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Chapter 6: ” 95% of Ann Coulter is pure bullshit…and the other 5% is pure bullshit.”

Bushie Boy brings Bad Luck to Texas...little or no rain...esp around the Austin Area

Fugitive Stanford Financial ties to Democrats...

If you see a cartoon chimp and to you that's a symbol for African Americans - aren't you racist?

Found out today that Madoff robbed my charitable foundation account

Thank you for my heart, secret admirer. And has anyone seen the doc "Phoenix Lights"?

Does anyone think Lawrence Summers is trying to play anyone?

Bipartisanship: Reaching across the aisle or an elaborate reach-around?

Fed says US economy will get worse in 2009

Holy Crap, I Met Mark Warner Tonight

A reminder of the politicization under Bush (Dept of Energy still glowing in Bush glory)

A reminder of the politicization under Bush (Dept of Energy still glowing in Bush glory)

Germany drafts bank takeover law

IVAW e-Newsletter

BBC is non-stop news this morning - UBS guilty of hiding

Breaking on BBC - Euro Court finds British Government guilty of

Holder: U.S. A 'Nation Of Cowards' On Race Discussions


Why are Republicans still trying to destroy America?

NY Times: Michael Moore Wants Wall Street Scuttlebutt

Did anybody get this delightful email?

"The Molly" ; a national journalism prize

May their constituents turn on them like

Obamas may have a Golden Retriever Pup.

Again, the "liberal media" gives hatred a public forum...Coultergeist on Larry King tonight

Thank you for the hearts !

Email I just sent to

Freepers twist themselves into knots defending Palin's tax delinquency

Hearts - thanks for a 2nd heart - you have made my day!!!!!

Let there be no doubt: White supremacists are doubled over with laughter about that damned "cartoon"

UBS will immediately turn over names of about 250 clients - Can't wait to see the names on this list

Where in the World is Alan Stanford?

Bailed-out ($25 billion) Chase CEO "teaches" Americans to "meet your obligations, not run from them"

AlterNet: Our Health Care System Is Organized for the Wealthy -- We Can Change That

Press release up at NovaM (now On Second Thought Radio Network)

Anyone watching CSPAN (CPAC TV instead of WJ) from Canada, covering the Obama visit?

When do we get our sig lines back?

Very Important Student Loan News from Alan Collinge

Who is the awful Fortune Mag woman on Charlie Rose? Nina Easton of Faux News!

Republicans Hoping For Failure

Boeing CEO Says Pay Freeze Counterproductive

Australian Madoff doll 'a smash'

Republicans Poised to Leap on Spending Abuses (will have their own tracking system)

I respect Obama. I didn't respect Bush. It changes my citizenship.

The Republican minority is terrorizing the country!

Ah, to be young and in love today

Bush's "icy smile" enraged Iraq shoe-thrower

The Iraqi election commission Bush and his thugs created acknowledges fraud

Right Wing Radio and the California crisis

Right Wing Radio and the California crisis

BAE, Europe’s biggest defense company, Full-Year Profit Surges 94% on Iraq, Afghan Wars

Soldier pleads guilty to assault in Iraq death

With Minnesota Race Still Undecided, GOP Presses Online Fundraising Effort

Bailout Protest

If you have NO heart post here so those giving hearts might find you easier to brighter your day

"Santorum also gave the audience a lecture on Islam"-in English not in the language of "Islamic"

Want to get even with the California Republicans?

Mad Rush in D.C. to Give Back Stanford's Money ... Except Cornyn & Sessions

You can wish Senator Feingold a happy 56th birthday.....

Republican South Carolina Governor To Reluctantly Take Stimulus Funds

White House: Obama Opposes 'Fairness Doctrine' Revival

Vacuous Media: A Case Study

Pelosi foresees prosecution of senior Bush administration officials.»

Force Majeure

Bet the farm, the Pukes attack minimum wage next. They have nothing else left

Homeland Security update

Autoworkers speak about demise of middle-class and double-standards

Burris fallout: Did Illinois GOP leader threaten Dems to cover up an affair?

New York Post Publishes Second Anti-Gay Cartoon in Three Weeks (10/27/06)

The mystery of Ireland's worst driver - SOLVED!

I just sent an email to AG Holder re: his "nation of cowards" remark. You can too.

Slain Iraq contractor's family won't sue

Petition demanding investigation - Sheriff Joe

Bush's "icy smile" enraged Iraq shoe-thrower - Reuters

GOP governors consider turning down stimulus money

"I need a love to keep me happy" - song I just heard.

Shoe thrower said bush's "bloodless & soulless smile" & joking banter provoked him.

Two ministers leading recall efforts against Cao (LA) face long odds

Can we get rid of Murtha, please?

Meet Pakistan's version of the Freeper

bankers give back bailout money after being told to take a pay cut

How does eliminating state funding for vaccine programs save money?

NYC salsa bandleader Joe Cuba dies at 78 . . .

Then And Now: Canadians Welcomed Bush With Violent Protests, Raise American Flags For Obama

Ante up! SC judge rules Texas Hold 'em is a skill

I first saw the NY Post cartoon with no knowledge of the back story

AlterNet: Will You Have Roommates for the Rest of Your Life?

Shame, shame, shame on Bill Moyers in the '60s:

Caption: And they call the wind Santa Maria

Racism 101....

Racism 101....

Bank of America, American Express May Suffer as Credit Card Defaults Set Record

Valenti's Sexuality Was Topic For FBI (LBJ Let Hoover's Agents Investigate Top Aide)

Iraqi: "May God be the judge between me and George Bush, and I hope to meet him on judgment day."

Bill Clinton says Glass-Steagall was irrelevant....

Gas saver? Pot makes gas gauge read half full

I'm so proud of my new boss, HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan

Chase CEO Jamie Dimon: The Worst Person In The World

IMO, Tony Harris is the worst CNN anchor. He constantly inserts his opinion into the "news"

IMO, Tony Harris is the worst CNN anchor. He constantly inserts his opinion into the "news"

Batman or Green Lantern?

Petition for Senator Leahy's "Truth" Commission

Retired general, FBI chief want Obama to investigate Bush administration's detainee policies

How the New York Post Monkey Cartoon Should've Looked (Huffington Post)

Anyone else noticed that Chicago has become the epicenter of evil to the Right Wing?

Kyrgyz parliament OKs closing air base that's crucial to U.S.

Watching the seconds

Uh ... for those in California ... Hollingsworth was elected Rethuglican minority leader in the ..

Kankakee County wind farm plan sailing along

Singing the Gospel at Crapola's End

If you oppose stimulus, don't take the money

Freeper gets his knickers in a twist at the suggestion that "Republicans are unable to adjust".

MSM went after Jessica Simpson for gaining weight; now they are after Lindsay Lohan

Google Exposes US Airbase in Pakistan Used To Launch Drones

Sebelius Wants HHS, But White House Fears Anti-Abortion Backlash from Phill Kline Groupies

Is the Horse Slaughter Movement Funded by Horse Breeders?

Is the Horse Slaughter Movement Funded by Horse Breeders?

Upside to Depression

Change Has Come (short photo essay from BartCop)

Are the worst type of people those who think they are both smart and funny, but actually neither?

Raw unedited video, firefight just across from the Texas border

California finally passes the budget.

Thursday TOONS: part 1: the stimulus and republicans

Wary Taiwan museum withholds treasures from China

Salary adjustment: -5%

Do you really want to know where all that money went? I'll tell you.

Happy Birthday, RUSS FEINGOLD! Sign the card!

White House: Obama Opposes 'Fairness Doctrine' Revival

W.R. Grace Prosecution Over Montana Poisoning May Disrupt Bankruptcy


The Rude Pundit: Shut the Fuck Up and Take the Money

Trusting Anti-trust

Trump's 'Golden' Image On Trial After Bankruptcy

Gonzo: I Would Cooperate With Truth Commission

Gonzo: I Would Cooperate With Truth Commission

WHO created the Asshole machine?

I am kind of split over wether I think having pet chimps should be generally outlawed.

'We are going to cut the capital gains tax, can you dig it to the max, jive turkeys?!?!?'

Wiretap Affidavits Ordered Unsealed in Spitzer Case

CBC news coverage of Obama's visit

Southern California home prices fall to 2002 levels

Obama sushi!

UBS to Pay $780 Million Over U.S. Tax ChargesSwiss Bank to Name Some U.S. Clients

CBC Radio still discussing:

Can someone answer my question about the mortgage bailout plan?

Helicopters,Cover-Ups and War Crimrs

We have a threesome

Today's Ponzi Scheme Du Jour has a twist: Most of the victims, and the perp, are Deaf.

Thank you for my heart!

W Hotels

North Dakota House Passes Egg-as-Person Bill

New R.N.C. Chairman Wants a ‘Hip-Hop’ Party

CACI needs to be permanently cancelled, dissolved, ejected, forever.

My solution to the Chimp story/keeping celebrity chimps in captivity problem

Sit down, strap in, and hang on.

Sit down, strap in, and hang on.

NY POST contact page link. Unite and fight this outrage.

Andrea Greenspan-I gotta know..

Conservatives. A great source of humor


Is it Rick Santelli?

Should I even bother with this new RW email? - - Stimulus Package

Emmanuelle Latraverse; Elle est magnificint Canada/US Enviro Pact

How I made friends with a 65 year old winger, and changed her mind.

thinking of joining Americorps full time.

NYPost cartoon protest in NYC

LTTE from someone who votes against his own best interests.

Does anyone know anything about government travel?

Freeper Funnies

The Auditor is dead, long live the Auditor.

To those who gave me the HEARTS!!!

More milking the taxpayers from Palin.

Defense lobbying firm, PMA Group, got earmarks from over 100 House members

Publish Secret 'Torture' Documents, MPs Tell Obama

Afghanistan is where empires go to die.

Utah anti-gay rhetoric heating up. "Gay rights the greatest threat to America" says legislator.

What is it with Progressive Talk Radio? Why can't we survive?

New Scientist: The Brain is Hard-wired to Believe in Gods

New Scientist: The Brain is Hard-wired to Believe in Gods

Police: Cancer researcher killed in Atlanta condo

NYT article about Cheney failing to persuade B*sh about Libby's pardon made me accept W as a failure

Help a white girl out

Specter Looking For Solid Ground

Action Alert: NJ residents and those that have family/friends in NJ who support same-sex marriage.

Did you receive an invitation to Cornyn's Texas Ball

Asking Our Allies for More in Afghanistan


'The extent to which USA acted & continues to act as a rogue nation - starkly revealed by the facts'

African-American ministers kick off effort to recall Republican Congressman Anh 'Joseph' Cao

Ban on mountaintop mining overturned

Should People Be Allowed To Own Chimpanzees As Domestic Animals?

21 Things You Didn't Know You Can Recycle

Mayor whose town legalized medical marijuana being asked to resign

Dammit we fell for it again, when we should be dominating

Charges Against Stanford a Long Time Coming, Offshore Banking Experts Say

Olympic medalist and volleyball professional commits suicide at age 46

'Stripped Naked-Dressed In Diaper-Shackled-Blindfolded-Abducted': Another Detainee Alleges Torture

As Amazon prepares to launch Kindle 2

Thank you

article: Republican wants White House e-mail plan

Did I go over the top? Rightie chain mail response to my Aunt.

Octo-Mom could be out on the street (foreclosure)

New York Post Employees Unhappy, Ashamed Of Offensive Cartoon

New York Post Employees Unhappy, Ashamed Of Offensive Cartoon

Just Last Week - GOP Was Saying Its Just A Business Cycle. Don't Do Anything

GOP Centrists: Obama Should Reverse Bush on Stem Cells

Judge: Obama Must Weigh In On US Attorneys Fight By Wed.

My catch-all response to RW e-mails.

Which is the greater problem for America?

BREAKING: FBI Agents Have Located D-Bag Stanford In the VA

Pat Buchanan is going to be shot or have the crap beat out of him after what he just said.

I think we can stop worrying about octuplet mother, Nadya Suleman

Have you seen the Credit Card grocery store commercials?

Father Kills Wife, Son, Self - BELLE VALLEY, Ohio - Please be proactive to those with problems now.

Tiger Woods will tee it up next week ...

The BRAD BLOG Goes Green: 'Green News Report' 2/19/09 (Audio)

Whoo-hoo, another heart!

Eastern Europe is About to Blow

Holy Shite - Rushicans have gone mad

California Republicans claim all economists support Reaganomics

RACIST ASS Pat Buchannan in a discussion about race issues starts in on Black crime statistics. . .

Disappeared in the Name of National Security (aka: he Survived CIA Rendition)

LAT: Grover Norquist supports CA Govt shutdown

I miss living beyond our means...

Poll: Majority of Americans disapproved of congressional GOP during stimulus fight.»

Attorney General Eric Holder's "Nation of Cowards" comment is spot-f#%@ing-on!

Fox: "America's first black AG may have ripped open a scab built on top of a long-running wound"

Thursday TOONS: part 2: The Economy, Burris, Autos and the rest

RNC Chair Steele: GOP needs to go "hip-hop," improve image with "one-armed midgets""

Governor General of Canada???

Dow off 1.5% in the last 21 minutes...

Wow Jesselyn Radack is on with Shuster

Holy cow Citi closed at 2.51 down yet ANOTHER 13% today and BAC 3.93

Florida can't keep up with concealed weapons permit requests

Not a word on FoxNoise about the NY Post cartoon.

Barnacle (sp. intended) & Cramer, so you want to break the unions. Knock yourselves out!

Stop the insanity: Restore democracy to California

Caption this pic of Arnie

Thanks to whomever gave me a valentine...

My friend thinks the stimulus package is all pork, especially because of that pittance it gives to

Fox News Poll Asks Phony Questions About "Stimulus And Spending" Bill

Jobs available!

This guy on with Nancy Skinner thinks we're never going to run out of oil

As long as freedom of speech is being debated

TPM: "The Big Stone Wall" (Bushies at the DOJ)

Leave Pat Buchanan alone! He lost a close relative at Auschwitz.

Vulnerable GOP leaders in the House of Reps

RNC chair plans 'off the hook' campaign, tells critics to ‘stuff it’

Where was Rick Santelli when the banks got a bailout?

The Rich, the Poor and the Middle. How we got to this sad state.

How does it help our party when Democratic wealth is destroyed by unscrupulous investment

Coleman’s Latest Vote-Count Setback Could Be Fodder for Appeal

Gay mayor seeks US Senate seat

Reversing * Position, US Now Supports UN Measure Condemning Discrimination Based On Sexual Orientati

Just got my annual statement for my retirement savings

We can have competitive labor costs AND unions ........

As U.S. lawmakers visit, Mideast ponders what comes next

Poll Shows Approval Of Obama/Dems Performance On Economy, Disapproval Of GOP

No more news that's fit to print? ..... The downfall of the newspaper biz accelerates.....

Rick Santelli ......

Things that still concern me.

Vietnam War

jmowreader's Crazy Idea for Cutting Down on Industrial Flight

Texas may let hunters shoot pigs from helicopters

A U.S. patrol finds anger and distrust in Afghanistan

Meet the new Boss,,Same as the old boss....Why is Obama sending 17,000 troops to Afghanistan

Yes, that George Allen: He spoke on-- wait for it--

This Week on NOW: Teen Workers and Sexual Harassment

Why you should really be afraid of what the Rick Santelli's in the media are doing.

Are You A Coward?

Thank you for the heart!

This Rick Santelli Issue: I used to HAVE to watch him in the office where I worked.

All 51 governors are going to accept and decline stimulus money

Repuke justification for taking stimulus month

Barnacle having R. Santelli on and gushing all over him with support for his

Barnacle having R. Santelli on and gushing all over him with support for his

Republicans urge Obama to overturn stem cell ban

My Friend's Letter to Rachel Maddow.

New York Post Protest Pictures!

North Dakota Takes a Sh*t on Women's Rights

I have reached down my own throat, all the way to my toes, and I simply cannot find ......

How Venezuelans Are Killed

Eric Blumrich's is closing down, grab a copy while you still can

An oldie but a goodie ...

We love you Omaha Steve, and you are in our thoughts and prayers.

The UBS Enemy List-

Do British troops die in Afghanistan to show willing in Washington?

How long until Chris Buttars is caught trying to solicit sex from a minor?

AP IMPACT: Jobless hit with bank fees on benefits

Are you more pessimistic or optimistic than the average at DU?

Michael Steele says the GOP needs a Hip Hop Makeover!

Wife of former governor subpoenaed by feds (Patti Blagojevich)

Guv Howard Dean coming up on KO - talking about repub govs & stimulus

Rush Limbaugh is a Nattering Nabob of Negativism

Burris Lobbying Disclosures Don't Add Up

Jeffrey Feldman: On the Joy of Not Cringing at Our President

I'm running out of places for my unemployment job search.

Many of you may be seeing the same trend as me.

Murder Suspect Also Mayoral Candidate

Mike Bloomberg Seeks to Run on "Independence Party" Line (not what you think - whackjob cultists)

Any good survival books?

So How Long do you think it'll take before the Stimulus starts to work?

UBS says it will fight IRS demand to turn over account info.

The Popol Vuh

Wisconsin governor proposes registry for gay couples

Obama went souvenir shopping for the kids.

Afghan boy among a dozen killed by US strike

I don't want "truth and reconciliation" committee

Do you suppose they might have some complaint about that murderous cartoon if it read...

Casulo: An Entire Apartment's Furniture in One Small Box

You thought the chimp toon was bad? THIS is the most offensive thing I've seen in a long time

Smackdown: Behar vs. Coulter starting at 7 (MST)

Important Facts 'On the Ground in Afghanistan'

Don't miss KO tonight

I don't think the Stimulus package will work.

World Press Photo of the Year

Bigot - definition

San Diego University Cancer Cluster: Breast Cancer and EMF link.

who was that white guy (supremacist) on msnbc just before keith

Palin's sister denying her "cooperation" with new Palin book

Ann "the man" is on CNN

Exposed : Secret CIA Base For Drone Raids

Sweet jesu..that poor woman who was attacked by that champanzee lost both eyes, her nose, and

Ann Coulter is on Larry King tonight ... and Joy Behar is subbing for Larry.

The difference between government spending and tax cuts

Annthrax on Larry King Live (w/Joy Behar guest hosting) just a minute ago:

Should the Skull & Bones cult & the bush family return Geronimo's remains?

Oh, gag me. "Palin to Travel to Western Alaska!" With f'ing FRANKLIN GRAHAM.

The Media Wants Simple Solutions To Complex Economic Problems

Perry's Obstructionist Antics Could Cost Texas Billions

Pueblo manager for McCain campaign arrested on molestation charges

Lobbyist (Vicki Iseman) drops lawsuit over McCain story

Lobbyist (Vicki Iseman) drops lawsuit over McCain story

I am a coward in a sense. But not

How long until Bill O'Reilly starts doing his show in blackface?

Typical Media BS - MSNBC - Mortgage Plan Helps Too Many, Doesn't Help Enough

W.Pa. county councilman arrested for stealing money from 92-year-old widow with dementia

Aww that is so sweet of you! Thank you to my two heart transplant donors!

Listening to Rachael and her guest talking about torture

Justice now, Mr. Holder

Thanks for my hearts!!

Is there a word for what GOP governors are doing?

Is Gonzo still unemployed?

Crap, Great dialog Skinner is that all?

Soooooo Blackwater has changed its name to some foo-foo club name....

Thanks for the two new hearts just given to me

Another heart --- and another heart -- thank you!!!

Coulter on Larry King

Who will take care of you when you are old....

Hey, Country Firsters. When buying your North American based, North American built new car

What Is a Populist Caucus?

Indiana Woman Said "I Do" 23 Times

Another heart - What have I done to deserve the caring of a DUer?

Elder's Meditation of the Day - February 19

dupe, please delete

dupe, please delete

For the past 8 years the disgust was centered on BushCheney. Now, Obama's superiority in every way

Surrendered UBS Records Yield Many Surprises

Obama In Ottawa, Makes Surprise Visit To Market (SLIDESHOW)

Obama In Ottawa, Makes Surprise Visit To Market (SLIDESHOW)

Fuck you NY post, and your Bullshit Apology

Thank you somebody for the Valelntine Heart

Thank you somebody for the Valelntine Heart

I donated.. so come on you cheap bastards

Work That Tiara, Boy - GMU's Choice of Homecoming Queen Sparks Campus Divide

Weeeeeee! 1000 donations! The heart thing is fun. Thanks DU Admins.

you make your staff a staff of islands instead of a huge land mass it is easy to get them to turn

Unemployment benefits and tax question

Anybody knows when giving valentine's heart is over. I gave all

Who Cares About Mice and Rats?

Skinner is on...... Tell us Skinner who did the 1000th

Pfft. I screwed up a V-day order from DU

Americans Closely Divided on Legalizing Marijuana According to Poll - 46% against, 40 % for

wOOhOO! Lots of fuck you's on the board tonight!

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

The Fairness Doctrine; then and now

In Canada and in the White House_ a sense that we don't know where we're going in Afghanistan

Finally Some Good News Out of North Dakota

This Depression is working out VERY WELL for everybody.

How's your state's infrastructure?

Banks slapping fees on unemployment benefit debit cards

How long will the hearts be visible?

Let them modify their mortgages in Bankruptcy...

ND House Passes Abortion Ban

Reported at FT: "Iran holds enough uranium for bomb" LINK

Those racist, lying, motherfucking sons of a sack of shit:

Michael Steele - RNC Chairman - EPIC FAIL!

The New Book Banning = Children’s books burn, courtesy of the federal government.

The New Book Banning = Children’s books burn, courtesy of the federal government.

How do you feel as an American citizen about the PATRIOT ACT?

Michael Steele Announces New Spokeperson for Hip-Hop Campaign

Ann Coulter should shut her pretty little mouth and get back to a kitchen...

Pelosi foresees prosecution of senior Bush administration officials.

Special Edition of CBC's "The National" tonight. It's really special. - video link

Broward County School Board sets homework limits


Please Advise.

Interesting... no mention by Canada's Harper of 'al-Qaeda' or terrorists when discussing Afghanistan

I'm in love

And as an afterthought, has Maddow been on fire lately or what?

Possible GOP candidates for President in 2012?

Love is a four letter word.

Professor claims he has found Bin Laden

Who ARE these people??? The Financial Meltdown...

Disappeared In the Name of National Security

Moronic Siblings

Email I received from a conservative friend

COBRA--date set to enact relief?

Do you live in a small town? How is this financial crisis impacting you and/or your town?

Newly Poor Swell Lines at Food Banks Nationwide

Got another advertised credit offer- Ohmyfreakinghell....

NY Post: We're sorry if you were offended by the chimp cartoon.

Limbaugh: Trying To Understand A Dem Like Trying To Understand A Murderer Or Rapist

Huff Post: New Report Reveals Why GOP Hates Unions: They Raise Wages, Boost Economy

Help! I need a good comeback for a fundie cousin's political comment -- please!

Cheap Prescription Glasses......Now available on the Net!!!

Cheap Prescription Glasses......Now available on the Net!!!

Here is what I don't understand about the Stimulus...

Dear homeowner who is upset that his neighbors "got a deal" while he is paying

Did california actually balance the budget?

Keith imitating "comedian Rush Limbaugh"

Shouldn't the chimp owner be in jail right now?

MSNBC showed Obama arrival in Ottawa. I'm thrilled and embarrassed to learn

Karl "Christian" Rove needs to be indicted and inprisoned in the WORST prison possible.

Michael Eric Dyson

More Obama monkey

Bank (UBS) kept 52,000 secret Swiss accounts for U.S. taxpayers, IRS says

Why Do we Need an International Criminal Court?

SEC Was Told To Back Off Stanford In 2006

'Sustained' Push Seen in Afghanistan - U.S. Commander Says Troop Level of 60,000

A response to new Doug Patton asshat column

“My grades aren’t as high as I think they should be, so we have a dispute.”

Welp, I told them to eat shit!

Help! Need response to Republican co-workers who say

Remember Vicki Iseman?

Gee, What Will The GOP's Trickledown, Tax Cut Solution To The Mortgage Mess Be?

This is how I will know the Religious Right is serious about the "pre-born"

They're Baaaak! Dr. Ignatius Piazza want you! To take up arms!

Behar vs. Coulter

Just who are all these "responsible" homeowners, anyway?

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah hahahahahahahaha- Hannity and Stanford

Each and every Burger King employee in America gets $18,000?

Oppose Bush Prosecutions? Here's What You Therefore Also Believe.

wow. Fred Phelps BANNED from the UK!

Help with a question posed by my Professor,

I BULLSHIT YOU NOT! John Gibson on FOX NEWS implied Eric Holder is a MONKEY

I BULLSHIT YOU NOT! John Gibson on FOX NEWS implied Eric Holder is a MONKEY

Marry me...or I will throw ACID in your face and BLIND you!!!!

Question: I was car-jacked last week and need a new car NOW

Geronimo's kin sue Skull and Bones

Apology for a term, but see what my 84 year old mom said today about our President

Liberal Nova M Radio to File for Liquidation

Getting Prepared for the Great Collapse -- Dmitry Orlov

Need link, please: Nouriel Rourbini grouping Wells Fargo and J.P.M. with Bank of American and Citi

you can win 100-0 or you can show what kind of man you really are.

I just finished watching "Inside the Meltdown"

John McCain and George W. Bush show what the GOP's new hip hop campaign will look like

It's been 30-Days since I Quit Smoking...


So, my wife's car is totaled. The replacement car will be American.

DOW under 7500.

MOYERS - So Damn Much Money: The Triumph of Lobbying & Corrosion of the American Government

I just watched a great show on my local PBS channel, KCET (LA).

Utah Senator Chris Buttars Calls "Gays Greatest Threat to America"

Seven states pushing for Personhood for the Pre-born. And we reach across the aisle?

CNBC's Santelli Rants About Housing Bailout

The Hard Cases & The Enemy Combatant Canard

Something is extraordinarily weird about this chimp story...

Fuckin' A: Obama Subsidies For Hedge Funds

GM & Chrysler want more money!? What is FORD doing that they aren't?

Hedge Fund Billionaire to keynote Obama's "Fiscal Responsibility Summit" February 23

Even the rich are suffering :-)

Even the rich are suffering :-)

From 9 Years Ago: The Democrats Bow to Megabanks by Ralph Nader

From 9 Years Ago: The Democrats Bow to Megabanks by Ralph Nader

FRONTLINE special covered up the fraud......

Being "open minded"

Ann Coulter doesn't know history, makes stupid analogy

Ann Coulter doesn't know history, makes stupid analogy

Rapture Ready: "Ann Coulter helped me see the light on evoltuion!"

Rapture Ready: "Ann Coulter helped me see the light on evoltuion!"

Rapture Ready: "Ann Coulter helped me see the light on evoltuion!"

So glad to see Rev. Welton Gaddy get time on Rachel's show.

Question: Should vets be given priority for jobs?

Question: Should vets be given priority for jobs?

If you buy anything on credit, you are living beyond your means.

Is a plaintiff's homophobia a legitimate defense against a sexual harrassment suit?




Dell Can Kiss My A$$

Skull and Bones Lawsuit = Geronimo's Skull

Dow at 36,000 and the sad lack of a guillotine in American life.

Question about Unemployment benefits paid via debit card in MO

Does anyone else hate it when cigarette smokers...

People I hate:

Many, many thanks for the 5th and 6th hearts.

Weird noises in the background of the Rachel Maddow program

My wireless connection fixed itself while I was asleep last night...

Weird. I was just walking past this nursing home today and saw this bag on the sidewalk

Shitbag found my weed at the nursing home today

Shit I found a bag of weed at the nursing home today

I just have to state this here: I hate republicans

Well it's... love and darkness and my sidearm...

I found a bag in the weeds at a nursing home.

There's no internets in heaven?

I just have to post this and hope I get some honest answers

Who wants to wax my potato?

I'm a stranger down here, be gentle....

So, I had this weird dream

Hey KitchenWitch!

The best movie catfight ever

Shit. My grandma just got popped for selling bags of weed at the nursing home.

My grandma sold me a bag of weed laced with Angel Dust

Shit. Someone stole my grandma's bag of weed at the nursing home today.

I'm outta weed and grandma's visiting hours are over

No kidding. I actually bought weed from someone's grandma once

Is it really 3:15 AM ???

Which TV franchise? Law And Order or CSI?

Who ever gave me a heart thanks. You gave me a big lift at a very low point in my life.

Okay ... fess up ..... 2nd Heart Received.....

Why do people need such giant hoes?

GREAT--thanks to computer error, a simple $65 fee has become a $325 hole in my bank account.

Why do people need such giant hoses?


Shit, I think I left my bag of weed at the nursing home today...

Guitar geek assistance requested: ID this axe

Shit. My grandma left me with enough morphine to kill an elephant.

my anti virus and security software has expired!

Good morning Lounge

My most recent heart: Wow

I can't tell if my sister was thinking wishfully or hinting, but . . .

Please check out my blog.

What really does ITBL mean?

This summer, know where the "Rock Of Love" is filming?

Why do people in Glass Houses throw stones. (Pittbull chimp post)

18 and life, you know...

Sunday is my birthday and Mrs. V. will be home!

Would you drink this?

Sorry I haven't sent any hearts.

Post the trailer for your favorite movie.

Shit. My Grandma's trying to pimp me out again for more weed.

Business question

Should I start investing gold?

Frank Black and Moris Tepper - I Burn Today

Only the Washington Nationals....

There. Is. No. Hope.

About the chimp attack

Well , heading back to Orlando today

So, if my ex girlfriend writes for an online magazine, does that mean I've dated a famous person?

DU's a big tent. Even having to ASK if that cartoon is racist is an embarrassment and an indictment.

Who else turns 52 today?

I saw a school bus get hit by a pickup truck this morning.

Who else has a birthday this year?

How smarts are you - can you answer this question?

Best Snowman I've Ever Seen

Pip the kitten... spay problem question

Even "Name Removed" is worthy of a heart!

Your Oscar Picks?

People who get up and rush for the exit before the curtain call...

Publicists for octuplets' mother quit over death threats

Yeah, it's hard, but let's play NAME THAT PRONNOVEL.

Who else turns 20 again this year?

why do i need women with big butts?

thanks for the heart-somebody

sorry boring post

Top Chef Poll - Who's it gonna be?

you are all invited to a no holes barred weekend at the datasuspect compound

So I'm at the Opera last night and my pager started vibrated just as the Opera ended

Posting a gray box smiley here.

Thw World According to Hurley (for the Lost fans...)

Thirty one hearts to go

Well I broke down and made an appointment with a orthopedic doc

The 8th grade boy's basketball team is playing tonight for the state championship.

In The Garden Of Eden, by I. Ron Butterfly

I have a ton of canker sores right now.

The eighth deadly sin is PIZZA!

Seperated at birth?

I'm gong to a wedding Saturday, but just found out today

Wet Dream

Sorry--my mistake. nt

OK - Colorado - Midwest or no?

should I purchase

Love Me Two Times, Babe

"It's a cold bowl of chili when love lets you down...."

DU Lawyers, Help me Out?

I had a really good new snack

Our Oscar killed three fish in 12 hours.

Thank you for my heart

Kölle Alaaf!!!

Music is what we like to play

I think I spend way too much time here...

thinking of joining Americorps full time.

People Make The World Go Round

We gotta get out of this place

Lay Lady Lay

wage freeze

"I have a new baby!!!" Aren't all babies "new" by default?


Florida budgets 3.8 million more for gun permits, cuts more school funding, waits for stimulus aid.

How do you pronounce 'February?'

Should I adopt another kitty?

be vewy quiet

It is called a drunk chicken people!!!!

I have never been to me. Fares are low. Where should I start?

I have never been to Italy. Fares are low. Where should I start?

I have never been to Italy. Fares are low. Where should I start?

Appreciation thread for anyone with Shell Beau in their name!

Why do people need such giant horses?

Our oscar killed three fish in 12 hours.

Fuck,Orloff O Fortuna

...and a hideous, fiery doom shall greet you if you dare fix your gaze upon my putrid shaved ass...

Appreciation for anyone with "California" in their screenname!

Fuck You, Fortunoff

Our Garfield just ate 3 bill collectors in 12 hours

fill in the blank: "I Only _________ On Days That End In 'Y'"

Propane or Charcoal?

This is funny! Hitler gets banned from Wikipedia

So, it looks like I'll be moving at the end of March.

Why did I think the word "approbation" was a negative thing?

Our Oscar Wilde killed three theater critics in 12 hours

Still in Alabama

Hot off the camera phone- new pics of LeftyKid!

Serious vibes needed, asap, please

OUCH! Be careful with monster neodymium magnets!

Sad News On Paul Minor Situation From Larisa Alexandrovna

Appreciation thread for:

Air fares are ridiculously low right bow. Where should I go this summer?

Someone is very sweet.

Thank you!!!

Finally finished some art..... thank goddess! ( pics)

CreekDog DEPRECIATION thread!

Did you know that KFC's whole chicken was delivered fresh?

Missing you ........

Match Game: "Rabrrrrrr forgot yesterday's Match Game because he was busy ____ himself."

I'm making a list of things not to do

How can Jon Voight make a movie like "Midnight Cowboy"...

Not to post about Presidential politics in the lounge....

Midlo doesn't love her kids

I'm sorry - Nick Drake's "Fly" is the saddest song ever

Poll question: Air fares are ridiculously low right now. Where should Initech go this summer?

My eyebrow fell off.

The mystery of 8; or maybe it should be called the 8

OK, this made me laugh

If you were a hero(Heroes tv show)? What would your power be?

the British hate the God-hates-fag imbecile

The mystery of 8; or maybe it should be called the 8

Thank you for the hearts.


Having very special guests this weekend!

Dumb question: What is a digital copy of a movie? I bought "Body of Lies" on DVD, which is a great

Does LeftyFingerPop pop his right fingers too?

Shit. I think I left my brownie recipe at the nursing home.

The mystery of 8; or maybe it should be called the 8

I'm conflicted

Leatherman, Cop, Cowboy, Native American,Construction Guy, G.I.: VILLAGE PEOPLE MISSED OPPORTUNITIES

Dumb question: What is a digital copy of a movie? I bought "Body of Lies" on DVD, which is a great

INSPIRATIONAL: Venezuela's top youth orchestra (El Sistema)...

The mystery of 8; or maybe it should be called the 8

Has Dick Van Patten issued any formal statement regarding Octomom?

TZ Deprecation thread

The mystery of 8; or maybe it should be called the 8

A guy I went to school with died on Monday.

A guy I went to school with died on Monday.

A guy I went to school with died on Monday.

The mystery of 8; or maybe it should be called the 8

The mystery of 8; or maybe it should be called the 8

Midlo loves her kids.

A guy I went to school with died on Monday.

A guy I went to school with died on Monday.

A guy I went to school with died on Monday.

A guy I went to school with died on Monday.

A guy I went to school with died on Monday.

Keep dogs out of the Kitchen! They have mysterious powers to make you spill stuff!

Keep dogs out of the Kitchen! They have mysterious powers to make you spill stuff!

my GD thread

Keep dogs out of the Kitchen! They have mysterious powers to make you spill stuff!

my GD thread

my GD thread

my GD thread

my GD thread

I have a feel good proposal for the end of Battlestar Galactica:

Beer Can Chicken and Organic Broccoli For Din Din. What Are Y'all Fixin'?

Help! Dinner out with eight of us tonight. Four are Republicans.

kitten picture of the day for thursday february 19

long joke but worth it

PLEASE sign this petition....

long joke but worth it

long joke but worth it

Has the Predator franchise finally gone off the deep end? Judge for yourself

Has the Predator franchise finally gone off the deep end? Judge for yourself

Has the Predator franchise finally gone off the deep end? Judge for yourself

Has the Predator franchise finally gone off the deep end? Judge for yourself

Why must I be bombarded with unattainable, extremely attractive people?

hey DU..... going to bed but I really need a reason

For the record, I adore my kids. If I didn't, I would have given them

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 2/19/2009)

Dow 36,000 by James Glassman - now for $3.94

Dow 36,000 by James Glassman - now for $3.94

Dow 36,000 by James Glassman - now for $3.94

Dow 36,000 by James Glassman - now for $3.94

Dow 36,000 by James Glassman - now for $3.94

Dow 36,000 by James Glassman - now for $3.94

PSA to all cat owners: Make sure you know what's above your head when picking up a cat!

PaddyBlueEyes has a new nickname....


If you could run away from anyone, whom would you choose?

I wanted to post in a thread that never dies.

Update on my Dad:

To whomever laid a pair of LOL hearts on me:

Kool-Aid Commercial come to Life!

Who else turns 20 this year?

Conan O'brien and Norm Macdonald

FOUR hearts? You people really could do better. I'm a jagoff.

How's this for an interesting situation tonight ...

If you were to kill yourself what song would you have on replay while you did it?

I am three hearts full !

Shake it with me: "Get Up Offa That Thing

To whomever laid a pair of LOL hearts on me:

For the kind of reputation I have around here...

They arrested my mom for baking brownies.

I need a wider monitor if this is going to be my wallpaper

"She looks good for her age" Backhanded compliment or not?

For the kind of reputation I have around here...

NYC area du'ers: isnt it time to start planning another meetup?

Best method for TLC consumption

Best method for TLC consumption


Best method for THC consumption

any mac users wanna help out with this one?

any mac users wanna help out with this one?


My dream house.

The GOP can have T-Pain Lil Wayne, Lil Jon etc

Need Movie suggestion


If you could create a national holiday what would it be and how would it be observed?

I have never gotten this many hearts, I'm overwhelmed

I have never gotten this many hearts, I'm overwhelmed

I wrote a LTTE supporting marriage equality.

Tater Tots or French Fries

Tater Tots or French Fries

wOOhOO! Lots of fuck you's on the board tonight!

Why is it that every year, they always say "We are back to Old Hollywood" re: Oscar Fashions

Word association thread - the word is "SPATULA"

Word association thread - the word is "SPATULA"

Yeah, it's hard, but let's play NAME THAT HOVEL.

Is it me or is there a slight sadness in all of Harry Nilsson's songs?

Is it me or is there a slight sadness in all of Harry Nilsson's songs?

What are the legalities of an easement?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/19/09

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/19/09

What thing did your pet learn really, really quickly?

Four weeks ago Tuesday, I quit smoking.

Those of you who have been through the doc experience: a question...

Better Original Series, HBO or Showtime?

I am so gay, when I write lines of coke, I have to fight NOT to write line of coc*

taterguy or FrenchieCat? Poll.

taterguy or FrenchieCat? Poll.

I have some hearts left to give away. Why should I give you one? Or who you recommend?

So I got a new bottle opener at the store today. "Made in Germany" it says. So far so good.

Chelsea's coming to Seattle July 18

My diamond watch has stopped cold dead. n/t

Alleged Academy Awards spoilers follow *SPOILER ALERT*

Have you found this little gem on Youtube: George Carlin singing doo wop on the Arsenio Hall show

Cute or gross??

Who wants to see my big tool?

What the hell is "inert sugar?"

A great road story is unfolding...great photos and updates!

What happened to "The Magistrate?" Did I miss something?

Don't let it ever be said that I don't love my kids.

My older son gave me a hug tonight and asked, "Where did you go, Dad?" I guess I've

My older son gave me a hug tonight and asked, "Where did you go, Dad?" I guess I've

Why the fuck would FedEx give my package to the USPS?

Does this sound truthful: "I stopped eating a week ago and lost twenty pounds."

Midlo hates her kids

People need to learn how to drive in the winter..

Talking is cheap, people follow

This is to pandar to my secret admirers

Fill in the blank: "I'm the only person in the world who has ever___________."

Any lawyer around that could reassure me?

Doing a "Beer Belt" MW Road Trip

sigh. i quit.

i cannot stand the waiting

Why does anyone live in Embarrass, Minn?

Thanks for the heart, you crazy somebody.

What I don't get about this stupid cartoon situation...

How do you pronounce 'Wednesday'?

Corporate Media Lie - 75 Billion is additional Monies sought by the President!

My DirecTV got cut off for not being able to pay my bill but it's not totally dead..wierd...

I made the 1000th Donation just now.

Is there More of a Miserable Dope on Cable News than Greta Van Susteren?

Politico, ABC's The Note spotlighted Wash. Times article reviving Obama flag smears

An important fact to remember about President Obama..Chicago

Cant wait for the weekend pic thread... ;)

How long until monkey story (and cartoon story) gets Law and Order-ized?

Cartoon: Racist or not Racist

FL-Sen: Quinnipiac Runs Some Tests

Yeah, it's hard, but let's play NAME THAT NOVEL.

President Obama's Top Republican Ally - Ahnold

Political cartoonist Tony Auth on Senator Roland Burris...

To cancel your NY Post subscription:

Senate not likely to oust Roland Burris anytime soon

Anyone Seen This Man(?) ????

Intentionally Racist Post had pic of Obama signing bill on page preceding cartoon!

Short trip, long agenda: Obama darts up to Canada

Update on 'Drunken Negro Head' cookies

Behold the power of the Magic Eight-Ball!

Republicans urge Obama to overturn stem cell ban

Eventually, Obama will probably do what he has always done on race-related issues:

Folks, I think the recession is OVER!!!

Lets give the President "Elect" a by on this one?????

A new low for Drudge. Now he is bashing Obama based on Republican HS Students' opinions of Obama

Hypocrisy: SC Gov. Sanford says he'll take stimulus money despite misgivings

How the New York Post Monkey Cartoon Should've Looked...

PHOTO Caption it?

Greedy Wall Street Robber Barons Whine That Their Gilded Age Coming To End Under Obama (VIDEO)

The President Arrives In Canada (VIDEO)

In another ground-breaking study: Men see bikini-clad women as objects, psychologists say

Sarah Palin ordered to pay back taxes

My idea for the ultimate revenge on the Republican idolization scheme of the 1990s

Why pillory people for failing to out-think the "great economic minds"?

Why all the yelping from the right side, that those who "play by the rules" are left out??

VIDEO: Welcome to Ottawa, President Obama!


Phase One of Michael Steele's "hip-hop/urban outreach for the GOP"

Heads up. Cooked FAUX News poll coming at 1 PM. Anchor teased O's popularity isn't what it was a

UBS Name Pool Here... PLACE YOUR BETS!

A post in an Ottawa paper today .... nice to know others like Obama too.

Democrats Strike Different Tone On Katrina

Change has come. (funny)

I think we can stop worrying about octuplet mother, Nadya Suleman

Dick Cheney Outspent Bush in Entertainment Expenses by 6:1 in 2007

Barack Obama-Stephen Harper news conference started

I myself have two questions about The Cartoon:

Obama to Canada .... "I love this country."

PHOTOS The Vice President / Leon Panetta's swearing in

Transparency: Agencies receiving stimulus funding will be monitored like students in detention

American gets most of their oil from Canada

Obama: U.S. will respect trade pacts 'as we always have'

Help: I missed the Obama-Harper joint news conference -video link?

Why do people need such giant houses?

This New York Post thing reminded me of a thread I read on here 3 years ago..

Canada goes 'gaga' for Barack Obama during first trip abroad as president

Kill 'Em With Kindness---Or Run Over Them with a Bulldozer???

He shall from time to time....

Despicable NY Post states that David Paterson's blindness makes him an incompetent Governor

Shoe-Throwing Journalist: "I felt innocent blood running under my feet"

alas, racism alive and well in red, red el paso county

Do Republicans love Iraq more?

Obama's getting better at the press conferences (already)

Palin turned in per diem for interviews & phone calls

It's Feb. 19th: Solis hasn't been confirmed by our Dem Senate and Franken is still in limbo.

Rick Sanchez: I really can't stand Amy Holmes on any level.

Some of you don't seem to be here today

Yes, it's true ... I'm a socialist looking for a handout

Another guy named Fucker I mean Tucker just told Obama to ignore Bishop Tutu,

I just got back in town from a week in Florida. Thank you for the hearts!

Did you see the CNBC correspondent who led the Chicago Mercantile Exchange REVOLT live on TV?

Stephen Harper mentioning their economic stimulus package does not contain health care, because they

How Obama Can Close Limbaugh's Mouth

New Congressional Approval Polls - It's Looking Good

Breakin News!!!!! Allen Stanford found, but not arrested he was served.

Presidential Blend #44 - new coffee blend from Timothy's (Canada)

Biden Stresses Break From Bush At Panetta CIA Swearing-In

President Barack Obama Announces Key White House Posts

I'm I the only one who doesn't give a fuck about the "Octo-Mom"?

Fox News conducts poll 68 percent of Americans agree with Obama and Axelrod:

The Quiet American: How the World Sees Obama (Joe Klein, Time)

Freeper thread: Where there any protestors in Asia for Hillary or Canada for Obama?

New York Times City Room weighs in on New York Post Cartoon

Laid-Off Workers Accuse Sanctuary of Euthanizing Animals

Are Republicans Physically Afraid of Their Party?

Court forces Obama to move quickly in subpoena case

Hardball has Eric Micheal Dyson on talking about race and they keep cutting him off

APNewsBreak: Black pastors to ask Burris to resign

Law bans children's ATV and motorcycle sales (due to lead law)

OpEd on Obama returning Churchill bust to British government

Tax evasion is riskier "The Swiss are saying that this is the end of Swiss banking as they knew it"

RNC Chairman Steele says he is planning 'hip-hop' outreach to target urban minorities and the young

"WIRED"...(for Repub) Formal Govt. - ParaGovt..... JMM

Is Eric Holder a moron?

Dean just mentioned on Countdown that Robin Carnahan might oppose Kit Bond in 2010

We Must Call the Cartoon What It Is: Racism. Or, We Will Not Progress

Double standard? The Confluence blog unearths thread in which DU'er compared Bush to monkey

senator-elect al franken's situation is yet more proof that bush v. gore was a crock of partisan shi

PHOTOS Honey, I'm Home!

Why does the media keep giving this SHE-MAN a forum

TPM: Behold the Hypocrimap! (tracking R's who trashed the bill who now take credit for it)

Obama to make controversial pick for National Highway Traffic Safety Administration?

BBC: Hamas 'sends Barack Obama letter'

Tim Paulenty What planet are you on?

New York Post Employees Unhappy, Ashamed Of Offensive Cartoon

Why Isn't the GOP Called a "Terrorist" Organization?

WA-Sen: Murray Easily Defeats Hypothetical Foes

Right America:Feeling wronged.

AP out with another hit piece on Obama; this time with his mortgage plan

"S.C. governor takes stimulus cash."

Best sign seen today in Ottawa: YES * WE CAN * ADA

Matt Taibbi just tsked tsked at Eric Holders' hyperbole

PHOTOS The President Goes Shopping in Ottawa

Oh Oh President Obama thanks Canadians who came over the border to campaign for him.

It's already starting: Mitt '12.

A year ago. The Wisconsin Primary. Surreal.

Secretary of State Clinton appoints Bosworth special envoy on Korea

No stimulus for 2010 Senate race?

PHOTOS The President in Canada Part II (And the First Lady in Washington)

NY Post APOLOGIZES for the monkey cartoon

Beyond the obnoxious racist cartoon: Why did they have to kill the poor chimpanzee in the 1st place?

Robert Reich: And Now Homeowners

Why do old white guys like Barnicle and Buchanan want a discussion of the collaspe of the Black. . .

Anti-Abortion Sign Nets Traffic Stop, Secret Service Visit

No, I'm NOT Kidding, "Steele: GOP needs 'hip-hop' makeover."

Are you optimistic or pessimistic about our economy

"Reporter's jump ship" .. (for Democratic government jobs)

Dem ‘family politics’ blocks Dean at HHS

U.S.: Calls Mount for Obama to Appoint "Truth Commission"

Liveblogging Obama's Visit to Ottawa

In the first TV photos of Harper and Obama together Harper looks really nervous.

Nouriel Roubini: "The Anglo-Saxon model of regulation of the financial system has failed"

Color of Change has a petition set up on their webpage re: NY Post cartoon.

Read the NY Post's lame, offensive attempt at an apology

Web hosting. any preferences? Go Daddy or what?

What are you irrationally afraid of?

CBC seems to have become "Obama TV" today. It's like Canada is having a national holiday.

Obama And Michelle Ask Progressive Groups For Help Driving White House Agenda

The new hip hop Republican party.

Why isn't Hannity, Limbaugh etc. talking about how Sarah Palin owes over $18,000 in back taxes?

* *MEA CULPA * *

I am sorry I can no longer play with DU, you are no longer the "cool site"

As per our Attorney General, I will NOT be a coward about how much Al Sharpton annoys me.

Enjoy the quicksand: Palin, Jindal, Barbour, Sanford, Perry about to walk right into it

PHOTOS This saluting business is catching on!

I'm reading FreeRepublic's reaction to Steele's wish for a Hip-Hop GOP, and let me just say this:

PHOTOS The President in Canada (UPDATED again!)

Moron Steele making it too easy: "Hip Hop Repubs – Oh Gee Oh Pee" - Updated with video (LOL!)

The Religious Right doesn't want to be called the Religious Right anymore. Maybe DU can help..

PHOTOS Protecting the President

Ladies & Gentlemen-If a significant portion of black people find something offensive, it's offensive

A Huge Red Flag Endorsment for Kathleen Sebelius for HHS -

I noticed it was Barack who asked to go out to greet the crowd in Ottawa

Obama Reverses U.S. Position on LGBT Issues at the U.N.

Oklahoma City officer pulls man over for anti-Obama sign

Obama’s Bipartisanship Is One Sappy Dream: Margaret Carlson

How's YOUR 41K doing? (sic)

Obama Won on a Populist Surge -- So Where's the Populist Policy?

Matt Taibbi suggest Holder was "doing bong hits" before race speech

Leftist and liberal bashing on this board

Who is watching PAT BUCHANAN on HARDBALL?! He basically said, "I'm a racist."

EU mulls action as Ukraine crumble triggers contagion fears for Europe

Madoff Case Led SEC to Intensify Stanford Probe

Madoff Loss Spawned in ‘Bargain With Devil’ at Cerberus Bank

Cleric Qatada given compensation

Nova M Radio Network Files for Bankruptcy Liquidation

Bush's "icy smile" enraged Iraq shoe-thrower

China Adds to Security Forces in Tibet Amid Calls for a Boycott

Pakistan Says It Needs Marshall Plan to Fight Taliban

Wary Taiwan museum withholds treasures from China

Australian unions want China mine deals watched

Indonesia tells Clinton US must lead on climate change

China calls on Russia to investigate ship incident

Ferry capsize kills 17 in Bangladesh

Clinton sees possible North Korea power struggle

Vatican envoy hopes Pope visits Vietnam this year

Food makers try to hold prices as retailers push back

US lawmakers attack bank secrecy

Liquid Water Found on Mars

Pelosi foresees prosecution of senior Bush administration officials.

China now probes "mystery" kidney stones in children

Venezuela drug arrests: husband wanted by British police

Philadelphia Manufacturing Drops to Lowest Level Since 1990 in Fed Index

Iraqi (journalist) Defends Shoe-Throwing Incident

Japan Says Economy Is in a ‘Severe’ State, Lowers Assessment

Afghanistan Will Remain A "Graveyard For Foreigners"

US, Republic of Indonesia (RI) pledge closer, comprehensive ties

Stanford under drug investigation

Valenti's Sexuality Was Topic For FBI (LBJ Let Hoover's Agents Investigate Top Aide)

Colombia militia leader confesses to milking public treasuries

Kyrgyz MPs vote to shut US base

Deputies find missing North Carolina soldier in Arkansas, take him to hospital

Wood resigning as U.S. attorney in western Missouri

UBS tax deal is Swiss bank secrecy's Waterloo

Bomb Threat at Depaul University Library in Chicago

New Jobless Claims Hit 627,000, Continuing Benefits Figure Sets New Record Near 5 Million

Helicopters,Cover-Ups and War Crimrs

Venezuela government seizes failed Stanford Bank

California legislature approves budget bill

China calls for return of Guantanamo Bay inmates

Sheriff: Man killed wife, son, then himself (said he had financial problems)

Iran Markedly Slows Atom Enrichment Expansion: IAEA

Limbaugh: Trying To Understand A Dem Like Trying To Understand A Murderer Or Rapist

California budget finally passed.

Indonesia Polls Show Hard-Line Islamists Losing Ground

Stanford Found by U.S. Authorities in Virginia (Update1)

Six bus passengers shot to death in Colombia

Gov (Mark Sanford) says SC might take (stimulus) money despite misgivings

New Orleans whistleblower lawsuit reinstated

Venezuelans tried to evade risk through offshore bank, but found a bust

BBC trust refuses to overrule ban on Gaza aid appeal

Dow Closes at Its Lowest Level in More Than Six Years

Tamils set for Geneva mass march over Sri Lanka - U.N.

APNewsBreak: Black pastors to ask Burris to resign

Alberto Gonzales: I’ll Cooperate with Leahy Truth Commission

Mexico says you were born yesterday

Drunk man run over by train awarded $2.3 million

Google Earth reveals secret history of US base in Pakistan

January Leading Indicators Up; Recession's Intensity To Ease

Roubini Warns Of 'Sovereign' Bank Failure

Bailed-out Merrill Lynch still puts on the Ritz for employees

New York Post apologizes for, yet still defends, chimp cartoon

Russia's military not hurt by crisis: Medvedev

Allen Stanford Found in US by FBI Agents: NBC News

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday February 19

Cheneys Join (McLean, VA) Neighborhood

Transcript: Obama-Harper press conference

Mute response to US Nato troop call

Dolphins trapped behind drifting pack ice

Libel Suit Against The Times Ends

Republican (Darrell Issa) wants White House e-mail plan

Argentina expels Holocaust- denying bishop

NH's (Congresswoman Carol) Shea-Porter urges review of KBR contract

California legislators approve budget

Sources: GOP Considering Pataki for (NY) Senate Run

Layoffs at Xe (formally known as Blackwater Worldwide)

Man Who Froze To Death Didn't Pay Bills

Ex-CIA exec faces sentencing for fraud

Bush's "icy smile" enraged Iraq shoe-thrower

Obama arrives in Ottawa

Jobless hit with bank fees on benefits

Rep. Ellison says he isn't assigning blame, but finds destruction hard to understand

Spitzer Prostitution Wiretaps to Become Public

California lawmakers OK budget after lengthy impasse

Obama Reverses U.S. Position on LGBT Issues at the UN

Otter spotted with camera in slough

UK bans UK anti-gay pastor Fred Phelps of Westboro Baptist Church

US lawmakers make rare visit to Gaza

Newly Poor Swell Lines at Foodbanks

U.N. Finds New Traces Of Uranium In Syria

N.Y. Post apologizes to some over Obama cartoon

Holder: U.S. a 'nation of cowards' on race discussions

Countdown: HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan explains the Obama housing plan in detail

PDA - Healthcare Not Warfare

Lt. Governor Garamendi on California's Recession and the Budget on MSNBC

For anyone who may be having doubts about what the 'monkey cartoon' might mean to some people

TYT: Was The NY Post Cartoon Racist?

Young Turks: LA Times Gives TYT Some Love - Way to Go TYT Nation!

Stratfor: Implications of a Sharia Deal in Pakistan (with maps)

Red State Update- Killer Chimpanzee-Must SEE (Not what you think)

Republican Governors Mull Not Accepting Stimulus Funds

Bristol Palin is RIGHT! Dump abstinence only ed!

New York Post cartoon compares Obama to chimp

Georgia Rep. Charlice Byrd Wants To Fire "Disgusting" Queer Theory Profs

Jane Hamsher talks w/ David Schuster about coverage of the stimulus

Greenspan-CDO valuing errors were 'utterly unexpected' (4:55 mark of 7:20)

Turley - Pelosi lacks grit to advance Rove contempt

How NOT to Stimulate Republicans

Young Turks: Roland Burris Has To Go!

CNN - "Penis Being Served on Northwest Airlines"

Shannity's hilariously overwrought fearmongering video on the stimulus, complete w/ 'O Fortuna'!

President Barack Obama arrives in Canada 2/19/2009 (inc. some great footage of Air Force One)

The GOP is Home Alone

Roland Martin to Ron Christie on AC360: "you're delusional...that was a racist cartoon"

KO highlights Cantor's stimulus hypocrisy, Mrs. Cantor getting TARP money conflict of interest

Rick Santelli and the "Rant"

Norm Coleman Talks To God About Being Senator

TYT: How Credit Card Companies Are SCREWING You in Two Ways

Rachel Maddow: Frank Rich on The Grand Obstructionist Party

Bright Blue Scrotum (This Has Been A Fox News Alert)

TYT: Republicans Take Credit for Stimulus Pkg They Voted Against

Amy Goodman: Jailing Kids for Cash

Two Good Reasons to be Pro-Choice

Anti-gay preachers banned from UK - BBC (Fred Phelps)

We already own the banks -- shouldn't we run them?

Former Bush Lawyer Behind Facebook's PR Nightmare

Organize! Many Employers are Just Using the Recession to Stick it to Workers

Cross of Irony: Defense Spending of The Absurd

UK Ministers 'using fear of terror'

Jailing Kids for Cash - by Amy Goodman

Exclusive: Derivatives for Dummies by The Other Katherine Harris

Greenwald: the UN Convention Against Torture was signed by Reagan and ratified by the US Senate

Joe Conason: There Was No GOP ‘Victory’

The FDIC shuttering a bank,.. "Folks, that is a form of nationalization"

Why the experts missed the crash... and a Wish list for reporters covering a financial crisis

Can Evangelicals Be Part of a Pro-Choice Consensus?

Greenwald: Binyam Mohamed, war crimes investigations, and American exceptionalism

There is a solution to this economic disaster!

Canadians Want NAFTA Reformed, Too

Our Health Care System Is Organized for the Wealthy -- We Can Change That

Stimulate Peace, Not War

"US authorities face questions over their investigation of Allen Stanford" by Andrew Clark (2-19-09

Private Prisons, Human Trafficking and the American Way of Punishment

Reagan, Bush and How Presidents Got To Be Above the Law

Google Earth Reveals Secret History of US Base in Pakistan

Joe Klein: The Quiet American: How the World Sees Obama

Sending 'Message' to Obama, GOP Governors Deny Their Constituents 'Federal Air'

CNBC Editor: The People Are Revolting! Santelli plays Mel Brooks playing Louis XVI

A car-lover's take on a subdued Chicago Auto Show

Study Shows Sharp Rise in Latino Federal Convicts

Buildup of US Troops in Afghanistan May Be Just the Start

Brown calls on world to strike 'grand bargain' to solve economic crisis

The U.S. and Afghan Tragedy

No, Mr. Santelli, this isn’t America

Subsidizing COBRA Is Not Enough–We Need Single Payer

The Obama Mandate: End Abstinence-Only-Until-Marriage Programs

How a profiteer works one of the world’s worst economies

Reagan, Bush and How Presidents Got To Be Above the Law

France to pay family carers £45 daily wage.

Our Afghan War for Pipeline & Poppy Fields

Breaking Bad is Breaking Ground

Pat Buchanan earns his racist bona fides on HARDBALL 2.19.09




Five U.S. nuclear plants make DOE loan short-list

Obama agrees to work with Canada on clean energy

25% Renewable Energy Standard (by 2020) Introduced into Senate

Alaska tumbling into the Sea?

With the stroke of a pen President Obama has rewritten the future of solar energy (ASES email)

The Future Of Pond Scum

Is Economic Recovery Even Possible on a Planet Headed for Environmental Collapse?

Increasing carbon storage in intact African tropical forests (from this week's Nature)

Nuclear Energy’s Moment of Truth

Earth sweating under the 'Sauna Effect'

Maybe GliderGuider is right

VIVA LA RAZA: A History of Chicano Identity and Resistance (a thrilling history of resistance)

Military court hears Colombia drug and weapons smuggling case in Ames

Mexican Senate Intercedes with US Supreme Court on behalf of Cuban 5

WEISBROT: "Will Obama Change US Policy Toward Latin America?"

Venezuelans tried to evade risk through offshore bank, but found a bust

Six bus passengers shot to death in Colombia

Venezuelan, China Boost Economic Cooperation with $12 Billion Fund

VENEZUELA: Understanding Democracy - Accepting Chavez by Pascual Serrano

US Embargo Against Cuba: Beating a Retreat? by Esteban Morales Dominguez

Six bus passengers shot to death in Colombia

Raw unedited video - Firefight in Reynosa Mexico

Che's Son on the movie "Che" and Guevara family website about Che

VENEZUELA: Extract from 2/17 State Dept. Press Briefing

Blaming the autoworkers

Video: Chrysler workers oppose pay cuts, concession demands

Today in labor history Feb 19 The UMW declared victory in the landmark Pittston Coal strike!

Daily Kos: "We Make the Windows and the Doors" (the Chicago sit in)

NYT: Newly Poor Swell Lines at Food Banks Nationwide

Dr. Housing Bubble 02/18/09

Anybody see this? Juan Enriquez' 10 Commandments

Living the high life in San Diego (xpost from Veterans)

I.D. (Intellectual Disconnect): "Why the hurry?" / "Why'd he wait?"

U.S. No Longer "Most Liberal" Consumer Bankruptcy System?

Obama to talk protectionist fears on Canada trip

Scandinavian Home Mortgage Lien Stripping (cramdown)

U.S. January Producer Prices Rise More Than Forecast

Asian Container Traffic Tanked in January

Outrage continues over skyrocketing credit card rates

Good article on the Stanford structure..The fractal Stanford

LOL Stanford bank's investors go home empty-handed

New Republican talking point. "What about ME?"

With cities' programs for poor, IT PAYS TO SAVE(!).

UBS admits helping tax evaders - agrees to id US co-conspirators - USA Today

Bank of America, AmEx May Suffer on Card Defaults

Madoff Loss Spawned in ‘Bargain With Devil’ at Cerberus Bank

Posted here many time, I am gay. Anyone know when MILK comes to DVD?

Peer Steinbrueck says Germany might bail out the Austrians

Switzerland threatened with bankruptcy

Now this is interesting. Donald Trump is saying he shouldn't have to pay what he owes to Deutsche..

Mortgage assistance supporters' response to repuke whining about the "unworthy" getting help...

Mexico peso falls to record low on US bank worries

Self Delete

US junk bond mutual funds have $255 mln inflows-AMG

Redemptions Reduce Hedge Funds To Less Than $1 Trillion

U.S., UK, European Regulators May Jointly Oversee Credit Swaps

I watched the Law & Order this week and because I am not gay I

Action Alert: NJ residents and those that have family/friends in NJ who support same-sex marriage.

Hope this article goes here......Tiger Woods and family pic....

Hate has its day...

Fiat World Mathematical Model

So much posting while drunk lately huh

Hey, thanks for the hearts!

Cousin who provided A-Rod drugs identified

Buttars: Gays 'greatest threat to America'

Charlie Rose interviews Nouriel Roubini, Mark Zandi, and Fred Mishkin

Trouble in plastic as alarm bells on credit-card bonds go off

Gone in 60 Days: Citi and Bank of America Won’t Live to See May

Georgia Rep. Charlice Byrd Wants To Fire "Disgusting" Queer Theory Profs

Jim Cramer predicted that Fannie, Freddie and Citi would go bankrupt on 12/6/07

Tiger Woods will tee it up next week ...

The Stimulus and the Auto Bailout: The Perils of Confusing American Companies With American Jobs

U.K. bars entry to anti-gay American preacher

Dow Watch 2/19/2009 - Closed 7,465.95

A Visual Guide to Unemployment Rates

Looks like Sir Allen was laundering money for drug cartels.

ok -- the lgbtiqq bar is open!!!!

Trouble at Treasury

New York Subpoenas Bank of America CEO on Merrill Bonuses (and Where is the SEC?)

CNBC sowing the seeds of resentment and selfishness..

Small Business Tax Breaks in the Stimulus Package

Medea Benjamin: Once You See What Truly Happened In Gaza, It Will Change Forever

Livni to Kadima: We're going to the opposition

Likud, Kadima support aliya cabinet

Anthony Cordesman: War Whore

Jewish engineer cleared of spying sues US gov't

Haaretz Editorial / Keep Lieberman out of the government

Analysis: Turkey's shift toward Iran, Syria is no short-term blip

Jewish Agency brings Yemeni Jews to Israel in secret

Let’s see the 'criticism' of Israel for what it really is

U.S. Senator John Kerry makes rare visit to Hamas-ruled Gaza

Here's a Hugh "Oh shit" fact.

Mitchell expresses support for Palestinian unity government

Outsourcing of Drug Trials Is Faulted

When were you born? And which area of world?

Virginia vs. HMOs

F.D.A. Finds ‘Natural’ Diet Pills Laced With Drugs

Defense objects to evidence that Bonds’ testicles shrunk

Is it an acceptable invasion of medical privacy?

Since 2003, the Joyce Foundation has paid grants totaling over $12 million to gun control org.

Obama administration defending a last-minute rule that allows concealed firearms in national parks

Student expelled for having drill-team prop rifles in car

4-star: Southern Afghanistan a stalemate

Hard choices looming, JCS chairman says

Death of girl, 16, thought to be drug-related

Witness: Sgt. seen with pistol before killings

Green Beret faces trial in Afghan death

101st soldier sentenced in Iraqi death case

Pakistan-Taliban deal alarms allies

General visits Afghan bomb site for death claim (Caution: contains graphic pics)

Living the high life in San Diego

Pacific diving and salvage unit to shut down, sources say

Eisenhower CSG deploying this week

Judge to reschedule Fallujah shooting trial

Pendleton death under investigation

Air Force announces retraining opportunities

PETA protests Hurlburt training

Senior officers get new jobs

After the homecoming (Part 1)

Stimulus provides for military; not as much as hoped

Survival in the outskirts

GI testifies he saw Iraqi detainee shot by soldier

Researchers: Bin Laden is in Pakistan

Feature on USAREUR Web site to give answers on range of topics

NCO killed in Afghanistan, family says

Poles, Czechs fear loss of U.S. bases

Court Reverses Ruling to Bring Detainees to US

Interesting mailbag at Stars & Stripes today:

Navy Toasts Trident Sub Milestone

(Military Times) Op-Ed: Tough Love for Tehran

Marines Take Very Painful Course

Iran Claims it has Unmanned Aircraft

Sailor says he didn’t know gun was loaded

Navy cuts re-up bonuses

Petraeus to speak to MIT, Harvard ROTC


Just gotta' say it...

Stars this week from

An inspiration I got regarding our propaganda M$M outlets. Yesterday, it started when

Opposites Attract, Yeah Really, No They REALLY .......... DO

Maintaining Spiritual Wholeness As The World Comes Apart

Okay, here's an odd dream for the ASAH gang to take a whack at!

Wow - the energy today.

If anyone is wanting a dream journal

So, I'm struggling with something and need some input.

What is happening to our economy...there is no name for it.

U. Toledo professor finds "cosmic fountain" in Red Rectangle nebula

Space Jam

"The Alchemy of Air", by Thomas Hager

Oh, Hubble, Can This Really Be the End?

Want to see what a lunar eclipse looks like from the Moon?

Beautiful Milky Way Panorama from Mauna Kea

Yes, Virginia, there is a magenta


Saudi Arabia. Added link. Sorry!

Holocaust denying bishop expelled by Argentina, given 10 days to leave

I had lunch with my brother

A goal we can ALL agree on, I think...

Initiative Measure No. 1040 concerns a supreme ruler of the universe.



What's for Dinner? ~ Thursday the 19th Edition

I'm jazzed to check out

New trick with Ain5!

It's Jim Mars tonight on BLACK OP RADIO!

The incompetence talking point

Who crashed the planes into our economy?

Carol Kent's father passed away - please keep her family in your thoughts

Texas legal aid services face dramatic drop in funding

Perry formally requests stimulus dollars

"Andy Richter Controls the Universe" FINALLY coming to DVD!

those funny folks to the south

Liberal leader tells Obama Canada concerned about Khadr

Obama, Jean share animated airport encounter


Best Buy has some sweet laptops - comparison question, is it worth $150 more?

Former Kerry staffer of BCCI fame, Jack Blum mentioned in NYT UBS article

Sen. Kerry's trip to the Middle East

Photos of JK's visit to the Gaza strip

Oh the irony!