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Is there a more Aptly named Congressman than Louis Gohmert?

The "Right" Touch - My contribution to the hip-hop makeover

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My S.O. Just Called From Work Again

American Idiot

Thanks for the heart.

Erosion Doubles Along Part of Alaska’s Arctic Coast: Cultural and Historical Sites Lost

Remains of Roman burial caskets found in Bourton

Tax officials alerted to possible global fraud

Archaeological dig near Oakville, Iowa, finds ancient village

Well-known baths awash in hidden artifacts, rare finds

Chariot and horse burial chamber excavated in Henan

The fantasy that is Bushworld.

New Gene Markings for a Deadly Brain Cancer

Kyrgyz president signs US base closure bill

The Tomb of Queen Sesheshet

Latin American regulators clamp down on Stanford

Khor on the Global Economic Meltdown: “We Could Have One Billion More People in the Developing World

I'm not going to post it here, but for SP junkies,

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Bill advises Barack to be more "hopeful"...

PHOTO IN THE NEWS: "Extinct" Bird Seen, Eaten

Are there any progressive travel groups out there..

The US Media & Democracy in Crisis

Now that GDP is a tabloid, how about a Page 3- Michelle in a swimsuit!

Emailing while asleep

Emailing while asleep

An easy way to prove that sexual orientation is NOT a choice

Thanks you to whom ever gave me the heart!!

To the person who gave me a heart:

So apparently Obama having that weird preacher at the inaug. didn't mean that much.

Tourists flee Guadeloupe as civil war looms

Italian firm connected to Yellowcake Forgeries continues to receive billion dollar contracts from US


Free America's Political Prisoners Site - Support Siegelman, Minor: Petition, Write LTTE, Congress

• Smoking Ban Passes In Va.

Ex-Sen. John Warner to be made an honorary British knight

Egyptian archaeologists uncover ancient statues in Luxor

Which would be the greater injustice?

My suggestion to the mortgage bailout

1 whole month with an intelligent president! I don't know how to act!

Thanks for the heart!

Bill Maher is back tonight! HBO-10pm

Blair War Crimes Foundation - sign the petition to the UN for his prosecution

We are never alone.......

Squirming, but Watching a Dying Reality Star

I think Eric Holder was Right with his "Coward" Comment, But I dont think He Should have Said it.

Stanford faced internal chaos before SEC swooped

S.F. To Get $19.8 Million Federal Aid To Homeless

"Women’s rights and culture" on Honor Killings and violence against women

You know I'm wondering about this.

Why limit "Green Initiatives" to only Renewable Products ??

Behold the Hypocrimap!

CNN poll re: NY Post "shoot the monkey" cartoon needs some DU love...

CNN poll re: NY Post "shoot the monkey" cartoon needs some DU love...

Limbaugh Likens Dems to Murders and Rapists

I wonder if President Obama agrees with the Founders

Our President’s New BlackBerry...


I feel better now that Bill Clinton is advising Pres Obama on what to say about Hope

I haz DUzy Hart!

Out of curiosity. To the people who think Bin Laden is dead. Why do you think so?

Binyamin Netanyahu to be Israel's next Prime Minister

Freeper Funnies Barack Obama: Slavery Enthusiast

To say Thank You seems hardly enough .

i am in a challenging thread, get a LUV YA and GOOD DUER hearts. thank you..

Deflation warning bells ring louder

N.Y. Post's Apology? Sorry you didn't understand "the humor"

Obama bans 4 accounting gimmicks Bush used to make deficit projections look smaller

British government bans Fred Phelps, daughter from entering U.K.

Westboro Baptist Church attacks victims of Victoria bushfires, plans mourning day picket

BoA CEO Lewis Subpoenaed By NY's AG Cuomo In Merrill Bonus Probe

Behind every jobless call, a human drama

Oh mr. bloomberg you old gilded era scamp you...

Taliban: Afghanistan Will Be 'Graveyard' For U.S.

THIS Is What Politico Is, Folks: "The Obama Cabinet is a CEO black hole"....

Prediction for today's news concerning Conyers & Rove.

Unemployed Forced To Pay Bank Fees To Collect Jobless Benefits

Food As A National Security Issue

Do you guys see what the media is doing right now with the hero Rick Santelli?

Pope's Holocaust-denying Bishop evicted from Argentina

Pentagon Official: U.S. Is Not Developing Space Weapons

New e mail out on stimulus bill

How much is a trillion dollars ??

Battle over abortion in Kansas continues - this is just outrageous

Roubini warns of 'sovereign' bank failure

Get your Obama "Ignorant Motherfuckers" ring tone here..

C-Span 3 re-playing Al Gore's testimony on climate...

100-Foot 'Borneo Monster' Said Photographed

Experts Warn of 'Terminator'-Style Military-Robot Rebellion

Leahy: "The American people have a right to know what their government has done in their names."

Tensions between Sunnis and Shias boiling over in Pakistan

About 220,000 stores may close this year in America

Republicans and the Pennsylvania Dilemma - what to do with Arlen Specter

Will Congress show its support for Middle East envoy George Mitchell?»

Hair Weaves, Not Kevlar, For Our Troops

Report From Prosecute George Bush Bob Alexander E-Mail

Fannie Mae Rescue Hindered as Asians Seek Guarantee (Update1)

Republicans didn't just support *'s profligate spending, they


RESOLVED, That this serve as notice and demand to the federal

When Using Logic Instead Of Emotionally Based Perception, The Post Toon Is Shown To Not Be Racist.

SEC Is Finally Doing Its Job

Don't worry, be happy?

Don't worry, be happy?

Guantanamo detainee 'back in UK next week.

In another ground-breaking study: Men see bikini-clad women as objects, psychologists say

Road to riches ends for 20 million Chinese poor (as US economy tanks)

Ever try to go 4 straight hours without a cigarette?

Ever try to go 4 straight hours without a cigarette?


What's your Opinion on the Crisis in the Middle East?

I was under the impression there was no Statute of Limitations on "War Crimes" but

Breaking ::: CMM reports BUSH LIBRARY STORAGE FACILITY overloaded with shoes

When it comes to ideology, you just can't take republicans seriously.

== Smoke This Recession = By Mark Morford

Here's a thought. Let's form communes again.

Please explain as if I were an elementary school age child. Why

A wake up call to the "howling" investing class on CNBC, Fox etc etc etc,.

I would like to nominate Rick Santelli to be elevated to ......

U.S. soldiers exposed to toxins at site KBR knew was contaminated, senators say

The blue-scrotum John Gibson video has been doctored!

And you thought Alan Keyes couldn't get any crazier...

Obama to US citizens: "You CAN handle the truth!"

Would you rather spend $787 billion in the US or in Iraq ??

Madoff Didn't Invest In Any Securities For 13 Years!

My brother works for a company that staffed the DNC. He had to undergo thorough checking...

so the republic gov's don't like bailout....but they will take the money

Thank you for the heart!!!

Vatican Irked By "Blasphemous" Israeli TV Show

"Arnold pulls an open primary rabbit out of his hat." This can't be good.

As a general rule:

State's unemployment phone lines swamped

Illinois solider found guilty of murder

The Gov't Needs To Publish The Names Of All The UBS Clients Who Hid Cash

Kan. library restricts access to sex books (to minors)

This just makes me laugh...

If Citibank is nationalized, will my student loan repayment change at all?

not all job search sites are created equal...

The People vs George Lucas

What's that obvious conclusion guy? The American Empire is circling the drain?

Labor Unions, Senate Waiting On Al Franken

What an ass “Abort Obama Not The Unborn”

Re: missing girl, Haleigh, case-- something odd per MSNBC interview

Woman's weave saves her life! Seriously. . .

So the politicians in DC on both sides took money from fraudster Allen Stanford?

Clinton in "War of Words" with N. Korea

Will Tweety ever have Coulter on? Annthrax said he wants to have sex with Obama

GM Shares Hit 7-Decade Low At $1.57

I've noticed that of the religious and non-religious people I know

Poll shows approval for Obama/Dems

Traffic delays cost the US economy $78 Billion per year

Traffic delays cost the US economy $78 Billion per year

Giving Hearts to batshit crazy old rednecks is nuts

Bank worries sink Wall Street; Citi plunges

Senator Lisa Murkowski proposes directional drilling in ANWR

Any news on whether the MN senate race will be decided soon?

Take My State, Please - South Carolina Nears the Abyss

Speeding, driverless Nissan finally stopped by US bombers

Robert Gibbs: Good On You, My Friend!!!!!!! Takes NO Shit from Santelli

Coleman Flips Yet Again: Wants Ballots Tossed He Said Were Legit

Sean Delonas (NY Post Monkey Cartoonist) has written a kids' book!

Christopher Hitchens assaulted in Beirut

"By the way, President Obama, which of your campaign promises will you not be keeping?"

Oh for fuck's sake---GOP to go "off the hook"

too latest piece of crap video...

Save Sea Turtles From Drowning in Florida's Longline Fishery E action

Save Sea Turtles From Drowning in Florida's Longline Fishery E action

Southwest Pilots Reported Buffalo ILS can cause Planes to go Nose Up

Latest Health Hazard: Contaminated Drywall From China

John Gibson Did Not Compare Eric Holder To Monkey With Bright Blue Scrotum (UPDATED)

Drought may cut off federal water to Calif. farms

The "hidden debt" of the financial industry is the heart of the problem

I voted in the Spanish regional elections. Ask me anything.

Deja Vu ... I just love the rationalizations.

We need to CHECK our SOURCES: (Huff Post: Gibson-Holder-Scrotum video was FAKED!):

To whoever, thanks for the heart

To whoever, thanks for the heart

To whoever, thanks for the heart

Britain's 'Super X-ray' Diamond Synchrotron to shed new light on the ancient world

US soldier guilty of murder in deaths of 4 Iraqis

flash of genius

Photo of Rihanna surfaces; after she got beat by Chris Brown

Hmm.. I wonder if fair trade agreements,might help get single payer health care...

For supporters of Leonard Peltier:

Mpls Strib: Franken speaks, on his old radio network

How long have you had to wait for a specialist?

How long have you had to wait for a specialist?

Jim Jubak: Obama's Treasury Plan may work; a good plan

Jim Jubak: Obama's Treasury Plan may work; a good plan

Elder's Meditation of the Day - February 20

stock selloff is accelerating. Down under 7300

THANK YOU for my heart--whoever you are, you have truly made this a very special day.

Stimulus tax break to ease college costs

George Mason U. elects man as homecoming queen

George Mason U. elects man as homecoming queen

this Rick Santelli guy on GEM$NBC is a raging asshole

Scientific Conventions Talk of Boycotting Louisiana

Video of Robert Gibbs kicking Santelli's ass!

Senate Ethics Panel Could Act on Burris Without Waiting for Criminal Investigation

ILLINOI$ $ENATOR - new meme, new reality TV show?

Speaker Pelosi Letter to House Chairs Urging Oversight Hearings on Fiscal Responsibility

Fifteen months left and still not a single "troop" has left Iraq.

Why would a cartoonist think the shooting by police of the chimpanzee that

Letter to Sec/Def Gates, RE: KBR. Initiated by Carold Shea-Porter,

Here's your problem 'total bank holdings of derivatives estimated to be "only" $164.2 trillion' LINK

so, I learn from the local spinmeisters that the head of the CO gop "lends credibility"

You stay classy, Coultergeist!

Please, President Obama, do the right thing.


Al Franken speaks, on his old radio network

Kabuki Puppet Theater - MSNBC <---> CNBC version

interesting prediction....Citi bank and BOA are goin down within 60 days maybe lots sooner

Rick Santorum (R - Ousted Senator) ignorantly refers to language of Qur’an as ‘Islamic.’

Gold is back over $1,000/oz - It's time to sell people, before the market recovers!

Comments About Gays Cost Lawmaker His Chairmanship

Agriculture Secretary to Issue New Meat Labeling Guidelines

CALL TO ACTION: Sean Delonas & The New York Post

Republicans are a clear and present danger to our economic and physical survival

According to LTTE all we need to do is Go Shopping!

Tweety kissing Santelli's reTHUG CRIMINAL butt

Are the continued attacks on the stimulus bill hurting our economy?

For eagerly taking stimulus money after denouncing it, Lindsey Graham is the GOP Hypocrite of the

a cnbc reporter challenges the President of the United States and the media acts like it matters

They need to get rid of Gibb

Philosophy is prettier than reality....

Fairbanks AK group will bare arms to support gun rights

Ex-Senate aide (to Thad Cochran) charged in Abramoff scandal

So, when will Chris Cox be prosecuted for criminal negligence?

NPR just said SC unemployment rate is #3 in nation and SC unemployment fund has no $$$.

HEADS UP: Real Time With Bill Maher Premieres on HBO TOnight at New Time: 10PM ET

Goldman-Sachs and...Burger King?

The Globe...2 steps down on the food chain from National Enquirer ...reports on "Bush Suicide Drama"

Behold the Savior of the Republican Party

Hatch: “Utah is Going to Get By Fine” Without Stimulus Money

Investment Savvy DUers: Against my advice, someone close to me purchased BofA stock

Man Shot, Beaten And Robbed in Craigslist Car Deal Gone Bad

Banks can stonewall any repairs. How to solve? Bill Moyers link.

One thing I've found being unemployed

Just curious. What percent of your income goes for insurance?

Holy Shite Johnny Damon can't pay his bills because

How much capital per dollar loaned do FDIC insured banks have to have?

Tex Gov Goodhair Perry said he would accept the $16 billion in stimulus money after all

Calif: Ban on violent video games thrown out (ban on selling to minors is unconstitutional)

"he got an ultimatum: Resign or be fired. "

Wouldn't this be considered double taxation?

Global Stanford fallout

Bill proposes ISPs, Wi-Fi Keep Logs for Police

Bill proposes ISPs, Wi-Fi Keep Logs for Police

Thank you to my benefactor

Thank you to my benefactor

Straight up question - what's better a lot of small banks or a few large ones?

Yanno, to couch things in "the last 8 years" denies the truth ......

New anti-stimulus ad: "Suppose you spent one million every single day starting from the day Jesus.."


Diagramming Sarah Palin's sentences

Can credit card companies get to the unemployment rolls?

Why does President Obama say that he will not run for office in 2012 if he fails

Slave in Jefferson Davis' home gave Union key secrets

Krugman: Nationalization fears (he explains what exactly the stock market is reacting to)

PRAY for our Nation and For the Conversion of President Obama - Day 98

To whomever: Thanks for the heart.

Off a cliff meet American economy:

What does the phrase "Scott Free" mean

New study details how slaves spied for the north, including Jefferson Davis' coachman

For those who are bashing all those 'deadbeat scammers' who are being

'Buy American,' buy Canadian, too. - Chicago Tribune

Who Will Be There for Obusha When the Floor Drops Out?-by David Michael Green

Did You Hear the One about the Financial Crisis?

I think Bill Maher is back on tonight!

Poll: GOP Leadership’s Numbers In Toilet

This just in: It's not the Rapture.

Defrocked Monsignor "Rev." Ted Haggard to start new Church soon

Charges dropped against another 320-something RNC protesters

Cops searched teachers cars for drugs where my friend teaches.

Disgusting segment on PBS newshour - Paul Solman. Here is what I just emailed them -

Anyone listening to this bozo on with Nancy Skinner

All of us-ALL!

I've gotten three Valentines today and I have two from before. Whoever

Liberal Anti-Waste Group

Could excessive consumerism be a thing of the past?

Just saw this ad on CNN

Legalizing Marijuana More Popular Than Republicans


Coleman Lawyer: Maybe The Franken Voter Was Mentally Disabled?

I love the smell of scared bankers scrambling.

And, He's Off....Binyamin Netanyahu Warns of Iranian Nuclear Threat

“Laws!? Like who the fuck cares!” = motto for the last eight years = Horton

Who Else thinks David Schuster should replace David Gregory on MSNBC's "1600 Pennsylvania Ave.?"

It's not the fall that kills you -

It's not the fall that kills you -

Legalizing Marijuana More Popular Than Republicans

NY Post cartoonist drew illustration for article calling civil rights movement a "menace" to society

All Bets Are Off

Nixon tried that "silent majority" bullshit back in '69...

Nixon tried that "silent majority" bullshit back in '69...

Burris Chief of Staff Quits

I just wanted to take a second to thank whoever has given me hearts

Odd questions at the Vatican.....

Prince of Darkness Denies Own Existence

Prince of Darkness Denies Own Existence

That stain will cost you

Hunting over internet via computer controlled rifles is 'abhorrent' and being outlawed...

Hunting over internet via computer controlled rifles is 'abhorrent' and being outlawed...

We are all in this together ........

Hunting over internet via computer controlled rifles is 'abhorrent' and being outlawed...

Gates Sees Need for at Least $83 Billion More in 2009 for Wars

How would you best define whether an act is morally good?

We need a jobs programs to get us out of this mess

Audit Reveals Abuse in Highway Contracting ($73 million for ballooning executive compensation)

cnn's larry king....dolly parton to speak on Obama's bailout plan

Access to kids being denied, Winnipeg 'white pride' mother claims

Who lives in Congress Gregory W. Meeks district? It's NY's 6th.

Obama Justice Dept. Backs Bush Denial of Prisoner Rights at Afghanistan's Bagram Prison

GOP Ideological Theater.

Dammit! Look at this schedule for the House Judiciary Committee:

What did they do and when did they do it? Exposing the BFEE's Lies...

I don't want any assistance from the stimulus bill

Have you signed Ted Kennedy's birthday card yet?

Loathsome: Ten Cartoons from Sean Delonas

My sister's high school has no record she ever graduated or even attended...

Hey in case you DUers don't know Cenk is on Shuster's show on MSNBC tonight

Gay Man Awarded $90,000 in sex harassment case

US 'Troubled,' 'Confused' Over Pak-Taliban Peace Treaty

Free Republic is one thing, but ALLAN FUCKING KEYES? Obama is a radical Communist

"Real Time" with Bill Maher returns tonight...

I like Tom and support him....

Re the 'beheading' of that poor Muslim wife

Any banks fail yet tonight?

Citibank and be closed soon?

Alan Keyes goes totally off the deep end!

Pentagon Review Reportedly Says Guantánamo Complies With Geneva Conventions

bush be gone

"1959 Dallas ranch-style brick home" becomes "brick s**thouse" as Junior & Pickles move in

DailyKos: "I Was Assaulted At An Ann Coulter Lecture Last Night."

RIP Socks. You were one class cat

Girl Scout cookie sales crumbling

A sad anniversary, GDer's.

Mileage Tax Considered By Obama Transportation Secretary LaHood

Audit: Surplus military equipment mishandled, lost?

Madoff trustee: No securities bought for customers in 13 years

Searching for answers in Cambodia

Lansing Mayor Slams Fox News Hack

MSNBC: Hershey's Reading PA Mint Patty factory closing. 300 jobs gone, not due to bankruptcy,

How would you best define whether an act is racist?

Hey Skinner - Who got the most hearts?

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

Investigation: The oil money behind the anti-stimulus fight

Folks, there is one person I am ecstatic we should never have to see

Outrage in D.C. over Doubling of January Electric Bill

meet the press w/david gregory this sunday=gov. bobby jindal (r-la) gov. charlie crist (r-fl)

Why Are Senate Republicans Acting Like Dicks Who Want Us to Sink Deeper Into Economic Recession?

Howard Dean: The Far Right's All Out Offensive Against Medical Research

Freakers New Protest Mission: "OPERATION TEABAG"....I kid you not

It's Friday night - how many banks do you think they'll close tonight

Thank you, DUers.

Wanted: Lousy job, low pay -even less desirable job postings solicit thousands of responses.

The economic crisis ends when repuke criminals are arrested, it's that easy

Bill Maher Is Back - Real Time - Tonight @ 10:00

BART holdup victim grabs knife, kills robber

To my mystery benefactors - thanks for the heart.

NATO allies reluctant to increase Afghan presence

Look out! RimJob is attempting to get the FReepers to organize!

Richard Perle: "There is no such thing as a neoconservative foreign policy"

Obama nixes plan to tax motorists on mileage

Anyone who could draw the chimp cartoon and validly claim that there

Anyone who could draw the chimp cartoon and validly claim that there

Anyone who could draw the chimp cartoon and validly claim that there

Clinic That Did 1st Face Transplant U.S. Treating Chimp Attack Victim

Clinic That Did 1st Face Transplant U.S. Treating Chimp Attack Victim

Guantánamo Meets Geneva Rules, Study Finds

Jindal to refuse some stimulus money

Radical Communist: 70% Alan Keyes: 27%

I’m searching for a word. It would be an oxymoron.

Exotic Pet Ownership Should Be Banned

Where's TomInTib? He seems to have left...?

Gates: Pakistan-style truce in Afghanistan acceptable

Gates: Pakistan-style truce in Afghanistan acceptable

Correct me if I'm wrong, but if we allow foreclosures to happen people lose their homes...

A simple plan to save people from foreclosure without backlash.

A simple plan to save people from foreclosure without backlash.

20/20 Doing Story on Bernie Madoff

Keith quotes "Blues Brothers." LOL! nt

We have a "no money down" loan thanks to the VA. Was the VA "irresponsible?"

How is this NOT double jeopardy?

THIS JUST IN: Alan Keyes is batshit crazy

Has The Huffington Post jumped the shark?

Bank kept 52,000 secret Swiss accounts for U.S. taxpayers

Looks like the wave of credit card defaults is about to start

Looks like the wave of credit card defaults is about to start

How old were you when you purchased your first house?

Buy American Is About Building Jobs, Not Protectionism

Is America Threatened by 'Terrorist' Forces in Afghanistan?

Help underprivileged women get a FREE mammogram just by clicking on Breast Cancer site:

Here's what's keeping us from being in another Great Depression now.

Help underprivileged women get a FREE mammogram just by clicking on Breast Cancer site:

Help underprivileged women get a FREE mammogram just by clicking on Breast Cancer site:

Here's what's keeping us from being in another Great Depression now.

Massachusetts doctors say single-payer or bust

ACORN Urges Civil Disobedience in Foreclosure Evictions

Donations Needed To Help Starving Horses

Please sign Senator Kennedy's birthday card!

We Are Not In A Recession....... It is a Depression

Bill Moyers Journal -Robert G. Kaiser -So Damn Much Money


"Wanted for War Crimes" is hiring...

Job hunters...are you shocked at what employers are offering these days?

Most important news story of the week (ending February 20, 2009)

How do you plan to spend your furlough?

What do you think about caffeine?

Fascism and the UK

Piyush "Bobby" Jindal to unemployed Louisianians: Screw you!

Food Bank Friday! February 20, 2009!

Republican predictions of the 1993 deficit reduction package (EPIC.FAIL)

"You're Shitting In My Mouth And Calling It A" Sundae

is this mascot offensive?

A relatively simple question that no one can answer

Octuplets mother's home in forcelosure threat (and Duggar's comments...)

Desmond Tutu: Obama “could easily squander the good will that his election generated...”

If we just stop paying our bills now, can we get some of that stimulus money?

OMG! I just had a collection call from

OMG! I just had a collection call from

After Prison, Few Places for Sex Offenders to Live

Republican Bill Would Require Home Owners To Retain Internet Access Logs

Paid Vacation? The US ranks at the bottom

Nuremberg, USA: Prosecute Bush Criminals Now So It Will Never Happen Again

Who Should Replace Rahm?

Mastercard credit limits being reduced 90% without notice.

This chimp thing just keeps getting weirder

N.Y. Post apologizes for chimpanzee cartoon

My Two Cents on the Chimp cartoon

Oh give a FUCKING break! The SEC is corrupt, it didn't "miss" Madoff or Stanford.

Is "Democratic" Congressman Gregory W. Meeks of NY's 6th a crook?

Whom should you hate today?

Utah state senator (Buttars) to lose his committee chairmanship after homophobic diatribe.»

Maxine Waters: "People don't know how close we are to collapse"

Google Ocean: Has Atlantis been found off Africa?

Tsk. Rapture Ready has turned on Bristol Palin since the shotgun marriage didn't materialize.

Leon Panetta Gets a Rock Star Welcome at CIA Headquarters

Canadians free dolphins trapped by ice

Why We Immunize

Has anyone heard from Swamp Rat?

Resentment Grows Over Paying for Others' Foreclosure Misery

The working class will be set up to be taken to the cleaners again.

How long have you had to wait at a Dr's office for a Dr. to see you?

Slave in Jefferson Davis' home gave Union key secrets

Woman Beheaded in New York State; National Organization for Women - NYS Questions Media Blackout

Giant rat caught in China

Dolly Parton: "I think Obama is going to be a great President".

Freepers call for revolution; civil war; secession. "Lee Harvey where are you?"

Lessons in Courage from Congresspersons Who Took a Stand

NH official calls domestic violence "gimmick", cuts funding for shelter

Rick Santelli, votes for John McCain, says there are no easy answers...

How Dangerous Is This Man? THE THREAT CLOSER TO HOME

Why the Republican Party needs to get its act together

Presidential cat "Socks" has died...

Prawo Jazdy: mystery motorist who bamboozled Irish traffic police-solved!

A cartoon the right finds offensive

Bill Clinton or Ralph Nader: Who did more damage to progressive causes?

*** DUzy Awards for week ending February 20, 2009 ***

Okay, I need to vent here. I was at a Edmonton Police Commision Meeting on Prostitution.....

San Francisco man faces fallout from `Wife Swap' - loathed as a stereotype of 'liberal elitist'

WTF?! Obama Administration To Subsididze Hedge Fund Industry While People Are Waiting In Food Lines?

Last rec Wins!!11!1!!!1!1

Last post wins

Last post wins

Last post wins

I am four times as grateful

Thank you for my latest heart, secret admirer.

This song makes me think of you all.

Anyone try the free internet radio

I have a few more hearts. More suggestions or PM's. Or I'll dump them on evil people.

Tom Kitten? old mark? Where are you night time poops?

Well, it's that time of night again...Goodnight DU!

People need to learn to drive in the water

Slinky Cat now with Slinkity sound!

Have your parents "adopted" your S.O.?

DUers from mid-size to small towns: post any popular songs about your town/area.

Dumb criminal of the day!

Weird story of the week: "Woman OK after bullet ends up in her hair weave"


Admit it, those here who are shitty drivers themselves!

Anyone have a couple cc's of adrenaline and a cardiac needle?

Anyone have a couple cc's of adrenaline and a cardiac needle?

People need to learn how to dive in the winter.

Anyone have a couple cc's of adrenaline and a cardiac needle?

Anyone have a couple cc's of adrenaline and a cardiac needle?

I'm going to the French Quarter this afternoon

What do you do

According to Google...David needs a date

So --- I gave my chihuahua a steak bone last night

Cheer up, DU'ers!

Anyone have a couple cc's of adrenaline and a cardiac needle?

Anyone have a couple cc's of adrenaline and a cardiac needle?

Anyone have a couple cc's of adrenaline and a cardiac needle?

Anyone have a couple cc's of adrenaline and a cardiac needle?

Some sweet person gave me a heart!

Tommorow is Hockey Day in Canada,so if you call,leave a message,we"ll get back to you Sunday.

Posters who screen names start with an "S" check in. We're number 1! (literally, there

In honor of MLB Spring Training, I give you THIS:

News flash, people, it snows in Michigan in February and has for thousands of years

OUCH! I can't raise my arm above, well, above boob-level.

It Still Works!!!

So --- I gave my chihuahua a steak bone last night

The art of confabulation is dead.

15,000 sq. ft. "Unique Cave Home" for sale on eBay, Festus MO, starting bid $300K

The conservation of art is dead.

U2 just put their new album online

Your favorite gland

Funny thread sequence on the Lounge page:

Funny thread sequence on the Lounge page:

Funny thread sequence on the Lounge page:

Oh, mactatas, look what I found!

Oh, mactatas, look what I found!

OUCH! I can't raise my boob above arm-level.

OUCH! I can't raise my boob above arm-level.

OUCH! I can't raise my boob above arm-level.

OUCH! I can't raise my boob above arm-level.

Freudianest. Freudian. Slip. EVAH!

Freudianest. Freudian. Slip. EVAH!

Freudianest. Freudian. Slip. EVAH!

Freudianest. Freudian. Slip. EVAH!

Politics aside,seeing Miller on Leno and Spade on Letterman,they look old.

Politics aside,seeing Miller on Leno and Spade on Letterman,they look old.

Politics aside,seeing Miller on Leno and Spade on Letterman,they look old.

Great fundraising idea

OK I have to turn off the TV when Beyonce's Single Ladies video comes on

The Art of War is alive and well

Word association thread...

A sure sign of the apocalypse - the new Van Damme is getting good reviews

Attention LynneSin and other heretics -- REPENT your godless ways and embrace the true church

What is the best Free File Hosting Server available?

Six hearts. That is a personal best!

Midlo loves the little children, all the children of the world

Anyone every try Brian Eno's Oblique Strategies?

Cool movie triology meter

Woohoo! It worked! I made fudge instead of frosting or goop!

Woohoo! It worked! I made fudge instead of frosting or goop!

Very important question I really need answered.

When was the first time you heard Roxy Music?

This is why I'd be useless to anyone in a flood:

Beach Baby appreciation thread!

Ever know someone who is completely wrong every time they open their mouth?

Tonight's interesting genealogical find--3 ancestors in the Civil War.

Only 9 Hours Until NEW BSG!!!111!!!!!

OK man gets visit from SS..over "Abort Obama Not the Unborn," sign on his car

Eric Cantor

Oh boy...I'm in a relationship for almost 2 years now. My spouse's neighbor

Good morning Lounge

I just paid my car off.

Ok, what did you do after you read CaliforniaPeggy's poem?

Very important question that I really need answered

"We need bigger guns. Bigger

Thank goodness nobody gave Skinner an "evil duer" heart

ATTENTION LOUNGE ATTENTION LOUNGE: This is a public service announcement....

See y'all Sunday night or Monday, going to Galveston for the weekend.

What happened? I have "no" checked, and I am seeing ads now?

5,697 in two and a half years

I never thought I would see the day, this would be a news story headline

kitten picture of the day for friday february 20

Per Lady Effingbroke's thread, I'm going to whip out my penis at my next job interview.

I believe when someone prays to god, it is mostly not answered

When you type LOL, is it because you're laughing out loud?

Greatest television show ever where you don't know what the fuck is going on...

From the Holy Crap file: NH official calls domestic violence "gimmick"

I had a loony bus driver today

The phrase of the day is 'white penis'

WTF Blanket

Lisa Lampanelli

Modify a current white penis to incorporate the phrase "white penis".

In another ground-breaking study: Men see white penii as objects, psychologists say

Modify a current thread title to incorporate the phrase "white penis."

Word association thread...

I had a loony white penis today

Remember in Monsters Inc. where the CDA had to clamp down on an entire downtown area?

Gotta go pick family up at the airport, unfortunately. It was white penis

I, too, am writing an erotic poem (and I could use your help)

Question for Mac experts

Note to self: Today is NSFW in teh Lounge.

What's your weather like right now?

My first 'white penis' in 2 1/2 years

Thank Gawd For St Vincent Depaul And Local Church

Jesus christ. Okay, I'll be taking the afternoon away from the lounge now . . .

Wow, my "hide thread" button is getting a workout today!

Optical mouse

Has anyone seen LynneParcheGornSin this afternoon. I thirsty and waiting

Our sig lines are back!!!

This sucks ASS!

You'll have to pry my white penis from my cold dead hands!

ok, I'm not the only one

I'm dreeeeaming of a whiiiiite penis.....

Let's get real. Does ANYBODY really have a WHITE penis?

Ok I have watched a dozen or more Steinfeld episodes, and it is NOT funny

Blue balls

I got a summons for jury duty!

"LOST" is the Oasis of TV shows

Help rug and I settle a debate - which would you rather have - a White Penis or a Cat?

I need to vouch for a used computer operation. ( I know how frugal we all are)

I just HAD to say "Wow, I haven't had the stomach flu in over a year!"

Run two miles-eat a dozen donuts-run back two miles *YUM!*..oh yeah DON'T PUKE



Why George Carlin suggested we live our lives backwards

I AM Denny Crane With a White P*nis

Thanks For Coming

You know what? You can all go to hell.

Thanks to the anonymous folks

Ha, I was saying I needed sleep.

Holy Cow! Some seriously eyepopping luggage here! (pics)

"Being Erica"..anyone else see the premiere?

My First 'Cold/Flu' in 2 1/2 years

So if I Google 'white penis' what might come up in the search?

So, this is what DU looks like during work hours.

Okay! Purple polka dotted Penis's and neverending kitty stories...

Question about appliances/carpentry, or, How Stupid Is What I Just Did?

White P*nis Sex Thread

Computer question: Recommend a wireless keyboard with touchpad mouse

Okay, doors are cool but please - just please...

I know Christmas is two months past, but, "I'm dreaming of a white,... penis"


The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 2/20/2009)

Happy 26th Birthday to my wife Haruka!

Flying Spaghetti Monster would be SO proud of tonight's theme - noodly appendage and all.

This is NOT a sex thread just a Freeper protest: "Operation Teabag"

how animals are different than people

When Harry Met Sally

Come Together: Oasis better than Beatles AND Aerosmith

Raise you hand if you know what Joe Cain Day is.

Oh look! Sig pix!!!

the lounge has once again devolved to a bunch adolecsent sexual innuendo threads

When did the Lounge archive go to 21 pages?

Little white penis pageants...All in good fun or creepy as hell?


*tear* it's beautiful


How is Cenk Uygar's name pronounced? n/t

Digital Magazines suck

"If you give a mouse some (rhymes with cookie), he'll probably want some (rhymes with the theme)

I have trouble believing that the "I think we're dead" brownie phonecall is authentic.

White penises for the week are up in GD.

I'm bullish on white penises. They're going.

Speaking of p****es, as we all seem to be doing, here is a joke!

Hey! The beagle's back! nt

DId anyone check out my blog???

My theme song.

"These are the legends. These are the DICK BOSSES."

Do The Cincinnati Reds Suck?

The Tar is Open!

Need a unique idea for a Weekend Project...

Did anyone check out my white penis???

At what point do I just give up?

Any Californians been out to see the Amgen tour?

Former Bush Admin member whose naked body you'd least like to use as a sushi serving platter

A white pee-niss, and a pink carnation...

You know what matters in this country? Little Boxes!

Lounge Vibes Needed

The OFFICIAL "Thank you for my White Penis" Thread

Making shitty sequels to good movies straight to dvd should be illegal.

LOL - new laptop I bought activates the OEM license but says "This copy of Windows is not genuine"

Slow news day? NO. Dance party Friday!!

Batman in a moment of candid reflection

Ummm I just woke up and decided to see DU... what up with all the white penises

I'm writing an erotic poem..

I'm writing an erotic poem..

What happens when you add Benny Hill to Friday the 13th:

Raise a toast to the memory of Socks Clinton!

Need suggestions for CARE package contents...

I am off to get my hair did!!!!

I am looking so spiffy with PINK EYE!!!

Who here can claim they've lived in the most states?

The Lounge Jukebox is open! Spin your favorites for a Friday...

DUzy Awards for the week are up in GD

Time for a White Dick post

Find somebody to love my white ______

so i got into a political "debate" with an idiot tonight

Just to let you all know...

70-Year Old Man Shoots TV, Engages in Standoff With Police Over DTV Transition

70-Year Old Man Shoots TV, Engages in Standoff With Police Over DTV Transition


Dirty Magazines suck

howsabout everyone switch gears

white penis picture of the day for friday february 20

Your Favorite Bond Girl?

You know what happens when you take one N out of peninsula

I just watched a John Lennon documentary and I realized I will never ever get over his dying

This not smart.

So in all of this, I am suprised to not see a pic of the JENIS.

Greatest Song from the 1990's

climb upon my knee sonny boy

Your Favorite Spice Girl?

ZOMG, elevens. Olbermann had a white penis story!

Goin out for sushi and cucumber martinis! YEAH!

Socks, Clintons' White House Cat, Dies

Are you now, or have you ever been?

Post here if you've ever lived in Zurich (not vacationed--lived).

Post here if you've ever lived in Zurich (not vacationed--lived).

Does this disclaimer suggest the website I am ordering from is fishy?

Because I was curious I did a DU search

The phrase of the day is "WHITE PENIS" and it is Lady Effingbroke's fault - and funny!

for those who haven't checked the FAIL blog recently:

In another ground-breaking study: Women see Speedo-clad men over 30 as objectionable

24 bit music sounds better than 16 bit music

GDP proposes white penis as Scretary of Commerce.

Dammit to hell. One snowflake falls from the sky and what do drivers do?

Where am I? n/t

i just traded my car about a month and a half ago

Brain and Brain. What is brain?

QWEST DSL is of good quality, but sign up for a promo upgrade plan for being a good customer and...

So I'm at my job in a gift shop at the hotel when who walks in but

May I get a high five?

Is your tap water, where you live

Two computer questions for you guys.

The coolest thing just happened to me...


Movies in reverse (post yours)

Mea Culpa to CaliforniaPeggy

All these white penises are well and good. However, I would like to see some

Hey! Wanna loaf around?

I'm in the hospital...

is this a tumor?

Stupid cat.

Food for thought, or just because you are hungry and it is quick

Bye Morrison

Tonight's Lullaby

So Paddy won't be around tonight, he told me to behave...

Cool T-Mobile Cell Phone Commercial

I used to post at Eschaton.

Guess what I'm posting from?

What are you all drinking tonight?

I just discovered John Hiatt.

All bow before my mighty white penis

Our winter storm warning kicks in in an hour, and Shamu is completely

What if Moby Dick was a white penis instead of a White Whale?

Happy Birthday, Alan

Our dog spunky has died.

What is your most prized possession?

Pic thread: Family Time

Pic thread: Family Time

Delta Dawn, what's the flower you have on?

Lounge goals for 2009

You know, people talk a lot of shit on English cooking, but scones with jam and clotted cream are...

Have you ever looked at Denver International Airport on a map? What do you see here?

"Clerks" fans......check in.

Woo Hoo! It's Done!

Peace Frog

I have come to a realization about the hearts....

I am taking a sick day today, which is a very unusual thing for me to do.

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

Authors, Musicians, Actors, Directors and other artists you appreciate despite being RW

When you order a pizza, which of the following is most important to you?

Do my legs look ok? Please let me know. Thanks a lot. n/t

The art of conversation is dead.

I did something tonight that I have never done before in 18 1/2 years of parenting

Can we stop the PENIS posts please?

My S.O. Just Called From Work Again

Little girl beauty pageants...All in good fun or creepy as hell?

kitten picture of the day for saturday february 21

What name would you choose to rename our kitty?

Which blue state would you not want to live in.

In honor of Socks Clinton, all tuxedo cat lovers check in with pics of yours

Socks lived to be 20. How long can cats live?

Evidence Suggest Payoff To Italy For Supplying Forged Documents Bush Used To Justify Iraq War

Obama's Thursday Executive Order: Establishment of the White House Office of Urban Affairs

To a degree, and within reason, I agree with Bill Clinton's "hopeful & completely convinced" comment

Please set me straight on this

MY GOD!!!!

"Card Check" "Save Our Ballot" Burr Hypocrisy and the Return of Rovian Politics in NC

Describe the Plight of the GOP who only 3 years ago still held Massive Power

AP at it again: "Democrats strike different tone on Katrina"

Rush Limbaugh: Mr. President, Keep the Airwaves Free

Obama now in 3D

Great News! Obama Reverses US Position On LGBT Issues At The UN

Shocking - GOP call Obama's first month "disappointing"

I just get the biggest, freaking smile when I see Prez Obama on TV and listen to him.

Obama got a warm welcome in Ottawa.

What (if any) are the advantages of growing older?

Health Care Industry in Talks to Shape Policy

Check Asshole Before Opening Mouth!

If you are on Face Book: A favor, please

Flying on Air Force One With the Obamas

What's Really Going On: Foreclosure, Santelli, and Nationalizing the Banks

New CNN/Opinion Research Poll: 67% Approval Rating for Obama; 60% Favor Stimulus Plan

Clinton's global listening tour

Oscar Best Picture: "Feiging Outrage", Best Actor: GOP, Supporting: Wall St.

I can't help but think that our President wonders what he's gotten himself into...

Keith Obermann interviewed Dr. Evil tonight.

Give the cartoonist/editorial staff the most charitable interpretation, the Post is still racist

Outline of the Stimulus

Have you seen this rwing email going around about the stimulus? It doesn't even make sense!

Aww Larry Miller died.

Aww Larry Miller died.

Secret Health Care Meetings Continue

Great article about Sebellius' record and approach to health care - she actually sounds pretty good

Here's Rick Santelli's rant durin days of 30-1 Credit Default Swaps

white house press conference on now. nt

GOP launches new Hip Hop marketing strategy

Which was more offensive about chimp cartoon, racial stereotype or that chimp was shot?

General Electric closed below $10 today - first time since 1984...

Franken speaks, on his old radio network

My Repug Neighbor Says - Repugs Won't Cooperate With Pres. Obama Until.......

"Guantánamo Meets Geneva Rules, Study Finds."

Who saw Dennis Miller trying to clown Obama on Leno?

Thankfully, the MSM is showing Gibbs' response to Santelli's "rant" on CNBC

If a Governor refuses to take the stim money, can the feds give it to mayors, cities and/or counties

Why don't they get it over with and rename CNBC "The Greed Network"?

Obama picks N. Dakotan to run Health Resources and Services

US: Pakistan-Style Truce in Afghanistan Acceptable

Okay can you stand some good news.. "the worst is over"

Lounge vibes rock!

"We'll be right back after we have a sex break"

Georgia benefits of stimulus package greatest in Republican north metro Atlanta.

TO NY POST: Comparison chart--Who's the Chimp?

Can someone please explain why it was acceptable for nearly all of us to refer to Bush as the"Chimp"

What I Did Last Night....or an Essay on How Stupid I Am.

The monkey cartoon demonstrates that we are now eating well into gains from the '90s

Just watching Frontline - Inside the Meltdown

Oh oh, does this make him the "anti-christ?": Obama beats out Jesus as America's hero

DC lobbyist (and McCain "friend") Vicki Iseman drops NYT libel suit without payment

Let's make a deal with the wing nuts to stop using the word "Chimp" as an insult...

My DirecTV got cut off for not being able to pay my bill but it's not totally dead..wierd...

Mileage Tax??? What are they thinking?

UBS, the IRS and Phil Gramm (Justice Department file lawsuit against UBS)

Mr. President, Keep the Airwaves Free - fron Rush Limbo

A lazy, crappy cartoon shouldn't encourage lazy, crappy reasoning

The concept that some of us obviously sees the NYPost cartoon as racist makes one clear point...

NY-Sen-B: Enter Pataki?

New Round of Polls in Wake of Stimulus Signage - Public Verdict Very Clear

(Former Gen.) Taguba backs commission to investigate Bush-era abuses

(Former Gen.) Taguba backs commission to investigate Bush-era abuses

MO-Sen: That's Really Super, Supergirl

After killing thousands upon thousands of young Americans and Iraqi civilians

Oh, my - I just discovered a copy of the Missionaria Protectiva!

12 threads about the damn cartoon...

Whose agenda is Secretary of State Hillary Clinton supporting?

Off "Hot Topics" I Know... But Does Anyone Know If There Are Going To Be

For The Cartoon Apologists (POLL)

Rick Santelli is a fucking clown (Rant)

Bishop Tutu has something interesting to say to Obama

President Obama, This Man Should Be Your Commerce Secretary

President Obama Extends Gulf Coast Recovery Support Through Executive Order

Please sing along (to the tune of "I got some ice cream!") Barrack Obaaaama

I'm up for the refinance-all mortgage proposals (mostly for political reasons)

Obama Rejects $2.7 Trillion In Bush-Era Budget Gimmicks

***** New Poll Numbers *****

"Epitomized by the President Himself"

What Is a Populist Caucus?

the bailouts were all about stimulating the economy ... in a few years.

So Repuglikins think President Obama is being too much of a downer?

Boehner: Ignoramus, Liar or Lying Ignoramus?

A good way to fix the mortgage bailout proposal?

Do You Believe Someone Could Subconsciously Do and Say Racist Things... And Not Be Aware Of It?

People like Alan Keyes, Glenn Beck, et al make me rather scared, but the question is:

Alan Keyes just said on 1600 Pennsylvina Avenue

IL Governor Pat Quinn demands Burris resignation

Nagin On Jindal: Presidential Ambitions Clouding His Stimulus Judgment (updated)

Chimp to Bush and Why is WASN'T Bad Then

Jared Bernstein is the administration's best economics spokesman against naysayers - video

Steven Chu Secretary of Energy is very impressive.

Nouriel Roubini: Obama's Foreclosure Plan Too Timid, More Stimulus Spending May Be Needed

I hadn't noticed this being discussed all day (Clinton's report card on Obama)

Is anyone catching Santelli on Hardball?

Rate 'em - best to least - Rachel, Keith, Schuster, Rick Sanchez, Tweety, AC

Lee Camp: How the New York Post cartoon should've looked.

Robert Reich: The New Deal and the New New Deal: Countering Conservative Claptrap

Clinton discusses her love for Bill in South Korea

Seriously to I have to post the defintion of racist terms for you to understand?

Where's the outrage? Clinton says China's Human Rights Abuses Not An Impediment.

Tina Brown is a Right Winger and Bill Maher knows it

Maddow Tonight - Great Response To GOP's Claim That Obama's First Month Is A Disappointment

This can't be repeated enough

This can't be repeated enough

I'd like to offer a couple analogies to prove the innocence of the chimp cartoon:

Coming to a town near you... the new faces of the GOP!

Look at this and then tell me this cartoonist didn't mean to imply that Obama is a monkey

Post here if you've read the Hobbit and the entire LOTR, please.

They're comin after Obama like they came after Clinton.

They're comin after Obama like they came after Clinton.

Ashley Judd and

Obama starting to look more like Bush on banks

ron paul is a boob

Before we are critical of anything President Obama does...

Santelli, you and your GOP ilk are the real moral hazard.

Obama Expands Missile Strikes Inside Pakistan- (With Pakistani Intell?)

I don't think I can watch Rachel Maddow anymore.

Look at Obama's approval rating among Republicans,

You know what matters in this country? Having a white penis.

Not For Nuthin', Michelle Fry, But WTF Have You Been?

Iraq Shoe-Thrower: Bush Was 'Smiling That Icy Smile' (Trial Begins)

UBS shares dive after U.S. widens tax-dodge probe

National Guard goes green to conserve energy, cost

Israel's Peres: Netanyahu will form new government

Over 30 Dead in Pakistan Bombing

Report: China sentences 2 nuns over Tibet protests

Earthquake hits disputed Kashmir region

Corporate Bond Trading Highest Since ‘07 as Credit Freeze Thaws

US official: Uzbeks allow transit to Afghanistan

Source: GOP considers Pataki for US Senate run

Source: GOP considers Pataki for US Senate run


Obama is America's No. 1 Hero (Harris Poll: Jesus No. 2)


Jumbo-Loan Defaults Surge in U.S. as Recession Reaches Wealthy Homeowners

2 suspects arrested in southeastern Pa. arsons

Penney reports 51 percent slide in 4Q profit

India concerned by Pakistan's truce with militants

Kyrgyzstan issues eviction notice to key US base

Detainee Alleging Torture to Be Sent to Britain, Source Says

Republicans Hail Parts of (Stimulus) Bill That Few of Them Supported

House Members Seek KBR Contract Review

Dodd Says Short-Term Bank Nationalization Might Be Needed as Shares Plunge

Kyrgyzstan issues eviction notice to key US base

Anti-Obama sign returned (OK police report man with "Abort Obama not the unborn" sign to SS)

Netanyahu to Be Asked to Form Israel’s Next Government

Biden Says Bush Gave Al Qaeda Recruiting Tool

Microsoft, Intel Firings Stir Resentment Over Visas for Foreign Workers

U.S. study ties fast food to stroke risk

GM's Saab says to file for creditor protection

Arizona 9-year-old pleads guilty in shooting death of his father Vincent Romero, roomate

Japan turns to 'work-sharing' to avoid layoffs

U.S. Tries a Trillion-Dollar Key for Locked Lending

Treasury Ordered To Turn Over Bailout Records

Former CIA Officer Describes Retribution for Whistle Blowing

Attack on Sri Lankan airport

US soldier guilty of Iraq murder

Madoff trustee: No securities bought for customers in 13 years

Iraq's 1.6 Million Displaced Need Urgent Help - Agency

47 hurt in turbulence on Japan-bound flight

(Federal Appeals) Court gives Obama a week to decide (re: executive privilege of ex-Bush aides)

Latvian government resigns as economic recession deepens

Attackers behead 2 soldiers in southern Thailand

USDA To Meat Cos.: Give Shoppers More Details

Obama Warns Mayors Not to Waste Stimulus Money

BofA's CEO Lewis subpoenaed by Cuomo

Breaking: Burger King Backs off Opposition to Employee Free Choice Act

Assets of (Yankees outfielders) Damon, Nady frozen in Stanford fallout

Roubini: Nowhere near end of crisis ("We are still in the third and fourth innings,")

ArcelorMittal Cleveland could remain down for six months or longer, plant manager says

(Archbishop Desmond) Tutu Urges Obama to Apologize to Iraqis

Obama administration keeps Bush view on Afghanistan detainees

Coleman wants to remove ballots already counted

Hershey Closes Peppermint Patty Plant in PA.

Japanese woman pregnant with wrong egg after IVF mix-up

Transportation agency: Obama will not pursue mileage tax

Bill Clinton: Obama Should Sound More Hopeful

Obama: Gov't will not repeat mistakes of Katrina

Transportation chief eyes taxing miles driven

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday February 20

Obama Bans Gimmicks, and Deficit Will Rise

Court papers lift lid on Stanford’s lifestyle

Ariz. AG asks for Pima County's transportation election ballots

Binyamin Netanyahu Targets Iran After He Is Appointed Prime Minister

Jindal rejects unemployment money in stimulus

Clinton queries utility of China rights debate

FDIC, regulators shut down Oregon's Silver Falls Bank

Obama stays the course on Bagram detainees

Saab Moves to Separate Itself From G.M.

Health Care Industry in Talks to Shape Policy

Threatened Mexico police boss quits

Civilian 'slaughter' in Sri Lanka

Australian police confiscate Sea Shepherd log book and video footage

Ex-RNC phone jammer gets off scott-free

Costs for individual health plans soar

Socks, Clintons' Former Cat, Dies

Soros sees no bottom for world financial "collapse"

WH lashes out at CNBC's Santelli

Palin Ribbed by Montana Guv for Being No Show

Obama tries to halt talk of bank nationalization

Pentagon concludes (Guantanamo) detainees treated humanely

George Mason U. elects man as homecoming queen

GOP: ISPs, Wi-Fi Must Keep Logs For Police

Obama: Katrina survivors didn't get enough help

Texas may let hunters shoot pigs from choppers

Why does questioning racism "shut down honest dialogue" but attacking those who question racism is

Could Phil Berger really be this incapable?

Countdown: Best Persons Feb, 19, 2009

Countdown: Still Bushed Feb. 19, 2009

Protest Outside NY Post Over Cartoon

NUJ Photographers protest against Section 76

Countdown: Worst Person Feb. 19, 2009

Whatever it Takes

David Frum Calls the GOP Brain Dead for Their Theatrics Over the Stimulus Bill

Employee Free Choice Act - CAP Report - Economist Chris Benner, UC Davis

Labor Beat: Workers' Republic - Scenes From a Successful Factory Occupation

Firefighter union pickets city's decision to scrap ambulance service

Countdown: Howard Dean & K.O. Discuss Republican Governors Wanting to Refuse Stimulus Funding

Markos Moulitsas - Taking on the System Pt. 1

Markos Moulitsas - Taking on the System Pt. 2

KMOV reports that FEMA is a shadow government

Focus on Gaza: A Crime of War? - 20 Feb 09

Bank of America's Bailout Bonanza!

Liz Trotta presents the GOP conspiracy fantasy of a Democratic 'takeover', w/ Fairness Doctrine

Dilldo Reilly & Andrea Piehole prove they have NEVER listened to lyrics of a B. Springsteen song

Megyn Kelly's Happy Iraq

Fox News Guest: The Republicans Got Us Into Our Economic Crisis

Amnesty International: Afghanistan - Humanitarian Crisis in Freezing Weather

Ari Fleischer: 'Saddam was the big liar here'

Obama's Fiscal Responsibility Party

Ann Coulter VS. Joy Behar: Larry King Live (02/19/09)

Robert Ellis Orrall sings "Al Gore" - from Slacker Uprising

Utah State Senator: Gays 'greatest threat to America'

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn Calls on Burris to Resign

Thousands flee Swat valley to escape danger - 4 Feb 09

Paul Volcker: Mother of all Financial Crisis in US

Steve Earle sings "Rich Man's War"

Marc Maron Talks To Lawton Smalls.


Obama CBC interview

Rachel Maddow with Melissa Harris-Lacewell: Republicans going Hip Hop

Young Turks: Post Cartoon Talk

University students cover President Barack Obama's historic visit to Ottowa

Obama Press Secy Robert Gibbs on Rick Santelli's rant

President Obama, "Thank-you for giving me a reason to use Air Force One.... It's pretty nice."

Meeting President Barack Obama on his first foreign trip to Canada Live & Uncut

TY: Dow Jones At Lowest In 11 Years

Country Roads Parody Video(Music Video about Mountain top removal)

Fred Phelps Banned in Blow to Atheism

California Lt. Gov.: 'Republican infection' spreading across nation

TYT: Dick Cheney Furious With George W. Bush

Rush Limbaugh's Twisted Sick World

Kucinich on Stanford Group Fraud

Young Turks: Crazy Republican Wants to Cut Capital Gains Tax to Zero!

Alan Keyes' ugly rant.. Says we must stop Obama or US will cease to exist. Scary stuff.

Journalist Reveals Taylor, Ghadafi, Ex-CIA Agent Organized Arms, Diamonds Smuggling Company

How Bushie Lapdog Press Grew Some (Not Many) Teeth

State Department Calls Bolivian and Venezuelan Referendums "Democratic," New Attitude at the White

Paul Krugman: Who'll Stop the Pain?

National Security Team Delivers Grim Appraisal of Afghanistan War

Wake Up Call: Activists Visit 'The Army Experience' (high tech simulations of combat video gameroom)

In praise of bipartisanship

HP to cut salaries as profits decline; CEO takes hit, too

Herbert Hoover Returns to Claim Credit For The New Deal

The Military's Expanding Waistline

Fake Controversy in Oklahoma City Causes Internet Whining! Call the ACLU!

I Was Illegally Detained by the U.S. Government and Held in CIA-Run "Black Sites"

Whom the GOP Serves by Steven Jonas, MD, MPH

New York Times shares cost less than Sunday paper

Conservative professor: Ward Churchill firing a travesty (Colorado Daily)

The Oracle with Max Keiser - 20 February 2009 (1 of 3)

Will Obama Restore Constitutional Government?

Santelli Nails it, Panic Optional

RNC Protesters Tried on Terrorism Charges Despite Acknowledgment They Didn’t Commit Alleged Acts

Citigroup, Bank of America Fall on Takeover Concerns

GOP Boasts It’s the Party of 'Self-Stimulation'

Rural sourcing gains momentum in US

Political Cartoon Controversy in New York Post

Clive Crook: Some thoughts on the housing plan

RNC gives verdict of first month: Disappointing

Royal Bank of Scotland - Give Us Back Our F****** Money

Highland Capital CDO Fund Is Insolvent, Wiping Out Investors

World Social Forum 2009—Beyond capitalism

Robert Parry's Curious Seven Days In May reference to Obama

An open letter to the people of the world

Home repair -- Obama's mortgage plan is a long-awaited lifeline

Will GOP governors really turn down stimulus money?

The Howling Days of Madness

Our view: Help for Alaska

Possible signs of life detected at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue!

Please Attach the Word BOONDOGGLE to the word AFGHANISTAN where people can see please

Why tech cos may not lobby for H1-Bs

H1-B Visa Bar Threatens US Job Prospects of Over 100,000 Indians

Gone in 60 Days: Citi and Bank of America Won’t Live to See May

Friday Talking Points (66) -- MSNBC's Faux Populist Rage

25 People to Blame for the Financial Crisis Plus Ameriquest Mortgage and Roland Arnall

The Outrage Industrial Complex

Conservatives Are America's Real Terrorists

The CIA: Beyond Redemption and Should Be Terminated

Prince of Darkness Denies Own Existence

Intel layoffs cause H1-B backlash

"Stop the Democratic Suicide!

Weekend Economists" Washington's Birthday February 20-22, 2009

Once You See What Truly Happened in Gaza, It Will Change You Forever

That New York Post Cartoon

Alexandra Pelosi "Right America: Feeling Wronged"

The Credit Crisis Visualized (THIS IS A MUST SEE)


Can Geothermal Power in Iceland Thaw a Frozen Economy?

Ocean fishing shutdown possible as few chinook return to Sacramento

Prototype hybrid solar power station

An interesting (one year old) paper on "Carbon-negative aviation" (terra-preta, char, biofuel)

Peak oil notes - Feb 19

ODAC Newsletter - 20 Feb

European Parliament calls for action to eliminate whaling

54 Years Of Montana Temp Records Show Nighttime Warming In Both Winter & Summer Months

Lund University Study - Swedish Permafrost Thawing, Trend Likely To Continue - Science Daily

Alaska - Erosion Rate More Than Doubles Over 5 Years Along 40-Mile Section Of Beaufort Sea

MA Governor Patrick considers "Hummer tax"

(US) Carbon dioxide emissions map released on Google Earth

US considers a national climate service

BP flexes cellulosic biofuel biceps

Nature Reports Climate Change—Interview: David Crisp (Orbiting Carbon Observatory)

Chu puts environmental DOE spending on fast track

Cheaper materials could be key to low-cost solar cells

Electric cars get charge from stimulus

Very Cool Moulin Footage From Greenland - Jason Box Estimates 1,000 CuSecs At Single Site

The sun is a star when it comes to sustainable energy

Nature Reports Climate Change—Peak energy: promise or peril?

Bizarre craptastic outerspace microwave energy bill advances in the Hawaii legislature

Responding to the Crisis

State Department Calls Bolivian and Venezuelan Referendums "Democratic"

BOLIVIA: Pando Massacre Suspects Brought to Justice

Havana book Fair: "Culture is a right, not a luxury"

The New Venezuela of Pres. Hugo Chavez = 10 Years of Bolivarian Revolution

Cuban peasants to cultivate in Venezuela and take 50 percent of the crop

Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa

Today in labor history Feb 20 Rally for unemployed becomes major riot in Philadelphia, 18 arrested

Stimulus package—why workers need more

The enemies of unions and the lies they tell

Blogging for Employee Free Choice

WIN: Companies Accepting Stimulus Money Will Have To Try Harder To Hire U.S. Workers

Economic Report: Number Of U.S. Workers Age 65-74 Is Increasing

Chicago Veteran Returns From War Only To Fight For His Rights On The Job

Unemployed Workers Get Benefit Of $21 Billion In Medical Insurance Help

New Ad Thanks Obama for Putting Jobs First

Dave Lindorff: Organize! Many Employers are Just Using the Recession to Stick it to Workers

NYT: Blood on the Street

Universities Cut Off Big Apparel Company for Anti-Union Closing

100 % USA Union Coffee from Tree to Cup (includes Obama Java)

Hoffa Denounces Hershey for Exporting American Jobs to Mexico

What Would You Do With $18,000???!!!???

Are USF Assistants Trying To Get Away From Leavitt?

Citadel trader Malyshev resigns-report

Picture thread: Family time

BOJ Says Japan Economy Deteriorating ‘Significantly,

‘Virgin’ North Dakota Draws Billionaire Icahn in Raider Quest

Auction-Rate Bonds Claiming Victims Year After Market Collapse

Fannie Mae Rescue Hindered as Asians Seek Guarantee

Money supply, in vogue again?

The Cubs virtual waiting room

Banned trainer worked with A-Rod

World stocks fall sharply after Wall Street tumble

The real problem with the Cowboys: Too chatty!

Steelers Kicker Jeff Reed Temper Tantrum No Towels in Men's Room

Judge rules key Bonds evidence inadmissible

The Greek businessman is on his 8th day of hunger strike protesting cartels.

Pivot Capital Management advised in 2007 buying credit-default swaps of Baltics

Keep digging

I just came to a great realization today...

I hate the Lounge.


Danish newspaper claims Citibank has cut all lending in Denmark.. maybe the UK as well

CNBC Joe Kernen's son....HAHAHAHA!

$3.1B made available to fight homelessness - from Obama's Stimulus Bill

Inside China: A Sculptor's View ... MUST READ!

I Send A Heartfelt "Thank You".....

Paul Krugman: Who’ll Stop the Pain?

Lutheran church.

the bar is now named La Lounge --

Hmm. Mike Schmidt gives the thumbsup for the Roid-ragers going into the HOF..

Dodd: Short-Term Bank Nationalization may happen

Kanye West claims to have reinvented the word 'gay'

Ted Williams lost 5 years in two different wars. It's reasonable to expect he would have...

Our GSA dance made the Chicago Tribune! (Headline is weird, but

Whoever gave me a heart...

Citibank has cut all lending in Denmark

Mad Right Wingers should consider the story of the Prodigal son.

madoff made NO TRADES for 13 YEARS!!!

Four Bad Bears, updated.

Looking for advice on how to handle an issue with a young teenager.

Who’s to blame for the National Debt?

Microsoft, Intel Firings Stir Resentment Over Visas

Commodity ponzi alert

Nouriel Roubini: Obama's Foreclosure Plan Too Timid, More Stimulus Spending May Be Needed

Highland Capital CDO Fund Is Insolvent, Wiping Out Investors

GMU's Homecoming Queen is....a queen!!!

U.S. Wants UBS to Break Swiss Law by Naming Clients, Bank Says

Wal-Mart Sells $1 Billion in Goods a Day (and Other Scary Numbers)

List of people in favor of nationalization...

What We're Talking About When We Talk About Nationalizing Citi

MSNBC twice aired Santelli's criticism of administration foreclosure plan

Road to riches ends for 20 million Chinese poor

Investing In The Wake Of Nationalization

Thailand May Urge Banks to Lend Money to GM, Foreign Automakers

Garden State Equality Action Fair: Sunday, February 22.

IRS files civil suit seeking names on 52,000 suspect UBS accounts of Americans evading taxes

Fending off Deflation?

The CNBC Mafia EXPOSED!!! Email Exposes Short Seller Plot to Destroy a Public Company

Crisis may be worse than Depression, Volcker says

Gold reaches all-time high

Outrage of the Day! Jobless hit with bank fees on benefits

Why aren't you outraged over bill clintons breaking prop 8 boycott?

100,000 person March to SF

Reps Baird and Ellison Report from Gaza

Ellison touring Gaza: Conditions are 'shocking'

Storm brews between US and Israel

Vatican Irked By "Blasphemous" Israeli TV Show

Gazans: IDF used us as 'human shields' during offensive

Israeli Paralysis Calls for Arab Action

US Empire and the Conflict in Israel/Palestine

Gaza militants fire 10 mortar shells, Qassam rocket at Negev

It's time to rethink Zionism

Rabin's assassin Yigal Amir forced to look at picture of his victim

Hamas no, human rights yes

Israel to relocate 1500 Palestinians from Silwan

President decides to charge Netanyahu with forming coalition

Hearing Loss Pill

Another Breakthrough (Parkinson's) For Neural Adult Stem Cells

Hope over peanut allergy 'cure'

The vaccine-autism debate should end now...

Any details on computerized health records?

Has anyone got an eye-infection from living near a septic tank?

EU agency says Gardasil vaccine safe to use...

Is Obama responsible for this?

Two of DU's favorite things

Court allows firearms in locked vehicles at work.

CCW makes some progress in illinois

Army officer eyes return to baseball diamond

Mullen: Op tempo to quicken before it eases

Defense: Green Beret killed man in self-defense

Audit: Pentagon mishandled surplus equipment

3 Lewis GIs plead not guilty to robbery charges

Assessment: Strains, threats hurt readiness

Blackwater to lay off employees during reorg

Ex-employee denied bond in Benning fire probe

Eye injuries more frequent, but less severe

2 more illnesses tied to Leonard Wood

Missing Bragg soldier located in Arkansas

Friend: Iraq vet one of 3 shot in Oklahoma

In video, soldier confesses to killing Iraqi

Disabled vets get ski weekend at Snowshoe

Gates eyes warmer military ties with Russia

Ex-GI accused of identity theft in AAFES case

Officials: Port Royal grounded on coral reef

Reservist collapses, dies during IA training

Report: Coast Guard shares blame in spill

NATO planning new anti-piracy mission

$6.5B Navy arms deal to Taiwan near complete

Damaged Port Royal goes into drydock

What Guam thinks about incoming Marines

Schwartz: Maxwell Internet was vulnerable

Airman pleads no contest in fatal shooting

Surgeon convicted in killings wants new trial

A moment that changed everything

Gates: U.S. would pay more rent at Manas

McKiernan sees ‘tough year’ ahead in Afghanistan

Korean farmer: Jet noise killed 100,000 rabbits

Military Update: Mullen, coalition at odds over ‘Redux’ bonus

USAFE commander meets with German officials at Ramstein

Iwakuni Marine killed in Afghanistan bombing

Diplomat skilled in disaster response

War Games in Paradise

Insurgent Commander Killed in Herat

Coast Guard pulls 2.5 tons of pot from ocean

North Korea Escalates War Rhetoric

US to Commence Solid Curtain-Citadel Shield

Manas 'Not Irreplaceable' Official Says

Feds want to be in sync for next big hurricane

Before Tuskegee, There was Bullard

A personal question for those with experience with PTSD

A couple of night shots with Tri-X

A question about the contest posts

Christmas Cactus

Hi everybody, Scuba here.

Hooray! I've got business cards!

anyone going to New Orleans for

Does anyone know of a lens trading site? I would think that there is a market

Evening skies

Starchild Earthlog 2-18: The Path of Enlightenment and the Vibration of Love

This week's Starcodes from We'Moon

Has The Lost City Of Atlantis Been Found?

Anybody up for a group manifestation?

Are any of you

Maddening Leo!

Weekly Healing Project #22 | Feb 22-29 | Sacral Chakra & Related Minor Centers +ages 8-14

Swift Satellite Tracks C/2007 N3 - Comet Lulin

Cross-post - Scientific conventions boycott Louisiana

Is this poor reporting, or am I confused?

I wish I'd thought of this (Change)

Human Eye Could Detect Spooky Action At a Distance

Just a caution for RT forum readers tonight

Maintaining Spiritual Wholeness As The World Comes Apart

The "Old Testament" on the foundation of human rights

Lutheran Church and gay rights.

Linguini by Diane Lockward...

It's hard to clean your screen, particularly from the inside

In an age of specialization,

I may dread this concoction

What's for Dinner? ~ Friday the 20th Edition

Non-hydrogenated shortening.

A week without shopping!

Turnip "Risotto"

Starter 2.0 (now THAT'S what I'm talkin' about).

Bread Porn (new no knead recipe test - photos)

I would like to improve my knife skills

National Young Scholars Program

Oregon governor wants teachers to work for free.

Lebanese in Shock Over Arrest of an Accused Spy

Why it could not have been LIHOP

MY GOD!!!!

CanWest shares tumble

People in the U.S. need to see more articles like this one.

Heads in the tar sands

Canada: Horatio to Obama's Hamlet

Malware @ DU?

Bill proposes ISPs, Wi-Fi Keep Logs for Police

Columbian Minister to meet with Senators next week

Boston Globe Editorial on Sen. Kerry's Syria visit

Senator Kennedy's birthday is Sunday. (Feb 22nd)

Brown backs Jowell after husband's conviction - as Berlusconi looks on

The noise before Labour's defeat