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Hey thanks for the hearts

Shocking Ann Coulter-related story

PROP 8: the musical!!

Now off to watch friends in Digital.

PBS. Soundstage. Seal. Very nice. Happy Valentines Day. Check listings. nt

NY TImes: Inquiry on Graft in Iraq Focuses on U.S. Officers

Who said this?

dupe... please delete

Thank you, whoever it was who actually likes me.

Fmr. NY Lt. Gov. To Olbermann: "Do You Have the Backbone (and the Facts) to Debate Me?"

I've been here since '04 and donated to DU for the first time today

Take a look at the Greatest Page quick :-)

Hey Everyone! It's the new and improved Homeland Defense Co., Inc, with Mountain Fresh Scent!

Presidents Day Sale

Thanks for the hearts!

Bill O'Reilly Sends Flowers to Helen Thomas

I also want to thank you for the hearts

The Rise And Fall of A Penis Empire

Fallen Soldiers, Coming Home in Public?

Two crime victims kill their attackers in metro Atlanta

West risks repeating Soviet mistakes in Afghanistan - Memories are long and revenge is a duty

Russians mark Afghanistan defeat

Midwest is a target of the Gop makeover.

Local media is really promoting action against the stimulus (Seattle)

A crash-and-burn course on the census

Cable channels must have been told to hide the economists in recovery debate

I'm Touched, Thanks for the Hearts

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury - 'Bush's Presidential Library'

Iraqi Election Commission Acknowledges Fraud

More proof that all the whackos come from Florida:

WJ this morning on CSPan1

Just Wanted To Wish A Happy Valentines Day To All The Wonderful DU'ers!!

CNBC reaches absurd new heights of idiocy......

In South Korea, vigilante 'paparazzi' patrol the streets

The FantasyLand that Republicans reside in is just astounding....

History makes an excellent case for intervening in the economy

And a HEARTY GOOD MORNING to all you generous DUers

Holy Cow! Someone gave me a heart!

I want ONE - just ONE more heart - -

Thank you thank you thank you for the hearts!

Thank you for the valentine heart! Don't know

Downturn hits legal profession

chrisTo-Fascists continue to wage war against Michael Schiavo

Cellphone banking takes Kenya by storm

ick delete

Medical marijuana bill advances in Senate with moving testimony

C-Span about to release their surevey of Historians: Best and Worst Presidents

The Rise And Fall of A Peanut Empire

Thank you for the nother heart!! WOW!

Thank you for the nother heart!! WOW!

What's with DailyKos? I can't get the right hand column

Something about this...just makes me sick

Something about this...just makes me sick

Your Feelings On Evolution Might Depend On What Religion You Are (interesting graph)

Cash crisis forces California to free 55,000 prisoners

Lawmakers look dumb for reviving Obama hoax....tennessee

Frontier Communications scam

Would it surprise you to learn that the Bush military is as corrupt as the Bush Crime Family?

McConnell, Senate Republicans helpless to shape stimulus bill

I think its great the Republican Party looks to the Limbaugh and his clones as representing them..

Any ACLU/NAACP contacts up in here? There is an awful thing going on in Florala...

So, people who oppose H1b visas are xenophobes?

david gregory...the defacto voice of the gop

Someone Tell NBC's Brian Williams To Spend Some Of His $10 Million

Sen. Kay Hagan Already Topping Dole's Days in North Carolina

I turn my back and this place gets a freeper eruption

Time to shut the Republican Party down

Photos from Iraq...albums


A Torture Report Could Spell Big Trouble For Bush Lawyers

Sunday Morning Political Shows Advertiser List Looks More Like A Police Lineup

Great move! Pass bills on Friday evenings, so Rush, Hannity, and others

Rushicans have been using too much Kristol meth

Four more banks bit the dust.......

CCR: Close Torture Loopholes in the Army Field Manual

We got a live one here

Larry King asked Bill Maher if there was an event which led to wall street crisis

Larry King asked Bill Maher if there was an event which led to wall street crisis

No more money to GM unless they bend to the will of the Obama administration

Every letter to the editor today attacks me and the stimulus plan-I need HELP!!

141 women prisoners and the hostage

C-SPAN - Results of its Second Historians Survey of Presidential Leadership

What is this - the Sunday morning attack of the Freepers?

80 Missing Computers At Los Alamos Lab

80 Missing Computers At Los Alamos Lab

Lurking Freepers. Why were you for trillions to "rebuild" Iraq but NADA for the US?

Do ya think the millions hauled from the US treasury to Iraq that went missing will be found?

Dead Banks Walking

*ATTN* DUzy 2.0 - if you didn't see this early this morning, please go to this thread...

MSM To Obama: "It's Been Three Weeks. Why Isn't Every Problem From The Past 30 Years Fixed?"

Clinton Headed To East Asia to Talk — And To Listen

New Republican meme: WAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!

New Republican meme: WAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!

Republicans don't care about their children and grandchildren!

*ATTN* DUzy 2.0 - I'm tendering my resignation and have returned DUzy back to JeffR

Okay, addiction is setting in. I have a long list of

White House Aides Complain That Executive Salary Caps Are Too Tough

Soviet Vets, 20 Years On, Warn Obama on Afghanistan

Watching the roundtables on ABC and especially NBC this am they were pretty

Anyone having connection issues with AT&T today?

Admirers of Ted Kennedy - a great series on his life starts today in the Boston Globe.....

Looks like Alfie may not be the father.

Convince me or talk me out of a Kindle 2!

Convince me or talk me out of a Kindle 2!

A Party Fractured, GOP Conservatives Regroup

Mom asked to conceal her breast feeding to protest (at a Denny's restaurant)

Caught my husband cheating again.

Get the Lead out

Did I just hear Hammad Karzai thank America for the

13-Year-Old Dad Demands DNA Test After Two Other Teens Claim Paternity

Is "toughest sheriff in America" a synonym for "corrupt scumbag"?

Opening sketch from SNL last night: Akroid as Boehner

The neon cons, Limbaugh, Scarborough, Hannity

Thank you for my hearts.

Fundies: Young Christians should only date if it's "intentional" and leads to marriage.....

Wife pleads guilty in death-by-exercise case

And now I have 3 THANK YOU ALL who thought of me Happy V-Day

Axelrod: Stem cell order coming soon from Obama

TN church shooter: 'Know This If Nothing Else: This Was A Hate Crime'

I just watched SICKO. Now I understand why Michael Moore is villified by the

Let me get this straight...

Census workers needed on gulf coast

Re: Clinton's 1993 deficit reduction package

The Republican Party has lost it's mind...

The Republican Party has lost it's mind...

Celebacy has worked so well for Catholic priests they are seeking to spread it to gays.

A Heartfelt Post

Neo Cons are now calling themselves Libertarians!

Anne Frank guardian reaches 100

OK - let's go for a DOZEN!

Rhodes, Nova M up in the air

Illinois GOP to discuss possible probe into Burris

Illinois GOP to discuss possible probe into Burris

Illinois GOP to discuss possible probe into Burris

Drop in underage-drinking tickets causes dip in court revenue

Chris Brown's father calls his son's alleged punching, biting of Rihanna "a stumble. We all trip."

Someone here had a heart and gave

The thing about Senator Burris refusing a bribe is all over the Chicago news.

Obama Collector's Coins Turn Out To Be Stickers Stuck On Regular Coins

So is McCain the de facto leader of the GOP right now?

Feds Arrest 11 People in IT Visa Fraud

Public backlash against banking CEOs embedded in nation’s populist culture

Copycat thread: How many posts is Concerned Canuck going to do about Valentine Hearts?

NINE hearts now - howly koww - DU is in a good mood tonight

Wordplay - a little Sunday morning humor

ONE Special DU Heart - quality, not quantity

More insanity in my paper-Obama is not after God's heart

Hah. Got another one. (From Wildmon's news site)

There is just no doubt about it.

"How The Crash Will Reshape America" - Excellent Wonky Human-Economic Geography Article...

SO - I got my 12th heart! - - Feb-15-09 02:59 PM - will someone give that taterguy a few?

Miami banker gives $60 million of his own to employees


So what is this bill about Establishment of National Emegency Centers?

Obama to lift ban on stem cell research

Does UAW have the guts to strike GM? Sadly I think they don't and GM knows it.

Fixing A Bad Reputation: "Reputation Armor"

Will someone please give Earth_First some valentine hearts?

Hi, I have enough extra money to give 5 people stars

Very sure-footed piece from THE NATION on Octomom:

China commentary blasts "Buy American" plan

I am so glad that I didn't miss the Valentine fundraiser

'Buy America' campaign rattles China

Plane that crashed in Buffalo was on autopilot

so I'm flying to Reno tomorrow. will the TSA freak out if I have stainless cookware in my luggage?

MTP: Obama achieved more in this single legislation than many presidents achieved in entire term

GOP senators say Obama off to bad start

Could I ask a minute of your time today please?

Remember my problems with the sting of Larry Craig

Burglary victim drives off in thieves' van

The stimulus bill is NOT $825 B in SPENDING; it's $550 B in spending.

Nation's peanut growers reeling from outbreak

Caption and a question

I'm listening to Thomas Ricks on

Yeah...This'd have worked. (Sarcasm) Roger Dow defends corporate meetings in Vegas

Yeah...This'd have worked. (Sarcasm) Roger Dow defends corporate meetings in Vegas

Naked man dies after being Tasered by deputies in Lakewood

Sen. Roland Burris: A Liar Or Just A Fool?

Pakistani government makes deal with Islamic militants

No Shit Sherlock - UKs Financial Services Authority Took No Action on Excessive Banking Risks

The country's going down the tubes _ Big Oil still wants more money at the pumps

Economics: The question I've been asking myself, and the answer I come up with

FYI: Text of the stimulus bill at WhiteHouse.GOV

Testimony From Dead American Arms Dealer: 'Sr Officers-Traded Contracts For Huge Bribes'

American Auto Makers and NASCAR

Let's play a game. Who said the following?

I'm listening to Thomas Ricks on


What do Google search aggregates say about the human condition?

You realize of course we are seeing a group of people DEvolve rapidly.

QVC: SEE Elisabeth Hasselbeck. BE Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Polished and playful, with panache.

Who would you blame ?

Bunnatine Greenhouse: What happened to her and other

When I woke up this mornin' - DU was on my mind . . and at 9:29am - sumone gave me another HEART!

Canadian judge: No warrant needed to see ISP logs

Raleigh, Charlotte dioceses pushing same-sex celibacy, NC marriage amendment

"In Economic Vise, Pontiac Struggles" -- A NY Times audio slide show

Wall Street execs are not 'fat cats'

Michael Moore's Next Movie: Banksters!

Weatherization Assistance for Low-Income Persons - JOBS BILL

Should a new U.S. constitution be written?

HappyHippyChick wants to thank my heart giver! I heart you!

DU POLL: Has the United States been sold into slavery?

Crime prevention system and iGuns.

The economy writ Short, Tall, Grande

GOP senators say Obama off to bad start

I heart you! Whoever you are!

"Buy American" on 60 Minutes. Steel industry, Nucor, etc. (n/t)

Anyone watching 60 minutes tonight - a "whistle blower" for morgage companies is excellent

The latest gop email making the rounds.

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Dad's girlfriend told me she LOVES THE OBAMAS!

***** Official Daytona 500 Thread *****

Jimmy Carter: A Better Man

Susie Bright talks about the "Octuplet Lady"

I propose automatic infraction correction be built into all new cars.

60 Minutes February 15th-recap

"They're for the environmentalists"

Top commanders at Bush's Pentagon told AP if they didn't spew propaganda they would be ruined

Care to nominate a nice story for BestOfCraigslist? small business helping out flight 3407 relative

Wow, hardliners everywhere. Catholics, conservatives...

One Hundred Billion Planets like our galaxy alone.

Japan's Economy Shrinks at Annual 12.7% Pace, Most Since 1974 Oil Shocks

THANK YOU for the Heart

Pakistan Truce Features Enforcement Of Islamic Law - Yay, Bush & Neo-Cons!


Here's a reminder of who might be running America right now:

It is time for a new House un-American Activities Commission?

LA Times: Budget Stalls as California Nears Fiscal Collapse

Tonight on PBS 8PM EST - Nature: Why We Love Cats and Dogs

Goldman Sachs to provide TARP answers.

Rough footage from Reuters: "Plague of monkeys"

Your Madoff prediction: Prison time, slap on the wrist, rats on others and walks away?

This steel company owner on 60 minutes is kicking ass!

Hugo Chavez is asking voters to permit him to serve past 2012. What're the odds?

Lindsey Graham says the country is screwed.....

Schumer: GOP didn't object to deficit spending when Bush did it

Sri Lanka's Genocide

Thank you to my anonymus admirer!

How do you give your hearts?

PETA Urges Obama to Give Kids Vegetarian School Lunches

Is anyone watching Sicko on Showtime?

What would you do for a Klondike Bar (or a DU heart)?

February skys yield five naked eye planets

Organics Meat-Eaters: Take Action: Stop NAIS (OCA Action)

We're Not Bigots. We're Patriots

GM and UAW go back to the table today

Should we welcome Joe Lieberman back into the Party??

Ken Lay

Fer Chrissakes, McCain just ruined a perfectly boring All Star game

Not only are we down to one Senator, I just miss Paul Wellstone so damn much.

Geithner at G7: No Cowboy Trade policy from US. Adminstration committed working with the rest of


German court convicts Afghan man of stabbing sister

Machine guns have a chilling effect on freedom of speech:

Racist Anti-Obama Emails Draw Weak Response From Universities

New Poll at CNN. Is McCain right to say Obama is off to bad start?

Heads Up: Peter Werbe's streaming radio program is on now

Lots of good captions up at PunditKitchen (the political LOLcats)

Lots of good captions up at PunditKitchen (the political LOLcats)

for A, who was the neighborhood dealer of record

"Diaper Dave" Vitter Says Obama Adopts Judicial Standards of a "Dictatorship"

Hey, Soreman Coloserman and your sore loseRmanpublicans: GET OVER IT!!!

Man ..... I miss Johnny Cash .....

Do We Have Socialist Institutions in America ALREADY !

Roland Burris - will perjury charge take him down?

So next task: Getting labor secretary confirmed! Status?

Oh snap, Obama taped a spot for the NBA all star game!

Sounds like Pelosi the Younger is a victim of...

Schumer slams Graham re spending: Where were you when Bush spent $1 trillion on Iraq war?

Cupcake Obama and Lincoln with 5000 Cupcakes

A breath!

Usury, by any other name, is called profit and worshiped in the

Email the three Republican Senators who voted for the stimulus bill with your thanks

High-resolution images of the Obamas

Elliott Abrams: Bush made ‘a serious mistake’ in failing to pardon Libby.»

In Case You Missed It: Animal Kingdom Odd Couple (so cute on video)

Skinner, EarlG and Elad, check out the fund drive!

STIMULUS BILL: Pieces and Parts Discussion Thread, if you please....

The Rethugs DARE to talk about bipartisanship. Read this:

Reporter (Term used loosely) tells Armstrong "He is the cancer". Lance reacts:

Help Me Get My Vid To 200,000

Stimulated GOP

Eyes on the Prize! Every attack by the GOP on ANY Democratic Senator is an attack on Health Care.

Do y'all get "Boston Legal"

"Quit your bitching"

The coming Social Security fight: Why large private foundations are undemocratic

The coming Social Security fight: Why large private foundations are undemocratic

Tuiia, Texas: A small town's search for justice

FDR's Speech at Madison Square Garden (October 31, 1936)

It was a truly horrible 8 years.

Can you even imagine how much fun those two little girls are having at the White House?

Little Prince Indigo Child at Tattoo Parlor Art Show Embarrasses Hipster Dad

Have apartment owners lost their fucking minds? What are you all paying for rent in your area?

Democrats we can Believe In.

Another reason to think twice about going to Wal-Mart

Hey DU!! What is/are YOUR most important principle(s)? (I'm listening to YOU)

New rankings of presidents: What rankings do you agree and/or disagree with?

The Fecefication of America ... is it in the end game?

Love this editorial cartoon!

Which is more important, getting needed legislation passed or preserving the filibuster?

It Couldn't Happen Here. Could It?

I'm not going to call them out, but I saw more than one post on DU citing Politico

Obama's photo taken down after customers complain...

Obama's photo taken down after customers complain...

GOP dead set against 59th Dem

GI Skinhead

GI Skinhead

Take a look at the picture I just stumbled upon!

Latest right wing lie - or is it stupidity?

2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid - Looks Good - Why Did It Take So Long?

I don't know if I've mentioned it lately, but

When Libertarians Attack

One gallon of milk $22.00 in Alaska

Hating gay people and calling it morality

Scott Horton: Former Gitmo Guard Tells All : Brutality; Rape; Contempt for Islam

I just found out I'm so screwed on health care under this stimulus bill

How the Octopus used toxic real-estate paper to launder money

GOP Lawyers Org Issues Conspiracy Email Claiming 'Desperate' Franken is 'Stealing U.S. Senate Seat'

News from the dark side . . .

Wal-Mart's glow-in-the-dark mystery

Anonymous declares war on YouTube cat abuser.

A Primer on H-1B visas and the U.S. employment-based immigration system

This Burris thing is getting ugly here in Chicago. They are saying on the local news

"The savings is substantial"

Don't these HEARTS make all your posts look sweet?

Victory for the Venezuelan Revolution: 54 to 46%.

Frank Rich has a WONDERFUL description of the GOP today (They Sure Showed That Obama )

I Just Want To Say A Big Thank You To My Secret Admirers For My Hearts!

Since the plane was on autopilot I blame the airline.


House of Cards..synopsis

My 10,000th post and I guess I'll admit it... I'm a LIBERAL after all.

Free-Trader, Hieress Sugar Mama Husband, Race-to-the-bottom Friedman is AT IT AGAIN!!

The Three Enemies of Health Care Reform: Big Pharm, Hate Groups and the GOP

When Rape Culture meets abstinence-only sex ed

Thank you so much for my valentines! It comes at a time that I really

New Historian poll of presidents: I'm surprised the Chimp is as high as he is

Hey CA Taxpayers: Ready for your IOU from the State? GRRR!

The Demise of Public Health During the Bush-Cheney Years

My cousin committed suicide. After 4 tours in Iraq and losing so many of his

Liberals living in conservative hell hole do you cope?

Amid nurse shortage, hospitals focus on retention

Bush Rated "Not The Worst President" is questioned by angry clown

NYT: 59% of our "Center-Right" Nation Wants Govt. Healthcare

Justice for an abused cat on Digg. If you have a Digg account, please digg.

California - Illustrates The Need For Representative, Not Direct Democracy

Found some clues to the NovaM/Randi/Manzo mystery over on Jef Farias' board

Once again American justice shines for all the world to see

Once again American justice shines for all the world to see

Obama faces tough decisions on US auto industry

Another good resource:

The Self-Mainfested Doors of Perception

Another War on Terror fraud: UK man tells court he fabricated Islamist past

Finally! The Law Goes After Joe Arpaio, The Most Abusive Sheriff In America

About hearts.

Sex offender act might not be worth its cost to Nevada

What happens to a person if they walk away from their home

If they can't keep Randi on NovaM BRING US SAM SEDER!!

We Need A National Debate On What To Do With The Media




Da Shatner Funk

Flight of the Conchords anybody?

Doctor Who Christmas Special 2008 - Trek Through Time Part 1

Heres a good song

Oh, dear God. Please STOP with the Jonas Brothers Threads!

Doctor Who, Batman, Joker Flip Trailer Parody

Well, those Jonas Brothers are really talented and I am sure they will

If I post another I love you MccTaTas thread

Storybook Love

So I got drunk at a Jimmy Carter fundraiser back in 1978, fell into

Best Valentine's Day cards F*Hilarious!

Hmm... The Jonas Brothers just appeared on my TV screen, and suddenly the sound turned off.

The Evolution Control Committee - Rocked by Rape


Today is only the second day of the DU drive...

Incompetent, ignorant, dust-collecting, dumbass, desk jockey

What causes coughing in dogs?

Thanks to whoever just gave me another heart.

To whomever donated their heart to me, thank you from the bottom of mine.

Come back, Joey!

I am going to have to take away my father's check book and give him a prepayed debit card.

OMFG. What did I do to deserve THIS?

Before the X-Files, before Twin Peaks, before... much of anything

*LADIES* the lover's weekend continues! Valentine's day yesterday and today.....

Any Timbuk 3 fans out there...

Odd story. USF vice president on camera apparently aiding in theft of bike.

A very enthusiastic sports fan.

My life's greatest wish has been fulfilled!!

I want to create a threat that never fries.

Light/Dark/Sunlight/Heat question

Spoon Man

What can I do to help?

MMMMM...cold leftover home-made pepperoni, mushroom & olive pizza at 6 AM.


Seven years go Malibu.. I proposed to my wife

Whatever happened to 3-D video without glasses?

Thank you, final heart

Holy crap, it's 5:30 Sunday morning already: GoodNight DU!

Meat Loaf's TWO OUT OF THREE AIN'T BAD just brought me to my knees

Looking for a job in this economy? Consider becoming an Air Traffic Controller

Any one else think SNL's Andy Samberg isn't funny?

Okay fess up

Telephone Love

Night Nurse

I can't wait to go to Boulder tomorrow

To my 4 secret admirers:

Steel Pulse - Barack Obama song

Death Cab for Cutie - Soul Meets Body

Roll call. Who's up?

Christ, the Jonas Brothers are on SNL tonight.

Anyone having connection issues with AT&T today?

ok lets try this...old country classics remade on youtube :)

Looks like Alfie may not be the father.

Can somebody help me post pictures? I don't have one of those

new puppers pics

Oh Skittles, and also Bertha Venation, who has a cat named Skittles ...cute pic

Elizabeth R on Netflix "Watch Now"

Have you heard?

Someone (or two someones) saw fit to give me a couple hearts. Thank you!!

Is there too much to watch on Friday night? 109 poll.

'Click Here to Take a Valentine Heart away from this person'--money making scheme!

Awright! Who keeps sending me hearts?!

First Time Downloading Photos. Be Kind.

At last! The war is on!

the day after valentines song

I just went for a five-hour walk around Beijing.

Space: 1969 .. From ITC Entertainment

"Come" or "cum" - which is it?

My Heartfelt Thanks For My Hearts, I Will Eat Them Momentarily

that was awful..the national anthem at the daytona 500

Seriously, why the FUCK are the Jonas Brothers on SNL?

last night I dreamt I had health insurance.....

Am I the only one who finds this review creepy?

What do you do on the internet when you are bored?

It should be a crime for purchased DVDs to start with nigh-inescapable previews

Had a dream last night that was interesting in a couple ways...

'Paula Poundstone was tearfully trying to explain to my son what ADD is

Thank you Lee Mercer for my hearts! ALL THREE!!

The Alan Moore song

Just a quiet thank-you.

I'm going to give taterguy 20 hearts so he will be overcome with guilt for calling me an asshole.

Someone named ' Go Huskies' just called me.

Thank you for the thank you for my hearts threads

Thanks to my secret admirers for my hearts

Post your animal stories here: My sister and her new baby & family

Friday the 13th in 7 min.

Should I drool more when I kiss?

Lynch working with Jodorowski and Herzog on upcoming projects

I have some important news for the lounge!

SPINAL TAP: rockin' the world extra hard, getting a slice of the gold ring,

Caught my husband cheating again.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 2/15/2009)

Am I the most evil DUer? According to my hearts I might be

Thanx for teh heart. Why would someone give me a heart?

WARNING !! The link in this post goes to a thread

The Lounge needs to be aware of this thread posthaste and forthwith.

I just got done with Six Feet Under! Wow, that finale kicked ass!

Graphic artists - Best Buy quietly has this on clearance:

13-Year-Old Dad Demands DNA Test After Two Other Teens Claim Paternity

Life is just one big multiple orgasm!

The cars of the fifties and sixties

Inspired by Shepard Fairey - my guerrilla street art

Multiple Goregasm...

Do You Know a BackStabber When You See One?

The Big Bang was just God having an orgasm

Want to give somebody worthless advice? Post here!


Thai chilies - real ones- !!!HOLY COW!!!

going to the dentist tomorrow..uggggggg I have two very bad cavaties

The candy heart that someone gave me makes me lol.

Anyone here use the newest version of Microsoft Word?

What's the biggest obstacle you face with ADD/ADHD?

Whitney H at her best!!!!

Rant: Why I hate the mail

When is postage going to go up again?

Should Yahoo! stop having inane polls with two pointless, stupid options?

So Idiocracy premiers on basic cable tonight

So Idiocracy premiers on basic cable tonight

So Idiocracy premiers on basic cable tonight

I've got an injured doe in my backyard!

OMG! The pork song...

Boehner lookalike - Cpl. Boyle from Gomer Pyle.

I'm drunk, but I'm pleasantly stuffed on some really good food right now!

The Parents' Guide to Embarrassing Children

OMFG!!!! Remember these guys?????

Did I get them all into this animation?

BTW, great show on NPT right now. Nature has "Why We Love Cats and Dogs"...

You're not going to believe what this freeper in yahoo said...

Fuckin' A!! I'm finally back online!

More Toby ... the wonder dog

Love story for all the DU'ers widowed, divorced, separated or single and lookin' for love

Shit, I can't get rid of 23 valentines by myself

Did anyone see the Texas fireball?

To whomever sent me a heart(s)

thankyouthankyouthankyou! Somebody loves me!

Sunday night music thread

I have an extra ticket to see Sophie Milman teusday night, who wants to come?

This is what worn out looks like.

I'm Gonna Slowcook Something Tomorrow - What Should It Be?

Why is punching someone unexpectedly called coldcocking them?

Do you have ADD/ADHD?

QUESTION: Should I seek immediate medical assistance? I've had this heart on for more than 4 hours.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/15/09

"The Trials of Ted Haggard"

Very Important Poll

QUESTION: Where do the characters go when I use my backspace or delete them on my PC?

Here's a photo my two year old took of me

General question about laptop computers

OMG! The Björk Song...

Just logged in and found four hearts!!!

LOL @ Shaq's routine

I'm Waiting....

God Bless Reuters: "Bra for boys is bestseller"

Galaga is the greatest video game of all time.

"Charlie bit me".


Okay, so I just agreed to help a couple of belly dancers make chainmail body adornments.

My stepson cracks me up.

Humour for musicians

Justice for an abused cat on Digg. If you have a Digg account, please digg.

Woah! We just watched a red ball of (fire?) descend from the sky

Ok, I have question about Star Wars Episode II

Sloths are creepy.

I hate computers. I just hate computers. I mean, I REALLY hate computers!!!!

White House Not Challenging Rove's Privilege

Idiocracy is on Comedy Central right now!!

God I Hate Valentine's Day: A Rant in Three Parts

So the but tutcher is trying to organize a race between himself

Wash. burglary victim drives off in thieves' van

Convince me or talk me out of a Kindle 2!

Who else is cruising DU looking for heartless peeps then giving them a heart on?

I have a bunch of pork chops left over from a holiday

"Oh baby... you are soooooo talented."

Can you dig it?!?!

I'm broke, but I'm Mardi Gras bound!

Carrie Nation Has Risen From The Grave!

Worst. VD. EVAH. (Don't Ask)

i am exhausted

Craig's list is a pretty powerful tool

I was sifting through my stuff today, and I found my old doc martens

I am not normally into the POP song of the moment, but ...

I just got a very nice gift


Question: Does Nicholas Cage make the same movie over and over...

my 1TB external hard drive is on the way

I fixed my landline embarassing...ask me anything.

Is it too late to change cliques?

Man cannot live on pepperoni, peanuts, beer, and vodka alone.

the 3 stooges have been keeping my spirits up lately

Update from Randi Rhodes, regarding Nova M Radio.

Shostakovich or Stravinsky?

Shostakovich or Stravinsky?

Feeling sorry for myself tonight.

That's our puppy

That's our puppy

I was robbed last night

Is it Michael or Micheal?

My in-laws gave me a gift card for Olive Gardens.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Lounge.........I give you.....................

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Lounge.........I give you.....................

In 14 days I will be taking my first air plane trip.

OK, Tijuana back-alley knife fight... who wins?

Post your exact credit card number.

Post a masterpiece of rock and roll

I just found out my Daughter joined the army grrrrrrr I need hugs

Strange question....having to do with soda choice

Wisconsin DU'ers...Advice please

Danmed netbook!

What kind of flower are you? Quiz...

Getting my Warwick groove on!!!!

Can someone help me with a MS Word question about headers?

I'm in Sydney, Australia on vacation. Ask me anything!

I took a bunch of kids to see "Coraline" on Friday

Found some rather disturbing WTF! pics on the internets (no warning needed)

taterguy, please stop sending me these fucking hearts and telling me you "adore" me.

I love my wife!!!

Reject Christ Receive Bacon

Your Sunday LOLcats. (dial-up warning) Excessive Awws n Paws Edition!!

What is the last TOTALLY IMMATURE thing you did that you don't regret?

With regards to horror movies: supernatural or analytical?

Poverty in America: No Keener Revelation

Saying goodbye to my girls.

I want to thank you, whoever you are.

If you want to know why the Stimulus Bill is "evil".......

Anti-abortion ad

Could it be that the GOP's seemingly innate fear of anything stimulating...

Presidential Rankings: C-Span got it right this time.

UPI: President Obama to pressure Congressional Republicans rather than trying to win their loyalty

Lawmakers look dumb for reviving Obama hoax - Nashville paper.

I am sick of the word "Bipartisanship."

Huffington Post: The Audacity of Dopes (The Bank Bailout)

787 is the number that scares the GOP.

AAAGH - stupid stupid Larry Johnson and you utterly thick Republicans

'I'm An Eternal Optimist, But I'm Not A Sap'

Advisers: Obama To Step Up Pressure On Republicans

Where Do They Find These Knuckle Heads To Call C-Span?

Tax Cut Spenders

My Dem Congressman Daniel Lipinski (IL) Is Going To Get A Call From Me Tomorrow......

My Dem Congressman Daniel Lipinski (IL) Is Going To Get A Call From Me Tomorrow......

Moody's chief economist Mark Zandi: Imperfect Stimulus Plan is Still the Best Answer

This is what it looks like when a President succeeds.

I guess Briton has neocon morans too.

Republican issues press release touting benefits to district from stim bill

Republican issues press release touting benefits to district from stim bill

How many amendments did the GOP

They Sure Showed That Obama......great article on how the MSM and Rethugs screwed up once again

GOP Group Threatens to Campaign Against Republican Stimulus Backers


State of the Union

Opening sketch from SNL: Akroid as Boehner

Harold Ford for Commerce Secretary?

something kind of cool

How should Democrats help the Republican party to continue fragmenting & marginalizing themselves?

Huff Post: Dems Fed Up With McCain: "Angry Old Defeated Candidate"

In my life it has always amazed me to find out

Shock and Disgust in the Faculty Lounge

Remind me again, which party was it that openly talked about a "permanent majority?"

Steele: conservatives have no reason to trust the GOP

C-Span ranked George W, Bush's Presidency SECOND TO WORST in "International Relations"...

Well I guess Chicago Tribune pundit Jill Zuckman was in the tank she is joining the administation

"I wonder if AF1 featured the Pussycat Dolls when Bush was flying his evangelical...

Superstar, Superstar....who and where in the World do you think you Are????

Before the right screams "fraud", be aware of this poll on Venezuelan referendum

Anybody familiar with Chicago politics? Congressial Republicans are the Vrdolyak 29 of 2009

What long-delayed act will happen first?

Mario Cuomo: Lincoln and Obama -- My Comparison

Republican Taliban declare jihad on Obama

This Week: Graham Open to Nationalizing Banks. NY Senator Schumer, NY Rep. Peter King, not so much.

Courtesy of Bartcop: the difference between a Bush town hall meeting

You guys should just resolve disputes by taking my "love for obama purity test"

Aso’s Approval Rating Slumps to 9.7 Percent

"If Kennedy were alive today and still believed in his principles, he would have to change parties."

If Obama Told You To Take Your First Born Son, The Apple Of Your Eye...

prime minister gordon brown quoting obama in the house of commons.

can anyone here recall a situation like we've seen with Obama and the repukes?

Do you watch LiberalViewer's videos on YouTube?

Obama message coming up on TNT right now during NBA all star game

President Obama will lift ban on stem cell research .....

You have the Senate, the House and the Presidency. Go for real Universal Health Care.

McCain, you ignorant slut...

It is Official - Obama is President of the Century

Obama to lift ban on stem cell research soon: aide

Did Roland Burris commit perjury?

"If I perceive that people are taking advantage.....I will CRUSH Them."- The President

Best. President. EVER!

FYI- Comcast On Demand "Black History Month" offering is kinda of like the Obama Channel

McCain's Sore-Loser-Palooza tour continues on CNN: "Stimulus bill was 'a bad beginning' for Obama"

Should Senate Dems consider abolishing the filibuster (nuclear option)?

Photo journal of the Vice President's day on Thursday, Feb. 12, 2009

CNN poll - Obama off to a bad start? Now at 60% yes. Go to it, Duers.

House Republicans Look to Newt Gingrich for Ideas.

Ulysses S. Grant finally getting the respect he deserves...

Bicycles, Mass Transit, flex cars, hybrids, all electric, etc. etc.

How about Corzine as Commerce Secretary?

Stimulus Bill Wiki: Find out where the money is going

**Heads Up: Potus Recorded Message at NBA All Star Game**

In reference to the "Hero Worship" threads.....

Now you know why so many didn't want Wall St. whores like Geithner and Summers as Obama's "advisors"

Here are my bona fides on Obama Support

Richardson and Roubini: Nationalize the Banks! We're All Swedes Now

Richardson and Roubini: Nationalize the Banks! We're All Swedes Now

Richardson and Roubini: Nationalize the Banks! We're All Swedes Now

You know that chick who dumped me? Well, her new boyfriend is doing really badly.

Ken Starr threatens that GOP will bring Obama hell when he has to nominate Supreme Court justices

PHOTOS Obama & Lincoln Cupcakes. (Seriously). (** Non-Worshipers: Don't Click! **)

Obama on working with the GOP: "I'm an optimist, not a sap."

Freeper meltdown watch part 3497

One of the worst things about Republicans is their assumption that Americans are stupid

The Reagan Recession (1981-1982)

My [late] Inauguration Report

Unemployed Republicans disagreeing with the Stimulus Package should forfeit checks after 26 weeks

Obama off to bad start, GOP senators say (CNN)

Make them Filibuster, dammit!

Anyone watching Family Guy?

how about a middle ground between fawning and bashing?

"Worshiping" Obama is a right wing talking point, can someone tell me how it made its way in here?

Michelle Obama to DC: Getting to Know You

"No nation ever borrowed and spent its way to prosperity"

lol. CNN's Reliable Sources pissed that Vogue wrote a "puffy" piece on Michelle Obama

Cute toon describing Obama, the GOP and the media

Our President and First Lady went out to dinner tonight

"Some say" McCain's a bitter, angry, petty, ungracious sore loser...

Is Maureen Dowd usually this much of a jerk? "Oval Newlywed Game"

Is Maureen Dowd usually this much of a jerk? "Oval Newlywed Game"

I'm not Ashame to admit, yeah I'm one

GOP dead set against 59th Dem

Obama vs Gore -- I'm afraid Obama is not going to be that transformative

Graham: Nationalizing Banks Should Be On The Table

A Valentine's dinner fit for the leader of the free world

Conservative PAC vows to primary Collins, Snowe and Specter

I contributed to Obama but find the hero worship threads nauseating

Since everyone and their brother is weighing in on Obama supporters, I guess I can too..

A Message from the Arizona Democratic Party

Hillary Clinton speech at the Asia meeting.............

Olive Garden... Applebee's... Denny's... The most EVIL non-fast-food chain restaurant

Bill Clinton Moves Up To 15th On Historians' Presidential Ranking

POLL: Which hero who you worship most reminds you of the President?

The OFFICIAL "Thank you for my Valentine" Thread

U.S. Officers Probed on Iraq Rebuilding: Report

Failure to save East Europe will lead to worldwide meltdown

GOP dead set against 59th Dem

Foreign Office link to torture cover-up

Senior U.S. officers investigated in Iraq graft case

Stanford curtails financing amid probe: report (Texas Madoff)

Foreign Office link to torture cover-up

Official: Plane that crashed in N.Y. was on autopilot, a violation of airline policy on ice

Amid nurse shortage, hospitals focus on retention

Wal-Mart's glow-in-the-dark mystery

Report: U.S. officers probed on Iraq rebuilding

Iraq Invites Soldiers Who Served Under Saddam To Come Home

Merrill Lynch to shift Satyam contracts to TCS (TATA)

Dow Chemical to produce thermoplastic solar roof shingles (production and sales by 2011)

Clinton makes first visit to Asia

Poll open in Venezuela's constitutional referendum

Taleban announces Swat Ceasefire

Credit Suisse acts on U.S. offshore clients: report

Chavez victory celebration speech video link here (live now 10:15pm EST)

White House dampens stimulus expectations

Miliband faces new 'torture cover-up' storm

Ex-envoy recalls doubting Uribe (U.S. diplomat)

Japan economy in biggest dive since 1974

Spain offers 200,000 a get-out-of-Cuba card

Chávez Reaches Out to Obama Ahead of Vote

U.S. to Study Effectiveness of Treatments

Flight 3407 did not crash nose-down, federal investigators say

4 dead in shooting spree spanning two counties in upstate New York

A Torture Report Could Spell Big Trouble For Bush Lawyers

Safety aides chide FAA for ignoring warnings on ice

Safety aides chide FAA for ignoring warnings on ice

Crashed Plane was NOT on Autopilot

Obama faces tough decisions on US auto industry

Arpaio Valentine: Deadbeat parents busted

Certain Firms, Industries Got Last-Minute Gifts in Stimulus

States and Cities in Scramble for Stimulus Cash

Illinois GOP leader calls on Sen. Burris to resign

To Fix Detroit, Obama Is Said to Drop Plan for ‘Car Czar’

Senator John Kerry says U.S. eager to talk to Syria

GOP senators say Obama off to bad start

Debris falling in Texas, possibly from satellites

Pakistan imposes Islamic law (sharia courts) in Taliban stronghold

In a Likely Obama Pick, Some Find Hope for a Shift in Drug Policy

US army 'wants more immigrants'

Faithful can accept both Darwin and God, pastors say

Galaxy has 'billions of Earths'

Valentine's Day With Barack and Michelle

Happy Valentine .... Right Wing

MFSO Anti-War Valentine's Day Protest

Protest in Reykjavik 14 february 2009 iceland

(CNN) World's Untold Stories: One Woman's Online Propaganda War

You're Welcome America. A Final Night With George W. Bush (2:57)

Climate Denial Crock of the Week - Medieval Warming?

February 2009 Police brutality in Iceland

St. Valentine's Day Republican Massacre on SNL

Happy Sunday - and HOLD ON!!

SNL: Dan Aykroyd returns to help skewer clueless Repug congress critters.

Stimulation (as in stimulating the economy)

SNL: GOP Leadership

Wall Street Crooks Take Big Bonuses

The Bush Statue at Obama's Inauguration

The Week In Cartoons 02/14

Axelrod on Meet the Press (02/15/09): Cheney "having a hard time" dealing with GOP loss

Meet The Press (02/15/09): David Axelrod On The Stimulus Package

TYT: Valentine's Day Proposals Gone Horribly Wrong(!)

Shemekia Copeland -- Sounds like the devil

Sen. Chuck Schumer on ABC's This Week (02/15/09): GOP didn't object to spending for Iraq war

(Real News Network) Weapons programs re-branded as jobs programs

Bill O'Reilly Consistent Sexist?

Democracy Now Coverage of Michael Connell's Plane Crash

Bigoted Homophobic Moralizin', bible thumpin' testalyin'

The Chris Matthews Show: Andrew Sullivan Calls Out Republican Hyprocrisy on Spending

Michael Phelps Pot Scandal SNL Weekend Update

Suze Orman's Valentine Wish

Failure to save East Europe will lead to worldwide meltdown

Recycled Houses

Sly and the Family Stone: "Thank You" (Julio Osegueda & Barack Obama Remix)

The Future and Current State of the Economy pt. 1

A FREEPER gets elected

TYT: Should George W. Bush Be Investigated? The Media Says 'No'.

Pat Robertson Calls Larry King Viewer a Homo

The Hemp Revolution, 1001 Commercial Uses for Hemp

Did You Know? 3.0 (FULL VIDEO) - 2008 Latest Edition

Max Keiser and Alec Baldwin - December 2008 (1 of 3)

Former President Jimmy Carter On Countdown With Keith Olbermann 2-13-09

Bill Moyers asks: "Why will Amy Goodman of Democracy Now never show up on 'Meet The Press'?"

The Fox Disconnect

Maduro: The Campaign Against Venezuela

Republicans Ignored

Venezuela: Opposition campaigns with slander, violence

Sri Lanka: Information War

Birth of a Financial Engineer: Who Creates Weapons of Financial Destruction?

Inquiry on Graft in Iraq Focuses on U.S. Officers

Justice & Accountability MUST come before "bipartisanship"!

Contrary to NY Times, Eric Cantor is NOT in the Gingrich Mold

The online world of lies and rumor grows ever more vicious. Is it time to rethink free speech?

In These Times: Attack of the Killer Robots

Bill Moyers & Simon Johnson on Financial Crisis

Upon Further Review: Excessive Whackjobbery and Whining By GOP

Punctual Payers Are Rewarded by Credit Card Companies With Higher Rates

Chorus grows: Nationalize the banks

Don't look now, but Mexico is collapsing

Failure to save East Europe will lead to worldwide meltdown

Republican Taliban declare jihad on Obama

100,000 Parents of Citizens Were Deported Over 10 Years

SNL Shoulda' Used OLD Dan Akroyd Character to Lampoon GOP

Social collapse best practices

The Two Progressivisms

Global Warming Seen Worse Than Predicted

No matter what Mulford says, H1B restrictions will soon be totally illegal

Reaping the fruit planted by greed (Florida = "The Ponzi State")

Economists in blogosphere; not in mainstream media

Frank Rich: They Sure Showed Obama, Didn't They

Michele Bachmann: "We're Running Out of Rich People!"

Report finds fraud in 20% of H-1B applications

President Obama Is Driving Republicans Insane

Iraq's Shocking Human Toll: About 1 Million Killed, 4.5 Million Displaced

While Americans lose their homes, America offers fat stipends to foreigners/H-1B's

Join army, be a US citizen in 6 months

Kevin Drum: What Obama Did

Something new is "coming into form" in America and it transcends the political game of the elites.

Obama to lift ban on stem cell research soon: aide


A bitter face-off in Japan over whaling

Hansen: Coal-fired power stations are death factories. Close them

Better Place Joins Subaru, Other Japanese Carmakers In Ministry of Environment Electric Vehicle Proj

Climate Change Models Predicted Devastating Australian Wildfires

Massive effort underway to save endangered seeds

Pollution link to asthma in womb - BBC

NY Times: Is America Ready to Quit Coal?

Could ‘liquid wood’ replace plastic?

Warming gases rising faster than expected

Schmack, a German BioEnergy Co., Buys Out US Affiliate

BBC News: Did climate kill off the Neanderthals?

Carol Simpson cartoon: Solar Power

AAAS Press Release: In AAAS Presidential Address, James J. McCarthy Mulls Earth's Uncertain Future

Dow Chemical to produce thermoplastic solar roof shingles (production and sales by 2011)

What would be the price tag for using the Qattarra depression for solar-hydro power generation?

Biofuels boom could fuel rainforest destruction

PR: At AAAS Annual Meeting, Gore Urges Scientists to Join Political Effort on Climate Change

Dow Chemical to produce thermoplastic solar roof shingles (and sell them by 2011)

Xpost from Economy: Catastrophic Fall in 2009 Global Food Production

Chemists offer new hydrogen purification method


Horse with no Name

VENEZUELA: 1 Million March in Favor of "Yes" Vote, Counter-Revolutionaries Promote Violence - Video

HAITI: Foreign Occupation Increases Suffering

"Venezuela's Term Limits"

VEN FM Nicolas Maduro Responds to Recent Wash Post and Wash Times Hit Pieces

Ex-envoy recalls doubting Uribe

Poll open in Venezuela's constitutional referendum

Simon Robero lobs another stink bomb: Chávez Reaches Out to Obama Ahead of Vote

HAITI Bill Calling for Investigation of US Role in 2004 Coup d'Etat

Chaderton: Herrero violated the rules of discretion of an observer

Here's a link I think is live coverage taken from rabs's post in LBN.

BOREV reporting on referendum vote - last post at 9:24 pm - lookin' good

Chavez 'wins' Venezuela referendum

VIO asking for reponses to NYTs editorial (it's really ugly):

Today in labor history Feb 15 25 million people demonstrated against President George W. Bush plan

Reid Files Motions On Solis Labor Sec Bid, DC Vote Bill

Now that the stimulus is passed its time to pass the Employee Free Choice Act

Today's Carol Simpson working family cartoon: Oz-Health-Insurance

Labor cartoon for the week of February 9, 2009: stocks

Unions rallies includes `Buy American' calls

“The Starbucks Problem”

Selig scolds A-Rod, attacks players' union

PhillyDeals: Union dollars could aid a building boom

NBA labor agreement may be reopened

Celebrating Black Labor History Month

Union protesters picket Rite Aid

OSHA complaint decision (whistle blower reinstated with back pay and beneits)

RNs employed by Nistel file petition for union election

AFL-CIO favors 'mixed' health care system, Sweeney says

AP: Fewer workers idled by strikes, lockouts in 2008

5 Stories that put NBA All-Star weekend in perspective (4. The prospect of another lockout)

Immigrant Doctors Training To Become Healers Again

Cartoon: Class War

Sikorsky workers ratify new 5-year contract

Obama to Neuter Bank Pay Restrictions (ugh!!)

Ford increased its German auto sales in DEcember 2008

This is kind of interesting. A business man in Greece is on a hunger strike.

Headed for foreclosure? Here's what to expect

Chris Martenson Mini-Crash Course on PBS

Europe's industrial base may never recover

Want to hear something funny?

Soup Kitchens are hopping in Spain

Gerald Celente: "Worst economic collapse ever"

Japan’s Economy Shrinks Most Since 1974 Oil Shock

Geithner Pressed By G-7 to Push Ahead With Bank Bailout Plan

UK..Bailed-out bank attacked for celebrity contracts

U.K. Economy to Shrink 3.3% in Worst Slump Since 1980

RBS to cut 20,000 jobs

UK..Government bans executive bank bonuses

How Could 9,000 Business Reporters Blow It?

Credit Card Companies Change Fees before New Rules Take Effect

Failure to save East Europe will lead to worldwide meltdown

High Noon: Geithner vs. The American Oligarchs

Don't miss a credit card payment, or the APR could soar


Guess I'm a "Socialist" now...OH NOOOEs!!!

Hawaii civil unions bill passes state House, goes to Senate

Why are gay men traditionally associated with the arts and other aesthetic pursuits?

If anyone has any advice for me I would be ever so grateful...

I feel like somebody ran over me and then backed up last night...

I love Can't Get A Date and Drag Race on LOGO: tell me about the logo shows you love

How the Crash Will Reshape America

Roubini tells Geithner to nationalise US banks

Catastrophic Fall in 2009 Global Food Production

Visa, MasterCard cut costs as revenue growth slows

Thank Pepsi for their Support of LGBT Rights

celibacy has worked so well for the Catholic priesthood they are trying to expand it to us

I'm Not Normally One Who's Interested In NBA All-Star Exhibition Game Weekend Crap...

Thoughts On Last Night's NBA Events

Police cite Steelers kicker for restroom tantrum

A good day to visit teh museum. Who agrees?

Anybody here ever done a RSVP cruise?

Rights commission finds more evidence of extrajudicial killings by Gaza security forces

PCHR Demands Investigations into Violent Deaths of Two Civilians in Gaza

Israel’s racist ethnic cleansing

Israeli brinkmanship puts Gaza truce in peril

Livni hints she'll reject offer to join Netanyahu-led government

Israel overtakes Russia as main defense supplier to India

400 religious schools to mark Gaza 'expulsion'

Sudan rebel leader meets with Defense Ministry official in Israel

U.S. expected to pressure Israel on settlement construction

IDF probe: Cannot defend destruction of Gaza homes

Gaza population hits 1.4m

West Bank settlement gets green light for massive expansion

Israel lurches into fascism

Report: Marwan Barghouthi to be released 'within days'

Hamas says it has body parts of slain Israeli soldier in northern Gaza

Obama says US will help plan anti-racism Conference – despite Israeli pressure

Current Vaccine Court Decision "...both tragic and misleading"

Is it emotional black mail.?

Where are the best health food stores online?

The Vaccine Injury Fund Has Paid Out Over $1.18 Billion since 1988

"News" story on CNN

anecdote vs statistic

Tenn. Guard troops to help Afghan farmers

Bragg soldier killed in Afghanistan

Reports: Supplies to soon flow through Russia

100 Sill soldiers depart for Iraq

Bragg soldier likely in Arkansas, police say

Mullen: U.S. has to gain trust of Afghans

Ex-Guantanamo guard: Detainees were abused

Court: Uniform retailer must repay troops

Filipino WWII vets benefit from U.S. stimulus

Maine Guard unit prepared for return to Iraq

Suspected missile strike kills 27 in Pakistan

Teamwork frees stuck cruiser

Corps works to boost image among teachers

Air Force athletes aim for weight standards

Kabul on the edge

Two possible candidates weigh in on Afghan elections

Kaiserslautern facility's opening date still unknown

Reporter's Notebook: Roughing it on the border

Pelosi, delegation visit Aviano Air Base

Pentagon Tightening Budget Belt

Obama picture sparks controversy at Peterson

Petraeus: Iran should stop funding extremists

Marine who killed self served 2 tours in Iraq

For your flashes.. I've done the research, Sanyo eneloops are the best..

Winter downtown

Amgen 2009 Howell Mountain leg

Praying Before Playing--And Downtown Scenes

Jersey Tomatoes!

Shot Today : The lake in Central Park

To the anonymous sweethearts who sent me the valentines...

thank you for my hearts!

Thank you for my hearts!

Thank you for my lovely V-day sentiments.

Thank you for the hearts, Anonymous Angels!

Thank you for the hearts!!!!

Thank you for the hearts! So sweet of you!

Thank You for Hearts!

Thank you for the Hearts!

The Stars This Week: "Get Involved" - February 16 - February 22, 2009

chinese astrology forecasts

Very cool thread that might interest you.

Thank you for the hearts, whoever you are!

GSE for a cat?

Think You'd Remember the Face of Your Torturer? Think Again

'One hundred billion trillion' planets where alien life could flourish

Gore gets standing ovation from packed room at AAAS meeting


so I'm flying to Reno tomorrow. will the TSA freak out if I have some stainless cookware

I am not a happy camper right now.

Hey you! Yeah - YOU!

What's for Dinner? ~ Sunday the 15th Edition

I've got some friends coming over for tea and a visit with my kitties later today.

Today's projects.

Cooking For Dummies

Will You Believe Them Again?

What happened to 180 thousand tons of concrete?

My Texas DUers,I need a favor

Andrew Jackson on History Channel at 8:00 p.m. EST....n/t

Peter Cook: Not only a comic genius ...

Linux performance meters

Stupid Linux question with ghosting

Weird problem with "captcha" on Facebook.

OT: Wow. I think I just got a helluva deal on a Harmon Kardon 7.1 receiver.

Firefox 3.0.6 and Flash -- not possible in 64-bit Linux?

CNN wants to know the politician you most choose

MPs fiddle while parliamentary democracy burns

Justice Ministry to bar parents from telling their own stories

Blame Brown: Revenge of the whistleblower