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I like puppies!

There are days.... I know guns are not popular BUT


Thank you to whoever gave me my 4th heart

I know this has been overdone...

Thanks for the heart.

Uncovered bones are a hot find from the Ice Age

Republicans' refusal to vote for budget bill will cause the layoff of

Remains of ancient monolithic temple found in Himachal

Physicist Uses Radio Signals to Search Downtown Las Vegas for Signs of Ancient Pit Houses

From the bottom of my heart, thanks for the hearts

Drone kills Taliban in Pakistan

Founder of Islamic NY TV station accused of beheading wife

Archaeologists dig up rare medieval waterwheel

DC Journalists Love GOP Obstructionists, But Americans Don't

I left my heart... In San Fransisco...

Please take this poll, then call the guy holding the CA budget hostage:

Japanese economy in free fall - Tokyo's GDP faces steepest drop since '74

Cambodia genocide trial begins

Please give this Senator a call: 1 vote is blocking CA budget

Do Int'l Auto Corps Really "Compete"? Joint Ventures, Tech-sharing, Co-development...

replacement for Randi Rhodes on XM

Ben Smith: Gay snipers stalk WV

Charlie Rose on Afghanistan/Taliban tonight. Robert Gates

groan. guess who else was in the tank for Bush?

'Pro-labor pragmatist' likely to be named as Obama's auto advisor

What would happen if we all "just said NO" ?

In your most honest opinion, what should be done about the banks??

Freerepublic - Racists (Who would have guessed)

Time to Dump That Bush-Era Law Permitting an Invasion of Holland to "Rescue" U.S. Soldiers

More Palin Propaganda, now on The Today Show. Showing of Fox interview

Israel Engaged in Covert War Inside Iran

Zbigniew Brzezinski coming up on Morning Joe

WTF is Rove doing on Today Show?

War Criminals Love Lattes Too

"Nuclear-armed Pakistan is handing itself over to the Taliban"

Someone is buying Ann Coulter's book - but who is reading it?

Well Kiss My Blue Butt

tax help pls and avoid turbo tax like plague

Letter for Abrahamson

Is DU evolving into a kinder, more caring DU?

Anyone know a link to the final stimulus bill?

I found the motherlode for Global Warming Denial - it turns out we are all "crazy".

Calculate Your Financial Comeback

Even if you are sitting down please hold on to your chair...

Remember all the bodies that were being found scattered all around Baghdad a couple of years ago?

"Most Powerful Single Black Individual That's Ever Walked Planet" - Historian Puts Obama In Context

Did the White House Dictate the Torture Memos? By Scott Horton

America's Shame: Can Jim Webb Fix the Prison Gulag?

‘Made in the U.S.A.’ isn’t dead, just different

Main Street Stimulus website - USEFUL FOR RESPONDING TO DOUBTERS.

Miley Cyrus & an "out-of-control, 200-lb. chimp"...Fox News just keeps raising the journalistic bar.

Coming to NBC: "To Catch a Cheney"

Fear Not the "WooWoo"

Bristol Palin would like you all to know...

C-Span Caller Finds Federal Firearms Registration Requirement in Bailout Bill

Romneys to Sell Two of Four Homes

Oil, Copper Lead Declines in Commodities to Lowest Levels Since June 2002

NYT - Republican governors support Obama

...Virtual smoke and mirrors can't conceal the emptiness of today's Republican Party.

Dollars & Sense: Global Growth Is At Virtual Halt

"We are dealing with a catastrophe of unbelievable proportions." (California)

Feb. 17 is Close the SOA Call-In Day

Imagine if John McCain had been elected President ?

Pure Capitalism

Port of Long Beach total traffic was down 23.4% compared with January of 2008,

A question about the relationship between Obama's financial policies and the stock market ....

What time is Obama supposed to sign the stimulus

We need laws to prevent Chimp attacks.....write to your Republican

"Obama Will Get No Warning When The People's Response to This Crisis Comes"

Question: Is there any site or group keeping track of all the costs of the Bushco presidency?

AOL poll being freeped.....

Eric Cantor Banks On Bail-Out

Eric Cantor Banks On Bail-Out

I saw the term "Obama Hater" used elsewhere on DU. I've never seen an actual Obama hating DUer.

Federal Agency Aided MD Spying

Bad memories of the last 8 years? Take this pill

Bill O'Reilly is a...

Recession fears slam Wall Street

The Perils of Bi-Partisanship

Trump entertainment seeks bankruptcy


Paparazzi snap picture of Limbaugh in his bathrobe

Rep Cooper: 'Repubs Were In Favor Of Stimulus-But Feared Repub Leadership Too Much To Vote For It'

Small Buisness, creates about 70% of new on the way with stimulus

Watching the Superbowl with Obama and Bush

The young turks youtube channel...what happened to it?

Stimulus Bill Bravado

Robert Allen Stanford's 2008 political contributions (playing both sides) is LIVE!

Idiocy Watch (That would be Bachmann, Michele Bachmann)

Call for End to USDA's Wildlife Killing Agency

another nuke plant event

Marijuana Policy Has Helped to Doom California

A 'fraud' bigger than Madoff

Bush's policies and decisions of last 8years led to hundreds of thousands of deaths globally

Senator-Elect Al Franken live on Ed Schultz right now. nt

S&P 500 slips below 800, re-testing November lows

Aww, there's trouble in paradise. Rove says there is no feud going on between Bush and Cheney

Aww, there's trouble in paradise. Rove says there is no feud going on between Bush and Cheney

GOP Lawyer from 2000 Florida recount advises Norm Coleman

I am almost afraid to post this, but hiding in a corner will not make it go away..Environment Alert

Graphic: Change in Real Net Income Under Presidents Since Nixon

Cops: Teen kept in bathroom, beaten for years

Obama Poised to Reverse Bush's Taliban-Like, Big Brother Stem Cell Policy

This is a little strange...for years, I hold my breath before checking the news in the am

C-Span is reshowing Washington Journal from this morning - the gun registration call is soon

How HARD is it for Yahoo News to NOT confuse our President with OBL????

Politico: dem approval more than doubles in a month

Pat Robertson smacks Limbaugh for Obama 'failure' comment

U.S. Muslim TV network founder charged with beheading wife

Did a pig just fly by anyone else's window? Pat Robertson blasts Rush Limbaugh

Cenk pulled again?!

3,200 Wisconsin National Guard are being deployed to Iraq today.

About the Media's right leaning take on things

So I was in Kohl's on Saturday and saw what was self described as an American Icon

Are liberals/progressives born or made? nt

David Sirota, Nate Silver Debate Devolves Into Petty Name-Calling

I keep seeing repugs talking about all this stimulus money going for

Toon - How to get the Rethugs to vote for spending bills........

So I'm Supposed To Feel Sorry For A-Rod & Forgive Him Now.....

Zardari Details Swat Peace Terms--How Is Sharia Law Compatible With Peace?

The Next Rachel Maddow: Two Progressive Hosts Vie For MSNBC's 10PM Slot

Dow charts: 1929, 1987, & 2008

Dow charts: 1929, 1987, & 2008

Time for another round of: How Bad Will It Get?!?!?

Forex failure continues in Poland/It’s getting bleaker by the minute in Eastern Europe

Be part of the largest mass civil disobedience for the climate in U.S. history

Be part of the largest mass civil disobedience for the climate in U.S. history

Massachusetts pushing mileage charge for motorists?

F*** it! has gone live!

How many chimpanzee-as-pets behavioral experts are also DU members?

Thank you, DU.

Whoever gave me the anonymous hearts, thank you.

Bush-June 28, 2004: "We Will Investigate And Prosecute ALL Acts Of Torture"

Thank You Once Again

Fasten your seatbelts ....... expect turbulence ......

Join Facebook group: 'Hey MSNBC - Bring Sam Seder To 10:00PM ET'

OMG!!! This is hugh!!!1! Jeanine Garafalo is a mole for Debaku!!!11!!!

OxyRush flat out lies to his Shittoheads once again ... LOL

The advantages of being unemployed:

Sarah Palin's daughter says abstinence doesn't work too good

Hell hath no fury like...

Nova M Radio to become a different company? Plus more info.

Anybody watch Pelosi's Documentary on HBO last night?

HOW IN HELLL DO THEY DO IT? Talk and never take a breath for fear of losing the mic?

DU this Denver poll please

Local news (Denver) is doing a great job talking to real people about the stimulus..

Biden..... One Helluva opening act.

Study shows the more famous a cable pundit, the more wrong s/he is.

Getting Well by: William Rivers Pitt

What ever happened to Radio Lady?

ExPat on DU. . .how is your local currency holding up? My Korean Won just tanked

"Made With Love in China"

Rush is trashing Oprah

Mitt Romney sells 2 of his 4 mansions...that means he only has 2 mansions left. NO! Dear GOD, NO!

How much total "tax credit" Under the ARRA?

To whomever...

I think its time for Senator Burris to Give Governor Quinn his Letter of Resignation


West Allis man not guilty in open carry gun case

I don't know if this has been posted before

CEOs' and Executives' educational backgrounds

OH-SEN: Rep. Tim Ryan endorses Lt. Gov Lee Fisher, won't run for open seat

Coleman Apparently Laying Groundwork For Appeal

Breaking: Construction Beginning on Missouri Bridge Immediately Following Stimulus Signing

Cm'on does Gerald Ford deserve to be ranked higher than Jimmy Carter in this presidential survey?

perhaps some good news? Obama to tackle foreclosures next

Does Harry S Truman deserve to be ranked as the fifth best president ever?

to the DU'er who gave me a heart--THANK YOU

Nighthawks hitting historic UK sites

Breaking: 10,000 more troops to be deployed to Afghanistan.

Commanders In Iraq Challenge Petraeus On Pullout Risk

To the DUer who gave me a heart...thank you!

Must-Read Digby: 'Philosophical Differences.' A GOP Conspiracy Theory on the Downturn is Brewing

What do you guys make of Krugman's casual dismissal of the New Deal in his 2/15 column?

School Districts to Provide the Names of Students Disciplined to the State

Is the Pope Catholic?

How stimulus will help your state

California budget stalemate sets up fiscal calamity

Finally...Cell Phone chargers to become universal...

Boner's response to the stimulus bill

The George W. Bush Library...

a question for the more vocal DU activists-How do you do it?

Woman Handcuffed, Forced To Hear Bible

To all those that blessed me with Hearts :o) I Thank you for your generousity

Howard Dean: The Far Right's All Out Offensive Against Medical Research

Does anyone know where I can find a copy of the Republican version of the stimulus plan?

Sales Position-Entry Level-Requires a four year degree...WTF

Burris Changes Story: Now Admits He Tried To Raise Money For Blago

Thank you so much for the heart!

14,000 Americans Lose Health Insurance Every Day»

new controversy over what triggered the European Renaissance

I know why the market is down today with the signing of the jobs bill ...


JD Hayworth source for Schumer - Soros smear? Rush Limbaugh speculations

Should General Discussion: Presidential go back to GD: Politics?

Poll Shows McCarthy could beat Gillibrand in 2010

Neocons blame environmentalists for fires in Australia

Approval For Democratic Congress Doubled - Going Down for Repukes

Fred Barnes, crackpot

A humble thank U 2 those that have given me hearts. Wish I could eat them!

Lack of federal veterinarians could hamper government response to disease outbreaks

Buyers generally oppose “Buy American” legislation

Cornyn Took Caribbean Junket On Stanford's Dime (w/unidentified companion!)

Limbaugh to listeners today: The states aren't out of money...

Media Covers Raw Politics, Not the Policies of Recovery Package - video

Add me to the list of DUers saying THANK YOU for the heart!

What Is Wrong With MSNBC Right NOW!!!!

Video of a (simulated) bird strike to a jet engine

For those of you who want to stay updated on the story of Kenny Glenn (teen who tortured his cat)

Conservatives urge Michael Steele to cut ties with Log Cabin Republicans

Conservatives urge Michael Steele to cut ties with Log Cabin Republicans

CNN's Wolf Blitzer-"The clock is ticking for President Obama....

Alleged 'massive fraud' at Stanford Financial exposes regulatory gaps—AGAIN!

Nova M Radio no more - Will try again under another name - Jeff Farias talking about it right now...

The next stimulus: 50 billion foreclosure prevention program

Westboro Baptist Church to go on Holiday. They want to picket a SCHOOL in the UK

DNA sample may be enough to build an image of your face

DNA sample may be enough to build an image of your face

What's with all the GET A GRANT ads?

Homeless man damaged police car because he prefers jail, officers say

OMG! According to MSNBC, construction on a Missouri bridge JUST started...

Beyond Cholera: Zimbabwe's Worsening Crises

Michele Malkin poses with guy carrying a "Obama" sign...

Michelle Bachman & stupidity.

How the Stimulus Bill Affects You. Think $13. Also think this:

Scott Boras Expected to Get Commerce Nod

Cops called to kid-friendly venues more than strip club

Would you or have you had your genetic predisposition to disease tested?

OK What wiseacre gave Name Removed a heart?

Iverson and the Afterlife

Missouri's 9th district represented by Blaine Luetkemeyer (R) first-in-nation funded project H.R. 1

What piece of the Randi puzzle do you think this holds? Love ya, Randi.

Received by email from friend: Is this true or false? (re: Stimulus Package)

Received by email from friend: Is this true or false? (re: Stimulus Package)

Turn on Shuster

I know nothing about economics, but they say "confidence" is all important

Top 20 banks receiving US aid are lending: Treasury

President Obama keeps saying to 'move forward'. Can people please stop being so depressed?

Gay marriage foes rally in Maine

30 Billion more tax dollars for GM?

What's with the crazy stimulus ad on DU w/Obama in it?

Wikipedia, Google Show Obama Racial Slur

Burris Bound for Ethics Committee Grilling

Ouch. GM plan calls for $30 billion, 47,000 job cuts

Missing money in Iraq? from 2006: "We played football with bricks of $100 bills"

Straight hysteria hits Atlanta

The Good News On the Stimulus

I want to thank the wonderful people who have given me a Valentine's heart!

Paul Krugman: Apocalypse now

Sen. Graham defends view on nationalizing banks

I know!! I know!! Let's have NO government!!

Rush is a big fat failure

Bristol Palin was having sex with her meth supplier and got pregnant.

Obama Signs It

Rush Limbaugh on a computer: "To start press any key... where's the any key?"

Pat Robertson: "Rush 'draft-dodger' Limbaugh is unpatriotic"

meet your magical mother...

John McCain "Rejected" Invite Back On "The View"

Thanks for the hearts, DUers.

If we really got behind high speed rail, couldn't we then afford to throw GM under the bus or under

PBS Tonight 9 p.m. FRONTLINE: Inside the Meltdown

Cheney's Mad at Bush

Wow, I got a heart.

Time To Stick a Fork in Reagan's Ass

Stanford arrested and charged with fraud

CREW:"WellCare Made Campaign Donations As Fraud Committed, Report Says" (2-17-2009 AP)

US tycoon charged over $8bn fraud (BBC)

BREAKING NEWS: Ronald Wilson Reagan arisen from the dead..

TPM: Stanford-Financed Group: Travel Agent To Congress

The Dumbshit Apple....

Bush library, policy center to share Wal-Mart-size building

Fundie organization issues dismal report card for the work of the professional 'Christian' set

awww thanks for all the candy hearts

Do you Want to see Senator Roland Burris Resign?


Thank you DU

Another heart - Thank you who ever you are!

Arlen Specter is trying to weasel on his stumulus vote

A not-so-brief primer on aircraft de-icing and anti-icing

UN: Afghan civilian deaths rose 40 percent in 2008 - NATO and Afghan forces killed 828

UN: Afghan civilian deaths rose 40 percent in 2008 - NATO and Afghan forces killed 828

Don't Airplanes leave Wreckage?

About the subprime debacle

Wow! Thanks for the heart!

Michael Jackson’s brother Marlon plans slavery theme park in Nigeria

So, Dickie is pissed that Chimpy didn't pardon Scooter. All I gotta say is..

Not That There Really Was Any Doubt, Wilkerson Confirms Cheney Was The Prez....

Chrysler asks for another $5 billion . Hey CEO - GO FUCK YOURSELF.

Hal Turner's Threatening Me and My Family

Acts of government-sponsored sexualized sadism

How Did Karl Rove Get Interviewed On The Today Show?

I think we can all agree ..... Obama has kept a very big promise and fulfilled a big wish.

This is cool. "Jamaican musher begins Yukon Quest" sled dog race.

Republican Eric Cantor

Sure California Is Facing A Huge Crisis - Buy Hey, At Least Arnold Has Time To Be In Another Movie

Hertzberg: R/Wing think tanks are like welfare programs for right wing writers

Hertzberg: R/Wing think tanks are like welfare programs for right wing writers

Rachael Maddow NOW!

Why are gasoline prices still going up . . . ????

CA on the Brink of Massive Fiscal Crisis While GOP Minority BLOCKS Much-Needed Tax Increases

So Pat Robertson thinks Mush Limpdick is talking "irrationally"?

Slick Willie is on Larry King Live

Jack Kerouac fans: the fire lookout position at Desolation Peak is open (GS-4)

Timmy the Tool Pawlenty will be on Rachel Maddow's show.

Rachel is going to have Army Private Brandon Neely on

Republican Congresscritters Hate Their Very Own Constituents!

Frontline Inside the Meltdown PBS NOW............n/t

Poor lil piyush jindal in a bind

I did find an audio feed of MSNBC for Olbermann and Rachel

Question: Why give GM a dime if they're still going to lay off 48,000 workers? I could see if

In Depth Analysis of American Income and Taxation: RG Price

Ending the Hidden Agenda Behind Tax Cuts

Country or family first?

No offense Mr. Neely, but I would've worn a suit and tie... n/m

Just came to me - Bush is actually a virus. No humanity on his own, but you put him in as pres and

I have two little dogs

I went in a sporting goods store in Dallas today

I picked up a whore this evening.

Obama's resort in foreclosure

How do we convince republicans that this financial crisis could become a cataclysm in the blink of

GM's plan includes cutting 47,000 jobs.....

Obama's entire Wikipedia entry replaced for 2 minutes by the "N" word repeated 3 times.

Does this woman have a mirror in her house?

Wanna buy a town? Set up a community?

OOOOH! Two snaps UP, girlfriend! John McCain offers a curt R.S.V.P. to Barbara Walters

Freepers discuss Frontline and wish for terrorist attacks on 'Blue' areas.

Open letter to Prez Obama from Cindy Sheehan

So My computer pushes together anything in italics (Dell, Microsoft XP)...anybody have a remedy?

We are headed over the waterfall in a barrel.. DOW is tanking

Watching the replay of Pelosi's doc on HBO

This is how to speak truth to power...

Love, death and foreclosure

Thank you, Pinto. Yeah, I'm calling you out.

Do we really need a "Fairness Doctrine"?

If Roland Burris Gets Bounced Or Resigns Who Would Gov. Quinn Appoint In His Place?......

Why is the South so complicated to win in elections? me I'm dreaming


Randi Rhodes replaced by Sean Hannity?

Housing picture grim in Phoenix metro area

my letter on Black History Month printed today,please Read and rate

Here's a crazy idea: Erase all the global debt

Watching the Frontline melt down program. Oh My God

Tuesday TOONS part 2: More obstruction, and a RIP...

Tuesday TOONS part 1: Zombie banks

Any Armenians here? I have some questions about "Old Armenia."

Bristol's interview backfired...said her pregnancy STARTED in the summer??

New foreclosure defense: Prove I owe you

Obama orders 17,000 U.S. troops to Afghanistan

Could this dog have kept us out of Iraq?

Dave (Letterman), I love ya, man, but this Clinton marriage schtick is lame and way beneath you

REPORT: 14,000 Americans Lose Health Insurance Every Day

The Fiscal Stimulus Will Pay For Itself

Was Darwin a Buddhist, or was he influenced by Buddhist thought?

Do you really think fellow DUers "won't let you" believe what you want?

As prices slump, Nymex oil seen losing relevance

Any one hear of the" Bush scroll"?

What ever happened to reimportation of pharmaceuticals from Canada

Chuk Todd

I've Had It.....DishTV or DirectTV

My continuing saga of Republican fundy conservatives in my little town...

This Just In : Calif. lawmakers back Prop. 8 challenge

The Fairness Doctrine versus the Equal-time Rule

Why does DU say "Don't Cut and Paste Your Password!"?

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Dear Freepers...

Burger King Exposed Video

Postmaster got $800,000 in pay, perks-but stamps are going up, service being curtailed

Drowning in Catalogues. There must be some way to opt out of this.

Newt has a "new, bold idea"!! Capital gains cut.... just like he has been pushing for NINE YEARS

1000th post- Thanks for the Hearts/Unofficial Omaha Steve Appreciation Thread

Party Of No: Cantor Hints At Opposing Obama’s Housing Plan Before It Is Even Released»

It's Time to Treat America's Homeowners as Well as We've Been Treating Wall Street's Bankers

Bushco WAR CRIMES=Conspiracy 18 USC 2441-PENALTY=Life Imprisonment Or Death

Do you love where you live?

Bailouts simplified

Kisses for My DU Valentine! And smooches for everyone else too!!!

Could we save American jobs by legalizing marijuana?

Anyone know anything about life after the oil crash breaking news? LATOC?

Hard times are ahead for California, & it’s hard not to blame Californians for it. They voted For It


If anyone might be thinking about growing a garden this year: Burpee's $10 Money Garden Good Deal

Obama orders 17,000 US troops to Afghanistan - no new strategy announced

A great idea from an old, old friend of mine:

Link to the Stimulous Law Itself? And/or Details re- Credit for Insulation?

Calif (World's 8th Largest Economy) is Imploding "a catastrophe of unbelievable proportions" LINK

It was all the fault of the Baby Boomers

Aerosmith tells Rep. Cantor to find a bowl of dicks, eat them

Returned from Nash Vegas to a new sweet

All of my heroes are dead.

I predict that sometime soon they will find Lush Limpballs

Are you willing to do jobs Americans won't.

Week 4 Presidential Checklist Week in Review

Not sure what the "sexual impurity" was but mega-church pastor resigns for it. . .LOL

Don't Miss PBS's "Frontline" tonight. "Inside the Meltdown"

S&P Strategist: Democratic Administrations are better for the market

US Intel Chief's Shocking Warning.

U.S. launches unmanned aerial drones to monitor Manitoba, Canada border

Frontline- The Meltdown- how do you grade it

Best news of the Day? Sirius/XM still exists,

My five things to help my country and my president during these hard times.

Homeless families face strict new rules (brought to you by Republican Gov. Deval Patrick)

* * * FOR MY 10,000TH POST: A Thank You and a (Short) Story * * *

* * * FOR MY 10,000TH POST: A Thank You and a (Short) Story * * *

I heard on my local nooz that GM will let Saturn die if they can't sell it

Suspect In Homeless Man's Death: We Gutted Him, Then Laughed

Toles Cartoon: An Ideology Recall

Two things you didn't see at the stimulus signing today

Is Stock Market Affected By California's Financial Meltdown?

Where in the world is Allen Stanford? The Manhunt Begins

Are "Canadian" generic drugs safe?

Tanya Harding.....oy.

Media Stimulus Coverage A Complete Embarrassment

Heads Up: tonight's Frontline, "Inside the Meltdown," sounds like must-see TV

help me out. how exactly do you solve an immediate state budgetary crisis by legalizing marijuana..

ok, sorry. So I saw this headline on CNN and burst out laughing:

Man , I don't how much more bad news I can take. Scary stuff

The Rude Pundit: Time to Punish Republicans

Pa. woman to stand trial for selling pierced cats

With California tanking, why no calls for a recall of Schwarzenegger ala Gray Davis? Bristol Palin offers "inarticulate, bumbling interview" to Palin fan Greta Van Susteren

The real reason Terence Howard defended Chris Brown - he was a wife-beater too

So I found this online conservative hideout in my red state, and left a present for them...

struggling with the grocery bill, stimulus not very helpful...

Domestic partnership bill heading to New Mexico Senate

Did FDR Really End the Depression?

14-year-old high-school student arrested for texting in class

Someone pi$$ed in Cafferty's cereal..Geez.

So now we see his opposition to Iraq was shallow.

No Limbaugh Zone! STRICTLY Enforced!

68 year old receives $740 in SS. Pays $719 for rent leaving $21 for everything else.

"Somebody loves me . . . I wonder who . . . I wonder who it can be" . .

Chimpanzee mauls woman in Stamford

Howard Dean at Huff Post: The Far Right's All Out Offensive Against Medical Research

US calls for treaty on mercury reduction

In parts of Texas, they don't celebrate Presidents Day. Instead, they get

Two ninth-graders from my school were pushed onto the subway tracks.

What song would best capture the theme of the Democratic Underground ?

Obama: Afghanistan 'still winnable'

Two Top Choices For The 10pm MSNBC Slot From Sam Stein Of HuffPo & TYT Gets (Un)Suspended

Some news about my first full-length documentary and a thank you

Why hasn't the news of Eric Cantor's wife benefiting from the bank bailout

52.45 points to Armageddon

Why does Greensboro make it in the top 5? :shrug:


This would make fundie heads explode................

Pat Robertson Denounces Rush Limbaugh For Hoping Obama Fails

Aerosmith to House GOP: Don't Use Our Song

This is a depression.

Freepers at each other's throats re: Bristol!

Getting Well (on Pres. Obama lifting the embryonic stem cell ban)

"The American Standard of Living"

Outlook for Defense spending is grim

*Warning* To People Who Have Bank Of America Credit Cards

I run a (mostly) state funded non profit, safety net in Calif. Hug me.

the Onama's have a dog yet? Obama said that a puppy would be coming with them to the WH

Made in America.

I should be in bed. oh well.

Bill O'Reilly is a gutless punk.

What's Up?

Wookie or Eddie Vedder?

I got 2 more hearts Monday.

Delete - Mispost

The tide is high and so am I.

Note to self: Don't listen to Social D on YouTube while playing Runescape.

Can somebody make me an old fashioned slam dancing smiley?

I am crushingly sad tonight!

Booga booga bump

Hey, Alex Rodriguez, you suck even more: Now he's blaming his cousin for his steroid use

I just realized what today is.

I can't get to sleep. Somebody bore me to sleep! Quick!

You get a pardon! And you get a pardon!

Is it 4:20 yet?

A-Rod Dead at 33

The Case Against a Universal Health Plan That Includes PRIVATE For Profit Insurers

Who ever you are...

Good morning Lounge

Craigslist fun: Weeding Photographer

I am currently watching The Godfather

Nice. TX Gov may pick and choose which stim $ to accept

Help sought for an aspiring writer....

I've decided to apply to be a contestant on The Bachelor.

Holy fucking SHIT! I just re-discovered MST3K!!

A roof on wheels for the homeless. Many of us may need one of these before it is all over.

A roof on wheels for the homeless. Many of us may need one of these before it is all over.

Can anybody spare $8,000,000?

Can you figure out the purpose of this device?

Happy Birthday, LareBakedNady!!!!!!!

I want to be to useless trivia what Carl Sagan was to science.

We need to think about 2010 and 2012 and start framing recovery in terms of decades and not years.

We need to think about 2010 and 2012 and start framing recovery in terms of decades and not years.

We should have a gigantic Love-In for MissHoneyChurch, BareNakedLady, and miss_american_pie.

New Videogame download for XBOX360 features full frontal nudity.

I wish Mr. Writer wouldn't linger about when I'm trying to work.

So someone I work with just gave me 3 chairman mao hats...

I HATE cold

Note to Self: Anyone who calls a human being an "illegal" is an asshole

My newest poem...To Balance On the Wind...

I think I'm going to take up communism today for the first time in ages.

I sm so hungry thst I ste my left hsnd pinkie finger

I think I am going to take Communion today for the first time in ages...

I think I am going to take Communion today for the first time in ages...

Neighbor and Dog Problems!

Wildwood Weed (inspired by "midwest is dull" post)

I missed updates on a found pup...

try this bite

Warning: Earworm. Thought I would share. Wish it were a:

What's a good price for a Wii console bundled with Wii Fit?


Does anyone know where I can find blueprints for a lark? I want to go on one. nt.

I *heart* my "Secret Admirer...." Thanks very much.

what does obama's "20 steps ahead of us" secret plan entail?

What are you top three songs from musicals.

Warning: Earthworm. Thought I would share. Wish it were a:

Did anyone know that the man that invented the taser has died???

my butt has a hole in it - hugs, vibes plz?


racaulk has a spidey sense!

Here is why you should not trust the phone book:

Fire up the barbie Penguin steaks help feed the poor in new economy.

Thank you Secret Admirer!

Here is why you should not trust the crispini

Got my degree in the mail; thinking about cutting it in half and using it to microwave pizza rolls.

SEC charges Stanford in alleged $8 bln scheme

I have now put my 85 year old father on an allowance, his has a prepaid debt card.

i've won every fight that i've ever fought

Rodriguez is on CNN about to cry

Rodriguez is on CNN about to cry

I'm tired of the "Disney Princess" stuff my daughter keeps getting


Do you think you are on my "alive to me" list?

You know what? The heck with all but one of you!

news on my documentary

Feeling rather inconsequential at the moment.

i'm going back to bed, someone wake me up when it's april

Are you ready for when it starts to get really bad?

Trangenderism, Homosexuality and Bisexuality

Does anyone know where I can find blueprints for an ark?

I just hid my first thread!

Need tips for selling on craigslist.

Has Anybody Seen "Shine a Light?"

We are getting some wicked wind here in Denver right now

Check-in thread for DUers seeking prosecution of Bush/Cheney administration criminals

Thanks for my hearts

dual core vs core 2 the latter significantly faster and better?

I think something very bad is about to go down across the street.

I think something very bad is about to go down across the street.

Divas!! Sheesh. Who needs 'em!

I am officially on a DTM list - how should I celebrate this joyous occassion?

Is it just me or

Question about giving away hearts (Or: MG is really dense)

A spider!!!!!

I've fine-tuned the look of my blog. What do you think of it?

"Squeeze my lemon 'til the juice runs down my leg"

Construction/plumbing emergency at the XemaSab house!

is it time to hock the family jewels?

sigh. looks like my boyfriend and i are losing the one evening a week we have the house to ourselves

Thank you to whoever give me my third heart.

White girl missing in Florida!

Just overheard in the cubicles:

Hey Bi-baby,

"Whole Lotta Love" by Led Zeppelin...

What do you think of my Firefox configuration?

Just got back from taking both dogs to the vet...

I just had coffee for the first time in six months

"Oh, by the way mom- you might want to wash this because I peed in my pants last night."

Speaking of rhyming, list all the words/phrases that rhyme with

The name "Chuck" always seems to end the Name Game.

So I finally sat thru the entire movie version of "The Valley of the Dolls"

is it time to scratch the family jewels?

I just hid a thread for the first time.

You know, "Young Americans" by Bowie was a genius album

Can somebody help me with an internet issue?

How do you like your coffee?

I Think I Need To Change Jobs.... but in this economy

ALL RIGHT! I have a big bag of Doritos, ice cream sandwiches, and my Kool-Aid mixed up

Wow, another heart.

I hope this isn't the flu!

The World's Most Famous Nobody

The real reason you are late for work............

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 2/17/2009)

DAMN, no Sophie Milman concert tonight...


i feel sorry for myself

I think you should just tell me if you got me a heart. ...

Anyone up for a tribute to the music of Manchester, England?

No FAFSA for graywarrior

The real reason Terence Howard defended Chris Brown - he was a wife-beater too

How the eff does "post haste" not = "after you hurry"?

5 days in Jersey , and I haven't gone to see Manhattan yet ,damn

Air Force One has just landed in Phoenix!

Ear Hair! Amazingly Gross Ear Hair!

It seems like few of my friends my own age seem to have any ambition.

OMG!!! This is hugh!!!1! Jeanine Garafalo is a mole for Debaku!!!11!!!

Aw man - these hearts are making me all sentimental and stuff

Money question.

anyone watch Parental Control (MTV)?

FINALLY! i got a "good duer" heart to go with my four "evil duer" hearts

Silence is golden

Two guys walk into a bar.....

Is it me or does Madonna need to click it down?

I know California needs this rain but damn it!!!!

Happy Birthday Barenakedlady!!!!!

My first photo thread using my new/old screen name

"Love YOU" secret heart giver. Thanks very much.

Well crap..I know I'm gonna feel lousy come this weekend....

Half of the hearts that Dr.Strange has received are "Evil DUer". What does this mean to you

Midlo Appreciation Thread

I have NO hearts to give away - post here why I should not give you one

Well, Nugget is back from the vet. At least most of him is.

Frontline - "Inside the Meltdown" just started on PBS

Short and Sweet Poll: Which is Healthier?


*******MILES' TONES*******


Don't you love it when your facebook status update turns into

My 2 y.o. is at her first sleep over.

Who's watching Scrubs right now?

Sylar isnt killing the cast of heroes fast enough.

Hey, p.s., I'm getting a new nephew tomorrow!

I just assumed that all my PMs were secret admirerers. Not so much the case.

I find the darndedst things on me when I wake up from my naps.

What is for dinnah, DU?

Here is something you can't understand:

What's your number?

My hair got really long this time

Turns out I'm going to a cocktail/wine tasting at the Swiss Ambassador's residence

Man , the news is depressing , GD is depressing , LBN is depressing

Ahh... that's better.

Ahh... that's better.

Thanks for the heart...whoever you are.

I just finished filling out ****4**** count them *****4****** FAFSA forms

Isaw Coraline on Sunday

Anyone else underwhelmed by the show "Madmen"?

JackMN's about to ruin another band for me. He's obsessed with Rilo Kiley.

Pride and Predator: It's Jane Austin vs. aliens - seriously

I'm about to cry from fatigue and stress.

My ultra-right-wing wealthy evangelical in-laws are having shit fits over President Obama.

Please, I need some help. How do I get off Sniffa's ignore list?

More proof jj abram's vision of star trek is all wrong

My back is killing me because of Wii bowling!!

My wife thinks Two And A Half Men is funny. Is this grounds for divorce?

Weight loss secrets. I hear vitamin C with flavanoids helps one loose weight.

The house I grew up in is being torn down

1990 was so long ago.


do you screen your phone calls?


I am tired

all what you need to know about the brain

My dog's personality is changing and I'm afraid it's because I'm changing.

*** Happy Birthday Miss_American_Pie!!! ***

Two guys walk into a bar...

My favorite thread of the day. Dick is furious with George.

My favorite thread of the day. Dick is furious with George.

A weird thing happened to me last night and I would like some opinions on it.

Hilarious (and cute!) LOL cat.

What are you listening to right now?

"Meals" is *IS* in the title of this magazine-thank god

Okay .. here's a good computer question

In honor of world record fingernails and ear hair, I shall post pics of my ingrown toenails.

Leonard Cohen.

Favorite cheese

I have two little dogs

Anyone want to see Watchmen?

The more fucked up a movie's plot is, the more I want to see it.

Fuck, I hate fucking cancer...fuck.

Dear California:

What's wrong with Socialism?


New computer. New wide screen monitor. But it's missing something...

Hellooooooo LOUNGE!

Kittimus Prime just got outta surgery and it went GREAT according to the vet!

I'm bored, ask me anything

BIG LOVE fans--what did you think of this week's episode? SPOILER ALERT

I have ALOT of hearts to give away - post here why I should give you one

Indian grocer has world's longest ear hair

Have you ever wondered about me? What do you want to know.....ask!

20th Class Reunion (high school): Yes or No?

Obama plots huge railroad expansion




Dead Milkmen "Stuart"

Well my 360 just 86'd itself.

The plight of Mexican-Jewish gardeners is an important isue to me.

I just finished my Master's Thesis. Ask me anything.

My tremendously huge dick has gotten me in trouble again

Anyone know how to make a cat gain a few pounds in a hurry?

Motley Crue a**hole Nikki Sixx throws bottle into audience, cusses out fan for throwing it back

You go to the local C-Store. The convenient one by the exit, and the radio in the store...

So My computer pushes together anything in italics (Dell, Microsoft XP)...anybody have a remedy?

Angry Chick Music - Got Any Suggestions?

Seriously now, has anything better than a SIGG Water bottle EVER been invented?

Thanks for the V-day hearts folks

Okay, Skinner, I'm calling you out.

The boy cat is apparently gifted.. or has retractable, opposable thumbs

The Raconteurs

Time for yet another op-ed against torture investigations (Washington Post, page A13)

sorry-delete this

The last three paras. invites you to read the rest here:

Stimulus Politics Is Fleeting, the 2008 Realignment Isn't

Post Your Favorite Love Song

Obama Gains G.O.P. Support From Governors

I'm getting really tired of the media acting as though people from the Midwest are dull

This fucked up Economy is Bush's Economy.

President Obama invited to visit White Sox new spring-training facility

So we never forget, "i am who i am" with the crazy amp cranked up to 11 and the knobs pulled off

This forum is nothing less than a glorified verson of

Somebody needs to tell Karl Rove Fannie, Freddie less than 20% of subprime loan problem.

Will Obama review secret energy policy? goes LIVE

Scientists Happy but Wary With Obama's Direction

White House: Projected Job Growth Numbers

Obama Pens Personal Notes to Fallen Troops' Families

OH-Sen: Brunner to Run

Bristol Criticizes Sarah: "Her views on no-sex before marriage are unrealistic"

PHOTOS: Obama heads to Denver to sign the stimulus bill

Krugman's hair seems to be on fire today: The Geithner Delay

DOW at the 7,500 Level....down and down it goes...where its gonna stop, nobdy knows

Denver Post: Obama Lands. Live online coverage begins at 2:20PM ET.

The Scorpion and the Frog - A fable about the party of NO

I was just having a blast reading the Freeper election predictions

OOO - a 3rd heart! Tks, Secret Admirer!

The Democrats need to hit back hard, highlighting the outrageous Republican hypocrisy.

The myth of spontaneous economic recovery

Why are all of Cenk's (TYT) political vids now removed from youtube?

The Curse of Caroline 2: Gillibrand trails primary opponent by 10 POINTS (with many undecideds)!

**Breaking** TheYoungTurks Account suspended on YouTube

Why does the stock market fall when middle and working class Americans

Gallup: Congress Gets Highest Approval Rating in Two Years

The new GOP meme about Obama "abandoning hope" is the dumbest one yet.

C-Span's 2009 Ranking of US Presidents

Obama OKs more Afghan troops, sources say

Judge Adds 23 To Franken Count, But Race "Far From Over"

Kansas may delay income tax refunds

Stimulus Package first result: Missouri Bridge starts construction

MSNBC reported that construction began on the Missouri bridge after signing of the Stimulus Bill

Pretty amazin'.. Pat Robertson on Obama and Rush

Banking crisis: Differences Between Japan and the United States

Starting a list. What are your top "memory hole" items you'd like to see addressed?

MSNBC: Obama to redeploy 10,000 troops to Afghanistan

"Thank you, Vice President Bidden."

Corporate Media Talking Down Stimulus on all Cable Chatter Channels! They HATE the American People!

Woohoo! Santy Clause just came to see me!

Pass the PopCorn: Pat Roberson Blasts Rush Limbaugh: He is not Thinking Rationally

PHOTO Good grief, even the White House deer are hero-worshipping now

Society for Neuroscience Reacts to Stimulus Bill

David Shuster's show will highlight "progressive blogosphere" in daily segments

PHOTOS Signed, Sealed, Delivered.

OH-Sen: Ryan to Endorse Fisher

PHOTOS The President and Vice-President Arrive in Denver

Justice Department defends right to carry concealed, loaded guns in National Parks (and I agree)

Did Obama and Biden fly into Denver separately?

Obama's Second Stimulus? The next Budget.

Barack Obama and the Age of Post-Bipartisanship.

End Red State Welfare--and Stimulus Money!

C-Span Callers are Fuckers....

Bush DEPRESSION continues spiral down....DOW at 7552

It's Done. K&R If you're glad!

McCain booed at NBA All-Star game.

South Carolina claiming Sovereignty

It's Tuesday, so McCain is back to supporting the Pres. Again

2 Bitter Repuke Bumper Stickers I saw today

RW Whining 09 Tax Cut - Bush Tax Cut 2000 I got equivalent of 4 Happy Meals a Month

Burris admits trying to raise money for Blagojevich while being considered for Senate appointment

A Strong Start, Obama signs ARRA (White House Graphic)

Obama Issues Statement on Afghanistan; VoteVets Responds

Obama approves Afghanistan troop increase

President of Everything

Senate Majority Leader Reid cautious on Burris

Any conservative who whines about this stimulus bill is kindly asked to please return their tax cut

Support action against John Yoo and Jay Bybee

Cornyn Took Caribbean Junket On Stanford's Dime

Obama wants stimulus to transform schools

Hyde Park Herald Online Archives

Keith's 'World's Best Persons'

C-Span will begin LIVE coverage of President Obama signing stimulus bill soon. Also CNN.


Pick two out of the three.......

Rachel has opened an old wound for me, that I can't get my head around...

Understand why executive orders aren't good enough.

Kerry Calls Reinvestment Plan "An Essential Down Payment" Towards Economic Recovery

Air Force 1

Stimulus Infrastructure Funding Short-Changes States with High Unemployment

PHOTOS The President And His Small Feet Arrive In Arizona

F-ing MSM... "Stocks tumble on doubts that stimulus will help economy soon"

Burris may get expelled but I don't think he should resign until David Vitter resigns!!

Cheney "Furious" At Bush For Not Pardoning Libby

Is Gibbs on drugs? A SECOND STIMULUS?

Wait a minute? Bristol Palin is booking her own TV appearances?

Moody's Chief Economist says Congress may be forced to undertake another stimulus plan

The recovery site is up! The recovery site is up!

For my 1001st post...

Phony Mitt Romney selling two of his mansions and to move into 'modest' condo in preps for 2012

Shutting up McCain.

Increasingly, Obama's Justice Department standing by 'George Bush secrecy'

Progressive Hosts Vie For MSNBC's 10PM Slot

A Little Joe Biden in your Pocket

Dear Pakistan: OMGWTF. Love, NATO.

Why They Kept Secret(State Secret Privilege)

HuffPo: The Fiscal Stimulus Will Pay For Itself

Obama, not Bush, now seeking delay of Rove deposition

Michelle Bachmann's Latest Idiocies

I Know this is Superficial, BUT...

Three talking heads without a clue on MSNBC; Tweety, Chuck Todd, and Pat Buchanan!

Do you think the President lurks here?

My "In the Tank" LTTE on Republican media domination is printed

Once again, DUers rush to Judge Obama based on a headline.

So what happened to the color coded terrorist threat system?

Greenspan backs bank nationalisation

Obama moving towards "Swedish Model" for banks.

K&R for bank nationalization and democratic control of banking

Bridge work begins under stimulus (Missouri bridge project already putting Americans back to work)

Senator Burris Reverses Statements About Blagojevich Fundraising (Will He Survive?)

MSNBC just reported that Obama will let the caskets of soldiers killed in Iraq & Afghanistan be seen

Scenes from my SketchBook

My policy for the time being: Give the President the benefit of the doubt.

Lame Hannity Gimmick ("Obama revealed" picture) solved by blogger

Why are repubs so AGAINST helping people?

Boy, after this Burris "revelation"- do you think Sec. Clinton should resign?

Senator Gillibrand: "I Keep Two Guns under My Bed"

A Sort of Statement of Belief: On Obama, Change, and Elite Consensus

Miley Cyrus to screen "Hannah Montana: the movie" at White House per Obama girls request

Obama's image on quilts (crafts too): Traditional place in American history

What if Obama prosecutes Bush and Bush is found not guilty?

I just saw our CBC lead anchorman interview Obama. Obama is so well

Why would Obama want to hinder prosecuting Bush crimes?

HuffPo: It's Time to Treat America's Homeowners as Well as We've Been Treating Wall Street's Bankers

Shock Poll: Andrew Cuomo Crushing Paterson in NY Dem Primary

"Obama would ask his AG to 'immediately review' ...crimes in Bush White House" (reposted from 4/08)

So who has been caught up in the Obama Mania memorabilia?

UK: Inflation to Fall to Lowest in Nearly 50 Years

Afghan strategy needs overhaul, report argues

Göbeklitepe: South-Eastern Turkey's 12,000 Year-Old Obelisks

U.S. Muslim TV network founder charged with beheading wife

Latin America's Document-Driven Revolutions

Does the United States make anything anymore?

Fresh US troops surge into danger zones

How low can you go? Stealing beer ... from an Irish wake ... at a judge's house: Tipoff

UK Spy Chief: We Risk a Police State

Alarm over Afghan civilian deaths

China Investigates Illegal Transplants for Tourists

White House wants changes in exec pay rules

China Seeks to Stop Paris Sale of Bronzes (update)

20,000 jobs may go in California

Kurdish lawmaker denies reports on describing (Iraq PM) Maliki as ‘new Saddam’

Mills guilty of accepting bribe - from Berlusconi

Colombian rebels say 8 Indians killed as informers

KBR wins U.S. Army contract

After Stimulus Battle, Liberals Press Obama

Obama plots huge railroad expansion

Republicans try to block Guantánamo detainees from prisons in their districts

EPA to review Bush administration rule on emissions at coal-fired power plants

SEC charges Stanford in alleged $8 bln scheme

MI5 agent says torture complicity 'proper and lawful'

Al Qaeda figure (and former Guantanamo detainee) surrenders to Saudi authorities-TV

Obama, not Bush, now seeking delay of Rove deposition

Obama administration defending Bush secrets

Police: Ohio man picked up woman in Detroit, held her captive and read Bible passages to her

10,000+ troops to Afghanistan

'Torturer-in-chief' for Khmer Rouge finally faces trial

Obama 'to increase Afghan troops'

Japan finance chief quits over alleged drunkenness

Romneys to Sell Two of Four Homes

US Stocks In Broad Decline As DJIA Remains Near November Lows

Nova M Becomes 'On Second Thought'

Trump Entertainment files for Chapter 11

Commanders in Iraq Challenge Petraeus on Pullout Risk

Stocks (Worldwide) Tumble as Recession Appears to Worsen

U.S. Accuses Texas Financial Firm of $8 Billion Fraud

Pakistan denies ‘concession’ in deal with militants

Assad urges US to rebuild diplomatic road to Damascus

Smithfield Foods to Close Six Plants, Cut 1,800 Jobs

California, Almost Broke, Nears Brink

U.S. Accuses Texas Financial Firm of ‘Massive’ Fraud

Clinton Hails Alliance With Japan

Iranian Defense Minister In Moscow 'To Talk S-300 Missile Deal'

UPDATE 1-Ford, UAW reach deal to trim labor costs

Violence against seniors on the rise

Gray whales' migrating a week later than in past

White House Launches to Track Stimulus Spending

DEA paid $123,000 to charter jet for boss' trip to Colombia

Eastern Europe showing new vulnerability

Strings attached? Jindal, legislature to decide if state will accept stimulus (Louisiana)

Guatemala apologizes to Cuba for Bay of Pigs (US Invasion of Cuba)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday February 17

Obama, Gates at Odds Over New Whistleblower Protections

Cruise ship carrying 105 aground in Antarctica

Agents raid offices of state senator's employer-NASHVILLE, Tenn.

Researchers Spot Huge Split In Antarctic Ice Shelf

Researchers Spot Huge Split In Antarctic Ice Shelf

Burris now acknowledges fundraising effort for Blagojevich

Army Rethinking Plan To Cut US Troops In Europe

Plans expand for Bush library in Dallas

Judge Refuses To Toss Charges In Blackwater Case

Obama's housing fix: help banks modify loans — or allow judges to

Iceland at the brink of failure

Los Angeles nears water rationing

Russia strikes oil deal for US$25b in loans

OH-Sen: Jennifer Brunner To Run For Senate

PepsiCo to Support Dentist in Appalachia

PepsiCo to Support Dentist in Appalachia

PepsiCo to Support Dentist in Appalachia

Sarah Palin In Trouble As Oil Prices Fall: AP

(Norm) Coleman to judges: Reconsider your ruling

Tech Layoffs Surge to 300,000

American Recovery & Reinvestment Act: White House Releases State by State Numbers

Shaw’s to shift corporate jobs to India

Congressional Junkets Defended as Work-Based

Mexicans protest army ops against drug gangs

WH to announce 10,000+ troops to Afghanistan

Republicans try to block Guantánamo detainees from prisons in their districts

Documents: DHS passed protest info to Md. police

Obama Taking Pro-Trade Message To Canada

Osama hunt: Can UCLA trump CIA?

NATO says Pakistan deal with militants a concern

2 teen girls in Wash. Army barracks; 1 dead

Grief For War Dead Shrouds Casket Photo Ban

Massive oil slick approaches Irish coastline

Homeowners' Rallying Cry: Produce The Note

Obama wants to reopen NAFTA but keep trade flowing


Chrysler Seeks $2 Billion in New U.S. Government Aid, Plans 3,000 Job Cuts

Liberty Media deal staves off Sirius bankruptcy

Jordan king, Senator Kerry discuss Mideast peace (Kerry to meet with Syrian President Assad)

Recession will be worst since 1930s -Greenspan (architect of current economic crisis)

Don't be 'too concerned' about 'Buy American' stimulus clause: Obama

WSJ: GM Seeks as Much as $16.6 Billion, to Cut 47,000 Jobs

Ex-VP Dick Cheney outraged President Bush didn't grant 'Scooter' Libby full pardon

Goldman Sachs President Winkelried to Leave in March

Roman Polanski seeks to resolve sex case, end exile

Cambodia begins painful look back with Khmer Rouge trials

Nova M to File for Bankruptcy

Afghanistan solution will need more than military force - Obama

AFP Ad: Tell Congress Not to Waste Our Money (hilariously bad!)

The Simpsons Go Digital!

Space Ghost Meets The Press

Bitch Went Nutz

What the Stimulus Bill May Do for You

Rove: I Think About Scooter Every Day

Khor:1 Billion More People into New Poverty Because Of This Crisis. Democracy Now 2/17/09 1 of 2

Josh Marshall (Talking Points Memo) on Hardball Re: John McCain/media love affair

Could We Have Your Liver, Please?

Obama Plays the Bipartisan Card

Hayworth: Economic Crisis? Blame Schumer and Soros!

The Autism - Vaccine Link

David Elsewhere

Rove Not Protected by Executive Privilege

Scientology advocacy group CCHR: psychiatry behind individual acts of mayhem like 9/11

9/11 Widow Beverly Eckert, 1951-2009, Advocate for Peace and 9/11 Victims. Democracy Now 2/17/09

Transparency in Action: President Obama Introduces

Geithern's Reverse Course

Fred Barnes: Bush more like Abe Lincoln

Americian Triangle

Paul Krugman Nobel Prize Winner in Economics on Washington Journal

Blackwater's First "Xe" Ad

Who's Keeping Burger King Workers Below the Poverty Line? (It's Goldman Sachs)

Illiquid Assets

CNN: Wall Street 'Better Watch Out' for Michael Moore

The Most Anti-Obama County in the U.S.

Rachel Maddow finds that Eric Cantor (R - of course) is a hypocrite on 'decency'

Rick Sanchez finally wakes up, nails GOP congresswoman w/ Iraq 'missing' money

Bristol Palin: abstinence is not realistic

Laura Flanders & Hampshire College Student Discuss Divestment

Obama's Elf

Mayor Virg Bernero of Lansing Michigan Tears Fox News Anchor a New One

Dangerous Food

max keiser radio mashup: whiskey bullets & gold

Ending the Hidden Agenda Behind Tax Cuts

Roland Burris adds to Blagojevich testimony in affidavit

Bryan Lentz and the Coffin Flag Controversy

Downturn spurs some foundations to give more

Dystopians On Estrogen (Carolyn Baker)

Dupe. Delete

John Mica (R-FL) Trying to Have it Both Ways on Stimulus

U.S. Attorney Patrick J. Fitzgerald: Arresting Rod Blagojevich but not Scooter Libby

Delinquency Rates On "Prime" Mortgages Surpass Subprime Loans

Obama Gains Support From G.O.P. Governors

Joe Rogan: letter to Kellogg's (Phelps content)

Reverse economics

Historians Explain Mystery of Dubya's Higher Ranking than W.H. Harrison

Diluted to Oblivion, Dead Banks

Bad News From America’s Top Spy

Ban Ki-moon and Al Gore: Green growth is essential to any stimulus

Sen. Mark Udall: Finding a way to salvage America

Ben Stein's day off from UVM

On this day, February 17, 2002 in Los Angeles, California

Dead End in Detroit for White-Collar Workers

CA begins layoff proceedings

Lawyers in Senate trial work to narrow case

Obama Nominee’s Past Includes Botched Privatization of Uranium Company

McFEATTERS: You don't honor the fallen by hiding them

Glenn Greenwald: Lawrence Walsh and America's law-free zone

From today, it is illegal to photograph the police (UK)

Continuity of the Wrong Kind (Obama and Torture)

Rush Limbaugh & Homer Simpson: Life imitating art?

Jack Cafferty :Stimulus bill a sorry spectacle

The Creeping Hand of Socialism

Study: Immigrants make tech jobs, not take them

The Frank Factor-Obama Inherits "TURD TORNADO"

"Worst Is Yet to Come:" Americans' Standard of Living Permanently Changed

the suspicion grows that nobody in charge of anything knows what what to do next

"Newly declassified DOD documents says detainees were tortured" by Jason Leopold (2-17-09 Online

Howard Jacobson: Let’s see the ‘criticism’ of Israel for what it really is

Obama and the Media Dilemma

Armageddon is closer than most Americans realize

Torrential rain cuts off NSW towns

Dash to save drinking water (from contamination by bushfires)

Peak oil review - Feb 16

The Australian Senate Condemns Japanese Whalers Violence in Antarctica

New Scientist - North Atlantic Basin World's "Climate Superpower" - But Vulnerable To Rapid Shifts

With El Nino Pattern On Horizon For Victoria State By 2010 - 2011, Droughts, Fires Likely To Go On

Very Rare Sighting - Adult Humpback Whale Spotted Of Slovenian Coast - AFP

Vietnamese Tree-Ring Data Show Multi-Decade Droughts - One Likely Toppled Khmer Empire - Reuters

Melbourne Records Driest Start To Year Ever - Two Millimeters Of Rain So Far In 2009

Doomsday Vault Seed Stock Grows: Earth's Banana, Yam Breeders Hard At Work - All 12 Of Them - AFP

New Scientist - Honeybee Collapse May Have No Single Cause, Making Protection That Much More Complex

World's largest wetland threatened in Brazil

Beijing Adding 1,466 Cars To Its Roads Every Day - China Has Highest Traffic Death Rate In World

Growth pattern crippled Phoenix

NYT - Macquarie Island & The Law Of Unintended Ecological Consequences (AKA The DFWI Law)

Want to opt out of phone books? Web site with contact info

Boy's remains found in crocodile (Queensland flooding)

AAA estimates cost of car ownership at $7000 per year

14,000 KM2 Chunk Breaks Off Wilkins Ice Shelf - Spanish Researchers Spot Huge Remnant Bergs

Plastic from plants? Researchers test possibilities

At Least One Briton Delighted W. Big Snowfall - Kew Gardens' Arboretum Boss - Independent

3 Israelis arrested in Colombia for alleged drug, underage sex offenses

Bolivia's Morales to meet with France's Sarkozy

"Venezuelan elections transparent and exemplary," international observers report

Lula offers assistance to Colombia for peace process and hostage liberation (Spanish)

Mexicans protest army ops against drug gangs

CUBA State Oil Co. Plans to Dig 24 New Oil Wells

New Photos of Fidel and Bachelet -- He looks good!

Guatemala apologizes to Cuba for Bay of Pigs

FARC admits killing of 8 Awa indians (Spanish)

Today in labor history Feb 17 but I want to say that a million men will grab up the banner of labor

Cincinnati: Wage Theft Rally Saturday, Feb. 21

Obama administration spearheads attack on auto workers

1000th post- Thanks for the Hearts/Unofficial Omaha Steve Appreciation Thread

Worker featured in last H2A alert fired--what you can do

Social Inequality… and the Economic Crisis

Bond Advice Leaves Pain in Its Wake

Weakness Unmatched in 35 Years....or maybe ever

Delete dupe nt

Paul Krugman on C-Span, Stimulus and Banking

Stocks tumble on economic gloom

HIV and STD testing and resources. Does a comprehensive listing already exist on the web?

Moody's Chief Economist says Congress may be forced to undertake another stimulus plan

TIME: 25 People to Blame for the Financial Crisis

Origin of Aids ..... Banned Documentry has been posted here.

What’s the Hardest Thing About Being a RW Douche Bag? Finding Shoes That Match!

Firefighters win harassment judgment (San Diego Pride Parade - second trial)

"Young, Gay and Murdered" A Year Ago 15 y.o. Larry King was murdered.

DU meetups: Has there ever been one specific to the GLBT constituency?

Overcapacity Everywhere.." What is it that we need more of?" "Wal-Marts, Pizza Huts, nail salons?"

***The Second Ever! DU GLBTQ Emoticon Performance !!!***

I have never posted in this forum. I am not gay.

Quote Of The Day: "I think the intimidation was gone after he got flipped over DeJuan's back.''...

Cboy/Upton making more friends in GDP.

I've been accused of "homophobic slurs" here on the sports forum.


Throw the 49ers into Mike Vick sweepstakes

This is cool. "Jamaican musher begins Yukon Quest" sled dog race.

No comment from Condem about Ferentz signing?

Tully Banta-Cain released by 49ers

Question. Is Upton an SEC (and UT) fan also?

McLouth, Pirates agree to $15.75M, three-year contract

Is A-Rod's latest story on why he failed tests the truth?

They're going to have to build a prison under Florida's stadium

This Just In : Calif. lawmakers back Prop. 8 challenge

West Coasters: don't miss tonight's Law & Order SVU

Israel is trapped, and the chance of peace is ever more remote

Gaza, slump seen spurring rise in anti-Semitism

Boeing says Israel eyes new U.S. bomb kit

Clerics urge new jihad over Gaza

Unexploded bombs go missing in Gaza Strip

Is Israel assassinating Iran nuclear scientists?

When a Llama Is Laid Back, It's Not the Only Beneficiary

Probiotic nose spray promising for ear trouble

Healthy or not? This was difficult to watch.

It is National Condom Week

Va. House Sends Smoking Ban Bill to Conference (AP/WaPo)

what vaccines do for the world.

what vaccines do for the world

Does anyone know someone who developed Parkinson's after taking Lipitor?

Cheap supplements relieve migraine

Homeopathic Capsaicin-Based Nasal Spray Relieves Symptoms of Allergic Rhinitis

Rumors and the Economic Stimulus Bill

Chicago gun case

Canadian editorial “Ammunition for gun ban” February 17, 2009

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand Rids Bedroom of Rifles (NY)

Wisconsin “West Allis man not guilty in open carry gun case”

How to make sure that only the rich and the criminals own firearms...

Why parents are encouraged to get their infants / toddlers Hepatitis B vaccination series:

Why parents are encouraged to get their infants / toddlers Hepatitis B vaccination series:

Pastor says gang members vandalized church (considers getting a gun)

Getting a handle on "Assault Weapons".

Current SRB rates to expire Friday

Afghan surge begins in dangerous region

Families adjust to changing Guard role

Reserve program is first of kind on YouTube

1 dead, 1 ill with meningitis at Leonard Wood

Trial of sgt. accused in killings set to begin

(Army Times) Editorial: Reverse Dover policy

(Army Times) Editorial: A realistic VA budget

Reactor chiefs, officer disciplined over ‘compromised’ exam

Enlisted service uniform rollout speeds up

Re-enlistment getting tougher for Marines

Pendleton Marine dies in motorcycle crash

Lejeune-based 1/2 due home Tuesday

(Marine Corps Times) Backtalk: Recognize our heroes

New Reaper sensors offer a bigger picture

Luke development ruling improves F-35 chances

(Air Force Times) Backtalk: Defense cuts coming, but rest of U.S. budget also should suffer

Kadena airmen helped transport South Pole patients to better facilities

U.S. on sidelines during Karbala pilgrimage

Study finds ‘Battlemind’ is beneficial

NG Helps With Jackson Basic Training

Army Recruiting Goals Still on Track

Nearby residents nervous about F-35s

Cutter Tahoma’s CO found dead in cabin

Iraq Vets Blame KBR for Illnesses

Pakistan OKs Sharia Law in Select Area

Girl, 16, found dead in Fort Lewis barracks

Reservists now must serve longer to make O-6

Stimulus falls short for vets, lawmakers say

Do you know what happens about 5/6 AM on DU? A loyal member posts

Freshly Squeezed


lucky grab

New lens playday

Happy Got His Picture Today.

Reflection photos...

Out my front door, early morn.

Micro Stock selling - Anyone have any experience?

Another Hand Study and a Love Story

A boy and his dog

I love Pennsylvania, but...

Thank you for the lovely hearts

For adults or children with allergies and sinus or ear issues

Astro: Geithner and The Nationalization of U.S. Banks

and here is something that might resonnate with some here

I rec'd a couple of hearts-rather amazing-thanks much!

Beautiful post in "Greatest"

Anyone have experience or knowledge about progesterone cream?

More about Karma & Release and Ghosts from the past

A kind soul gave me a heart.

"Preparing For June" - Karen Bishop - February 14, 2009

Does anyone have an e-subscription to The Sedona Journal.

Can someone send Reiki healing vibes to ThomCat?

Five things I'm thankful for

Outrage versus Disgust

In Pain and Joy of Envy, the Brain May Play a Role

Fermilab 'closing in' on the God particle

Pretty: Carina Nebula (big pic!)

A first: String theory predicts an experimental result

Classifying galaxies

from a top secret government lab...

Progress on NASA's Constellation (pics)

... and the Bus Wars continue ...

Church of England, Part 1.

Church of England, Part 2.

Faith is believing something you know aint so -- Mark Twain

If morals come from religion--does this mean that monkeys have religion?

Jesus Christ provides a cultural desire

Source for homeschool parents

Best Ain5 mod so far.

Chocolate Slavery

A new T-shirt for my friend Tangerine La Bamba !

Nice find at TED talks, how to build an artisan whole wheat bread

What's for Dinner? ~ Tuesday Edition

"Roll Your Eyes department" - letters to Cook's Illustrated

Thieving Bastards II

If you could have a particular cooking program or feature on your phone, what would it be?

Tried it again tonight.

Share your favorite recipe ~ CAKES & CUPCAKES

For Education Chief, Stimulus Means Power, Money and Risk

If the OCT really wanted to end the controversy, they would support a new investigation

The 100% Solution

State of Neglect: Homeowners pay higher insurance premiums, yet many policies limited

Question for parents...RE: TAKS

Forkboy's short but sweet zombie movie reviews, Part 2.

20 sequels that were better than the original

anyone else catch EASTBOUND AND DOWN on HBO this evening?

So My computer pushes together anything in italics (Dell, Microsoft XP)...anybody have a remedy?

Don't Airplanes leave Wreckage?

self delete - wrong date - I need to learn what the date is!

See what happens when you hang around Republicans?

Kerry Calls Reinvestment Plan "An Essential Down Payment" Towards Economic Recovery

Teresa - They're At Her Again

Let me pass on a story about a possible lifeboat for Brown

The idiot inquiry

Blair wins a million dollars

Oil slick drifting to Irish coast

UK Spy Chief: We Risk a Police State