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Charlie Rose, Richard Holbrooke, on tonight. Very worth watching.

Now wasn't it nice of Bush's SEC to block short selling of financial stocks to keep them

I shouldn't repost this, but it's so refreshing to watch Santelli get spanked by Robert Gibbs.

Chinese Gay Penguins Marry

Delete -- inadvertant dupe

Here is an idea to save our economy.

Mr. Fish has something to say...

Before I get some sleep I want to thank whoever sent me these hearts.

I've been remiss with my thanks.

New Developments in the Chandra Levy case

New Developments in the Chandra Levy case

TOON: Ted Rall Must Read DU

Huffington Post: "Meghan McCain Explains How Her Blog Could Have Saved The GOP"

Thanks to whomever for my star.

The Messy Innovation Of America (political innovation) the US vs Europe

The Messy Innovation Of America (political innovation) the US vs Europe

Barbara Ehrenreich/Chuck Collins: Corporate America, Ground Your Jets

Someone Gave Me A Heart?

Self Portrait

Is it possible that we're wasting WATER while we sleep?

Is it possible that we're wasting WATER while we sleep?

LOL - Reporter almost breaks out laughing while interviewing Alan Keyes (R - Birther)

Economic Shock Therapy

New rule! Never, ever, ever leave a surplus for the Republicans to piss away

Remind the taxpayer who we're cleaning up after!

"Can anyone save the consumer?" by JOHN DVORAK .... LINK

How come I gotta Pay for mortgage rescues? WHAaaaaa

So the Working Class is pissed off at Wall Street and the Bankers

Drag queen becomes homecoming queen

New Mexico Mayor Thinks Plan to Transfer Nuclear Weapons Complex From DoE to DoD is Dead

Dollars & Sense: Massachusetts Doctors Push for Single-Payer

"Trickle down was Reagan's monetary policy"

1 month in, repubs having a difficult time 'getting over it. Screw em'.

The latest Republicanthing - setting off one section of the community against the other

Credit Card companies are here to help

It's truly heartwarming to see how concerned

Arnold has a tiny little dick.

MarketWatch: Credit crunch may only have just begun, S&P warns

Large numbers of the political class in several Western Democracies

"Food Politics" author on C-span 3 at 1 pm EST today

We done come to wahn y'all

We done come to wahn y'all

We done come to wahn y'all

clinton in china

Jumbo-Loan Defaults Surge in U.S. as Recession Reaches Wealthy Homeowners

CSpan1 will be carrying the Governors' meeting

Are the multiple news stories on Twitter bogus?

Are the multiple news stories on Twitter bogus?

I hate CATs!

I hate CATs!

I am so sick of CNBC politicizing the financial news....

News Middle East Kerry shuns Hamas during Gaza visit

Socks Clinton dies; ex-First Cat known for sleeping was 20

Fillibuster-Phobic Republicans Demanding Up-or-Down Votes

Fillibuster-Phobic Republicans Demanding Up-or-Down Votes

My Letter to Barney Frank - Please Boot UBS Out Of The Country

Anyone remember the name of the facility that was under IAE control that was looted...

Anyone remember the name of the facility that was under IAE control that was looted...

In times of great American peril, great leaders have always emerged

Specter of bank nationalization driving historic fire sale of stocks including Citigroup & BOA

Specter of bank nationalization driving historic fire sale of stocks including Citigroup & BOA

Specter of bank nationalization driving historic fire sale of stocks including Citigroup & BOA

gOOd morning you freaks! Is your heart warm this am? If not check this out!

Even in these disasterous times it is not enough to change Washington UNLESS ....

Past Stanford board member holds his tongue

someone please tell me about home mortgage bailout. i heard it was refinancing

SC Rep: Opposition to stimulus is slap in face

2 video clips that Steele can use to take 'It off the hook" in the hip hop GOP.

Hey, is there a place I can go to figure out what my reduced payroll taxes will look like?

Hey, is there a place I can go to figure out what my reduced payroll taxes will look like?

My wife came home after being around her brother-in law

My wife came home after being around her brother-in law

So if Citibank goes under....will it effect the mortgage I have with them?

So, does fuckface just get to toss this goddamn mess to Obama, and walk away?

"Sir" Robert Allen Stanford's scam may be as big as Madoff's company has $50 billion under care:

"Sir" Robert Allen Stanford's scam may be as big as Madoff's company has $50 billion under care:

Anniversary of Barbara Jordan's birth, recommended the impeachment of President Nixon

My home equity line of credit got cancelled!

When there is too much month at the end of the money,$65 is food on the table.

How did existence become?

How did existence become?

How did existence become?

How did existence become?

I don't have to tell you things are bad.

US commander warns American troops will be in Afghanistan for years

US (finally) admits 13 civilians died in coalition operation in Afghanistan

Jet crashes at nuke reactors to be addressed tomorrow but not today

Jet crashes at nuke reactors to be addressed tomorrow but not today

Jet crashes at nuke reactors to be addressed tomorrow but not today

The GOP continues to lose all Credibility....they reject Reality and Sanity

Al-Qaeda founder launches fierce attack on Osama bin Laden

has anyone seen Binka?

Anyone watching Ted Koppel's special on the american-chinese relationship?

We live better than most kings and queens thru-out the centuries

Huge protest over Irish economy

I don't think Alan Keyes is who he says he is...

So who really is progressive in the House & Senate

Military opinion split over Iraq pullout

No Way, No How, Not Here - Indian Muslim reaction to Mumbai attack

Tonight; HBO - 8pm - "Taking Chance"; "When one falls, another brings him home"

South Carolina's governor may turn down stimulus money

Leaked Memo from On High to NBC and MSNBC

When a Jag is not a car: They tagged a jaguar in southern Arizona.

When a Jag is not a car: They tagged a jaguar in southern Arizona.

Imagine spending five million dollars a year for one million years

Rumors to the contrary, aide says Ted Kennedy 'doing well'

SSSSHHHHHHH don't disturb me

Elder's Meditation of the Day - February 21

Books on the Persian Gulf War

The Republic party seems to be saying-----

Neat article about court interpreters in LA

I can solve every problem so easy

Whine, whine, reform this, reform that, whine, whine. Now get this:

Whine, whine, reform this, reform that, whine, whine. Now get this:

Whine, whine, reform this, reform that, whine, whine. Now get this:

GOP: ISPs, Wi-Fi Must Keep Logs For Police

Late Night with Conan O'Brien's last show

Late Night with Conan O'Brien's last show

U.S. Lawmakers Clash Over Nationalizing Banks to Stem Declines

U.S. Lawmakers Clash Over Nationalizing Banks to Stem Declines

Is this Atlantis?

You are more likely to be killed by a cop than a terrorist

AK lawmaker dings Palin on waiting 6 weeks to act on the AK village crisis

Wild Bobcats Move Into Foreclosed Home in California

It's time some Bush Administration Officials were arrested and carted off to jail....

I need to hear from a Minnesota DUer on this: Franken's chances in a revote?

Just a reminder - Rick Santelli is an ignorant lying derivative-trading republican asshole

If Freepers are THIS crazy already, omg!

If Freepers are THIS crazy already, omg!

The big "Tea Party" and facebook - DU this?

Nancy Grace promo - "Brainwashing BS" - wow, truth in advertising

Would like your thoughts....hypothetical situation. You buy a house

Palin-Santelli 2012

Huge Protest over Irish Economy

Sexist stupidity at US News & World Report

This economy has a face.

Words of wisdom from a male C-Span caller.

Ignore the spin

Not a Friday goes by without a bank failure......

Why Doesnt Obama Press The Justice Dept

1FreakingK Posts Baby, Awesome!

Should Al Franken be declared the winner in MN

Meanwhile.... back in Baghdad

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed an increase in reports of domestic violence...

Thailand Frees Jailed Australian Writer

Ridge: We were wrong to torture (BBC)

The GOP has brought us the AGE of WORRY

Family takes in people hard on their luck

An Idea for Easing the Burden of Federal Student Loan Debt

Most arrested at RNC in Minnesota won't be charged

Most arrested at RNC in Minnesota won't be charged

Bill Clinton tells Obama to sound more "hopeful"......

Bill Clinton tells Obama to sound more "hopeful"......

Bill Clinton tells Obama to sound more "hopeful"......

Obama's Elf

Credit crunch may only have just begun, S&P warns

Interview with Sen. Snowe on Stimulus Package

The Stimulus Bill in Perspective

Did I miss the announcement of when the troops are being withdrawn from Iraq?

Bank Of America CEO Lewis: We Can "Make It Through This Downturn On Our Own"

RIP Socks

The Crisis of Credit Visualized:


Tom not in Tib anymore

Tom not in Tib anymore

RimJob wants to have a CA Porkulus Tea party

On the first day of Romance

The Improbable Claim That EFCA Is Unconstitutional

More people were killed in Mexico in 2008 than were killed in Iraq

US Tests Military Exit Routes Out of Iraq

Just Because You Vote Democratic Doesn't Make You A Small l Liberal

Video - The Onion tells us about Sony's latest product offering.

You want to know what's wrong with this damned country? Well do you?

25 States Claiming / Planning Sovereignty

Pelosi's latest film (Right America) and the faith based initiative

Saddest story I've heard about damage done by B. Madoff!

California's Problems

Publicans Will "Cancel Stimulus Bill" in 2010 if they "retake" majority !

Roland Burris reminds me of someone who shows up at a party but no one knows who invited him,

Pomegranates could kill off Afghanistan’s opium trade

Hold the Eulogies, Kennedy Says

Hold the Eulogies, Kennedy Says

Sarah Brings Jesus To The Eskimos?

Cardinals turn on Pope Invisible

Propelling prisoners' heads into concrete walls...

Not that I am upset....but what happened to Randi this time??

Any seeing eye lemmins fans here?

Reminder: 7pmCT on HBO, "Taking Chance" is on.

When I hear the Repigs bitching and moaning about Obama's first month in office

The real differences between 'left,' 'right,' and 'center'

Seventy-Five percent of Bushies can't get hired for...

Wow, Pat Buchanan's racist pig meltdown on GEM$NBC Friday

Feds Grill Burris For Hours Today In Blagojevich Corruption Scandal is hiring - we need more Progressive writers

How Japan's frugality screwed them- see also how employers

To live or die in Mexico

The real Stanford SCANDAL is about offshore, unreported accounts.

So I've been reading GD. I pose a question:

Damien de Veuster, Priest Who Aided Lepers In Hawaii, To Become Saint

In case you missed it, yet another bank went belly-up Friday......

Ann Coulter offers Joy Behar a solution for that pesky "Jewish interviewer" problem

Help! Just had bloodwork. The numbers are bad. Need advice, yr story.

Why not set all mortgages now to the principle currently outstanding?

Mass migrations and war: Dire climate scenario

If you missed Moyers last night, catch it now online...highly recommended

If you missed Moyers last night, catch it now online...highly recommended

Who here other than me does not care about the high tech world

Has military recruitment stepped up a notch in this country?

EDITIORIAL >> Icy reception for repairmen

FBI investigates possible links with Mexico drug gang


How the Crash Will Reshape America (from The Atlantic)

"little diddy..bout Jack and Diane".. two American kids growin up..

75% of ex-Bush officials can't get hired!

Re the government food stored in huge

Lost and found: palace of Robert the Bruce

How is the Obama administration being portrayed by the GOP-controlled media?

Is it wrong for some of us to be looking for paid employment?

This might sound corny but

NH Sen. Denley resigns after DWI arrest

When does the $13 extra dollars go in to effect?

Lawsuit Renews Mystery Of Geronimo's Skull

C-Span...Michael Wolff saying Murdoch will buy the NYT's...Fascinating..Anyone Watching?

CNN spends half hour going on about Chandra Levy..... recommends "Free Lunch" by David Cay Johnston

What about Flippers?

I think we will come to find that Stanfordgate is many scandals in one large scandal.

Anthropologists Toughen Ethics Code

Nonprofit feeds 5,000 in Ohio town of 12,000 after layoffs (DHL closing)

This is bullshit, man. Bullshit.

Members of Congress heavily invested in Military-industrial complex.

State Department's 'Identifying Misinformation' no longer available:

State Department's 'Identifying Misinformation' no longer available:


Massachusetts is no model for national health care reform

Maybe it's just me, but there was Deja Vu in the Rick Santelli comments

Pearls Before Swine

First they took the food stamps away from the lazy poor...

FReepers protest "Hanoi Jane" at Eugene O'Neill Theatre in NYC

Today's Zimbabwe Trivia Game!

What number comes after a trillion?

Freep: "So that $13 dollars we are suppose to see on our paychecks will not even be visible"

Okay. I'm not as drunk as I usually am when I make an ass out of myself here, but I have a question

"Glenn Beck is an idiot" yields 142,000 Google hits

I was fired yesterday, but not due to the recession.

The unclaimed ashes of hard times

Obama takes a moment to think

Stars & Stripes LTTE: The ‘hilarity’ of PTSD

Juan Cole: Iran Nuclear Program Hyped Again

Are you currently living beyond your means?

Origins of Pompeii-style artefacts examined at ISIS

Volcker says things going down even faster than during Great Depression

I am really plastered

Al Franken Opens Up on His Recount Battle, Rush Limbaugh, Recession Politics - 1st Nat Interview

Anyone watch C-Span's Brian Lamb interview guy who wrote "Bowling Alone?"

If you don't think $13 per week is worth anything or don't need the additional $

WOOOO-HOOOO! I Made It Into Buzzflash's "What's The Buzz"!

I think my server is under attack from the Chinese...

Latvia goes the way of Iceland

Latvia goes the way of Iceland

Clive Stafford Smith: Britain’s omertà on torture is a crime

Test firing an Elizabethan cannon

More love for Molly Ivins - The Suicide of Capitalism

Todays Clay Bennett Toon! Excellent

If you lose health insurance, what are the options?

Another Coalition of the Leaving: America Yields in Battle for NATO Troops

I Just Spent the Last 2 Hours Crying While Watching the HBO Movie - Taking Chance

This is the best image ever to describe why we are in trouble

Kanye West: Make 'That's So Gay' a Compliment

Picture of the Day

Calif. GOP Tries To Re-Energize Its Ranks- Appologize to Gray Davis for its role in recall?

To pay property taxes, or not?

15-year-old girl facing child porn charges for sending nude picture of herself over the internet

Is it better for the Pakistanis (and NATO in Afghanistan) to keep warring with the Taliban?

Former Maine prosecutor faces child porn charges

Former Maine prosecutor faces child porn charges

The next Bush in politics? Not quite yet

Suspect named in Chandra Levy murder .... it is NOT Gary Condit

Mandatory Insurance would be a REPEAT of the PxDrug fiasco (higher drug prices, corporate welfare...

I heart my heart! Thank you whomever!

Any predictions on who will be the next governors of NY and CA?

In 1 hour I hired 10 people for $15-20/hr jobs today and will do 1000 more next week

In 1 hour I hired 10 people for $15-20/hr jobs today and will do 1000 more next week

For anyone who still kinda likes President Obama...

Inspired by the "Tide" thread..Adios large your cottage industry faves:

Here's an idea regarding credit card companies that might be worth considering....

Simple moving average suggests 6 to 12 more months of the bear

Dennis Kucinich wants to know who told the SEC to stand down re Stanford

Why do I have to bail out the stockbrokers & banks - I never bought

Dubya's coming to Cowtown

2005: Bush assures us on investing Social Security money in Wall Street: "Your money will GROW!"

Fred Barnes from "The Beltway Boys", Fox news just called Eric Holder "HOMEY"!


Okay this is scary stuff...

My existence is being threatened by people who bought too much house!

Send this to any dip shit rightwing friends you might have..

nuke plant event update and a new nuke plant event

Propelling Prisoners' Heads into Concrete Walls

Schwarzenegger: I'll take fellow GOP govs' stimulus money

We need to be counter protesting against the right wingers who are protesting against Stimulus Bill

Report: Between 70-75% of nearly 3000 ex-Bush officials looking for jobs are unemployed

Guard of Honor

Are you watching CNN? Did you just see Jonathan Levs report? Debt doubled in one year! 10.8 trillion

Two things that caught my eye on television this past week - bet you've seen one of them

MUST READ: America's Financial Apocalypse 2009 Update

Why isn't there more outrage at DU about Rihanna?

Just Figgered it out - Obama = BDD

Do you support a ban on linking to Politico?

Info on how to get surplus government food is found

What happens in a total collapse of the economy?

Daniel Radcliffe: I'm a Fag Hag

Endowment Director is on Harvard's Hot Seat

I Am So Fucking Fed Up With Our Tax Dollars Going To These Phony Wars!!

My credit card company finally got around to me (Capital One)

My weekly POLITICO post .......

HEADS UP: HBO debuts 'Taking Chance' tonight at 8 pm ET

How Far Will $13 a a Week Go?

Frank Rich: "What We Don't Know Will Hurt Us"

'Obama will be tested': Feb. 23 "Fiscal Responsibility Summit" targets Social Security and Medicare

Ann Arbor's Ave Maria School of Law gets OK to move to Florida. ... Buh-bye!

Users Of Tide Laundry Detergent - Are We Being Taken?........

Arrest in Chandra Levy's murder case?

It's time to buy all the Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Aquafina etc that you can........

I’ll never stop missing Molly Ivins

The oil money behind the anti-stimulus fight

Delinquency rates on prime mortgages surpass subprime loans

The Biggest Deterrent to Recycling is the Recycle Centers

What exactly was Baricle trying to say about race? It didn't sound good.

What sci-fi movie will most closely resemble the coming dystopia?

Poignant sign of the economic times....foreclosures force some to seek new homes for pets.

Has it been leaked yet who will be replacing Randi on Monday at Green 960 San Francisco?

Oh, ho, ho...I'm digging and finding dirty shirt in re: Allen Stanford.

I am filing for bankruptcy - I paid the attorney's retainer yesterday.

If you suspected there was racist police activity in your neighbourhood what would you do

Why couldn't Congress request a clean sweep of everyone's credit reports?

Black Workers Who Helped Return Electricity to All-White Arkansas County Receive Racist Reception

Oh, boy, happy days are here again! THIRTEEN whole extra bucks every week!

[Funny Pic] The Biggest Ship Ever To Sink [PIC]

You want to know what's happening to the economy?

Here's something disturbing I found on Craislist... Clockwork Orange anyone?

Set up a website in August for Future outrage in February

Obama widens missile strikes inside Pakistan

H.C.R. 50 being circulated in Austin. Texans are ticked off Seceding from US

The crisis of credit visualized - MUST see

Student assaulted at Ann Coulter lecture in New Jersey

VetVoice: "I wanted to Stop Bush's Surge, but I Support Obama's Stabilization"

Obama should just say "F-Bipartisanship, I'm moving on with my Liberal Agenda"

I'm posting from the bar that is 500 yards from my house.

I'll be right back! Keep the fucking excitement flowing, ok? n/t

Heads up! Conan O'Brian's FINAL late show on now!

If you people don't pick it up. I'm going over to Assfacefuck. and I will ask you to be my friend.

I ha*e aler*ed on each thr*ad with *he w*rd P**is in it.

So is McTaTas behaving?


F**c*** Wh**gi** S***i* Fu***r*.

Paddy is not around, so I'm going FUCKING WILD!!!!!!!!!!

Another White Penis Day has come and gone

I swear to God, someone just told me they would not want to eat a cold piece of fish that was...

Does anyone else like "Joop"?

I really miss the old days of dancing

You won't have Dick Nixon to kick around anymore, or me neither.

I prefer my penises with gentle shades of olive undertones.

Dream a little dream...

anybody got the scoop on the new talk show house band lineup?

Once again, and hopefully not for the last time: GOOD NIGHT DU!

How many people live in your city/town?

My 16 year old Siamese is wearing a cone of shame

Thank you for this evening/morning, all...


What is the best penis whitening agent?

Oh Snap! I just found my 20 year old GameBoy and it still works!

I want to create a bread that never rise.

My oscar has a first name, it's W-H-I-T-E.

My play and plug went wacky. I put in a CD and it plays other songs???

The Greatest Song Ever Written About Curvy Women

I've always wondered about this. How does the no-stick teflon stick to the pan?

Are you the kind of person who

Are your cats getting cabin fever?

Are your cats getting cabin fever?

Is there a DU group on Facebook?

Umm... I think my teenage daughter's friend may need some professional help.

Lots of talk, but only one DUer produced a new white penis....

Lawrence Welk is Dead.

I ain't never been arrested in DC in my life!

gOOd morning you freaks! Is your heart warm this am? If not check this out!


I'm looking for a trucker who posts here

Two funny pics (repost from 3 years ago)...

An excellent post I found on Denver's Craigslist..

Sad Man's Kama Sutra

You OK, Buddy?

Okay, Trojan is gone....I think, but I can't stay on IE

Please, please don't come to my party.

Chinese buffet time

Kitty adoption update

Things I can't stand:

I've been here since the winter of 2001 and this is my 200th post.

Where is MrPerson? I'm feeling neglected.

I'm on hold.

There is a new member in the DU family!

I hate it but have to finish watching this "Judge Dredd" video...

Late Night with Conan O'Brien's last show

Anyone use Wowbrary?

Revenge is a dish best served at the Olive Garden.

I'm watching the snow sift down and making a big pot of chili

It's taking all the self control I have

The best Scorpions song?

Narwhals. They're awesome

Whale wars in e/e!

anyone else in Michigan getting socked with a February blizzard?

When window washing was an exterme sport

Anyone go to grade school in the early '70s? Remember

Should Michael Moore Make A Film about

A question about Ibuprofen.

He just does what he wants to do...


Damn-- I am gonna testify! is teh awesum!!111!

1FreakingK Posts Baby, Awesome!


Are you a Windigo?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 2/21/2009)

Am I the only one who puts bacon on his veggie burger???

Do you refrigerate your ketchup?

Does anybody know how you can use pre-paid debit cards for online shopping?

Clingy friend issues.

Firefox users: list your extensions

Posted without comment, but it's FREEEEEEEEEE!!!

do you put ketchup on your fridge

I thought you all could use a laugh

"You can't get to Heaven on the Frankford El, because the Frankford El goes straight to

Drummers: What is Bass-Snare-bass-bass-Snare (Repeat)?

I'm just teething (moderately high awww factor)

All hail Steve Hale

An aunt I haven't seen since I was 17 (I'm 44) asked me to be her Facebook friend

Is it okay to give curb feelers as an anniversary gift?

What's the connection between a cough, a coffer, and coffee?

Off to my Birthday Extravaganza...

My friend is selling his old underwear at yet another garage sale

"Change" by Andy Thomas

Was Miley the singer intimately involved with her owner?

Battle of the Beas!!!

Due to budget cuts...

I turned the garden dirt in preparation for planting this week. (I love the south)

The New Math.

Faux Mexican food...

My show starts at the top of the hour

Naughty James Bond Titles

I am taking a water pill, and my left ass cheek has shrunk to the size of a baseball...

Chimp pic thread!

Rant: I deeply, DEEPLY resent the new carrion rules

Smugglers: What is Stumble-Crawl -stumble-crawl-Crawl (repeat)?

You down wit' OPP?

I got two new spur-of-the-moment tattoos today...

Free again . . .

I wish I had some ESSENCE OF BEND-OVER

No pasaran

Wait, whaat?

What a Wonderful World

You know, I really just didn't like "Slumdog Millionaire" that much.

Does whiskey make good cough syrup?

Rant: I deeply, DEEPLY resent the new carryon rules

Alone again,

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/21/09

Went to the Polar Bear "Swim" today in Detroit

I got those cheap little cardboard box speakers for my computer. No off/on button. How do I get them

To emo or not to emo...

Draft Graywarrior for state senate!


early evening pic thread!

SSD drives are expensive as snot touched by King Midas

SSD drives are expensive as snot touched by King Midas

Last Tango in Kansas.

Anyone ever change a Volvo timing belt?

great grannd daughter

Midlo likes it when maniacs get their licks in

Hugh Jackman ready to be 'drunk and nude'

You people disappoint me.

Is this a push poll?

Who else is miffed they didn't get an invite to Sister Rosa's?

All printers, faxes and scanners hate me.

how do they do this stuff?

I got Bi Pride hair elastics today.

Someone please remind me that I've grown to hate debating.

Hey! Thanks for the heart!

At how many hours a week does it stop being a job, and start being an ass kicking?

Do you think Sully could have made La Guardia if John Wayne had slapped him?

Which song is more tasteless?

Aw, DAMNED SPANDAU BALLET earworm! Now I'm passing it on to's "True."

If someone tries to tell you some bullshit, and you say 'that's bullshit,' are you being intolerant?

A friend of mine was raped

Check my awesome new sig

i'm getting really excited about my documentary

Oh Shit...Have any of you seen "Wall St." (Gordon Gecko) since 20 years ago?

"Okay, Okay. Dollhouse, Dollhouse, Doll-freaking-House!"

I got my eyebrows threaded today

Slumdog Millionaire

I Just Test Drove A Hummer, Went To Walmart, Ran a Mini Cooper off the Road

Hi sweetcheeks!

I hate the goddamn phone.

I hired a new computer techie today to help me out.

HAI CAN HAS LOLCODE? 8 bizarre Japanese commercials starring famous American actors.

I don't know what it is I have, but I know it's something GOOD.

Make a random Google-Images search and post one from the first twenty

I am so screwed.

No more penis posts! Let's talk peninsulas...

How do you like your burger?

kitten picture of the day for Sunday february 22

Prayers please for my 91 year old grandma who had a heart attack this morning

Everytime I watch "From Here to Eternity".......

Does anyone else have an irrational hatred of the pretzels in various snack mixes?

Are you an Indigo?

So, young people, tell me: how do you clean seeds with your fucking mp3s?

Song Game: Match the last word of the title. I'll start with an easy one, Twist And Shout

Did you shave your legs and change the sheets?

Neil Young walks into a bar

Dollhouse - season 1 episode 2

On behalf of night shift workers, a little rant

Boy charged with killing dad's pregnant girlfriend

Pamela Anderson Parties in Gold Thong

Was Travis the chimp intimately involved with his owner?

*******MILESTONES******* your sexy country videos

I could use some input from people here, on podcasts.

Conan O'Brien

Tubes are warmed up, Records are out and cleaned, and the Whiskey is ready to drink

Heh. I was IBTL

Which color is your favorite?

What are the last 3 albums you listened to?

Battle of the power trios: Jimi Hendrix Experience vs. Cream

You want change?

Post a word that you think just sounds funny whenever you hear it.

If you have HBO and can handle the tears, watch "Taking Chance"

I just got home. Worst date of my LIFE! Who's up?

My new band...otherwise known as the new facebook meme.

Hey, I'm growing an apple tree! :D

Best War movie?

After comparing Obama To Castro And Kim Jong Il, Hannity Complains About Rev. Wright Being Divisive

Going along to get along

You fucking village idiots

Which TNG movie was the best?

Why would Bill Nelson return the $46,000 Stanford donations to Stanford.....

A GOP smear email that compares Obama to millions of deaths and catastrophic destruction

Obama: tax cuts will be felt by April 1

Obama's 'Seven Days in May' Moment

Anyone bored and want to read over my shoulder?

Obama: No plan for taxing motorists on mileage

The New GOP....renamed as the WHIM Party....since they do and say things on a Whim...

Obama's Fixer-Jim Messina-"I did have someone tell me this week they hope I died," Jim proudly said

Transparency and the September 11 attacks

Why Can't Pressure By Advertisers Be Put On FOX And The NYP To Fire The Cartoonist & Editor?

GOP governors consider turning down some stimulus money

From the time Jesus was born?

Gov. Nixon on C-SPAN's Washington Journal at 7 a.m. Sunday morning

Troubling signs from Obama’s Administration (ACLU Blog of Rights)

HAs Our President commented on the GOP Gov's refusing stim $$ yet???

I know it's Saturday, but is this REALLY front-page news?

Team Obama is the worlds most innovative company

WTF is Alan Keyes and "fair and balanced" Birther drivel doing on the LA Times homepage?

Mayor McCrory - "Now that the bill has passed, I want it to work the best way it can."

Dear Bill, the President's job is not to blow sunshine up Americans' asses.

AL-03: Lilly Ledbetter for Congress?

This pretty well pegs it...

new fcc commissioner jonathan adelstein on c-span now.

It is time for drastic measures. Enough with kowtowing to the Repuks.

President Obama Freaks Freepers Out. (See Text for Title)

President Obama Freaks Freepers Out. (See Text for Title)

Hillary immediately greeted by Sexism.

BBC - Ridge: We were wrong to torture

Official: Obama wants to halve budget deficit

Obama administration tries to kill e-mail case (WTF?)

Can someone debunk this Obama smear about saluting him and not the constitution?

Haha.. Arnorld wants Jindal's and Mark Sanford's Stimulus

Obama's Tuesday speech a broad look at economy

Alan Keyes- "Barack Obama Must Be Stopped"

Hillary the ALL POWERFUL SoS!!

How do you reconcile Lincoln's suspension of habeas corpus?

CT-Sen: Caligiuri to Seek Nomination?

Obama praises habeas corpus ruling (Flashback)

GOP Rep. Cao Faces Recall Petition For Voting Against Stimulus

Has anyone explained how good our new SoS Clinton is?

Clinton Lays Groundwork for Obama, Hu Talks in April

Montana Gov. Schweitzer Zings Sarah Palin For Being No Show

That was fast. Obama tax cuts take effect.

Brownback Accuses Other Catholic Lawmakers of Not Being True Catholics

My positive takeaway from the cartoon controversy . . .

Racial relations today?

Obama Introduces Win-Win-Win Budgeting

WaPo: Obama to raise taxes on wealthy, "wind down" war

Reuters: Obama to allow Bush tax cuts to expire on schedule.

"If things do not go well for me in the States, I know I can come to Canada."

Summers' remarks on women draw fire

Don't Scoff! It is the Largest Tax Cut to the most Americans Ever; and Fastest ever to take effect

Meghan McCain doesn't seem to be impressed with Steele's 'Bling-Bling' Strategy or Sarah Palin

Bizarre list of top 25 conservative films - Brazil, Ghostbusters?

There Are No Simple Solutions To This Complex Economic Crisis. None.

Best protest songs of the 21st century! add if you have any ideas!

SC Gov Sanford to"reject federal unemployment cash and funding for green buildings in the stimulus".

Corrective: As SOS, Hillary has raised the issue of Human Rights (China) and women's rights

Sunday talk show lineup for February 22

This is rich. Cathy McMorris (R) voted 'no', but says stimulus has benefits

Paterson admits role in Kennedy withdrawal flap: report

BRACE YOURSELVES! The Dogs are about to be Let Out!

Wow...I hit 42,000 and didn't realize it...

Seriously, there should be international cooperation (through the UN?) to end smooth jazz

NAACP Calls For Firing of N.Y. Post Cartoonist

"half hearted?" The Size of the Stimulus Plan is MASSIVE and there's more to come

8:00pm bedtime, chores, making your own bed, etc. - How the Obamas are parenting in the WH

Presidential Address Tuesday evening. Wow, two in a month

Where's the outrage? Obama sides with Bush, detainees in Afghanistan have no constitutional rights.

Is Piyush Jindal a natural born US citizen? Was he born in India?

Chu jumps in 'deep end of the pool'

Should POWs captured during NATO War in Afghanistan be brought to US and Tried in US Courts?

Republican circus show - Santelli, Palin, Joe the Plumber, Bling Bling Steele = who's next!

US Snooze Poll: Who would run the best day care center, Michelle, Sarah, Hillary, Nancy

An Obama Administration might mean no protest music?

Can't there be a middle ground on Obama?

Do not fall prey to the MSM trying to drive a wedge between far left and moderately left Obama

Someone explain why Obama backs Bush's detainee policy

I would like to teach you all about striped skunks

Post Your Words That Sound Pevy! I'll start: pussywillow

CODEPINK heartbroken by Obama's commitment to continued military aggression in Afghanistan

Let's be brave and have an honest discussion about race in the US.

Hello Dears. Sister Rosa in the house!

Rights may take second place on Clinton China visit

Tamil Tigers attack Colombo with aircraft

Kazakhs demand resignations at rare crisis protest

House Speaker Pelosi meets with Karzai in Kabul

Guardsmen to conduct urban training at Arcadia in April

Groundbreaking set for Flight 93 memorial - But fundraising still $20 million short of goal

Merkel Seeks Lead Role With European Pre-G20 Summit

Reports: Arrest close in Chandra Levy slaying

Syria, US explore improving ties as Kerry visits

British Muslims 'providing Taliban with electronic devices for roadside bombs'

Sri Lanka says major disaster averted

Serbs ordered to pay for mosques

Obama to Unveil an Ambitious Budget Plan

NH Sen. Denley resigns after DWI arrest

Mass migrations and war: Dire climate scenario

Blast on Pakistan supply line to US troops kills 1

Pakistan seeks lasting Swat truce

Obama Upholds Detainee Policy in Afghanistan

Priest who aided lepers in Hawaii to become saint

US tests military exit routes out of Iraq

Fishermen rescue trapped dolphins

Ex-Senate aide charged in Abramoff scandal

Pakistan: Mother of captive American issues appeal

Clinton in China pushes environment, finance

Pak PM defends Sharia in Swat

The famous faces that fooled Stanford clients

Khatami Websites Blocked By Iran

Thailand frees Australian author

U.S. Wants UBS to Break Swiss Law By Naming Clients, Bank Says

Obama tells Treasury to begin cutting taxes

UK agents 'colluded with torture in Pakistan'

Obama to Unveil an Ambitious Budget Plan

Paterson admits role in Kennedy withdrawal flap: report

Death threat to Greek media as terrorists plot bomb havoc

Africa border opens for Gaza aid

Police may be close to arrest in Chandra Levy case

Brown and Obama to meet in March

Arnold: I'll take govs' money

Jobs Still Elude Some Bush Ex-Officials

Obama administration tries to kill e-mail case

Obama's Budget Plan To Slash Deficit By Raising Taxes on Businesses & Wealthy And Lowering War $$$

US finds 13 civilians died in Afghanistan strike

Huge protest over Irish economy

Morgan Stanley offers $3 billion broker bonuses, Wells none (TARP $$$ involved)

Ridge: We were wrong to torture

Nigerian Accused in Scheme to Swindle Citibank

Peru investigates Stanford for money laundering

Franken suggests review of 1,585 absentee ballots

Pa. Boy, 11, Charged With Killing Pregnant Woman

NAACP calls for firing of N.Y. Post cartoonist

Kucinich on Stanford Group Fraud: Who Told SEC to "Stand Down?"

Obama turns to budget, health care, entitlements

$1000 chance to hear Bush speak

Westboro Baptist gets Rick Roll'd

Stanford: Yeah, It's Fun Being a Billionaire

Countdown: Worst Persons in World - Rick Santelli & Rush Limbuagh

February 20, 2009: The Day in 100 Seconds

Bloomberg: US Government Sues Swiss Bank UBS Over Customer Names - Swiss banking secrecy at risk


French on march to 'save universities'

NYU student arrested at peaceful protest

Defending Foreclosures

Pakistan - Doubts raised and concern grows over Swat sharia deal with Taliban

Real Time w/ Bill Maher: Opening 2/20 - "I'm Still Writing 'F*ck Bush' on My Checks"

On board a British Royal Navy pirate patrol

Real Time w/ Bill Maher: New Rules - Boner's Bronzer

Your Weekly Address:The quickest and broadest tax cut ever

Blueprint for truth~Trailer

Spoiled Brats Unite

What exactly is Mike Barnicle trying to say about race?

Second American Revolution: Jeff Ziegler

Your Week In Three Words

Thom Hartmann - We Need Single-Payer Healthcare Now! Support HR 676 Today!

"Give them hope" Speech by Supervisor Harvey Milk, in 1978 San Francisco

US Military Suicides at Record High. Democracy Now! 2/21/09

Thom Hartmann - Swiftboating Social Security & Health Care Reform

Bobby Jindal Rejects Money For State's Unemployed

Amy Goodman Covers Protest Against the New York Post Racist Cartoon 2/19/09

TheRealNews: Obama's Vietnam? The Afghan Trap

Thom Hartmann - Conservatism Kills

Thom Hartmann - Repeal The Reagan Tax Cuts!

Bill Nye's "Stuff Happens" - Cigarette butts

10 Easy Steps to Creating an Enemy:

TYT: How Greenspan's Ideas Ruined the Economy

Australian police raid Sea Shepherd ship to confiscate video for the Japanese authorities

Huge Protest Over Irish Economy

Barack Obama Stimulus Package and Chimp Attack

"Real Time With Bill Maher" 02/20/09 - (complete)

TYT: Cenk Breaks Down Obama's Plan to Help Homeowners

The Glenn Beck Fear Olympics

People in Haiti are eating mud--nothing else to eat.

K.O.'s Countdown: Alan "Birth Certificate" Keyes' Wing-nuttery and NY Post Protests

Young Turks: TYT Supreme Court On Questionable Death

Faux's Megyn Kelly : "Are you a pot head, fucker?"

Congressman tells Hannity that Republicans will cancel Stimulus Bill if they retake majority in 2010

Self hating African American woman defends the confederate flag!

Obama: No Rights for Bagram Prisoners

Political Oscars 2009: And the Winners Are...

Paul Krugman: Who Will Stop the Economic Pain?

A New Afghanistan Nightmare (Ramzy Baroud)

When pig hunters fly!

South Dakota attempting to close school for deaf kids.

FOX News' Slants Reporting On Its Own Poll

Peter Garrett, Australia's Environment Minister lacks power and the passion

be afraid, very afraid....

The Upsdie of the Downturn

Inside the Doomsday Seed Vault

Obama Widens Missile Strikes Inside Pakistan

Jindal's Swindle: Rejects Stimulus Funds, Urges Citizens To Go On 'Millionaire'

The GOP’s 'No' Problem


Bob Herbert: The Invisible War

State of War (Mexico)

Robert Fisk: Obama was unconvinced by Bibi’s desire for peace

A helping hand steadies the housing market for all

America unmasked: The images that reveal the Ku Klux Klan is alive and kicking in 2009

Major General Taguba: "You can't sweep unlawful activities under the table"


America on $195 a Week

Miscreants like Rick Santelli are the true 'losers'

Iraqis Have Voted: Will the U.S. Be Kicked Out the Door Soon?

War Criminals, Including Their Lawyers, Must Be Prosecuted (Marjorie Cohn)

"Looking Ahead" or Overlooking Crimes Against Humanity? Aaron Leonard

“The United States of America is Going to Cease to Exist!”

Obama’s housing plan and the American ruling class

Why the GOP Remains a Threat to Democracy and World Peace

War Profiteers angry over Wall Street Bailout

'Nationalize' the Banks

Where in the World Is Octodad?

The Growing Anger In the Heartland

Republicans Dont Count Anymore

Barbara Ehrenreich: My unwitting role in acts of torture

Science is just one gene away from defeating religion - Colin Blakemore

Jim Lobe: Amazing Appointment — Chas Freeman as NIC Chairman


Iberdrola Planning 1.2-GW Pumped Storage Hydro Plant in Portugal

US summons Syrian ambassador over nuclear issue

Closing the net on illegal fishing (BBC)

Lord Nicholas Stern Paints Dire Climate Change Scenario: Mass Migrations, Extended World War

Cost Of Solar PV Systems Drops Significantly Over The Last Decade

Mercury pollution treaty proposed (BBC)

Living on Earth: Kicking Coal

First wave: The presidents of two island nations draft escape plans, anticipating sea level rise

Rich nations failing to meet climate aid pledges (pledged nearly $18bn—less than $1bn disbursed)

Bubbles of warming, beneath the ice (methane pockets may be time bombs)

U.N. climate panel chief sees "strong deal" ahead

Mass migrations and war: Dire climate scenario

Australian Green Senator Bob Brown slams 'outrageous' raid on Sea Shepherd ship

Iran has enough fuel for a nuclear bomb, IAEA report says

Klansmen or Environmentalists?

California farms lose main water source to drought

Murder of Small Farmer Rights Organizer Sparks Protests in Yaracuy, Venezuela

TIME: Why Obama Should Talk to Chavez

Mexican Senate Asks Obama to Lift Blockade on Cuba

Haitians Shocked at Mass Deportation Order

REBELION: A View from the Basque Country - "Tired of Cuba"

CUBA: Lugar, GOP Senate Report Urge Fresh Look at Relations

Chef Mario Batali drops F bomb on King and Queen of Spain in Miami

100,000 protest in Dublin over impact of recession

Unions, employers gearing up for card check battle

Report: More unions good for Maine ( and 49 other states)

Smithfield, union to start NC pork plant talks

Starbucks union whips up protest over fired barista

U.S. DOL Orders Union Pacific Railroad Co. To Reassign Worker To Former Position (whistleblower)

Federal Court Upholds Oklahoma Workers' Right to Guns in Cars

Today in labor history Feb 21 Barbara Jordan, "a true champion for all the people," was born

McDonald's refuses workers compensation for shooting victim: Be a hero on your own time

Starbucks CEO’s message to workers; “if you have faith in me you don’t need a union”

The Improbable Claim That EFCA Is Unconstitutional

Fear the Turtle. Maryland beats UNC in OT!!1!!

The sports forum has gotten so incredibly quiet ever since

The Celts are done

Fair Wisconsin Applauds Governor Doyle for Protecting Committed Couples

Advocates clash in Utah gay rights debate

Hagan speech in Charlotte key for gay rights

NY Post cartoonist has history of anti-GLBT cartoons as well

RI lawmakers considering gay marriage bills

Saturday Night at La Lounge --

U.S. Lawmakers Clash Over Nationalizing Banks to Stem Declines

General Growth says has defaulted on loans

Did Ben Bernanke Pull the TARP Over Eyes?

Why the Madoff fraud story is a fraud...

The Looong Bubble Bath - How Bush's Debt-Recession topped Clinton's Equity Recession

Is Geithner Pandering to The Hedge Fundies?

Why Stocks Still Aren’t Cheap

Sununu gets schooled by Jon Stewart

billmon: Chocolate Covered Cotton

Fooled ya! - How Team Bush used GOLD to artifically inflate the value of dollar based securities:

Seeds of the Meltdown

How Can Israelis Play Games in the Arab World?

Robert Fisk: Obama was unconvinced by Bibi’s desire for peace

2 rockets fired from Lebanon towards Israel

Violence erupts on Israel-Lebanon border

Sources: Netanyahu to offer Livni 'full partnership' in gov't

Why we must reclaim antiracism from the far left

To Sue or Not? Palestinians Face Dilemma After Report On Settlements

The real Israel-Palestine story is in the West Bank

Israel critic is reported appointment to top intelligence post

Viagra helps to save endangered animals

Bush's Wacky World of Science

The Far Right's All Out Offensive Against Medical Research

Anatomy of a Scare--Newsweek's history of antivax hysteria.

How Not To Report Health Stories: "How using Facebook could raise your risk of cancer"

Please see my post in the Outdoor Life forum for a link to a very good site

Wisconsin man not guilty in open carry gun case

The AWB - HR6257 - truths!

NY Guard warns of online con artist

New GI Bill preliminary payment list released

Still no rights for Bagram prisoners

Fort Campbell to get more than $100 million

Mayor: DoD won’t gain control of labs

Official: Pentagon reports says Gitmo humane

Troubled recruiting battalion gets new command

Beret faces more evidence in murder trial

2 convicted in water contract bribery scheme

Gates: Russia considered in missile defense

19 House members want KBR contract review

Army exercise twins combat, nation building

Critics say DoD spending more, getting less

Prosecutor to judge: Do not toss Dix verdict

Kyrgyzstan issues eviction notice for Manas

Chief pleads guilty to Iraqi detainee abuse

Ensigns arrested, linked to bird deaths

Remains of Tahoma skipper returned to family

Corps eyes 10 Osprey squadrons in Southwest

Lejeune Sgt. pleads guilty in child-sex case

Lab to build special order satellites in days

Coming Home: An outsider in your own life

Manas Air Base closure signed into Kyrgyz law

Dal Molin project gets final approval

Navy detailers brief sailors on career options

Soldier’s death investigated

Keating reverses talk of delay on moving to Guam

‘Terrain denial’ may be new blueprint for rebuilding in Iraq

Guantanamo Meets 'Humane' Standards

Quarrel Stirs on Flag-Drapped Coffins

Treatment, Not Jail, for Vets?

Agencies Rapped Over Untracked Weapons

Strykers Gear Up for New Afghan Mission

Robots Remove UXO From Training Ranges

i-ENCON Program Realizes Record Savings

Yellow dust season arrives in Korea

Ospreys Deploy to Sea Aboard Bataan

Mullen Cites Need for More 'Dwell Time'

Gates: Future truce in Afghanistan acceptable

Americans at advantage as won falls against dollar

Wisconsin to Deploy Largest Force Since WWII

Mullen: Thumb drive ban won’t end soon

Schwartz takes up fight for more Raptors

Tres Senoritas

What a crap day this has been. Wanted to post these to cheer myself up.

Some more from the 2008 archives.


I haven't posted any pics in awhile

Do I need Photoshop?

White Out

The Recession

Thank you, thank you, heart-giver

Losing patience :(

Telescope spies cataclysmic blast (BBC) {Gamma rays are comin' to getcha!}

Here's what I most don't get about the Big Bang...

Galaxy has 'billions of Earths' (BBC)

Rediscovering Arabic Science

Priest who aided lepers in Hawaii to become saint

Genesis and the Big Bang

favorite food writers?

Corn fritters

My favorite noodle recipe EVER!

Just got a crockpot on sale

Quick reminder on quick defrosting

Any advice on pizza stones vs. pizza crispers?

Thoughts on refreezing previously frozen fish?

Whats for Dinner? ~ Saturday the 21st

Who here believes...

Question re: Silverstein collapse study

Anyone heard Jerry Yester's latest album?

Dead Like Me fans...anyone see the movie yet? Life after Death

HEADS UP: HBO debuts 'Taking Chance' tonight at 8 pm ET

Stevie Harper is the King of Smarm.....and here's why....

File Security question

BTW, these are very good polling numbers

The term 'swiftboating' (sort of Kerry related) drew my attention to this...