Russian Gas Crisis in Retrospective: It's Just the Beginning

Congress Spooked in September By Massive Financial System Run Underway?

Ann Coulter, Serial Vote Fraud Artist

Who Says the GOP Ain't 'Cain-sians'

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Sen. Ben Nelson: Who the hell is Paul Krugman, and what does he know about economics?

Extremist Christians Confuse Freedom of Religion with. . .

Obama Press Conference PT. 9: Calls on Huff Post's Sam Stein; Misdeeds of Bush Admin

Downsizing America

Joe Biden: 'There's a 30% Chance Obama Locks Me in Cheney's Safe'

American Deceptionalism

Poverty of Imagination (James Kunstler)

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President Obama Taking Questions at Townhall Meeting in Elkhart, Indiana (02/09/09)

Tweety singing at David Schuster wedding

Obama Press Conference PT. 2: Iran

Fire Rips Through Beijing Hotel

Iraq's Gravedigging Industry Is at 100% Full Employment

Russia To Complete Iran's Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant On Time

TYT: Media sez: Obama must not seem to listen to progressives! WRT Dr. Dean


Krugman - The Destructive Center

Right-Washing the New Deal

What Happens When You Throw a Bipartisan Party and Half the Guest List Stays Home?

Indiana mayor says he'd put stimulus money to good use

"The Wall Street Madam and her pleasure fund" by Jerry Mazza (2-9-09 Online Journal)

The $800 Billion Dollar Gamble

US using British atomic weapons factory

Scott Horton: Naming the Obama Court

Why I Support the Stimulus (by Arlen Specter)

Instead of stimulus, do nothing – seriously

Obama Press Conference PT. 8: Calls on Helen Thomas; Pronounces 'Nuclear' Correctly

Bond market calls Fed's bluff as global economy falls apart

Filibuster today, filibuster tomorrow, to impede filibusters forever / P.M. Carpenter

Cracking the poison processed peanuts case

Pete Sessions (R-TX) Learns from the Taliban

"The Death Dealers took my life!"

The Audacity of Hope Tackles the Enormity of Inequality

Breaking Down Media Spin on Obama and Stimulus

Media Fail to Stimulate Honest Debate on Economic Stimulus Package

Pentagon warns of US military intervention in Mexico’s “war on drugs”

Boehner admits to handing out tobacco checks on the House floor (3:02)

Renegade GOP Senators Fear for Their Lives

The Third-Party Delusion and the Need for a Mass Movement for Progressive Change

3 months in American history and Walter Cronkite (JFK--The Beatles)

Suleman Octuplets story: Democrats and Republicans agree on this one

LA Times: Obama Expected to Appoint Chamber of Commerce Lobbyist As Gatekeeper to the Judiciary

The 4.6% Truth: How Absurdly Small Stimulus Spending Really Is

The Independent: Students are revolting: The spirit of '68 is reawakening

What’s Cheney Up To?

The GOP's Filibuster Hypocrisy

Adolf Who? What makes someone a Holocaust denier?

Saudi princess is 'ready to drive a car' (lifting her country's ban)

Kristen Breitweiser: Our Meeting With President Obama

Paul Krugman for Treasury Secretary...before it's too late

Chu's extended riff on climate change in California

Quarter of UK homes to be offered a green makeover

Academic calls for urgent action to save Barrier Reef

USGS: Swarm of Earthquake Activity Over For Now at Yellowstone National Park

Peak oil review - Feb 9

ODAC Newsletter - Feb 6

Paris Airports Close Overnight (M-T) As France Braces For Winter Storm, High Winds - AFP

China Kicks Off Construction Of World's Longest Natural Gas Pipeline

Coal Creek Dam Removal In Oregon Stuns Scientists With Speed Of River's Recovery, Sediment Removal

Russia Signs Agreement To Supply India With Nucear Fuel - 2,000 Tons Of U Pellets

Windmill study shows impact on bat populations (but not birds-"too soon to draw any conclusions")

Obama says renewable energy key to economic future

Six Straight Days In Adelaide At 104F And Well Beyond - Consistent With Worst-Case Climate Outlooks

MJ: Prius Envy—When does it make sense to ditch your gas-guzzler for that shiny new hybrid?

Capable Of 60Miles/Day, W. African Caterpillar Plague Crosses Into Guinea - Food For 350K At Risk

China Declares Drought Emergency - No Rain In Beijing For 100 Days And Counting

Daily Drought Watch: California Snowpack at 60% of Normal

Number Of Small Indiana Farms - 10 Acres Or Less - Nearly Doubles In Ten Years

Citizens Of Kiribati Seek To Purchase Land Elsewhere - Islands' Sea Level Rising 5.1mm/Yr Since '91

Ethanol Boost Direct Injection Engine Technology equalling efficiency of diesels introduced.

Orvis saves big with LED lighting

166 Confirmed Dead In Australia - More Fatalities Expected As Fires Flare Up - AFP



Emergency Climate Meeting In Copenhagen In March - Scientists Will Publish IPCC Update - Guardian

Today in labor history Feb 9 Tom Mooney convicted in bombing frame-up orchestrated by Pinkerton

In the labor world,losing your job is capital punishment.

Besieged Auto Industry Sheds 20,000 More Jobs, This Time At Nissan

Why do Republicans hate Firefighters...

This is a MUST READ for auto workers..

FREE HILDA SOLIS! Sign the online petition

DECERTIFYING a Union by "card-check"

Ex-hostage: Colombian rebels killed lawmakers in cold blood

Fifteen injured students, two detained at Barinas University

Call and demand (request) freedom to travel.

Thinking of a Career in Social Work - Don't Do It

FARC massacre of 18 Awa indians (Spanish)

Tonight's Lullaby: Hay Amores

In Florida, Despair and Foreclosures

European Finance Chiefs See ‘Worrying’ Trends in Bond Markets

China wants IMF to be tougher with rich states

The River Casino in Pittsburgh is taking job applications,

Central Banks Sacrifice Independence as Crisis Grows

Treasury investors demanding higher yields... "real" cost of capital is rising as the slump deepens.

IMF Chief Says Nations in 'Depression'

Fairfield Founders Begin Selling Assets, Report Says

GM, Chrysler May Get Bankruptcy to Protect U.S. Loans

A nation's strength and health are not a 'pet project'

Interest rates for most credit card types edge up

“Shock and Gall” – The Penalty Rates That Might Eat Your Wage Gains.

Roubini: Anglo-Saxon model of bank self-regulation has failed

For Catherine Austin Fitts fans..Financial Permaculture: VIDEO

The Data Beast ...part one

How One Fund’s Profits Ended Up in the Caymans

Bulgarian Farmers Block Greek Border

BBVA Mexico says in control of credit card defaults

Saving the economy from our brains

Deflation in action..... Pay Cuts

The Little Engine That Can’t

Nouriel Roubini and Nassim Taleb discuss the recession

U.S. Taxpayers Risk $9.7 Trillion on Bailout Programs

If you thought your civic duty was done when you voted for Obama, think again. He needs your help.

How The Financial World Almost Came To An End At 2PM On September 18

Is bigotry dying or Alive and Well? 1 Anti-Gay Bill dies, 1 Pro-Gay Bill Joins it

Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl: White Knot for Gay Marriage

So, how was your Monday?

Nadler reintroducing UAFA before Valentine’s Day! Urge your Rep to cosponsor!

Need some input.. advice.. anything.. please

Judge: ‘NO’ to campus bigotry

Democrats officially against gay marriage amendment

An About-Face on Gay Troops

If you were were jealous that the press wasn't paying attention to you----

No Salary Cap In 2010? (NFL)

All these guys came from the same high school

Hmmm...the SEC is not in the top 25 college men's basketball rankings.

UT self reports it's idiot coach Kitten for minor NCAA recruiting violations

Countdown to Spring Training Poll #1A: 2009 NL MVP

Big Ben played Super Bowl with Two broken ribs.

Countdown to Spring Training Poll #1B: 2009 AL MVP

Lawrence Taylor Confirmed for Dancing With the Stars

If you were guaranteed a $250,000,000 contract like A-Rod,

A-Fraud comes clean... admits to taking steroids

The Lakers are by far the best team in the NBA with or without Bynum

The latest Pirates admits to using steroids. Blames it for his sidearm pitching...

Egypt sources: Hamas agrees to link Shalit deal to opening of Gaza border

Adrienne Rich: Why Support the U.S. Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel?

Report: Shalit deal hinges on Israel release of four terrorists

Gershom Gorenberg at Sixth & I

Israeli university welcomes ‘war crimes’ colonel

A Hard-Liner Gains Ground in Israel

Netanyahu: The leader who struts like a superpower

Kulturkampf between Shas and Yisrael Beiteinu gets vicious

Senior U.K. diplomat said arrested over anti-Semitic tirade

PA: Hamas rockets are bid to sway Israeli election

Pro-Israel Swedish government worker fired for second time

There's a far-right extremist running in Israel's election with the last name Lieberman......Hmmmmm

Testosterone-drenched slogans of tribal loyalty won't do it

Where Lieberman and Obama meet

UN chief to set up panel to probe Israel's bombing in Gaza

Israel's Livni woos female voters ahead of poll

One-Eyed in Gaza

Senior U.K. diplomat said arrested over anti-Semitic tirade

Benjamin Netanyahu/Likud Party . . .

Hamas returns seized Gaza aid: UN

google, "Inflammatory Breast Cancer"

Alzheimer's Prevented And Reversed With Natural Protein In Animal Models

Anybody else had this problem with routine meds?

Army hospital contacts 300 in insulin scare

Huachuca soldier killed in car accident

Fire destroys legal office at Benning

German woman gets U.S. citizenship to deploy

Wash. troops charged in UW student robberies

One cushy ride

Navy identifies missing sailor as Va. native

Is it legal to build your own rifle or pistol?

The Virginia Tech Betrayal

Marine investigated over threats on Obama

Afghans dispute 6 killed in raid were militants

Former airman charged in soldier’s death

Minot says it added $383M to local economy

Jan. recruiting goal of 2,600 new airmen met

Cargo, passenger capacity upped at Bagram

Maxwell, Gunter to streamline housing

Bomber program remains shrouded in secrecy

Ex-guard, prisoner speak out against Gitmo

Pentagon hopes stories help troops with PTSD

More USFK contractors lose jobs over visas

Officer: Iraqis lack supplies

NATO operations to target Afghan drug labs and lords

Stuttgart schools, parents talk about enrollment problem

Poppy Crop Now Targeted in Afghan War

General Tells N. Korea to Resume Talks

Catholic Group Plans Veterans Housing

Iraq-bound Band of Brothers is a Band

Rep: Punish Those Who Lie Us Into War

Carnage as US-backed Congo Raid Fails

Offutt getting anti-bird radar system

$3.6 billion hike urged for VA health care

F-35s will go to Eglin despite noise protests

Report: Nuke inspection improperly documented

Sea trials of carrier George H.W. Bush delayed

Gay Woman,3 Kids Denied Dying Partner Visitation, Jackson Memorial Hospital, Fla.

Robber Shot During Stick-Up Attempt

Why am I thirsty all of a sudden?

Lake Chapala, Mexico

Some Red...

Fire downtown

Another Couple Graffiti

Tennessee River Red Pictures

Timisoara Cold Series

Did the attached online from

Ascension shock and the deep healing of the human heart

Has anyone heard from Cliss?.?.?

Some of my latest bird pics

Thirteen Disciplines: A Warrior's Guide to Self Mastery

Recommedations for Horoscope

I have an odd question....deja vu anyone?


World Peace Card Meditation Feb. 12 at 7:30 PM your *local* time (for wave effect)

I beleive a lunar eclipse is happening *right now*

What inexpensive/beginner camera do you recommend?

Paranormal State on A & E...what do you think?

A green comet!

Speaking of Faith coves Darwin

Why It Hurts to Be Away from Your Partner (SciAm)

Contact lense TV expected within 10 years

Ten Major Flaws of Evolution - A Refutation

French fighter planes grounded by Windows computer virus

New Life Church - more than Ted Haggard

"Noah's Flood" Not Rooted in Reality, After All?

Lessons still to be learned (Charles Darwin and ideology over evidence)

What is the deal with this religious group?

Someone PLEASE take this pan of shortbread away from me!

The mead is done and bottled

What's for dinner? ~ Monday Edition

Gonna make ravioli - inspire me.

Making Tincture of Roses...

Cooking for the chemo patient: Tips given and welcomed here

I have a pound of pork stew meet and company coming on Saturday.

What is your death row meal?

Meyer's Lemons - what to do with them?

Comparison of WTC 7 and Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Beijing

Mandarin Oriental Hotel collapse in Beijing

Palin and Perry sitting in a tree, *-&-^-%-i-n-g

Texas Gov. Rick Perry uses bailout talk to blast Kay Bailey Hutchison

FEMA Is Faulted on Aid After Hurricane Ike

Harper dropped lawsuit ahead of key hearing

Need help with a silly problem on Word 2007

Sens Kerry and Lugar push for climate change action

The maverick ideas of red Toryism could give Cameron a potent edge