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Archives: February 28, 2009

The California Jam vs. The US Festival.

Archaeologist finds map of Knox from Civil War

Round up everyone at CPAC and send them to Iraq asap; bring rest of troops home

Fragments of Ancient Egyptian Papyrus Found

Mr. Fish

Synthetic Life Form Grows in Fla. Lab

sorry dupe

Damn interesting, does anyone have more? Fidel Castro on See It Now!

Latte Drinking Liberals Only! What Is The Best Indonesian (Sumatra) Coffee?

Black State of the Union on Cspan, on Saturday

Black State of the Union on Cspan, on Saturday

Sinai's turquoise goddess

Ancient 1.5 Million-Year-Old Footprints Show Earliest Evidence of Modern Foot Anatomy and Walking

More on: 13,000-year-old tools unearthed at Colorado home

Scientists meet to save Lascaux cave from fungus

As CA Judiciary gets ready to mull Prop. 8, it's a good time to remember a landmark decision

Cockburn: Is Nancy Pelosi Really Against War Crimes?

Okay, 11:00pm...break over... back to "Why Was Charles I Executed?"

Maine inkeeps say gay marriage could save industry

This CPAC conference borders on treason

Bush's biggest mistake: Cheney

So called freedom fighter

Not PC to say it but there sure are a lot of flamebait OPs by recent DUers with that old NameNumber

The smart mofo in the WH.....

Another reason we might be heading into marijuana friendly territroy

Was there a "tea party" in your city yesterday?

WJ this morning - the withdrawal of troops from Iraq

Should the US government just let $hitibank rot?

"My bad"!? No...'my bad' is something one says when they spill a bucket of popcorn...

California (official) unemployment rate at 10.1 percent; LA County even worse

Good News from the 9th Circuit, but, are we still being wiretapped?

A sneaky class war ... on the People

A sneaky class war ... on the People

The Wingnut Revolution

Sen. Judd Gregg (yep, that guy) locks in on Social Security reform

Why can't US conservatism be like British or European conservatism?

I am very heartened by all the new DUers that are checking in....

Democrats Open Arms to Obama’s Budget, With Some Caveats

Deleted. Sorry.

Why is Zbigniew Brzezinski considered so smart?

Economy Shrinks At Staggering Rate

Salary listing for "so-called" journalist" and tv/radio

NY Times: Democrats Limit Future Financing for Washington (DC) Voucher Program

Saudi Prince Is Humbled by Citigroup

Saudi Prince Is Humbled by Citigroup

Saudi Prince Is Humbled by Citigroup

LOL Rush you ain't that important, State of the Black Union on CSPAN you are on

Yesterday was Friday, and you know what that means........

Donna Edwards and Michelle Malkin on CSPAN: a study in contrasts

Wingnuts attempt to throw Bush under the bus....forget that they're tethered to him

How and/or why was the CIA's waterboarding revealed?

AK Senator to Jindal: Mount Redoubt eruption caused a 747 to lose all engine power

Wanted since 1928: Cops aim to serve warrant

Court rules that warrantless surveillance suit can proceed

C-SPIN: The Michelle Malkin Comedy Hour

A cool t-shirt!

One of the few at Joe "the Plumber's" book signing quizzed him about racism....too funny

I just watched a clip on CNN from one of those "tea parties" in Oklahoma......

Ann Coulter goes off the deep end!

In Performance: Stevie Wonder

Two Alex-Witt-less comments in a row on MSNBC!!

Two Alex-Witt-less comments in a row on MSNBC!!

Wooden sarcophaguses found in Egypt tomb

Kathleen Sebelius incurs wrath of anti-choice groups in Kansas; they vow to fight her appointment

Jindal's Office Tries To Spin Katrina Story, Digs Itself In Deeper

Conservative Profiling???

State of the Black Union - today on CSPAN

John Bolton: "Wouldn't it be AWESOME if Chicago got nuked?" CPAC responds with laughter

Right Wing Terrorism Watch - Gunman kills 2, injures 3, in Florida

Parents complain that disabled TV host is scaring their children

Frustrated G.O.P. Tries to Drive Wedge Between Obama and Pelosi

Introducing the gel-filled army helmet that will crush bullets as they penetrate it

Joe The Domestic Terrorist?

California's unemployment rate above 10 percent

President's Transportation Budget Focuses on High-Speed Rail

Free staters, conservative fundies, small government, personal responsibility

Reverse Migration Rocks Mexico

CPAC-"With all this manure, there must be a pony in here somewhere" (Kudlow Planning Senate Run)

Hey, NotJoe the NottaPlumber ..... here's something for you. With my compliments.

Remember Willie Sutton

Palin backs parental consent abortion bill

Tea Bag??????

Backstabber: Is Rick Santelli High On Koch?

The "Tea Party" craze has the Freepers all excited! Check out this rant.

Trash talk about Obama being Gay

EU would consider taking U.S. to WTO over auto aid

"Joe the Distraction" is a creation of the MSM

So, let's say you're 35 years old and looking for a political party.

The violent past of Harry Potter actor (Rob Knox )murder suspect

May these TRUE words about Shrub be the start of a neverending TORRENT

Obama's balancing act on Iraq withdrawal strategy

The right-wing perspective on Yosemite John Bolton's speech at CPAC

Anyone know if CPAC is being shown on TV today?

13-Year-Old Conservative Wunderkind Wows CPAC, Joe The Plumber

Slain Reporter's Father Fearful of Anti Semitism on Campus - California

Please stop calling 9/11 "the worst terrorist attack in our nation's history"

Ahmadinejad: Iran Wants To Cooperate With Iraq

Obama Agrees To Attend Police Recruit Graduation

RUN FOR THE HILLS!!! Glenn Beck plots out our dystopian future, run by militias

Bush*: "I've been to war, and I've raised two daughters, and believe me,

Michelle Malkin is BORING! - Romney is INSANE!

Advice to the Jobless on Getting Health Coverage

Simple Question: Has the GOP become a White Elephant?

Do You Like Motivational Speakers?

Want a free meal?

next time someone tells you the Democrats are Socialist, made them define the term

Probably out of cirulation for about a week DU. Moving time is upon us

Porn in the USA: Conservatives are biggest consumers

chicago tribune --"car seat tests reveal "flaws"

There's a _DUzy_ of a birthday today at DU.

Electronic cigars and cigarettes-nicotine spray directly into lungs

Just received a notice from CapitalOne that they are doubling the interest rate on

What is "Bi-partisanship?" Depends on what dictionary you use:

CAPTION Newt: the anti-Obama

Hillary Clinton’s High-Profile Diplomatic Shock Troops Flying Hither and Yon

Frustrated G.O.P. Tries to Drive Wedge Between Obama and Pelosi

The RW is attacking Obama's appointments to Justice Dept.

Afghan court sentences man to death for information US used in airstrike killing 90 civilians

Arsonists Torch Berlin Porsches, BMWs on Economic Woe

Did I Hear Right - Is CNN Really Going To Go Live To CPAC For Rush?......

Citigroup’s special treatment

People need to get a grip and pray to whatever God they embrace that the Obama Initiative will work

Poll: When will all US combat forces actually be withdrawn from Iraq?

Pawlenty urges GOP outreach to 'Sam’s Club voters'

Just clear the hell out of Iraq.

"Extinct" bird found,photographed,eaten.

Elder's Meditation of the Day - February 28

Rage Against the Machine and Joe!

Mayor Resigns Over ‘Watermelon’ E-Mail Message

Our society rewards laziness and ill-gotten money.

Dog, Missing 9 Years, Returned To Family

Conservatives picking 2012 GOP frontrunners (CNN)

Conservatives picking 2012 GOP frontrunners (CNN)

Former indy to run as Dem against 'Mean Jean' Schmidt

'Oldest English words' identified

Bunning May Be Senile But He's Ready To Take His Revenge On Mitch McConnell In A Big Way

This is not Socialism, its the Ownership Society

The value of a penny

{MD} Comptroller says revenue estimates may be cut (BaltSun)

What's with all the Suze Orman bashing around here? I saw her this morning

Struggling States Considering Legalizing Marijuana, Taxing Porn In Order To Raise Revenue

We failed. And now we want you to fail

Chart of gdp vs household debt - shows debt 100% of gdp in 1927, and 2007.

Why can't they have hummus sandwiches instead?

Canadian students wear pink to fight bullying in school (and a freeper responds)

I don't know where this goes but has anyone seen TomInTib lately?

GOP quickly dumping the Mess of last 8 years onto Democrats. Hereis

Rihanna and Chris Brown Are Back Together

abc 'this week'.... karl rove joins roundtable....why?

PHOTO: Employment training department

Framing the debate: "Less Government" vs. ... what?

"How does one manage a beaver?" asked John McCain (Twitter)

How the Pelosi/Obama Iraq feud benefits them both

Meet the republican Rapper

C-SPAN: The State of Black America

Most of the assholes in this country are in one place

I think we're goint to need...

Isn't it wonderful that these idiots are in a circular firing squad......

Latest NPR Planet Money Toxic Asset Explanation

Another bank looks like it's circling the drain

santorum and others

The Root-for-Failure Caucus

Mom: Deployment leaves no one to care for kids

Pat Bagley Sunday Toon

An honest, from the heart suggestion for lurking republicans.

Limbaugh to receive "Defender of the Constitution" award tonight...

want to contact CNN?

Chimp's website hits below average, ("pages mocking the former president rank higher".)

Sorry, double post.

aaaaargh. Limpballs is live on CNN - my eyes! my eyes! nt


What I'd like from all Dems appearing on Cable news shows. Why the imbalance?

So I watched the Fat Buttsore give his national address. I was at the gym and the sound was off.

Identifying Yourself As A Lesbian Gets You Banned On XBOX Live

Coulter funniest woman on the planet

Obama's budget: Taxing for fairness or class warfare?

Coal-sponsored CNN rejects anti-coal ad.

End to Baghdad's 'dark era': Nightclubs reopen

Oakland man accused of breaking puppy's legs

The bankruptcy of our hyper-competitive society & the threat of cheese sandwiches for all

Flush Rimjob. Hatemonger.

Sebelius for HHS

GOP/Nazi comparison, not what you think.

Kathleen Sebelius to be the new secretary of Health and Human Services

Not that we care, but Mitt won CPAC straw poll.

Obama Justice Department signals it will go to the Supreme Court to defend the Bush Administration

A question about Kool-aide.

Sen. Inhofe's "Jesus Thing"

Limbaugh: I can't believe he ate the whole thing. Nasty piece of lard is hatemongering

Bad Economy can lead to Botulism?

President Obama's - spammed already

The Burris situation in Chicago is getting UGLY

One Thing I Really Like About Obama: He WILL Respond To Rush Limbaugh

The disturbing silence about BushCo

I need help with a response to this email

What would be McCain's response to the current economic crisis?

Lol! They think they're sooo cool!

Robert Mugabe turns 85. Cost of birthday bash 250K (US)

LIMBOsevic is making JINDAL look articulate and charismatic

why in the world is CNN running Rush Limbaugh live for the last, like, half an hour???

Thoughts on the Pelosi Documentary, "America's Right Feeling Wrong"

Oh no, Mr. O

Tim Rutten: The war we gave Mexico - Violence linked to the U.S.

José Sucuzhañay’s Killer: “So I Killed Someone — That Makes Me A Bad Guy?”

Mr. Whipple Is EVIL!!!

OxyRush is not the FACE of the GOP. He is the Big, Fat ASS of the GOP.

CNN stated that Rush was indeed the leader of the conservative movement

So did CSpan1 pull the plug on Rush

Awhile back

Hearing Rush tonight reminded me of a much touted republican canard.

I'm still laughing at Piyush's boat load of lies!

I'm still laughing at Piyush's boat load of lies!

I tried to watch the anal idiot, but he is just so dumb...sounds like is he stoned

At least Limbaugh never reproduced.

Bones of 13 victims found in US desert

Stop with the Rush and the CPAC!!!!

Freeper on local news: "FDR tried a stimulus like this and it just EXASPERATED the problem"

Meet Bug...

the question is, "how will dems capitalize on this Rush/GOP disaster"?

Should I really subject myself to watching Limpballs?

What are you doing?

War on Iraq All Troops Out By 2011? Not So Fast; Why Obama's Iraq Speech Deserves a Second Look

My simplistic read on the Iraq War: Does this jive with you?

I just want to say: Bobby Jindal. Michael Steele. Michelle Bachman.

An idea, how to recover some of the tax money that was spent

I really thought that I was going to DIE!

Just like every circus has its sideshow....

Coleman witness removed from stand...again

Freedom, liberty, and the Constitution eh, Rush?

What troubles me about the Albuquerque Graveyard Case

rush talking about tax cuts.

Someone - remind the CPACers why Rush is deaf, while he blathers on about morality

Did anyone else see Rick Steves in Iran? It's playing again here on PBS...

New GOP Standard Bearer Rush Limbaugh Is Less Popular Than Jeremiah Wright

Reagan's Tax Cuts Ended 80's Recession?

June 27 07: "DLC: New Dem of the Week: Kathleen Sebelius"

Disappointing. Rihanna is sending a bad message to her fans and young women.

did elrushbo eat Jindal?

KFC employees follow "corporate" instructions to pull fire pin, get naked & pee on each other.

CPAC audience cheers: ‘The only way we will be successful is if we listen to Rush Limbaugh.’

Any DUers watching the lunatic fringe at CPAC

Can someone summarize for me what exactly really happened with Jindal and Katrina?

CPAC: Marriage Equality Will Create a Generation of Violent Criminals

North of Ordinary

Attn. SF Bay Area DUers

This is the first time I have ever listened or watched Rush

Economic Mess Hits the Slopes

Could/would rush run in either of the top slots in '12?

Michelle Obama gives America a First Lady we can look up to

Colbert, Steele to hold rap battle (

NOW on PBS: Retirement at Risk

NOW on PBS: Retirement at Risk

There is No Such Thing As 'Trickle Down'. Tax Cuts For the Wealthy 'Trickle Out'

"We hope he fails" ( a rant)

Porn in the USA: Conservatives Are Biggest Consumers

1,500 EX-Qimoda employees will have to sue for pay/earned hours

Octomom rejects offer of free childcare and housing for chance to exploit her children

Sunday News Shows

Ya know, there is something so stinking sweet to have the majority again

Shall I also tell you my sad stories?

One More Post About The Cheese Sandwich.....

Our military will still have a war to fight when we bring them home from Iraq.

Historic Washington Teabagging Party: There Were Poop Hats

Hey everybody...I found some GREAT pictures of those "Tea Party" rallies!

How to find a hidden religious agenda

Asia Times: A scam at the heart of the US

Great performances on PBS (here).. "The Police Certifiable" farewell tour.

Virginia couple donate 10.6 acres to Habitat (@ $79K loss)

F**k CPAC......Let's Look Forward to OUR conference:

Who's watching SNL in case there's a Jindal parody

Bwhahaha....FReepers furious with Faux...Youll LOVE it!

President Obama at Verizon Center,

SUCK IT MAINE!-- Va. man to retain rare Declaration


Extreme Makeover, I love watching the show and the families seem very deserving of a better

anybody heard of Obama giving SS to illegal immigrants? I got a right wing viral email

Shall I tell you my sad stories?

Mrs. Prickley: Ann Coulter bristles as CPAC attendee asks if she's "advantageous to Repub cause"

A Rhetorical Question...Funny Line From a Song

Republicans Sucking on Lemons

From 70 degrees and a tornado 3 miles away to snow showers tomorrow - in Alabama!

Paul Harvey Has Left The Planet...

breaking news...paul harvey has died at age ninety....goodday

Why are there just SO MANY assholes speaking for the Rethuglican party

i thought i`d post this picture to cheer up general discussion today

Paul Harvey dies

I'll have to pay more damn liberal Obama Democrat taxes . . .

Forests Pay the Price for America's Love Affair with Really Soft Toilet Paper

The Daily News Hits a New Low

Porn in the USA: Conservatives are biggest consumers

Porn in the USA: Conservatives are biggest consumers

Senator to Introduce Groundbreaking Legislation to End Seal Hunt?

The nude KFC employees article shows us just how bad things have become

The nude KFC employees article shows us just how bad things have become

Hang up your tweed coat and roll up your sleeves.

That has to be the fattest I have ever seen Limbaugh

Campaign to close down School of The Americas

President Obama shows he's game by kicking back with a beer and some basketball

The key to Russ Limbaugh's success is that he appeals to

Fightin' Words

CPAC 2009

Walton County, Fla, nut kills 2 Chilean exchange college students, wounds

Rove is calling the stimulus bill the biggest peacetime spending increase in history

Hey folks, anyone know if our DU donation is tax deductable?

Why doesn't Rush run for the Presidency himself? Easy.

Oh Dear! Teabagging DOES have a more 'urban' definition. These Republican idiots

Kamehameha Schools trustees take 10% pay cut, reject raise

Why does the GOP think they improved the economy in the 90s, and not Clinton?

Public school runs candy sale. Profits go to sellers' school lunch accounts.

Housing prices in San Diego

I've been offered a summer job (5/24 thru 10/10): USFS

"Gaia" scientist says life doomed by climate woes

School lunches- Who thought THAT was a good idea???

Prof Files Complaint With Police Based on Student's Presentation

Why Dems Liked Mukasey Better Than Holder

Arnold declares Calif. in a state of emergency because of drought

WHOOHOO Finally got it! A new exercise machine!

We may have to face our fellow Americans saying to us: No, please, tell us we did not do that

We may have to face our fellow Americans saying to us: No, please, tell us we did not do that

Iraqi leaders embrace Obama’s withdrawal announcement.

I know a lot of former Republicans...virtually no former Democrats

Sebelius has been tapped for HHS

How to spot a hidden religious agenda

The Potential Impact of Jindal's Message - HuffPost

Can anyone help me find the text of Lieberman's bill to create DHS?

Oh man. One of my friends just told me Obama's budget plan is "socialism"!

American taste for soft toilet roll 'worse than driving Hummers'

I just found out where KO entrance music comes from.

Freepers claim turnout of 400 at NYC "Tea Party"

Please use your grey matter and consider grey areas -- Think Outside The Bias

Dennis Ross is not Good News for Peace

Are We Ready to Welcome the Soldiers That Obama's Bringing Home from Iraq?

File-sharing networks used to uncover thousands of medical records

Frank Rich: The Ecstasy and the Agony

House Says Bloggers Don't Count As Journalists

I Attended the Teabaggers Rally Against Socialism in NYC Today ---pix--->

A Great Pic Shows 'How the Bankers Went Down'

Many liberal groups and bloggers band together to continue change in the party.

Genital Mutilation: African Women Risk Lives To Fight For Others

Rush Limbaugh calls on conservatives to take back nation

I can't fake it anymore. My father is dying and I have nothing positive to post.

Microsoft Vista voted tech world's top "Fiasco"

AIG catastrophe, coming next week

Bush was lying to the Judge.

Warren Buffett Says U.S. Economy Will Be `Shambles' in 2009, Likely `Well Beyond'

So ... AIG ran scams and we bailed them out. **WHY** is not one in jail?

Happy Birthday Paul Krugman

Drought 'Oddities'

OK, explain this to me like I'm a complete idiot because I don't get it.

Does Sarah Palin really represent "small-town values"?

GOP rewards its leaders well. Riches to Leader Rush and protection for Rove. Dems...not so much.

No Mike Rosen on the Denver Post! WooHoo!

No Mike Rosen on the Denver Post! WooHoo!

So, How much have you lost?

Wal-Mart employee dies after setting himself on fire

Before today, I always believed that Limpballs was just

Rick Santelli,, Freedomworks, et al.

Sen. Whitehouse Prepares the Nation for Torture Horrors

Rick Santelli’s "PLANTED" Rant - "More To The Story Then Originally Met The Eye" Playboy Magazine

Rick Santelli’s Planted Rant ?

Paul Harvey died. I know he was a GOPer but I liked his rest of the stories

Why did the Democrats nominate Walter Mondale in 1984?

Florida leads nation in mortgage quit-claim deed fraud, real owners must prove the fraud.

Food for Thought

Food for Thought

Just got home from "The Odd Couple" - not a copy cat thread

$16.40 workplace ( the theatre ) got a bit of exposure on Channel 6

My id has been kicking my ego's ass and they both threw super-ego under the bus

I knew it!

Rogue... your best chance at hearing the phrases

I am hungry and am making a Croque Monsieur..

I am an uber geek.. I saw a live performance of Mystery Science theatre 3000


I have to get out of bed at 7 am eastern. How many more drinks should I have tonight?

New/old puter in the House 'O denbot

So I'm upstairs watching American Hardcore on my laptop, and LK walks into the room

From a thread I responded to...I thought it was important to make an OP out of it...

Ye Olde post when I should be working becuase I claim to be an...

Okay, 11:00pm...break over... back to "Why Was Charles I Executed?"

I forgot to go to the liquor store tonight!

Does anyone else think Gavin Newsome looks like Ian Roberts of the Upright Citizens Brigade?

A place for everything

"Magic" is one fucking disturbing movie ( just on AMC)

I want to create a threat that always spies.

Now, let's see what the Snuggie is doing in your neck of the woods

When snuggies attack

OMG. This is so bad... but funny! It's about Wesley Crusher.

I LOVE pepperocinis!!!!...

If God wanted peaches suspended in mid-air he would have filled them with helium.

I just watched Death Proof, and I have a heterogirl crush on Vanessa Ferlito

Sigh. Okay. Might as well get it over with.

Job Interview

There just ain't much that comes close to the DU Lounge.

Anyone ever try a claret cup?

Latte Drinking Liberals Only! What Is The Best Indonesian (Sumatra) Coffee?

Wii appreciation thread!!

I got solicited for a tip from a tow-truck driver once.

Death march to 3:30 pm family reunion has begun

it's raining so much I'm getting scared.

Police: Mom Breastfed Child While Driving

My birthday is in a few weeks. I want some thermal socks.

Louis CK. clip on Conan's show.

Do they still make toilet paper in colors?

The merchant didn't pay taxes for years..

I just made 26000 posts! I'm gaining on you GREEN PARTY VOTER!!!!

Who here has stepped on Jacks?

I got solicited by a girl scout

Dish Network channels that are going HD, MSNBC and Comedy Central


Stupid, Stoned or Absent-Minded: You decide

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 2/28/2009)

kitten picture of the day for saturday february 28

An $80 digital watch. (Betcha it cost $5 to make.)

ITunes update problems?

This is entirely Lorien's fault.

I'm sorry Whedon fans (and I count myself among you), but Dollhouse is an unmitigated disaster.

Rep Donna Edwards is 50?!?!?

Dog, Missing 9 Years, Returned To Family

I had a cheese sandwich for lunch

Looking forward to the World Baseball Classic!

My god, I am insane

Guess this song by the lyrics

The single GREATEST Beatles solo album

Planetary write-down to book value ratio is 2.7 to 1.

What tv character used the phrase "Heavens to Murgatroid"?

FDA Prepares Nation For Switch To Digital Food Format

12-hour Viagra-fuelled orgy ends in death

Cleanest/Dirtiest retail bathrooms

39 years old and I just got home from a heart attack

Any nurses here who have worked in the burn unit?

What to have for lunch? Cheese sandwich or white penis?

well this is something completely different

This is someone special's birthday. I can't say who, but he's a real _DUzy_.

Did you see this coming? Rihanna and Brown back together...

12 girl band vs Dave Brubeck & Al Jarreau ----> Take Five

Now here's a really cute cat!

The local Goodwill store has a copy of Bennett's book about virtue

Southern Cal DUer's, what is the radio station KFWB News 980 AM up to?

I need to buy 4 "grandpa sweaters"..(zip or button up cardigans) for my husband

I just watched Raising Arizona for the first time in years

Funniest cat video

Is it Gray or Grey?

My neice is interning at an advertising agency in Milan.

Ever been "catfish noodling?"

Who do you miss?

Is it always a bad idea to get back together with an ex-partner?

I miss Cadbury Crunchie bars...

It's all the same

Does this inspire you? It gets me moving.

I've been cheated, been mistreated...

The honor guards have left

I'm in love with a DUer.Guess who.


The Temptations are on TV tonight I LOVE the temptations have seen them twice

College students--what are you working on?



Shamwow parody

I'm supposed to speak to a small group tonight.

Thank you --my secret admirer! come on some ear buds the wires are different lengths?

"Extinct" bird found,photographed,eaten.

Bill "Crow T. Robot II" Corbett's tribute to Mr. Rogers on the 6th anniversary of his passing

Replace every word in a song title with "cheese sandwich"

'Into the Wild Green Yonder' (no spoilers).

I bought one of those "pet hair sweeper" things they've been advertising.

Is it true? Lemonparty is a good person repellant, that is?

99.9% of tv shows suck.

It was windy here today, my windchimes worked overtime.

You want me; I know you do...

The artist that Prince wanted to be

Damn. He's going to miss the CPAC conference.

Tonight you're all going to be part of a social experiment

Okaaaaaay. I just smelled my grandmother's body powder.

Is YouTube sucking ass for anyone else lately?

I can't stop

Yahoo Mail's search function becoming useless?

Deleting Norton AntiVirus

Announcement: Tommy_Carcetti has finally entered the 21st Century

Relocation question - advice or input, please

Boston baked beans, homemade in a bean pot,

...aarrr...AAARRR...AARKK! (repeat endlessly)

Ihazcat. Cat_haz_me.Discuss. come on some kind buds the stems are different lengths?

and now..."The Rest of the Story"

LIst your favorite Temptation song

St. Ives Collagen & Elastin

Dear Professor Douchebag,

I'm not posting here anymore until I get a satisfactory answer!

OK,I give up.What's the White Penis joke ?


Dear Professor Ballwasher,

What weird DU portal did I enter?

Pic thread--post one taken at an ususual angle, if you have it.

Public Service Announcement for the women of DU:

I got tapes. I got CDs. I got my Public Enemy.

It's nose-to-the-grindstone time again, Loungers. I have to study for Finals.

Who's job is it?

Post a music video with a geographical reference.

Picard thread--post one taken at an ususual angle, if you have it.

Is it possible to have a parakeet fly around the house when you have three cats?

Police: Man uses fake money to buy fake drugs

Question for PC saavy, please.

Poll question: The big question - stick with Crack or go back to PCP?

I have absolutely nothing to say.Ask me nothing and post you worst!

I rarely post about liking any particular kind of music.....but


I love the Lounge and all... but if I get fired it's totally you guys' fault.

To make nachos or not???

Freepers solve Global warming, call for moe CO2

Twins spank the Wankees... AGAIN! Calling out Gardie!

"Kid" shows you watch with regularity

What kind of depression is it when you feel so much better after eating carbs?

80's retro: What were we thinking?

The Philadelphia Eagles Dumped Brian Dawkins

What do you think is the toughest job ?

Chemistry question

That serial killer show thread from earlier convinced me to buy a true crime book...

Sorry to vent. I'm just so sad tonight.

I'm torn about a fish tank right now

Can you watch this video without laughing?

Changing Kitten Picture of the day name

What body part rules the body?

How Clean Is Your House?

Oh CRAP I accidentally started an new conspiracy theory/cover-up

When will the version of "All Along the Watchtower" from tonight's Battlestar Galactica be released?

Who here has played Jacks?

Trader Joe's faux ShamWows work AS GOOD AS THE REAL THING

KFC employees follow "corporate" instructions to pull fire pin, get naked & pee on each other.

Kitchen Advice - Need New Cookware.

Anyone have a cup of milk

The big question - stick with Mac or go back to PC?



The US Festival (83) vs. the California Jam (74).

Is it true? Lemon Pledge is a good spider repellant, that is?

What bands are big in Japan right now??

Songs About the Sea...Post 'em Here !!

2010....Do you say "twenty ten" or "two thousand ten"?

"Most Evil" is on right now. Studies of serial killers facinate me.

Wait, wait, wait...Bobby Jindal was in congress for two years, right?

How much does the leader of the DNC get paid?

The budget battle will be an epic battle

Newsmaker: Obama Outlines Goals for Afghanistan, Iraq

Obama takes in a Basketball game...His beloved Chicago Bulls lose.

Rush Limbaugh - How Quickly They Forget Their Praise Of Dubya

LA-Sen: Another Potential Vitter Foe Emerges

Attn: ASSBOIL BOY is about to SPEW!!!!

Ty'Sheoma and the 'corridor of shame'

Who's this DELUSIONAL skrag on MSNBC?


Obama’s Speech: 52 Million-Plus TV Viewers

Is the Republican Party fomenting rebellion among the armed forces as a political tactic?

"2010 budget cuts key nuke program"

Obama Seeks To Double US Foreign Aid

I Don't Think The "Obama's A Socilaist" Meme Will Get Much Traction Beyond The Inbred Crowd

Mr. Obama sitting courtside? He is the kind of president you REALLY CAN have a beer with!

Naughty Judd Gregg made money off earmarks

Bush a four-letter word at CPAC

Conservatives have CPAC, what do progressives have?

Great Warhol quote about being President

I don't get the Elephant and the Donkey party symbols...........

Lagging unemployment (Why GDP and unemployment are both expected to rise)

TPM: More Proof Surfaces of Jindal's Katrina Lies [w/video link]

Who would YOU trust more to deliver a vote?

Obama statue to be 16-18 feet tall, ~7400 lbs

Flashback - 10/06 - Boehner Brags That Bush Right, Democrats Wrong, Bush Will Halve Deficit By 2009

Failure is the real reason

White House: HHS nomination 'possible' next week

Obama and the MDGs

I agree with Bill Maher about how disrespectful members of Congress

Gordon Brown pins his hopes of recovery on Barack Obama

Obama emphasizes tax cut at State of the Black Union

Obama taps Sebelius for HHS secretary

GOP Senator Calls On Conservatives To Join The Battle - Franken\Coleman... Plus...

In Defense of Obamanomics

Santelli rant a planned propaganda operation?

Not that I care, but I thought the Conservative movement was about substance over style...

Conservative Backlash Forms As President Obama Voids Health Workers' BushCo Era "Conscience Rules"

Jake Tapper reporting Sebelius Tapped for HHS

The Best Role/Job for Michelle Obama

10/11/06 - Boehner Praises Bush's Policies - Ridicules Democrats' Erroneous Economic Predictions

July 10, 2006 - House Republicans Celebrate the "Bush Economic Boom"

Iraqi leaders embrace Obama’s withdrawal announcement.

Ron Paul's son may run for Senate from KY

And then there is Limpdick

OMG, found the perfect logo for the Repubs

Rush making front page news!

The wild and crazy libs are always protesting

My hope for the GOP, especially the Bush apologists, Limpy groupies:

I don't recall heavy media coverage on anything dealing with the Democratic Party in 2001.

UT-Gov: Huntsman Primaries the Party Faithful

KS-Gov, KS-Sen: Sebelius to Take HHS

Do we have the most beautiful

Rush, Obama and the GOP

The Builders

NYT's Kristof: Franklin Delano Obama

Yay! Freeper heads exploding - Romney won straw poll. Palin came in

OK-Gov, OK-05: Fallin to Run for Governor

Obama Comes Out Swinging in Weekly Address

I'm finally watching W.

Dear Mister O ...

Sunday talk show lineup for March 1 (Katrina vanden Heuvel vs. Karl Rove Alert!)

Over-thinking bubbles

I have come to believe that wealthy people are tone deaf to whats going on in this economy

A Repost: HUGE Red Flag Endorsement for Kathleen Sebelius for HHS

Anyone get the impression Tavis Smiley doesn't really like Obama?

Obama not walking the walk with regard to "getting tough" on lobbyists

NYT: Ailing G.O.P. Risks Losing a Generation

Mittens picked as 2012 GOPiggie front-runner, wins straw poll. Jindal 2nd. Phalin tied for third.

Obama to rescind Bush abortion rule

Freerepublic quickly falling into total madness....

CNN carrying Limpballs live

On the Black State of the Union on C-Span: Michael Steele equates himself to Pres. Obama!

What's the GOP So Pissed About??

The Sebelius Record On Health Care

How do we stop those "birth certificate" individuals

The Democratic Party is in good hands with Limbaugh at the helm with the GOP

If republicans all became liberal and Democrats conservative would you switch parties?

Obama's Marine One Security Breached

Grammarians, how did the praise 'Good on you' get started?

Where can I copy and/or buy official portraits at the White House web site?

The video of the 13 year old speaking at CPAC is some scary stuff.

Joe Klein: Obama's Speech: A Tonal Masterpiece

Limbaugh Takes On Gingrich: ‘We’ve Got To Stamp This Out Within This Movement’

I love how President Obama grins at the First Lady . . . she makes me grin, too

Into The Arms Of Our Lovely First Ladies

Must Watch Weekly Radio Address: Obama to Lobbyists, 'I'm Ready to Fight'

I haven't heard this much talk about legalizing pot in years. What's up?

Coulter Coldly Dismisses Idea That She's Bad For The GOP

Obama, Reaching Outside the Bubble

Van Jones, founder of Green for All calls President Obama the first Green President!

Liberal Groups Are Flexing New Muscle in Lobby Wars

Attacks on DOJ Nominees Signal Right's Judicial Nominations Strategy

National Parks Conservation Association Praises Obama Admin Budget Proposal for National Parks

Ben Stein agrees with Paul Krugman, defends Obama, blames Bush for destroying economy

who saw Bill Maher last night? normally I love Bill, but he called Obama "the chocolate Jesus"

Michael Steele was just called out by Chuck D on D.L. Hughley's show

Wonder if Obama Feels Extra Pressure Because He's Black?

PHOTOS My only reservation about the First Lady is that she really needs to lighten up

The GOP's strategy in effect.

The GOP's strategy in effect.

This on Michelle from a Brown Shirt hate mongering mini freeper site...

Gov. Schwarzenegger declares state of emergency over drought (my article)

Civil trials introduced for military personnel in Argentina

Westridge Capital Owners Arrested (Charged w/ Federal Finance Crimes "to Furnish Lavish Lifestyles")

75 officers killed after mutiny by Bangladesh border guards

With indictment unsealed, al Qaeda suspect moves into civilian court system

US aid effort under fire in Pakistan border area

Iraqi PM says his security forces ready

Porn in the USA: Conservatives are biggest consumers

Report: Rihanna & Chris Brown back together at Sean (Diddy) Combs' house

Towards a Palestinian accord

LA to seek New Orleans-Baton Rouge passenger rail from stimulus that Jindal called wasteful

Jury returns guilty verdict on all counts against appraiser in mortgage

Gov. Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas Is Said to Accept Obama's Offer of Health Post

Police: Man uses fake money to buy fake drugs

Economy Shrinks At Staggering Rate

Tour pushing immigration reform kicks off in R.I.

Consensus emerges in Congress for Obama Iraq plan

Israel's death squads: A soldiers story

UN attacks Britain over torture claims

Mugabe hosts lavish party despite national crisis

Latham & Watkins Cuts 190 Lawyers

Citigroup's Latest Rescue Plan May Still Not Be Enough

Some Justice Department Lawyers Have Gitmo Conflicts

Slain reporter's father fearful of anti-Semitism on campus

Civil servants attacked for using anti-terror laws to spy on public

Father sues Turkish Education Ministry over Armenian 'genocide' DVD

Official: Arab Countries Have Not Delivered Pledged $1B to Rebuild Gaza

Democrats Limit Future Financing for Washington Voucher Program

TO OBAMA on student loan forgiveness for teachers

Deputy pleads not guilty to jail cell assault of 15-year-old girl

Police cite breast-feeding driver for endangering

Iraq hero goes on warpath

Legislation to Overhaul Rockefeller Drug Laws Moves Ahead Swiftly

Intel, TSMC to unveil strategic tie-up on Monday

Republicans set course in Congress budget battle

Obama tells powerful lobbies: Bring it on

Manhattan District Attorney Morgenthau to retire

Washington mother sentenced for taking a bat to sex offender

Huge (16,330 square feet) home in foreclosure doesn't muster one bidder

Girls being force-fed for marriage as junta revives fattening farms

Porn in the USA: Conservatives Are Biggest Consumers

Liberty groups unite to defend UK rights

Obama taps Sebelius for health secretary

Berkshire reports a 96 percent drop in 4Q profit

Potential Security Breach Involving President's Helicopter Found By Local Company

Soldier mom plans to report for duty with kids

Radio Host Paul Harvey has died

Malaysia revives ban on Christian use of "Allah"

Mugabe wants Zimbabwe's white farmers out

Radical Ore. bill would ban pit bulls from state

AIM Award Video

Guest on Faux "News": Bush should have executed Gitmo detainees

First Person: Military Reacts to Obama's Plan

Delay at CPAC: We've Got To Organize Like The Dems!

Real Time with Bill Maher | Panel Discussion Part 1 | February 27 2009

CNN: Arizona AG, Pot legalization could prevent border violence

O'Reilly Slam of Sean Penn on Gay Marriage Factually False (Twice)

How to Fix teh Economy by Bobbie Jindals

Santorum At CPAC: ‘Absoultely We Hope That’ Obama Fails, ‘I Believe His Policies Will Fail’

CPAC=Crazy People Are Coming

Closing the School of Assassins (School of the Americas)

Stevie Wonder Performs "Signed Sealed Delivered" & "Superstitious" at The White House

President Barack Obama @ Bull Vs. Wizards Game!!! HQ 02.27.09 FULL

Fake *ss, Real *ss

The future of the GOP?

Young Turks: Man Gets Handed Ticket For Saving A Couple of Lives!

"I Do Want Obama to Fail" - Rush Limbaugh 02/28/09 at CPAC

Friday Feminist Fuck You: Anti-Choicers Gone Wild!

Greenville, SC Tea Party

Inside Iraq: US construction fraud - How did $125billion evaporate so fast?

Tony Bennett sings "For Once In My Life" for Stevie Wonder & President Obama at The White House

Your Weekly Address:Keeping Promises

O'Reilly frets over his millions being stolen by the little guy...

Mary Mary Sing "Higher Ground" at The White House

Rachel Maddow interviews the authors of the Left Behind series.

New Testament scholar Barbara Rossing debunks "the Rapture"

Like Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin Wants President Obama to Fail

WTF? Couple in Louisianna wanted to swap their 2 children for a bird and $175

"Big Fat Idiot" Limbaugh and his brain-dead myrmidons at CPAC

No Sign of Yesterday - A Tribute to B Bruce Anderson

10 Reasons Why Conservatives' Fiscal Ideas Are Dangerous

John Kinsman: Nation's food system nearly broke

CPAC Attendees Behave Badly at Hotel

Of, By, And For The People (Hal Cohen)

Will Bunch: Obama's Plan Is About Dreams, Not Dollars

Bob Herbert: Even Worse for Young Workers

Crisis Gives Obama a Chance to Make Long-Term Electoral Gains

Robert Parry: Obama's War with the Right (& Media)

Local Law Enforcement Lack Basic Gun Safety Skills:

Liberal Groups Are Flexing New Muscle in Lobby Wars

Obama Rebuffs Neocons, Appoints Freeman

Jameel Jaffer: Secrets of the Bush era ought to be unveiled

'We Are Trained to Kill, so Civilian Life Is Tough'

We're Not Sure Why, But England Wants Us Back

Paul Rieckhoff: Are We Ready to Welcome the Soldiers That Obama's Bringing Home from Iraq?

Are Yanks not coming to the party?

Independent UK: We live in Mrs Thatcher's monument

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen: is it game over for Swiss banks

New Scientist: Conservatives buy more porn on internet than liberals

Being Woody Guthrie

Soylent Red, White and Blue

What “Trading Places” teaches us about bankers – and how to reduce the deficit

Pics: Strawberry Workers in Santa Maria, Calif.

Sony Exhibiting Hybrid Fuel Cell Batteries in Tokyo

In These Times: Resource Wars in Ecuador

Trial Reveals Internal Denver Water Memo - Water Available For Next 2 Decades Half Official Estimate

White Tide - Toxic Algal Bloom - Pounds Philippine Mussel Production - 90% Drop In Samar

Secretaries Donovan and Chu Announce Partnership to Help Working Families Weatherize Their Homes

Ah-nold Declares Drought Emergency; 15% Chance That Weather Will Replenish Reserves - SJMN

San Onofre's Problems Continue

Chrysler Removing Half Of All Flourescent Light Bulbs; Cutting Snow Removal, Removing Clocks

Beltway Friction Building Over Proposal To Move Forest Service From USDA To Interior - McClatchy

"Major" Oil Field Discovered In North China - Maybe 300 Million Barrels EUR - Xinhua

San Diego Studying Desal in Mexico

Wildlife managers to resume removing California sea lions at Bonneville Dam, Washington State

The Anti-Nuke Beauty Contest

Opening A Big Box Of Trouble - What Towns Can Do With Abandoned Superstores

US warned on uranium mining

Are hybrid cars expensive to repair? How long do the batteries last, and how much to replace them?

Colombia: Authorities must guarantee safety of demonstrators

Civil trials introduced for military personnel in Argentina

Mundo Raro

Today in labor history Feb 28 U.S. Supreme Court finds that eight-hour workday is constitutional!

Shaq dropped 45 on the Raptors last night.

Brian Dawkins from Iggles shifts to Broncos -

Kitna to Dallas

Pats trade Cassel to Kansas City

The teams I root for

Cowboy fans, what are you thoughts on Chris Canty?

Foot Soldiers for RW Religious Fascism.

gay rights groups must be consolidated to survive recession

Billion-Dollar Whoops: Buffett Apologizes

Former Spansion CEO, concerned about fired employees, returns severance

March 2009 - Contrary Investor - The Most Important Messages From The 4Q GDP Report

Who has the best CD rates right now?

What History Books are Republicans using?????

Bush tax cuts and unemployment

Towards a Palestinian accord

Israel's death squads: A soldiers story

Netanyahu gives up on alliance with Livni

Former Top Aide Incriminates Olmert on Bribery Charges

Why Netanyahu isn't backing a two-state solution

OneVoice movement pushes two-state solution for Mideast

Israel's death squads: A soldiers story

Ten rockets hit southern Israel, one damages Ashkelon school

Lieberman: I am ready to vacate my own house for peace

Israel PM's family link to Hamas peace bid

OPINION / Israel has lost its status as a country under threat

Israel PM's family link to Hamas peace bid

Hamas rejects Clinton's call for it to recognize Israel

The people of Israel voted Hamas

How 'Canadians' almost ignited a war

USA TODAY FULL PAGE AD R/E AUTISM: "A Little Boy Shouldn't Have To Take On An Entire Industry Alone"

Is breast cancer awareness month over yet? How about that "Walk for a Cure?"

Science Mag: Obama Budget Would Increase Autism Research Funding

Will congressional Democrats shoot themselves in the foot by not repealing D.C.’s gun laws?

Professor Called Police After Student Presentation

Mexico applauds U.S. vow to enforce long-ignored weapons ban

Reid joins Pelosi in opposing ('assault' weapons) ban revival

Rocket fired from Gaza lands next to Ashkelon school

I repaired my own P&S :)

Margaret Bourke-White masterpiece

An Old Silo I Came Across

Restoring an old memory..

Obama formalizes plan for 2010 Iraq pullout

Veteran convicted of altering medical records

Jury finds officer guilty of murder

Guard team to aid Afghan farmers

Hearing held for 2 in death of soldier

Guard is pulling out of New Orleans

Iraqis split over plan for troop withdrawal

Va. Guard returns after service in Iraq

U.S., China resume stalled military talks

Army: Enemy fire caused helicopter collision

Hearing set for 2 accused in death of spc.

E-9 faces Article 32 on multiple charges

Navy classifies ship inspection reports

Corps’ end strength reaches 201,000

Sgt. gets 6 years for fatal DUI wreck

Air Force says fire caused by routine testing

Md. man charged with killing stepson at Kadena

Student pilot not injured in Talon crash

$57 million awarded in Kadena noise suit

Americans tell judge marijuana is for religious use

Japanese protest arrival of Stennis

Marines, PRT aim to help Rutbah’s widows

Army tests aim to improve MRAPs

Study on Naples’ birth defect rate released

Soldier killed, 2 hurt in autobahn accident

Port calls can offer valuable opportunity for Japanese economy

Camp Humphreys Soldier sentenced to year in jail for assault, other charges

New GI Bill on Track, VA Director Says

Military Families to get Help Selling Homes

First photo with my new tripod bought on Craigslist -

Guard Medic Came to Iraq to Stay

Senate to Probe CIA Interrogation Methods

Turkey Joins Counterpiracy Mission

DoDBuzz: A Taliban Surge in Afghanistan?

Defense Tech: Her Majesty's Royal Coast Guard

Gates: Keep small force in Iraq after 2012

Japanese politician: Too many U.S. troops in Japan

U.S. Praises China Role in Anti-Piracy Ops

Sentencing is Saturday for Convicted Soldier

Officials: Obama Moved Toward Brass on Pullout

McKinley to Retire; Donley Staying as Secretary

Iraqi Leaders Welcome U.S. Troop Withdrawal Plan

Guarding Suspected Pirates New For Marines

I saw part of President Obama's speech at Camp LeJeune, and I

Military making do with less land

March Photo Contest Ideas

ASTROLOGERS: What is the implication of

Native American Wisdom

Nolle's Astro-Forecast for MARCH

Hi - I just donated so I could post here

Starchild: The Green Comet and the Diamond Light Codes.....the Profound Changes of our Time : We

Weekly Healing Project #23 | Mar 1-7 | Abundance & Prosperity

How to spot a hidden religious agenda

Do you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?

People are irrational, yes. But should they be?

Porn in the USA: Conservatives are biggest consumers

Behind the Bishop: The Anti-Semitism of the SSPX

Mid-morning snack: what to cook?

Had dinner at our local Nepalese restaurant last night

I made Soy Chicken and Dumplings

I was inspired to get some Martha White AP

Whats for Dinner? ~ Saturday the 28th

Cookware advice, cross posted from the lounge

Random Soup Notes

I'm hungry,

Official Cooking/Baking Project Nomination Thread

OCTists, why has there been no major terrorist attack on the US since 911?

911 WTC7 CBS Breakthrough

So, what will it take?

Jobless Angry at Possibility of No Benefits (Perry our poster child)

Report: Rihanna & Chris Brown back together at Sean (Diddy) Combs' house

Disappointing. Rihanna is sending a bad message to her fans and young women.

Coraline was one of the scariest movies I've ever seen.

I love our iMac

Russia denies plane approached Canadian airspace

The Great Solvent North (NY Times)

Iggy Can't See

So I bought one of those USB to IDE/SATA hard drive converter cables...

I updated Internet Explorer. Now Amazon's page is odd.

Kerry talks to NPR about Syria and Pakistan (2/26)

Ministers refuse to answer torture questions

If the conservatives come to power...