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Lookit that! Two more hearts. I tried to give

Darwin and republicans...

Craig Ferguson on testosterone loss in males. . . . .

Strange "Personalized" Amazon Recommendations...

I have been engrossed in work today...

Wow-somehow I have two hearts! Thanks, anonymouses!

So open enrollment time is here again

For those that say "gosh this store looks so busy"

Extreme makeunder in the Maldives

I am truely impressed with this Joe the Plumber guy.

Thanks to whoever gave me the heart

I'm sorry.

Where should Economics be taught?

Paulson, Bernacke & The Big Bankers Should Be Made Desitute

An example of socialized medicine.

GM and Chrysler plans available on-line (PDF)

Don't blame the Republicans

I'm shocked, shocked to learn there's gambling going on in here !!

Stanford spent millions lobbying Congress

How organized are you stoners?

Wingnut Welfare International (Oh Lord, this is bad!!!)

Re:Randi's Statement, NovaM, Randi's Lawyer, Sheldon Drobny's Breakdown, Mr. Manzo's Lawsuit, etc.

would I really feel better, if I quit watching tv news?

Burris, Burris, Burris. All news, all the time.

US-led strike killed Afghan civilians

Please review my plan for housing recovery and make suggestions

The crime drips with brutal irony:

Syria looking forward to diplomacy with US

Greenspan backs bank nationalisation

4chan post about hurting cats (on 6/11/08) - They were warned. (NSFW language)

Obama's housing fix: help banks modify loans — or allow judges to

As more Afghan civilians die, so does trust of U.S. forces

Los Angeles nears water rationing

Los Angeles nears water rationing

Why is GM retaining GMC?

Republican Lies

Help finding info re: segment on ABC's GMA - Ameri-CAN series

Bank nationalisation gains ground with Republicans

Body scanners replace metal detectors in tryout at Tulsa airport

Homeless families face strict new rules

Just Curious - I Just Read Where Merkel (Germany) Will Allow Takeover Of Private Banks.......

Has Alaska finally figured out their Governor leaves a lot to be desired?

ICE arresting Latinos without cause to meet quotas

Thank you for my heart-

Dear Dog, I wish we could be rid of the repukes in California

14-year-old Wisconsin student arrested for texting in class

== I Twitter for you! = By Mark Morford


Apparently Obama Embraces bush era 'al-Qaeda' Policies?!?

Can we stop the IBTL posts please?

Credit Card Cos. Changing Terms of Agreement to Higher Rates

Did you know?

Missing Iraq billions could be greatest fraud in Us

I confess. I appreciate anti-socialism

Peanut Plant complaints go unheard

"Sir" Allen Spent Millions On Lobbying Congress on Banking/Money Laundering ,Campaign Contributions

Freeper Funnies

Joe's masturbating again....

Bill Maher on Obama: It's like a maid coming into a motel room after Led Zepplin.

I thank the generous person who gave me a heart....

Rasmussen Polls Deliver Results The GOP Likes. Why?

Are there any provisions for rebates or stimulus checks for

46 Nations Back Body to Protect Planet

Awwww - Sarah Palin is feeling beaten up

Moderate House Repubs: 'More Worried About Pressures From Right'-NOT-Obama/Dems

Taking our message and outrage to their home

How sweet! Thank you for the heart, whoever you are!

Sam Donalson retiring after 41 years

Hey DU cyclists and bike commuters!!!

Has anyone heard even one nooz story that said anything positive about Obama?

Here is how states may get some stimulus money no matter what the Guvs say.

A concern about states turning down all or part of the stimulus funds.

After Stimulus Package, Pentagon Officials Are Preparing to Pare Back

For Lou Dobbs, the health of the Economy has two measures and two measures only

Obama Administration is sabotaged by Bush loyalists and war mongers...

Temperature Taking on Obama as President: How is he doing?

Sean Hannity's apocalyptic Stimulus Plan montage video set to sounds of Orff's "Carmina Burana"

Geography Professor Claims To Have Found Osama bin Laden

Has this been the fastest DU fund drive?

Are POTUS's sexists? They always sign Bills but never Janes.

MSNBC just reported that idiot Gov. Mark Hoover-Sanford (SC)

Coleman Spokesman Declares Election 'Fatally-Flawed'

Hello. My name is Shardik and I'm a...

Hello. My name is Shardik and I'm a...

Pakistan allowing CIA to use airbase for drone strikes - No wonder they are joining the Taliban

Ashcroft: O-b-a-m-a not B-u-s-h, Only difference between Bush & Obama is how they spell their names

A Postive Sign from Justice

Iran Builds Unmanned Plane That Can Travel 620 Miles, State-Run Fars Says

"Parody of "The Wrestler" stars Uncle Sam giving it one last shot"

I miss pandering, so....

General Motors is stumped as to what to do with HUMMER. Me too.

JD "Bozo boy" Hayworth is a Henry Ford-worshipping, Soros/Schumer goading anti-Semite,

ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center Issues Cocoa Bean Fertilizer Warning . . .

McCain blacklists The View?

Evidence Is Mounting That Iran Used Beefed-Up Rocket

Sanford Says “No” To Stimulus Funds? Not Yet …

The Perils of Blogging in Egypt

Join the UFPJ Working Group on Accountability and Prosecution

San Diego jury awards $34,300 to firefighters over (gay pride) parade

The print version of Fox News, aka NY Post, shows their racism

Go here to demand the prosecution of bush/cheney:

The Republican Plan for Helping You --

Vt. nuke plant has leaking radiation water pipe problem

My letter to Virgil Bernero, Mayor for the rest of us.

Ruling stops transfer of 17 from Gitmo to U.S.

Dear President Obama, regarding these GOP Governors who say "No" to stimulus $$

Statehouse Monument to Dead Fetus

NY Post racist cartoonist Sean Delonas also known for homophobia.

It looks like he's farting applause.

Home mortgages have been a scam and a rip-off by the big banks...

Political Texas hold’em

Student Faces Expulsion Over Nerf Gun

New Evidence of DOD Cooperation with CIA Ghost Detention Program

Do you think that Republicans and business propagandists are waging class warfare against the poor?

Obama live now - talking housing help

Why did the subprime mortgage crises happen? You don't have to be

Looks like Stanford was trying to leave the US for Antigua

Craig Ferguson talking about Republicans and Obama presidency.

I'm a whore and most likely you are as well.

Jindal Signals Louisiana May Not Take Stimulus Money

One of the keys to reforming healthcare is to detach and decouple health coverage and employment

One of the keys to reforming healthcare is to detach and decouple health coverage and employment

Woot! More GOP Economic Terrorism In CA - GOP Ousts Pro-Deal Leader

WTF-Now??? Executive Accountability Act-Seeks "10 Yrs In Prison For THOSE Misleading Us Into War"

Obama Should Overrule Gates on Gates' Self-Interested Opposition to New Whistleblower Protections

Obama administration’s Housing Affordability and Stability Plan Factsheet

So the CA repub senators chose a new leader more resistent to tax increases

Winnie the Pooh explains it all to you!

DUers who are versed in economics: educate me

dupe - please delete

Conservative Ideological Idiocy

Is the Air Force Academy still a christian-right training school?

A DU Stimulus Plan!

Watching the rich cannibalize the rich is somewhat interesting

3 Stories-Common Thread, That Is: US & UK Violated Human & Civil Rights In The "War On Terror"

“Republicants” Deny The Sky Is Falling

Air New Zealand on your head - Literally

During the Reagan years it was all "personal responsibility", the

Thank you for the 4 hearts!

Alan Greenspan backs bank nationalization!!

Great Response To Racist Chimp Cartoon

To "my good friends" in The Party of No .... the mortgage plan Obama outlined .....

MarketWatch: Record low for housing starts

Goodyear axing 5,000 jobs.....

Blue Dogs To House Dem Leaders: Hold Off On Employee Free Choice Vote

Michael Moore: Bowling for Whistleblowers

Mods pls delete, posting bug

11 year old girl stands up to Taliban by writing poetry

California Epicenter of Foreclosures Shows Steep Challenge Facing Obama

Watching California Burn

Watching California Burn

I'm not saying the banking industry is hurting or anything

Racists among us

Amy Goodman: Jailing Kids For Cash

Vatican says sexes sin differently; women are prideful, men horny

Starbucks CEO’s message to workers; “if you have faith in me you don’t need a union”

Montana is becoming a model state for assessing its returning combat vets for PTSD and TBI.

That Obama, making public appearances in front of flags. Oh, noes!

Attack of the Killer Robots

France claims historic Great Lakes wreck

Historic Photos - LIFE (link)

Russia's Reserve Fund enough to balance budget for years - Putin

And Michael Mukasey was supposed to be an improvement over Alberto Gonzales? ........

Fed downgrades economic forecast for this year - AP

Want To Make Some Serious Money? Join The Pechanga Tribe!

John Cornyn, POS extraordinaire

Does the Post Fact-Check George Will? (FAIR Action Alert)

Chicago Tribune: Mass-transit 'doomsday' looms yet again in Chicagoland

Foreclosure Help

"Palin Can See $17,000 from her House - and so can the IRS" - The Mudflats

Here is One Way to Shut the R's up on the Stimuls

Subject: Corporate "Personhood" anti-progressive force #2.

Kathy Lovelace is still in her home. How "Produce the note" works.

Thanks to Someone for the V-Day Heart...Blaze

Cornyn Took Caribbean Junket On Banker Allen "$8 bil fraud of shocking magnitude" Stanford's Dime

Does investigating the Bush administration count as a "shovel ready" project?

A Florida Court's 'Rocket Docket' Blasts Through Foreclosure Cases (1,000 cases/day)

Catholic patriarchal hierarchy and Evangelicals to blame for economy....

I've never been so happy to have pneumonia.

Predator Use: First Overseas, Second Canadian Border, ... Next Your Backyard?

A Viable Recovery May Not Be Possible

The U.S. Military's Own Stimulus Plan

What's with all the ads?

Look up there ^^^^^^ Almost reached 1000 donations!

Why did Pelosi go to Italy?

The run on Stanford's bank in Antiqua

Toon Time: Steve Sack

Kit Bond Touts Effects Of Stimulus Bill He Voted Against

Oh my god, this is so depressing...

Blair's report last week caught members of Congress by surprise - it shouldn't have

RE: all things New York Post, I defer to a rather old quote

Memo to CNN and the Republicans: Shut up, already.

No charges for teacher accused of pulling student's hair

Browsing around today

USA bringing "The Beast" - yeah - the Presidential limo - to Canada

GD Duers, have you seen this beauty

Prime Interest/Mortgage rates through the decades.....(1981-05-22 prime 20.50%)

Prime Interest/Mortgage rates through the decades.....(1981-05-22 prime 20.50%)

The Fair Tax

Since we are getting some latitude to post thanks for hearts....

With all this economic turmoil guess what Alaska is suggesting

Has anyone else seen Barack Obama's infomercial for home loan modification?

don't you know they're busy at gitmo

DUPE - self delete!

So I recommended an electronics repair place to a friend here in Austin.

Have you heard of the movie FUEL?

Obama to push country of origin food labeling


Palin to pay tax on past per diem

Pope to US Speaker Pelosi: Reject abortion support - AP

"On Second Thought" Radio

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

The country needs a grand vision & a challenge equivalent to the moon landing.

Robot that plays rock-paper-scissors. The beginning of the end for humans?

*Whew* we can all breath a sigh of relief

*Whew* we can all breath a sigh of relief

Interesting line of thinking from republcians regarding the housing plan

I love DU! Thanks for the hearts!

ND House Passes Abortion Ban

Starbucks apologises to Lord Mandleson for saying the UK Economy is in a state - Even though it is .

Sojourner Truth Statue to be in Capitol - thanks to Hillary Clinton and Sheila Jackson Lee

Pentagon issues performance pay and bonuses averaging 8.35 percent

Elder's Meditation of the Day February 18

Obama Signs Stimulus Yesterday. Today, I Got A New Job.

I have a bad feeling about who the US is blowing to smithereens with Hellfire missiles from drones

Pope to US Speaker Pelosi: Reject Abortion Support

GOP Fighting For Money From Stimulus They Opposed

Winter Photography Winners

Amazing - I'm watching Hillary Clinton live on BBC International

The Minnesota Senate Express (Huffington Post cartoon)

The Rude Pundit: Cartoons That Make the Rude Pundit Want Rupert Murdoch to Get His Face Chewed Off

Loathsome: Ten Vile Cartoons from Sean Delonas

Is this why presidents use so many pens to sign bills?

think the media covered the stimulus package fairly? video

I Have Serious Doubts That Financial Industry Will Consent To Allowing BK Courts...

Perry: Texas may turn down billions

Pakistani woman watches Taliban take over town she loves

Whatever happened to the Terror Alert system?

Do Republicans intentionally call Democrats: "DEMOCRAT?"

Aldermen vote to ‘Ban the Box’ (on Applications asking about prior convictions)

AG Holder: US is "nation of cowards" on racial issues.

I agree with you. The rest are assholes.

I hate polls, but this one is for the record!!

Obama urged to create special detainee commission

Athens (TN) bans skateboards downtown

Republican commentary on foreclosure plan on longer than the actual annoucement

No hundred rabbits in my back yard like last year this time. Just one of these up in the tree

No hundred rabbits in my back yard like last year this time. Just one of these up in the tree

Legalize hemp because I'm not recycling or conserving paper anymore.

Did Obama announce a foreclosure relief plan?

You know who I REALLY Can't Stand: Amy Holmes

Kudos to MSNBC's Tamron Hall

California's Neo-Nero Republicans.....

Home of octuplets grandmother in default

Cheney in Retirement

Greenwich CT Home Sales Plunge 84% in January, Broker Reports

I can't take anymore of this Rushican whining

please help me list the Anti Obama stories/talking points being spread.. thanx

please help me list the Anti Obama stories/talking points being spread.. thanx

Kansas Democrats win budget show down with state Republicans

Tweety is discussing the offensive cartoon

Tweety is discussing the offensive cartoon

If I have offended anyone in the last 24 hours,

American Media Ask if A-Roid’s Cousin Exists

GOP Governors That Might Turn Down Stimulus Bucks

who's the dick plante dick on schuster...every goddamn talking point you can imagine

The Pope Lectures Nancy Pelosi

Randi Rhodes Update

I have an issue with the foreclosure relief.

I was thinking about the Scandinavian social democracies, and why they're so good...

Apparently, having sex with animals isn't illegal in Florida

Guns in church? No problem!

self delete

Pfuck. She's back. n/t

Amy Goodman: Jailing Kids for Cash

Proposed bylaw seeks ban on chain stores in Chatham

Should America Change Its Poverty Line?

Be a part of the new IRC Americas Program!

Little-Known Alaska Governor Has Tax Problem

'The money market bank run that maybe wasn't'

Is Ed Schultz Auditioning for MSNBC @10pm?

Va. congressional GOP boycotts huddle with {Gov.} Kaine (USA Today)

Fla. man on trial for gay man’s murder

(Abramoff) Scandal edges closer to Cochran (Senator Thad Cocran), staff

TLC not interested in Nadya Suleman -- thanks much

The People Be Damned, President of Special Interests

I'm tired of the "what about me" ethos that seems to be permeating the stimulus talks

"Do they want to prosecute CIA operatives?"

"Do they want to prosecute CIA operatives?"

Bob Cesca: "Sean Hannity's Ridiculous War Against Socialism"

They were against it before they even saw it?? republicans take ignorant to a whole new level

Senator Feingold Wants Strategy in Place Before Afghanistan Deployments

Republicans were ready to block Kansans from getting their paychecks!

Top U.S. military commander in Afghanistan says chances for 'success' are '50-50 at best'

Poll shows rising public stress about economy

You know who "Sully" is, but do you know Richard Ogg?

Obama Against Fairness Doctrine

Bad Economy vs. Healthy Eating Poll


We can fight back! (NY Post cartoon)

Moving FEMA out of Homeland Security could pose risks

At the end of the day, the bottom line is...

Any Suggestions On Responding To Repub Email?

Did Bush's attorney general hide internal dissent over torture?

Calling All DU'rs

Surprise, surprise!!!!! NY Post Defends Cartoon, Slams Al Sharpton

Playboy confronting naked truth about future

Hypocritical Repug Welfare Queens with their hands out......

U.S. soldiers exposed to toxins at site KBR knew was contaminated, senators say

Priest who blamed Katrina on sin in NOLA to be made bishop (AP/WaPo)

My letter to the mayor of Lansing, MI

My letter to the mayor of Lansing, MI

How 'bout that John McCain, huh?

Will work for...

Rachel Maddow just nailed the GOP on filibustering!

Court To Coleman: No, We're Not Changing Our Ruling Against You

My first Valentine Heart. Thanks,

Inside USA's Biological Warfare Center; Q. A. With Citizen Activist Barry Kissin

Kit Bond named Worst Person on KO - It's About Time!!

Hey Keith.. Worst Person in the World Joe Scab. and Chuck T.

Cops on school buses - but not for disruptive kids

Come, we go chill away from nasty shit....Come, we listen an Island Love song ::Izzy Shima Uta

How Much Of The Federal Debt Is Financed With Drug Money?

Just Say No to TSA Full-Body Scanning

Can Obama help me with my car losing value?

American Idol...A Lady I Work With.....

With reference ot the NY Post cartoon, yes the cartoonist is a racist

I received a 2nd heart

Malkin counts portions of strawberries consumed by ship's crew, defends "Colorado Swastika" photo

KOs about to skewer Michelle Bachmann n/t

See the Freeper's reactions to the toon...

See the Freeper's reactions to the toon...

Map Of Potential High-Speed Rail Built By The Stimulus

Finally! I had a REAL President in my town today and I didn't have to do the 2 finger salute!

Did Bush have an economic team?

Thinking back...and looking at this photo...I wonder if all these people knew about the cartoon

BREAKING: Coleman Lawyer Declares Trial "A Legal Quagmire"

My favorite line from a "Thin Man" film

Speaking of Afghanistan, I spoke with my son last night - he will probably be there later this year

Scientists:Teach crap as science? We'll take our money elsewhere.

Zbigniew Brzezinski

Apparently the memo's gone out to all repubs that it's time to

Maccabee-era relics found near Jerusalem shed light on ancient Jewish warriors

Lessons from last night's Frontline: Inside the Meltdown

Lessons from last night's Frontline: Inside the Meltdown

Air-filled bones helped prehistoric reptiles take first flight

ABC: FBI investigating Stanford for drug cartel money laundering .

Ohio River once had own share of pirates

Echoes discovered in early visual brain areas play role in working memory

150mph 150 mile range All electric sportbike

Dispelling myths about 'ancient' Greece

Guantanamo Bay release of 17 overturned

Carnival queen will have Obama painted on her body

This poll could use some DU love.

A Darfurian school house named 'Obama'

Today's "Brewster Rockit: Space Guy" is one of the most dead-on comics I've read in quite some time:

Drought might have collapsed Cambodian Angkor city

Dig Uncovers Spanish Settlement

This is depression era stuff...

This is depression era stuff...

Capitalism for kids via Theme Park

New Administration Should Relax Drug Laws

mputer technology plus archaeology equals enhanced knowledge of the past

Haha Palin and taxes..hehe

"President Barack Obama, I am from the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela"

With 130,000 DUers, are we going to do anything about the racist cartoon by the NY Post?

Va. House votes to extend death penalty (AP/WaTimes)

Utah's Senator Bigot...I mean Buttars

Dumped in Africa: Britain’s toxic waste

OK, Ron Christie sounds like a valley girl. Perhaps Hillary Banks from Fresh Prince.

okay...what "cartoon" did I miss?

An expert says Americans’ standard of living is undergoing a permanent change

A Nation of Cowards?

A Nation of Cowards?

When dreaming is believing: Dreams affect people's judgement, behaviour

Why is Brzezinski on my TV talking about Afghanistan?

Republican Senators in CA need to know that if they ever want to run statewide

Simple Logic: Why we must criticize Obama if needed.

this repuke on Stewart is a sample of how they can not hear how they

Michele Bachmann skewered by Olbermann on Countdown tonight

"Liberals Like Us...Liberals Like those of us who are Democrats..."

Sinkhole Holds 12,000-Year-Old Clues to Early Americans

One might find the monkey cartoon offensive but, I found the violence to be the most disturbing part

GM plans 2 other electric vehicles

Court rules Palin owes taxes on nights spent at home


Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Biden gets a laugh

Biden gets a laugh

Homeless Man Panhandles Internet (PimpThisBum)

Some people are SO focused on their purpose/mission in life (in a good way)

An urgent plea for help.

Come, we go chill away from nasty shit....Come, we listen an Island Love song ::Izzy Shima Uta

Why Are We Still Involved in Several Wars?

Easter Island’s Controversial Collapse: More To The Story Than Deforestation?

"Our entitlement costs are killing us"

Dwight from The Office, Rainn Wilson has something to say about Bahai persecutions in Iran

Cutting trees and bushes in the winter? Good or not?

How many years does the world have left?

Are Honor Killings Simply Domestic Violence? Dr. Phyllis Chesler

Is "Nationalizing" the new warm and fuzzy code word for transfer of wealth?

My sweet, thoughtful, 8 year old boy just floored me with something he said

Ahhh... the luxury of US ARMY travel

Status update: Wealth transfer almost complete

A Note to the Republican Senators and Representatives in DC.. Listen up you Nimrods

George Bush Is Gone & Cat Stevens Was In Los Angeles Last Week .

Americans United Warns Milwaukee-Area Schools Not To Hold Graduation Ceremonies In Church

Geronimo's Kin Sue Skull and Bone Society For Return Of Leader's Skull

The mortgage program only covers mortgages already backed by Fannie and Freddie

The Impact President Obama had on my state of Arizona Today

Arkansas, 5 Other States, Ban Atheists from Public Service. Ban in repeal.

This country was founded on the principle

The cartoon is a crime

Judge Says Stockton Wrong to Take Private Property (eminent domain)

Anderson Cooper DELETE.

Orange County high school version of "Rent" cancelled because it characters

You know why I feed the birds every day?

Road maintenance costs--is it much cheaper to maintain roads in

GOP governors consider turning down stimulus money

Illinois considering requiring gun owners to purchase $1M liability insurance policy

Obama has a decision to make on March 1st regarding the F-22 Raptor

Blumenthal calls for exotic animal ban in wake of Stamford chimpanzee attack

Greenwald: The Executive Branch is America's Law-Free Zone

Greenwald: The Executive Branch is America's Law-Free Zone

With the benefit of hindsight...Mr. Greenspan?

Apple leads 2009 customer satisfaction survey

Apple leads 2009 customer satisfaction survey

Real Prosecutors Don't Let War Criminals Walk For The Price Of A Confession

Senator Fritz Hollings: Why are we in Afghanistan?

a little humor

Monkey cartoon: Is Sharpton right to get upset about this?

Does the dichotomy of Obama's stimulus versus his Afghanistan stance

Newdow looking for 1000 plaintiffs for removal of religious ceremony at the inauguration.

STFU, Candice Miller

*I* got a valentine's heart??

Why are Americans who are DENIED INSURANCE charged 250-600% more than insurance companies pay?

Old School Breakdancing

What will be the undoing of the human race?

AMD wins final approval for factory spin-off plans

Obama's Housing Plan Sucks

What's so great about high speed rail?

All The President's Men (and Women)-Murray Waas: The Big Stone Wall & Whose Cooperating

51 Bush US Attorneys still left at DOJ: How many moles?

SHOCKER!!!! Fewer people can afford to shop at Whole Foods these days.....

Ron Christie is on AC360, about to sound off on 'the cartoon'-

You guys and gals aren't going to believe what just happened...

We Need Button Ideas - Can you help?

Sean Hannity's Ridiculous War Against Socialism

Costa Rica

So, what is it about this story that speaks to us so about our own, supposed, humanity?

So, what is it about this story that speaks to us so about our own, supposed, humanity?

Have we got enough data yet? Republicans are just not funny. They don't get humor.

Wake up you idiots. This whole thing is all the fault of the Democrats.

Two Minutes Hate

Honestly, Judge, I Did It But Let's Look Forward

Perhaps the Post cartoon is not racist....

TOON: The Radical Fringe -- The Party Of 'NO' (Dory Hippauf)

Do those of us that busted our ass paying our mortgages on time get zilch?

2 former border agents released from prison

Cat nips owner's lung cancer

Source: Alternet - "U.S. Intel Chief's Shocking Warning:

CA Lt. Gov. Garamendi: GOP an infection 'spreading across the nation'

Cornyn: We Can't Investigate Bush Because of the Bad Economy

Who recalls the case of the former Brown County (Green Bay) GOP Chairman & Treasurer, Donald

Woman subdues car thief with a Headlock and Wedgie

NY Post cartoonist under fire for portraying stimulus author as a dead chimp

I think I am dreaming

Afghan *Civilian Deaths* Rose 40 Percent in 2008

The rich have a new answer to the Depression: Eat the Old.

Would anyone here like to photoshop something for this techno-idiot?

I've changed my mind on prosecuting Bush/Cheney

I'm sorry

Pope tells Nancy Pelosi life must be protected

Blue Dogs, the DLC, and other "centrists" want to gut social security! (and Medicare!)

When will US citizens be allowed to legally import Cuban cigars in the US?

The Blackfeet Reservation.....

Update on Youtube cat torture video:A 3rd abuse video of ANOTHER cat found in home. 2nd cat removed

K & R for DeKalb High School Basketball Team ~~ they deserve a shout out!

Wanted proof some of the hearts aren't given by members? Here it is.

Amnesty International Presses for Truth Commission to Investigate Bush Detainee Abuse Crimes

It's official, Chavez is an ass.

Any practical recommendations for a female deploying to Afghanistan?

A clue for the clueless, Sexual Orientation isn't about sexual acts...

Rove, Bush, Obama and the Executive Privilege issue.

ESSENTIAL review of Afghanistan's last 35 years. Malloy read it on air. Everyone should read it!

CA Budget Crisis: KFI talkshow hosts declare "fatwa" on 6 new assembly members

Liquid Water Found on Mars

The Financial Coup D'Etat

So... If you screwed up, you get bailed out. If you didn't---ZIP.

Kabul On the Edge: Residents say feel less safe, conspiracy theories about U.S. run rampant...

Why allow overdrafts on debit cards? This bullshit should be outlawed NOW!

Afghans say US supporting Kabul govt & Taliban at same time?

Siegelman: Rove Trying to Cut Deal, Call Conyers

Why are US troops in Afghanistan?

OMG!!!! Just saw that cartoon. SO racist and hateful.

"Family Matters" is one of the funniest shows ever on tv.

Free beer as SPK 's joint.

hangnail walks into a bar...

Bottle of whiskey walks into a bar...


Damn, I'm tired

goodnight, peggy.

i've found my theme song - "start wearing purple"

Do you think that people are smarter than other people?

Something to get your mind of somewhere Else. Eddie Izzard and the Daeth Star...

My Dad thought it was great that the Texas Patrol guards were let off

jumps up on the bar at SPK's joint...

Not fair! California Peggy has a Tubocharged keyboard!

Should I buy some hearts? I am very tempted!

Bird Bling.......

Ugh... I am so desperate for work, I am comtemplating taking the MN bar me down

Robot Chicken Star Wars...

DU dream analysts: dreaming of a wedding, trying to figure out guests

Whine party in GD - bring your own Cheese

LEAST favorite cheese

Cucumbers are better than men.

Who has a headache today....?

I'm on my way to see my shrink.

Jimi Hendrix estate wins $3.2 million judgment against "Electric Hendrix Spirits" vodka company

Siftables, the toy blocks that think

Now is the winter of my discontent.

the funniest thing i have read from an advice columnist today

Thank you secret admirers for my hearts !!!!

So... I have to create a Marijuana Website...

So I'm here in DC, well Silver Springs, but it's close enough for rock n roll...

Lessons from the Universe.

Hello. My name is Shardik and I'm a...

leftyfingerpop walks into a bar and says...

"Good-news everyone!"

Creatures that didn't check Noah's web site for the departure date and time...

Watched "Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist." Nice movie

I'd like to see American Idol judged devoid of redeeming social value

Good morning Lounge

"A naked blonde walks into a bar with a poodle under one arm and a 2' salami under the other..."

Well, you win some and you lose some...

I HATE when my mother cancels last minute on LeftyKid.

Maddy is driving me CRAZY!

"GWB walks into a bar and says..."

Important Information Regarding Cancer

Sometimes Netflix recommendations make no sense

I walked into a bar....

DUers on Facebook, looky here!

So the roof guy came and took a leak in the bathroom....

I give up. What does 'chasing pavements' mean?

Woody Allen.

Obama's Elf

Crude cowboy joke

Woohoo! I gots anudder heart!

Obscure Tolkien book to come out this spring...

How did I get a heart?

Home page vs Lounge ads

Know the difference between a hockey Mom and a Pitbull? Pitbulls don't steal!!

I'm not bored, don't ask me a goddamn thing...

Joe the Plumber becoming major player in GOP. Major keynote speaker with Malkin and Glenn Reynolds

Someont else gave me a heart since early this morning.....

Sheen Launching Signature Shirts,,, Lohan Leggings

Firefighters in gay pride parade were sexually harassed, jury says

Why did I just spend $1000 getting my dogs ass repaired, when I can adopt a WHOLE dog cheaper?

Someone just told me that MC Hammer is in the building

L.A. Times: MSNBC Viewers Lobby For A Liberal Host (Highlights Cenk And Sam Seder)

What your cat is doing when you aren't home

As You Slide Down the Banister of Life, Remember...

Ola, dingas y dingos!

i'm really depressed

I hate it when I have work obligations in the evening

A rant about Monday's Heroes (with spoiler alert)

Do you think you are smarter than other people?

I get to pick up Kittimus Prime today...YAY!

Who else thinks Midlo is bored today?

Relax! Gerry Rafferty is alive and well in Tuscany

BWAHAHAHAHA, a google earth funny...

There are some wild temperature fluctuations going on in my microwave noodles

Wooters, there is a woot off going on!

Shakespeare doesn't love me

I've never been so happy to have pneumonia.

credit card reward programs


Is LOST on tonight? nt

Lost is on tonight, for those of you who have finished your Russian novels.

Okay, so it looks like I'm not gonna use my tax refund to get that tattoo...

Holy moly there was some major sucking on American Idol last night!

Latest installment of 'Sweet Zombie Jesus, I hate the high school'

Who's got the BEST tuna noodle casserole recipe? Please share!

Two sexes sin in different ways....

Boy, I sure do love LynneSin. She's the nicest, sweetest poster here.

"...I was referred to you as the person who handles employee benefits..."

What is a Habbo Raid and why is it done?

so what happens if millions of us decide to not pay our mortgages, credit cards and auto loans?

Can one get a degree in Rock History? (I mean rock music) nt

There was just a Billy Mays vs Vince fight in our office

Did Paul Atreides have to be the Kwisatz Haderach in order to be the Lisan al-Gaib?

Can you play AIR guitar?

Facebook Privacy Flap

Is Matthew Lillard the most irritating Screen presence ever?

OMG!!! It's true. You CAN give yourself a heart!!!!!

Any php experts in the house?

GMO corn - the corn that tried to be banned, but failed.

Everyone asks me HOW I WROTE ELASTIC MAN

This is the funniest photo ever...I lol'd until I peed blood.

Is the popularity contest absolutely necessary?

I wanted to create a thread that never tries

Ola, gringas y gringos!

Irony alert: I had great difficulty opening the Brawny paper towels package

MEN- responsible citizens-guardians of your sanity ^WARNING*

Lounge travel gurus: Where do you find the best deals on flights?

Yeah, what TrogL said! Who needs all these hearts, anyway?

Apparently, Obama is masterminding world socialism

Creeps, louses, sexual assaulters...

Mickey Rourke's beloved Chihuahua Loki goes to the great fire hydrant in the sky, E! News reports

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 2/18/2009)

I finally found a brilliant living comedian who can carry Bill Hicks' bag and it is JOE ROGAN!?

I am making Lasagne. Yes I am.

Star Wars Fans, time for a road trip:

The phrase of the day is "Over 9000".

Drunk man run over by train awarded $2.3 million

the day just needs to end!

Thank God someone put Beerfest on youtube!

Mean people who don't clean up after their dogs SUCK

Cheap Trick's Bun E. Carlos, Smashing Pumpkins’ James Iha & middle HANSON brother form "supergroup"

Tell a funny or interesting tale.

A classy RickRoll (not mine)

Giant cat caught on China

Giant rat caught in China

Do you have newspapers ads like this in America?

Recommend to me an author of mysteries.

Well, next week it finally happens. I start pumping iron again.

Who died and made Midlodemocrat 'Boss Bitch' of DU

Black Sabbath - the band that tried to be KORN, but failed.

My cockatiel Murphee is trying to get a publicist.

kitten picture of the day for wednesday february 18

Thank YOU ........

What A Day

Are Richie Sambora and Marie Osmond an item?

My heart hurts.

Why are people here down on NPR?

Well now...there's something not quite right about you.

Thank you everyone, for the hearts.

PUI Fck yeah!

Poor Gramps.'s another good joke!

Why isnt LynneSin 'Boss Bitch' of DU?

I bought a bottle of Time Release Mescaline, hope it works.

I so so so hate not having a dishwasher

Note to time don't forget to cut slits in the oven bag before putting it in the oven...

Thank you, Bush and DHS!

OMG! i'M PUI!1!111

When was the last time you finished a video game?

Anybody here have to work with structured FrameMaker?

What should I wash down my time-release muscle relaxers with tonight?

Milk thievery!! (pic)

Who was crazy enough to give me a heart???

I had some scam artists come into my store last night. They get asking for a discount on a piece of

You're to blame, George Harrison!

Have Paddy and mcctatas gotten a room yet?

If Nate Silver is so good a crunching numbers,

I have 5 evil hearts

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/18/09

Where, where the hell is Bill?

The room in 'Goodnight Moon' has a copy of 'Goodnight Moon' in it

I just bribed Skinner. Is it noticable?

How can sitting in a cubicle for 8 hours be so tiring?

Chad Vader reenacts Oscar nominated films.

I'm hammered

So the roof guy came and looked at the leak in the bathroom

I just put a snowball down my son's shirt

I am lost

I'm screwed.

I am watching "Aberdeen"

I'm screwn.

I created a fan page on Facebook

but what I really want to know is...

Thanks for the heart, whoever you are

This could be amusing - Law & Order is doing a story that includes

Oh man, I just totally freaked. I thought I broke my baby.

The most awesome tattoos ever

Does anybody really like those chalky hearts?

I am bored , bored , bored out of my mind tonight

Your FAVORITE MST3K / Cinematic Titanic / RiffTrax personality

If you were famous would you like to have your name on a lunch box.

I Had The Biggest Nightmare Dream Last Night

Wet Dream

Do you think you have a better sense of humor than other people?

I bought a bottle of time-release Melanin. Hope it works!

I am not a "secret admirer" type; my crush is on Redqueen.

"The Jonas Brothers Movie: 3-D Experience" -- the Tenth Circle of Hell

I passed 15,000 posts

roast beef for dinner

at 4:30 this afternoon I sign the papers to file for divorce...

Three weeks from today, my son will be home.

I want one of these, please.

I wish the mob would wack people in

Whats the Rapture index today?

Big Pharma

Egads, everyone around me is sick!

I now have 3 hearts. I'm an ass. Who would do this?

Im taking this trip to see a verrry special DU'er and

Confession: My blood pressure was lower when Bush was President

Racism and Comedy

I'm mad at Taco Bell.

Since my last post was a downer, I bring new baby pics!

I'm freezing! Could I put my feet in your armpits?

LA Du'ers ....

Guess What? Mr. Kittimus Prime is home!!!!

I hate it when I find out too late that there is no toilet paper!!!!

I hate it when I find out too late that there is no toilet paper!!!!

Apple hates South Park

Can You Play The Guitar?

I accidentally got on an AFA mailing list.

My favorite line from a "Thin Man" film

For Bluesbassman (and any other guitar enthusiast)

Leonard Cohen - In My Secret Life

Well, at least the new to me cornbread recipe was a success

Can you laugh at yourself in real life

The Best Thing I've Ever Read on

A joke for the Lounge...I liked this one!

Death Match for Title of Absurd and Bizarre English Shenanigans

My BIL is in hospital, suffering from seizures. He's now unresponsive.

Give me your weirdness here.

Seeking advice re: racial issue.

I guess only 2 people like me

I'm in Dead Camel, Nevada -- Ask me anything

A big Thank You for that heart, whoever you are!

OK Ava,which one of these schools was yours?

Look what Lars39 sent to me

I bought a bottle of Time Release Melatonin, hope it works.

Who else turns 40 this year?

The Wire is soooooo good!

I'm tired of you people always picking on poor Lindsey Lohan

How often do people lie about their IQ's online?

Why do I bother trying to move up at work?

Pictures of my new baby boy, Joseph, born on 12-26-08, 7.5 lbs, 20":

Vibes, cousin was injured in Iraq

wiring outdoor lights

The thing with all these hearts is.......


Is it just me or is this winter lasting forever?

Our 12 yr. old Fox Terrier has severe teeth problems

Octo-Mom could be out on the street (foreclosure)

Wisconsinites! I see why you live in such a cold place! New Glarus!

I've got some big decisions to make and I could use some vibes


3 bricked computers? *3*!?

Does your cat bring you "presents"?

I'd like to see American Idol judged by people with talent and taste

OK, so the but tutcher wrote a story (dial up warning)

OK, so the but tutcher wrote a story (dial up warning)

OK, so the but tutcher wrote a story (dial up warning)

OK, so the but tutcher wrote a story (dial up warning)

OK, so the but tutcher wrote a story (dial up warning)

Can we stop the IBTL posts please?

Can we stop the IBTL posts please?

Can we stop the IBTL posts please?

Can we stop the IBTL posts please?

Can we stop the IBTL posts please?


Rabbit poses, coconut water, and a Bikram-practicing dance team at the international yoga championsh

I have my barf bag ready

Inouye says second stimulus package could be necessary (already calling today's Stimulus #1)

Inouye says second stimulus package could be necessary (already calling today's Stimulus #1)

The Republicans are very principled.

FYI: GM-Crysler plans on line (PDF)

Obama's Recipe: Two Parts FDR, Dash Of Reagan

The deficit. How and when could it be eliminated? n/m

In the past week, this place has gotten a little weird

Taxpayers may need to plan ahead for breaks in stimulus bill.

President Obama signs letters to fallen troops' families with just his first name

Reducing mortgage payments

Foreclosure Plan now on

Does anyone have a copy of Obama's Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan yet?

Tomorrow's stock market.... What do you think it will do?

My letter to

Bush was a lot like Wall Street

QUIZ: What president passed the largest tax cut in history?

Obama facts .... he is kicking ass

student loan bailout needed

***Heads Up: Obama Live in Mesa on the Housing Crisis***

Obama's VietNam????

Nouriel Roubini: "there really isn't much left to do but nationalize" the banks

MSM at it again: Stocks fall as Obama releases housing plan details

Are you willing to believe that President Obama feels this nation is hinging on total collapse &...

Lincoln, teams of rivals and bi-partisanship

Credit Card Cos. Changing Terms of Agreements

Stocks fluctuate on details of housing plan

Can you imagine McCain doing this?

The case against bank nationaliztion

While the stock market does impact the economy, the market reactions to Obama are BS. . .

Alaska tells Sarah Palin to pay her back taxes


John McCain, Bill Nelson beneficiaries of latest firm charged with fraud

What. The. Fuck! - NY Post's Obama/Chimp Cartoon

Sen. Fritz Hollings...

Should Sharpton protest at also??

The Obamas Charm Kathleen Parker on AF1

earthlings first!

Eric Cantor is as DUMB as a bag of rocks!

The Stimulus: A Down Payment on a Green Future

When did every reporter and commentator become a economic genuis?

Even if you set aside the blatant racism of the cartoon..

Hey Barack- your time has come

An Interesting Aside: Infinite Monkey Theorem Has An Extensive Page On Wikipedia

Senator Burris SHOULD have been Seated....Nothing has Changed in that Regard.

Question: Will President Obama give a State of the Union Address

MSNBC about to discuss NY Post cartoon and "analyze" it.

When * was occupying the White House...

**Heads Up: CSPAN to air Michelle Obama with School Kids Live 4pm Eastern**

Let us post our own captions !!

Pope Benedict XVI to Pelosi: You must protect life at all its stages.

Video: CBC interview with President Barack Obama on the eve of his first international visit

NY Post tries to defend offensive cartoon

Al Franken Blog Contest

Obama stumbles in mortgage relief speech.




Bobby Jindal playing politics, saying he may not take stimulus money

I'll go so far as to call the political cartoon meta-race-baiting

Hillary in Indonesia: A woman who needs no introduction,

If this was any other Country it would count as terrorism. Is it to stand up to Israel.

The NY Post Jumps the Shark (Huffington Post)

Also from the same artist

Should Sen. Burris of IL resign?

Union Leaders Blasting Senator Roland Burris For Not Supporting Employee Free Choice Act

If you could run away with anyone, whom would you choose?

Sec of State Clinton greeted by students from Obama's Indonesian school

PHOTOS Jeez, it's like the Primaries all over again

A little OT but Repost: Fact Checking Lou Dobbs.

For Those People That Don't Believe The Corporate Media Is Slanted To The Right,

Morgan/Chase CEO gives high marks to Obama Administration

"Right direction" breaks 40% in polls for the first time in a long time

The troop deployment to Afghanistan...where do folks here come down on that?

Some more cartoons from the Stimulus/Chimp cartoonist.

The Monkey Editorial Toon is a Distraction and as Usual, we are falling for it.

Obama's Mortgage Relief Plan Is A Good Start: Is Congressional Approval Even Needed?

Repubs making up excuses for not prosecuting Bush crimes; Cornyn "the bad economy"

Obama's shiny new housing plan

"diagramming the obama sentence"

How the hell is CNN running this as their headline?

You Stay Classy, Michelle. Malkin Poses With Man Holding Anti-Obama Swastika Sign

MOJO's take on the Inauguration Concert. Interesting.

Sean Delonas, NY Post Cartoonist, meets with NY Post editorial board

Now MSNBC just shows Obama's plane or helicopter waiting for him to come out...

Don't Knock the Messenger: Bailout Has Good Points

The Stimulus and Housing Plans, What Do They Mean for You and Your Family?

Are you Gonna just Sit there and take this Insult

White House: Obama Opposes 'Fairness Doctrine' Revival

White House: Obama Opposes 'Fairness Doctrine' Revival

Why are we here at the DU if we want to insult people who feel insulted?

Why are we here at the DU if we want to insult people who feel insulted?

If you oppose stimulus, don't take the money..says Paul Begala

NY Daily Pic Collection. All the doofy pics of * in one place

Quick Debunk of the "He put Beware of Dog in Cartoon to be more racist"

Republicanism. An ideology for the terminally stupid. latest exhibit...California Coup

The best way to get rid of Rush Limbo

And now for the GOP talking points, David Gregory.

Civil rights in court spotlight: Discrimination, voting cases awaiting justices

PHOTOS First Lady at the White House (Feb 18) (UPDATED)

KS-Gov, KS-Sen: Obama Wants Sebelius for HHS

The multi-pronged Attacks against Pres. Obama are starting to work -

Federal Judge takes senior status making 63 vacant federal judges for Obama to appoint (0 so far)

Anyone watch Jon Stewart tonight? Is it worth staying up for?

CNN Roland Martin: NY Post cartoon is racist and careless

The "Maverick" crybaby

PHOTOS Is Ottawa expecting a visitor?

Gergen: "That cartoon is dripping with racism."

Had the Hate Speech Cartoon Been in a Liberal Publication Towards a Repuke President...

Need book recommendations...

Ben Bernanke, Federal Reserve Chairman, Doesn't Rule Out Banks Nationalization!

Q: Isn't the 75 Billion Foreclosure bill part of the 350 Billion BailOut already Alloted?

Republicans vote against stim, but will take credit in 2 years for it if it works

Tweety to cover "the cartoon" from today's N.Y. Post right now

Well, No One Can Say We Haven't Been Warned.

'Several Shots' Killed the Chimp, Why Did the Cartoonist Use Two Holes in the Chest?

Is he or isn't he going to use Taxation W/O Representation license plates????

Is he or isn't he going to use Taxation W/O Representation license plates????

Help me out here: Incitement to Hatred v Freedom of Speech...what's the story?

Holder: US a nation of cowards on racial matters

Al Sharpton is one of my not-so-Guilty pleasures. He's a very smart man.

I received this e-mail today from a Canadian friend.

Nancy Skinner is just not entertaining

** S O C I A L I S M **

Update: DU ACTION ALERT: Call & Complain About The New York Post Cartoon

"Worst Is Yet to Come:" Americans' Standard of Living Permanently Changed

I know our president is a hell of speaker, but I am damn proud of AG Holder and his speech today!

Anybody remember this racist ASSHOLE who brought the Obama monkey to the Palin rally?

My problem against Miley Cryus dealing with the Obama girls...

TOON If Bankers were Firemen

Mark-to-Market Accounting Must Come to a Halt

I am not amused

The "Bankruptcy Reform Act of 2005" Has Increased Foreclosures: Who Voted For It

C'mon GOP, urge your flock to REFUSE their stimulus benefits.

NYT: The EPA under Obama Admin is going to for the first time start regulating Carbon Dioxide

PHOTOS The President in Arizona (Feb 18)

Okay Why Did The Cartoon Depict The Stimulus Bill Killed Dead When They Knew It Had Passed?

Who is Jack Schitt??

Brad DeLong to UC-Berkeley: Fire John Yoo

So I guess the 2.5 million who lost their homes last year are out in the cold

Durbin's statement on Burris (not good)

Our Legend of Zelda

Bring Back The FAIRNESS Doctrine?

Remember McCain's Mortgage Plan? Obama's Similar Plan Offers LESS Freebies, But...

Forget the cartoon and Burris, Obama's Housing Plan is the real news today...

Confirmation of 2000-2008 Election Fraud: Analysis of the Essential Polling Evidence

Rush Limbaugh - Hatemonger

*** Please PISS off Lou Dobbs and DU his lame ass poll ***

History of the Fairness Doctrine

Thanks for rescuing me. Mild was getting on my nerves.

Will Republicans Who Opposed Stimulus, Take Credit and Control Congress In 2010 Like 1995?

The phones on the city desk have never rung like that before

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the REAL NEWS! Pay attention folks!

The Chimp is CLEARLY Meant to Represent Barack Obama

Why is Obama sending more troops to Afghanistan?

NYT: Obama has settled on Gov. Sebelius for Secretary of Health

Cartoon Reality Check

MORE Hearts! Thank You, Secret Admirers!

Does anyone know where the chart can be found that Rachel showed on her

For the Bill Clinton bashers

If the Obama administration doesn’t start to deal with the populist wave headed for Washington,.....

Elder and Younger GreenKids have been watching "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern" today. They

Al Sharpton is on his way to the NY Post to raise hell about this toon

Is Bush's Medicare Plan "D" enacted in 03 part of the problem?

Cartoon Poll--Racist?

Ten Loathsome Cartoons from Sean Delonas (the chimp cartoonist)


Australian taxpayers support GM bankruptcy fightback

Germany: Merkel's Cabinet agrees on expropriation law

Greek police defuse bomb outside Citibank in Athens

14-year-old high-school student arrested for texting in class

Greenspan backs bank nationalisation

Spain officially in recession

California budget negotiations hit a new snag

Merkel, Sarkozy May Have to Rescue Euro Nations to Avert Regional Crisis

Vilsack calls for stricter food labels (incl. country of origin)

Goodyear cutting up to 5,000 jobs

Brazil defends use of local currencies in Unasur trade (distancing from US dollar)

Court Reverses Ruling Bringing 17 Detainees to U.S.

FT: Greenspan backs bank nationalisation

(Attorney General) Holder going to Guantanamo

The New York Post Jumps the Shark

3rd Liberty City Six trial finally set to begin (FBI planted informant/alleged terrorist plot)

Holder To Visit Gitmo Next Monday

Ex-Atty. Gen. Mukasey joins NYC law firm

Investors target Exxon, Massey for lags on climate

Hundreds swarm Stanford's Antigua bank

Holder to Visit Guantanamo Prison Camp to Assess Interrogations

Hit foreign link to heroin, Afghans ask allies

(Iraq) Shoe-thrower's supporters rally on eve of trial

Iraqi politician killed in latest post-vote attack

Facebook backtracks on terms of use after protests

Bishops’ statement angers some on illegal immigration

Durbin: Senate Ethics Investigation Of Burris Underway

BREAKING NEWS: Court overturns ruling that would have transferred 17 Gitmo detainees to U.S.

(UK Ministry of Defence) MoD documents go missing on train

UBS Agrees to Pay $200 Million to Settle SEC Charges for Violating Registration Requirements

Obama's Foreclosure Plan Seeks To Save Millions From Losing Homes

Kabul On the Edge: Residents say feel less safe, conspiracy theories about U.S. run rampant...

Iraq's Kurdish-Arab tensions threaten to escalate into war

( GOP) State senator works for raided brokerage (Stanford)

Stanford whereabouts unknown after charges: SEC

Bernero calls for pay, health care reforms for elected officials

Calif. Republicans Oust Leader Amid Budget Talks

Poll: New Yorkers want income tax hike for rich

Man charged in bizarre kidnapping

Holder to Visit Guantanamo Prison Camp to Assess Interrogations

Clean energy deal anticipated during Obama visit

(Former Dem PA State Senator Vincent ) Fumo Claims He Was Targeted By Bush Administration

Fed Downgrades Economic Forecast for This Year (warns of long road to recovery)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday February 18

Afghans say 13 civilians killed in US-led strike

Obama Moves to Reverse Bush Boycott of UN Conference on Racism

Israeli widows support Munich 2018 Olympic bid

(British Prime Minister Gordon) Brown says no cover up over torture allegations

Hackers steal thousands of Wyndham credit card numbers

Pittsburgh Boring Couple's Lawsuit Vs. Google Dismissed (Street View Case)

Stanford fails in bid to leave USA

Major cache of fossils (from the last ice age) unearthed in L.A.

Major cache of fossils (from the last ice age) unearthed in L.A.

Sebelius reportedly chosen as HHS secretary

Judge gives Microsoft big win in 'Vista Capable' case

Roy Blunt is IN for U.S. Senate in 2010

Obama throws $75 billion lifeline to homeowners

Helicopter ditches in North Sea

North Dakota House passes ‘egg as a person’ bill

US Commander: Troops 'Stalemated' In S Afghanistan

Clinton seeks to improve US image with Muslims

Housing Starts at Another Record Low

Manhunt: Accused Financier Scammer Stanford Missing

UBS to identify customers, pay $780 million (unindicted co-conspirators)

Man shoots himself at Crystal Cathedral

Protest looms as US is set to deport 30,000 Haitians

GOP governors consider turning down stimulus money

CEOs Hit Rock Bottom, Less Popular Than Congress

Depositors turned away from Stanford banks

Obscure Tolkien book to come out this spring

Drug violence spins Mexico toward 'civil war'

Palin to pay tax on past per diem

Guadeloupe strikers block roads, close airport (economic meltdown)(Martinique too)

N.Y. Post defends cartoon linking Obama stimulus to dead chimp

PHOTO IN THE NEWS: "Extinct" Bird Seen, Eaten

(CA) GOP senator says he'll vote for budget if it includes constitutional amendments

'Suicide by cop' phenomenon occurring in over a third of North American shootings involving police

Ecuador expels second US official

Reuters: [Wealthy] Venezuelans, with billions at Stanford, want money

White House: Obama Opposes 'Fairness Doctrine' Revival

GM Plans to Eliminate Saab, Saturn, Hummer and Shrink Pontiac

Skull & Bones sued for Geronimo's remains

Obama commits 17,000 more US troops to Afghanistan

TYT: How is babby formed?

Americans United For Change/AFSCME: Recovery

CBS: US military equipment stolen by Taliban & sold in open air Pakistan markets

US Army Suicide: "Beyond The Front"

Fight Foreclosure: Produce the Note How-To

Rage Against The Machine - Directed by Michael Moore

Democracy Now covers the life of 9/11 widow Beverly Eckert

Kit Bond Touts Stimulus Plan That He Voted Against

Top Ten messages left on A-Rod's answering machine (1:12)

Exclusive footage of A-Rod steroid application (00:56)

Screw bankers BACK: difference bank v. credit union in stick figures

Rove Testimony Delayed...By Obama?

Josh Tickell appears on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 2-16-09

CNN: After huge backlash from members, Facebook backs down from trying to own member content forever

Rachel Maddow: How To Find Osama Bin Laden

CNN's Christiane Amanpour: Swat valley's enforcement of Sharia Law, "a very dangerous situation"

WABC News: John Birch Society meeting circa 1964

TYT: Should Bankrupt Execs Make More Money Than The President?

Merv Griffen Show: Dr. Martin Luther King discusses views on Vietnam War (1968)

Cheney furious at Bush for refusing to Pardon Libby

Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH): Homeowners need bailout - "There has to be some justice for main street"

Burris's Blagojevich Lies

Racist AZ Sheriff faces Civil Rights Probe

Republican Leaders Speak Out In Support Of Norm Coleman-Oh, and SEND MONEY!

RNC Protesters Tried on Terrorism Charges

madoff song (parade of

Short video clip of what was probably VP Biden's motorcade leaving the Stimulus Bill signing.

Countdown: Worst Person = Sen. Kit Bond (CBC-MO)

Hillary Clinton's Press Conference in Indonesia (some cute moments at the airport too)

Richard Dawkins' Seven Wonders of the World

Al Sharpton Rips Racist New York Post Cartoon on Keith Olbermann's Countdown

Richard Dawkins on whether the bible is moral or not

Palin McCains Bristol

Dr. James Hansen calls for Civil Disobedience at the Capitol March 2nd

Countdown: Bachmann Returns - "what may be the craziest interview in American political history"

Ending the Compromise Era on AIDS / Michelle Goldberg

Cheney: Chief of Churls / John Seery

TYT: Rick Sanchez Embarrasses a Republican Congresswoman

Real Prosecutors Don't Let War Criminals Walk For The Price Of A Confession

Obama's War On Terror: Proceed With Caution

More GOP Fracturing, Whackjobbery and Stupidity

Another Burris Shocker! Admits Involvement in Teapot Dome Scandal

Rachel Maddow: Former Guantánamo camp guard Brandon Neely speaks out

Media fail to take economic crisis seriously (Gene Lyons)

Coming to NBC: 'To Catch a Cheney' by Jeff Cohen

Adventures in Job Hunting

A-Rod Blames Steroid Use On 'My Cousin Vinny'

It's Time to Treat America's Homeowners as Well as We've Been Treating Wall Street's Bankers

Aides Say No Pardon for Libby Irked Cheney

Garrison Keillor: A bit of advice: Stay off the obituary page as long as possible

Did Bush's attorney general hide internal dissent over torture?

Editor of New York Post Defends His 'Monkey Business Cartoon'

No Mercy for Mercenaries

Cheney and the Goat Devil - Dowd

Floating the Most Discredited Canard of the Trade Debate

ricks explained.

"DOJ probe on Yoo torture memos 'damning;' senators demand answers" by Jason Leopold (2-18-09 Online

Bank of England seeks power to inject more money into economy

One Side to Every Story

George Will of Washington Post changes the numbers on global warming

Bank nationalization, from Greenspan? but WHY? (follow the....)

H-1B visa ban for bailed-out US firms irrational: Montek

TYT: Cenk Breaks Down The New 'Gay Snipers' Smear From The Right

Inevitable: Obama's Surge in Afghanistan Will Bring a Surge in Civilian Deaths

Danish Cartoonists Riot Over NY Post 'Chimp Cartoon'

Holder: US is nation of cowards on racial matters

Study: Big Pharma relies on India, China for R&D

Single-payer and the battle for health care

Guess what? The New Deal worked!

Looting Social Security

The Looming Collapse of the American Empire by Chris Hedges

Attorney General Holder delivers landmark speech on race

Robert Parry: The Ultra-Radical Republicans

'Bitter' Gore; 'Principled' McCain

Jailing Kids for Cash

Ending the Hidden Agenda Behind Tax Cuts

The New York Post Jumps the Shark

Hudson: The Oligarch's Escape Plan

It is Time to Leave Bristol Palin Alone

"The Republican-engineered controversy around the stimulus is a phony."

Neighbors Helping Neighbors—to Break Into Vacant Houses

Shrinking output and substantial unemployment rate until 2011

Arresting Rod Blagojevich but not Scooter Libby

Patrick Fitzgerald, 50 other federal prosecutors from the Bush regime can remain

Bjorn Borg - Love for All (widescreen)

Rush Limbaugh on Barack Obama (Live Call - Never Before Seen Footage)


Torrential rain a 'mixed blessing' for Australia

Two Rivers: The Kenai and the Yukon - Progressive Alasa

'Frozen Smoke:' Ultimate Sponge For Cleaning Up Oil Spills

Andean glaciers could disappear in 20 years: World Bank

Nuclear firm fined for radioactive waste leak: court

Washington Post: EPA May Reverse Bush, Limit Carbon Emissions From Coal-Fired Plants

NOAA News Release: New Report Shows Loss of Coastal Wetlands in Eastern U.S.

Sydney Morning Herald: Stuck in the mud: plants on death row in changing world


Newsday: Sea level rising threat like 'giant snail', environmentalists say

BBC: Climate curbs need 'people power'

Botanists' Study Of 11,000 S. Hemisphere Species Suggests Most Will Not Survive Sudden Warming - SMH

America’s future wind web?

(AP) Maine group: Forest zone would slow climate change

Pawlenty Energy Aides Assert New Coal Plants Will Actually Help Reduce GHG Emissions

New Scientist - Arctic Modeling With "Locked" Albedo Changes Only Cut Warming By 15%

Investors target Exxon, Massey for lags on climate

MSF - Zimbabwe's Health System Has "Collapsed" - Expect Much More Than Cholera In Near Future

Caterpillar Plague Hits Liberia; Another Unknown Crop-Munching Species Arrives In Ivory Coast - AFP

EU court attacks GM crop secrecy (BBC)

MPCA Finds Mercury Levels In MN Walleye, Pike Rising Since 1990s After Initial Decline

Study Suggests Melt-Pooling As Reason Arctic Sea Ice Loss Far Outpaces Models - Guardian

EU wants more sharks in the sea, less in soup pots (AP/Newsmeat)

Toxic rubbish 'dumped in Africa' (BBC)

The BRAD BLOG Goes Green: 'Green News Report' Premieres!


D.C. Environmental Film Festival, March 11-22, 2009

Oklahoma nuclear power bill advances in committee

Green burials: A dying wish to be 'home for fish' (CNN)

Japanese Greenpeace Activists on trial for stealing whale meat , illegally killed whales Antarctica

Al Gore's presentation to the AAAS Annual Meeting in Chicago

Nissan's "Pure Electric" Car To Debut In Tennessee Next Year

Drought Tightens In And Around Austin - Soil Moisture At Zero, At Least 1,000 Cattle Dead Of Thirst

After 75 Years, Beavers Return To Detroit - Lodge Located In ConEd Intake Canal AFP

How to Use Solar Energy at Night

Brazil defends use of local currencies in Unasur trade

Brazil to expel 98 foreign NGOs operating in the country

Carnival queen will have Obama painted on her body

April Delegation to Venezuela: Human Rights, Food Sovereignty and Social Change

Mark Weisbrot:: "Venezuela, An Imaginary Threat"

Afro-Costa Rican activist to run for president (Epsy Campbell)

video of FARC's efforts in Colombia narrated by a "special guest"

Economic meltdown causing unrest on Caribbean islands of Guadeloupe & Martinique

GM To Cut 47,000 Jobs As UAW Reaches "Tentative Understanding" With Detroit Three - 02/18/09

Acuff: Grassroots Campaign for Employee Free Choice Is Just Beginning

Today in labor history Feb 18 “The Man”, is published in New York City (It cost one cent)

Smithfield (World’s largest pork processor) Foods Closes Six Plants, Lays Off 1,000 Workers

Mayor Virg Bernero of Lansing Michigan Tears Fox News Anchor a New One

Union Leaders Blasting Senator Roland Burris For Not Supporting Employee Free Choice Act

Support fellow union members and save on wireless service

Corporate front group gives “Defense of the American Worker” awards to anti-worker legislators

14,000 Insured Lose Health Coverage Every Day

Managers, Not Workers, Overpaid in Manufacturing Jobs

Baltic states have awakened to a nightmare

UPDATE 1-Hungary eyes 'unconventional' means to defend currency

Texas Madoff....Stanford Wielded Jets, Junkets and Cricket to Woo Clients

Bank Of England asks to print money...

Scandinavian Home Mortgage Lien Stripping

Boone Pickens Reduces Energy Investments, Holdings Fall 97%

Iceland at the brink of failure

Nouriel Roubini: "there really isn't much left to do but nationalize" the banks February 18, 2009

Obama's Mortgage Relief Plan Is A Good Start: Is Congressional Approval Even Needed?

Mark-to-Market Accounting Must Come to a Halt

More CNBC nonsense....

Goldman Sachs Partners Borrow to Cover Margin Calls

Ben Bernanke, Federal Reserve Chairman, Doesn't Rule Out Banks Nationalization

LGBT Immigration Bill Reintroduced to a More Receptive Congress

Must see video: Bjorn Borg - Love for All

There is a case airing on Court TV(or it's new name) near and dear to the GLBT community now.

So I just got this boring-looking piece of paper from my credit card company....

A documentary that I was an AP on got a write up today.

Did you watch Frontline's Meltdown? Looks like Paulson put Ideology ahead of the country.

N.B.A. and Union Are Discussing New Labor Deal

Bonds Judge Wants to Question Anderson

Sad and haunting photo of memories being ripped apart.

A nice change from the arrests, roids, etc sports stories out there.

Nationals prospect falsified identity

UT: Full-page anti-gay ads run

Former Giants linebacker Brad Van Pelt dies

Mike Leach could be out at Texas Tech by Friday.

Peppers' trade list has only 4 teams

49ers: no way to Vick

Someone in big-time anti-gay, pro-Prop 8 Caster family toking weed?

What do you call somebody who doesn't root for any of his home teams?

Ky. Derby Trail: Southwest & Middle East

Are we in a recession or is this a Depression?

Community members allege child abuse covered up among ultra-Orthodox in Safed

Peres to consult parties on prime minister pick

Hamas rejects Israel's truce conditions

Fayad: Send aid directly to needy Gazans

Bar Refaeli in Gaza

IDF: War crime charges over Gaza op are 'legal terror'

Likud favorable to Lieberman's demands

Kadima to Peres: Government led by Livni will unite Israel

Arab League chief: A right-wing Israeli gov`t will at least say no to our face

Israeli widows support Munich 2018 Olympic bid

EU Jewish leader: Anti-Semitism spurred by economy, not Gaza war

What's your Opinion on the Crisis in the Middle East?

Iran N-experts in Israel crosshairs?

Israel: Ball in Hamas' court

HuffPo: "There is No Proof Cigarettes Cause Cancer" say experts

Watchdog: Bush FDA decision put patients in danger

How sad is it that I envy my dog his health care?

How Inflammatory Disease Causes Fatigue

Gene therapy promises one-shot treatment for HIV

'Exploring legal liability for parents of unvaccinated children '

'the vaccine industry'

Pay to Play: Big Pharma $$$ Equal Big Clout in Medical Journals

images of a cough

What, or whom, exactly IS " Big Pharma"?

"Vaccine book brings out hidden support: Author"...

Witch Hunt Reporter Brian Deer gets Worst Person in World on Olbermann

Why We Need Vaccine Safety Oversight: US Court Ruling - MMR Vaccine Damaged This Child

Are bad sleeping habits driving us mad?

"Open Carry" bill in committee in Oklahoma

the sporting clause and the import ban

Lewis SBCT part of Afghanistan increase

GAO denies protest of Army JLTV award

2nd soldier at Leonard Wood dies of meningitis

Army investigates death of girl, 16, at Lewis

Army rethinking plan to cut forces in Europe

Sgt. to testify in Iraq slaying trial

Wisconsin bids farewell to 32nd IBCT Guardsmen

Remains of Jimenez, Fouty buried together

More ‘green’ Marines aboard ships

Today's Army Times mailbag

Coast Guard gets a piece of stimulus pie

Obama announces Afghanistan buildup

Marinette withdraws patrol boat protest

Carrier H.W. Bush returns from sea trials

U.S. urges Japan to protect others from pirates

26th MEU readies for return

Pendleton death under investigation

Ex-inmate turned al-Qaida leader surrenders

Nelson court-martial delayed by defense motions

U.S., Japan sign pact to move Marines to Guam

Schwartz to ask Gates for more F-22s soon

‘Heritage coat’ still possible

Electronic war fighters celebrate milestone

RAND: New strategy needed in Afghanistan

Kyrgyz parliament to vote Thursday on U.S. base

Clinton signs Guam pact

Ham: 2 brigades should stay in Germany

Officials at Osan lift ban on 8 local bars

Civilians in U.K. to see bump in post allowance

Airman jailed for stealing donated money

Ombudsman: Battle brews over 1st Amendment on the battlefield

Bait and phish: Blue Team at Misawa cooks up online scams to test network

US Sees 'Test Run' With Captured Pirates

Brit, Afghan Troops in Major Drug Raid

Students Designing New Body Armor

Opponents of Navy landing strip gear up

SPS Arrives in Nicaragua

CNP Wants Sailors Help Prevent Suicide

Army Has New Video to Combat Suicides

New Predator Takes Flight in Iraq

Ops Officials Conduct New Training

(Military Times) Op-Ed: Two Elections

Using satellites to find bin Laden

Reactor chiefs, officer disciplined over exam

Judge refuses to toss Blackwater charges

Winter scene - South of Paris, France

Another little guy


zoe swaddled

Check out this amazing shot from the Tour of California

Shade tree softbox with an off camera flash..

Find the Killdeer eggs. This was taken in a driveway.

A day at the Tellus Science Museum, Cartersville, GA

I just felt like posting something

Rachel Carson Sense of Wonder Contest 2009

Anyone up for visualizing Norm Coleman conceding

Sometimes world news is so good

"The Blue Butterfly"

The boy with 11 tumours who was sent home to die... and survives after grandparents' alternative the

Out of Body Experiences

Search for 'alien life' could start on Earth

Scientists discover the jealousy lobe

Perchlorates may keep Mars running with water

Air-filled bones helped prehistoric reptiles take first flight

Echoes discovered in early visual brain areas play role in working memory

Diamond is no longer nature’s hardest material

Jupiter in space agencies' sights (BBC) {Europa probe}

If 2 brothers were suspected of being a child's father, could DNA testing determine which brother?

Looking for stuff at the L4 and L5 points....

New Stars from Old Gas Surprise Astronomers

Buddhist temple built out of one million beer bottles

2012 Survial. Brought to you by Sony?

Catholic patriarchal hierarchy and Evangelicals to blame for economy....

What sorts of offense do you take in reference to your faith/lack of faith?

Breakfast Pizza +++


Thanks to my fellow cooks & bakers for the Valentine's Hearts!

Top Chef Top Chef Top Chef finale!!!!! In NOLA!!! REMINDER!

GREAT meatball marinade (very easy!)

What's for Dinner? ~ Wednesday the 18th Edition

mmmm --- Bacon

Taking my ebay La Cloche out for a spin today.

My grandmother may be passing tonight....

Yoo: Court Rejection Of Bush Detainee Policy Is An Effort ‘To Deny What Happened On 9/11

St. Rep. Corte wants to force pregnant women to watch and hear

Why are there no prominent Democrats running for Tx. Governor?

Why I can't or don't watch certain movies.

Is "Taken" as good as everyone says it is?

Must see movie "The Appeared"" Best movie in a long time!!!!

Canwest stock is down to 39 cents today

Harper warns U.S. against protectionism

Suse Linux - changing computer name

Sorry to be a pest, but in SUSE 11.1 - roll-up does not work.

As my computer ages things begin to fail

SuSE 11.1 with 3D effects ewnabled: Cube effect won't work

I've got a laptop wireless connection problem that is driving me CRAZY (yes, I screamed)

Help needed...

JK & THK in Jordan and Lebanon (Pics)

Taking Liberties

3 year old dad Alfie Patten has joined "Fathers for Justice"

Jowell defends crooked husband - admits she helped him receive bribe

Entire crime squad is investigated for corruption

Speculation mounting that Harriet Harman is plotting to succeed Brown