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Archives: February 22, 2009

Israel assassinating Iranian scientists

This explains a WHOLE lot

Iran's official response regarding Nukes . . TOON

CNBC - Fox News for (more) intelligent people

Isn't it ironic that the Freepers say the stimulus was too big, but the tax cut

Paterson Admits Role in Kennedy Smear

The unclaimed ashes of hard times

Argh. I'm trying to search archives and it won't work for me.

About Guv Sanford of SC...

Since an arrest is imminent in the Chandra Levy case

Where's the outrage over this new "Where's the Outrage..?" meme?

The Stanford Files:FBI’s first probe was 20 years ago

Too big to fail and too small to survive...

WJ on CSpin this morning

Virg Bernero vs. Rick Santelli- review of "news" coverage via Google

What in the Name of the Crusades are Tennessee Evangelicals Doing in Kurdish Iraq?

This is ridiculously picayune: New Word

Looking for advice, personal

Thousands in Fort Lauderdale line up for shot at affordable housing

Heads up for anyone who has a teenage daughter.

If Obama does well, and demographic trends continue, is a landslide in 2012 likely?


The Effect of Space Debris on Climate Change

President Obama is letting the bu$h* tax breaks for the wealthy EXPIRE

Economist Dean Baker on book tv

Crisis may be worse than Depression: Volcker

Thank you to whoever gave me a heart!...

Ironworkers at Dana-Farber resume a beloved ritual, providing moments of joy for cancer patients


Thank you for the hearts...

US Needs Another $83 Billion for Wars This Year-($7.3 Billion for the Afghan Surge)


Seattle man accused of sinking his own yacht

Destroy any sort of historical record!

Why do Republics need a national leader?

cnn: new meme from mitch mcconnell...Obama spending 36 billion dollars a day

Oklahoma Votes on Taking Gitmo Detainees: Thanks, but No Thanks!

A New Kind of Homeless Policy

Republicans should be painted as Unpatriotic and enemies of the Working Class.

Paul Krugman and Nouriel Roubini both on the This Week roundtable

Paul Krugman and Nouriel Roubini both on the This Week roundtable

Serious Topic: When a Weight Problem Causes a Relationship Problem…

Many thanks for the hearts, whoever you(se) are!!

Want a good reason to hate Hugo Chavez?

Could a Sudden Collapse of Mexico Be Obama's Surprise Foreign Policy Challenge?

Charlie Crist: "There is a national leader, his name is President Obama."

In Nation’s Largest County, 20% - 2.2 Mil - Now Receiving Public Assistance

Assaults on our constitution come from all sides.

Like most of you, I follow DU as often as I can. Sometimes I feel

VIDEO:90-year-old Madoff victim loses $700,000, heads back to work

On e-Bay right now. 'Shoot me in the Chest'

I hope you all saw MO governor Jay Nixon on CSPAN this morning

Intellectual Bankruptcy

Its Sunday. Let's all bow our heads and pray for investigations, indictments, and prosecutions

Bush declines hardware store job

Thomas Friedman is a wanker.

Minutes from a Torturers' Meeting at Guantanamo-"If The Detainee Dies Your're Doing It Wrong"

the ugly racists of Arkansas

Help for Troops who go AWOL

Glen Greenwald: Fox News "war games" the coming civil war

Lugar Calls for a "Return to Realism" on Cuba

Boy charged with killing dad's pregnant girlfriend

U.S. Concedes Afghan Attack Mainly Killed Civilians

stanford group company still has their website up...enjoy

Bush declines hardware store job

European leaders wage battle against tax havens

bobby jindal is planning on punishing his constituents because 'he' doesn't like stimulus

Idea of dealing with foreclosed houses. Let them be raffled off!

Dealing with the Banks--An outline

Financial analyst says Wall St. money culture of credit bubble not coming back...

Financial analyst says Wall St. money culture of credit bubble not coming back...

Military Testing Iraq Exit Routes

Military Testing Iraq Exit Routes

'It's A Puzzlement... ' Great Post On TPM Re: WH Security vs. Transparency...

Global warming sources needed

Global warming sources needed

I'm quite impressed by our Sec. of HUD. He was on 2 shows today,

Chaos after hundreds turned away from housing assistance

Would private company BAH take over CA ? If CA goes broke ?

Priest who aided lepers in Hawaii to become saint

Iranian, Turkish firms to supply gas to Europe

Pastis understands children's sports!

Granholm: GOP wants 'creative destruction' for the auto industry

Army Reports Additional Recruits Due To Tough Economy

Questions remain as Death With Dignity law goes into effect

I just saw Alexandra Pelosi's "Right America Feeling Wronged"

Need some advice on job application

How would you balance the Federal Budget and reduce

Check out this photo of Barack Obama speaking to the crowd.

"One-A-Day Womens' Breast Health" God damned stupid

Good quote

Saw this comment on the Huffington Board today & fell out of the chair laughing:

What's coming up for next week?

GOP Sen. Shelby Joins the Flea Circus Questioning Obama's Citizenship

Op-ed column: Labor needs right to form unions

Iran: the friendliest people in the world

Things Explained: The Meltdown

Things Explained: The Meltdown

Soldiers are not heroes: a tale of two Facebook groups

Stanfordgate Sunday Update 1: Part of the corruption looks to be about Virgin Isle tax breaks.

With all this talk about "creative destruction" does anyone else know its original meaning?

So why isn't Palin at the Governors meeting

About the name changes and our Journals

What is the purpose of this scam?

Nationalize the failed banks...NOW !

Google Ocean: Has Atlantis been found off Africa?

No wonder chimp is delusional..a pianist played Hail to the Chief for him this weekend

No wonder chimp is delusional..a pianist played Hail to the Chief for him this weekend

Leahy Would Investigate Democrats, Too - Washinton Independent

Ex- Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick relocates to neighborhood, 6 figure salary

The monkey thing, Rev Sharpton, etc.

Michelle: Her first month as first lady

EU heads back financial clampdown

Asia Times: Economic catastrophe looms

Some Weekend TOONS


AP INVESTIGATION: Army charity hoards millions

Adriana "Rocket Queen " Smith

AP:Vegas, Midwest seek the $8 billion for fast trains(and the Northeast, Northwest, Florida & South)

Gas blast kills 74 in Northern China Coal Mine

Gov. Granholm-led NGA Health Care panel now up on C-SPAN

Hey Prez, Government, Media, Corporations, Citizens, Et Al...HERE'S A NOVEL IDEA

Is there a good website for bios on US military brass...

Could somebody catch me up on something?

Sen. Richard (DICK) Shelby hints at Obama not being native born...

Lust and pride: the vices dividing the sexes

Lust and pride: the vices dividing the sexes


Isn't the "banking crisis" really and investment banking crisis?

Jerry Lewis Wins an Oscar at Last

It's Our Turn to Eat: The Story of a Kenyan Whistle Blower by Michela Wrong

Bought this book. Thom Hartmann says it's "freaking him out" reading it...

Have the Republicans lost all right to b*tch about the economy?

Here's where you can take a test to determine your "implicit association"

Iran Plans 'Pre-Commissioning' Of Nuclear Plant

TWIMC.....thanx 4 the heart! n/t

Anyone here familiar with Thrivent Financial (for Lutherans)?

what are others paying in homeowners insurance throughout the country?

Plane Carrying Ind. Governor Makes Diverted Landing In Columbus

An so it begins: McConnell Shows GOP Queasiness on Obama Budget

Leahy Would Investigate Democrats, Too

I have three hearts! Thank you!

Senator Shelby! Provide us with your birth certificate or resign! NT

For profit or non-profit? I'm starting a new business, would appreciate insights.

For profit or non-profit? I'm starting a new business, would appreciate insights.

The average casket is 7 ft long

Do you think hallucinogenic drugs, and I'll include marijuana in that

Do you think hallucinogenic drugs, and I'll include marijuana in that

The Trials of Ted Haggard on HBO

Ridley Scott's BODY OF LIES: Comment and Technical Question for Cinematographers

Do oyu think the economy will cause people to forget about the two wars we're fighting?

The government surplus food dist. plan is alive and well

Binyam Mohamed Tortured/Beated Right Up To Departure From Gitmo - On SATURDAY!

The Republican War Against Jobs

Sebelius: No talks with Obama on health post

Anyone else watching Dateline and the Concorde crash

Anyone else watching Dateline and the Concorde crash

The year is 2009 C.E. If from the first day of the first month of the year 0

Censorship on the Huffington Post

FBI investigates possible links with Mexico drug gang

What exactly are we doing in Iraq these days?

A good read from my paper today.....

Friedman- Startups, not bailouts.

"Remove Gov. Mark Sanford" Facebook group

Hypothetical Question: Someone you love, who suffers from a serious illness that can adversely

Imagine if our newsmedia from 2002-07 had been similar to the sports media covering A-Rod

Imagine if our newsmedia from 2002-07 had been similar to the sports media covering A-Rod

Take these steps to get your share of the federal stimulus

Take these steps to get your share of the federal stimulus

Hey, ya lazy ass piker.....take your money out of the 'big banks' and put

"The Sick Debate Over Beheading" The Daily Beast.

Limbaugh: Trying To Understand A Dem Like Trying To Understand A Murderer Or Rapist

Two New York Dailies Drop Sunday, Monday editions

What will Obama do with KBR?

Free University Courses from MIT

Blast from the past: Presidential debate over medicare:

GOP governors debate how to revive party

Do you ever get the feeling you're being watched, like somebody's following you?

"The Crisis of Credit" visualized by Jonathan Jarvis ...A Must Watch!

Guardian UK: Britain faces summer of rage - police

No smoking, light drinking good for health

Palin supporters asked to not use Google for searches.



These Red-carpet interviews prior to the Oscars are

Let me introduce you to the “3 Job Economy”

Bloomberg News Svc: Americans Would Be Lucky to Mimic 1990s Japan

Mass transit gets the shaft in California budget......

Thanks for the heart! I needed it!

Buy American is about bulding jobs, not protectionism.

BAIL OUT THE PEOPLE, NOT THE BANKS!!!! March On Wall Street, Friday April 3 and Saturday April 4

Do the infotainers on NPR ever call the President

I Don't Feel Comfortable about this TWITTER business.....

We've really got to get this economy going b/c I've got a "lot of energy"

In honor of the grandstanding governors..

Should the Drinking Age be Lowered to 18?

Should the Drinking Age be Lowered to 18?

U.S. Military Base in Vicenza, Italy Gets Final Approval

Bill Maher REALLY screwed up last Friday.

Bill Maher REALLY screwed up last Friday.

Former CIA Officer Describes Retribution for Whistle Blowing

Dustin Lance Black wins best political speech

What contributed most to the fall of the Soviet Union?

With jobs scarce, volunteering on the rise

Sunday Morning News Programs = Most Informative and Objective?

Let's get rid of the word "Stigma." I have been using it for yeras, but I think

COMING: Condi's "candid narrative and acute analysis" of "her role in protecting America"

Desert military bases hold wealth of archaeological finds

Desert military bases hold wealth of archaeological finds

Bobby Jindal was a Rhodes Scholar

George P. Bush, the rancid spawn of the piglet Jeb, criticizes Charlie Christ for stimulus support

Olduvai, Evolution, and Darwin

Experts say video shows a dental examiner creating the bite marks that put a man on death row.

"Please don't take our money", the millionaires cried...

Some freeper thread titles for your amusement.

More on "Mummies found hidden in Saqqara"

Counterdemonstrators drive off hate group in Flight 3407 protest

Trawlers are 'destroying history on the seabed'

Pages 490-491 of A.R.R.A- State Legislatures can accept the funds with or without Governor approval

Obama administration starting bank stress tests this week...

Obama administration starting bank stress tests this week...

Student Finds Rare Lincoln Fingerprint


Ponzi Paranoia Is Rattling ‘Madoffed’ Companies

these two stories trouble me....

Psychokillers, Bad Math & Burn Baby Burn

Sister Charged With Assisting Brother's Suicide

In today's age....there is no opportunity to 'save'

"When you first prune a tree, it is really ugly. But it comes back better than it ever was."

SEC Probed Stanford Companies; Red Flags Abounded

On the solemn occasion of my 600th post - A moment of silence, please...

"You Commie, Homo-lovin' sons-of-guns!"

"So many messengers. What's the message? . . . not exactly the question you put to a soldier."

I found this garbage on a Facebook site "Reagan Conservative"

Did the repukes kill the golden goose (us)?

You have won a very unusual prize, Would you accept? What would you do?

What would happen if the right (and left) took a week off from being outraged and

Yes!!!! Sean Penn wins the Oscar for MILK

Question - why is Barbara Walters respected while others who commit sexual affairs are not

* is still wearing that stupid fucking jacket

Smirko McCokespoon turns down hardware store job

Microsoft seeks refund from some laid off workers

Sean Penn joins exclusive club.

Sean Penn joins exclusive club.

War tramatized Liberians want to stay in America.. Please help them.

Reform healthcare -- and leave Social Security alone - By Joe Conason

Sofia Loren at 74

Don't Get Complacent: The Blueprints for the Fourth Right Wing Coup

McDonald's: No workers comp for employee shot protecting patron

Your opinion of Hillary Clinton's first trip abroad as Secretary of State? Post it here.

'several' republican governors do not want unemployment help for their constituents

U.S. Could Expand Its Stake In Citi To 40%

Damn it. Mickey Rourke got screwed

Who's rooting for "Slumdog"

Rate Hugh Jackman as Oscar host

LOLOLOL "$1000 chance to hear Bush speak"

Price Waterhouse is in the HOUSE!

Palestinian doctor invents "artificial nose" able to "sniff" cancer in 92% of cases

94 Years after Ludlow Massacre, site now national historic landmark

For DUers in "We Don't Want The Money" states ..... what's the mood there?

For DUers in "We Don't Want The Money" states ..... what's the mood there?

So Obama passes stimulus, gets GOP Congress to vote against it

Sam Brownback questions political foes' Catholicism

Hi-tech research shows Neolithic axes have travelled from the Alps

Newspeak Technology

My lucky day! An unsolicited job offer in my Yahoo mail, what a jackpot!

I'm getting really tired of advocates of the "free market" who'd have nothing to do with it....

The wisdom of Karl Popper......

Revealed: full horror of Gitmo inmate's beatings

Transgenes found in wild corn

I hate my neighbor

I've gone from having Some Respect for Diane Sawyer, to Zero in about 1 second.

Rick Santelli of the junk bond empire Drexel, BUrnham and Lambert

George Will inciting violence on This Week...

Vincent Bugliosi-Holding the bush administration accountable

Obama Justice Dept. Stays the Course in Working to Kill Suit About Missing Bush White House E-mail

Calling Fans of the Gipper...

Meanwhile over at Jim Robinson's FreeRepublic.....

Has anyone heard of the "Smart Grid"

If you missed Frontline last week, watch it online. Inside the Meltdown.

Just Watched "Right America" on HBO

Gorby smarter than Obama: Soviet leader accepted defeat and brought his troops home from Afghanistan

question about donations

I'm gonna bet tomorrow is "F U SEAN PENN Day" on Fox Noise

Note To Well-Intentioned-But-Shallow Thinkers: It's Not *Just* About Salary...

What if sugar was found to be the cause of many common health problems?

Amnesty International Responds to Pentagon's Report Claiming Gitmo Meets Geneva Standards

A piece on marriage equality in the New York Times

Man who lost face in '05 mauling knows hell of new chimpanzee victim

This shows how the Mormons are champion liars when

Just because Obama promised to do something in his campaign doesn't make it right.

Is the FAFSA form too complicated?

It's time to NOT buy all the Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Aquafina etc that you can........

Alabama Paper Stands By Story: Reported Shelby Comments "Accurately and Completely"

Dead In Its Tracks, Sanctions are Warranted: An Anatomy of Norm Coleman's Failed Contest Effort

Louisiana Lt. Gov. Landrieu: Jindal Wrong To Reject Recovery Funds For Unemployment Insurance»

Elder's Meditation of the Day - February 22

CNN Anchor: Rihanna must deal with “stigma” of being abuse victim

Homelessness Marathon

Viet Nam Army Vets: Remember the steak in Oakland?

Want to help me design my students next project? AFRICA 7th grade

Check in thread for DUers wanting to end the illegal occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Should the drinking age be lowered to 18?

Revealed: full horror of Gitmo inmate's beatings

Howie Kurtz: "Santelli may or may not have a populist point, but isn't he supposed to be a reporter?

Does anyone have any details about Texas nat guard being called out.

Yay for me! I'm gonna make my first million this year!

Yay for me! I'm gonna make my first million this year!

Yay for me! I'm gonna make my first million this year!

The Increasingly Visible Pinochet Rationale

No surprize here... Junk food kills!

Check-in thread for DUers supporting prosecution of Bush/Cheney criminals

Do you have a right to not shower?

Do you have a right to not shower?

Iran is developing and exporting alternative energy expertise

The Next Bush in Politics criticizes Gov. Crist (FL)

The digital converter didn't work, and it's been great! We only

"Advice for the New Poor" by former DUer, DuctTapeFatwa

One mind's political journey from 2000 to 2009...naive enthusiasm to cold reality.

"There's been a major shift towards acceptance of the Taliban,"

Recommend this thread if you support Sean Penn in the inevitable shitstorm to follow after tonight

Stalking the Shadows: Lab Rat

Sean Penn to Prop 8 Supporters: You get to sit and reflect on the shame you'll live with

Should the "History" Channel change it's name to the UFO Channel

My wife and I are boycotting McDonald's. We will not be taking our nieces there anymore.

Labor Unions. DU this poll.

Labor Unions. DU this poll.

Obama's 'Seven Days in May' Moment

The People vs. Bank of America: B of A Giveth and It Taketh Away

Bush Administration Crimes and the International Criminal Court

Pizza delivery in less than ten minutes guaranteed.

Radio listeners: What is the show biz name for the brief sound snippets DJs use?

Twenty seven cents a beer! Woohoo!

Got a catalog in the mail today that shows lots of yummy stuff.

I'm drunk


Dammit. NCIS marathon on USA tomorrow, and I have to visit family.

Ah CRAP!!!!

Yay! My sigline is back!

Does anyone play MUDS?

Shortest month of the year, my ass!

Site for all kitteh lovers

I need a solution

MrPerson, C'mere ...

white on white

This website made me fall down.

Uh oh. Thread in GD discussing colored penis.

Are You Straight?

Abu Ghraib Reopens: New Name, Fake Flowers

A present for my fellow pevs before I go to bed.

Mrs. V. comes home today! Procrastinated on housework: What should I do first?

Eric Holder should be careful what he wishes for (the "nation of cowards" remark)

help - sizing issue

Help me figure out what to do today...

Everytime I watch "the news".......


Lil O'Liely likes the Oscars

Pre-emptive strike


What is it that makes this "Carnival" so popular?

Are you hungry-really hungry?

Wanna see what I got for my birthday?


How come in the Star Wars prequels

card a friend sent me -- beware, it is risque

Heads up!!! PSA here..... On Sci-Fi tonight

Man of the Year Awards

I'm really mainlining today: Gmail, DU, Facebook and MySpace

There once was a man from Nantucket...

Have you ever dialed a "For a good time call" number that you seen in the restroom?

What is and why did it crash me when I attempted to reply on DU?

Do you Tivo the Oscars and watch it for a half an hour Monday Morning?

Bad news: It's snowing again! Good news:

Anyone use Mel Torme? What's your experience?

Who can stop it!?! Who can control this monstrous creature!?! ("Great Garloo" commercial, 1961)

"Albania! Albania! You border on __(Fill in the Blank)__"

The Dude Abides

I bought the book "Drink - a cultural history of alcohol" yesterday. I can't

Here are my top Oscar picks. I absolutely do not know what I am talking about!

"Walk the Line" was just on. Posting this in honor of Cash

The dog has destroyed the back yard

Are croonings with other DUers common?

mama, guess what?

my fizzgig is back!

Stupidity: Taking it to a whole new level

Has anyone seen From The Ashes lately?

I'm a transplanted Los Angelino and gray weather makes me sad.

Maybe I should go back to bed. Maybe the cold medicine has gotten to me...

Why is Slumdog Millionaire rated R?

Where does Hillary get all those pantsuits?


How does the cat decide he's done sitting on the window sill?

Bobcat family settles in at Lake Elsinore foreclosed home

I'm going to see Eric Sardinas later this evening. Ask me anything

I'll never love another man in leather pants.

I am the great Cornholio.

Anyone use Melatonin? What's your experience?

I just phoned taterguy and spoke to him about his "village idiot" thread.

I'm Second-To-None In My Love Of Bacon...

Weird Strobing Effect in Ridley Scott's Recent Work

Anyone seen the Changeling?

the membership director at one of the local chambers of commerce

Serious Topic: When a Weight Problem Causes a Relationship Problem…

post your favorite beavis and butthead dialogue

Man , never search about health problems on the Googles , you end up scaring yourself

Dog Cam: Live dog feed from my Living Room...

I Finally Feel Human Again

Post a DU Name that you think just sounds funny whenever you hear it.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 2/22/2009)

FYI- "Pineapple Express" is NOT a sequel to "The Polar Express"

The stone mason work on this building is amazing!

whatever you do, do NOT google "the minion"

Looking for advice, personal

Who Is Watching The Oscars?

Yo, TZ - you better be practicing your Guitar Hero skills!!!!

What is your favorite type of submission?


Is DU on Central Time?

who will put me up and provide adequate liquor for me within a 12 hour drive

Is flvegan mortally injured or something?

Holy Hell! Now I know why Midlo drinks the boxed wine...

i thought these shows were the shit when i was between 4-7 years old

ATTN: Hollywood DUers.

Not nominated for BEST DRESS

Not nominated for BEST DRESS

What the hell does my sig line mean?

Party like it's 1994! Show us your computer's desktop!!

It's official - Ryan Seacrest is a dweeb and I feel like I'm offending people by saying that...

shit sucks

I adore surly.


An American Carol wasn't even nominated for a Worst Film Razzie Award??

i drank all my boss's beer on friday

they say "do what you love"

is it a womans perogitive to change her mind???

Don't you just love it when an ex accidentally texts you instead of their current

zz top appreciation thread

90-something's homes are not the greatest place for 3 3-6 year olds to play

I'm here posting on DU.. and sick..

Who has a drinking problem ?

I live 3 blocks from the Kodak Theatre. It sounds like Apocolypse Now outside.

i have to write an erotic screenplay

this is the clothing optional thread

shemika copeland

let's play..... how pathetic am I today????

Does anyone want to be Netflix friends?

soo I have been officially dissed

Testing testing,1,2,3. I'm getting an error message every time I post.

Stay back 103 feet.

Are nooners with other DUers common?

i adore curly

I'm posting from the administrator's office at the nursing home...

so I'm going to take a shower and it had me thinking

***The official THREAD***

name your favorite sophist

Product placement, Mr President?

Ok time to break out the tissues - Best Supporing Actor

State Street - Madison, Wisconsin

Whats Your Favorite Movie Of 2009?

I just saw the "Sandberg Game" on the MLB channel (June 23, 1984)


Ok, I need a Direct X 9.0c compatible video card, only I have no idea...

** 2009 Oscar Predictions **

baby, i got a time machine in my pants

heh..Up From The Depths..a Godzilla rap. Far better than the Oscars.

OMG OMG O... M... G!!! Miley Cyrus is like AT THE OSCARS!!!

I have successfully cut my own cheese. Can global domination be far behind?

Whoever thought of having Hugh Jackman to host the Oscars should get one for that idea

I would like to read a screenplay

Someone take the stick out of Angolina Jolies ass

i'm gonna quit smoking tomorrow

Shout out of Thanks to the person who gave me a valentine!

Sony Releases piece of shit.

We got the bridal gown!

Anybody else have the virus du jour?

Great user review of "Star Trek: Nemesis"

I admit- I've not watched much news or TV lately.. wtf is a slumdog millionaire?!

Well...I WAS going to post my erotic poem...

Q Lazarus - Goodbye Horses

Anyone else notice that Peter Gabriel boycotted the Oscars?

There should be no shame in addiction

Who is not watching the oscars?

so, all you old fucks

Who is not tutching the but?

What actor/actress do you like who isn't "all Hollywood".

Post your award HEADLINES here

oscar night art...

wOw! Oldest cats in the world! How old is your cat?

does anyone else think Angelina Jolie looks different tonight?

I was pulling for Mickey Rourke, but I'm happy Penn won it if nothing else than

*** Official 2009 Academy Awards Thread ***

OK, everyone chill and post a kitteh picture

Lately I'm craving pizza. Is there such thing as a healthy frozen pizza, or a healthy pizza

Do you tip a pet groomer?

If people are telling you stories how do you differentiate between Tall Stories and Bullshit?

What is your favorite type of sub.

OMG Kindle2 is out in two days

Crap self-congratulatory crap is crap

*** Official 2009 Academy Awards Thread 3 ***

I'm writing an erotic poem...

*** Official 2009 Academy Awards Thread 2 ***

Are moonings with other DUers common?

I think LostinVA just had a baby orgasm

Official Fuck Slumdog Millionaire Thread.


Sean Penn wins Best Actor!!!!!!!!

Ok... I wrote the poem

Sci Fi original movies suck.

Must be a good storm comin' - the Weather Channel is in Augusta Maine tonight

Octo-Mom OR Neon Meate Dream of a Octafish

I have successfully made my own cheese. Can global domination be far behind?

Thanks to Hugh Jackman Musicals are now officially dead.

Is Sophia Loren drunk?

Which concept has a greater foundation in reality?

Hope Streep comes up the middle and crushes the dreams of upstarts like Jolie and Winslet.

I'm guessing the fundies will be protesting ABC now

The official OSCARS fashion thread: (photo heavy)

How many computers do you have in your home?

Battlestar Galactica - no thread from this past Friday? (Spoilers)

My roommate is finally gone...

Found: one pair black panties.

Domain name? Check. Business cards and letterhead? Check.

What movies have you seen recently?

Your Sunday LOLcats. (dial-up warning)

OK why the hell didn't you tell me about Sriacha chili sauce?

My newest poem, ready for prime time...Flame


Most annoying character on Star Trek, TNG?

Just saw FROST/NIXON and there can be only one take away message from the movie...

Don't need no 2/3 vote or Stinkin' Bipartisanship to let Bush Tax Cuts to Wealthy Expire!

Lieberman, Dems seeing eye to eye

White House finds sudden GOP support for stimulus $$ "amusing"

190 days until Obama becomes President!!!

Learning to Speak Better English: Yes, We Can!

Bridge to Nowhere

There is a pattern developing with these Republican governors and the stimulus...

Dumb question: Does a trial in a U.S. court mean that a prisoner must be on literal U.S. soil?

Well, after 22 years, my military retirement is official

songs about rain

Are There Any Riots Against "Anti"-Stim Governors Planned?

Is there a difference between U.S. constitutional rights and human rights of the Geneva Convention?

You don't have to be a doom-sayer to be respectful of probability

Nuclear agenda draws scrutiny

81st Academy Awards Post-Mortem: Suckdog Millionbore

"Why are these people living under a bridge?" "Because housing is too cheap."

could obama be siding with bushs court cases because he believes they will lose?

Obama Beats Jesus As #1 !!!!!

Dear Barack: Refugee kids’ advice to the president

Richard Shelby, Alabama Senator, Questions Obama's Citizenship

When I was 16, I had sex with a 21-year-old.

KY-Sen: NRSC Meets With Williams

Sebelius: No Talks with Obama on Health Post

O Admin tries to kill email case? Can someone explain why we side with Bush on this?

I am so ready to set this asshole on FIRE

What Attracts you to another person as a potential date/mate?

Anything on the morning shows today worth watching?

When,oh when, will we have a First Puppy??

Center for Responsible Lending: The Housing Plan: New Hope for Stopping the Foreclosure Epidemic


They Need a Swat Across Their Obnoxious Asses

congresswoman barbara lee on c-span now 8-9pm est (repeat) nt

Repubs have nothing, resorting to bizarre spin in trying to counter Obama

COUP coming- bloodless or not?

Official: Investigator to lead stimulus oversight

Bobby Jindal is Evan Bayh with a tan.

prime minister gordon brown putting up with the british version of repub idiocy.

US Government in talks to own 40% of Citigroup Bank

House Party with your Congressman/woman. Who attended one this weekend?

February 1942: FDR announces plan to halve deficit in 4 years

Has Uncle Rupert Become More Liberal??

Has Uncle Rupert Become More Liberal??

‘Morning Joe’ taping live from the White House on Tuesday

Free Republic in Open Insurrection Against United States of America

Friday- one less homeless (Pic)

What Are You Reading?

What three senate races are you looking forward to the most in 2010?

Sen. Lugar says US must rethink Cuba embargo

The fact is this: No Economist or anyone on this board can predict how The Stimulus plays out.

Has "hating" become so endemic in our society..that we can no longer work together

**Heads Up: Michelle Discusses First WH Dinner Prep on CSPAN 4pm**

Good bye Churchill hello Abe

Former Secret Service agent Earl Devaney to be Stimulus Oversight Czar

Can someone help me understand why there's opposition to Obama's Afghanistan/Pakistan troop surge?

I thought Bobby Jindal was supposed to be so impressive??

Is There Organized Crime on Wall Street?

The Next Time a Republican Tells You That The Private Sector Does a Better Job at Charity

I'm going to say something possibly unpopular

Maxine Waters on Bill Maher: "We don't want to substitute Afghanistan for Iraq,"

[mandated] Health Care Industry in Talks to Shape Policy

Bunning: Justice Ginsberg likely will be dead in 9 months. (Does he WANT to lose re-election?)

PHOTOS: Governors at the White House Dinner

Shelby Doubts Obama Citizenship

PHOTOS The Governors' Dinner at the White House

Clinton wraps up first Asian trip

For Obama Girls, There Is No Avoiding Their Chores

Hold the Eulogies, Senator Ted Kennedy Says

AG Eric Holder's sister in law was.......

Know what you are arguing. Many persons captured in Afghanistan

gin and juice

George P. Bush attacks Charlie Crist .

I wish someone had warned me about the Conservative Cave.

Have you ever bought something from "seen on TV"?

Bush left a hardware store with some flashlights, batteries and WD-40

"I don't believe in homosexuality"

Are "unlawful combatants" protected under Geneva?

Who is the most weaselly Repuke right now?

What would be your breaking point with President Obama?

Robert Parry complains about "endless Clinton bashing."

Deja Q, where are you?

Sean Penn mentions how this country "has elected an elegant man" with his Oscar win!

Nude Carnival Queen, Viviane Castro, Bodypaints Obama On Her Leg (NSFW PHOTO)

What is your favorite type of submarine

Google Ocean: Has Atlantis been found off Africa?

Thousands in Fort Lauderdale line up for shot at affordable housing

Europe backs hedge fund oversight and haven crackdown

2 rockets fired from Lebanon towards Israel

UK agents 'colluded with torture in Pakistan'

UK agents 'colluded with torture in Pakistan'

Protest in Ireland of government handling of economy

Brown flies to meet President Obama for economy crisis talks

EPA to Issue Carbon Dioxide Rule, Obama Climate Czar Says

UK is branded a 'climate criminal' over coal plans

Priest who aided lepers in Hawaii to become saint

UBS chairman under fire over U.S. tax fraud probe: paper

Revealed: full horror of Gitmo inmate's beatings

Fresh Paint and Flowers at Iraqi House of Horrors

EU heads back financial clampdown

U.S. Military: Obama Decision on Iraq Troops 'Soon'

UAE government throws Dubai financial lifeline

Darling says Swiss must take action on tax

Dems, Republicans spar over stimulus money

Vassilis Paleokostas and Alket Rizai: Greeces Most Wanted Men Stage Escape

Jeb Bush's son chides Gov. Crist for seeking stimulus

Venezuela’s Chavez: Unexpected and brief visit to Cuba

China prepares to buy up foreign oil companies

Official: Investigator to lead stimulus oversight

Several injured in blast in Cairo

US actors reject studios' offer

Pakistan to arm village militias to fight terror

Europe says all markets must be regulated

20% in Los Angeles County receive public aid

One killed in Egypt mosque blast

Obama Planning to Slash Deficit, Despite Stimulus Spending

U.S. government seeking up to 40 pct stake in Citigroup: report

(NH) Official calls domestic violence 'gimmick' - Selectman votes down women's shelter funds

Secret U.S. Unit Trains Commandos in Pakistan

Delphi salaried retirees fight benefit cuts

Lugar, GOP Senate Report Urge Fresh Look at Relations With Cuba

Microsoft wants refund from some laid off workers

$8bn 'missing' from Allen Stanford's offshore bank

Swiss party wants to punish U.S. for UBS probe

Penn Grabs Best Actor Oscar for 'Milk:' "Those Who Voted Against Gay Marriage... Sit and Reflect"

Crop Scientists Say Biotechnology Seed Companies Are Thwarting Research

GOP governors: Stimulus money may hurt in long run

Obama fantasy art. (nudes on a unicorn)

Heath Ledger earns Oscar as Joker in 'Dark Knight'

Jindal, two other GOP governors refuse to rule out running for president in 2012

Now, for a little Sunday flavor, Rahm Emanuel. “Undersecretary for Go Fuck Yourself"

Probe finds Army charity is hoarding millions

Britain faces summer of rage - police

'Milk' Screenwriter at Oscars: "Very Soon, I Promise, You Will Have Equal Rights, Federally"

Fla. Governor Continues to Back Obama on Recovery

Granholm to GOP stimulus aid refusers: 'We'll take your money'

Colombia domestic spy chief probes alleged illegal wiretapping by 'mafia' within

Foreign workers could be barred from entering UK

Obama converges with several Bush Terror policies

Glenn Beck - Road to Socialism: Democratic Socialists of America


Rachel Maddow & Alexandra Pelosi discuss "Right America Feeling Wronged"

Real Time w/ Bill Maher: Maxine Waters - No Exapansion in Afghanistan 2/20

CBS: Stanford's Carribbean Scam

Gecko Video Contest Entry

Ron-Paul: Dispose of the drug war - and bring the boys home!

Nearly 100 thousand protest state cutbacks in Ireland

CBS: Obama Renewing Science in Public Interest

Gov. Granholm Shoots Down Right-Wing Talking Points on Fox News Sunday

McDonald's employee, Nigel Haskett, shot while defending a customer is denied workers comp

TYT: Republican Politician Gives His Thoughts On 'The Gay'

BBC: Tourists hit by Cairo bomb blast

The Week In Cartoons 02/21/09

Brazilian carnivale queen bodypaints Obama on her leg in protest

Bristol Palin And Abstinence

Meet the Press (02/22/09): Bobby Jindal Doesn't Want Unemployment Assistance from Stimulus Bill

Hallelujah - George Bush is Gone

CNBC Cramer..Stock Market Manipulation - How he did it...

Gov. Granholm: 'I'll Take Stimulus Money GOP Govs. Turn Down' (Fox News Sunday)

Schwarzenegger - The Stimulus Package is "Terrific"

Climate Denial Crock of the Week - That 1500 Year Thing

Meet the Press Take Two (22/02/09): Gov. Crist backs stimulus, Obama is a "genuine guy"

"Milk" Screenwriter Dustin Black at Academy Awards: You are beautiful, wonderful creatures of value.

Soldiers Shoot Farmer With Human Rights Activists Present

Bridge to Nowhere

TYT: Steal $8 Billion And You Won't Get Arrested?

GOP Attacks Pearl Harbor with Robocalls

Nate Silver's Stunning Oscar Predictions

Demanding That Obama Apologize to Iraqis

Jonathan Alter: America’s New Shrink

Applications to CU drop after record year -

Shelby dabbles in citizenship rumor

"Alternative" Media: From Refuge from MSM TO Engine of Change

The Gatekeeper

Hey, Republicans - Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way

Hilariously dry excerpt from A View from the Foothills, a recently-published,

Welcome to the new Abu Ghraib

The 'Governater': Congressional Republicans Are 'Economic Surly Man'

Enforcement Gone Bad - NYTimes

UK prisoner's 'huge' injuries from beatings

Afghanistan has the smell of South Vietnam in 1965 Joseph Galloway

Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Stock Down only $77,000.00 Each

from OPED news, Monsanto and the Schoolmarm school of correction

The conflict in the Congo is a resource war waged by U.S. and British allies

Meghan McCain on "Why Republicans Don't Get the Internet" (with great comments!)

Obama's Refusal To Reverse Bush Policy In Afghanistan Angers Human Rights Groups

When Consumers Cut Back: A Lesson From Japan

Social Security is not a Tax it’s a Insurance Policy!

Screw Big Chain Franchises: Support Your Local Bar!

What We Don’t Know Will Hurt Us-Frank Rich"Yet we are constantly shocked,shocked by the foreseeable"

This explains so many things. Escaping the Matrix

The Real Reason Bank Stocks Are Tanking

Fox News "War Games" the Coming Civil War


Believing Is Art

Crunchy Frog

Trumpeter Swans return to Arkansas

Evergreen Solar Finds Profit in the Sun

Prepare for a climate-changed world, say engineers

Residents evacuate amid bushfire risk (Victoria)

Scientists capture dramatic footage of Arctic glaciers melting in hours (misleading headline)

Bubbles of warming, beneath the ice

UK is branded a 'climate criminal' over coal plans

(Troy, NY) Solar Store owners seeing strong consumer interest

New Company Looks to Produce Space Based Solar Power Within a Decade

Newsweek: Will Climate Go Over The Edge?—Even a miracle of diplomacy wouldn't put global warming…

US Climate Czar: CO2 Regulation Ruling To Come Soon—"it represents a danger to the public"

Offshore energy projects pile up (at least three proposed off Cape Cod)

Big asbestos case in Libby, Mont., goes to trial

Outback Australian town to run on solar power 24 hours a day (graphite heat storage)

Single coal mine blast kills more than Chernobyl disaster

Lawrenceville Plasma Physics Initiates Two-Year Experiment to Test Hydrogen-Boron Fusion

HAITI: Just released video interview with journalist Kevin Pina about US/Canadian role in 2004 coup

Thank you for my hearts. I suspect they came from here.

Unrest in Caribbean has roots in slavery past

BoRev is hilarious today!

Colombia domestic spy chief probes alleged illegal wiretapping by 'mafia' within

Today in labor history Feb 22 Founding convention of the People's Party

Ergonomic Standards Still a Threat to Manufactures

Banks on list of union targets

California nurse's union reaches out

Obama Calls for Climate, Labor Safeguards in NAFTA

Gates Foundation grant for cocoa group raises a rights issue (child labor)

Billion-dollar Franchise ‘American Idol’ Protested by Writers and Teamsters for Health Care and Work

Proposed legislation to provide health care and paid sick leave

CWA: Target the real pension pirates

IBEW’s holiday lights display raises $50,000 for charity

NYCOSH to Obama: Here's How to Fix OSHA

Worker killed at Microsoft campus construction site

Bill would require union fees from state employees

Buy American is about bulding jobs, not protectionism.

Can N.C. become pro-union?

Can N.C. become pro-union? (Norma Rae country)

BCTGM-Alliance of Retired Americans Friday Alert, 2/20/09

Members Speak Out at Oscar-eve Protest of MPTF Seniors' Home Closure

AP: (Murdered Union) Activist's funeral turns into demonstration (for higher wages and respect)

Plymouth foundry workers trying to survive four months of being locked out

U.S. and Canadian labvor leaders hope for renegotation of NAFTA

Nestlé Hong Kong: Strike action wins dramatic step-down from management

Laid off workers at Mini plant pelt management with fruit

94 Years After Ludlow Massacre, Site Now National Historic

Free choice and small business Author: Sen. John F. Kerry


Does America Still Need Labor Unions? (online survey)

Judge: Palmer Township nursing home sought to thwart union effort, violated labor laws

"He was Barack Obama before Barack Obama."

I have a good reason to hate Hugo Chavez now...

I was wrong! I assumed I hadn't been posting much because I've been busy with work...

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report (February 22): Sofia and Linares and Moscow, oh, my

Gays, lesbians fight for civil protections (WV)

thank you for the heart!

Gay hip hop, aka homo hop

Planned anti-gay demo falls flat

Show us your pride merch!

PepsiCo Gets in Bed With Rockstar, Michael Savage

Anti-gay group blasts Log Cabin leader

Can I be 30 yet without looking like I'm 30?

CNBC blames victim

LOL: Sean Penn thanks "commie homo-lovers" for voting him Oscar

‘Milk’ screenwriter Dustin Lance Black wins Oscar.

Walgreens bonuses

E.U. leaders turn to IMF amid financial crisis

Baltic Currency-Peg Defense Cuts Reserves Amid Regional Slump

Irish protesters warn of another Iceland

'Good Banks' Are the Cost Effective Way Out of the Financial Crisis - Willem Buiter

U.S. seeking up to 40 percent stake in Citigroup: report

Citi Endgame Nigh?

Jesus christ, what is going to become of Bank of America. Citibank is pleading for

OMG Look at the Bloomberg breaking news.....

Citigroup Begs To Be 40% Nationalized

Now It's Official: Stress Test Results Pre-Determined

10 dirty tricks to jump-start a new bull, fast!

Understanding what happened to us so that we can resolve our economic crisis.

Any good criticism of Ludwig von Mises that y'all can recommend?

Sean Penn wins, yes!!!

India to hire Americans

Not guilty verdict in gay slaying (very upsetting)

Looks like Bush did privatize some of Soc. Sec.

Obama aims to halve deficit by 2013

'Schalit was wounded during Cast Lead'

Israel assassinating Iranian scientists

Abu Dhabi to subscribe to Israeli satellite service

PA: US okays Hamas-Fatah government

Hamas sentences accused Israel collaborator death by firing squad

Israeli Comedy skit satirizing Jesus and Mary labeld Racist and Anti-Semitic

Rightist assaulted by police to be compensated

Olmert's Apology: 'Occupation' in Gaza Causes Anti-Semitism

Amnesty: US assisted Gaza war crimes

Terror victims seeking Persian relics in court

Pharma Giant Looking for New Diseases to Treat with Drug Linked to Suicide

Tai chi helps the elderly with falling? Not so fast,

Scientists find antibodies that target wide-range of flu viruses...

The Great Cholesterol Controversy

Goggle combines night vision, thermal sight

CID races to catch up with greedy contractors

DoD: Hawaii Guardsman dies in Kuwait

Ohio, Ind. Guard troops en route to Iraq

Okla. troops await call to Afghanistan

Group helps families of suicide victims

Analysis: Military split over Iraq pullout

Blast hits Pakistan supply line to U.S. troops

Trident force reaches milestone

Chiefs, officers say khaki must be earned

Reservist collapses, dies during IA training

Coast Guard working to free grounded tanker

Eisenhower CSG departs for Middle East

Bribe sentencing delayed for ex-airman

Hurlburt airman dies in Afghanistan

Wis. soldier refuses to return to Iraq

Eielson airman on trial for attempted murder

General: Racism still deserves dialogue

Iraqis taking the lead? Yes and no

U.S.-Poland pact to bolster forces and boost role in NATO

Mullen seeks clarity on concussion standards

Medic gets life term for detainee deaths

Iraqi forces uncover huge weapons cache in Mosul

Many troops still confident in investments

Navy chaplain travels to Kenya for volunteer work

U.S.: 13 civilians died in coalition operation

Military testing exit routes out of Iraq

Iraqis reopen, rename Abu Ghraib prison

‘You’re his witness now’

European briefs: Airman sentenced to 5 years for molesting child

New GI Bill preliminary payment list released

Question about a Vivitar macro lens I have

Oh yeah, and remember to duck.....

You can lead a horse to water......


JeffR-Thanks for the DUZYS

Would anyone have any use for old Nikon FM2 lenses?

I feel like dancing

Elders Meditation for the Day -- Feb 22

A Sunday message..."Christ in You"

Why They Can't See (psychic phenomena)

I stopped by this forum to read for the first time today.

"Big Breakthrough" Coming....but now, a month later, panic attacks and fear

Cinnamon and it's benefits

Of giving to strangers: "A Ramdom Act of Kindness"

The Fountain - Very Spiritual Movie That Will Resonate With Many Here

You helped me get through the night

Houston astrologer makes Oscar predictions

Duality on DU

My Hunny and I are very different, and I'm not sure we can last

The Pope will hear of epigenetics and human DNA

Jaguar captured in Aizona!

Anyone remember that weird math discovery that predicts how long any phenomenon lasts?

Lust and pride: the vices dividing the sexes

The Ruby Royals are in!! ( Best shrimp ever)

Check out this mail order site for inexpensive shipping

Bourdain in Beiruit ... I'd never seen this episode before. Wow .... just wow.

kitchen update (for less than $100)

The No Reservations: Saudi Arabia episode

Food Network

Is there an original Ain5 post that has the recipe from the book?

I just had a pkg of frozen bread dough explode in my hands.

I FINALLY returned my unused nonstick madeleine pan to Williams-Sonoma.

OMG, I had no idea - Nat'l Pancake Week started yesterday - I've already lost one day!!!

What's for Dinner? ~ SUNDAY the 22nd Edition

No frickin' power again

What kind of soup are you? ~ QUIZ

'First Lady

So, I, um, made the mac-and-cheese meatloaf from

SO, it's been a busy weekend. Bread, cheese, jam--all done! PIC HEAVY

Help! Writing a nice letter rejecting a university's generous offer.

Got to taste some fare of one of the "Hell's Kitchens" chefs last night

Jackson Lee vows to fight for state stimulus share

Unemployment Benefits.

Y'all gotta read this thread!

Oscar Pool

Ottawa Citizen: Australia to press Canada on environment

CanWest: Liberals demand to see government books

Why can't I record on a blank CD-R?

Subcommittee Assignments in SFRC

nice photo of JK with Teddy in 2-22 Boston Globe