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What Attracts you to another person as a potential date/mate?

What Attracts you to another person as a potential date/mate?

"You commie, homo-loving sons of guns."

"You commie, homo-loving sons of guns."

I remember Rachel Corrie

Well, I am off to see "Milk" and "The Wrestler"

Willing to buy: the link to Sean Penn's acceptance speech

Many Oscar winners display their Oscars in the bathroom

Paul Krugman:Banking on the Brink

Jeff Ballabon the new CBS Senior Vice President of Communication:Democrats are inherently bad people

Freddie Mac investigates self over lobby campaign!

Excellent review of Oscars

Check-in Thread for DUers Who'd Like Check-in Posts to Include a Link to Action

Senator Hollingsworth vs.Shamu...calls on "God Squad" for help! (I kid you not)

Idaho bill would amend Human Rights Act to include sexual, gender orientation

A Contest! Name That Law!

Philly Inquirer, Daily News,, file for Chapter 11

Am I the only one that thinks most of the MSM is burying the Robert Allen Stanford story?

When did spoiled brat, smart ass Italia Federici plead guilty?

On Bill Maher's show they were talking about a movie made by

"A Resounding NO to Gov. Mark Sanford" (new on Facebook )

"Understanding the Next Phase of the Global Systemic Crisis"

I'm glad the Democratic party has evolved beyond benchmarks

Who said this?

Mexican drug dealers support my local economy

Anyone watching this interview on Today about the documentary about Sarah?

Sean Penn: Best Actor Oscar gives great proposition 8/Obama acknowledgement SPEECH (Video)

Philly newspaper owner latest to file Chapter 11

Paypal security update question

It seems that right-wing has set their sights on the 17th Amendment

You all picking up the latest Repub comebacks?

C-Span caller gives definition to a Blue Dog Democrat

The Wisdom of Protectionism. The Madness of Free Trade (Part 1)

India’s Terror Stance Vexes Obama Amid Voter Ire at Pakistan

Last night God "Hated" Fred Phelps - but we all knew that anyways

Citigroup Nationalization Talk of Gov Stake Causes 40% Stock Rally

Stimulate me... Now what?

Food for thought: Quotes on runaway corporatism and privatization

The President Reads 10 Letters a Day from the Public

Can Congress stop the wars?

Can anyone get to Is it down?

Can anyone get to Is it down?

Bush declines hardware store job

U.K. - Police fear 'summer of rage' with middle-class protests

McCain shilling......

Sen. Bunning (R-KY): Justice Ginsberg Has Nine Months To Live

Siegelman believes Rove will never testify truthfully

AlterNet: Screw Big Chain Franchises: Support Your Local Bar!

a solution out of this mess

Jobs Still Elude Some Bush Ex-Officials

Soros Says Upheaval Marks End of Free-Market Era That Started Under Reagan

Conyers is not in Washington D.C. this morning.

Dollars & Sense: Time for Permanent Nationalization

Any word on whether Kkkarl is going to show up today?

Soldiers still waiting for tour bonuses

Obama nixed full surge in Afghanistan - Asia Times

Proposals to change Supreme Court organization....what do you think?

NCLB renamed? How 'bout Act to Help Children Read Gooder?

Jim Bunning Another Loud Mouth Republican Idiot

If anyone is responsible for increasing taxes- Republicans are.

DCCC targets 12 Republicans on stimulus

Freedom from religion and 2nd hand athesists.

Suspend military aid to Israel --

TurdBlossom watch: Rove is due before the Judicial Committee in two minutes

Obama pledges $15B for Medicaid, answers critics

ChicagoTrib: Chicago lender owned properties (REOs) jumped 575% in three years

Be a hero on your own time (says McDonald's)

GOP Vulture Forecasts Justice Ginsberg's Death Anticipating an Opening for Conservatives

Hypocrisy Alert! Remember How Republicans Supported John McCain's Foreclosure Plan?

Republicans weigh strategies to employ over the next two years ....

Condoleezza Rice agrees to a three-book deal

KTLK website - Randi WILL be back.

"All my life I’ve had a choice of hate or love. I’ve always chosen love and I’m here."

Bare Naked ......

Nude Carnivale Queen Paints Obama On Her Leg

look out! BREAKING: Beer No Longer Recession-Proof

I just tried watching CNBC.

Rift Over Stimulus Embroils G.O.P.

The Department of Defense Contractors

The Department of Defense Contractors

**Obama LIVE now on MSNBC giving solid speech at economic gathering in the WH!!**

U.S. Stocks Fall, Sending Market Below Lowest Close Since 1997

If it were free, what medical proceedure would you want today?

Phil Gramm was right

Why in the heck was this guy allowed to keep his Driver's License?

Hidden headline in Binyam Mohamed case: 1 in 4 CIA ops in UK!

The RW Media Propaganda Campaign Continues - CBS Chooses GOP Operative As SR VP

Diesel Falling Below Gas as Valero, Total Expand Supply, Boosting VW Jetta

GOP's problem revealed

SNL's Last Survivor (Huffington Post) about Tom Davis, Al Franken and SNL

What CAN'T the Dems Try to Change?

UN: New York Expected To Lose Up To 100K Finance Jobs

People have to stop buying into the language "entitlement"

American Express Pays Cardholders $300 to Close Out Accounts

Old racists die, but hate-filled actions linger

Let me re-frame the Drug Debate in different terms

In Search Of An Honest Debate

Interesting read: CA Republicans are at each other's throats!

Competition and competitiveness in America

I see John Ziegler is being given a platform on GE-NBC for the Palin doc.. Why?

Between crooked and heartless employers...

What is the impact of banks that own our homes, cars, and credit becoming "nationalized"?

TIME: Pay Wall Street Less? Hell, Yes

Did the citizens of Republican-led states agree to secede from the Union?


Free-market terrorist Thomas Woods blames REGULATION for the market meltdown....

I think I’d rather be water boarded than deal with a car salesperson

Fundies freaked out by 'far-left ideologies' of Obama Justice Dept. picks......

The lenten catholic fish fry is coming up at my parish soon,

Elder's Meditation of the Day - February 23

Humana Health Care's fortunes sinking.......

Here's something for the eco-friendly folks out there....


What is the repuke talking point about the Philippines? Heard a RW caller on Stephanie Miller

Looking for suggestions in my argument with a con

That was the best Academy Awards show I've seen in 30 years. Anyone agree?

Does your business depend on their software?

Today, no one in America hates Prop 8 more than

Unbelievable: Latest Conservative Meme

You heard it here first

Vulture Bunning of KY seems to be implying that GOP will fillibuster Obama SC nominees

Arkansas Presbyterians OK rule on ordination of gays (vote 116-64)

USMC flag display question

Check-in thread for DUers who hate check-in threads

"Reduce the capital gains tax" is the newest screed by the Repugnation

I hear 75% of ex-Bushies can't find jobs. I know where they can apply. I'm compassionate!

60 Minutes Of Truthiness

Stars & Stripes LTTE: PTSD letter should be shared

Fuck Republican Governors:

Kelsey Seybold Clinic, Houston's largest internal medicine group, opts out of traditional Medicare..

Anyone else having trouble with Day Life?

Check-In thread for DUers that have HAD IT with check-in threads!

Gingrey the Doctor won't vote for something unless the conditions are PERFECT

Dollars & Sense: The Great Real Estate Bubble of the 1920s

American Express Pays some Cardholders $300 to Close Accounts..

Should the Media apologize to the country for putting us though four straight months of Gary Condit?

Republicans on prowl for political hopefuls use Craigslist

Bush is hitting the speakers' circuit - offers his thoughts on the power of freedom

I have a question

A question about the stock market

I just received a jury qualification questionnaire for the US Disctrict Court...

Did you think that Sean Penn would be where he is today when he played Spicoli in "Fast Times..."?

Social killing grounds: (eastern ) Europe - Shock Doctrine under our very eyes

President Peter Chernin to leave Murdoch's News Corp.

Anyone else watching coverage of this Fiscal Responsibility Summit?

As the World Turns....

I love it when Repubs insist they lost because they weren't 'conservative enough'....

Al Gore at the National Clean Energy Project forum - pics

Dittohead LOL...Oh, gotta getta a load of this:

Finally! A song that makes you look forward to "Have You Forgotten"!

Mayor out-Foxed his interviewer on Fox News.

Dupe please delete

Do "Conservatives" Have A Credibility Problem With the Country?

Fascinating. But, not if your driving under the influence.

Thanks to Rahm Emmanuel, I am no longer represented by JD Hayworth

And it takes another leg down, just like in the GD.

I know this is not recommended, but I closed the damn Chase account anyway.

I like the way Obama has this bipartisan group on the economy sharing their thoughts on the meeting

India moves to patent yoga poses in bid to protect traditional knowledge

Caption this pic

Flashback - Joseph Stiglitz in 12/07 Predicting Economic Consequences Of Bush

AIG Seeks More US Funds As Record Loss Looms

-News Corp President Chernin leaving-LA Times

A Series of Suicides Unnerves West Point

'Stop-loss' Soldiers Still Waiting for Pay

When will the markets come back?

Need to share a burst out loud laugh. I was looking for a picture of the book Dow 36,000

The Solution to the Budget Deficit: The Peter G. Peterson Intergenerational Fairness Tax Credit

LIFE DIGITS. The spying-on-the-we-the citizens database - what is it's status?

Next years Oscar winner

Mark Sanford, stimulus hater, is inspired by guy who predicted Dow would break 40,000 in 2008

Karl Rove did not show up for his deposition this morning.

Good fugging grief Tweety

The Social Security Fix - so simple and yet so difficult

a comet's heart may have just nailed Earth

Update on lost high school transcripts...

3 U.S. soldiers, interpreter killed in Iraq. They're still dying there!

Sanford Offers Unemployed South Carolina Resident ‘Prayers’ Instead Of Stimulus Funds

Citigroup's Clever Plan to Screw Taxpayers Again

Were there any Republican Presidents

Flashback - September 2007 - George Bush Downplays Growing Mortgage Crisis

The Solution to the Budget Deficit: The Peter G. Peterson Intergenerational Fairness Tax Credit

George H.W. Bush's federal judge appointee skirts sex charges, pleads guilty to obstructing justice

Just think in less than two years there is a real good possibility that we'll have super majorities

Return to me all the money my retirement account has lost in the last 18 months.

Will our Democratic majority in Congress fight against Obama's

DCCC targets 12 Republicans on stimulus

Has Jim Bunning been sipping the Moonshine again?

President Obama to be live shortly on m$nbc

Randi Rhodes and NOVA, Problems? Anyone Have Information?

Recouping the Stimulus

If the government goes to 40% ownership of banks through common shares

Ziegler on Today show this AM:"Palin is NOT a moron!"

New CBS Senior Vice President of Communications Claimed Democrats are Bad People

On a day when the Dow plunged 250 points on economic worries, WHY did the financials go up?

New Congressional GOPs "Playbook" from 20 years ago...

Fighting For YOUR Home?

Pope Snubs Colbert

Who wants seconds.. or thirds.. for that matter..

1924 snowmobile prototype like you've not seen before

1924 snowmobile prototype like you've not seen before

Citigroup's road to nationalization

Phil Gramm Strikes Back!

"As long as the US is committed to a way of life measured entirely by gain, debt is the only weapon"

Obama to name former Abramoff investigator to oversee stimulus spending

Jackson Browne v. John McCain - Heading to Trial?

Internet threat: Hackers swarm bank accounts

Why corporatism must die update: They're discussing universal health care on Bloomberg TV now......

Millions to Be Spent To Help People FInd Jobs

Take back the land Miami

Senate Chairman says he'd investigate Democrats who backed Bush policies

Ratings for Reality Are Down -- Love and Sex Storm Back on TV

Here is an email the right wing is circulating on the stimulus bill

Iraq Minister On War Widows: 'There Are Too Many' To Help

Every Friday, the FDIC closes 3 or 4 more banks....Now the Fed is upping its stake in the megabanks.

Republicans who opposed the stimulus package, and how we address those who accept the funds.

Look at the DOW, look at all economic indicators. How can we afford more war?

Knock, Knock, is anyone listening? - Danny Schechter wants to know

I know the President needs a helicopter, but Jesus, TWENTY-EIGHT of them?

The story behind Dustin Lance Black's speech

My rebuttal to the RW email about the stimulus

Charity Yanks Free House to Vet Over Pot Bust

Hey, YOU! Ya gotta check out the "List of the Day" blog....

Flashback - 6/07 - Bush HUD Official "We may have already seen the worst."

When Asked Whether He Would ‘Consider’ Gay Civil Unions, Steele Replies, ‘What Are You, Crazy?’

Why Not Let Ronald Reagan Be the Real Ronald Reagan?

I'm Scheduling Job Applicants for Interviews with our Company, and I Feel Like Santa Claus

Micron may slash 2,000 jobs......

Kudos, President Obama. That was leadership.

Kudos, President Obama. That was leadership.

Exxon Screws People Affected by its Spill

Today's Worst Person in the World should be...

As the GOP Burns, Some Party Leaders Still Cling to Conspiracy Theory

EU agrees hedge fund controls

Business Loans & Grants

anyone have a link to hear Pres. O speech on economy today?

Television to debut new reality program

AP: Wall Street "experts" say "The government is doing a lousy job of alleviating fears"

Partisanship run amok: The Oscars put political agenda ahead of artistic merit...again

Really?, Howard? "Wall Street Experts"?

What happened to "Sirius Left"?

David Shuster is giving Darrell Issa a SMACK DOWN on 1600!!!

DUers is this true?

LA Times: Beijing's Olympic building boom becomes a bust

OK, so I actually went into a WalMart yesterday.

Parade poll "Does America Still Need Labor Unions? "

Parade poll "Does America Still Need Labor Unions? "

The GOP's efforts at diversity - AKA Bobby Jindal and Michael Steele. Will it work?

KO about to skewer Shelby

I honestly don't think anyone knows what to do to stop this economic free-fall.

ATTN: Log Cabin Repugs.....these are the people you've aligned yourselves with:

Good Job Karen Finney!

I have an idea , lets post all the horror at once . one list

Obama said today he would put the full cost of Iraq and Afghanistan on the budget

CBS chooses right-wing propagandist as its Sr. VP of Communications

Please support Pepsi

It sure does seem like everything is going according to many on DU predicted

Did the SEC overlook Lehman insider trading?

Great-Grandson Raising Money to Buy Gandhi's Personal Belongings at New York Auction

Can someone explain to me what I might have missed by not winding my watch the last few days ..... ?

Flashback -12/07 - National Review Denounces Efforts To Respond To Subprime Crisis

Newt Gingrich Leading Insane Conservative Effort to Close Deficit By Reducing Revenues

What are your opinions on dress codes for clubs?

Rush-lite Red Texas upset that they are getting $6m to help their schools

Stocks Killed, S&P Back To Spring Of '97

Anyone here in the Human Resources field?

Will Universal Health Care Get Done by 2010?

Biofuel gangs kill for green profits

The more I hear and read the less I understand.

Economist Nouriel Roubini made this simple and crucial point in an interview with Reuters.

Anyone else having trouble receiving MSNBC right now?

Police Warn of G20 Protests in 'Summer of Rage'

I'm an Alabama resident: Can we recall Sen Shelby ??

Pawlenty Says Minnesota’s Lone Representation In The Senate Is Hurting The State

With Coleman down in MN Senate count, paper suggests "do-over" election

"Richard Shelby is a punk who has less claim to citizenship in this country than Barack Obama."

As a Consumer: What is your evaluation and prediction of the future so far as your spending

Breaking: AIG will report the biggest loss in US corporate history

(Rapper) Ludacris makes peace with McCain

If you liked Slumdog, there is a movie from 20 years ago called Salaam Bombay

Same-gender marriage? Mormon JIHAD!! Ted Bundy? Not a problem.

Steamroll the motherfuckers!

Solar energy coming soon to sunny Southern California!

Infringement Case Against McCain Advances

"Dear President Obama": The President Reads 10 Letters a Day from the Public...

Bunning apologizes for Ginsburg cancer remark

Bunning apologizes for Ginsburg cancer remark

Rachel's ailing .... Allison Stewart is in for her.

FBI, police bust child prostitution ring

Now what's this I hear about R. Allen Stanford laundering money?

Pentagon says Guantanamo is humane

Any COBRA experts here that will engage in a quick dialogue with me?

Village Voice blog: Oscar Night Rightbloggers Mad at Milk, Indians

Lou (the racist) Dobbs is defending the post and the cartoonist right now

Coast to Coast Streamlink just paid for itself. Two weeks ago I sent a personal email to George

The "Full Obama" Live "Q&A /BiPartisan Summit on Fiscal Responsibility"!

Larry McDonald

Freepers weigh in on the Big Gay Oscars

"If they're too big to fail, they're too big to exist."

Please Watch/Listen- THE 12th ANNUAL HOMELESSNESS MARATHON (FEB.23rd 6PM- 8AM)

Attempted humor sent from a RW acquaintance

Justice Ginsburg Returns to Work

How Much Of The Federal Debt Is Financed With Drug Money

How Much Of The Federal Debt Is Financed With Drug Money

The Triangle Puzzle Was Easy.

Time to boot the current Sergeant at Arms of the Senate out on his ass

What's this? 11 year old kills his dad's pregnant girlfriend with a shotgun?

The Cult of St. Ronnie.......

Obamacon yourself !

In These Times: The Future of Transit

In These Times: The Future of Transit

So.....will MSNBC offer Gary Condit his own news show?

Why isn't Bernie Madoff in jail?

Alison Stewart is setting in for Rachel

Ok folks, what Mr. Shelby is doing is beyond pandering

FR Drama-Queen Plans For Obama Taking Away The Insulin

Is it possible to fix our economy so Main Street AND Wall Street are happy?

Conservatives need prozack

Question on homebuying in the Stimulus Bill

Barack Obama endorsed by Pastor Phelps of Westboro Baptist Church

Bush back in saddle for speaking tour ***(Politico Alert)***

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Oh, NO! I've become just another heartless bastard!!

About the coming depression

Wasn't AIG supposed to pay back the $150 billion taxpayer

When is Congress gonna have the guts to physically drag Rove's ass into the house?

Hey Dudettes & Dude: Let's Talk Drugs

Who is John Thain?

OMG! Free Republic has been infiltrated by COMMIES!

Supreme Court declines anti-gay student case

quick...I need help with a rw'er. Someone put up a cartoon about

Don't drug cartels want drugs illegal?

In tough economy, working 7 days becomes norm for some - how many days per week do you work?

Santelli Claims The White House Is Threatening Him: ‘My Kids Are Nervous To Go To School’

Cheney Dunk Tank Raises $800 Billion For Nation

Wouldn't it be good to see "Made in America" again.

NORML Breaking News: California Assemblyman Introduces Legislation To Tax And Regulate Marijuana

Paul Krugman: Entitlements on the back of an envelope


Damn! Did Sean Penn serve up a heaping bowl of Scorn Flakes, or what?

Dumbing down America: "miracle water"

FIRST PHOTOS: Fish With Transparent Head, "Barrel" Eyes

FIRST PHOTOS: Fish With Transparent Head, "Barrel" Eyes

What happened to the Rethugs plan to gamble Social Security in the stock market?

Larisa Alexandrovna Interviews Don Siegelman: Rove Will Never Testify Truthfully

Are Pizza places dinosaurs?

Binyam Mohamed statement in full

WashTech now commenting on CNN outsourcing report

I was just informed that I've been awarded an $830,000.00 bid.

If THESE three can get along as friends, what's OUR excuse? Watch this:

What should Michael Moore's in-the-works film about the banking/Wall St./bailout mess be called?

The Smart Way to Buy Gold?

Sacramento 'Tent City' Gaining New Residents By River - 20 to 50 people a week

Helping Afghan Women and Girls

When the religious right gets mad, you know you're doing something right.

The Economy: Don’t Pick Up the Phone

If banks are nationalized, what is the argument for EVER giving them back to rich assholes?

The Bankruptcy Bill, Examined : Flashback In Case You Missed It

Sean Penn Schools Prop. 8 Supporters in Oscar Speech

Ford Fusion Hybrid Tops Camry, Prius in Comparisons

Obama is doing some terrific Bush bashing right now

There Was A Post Yesterday Complaining That There Were No Good Protest Songs During The Bush Years

There Was A Post Yesterday Complaining That There Were No Good Protest Songs During The Bush Years

MSNBC's Brewer keeps asking if $250 thou a year for a family is 'wealthy'

Breaking research finds US weapons in Gaza

CA To Introduce Bill to tax and regulate marijuana? NORML

Marijuana Vs Republicans

Bill Maher called people's gods silly last night. I just watched his movie

Please someone explain all the hoopla surrounding Twitter. I don't get the attraction.

Our store manager got back from visiting the DC that serves our store today

Could Chelsea Clinton run and win in 2010 Senate race?

Could Chelsea Clinton run and win in 2010 Senate race?

Yes that *IS* Michelle Malkin in this picture with that guy with THAT SIGN

If you needed any more proof that Rushican scumbags


Congrats (former) Middle Class !

Dr. Trent Pierce Update (MD hurt in Car Bombing) ~~ They saved the vision in his right eye!

BAR EXAM takers! Good luck!

Hey Skinner :Can we get rid of

The Audacity of Dreams

Robert Parry: Obama in "Seven Days in May" Scenario?

Bwaah-hah..Chimp and Pickles' personal friends "crestfallen"..oh to be a fly on the wall

Sean Penn in talks to portray former Ambassador Joe Wilson...

"...then I look at the Oscar winners which, evidently, are being outsourced to INDIA"

US Admits to Afghan Civilian Deaths (13 of 16 killed in US Missile Strikes Were Civilians)

The failure of the War on Drugs...

Do you think the right wing will ever come back into power again?

National debt as a percentage of GDP (chart)---a keeper

Who has seen the documentary "Pete Seeger: The Power of Song?"

Cemeteries Are Dying Due To Cremations

Would any uninsured person refuse to pay $6.00/mo fir is coverage?

You know the whole "mortgage crisis" is a repub scam, right?

7,160.18 DOW. eom

Say it ain’t so, Mr. O

GED, AS, BS, or whatever...

Well, sirprise, sirprise, sirprise Stanford's fraud was referred to the SEC/FBI by Texas 10 yrs ago!

Help me out here. Someone apparently got a hold of my

Remember when Bin Laden said he would bankrupt us?

It Is Time To Arrest Karl Rove For Contempt of Congress.

I suspect putting social security in to the market would have delayed this collapse

How do we deal with Hannity?

Ah, yes, Gary Condit...

CHASE Credit Card WARNING! they're robbing us blind

The coming civil war and the tenth amendment center


When I was going to high school, to many girls we same-aged guys simply didn't exist.

A little background on Monsanto for your edification.

Can we agree on this one: "No more McMansions"!

It seems the SEC "stood down" repeatedly for those in the Bush Family Circle.

What does "Jai-Ho" mean??

Best reading music ever! Soul sacrifice

I dunno...I do think the "Slumdog" worship messed up the Awards pretty bad.

Has Anyone Seen "Little Children?"

Screw the bourgeois Oscars. When are we going to get the new...

So.. I saw my bro for 1st time since I booted him from the house

I think Cheney took notes when he watched this episode:

Shortlist of six of the nation's [UK] strangest book titles revealed

My 3 cats are all asleep in the same comfy chair, Which means

Can I just mention, again, that I have a girl crush on Kate Winslet?

Am I drunk?

I guess I'm a fanboy

I guess I'm a fanboy

Dolly was 6 years old when she was born.

hhhaaAAW Riiiiighteous dude!

Are any of you watching Mel Gibson as Col. Sanders on Jimmy Kimmel?

Oscars wasn't the only big award show this past weekend. Hell Paris Hilton won THREE awards....

Good morning Lounge

Slumdog Millionaire Sucked

So how many "Heath Ledger won an Oscar!" threads were there last night?

I like good conversation

Oscars interest

Well it's getting to be late winter and the natives are restless.


Oh and one more thing....

Melissa Leo ("Frozen River") check out her imdb page-amazing

good news for my family!

"Huge Ackman"

The TV sceen went blank and then a woman said "I think you have it all the way in." ...

Thoughts on the Oscars

"...This is my message to youuuuu..."

Now playing: The Monkees' "Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn and Jones" (mono mix)

[1 Reply]

Add creativity, computers and MIT...

The strange allure of Flo, the Progressive Insurance checkout girl

BAD NEWS this morning- no pineapples for my daughter for breakfast

So, anyone else not watch tonight's Hollywood wankfest?

Last night I took NyQuil & had a dream where I met Obama!

It's Monday and I'm not depressed

I have to start saying 'have a nice day'

Dear Barbara Walters - last night was your Oscar special. Why the F*#@ were the Jonas Brothers on it

Before I order this computer memory, could someone tell me

I just had 2 cats offer me TZ for real cheap

Ennio Marchetto, the "Human Cartoon"

What was the best film of 2008?

Seu Jorge is the man

Lance Armstrong Will Not Tolerate Syringe Toting Idiots On The Side Of The Road

Spread the Love does not look like a male organ.

Sailing to Byzantium by William Butler Yeats

Here's a birthday calculator

McDonalds must be hell to work at

Who said this?

What is so bloody difficult

Big Dawg sez...

Ron White is the coolest redneck ever.

You know, it's really tough sometimes...

Would other people consider you pretentious?

wrong place

Many of you will be crushed, but I can't post from work as long as the big pink ween is up there.

You know what I did?

Hello.... is there anybody in there?

Anybody want to write a story?

Anybody want two cats, cheap?

Are you one really sick evil twisted nasty sort of person?

Scrabble Word of the Day: Dildo

My annual appraisal, at work, will be tomorrow

Why are my ginger snaps never snappy?



Is "Potomac" really hard to pronounce?

An interesting perspective on video game violence.

Speaking of the Potomac, why do people say "Potomac River"? Potomac means river.

Hugh Jackman as Oscar host?


Rahm Emanuel Uses Profanity for Good and Not Evil While at the Movies

Which movie/Actor/Actress was snubbed the biggest

one of my all time favorite guitarists

Sirius XM Radio and GM Worth the Risk ? Stocks

I think my electricity is going to get turned off. I'm scared.

So, Mrs R and I were eating noodles off each other's faces at midnight last night...

CaliforniaPeggy's poetry has me all worked up.

Ever seen Peter Greene in Clean, Shaven?

Dog Cam: Live Dog Feed for Monday, February 23. Get Yer Dawg On!

Do you have a star ship?

Eric Cantor: Yes he's a douche bag, but what KIND of douche bag is he?

Yippe-ki-yay, Squirrel.

Science Fun: A Green comet will be closest to the earth in the morning

Damn you, "n."

Good vibes for my BFF mctatas today and inthe days to come

Fuckity fuck fuckitall

See Dwights 75 foot basketball shot.


Damn. The hearts disappeared.


Who was the big FASHION winner of the Oscars?

Does anyone here play NOBY NOBY BOY?

Illegal Business Controls America...Illegal Business Controls America...

Kill your television: Man shoots TV in DTV-fueled anger

A girl starved to death after her teeth were removed

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 2/23/2009)

Music Videos before music videos sucked.

I need a hug.

People you shouldn't get confused with each other, but get confused anyway

Is the DU home page weird right now?

I think our cat is really a dog

Two Greek prisoners escape by helicopter AGAIN- 2nd time in 3 years

I'd like to spank the Academy...

Crap, my neighbor got evicted today (Sunday).

Tonight, on Top Gear

why is it.. when you hurt the most

People who mock their spouses need their asses kicked

Who Watched The Baba Wawa Special Last Night?

Would you report Crystal Blue Persuasions???


Really Embarrassed, but I just joined Jillian Michaels website

Hallmarks of Felinity

Why Didnt MILK Win Best Picture

can anyone here get me a .edu email address even if for a day?

Slumdog: Better than "Crash," but no where near the quality of "No Country for Old Men."

Am I the only one having trouble with speed here?

Did you buy a high school class ring?

PSA: Only 12 more days until Daylight Savings Time!!!!!

Would you report an illegal conversion?

If I could make my own avatar...

Best film sword fight

The earworm that won't go away...

Free Redbox movie tonight

I have a new bike!!! Because BabyG said my old one was "dorky".

I'd like to thank the Academy...

ackity ack ack... cough.... sneeze....blah

Favorite Oscar

Sasha Obama Keeps Seeing Creepy Bush Twins While Riding Tricycle Through White House

I've been playing the CD album game. Here are my best albums

ha ha! i'm no longer an "evil duer"

Female celebrity moons audience! Link to *video*!!!

Thanks to the DUers who mentioned "The Paper Bag Princess" last week

Is it okay to warn other DU members in the lounge about shitty online businesses?

Defense objects to Bonds’ testicles evidence

Why Sean Penn doesn't impress me

dup post never mind

Divorced DUers: What did you do with your wedding band?

good news for my family!

we use that Breeze cat litter system. IT is great by the way BUT>> my demon cat

So, I went to the bathroom. . .

I like Sean Penn, but I think he really blew it in his acceptance speech.

sorry but I don't get the oscars and all the acter/actress worship

Waiting for the Goose Egg to Hatch.

I'm incontinent. Yes, I admit it: I am incontinent.

I will only be 39 for 3.15 hours more.

Is Matthew Perry hot?

That commercial where the guy is talking on the phone about being a 'surfing ceo'

I would like to strangle the writing staff of Heroes.

I'm intolerant. Yes, I admit it: I am intolerant.

Jeff Bezos is insane.

Is Admiral Perry hot?

Why are commercials on Hulu twice as loud as the show you're watching?

Is Perrier hot?

They don't make hip-hop like this any more....

Future Career: Internet Archaeologist

I'd rather watch an entire day of law and order reruns than TNT's new shows.

Barbecue: Noun or Verb?

In memoriam

My suggestion for improving DU: Everyone will be called "Cenk," followed by a sequential number.

The Jimmy Kimmel Live Oscar Promo with Tom Cruise

You gonna eat that?

My suggestion for improving DU: More fauna, and some flora

Gordon Lightfoot - Sundown

The neighbor with the 'Another Democrat for McCain' bumper sticker just took down his nativity scene

Cops: Man tries to steal laptop to check Facebook

Jennifer Grey does NOT look like Jennifer Grey!!

Vibe request here...

Sixteen wake-ups

So she's scored six nominations, but honestly let's call it five

Worst ".....Movie" Movie

So, I adopted a cat from a local shelter.

At what age should someone be able to take a flight without a parent?

Okay, so I just finally got around to watching Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull...

So it looks like Fox is trying to kill The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Do you tweet?

New Beatles tune discovered!

Deadbeat Dad Nailed In A Unique Way

You Tube question

The reason there were 3 Matrix movies is because the Oracle was f*$^(*$& useless!

Contentious new age claim!

Kate Winslet topless. Candide photo taken when I was in Hawaii last month.

Is Gaylord Perry hot?

What does "pev" mean?

Check in here if you've never seen an episode of CSI or NCIS or L&O or whatever

OMG! Michael Jackson is auctioning off his stuff!

'I know, right?'

Anyone had problems with cat having frequent Urinary tract infections?

Governors' Dinner at the WH is on C-Span, now!

Update on my cousin...

Your favorite cartoons as a kid

Seriously: Must every institutional construct, from individual businesses to automobiles...

I dare you to watch this without getting happy tears!

I hated No Country For Old Men (maybe spoilers)

so, are you buying this 2012 end of the world stuff?

I have resisted the urge to post this... but screw it

Update on MccTaTas

Auto-flush sit down toilets make no sense

Obama recovery plan stimulates whining

Fiscal Responsibility Summit: Anyone have a full list of attendees?

Video: The President Smoozes the Govs.

I just wanted to check in and ask if you all could think good thoughts

The term "illegal enemy combatant" is a status offense. I see some confusion

How much of economic meltdown is just Iran Contra, Continued?

GOP...the Party of SELFISHNESS and Myopia....MEism really...absense of Empathy

Strange question I know: How to contact someone you used to know who has become "famous."

Why Isn't Tomorrow's Speech Called the State of the Union?

There is an Energy Roundtable on CSPAN2. Impressive group

Governors Hope to Guide Spending of Stimulus Funds

Gibbs V. Santelli: He Should Read President's Plan (VIDEO)

AP asks Did TV news miss point in covering stimulus plan? Only 6% of guests actually economists

Sanford compares Obama admin to Stalin, Weimar

**WARNING: POLITICO SOURCE***: GOP Dusts Off Newt's Playbook

Poll: Obama Loses Support With GOPers -- Gains With Everyone Else

PHOTO Caption It? The President and Georgia Gov Sonny Perdue

Why the GOP is SO DESPERATE to see Bush Tax Cuts Remain

MSNBC's Contessa Brewer is very disrespectful

Hypocrisy Alert! Remember How Republicans Supported John McCain's Foreclosure Plan?

Has anyone noticed that the states refusing the stimulus $ have large black populations?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/23/09

I am getting a little concerned with the Giethner

Karl Rove on the lam??? He was AWOL for House Judiciary Committee subpoena today.

BBO: Bachmann Bigmouth Overdrive... "We're running out of rich people in this country"....


Alone again.... naturally

Health-Care Focus Next for Obama in Speech, Budget Proposal

Whats wrong with this pic...

Orson Scott Card has lost his mind

I Find It Ironic That the State of The Union Is Discussed the Day Before Lent

We need to demand that those states where the governors don't want Stim money GET NOTHING

Why Repugs don't want Bush tax cuts to expire: They will have to Kill their rich Grannies in 2010

what do your pets do that piss you off?

Afghan public opinion turning against presence of US forces

Watching the Fiscal Health Press Confrence

Pickens lauding the Energy Summit to Cavuto

Obama Takes Veiled Shot At GOP Governors

Watching the Republicans at this summit with Obama is fascinating.

Why are conservatives so offended by the direct election of senators?

NY Post: Gillibrand Shellshocked over Growing Opposition to Her

Schwarzenegger vs. Jindal - Political Games vs. Constituents

I just saw Something on Cable Television that was Informative,

For all of Norah O'Donnell's faults, she is eviscerating the fat hog puke on her show right now.

What is preventing Senator Franken from joining his colleagues in the Senate?

Our president today said something great

Where's the average working Americans' "tea party"?

Poll: Obama's First-Month Approval Ratings Match Reagan's

If my words did glow

Shuster slapping down Issa-so nice to see happening to one

Official: Obama likely to name Locke to Commerce

Fair Tax Act of 2009 (44 co-sponsors) ????

New WaPo/ABC News poll 68% job approval for Obama

Zombie Banks? Please Let That Term Stick.

It is obvious that Cable News cannot deviate from their Morning Memo from the GOP!

Gary Locke had trouble in the past involving campaign contributions

A welcome change: 1). President Obama READS. 2). President Obama reads letters from THE PUBLIC.

Governors, Family and Friends, Please Welcome The President of the United States and the First Lady!

Rep. Issa asking for more hiring of Fed workers instead of outsourcing

CAP’s Daniella Leger appointed as Obama’s Director of Message Events.

If you subscribe to magazines AVOID and

Presidents’ First Speeches to Congress Focus on Parts of the State of the Union

PHOTOS Synchronized Swans?

No rest for Rahm at the movies

Is Obama doing to Wall Street what he did to Republicans?

Obama: Marine One needs lube, that's all

Jim Bunning APOLOGIZED for his comments about Ruth Bader Ginsburg

C-Span has Coverage of Obama's incredible "Fiscal Responsibility Forum" in DC! (Must Watch!)

Obama's Charm Offensive: Crist And Barbour Push Back On GOP Lines

A WH Special Envoy to Darfur!!!!?!?!!?!?!?!!!!!

GOP's diversity decoy Bobby Jindal rebuts Obama's Congressional Address?

More White House staffers named

The three stooges (McCain and the other two)

So is this the Republican thing now, to not even refer to the President as "President Obama"?

NY Times - One Month In And Financial Blogger Already Blaming Obama

MY country is FULL of MORONS. We don't deserver Obama

Lou Dobbs is in DENIAL when it comes to threats facing President Obama

Jon Favreau: Obama's Mind Reader Prepares for Congressional Address

McCain questions Obama about helicopter at summit

Do we get the Grand Introduction Tomorrow just like a State of the Union?

Some idiot who made "Media Malpractice" was just on the Today show

Daily Kos: Today's Polls: Americans Trust Obama On The Economy, Not Congressional Republicans

It looks like McGrumpy has finally gotten over his Election Day spanking by Barack...

I love Alison Stewart

PHOTOS Fiscal Responsibility Summit / National Governors Association (UPDATED)

We're not calling for a coup, honest!

Keith taking on Shelby!!!!!

Gary Locke may be new Commerce pick

My letter to Senator Shelby, who I've never seen in a Klan robe.

PHOTOS Carnival Time - German Style

The Stunted Economic Stimulus by Robert Samuelson

Something to remember about 1993 and the GOP take over in 1994

POLL: Michelle Most Popular FLOTUS in 30 Years

Cantor: Backpeddling or FOS?

k.d. lang

Y'all did not TELL ME that McCain's hair was all screwy today!

Ha!!!!!!Ha!!!! My Friend Has Been Tapped For Commerce Sec.

Our President and First Lady make me feel so proud

I just went to David Shuster's "Twitter" site...

Go to google images and type in your fave color, then post a pic of it here!

The dirtiest word in America "Sacrifice"

Dear Red State Governors who are refusing stim $$$. Please return the blue state $$$.

Shit. Big Media is going to run Jindal campaign for the next 4 years

Obama Derangement Syndrome (ODS)

Name an old sitcom that still makes you laugh. 1980s or before.

Does Bobby Jindal

PHOTO Caption It - The Three Stooges?

YouTube commercials for toys you had as a kid

How About If The Subject Now Turns To A Dead Intern In scarborough's Office

"Coleman is in a bubble running out of oxygen" - but some believe he might appeal to Federal courts

New CBS VP: "Obama is Incredibly Dangerous"

Names of cities or towns that just sound cool phonetically

"Razor-thin stimulus vote highlights stakes of Senate recount for Coleman, Franken in Minn"

Obama administration backs Bush, tries to kill 'lost' White House emails lawsuit

Will housing shed another 30%?

So how much do teachers make?

This is a fascinating choice...

How did your parents choose your first name?

okay, that commercial with that girl peddling her bike with the nasty underarm hair is GROSS

Is Katy Perry hot?

*OLC Torture Memos Update*: A Positive Sign from Obama DOJ

Any good reason our new administration should NOT do the following things?

Have you written President Obama a letter? There's a good chance he's read it personally.

Wonk Room’s James Kvaal appointed to National Economic Council.

Jackson Browne 1 John McCain 0

Carly Fiorina May challenge Senator Barbara Boxer in 2010

Another rumor debunked: Peterson Was NOT Considered For Role At Fiscal Summit

NPR: 100 Best Characters in Fiction Since 1900

PHOTOS Finally, an excuse to post George Clooney in GD:P (UPDATED)

Obama really is like JFK

OK, so I actually went into a WalMart yesterday.

It is not about affordable insurance, it is not about help with COBRA; it is about access

GOP Mutiny?

Orly Taitz Cons Army Officer Into Joining Suit (More Birther Crap)


Great Depression Cooking with Clara. Great source of history and

The Religion of Republicans is the oddest thing in the world

Official: Obama likely to name Gary Locke to Commerce Secretary!

Why I am 42 and still rent instead of owning my own home:

The Myth Of The Filibuster

"The young, charismatic rising star, Bobby Jindal..."

Fire Dog Lake and Down With Tyanny discuss Lizza's column on Rahm today.

There's nothing weak about compromise.

Iran N-experts in Israel crosshairs?

Jobs Still Elude Some Bush Ex-Officials

Bangkok..Combined forces position to protect Government House from protest

Bush declines hardware store job

S Lanka rebels 'ready for truce'

Guantanamo man flying back to UK

S Lanka rebels 'ready for truce'

Relative upset over auction of Gandhi's items (Update)

India’s Terror Stance Vexes Obama Amid Voter Ire at Pakistan

Kidnappers say U.S. hostage in Pakistan still alive

Rescue efforts end at mine where blast killed 74

Myanmar Releases 19 in Amnesty

Siegelman believes Rove will never testify truthfully

India erupts in celebrations for 'Slumdog' Oscar wins

Indonesia prosecutors seek jail for Garuda pilot

Tsunami museum opens in Indonesia

US Airways won't charge for sodas after all

Iraq arrests police in law-and-order crackdown

Revealed: full horror of Gitmo inmate's beatings

United Arab Emirates pledges $10 billion to bail out Dubai

UAW, Ford reach agreement on VEBA

Citigroup's Clever Plan to Screw Taxpayers Again

Mich. court recognizes IL lesbian adoption

Deal with militants emboldens opposition (Pakistan)

Poor need manufacturing, says UN

Sebelius says has not discussed health post with Obama

WH fast tracks some stimulus cash (to help states defer cuts in essential services)

Palin shuns spotlight to pick up the pieces

Arrest Ruling on [Sudanese President] Bashir Next Week

South Korea Says North Deploys New Missile

Soldiers still waiting for tour bonuses

US mil: 3 US soldiers, interpreter killed in Iraq

Taxpayers may get £500bn liability - UK

Call to relax Guantanamo regime

Bunning: Ginsburg will be dead in nine months

AmEx Offers Some Holders $300 To Pay And Leave

Pakistan army halts operations in Swat

U.S. plans "substantial" pledge at Gaza meeting

CIA foisted Bolivia firm: Morales

(D.C. Circuit) Court Grants Obama (Another) Extension in (ex-Bush aides) Subpoena Case

Freed Guantanamo detainee accuses U.S. of torture

Longtime President Leaves News Corp. (Murdoch's Company)

Child prostitutes rescued in US

Dennis Ross Appointed Special U.S. Advisor On Gulf

Rename Law? No Wisecrack Is Left Behind

Senator (Bunning) apologizes for Ginsburg remark

Sumatran tigers kill six people in Indonesia

Ginsburg expected back at high court Monday

U.S. charges former Salvadorean defense chief

US embargo on Cuba 'has failed': top GOP senator (Lugar)

Supreme Court declines anti-gay student case

"Dear President Obama": The President Reads 10 Letters a Day from the Public, With Policy Ramificati

Karl Rove skips another congressional hearing on U.S. Attorney firings

China tainted pork makes 70 sick

Stocks plunge, end day at decade-plus lows

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday February 23

Shot arms dealer ‘knew too much’

Giant Foods Issues Potato Product Recall - Bacterial Contamination Fears Spur Recall Order

Poll: Politicians trusted more than business leaders on economy

‘We need a pay rise’ bankers demand

President Obama Appoints Vice President Joe Biden to Oversee Stimulus Plan Payouts

Saint Laurent art goes to auction (Update)

Poll Shows Broad Support for Obama’s Leadership

Judge questions telecom immunity law

A.I.G. to Seek More Government Aid

CBS News Pick Claimed Democrats are Bad People

GM to temporarily shut down 3 plants in Mexico

Restaurants struggle as consumers eat at home

ICC to rule March 4 on arrest warrant for Sudan president

Unemployment Could Hit 9% This Year: NABE

Indian outsourcers, Microsoft top the list of H-1B users in '08

Former Washington Gov. Gary Locke may be next commerce secretary

Granholm bristles at N.Y. Times columnist's stance on automakers

Micron to lay off up to 2,000 in Boise

Meth makers leave behind a toxic trail at motels

Homophobic remarks cost Buttars chairmanship

(Obama's) Auto team drives imports: Fed task force has few new U.S. cars

Democrats Resisting Obama on Social Security

Amnesty calls on US to suspend arms sales to Israel


James McMurtry

First Openly Gay Racehorse To Compete Sunday

BBC: Binyam Mohamed due to be freed from Guantanamo today

Prison break repeat shocks Greece (Convicts Escape Greek Prison by Helicopter - for the 2nd time!)

Is New Zealand Going the way of Iceland?

The genius of some schlub named Rick Santelli Sept. 2008 (3:42)

Rachel Maddow examines Richard Perle saying 'these aren't the droids you're looking for'

Over 120,000 march on Dublin in protest of Irish economy

Jeffrey Sachs and Joseph Stiglitz discuss the need to help states with the stimulus

Dustin Lance Black champions gay rights in Oscar acceptance speech for Milk screenplay

Rachel Maddow discusses statute of limitations for torture prosecutions w/ Daphne Eviator

White House Press Secretary Defiles The Office of The President

Chandra Levy Mystery May Soon Be Solved

Two old stupid white men decide that what Bristol Palin actually said was 'abstinence IS realistic'

Eric Holder questioned on warrantless wiretaps

This Week roundtable: George Will vs Paul Krugman and Nouriel Roubini

KKK member apologizes to Congressman Lewis

FoxNews lies about Eric Holder confirmation vote

TYT: Why is Bernie Madoff still allowed to conduct criminal activity? Why is he not in jail?

Reverend Fred "God Hates Fags" Phelps Responds To Sean Penn's Oscar Win

Tortured GITMO Detainee Released To Great Britain

Dennis Miller interviews George Carlin (1997)

President Obama to National Governor's Assoc.: "Keeping Teachers In The Classroom Is NOT Wasteful!"

Lewis Black goes OFF on feckless, weak, congressional Democrats

Freed Guantanamo prisoner Binyam Mohamed links UK with torture

Who Lost Afghanistan?

President Obama Responds to Rep. Joe Barton's Remarks About Bipartisanship.


DCCC Video:-'Bachmann: "We're Running Out of Rich People"'

U.S. / Afghanistan Involvement - Democracy Now

Gov. Jon Huntsman (R-UT) Negative Repblican responses to stimulus are "gratuitous political griping"

O'Donnell: Name one piece of pork. Feehery: Ahhh, bhah,,,You can't do that to me right now....

CNN's Rick Sanchez slams Senator Shelby's "You Have To Be Born In America To Be President" remark

Countdown - Sen. Richard Shelby's (R-AL) fitness

Racist Cartoon "An Invitation To Assassination"

President Asks Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) a Question - He Swoons

Chris Matthews Calls the Dow Jones Obama's Scorecard

First gay protest in Beirut

SOS / minutemen in Burbank - the hate fest continues.

Sean Penn Wins Best Actor for 'Milk' + Acceptance Speech

A Dire Situation: Iraqi War Widows and Orphans Get Little Aid, Struggle to Survive

Binyam Mohamed held by Met Police

Rachel Maddow corrects Rick 'man on dog' Santorum's statement that Quran is written in 'Islamic'

Lewis Black defends the concept of 'government'

CNN: Soldier refuses return to Iraq, believes the war is immoral

Senator McCain's comments about the helicopter and President Obama's response

Has YouTube Become Spytube?

Is this the real reason for the switch from analog to digital?

Did TV News Miss Point in Covering Stimulus Plan?

AIPAC Case: New Ruling May Lead to Acquittal

Christian Zionist's Crusade Bears Fruit

America's Municipal Meltdown: It's Tough Times for Troubled Towns

Ooooh, I'm skeered!

Adding insult to injury

Dreams of Crazy Horse

Samuelson Thinks Stimulus Should be Higher

U.S. Unit Secretly in Pakistan Lends Ally Support

Jim Bunning, (R-KY) Has Bad Taste

The War on Drugs Is a Failure

IBM plans IT center in Dubuque -- and job applications pour in

Joe Conason: Reform healthcare -- and leave Social Security alone

The Obama Administration Sacrifices Israel

Has Outsourcing Hampered America´s Economy and Contributed to our Recession/Depression?

10 Dirty Tricks Wall Street Con Artists Will Pull to Keep the Rip-offs Going

Nice. Real nice. Meet your soulless Republicans

Republicans About to Lie in Tax Cut Bed of Their Own Devising

Pirates seize vessel off Somalia

Guantanamo memoirs prove bestsellers

Obama understandably doesn't want to go there - but we should (Dowagiac MI Daily News)

MJ Rosenberg: Lobby Out To Defeat Obama Appointment: Too Evenhanded

Republicans being relegated to "regional" status

Cambodia's Khmer Rouge on trial (The Economist)

Peter Chernin "FIRED" President Chief FOX NEWS Corporation

Bruce Fein at FFF Conference 2008, 4 of 7

Shuster Smacks Down Rep. Darrell Issa

Greed is a Sin

Telling it like it is: A dozen books every American must read

Carbon markets are collapsing

To Investigate or Not: Four Ways to Look Back at Bush

Bobby Jindal, Republican Strategists and The Last Battle

Joe Klein: Bobby Jindal's Blustery Day

GOP Opposes Obama's Endorsement of Apple Pie

A Reconciliation on Gay Marriage

Guardian UK: Recession and resurgence of the far right

Air America Poll: 90% Want Bush Crimes Investigation

Far-Right Republicans Really Don’t Get Reciprocal Reasoning, Do They?

Eric Boehlert: Unhinged in 30 days: The right-wing media's Obama era implosion

Republicans are wrong - the New Deal was a success

A New Dark Age (James Kunstler)

The Deficit Hawks' Attack on Our Entitlements

Now, IT cos move from offshoring to advising strategy (India)

Palin: Media was on a search and destroy mission

Here's some "real Americans" for you, Mr DICK Santelli...

TYT: Cenk Dismantles Idiocy From CNBC's Santelli (& Michelle Bachman)

Marijuana legalization bill intro'd in CA Legislature!



'Green' energy needs a big leap

Climate Fears Are Driving 'Ecomigration' Across Globe

10 Ways to Trade Up—How Obama can fix the climate, raise billions for clean tech, and …

Dramatic Increase In Fires, Rate Of Forest Loss In Sumatra, Borneo - Mongabay

With Subsidies Gone, Commodities Slumping, Population Flows Away From Russia's Arctic Cities & Towns

NRG Energy, Inc. to Develop Up To 500 Megawatts of Solar Thermal Power Plants Using eSolar Technol…

Harvesting light using nanostructured surfaces (inspired by the eyes of moths)

Reuters: Gore, (Bill) Clinton headline energy conference

$54m UAE solar power technology factory plan

Climate change lays waste to Spain's glaciers—Spain loses 90% of its glaciers…threatening drought…

Jaguar captured, collared and released in Arizona

Atmospheric scientists trace the human role in Indonesian forest fires

24% Of Papua's Rainforests Destroyed Or Degraded In Past 30 Years - Mongabay

NASA: 2008 Was Earth's Coolest Year Since 2000

Lifeline for endangered albatross (BBC)

Researchers Call for Nitrogen and Phosphorus Reductions to Combat Nutrient Pollution in Aquatic Eco…

Florida Groups Support New US $114M Renewables Fund

Nuclear power? Yes please...

Two hearings worth watching this week: IPCC head Rajendra Pachauri and energy efficiency

Dutch electricity system can cope with large-scale wind power (energy storage not needed)

Pickens embraces electric vehicles, predicts $140 oil by 2011

More Reasons To Hate Humidity—it expands global warming, says a Texas A&M University professor.

Secrets behind high temperature superconductors revealed

""Free energy" from water mains pressure or complete BS?

If you are ever in Baraboo, Wisconsin, visit the International Crane Foundation

Cholesterol-reducing drugs (statins) may lessen brain function, says ISU researcher

Lower increases in global temps could lead to greater impacts than previously thought, study finds

CIA foisted Bolivia firm: Morales

El Salvadoran Def Min arrested on old passport charge. El Salv in prison charged with Chandra Levy

Brazilian, Bolivian police to join hands in fighting against organized crime

Feds seek firefighters union's records

Today in labor history Feb 23 Woody Guthrie wrote “This Land Is Your Land”

EFCA A Red State Editorial....(Florida)

The Detroit 3 are closing in

Online layoff tracker captures economy's carnage

LA Times: Unemployment insurance: A guide

Job ad magazines say PC desktop support is a great way to get into a company. T/F?

NLRB Rules Trump Casino Intimidated Workers Seeking to Join UAW

Hey Matt, great job!!!

A broken champagne bottle couldn't stop skier Lindsey Vonn from setting a record.

Bonds' personal trainer Anderson ordered to court

Thank you ESPN!

Wow! Greg Anderson must have some incredible evidence that will exonorate Bonds!

How did this guy get a stain on his chin?

Transgender Vets a Hidden Population (xpost from Veterans)

Mich. court recognizes IL lesbian adoption (X-Post from LBN)

Homophobic remarks cost Buttars chairmanship (X-Post from LBN)

Supreme Court declines anti-gay student case (X-Post from LBN)

Pam's House Blend: Inside the Mushy Mind of A Log Cabbiner.

So proud of Sean Penn and his victory in MILK.

A Reconciliation on Gay Marriage (xpost from Editorials and Other Articles)

Greetings and Congratulations to my GLBT Friends.

I’m As Good As You - And I Can’t Marry?

Official: Investigator to lead stimulus oversight

The big picture: Looks like the Chinese have "called our loans" and lent money back to "Fed-Hedge"

Bernanke Offers Jobless Recovery as Humphrey-Hawkins Hopes Fade

The next chapter in Citigroup’s saga is unfolding

Bear Market: More Downside Ahead

Rush to cheap corporate debt is risky gamble

Financial job losses accelerating: U.N. agency

An "American" identity crisis

Common Sense on Hedge Funds

Citigroup: The Difference Between Dramatic Action and Drama

US's Pelosi wants "cramdown" bill in House Thursday

Dr. Housing Bubble 02/23/09

Predatory Lenders' Partner in Crime - How the Bush Admin Stopped the States From Helping Borrowers

Olbermann Inserts Shoe

Bernanke: How to avoid a Great Depression - Better bankruptcies and More Efficient Foreclosures

S.E.C. Chief Pursues Tougher Enforcement

Who do they think they're kidding?

Denniger talk radio show on NOW...

Obama speech: " I don't see Harry Reid here...."

Did we just get our Money back from Citi?

Can anyone explain what happens if AIG is allowed to go under

Dow 7300

Eastern Europe About To Go Bust, Taking Western Europe With It

10 dirty tricks,,, How Wall Street lobbyists, PR hot shots will limit reform, brainwash America

CNBC The Tantrum Continues.......

Help me out here. Someone apparently got a hold of my

Where did all the money go?

Dow Jones dropped 44% during the last 15 months of the Bush Presidency

I remember Rachel Corrie

Suspend military aid to Israel, Amnesty urges Obama after detailing US weapons used in Gaza

Israel-Hamas arms embargo urged

Abbas: Hamas should be part of PA, honor peace process

Clinton to visit Israel, West Bank

The suffering of Palestinians in Iraq

Netanyahu fails to convince Labour Party to join government - Summary

Israel replaces envoy to Egypt talks, Hamas irate

U.S. plans $900 million pledge for Gaza

New CBS News Communications Exec Called Obama "Incredibly Dangerous" For Israel

Pro-Palestinian protesters throw shoes at Israeli army spokesman

Medical School's Problems Were Worse Than Described

In Turnabout, Children Take Caregiver Role

Vitamin B12 identified As An Effective Canker Sore Therapy

Cholesterol-reducing drugs (statins) may lessen brain function, says ISU researcher

Nutritional supplementation - How not to.

America's great "no wait" health care system.

I was involved in a defensive shooting today

Army: Ill., Ariz. soldiers dead in IED attack

Va.-based National Guard unit returns to U.S.

Conn. bill creates criminal docket for vets

Report questions AER’s cash management

U.S., Iraqis launch anti-al-Qaida offensive

Grandmother shocked by conviction of soldier

10 years on, AWOL mom discharged from Army

14 militants killed in southern Afghanistan

Arctic forces fleet to look north

Stronger hulls could help fill icebreaker gap

Chutes designed for hard-to-reach resupply

Schwartz’s top priorities

Nellis: Airman treated for PTSD before death

Coming home: 'The smartest guy in Company B'

Humphreys readies for upgrade to key utilities

Program helps prepare for possible casualties

Free water in Naples about to dry up

Construction begins at Pearl Harbor shipyard

UAVs give bird’s-eye view of battle

Transgender Vets a Hidden Population

Marine’s widow, baby to start new life in Tennessee

The Mardi Gras Paraders Were Out Yesterday:

What Were The Results Of The Winter Photo Contest?

A couple from yesterday

Hot diggy, Kodak has started making Ektar film again! My very favorite neggie film of

An old tree in Central Park...

Will you allow me to post a funny interesting 1min video

Some shots from today

On Tap:

Meet your new mommy and daddy, dear

* * * February finals posted in GD * * *

Gulls Gone Wild

Thousands more now eligible for NATO Medal

Thank you for the Hearts

The Stars This Week: "Think Before You Speak!" - February 23 - March 1, 2009

You Create The Reason For Your Existence: Forest for the Tree

More on the Light

Just wanted to come in and say HELLO :)

Shared Dreams

Really good thread....LOL...

need advice on how to handle situation

May I get some healing for a painful tooth?

Can someone figure out Sean Penn's rising sign for me?

Best Way to Invest a Three-year Old's Money?

Life Forms May Have Evolved In Ancient Hot Springs On Mars

Flu virus discovery may bring all-purpose vaccine

Quantum dance: Discovery Could Revolutionize Computing

Good night to see Comet Lulin

Arkansas to come out of the dark ages?

'Visions link' to coffee intake

Cleveland Catholic Diocese closing 50 churches

Monkey's Talk About Religion

Does religion cause irrationality, or is religion a symptom of our inherent irrationality?

Ever get the feeling Jesus has already come and gone and

How to peel a kiwi

Potatoes Anna?

My birds are too tough (help needed!)

Asparagus refrigerator pickles

No Reservations: Disappearing Manhattan coming up at 10 pm EST!

Pane All'Olio ~ or ~ Italian Olive Oil Bread ~ the lazy way (no knead-ish)

Whats for Dinner? ~ Monday the 23rd

What's the effective way to reverse a CHASE late fee?

Rename Law? No Wisecrack Is Left Behind

Guns and Butter - "9/11 Let's Get Empirical"

Bloggers call for the House to censure Leo Berman

OH DEAR GOD WHY?!?! "Limp Bizkit back for world tour"

Hill Times: NDP MP Comartin looks at ways to help author Zytaruk sue Conservatives

Harper government withholds listeriosis notes

Here's Harper with Kudlow on CNBC taking credit for everything that works in Canada.

The audacity of Michael Ignatieff

Before I order this computer memory, could someone tell me

DDR2-800 @ CL6 on a CPU using a 1066MHz bus... oc question

Sen. Kerry files papers to run for the Senate in 2014

"Diary of a Political Tourist"?

Hearings for the Week of Feb 23-27, 2009

Obama denies terror suspects right to trial

‘We need a pay rise’ bankers demand (Independent)