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Archives: February 6, 2009

Presidential Transportation Options:

Civil unions advancing in Hawaii

How do you contact Keith Olberman?

Junkie booked as closing speaker at CPAC 2009

Sen Lindsay Graham had a melt down on the floor today..repeat now airing on Cspan.

Netflix CEO: Please raise my taxes

Is the Senate vote on the Stimulus Package supposed to happen tomorrow?

Daily Show quiz

Mark Twain: Quitting smoking is easy.

Anyone hear Thom Hartmann plugging DU today?

So has Obama turned off faux news in the white house?

Question: What would be wrong with reducing the 40 hour work week to 36 hours for the next year?

Reinvent Wheel? Blue Room. Defusing a Bomb? Red Room.

I just realized something about Conan O'Brien moving to L.A.

Photo of Bush disrespecting the Oval Office.

Oh Hooray! More fun for Hurricane Ike ravaged G-Town...

Rachel segment today, Thursday,

Dupe thread..oops.

The Action America Needs by Barack Obama in WP

"The Karl Rove of the Commode" speaks out against stimulus plan

India Blames Mumbai Attacks on ISI

== Spanking the Future == By Mark Morford

C-Span Washington Journal viewers - Forbidden Planet is on TCM

Awwww. Faux's parent company suffers a $6.4 billion loss.......

I'm well over anti-smoking threads

Hey Toyota Republican senators from Dixie, don't count on any plant expansions in your states soon..

Omaha sends its stimulus wish list ($304 million)

Loosing the battle (To WIN the war)

Loosing the battle (To WIN the war)

598,000 lost jobs last month

How long is the recess? nt.

Dallas hardware store offers Bush door greeter position

A redo for those who missed it: The Bush Presidential Library

It must be impossible for a small store to keep track of recalls.

chris matthews sounds just like pat buchanan on mourning schmoe

Self delete

Federally Subsidized Interest Rates

Everyone! Everyone! Please consider calling it "The Jobs Bill"

Economic Swindle-Us: Air Force To Spend $228,000 On Trout Fishing

Naomi Klein: Public Revolt Builds Against Rip-off Rescue Plans for the Economy

Yikes! ....... The Jobless Numbers

Do Republicans not understand that small and medium size companies will benefit by the Stimulus?

I love listening to Wall Street Execs and Investment Firm CEO's

Amy Goodman: Facing Foreclosure? Don't Leave. Squat.

I started my morning calling 7 congress critters!

CSPAN WJ is a hoot today. Knuckle draggers have figured out how to use a phone.

All Hands On Deck Please

What does this mean?

He doesn't walk on water

The Depression is Here

The Depression is Here

Despite Delay for DTV, FCC Concerns Remain.

A day in the American Health Care system.

Tony Blair: world needs more religion

Christina Romer on New Numbers Today

Happy Birthday Ronald Reagan (Thanks for Ruining America)

Let me see if I understand this: $700 billion to the Wall Street & banking fatcats...

Where Is The Bottom?

No help from Senate

Oh great! Sarah named Bristol after a town in Connecticut! Another "dubious achievement award"

Last known survivor of the 1906 SF quake dies

I need some help understanding something

Pakistan Frees AQ Khan

Bonuses - Toon

The NOVA Program "The Spy Factory" about the NSA is now available on line

I'm a little confused on something. Who are we fighting in Afghanistan, and why?

Latest Zogby push poll questions:

Florida: Well on its way to becoming Libertarian State.

Carlos Mencia yanked from Orpheus Parade (because of Katrina jokes)

Should Democrats come up with their own brand of Contract with America.

My email to my Senators


The Madoff list

Now is the time for President Obama to put aside.....

"Cable chatter"

4,000 Apply For 500 Water Park Jobs

New I-Phone Application tracks menstrual cycles

New I-Phone Application tracks menstrual cycles

Broader Unemployment/Underemployment (U-6) is 13.9% ....

Coming to a Theater Near You: "Scumbag Billionaire"

I think if a senator votes

Salmonella Outbreak's Pain Spreads

Is a gay woman who never has sex with men really a virgin?

Did You Know the U.S. Attorney Helps Collect Child Support?

O'riely says Obama "is confused"

Obama Whopass Plan - Stimulus must be green (video)

Dear Congress, Here is the essential truth .......

RePuke Kyl is Reading op/eds to Try to Kill Jobs Program

The Pukes' "solution" to everything is tax cuts, tax cuts, and more tax cuts.

Taxcuts in "jobs bill" is continuation of Bush policies.

$$$-The Real Reason Cheney would not let Bush Close Gitmo

Who are the democrats who are not "Team Players"?

The Rude Pundit - By the Numbers: Creeping Class Warfare, Republican Style

Here is my idea for a jobs bill.

Al Kamen: Speeches That Keep On Giving

Happy Birthday Ronald Reagan (Thanks for Ruining America)

John McCain ....... what's his IQ? ...... 80? 90?

OUT OF TOUCH Republicans oppose ceo pay limits..

Does anyone know of the fate of NEA funding in the Senate bill?

i believe that Paul Krugman just told joetheinternkiller, in VERY polite terms...

Just called both my Alabama Senators offices......

Just called both my Alabama Senators offices......

This is really silly, but I FINALLY realized who it is that Mitch McConnell reminds me of

Do you think this post about Obama Cussing will cause any problems?

Iran Denies Visas for U.S. Women's Badminton Team

The media forgets that we elected Obama despite their best efforts to prevent it

Our grandchildren will read about September 15, 2008 in their history books

How about fed regulators stop approving mergers and acquisitions

Obama promotes champion of job outsourcing to his National Economic Council

Gotta go Amy Goodman and DemocracyNow is on, the only real news anywhere.

I have a plan to pay for the economic stimulus package...


How A Depression Unfolds - Jobs

How A Depression Unfolds - Jobs

Madoff's victims

How Theresa Hatt Caused The Financial Crisis

How Theresa Hatt Caused The Financial Crisis

Newsweek: Economic survival tips from top execs

KILL THE GOP TALKING POINT #1 - "The New Deal Prolonged the Recession"

I emailed Kelloggs and phoned them as well (foreign call ctr)

And the "No shit, Sherlock" award goes to........

Thought of the Fairness Doctrine has RATpublicons running scared

Thought of the Fairness Doctrine has RATpublicons running scared

Aid for film industry?

Justice Ginsburg has pancreatic cancer surgery

Attention: Huge Problem with the DU Home Page!!!

Attention: Huge Problem with the DU Home Page!!!

Living in the land of make believe

"corn ethanol is worse for health and the environment "

The give 'em enough rope to hang themselves strategy has played out. The Rethugs have enough rope.

Where do the Republican Senators keep their money?

Why do you think the Bank of America executives no longer need a bailout?

The Bacon Explosion: "because Republicans like meat"

Gay Rights on Fast Track at State Dept.

IF the market is like a pendulum, as it has been seen to resemble in the past

My letter to Gary Ackerman

Russ Feingold's new website: look here.....

most of the people losing jobs have children to feed - first -

Just have to share my good news.

The following is a summary from a candlelight vigil..for everyone who has been killed or seriously..

Republicans want four more years of Bush !

Why is George McGovern attending and accepting an award form CPAC?

Friday TOON Roundup 2 Republicans are the party of idea!

With the layoffs & collapsing economy, wouldn't it have been cooler to "let it collapse" last fall?!

national economy shed more than nearly 600,000 jobs

Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX),proudly compares Congressional Republicans to the Taliban.

Alabama Senator Shelby, the Obama Stimulus bill and special projects

Wall Street execs charged hooker services to corporate cards?

God dam, can we use the right words here. This is not a Wall Street problem

"Whether you're driving a hybrid or SUV -- if you're headed for a cliff, change direction."

Sam Seder throws his hat into the ring for MSNBC's 10p.m. show

I need help on a response to a Republican email from coworker

I just heard Biden is going to Germany instead of Obama

Love what Hartmann is saying now.....

Sixteen years... A tale of two presidencies

Kerry is kicking ass on the Senate floor right now

"The Ignorance out there is mind boggling"...

BofA CEO: "We won't need any more TARP funds"

KILL THE GOP TALKING POINT #2 - "Social Security is a Ponzi Scheme"

Val Kilmer ponders run for NM governor in 2010

My letter to congress

Max Baucus and Mark Begich are getting a workout today

Global casino decline--not a good sign

When will they vote on the stimulus bill? nt

Sucker Sen. Jim DeMint Demonstrates His Utter Cluelessness on Senate Floor

Letters Prove US Threats to Halt Intelligence to UK

GOP fuckers *might* vote for Solis if she promises not to advocate for Employee Free Choice Act

Is it unreasonable for us as a country to simply accept failure. No stimulus bill.

Is it unreasonable for us as a country to simply accept failure. No stimulus bill.

Viewer Alert: Stephanie Miller will be on C-SPAN 2/8/2009

Italy’s “Terry Schiavo case” even more like its U.S. precedent

Tax cuts? We don't need no tax cuts. We don't have to show you no stinkin' tax cuts.

The job loss numbers for January were adjusted upward to 598,000

Why not start a national lottery?

Explain to this non-American: Why don't you outlaw earmarks or pork?


Jason Leopold: Gonzales May Face Obstruction Charges in U.S. Attorney Probe

Gotta stop listening!

Allen Boyd (Bluedog FL) will face primary challenge

Is that the guy that paid for hookers talking on the senate floor?

Friday TOON Roundup 1- Poor underpaid execs!

We need to hit the streets (in DC).

Grand Island (Ne) begins poisoning birds (starlings)

TPM: How Theresa Hatt Caused The Financial Crisis

name one athlete who got reamed for lifting a mug of beer to his lips

I love John Kerry - I just wanted to say that.

Do you agree with the suspension of Phelps for 3 months due to bong picture?

The filibuster should be scrapped from the senate

"How do you win Washington's message wars?"

Do you recall the WH address Reagan made in support of his 1981 tax cuts?

GOP Lawmakers Outnumber Dem Lawmakers By Almost 2 To 1 In Cable News Stimulus Debate

A no-win binary poll on immunity for torturers

Report: Bailed out companies spent $114 million on lobbying last year

Jobs paying $210,000/yr! Quick! Apply now!

John Thune: Insane Person

I have a dream where Obama beats blue-dogs with a populist demagogue stick.

A lesson from Phelps: Loosen up

Economic Catastrophe Versus Ideological Obsolescence."

Is there any society that rescues Atheists from oppressive countries?

Labor To Open Fire Over Solis Confirmation

OK. Let's have a DU "Where's Randi?" speculation-a-thon...

Can someone explain to me how the unemployment statistics

Convict Bush and Cheney and ...

Can a person pay the bills on unemployment?

I'll never figure out the goddamned stock market

Florida may not get much help from SCHIP unless they find matching dollars.

Flex Cap on Top Pay (looking for feedback and thoughts)

Help me with this one: "Reagan got us out of the last recession...

OK, lets hash this out. How would you spend a taxcut?

A look ahead - 1 year after the A.R.R.A. aka. stimulus bill

Is Jim Bunning drunk?

Photography of police may become illegal in the UK

Got a question about the 100-to-1 meme.

Judges: Miami school board can ban book about Cuba

Republicon leader & draft dodger Limbaugh less popular than Rev. Jeremiah Wright

Take the damn vote! If Obama fails, we're all toast. If he succeeds,

Elder's Meditation of the Day - February 6

Panetta: No prosecution for CIA interrogators

Republicans are perfectly okay with unemployment that matches 1974

Someone I work with has six rental houses.

They are letting Senator Ben Nelson re-write the bill w/the Repubs.

GOP outnumbers Dems 2 to 1 on cable news shows

Obama to GOP: Shit Or Get Off the Pot! Americans Are Getting Angry.

Ben Nelson is not a "Moderate Democrat"

GOP's Latest Talking Point©: "jobs that produce wealth."

Why Did Reagan Hate America?

Who does Cheney work for?

California Gov. is shut down - Thanx to our RATpublicon Govenor

about tax credits

Chris Dodd yelling at Lindsay Graham! yay!

Call right now! Mass Transit, State aid, Education to be cut by Nelson / Collins

Self delete.

Autoblog Green

Strickland wants to ban corporal punishment in Ohio schools

If they had paid the TARP money out to individuals - they would have

National Education Association mobilizes against Nelson-Collins

Democrats and Americans will NEVER win because of the MEDIA. Period.

Democrats and Americans will NEVER win because of the MEDIA. Period.

Contessa Brewer and Ron Christie should go get a room. Absolutely disgusting Dem bashing!!

So, is this bill going to be voted on today? Yes, No, Maybe?

I've been trying to call Senator Mark Udall all day.

Tests will tell if baby remains found at landfill

Why can't Obama just have the FCC reenact the Fairness Doctrine? It would solve a LOT of problems --

Did you see what Duncan Hunter is up to now?

Haley Barbour must really hate the people in his state.

Can someone answer this question for me...

NPR - IBM. Today I had the misfortune to listen to NPR talking about IBM insulting

The repukelicans clearly plan on NOT cooperating for the next 8 years.

Clean Coal is using Pres. Obama's words from the campaign trail in its commercials.

"Married couples" get $10,000...Can you build a road for $10K?

Council temporarily bans hookah lounges

No media circus is complete without...

last week we saw The Mark Morris Dance Company at The Kennedy Center

Dealing with Republicans - How do you do it and maintain sanity?

Matthews, while interviewing Cong Gary Ackerman, is actually drooling down his chin on teevee.

Why do we need the Republicans?

CNN reporting tentative agreement on stimulus bill in senate!

Obama will have about one trillion to work with plus there are other things which should be added

Huffington Post: McCain Positions Himself To Be Leading Opponent Of Senate Democratic Stimulus Plan

Taking on the Lies

IMAGE: Wall St. self-image vs. reality (Gordon Gecko vs. Ruprecht)

Those of You who are critical of Dem leadership, you may well have a point, but could

Economic Security, the Elephant in the room

When President Obama Faces Obstacles in the Congress and Senate, what is the Best Use of our Energy?

DiFi Seeks Investigation Into Reports of "Burrowing" by Bush Appointees at Pentagon

Congressional Republicans are

Congressman Hoekstra (R-Mich.) Twitters an Iraq Security Breach

How much would passing stimulus hurt TARP II

I am tired of the "War on Economics"

Charlie Ergen's EchoStar Seeking Control Of Sirius XM Radio

MSNBC reporting a deal reached in the Senate and Feckless Leader reid will try to "sell" it to ....

Self delete

Stalking the Shadows: Stranded (poem)

Does anyone else find this little man annoying?

Officials say tentative stimulus deal reached

I think that just about every fuckin' tax that needs cuttin' has been cut

Wall Street CEOs, investment bankers charged prostitutes on corporate cards, madam says

Dr Strangelove is showing tonight on TCM at 9:45pm Eastern.

Good lord, 24 Army suicides in January...just on the evening news.

Republicans need the stimulus bill to fail....

Republicans need the stimulus bill to fail....

Does anyone know anyone who talks like Haley Barbour?

Are you having a midlife crisis?

Are you having a midlife crisis?

How much do you want to bet there will be Stimulus 2.0?

Word from NBC,

How much do you want to bet there will be Stimulus 2.0?

How much do you want to bet there will be Stimulus 2.0?

How much do you want to bet there will be Stimulus 2.0?

Breaking news! Economy in the toilet!

Posted in GDP but didn't see it here. Shuster reported Ted Kennedy on way to DC for vote!!

Is this true? I'm concerned about the repercussions. Obama should make a statement.

Why Don't The Banks Want Bailout $$ Anymore?

So can we just go nuclear and tell the republicans to fuck off?

** Super Duper Officiality Thread of Senate Votiness! **

Serious question: why do those stupid drug ads only target weed?

Folks, some of you here may not have heard of Thomas Malthus

Folks, some of you here may not have heard of Thomas Malthus

Michael Phelp's new endorsement deal

Palin named her daughter after ESPN headquarters

How is anyone finding communications with elected officials these days?

AP CEO: Bush administration turned the U.S. military into a global propaganda machine

F*&% You Senators!!

Reid speaking NOW, 7:20 pm

Top GOP Strategist: Saving the economy through bipartisanship is for "wussy Republicans"

Obama did and is doing great.

Republicans Speak Out On The Economic Recovery Bill

Remember back in 1993 when Clinton wanted a huge stimulus bill.


Meanwhile over at the insane asylum (Jim Robinson's FreeRepublic)....

Oh SNAP! CITGO now running Citizens Energy advertisments

Todd Palin held in contempt of Alaska state Senate

Ashley Judd is right. Sarah Palin is wrong. Elisabeth Hasselbeck is clueless and should STFU

Giving unemployed people a tax cut. Giving bankrupt companies a tax cut.

Ashley Judd on Larry King Tonight talking about "Eye on Palin"

I need some help on a "Buy America" bullet point ltte

Remember, it's framing that gets our way. On horses and sparrows...

If you vote against this, you are now fully responsible for my bills

Oh Christ,

Oh Christ,

Tweety's going to be an asshole in the next segment

Global GENERAL STRIKE March 13-19th

Obama considering Iraq withdrawal options

Anyone have a link to...(Obama's speech)

Condoleezza Rice Honored By Anti-Defamation League

Today would have been Bob Marley's 64th birthday.

Republicans added $5 trillion dollars to the debt in last eight years...

Boxer or Feingold for Majority Leader

I remember way way back in December they were talking a 350 billion stimulus

Kerry: Republicans insisting on housing relief are ‘a year late’; they have ‘created’ the crisis.»

Really need your Best Wishes, Saturday begins stage 3 of my Great Smoke Out...

58/42 huh....

Palin asks that pallin' around with terrorists guy for help with her pipeline, oh, you betcha.

It's Ronald Reagan's Birthday, so I bought myself a present (maybe you should too)

Police Charge Teen In Facebook Sex Assaults

So has anyone emailed those Southern state Senators

Can some tell me why Senator "I dont know much about the economy" can speak on this bill????

Chart Of The Day

Coping with the anger. Any suggestions?

The Democrats will continue to be too weak as long as there

If you are right, it's hard to even care anymore. Maybe it's time to toss in the towel.

If you are right, it's hard to even care anymore. Maybe it's time to toss in the towel.

We need at least 2

Every Day the Republicans Delay - 8,005 jobs are lost

Obama - "The Resident" - Did I hear that right?

If you're not watching CSPAN2 you should be...It's a MACATTACK


The Imperial executive.

Look! Silly Animals!

Yet another "brainiac" business decision

Republicans really are in favor of limited government ...

"If you don't support Obama, you don't support the troops!"

Senators reach deal to cut stimulus bill to $780B

The mass suicide of the Senate Republicans is nationally televised on C-Span 2 right now.

Is Obama allowed to dole out TARP money to the states for education?

Job Losses in U.S. Spreading to Workers With College Degrees

Bill Moyers Journal comin up at 9.00pm -Is the old media sustaining the old politics?

What happened with Rove's subpoena?

Why Is Reid So Damned Afraid of an F-ing Filibuster?!?!

Sour-kruathammer on Inside Washington: stick-up-butt

Is the current $780 billion "compromise" stimulus bill now unsupportable?

Rove Sells First Amendment for $30,000

Theosexual Sally Kern is at it again.

Theosexual Sally Kern is at it again.

It has begun... The EVIL Obama shots are coming!

You Gotta Hand It To The Pukes......

Stimilius bill negotiated by 4 republicans and one Democrat?

Etta James wants to 'whip' Beyonce for singing 'At Last' at the inauguration

Bipartisan Math

Bipartisan Math

Americans United Lauds Senate Vote Rejecting Taxpayer Funding Of Religious Institutions

When Rethugs whine Obama isn't offering the "change" he promised, respond with this.

Should Obama veto the bill?

What "Qualifies" a Candidate for Public Office?

What "Qualifies" a Candidate for Public Office?

I can't stand these whiney-ass repukes! Anyone in the mood to do some emailing?

CNBC Graphic: Capping Salaries VS Keeping Talent.

Put the money back? Goldman Sachs wants to pay back the bailout money

The revealing DeMint amendment

Home Activities That Block Out the Sound of Joe Liebermann Blathering

Wow, get that bull pucky Rachel viral ASAP. Send that last segment

Hey! Coulter on Hannity tonight! He found an expert!

republicans are destroying "Confidence"

Ok, so why bash Reid and not Obama?

Teacher of the year taken away on drug charges

Palin's husband, aides found in contempt

I noticed $51 credited to my Bank of America credit card , from " GOV T EMPLOYEESWASHINGTON"

It is just amazing listening to these republicans complain about the amount of debt they are passing

I gotta say this.......the Obama family is TRULY a good family......

Details of the compromise from Crooks and Liars

Octuplets' mother had depression, suicidal thoughts while starting a family

Wish I were on date night with President Obama.

Pelosi Calls Cuts to Stimulus Bill ‘Very Damaging’

Imagine this ..... Obama doing his town halls next week .... and a Repubic in the Senate droning on

DU This Poll on Franken v. Coleman

Naomi Klein: Public Revolt Builds Against Rip-off Rescue Plans for the Economy

I have an idea regarding the 58/42 ratio

Pentagon: 27,000 employees, $4.7 billion for "influence operations" per AP boss

Just got back. THey voting on an amendment, or what?

The Ladies From Maine and Specter.

the 'concession's ' for 2 or 3 republic votes...

Happy birthday Bob Marley

Not "maybe it's us" Lindsey Graham you stupid asshole--

Thune complaining about the federal debt

Reid back on C-Span2 9:50pm - Leahy now. nt

Solution to the US/Canadian Trade Deficit (protect American workers now!)

will you side with Obama or Pelosi during the conference?

Noise, noise, noise, we're getting lost in the NOISE

Reid cut a deal on the bailout. Translation, he caved.

Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) on capping CEO pay: "I thought, is this still America?"

Just FYI

MOYERS TONIGHT - The Mainstream Media Machine - corporate embeddedness (Glen Greenwald/Jay Rosen)

can someone explain FMAP? the really close vote earlier?

Go Durbin! Going after Vitter for attack ACORN when ACORN helped after Katrina. nt

Senator Bob Corker Tennessee (R) - Opposes Bill - Economy Will Improve Anyways


I'm curious if The Harkin Amendment is a part of....

George Bush, the Poster Child for Inheritance Tax Reform

Senate to wrap up amendments tonight; debate Saturday 11-3; hold cloture vote on Monday

I just gotta say this. Its killin' me ......

That was a righteous rant from Rachel just now!

How did everyone change their names at DU?!

Consent of the governed

Baucus is doing a good job explaining Thune's crazy tax cut bill. Reid interrupting. nt

Murdoch, "We have never been a company that tolerates facts". This is

What can we do to remove Reid?

Harry Reid just said that a cloture vote is likely on Monday now

Hail To The Chief !

As Layoffs Surge, Women May Pass Men in Job Force

California Medical Board Probes Octuplet Birth

Renaissance nuns wiped out by plague

The Governator declared today effing "Raygun Day"?

Anybody watching the Repug. Bull*shit going on the Senate floor right now?


"Don't Escalate" from: The Nation:

Connect the dots.

Crisis in Western Alaska - Palin says "Qu'ils mangent de la Pilot bread"

Here's A Tax Change I'd Like To See: Make All Home Improvents Tax Deductible.

Perhaps PO in the future as shorthand for "President Obama"?

How I quit smoking ........

Thanks Bill Moyers - great commentary

THEY DON'T FUCKING GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CEOs, Bankers Used Corporate Credit Cards for Sex, Says New York Madam

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, for crissake people. Come ON!!

Today I PISSED off a right winger by saying...

It's finally hitting home for me - my ex-wife is in danger of losing her job.

Hey, there's a map online of all the Senate desks!

When I try to sell something, I start by asking for more than I want.

susan collins talks like she's speaking to a kindergaren class

Rachel's over made-up again.

Bill to legalize gay marriage filed in Vermont

Here's why Republicans are acting as though they won.

Men Comprise 82% Of People Laid Off In The Current Recession

Prominent gay donor, philanthropist faces Vegas casino debt charge

Prominent gay donor, philanthropist faces Vegas casino debt charge

DeMint Amendment ...

Dems should hire me

One good thing about Nadya Suleman

Great quote by Rachel just now:

Great quote by Rachel just now:

Woo-hoo! Todd Palin guilty of "Contempt of Senate"

Krugman: "isn’t much room for bipartisanship when 87.8% of the other party is totally irresponsible.

Oldest Human Hair Found in Hyena Poop Fossil?

PollyAnna Thread

They're not 'moderate' law makers

KBR to pay $402M for conspiring to bribe...Nigerian officials? Yep.

KBR to pay $402M for conspiring to bribe...Nigerian officials? Yep.

Top Dems Acknowledging They’re Being Outworked On TV, Vow To Fix

Man who beat civil rights leader, John Lewis, asks forgiveness

Death-bots for sale or lease as seen on DemocracyNow

Kids like these give me hope for the future: Shawnee Mission East HS vs. Fred Phelps

Feb. 6 marks 33 years of imprisonment for Leonard Peltier. PLEASE call the WH today

I celebrated my 3 month wedding anniversary by making sure others can celebrate their anniversaries

KICK & REC. IF YOU THINK... arnghhh!! Give me, please, a break!!!

Distinguishing MONSANTO's totalitarian "use of science" from its claims to science

From what I've seen and read, OctoMom is nuts

"...people who are not willing to accept a full-time job..." (Haley Barbour)

Uniting American Families Act of 2009

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

New Worries About Gardasil Safety (HPV / Cervical Cancer Vaccine)

Another senator lines up behind 'Fairness Doctrine'

A WPA-type program I'd like to see done right now to employ IT-ers.

A WPA-type program I'd like to see done right now to employ IT-ers.

REPORT: GOP Lawmakers Outnumber Dem Lawmakers By Almost 2 To 1 In Cable News Stimulus Debate Again»

Newsweek can kiss my fucking ass. "Obama's Vietnam"

Newsweek can kiss my fucking ass. "Obama's Vietnam"

US car crash and safety standards exist for one reason: To save insurance companies money.

Judge clears dead Texas man of rape conviction (Died in prison)

Want to boycott Kellogg's?

Christian right wooed by Obama turns on him

I blame Harry Reid for what is going on in the Senate right now.

Today is MASH star and progressive activist Mike Farrell's 70th birthday!

WI teacher suspended after posting Facebook photo of her with a gun


The *Other* New Flavor from Ben And Jerry's

I have 120 rooms booked in Vegas for this June for my annual junket, and

This 780 Billion "compromise" is FUCKING BILLSHIT!!!!!!!

Cantwell amendment passes 80-16

Sen. John F. Kerry: Free choice and small business

There was a unanimous vote to get that 18 billion in BONUSES paid back to the Taxpayers.

There should be a tax penalty for every family that has more than 2 kids

Is it yet time for torches and pitchforks?

Kerry-US stimulus deal 42 pct tax cuts - Geithner mentions the 40%

what about the "fair tax" any thoughts??

How strongly do we value Animal Life?

Why do Dems need 60 votes when Republicans only needed 50?

If the banks still want money to prop up their endeavors ...

It is a JOBS BILL.

Most important news story of the week (ending February 6, 2009)

Food Bank Friday! February 6, 2009!

"Ancient" Syriac bible found in Cyprus

Krugman: Obama's bipartisan attempts only empowered those who take orders from Rush Limbaugh.

We received direction from corporate to "sell what we own" this week

A must see: Great achievements in American socialism

"The War on Terror is a Hoax!"

PHOTO: WHO is this woman and WHAT is she doing?

Can Californians do this?

the Media will be Obama's undoing

If you're looking for a job to tide you over or supplement your income

Karl Rove and the "congressional criminal contempt statute". Gaming Congress.

Holy. Fucking. Shit.

Freedom to Marry Week 12th Annual Observance February 8-14, 2009

This Is 1930. What Are You Going to Do?

We've had a war on terra, war on drugs - isn't it time for a WAR on REPUBLICANS?

Freeper Thread: "How Have We Become a Nation of Dumbies?"

Octuplets Mom Collected $168,000 in Disability Payments

Octuplets Mom Collected $168,000 in Disability Payments

Ever since news of their affair has come out, it seem Joe and Mikah are not

How Bush Threatened Britain-LETTERS NOW RELEASED PROVE-Bush Intervened-To Suppress Torture Evidence

Economic Disaster -- Are You Next? (Dissident Voice)

It isn't all about you, K.O.

Holy Effin' Shit.

Ford Fiesta ECOnetic 65-75 MPG-Will Not be Sold in USA

Anybody know what the status of MN Senate race is?

Afghan men given blankets/food/clothes by troops have to be fingerprinted/photographed

Court records: Husband shot wife dead during intruder game (had said before he was cleaning it )

Wall Street CEOs, investment bankers charged prostitutes on corporate cards, madam says

Marijuana haters are really annoying.

Did you watch Mayor Virg Bernero on CNN this morning?

Barack Obama is tired of your motherfucking shit

Octuplet mom plastic surgery

Our Troops

Actual unemployment rate 13.9%: Merrill Lynch

Raise your hand if you're happy tomorrow is Friday

New definition of nasty:

Dcik Cheney is a douche


It's late, and I'm watching The Golden Girls...

but is it worth $129.99...?"Larry King and Joe Torre Drop Acid"

Public service announcement: If you're lying in bed late at night

Does anyone here shrink .jpg for fun?

call me Mr. Eagle

So I bought some pickled ginger today

Working Dog Avalanche Training in Colorado.

The Fairness Doctrine is NOT what we need now. We need WAY more than that.

Happy birthday Rick Astley

Good morning Lounge

cocksucker blues

I was PUI last night.

Val Kilmer to run for governor?

Mun gadishki doo gadishki dee -- erm Bork Bork Bork


At what point should I consider my "overnight" delivery overdue/not coming?

Oh, my - I can't believe this Wall Street Journal LTTE writer can say this with a straight face


“Would you be happy if you hadn’t made it big as a singer/songwriter?”

Don't think about how you

Word of the day is "LaShaun" - add "LaShaun" to modify a thread title.

When Do You Replace Car Belts & Hoses?

Loungers suffering from the flu: check in here.

question to kitty moms or dads

Is Aldi's grocery store worth driving out of your way for?

Is Aldi's grocery store worth driving out of your way for?

One-night stand man wakes to find lover has carved her name into his arm

Someone tell me what my opinion should be about the Ettta James/Beyonce flap

Friday morning poetry

Translation help (Spanish to English)

Porn firm offers 'discount' over Super Bowl interruption

Parents divorcing when their kids are grown

1400 square foot Silicon Valley McMansions for only $700K

Virginity flamewar breaks out in GD

I'm upset by the whole James Phelps thing.

What are some good DVDs for the kids( 7,6 and 3 years old)?

Who would win the 3-way governor "Go 4 Blood" match?

Any Lounge Cowboy fans ready to abandon ship?

LaShaun Is In The House

Better robot?

La Shaun is being very testy today


Anyone see Viking kitties lately?

Have you ever foaled in a stable? It scares you!

Sunday Girl just said, "Yes," just as plain as any human would say it.

New U2 video is here

What a beautiful day!! High is 65 and not a cloud in the sky.

Seen on today's torrent list

Forget Left Is Write's dream--mine was weirder!

IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!! Weekend Plans here.

JackMN got his dance on at the dentist's office this morning.

Post something you like about LaShaun

Which Type of Person Are You?

Not only is Etta sorry for what she said, but now Bale apoligizes too!

I had some seriously weird dreams last night, including Keith Olbermann being my dentist.

Seriously, I found the real LaShaun

If you think Nadya Suleman isn't batshit crazy, watch the interview.

If you are nice, TZ will allow you to speak to "LaShaun"

Call me stupid, but who the f**k is La Shaun?

I'm away from the Lounge for 3 hours and already I'm behind on the whole "LaShaun" thing

31 years ago today, the NE Blizzard of 1978 struck.

Etta James is going to kick Beyonce's ASS!!!!

Why can't you be more like LaShaun???

Paging LaShaun

Question for fans of the TV show, "Combat!" (1962-67)

Pterosaurs still exist!

Check out the Phillies' Spring Training essentials!

(on ex-masturbators)Ernest Borgnine on FUX a few months ago

I've been shopping.

Woo hoo! 207.5 lbs this morning! That's 2.5 lbs from last Friday.

My name is NOT LaShaun!

Bra for men hot seller in Japan

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 2/6/2009)

Apparently invoking Godwin's law will get your post deleted...

Mr. Dinger & I Went Snowshoeing Last Weekend (Pics)

I got stung in the face by a bee

WAY cool calendar (with hi-res PDFs for you to print)

Hilarity in GD

Hilarity in GD

Is everyone messed up in some manner, or do I just attract people of such character?

OMG I am doing nothing. Ask me anything!

I hate to break it to you, Loungers...

It is NOT National Dude Day

Can a cat's eyes change color?

Post something that makes you want to shit your pants.

Post something you like about Virgin.

Did you know that the President of Iran is a 60's garage rock fan?

i just found my childhood best friend

Halo 3 Live... Most Addictive Thing Ever?

Post something you like about Vagina

Post something you like about Vagina

Can you chop Vince's nuts with a Ped Egg?

The $5 a bag library sale! WHOO HOO!

stability over......should have kept my big mouth shut

OMG I just bought a Ped Egg! Ask me anything!

Jesus Christ. I wish it were 1970 again. Or 1982. Or even 2004.

So now that the election is overwith - what is Lee Mercer Jr. doing with himself these days?

I can't understand why my dog is gaining weight.

Post something you like about Angina.

Plastic Surgery Experiences? Good or bad?

Plastic Surgery Experiences? Good or bad?

Ever have a **really bad** day?

Wolfgang's Vault has been psychedelicized: 1968 Chambers Bros. concert w/ 22-min. version of "Time"

picture with three toes

Reach between my legs and...slide the seat back: Van Halen to continue with Roth, according to Eddie

Don't forget...before going to bed tonight

KISS fans: what's the best "greatest hits" collection for a beginner?

31 Days of Oscar on TCM! Which movies will you watch?

Act fast, it won't be here long!

It's swollen and turgid.

Whatever happened to Boney M?

I was thinking... if I sold myself to a patron would I be a hooker?

Chez trof: Beer battered butterflied deep fried shrimp.

Merry Birthday, Bob Marley!

So I caught a lovely stomach virus.

What RSS feeds do you subscribe to?

So here I am, practicing this thing you people call "Mod-er-a-tion" - drinking a Flemish Sour

Hey, Battlestar Galactica Fans, Have You Noticed That The Bald Laura Roslin Is Starting To Look

Axl Rose channels David St. Hubbins: "No, we, we shan't work together again" (Slash)

Can you interpret this dream?

Whatever happened to Tommy James and the Shondells?

I just finished pimpin' mcctatas' ride. Think she'll like it?

Post something you DO like about me...

"If you don't support Obama, you don't support the troops!"

kitten picture of the day for friday february 6

Christian Bale To Michael Phelps: ‘Everybody Makes Mistakes, Bounce Back From It’

Adobe Lightroom -- is it any good?

Last weekend I spend $300 on kitchen supplies and this weekend i am going to get to use them

Ray Charles, Jerry Lee Lewis and Fats Domino - I can't get enough

The Ped Egg: Insidious device of evil, or the MOST insidious device of evil?

Post something you like about posting something you like.

Frank Zappa fans of the lounge - what would you consider his definitive masterwork?

So after all my tax write-offs, my income was less than 10k

CaliforniaPeggy F-bomb alert!!!!


Any ex-masturbators here in the lounge?

Post something you like about Delaware

The Thank God It's Friday Lounge Jukebox is powered up. Spin your faves for Friday!

So, at the family table, who yells "BRING ON THE GRUB!" when it's time to pass the food?

Here is something I saw on youtube that I wanted to share with everyone else who is going to hell

Post a post about a post a poster posted about a state

I suck at spelling things.

Post something you like about the land formerly known as Kanawha

Sweet baby Jeebus, save me from GD

XM subscribers . Did you get an email from them about XM online?

I've got nothing to give you, you see...

TZ wants to know who is posting nekkid tonight!


A sight reading challenge for DU musicians


Facebook Experiences:

I am being terrible...

Why do people do shit like this?

Slate's All Star Celebrity Rant (video)

Are rutabagas atheists?

Are rutabagas atheists?

Post something you like about Massachusetts!

Post something you hate about the "post something you like" threads

Post something you like about Polson, MT

What Fits Into Russia

Post something you like about Me!

I'm really mad about the whole Michael Phelps thing.

Brandi Carlile, yay or nay?

Post Cereals should sponsor Michael Phelps.

Trendkill: Post something you like about Indiana

Post something you like about pasta.

Post Nasal Drip.

Facebook is gefuckt *again*

It's teh lolcats song!

Classic Hollywood Vixens


Do you have good control when you levitate?

Enclosed is my address for the Mother of the Year Award.

Post Dramatic Dress

It is NOT National Nude Day

Alright - who is drinking what tonight?

Post something you don't like about ME.

Well, this poem showed up I wrote it down!

Back in the day, hard work was the norm. Now, not so much.

Post the one song that defines you

What's for dinner, DU?

What's with all the his&her KY Jelly commercials on tv?

Post the one song that defies you

Post something you hate about Mississippi.

I'm sitting here drying out my dick...

Haven't been here too much past few days...

Orrex's balls

Post something you like about Virginia

Post something you like about meerkats mating

Chocolate covered bacon. Seriously.

DU Ladies: I need your help!

Wouldn't you love to have your milk delivered by this guy

Something else I have no words for

You know, I do enjoy a good cup of tea.

They call this a "fail", but I beg to differ.

Jabo0odyDubs. The Best thing to ever happen to Billy Mays

Brooks was here.

I'm sitting here petting my pussy....

Speaking of Twilight, I teach middle school and see all the fads

Funny thing about Star Trek II

Also called Chinese Okra, what relative of the sea cucumber

"Hominy is a Brazillion?"= Funny or not.

Tis my last day after three years in the place....

Lux Interior is no more....

Post something you like about Ohio

Favorite anti- ?

Post something you like about Canada.

Tell me what you like about Noo yawk...

Ever lost a friend or group of friends? Tell me how it happened.

Has anyone ever watched Wife Swap? Why is there a show called Wife Swap on the air?

Cancer Sucks

Post something you like about New Jersey

Wonka has come out with NEW Pineapple Runts!!

Post something you like about Wisconsin

Friday Night Picture Thread - Oldies Issue!

So I installed Windows 7 beta - heaven help me

I found my HS best friend on FB, but she hasn't replied.


Post Something you like about Pennsylvania

*OFFICIAL* BSG THREAD (possible spoilers)

Underrated Rock & Roll Bands. Any era. Give me three.

Post something you like about Florida.

Are we getting the jobs bill passed tonight or not?

Leahy Coy on New 'Blue Slip' Policy (may move federal judge nominees without state Senator approval)

**Heads BACK Up: CSPAN Rebroadcasting POTUS Speech From Tonight***

Obama Turns Up Heat, Slams GOP Ideas

Late night club - Don't worry about postponement of the vote

Judd Gregg cut out of overseeing Census

What a Stimulus Package for America needs

Now HERE are some job cuts we can be happy about!

Is the only video of Obama's speech to the retreat on CSPAN?

What's up wih these so-called BLUE DOG Democrats

White House on Google Earth 5.0 doesn't look right...

I'm sick and tired of Obama trying to work with these ass rethugs

Does Anyone Know...

What team of rivals?

Etta James is going to kick Beyonce's ASS!!!!

PNHP recommendations for HHS

NYT: The Comedy of Ineptitude, Political Division

Obama has a blue ribbon panel of economic advisors - how much input did they have in stimulus?

"WH Press Sec the new hunk"

Here is a good website on saving our economy


I think it's time to start

Michelle reading "Moon over star"

The 2010 ads against Republicans should have footage from what's on NOW on Senate floor

So Reid went from "We have the votes" yesterday to "cautiously optimistic" today

The Sky Is Falling!!

The Real News: Two years recession, or ten years of hell?

Ghoul Alert! Disgraced Congress critter Newt Gingrich is darkening C-SPAN Journal's Door.

2-3 years from now, after the stimulus bill passes and is successful.

The more negative everyone else around me goes, the more positive I feel about things

Do people in the corporate MSM expect Barack Obama to deliver a magic pill?

CSPAN Stream, my comp has proxy that blocks CSPAN

Panetta Takes Back Remarks On Detainee Rendition

M$M puts Obama on ignore

Is it me? Or is Lieberman arguing for the stimulus bill?

President Obama Hitting Back

Petition to make Sen. Boxer Majority Leader?

White House briefing on now on CNN

Pelosi and Reid must go. Business as usual should end.

UGH Phil Bredesen in line to be HHS?

a possible clue as to why Dean hasn't been placed

RNC shakeup as Steele asks for resignations

Eye On Sarah Palin, Ashley Judd, Wolves & Helpless Baby Caribou (Video)

President Obama is comming to town.

Obama: “I’m not interested in groupthink"

A beautiful NY Times Editorial

Mr. Secretary?

Val Kilmer ponders run for NM governor in 2010

Napolitano is apparently a spam artist,

I ordered something yesterday afternoon and it arrived at 9:30 this morning.

Hey, Lieberman is pretending to be a Democrat today

Did anyone hear Krugman call Greenspan "Uncle Alan Greenspan"

"The Maverick"

Why is this joker talking about ACORN?

Obama Approval Steady: Gallop Daily Tracking - MSM Lying Asses Off

If Senate Dems use the "Nuclear Option" now, we're screwed when we are in the minority again.

If they Were Cable News and not Cable Chatter, they would be showing the Senate Debate in Full!

Barack Obama is @#$% tired of this @#$%! (nsfw plan for the stimulus)

Tonight Is Date Night for the Obamas

Paul Krugman: "It's time for Obama to go on the offensive"


Food stamps and Health Care Benefits are not stimulative

President Obama should have embraced the revamping of the AMT

If they start letting Dems on Big Media here's what they should say about the Jobs Program

Keep the Senate in Session 24/7 Until the Recovery Bill Is Passed

McCain is using his "grouchy" voice again, opposing Obama's stimulus plan.

President Obama To Do Town Halls.......

The Repug Talking Heads Are Still Referring To Items Taken Out Of The Bill.....

This is what Republican Senators want cut from the Stimulus bill..(DO SOMETHING!)

Rick Sanchez for MTP.

WP: "The knives are already out" - Bushies lobbing sharp criticisms at the Obama admin

Is FEMA prepared against America's disaster(s) due to the economy?

Homelessness is going to become rampant in the streets with people going hungry

Who the hell is this woman filling in for Randy she's had nothing but rethugs on the show

The New Agenda calls on NY Senate to Force Monserrate to Step Down (Press Release)

I want to hand out maps for the homeless to pick up at a shelter

CNN just reported Voinovich is out of the Bi-Partisan negotiations

How many people here have contacted their Senators about the education cuts?

McCain doesn't know how many houses he owns.

Todd Palin Guilty of Contempt by Alaska State Senate

Confidence in Obama Remains High After Cabinet Troubles

Info-packed summary of current Senate discussions on economic package (the Hill)

President Obama is the only Democrat in the Beltway who knows how to work the media.

Axelrod doing a good job on the Newshour

Everyone better go full thottle on the House next week

Definition: Tentative - not fully worked out or agreed on; uncertainly;

Senator Says Progress Made To Cut Billions From Education And Add 13 Billion For The Pentagon!

CNN Live link for Stimulus annoucement.....

Book. Spokespeople. Now - HELLO TIM KAINE. PELOSI. REID. RAHM???

Matthews: 'Precious' ex-Bush aide 'dainty' about how Obama dresses

Anyone just hear David Corn on 1600 Penn. Ave. just now regarding a call to lobby congress?

Jobs and the Presidents who loose them

Senate Agreement on Huge Stimulus Cut! Only 780 Billion In Senate Bill!

Pres. Obama FTW!

Obama appoints Gay Man to Faith-Based Council

Just a few observations (taxes, stimulus bill)

42% Tax Cuts, 58% Spending

Tweety and Andrea Mitchell now reporting the vote will not likely occur until Sunday

Why the heck does the MSM continue to say that we need 60 votes to get something passed

These tax cuts are just fine. These are middle class and lower class tax credits.

Dallas hardware store offers Bush door greeter position

Reid called it the "Obama Bill". but it looks to me to be

so does the administration now crack down on offshore corporate tax cheats?

Just saw Tom Coburn on MSNBC ... what an ass. I looked him up ....

So what happens if the Republicans gut the Senate version of the bill and don't filibuster...

Sen. Thune repeating the same bullshit he spouted this morning

Diaper Dave: GOP "scared to death" of President Obama's popularity

Pentagon: 27,000 employees, $4.7 billion for "influence operations" per AP boss

What happens to the amendments not yet voted on, and the ones

Because I think we could all use a bit of cheering up.

What's On Deck For March?

Keith just pointed out McCain's insane remarks. The old fool is senile.

Shuster just reported that Ted Kennedy is on the way to DC to vote!!!

I'm happy because McCain and other Repubs. are angry.

Krugman: Republicans are putting the nation’s future at risk - and Obama should say so

Today is Ronald Reagan's Birthday. I hope he's spinning in his grave.

Joe Madison: There should be a morgage Holiday in the stimulus package

So Holy Joe is going against McCain?

Oh for F@#KS SAKE why can't they just call them on this filibuster crap?

I'm shocked that so many do not understand that President Obama is dealing with a co-equal branch.

Should there a be a gag order on Biden?

dumb question: what is a "Quorum Call"?

self delete dupe.

John Kerry is on the Senate floor now

Finally! Norah O'Donnell goes off on Sen. Thune

Stim Bill vs. Iraq War...

CNN is saying education, special education among the large cuts

Does Lindsay Graham have ants in his pants???

Why is Reid the Senate Majority Leader? Seriously?

Reid mentioned Lieberman, Collins, Nelson, and Spector

Who else hates hearing Republicans throw the word "communist" around all the time?

McCain Blasts Obama

Can anyone tell me? Does President Obama return the salutes his military guards offer him?

A reported 42% in tax cuts and they're still not on board???

Former Chief of Staff Card: Might as well be saying, "PUT YOUR JACKET ON, BOY!"

Presidential Transportation Options:

Where are the fast responsders from the Obama and (Bill) Clinton

I am SO through with Morning Joe!!!11!!one!

The Real Reason The Repubs wont pass the Bill (medium rant)

Can Someone Who Understands this Stuff Explain What Happens to the Bill from Here?

Diane Feinstein is going to hear it from Me!

**** Cloture vote debate thread ****

HA! Now What Are They Gonna Do? Hurts To Be A Republican Tonight.

The Titanic is sinking and we sent the wealthy off on lifeboats with all their posessions.

Proper Prior Planning always includes Alternate Plan B

Here's how the stimulus is working

Thune's amendment is up now...gutting the stimulus and just giving all taxpayers mega rebates...

Vitter's amendment to cut Acorn down for

A friend said that a better tax cut would be a sales tax holiday of six months or more

Do You Approve of the job Senator Harry Reid is doing as Majority Leader?

Its The Weekend! Time For The News To Push RW Talking Points! Which Is Most Popular?

My mother just told me that every single year Congress votes out funding for school construction

Explain it to me, what's so wrong with Harry Reid?

Gitenstein possible in DOJ? Another lobbyist nominee? U.S. Chamber of Commerce?!

Wish Justice Ginsburg a quick and full recovery

Happy First Time Weekend at Camp David to the Obama Family!

It's happening. 200,000 California employees furloughed tomorrow. Offices closed including DMV.

Notice that the MSM only Report what the "Blogs" are saying when they feel like it.....

If Ted Kennedy gets there and the bill fails to get 60, whichever Dems. voted "no" should feel awful

Does President Obama Understand??????

Study finds educated, affluent GOP members moving to Dems

Republicans : War trillions? - Easy Peasy. Citizen Billions? - NFW

Kyl from Arizona is nuts!

CNN: Tentative Deal reached for $780 Billion deal

Cuts: $700 million for pandemic flu preparedness, No computerization of medical records

Personally, I would pay EXTRA on my cable bill for a Republican Filibuster channel

The American people have been brainwashed. Time to shake ourselves out of the stupor.

Dems got what they wanted in the package. The 42% tax cuts are their proposals

DAMN!!!! look what the rethugs and blue dog democrats are trying to cut out of the stimulus plan

Can Joan Walsh talk without whining? I really hate her.

Keep Calling Your Senators! Don't Let Repukes Cut This Stuff Out & YES

LOL Freeper Threads are so bad right now, the site has to pull 'em.

Obama starts town hall meetings next week with the American people

WAPO: Obama's Prime-Time Addresses Could Cost Networks Millions

Tweety: Call Their Bluff, Dare Them To Filibuster

Feinstein speaks out against Obama's Plan: 'I Think As We Dither, Rome Burns'

Do You Approve of the Job Nancy Pelosi is doing as Speaker?

oh god that interview Keith did with Valierie had me tearing up

Gibbs is really loosening up, finding his voice, and doing very well...

BINGO: Reagan without the Sacred Jacket in the Oval Office

Is there any way to get at more accurate unemployment figures than those released each Friday?

Republican Senators calling our Pres. "obama", NOT Pres. Obama.

Obama to reverse Bush limits on Stem Cell Research

I hate to sound like a stalker, but where's video of date night?

Morning Joe just now was f*cking pathetic.

Has anyone got a list of what the GOP want to take out of the stimulus package?

Is Panetta right about prosecuting CIA officers?

Please show my thread some love ...

Is Pres. Obama going to get the tax cuts he campaigned on enacted less then a month after he took

We should have called their bluff.

President Obama's Original Price Tag was 775 BILLION!

Harry Reid isn't going anywhere

TAX CUTS ARE 42% AND ONLY 58% SPENDING??? I guess the GOP won

I'm really glad that Obama and Hillary got the hell out of there - the Senate truly is a joke

The rethugs insisted on the stimulus changes. Blame them first.

The unemployed need to march...on state capitals, on DC, in counties.

Mr. President, please. There is a different way. PLEASE do this...

Republicans are STILL in their "let's fuck America up as much as possible just because we can" mode!

"They Call Meee Mr. Tibbs!"

The Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) is dead. It won't be passed by Reid and this Senate

Dems want GOP to give up some tax cuts

Latest Cuts To The Stim Package: Head Start, Child Nutrition, Food Stamps Public Transit

It deserves its own thread: REID HAS GOT TO GO!

I have to join the growing chorus of DUers who want new congressional leadership

Jacketless Presidents in the White House even chimp (Photos)

Oh no, found out tonight that Sarah Palin named her kid after the town I live next to: Bristol, CT

(Pics) President Obama and First Lady attend Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre's

What does the recession look like where you are?

The Longer the Bill takes to Pass, the Worse those against it will Look before this is Over!

Shit. They cut high speed rail !

Kirsten Gillibrand was a lawyer for the tobacco companies!

I cry when Barack Obama salutes . . .

Obama appoints gay man to faith-based initiatives office.»

Franco Harris may run against Arlen Specter

"If you don't support Obama, you don't support the troops!"

Why "Tax cuts = Jobs" is a lie: Exxon Mobil

Senate Struggles on Stimulus in Nighttime Session.

Charges dropped in Guantanamo terror trial

Anybody here still oppose bringing back the Fairness Doctrine?

Watchdog: Treasury overpaid for bank stocks

Fla. doctor investigated in badly botched abortion

O'riely says Obama "is confused"

Ohio's University Presidents Won't See Pay Cuts

Christian right wooed by Obama turns on him

Cambodia, Thailand agree border troop withdrawal

Lawmaker demands Japan PM apologize over POW labor

Clinton Packs Full Asia Agenda for First Trip as Secretary of State

Angry protests at Pakistan blast

Payrolls plunge 598,000, the most since 1974

Afghanistan, Iran, NATO focus of security meeting

Panetta says he would end harsh CIA interrogation tactics

Despite Delay for DTV, FCC Concerns Remain.

Lawyer: Pakistani nuclear scientist freed from house arrest

Wall Street CEOs, investment bankers charged prostitutes on corporate cards, madam says

Sharp Sees First Loss in Five Decades as Demand Slows

Israeli polls show far-right gains

Chrysler Idling 3 Plants Monday

US attorney general to attend Selma event

GM halts political funding

Watchdog: Treasury overpaid for bank stocks

How about fed regulators stop approving mergers and acquisitions

Lets see who becomes next anti-trust chief at doj.

Val Kilmer ponders run for NM governor in 2010

U.S. Needs Clear Mission In Afghanistan: Obama.

Democrats Aim to Pass U.S. Rescue Package Friday.

Possible Link Between Dam and China Quake

Delphi Seeks Permission To Eliminate Retiree Health Care (to about 15,000 Delphi salaried retirees)

U.S. Treasury Hires Bankruptcy Firms To Advise On Auto Plans

Iceland central bankers snub PM deadline

Judge in autism case injects insult to Sarah Palin

Obama Calls Delays on Stimulus ‘Inexcusable and Irresponsible’

Houston lawsuit blames Halliburton, KBR in Iraq death

(Iraq President) Talabani, GOP delegation discuss oil sector development

FBI investigates DC letter with powder, dead fish

Pakistan court says nuke scientist is free citizen

2 Afghans face death over translation of Quran

Ginsburg aims to be at court's next session

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday February 6

Obama Reverses Bush Effort In Pollution Case

Actual unemployment rate 13.9%: Merrill Lynch

U.S. consumers missing more debt payments

FDA: Peanut plant knowingly sent bad products

Mass Layoffs Hit RNC

(US Rep) Artur Davis launches run for governor today at noon in Birmingham

Biden will set US tone in European trip

Barney Frank: TARP's comp curbs could be extended to all businesses

Colombia inquiry into deaths linked to trial of ex-governor

Deal announced on emergency econ stimulus bill

Todd Palin Held In Contempt of Alaska State Senate

California, Georgia banks are latest to be seized ( 8th in '09-33rd total)

UN halts Gaza aid over 'thefts'

Senate approves 'strict' rules on hiring H-1B workers

Senate Judiciary Chairman: Don't Prosecute Michael Phelps

Aides to Bredesen Say White House Is Considering Governor

Ga. woman claiming Obama-related arson charged

iPhones, Web Help Kentucky Talk Post Storm

Dems angered by Cheney warnings

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal off to Arkansas for another out-of-state fundraising trip

FirstBank 7th failed bank of year, 32nd of recession

Obama CIA pick backtracks on "torture" charge

Court: Miami-Dade schools can yank book on Cuba (political book banning)

Senators reach tentative $780B stimulus deal, sources say

Report: Jobless Struggle With Health Coverage

James Whitmore dies at 87

Bush overpaid banks in bailout, watchdog says

Kissinger held secret talks in Russia

France's leftists launch New Anti-Capitalist Party

Some TV stations to end analog signal on Feb. 17

Obama executive order favors union labor

Company lied to FDA about tainted peanut butter, agency says

Stimulus checks scrambling many tax returns

Flu not the big killer in 1918 pandemic?

Coleman seizes on newfound ballots

N.Y.C. so costly you need to earn six figures to make middle class

Clinton: Kyrgyzstan base closure decision 'regrettable'

Tom Geoghagen explains the Employee Free Choice Act Really to John Amato

National Student anti-fees Protest - Dublin, February 2009

Students and teachers protest in Paris - 05 Feb 2009

America's unfinished elite business: Assassinations, Wars, & Depressions

(Did You Know?)

Wired for War: The Robotics Revolution and Conflict in the 21st Cent.Democracy Now 2/6/09 Pt. 2

Obama: voters sent us here to bring change

To the Muslims of the Twenty-First Century: by Dr. Rafey Habib

Jim Rogers on the Asian Financial Forum pt 1/2 Jan 21 2009

Stars of the Anti War movement speaking on Bush's Last Day

Growing Up Left

In-Depth Look - Gloom, Boom & Doom - Bloomberg

Greenpeace Campaign to Stop Harp Seal Hunt 1976

Global crisis fuels protests

Kim Jong Il Announces Plan To Bring Moon To North Korea

Sea Shepherd Ship Blocks Transfer of Killed Whale and Encounters Harpoon Ship

Republican Senators in Action 2/6/09

The Daily Left - Rove Refuses Subpoena

Paul Krugman Talks Stimulus on MSNBC PT1

TYT: Democrats Now Desperate To Get ANY Republican Votes

Getting Tough in Washington.

Volcker Chafes at Panel Delay, Clashes With Summers (Update1)

The Jobs Problem You Don't Know About

Obama's Stimulus Speech At The House Democrats Retreat

Ex-McCain aide accused in Pueblo fondling cases

New Hampshire Leads Next American Revolution! (Conservatives Freak Out)

Rachel Maddow: "Thank you Amish!"

USDOJ-Former Memphis Police Officer Found Guilty on 44 Counts of Civil Rights on MSNBC discussing alarming rate of suicides in the U.S. Army

A reminder from Howard Dean (the Democratic wing)

Top GOP Strategist: Saving the economy through bipartisanship is for "wussy Republicans"

Here’s the Plan That'll REALLY Work: Stack All 'John Thunes' to the Moon

Wired for War: The Robotics Revolution and Conflict in the 21st Cent.Democracy Now 2/6/09 - Pt 1

The Oracle with Max Keiser - BBC World News - 06 February 2009

Why Israel Is Losing the Liberals

Hold Israel Accountable for Gaza

Rove: 'No one that I know of is talking about tax cuts only'

Friday Furloughs begin for CA state workers

Alabama Senator Shelby, the Obama Stimulus bill and special projects

Lindsey Graham Explains His 'Theatrics'

Congress Seeks To Cap Octuplet Mom's Eggs-ecutive Play

TheRealNews: F William Engdahl - Two years recession, or ten years of hell?

Don't Divorce Us

Why did Cheney say what he said the other day?

George W Bush Gets First Job Offer

Obama Marine One: Full Video, Marine Handshake

US Analog TV Shutdown Bolder, Riskier Than Most .

Warning over 'surveillance state' (BBC)

TYT: Obama Cracks The Whoopin' Stick On Republicans (!)

In times of crisis, Parisians take to scavenging

Centrist 'Gang of 20' Senators Took Instructions From Rumsfeld

Investment Bankers racked up $100,000s in prostitution charges

More S. Dakotans working two jobs: Highest rate in U.S. forced by low wages

Stimulate the Arts and Keep America Strong

Ease Cuba travel restrictions? Some Americans hope so (CNN)

Executive Pay is NOT About What Obama Makes

GOP Senators Seek to Delay Stimulus Bill, So They Can LISTEN to the Audio Version

Holy Popsicles, Batman! Bush, Coulter and the Virgin Mary

Kerry rips Republicans' new-found love for housing

H-1B visa friend in Team Obama

Bredesen is being vetted for the Health and Human Services Secretary position

Japan Airline's CEO Slashes his Pay Below the Pay of Pilots, other CEOs Should Learn from Him !

The Republicans Have Nothing to Party About

Young Turks: Joe The Plumber Says America Doesn't Deserve Him

Michael Phelps Dumped By Kellogg's

Americans Should Not Stand for Lock-down on Single-Payer Discussion

"Cashing in on Kids" Milwaukee Journal Sentinel investigative articles

Despite Obama's promises, rival views are scrubbed from White House

Americans Should Not Stand for Lock-down on Single-Payer Discussion

Rachel Maddow w/ writer & blogger Will Bunch: the danger of the Reagan Myth

Raw Video: Ships Collide in Whaling Clash

Rachel Re: Get out of the way

NADER: Tax the Wall Street Speculators!

Friday Talking Points (64) -- Populist Rage!

States Rights, 10th Amendment & Secessionist Movement

Weekend Economists' Perpetual Anticipation Weekend: Feb. 6-8, 2009

Bredesen's cuts to TennCare were brutal. Is he being vetted for HHS.

Krugman: On the Edge of Catastrophe (much of Republican Party trying to push economy over the edge)

The myth of "recession proof" Health Care Industry careers: a word to the wise.

'Worst day in history': Brumby warns of fire danger (Victoria, Australia)

SE Taiwan's Coral Reefs Turning Black From Disease Down To Five Meters Depth - ENN/Reuters

Yangtze River - Surface Area Of Headwaters Glaciers Down 16% In Past 38 Years - AFP

WHO - Expect 55,000 More Cholera Cases As Epidemic Moves From Country To Cities

Brazilian Environmental Law & The Destruction Of Bom Futuro National Forest - WP

Federal Environment Minister - Tory Govt.'s Planned Carbon Cut Programs Nearly Impossible To Verify

Even As Tests Revealed Contamination, GA Firm Sold 32 Truckloads To Feds For Free School Lunches

Ford Partners to Commercialize Electric Vehicles

Federal Fisheries Panel Closes 150,000 Square Miles N. Of Bering Strait -NYT

As Caterpillar Swarm Spreads In Liberia, Thousands Flee Because Bugs Have Contaminated Water - NYT

Dan Neil reviews the Tesla Roadster: "dumbfounding acceleration"

$41.00 for oil change on my Honda Civic Hybrid at dealer.

Australia Braces: Temps Forecast As High As 116F Over Weekend As Bushfires, Winds Build - Reuters

Federal Law Allows Food Companies, State Agencies To Keep Test Results Secret

Almost 100% Of Dominant A H1N1 Strain Showing Resistance To Tamiflu - LA Times

Biophysical economics -- from Malthus and Mill to Bartlett and Daly

Collapse Of Antarctic Ice Sheet Would Likely Put Washington, D.C. Largely Underwater

Swedish biogas, current production, future potential, and benefits





Support Union Democracy in SEIU!

The Obama Administration Tries To Make Recovery Act Spending Transparent

Today in labor history Feb 6 Seattle -- the first complete general strike in U.S. history!

AFL-CIO Creates Center For Green Jobs

Star Tribune bankruptcy imperils 1,400 Minnesota jobs

Men to learn cost of 'moral turpitude' (sex sting brings down firemans union President)

Grocers travel to Vegas to hear union buster in Chablis Room

Automakers, UAW move to create low-wage workforce

White House insists that labor secretary nominee not to blame for her husband's tax problems

Union says Bates out as president following sex sting

Daily Kos: VIDEO: Workers Explain Why We Need Employee Free Choice

Obama executive order favors union labor

The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, how it came about and how you can support Ms. Ledbetter

The Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) is dead. It won't be passed by Reid and this Senate

Video: USW members among thousands who rally for free choice, economic renewal

Interesting conversation on free trade:

Crosspost from E/E: Biophysical economics, from Malthus and Mill to Bartlett and Daly

Storm Moving on Spain’s Windmills to Slam Power Price

Fed Calls Emergency Consultants to Treat AIG, Stricken Markets

The Profit Monster smiled ...

Venezuela behind on payments to oil contractors

Goldstein's Comrade. Again.

Colombia inquiry into deaths linked to trial of ex-governor

Venezuela arrests two coup plotters

Today's financial news--tuff to swallow

Do Any Other Hetero Women Want to Marry Rachel Tonight?

BofA will not need more government money: CEO

China outraged after India bans all toy imports

Panic Now, Avoid The Rush

Nobel economist Joseph Stiglitz: Nationalized Banks Are "Only Answer,"

NOW on PBS - Cities filing suit against lenders and banks,,,

Madoff ‘Cold Shower’ Makes Geneva Bankers Forgo Two-Star Meals

SHTF Scenarios.

What does the recession look like where you are? (X-Posted from GDP)

Financial Coup d’Etat

More to worry about … the US downturn looks to be getting worse

MGM Doubles Down on Lobbying as Senate Crafts Stimulus Measure

Oh yeah! Today's the day.

Please lend this your support - A personal story (sorry it is so long)

Full of Mullarkey

Hundreds outside Shawnee Mission East stage counterprotest to Fred Phelps

Following the Money: Disclosure Discrepancies from Yes on 8, Mormons Persist -- and Grow

La. Marriage Commission Holds First Meeting

NFL issues cease and desist order

Your coach might be an asshole...

Kiffin backtracks on accusations. Al Davis of the SEC??

Famous come to celebrate Aaron’s 75th birthday

I'm absolutely enjoying the battle between Tennessee fans and Gator fans

Could/Should Pat Summit Coach Men's Basketball

When Barry Bonds walks, which will be a great day for justice,

Israeli polls show far-right gains

Clinton: Obama Admin Will Follow Bush Stance on Hamas Boycott

Norman Geras on accusations made against Israel of war crimes

Breaking the Silence Testimonies

Hold Israel Accountable for Gaza

Israelis forced mother to choose which of her children would die

Israel to Obama: hold Iran's feet to fire, or else

The philosopher who gave the IDF moral justification in Gaza

Gazans say it doesn't matter who wins Israeli vote

Israeli settlers want new govt be tough with Arabs

Israeli Air Strikes Hit Gaza

The Nightmare of Netanyahu Returns

UNRWA Press Release: UNRWA Suspends Imports into Gaza Following Aid Theft

Let Netanyahu win

Turkey prosecutor to probe whether IDF Gaza op was 'genocide'

US Jewish Leader Sees "Pandemic Of Anti-Semitism"

Tiring of moderates, many Israelis prefer 'iron fist'

UNRWA suspends Gaza aid after Hamas steals food and supplies

Why Israel Is Losing the Liberals

Hamas’ popularity soars after Gaza war, poll shows; Fatah declines

Corrupt Egyptian system feeds the IDF, starves Gazans, oppresses journalists

George Mitchell and the end of the two-state solution

14,000 homes, 68 government buildings, 31 NGOs destroyed leaving 600,000 tons of rubble in Gaza

Genetic roots of synaesthesia unearthed

First FDA embryonic stem cell trials begin

Living near big power line may up Alzheimer's risk

My husband was just diagnosed with cancer.

Nonstick chemicals linked to infertility

2008 Prix Galien Canada winner? Gardasil...

Army sees significant rise in January suicides

3rd Lewis soldier accused of robbery, assault

Humvee vulnerabilities were long known

Pentagon PR spending increases exponentially

Effort to boost weapons money fails in Senate

Mullen: U.S. faces challenges on all fronts

Senate panel OKs Pentagon nominations

Communities struggle with infrastructure needs

Obama gearing up to slash U.S. nuclear arsenal

Army medical center gave flawed insulin shots

Dix plot defendant: Lawyer failed us

Search for San Antonio sailor called off

Obama meets with families of 9/11, Cole victims

Jury convicts 2 ex-Seabees of murder

Report: Ex-Miss. governor up for SecNav post

Services wrestle with rise in suicide rates

New TV ad highlights black Marine successes

Kyrgyzstan: Decision on base closure is final

Navy plans to expand training off of Oregon

Maliki's coalition scores clear victory amid fraud allegations

Sources: U.S. considers base in Uzbekistan

Report: Half of absentee ballots got to overseas voters too late

Air Force seeks to remedy 'dire need' for first sergeants

Okinawa water problems loom on the horizon

Power shift under way at Andersen

Military Update: Shinseki vows action to speed claims, serve veterans

Gas prices fluctuating in Europe, Azores

Obama takes 1st Air Force One trip

Senior British officer is suspected in leaks about civilian casualties in Afghanistan

Naval officer convicted of child pornography charges

Yokosuka sailor, local man face charges after fight

Misawa to implement DBIDS security system

USO gets its own building at Osan

Army Extends 'Up or Out' for Sr. NCOs

Shoe, Books Hurled at Israeli Envoy

School for Vets' Kids to Lose Funding

Charges dropped against Cole bombing suspect

'Military Saves' Campaign Battles Debt

Defense Tech: JCS Lobbying for Defeat in A-Stan

(Military Times) Op-Ed: Ministry of Truth and Peace (Part II)

DoDBuzz: Defense Spending Boosts the Economy? Data Says, Not Usually

Texas to take up two gun bills this session.

I Posted These In The Lounge; Someone Told Me Post Them Here, So Here Ya Go:


The Song of Hiawatha, a photo illustration.

I just got home from an orchid show

"Fear the bible"

Interesting thing happened during the ice storm

Face it, religion is a HOBBY

Targeting Religious Broadcasters


Church goers more likely to steal newspapers

Soooo...I accidentally found a good bread recipe for french toast.

Oh my GAWD

What's for Dinner? - Friday edition.

Does anyone have a La Cloche?

Kocbek Chocolate Bar with Crispy Onions

Lets see who becomes next anti-trust chief at doj.

Respect is a two-way street

Netanyahu says 9/11 terror attacks good for Israel

Scientologist Reveals "Psychiatry" Made Osama Do 9/11...

WAAS system

Buffalo Springfield Drummer Dewey Martin Dies

CBC: U.K. resident held at Gitmo alleges Canadian involvement in torture

Globe and Mail: 'Buy American' mayhem

Tories ditch Cadman suit against Liberals


Etta Says She Was Just Mocking For Laughs.....

Strange problem with sending mail (Windows mail) with attachments

OT - the stimulus bill

JK to speak soon (CSPAN2) n/t

Lords: rise of CCTV is threat to freedom

Tell you what boys and girls

Is the reason Clarkson's job is safe