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Archives: February 2, 2009

Drum Major Suspended for Waving at Obama

Classes suspended due to ‘evil spirits’

Republicans want tax cuts? I got their tax cuts right here

Iowa Trooper Suspended For Obama E-Mail, mug shots of people wearing obama t-shirts

Digs may help decide if 'King Solomon's mines' was a misnomer

Obama seeks assessment on gays in military; No rush to repeal DADT

I'm watching "NETWORK" on TCM right now and it still blows...

Peruvians walked their prayers into the earth

VIDEO: Lost Civilization Under Istanbul

Exploding The Myth Of A Liberal/Anti-Corporate Media

Ancient Persians 'used chemical warfare'

I just watched "When The Levees Broke" on HBO

Ancient turtle migrated from Asia to America over a tropical Arctic

Penn study finds link between Parkinson's disease genes and manganese poisoning

Malignant narcissism is so common and SO DAMAGING!

President Obama interview with Lauer, pre-game, video

Is the Roman Pantheon a colossal sundial?

"When do you stop being a CEO, and start being a grandfather?" . . . . . .

"When do you stop being a CEO and start being a grandfather?" . . .


SWAT teams deployed in 911 telephone fraud

Oregon To Consider Predatory Towing Ban After Meals-On-Wheels Is Almost Towed During Delivery

Lynch Considering Republican Elizabeth Hager To Replace Gregg "Party History" does not mention George W. Bush

Competition tighter than ever as researchers unearth more of China's ancient past

Scarborough's out of the drunk-tank and off his meds...

When I Look At the European Labor Strikes Happening Right Now

Does anybody in DC get it???

RNC Chairman MIchael Steel & Oreos .... From Wiki

When Debt Collectors Disrupt Dinner

Thomas Jefferson

In Daschle’s Tax Woes, a Peek Into Washington

Why the quite on the Holder front?

Coleman: "..."I'm here. I'm accessible. I care,"..."

Anybody know how much in taxes Daschle actually paid?

I'm watching "When the Levees Broke" tonight (Katrina)

Joe Scum

Forget the Steelers, Because GOP Sex Symbol Michael Steele Is America's Champion

How Is It That These DC Tax Frauds Don't Have To Pay Penalties Or Interest?

Government debit cards, are these accounts subject to nonwage garnishment?

Bailed Out Bank of America Sponsors 5-Day Carnival Super Bowl Fun Fest

Glenn Greenwald - The Daschles: feeding at the Beltway trough

Michael Phelps caught smoking pot! Oh Noes!

2 things - 1st, what the fuck do we need another Republican in the Cabinet for, 2nd ...

“He looked just as natural with a bong in his hand as he does swimming in the pool,”

2fer: Tales of 2 scumbags:: Bernie GOLDDIGGER & Judy MILLER

So, now O'Reilly is losing it, too?

** OFFICIAL Groundhog Day thread***

MarketWatch: Bad Day for Barbie

PSA...Customer service: How to get a human on the phone.

Olbermann and Maddow both "wag the dog" of NBC

Judd Gregg says a Republican will replace him if he Joins Obama Administration!

Audit the bastards every year. They have proven they are not to be trusted.

No one as Irish as Barack O'Bama

After 12 days as president what kind of grade would you give President Obama?

Why didn't Bruce Springsteen sing "Born in the USA" during halftime???

Rush Limbaugh: "I have an Army!" Really, and you would have your Army do what Rush?

Everybody loves Bipartisanship! Wheeeee!

Stuart Bowen IG for Iraq reconstruction, testimony on C-Span right now.

Stuart Bowen IG for Iraq reconstruction, testimony on C-Span right now.

Bloated International Banks-Too Big Not to Fail- Do not Resusitate Mega Banks!

We have enough money to rescue the banks, but not enough to rescue Social Security.

Today is Hug a Jew Day

"Gute Heimreise." / "Have a nice trip home." - Do you think this poster is racist?

NATO Solicits Virtual Afghanistan Simulations to Test War Plans

If Daschle has to step aside, I'd take Howard Dean as head of HHS

The Rude Pundit: One of These Things Is Not Like the Others

Iraqi Provinces want US Troops to Stay

GASP! Somebody famous smoked some grass!

Ronald Reagan and the Cold War

Did Nancy Pelosi fail the Democrats?

Here I go again, Bashing CNBC

How long before the shit hits the fan ??

Fah Q, Punxsutawney Phil!

our message at church today was "Learn To Be Content"

I think we should offer incentives to those who want to start making stuff in the U.S. again.

So, they doubled their income, did they?

Hearings on Fraud in Iraq and Afghanistan...NOW... Cspan

They will not make her go away. Now on The View is a propagandist documentary

The Hype of Terrorism

New blog regarding foreclosures, financial mess, Federal Reserve...

What's the deal with Mitch McConnell's face?

Ex-Mass. GOP official Lawrence Novak pleads to money-laundering

16 days until DTV.

John McCain really seems to cares, about what I have no idea

So, Hasselbeck says the Pres. should tell Democrats...

Back to Back Friday the 13ths

Hilarious ad from IL furniture store: "We sell more seats than the governor"

McConnell on M$NBC acting like he

How Ancient Greeks Chose Temple Locations

Bush Shoe Sculpture 'taken down'

Wow! President Obama still emails me

Would you support having to work for your benefits?

Parched: Australia faces collapse as climate change kicks in

Dear Republican lurkers if you think tax cuts are a good stimulus for the economy read this.

Saying it again: Nationalize the banks, and

Afghans Rally Against U.S. After Military Strike Kills Two

Hannity Meets The Aristocrats - A DU Challenge

What IS the difference between a tax cut for a corporation and a bailout check for a corporation?

caption this Palin and Mamma Bush pic..

As great of a state that my native Maryland is, why is it that....

Food is not always what it appears (Fish, olive oil, honey are most often faked)

Favourite presidential couples?

About that credit card situation...

Isn't Groundhog Day's Predictor Bass Akwards?

Exclusive: PETA Killed More than 90% of the Animals in its Care in 2007

Soldier lands safely after skydive instructor dies

Generals Pressuring Obama to Slow Iraq Withdrawal Planning Media Blitz From Crony Hawks

Contractor Fraud hearing Part 2 NOW on cspan..just started

Robert Reich's look at 2009-Interesting info and observations

What's the best newspaper in the U.S. today?

LA Times: Guantanamo judge defies Obama

Tom Daschle Should Bow Out

Senate Debate on the Holder Nomination will begin at 3:15, Vote at 6:15

What time is Holder supposed to be confirmed today? n/t

While Kentucky freezes, people die; Ky Senator McConnell chooses to slam Obama

While Florida makes excuses...other states DO qualify for education stimulus

My friend would have been 49 today if she hadn't been kidnapped and presumably murdered

OK conspiracy buffs, speculate on the tech glitch here: Porn interrupts Super Bowl broadcast

Media rationalized favoring republicans because they were "in power"

Let's get a couple of things straight about Michael Phelps....

DUzy 2.0 update: Temporarily suspended AND not taking submissions (yet)

This Is Your University, on Drugs

That New Obama Logo's Making Me Thirsty

Elder's Meditation of the Day - February 2

Nuclear event in NJ, not NC

Seriously - is Daschle worth it?

So this Republican Senator is standing holding a gun to his head, and he says,

So who is the Commander in Chief again?

I SAY! it is snowing ... in London!

This New Pepsi Logo Looks Familiar

What is the Obama Plan contains on FICA

Survive 2012 by securing your lottery ticket with the Institute for Human Continuity

Salon: How Republicans created the myth of Ronald Reagan

Is Obama fallable?


Am I the only one who doesn't care if the stimulus package NEVER gets rethuglican support?

It made me throw up quite a bit in my mouth !

Should Pat Robertson and Right To Life Groups support "Octuplet Mom"?

They're Talking About Stripping Out the $50MM For The NEA

My God. Burris is up.

A book review from to share: How Republicans created the myth of Ronald Reagan

"Tax cuts for corporations".. seems to be the only "plan" the republicans can come up with

Thom Hartmann possibly leaving Air America Radio on March 1st?

I propose we start a DU CSPAN task force


Hasselbeck wants Obama to condemn Olbermann & Matthews on THE VIEW

A gallery of Morans! The Velvet Elvis has left the building.

Poll: Republicans want Palin as model for GOP (Nearly half think party has been too moderate.)

Italy bans kebabs and foreign food from cities

Martha Washington; First American Hottie!?!

Debate on the Holder Nomination is taking place now

How many times can the repubs get away with voting down Obama?

Parking in a used car lot.

US spent over $40 million on an Iraqi prison that will probably never house an inmate

PHOTO: Two words. PALIN. BOOTS. Cue up that old Velvet Underground song.

Do you believe Tom Daschle's excuse that not paying taxes on $80,000 was "unintentional"?

Question for former journalists out there

Logic Dictates, The Fight For The Prohibition Amendment Recognized A Right To Privacy,

It's a stimulus for Haliburton

Is there a way to find out if lawmakers are also bank shareholders?

How about a little patience?

How about a little patience?

Palin lied to House GOP to avoid attending their weekend retreat

Hypocrisy Alert! Mitch McConnell Asks For Federal Money For Kentucky! Why not tax cuts?

Phil and Me: Ex-Sen. Gramm Says of the Economic Collapse, Don't Blame Me (Video)

Baby soaked in beer found outside nightclub

Super Bowl cartoon ...

A new kind of STRIKE....

Poll: Do you give a damn or not if Mike Phelps or Tony Bennett enjoy reefer?

We need to use this down on Wall Street starting with Thain!

Sen Dodd Senate Banking Com Head Shamed into leaving Countrywide Mortgage

Autobiography of 10-year-old Divorcee Set to be a Bestseller

CREW Cuts: Major Victory .... to FaceBook group

CBS To Run Arranged-Marriage Reality Series

Did you watch the Super Bowl?

Pelosi's attitude towards Repugs and DINO's: 'Screw 'em."

There is one good thing about Steele taking over the GOP

Anyone else glad the the Steelers thanked "O" instead of god?

Why the "Limbaugh Isn't That Important" Crowd are Wrong

Rihanna: Love her or leave her?

Having a Democratic President makes a difference in ESCR therapy clinical trials:

SWAT teams deployed in 911 telephone fraud

The Holder Nomination is getting hammered on 2nd Amendment issues

Commission gets grim report on wartime spending (bush projected 2.4 Billion for Iraq Reconstruction)

How heartwarming tale of US octuplets became a seedy story of self-indulgence (pix, details)

I think Gonzo is toast

Man Tries To Kill Wife, Self After Losing Job

Random checks 'as effective' as terrorist profiling

US-IRAQ: Generals Seek to Reverse Obama Withdrawal Decision

GOP doesn't want infrastructure because it will create union jobs?

The Alternative Comics Apocalypse Has Begun

If you are collecting unemployment, are you getting any call backs

Stinky's note to Mike Steele .......

Business owner found shot after calling police saying he's holding a burglar at gunpoint

Fuck! It's "the", not "teh"; and it's "owned", not "pwn3d".

Just how long does it take to train security forces?

Two children should be limit, says green guru

Craziest Republican of the Day: Virginia Foxx

Those who have are those who will get more

What?? No "Top 10 Conservative Idiots" thread???

What?? No "Top 10 Conservative Idiots" thread???

so have they really loaded up the stimulus package w/ pork?

Sheriff Halts Foreclosure Sales In Wayne Co. MI.

Is this Daschle $140,000 tax embarrassment a PR disaster that President Obama can/can't shake off?

I submit to you - the free traders and globalists are the "cowboys"

Some people are so quietly worthy of our admiration .......

Macy's to cut 7,000 jobs, slash dividend

Holder nominated 75 : 21

HOLDER CONFIRMED 60 votes so far

Who is the easier target?

Does it bother anyone else about Daschle's "tax" problem?

2014 Media History. MUST SEE VIDEO.

How do feel about the NH Dem governor appointing a Repub to fill Gregg's (R) senate seat?

I hate these f**king people.....

Huffington Post: Employee Free Choice Act Gives Workers a Fair and Democratic Chance to Form Unions

Internet Evangelist Lambastes Obama's $1 Trillion Stimulus Package

Name an act of fairness or bipartisanship the Repubs did any time in the last 28 years,

Name an act of fairness or bipartisanship the Repubs did any time in the last 28 years,

Better late than never ... Thank You, moderators!!

All over the world, economic protests against globalism

Rethuglicans are sociopaths.

Did Rachel Maddow leave AAR?

What The Hell?

The "Buy American" stipulation shouldn't apply to fair-trading partners like Canada

"I don't think there is a honeymoon," he said. "The accountability starts immediately."

CNN poll re stimulus bill

Ok so lets see what's on

Just who's the frickin' boss here?.....

Did Obama talk with the Superbowl winners?

The Republicans *do* have a stimulus plan!! It costs 3.5 TIMES Obama's ($3.1Trillion over 10 years)

What's with all this "pre-January 20th" thinking


Rate Matt Lauer's interview with President Obama.

On welfare queens and five-legged dogs

Passerbys ignore man dying on the street after beating.

The "Hollywood" diversion

The "Hollywood" diversion

If I see that woman one more

I finally saw the film "Primary Colors"

I keep reading about the "new souplines" when the economy finally does go all the way belly up...

Daschle's relationship with United Health

Obama needs to throw Daschle "Under the Bus" his record is just too Awful..

Obama needs to throw Daschle "Under the Bus" his record is just too Awful..

Go Dennis!

Anyone remember Ben & Jerry's limited edition Howard Dean Ice Cream?

Holder Hearings

New Senate Stimulus Bill: Out?

I have an alphabetical list of New Names - Old Names.

Mitch McConnell caused me to take a Nexium

"Songs From the Heart Ease Hospital Visits" - This story will make you smile. :)

About the Stimulus Package and the problem of pork,

Repug Senatorial Candidate and Jokes About Obama Assassination

With gratitude to JeffR, Hannah Bell, maryf, dajoki, Two Americas and Nancy Greggs.

Norway stimulus:targeted, temporary, pro-sustainable growth (No EU, No big Defense, No big Deficit

Phil Says "Six More Weeks of Winter!"

These Studies about Dogs being able to Scent Cancer

5-Year-Old Kindergartner Finds Oxycontin Stash in Her Pants

Has the GOP successfully co-opted the word "stimulus?"

Employee Free Choice Act: Yes We Can

Barney Frank blasting the banks on KO now

Joe and Mary Shit answer the 100 questions posed by Acme* Tax Co and pay their tax bill successfully

Mass layoffs of 50 or more workers surge (AP/CT post)

Biden's Munich role: Reinvigorate NATO ties (AP/Yahoo)

Walk the Walk - Buy Local!

Adult age reading is on the rise (AP/Delmarva Times)

Ben Nelson, DINO hack

Official: Obama to repeal 4 Bush executive orders (AP)

turn it on right now Stephen Colbert

Re: Rendition... Did LA Times Get 'Punked'? Liberals Push Back Against LA Times Story

Cramer on Obama's Anti-Wall Street Comments: 'We Heard Lenin'

Microsoft: Layoffs for some, visas for others

Microsoft: Layoffs for some, visas for others

Microsoft: Layoffs for some, visas for others

did anyone read, "Goodnight bush"?

"It's like wearing dark pants and pissing down your leg,"

Any word on whether Kkkarl showed up for his subpoena today?

Groundhog Day coming up on FX in ten minutes!

Hiding political dollars spent on hate....what else is the Mormon Church hiding?

Shuuuuu, Sean Hannity is on

I bought something today, at a fairly deep discount that was ***MADE IN USA***

Did you enjoy the morning ? Groundhog Day ?

Right Wing Terrorism Watch - New Jersey Mayor steps down over white supremacist threats

Is there anyone here that ever cheated a little on their taxes?

When Steve Martin used to do that bit about "You can be a millionaire and never pay taxes!"

The "Know-Nothing" faction of the GOP will take over from the neocons

Did the Groundhog see his shadow?

How many jobs were lost in and around your community today?

If you can help keep a true progressive voice alive, please do

Arkansas voted to make animal cruelty a felony

On The Lighter Side - What Did Everyone Think Of The 3-D Commercial Yesterday & Chuck.....

Financing fantasy wars....

My "new rules". (1) If's it's a bad idea, it's from a Republican. (2) If two ideas are proposed,

Area the size of Texas in Amazonian rainforest provisionally marked for Oil and Gas exploration.

Why do I have this nauseous feeling in the pit of my stomach that the repukes have been allowed..

The GOP thinks if the govt offers a 4% mortgage we are all going to run out and buy a house?

Pajamas Media, Rightblogger Meal Ticket, Pulls the Plug

Joe the Plumber to attend GOP strategy meeting

Cheney Dunk Tank Raises $800 Billion For Nation

WHAT the heck is a Frank Sinatra Republican?

PHOTO: "An' ball girl, yer doin' a heck of a job"

caption ?

BOY oh BOY - That "Made in USA" thing stirred up a shit-storm worldwide, now didn't it?

A Republican Atheist speaks out....

Just a reminder, it's Feb. 2 and Al Franken has not yet been seated.

Attorney: Rove Will Cooperate With DOJ Probes

Anybody get Springsteen seats, today?

Are you a DUzy fan and a web programmer?

Political Lessons Taken on the Fly by Gillibrand (NYT 2/2/09)

POLL: Palin is overwhelmingly chosen as GOP's new role model

Sri Lanka troops find Tamil Tiger chief's bunker: ministry

Quote of Marx predicting nationalizations hoaxing Wall St

Tell me what you know about the Free Staters and some other

Did anyone else get email from the prez today?

North Korea preparing for longest range ballistic missile launch

I'm still wondering what benefit Judd Gregg will be at Commerce

The repubs are politically bankrupt: Joe the Plumber advises GOP-ers

Film: The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder

Cell-Building Discovery Could Reduce Need for Some Animal Research

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Lest we forget... Things have a way of going round and round.

Just for kicks, predict the GOP nominee for 2012

Octuplet Mom Wants $2 Million, Oprah, and Free Diapers

Bright Red Glasses---Tom Daschle

The MSM is reporting that Obama will nominate Sen. Gregg for Commerce

How many post before PMs?


Gates blames Karsai's public complaints about civilian killings for resentment of U.S. presence

Pope to Announce New Archbishop of New York

Republicans: STFU!!

"Buying American is Dangerous" Alan Viard American Enterprise Institute..

Octuplets’ mother wants Oprah to turn her into a $2m TV star

Worst Supermarket Foods - from Lifehacker

Oh boy...

Tokenism You Can Believe In

They're starting to surrender

Consumer Reports' Ground Coffee Tests Reveal Some of the Best Cost the Least

U.S. seamen being trained to fend off pirates

Hahaha. . .Blago offered job as Chairman of TNA Wrestling. .

Just Wondering

More than 1000 wait to apply for 35 firefighter jobs in Miami

Anyone heard from our Kentucky DUers? How're people doing?

Anyone heard from our Kentucky DUers? How're people doing?

GOP Wants to Drop Mortgage Rates Down to 4%, Democrats Should Agree and Do It Better.

Selfish adults 'damage childhood'

New Jersey had an earthquake?

$18 billion is about $27 per taxpayer. What is $27 for you?

If a guy can smoke pot and still be the most successful olympic athlete of a hundered years...

April Ryan asked WH Press Secretary Gibbs: "Why has Obama not met with Congressional Black Caucus?

How do infrastructure projects help?

'GOP senators draft stimulus alternative''d think they won the presidency and both houses...

Fla Gov Charlie Crist to Appoint Himself To Senate Seat....

Do you want to see what's in the Stimulus bill for your city?

6'8" 312 pound Ohio State football player drunken rage...tasered

Protester throws shoe at China's premier

Here's the problem with the Pie

George Bush destroys country- No Apology.. Michael Phelps..

Michael Steele has been at the helm of the RNC for a day and I already can't stand him......

Putnam about to ditch the House seat

No. Really. I DON'T want Daschle for HHS.

$40 billion increase in proposed Pentagon budget spun as ‘defense cuts’ by right wing

Is Rachel done on Air America?

know someone who is hungry? maybe tell them about this...

Am I the only one getting this kind of e-mail . . . ???

The manufacturing days of the US is over...

Nugent for head of NRA? Freepers rejoice.

Poll: Majority Of Republicans Want Party To Be More Like Palin

Such a bargain! Give up your union job for $20K cash & $25K car coupon

Judd Gregg Voted to Kill Commerce Dept. Before He Agreed to Lead It

Judd Gregg Voted to Kill Commerce Dept. Before He Agreed to Lead It

GOP Strategy To Undermine Obama Will Rely HEAVILY on AM Hate Radio

161 years ago today: US conquers most of Mexico

EarlG's Goodbye To George W. Bush (Video)

Court makes mistake and charges man for time spent in jail

Turkey tops list of Human Rights offenders in Europe 2008

TOONS, part 2: Rush-ians and the rest of us

How should Canada react to the "buy american clause" ?

Living in Hard Times...Buy Whole Sandwich from Chick-fil-A...or ANYWHERE

Banking Industry hypocrites.

White House puts a $527 billion 'limit', excluding war costs on Defense Budget

TOONS, part 1; Bonus babies

Kids Shoveling Snow, Mowing Lawns

Proposed Law Would Allow Guns in Churches in Arkansas

I'm Sorry, But Daschle Is Out Of Touch And Obama Isn't Getting It

Who is this Deroy person on MSNBC, denouncing global warming? Yet

Thom Hartmann leaving Air America for new syndicator

WaPo Wants Whistleblower Provision Stripped From $800 Billion Stimulus Package: Tell Senate No!

my local news is really supporting the republicans on this stimulus package...unfreakin'believable

John Bolton is sad: "Prospects of a U.S. attack on Iran remain very bleak"

DC to Lose "Progressive" Talk Radio

Welfare Aid Isn’t Growing as Economy Drops Off

Humana: higher prices for elderly customers will help it meet its 2009 profit forecast

Bart Simpson used by Nancy Cartwright to promote Scientology

The Bad Bank v. Good Bank Option

Minot AFB Crew Commander found Dead + Minot AFB Clandestine Nuke 'Oddities'


Woo Woo!! Class Action Lawsuit vs BankAmerika

Could the auto loan interest tax deduction be coming back?

New Google Ocean Takes Google Earth Beyond the "Dirt"

8% funding increase (DoD) =$40 Billion is a "cut" in their world

8 Years, 7 Months, 1 Day

"The last thing we need now is a retaliatory trade war." : Day

Doctors don't know why my baby daughter isn't getting any bigger

Christian Bale goes PSYCHO on set of Terminator Salvation (Total fluff piece)

What Michael Phelps should have said

Congress Should Freeze And Nullify The Remainder Of The First Bailout.

Tonight on American Experience: The Polio Crusade

Snort - Isakson must be gearing up for his re-election campain LOL

Joshua Bell "Stop and Hear the Music" by the Washington Post

Judges Bribed by Private Contractor to Sentence More Kids to Juvie Detention

State of Texas hater Palin endorses Gov Goodhair

My Congressional hit list.

The Nation: Iraq's Shocking Updated Human Toll - 4.5 Million Displaced, 5 Million Orphans, Widows...

Chris Hedges: It’s Not Going to Be OK

Thank-You Skinner for Being One of the Few

US stimulus job creation claims uncertain

"Because I knew you, I have been changed for good."

How Do I Tell a Parent Her Kid Is Out of Shape?

It's so cute when the banks say they can't specifically account for the TARP funds

So about that "right to privacy" thing

Super bowl ads...violent, creepy and desperate.....

Porn interrupts Super Bowl TV coverage

I used to think DU'ers were over-reacting when they said they hated republicans, but I finally

Mystery coffin moved to Bosworth

Lol, Freepers already turning on Steele for saying he wants to reach out

PETA offers $2,500 reward in dog killing

There was no "credit crisis." The economy was not going to collapse. The bailout was a ripoff.

Generals Move to Obstruct Obama's Iraq Withdrawal Orders: Petraeus' Counter-Offensive

Judge rules against gassing Florida's mentally ill inmates. Disturbing video.

Gun blast shatters Lincoln newlyweds' 'perfect' life

I can't believe they called that penalty!

anybody else got a good buzz goin' and don't feel guilty about it?

Some kids doing Rush's"Working Man"- pretty good (8:39)

Did anyone get porn instead of the SB on their cable?

I need 9 or more drunks I can handcuff to my bench

Paul Krugman:Bailouts for Bunglers

Paul Krugman:Bailouts for Bunglers

Matilda the Beagle was the MVP in the Puppy Bowl!

..dooo you wanna die??..

Myron Cope must be annoying the piss out of people in heaven right now

5 minutes of War Pigs- mascot outfits-blood-CatPower & the Flaming Lips

Porn interrupts Super Bowl broadcast in Tucson

Please help. I'm handcuffed to a bench. n/t

ever feel confused about what this song was about?

Just bought a new van. Check it out!

As long as we're predicting MLB here, who wins the Stanley Cup?

Please help. I'm handcuffed to a bed. n/t

This has got to be the catchiest song I've ever heard

How does Steelers coach Mike Tomlin manage to do it all?



I don't need no stinkin' groundhog.

The town I love so well.

I just realized that I'm one of those straight-edge freaker dudes.

Six more weeks!

NYC 5 boro bike ride

Bones is a cool show.

The real meaning of Groundhog's day

Do you oppose hunting?

Who's Jennifer Hudson, and why was yesterday her first public appearance but she has fans?

Today would have been my friend Paige's 49th birthday

I'm addicted to everything New Order

So, I did not change my name

how do you feel about "back on the wagon re weight loss--need vibes" posts?

50 years ago tonight: Big concert at the Surf Ballroom!

D'oh,I forgot to change my username to Sámis.

Golden Throats!

Do you know (or admit to) your real height?

I just ate 6 hardboiled eggs. Ask me anything.

FREE BREAKFAST-tomorrow Denny's 6AM- 2PM

What are people's thoughts on the Super Bowl obfuscating?

Bellyfat takes over the internets!

Hey everyone-It's Groundhog Day!

The legendary hitchhiker says he knows where it's at.

Okay, campers, rise and shine, and don't forget your booties 'cause it's cooooold out there today

Are you from here?

Fah Q, Punxsutawney Phil!

Worlds Largest RC Plane

7 years and going strong!! Happy Anniversary to my husband and me!

World's largest RC Cola

Which Super Bowl team should I root for now?

Seven Items You Won't Believe Are Actually Legal

Gizmonic is a total sweetie!

Higher quality products; CafePress or Zazzle?

Confident! Confident! Dry and secure! Raise your hand! Raise your hand if you're sure!

Happy Ground Hog Day, DU

Happy Birthday Felix!!!

The Missouri River is SINKING!

I'm oppressed

Groundhog Bites Mayor Bloomberg During Ceremony

Groundhog Bites Mayor Bloomberg During Ceremony

Huge day today. I'm closing on the sale of the old house, and closing on the purchase


The two minutes I step away from the Super Bowl....

All my friends on facebook have their babies as defaults....

Yo Gabba Gabba!

what kind of sadistic SOB becomes an endodondist, anyway?

Y'know what? The groundhog can effing suck it.


Good morning Lounge

The Beak Doctors and the Black Plague

What are people's thoughts on the Super Bowl officiating?

"I am not going to get irritated by stupid people posting on the local newspaper website."

Fundies Say the Darndest Things.....

Oh sure, NOW they impeach the governor of Illinois.

For the record, I still don't even know who played in the 'Bowl last night.

Never wear a jersey in public

What's your favorite Discovery Channel show?

Give me the jokes, folks--I'm feeling very blue. Nothing to do wtih the Super Bowl

Thanks, TZ. Your buddy, Dan Snyder, is changing the format of DC's only

Post here to tell me why I should take you off Ignore

Post here to tell me why I should take you off Ignore

Gabba Gabba Hey!!!!

Do you like your new screen name?

I was born in 11110101110!

My office feels like a doggie war zone

Eagles jacket is OFF, and Phillies jacket is ON, baybee!

looks like I will NOT be needing additional surgery!

Wow! I was in the top six in posts on DU last week.

How do I get rid of a charlie horse in my thigh?!

What in hell is this "just pay a second shipping cost" for two of the same product?

Turn on Cauvto....... Barak obama impersonator

I am addicted to Man vs Food on

I am addicted to Man vs Food on

So who's getting a free Grand Slam from Denny's tomorrow?

Le père des Playmobil est mort

For those of you who watched, did Miss American have the hands of a man?

As great of a state that my native Maryland is, why is it that....

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 2/2/2009)

folks had quite the scare last Friday

Porn during the Super Bowl - excellent!

I'm bored, so I took a pregnancy test on-line. It told me I could be a psycho! lol

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Neil Diamond (book)

humor me....lets take a stab at what my horoscope is referring to...

My quick thoughts on the Superbowl

I'm worried about my son...

Things I learned in GD

Tampa- Lohan's "near death" flight, Kardashian works up a sweat, Demi crushes people


there is a light that never goes out

Today: Michael Phelps smokes dope...

Does anyone remember "Odessa" by the Bee Gees?

You know, of all the Blagojevich jokes I've heard over the past few months...

"I think I broke my ass"

why, why, why?

I guess it's official. trof is the most boring lounge singer.

no matter who you cheer for, we can all agree this motherfucker is the most overpaid...

Michael Phelps has summarily negated the notion that stoners are lazy & unproductive.


Top Gear Winter Olympics is on tonight.

Progressive Rock keyboardist most likely to noodle around, wank, showboat, and generally annoy

candy, no. Skullcandy, Yes

I hate February

Puppy Bowl V was rigged.


I hope the new Hero can make people climax at will!

I posted something in the Mac forum...

Epic Records Just Named An Artist / Songwriter As Their New CEO. The Bad News:

How much would you give up for love?

Go Stillers!

Michael Phelps smokes dope

Domino's has the coolest ass online ordering system.

Domino's has the coolest ass online ordering system.

For Longhorn

How do you pronounce 'route?'

'867-5309' (Tommy Tutone's "867-5309/Jenny" hit single) phone number for sale on eBay

Disturbed..."Land Of Confusion."

I can't believe that Anthony Bourdain is featuring Ted Asshole Nugent on his show.

Tonight's "Dinner on a Tight Budget"...Linguine with White Bean Puree

Do I hold a Comcast record yet?

it's raining like cows pissing thru a slat bridge here!

Iggy Pop - Neighborhood Threat - Your Opinion

You know I have never heard Iggy Pop's album "Lust For Life" all the way until now

You know I have never heard Iggy Pop's album "Lust For Life" all the way until now

Post #1500 - My boot cut jeans story

I guess it's official. trof is the most boring lounge poster.


London DUers... how's the snow?

A question about Secret Service protection

A question about Secret Service protection

DUer Longhorn has passed away.

Well THIS is freaky

A Special Toast.....

Miller High Life 1-second commericals? Did you see them?

We're planning a trip to Ireland in June

Am I the only person who loves Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - The movie?

Jazz aficionados: Need help finding more tunes like "Speak No Evil" and "Maiden Voyage"

I need an "Atta boy!"

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.

Are you vibed-out? If not, can I have some for my sister?

Holy CRAP! The full, single greatest Alfred Hitchcock Hour episode EVER is on!

One mid-term down, three to go. Adult Med. this morning. I think I did pretty well.

I've got another TV addiction, this time it's Breaking Bad.

Angel Food Ministries - I've just used them for the 1st time.

Angel Food Ministries - I've just used them for the 1st time.

I really fucking hate Windows. Can someone try and help me?

Lemmy Kilmister on reality television shows

I'm addicted to everything Law and Order.

Another album I like: "After Bathing At Baxter's" by Jefferson Airplane

You know what? Fuck this game. Fuck it.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/2/09

Rihanna: Love her or leave her?

Fast food is evil

John Barrowman: love, hatred, or indifference? Please state why.

NWA Ice Storm 2009: A Five Day Timeline of Springdale & Fayetteville (youtube)

Madonna may be dating Jesus

I'm finally doing it- I'm posting naked!

Attention Pittsburgh Sports Fans

If you could only have one: HD or DVR

Ways to make Donatella Versace look less tan

Driver Calls 911 While Resisting Officers On I-4

So, Michael Phelps smokes fucking dope. Why should anyone fucking care?

IF free trade ended tomorrow and we re-instituted tariffs

Is my appetizer and dessert too similar?

Anyone heard of/cooked with Quinoa? Recipes? This is a grain


We have lost another DUer, my friends

Has President Obama made his pick yet...

Are you 'locked in' to where you live?

Harvard profs, classmates: Barack Obama an ‘extraordinary’ student

No Honeymoon

If this article is anywhere near true, Gregg would be just an AWFUL pick for Commerce

Fess Up-Which DUer Peed In Joe Scarborough's Coffe?

Wow, some of my teachers are really insensitive.

Sen. Mitt Gillibrand is preparing to do a 180 on immigration

Did Bush's cabinet picks have issues?

Heads up Texas drivers, today at the DMV I had to take off my glasses for my new picture.

Palin one of a few governors with shovel ready projects. She has a 2Bil "Road to Nome" just waiting

I've been working on our 2008 taxes and right now this Daschle thing is really aggravating me.

Bipartisanship, and where it will get us..Nowhere according to the Uber Right

Limbaugh says Obama can destroy the GOP for ever if his plan works, and no Repukes vote for it

Daschle "Deeply Embarrassed and Disappointed"

Jerry Brown Runs for Governor Again

Make these people make babies

Is there a way to get your pictures off your cell phone

Obama In Vanity Fair: Annie Liebovitz Pictures (PHOTO)

So where does the Franken/Coleman mess stand?

Renditions still allowed under new Obama directive

I would like to post in memory of Longhorn

Does anyone have an accurate figure that triggers actual payment of income taxes?


Re: Daschle....I say...

Consensus of top Democrats is that Daschle will be confirmed.

Calibrated Method May Be Behind Obama’s Not-Yet-Successful Outreach to Republicans

California Duers listen up call your senator in your district

Women with male spouses/partners: Would you let him pick out clothes for you?

Gates to Brief Obama on Shifting Troops to Afghanistan

David Fincher: Has he directed a movie you consider a "Masterpiece" yet? Or

Toothy raccoon bit off manhood..(more like startled/pissed off raccoon)

Businesses fare better in Senate economic package

White House: Obama considers Daschle issue serious

Ok, I'm kinda disappointed with this...

Obama ribs Rahm Emanuel. "Everyday is a swearing-in ceremony."

"It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World" on Turner Classic Movies right f*cking NOW!!

Rove Deposition Date(Feb 23rd). Legal Battle Brewing

Lynch to appoint Republican if Gregg is appointed Secretary of Commerce

Lynch to appoint Republican if Gregg is appointed Secretary of Commerce

kitten picture of the day for monday february 2

WOOHOOO! Yesterday was my birthday!

McCain to Obama: "Republicans MUST be part of Stimulus Talks"

Kids, let's not forget the big O has one ace up his sleeve that eveyone has forgotten...

Cow Abuctions to date: 706,389: This travesty must be STOPPED!

Jan. 1989 I moved to Texas... temporarily

Honestly, I am liking the way the battle lines are being drawn with this stimulus.

WaPo Wants Whistleblower Provision Stripped From $800 Billion Stimulus Package: Tell Senate No

Has Claire McCaskill climbed up on her soapbox yet to yell about how Daschle is an "Idiot"?

Would the Taliban have been successful in coming to power and would have

PHOTOS: Obama meets with Vermont Gov. Jim Douglas

What color is your dinner tonight?

Either Obama is clueless ... or I think he's part of the problem.

So after decades of Republicans driving up the debt under Reagan & the Bushes

Rick Sanchez just said that Dubya pardoned Rove!

I'm optimistic that Obama will hand over Luis Posada Carriles to Cuban authorities

Palin's "Road to Nome" project would be on par with the Panama Canal. It will have an impact on

Gregg Open to Commerce Post -- if a Republican Replaces Him

kitten picture of the day for tuesday february 3

OMG! I just realized how brilliant Obama really is! Why didn't any of

Check out CSPAN 2. Leahy on the Floor with a Huge Picture of Holder

Republican economist re. McConnell's mortgage plan: "Republicans have lost their mind on this."

Probable RNC Talking Points for 2012

Decriminalize conservatisim - then TAX it heavily.


Limbaugh: "I have only four words- 'I Want him to Fail.'" (That's 5 words, Limbaugh, but okay)

Waste, Fraud In Iraq Being Repeated in Afghanistan

In response to Prez Obama's 'outrage" - why have WS execs not been charged with embezzlement?

**Heads Up: Gibbs' Daily Presser 2/2**

Key Democrat Says Lawmakers Should Strip 'Tens of Billions' From Stimulus

Unfavorable ratings: George Bush 59%, Rush Limbaugh 51%.....any questions?

Shirt of Change - Obama's Photo-Op Sends a Message

AP: Obama picks Steelers in pregame interview...... and they proved him right.

Every entitiy that gets TARP funds should have a separate TARP account

What will happen to DU if Daschle isn't confirmed, and Obama doesn't take Howard Dean?

Rahm’s Not So Secret Plans.....Firedoglake (Empty Wheel)

Help Wanted: Researchers for what really is in the Stimulus Package

Right-wing bloggers to Obama: Leave Jessica Simpson alone!

Why did Diane Feinstein entertain Sarah Palin this weekend?

Looks like Porky blinked

McConnell uses Obama against Dems

Tuesday's Busy Schedule for President Obama et al.

The First Lady visits the Department of Education (pics)

McCaskill Tapped for New Oversight Post - federal contracting

PHOTOS Does it seem like a year ago? (Be warned......50 pics)

Repub Rep Moran: Obama easier to work with than Bush

Breaking: Judd accepts Obama's offer to be commerce secretary

The Foreclosure Bailout - Should This Be Another Separate Stimulus Package?

If you could choose a descriptive name for the "Bush Era," what would you choose?

The break down of votes on Eric Holder..

I ADMIRE Senator Mitch McConnell.

MSNBC: Christopher Hill to be nominated Ambassador to Iraq

Can Anbody give me ANY good reasons to support the pick of Judd Gregg for Commerce?

Esquire runs a must-read profile of Obama campaign manager David Plouffe

Earth to Republicans: for people to get tax cuts

I Just Called Both My Senators And My Congressman Re: Daschle.......

So is it likely the stimulus fails in the senate?

Bailing out foreclosures and not jobs

Kerry Wins Inclusion of High Speed Rail Provision in Stimulus

The Genius of Obama vis-a-vis the Rethugs...

What would be a good song to have as a ringback for an ex-significant other ...

Eric Holder approved as Attorney General 75-21

Obama Hires Rove To Make Sure His Blackberry Messages Stay Confidential And......

I got my LTTE published today Re Bush

Gingrich On 2012: Palin "Is Very Formidable"

Okay. I am back again trying to lose weight. Vibes, please?

What's Bush doing now?

Im Through with Morning RNC: Mika, Joe, Pat and Halperin Blasting Obama

"They're just not that into you!"

Black History Month Presidential Proclamation

I'm officially more than halfway through my goal of watching all the X-Files episodes in order.

Republican stimulus plan costs three times as much as Obama's, but wait until you see what's in it

50 years ago, Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and JP "The Big Bopper" Richardson

Greenwald: The Daschles: Feeding at the Beltway Trough WHY IS OBAMA BACKING THIS GUY?

I see that the double dipping,rich bitches are out in full force...

Kentucky is an example of Good Democratic Government working together to save lives

So how does Judd Gregg come out on science and the environment

Bonnaroo lineup (maybe) leaked!

Is it redistribution?

Senator Judd has the most anti-worker, anti-union voting record of anyone in the entire Senate!

The arrogance by Daschle

Where's the Nationalization vs "Bad Bank Plan" *debate*?!

Did Obama just call Jessica Simpson fat?????

Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin Emotional on Call from President Obama

Sen. Shelby On Stimulus Filibuster: Let's Do It

Do people understand how little the Commerce Department does?

Do we as DUer's take ourselves too seriously?

Daschle defended telecom immunity while lobbying for AT&T

Looks Like The Fix Is In And Daschle Will Be Confirmed.......

America Has Not the Resources Nor the Moral Authority to be the World's Police Force

Wonkette's take on Daschle - funny, and the best summary I've heard of this mess yet

Dem's Allowing GOP & Media to Dictate Package

Events like the 'Alfalfa Dinner' make me sick.

Write off "Morning Joe" for a while. Let's see what happens on Tweety and Shuster's shows.

Never forget the Day of Shame -- please K&R if you agree we must remember!

Obama to sit down with FIVE Network News Anchors Tomorrow.

I really gotta say I'm not liking Gregg as a pick for Commerce Secretary.

Bonnie Newman (R) to take Gregg's Senate seat

Sen. Gillibrand to Latino Group: I now favor Path for Citizenship for Illegal Immigrants

Hillary's Swearing In - Live - Cable Now !

We voted to end corruption

Fuck the Republicans...HARD

Steele, in Essence interview, says he's going to take the GOP's message to Black community

Obama's biblically-correct way to do in the GOP:

Fuck! It's "the", not "teh"; and it's "owned", not "pwn3d".

Books You'll Never See

Anti-whaling group says closing in on Japan fleet

SWAT teams deployed in 911 telephone fraud

Some Oregon businesses hold up well in the gloom of the recession

Selfish adults 'damage childhood'

China official says 20 million migrants lost jobs

Microsoft: Layoffs for some, visas for others

In Daschle’s Tax Woes, a Peek Into Washington

UN official kidnapped in Pakistan

Obama to unveil TARP rules first, then bank plan

Italy bans kebabs and foreign food from cities

Obama Will Require Banks to Expand Lending as Condition for Aid

Call for obese children to be taken into care

Obama Calls Meeting With Top Democrats on Stimulus.

Israeli, Palestinian attacks batter Gaza ceasefire

Humana profit drops on Medicare costs

Israel Warns Of 'Fierce and Disproportionate' Response Against Hamas

China to try critic of government's quake response

Palin lied to House GOP to avoid attending their weekend retreat

India police die in Maoist clash

Generals Seek To Reverse Obama's Iraq Withdrawal Decision

Greece: Major human trafficking ring busted in nationwide sweep

Dutch to investigate own support for Iraq invasion

UN reports more opium coming from Myanmar

Iraqi Provinces want US Troops to Stay

S Lanka tells civilians to leave

Shoe hurled as Chinese PM speaks

Octuplets’ mother wants Oprah to turn her into a $2m TV star

GOP leaders doubt stimulus bill will pass Senate

France unveils $33B stimulus plan

Rare images emerge of Sri Lankans trapped in war

Firms Receiving U.S. Aid Face Pay Curbs

Dalai Lama is taken to hospital

Iraq reconstruction history details waste, failures

Waste, fraud in Iraq being repeated in Afghanistan

Iraq Auditor Warns of Waste, Fraud In Afghanistan

Police: Gunmen kidnap UN official in Pakistan

Controversy dogs Farc hostage release

Macy's to cut 7,000 jobs, slash dividend

Greek Farmers Clash With Riot Police

Obama: "absolutely" standing by Daschle

Iraq tribes threaten to take up arms over poll

Facebook aims to market its user data bank to businesses

Witnesses: Shoe thrown at Chinese prime minister

Bush alumni Web site is online fan club (

US stimulus job creation claims uncertain

Macy's to cut 7,000 jobs, slash dividend

UBS Hired More Than 200 U.S. Brokers With ‘Super-Sized’ Bonuses

Volcanoes Erupt in Japan and Russia, Spreading Ash (Update2)

Holder Confirmed For Attorney General

Feds sue mine operator for unpaid penalties (a 2006 explosion that killed five miners)

Hawaii lawmakers consider civil unions

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday February 2

Groundhog Day: Phil Sees Shadow, Predicts 6 More Weeks of Winter

Two soldiers beheaded in Muslim southern Thailand

Attorney: Rove Will Cooperate With DOJ Probes

Further FARC hostage releases in doubt

Sen. Sherrod Brown's Mother Dies At 88

Feds may make health insurance easier after layoff

Wayne County sheriff to halt mortgage foreclosure sales

Deal: Gregg fill-in would be a Republican

GOP senators draft stimulus alternative

Obama to order full review of FDA operations

Fed's Fisher says protectionism equals "economic death"

House Democrats launch radio ads against Republicans who opposed stimulus, health bills

Call for pope to step down over Holocaust denier

Daschle apologizes, fights to salvage nomination

Bank Bailout money used for Superbowl Party

Obama marshals supporters behind stimulus

Seven GOP donors fined for illegal contributions

Rove Will Cooperate With Federal Probe Into US Attorney Firings

Tech offshoring now raises union hackles

BREAKING: New CBO report debunks GOP stimulus talking points

RNC's Molotov cocktail vs FBI informant trial: Hung Jury

African Union names Gaddafi as head

Republicans warned on stimulus plan

Bolivians Approve Morales’s New Constitution With 61.4% of Vote

California holds back payments amid budget crisis

Porn interrupts Super Bowl TV coverage

Generals Seek To Reverse Obama's Iraq Withdrawal Decision

India set to follow cheap car with £7 ($10) laptop

IBM Offers To Move Laid Off Workers To India

Top Republican: Scrap 'buy American' stimulus clause

'Jobs for British' protesters threaten strike against power supplies

Denver mayor Hickenlooper 'Comes Out'

Rea Carey NGLTF Plenary Speech Part 1

Rea Carey Plenary Part 2 (Where We Won)

Rea Carey Part 3 (Equality Maine, Jared Polis, and Prop 8 Backlash)

Rea Carey Part 5 (Organize and Tweet)

Rea Carey Part 4 (Where We Are Headed)

Bill Clinton: TED Prize wish

Air New Zealand - Jatropha Biofuel Test Flight (is this the "Holy Grail" of biofuel?)

Tamil protests over the world

Foreigners Take British Jobs - Strikes Spread Across UK

How Tamils Are Treated In Tamil Nadu !!!

Late Show With David Letterman Bill Hicks remembered with mother Mary Hicks 2009-01-30 Part 1 of 3

Late Show With David Letterman Bill Hicks remembered with mother Mary Hicks 2009-01-30 Part 2 of 3

The Fate Of The Bush Crime Family

Faith Hill Performs America the Beautiful Superbowl 2009

Bruce Springsteen's Unsportsman-Like Crotch Slide

Excerpt of Dolores Huerta's keynoter speech during Opening Plenary at Creating Change

Ross Kemp: Return to Afghanistan - on the frontline with British troops (UK TV series)

Super Bowl XLIII National anthem performed by Jennifer Hudson

Maliki Ahead in Iraqi Election "Fastest End of the Occupation" - Democracy Now - Pt 1

Bankrupt, Shmankrupt -- Bank of America Executives Enjoy Taxpayer-Funded Superbowl Festivities

Maliki Ahead in Iraqi Election, "Fastest End of the Occupation", Democracy Now, Pt. 2

Obama Must Reclaim Stimulus

Bush's Rendition Policies Continued

"Nation in Song"- Just breathtaking


Pepsi Ad: Refresh Anthem (Bob Dylan & Will.I.Am)

'Need a new job?' *funny* ad (:30)

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is POUTRAGED wants President Obama to condemn Olbermann & Matthews

Late Show With David Letterman Bill Hicks remembered with mother Mary Hicks 2009-01-30 Part 3 of 3

Palin "How often do you get ot have dinner with the President.?"

Maddow: Scott Horton discusses Obama and rendition

(9:53) Barney Frank's complete comments on 'This Week'

All-Seeing Eye and Pyramid Explains Total Information Awareness

Survival Sam: Weaponry.

Naomi Wolf Slams 'Fake' Activism

TYT: 5 (Devastating?) Facts About The New RNC Chair

From the Second City, An Extended First Family

GOP: I Think They’re Going to Need a Bigger Tent

'You mean like Democrats?' (00:24)

TYT: How Bush Set Up Sleeper Cells Inside the Government (!)

Krugman: Bailouts for Bunglers

Once the Stimulus Kicks In, the Real Fight Begins

GOP Stuck In Its Own 'Groundhog Day'

Hillary Clinton Roasts Bill Clinton At Swearing-In

Howard Dean in Open Forum at Davos.

Horsey cartoon: Obama hosts a cocktail party for Congressional leaders to promote bipartisanship....

Financial 'expert' Erin Burnett doesn't understand the term 'fungible' - ignorantly defends bonuses

Call to Try Bush

America's core unfinished business: Elite Assassinations, Wars, and Depressions.

For top 400 Americans, combined income of $105 billion in 2006

Norm Coleman Declares Himself the Winner in the Iraqi Elections

Defense Doesn't Need Stimulus

Roquefort trade war, Stimulus Buy America Brouhaha Shows WTO Model Broken

Sick in the Head: Why America Won't Get the Health-Care System It Needs

Michael Phelps: 'I HAD to Break World Records, Just to Work Off the Munchies'

Richard Shelby wants Senate to filibuster stimulus bill

Sea Shepherd Confronts Japanese Whaling Fleet

Republicans are Pathological Liars

Iraq's Shocking Human Toll: About 1 Million Killed, 4.5 Million Displaced, 1-2M Widows, 5M Orphans

STIMULUS: Obama right to support U.S. products

It's Not Going to be OK

Tax Me If You Can

Bye Bye GOP!

How I was entertained by the locals while crossing Santa Monica Bay

Water level continues to drop at Sanford Underground Laboratory

Daschles: Feeding at the Corporate Trough

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 357

One Chavista explains how 'Father Chávez' brought dignity to Venezuela's poor

It is time to REPEAL the Bankruptcy "Reform" Act of 2005...The bailed out credit card companies. . .

Hillary Sworn in as Sec of State.

CNN: Is Now The Time To Decriminalize Marijuana?

Guardian UK: Bad news about the news

HORTON: Reversing Course at Justice

Bailouts for Bunglers by Paul Krugman

Let Banks Fail (Stiglitz)

Enjoying the Dolphins playing in my bow wave

A Grand Theory of Our Present Dilemna

How Republicans created the myth of Ronald Reagan

Gareth Porter: Generals Seek to Reverse Obama Withdrawal Decision

Stay put! PRODUCE THE NOTE! Follow the law!

Citigroup's Footbal Madness by Thom Hartmann

It’s Not Going to Be OK by Chris Hedges

Porn Star v. David “Diaper” Vitter for GOP Senate Seat in LA?

Microsoft To Kill Vista, XP Upgrade Blockers

Little change expected from review board

Transition unit spc. kills self in Colo. home

N.D. Guard soldier preps for 5th deployment

Mother of N.H. pvt. wants answers about death

2 soldiers charged with armed robbery

Idaho recruiters have success amid recession

Stadium ceremony welcomes home Indiana troops

New troops in Colo. could stem job losses

Largest callup of Ky. Guard forces ordered

Soldier who died in parachute training named

No major violence in Iraq election

Recognition planned for S.D. Guard unit

Commission gets grim report on wartime spending

Analysis: Obama unlikely to widen Afghan war

Phrase ‘war on terror’ fading away

Huge demand for soap at Bragg giveaway

Suspect ID’d in stolen painkillers case

Program aims to help vets get good jobs

Results from video surveillance program of Texas border underwhelming.

Col. pleads guilty to role in paternity case

Military struggles to recruit Hispanics

Logistics command will be first in Afghanistan

Dwell time may increase to 30 months by 2011

Sea Dragon’s fate still in doubt

CG: Rotation would extend service life of fleet

Obama: Peaceful elections in Iraq aid pullout

Fla. man pleads guilty faking medals

Distress beacon change could strand boaters

Corps expands language, cultural learning

Marines to test, evaluate 4 auto-rifle models

New home built for paralyzed Marine

Marines build new outposts in Afghanistan

Navy OKs additional carrier berth

Bill may help troops in housing market crunch

Stadium ceremony welcomes home Ind. guardsmen

New culture course takes a global approach

McConnell gets new residents

Report urges agency cooperation on security

Gunny can’t retire after theft conviction

Audit: Iraq reconstruction faces uncertain 2009

Airman back to work after head injury in Iraq

Airmen to fly to Ohio to get Humvees for Ky.

U.S.-led task force helps the Iraqi court system get back to work

GLS interpreters in Iraq threaten to strike over pay cuts

Mount Asama erupts, showers Yokota with ash

Proposed bill may encourage troops to get treatment for drug, alcohol abuse

F-22A Raptors roaming skies over Okinawa

US Supplies Shrinking in Afghanistan

Iraq, Afghan Spending Scrutinized

Reps Play Keep-Away Over Gitmo Inmates

Florida Display Recalls Tet Offensive

DOD providing free anti-virus for home computers

Minot base crew commander found dead

Murtha: Have Boeing, Northrop split tanker work

Vote Now! Red State Update Song Contest Finalists

Contractors market LCS boats to Navy

Barack Obama Superbowl Commercial (Alphacat)


Rising sea salinates India's Ganges: expert - Reuters

Nuke Developer's Suit Against Snake River Alliance Dismissed

Japan nuclear capacity to fall as Chubu scraps units

Nix 'clean' in nuke ads, utilities told

Seed bank for the world threatened by financial crisis

Salt Rising In Ganges Delta, Mangroves Colonizing - Sea Level Rising As Much As 3.4mm/Yr

China's Family Planning Comm - Birth Defect Rates Up 40% 2001 - 2005 Among Live Births - BBC

January Second-Driest On Record For Melbourne - Sydney Morning Herald

Scientists Discuss National Park To Protect Remnant Arctic - Would Span Northern Canada, W Greenland

Monaco Declaration - More Than 150 Marine Scientists From 26 Countries Sound Acidification Alarm

Fungal fuel (Producing diesel with yeast.)

Experts say Vt. Yankee's nuke waste is here to stay

Is Progress Energy's rate hike justified? Face it: Power company wins, you lose

Sea Chefs - Scientists Watch As Dolphins Remove Ink, Bone From Cuttlefish Before Eating - Reuters

Smart Grid Goes Mainstream With General Electric Super Bowl Ad

BP axes staff as it prunes green plans

Green revolution in the stimulus package?

Baker Institute experts urge Obama administration to … refocus NASA on energy and climate concerns

Idaho to other states: take my wolf, please

Self delete--

U.S. becomes top wind producer, solar next

Can someone help me refute this re Al Gore:

10 Million Pop Increase Since Last Drought, Move From Row Crops To Trees Tighten CA Drought Pressure

Panning Global Warming by 'The Mighty Pen' cartoonist in my local paper, today

Spray-on solar panels developed

Population: The elephant in the room (Viewpoint/BBC)

Two children should be limit, says green guru

Whalers Violently Defend Their Illegal Whaling Operations

Union busting alive and well: Inside The Burke Group

My father is a union buster!

US Chamber Of Commerce against Made In USA provisions

Today in labor history Feb 2 longest work stoppage in the history of the U.S. steel industry

Atlas Widens Job Cuts After New Orders Tumble on Mining, Autos (3000)

UK Strikes spread to nuclear plant!

$3 Million for Super Bowl Ad. $3 for Workers Who Paid For It

Fightback measures are called for

Statement of Hilda L. Solis, United States Secretary of Labor -designate

City Bank down 50%

"My father is a union buster"

Huffington Post: President Obama Wants You to Join the Union

Search for Safety Shapes Forex Trade

Ireland to inject $10 billion into banks: source

At least we're not in Asia.

With Disputes Brewing, Biden Turns to Senate

Sign a letter of support for Wal-Mart workers


Barack and Michelle Obama lead celebration of new equal pay law

GM and Chrysler to offer new round of employee buyouts

NYT: With a Swipe at Bush, Obama Acts to Bolster Labor

AFL-CIO''s Sweeney Urges Congress Not to Let Health Care Overhaul Drag

Moody's cuts Barclays' ratings

Fightback measures are called for

EmployeeFreeChoiceActNow (VIDEO)

DU this AOL poll: What do you think of the latest executive orders?

$3 Million for Super Bowl Ad. $3 for Workers Who Paid For It

Catholic News Service: Pope says labor unions important in resolving financial crisis

Railroad Traffic Plunges

One Chavista explains how 'Father Chávez' brought dignity to Venezuela's poor

Peru mining unions call for nationwide strike

Bolivians Approve Morales’s New Constitution With 61.4% of Vote

Further FARC hostage releases in doubt

Colombian rebels blamed for second deadly blast in a week

Shine is off FARC rebel army

FARC guerrillas escape with hostages

BBC News: Special Report "Chavez Revolution 10 Years On"

Hillary Clinton and James Steinberg "Talk Tough" on Latin America

Rea Carey's Plenary Speech.

Excerpt of Dolores Huerta's keynote speech during Opening Plenary at Creating Change

Mexico: Puebla Archbishop bans HIV positive men from priesthood

Sinister news: Mormon Church admits it spent 100 times more for Prop 8 than reported

Cute News: Gay penguin pair tie the knot

Tell the Census Bureau: Gay Families Count!

Mormon Church reveals deeper involvement in Prop. 8

Prop 8 Donors Fear Gay Boycott

Johanna Sigurdardottir sworn in as Icelandic PM; first modern openly gay head of state

We've Only Just Begun? Contrary Investor - February 2009

Police Listed Gay Rights Group Among Terrorists

Hate to say I told you so but the evidence Sam Adams bedded Beau Breedlove before age 18 is mounting

Israeli envoy to Australia: Gaza op a 'pre-introduction' to attack on Iran

MI: Hamas upholding truce; others aren't

Jewish scholars agree, story of large scale expulsion and exile from Holy Land mostly a myth.

Israeli, Palestinian attacks batter Gaza ceasefire

Hamas: We're in no hurry to talk with Abbas

Israel Warns Of 'Fierce and Disproportionate' Response Against Hamas

Pajamas Media, Rightblogger Meal Ticket, Pulls the Plug

SB XLIII was exciting -- thanks to the prevent defense

"The Steelers are America's Team..The Cowboys are America's Mess"...

Liverpool beats Chelsea! 2-0!

U.S.-Israeli natgas group to drill two more sites

Report: Hamas agrees to 1-year lull

I nominate this as the Whinest thread of the early year.

Is Big Ben A Hall of Fame Quarterback

Hamas defends killing of collaborators during Gaza war

How to solve the Israel/Palestine-Other international conflicts

DU'er Longhorn has passed away...

Super Bowl XLIII Writers Room (3:56)

Mustafa Barghouthi: “…and he stood steadfast before Goliath.”

And I nominate this for whiniest thread of the early year

Elections 2009 / Livni: These elections are about peace

Bob Knight comments on Pat Summitt

The Catch....

Barak suggests tunnel connecting between Gaza, West Bank

49ers remain the best

NBC affiliate in Detroit did not appreciate Matt Millen as an SB analyst - Funny Video!

AP: U.S. Sold Phosphorus Shells Used in Gaza to Israel

The silence of the jurists By Gideon Levy

Why no penalty for "using a football as a prop"

Gaza invasion: Powered by the U.S.

Fatah publishes names of 181 claimed killed, shot or maimed by de facto government forces in Gaza

Old Style Business Models Slow Medical Advances

Poll on how you consider other posters in Health Forum

Should different viewpoints be analyzed and potentially criticized in the Health forum?

President Obama to order full review of FDA - recent failure just 1 of many over the years

New poll inspired by some of the others: what are your views, and do you feel that they're tolerated

My thoughts after surgery and diagnosis of cancer.

Cancer protection secret revealed

What is the Health Forum for?

Prosecutor looks at ways to put Israeli officers on trial for Gaza 'war crimes'

another bunch of fear-mongering


Truth about semi auto firearms

The Truth About AK-47 Firepower

Now That Eric Holder is the Attorney General....

A couple of interesting and useful freeware Photoshop plug-ins..

A few random family shots just because. ;-)

Composition: Cats With Red...

My "Red" Runner Up:

How Ancient Greeks Chose Temple Locations in GD (again! LOL)

Astro update-Economy

Happy Birthday To Me, Happy Birthday To Me

(astrology) opinions please:

WHOOPS! I did it again. Wrongly posted. Please ignore.

I need some HELP!

Likud Charter Does Not Recognize Palestine

Ten new amphibian species discovered in Colombia

Pope says labor unions important in resolving financial crisis

Awaiting Benedict XVI's 3rd Encyclical

Carter draws huge church crowd for Baptist message

New Russian patriarch won't make bold moves - Vatican

Pope calls for genuine respect of religious freedom in Turkey

How's come our "Parsley" post is flaming???

Oh, my...............

In case you may have missed this awful news .......

mmmmmm, Mexican red beans and rice with big slices of avocado.

Aprospos of our recent hot dog discussion ..... anyone know this place?

Italy bans kebabs and foreign food from cities

OMG! you bunch of chatty Cathy/Charleys-- the forum is in the Top Ten most active on DU

Calling all bread bakers and chocolate melters! Check out this teriffic product-to-be

Science flies you to the moon. Religion flies you into buildings.

Did anyone here know a 9/11 victim?

West Texas Hotel sued for discrimination

USAA just raised my home insurance by 21%

For those that knew DUer Longhorn, she has passed.

Slumdog Millionaire? I just saw it and find it .....better than OK.

Bale is a jackass

Bale is a jackass

India to announce a laptop for about $35 tomorrow. Will this wreck IT or

Firms' secret tax avoidance schemes cost UK billions