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Archives: February 24, 2009

New TN Democratic party treasurer donated a lot to Republican candidates.

Obama is incredibly dangerous - Democrats are Bad People

Minnesota Court: No To Coleman, And Yes/No/Maybe To Franken

Heads up: Morgan Stanley Chairman and CEO is on Charlie Rose tonight for the hour

DNA sheds light on mysterious Okhotsk people

Archaeologists join hunt for long-lost burials in historic cemetery

Have Repubs offered any suggestions re: improving access to healthcare?

Perhaps there's no need to ever use the Bush china...

Karl Rove on Twitter

Civil Unions bill...please submit tesimony, we are in trouble over here.

I think that the election of President Obama has got more DUers posting-members that have been here

What is "The Association of Global Custodians"?

UConn Coach Should Be Fired

After two centuries, D.C. residents may get vote

another bailout bank caught throwing lavish parties

American Express offers some holders $300 incentive to cancel accounts

why does the "journals" server go down so often?

Study: Family planning reduces number of abortions

Study: Family planning reduces number of abortions

Professor explores human migration from Asia to the Americas

Archaeologists unearth relics from eras of First and Second Temples

Ancient Shipwreck's Stone Cargo Linked to Apollo Temple

Stay Classy, Westboro Baptist Church

Stay Classy, Westboro Baptist Church

Were the cops out to get him?

Ex-cops apologize for deadly drug raid (that killed 92 yr old woman) ahead of sentencing

I'd be in favor of nationalizing the defense industry.

Bill Press to Gov. Pawlenty: Quit whining and show some leadership...Al Franken won!

Who's minding your food? Surprise! It depends

214 Haitians returned by Coast Guard

Does anyone know where I can watch MSNBC on computer? Blinko doesn't work anymore

Mourning Joke freezing his fat ass off in front of the WH!

How The Rightwing is Destroying Journalism: First they came for Radio,Next MSM

Why Barbour says he's turning down unemployment $

It turns out that Melinda Barton, that SACK OF SHIT that many people on the web defended 2 1/2 years

Legless Iraq vet loses free house cause he smoked weed

Minnesota Court: No To Coleman, And Yes/No/Maybe To Franken

Wexler On Morning Joe.....NOW

AlterNet: The Spectacular, Sudden Crash of the Global Economy

I thought this was interesting: "Pro-life" but not willing to donate embryos.

Indian IT firms bag big chunk of H1B visas - More then 10,000 H-1B Visas last year.......

Report urges boost for US family planning program

BoA Heiress Blasts Bank Leaders As 'Idiots'

Jim Bunning (R-KY) forced to apologize after saying Justice Ginsburg would be dead in nine months

AP Bullsh#t on new Spending Bill

What do you think of the Dems take all of the stimulus money or leave all the money plan?

Judge questions law giving telecoms immunity

Taxing pot could become a political toking point

Statement from Rupert Murdoch: apology

From the AOL financial message board:

In lawsuit over campaign ad, McCain claims he was a puppet for the Republican National Committee

Wall Street Sharks Have Lost Everything, and Now They're Coming After Us

Tucker Carlson Joins Cato Institute

Can I be catty for a minute? If not I apologize but I think I know where Mika was recently. . .

"His speech will put a face on the name." Bobby "The Reshaper" Jindal FEVER. That's HOT.

Anger really can kill you, U.S. study shows

This Modern World - Boy Detective Agency: Hot on the trail of one of history's greatest coverups!

NUCLEAR LAUNCH DETECTED~ (no not really, but N. Korea is up to something)

Is it just me or is progressive radio much harder to stream now?

China closes Tibet to foreign tourists: agencies, hotel

Watching morning ho

Unhinged in 30 days: The right-wing media's Obama era implosion

Remember this? Bush Signs Third Tax Cut Bill, Dismissing All Criticism

Over 100,000 Protest in Dublin Over Irish Economy

Speaking of "models" -how about the "German model" for our stock market?

Recipe for Disaster: The Formula That Killed Wall Street.

A loony tune on Stephanie Miller now

Wall Street Sharks Have Lost Everything, and Now They're Coming After Us - By Robert Kuttner

Anyone try to search for a phone number on or

The George W. Bush Revisionist History Tour

The longer Al franken is delayed from taking office now, the longer he'll remain in office in 2015.

The longer Al franken is delayed from taking office now, the longer he'll remain in office in 2015.

Now that we've seen George Clooney at the White House, do you want a little more?

Elliot Abrams Confirms His New Role

Ex-CEO of kosher slaughterhouse: Grand jury biased

Ruh roh raggy, VP Joe Biden's son ran funds that were exclusively market by fraudster Stanford:

The Invisible Turd Blossom: the next "big" development will occur on March 4

I met Senator Jon Tester yesterday!

Paris appeals court acquits 5 former Guantanamo detainees convicted of terror links

Media Missed Really Awful News on Industrial Production

Incredible New Poll: 90% Want Bush Crimes Investigation

RR e-mail's out too: do you think gmail outage is deliberate way to slow stock crash?

Dude, after that bonehead move you are so off the box.

Mountain Goat Resurrected

Walking around money

Attitude Break: Happy Mardi Gras, Y'all!

Which of these industries should be nationalized?

End of the Magic Show-By Eugene Robinson

There are lots of people out there who think intimidating, screaming at,

The enemy (repugs, media, corporations) are in full attack mode and will remain so

TX Reeps to force ultrasound on pregnant women.

Lynn Sweet - "Burris not resigning but signaling won't run in 2010"

If California legalizes Marijuana - The commercial uses of hemp

Did you guys see TMZ, yes TMZ, broke a story calling out Northern Trust for abusing bailout funds

GED Recipients

GED Recipients

Murdoch offers non-apology for 'racist' cartoon (BBC)

The Warm Tongue

Is there anyone around who know a little about tax law?

(Washington) State House approves ban on campaign lies

So is the president going to speak to us like adults tonight or is he going to tell us

Parents complain BBC children's presenter has only one hand

Bernanke Sees 2010 Economic Recovery `Only If' Markets, Banks Stabilize

Schumer to GOP governors: Stimulus isn't a la carte menu

OK Photo Shopper's.... I need a backwards "B"

FYI links to Economy Tracker and Layoff Tracker

Veterans Advocates Riled by Report on Army charity

Politico at it again with help from Rasmussen

This is new. I actually want to hear what our President has to say about something important.

Incredible New Poll: 90% Want Bush Crimes Investigation

MRSA With Your Sunscreen? Death on the Half Shell?

So we're on the verge of economic destruction, but...

Here’s What Our Energy Grid Looks Like (Yeesh)

I just e-mailed Blinko again. This is driving me crazy. Since they

One way to create a lot of jobs: Deputize unemployed Americans to go after tax cheats...

Rove to local Illinois GOP: 'You have a pretty easy message'

Hilda Solis (a true progressive) looks good to be confirmed for Sec. of Labor!

guess what's not getting funding - battered women's shelters

you think Amer. Idol is wild? it ain't political like this one, wow:

There is no Liberal Media. There is no Conservative Media.

Liberal Coalition Says Forget the Truth Commission, Bring on the Special Prosecutor

Looks like tomorrow will be another bloody day... Asian markets just tanked to a 5 year low

the Irish are channeling the Icelanders

"Black Swan" author Nassim Taleb says the US banking system is 'designed to blow up'. Good video...

What if Bush and the Republicans had privatized your Social Security account?

Senators Vote to Consider D.C. Voting Rights Bill

Senators Vote to Consider D.C. Voting Rights Bill

That didn't take long - O'Reilly: Was Chandra Levy killed by an illegal alien?

EPA arrests CNBC's Rick Santelli

Your Share of Stimulus Tax Breaks

Whalin' Palin -

US-AIG may give up control of Asia unit: sources/Shares of AIG tumbled 25 percent

Forecasters: US Economic Recovery In Q3 2009

So ... all morning I'm hearing some happy talk about the next quarter and beyond ......

Was the Bush economy 2 times better than the Clinton economy ??

Michael Steele Threatens To Withhold RNC Funds From GOP Senators Who Backed Stimulus

Too Important to Ignore - Eisenhower's Timeless Warnings...

Tainted syringes killed five people

Most Wealthy Liberals Won't Back Progressive Media: Sheldon Drobny Found That Out the Hard Way

Robert Reich's blog: Obama's Goal: Halving the Budget Deficit by 2012. Really?


"PUT UP/SHUT UP-If anyone has any charges they want to bring-BRING THEM ON"(Torture Victim's Lawyer)

In lawsuit over campaign ad, McCain claims he was a puppet for Republican National Committee

Obama so damn cute - Re: helicopters

Ruth's Chris big Hannity advertiser ... Stock hovering near all-time low.

CNN's calling it the State of the Nation?

Bernanke says, Go shopping, America! Everything is going to be great!

Bernanke says, Go shopping, America! Everything is going to be great!

Who owns your bank?

Grand theft generally consists of the theft of something

China's buying spree in global fire sale

China's buying spree in global fire sale

It will be refreshing to actually watch a Presidential speech on TV

I'd like some help with a Latin word phrase, please.

Prosecutors: NC company shipped tainted syringes


WTF ??????????????

To "marry" or not to "marry" is an interesting take..

New Rule Enacted by Bush Administration Impedes Cases Against Nursing Homes

GOP DOES deserve a place at the table....

Why is Jim Cramer still on the air????

Why doesn't the government go into the credit business?

Solis Poised to be Confirmed as Labor Secretary in Senate Vote

IMO the Governors that are saying they won't take a portion of the Stimulus

I guess all the Democrats must be too busy, and the Republicans must have time on their hands ......

Santelli's colleagues are deballing him on CNBC right now.

Rupert Murdoch Takes Credit for Racist Cartoon: 'The Buck Stops With Me'

83% favor Obamas stimulus plan to create jobs - bailing out banks and auto? Not so much

If Norm Coleman is now a Lobbyist, why is he attending GOP Caucus Meetings?

Meanwhile, Over at Freaker RepubliKKK

McCain's anger over the Presidential Helicoptors .... please

Target's 4th quarter profits fall 41% !

My teen sister: "What would it mean if the Dow dropped to zero?"

The Rude Pundit: Why Glenn Beck Needs to Be Repeatedly Cock-Punched (Apocalypse Edition)

On Fox, Steele Threatens Moderate Pubs for Backing Stimulus Package

Think Freepers are bad?

Michael Steele vows to help democrats win Pennsylvania Senate seat in 2010

Tortured Gitmo Prisoner: "I am not asking for vengeance; only that the truth should be made known"

I'm so glad we were able to honor McCain after the election with that dinner and all the kudos .....

Wonder which cartoonist will use my idea..

Durbin tells Burris he should resign

Why those republican governors are refusing the stim money for unemployment

Celebs Who Lean To The Right

Back To Work! No Argument About Stimulus Dollars As These States Get the Shovels Out

Officials: Obama to announce Iraq withdrawal

Rockstar Energy Drink co-founder: "You should only get AIDS and die, you pig!"

Does anyone have a link to the new Bk reform bill?

The Trickle-Up Economy (a GREAT set of statistical snapshots from Mother Jones magazine)

Question Electric Bill - 1000 sq ft Florida - what is yours and have any of your cost cutting helped

Iowa pension fund assets frozen

CREDO Action Alert: Tell the Power Companies: Invest In Clean Power, Not Coal

I wrote a speech for Mr. Obama today.

Workers' 401(k) Plans Are a `Crap Shoot,' Need to Be Revised, Miller Says

IF you are fasting or denying yourself something for Lent, WHY are you doing it?

The blowhard next door (August 26, 2002)

What's the difference between John Conyers and a jellyfish?

So TurdBlossom Rove was A NOSHOW........

Octogramps is on Oprah now. Wonder if they will get a new house?

AmEx Encourages Cardholders to Leave

DUers in the hospitality/travel industry please chime in re: bailout

UK: Straw blocks Cabinet Iraq minutes

mike pence

Are there any pro-worker states in the south?

Fundie freak: Hollywood denounces God and embraces perversion at the Oscars......

Looks like Solis will be approved overwhelmingly

Vitter...VITTER?! Calls On Burris To Resign For Ethical Shortcomings

Senators Vote to Consider D.C. Voting Rights Bill

Why the hell did the Senate seat Burris last month?

The problem with our party over the last 10-20 years or so (IMO)

does anyone know what the process in illinois is if burris resigns?

Repugs Shooting Themselves In The Foot - Or Is It Feet?

Far-right already at it, about Oscars...

"I want this president to be successful" "I look forward to working with this president" "This .....

Oh my Kay Bailey is bawling about bipartisanship

Elder's Meditation of the Day - February 24

Utah Governor Calls His Party's Congressional Leadership "Inconsequential"...

House Republicans to Boycott Obama Address (and other news)

Heads up for Howie Dean on Tweety

Peace, Veterans, and Faith-Based Groups Organize Quickly to Prepare

Those of you threatened with Foreclosure: Are you finding assistance or not?

Hillary Clinton Sips Tea With a Potentate

CapitalOne sucks!

A Heroes Reward

A Heroes Reward

Tracking Down Gaza War's Deadly, Mysterious Cubes (Wired)

This Modern World: Boy Detective Agency: Hot on the trail of one of history's greatest coverups!

sounds like bob jindal is gonna come on after President Obama and trash his programs

Electing Democrats in batshit crazy right wing congressional districts .......

A new high tech scam from the partnership of VerizonWireless and Citi

Begala on CNBC’s Santelli: ‘Every circus has a clown.’

Lawmaker's proposal would exempt TN districts from stimulus money...

University of Michigan ends licensing deal with clothing company that closed a unionized plant

Fear Itself

Transsexual sues Burlington Coat Factory over harassment

Preaching to the choir got a little boring so I went trolling.

GOP goes hip-hop! Perplexed Freepers respond. ROFL.

Changing careers: Is now a bad time to take on college loans

Bobby Jindal and Louisiana Voters

WOOHOO!!! Hilda Solis confirmed as Secretary of Labor

have you ever seen a 'response' speech get so much coverage???

Excerpts from Bobby Jindal's Response

Mike Pence STFU

Prohibition Ends In 2022!

The GOP is sort of right. We waste too much on entitlements, and engage in too much protectionism

Corrupt Public Servants and Corrupt Media...Sold America to the Highest Bidder...

I voted for the guy who plays basketball best again today....

After offshoring our jobs for profit, the corporations are now selling OUR assets for more profit.

An Ogden Nash poem for our time...

They Deserve Jail, But Not The Money.

My public access channel just showed "Outfoxed"

How Long Before Sully is Swiftboated?

What I've noticed between Republicans and Democrats...

Can you imagine the reception Hilda Solis will get at the Department of Labor?

Can you imagine the reception Hilda Solis will get at the Department of Labor?

Will Bush Drink Himself To Death?

TN Democratic governor may turn down jobless part of stimulus?

I'm a Commie, homo-loving son of a gun and PROUD!

Bogus email I received and my answer

Massive government spending lifted us out of the Great Depression...

Massive government spending lifted us out of the Great Depression...

My LTTE on the media being "In the Tank" for Republicans got a lot of responses

How much money did it cost us to drop the satellite in the ocean this morning? And how much would

Tweety just said,

Greg Palast: Damn that Lincoln. Abe's to blame for Jindal

A State Park a mile from where I live was closed today, indefinitely.

Too much "seriousity".. so have a picture of a rascally Jimmy Carter fan

Tonight I'm going to watch the SOTU speech for the first time in 8-years

Why is it that every morning on NPR I hear feature stories about REPUBLICANS!

Can you help me build the case against Reagan?

arne secretary....

Leahy: Let War Criminals Go Free

Why could Idaho's Republican congressman vote to stop child abuse but their Dem couldn't?

if one more pundit tells me 'what Obama HAS to has to say' tonight.....


Bush DOJ Rule Revokes Immigrants’ Right to Counsel

If you have Diabetes, prior to your dx, what sort of fears or intuition did you have, if

This has been posted today, but it bears repeating: FDR; GOOD! Hoover, BAD!

What does an economic tsunami mean to a surfing CEO?

Divorced from reality

Still Time to DU this POLL on same sex rights!!

Dean says Obama plan will open Medicaid to all along with other

Polls: Never Been A Better Time To Legalize Pot - SFGate

"The South Collapsed because the freed slaves didn't come back to help out their plantations"

The next time we do massive multicity protests, could we all wear the same color

Captain Sullenberger Goes To Congress .........

Apology to Maxime Waters.

To All Those Rightwingnuts, Who 8 Years Ago Called Us Loserman, And...

Mideast diplomatic dust-up over unpaid dinner tab?

In the end, all this DC Voting Rights Act will accomplish is an extra Republican Congressman

If your a bigot and you know it...

Bobby Jindal to Reply to Obama's Speech...

Happy Mardis Gras! >>

Is it to early to start drinking?

Spain Withdraws Gardasil After Illnesses

Mickey Mouse to start layoffs

I am looking for some great political cartoons...

Relative who worked 35 years at a place....

Happy Mardis Gras! >>

Schumer, Burris, Durbin, and Bunning - a comparison.

I could have sworn I recently read a report on DU about how US schools lag behind

Fundies spread hate on campus

GOP hates earmarks — except the ones its members sponsor

In pictures: Iraq museum reopens

DU this Poll on Same Sex Rights!!

Am I the only one bothered by Matthews always referring to Obama as .....

TPM: What do Jack Abramoff and Allen Stanford have in common?

Guardian UK: Outstanding 'complexity' wins Naomi Klein £50,000 inaugural Warwick prize

Why is it so hard for banks and repubs to do the right thing?

Officials: Complete Withdrawal of American Troops From Iraq By December 2011

"We're going to talk about this helicopter thing. The one I flew in seemed perfectly adequate to me.

The Myth of Republican Fiscal Responsibility

I gotta wonder if the screeching halt of the world's economy isn't Peak Oil

Hawaii civil union bill moves to Senate

Microsoft 'elevates America' with free job training

Cop Makes Arrest In Bathroom After Smelling Crack

Iraq and Afghanistan is not stimulus. The military is not a jobs program.

Barney Frank on Jindal: "If That's Political Courage, I Hope We Have More Cowardice."

Barney Frank on Jindal: "If That's Political Courage, I Hope We Have More Cowardice."

Morning JO on the floor of the House for speech

TN's Dem Gov Bredesen Mulls Rejecting Part Of Stimulus Money

Why is healthcare reform being coupled to Social Security 'Reform'??

SOU streaming on if anyone needs it

Everything about Chesley Sullenberger speaks Union man

"I'm really diggin' ya RNC Chair Michael Steele,!"

I don't see why Dems in Congress don't openly refer to it as Bush's mess.

Sasha Obama Keeps Seeing Creepy Bush Twins

The Lighter Side Of The Financial Crisis

So if we have a big, big bomb it all falls on the shoulders of President Eric Holder

There's Ruth!! Good to see her steaming along after all she's been through lately...

Listening to Thom Hartmann today, I learned something I didn't know about the Iraq "War".....

Prosecute (*) and Cheney for Murder web sites

Officials: US 'combat' troops to exit Iraq by August 2010 - 30,000 to 50,000 to remain until 2011

Official Obama Speech Thread

What Channel will you Watch Tonights Speech on?

March 2007 - Bernanke Says That Mortgage Troubles Will Not Spread To Rest of Economy

US Fish & Wildlife Service Destroys Bald Eagle Nest near the Chesapeake

Our President is on his way!

Mike Malloy: My dream Republican ticket would be Palin-Jindal, with Rush Limabaugh as SecofState....

Imagine, if you can, the amount of care and love and bravery it takes ......

the last few State of The Union speeches, people were drinking heavily, as I remember

goodness they aren't letting him get up to the podium!

Stocks EXPLODE in HUGH (that's right, HUGH!!) RALLY on news of..... absolutely nothing!

Ah time to prepare my drink for this.... a... LATTE

Did you hear Obama got a mortgage from Northern Trust ? - a tarp funds recipient

I can hear Justice Clarence Thomas's bitter, self-hating thoughts

Tweety: "Barbra STREISAND, remember HER?!" Uh, yes, Yes we do.

"Nobody messes with Joe"

Holy Shit This is SOOOOO Much Better Than Watching Bush


Keep sitting, fucking Republicans. The world is taking notes



Killer Joe

Yay, even though it's all bad news, I'm so happy to see an intelligent President

Question: Do you think all of the GOP's talk of punishing disloyalty will backfire?

Question: Do you think all of the GOP's talk of punishing disloyalty will backfire?

Nobody messes with Joe.... Truman commission

I am perfectly capable of cheering as my president speaks to the country and to not be happy to hear

Sen. Grassley said "... I wouldn't buy a John Deere tractor" WTF? They're made in Iowa!

"Promise from peril, opportunity from ordeal"

Do I see the republicans now standing and clapping?

Do I see the republicans now standing and clapping?

A re-energized DOMESTIC auto Industry (we can not walk away from it)

Will someone tell Nacy Pelosi to stop fooling with her dentures.

Washington Post: U.S. Clears Path to Bank Takeovers

Is bushie Boy drinking tonight? Is he watching how its done?

"Health Care Reform Cannot Wait, Will Not Wait and Must Not Wait Another Year."


The Republicans are AFRAID not to stand!

When they show shots of repubicans in the audience, I want to throw shit at the teevee.

*** THIS *** is what unity is

Articulate, Intelligent, Speaks in plain terms, Has a plan and says it...

All of us contributed to bringing CHANGE to Washington - and Prez Obama to the podium!

For the first time in over 8 years --- we no longer see Cheney's snarl sitting behind the Prez!

watching the speech on MSNBC and my wife and I are seriously

The speech, follow along (I know it's almost over)

Good bye no bid contracts - smacked to the ground

Whence this man?!1 I'm astounded!1

Hey Repubs....

According to the tracker on MSNBC the McCain voters like him even more than we do.

Its so simple!!! Medicare for all!!! HR 676

This is amazing!

OMG who is still in shock at actually hearing a President speaking like a President should.

The United States of America does not torture, that is for the world

Jindal must be shitting tacks at the thought of

"With the deficit we inherited"........Ouch!!!

"With the deficit we inherited"........Ouch!!!

Check and Mate.

Compare and contrast! Thanks Daily Kos!

I'm lovin' the speech... but oh my gosh, the shot on C-Span...

If I'm Bobby Jindal

Ok folks how many of you love to be addressed as ADULTS?

End taxcuts for corporations that send jobs overseas... that is change I can believe in

is that a bar set in front of Pelosi?

Jesus, who else is switching over to CSPAN?!

Can anyone reading this even imagine Booshe speaking any of this to America?

OMG repugs look like they want to throw up. They know they have lost

This Obama guy. Pretty sharp customer.

52 interruptions for applause.

Is his microphone off?

Is his microphone off?


seems like Obama broke the approval meter on MSNBC

Eat THAT, Jindal

Dammit O, stop saying "clean coal"

What I don't understand about Obama's speech . . .

Tonight, on all the teevee channels, we will be subjected to ........

I don't about you but I can't wait to hear 'Bobby Brady' Jindal's response to this.

ACK! Chris Matthews STFU

How will Jindal handle more troop pay and better soldier benefits?

Yes, we do not torture. But what about those of us that do and have?

So... I missed the speech... how was it?

COME ON BOBBBBBEEEEE! Oh this will be good.

AP posting their extensive review of the speeches- before they've even been given

whats that funny looking little thing on his suit coat??

Cnn international has Christiane Amanpour commenting on the speech

"Bobby" say so much about them/him.

Gergen: First Half of the Speech was FDR, Second Half was LBJ's Great Society

Question: When is Bill Maher debating Ann Coulter?

i can't support any further bank bailouts/loans that don't include nationalization...

Nancy must've gotten the D.C. Jack-In-A-Box franchise (It's a California thing.)


Pelosi looks funny

Yo .... Piyush .........


Rachael: "This is the largest tax cut in American history."

Holy shit! Is this Sesame Street? Bobby ain't ready for prime time.

What's your prediction on the stock market tomorrow

TYT Fans: LIVE Coverage of President Obama's Joint Session W/ Congress at

I'm Bobby Jindal

Did you hear OB?

This man is so uptight, he shits a trail of diamonds behind him.

Hey, you guys didn't tell me Bobby Jindal was a marionette.

Mike Malloy: "I was wondering why Lieberman looked so sour when he walked in....

Does Jindal have a tooth whistle going on????


Are you freakin' kidding me? Jindal?! Once upon a time boys and girls.

Palin/Jindal '12

Jindal, McCain and Palin ...... sacrificial lambs all ......

Jindal sounds like he's on Sesame Street! LMAO!

UK war criminals attempt a coverup. What do they have to hide?

The RNC has promised to release Governor Jindal if we give them 3 trillion dollars. EOM.

Well The gop got one thing right

I love seeing Michelle Obama after 8 years of Laura the stepford wife.

This is THE most childish sounding speech ever. Worse than Idiot Son

Jindal sounds a bit like Tim Calhoun from SNL

Did you hear Tweety go "Oh god" right before the Exorcist came on?

OMG, why did the Republics pick JIMINY CRICKET to give their response???

And if you call within the next 10 minutes, we'll throw in...

Bobby Jindal just sent this urgent message to M$Greedia

When you watch a US President artfully reach down the throats of the other party, grab their tonsils

I watched the Obama speech on Fox

OMG this Jindal is so insulting! He's talking down to us. Is this the way

The name Bobby Jindal sounds like a NASCAR driver

What is with his face? It's as lopsided as another's lips!

Thank FSM, I've never owned a firearm

Bad Democratic leaders in Congress- they rejected this approach

Alright, I'm listening, but if Jindal's all they got they're toast! For a long, long time ~

Jindal is really bad. I *almost* feel sorry for him.

is it me, or is this response a NON RESPONSE?

Jindal's drawl is less thick than earlier today on the news shows...

The future of the Republican Party: Bobby Jindal, Sarah Palin, Patrick McHenry and Rush Limbaugh.

is this an end of an era? No 9/11 reference?

This Wasn't State of the Union Address. Why Does Bobby Wanker Get Rebuttal time?

every time I think he's wrapping it up, he starts again

Oh here we go: TAXES! CUT FREAKING TAXES!!! Shit, that didn't take long

"The Wonderful World of Disney" - Sunday nights. Jindal's speaking style.

AAAAAGH! My ears are bleeeding!

I do not remember EVER seeing ANYONE in Congress ASKING the President for an autograph

If he says "You're going to love my nuts"...

Boooby Jindal is an asshole ( I wanted to get that out of the way)

SOB here we go 9/11

and gaad bless america...

so this is the best the 'loyal opposition' has?

F%#@ off Bobby!

Poor Rachel...she's speechless after Jindal. n/t

If Bobby Jindal is the best they have, the game is over for the GOP

I'm watching PBS

Oh, gawd. I just realized. jindal almost made bush look intelligent.

Americans can do ANYTHING!

Piyush invokes govt. failure during Katrina as reason to oppose Obama.

Jindal: "Sorry, you were fucked by Republicans when you trusted us before"

Bobby Jindal is to Katrina...

My name is Bobby Jindal, and I'm a MASSIVE FAILURE!

Well, well, well -- "Palin to Reimburse State for Family Travel"

Self delete..

robert gibbs up on msnbc

Rachel: I am paid to talk for a living. I'm speechless

Bobby Jindal sounds exactly like Jiminy Cricket in Pinocchio.

Anyone else thinks Jindal looks a little like

This guy makes Tim Kaine look like Cicero

What the hell can Jindal say after this???? n/t

Wow - Pyush made Barack look even better

Wow - Pyush made Barack look even better

So I guess the GOP doesn't like the rebuttal time given to Jindal?

Bunning threatens to sue NRSC

Mr. Rogers lives!

"Now is no time to dismantle the defenses that have kept us safe for HUNDREDS of years"

Keith has a Special Countdown On Now.

Anchor Baby Bobby Jindal: Don't take hope, people are trying to kill you

BARNEY FIFE-god knows I love that show but Jindal had himself a "Fife" moment tonight

Bobby Jindal is an Anchor Baby!

So, was Booby Jindal reading Green Eggs and ham to Booshe??

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Anyone have a link to Obama's full speech on video yet? I missed it :( nt

Piyush, there is no plan to build a rail line from Vegas to Disneyland!


JIndal sounds like a redneck trying to read a teleprompter... oh yeah that's what he is.


Rachel Maddow: The Republican Response - "I"m Absolutely Stunned"

Jindal sounds like Kenneth from 30 Rock!

Sen. Boxer looks fantastic and natural!

OMG... he's making me cry...

after seeing Jindal and Obama in action tonight how many think Dems will win

Anyone hear Tweety when he saw Jindal... "Oh, god."

We all know that Bobby Jindal is an idiot

Tax cuts evil government bureaucrats tax cuts trust people with their own money evil government

Tax cuts evil government bureaucrats tax cuts trust people with their own money evil government

Everyone expected Jindal to bring a knife to a gunfight

Living in her truck

Cenk on MSNBC right now

At what points, exactly, did Jindal hit the hip-hop GOP / Frank Sinatra

Jindal in a nutshell...

No comparison

So - will the NYPost have a Bobby Jindal cartoon tomorrow?

Stock markets will NEVER come back until a regulatory acknowledgment that publicly held companies

Freepers not so impressed by Jindal.....

I guess I got here too late.

those colored graph lines on MSNBC

Thank you to the DUer who was kind enough to give me a star.

Oh fuck!

That was the best they've got?

"BOBBY" just buried the GOP

"BOBBY" just buried the GOP

How do folks get upside-down on mortgages?

Who's bobby jingle and why should *I* care?

"My daddy said, 'Bobby' (or 'Piyush', as he pronounced it)..."

I credit Office Space with my ideology, it is now ten years old and a cult classic:

"Republican's Had to OUTSOURCE their response" !!!!!

"Republican's Had to OUTSOURCE their response" !!!!!

BREAKING: Piyush Jindal admits to being anchor baby

Howie Dean on KO now

Jindals speech is already on youtube!!!!

ABC just got a shot of Boner.

I missed the speech

TDS: Interviewing man who thinks Obama is the anti-Christ

Bobby Jindal, how long until we find out some un-Godly horror in his closet?

Tweety just suggested Dean for HHS Secy

Please, please....

Please, please....

Rachel is speechless

Palin/Jindal or Jindal/ Palin in 2012? McConnell/McCain? Rush/Jeb?

Has anyone asked Jindal how many of the folks from the 9th ward have rebuilt their homes?

What a triple header. We watched Religulous...then Obama...then bobbie J.

Jindal lived in Igloo once.

I participated in CNN's Opinion Research SOTU poll tonight - and Candy Crowley can STFU

I'm glad the Repugs opted for comedy relief tonight!

Rapture Ready "very concerned" about Obama's plan "to teach sex to very young children"

So this is what leadership is!

Do not monitor Volcanos, Do not monitor Tsunamis, Do not monitor Hurricanes

You know Obama called out South Carolina tonight

What's going on in New Orleans in this last hour of "Fat Tuesday"?

Photographer Annie Leibovitz Forced To Pawn Her Life's Work

Musicians want radio stations to pay to play tunes

OK, don't take this wrong, but if Booby Jindal was elected Governor of Louisiana


Is anyone brave enough to see what the freepers are saying?

What scourge did I fight off?

Jindal: Kenneth on 30 Rock?

Jindal's response looked like an audtion tape made at the CT School of Broadcasting.


Poor Rachel doesn't feel good yet. Dark circles under her eyes.

Jindal fashoin faux paux: candy cane tie and sallow complexion

Between Palin, Steele, and Jindal .... is there a viable idea from any one of them? (credit: Rachel)


A Rebuttal to the Republicanned Preschool Rebuttal to President Obama's speech

Umm. The automobile was not invented in the USA.

Great Poll Numbers for Obama's First Speech: 79% now Approve of Obama's plans for the Economy

Jindal "create jobs by lowering income tax rates for working families"

Okay, We had Parent-Teacher conferences tonight. I taped Obama but give me cliff notes on Jindal pl

That's right, Bobby. Get those old bureaucrats

Bobby Jindal, Boom goes the dynamite

Breaking: Republicans running out of sacrificial lambs.

We are underestimating a brilliant politician in Jindal. Barney J is an expert on the constitution.

Ah ****SHIT**** ......... I just wet my pants ............

Oh my, ... Palin or Jindal or Steele for Repub Presidential Nominee?

Holy Shite Rachel that was brilliant

Holy Shite Rachel that was brilliant

Jindal Bells, Jindal Bells, Jindal All The Way

Republicans so taken by Obama's speech they are inspired to exhume...

I know most of the rebuttal was written before the Presidents speech...


Tonight, the president led.

25 (Political) Things

It must really bug the hell out of republicans...

Please, if there is a God in heaven ....

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

"Courage is not defined as enduring the suffering of others" (Barney Frank, earlier tonight)

In case you missed it, Jindal response video here

Come on happy DUers it time to silence

Freepers embrace, move away from Jindal in 1 thread

The Republican bureaucrats were in charge during Katrina

Obama explained things so All Americans could Understand, while still treating them like Adults

Why wasn't Scalia at the speech?

Jindal walks out - Tweety

Piyush Jindal used to be a "pagan idolater." Not that there is anything wrong with that . . .

Jindal fashion faux paux: candy cane tie and sallow complexion

Knee-deep to Waist-deep in Afghanistan

Jindal sounds like a high school student. This is the best they have?

AP releases Obama "fact" sheet right after speech

Fox Panel's Verdict On Jindal Speech: 'Childish,' 'Amateurish,' 'Not Exactly Terrific'

Ralph Nader for Commerce Sec.

Rachel Maddow, I want to bear all your children

Rachel Maddow, I want to bear all your children

How low can it go ??

President Obama hit a home run tonight. Jindal struck out.

George W. Bush to visit Europe on speaking tour (Asia also) **Playing with FIRE.**

How can you pick out Bobby Jindal in a room full of secret service agents?


Do the Repugs know that "Piyush Jindal" is an anagram for ...

Help me out here- can anyone think of a worse high profile political speech?

Making a case for treason against Hannity & other RW talkshow hatemongers

You know what's most insulting to me about the GOP picking Jindal?

Ha, finally rented W - toothless, deadly boring, sugar coated lie

Bottom line: Obama talked to adults, Jindal to 3rd graders

Supreme Court Upholds Conviction For Gun Possession In Case Of Domestic Abuser

Support war resisters.

Week 5 Presidential Week in Review

The U.S. Self-Delusion Of Superiority Will End

Wisconsin Soldier Stays Home; Refuses To Go Back To Iraq

So Abe, the greatest Republican President

On Day of Obama's Union Speech, CODEPINK Tells Obama His War Funding Check Has Bounced

Is the KKK a religious organization?

JFK and Obama

We used to arrest People who swindled the public out of millions of dollars...

Liberal Democratic Rep, Barney Frank, says, "Cut the MIlitary Budget"....

Gov, Bobby Jindal: My mother was "44 1/2 months pregnant"

Tweety said it all, the GOP OUTSOURCED their response

Another reason to like David Shuster:

PHOTOS: We don't need no goldurn volcano monitorin'!!!1

Beware Circuit City closeout deals: No refunds on broken gear


Newsmax Magazine is so freaked out by Obama that hey've snapped

What's up with Sheryl Crow performing at the Northern Trust party?

Lucky for Palin she had to work a second job to pay taxes tonite

He channeled FDR and JFK, my god, what a speech

New Orleans LA Laissez Le Bon Temps Rouler

Wednesday 25th--LIVE streaming of Capitol Hill briefing on the failure of MA health care reform

Obama's Radical New Discourse

Approximately 70% of my dental patients are afraid:

Piyush -> Bobby is like Barack -> Brad.

Who did Bobby Jindel Remind you Most of?

"Volcano Monitors". Funny, huh?

When did states start to charge 11 year old kids as adults when they commit crimes?

Note to Katie Curic....It's PRESIDENT Obama....not Mr. Obama.

What % of your monthly take home is your mortgage?

Jindal took the bait .... now his presidential aspirations are History!

Slum dog republican! (Jindal)

The Worst is yet to come….The Alt-A / Credit Default Swap Crisis….

I was standing in line at a store.....

SF Chronicle for sale (could shut down for good)

BREAKING NEWS: In the middle of Hurricane Katrina, a Louisiana sheriff actually YELLED!

We're finally smiling in Flint, MI

What's the deal with Piyush Jindal, anyway?

"Freedom's Lighthouse" proclaims Jindal the "shining light for the future of the GOP"

BREAKING NEWS: 6 people have shot along a Mardi Gras parade route

BREAKING NEWS: 6 people have shot along a Mardi Gras parade route

'Liberal bias?' IU professors find network TV election coverage favors Republicans

Yeah, he parked it.

Shortage of Critical Commodities Seen Already - Important info for anyone that takes medications.

Breaking: Jennifer Aniston's first grey hair made her cry

Why I am Running for United States Senate (Brunner)

FOX Cable

I guess staying in Afghanistan is some sort of compromise.

For oldtime's sake "Speaking of conspiracies...ONE name at the heart of all these" archived Eloriel

Ok someone post that ride please. The car with the main players, laushing and party'n!

Three Words If You Are Being Foreclosed On

I'll tell you how some people get upside down on their mortgages:

Mom who crushed baby says don't co-sleep

Quick ? Regarding Average Home Size Today Vs. 1970 (Spurred by Thom Hartmann)

Holy Shit!!!! Shadowknows has some good news for a change!!! Call Congress right fucking now!!!!

Safari V4 Browser Beta1 released for OSX and Windows. It has some new

"This conversation is over."

If you drop out of school, you not only let yourself down...

Can we criticize Jindal without sounding like fucking Klan Members.

Social Security is NOT broken. What the hell are "Universal Savings Accounts" Obama talked about?!

Do you believe being a progressive means also advocating your lifestyle choices to others?

Best Nickname for Gov Bobby Jindal

Hershey moving Peppermint Pattie plant from Pa to Mexico.

Check your mobile phone bill closely...

The way to tax pot is to tax papers instead

Would you like to see DU on the list of Groups calling for Special Prosecutor for Bush/Cheney et al?

Not to be rude. But what type of job pays someone 250,000 a year

JFK, FDR and 'Seven Days in May'

Could civilization as we know it be rebuilt?

$410B Spending Bill Strikes Blow For Abstinence-Based Sex Ed, Science


Grow your own, a path to legalization.

Progressives: Does the honeymoon end tonight?

AZ Republican Rep: "Education does not create jobs"

Don't want to be an alarmist...but if you have Cats on this food please monitor them..

What you are seeing is a divided GOP... pure and simple

Paul Krugman: Rearrange the deck chairs and hope the iceberg melts just keeps getting stronger.

Florida's religious right to do battle again with science in education.

Wanna get the sexiest babe pictures on your cell?

You just wring this shit out, and look at it. It's fuckin' stronger than ever.

Halp! Mai kittehs are kitnapping meh and forcing meh to open a can of

^^^^^ The post above this post deserves an Academy Award ^^^^^

DST change March 9. Spring forward, Fall behind. This next one is the one I hate.

Any Word gurus around? I'm stuck again...

in about a month i'll have heard from all the schools i applied to

Christfuck it poured in Sacramento today!

Off to work

What is your favorite Major Forum on DU?

Sidney Carton's Rant of the Evening, or why Mrs. Carton need never fear that I will stray

The night has a thousand eyes

The CPR on 24 tonight was terrible

just look


Republicans being driven from the Garden

Well, I am back from Galveston and have more beads then Mr. T has gold chains.

George W. Bush and the Secret of the Glass Tiger

Ever have one of THOSE days where you realize

Striking feline

What are you reading for?

Is there a way to shut out all Econ news?

If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that Slumdog Millionaire is a great movie

"Welcome to my secret lair on Skullcrusher Mountain..."--maybe I used too many monkeys

I dreamed I was wearing six-inch heels

Is Tyler Perry hot?

Need some DU Uncle Eddie had a stroke.

If I post a picture of my big ten inch, could we all agree that it has protential?

How about a fast round of Fibonacci poetry?

Troopers discover portable meth lab in car traveling along Interstate 75

Should cats like to drink liquor?

*sigh* I'm gonna miss carnival

Movies that you love watching just parts of it - name a few

Zydeco making me happy today... Happy Carnival!

Stupid insomnia.

When you turn on the news, and it's about a missing poor black or Latino elderly man or woman,

So this one time one of my buddies found out that he wasn't going to go to jail and to celebrate...

It's gonna hit 80 here in Houston this week.

Most Awesome Television Spokesperson

Chris Brown, alleged Rihanna abuser, proves his love by sending bracelet, necklace, iPod

Come and get your freaky Pam Anderson wallpaper!

OK, Krewe DU, what's your favorite Mardi Gras parade?

"Daddy, what did you do in the Great Lounge Food War of 2009?"

Musical Triplets....

What are some of the BEST Jerry Lewis movies??

Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler

Tiger attacks man on elephant (Video)

Happy Paczki Day!

Happy Paczki Day!

Shower Plumbing w/ Pex...I'm looking for a diagram that shows the steps/parts needed...Help Please

MN DUers, what restaurant in uptown is good for a Pescatarian?

First song by Tinted Windows (Iha, Schlesinger, Hanson, Carlos) has been released!

Sharing a few of my favorite links...

I can't wait for spring

This is why I love Richard Blais' Top Chef blog

This is why I love Richard Blais' Top Chef blog

What restaurants do you frequent that would get you flamed by

ok, i finally know what "Slap Chop" is and why it was such a sensation here

A song for GD/GDP, courtesy of Rodgers, Hammerstein and Yul Brynner

Watchmen: The First Review

Watchmen: The First Review

I finally saw "Man on the Moon"

Hunka-hunka burnin' love

Hunka-hunka burnin' love

Dog Cam: Live Dog Feed for February 24. Bad Dawgs Need Love Too!

Ever feel like you're the only poster left alive in a discussion forum?

So for one day I'm going to be nice to everyone in the lounge

Spoiler Alert: WATCHMEN is fucking awesome.

What's up with the return of the 3D movie craze?

There's a lot of noise going on now and my house is shaking.

Loungers: How did the Lounge used to be when it was better?

Blackberry users, help tech challenged DUer decide if she really could use one

Who is the better sucker?

Bob Evans' Cherry Bread is the cherry BOMB!

Airlines unveil new program to lessen chances of mid-air collisions with birds!

Are you giving up anything for Lent?

In honor of Kathryn Johnston

New Office Mate Seemed to Be A Cool Guy. Until I Saw The Bush/Cheney 2004 Glass on His Desk


I have to wonder why All The President's men wasn't used as a '70s gay porno title...

10 Worst advertisers according to the Parents Television Council - we should support these :D

Ladies and Gentlemen of DU, I'd like to introduce you to - the "Money Trust."

I don't know about you, but I'm proud to be "far left"!

Two points: 1. Post #1111 is mine, and 2. I need a life


"Just dip the teabag in two or three times. Just dunk the teabag right in."

Octogramps is on Oprah now. Wonder if they will get a new house?

Rare Green Comet Approaches Earth

Why you post "IBTL" ?

If you don't see me around much, it's b/c my Macbook is dead


Lent. See you on Easter.

Awwwww alert

I thought eye drops were supposed to STOP itching and burning!!

California dentist says groping was part of treatment

Since LynneSin is being nice today, I'll take up the job of being insulting

Happy 88th Birthday..... ..... ABE VIGODA!!!!!!

WOOHOO!! I got in my first "IATL"

You be the judge (or jury) and settle this debate once and for all

So did anyone else get their free pancakes from IHOP today?

Preview of Bobby 'the faith healer' Jindal's response to Obama


Bunko wine supply delivery at Midlo's house tonight

You're in Hell and Satan forces you to listen to one of these for ETERNITY. Who do you choose

Who else is tired of hearing about the 'octo mom'

Has LynneSin Ever been nice in her life?

rofl cat hunting goldfish in bathtub.

Obama's address to Congress tonight...

I Finally Watched Farenheit 9/11

DJ's on the radio were asking for rules re:dating a friend's sister.

Manipulating - all in the name of "friendship".

Jonas Brothers To Sing At My Bunco Party Tonight

Which DUers started considering Dentistry as a career today?

What Is Mardi Grass?

My Sharona - the Knack

Trance Music as explained to you by Jack Chick's latest Chick Track

Gas Cylinder Chair Photos: Boy Killed by Office Chair in China

I have Bunco tonight

When Bunko goes terribly wrong

Very sad news for me.

Faith No More reunites for European shows

What activity requires shaving cream, a toilet and a large wooden salad fork?

LOUDER...Today's earworm, "All The Young Dudes," Ian Hunter w/ Mick Ronson, Germany 1980

There were about a brazillion King Cakes at work today

Catholism as explained to you by Jack Chick's latest Chick Track

Hey y'all. First Mardi Gras celebration was in Mobile, AL.

Walmart Just Got A Call For A Huge Wine Shipment To Virginia


Ok. What's the most self-serving thing you've given up for Lent?

I have Bunko tonight.

Going to Bunko. Try not to kill each other while I'm gone.

Has anybody watched Eastbound and Down on HBO?

A neighbor just knocked on the door and asked me to tell my husband something...

What's your favorite mid-afternoon snack?

What the fuck am I doing with my life?

Driver with beer in hand and one on roof of car arrested-pees pants-pees pants again in cop car

Watching Cook's Country on the PBS Create subcahnnel.

Andy Richter to Rejoin Conan O’Brien as ‘Tonight Show’ Announcer

10 Worst DUers according to the Parents Television Council - we should ignore them :D

Rampant Roofism going on in Political Videos

So I am try to catch the little mouse guys who are pooping all over my house and

Tomato aspic. Pev? Or just gross?

Rampant Wawa crackism going on in GD

To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow,

I have a toothache. It isn't going away.

Since when have Mods been able to access our personal info???


Bizarre local commercials with three-dollar budgets....

This will be my first SOTU speech without a drinking game in over 5 years...

What R U Drinking? Post a song that tells us

Do you PMS regularly with anyone?

Hey graywarrior, Remember This?:

I am giving up Lent for Lent.

I just apologized to my wife.

It's Creamy Tuna Helper with some frozen peas thrown in night at Casa de 'pooch. ALERT THE MEDIA!

I want to do unspeakable acts with Campbell Brown, my goddess.

Madam Speaker, The President of the United States.....

I could use a hug, I was betrayed by someone that I thought was a friend

President Obama is about to speak!!

I want to do unspeakable acts with Campbell's Soup, M'm! M'm! Good.

I know what that was

What types of cats

one of my biggest fears is happening this week....

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/24/09

"Nobody messes with Joe"

Cheap airfares, where do you look?

I want to do unspeakable acts with Charlie Brown, my goodgrief.

20% of Brits would sleep with their boss to get a promotion

Okie dokie. Here goes ...


Don't look now - Walt Starr is on the front page of Daily Kos

Winslow, The Meow Mix

President Barack Obama is entering the joint session of congress as we squabble..

What shall we talk about?

Who else thinks that Obama slipped women's panties

Lounge drama:

Robin Eggs are EVIL!!!

Hi, I'm a dumbass following a formula to encite my base

Pikachu! We saw you!

Okay, so I'm a dog.

Should I make Shrimp Creole or Crawfish Etouffe for dinner

Does anyone actually read the *** OFFICIAL {X} THREADS PART DUEX ***

Access denied!

A friend and I are coming to Baltimore/Washington April 11-14

Paula Deen loses her pants

I found another Mod Thread here....

"Hiya kids and welcome to the Bobby Jindal Show!"

New Orleans! Songs about NO and the Mardi Gras. Post 'em here!

Real quick.. in one sentence, proper.

ULTRAVOX to reunite, tour!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 2/24/2009)

Testing *tap tap* Testing 1234

A comment from a repuke "friend" on Facebook.

i need the Jindal husband couldn't watch and he needs a good laugh

Post a song that references another song

So I started a new job today....

I've got three terrierists chewing rawhides on the bed...


I just want to say that, at this moment at least, I am very happy

Tonight's Lullaby - Hi-De-Ho

Anyone here who might be willing to weigh in on a situation I'm in?

Each year a program airs, the probability of adding a token Scot or Aussie to the cast approaches 1

BARACK!!!! How could you do this me????????

I've discovered an empath even more worthless than Deanna Troi

Heading out to see Ladysmith Black Mambazo!

Tuesday night cute kitten

What do you do first thing in the morning?

Bobby Jindal is an asshole. You're welcome. No need to go into GD.

I have something important to say.

Good morning Lounge

kitten picture of the day for tuesday february 24

Do you PM regularly with anyone?

Holy cow! It's so powerful, it needs a bigger hood! ----->

I'm starting a commune

I don't mean to interrupt the latest Lounge drama or Obama's speech, but

People who go to optional gatherings while ill deserve to be tortured with a rusty spork.

Post your day in smilies! Mine, so far:

what the hell is a "yogasm?" Just saw it in a New Yorker cartoon.

Stupid Facebook and stupid 'friends' from high school - stupid stupid stupid

Gore, Clinton headline energy conference

Unhinged in 30 days: The right-wing media's Obama era implosion

How did James Taylor not get sued by Burt Bacharach?

What is your favorite local Restaurant?

Bachmann to be Saved From Certain 2012 Doom?

The Face of Evil

CBS/NYT survey reveals broad support for President Obama.

Paula Deen's pants fall down

I stepped in cold cat vomit in my bare feet last night, so I wrote a blues song.

This has been an epically weird and entertaining day in the Lounge.

I'm so bummed

No Lounge For Old Men.

Post Your Favorite Protest Song

Bush back in saddle for speaking tour

Gov. Palin's office defends per diem payments

The depression hits home: I just lost my j-o-b

Being young was awesome!

U.S. Is Pressed to Add Billions to Bailouts

Cool? I'd say, the guy even has a frikkin helicopter (PIC)

Aren't we all supposed to be getting drunk and nekkid tonight?

What can we do to stop Fox? Is it time to make a push against Murdoch?

A Case for Hope

Survey Reveals Broad Support for President

If you are curious about today's S&P housing price report in the news...

Name A Pev Town

Tea Party Protests, what will the conservative idiots think of next?

Michelle "I hate myself" Malkin and her Nazi-Boy.

Stories From the Road: Home

I was over at - be prepared

Solution to GOP Social Darwinist Governors and Legislators: Federalize unemployment and other benes!

Will I tell or will you?

Oops! Blue Screen of Severance Error! Microsoft makes error and wants excess severance pay back!

NH-Sen: Primary Hijinks A-brewin'?

2012? We have our first endorsement for (p)Rick Santelli -the CNBC guy

More DHS Appointments Announced

Will the new HHS Secretary be named today?

There is a pretty awesome ESPN article about Ole Miss football's integration in the 60s.

Holder Will Be Cabinet Official At Secret Spot For Obama Speech

NBC: Hilda Solis' final confirmation vote today at 4:30. One vote with simple majority required.

Obama:"The minority has got to then come up with those ideas and not just want to blow the thing up"

Tell me something that makes you happy.

Rahm Emanuel: Paramedic.

Go DU this RW Wall Streeter's blog on how to REALLY fix the economy (my reply to him below)

PHOTOS: President Obama meets with Japan PM

The Helicopter deal a reward for the Niger forgeries??-Has this been debunked?

Parent-how do you deal with your kid throwing a fit?

Bush and Crew drove the Bus into gulch for 8 years...he had a surplus from Pres Clinton and blew it

Lounge List #55378008: Things from the past that Vince (the Sham-WOW guy) would have sold:

Siena Poll: Andrew Cuomo and Rudy Giuliani would Rout Paterson

'Democrat Party' Lives On In Allegedly Post-Partisan World

Here is why Barack Obama won. He turned some of the GOPs into middle class thinkers.

In one month, Geithner hasn't kissed the boo-boo and made it better, so Tweety wants him out

What time is Obama's Not The State Of the Union Address tonight?

PHOTO The Heartthrob and...

Why isn't anyone in the media pointing out that the DOW is up over 240 points?

Tommorrow Will Be Like A Pre-Election Debate - Time To Man-Up On Online Polls

BREAKING-Sen. Durbin asks Burris to resign!

Tell something about yourself that you have not already revealed here.

Will housing go down another 30%? (PART TWO)

A modest suggestion concerning the promised aid to Gaza

BREAKING: NASA's Orbiting Carbon Observatory satellite crashes during launch!

Take a wild guess what Jindal's response to Obama is going to be about:

I just watched Mrs. Greenspan interview Mike Spence ... she failed to

G.O.P. Rehearsing Grumpy Facial Expressions for Obama's Speech

Calling all cooks: any suggestions with frozen grilled chicken strips?

Reagan's corpse is more charismatic than Jindal.

Reagan's corpse is more charismatic than Jindal.

Best Characters in Fiction Since 1900. NPR's list sucks. Let's make our own!

Oh, GOD I want french fries!

Obama heads into speech with high marks

When Was The Last Time Your Heard Anything About The Franken/c-----n Senate Race On T.V.?

US Troops To Leave Iraq By August 2010: Officials

Rahm Emanuel:“The public wants bipartisanship-We just have to try. We don’t have to succeed."

(??? They can't count either?) First 100 days: The grades are in

Obama heads into speech with high marks

Fiscal Summit: Obama knifes Jindal, the GOP with a velvet touch.

8th-grade author of letter President Obama read to sit with Obama's family tonight

AP: No terror talk: Homeland Security head's new tone

Here's The Latest Piece Of Crap The Repugs Are E-Mailing Blasting The Dems On The Economy.....

My WTF? Moment Last Night: Crazy Town Hall Meeting with My Repug Congressman Dean Heller

My WTF? Moment Last Night: Crazy Town Hall Meeting with My Repug Congressman Dean Heller

Is he kidding? Vitter calls for Burris to resign

Schumer to GOP Govs: No A La Carte

White House Confirms It: There Will Be An Envoy To Darfur

Advance Excerpt From Obama’s Speech Before Congress

What should other DUers give up for Lent?

I got my pony!*

I am the lone poster who stands between the Lounge and the chaos that is, um, everything else.

Republicans don't have an original thought

Is every single posting on craigslist a scam?

Post your favorite funny short youtube vids

Do you really think Jindal is running in '12?

Excerpt from Obama's Address: "We will rebuild, we will recover...emerge stronger than before."

This could be the speech of the New Century.

Make a up a rock band name based on things that piss you off

Dean on next....Hardball (again)


Republicans have no choice but to Cheer the President tonight.....

What type of undead creature is Hugh Hefner?

Prediction Thread...when will Al Franken be seated?

Captain Sullenberger speaks out in Congressional hearing against job cuts, pay cuts, loss of pension

On Hardball: Howard Dean Lauded Obama's Health Care Proposal

Howard Dean on Chris Matthews

Obama's State of the Union Address: An Epitaph for the GOP

Any predictions on Pres. Obama's speech tonight? reaction?

Why is Obama's DoJ Afraid of Forcing Rove/Miers/Bolton to Follow the Law?

Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad (Xbox 360) In stores soon people (PIC HEAVY)

Recommend this thread if you have managed to avoid clicking on the Rush Limbaugh naked threads.

Score one for sustainable food: Obama taps a real reformer, Kathleen Merrigan, for deputy USDA Sec

There is a Presidential speech tonight. Where are the drinking

Stanford had links to funds run by Joe Biden's Brother and Son, Hunter..

Murdoch apologizes for Chimp cartoon (even he knows what it was)

Well whaddaya know? Joe Lieberman did something right for once

Predict the joint session hug of the night.

So no justices, generals and ambassadors tonight, right?

Attitude Break: Happy Mardi Gras, Y'all!

Hilda Solis confirmed: 80 -17

Which cabinet member is staying behind in the safe house tonight?

Which cabinet member is staying behind in the safe house tonight?

Excerpts from Bobby Jindal's Response

Obama To Target Tax Havens In Budget

The GOP's Nutty Negro (Alan Keyes)

Why isn't it called a State of the Union Address? Am I missing some obscure rule?

A freeper weighs in on President Obama's speech

Self delete: Wrong forum

Jindal speech text

Minnesota Court Denies Coleman's Attempt To Un-Count Ballots He'd Previously Agreed To

"2009" according to TiVo the title of this speech is "2009"

Will Michelle Bachmann try to liplock this president?

Obama Dinner-time tradition - Roses and Thorns

I gotta say I am a little peeved about Rachel and Keith goining on and on about a 3 month Iraq delay

John Ensign (R-NV) on Hardball vociferously arguing against the effectiveness of the New Deal

I have a feeling that Pelosi is alot happier tonite than she was at the last SOTU.

I Can't Wait To See The ReThugs Fall All Over Themselves

Here comes our cabinet!!! I'm excited!

Watching people arrive at the President's address, it's obvious why

Obama just kissed Ileana Ros lehtinen!

Predict The Exorcist's Response

Shut up, Williams and Gregory!

So, how could the Repugs prepare for their "response" speech?


Did Shelby just apologize for the birth certificate comment?

I just have to say once again, THANK GOD this man is the President

Whoooo hooooo: live on two UK channels

Obama just served Shelby....

2012- This is the commercial I want to see

More excerpts from tonight's speech....

GOP: sitting in their hands as Obama lists jobs saved

Nobody messes with Joe!

I keep expecting Crash Cart and his side kick Low functioning illiterate man to pop up and yell

I love this man, our President.


I'm sorry..but Hillary

I'm sorry..but Hillary

C-Span's good, try it nt


"I Refuse to Let That Happen"

Nancy Pelozi's been holding back tears since He walked in nt

So who's the guy yelling Fired Up, Ready to Go?

I'm all tingly and excited

PHOTOS The U.S. Capitol building (Feb 24)....beautiful!

Obama vows to lead US from dire 'day of reckoning' (AP)

Rush Limbaugh In the Raw!

Bobby Jindal has to be whimpering somewhere right about now


This Address to Both Houses is Un-Presidented

I see Democrats standing up and applauding our new President!

Nevermind... (self-delete)


Haha! He just DESTROYED the repukes!

This guy is good.

"With the deficets we inherited..."



"The United States of America does not torture"

who's that lone fucker (republican) who's not clapping for anything?

Obama voters OFF THE CHART on MSNBC

Ummm,Are We Allowed To Hero Worship Just a Bit Now?

OMG why am I crying

How can you not stand and clap for Children's Health Care...

I support our President 100%, on each and every issue

ANyone watching the Audience Reacton on MSNBC?

one pitch.....home run!!

Obama Practiced this Speech Just Once

Latest from Freeperville: "This is not happening...this is not happening...(sigh)"

THANK. GOD. This man is the president.

Out of the Park..................nt

Can you imagine instead of Obama & Biden up there tonight

Nancy Pelosi suffers from 'EXCESSIVE HAPPINESS' LOL!!

Did they just grumble?

I don't remember how Bush spoke at his SotU mumblings.

I don't remember how Bush spoke at his SotU mumblings.

My favorite moment of the speech (on MSNBC):

BRAVO!!!!!! GREAT SPEECH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tweety says he's not impressed with Jindal

Those Repubs will probably put the signed programs on Ebay

Remarks of President Obama to Joint Session of Congress

*** Rate Obama's speech ***

He forgot Mars!

haha. Mood on Fox News Channel is very somber...


Where was the Human Animal Hybrids? Damn him!

When bush was pres I don't recall so Many asking for autograph

President Obama Is BLOWING AWAY the Repuks

"Oh God"

This is the guy Republicans say is their Obama?

WTF??? Did He Just Mutter "OH GOD!!!" As He Approached The Podium???

Savings accounts? What?

Newsvine Poll

CSPAN 2 has live Congressional reactions. n/t

Take that, you fat nasty ugly piece of crap, addict Limbaugh, at least the parts

Were the Repugs standing more than they were sitting during the applause breaks?

So what is Exorcist Bobby going to say after that speech?

Juan Williams can go screw off

Did y'all hear Tweety under his breath just now?

WTF??!! Why did NBC just switch to an infomercial...


DU to Boobie Jindal: "Aw shaddup, ya fuckin' rodent!"

I'm thinking that Obama is just getting warmed up - we ain't seen nothing yet.

Republicans Speech is WAY to SIGN SONGY - Sounds like a used car salesman.

Why do I picture a country western kids show when I hear Bobby Jindal?


Create your own Random Album Cover!

Is Bobby Jindal trying out for a kids' show? LMAO at this reading. HAHAHAHA.

This is the guy Republicans say is their Obama?

Jindal: ME ME ME ME ME

so ends the political ambitions of

Show and Tell with Bobby Jindal

My son's birthday would be tomorrow. Fucks me up every year since he died.

If Jindal breaks into "Won't you be my neighbor" I would not be surprised.

Doesn't Jindal realize that Katrina happened under Republican Bush's watch

Dennis Kucinich has been inspired.

"Americans can do anything, little boys and girls"

He looks like howdy doody! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!

Create new jobs by lowering taxes for working families?

Who heard Chris Matthews go..."OH GOD!!"

Jindal cannot pronounce "president"

Mr. Rogers is giving the rebuttal!!!

Rachel Maddow's statement to Olbermann

Buzz kill coming

Jindal, mix between Howdie Doodie and Mr. Rogers, with a dash of Mickey Mouse! LOL!

Anyone hear Matthews say "Oh God" as Jindal walked out?

Let's repeal the 22nd Amendment

Hey kids - Let's clean out the barn and put on a show!

Bobby Jandal Sound Sutpid

Jindal sounds like Mr. Rogers

The Disneyland to Vegas LIE yet a formal speech, are you kidding me????

It's weird I was watching the presidential address and switched to to the weather for a minute.

Jindal: "Screw those volcanos!"

Jindal's "Response" Makes Me Think Of This...


Oooooh, "dangerous enemies!"

Did you all hear Olberman just before Jindal showed up?


Hey! Did you know New Orleans is all A-OK!

"Hi. I'm Bobby Jindal". He sounds like he's selling Shamwows.

Is it me who found the "half UNDER WATER" comment uncool?

Stuttering bobby

"We believe Americans can do anything"

We PROMISE, We Wont Fuck You In The Ass Yet AGAIN!!!

"We don't believe in increasing government dependence..." HA HA HA HA HA

Republicans hate Americans that live near Volcanoes - Your on your own.

Republicans hate Americans that live near Volcanoes - Your on your own.

And.. the award goes to .. Slumdog Millionaire!,, LoL

Jindal/Palin in 2012!!!!!!

Jindal is Kenneth from 30 Rock n/t

Jindal sounds like he's on Sesame Street! LMAO!

I swear that this Jidahl speech reminds of a dentist trying to pitch a whitening product

Ok, which one of you crafty infiltrators posted this at freeperville?

Why can't Jindal read a teleprompter...?!

Jindal Wants The USA to look like Lose-E-ana

Pet peeve of mine - Strength pronounced "stren-th"

"...we place our hope in you, the American people." Translation:

I hope Louisiana voters call up Jingo and let him know he is a fool.

My eyes are officially rolling back into my head

Olberman announced that Lou Dobbs is self steaming after Matthews statement.

Martin Luther King Jr is smiling right now

I guess Arnold is going INDEPENDENT now...

I like the comment about how dropping out of High School is "quitting on your country"nt

For the love of God and all that is holy

Their douchebaggery knows no bounds, it seems.

"We don't believe in increasing government dependence..." HA HA HA HA HA

Buzzkill? Hardly. I"m laughing my ass off right now!


What should have been scrolling at the bottom of the screen during Jindal's speech:

The red siglines are disappearing! How will we know who was who?! Oh noooo!

Saturday Night Live is going to have a field day with Gov. Jindal

Axlrod is on fox now

Sarah Palin must be breathing a huge sigh of relief...

Hey guys, mark this day down, its the end of Jindal's national career in Politics

Did... you know...that...a thinner.. lipspitted.. version of the Governor of Louisiana?

Should the GOP nominate Jindal as their 2012 presidential nominee?

CONFESS! Who is your favorite literary character?

CONFESS! Who is your favorite literary character?

Is Jindal selling a Sham Wow?

The official run Bobby run thread. Check in to encourage him to run for President in 2012.

Rachel Maddow....I LOVE HER ON JINDAL!!!

So Obama comes out and talks about taking the country out of the


THIS is the Republicans' rising star?

We are watching the end of Bobby Jindal's political career

Well "Bobby" just had the shortest presidential run in history...

Mitt has to he grinning from ear to ear.

I'm an idiot. I have no idea what Bobby is talking about

Jindal: "Pershinil reshponsabilatee.... Woshantin.... to be fello chitazins".

Word of Advice. NEVER AGREE TO speak AFTER OBAMA

Bobby Jindal CAN dew annnnnything

Why did MSNBC just go to an infomercial?

Jindal is the best the Republicans have. Him and Palin.

Juan Williams RIPPING Jindal, said his speech was a failure...haha

Jindal speech. Golden Reader books wrote it.

Sarah Palin is a BIG winner tonight. Her chances against Jindal went way up tonight!!!


Well our drinking game words here were "jobs" "stimulus" .........and "tax cuts" for Jindal

Sweet Jesus. Jindal speaking as to a room of 5 year olds.

I would gladly pay $100 to see Rahm's reaction to Jindal right now

Could Bobby Jindal be more overrated?

The Time of Reckoning (NY Times)

Fox is trashing Bobby's speech

My new nickname for Robert Gibbs = "Gibby"

My senator Barbara Boxer looks freaking fantastic

Palin/Jindal 2012.... another winning ticket for the Democrats :) n/m

I don't remember hearing a presidential address I actually LIKED before tonight.

"Hi. My Name. Is. Bobby. Jindal."

David Brooks just said that Jindal's speech was...

Did Jindal just walk out of the rest room?

Jindal Blogging

We now return you to the nonstop GOP Palin wank-a-thon.

Thanks, Bobby, for telling me not to worry about

Obama is CHANGING this Nation!

I just got home from a Fat Tuesday happy hour and all I have seen of Obama's speech this is clip....

Batting clean up for the Dems...Babe Ruth, Repukes counter with Mendoza!

Jindal-Palin 2012!

Cliff notes of Jindal:

Piyush Jindal made Carribou Barbie sound scholarly. SHEEESH!!

Jindal: A Drac?

Obama Takes Jab At Bush Policies: ‘A Surplus Became An Excuse To Transfer Wealth To The Wealthy’


I just turned on Fox

Obama references a letter from a 7th-grader...

PHOTOS No offence (at all) to the haters....but can we have one night of hero-worshiping?

Just got back to TV and thought I heard KO say Dean was coming on?? nt

Insiders leak Jindal lipsinked speech - actual voice was Kenneth of 30 Rock

So when President Obama gets back to the White House tonigh...

Obama's response to the 7th grader.


Uh-oh. Even Free Republic doesn't like it.

Romney v. Jindal

Seriously, is Jindal an asshole or what?

A Politico (gag) writer just wrote this on Twitter

Flash CNN/Opinion Research poll:

ROFLOL! Why would we want to monitor volcanos?!??!

Why Bobby Jindal talks to everyone like their children:

Why does Bobby Jindal hate America?

Okay, I'm calling it. Palin/Jindal '12

Hey Jindal!! You and that sheriff work for "THE GOVERNMENT"

Jindal's speech reminds me of something, what was it? ... oh yeah

Republicans CAN DO ANYTHING!!!!

I'm not a reflexive Obama fan,

Please God let them pass Bankruptcy Modification soon.

FOX JUST SAID - "The Speech read better than it was delivered" - FOX CALLED IT, REPUBLICANS FAILED!

Matthews had best line: GOP outsourced their response with Jindal's incomprehensible screed

Obama is SO

Do you think Robert Gibbs really wants to jump up and click his heels right about now?

This is Jindal's response to the President, a campaign speech? Ugh.

How many times did he mention 9/11, torture rooms, terra?!

Bobby Jindal is terrifying.

LOL I I Love How Obama Made The Asses Get Up And Clap.

Instant Analysis: Great speech from the President!!! Why was Pelosi wearing that thing?!?

"Who was... Bobby Jindal?"

PHOTOS to compare and contrast:

Obama's education speech left my voice tired and hands raw

I cannot believe this, the Republican Party is sinking lower and

This is birth certificate BS has led at least one soldier to insubordination, its getting DANGEROUS

President Barack Hussein Obama is one of the most mature human beings I've ever witnessed.

Rachel re: Jindal - "Ah-ba-ba-ba"

Anyone else feel like you were just patronized?

HELP! If you have the Jindal speech please post. I can only find the "text:


We need more "Prime Time" TV like this.

Jindal's speech reminded me of one tv character from start to finish:

Animal lovers please help. My Beagle had a tumor and I am scared to death

Jindal - Americans can do ANYTHING

We are not QUITTERS!!!!

New Republican PAC announced P(iy)USH On....

Why was Jindal chosen to give the response?

Jindal makes total sense, except for one wee tiny little fact;

Thank you to the DUer who gave me a star.

Eric cantor (f-fail) was just on Fox, look out Jindal!

JINDAL VIDEO!!!!! for those of you who couldn't watch the magic!

Please DU this Phoenix poll-Results will be on the local news

Help us Joe the Plumber, you're our only hope.


You want to see the PROPER way to give a rebuttal speech?

Dies it say anywhere that the Anti-christ has to be a male...

GOP is serving up all their morons now so that they can present

The Republican Party Outsourced Their Response Tonight....

Jindal Speech = "Oh YEAH, Mister Hotshot Speaking-Like-a-Grownup-pants? Oh YEAH?"

Jindal 2012? Well...they have their doubts in Freeperville.

did you hear Olbermann say "oh god" when Jindal appeared?

Is this Jindal or Mr. Roger's Neighborhood???

I've invented a new word to sum up the MAGIC that is Bobby Jindal: "Articuliciousness"

Rachel is destroying Jindal! It's sweet!

Presidential Historian Beschloss said Obama's speech was a landmark speech

Hey Jindal those bureaucrats who wouldn't let your Katrina rescuers put their boats in the water....

Republican Ed Rollins on CNN: It was a good night for Sarah Palin (re: Jindal's flat performance)

Did anyone else hear Keith as they showed Jindal walking out say.

So, let me get this straight, Palin, Jindal and Steele are the great hopes of the GOP?

Obama to withdraw most troops from Iraq by August 2010

Who thinks Repubs will dump Jindal for CANTOR?!

It feels really good....really, really, really, good! Doesn't it?

Why was Bobby Jindal sober?

Bunning: If NRSC Runs Candidate Against Me, I'll Sue!

ONE TRILLION USD = 5 MILLION $200,000 homes paid for in cash.

Let's just let the Volcanos Blow...

Freepers are so dumb they're actually criticizing Obama

Jindal's the dumbest person alive. He's against monitoring volcanoes!? WTF!!

FauxNews Propagandist Brit Hume: "This was not Bobby Jindal's greatest oratory moment."

Obama is like the Democrats Reagan. Thats why Republicans can't stand it

They should of had Jindal come down those steps like Scarlett O'Hara.

Would somebody please explain what made Bobby J. an up-and-comer before tonight.

Talk about a man with a vision! And can express it, to boot!

Isn't it great that we have a President who isn't a fucking idiot?

Wow, Gunga Dim's speech is special.

Fuck Lame Ass Jindal! Let's get back to talking about our Great President!

GOP thoughts......"Why didn't "Our President" speak like this guy"??

Envision our CIC on that float, hand in hand with Carnival Queen, Viviane...

Who are those 2 old white headed dudes who have never stood up YET??

He Just Broke Up What's Left of the Republican Party

I thought the speech was just OK.


MSNBC Has A Poll Up On Tonight's Speech... You Know What To Do !!!

Video - Someone on MSNBC saying "Oh God" before Jindal's appearance

What the hell's the problem with being hopeful?

Jindal's "government bureaucrats stopped Katrina rescue boats" yarn...what's the REAL story?

Jindal proves to be just another lying repug scumbag - lies about Obama quote - and gets burned

Predictably you all attack Jindal's delivery in avoidance of his underlying message.

Gov. Huntsman (R-UT): Republican Congressional Leadership 'Inconsequential' and Hypocritical

"Oh God"

Alright, at the risk of sounding negative...

Did Bobby Jindal remind anyone else of Kenneth from 30 Rock?

Dean Baker: Why Doesn't the Government Own Citigroup Outright?

Truly the greatest photo I have seen all week:

Andrew Sullivan on Kenneth Jindal's response

Let's hear it for Michelle!

Eliminate No-Bid contracts in Iraq. Bye bye, Halliburton?! YAY! nt

Republican Party: Please do not nominate Jindal in 2012.

Republican senator says U.S. must rethink Cuba ban

Obama - A Missed Opportunity?

PHOTOS Bobby Jindal Steps Up His Campaign For 2012

GD Poll to possibly add DU to Groups calling for Special Prosecutor for Bush/Cheney et al

Report: Schwarzenegger Considered Party Switch

Organic foodies love Obama again

Hillary outscores Obama in digital diplomacy

CNN POLL: 68% very positive, 24% somewhat positive, 8% negative. 82% like his economic plan.

Jindal seemed so creeeepy on TV

CNN is trying soooo hard to prop up the funky Republicans.

*The Kiss* My poem for the open mic tonight...

Miami banker who gave away $60 million gets front-row seat to Obama speech

New Miami Herald columnist refers to President Obama as "Predator-in-Chief"

Tweety Says "Oh God" Before Jindal Reponse? (VIDEO)

Burris refuses to resign despite plea from Durbin

First Lady's Guests for Joint Session of Congress

Freepers' Response to Jindal - LIVE THREAD

Sorry, President Obama--but the US did not "invent" the automobile

OK - Top 10 Music Artists from 1990-today

Of Course there is a HUGE NEGATIVE to seeing Jindal IMPLODE tonight....

Jindal forgot to mention that he's destroying Higher Ed in Louisiana

"Bobby Jindal Is Good"! Exclusive Photos Of Our Next President !

"Xenophobia is good for the workers"?

After Northern Trust "Party," Kerry Introduces Legislation to End Lavish Spending by Bailed Out Bank

Bobby Jindal, the next

Rush Limbaugh Naked

Bobby Jindal is a jackass. That doesn't mean racism targeting him should be encouraged here.

Well, what in the hell kind of Presidential Address was that?

PHOTOS From Tonight (Feb 24) UPDATED

Two fucking trillion dollars of savings identified

10 minutes ago: Dodd asks Bernanke if the Community Reinvestment Act was the problem

Oh, For Heaven's sake, is This The Change we were promised?

What's wrong with a train to Sin City?


U.S. Clears Path to Bank Takeovers

US Democratic Leaders Mull Ideas for Energy Independence

Islamic financiers meet as downturn bites business

Release Binyam torture data - (British) MP

Zimbabwe 'illegal gold sale bid'

UBS deal seen dimming Swiss franc's haven appeal

World stocks hit lowest in nearly 6 years

Protesters surround offices of Thai prime minister

Veteran Mideast Envoy Ross Named to Advise Clinton on Iran Strategy

Google's Gmail service crashes across world

Harvard expert nominated for key Pentagon post

US Official: Gaza reconstruction aid to top $900M


India calls for Sri Lanka civilian safe zones

China governor apologizes for deadly mine blasts

Japan to pay Afghan police salary

Hong Kong sex scandal star in court over explicit photos

North Korea says it will put satellite into orbit

China formally demands halt of bronze heads sale (Update)

China closes Tibet to foreign tourists: agencies, hotel

Judge questions law giving telecoms immunity

North Korea 'plans rocket launch'

In lawsuit over campaign ad, McCain claims he was a puppet for Republican National Committee

US 'CO2 hunter' set for lift-off

Khmer Rouge 'First Lady' in Cambodia court tirade

EXCLUSIVE: Unions Ask Geithner to Deny Bailout Plea From Lobbying-Mad Financial Firm

Apparent murder-suicide involves Nellis airman (was being treated for PTSD after Iraq tour)

Paris appeals court acquits ex-Guantanamo inmates

China hails 'positive results' of Clinton visit

Blast kills 4 U.S. coalition troops, Afghan civilian

U.S. home prices tumble at record pace

Murdoch sorry for NY Post cartoon seen as racist

Robert Murdock Apologizes for Cartoon: "The Buck Stops With Me"

Rocket With NASA Global Warming Satellite Crashes

Report: Safety net failing Michigan's poor

U.S. Is Pressed to Add Billions to Bailouts

UK blocks publications of Iraq war discussions

Malfunction hits Nasa CO2 sat

Revocation of water permit may delay third reactor, groups say (North Anna -Va.)

Out of Congress and still out of work (Some former members of Congress yet to find jobs)


Straw blocks publication of pre-Iraq war discussion

Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger To Congress: Pay Has Been Cut 40 % In Recent Years-Pension Terminated

Greece: Man held for acid attack on union official

Judge says he will grant Delphi request to end benefits for 15,000

Public to feds: Help regular folk first

Spain may take Guantanamo inmates

GOP governor: Congressional leadership 'inconsequential'

Officials: US troops to leave Iraq by August 2010

Stanford Had Links to Fund Run by Bidens: Report

Home Depot posts loss after charges

Gov. Palin's office defends per diem payments

Taliban 'receives $6M for Swat ceasefire'

Senate clears way for approval of D.C. voting rights bill

Jordan's Water is Radioactive - Source Unknown

Minnesota Court: No To Coleman, And Yes/No/Maybe To Franken

Obama to tap Locke for Commerce nominee

Anti-gay remarks raise ruckus in Utah Senate

Supreme Court: Idaho can stop union political deductions

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday February 24

Iraqi police shoot dead four US soldiers: ministry

Bush surprises students with visit to SMU

Marine One Upgrade Now Looks Less Likely

Shooting spree injures six on St. Charles Avenue parade route

Medtronic plans workforce reduction

U.S. Loses Key Appeal In AIPAC Staffers’ Case

Home Prices in 20 U.S. Cities Tumbled 18.5% in December, Biggest Drop Ever

Palin to reimburse state for family travel

Coleman Still Attending GOP Caucus Meetings -- Even Though He's No Longer A Senator

Sullenberger: Pay cuts driving out best pilots

San Francisco's Main Newspaper, the Chronicle, May Shut

Calif. lawmaker proposes legalizing marijuana

Authorities: Helicopter crashes at Xe campus in NC

Northern Trust defends spending on PGA event, parties-Rep.Frank said he's going to ask for $$$ Back

(Sean) Penn In Talks For Plame Film (to play Ambassador Joseph Wilson)

Liberal Coalition Says Forget the Truth Commission, Bring on the Special Prosecutor

Iraq killing charges against U.S. soldier dropped

Hearst says cuts needed or SF Chronicle may be closed

Bold Obama Vows America Will Recover (Sputtering Economy: "I Refuse to Let That Happen")

Bunning: ‘I would have a suit’ if Republicans recruit an opponent

Rove to local GOP: 'You have a pretty easy message'

Rep. H Solis Confirmed by Senate as Labor Secretary

Clinton warns Israel over delays in Gaza aid

Citing Cost, States Consider Halting Death Penalty

Schumer to GOP Govs: No A La Carte

Northern Trust Defends Lavish Spending (despite taking bailout money)

Man Threatens President Obama

Fix banks first, growth will follow: Bernanke

Tailban leader in Pakistan announces long-term cease-fire (Update)

Palin bill seeks $461 million in stimulus projects

Senate will advance torture commission...Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse: "This is going to be big."

(WH) Officials: US out of Iraq in 19 months (Obama to make the announcement this week)

Miami banker who gave away $60 million gets front-row seat to Obama speech

Scandal-plagued Republican says Burris should resign

Mumbai attackers’ phones traced to Italy, US

U.K. Blocks Publications of Iraq War Discussions

Britons flee French island of Guadeloupe as rioters turn on white families

MP Breaks Language Law in Turkey

US senator hosts anti-Islamic Dutch lawmaker

Ex-Atlanta cops get prison for drug raid killing(92 Year Old Woman)

Naomi Klein wins $90,000 (Britain's University of) Warwick Prize for 'The Shock Doctrine'

'Liberal bias?' IU professors find network TV election coverage favors Republicans

(Senator) Durbin Asks Burris To Resign; Burris Refuses

Health care costs to top $8,000 per person

That should have been me up there.... with Kurovski looming over my shoulder.

Still Bushed Feb. 23,2009 = ROVE, Lies,

Fred Phelps LOVES Barack Obama

Worst Person Feb. 23, 2009 = Sen. McConnell

Sen. Shelby Questioning Obama's Birth Certificate! DUFUS (AL)

"National Clean Energy Project" - US Democratic Leaders Mull Ideas for Energy Independence

Police fear UK 'summer of rage'

Postal workers set to protest

Iraq museum reopens; 10,000 looted items still missing

Bill Would Legalize, Tax Marijuana - California

In the real world they're........Shutting Detroit Down

Anti-Thaksin Shinawatra Protest in front of the British Embassy in Bangkok

Thailand: Red Shirts Ready For Govt House March : Part 1

Communists hail Soviet army at Moscow protest

Rage Against the Machine to protest Sherriff Joe this Saturday

PBS: What Afghans Think of America and Americans

Can't We All Just Get Along?

Throw this garbage out with the cheese...

Rachel Maddow discusses Afghanistan & counterinsurgency w/ David Kilcullen

Snakes on a Plane!...Seriously

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) to GOP Governors: "Take it or leave it!"

Larry King discusses Darfur with George Clooney

TYT: Another Racial Apology -- Why Was It Unnecessary?

KO and Arianna Huffington discuss Obama admin continuing bad policies wrt Bagram Air Base, invstgtns

Gov. Brian Schweitzer On How The Stimulus Is Playing In Montana

Obama says 'my helicopter seems adequate to me!'

Democratic Blue Dogs Insist: "Our Will Be Done"

GOP Strategist Phil Musser Wants Jim Bunning (R-KY) Out of Office

CBS News: Campagin 1970: Alabama's Governor's Race (1970)

CBS News: Nixon enlists Governor's aid in the war on drugs (1969)

NBC News: Mob Boss Albert "Lord High Executioner" Anastasia holded up in NJ home (1951)

Good Samaritan becomes victim of US economic crisis

Countdown: Wasserman Schultz on Republicans Rejecting Unemployment Benefits in Stimulus

Dick Durbin asks Roland Burris to resign, he refuses 2.24.09

Norah O'Donnell discusses stimulus politics with Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA)

AP: Consumer Confidence Plummets to New Low

Bernanke: Recession May End in '09

MSNBC: Jane Hamsher on Social Security & Obama

Heal Camden - a Documentary Film - Directed by Chris Barrett

President Barack Obama on Green Jobs

Sean Penn Speech Open the Debates

Young Turks: Republican Governor Offers Prayers Instead of Money?!

Extraordinary Rendition

DeFazio: Bush Debt Costs $2.2 MILLION Per Minute!

Barack Obama on College Funding

Sen. Durbin Asks for Sen. Burris Resignation

Scott Ritter and Seymour Hersh

British Justice Secretary Vetoes Publication Of Iraq War Minutes

Lou Dobbs Talks With AL Sharpton

Center for American Progress Animation: How the Recovery Works (pass on to any naysayers)

Hardball: Howard Dean on Healthcare Reform

Naomi Wolf - Not Even Obama Can Take On Special Interests

Obama Address: Holding Banks Accountable

AP: Obama to Congress - We Need to Restart Lending

Obama Address: "Health Care Reform Cannot Wait, Will Not Wait, Must Not Wait Another Year"

100,000 for Equality!

Obama Address: "Surplus Became an Excuse to Transfer Wealth to the Wealthy..."

Jindal LIES to America = Debunked High Speed Rail TP

COALergy: "Smudge"

Karl Rove tells Congress "**** ***" = NO SHOW

McDonald's Defends Denying Worker's Comp Claim

11 Year Old boy shoots Mother in PA (reaction)

Rep. DeFazio: For Repubs to Say They're For Fiscal Responsibility is Laughable

Obama - Two Trillion In Wasteful Spending To Be Eliminated

TYT: Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. Continues To Lose $$$

1600 PA Ave: Firedoglake founder Jane Hamsher & TYT 's Cenk Uygur on President Obama's Speech

Hardball: Howard Dean on Obama Health Care Reform: "Medicare Works"

TYT: Cenk's Thoughts On Sean Penn's Acceptance Speech

NBC news: Critics attack Ford/Greenspan economic policies (1975)

Purge? RNC's Steele Says Renegades May Be Cut Off

Obama Address: "United States Does Not Torture - We Can Make That Committment Tonight"

NBC News: Secretary of State George C. McGhee on conflict over Iranian oil (1951)

CNN Poll: 95% Want Marijuana Legalized!

Begala on CNBC's Santelli: "Every circus has a clown."

Healthcare vs. Health Insurance Companies

Dennis Kucinich: "Lets Move From Bank Care To Health Care!"

Young Turks: Cenk's Post-Game Comments on Obama's Speech

Pfizer's Chemical/Biological Weapons Report (archived pdf from The Memory Hole)

Obama Address: 'Nobody Messes with Joe' (Biden & Stimulus)

Buttars Demoted by GOP, Talked Out of Turn

What Part of ‘Stimulus’ Don’t They Get?

The Absence Of Angels In America: An Argument For Anarchy?

Clinton's winning road trip

MSNBC: Rachel Maddow Reacts to Jindal Response - "I'm Absolutely Stunned."

McCain Asks Obama To Give Up The White House

Radio host Boyles mum on crude reference to DeGette

The Big Empty

Jim Cramer: "How I Manipulated The Stock Market, Illegally"

Norah O'Donnell interviews Sen. Thune - Tax cuts are stimulus? Sorry, no, Senator.

Hudson Orwells some Economic Words: None Too Soon!

Who is the right calling "loser"?

Incredible! Republican quotes on Clinton's 1993 stimulus bill and the Depression it will cause

Of Pork and Payback

1,000 Points of Data

Yo Repubs? How’s that “Do Nothing” Strategery Working Out?

Economic Stimulus Package: Jindal, Sanford and Barber to constituents, drop dead!

What Part of ‘Stimulus’ Don’t They Get?

GOP says they're the fiscally responsible party, history disagrees

Ameriquest Mortgage, the Architect Roland Arnal, Conspirator’s Market Crisis

My Baseless Speculation Over Bobby Jindal’s New Web Ads

Sparks Fly from Stimulus Jumping Economy, Dow up +236.16

Why the GOP Really Hates Unions

63% of Americans think GOP is playing politics

Let's Get Get Those Freight Trucks Off the Road and Put America Back on Tracks

That Can’t-Do Spirit - Bob Herbert

The Jindal Response: A Plan for the Next 'Katrina'

Coleman plans to wrap up this week — then it's Franken's turn

The Seven Intellectual Underpinnings of the Obama Code: George Lakoff

Think Progress: Fox Panel Reacts After Bobby Jindal Bombs


There Is No Social Security Crisis

Roofer Picks Up Hooker Half a Block from High School in Camden, NJ

David Horsey: And the Wall Street Oscar goes to....

Republicans Act Like 5 Year Olds

Social Security is under attack by the republicons right now.

Obama Wants to Move the Center Left

Helen finishes Coulter off so we don't have to start

Unhinged in 30 Days: The Right-Wing Media's Obama Era Implosion

'Hard Sun' - Gordon Peterson

Reagan Blooper

Robert Reich: President Obama: Forget the deficit (keep spending!)

Rise in US homeless sparks concern

President Barack Obama on Autism




Daily Drought Watch: California Snowpack at 76%

Center for American Progress: "Wired for Progress - Building a National Clean-Energy Smart Grid"

Aquamarine To Develop 1 GW of Ocean Energy

Most fees for nuke plant would go to investors, not debt

Green IT not helping climate change

Historical Photographs Expose Decline in Florida's Reef Fish, New Scripps Study Finds

The Hottest Spots: Conservation in War Zones

NASA: Launch Mishap Ends OCO (Orbiting Carbon Observatory) Mission

Houseplant pest gives clue to potential new anthrax treatment

Florida trying to undo nuclear plant financing

S. Australia Bracing For More Fires - Intense Heat, High Winds Expected By Weekend

Lost City Of Atlantis? Nope, Sorry - Marine Sonar Tracks - AFP

MIT Projections - Odds Excellent For Global Temperature Rise Of 5C+ In Absence Of Action

Argentina's Worst Drought In More Than 50 Years Pressures Economy, Politicians, Farmers - NYT

Minnesota Peregrine Numbers Rebound - 50+ Statewide Pairs, 93 Fledglings In 2008

Interview W. Lonnie Thompson (OH State) On Loss Of Glaciers Erasing Climate History - Science News

Prosecutors Argue WR Grace Knew For Decades Of Libby, MT Asbestos Risk - To Date, 1,200 Dead Or Ill

Will the recession cut our CO2 emissions? (A: Apparently, not much)

U.S. May Set Greenhouse Gas Standard for Cars

LISTEN UP: 'Green News Report' - February 24, 2009

(Stephen Harper's) About-face on the environment (Bush delayed Canada's efforts.)

Jobs hope for offshore power station (North Sea wind energy grid)


Jordan's Water is Radioactive - Source Unknown

Coal out, biomass in

Biomass-coal Fuels Show Promise

Peaks The Size Of European Alps Found Embedded In Antarctic Ice Sheet - Reuters

Well played

Natural Gas Prices Bottom out?

Compact fluorescent light bulbs vs. LEDs?

CRED downplays global warming hand wringing

Could Largest US Coal Reserves Be Overstated By 50%? New USGS Dataset Seems To Say So

Barge (full of biodiesel) signals new 'green' era (but it's headed from New Jersey to Europe)

Guadeloupe Strikes: A Warning to Obama?

Meet the Miami Herald's newest op/ed columnist.

BOREV: Obama Administration Reverses VEN Policy, Only Secretly and Only to the Wall Street Journal

French Prez Congratulates Chavez, Praises Venezuelan Democracy -

For DU'ers who are familiar with record of Jeb Bush's friend, Armando Codina,

Hundreds on Boat Returned to Haiti - 27 children

Call on Congress to reject manipulation of Salvadoran elections.

CALL CONGRESS - Cuba Travel Bill Faces Opposition in House

UN agrees to observer role in Bolivia

If you are in DC 3/10: The Summit of the Americas: US Policy toward the Region under Obama

Remember the Cannon story "Pirates of the Carribean"? Here's the update:

Secret ballot argument against Employee Free Choice Act is a canard

Today in labor history Feb 24 Women and children were beaten by police during a textile strike

Solis Cleared for Senate Confirmation Later Today

MI Senate passes resolution against EFCA--Wading through the RW BULLS**T

"Sacred Secret" Ballot? NOT SO MUCH...

Ask Keith Olberman to help the McDonald's hero

Barkley pleads guilty in Scottsdale to DUI charges

And here's another prediction, Anderson won't even be charged

Classic--he has his ass handed to him in this thread--- and the lock note by the mod is classic.

Who in dog's name is St. cupboyton4??

OTL: Ghosts Of Mississippi

Why is government intimidation okay with the Bonds haters?

Nationals GM Bowden on FBI investigation: 'I'm innocent'

Rapper Xzibit Claims Diddy Tried To Take Him To A Gay Nightclub

Passing Prop 8 (The play book from the men who managed the "Yes on 8" campaign)

Protesters Oppose Hawaii Civil Unions Bill

Rivals want curb on nationalised Citi

Obama’s Mortgage Plan for Fannie, Freddie May Face Legal Snag

Interactive Bank Failure Map

Stocks in Europe, Asia Decline; MSCI World Falls for 11th Day

Who watched Drag Race yesterday evening for the VIVA GLAM shoot?

Latvia's Center-Right Government Resigns Amid Crisis

I am beginning to wonder about all insurance co's.

Fed Urges Banks to Put Bailout Funds Into Loans, Not Dividends

Tax info on buying a home right now?

Delete, oops wrong place, finger slipped

Bobby Jindal is screwing up the recovery..

The Bailout Drug

Stanford had links to fund run by Bidens: report

Case-Shiller: 2008 Home Prices Hit Record Declines

The Abyss Stares Back

Thoughts on Obama's address?

‘There will be blood' - Harvard financial guru predicts prolonged financial hardship, civil wars

Raiding Your 401(k) to Refinance

"The Formula that Killed Wall Street"

Interested in feed-back from DU's economic mavens

Officials fear US may cut military aid

ADL: Amnesty denying Israel the right to defend itself

Israel's Arab citizens deserve better than Lieberman

Jerusalem: No plans yet to raze Arab homes in area designated for park

The real Israel-Palestine story is in the West Bank

Syria 'builds missile facility on ruins of destroyed nuclear reactor'

Dutch protesters threw shoes at a Israeli reservist soldier during a speech in Amsterdam.

Abbas security forces free Hamas prisoners in West Bank

Lebanese in Shock Over Arrest of an Accused Spy

Two ex-AIPAC lobbyists charged with divulging defense secrets win court ruling

Clinton warns Israel over delays in Gaza aid

Gaddafi: Israel, not Sudan, to blame for crisis in Darfur

Israeli spying a major setback for Hizbollah

Heavily Jewish Brooklyn food co-op mulls ban on Israel produce

Israel's Peres ushers in right-leaning parliament


Congressman Wants Military Aid To Israel Reassessed

Gene could allow lab-grown teeth

B Vitamins May Prevent Vision Loss in Older Women, New Study Finds

Mechanisms that prevent Alzheimer's Disease: Enzymatic activity plays key role

Soybean Product Fights Abnormal Protein Involved In Alzheimer’s Diseas

Thanks Health Forum. I learned something very interesting.

Chili peppers help to unravel the mechanism of pain

Mom who crushed baby says don't co-sleep

In the Open at Last, a Secret All Women Share

Rapper Lil Wayne to face NY gun charges after tour

Swiss to vote on tighter gun controls

(Supreme) Court upholds conviction in guns case (Lautenberg ademdment)

Gun Buyback Bill Passed, Then Recalled (VA)

Measure to keep gun offenders behind bars wins early approval (MD)

Lawmakers get new shot to close gun permit records (TN)

Proposed Gun License Law Has Some People Concerned (HR 45)

Russell Predicted Economic Downturn In 2006 Debate With NutCase Brown-Waite!

Liberals Use Supreme Court Gun Case to Bolster Other Rights

Bill to limit sales of handguns falters (NJ)

'Sinful' city buses stoned by ultra-Orthodox Jews

Another delay for joint pay system

3 soldiers, interpreter killed in Iraq

GI had offered to plead guilty in fragging case

Poll: U.S. public backs Afghanistan troop plan

Soldiers still waiting for stop-loss bonuses

Green Beret: Afghan man lunged before I fired

Soldier found dead in German barracks named

Trial begins for O-2 accused in detainee death

Coast Guard searches for overboard soldier

Rep. brings Tricare experience to Hill

Taliban pledges cease-fire in NW Pakistan area

One tough NCO

Va.-based National Guard unit returns to U.S.

18 Ike sailors punished over exam

Crew adjusts to unique duty: hijacker jail

The evolution of MCMAP

Corps updates leave guidance for new fathers

Tenn. Marine Reserve unit returns home

Top missileer: Inspections improving nuclear surety

Special Forces soldiers die in IED attack

Peterson workers file petition over Obama pic

Predator crashes in Iraq; 2nd this month

Operation in Diyala tests ‘clear, hold and build’ strategy, Iraqis’ ability

Seaman answers to prosecutors

GI Bill could mean uneven scholarships

GI charged with attempted murder unfit to stand trial

Judge is no stranger to false claims

Report: U.S. soldier dies of hypothermia in Bolzano, Italy

Disruptions at Humphreys likely in July

Obama: Marine One helicopters under review

Released Detainee en Route to Britain

US, Iraq Forces Launch Operation in North

Vet Groups Want Cap on New GI Bil

Army Fields 10,000th MRAP

Forecaster Couldn't Predict IA Impact

Secretary Clinton Visits Yokota

Iraq Museum Looted During US Invasion Reopens

Air Force puts a mandatory German driving test online

USS Scranton Deploys in Newest Uniform

Training on hold for ensigns in bird death case

Narrow Streets...

Strong face


A warm moment on a chilly day on the Embarcadero....

Pelican Row

Does anyone else get orbs in their pictures?

Am I crazy?

does anyone have a board they could share, that is active

A strange post about "Junk Suit".

This "higher vibration" thing . . .

Did anyone else notice the faces on the Republicans

I am SO Thrilled and Proud that I helped Election President Barack Obama

Beaker-Ready Projects? Colleges Have Quite a Few

From One Genome, Many Types of Cells. But How?

Politics in the Guise of Pure Science

Galaxy hunt draws massive traffic (BBC) {distributed computing project}

Fish with transparent head!

Peter Kennedy Vs Rome

Are you giving up anything for lent?

IF you are fasting or denying yourself something for Lent, WHY are you doing it?

PA official: Peace process dead

Eating a delish lunch salad

Whats for Dinner? ~ Tuesday the 24rd

I could have sworn I recently read a report on DU about how US schools lag behind

Obama on Autism and special ed funding

The 3 R’s? A Fourth Is Crucial, Too: Recess

Hutchison trouncing Perry, Democratic pollster finds TX Freedom Network

I sympathize with the Australians...

Hong Kong sex scandal star in court over explicit photos

I didn't know Harper was joking when suggesting cuts to arts funding.

Before I get the parts to build a new computer I would appreciate advise.

Wolf Blitzer just said that Kerry will be on

JK coming up on CNN...

Appeal for Pakistan aid in US-Afghan 'terror' review

Senator Kerry On President Obama's Congressional Address

If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear - as we are frequently told

Government blackmailing Royal Mail workers and the public?