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NYT: Gaza Children Found with Mothers' Corpses

If Hamas did not exist

Palestinians Prepare for Moon Launch

FUCK FUCK Rockets fired from Lebanon hit Israel

Red Cross Finds Starving Children With 12 Corpses in Gaza 'House of Horrors'

Israel to Vatican: You're repeating Hamas propaganda.

US troops 'monitoring Rafah crossing' (are you surprised)

Reinstate the 50 State Strategy- Sign the Petition

Fun little article: Where Has Bernie Madoff Buried His Loot?

George Bush solicits your best shot :)

I love the current headline on Huffington Post!!!

ResetButton Appreciation Thread

FUCK FUCK Rockets fired from Lebanon hit Israel

Renaissance Capitalist: New Research Answers Mystery About Illegitimate Daughter Of Pope


Hard Times Find Replica of White House for Sale

China official urges education to stem terrorism

Appreciation Thread Appreciation Thread

EDIT: nevermind...story no longer appears on BBC news ticker

Taxes and History

Don't worry, you can give up. You deserve a break!

The Department of Homeland Security needs a new home, & St. Elizabeths Hospital needs a new mission

Video: Fact Check on Anti-Free Choice Advertisement

Kaine Heads Group Offering Donors Access to Governors

HEADS UP: Obama - Stimulus Speech today

Health care could nab $100B payday

What happened to the 50 State Stategy?

So, Which reporter will get the reward for being able to "taint" the most?

ANALYSIS / Rocket fire on North is realization of Iranian threat

Truman: "The right to adequate medical care and the opportunity to achieve and enjoy good health."

New Footage of Oakland Man Murdered By BART Cop

Mika, I've figured you out...

Hey Cathy McMorris Rodgers

Retail chain chief says he's 'bullish' on food stamps

Businessman says it's his right to use sign for city hall fight

W. and the damage done

Pentagon says Purple Heart won't be awarded for post-traumatic stress disorder

I wonder what Obama has learned since the election.

Unintended consequences of war.... Lebanon just fired rockets into Israel...

The media just love's bad news and will

Couple Accused Of Shooting Children With BB Gun

Parents Who Lost Son Warning Others About ‘Choking Game’

Updated: Lebanon-Israeli Border Heats Up After Rockets, Mortars Fly

NYT: Gaza Children Found with Mothers' Corpses

An idea: Fasting on January 19th to physically/spiritually cleanse the past 8 years from our system

Michael Moore hands Dr Sanjay Gupta his head......

Obama Pressured Reid to accept Burris

Walter Pincus on WJ now discussing the Panetta

Who you?

Who you?

Why do (the collective) we find Joe the Plumber, Sarah Palin and family

When speaking about the Middle East, interchanging the terms "Jew" and "Isreaeli" is permissible.

Father and adult Daughter In Child Porn Case Charged With Incest

Gimme my kidney back or gimme $1.5 million!!

Conyers introduces bill to investigate Bush war powers

Daschle Confirmation hearing

Goddamn, but it's good to see Teddy!

Dennis Kucinich speaking on Gaza in the House

$700 billion plus to help the banks took less than two weeks

Health and Dental Insurance for everyone will not do a thing to 'fix' our medical system

Protests over BART shooting turn violent **Photos**

Humanitarian crisis - Red Cross spokesman via BBC

Is YOUR Macy's on the list?

I have to say that GEM$NBC's move to having Tweety

Joe the plumber headed to Middle East

A break for those who need it

GOP lays down marker on Holder (pssst-Karl Rove told them to)

PE Obama about to deliver his major speech on the

Tom Tomorrow: Goodbye to all that

Former Sen. Larry Craig drops further appeals (fails to clear his name)...

"We have already tried a 'wait and see' approach to our problems...

Live thread: Daschle confirmation hearing C-Span 1.

President-elect Obama is prepared to scrap Bush’s homeland security office

Who is attending the inaugural "by the seat of your pants"?

Yes, it's anti-Semitism

*** That's how a REAL President addresses the nation! ***

The Case for Prosecutions-By Scott Horton

Is anyone else experiencing slow downloads with these new commercials.

Venezuela expels Israeli ambassador

McConnell Urges Coleman To Fight On, Despite Urging Gore To ‘Be A Statesman’ And Concede In 2000»

Shrub has not said Hi to the men's room attendant at (restaurant) "21"

Obama Predicts a Florida Victory

W. and the damage done .... (man was bush a screw up)

Bush Pushes ‘Midnight Rules’ to Support Companies (Shell, Dow Chemical) as Term Ends

Republican Fear of Debt Is Myopic, Years Late: John M. Berry

U.N. Suspends Food Aid Into Gaza

An Unnecessary War - By Jimmy Carter (WAPO)

Kit Bond (R-MO) NOT running in 2010

Why is the Obama campaign still asking for money?

I'll give Obama this - his voice is much more pleasant to the ears than you know who.

TVA hearings - Guess what they do with some of the sludge??

5th grader at home today.

we have our stock fraudster and now India has theirs

Illinois House Panel Recommends Blagojevich Impeachment

Should Obama hire Freerepublic to guard the outhouses at the inauguration?

VERY interesting. Price is Right. Katie Couric 10 Seconds. Obama.

Beware Pinchpenny partisans .. SURE, Boner & McConnel are talking nice..

Fla. congressman asks Pelosi for football break (today)

Salon: George W. Bush and the Damage Done

The market doesn't seem to like Obama's plan

The market doesn't seem to like Obama's plan

How NOT to interview...

Border agents bust ring smuggling AK rifles into Mexico

Border agents bust ring smuggling AK rifles into Mexico

Congressman Joins Ministers to Anoint and Pray Over Obama Inaugural Walkway

Rove back at the WH

Palestinian girl forces Israli soldiers to stand down

Costs of TVA sludge spill to show on electric bills

Guess what- it is COLD in Alaska

Guess what- it is COLD in Alaska

Tune into The Young Turks, broadcasting LIVE right now (Streaming Link Inside)

What if the Arabs had nukes and Israel didn't?

Congress Wants Bush US Atty. Firing Docs "Before" Archiving

Joe the non-Plumber: "Being a Christian I'm pretty well protected by God I believe,"

Why does Megyn Kelly hate the Obama girls?

A mother and her two sons *PIC*

How Efficiency, Conservation Can Cut Energy Demand by 2020

Army sends "dear john doe" letters to families of fallen troops

Fox and Friends this AM--re Frankin election

House language becomes gender neutral.» (about time)

HELEN THOMAS: War is hell

FDA Scientists Ask Obama to Restructure Drug Agency

Dick Cheney makes it official! President Obama

LTTE from a self-described Jew slams Israel

Remember the Jesse White Tumblers?

down in the polls?.....start a war

Barack Obama will be officially elected president by the House & Senate in a few minutes on CSPAN...

Larisa Alexandrovna at Huff Post: The Evil Of It All...

I object to the term Social Darwinism.

NoozTube - The bright spot on the economy...

W! T! F!

Next time you are confronted with a creationist, tie them to a chair,

It's done! The Joint session has delivered the electoral vote count

Boehner & Mitch responding to PE Obama's Recovery and

Palin on Olbermann: ‘THAT guy is EVIL!’»

The Polaroid is Back -- in Digital

When are the electoral college votes read in the House?

San Francisco Nixes Alcohol Ad Contracts - bans booze advertisements on public property

I can't believe anyone here would actually "stick up" for FOX News.

Informant says John Gotti Sr.'s neighbor, John Favara, was killed; dumped in barrel of acid

Obama on CNN right now

Obama on CNN right now

Obama on CNN right now

Wikipedia Under Attack by Pro-Israel Groups

Pentagon: PTSD Not Enough For Purple Heart

Norm Coleman Removed From Senate Phonebook

Spider-Man and Barack Obama Meet, Fist Bump

Report: U.S. goals in Afghanistan unrealistic

Report: U.S. goals in Afghanistan unrealistic

Michael Brown was rescued in the Colorado Fires yesterday

The Usual Suspects

Hey, how much money was raised during the recent DU fund drive?

The health care circus

Perle Washes His Hands Of Iraq: I Was Not An ‘Architect Of That War,’ Neocons Had No Influence»

Juan Cole: The Neoconservative Style & Weblog Awards

Earthquake in Costa Rica (6.2)

What Will bush Tell Obama Is The #1 Priority For His Administration?

Obama on Social Security

Ooops Madoff has been hiding assets

Obama breaks from Bush: ‘I often read bad press.’»

An Open Letter To The Israeli Government

Yes, it’s a Class War, so Let’s Fight! - Headlines 1/8/09

A hypothetical question regarding the conflict in Gaza

Obama tax plan runs into opposition from Dems in Senate

Rec this if you think that people who post "rec this" threads are narcissistic attention whores.

Holy moly.....I've agreed with Nancy Pelosi twice in 2 days......

Plan In Works To Reunite National Labor Federation

Semantics vs. Anti-semitics

Is the Gaza war over rights to natural gas off their coast?

FDR now target of r/w wrath

Get ready to watch Obama and the Democrats steamroll these Republican motherscratchers

Miserable and lost mama.. From an Iraqi blogger.

Is "surge" the magic word now??

GOP worried Panetta doesn't understand what led to the Iraq intelligence failure

Obama Picks Cass Sunstein to Oversee Regulations

Don't shoot

MSNBC report on what's wrong with the media... LOL

Corker defends positions on GM and the bailout ('I don't see any contradiction at all')


AT&T moves closer to offering in-home cell base stations

Dear George W & Laura,

"I saw a Palin 2012 bumper sticker today, and wondered if the owner was a Republican or a Democrat"

The complete text of Pres. Elect Obama's speech just now (in case you missed it).

The Grifter in Chief attacks Caroline Kennedy on

Rednecks in Texas watching SiCKO

Madoff tried to wire off 300 million. So much for being sorry for your crime.

Congress Urged To Postpone Nation's Switch To Digital TV

The greatest threat to the United States is:

woman burned alive as a witch

Dana Perino is on The Daily Show tonight

Last night Jon Stewart compared MSNBC to The Munsters

Paulson Approves Bailout for Adult Entertainment Industry

All the WAR...make it STOP!

To whom is the oath of office made? given? taken?

The Bill: W and the Damage Done (excellent information from Salon)

This Obama / Bush photo from the HuffPo front page is worth AT LEAST 1,000 words...

O'Reilly Reaction To Franken Win

The Difference between Democrats and Republicans

The Think Tank Index

I feel so much better cuz the country's in the very best of hands . . . .

Franken Is O.K. With Torture

"Mom, why did the Rabbi Lie?"

This Comic Reminds Me Of...

Daily Koz: Union Elections are Not Like Our Political Elections

Vote on Senate Resolution backing Israel has not taken place

Attack on U.S. patrol in Afghanistan kills 5 --President Obama, end this war too. Please.

Office of Norm Coleman is closed -- oh, what a beautiful sight!

Future looking good for Michigan - Ready for ELECTRIC CARS?

Antibiotics fed to livestock wind up in veggies--even organically raised veggies

So now that BO is mentioning spending on this crisis in the Trillion figures

VetVoice Endorses Army of Dude for Best Military Blog

Can anyone here imagine any action by Israel

Tom Daschle was Great at The Morning's Hearing

Obama Should Propose A Republican Tax

$14,000 ~~ nearly $15,000!

If you were to ask a Republican/rightie, "What would it take to straighten out the USA?"

WASHINGTON — Spider-Man has a new sidekick: The president-elect- Obama thanks him with a fist-bump.

Most obnoxious DU ad-bot yet.

Just stating the obvious - amazing that the media has given Bush a pass for 8 yrs of disaster, yet

Bradford the Native American vs. Tebow the Missionary

Tweety just bslapped Palin

If it's a football, it's a girl -- a basketball's a boy. So they say.

I see now why they call Barack Obama "The Messiah"

Mississippi has highest teen birth rate, CDC says

democratic congress grows balls, now they are going to oppose Obama

"troops served in the same capacity as laboratory rats or guinea pigs" Vets Sue

The real reason the Senate can't seat Burris yet

Max Boot: Bring Back The Bush Doctrine ...

AIG yanks $93 million in quickie payouts after Dems squawk

The Nation: Can Labor Revive the American Dream?

Not a Joke... Tell George Bush what you think of the last 8 Years@GOP site

Habitat for Humanity was the #5 new home builder for CA for the last 12 months

Habitat for Humanity was the #5 new home builder for CA for the last 12 months

Pelosi "urging" Obama to repeal Bush tax cuts

Listening To Tweety - This Guy On There Is Saying Israel Had To Do....

Illinois House investigation recommends IL House impeach Blagojevich for cause.

Howard Dean for Surgeon General

Weekend votes stall Iraq trip for Sens. Kerry, Reed, Collins

Obama appointee to face bruising confirmation fight

Crisis and plan to fix it 'unprecedented'

Mystery Roar from Faraway Space Detected

What is John Edwards up to?

Just 12 More Fucking Days!

Dems Prepare Bills to Combat Midnight Regulations

Stop touting things if they are just opinions

Helen Thomas: "War is hell"

Survey: Public Strongly Supports Employee Free Choice

A new "moranism..."

Thursday TOONS: part 3, Economy, War and the rest

Gaza War Bush's Parting Gift to Middle East

Obama Picks a Conscience for the CIA-By Ray McGovern-At long last. Change we can believe in.

Thursday TOONS: part 1- Transitioning

Want a quick smile? Click this link

Joe the Plumber Going to Israel?@!

my GOP state senator is a jackass

IL pols do the right thing-vote to impeach Blago!

"1600 Pennsylvania Ave" is so much better with Shuster

An Opinion About Credit Cards

Politicians love to promise tax cuts. Now, I don't like paying taxes, but I realize that they are

Think “The Onion” When Lying, Says Roger Ailes

$$$ This message is so important! $$$ Let's rec this up so more will see it!!!

Poll: If Social Security and Medicare are ended, can you take care of your elderly parents?

Oscar Grant - Deafening Silence

Burris Admits He Reached Out To Blago Confidant in Criminal Complaint

DOJ Still Hounding Wiretap Whistleblower

this is one useless government employee...totally useless (pic)

* gave a speech today - no one cared

Israel Condemns Vatican’s ‘Concentration Camp’ Remarks

'Pro-Israel' TV ads from group tied to Hagee, Abramoff

Drugmakers aim to polish image with ad blitz

What will be Barack Obama's most effective lever in getting Congress to act?

There's going to be pizza in Boston tonight

Heat may spark world food crisis

Replay of the Dashle confirmation hearing right now on cspan2

Expressing glee over civilian deaths makes you an asshole.

UN: 257 Palestinian children killed in Gaza

Union Card Raises Wages for Women as Much as Year in College

Watch Mary Beth Maxwell Discuss Employee Free Choice on C-SPAN

Do you accept the view that all politicians sometimes Lie?

Cornelia Wallace Dies.

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you the next Senator from Missouri

Roadmap..courtesy of b3ta

Here we go.... Palin's "Tammy Faye" moment!

Does Seppuku violate the Eighth Amendment?

Okay....I can see where Obama is a Clever Fox throwing Dean Under the Bus and the Activists of 2004

6.1 earthquake in Costa Rica

Interesting letter to the editor

I am over 100K in debt and I don't know what to do

I think I have finally figured out what Republicans and "Conservatives" need most

What's going on with the football game?

Ever try to Google your DU "handle" plus "Democratic Underground"?

LA sheriff visiting Israel to show solidarity

Kucinich: Bush Administration Ignores Humanitarian Crisis

Can our economy survive without credit?

The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice!

Manager @ MD airport: "Nothing here raised any eyebrows" regarding Connell's departure

Spam source explained...maybe

Teddy Kennedy doesn't look well at all Why Are There No Black Senators?

Hannity found someone to replace Alan Colmes on his show...

CLARIFICATION on New Safety Law and Thrift Shop Items

Welcome to the United States Senate, Al Franken.

GOP operative regrets leading “Brooks Brothers riot” in FL recount- Maybe there would be no Iraq war

Nebraska Among 13 States With At Least 200 Percent Growth In "English Language Learners"

Boosh eliminated the IRS auditors who examined the wealthiest taxpayers' returns.

President Obama taking reins NOW.

Howard Dean Absent From Obama/DNC Affair....Huff Post

Wilkerson: CHENEY-'became VP well before Bush picked him & Began To Manipulate From That Point'

Amnesty International will be holding a chat with researchers on the current crisis in Gaza.

NOW on C-span..Illinois House voting to impeach Governor

A REPUBLICAN (Palin) brings up the spector of

What did you hate about Oh-Eight?

Our hearts breaking over the killing of the children or who profits who dies?

DC Map for those going to inauguration day

C-span coverage Daschle/health care ... anyone see this today...???

My message from the RNC---(don't e-mail McCain, you get on the list)

More U.S. Children Face Poverty (R U surprised?)

Bush-Cheney deserve censure for declaring war against the Constitution

Any USFS or BLM volunteers out there? I'm looking for a fire lookout gig for the summer.

Closed highways hinder grocery deliveries

Peace protesters go to far in New Zealand

Reinstate the 50 State Strategy

It's pretty bad when the unemployed know more about Int'l Economy than the...ahem...experts

Levi's mom speaks out (People Magazine again)

Any word on possible DU user-name amnesty?

Interior Dept 's Classy New 'Outhouse'

What Liberals Could Learn From Anarchists

AP: Obama and Spider-Man appear in comic together

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

"They're ruining my yard and sprinklers"...tourists flock to future home of Junior & Pickles (video)

Obama & the Blackberry, internet & DU

About 3 minutes of football till the Bob Stouper cry, bitch, and whine show starts.

Is there anywhere to watch MSNBC streaming online?

If you are on the left coast, or are not watching The Daily Show on the East Coast..

Obama Team Asks Congress to Postpone Digital TV Switch

Cheney DARES Obama "You Need To Sit Down & Find Out Precisely What It Is We Did & How We Did It"

The Circuit City pop-up almost makes

Police: Mother helped husband rape their daughter

Boot Bush Out on 19th

Would "Recovery Bonds" work? Like War Bonds, you know.....

So who is taking the day off to see History?

Kidney Pie anyone?

Parents Arrested After Girl's Burns Went Untreated (2nd & 3rd degree over 50% of her body)

Did Al Franklen win?

"Obama warns of dire consequences w/o stimulus" NO SHIT!

"Obama warns of dire consequences w/o stimulus" NO SHIT!

Los Angeles may restrict outdoor smoking

Only for Palin watchers...

Obama vows action on deficits, his solution? Cut SS and Medicare. Change! Yay!

Springsteen To Open Inauguration On Steps Of Lincoln Memorial?

Demand has to happen FIRST...

I'm going to buy a Spiderman comic book on January 14th

The idea that we have to incentivise breeding for population gain is and has always been stupid

How BART protest devolved into anarchy, rioting

Todd Rundgren on the departing liars, cowards, hypocrites and perverts & reclaiming our future.

Where to donate money to help civilians in Gaza?

Quiz: Which One Doesn't Belong?

Al Franken stole the election? Prove it or shut up (Salon)

Is Microsoft giving up on Vista? (CNN)

What should a person do if they run over and kill a notorious mobster's son?

Did You Know That Pretty Much Everybody Agrees That The New Deal Failed?

porn industry requests bailout

Conyers: Obama Should Not Nominate Sanjay Gupta

Maybe I'm being too hard on Sarah, but...

I had a very scary flight today ......

Coleen Rowley and William Cox: No Victors in the War on Dissent (Must Read)

*Valid Virus Warning from Snopes*

*Valid Virus Warning from Snopes*

Dean on Hardball: "'You Gotta Hand It to Blagojevich'

Take a look around you people

The government tends to hide the real costs of our militarism while blaming entitlements

Palestinian Toll Passes 700; Around One-Third Children

TIME: The Bush Administration's Most Despicable Act-"The President was not telling the truth."

WooHoo! Buy Pepsi!

Are there any musicians noting the new president?

The Afghan Quagmire

Conyers Vs. Gupta. Oh, It's On. (ABC)

Can We **Please** Moderate The Purity

All DUers that want the criminals and traitors of the Bush administration prosecuted check-in thread

Black male shot in own driveway by police who mistakenly determined he was driving stolen SUV

'There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life,"

50 State Strategy not a priority with new DNC head Kaine

Epilepsy..... Something new?

Social Security and Medicare are not entitlements

Oh yeah ..... the 'entitlements'

a positive thread - go Democrats!

question: What's the dealeo with Clinton and Carter not liking each other?

Thursday TOONS: part 2 Senate antics

Did Obama just pw3n Holy Joe Leiberman?

Which Current Or Former Air America Host(s) Should Run For Office Next?

Who remembers the television series "The Prisoner?"

So this guy in a parking lot backed up and hit my car

Prop 8 and blaming the blacks. New study debunks myth.

OK,DU-DU my latest ltte in response to the cries against socialism


Senate Approves Resolution Backing Israel in Hamas Conflict

So, Obama's named this guy Dennis Ross as a "top envoy on the Middle East"...

Unemployment compensation woes and depression

Why the Rude Pundit Will Not Be Writing About Ann Coulter's New Book

And Another Birther Theory Crumbles (Obama Not Adopted By Lolo Soetoro)

Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel on Universal Health Care - White House OMB

On Obama’s Choice of Sanjay Gupta for Surgeon General

An Unnecessary War - Jimmy Carter

$3 trillion for the Iraq War. But no TOILET PAPER for Detroit Public School students.

Perle Washes His Hands Of Iraq: I Was Not An ‘Architect Of That War,’ Neocons Had No Influence

Naomi Klein: Israel: Boycott, Divest, Sanction

is there an unregulated coal ash dump in your neighborhood? 1,300 of them

Blago for Senate Majority Leader (Mary Lyon)

Richard Clarke: "many people are already dead because of Bush"

Seating Al Franken....

An online petition (Quincy Jones) asking for a Secretary of the Arts

An online petition (Quincy Jones) asking for a Secretary of the Arts

I Spent All Of 2008 Trying To Quit Smoking...

Love is what I got

New study suggests winter babies face socioeconomic disadvantages (Let's start some shit.)

Is this possible?

God help us all when LynneSin reads this

Cinematic Titanic (Joel & other former MST3K stars) to perform live in 5 cities


Mother's GONE!


are you in physical pain or physically miserable tonight?

It's wierd to be in a situation where you're talking to fairly conservative adults after a long time

Personal music!

anyone know where to find some public domain video footage?

Well, apparently I am still able to do the splits.

My God, It's Beautiful...

So who else is still awake?


If you had a 13 year old female student burst into tears in your classroom >>> and she told you she

Penis sheaths to be banned in Papua police crackdown?

Penis sheaths to be banned in Papua police crackdown?

Hunter S. Thompson Motivational Posters

Good Morning MissHoneyChurch!

WTF is a "cremation product?"

Go Laters!!!

Your next Senator from the great state of Minnesota....

Florida Democratic Party refused to fight against Amendment 2.

This is my idea of filing

I'm just watching flakes fall outside the arcade..vacation day4

Is what happens to you when you look in the mirror in the morning??

I just ate three small bowls of potato chips.

Go Sooners!!!

Angela Shelton cooking fans, check in!

I am going to go bathe my cat.

Happy Birthday Elvis

You're it. No, you're it. Hey, you're really it. You're it. No, I mean it, you're it.

BTW, one of the gifts I received for Christmas was a Shamwow.

I got a call from my alma mater asking for donations...

Scrapple v. Spam... aka The Ultimate Poll

Rip Torn gets arrested again for DUI

Movie Buffs: Take The Jane White Challenge!

Does anyone else here watch Lost?

Gadget Pron!

When am i going to get it through my head

Why do I feel hopeless and unappreciative after spending time in GD and GD-P?

I'd like to see 1960s sit-coms "The Munsters" and "F Troop" made into one movie...

I'm a little ashamed to say it ...But this is gonna be a Hoot

The don't click on MadinMaryland's thread support thread

Dogs Never Lie About Love: A very nice NYT article

Anyone try Hell on the Red cheese salsa?

Provocative topic: Anyone with half a brain is earning his or her Master's today.

What is the proper way to ground yourself when installing a memory stick...

just re-read some Chekhov plays - what say you about Anton?

Isn't "Conservative Think Tank" an oxymoron? Seriously, why do the media even pay attention?

I had a dream about a brother/sister duo who played basketball for the UT Longhorns

How to turn your driver's license into a debit card

1987 "Pour Some Sugar on Me"

Lyrdnrd Skynner.

Far Side re-enactment photos

My new favorite Facebook group: Fans of the ShamWow Guy

This Shamwow thing is like kudzu!

Who are the best rock guitar duos?

I like being nice. It makes people smile.

ResetButton Appreciation Thread

Post you NFL predictions for the 2nd round of playoff games

A breath of fresh air. Margaret and Helen's blog. (They called Sarah Palin a bitch)

Anyone else here watch that DiLaurentis woman on the Food Network?

The Apartment is CLEAN!!

The Apartment is CLEAN!!

"I just killed a man."

I slipped and fell in the shower today, ask me anything...

To all my friends and posters who I have may annoyed...

The guy in our office voted as The One Most Likely to Bring a Gun to Work

I got a golden ticket...

Is it true that the most damning thing about me is that I was never in Motorhead?

I'm starting a new club.

I wanna get one thing straight, or I'm walking, too...

Prediction: Gators Chomp Sooners, win by 7

Cum On Feel The Noize

Woman finds 139-year-old baseball card in box of antiques

How do we sleep?

Women and clothing stores

Women and clothing stores

"its scarily accurate."

Well, I'm off to buy stuff on a street corner.

WooHoo, I got my UCC128 label to print correctly!


Elvis Presley born January 8, 1935

delete ---dupe

I totally pulled a Midlo today

the intro to 'Shine On You Crazy Diamond': one of the greatest pieces of music ever composed

Well shit! The Gaza stuff going on just fucked with my photoshop

*blows whistle and throws yellow flag* Excessive use of gasoline on Midlo, a 1 box of wine penalty,-

Can you all keep it down in here

Help me decide! Which room to clean first?

Ok let's listen to some Clapton.

Earworm Warning.....

TV On The Radio - Love Dog

Remind me not to walk on JerseyGirl's lawn

blu-ray: Is it worth it? Recommendations?

Theme song for my department.

A personal story about Social Security

Rupert Hine - A Golden Age

One is not officially President of the United States until...

CreekPuppy is obsessed with calling me out in the Lounge.

What kind of plant is this?

Classic Country: Conway Twitty

I hate it when Microsoft Word tells me scientific words don't exist.

I have never seen the video for this song.

A black sweater, khaki shorts, blue leggings, argyle socks, and black

"Sodom and Gomorrah Revisited" or "A Blasphemous Look at Ancient Blasphemers"

Here's what *I'M* going to do for Democratic Underground you slackers.

My luck - I discover a new comic strip six months after it ended

Is this bad email etiquette?

Last night I had a dream about Spontaneous Monkey Combustion.

Back to hell for me.

So apparently there really is a super secret clique talking about me behind my back.

There's some sort of BCS Bowl Game tonight, right?

Speedbump by Tony Levin

What would happen to DU if madinmaryland were to be a moderator?

I have nothing witty to post

I'm applying to be a moderator.

Wonder what a 1948 photo of Coach Bear Bryant would be worth?

kentauros is here, but there are not very many threads rec'd

I am baking a spice cake which I will frost with vanilla icing

we need a cheesecake appreciation thread....

DU'er most likely to go powermad if given moderator skills?

Anyone else have odd displays in the forums?

Things you find yourself saying that would have sounded really, really weird

Did you know that Vince the ShamWow guy is an Ex-Scientologist?

Hey! Watch out for that pole!

I am too controversial to be a moderator.

For dumbest TV ad ever, I submit, "Do you ever wish you had sonic hearing?"

Miz t. is drinking my whisky.


Typeface nerds, what font should I use?

Baby's on fire

Why wasn't I told that Bernadette Peters was on Ugly Betty?

Shit. They're talking about freezing rain on Saturday...

Every time I hear the "Star Spangled Banner"

Happy Birthday E

Difference between a Man and a Boy: Men know they're not invincible

Off to San Diego for a few days...

I had dinner with a friend at Quizno's, and now my coat smells like onions.

I think the CIA is putting thoughts in my head. (No we aren't.)

Are you tired of Oprah talking about her weight and/or dieting?

How Globalization Set the Stage for the 2008 Economic Collapse

Say hi to Skidboot

Is anyone else on Linked In? Would you link me?

Miami bound!

Has anyone had experience w/ Honda Civic Hybrids (07- on)?

BCS National Championship Poll

Fuck. I smell something electrical burning.

A couple of questions

Puppies are awake!

How did big Jurassic flying reptiles get off?

Cute Things Falling Asleep!

Is there a way we can save the Lounge when the rest of DU crashes and burns?

Sticking with the movie theme today - Eastwood film Gran Torino

Why all the vimax pills ads

Why all the vimax pills ads

PROOF! THe Rolling Stones once owned yer face!

10000 questions....

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 1/8/2009)

So, at work on Monday I had to do a flood story.. so I called up the City of Chilliwack


Anniversary thread!

Man, am I bound!

Flintstones character most likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction

All you 40-somethings - what did you do for your 40th birthday?

Please post your observations about East Coast Drivers here:

Javier Bardem is fucking sexy.

My wife and my sons watched "Kandahar" this evening.

I completed my jury duty today. Ask me anything!

Congratulations to the University of Florida!!

congrats, Gators.

The Unfairness of Life - Cats Have Great Muscle Tone Despite Sleeping All Day

Ever tried Yak Traks? A friend says I should get some, before the next ice storm hits.

Are YOU brave enough?

Show your favorite hot sauce!

10 questions

Just when I thought things were going really well....

Who the hell recommended my thread??? They're asking for it!

Should Obama Sweep The White House For Electronic Bugs, Wiretaps, etc., When He Moves In?

My hair feels wonderful tonight.

I'm sorry, but Stephen Stills was my favorite

Name something that you just shouldn't skimp on...

God dammit! Why can't I just DO it! I'm gaining weight

Today's College Football Thread -- BCS Championship Game Edition

The latest in rap

Jewish center in Germany damaged

Sell This Flippin House -- some observations

Does anyone else have this problem?

OMG...Separated at birth?!

WTF is Recreational Parks Management?

Thursday Night Pic Thread

Thursday Night Pic Thread

(RANT ALERT) I am really starting to get annoyed...

Remind me not to walk on Clint Eastwood's lawn.

the deification of Tim Tebow

Shadow needs some lounge ~~**vibes**~~

Did anyone hear "Coast to Coast" the other night? They had this guy

Name a movie that was bad, but had potential to be good.

Which mundane celebrity personality will you forget about next?

Anybody here know the Rules of Advertising on TV?

Ok, movie buffs, explain how Deckard from Blade Runner is a replicant

Halllp! Please, I need some info regarding phones!

God dammit. Colorado's unemployment department doesn't have their shit together!

Embarrassing question about neutered dogs.

Salad dressing.

Divorcing Man Wants Kidney Back After Wife Cheats

what the hell is with Taco Bell's new commercial advocating NOT tipping?

What the hell do I put on a freaking resume?

Anyone here watch the SitCom: Big Bang Theory!?

Fuck you

Hey kids, say hi to my online stalker!

Does anyone else have this problem?

what's happening to credits and subtitles???

If you have a Wii and an internet connection, you NEED 'World of Goo.'

The last thing I want to do at the supermarket is calculate the value of toilet paper

UFO hits wind turbine!

Anyone here use Twitter?

We interrupt this doom & gloom for a word from our sponsors

That one was a 5.0

I don't want to worry any of you, but there's an imposter afoot.

This summer: "Terminator 4."

Condiment Wars

Today's instance of testosterone poisoning and my husband

What's the theme song for your job, and why?

My wife got laid off, our car was repossessed

Did you resolve to get out of debt this year?

kitten picture of the day for friday january 9

Billy Mays - The Big City Toilet


Did you guys hear that joe the fake plumber is now a war

Where I think we have taken a wrong turn on Obama's nominees

PrezE Obama's Law Review Colleges.. Where are they now?

Reid Vs Obama - Reminds me of an article S. Blumenthal once wrote for TNR

Shut up and sing.

Is there any footage of Obama's interview with CNBC?

Delete ~~ dupe.

National Portrait Gallery Gets Obama Poster

Obama and Kaine to hold presser in DC Thursday

Inauguration Plans Walls off DC - Potomac Bridges will Close

I don't really believe this, but it HAS crossed my mind.

Obama's Stimulus: A Jump-Start for His Long-Term Agenda?

There's nothing "centrist" about surrounding oneself with corporate beltway tools

Obama: "If Nothing Is Done, This Recession Could Linger for Years"

Late-breaking realization from Capt. Obvious

Good Vibrations: 12 days left!

Obama's pick to lead on health care gets hearing

Many Bridges into DC CLOSED Inauguration Day (streets too)

Blagojevich May Show Up At Obama Inauguration

With Obama mostly silent on Gaza, Dems move to fill void

The 'misunderestimated' president (BBC)

Dear Dr. Dean,


President Obama speaking NOW.

Obama has little breathing room with Gaza mess: analysts

Inauguration Transportation Plan

Obama Delivering Big Economic Speech Today, Promoting Stimulus Package

What Grade Would You Give President Obama's Speech On The Economy?

PE Obama and his Blackberry. What do you think? Should

Watch out for Mitch McConnell - snake in the bluegrass...

US senate sets its priorities!

Oh, *now* the Republicans are worried about the deficit

Next time a rightwingnut tries to defend Chimpy Fucknuts,

Crisis and plan to fix it 'unprecedented'

Golly - Once Again, White Folks Blame Black Folks For Something...

Mail to Bobby Rush prompts haz-mat response

As Bush, Obama met for power lunch, so did their staffers

Citizen Involvement in Government. Vote on proposals at

President-Elect Obama's a big boy, he can take the criticism... can we?

Senator Kit Bond says he's reviewing Panetta's past statements or "misstatements"

Tell Us about Disgusting Food You Love

Who wants to partay with Luke Russert?

Watch CSPAN now!!! They are counting the electoral votes!!

Jesus Tebow and Football.


Obama Taps Cass Sunstein as "Regulation Czar"

Letter to a winger

Please watch this video.

Bush's "legacy" will not get better with time


Hoekstra: easier working with Obama team than with congressional dems

How do you really FEEL about First Dufus Bush???

When Did You KNOW Obama Was Going To Win The Presidency?

Even when you HAVE insurance, you get crappy care and go bankrupt

Kaine to Obama: "You are a very persuasive individual."

Change That at Least Some People Can Believe In

Anybody else get a Commemorative invite to the inauguration?

Heads Up: Blagojevich impeachment hearing

Caroline Kennedy Reignites Mommy Wars

WP, pg1: Obama Assembles Powerful West Wing; Influential Advisers May Compete With Cabinet

In next weeks' "Amazing Spider-man", not to be missed by Obamafans.

The stimulus plan is shaping up to be a complete waste of time

Pelosi "urging" Obama to repeal Bush tax cuts

When Do the Confirmation Hearings begin for SOS Hillary Clinton?

The problem with the Blackberry isn't the lawyers. That's trifling. The problem is security.

Does anyone have a good recipe for dill dough?

Kaine to Dean: Fantastic job, thanks for your 50 state strategy

Dumb question: Why do people uses asterisks here instead of quotes?

Obama Team Asks Congress to Postpone Digital TV Switch

BREAKING: Obama declines to accept Presidency - says cannot part with Blackberry..


During Reagan how much of debt was owned by the Japanese? And during Bush 43?

Sarah Palin still whining about Katie Couric, Tina Fey, MSM in new TV Interview

Rep. Lynn Westmoreland (R) Georgia 3rd ISnot working with Democrats (on C-Span) nt

So MoveOn just invited me to attend a campaign training session this Sunday but it was already close

Eric Cantor: "Obama is stroking the Fear in the American People about Joblessness"

What Obama REALLY needs to do for economic recovery:

If you want to know what the old "Ask the Admins" forum was like, look around GDP.

Obama to become president amid tightest security ever

For Those Who aren't happy with Gupta as Surgeon General, you should read this

Been quiet about Obama for a long time, because of the issues - but I have to say YA-FUCKING-HOO on.

Nancy Pelosi


Bush History-Bribing the Press, & Ditching the Evidence on Warming, 1/8

Obama picks lobbyist as Pentagon No. 2

Pelosi Interrupts Cheney

Now this is something I think we can ALL agree is funny, pathetic, and ridiculous

Harkin Fears "Trickle-Down" Stimulus (updated)

You ever sort GDP by author?

What happens if we experience another Katrina-esque disaster in the middle of the current recession?

Daily Show was great last night-Stewart shredded the media on their coverage of Obama girls'

**Heads Up: Congress Counts the Electoral Votes** (reairs Thurs. night on CSPAN2)

Palin: Media goes easy on Kennedy

Has any president in modern history ever taken over such a clusterfuck?

Obama Calls for Halt to Buying Ammunition and Guns !

Obama asks Congress to delay switch to digital television

Who didn't secretly want to see Berg, Keyes, and other nutjobs crash the House proceedings...

Does anyone know for sure if Bush and Cheney will be AT the Inaugeration?

Obama Promises Bid to Overhaul Retiree Spending

John Kerry not happy with Tax Credits for companies who hire new workers

Can you imagine how much Rosa's view has changed?

She's baaaaack!

The End of the "Who Could Have Known ERA!" Arianna Huffington

The End of the "Who Could Have Known ERA!" Arianna Huffington

Who was the worse president: Nixon or Bush?

For One Special Voter, Two Special Days (Ann Nixon Cooper turns 107 Friday)

Why do Bush and Cheney look so happy?

Obama will have a layer of staff beneath Gates whose first political loyalty is to Obama

Piece of Shit KIT BOND will not run again in 2010!!!

Did y'all know that Richard Clarke had turned down CIA Chief Position?

Did y'all know that Richard Clarke had turned down CIA Chief Position?

A year ago , tonight. New Hampshire.

If you intend to "fuck the republicans", or roll over them, the last thing you should do

Don't we have bigger battles to fight than Sanjay friggin Gupta?

For those that think Michael Moore should "shut up" concerning healthcare,

I totally apologize!!

Official George W. Bush rehabilitation thread: What does he have to do?

DC Map of inauguration info and other fun facts

I say this in all sincerity. There should be an "Obama support" forum

Guardian (UK): Obama camp 'prepared to talk to Hamas'

Not enough Dem on Dem bashing yet?"Stimulus showdown:trees vs. roads!" Dem govs v Environmentalists

HEY!! Why no video of Cheney certifying Obama as the next prez on DU Home???

States with Good Drivers

At least the criticism of Obama on DU is (mostly) grounded in reality...

Inaugural Rentals Begging For Takers

Retailers are forecasting 2000 to 3000 malls to close this year!

Wow, Amazon allow charming comments on their site

Howard Dean is heading to Pago Pago

How do we know Howard Dean didn't snub Obama?

Obama surprise: long birth certificate finally released

Has anyone else gotten a "Presidential Inaugural Committee requests the honor of your presence"

Larry Craig Dropping Appeals of his Bathroom Sexy Romp

OMG!: - Register your inaugural ball dress online...

Don't just throw it away! Please dispose of your old TV's (& other consumer electronics) responsibly

Anyone else a little freaked out about how fragmented the dems are?

Palin on Olbermann: ‘THAT guy is EVIL!’

I don't give a rat's ass about Gupta. I am very disturbed by the appointment of Dennis Ross

"Spidey Meets the President"

Neera Tanden to work with Daschle on New Healthcare Plan

Will you be recording the Inauguration and if so which channel?

Colin Powell Presser tomorrow on Obama's Call for National Service

You're not a true Lounger until...

Two People I'd Like To See In An Obama Administration In Some Capacity Are.......

Dear President CrackBerry - Keep Fighting the Good Fight!

Will we get to watch the beautiful people at the Inauguration balls on the teevee?

Kerry: "spend the money on the infrastructure, on direct investment, on energy conversion"

Obama just had a regular Press conference introducing his DNC pick. It was not an "Affair".

Obama: I read my bad press, not my good press

Inaugeration Day - What Time Is Obama's Speech?

Guess the stimulative effect. (Not a sex thread)

GD:P so much badly needs NanceGreggs to return....

Howard Dean says Gupta is a great choice for Surgeon General on Hardball

Sarah Palin: "If I wasn't a demented fascist the media would have loved me."

When does the national debt become too great?

NYT: "Senate (so-called) Allies Fault Obama Stimulus Plan." Dems vs. Clinton II

Obama's top picks for FCC Chairman (per Reuters)

Another Freeper dream shattered ..... Obama officially elected Prez!

"Biden's Overseas Trip Could Be Passport to Trouble"...per Karl Rove

Anne Hathaway To Obama: Explain Rick Warren

Never thought anybody could get one up on Obama, but I guess Dr. Dean did.

Never thought anybody could get one up on Obama, but I guess Dr. Dean did.

For anyone who thinks that Republicans will accept Obama's health care plan

Ridicule is very easy. It works well. Being a bully is easy.

Did anyone catch Chris Matthews tonight pointing out Palin's using "Democrat party"?

It is neither "Soda" nor "Pop", ok? It is a soft drink.


Just watched Helen Thomas in an interview on Al Jazeera. She isn't sure Obama 'has the courage

Just watched Helen Thomas in an interview on Al Jazeera. She isn't sure Obama 'has the courage

Obama invites lesbian couple on his Inaugural Whistle Stop Tour

Math is based on 10 as a base. Why do humans and animals alike have

Matt Taibbi: Tom Daschle has close connections to insurance and pharmaceutical interests

Hell, Let's put Palin and Kennedy on Jeopardy, all categories political related!!!

Dr. Sanjay Gupta is against Medical Marijuana

Dean is being treated like shit by Obama and it's disgusting.

What the hell has happened to this place?

What the hell has happened to this place?

Jim Dean says his brother would have rescheduled his trip..

Does this mean anything? I got "commemorative invitation" to Obama inauguration

POLL: Photo threads on DU....where should they go?

Urinals Shaped Like Orchids?

Inauguration to Close Bridges and Highways

Thousands flee flooding in western Washington

Israel bombs Gaza into the night

Sri Lankan military captures rebel base in north

Rioting in Oakland, Ca because of the Bart killing

Pakistan: National security adviser fired

Iran's Larijani meets Hamas political chief Meshal in Damascus

Rockets From Lebanon Hit Israel, Could Open Northern Front

Israel Leaves Civilians For Dead

SFO opens UK Madoff investigation

US porn barons appeal for $5bn bailout to help prop up limp industry

Joe the plumber headed to Middle East

Federal judge in Texas pleads not guilty to new allegations of sex abuse

Greek PM vows new start, eye on poor after reshuffle

Red Cross Reports Grisly Find in Gaza-Israel Accused of Blocking Aid to Wounded

Senegal court jails nine gay men

Citigroup, U.S. senators in mortgage legislation talks: report

Israel 'fires on UN Gaza convoy'

Jobless claims fall sharply

'Concentration camp' remark threatens Pope's visit to Israel

Rockets hit Israel from Lebanon

Source: Senator Kit Bond is OUT; won't seek re-election in 2010

A one-day diary of violence in Iraq (as reported in local Iraqi press)

Walgreen will cut 1,000 management jobs in 2009

Veterans Sue CIA Over Past Chemical Tests on Soldiers

Turkey detains dozens in coup probe

Obama picks Ross as Mideast envoy

Palestinians find 35 bodies in Gaza battle zone

Pelosi: Equal pay bill will be first of new House

ICRC: Israel delayed access to wounded for days

Australia to allow anti-whaling ship to dock

W. and the damage done

Former Rep. William Jefferson seeks another delay in corruption trial

Congress asks federal judge not to let Bush administration send disputed records to Archives

US Debt Losing its Appeal in China

Retailers report dismal December sales (even Walmart)

Bond will not seek another term

Probe of CIA video destruction winding down

MN felon admits to voting for Coleman in U.S. Senate race

Californians battle swamped state phone lines to get jobless benefits

Attack on US troops kills Afghan 3 civilians

Satyam may axe 10,000 employees next month

Cheney: Obama should keep terror polices

In Hard Times, White House Replica Goes Up for Sale

Governor Tim Kaine Formally Appointed to Head Democratic National Committee

Navy creates force devoted to fighting pir

US army engineers helping detect Gaza tunnels: Pentagon

US troops 'monitoring Rafah crossing'

Macy's To Close 11 Stores In 9 States (960 Jobs Lost)

Bush's homeland security setup faces ax

Congress officially declares Obama next president

West Bank feels remote from Gaza fighting

NCUA(National Credit Union Administration) Activates National Examination Team

First Lady Debuts New Bush China

Ill. House panel recommends governor's impeachment

Bush EPA Shirks Responsibility Over Perchlorate Contamination; EPA Call for New Study

EXTRA: Hamas criticizes Egyptian proposal for Gaza

Recession resistant coal industry cuts back

Khmer Rouge Leader May Be Tried in March

Obama camp 'prepared to talk to Hamas'

Cheney says no one saw financial crisis coming

Hamas Rejects Egypt's Cease-Fire Plan

Agreement Reached on U.N. Resolution Calling for Mideast Cease-Fire

West, Arabs reach deal on UN Gaza resolution

Illinois Panel Calls for Impeachment of Governor Blagojevich

Manager's take on Led Zep rumours (tour & album with NO Robert Plant?)

UN Security Council calls for Gaza cease-fire

Security Council calls for immediate truce in Gaza - US Abstains

Police investigate threat letter to Bobby Rush

Mexico awards cash for worst gov't red-tape sagas

Markey to lead powerful energy subcommittee

Law Professor (Cass Sunstein) to Take Top Regulatory Post

Microsoft to let consumers test Windows 7 on Friday

Ask not what Democratic Underground can do for you, ask what YOU can do for Democratic Underground!

Ask not what Democratic Underground can do for you, ask what YOU can do for Democratic Underground!

Top al Qaeda Targets Reportedly Dead After U.S. Air Strike

TB cases linked to Castro bars

NYPD Eyes Disrupting Cell Phones in Event of Terrorist Attack

Lawyer Says Larry Craig To Flush Further Appeals

Daschle Pledges a Bipartisan Reform of Health Care System

Strong earthquake shakes Costa Rica

Protesters gather once again on Oakland streets (Thursday night)

Lawmaker wants to tighten Utah alcohol rules

Cheney: CIA Did Nothing Illegal in Interrogations

Mukasey sets limit on immigrants' rights to lawyer

UN Security Council calls for Gaza cease-fire

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday January 8

No bomb found as Wasilla High lockdown continues

AIG yanks $93 million in quickie payouts after Dems squawk

Lenovo to lay off 2,500 employees

Unprecedented heat will trigger global food crisis

Senate Democrats Criticize Obama's Proposed Tax Cuts

Red Cross slams Israel over access to wounded

UN suspends all Gaza activities after driver is killed (update - another driver has died)

Prop. 8 supporters file challenge to campaign donor laws

Obama asks Congress to delay DTV transition

Texas filing seeks to put off suit tied to Coleman

Passengers pounce on man who made threats aboard L.A.-bound fligh

Google layoffs above 5,000

Bush Heading to Texas on Inauguration Day

Obama camp 'prepared to talk to Hamas'

Iran's Larijani slams Arab, European proposals on Gaza - Summary

Lula to Offer Homes to Brazil’s Poor to Spark Growth

NY TIMES: U.S. has plans if Mexican drug violence crosses border

As a condition of loan, UAW cannot strike against General Motors

Senate Democrats May Seat Franken Before Coleman Lawsuit Is Resolved

MO-Sen: Kit Bond Not Running for Re-Election

10 percent of Guantanamo detainees now being force fed

Blago seeks to have Fitzgerald removed from case

Moderate quake hits Southern California (5.0)

UN: 257 Palestinian children killed in Gaza

Cheney says no one saw financial crisis coming

Effort pushes ‘Medicare for all' system

Obama: Pass stimulus or recession lasts ‘years’

FDA scientists complain to Obama of 'corruption'

Flu Found Resistant to Main Antiviral Drug

VP-Elect Biden visits Kuwait on World Tour

Sarah Palin Questions Media Treatment of Caroline Kennedy

Democrat Conyers Opposing Possible Gupta Appointment

Senate Approves Resolution Backing Israel in Hamas Conflict

Obama Promises Bid to Overhaul Retiree Spending; "would wade into thorny politics of entitlements"

Seattle Post Intelligencer for sale. Likely to close.

Gunshot revelry may mean deportation for Huron (Calif.) man

Ask not what Democratic Underground can do for you, ask what YOU can do for Democratic Underground!

Cops tell resident to ditch (No on 8) sign

Bill Calls for Statewide Smoking Ban

Ask not what Democratic Underground can do for you, ask what YOU can do for Democratic Underground!

Avi Shlaim in The Guardian: How Israel brought Gaza to the brink of humanitarian catastrophe

Joe The Latest Desperate Attempt at Remaining Relevant (Gawker)

Obama Shouldn't Cave to the Right on Tax Cuts

Addled, cry-baby old fart George H. W. Bush

FLASH: Presidential Newsbrief

Secret Deal in the Works? Burris Agrees to Hide Blago in Senate Office

'Reid My Flips': Harry Hands His Senate Majority Post to Burris

Joe the Almost Average To Play War Correspondent

Another Steaming Pile of GOP “Culture of Corruption?”

LOL John Hughes

Karl Rove’s Factually Challenged Housing Revisionism

Coal Ash Spill Reveals Risks, Lapses in Waste Regulation

The FundamentaList (No. 62)

Franken sense: America needs Al's good humor now more than ever

Shi'ites and Sunnis find common cause

How Bush Botched the War on Terror

The Myth of Bush As "The Hero of September 11"

Health Secretary Pick Seeks Health Care Overhaul

The Anti-Stimulus Crowd: The Fear of Success

Jimmy Carter: An Unnecessary War

WP editorial: Years to Come; Obama levels with public about deficits, sets himself fiscal challenge

The (Alleged) Reasoning Behind Wilkes' Release

Capitol Lies: Religious Right Attacks On Visitors Center Don’t Hold Up

W. and the damage done

Palestinians Taunt Jews to 'Go Back to the Oven'

Wanted: a superhero to save America

Now Is No Time for Phony Thrift

Laura Rozen: Inside AEI's Bunker. 'exile won't be so bad','neocons effective from the sidelines.'

Corker says GM-Spring Hill is Competitive

Eric Margolis: While Gaza Burns, the World Watches

Robert Fisk: Why Do They Hate The West So Much, We Will Ask

Drill Baby, Drill!

Michael Moore Lays Out His Conditions for Sanjay as Surgeon General

Free Market Myth: Regulation is everywhere. Let’s choose who benefits. (Dean Baker)

After Matthews, the PA Senate Race Against Magic Bullet Man

Charlie Wilson's (HA!) War

Privacy: The Lost Right

Privacy: The Lost Right - Part 2

Thoreau to of my all time favorite "political" quotes

Washington by Cox and Combes

Goodbye, George W. Bush - Chimpy Dance

Norman Finkelstein on Gaza Crises

Porn Industry Wants $5 Billion Bailout

The Real News: Inside the rebellion in Greece

Gaza medics in the line of fire

Video of California Police Shooting Spurs Investigation

Credit Default Swaps explained clearly in five minutes

Norman Finkelstein vs Martin Indyk over Gaza - Pt. 3

Norman Finkelstein vs Martin Indyk over Gaza - Pt. 2

Disaster for Indian Outsourcing Companies!

Norman Finkelstein vs Martin Indyk over Gaza - Pt. 1

Norman Finkelstein vs Martin Indyk over Gaza - Pt. 4


Police State in Rainbow Gathering

Congress Officially Certifies Obama's Election!

Dennis Kucinich-US Weapons Used To Kill Children Paid For By US Taxpayers

Since we are posting Pastor Manning's vids...This is called "Quadruple-stuffed Oreo"

WAKE UP AMERICA! Israel is Killing Children With Your Tax Dollars!

Rove: Obama's going to want to call upon enhanced interrogation techniques

"Body count mentalities" Colombia's "False Positives" Scandal, Declassified (National Security

Pelosi Interrupts Cheney

American woman stands in front of Israeli guns

CNN Confirms Israel Broke Ceasefire First


CBS 5 com - Home Video Surfaces Of Oakland BART Shooting

Ann Coulter - The REAL Victim!

France braced for 'rebirth of violent left'

Martial Law, the Financial Bailout, and War by Prof. Peter Dale Scott

Ann Coulter VS. Matt Lauer On Today

Full Video of Electoral Vote Count

The Difficulty of Being an Informed American

Obama Girl: "54 double D? Really?"

Stop Censoring International News in America! By Timothy V. Gatto

GM's Bend Over Sale!

Ann Coulter calls hirself 'the only man in the GOP' while Lou Dobbs drools around his dentures @ her

Bush: I have liberated America's school children.

TYT: Franken/Coleman outcome

Josh Brolin And Jeff Wright Tasered

TYT: Why Are Some Democrats Upset Over Obama's CIA Pick? (CYA!)

Chris Matthews gives Howard Dean his due

Rachel Maddow Show: Aussie Geoff Elliot on the Obama Blair House Snub

Historical amnesia and Gaza

The Gaza Boomerang

Gaza op has put an end to Israel's honeymoon with Turkey

Connecting the Dots

ANALYSIS / Rocket fire on North is realization of Iranian threat

Joe the plumber headed to Middle East (Gaza)

Israel, Hamas Using Civilians as Human Shields - Amnesty

Oakland Rebels Against Police Killing of Oscar Grant pt1

Grief and Rage at Stricken Gaza School

The Gaza Boomerang (Article by Kristof)

Neoconservatism dies in Gaza

Attack on Israel from Lebanon threatens 2nd front

Palestinian PM Denies President Abbas Mandate Ending Friday

Observations of a Jewish mother

Humanitarian crisis - Red Cross spokesman via BBC

Muslim Brotherhood Criticizes Egypt's Gaza Peace Plan

Sarkozy: Halt to weapons smuggling is key to Gaza cease-fire

Israel 'Fires on UN Gaza Convoy'

IDF officer killed as Israeli troops hit five squads of Gaza militants

'24 killed' in Israel tourist bus crash

Venezuela expels Israeli ambassador

Israeli army fights armed ghosts in Gaza

ICRC Says Israel Broke International Law in Gaza

Gaza operations confirm value of Main Battle Tanks

Palestinian girl forces Israli soldiers to stand down

ANALYSIS / Rocket fire on North may be realization of Iran threat

Former US ambassador to UN (Bolten) defends Bush's approach to Gaza conflict

Children make up third of Gaza dead - medics

Report: Rockets hit Northern Israel (from Southern Lebanon)

LTTE from a self-described Jew slams Israel

Larisa Alexandrovna at Huff Post: The Evil Of It All...

U.S. paved way for Israel’s attack

Wikipedia Under Attack by Pro-Israel Groups

'Pro-Israel' TV ads from group tied to Hagee, Abramoff

A hypothetical question regarding the conflict in Gaza

Gaza Children Found With Mothers’ Corpses

Red Cross finds starving children with 12 corpses in Gaza 'house of horrors'

UN suspends Gazan aid operation

Former Blackwater guards plead not guilty

Sgt. to face court-martial in Iraq deaths case

Casey apologizes for ‘John Doe’ letter

Cold War vets sue over alleged experiments

Ranger killed in Iraq

Reservist in Iraq loses job, then gets it back

PTSD victim booted for ‘misconduct’

Sadr urges attacks on U.S. troops over Gaza

Group hopes to fix overseas voting problems

Troops in Germany face tougher traffic laws

ND Guardmen arrive at Fort Lewis

(Army Times) Editorial: Troops deserve truth

U.S. troops’ role changes with new year

Gates estimates 2009 war costs at $136 billion

(Army Times) Opinion: Repeal ‘don’t ask’

Idaho man gets prison for stealing vet benefits

Idaho man gets prison for stealing vet benefits

U.S. Weaponry Facilitates Killings in Gaza

US Presses Israel to Expand Humanitarian Access to Gaza

"Mom, why did the Rabbi Lie?"

Attack on Israel From Lebanon Threatens 2nd Front

West, Arabs reach deal on UN Gaza resolution

New Hamas weapon kills Israeli officer

TYT: What Is Israel Supposed To Do?

Israel Fires Into Lebanon After Rockets -Security

3 more ships to be converted for BMD role

Anti-pirate task force stands up

Boxer strike group, 13th MEU to deploy Friday

Mounties recover Navy boats swiped in scheme

Congressman tries to rename Navy department

Lejeune brigade may be Afghanistan bound

Another 3/8 Marine dies in Afghanistan

Lejeune Marine dies of cardiac arrest in Kuwait

Marines arrested in shooting of horse

Retired two-star mentioned as next NASA head

(Marine Corps Times) Backtalk: ‘Loose lips’ warning even more important in digital age

(Marine Corps Times) Editorial: Maintain strong defense

Report attacks AF nuke inspection architecture

Impact of fighter jets over Maine to be studied

12 Raptors deploy from Langley to Kadena

Families move into new digs at Davis-Monthan

Canada deports AWOL soldier, husband

AC-130H gunships coming to Cannon in June

Fairchild rec center roof collapses under snow

Links between PTSD, substance abuse explored

(Air Force Times) Backtalk: Tanker travesty

(Marine Corps Times) Backtalk: Close the fighter gap

Baghdad C-130H crash remains a mystery

Israel to present complaint to UN over Lebanon rocket fire

Israel losing Turkey as Gaza offensive continues

IDF unveils Hamas map seized in Gaza


EXTRA: Hamas criticizes Egyptian proposal for Gaza

And Georgia Begat Gaza: A Tale of Oil Pipelines, Natural Gas and the Failure of Compassion

The US MUST suspend aid to Israel and Egypt and direct that money to the Palestinians.

Gaza Crisis: Is Bush to Blame?

Israel-Hamas Ceasefire Talks Deadlocked

UN passes Gaza ceasefire resolution

Israeli Captain: We are Near WW III

(Air Force Times) Backtalk: American military strength keeps global economy intact

Ill. airlift wing returns home

Of possible interest to Navy Veterans (and others as well)

Air Force civil engineers deploying from Pope

Securing Maiwand

Allowance rises in parts of mainland Japan, Okinawa

NCO faces murder charges in Iraqi detainees’ deaths

32 alleged insurgents reported killed

S. Korean police: Soldier accused in Itaewon fire too drunk to remember

Officials urge flu shots as infections rise

Militants Strike Israel From Lebanon

US Agency Hits Afghan War Missteps

Group Slams DoD for Poor Nuke Oversight

Soldiers Field-Test New Products

Better Batteries Set Unordered

Gates, Mullen Thank Bush for Commitment

Airmen Search for Other Means of Energy

Bats Helping to Enhance Air Vehicles

Soldier pleads not guilty to animal abuse

US to Now Extradite Noriega to France

Army Sorry for 'John Doe' Letters to Kin

(Military Times) Op-Ed: How the Panetta Choice Impacts the Military

Purple Heart Is Ruled Out for Traumatic Stress

Interesting letter to the editor

Obama camp 'prepared to talk to Hamas'

The language of Hamas

Can anyone confirm this?

Does anybody have a problem with this statement by the Palestine Solidarity Committee?

Gaza Children Found With Mothers’ Corpses (NYT)

Uncertainty shrouds UN driver's death

Outrage over proposal to boycott Jewish-owned shops

What You Don’t Know About Gaza

Report: US military re-supplying Israel with ammunition through Greece

A letter from September 10, 2003. We should not be surprised at the support for Israel

UN: 257 Palestinian children killed in Gaza

Israel Condemns Vatican’s ‘Concentration Camp’ Remarks

An Unnecessary War

'Iran aid ship nears Gaza'

Yes, it's anti-Semitism

A better way for Gaza than military attacks

Rare Siberian bird seen in London

Protecting Argentina's giant parrot colony

Europe's gas crisis

Kittery (Maine municipal wind) turbine picks up the pace with winter's winds

Australia to allow Sea Shepherd Ship to dock

Ohio to give wind, solar power grants for homes

Suntech Achieves 1 GW (per year) Solar Cell And Module Production Capacity (China)

Sharp says to move forward ($729 million, 1 GW/year) solar cell plant launch (Japan)

Russia 'to restore gas to Europe' - BBC

Newport planners OK biofuel facility (Maine)

Liberating a river (Penobscot River, Maine)

First flight of algae-fuelled jet (BBC)

Sen. Boxer Jabs TVA Over Coal Ash Spill

Markey to take chairmanship of new Energy and Environment Subcommittee

First CO2-counting satellites to launch soon

Whale hunts by Japan: Is the tide finally turning against them?

Plant That Spilled Coal Ash Had Earlier Leak Problems (NYT, 1/8)

Obama said he supports wind, solar and smart grids (but was mum on nuclear power)

23 Electric cars

2008 Among Warmest Years Ever(10th warmest)

(Kill-A-Watt) Energy detectors in demand at libraries (Maine)

From Algae to JP-8

Push polls

A Crisis Trumps Constraint

China Losing Taste for Debt From U.S.

India's Enron: Satyam in crisis as India vows to end company fraud

Jobless rolls at 26-year high, retail sales weak

Paulson's Third Way: GSEs Taking Utility Role

" T=m+f " by un-credentialed political economist callchet.

Swiss bank’s crafty strategy shows how difficult it is to clamp down on tax havens

Obama Plan

Riding The Tiger

More Heinberg on the economy: The shape of the recovery

The Geopolitics of the Financial Crisis

Companies face $409 billion pension deficit: study

Measuring liberalism

Universal Health Care

Today in labor history Jan 8 first law in American history African-American men the right to vote

AP: Pink slips pile higher amid deepening recession

NYT: Labor Calls for Unity After Years of Division

Al Franken gives us a final tally of 43 new fair traders!

Black Unionists Losing Share of Membership

Question - on an NPR news report today the news reader stated

Opinion: Workers seeking to organize need more protection

Lawsuit Alleges Menopause Was Behind Layoff At U.P.

MANY SYRACUSE CONSTRUCTION UNIONS RIPPED OFF BY MADOFF (100's of millions in retirement accounts)

AP: Democrats strike early with labor rights bills

Teamster Freight Members Ratify YRCW Job Security Plan

Rep. Ellison (D-Minn) Shows How to Support Employee Free Choice

Crisis and plan to fix it 'unprecedented'

Detroit Free Press: As condition of loan, UAW cannot strike against GM.

Mine deaths fell to all-time low in 2008

AFL-CIO Groups Highlight Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

How you can help save our economy

Support Fair Pay for Women Workers

Just got a call from the Democratic Party looking for a $111 donation...

Gay bars still pouring in wake of ricin threats

The People's Inaugural Gayla Honoring Pride At Work

Barack Obaitandswitch choses anti-gay DNC chairman even opposed to civil unions

Obama's "stimulus" plan. $10 extra per paycheck. Woohoo!

Great Hyundai ad from France

I don't go to the choice forum

I know Di Fi is not popular here

Brian Bond To Be Tapped As Deputy Director Of Obama's Public Liaison Office

They're Looking For Mods Again...

Venezuela to keep sending free fuel to U.S. poor

Invasion of Gaza Met With Protests Throughout Latin America

Lula to Offer Homes to Brazil’s Poor to Spark Growth

Peru: oil company poised to enter uncontacted tribes' territory

Obama Predicts a Florida Victory

Don't know if this was posted. UTES National Champion

Pacman Jones cut by Dallas after it was learned he arranged to have someone shot

So what should they name this billion dollar thing?

Obama Predicts a Florida Victory

That's the first time all year OU didn't score on either of their initial two possessions.

The awesome and awe inspiring OU fight song >>

I'm so bored...there is NO GAME of any importance on tonight...NONE!

What's going on with the football game?

Having the Super Bowl in Tampa Bay is psing a problem for me

It's a fucking gizz fest on fox sports tonight. SEC/BIG12

So Who's #2???

Boxing: Early January, 2009

Gretchen Carlson Fox News

Disease Invades a Body, and Endorphins Kick In

Behind the Health Spending Data

Have you been tickled by the latest angle in commercials for meds?

Flu Found Resistant to Main Antiviral Drug

Police: Man Invades New Britain Home, Shoots Woman, Abducts Another

First homicide of the year in Amarillo

'Justified homicides' more than doubled

CCW holder defends his, and his wifes life, great interview!

beautiful day outside, and I can't stop crying...

Swearing in Time Not So Good for Obama Admin

An ABUNDANCE thread for FULL MOON! ***** here it is!*****

Christmas Eve candlelight service (large)

I had a wierd dream

A little present for Maestro

SUBMISSION THREAD for the January Photo Contest. Theme: STREET SCENES

COMMENT THREAD for the January photo contest. Theme: STREET SCENES

Tilt Shift Maker

From the brewer's kitchen

Need easy chocolate recipes

The big Kitchen Aid

Christian challenges atheist bus advert

'Spookfish' has mirrors for eyes

Saturn's Titan -A Giant Organics Factory

Ranting and raving

Mystery radio signal could be from universe's first stars

Condom Burnings and Anti-Gay Witch Hunts: How Rick Warren Is Undermining AIDs Prevention in Africa

Inside the mind of an autistic savant

OK let's try something here re "spirituality".

Mark Steel: What creationists really hate is....

Mystery Roar from Faraway Space Detected

So I was watching Jurassic Park 3 the other day and it got me to wondering

Can a small group of people never in control of any military organization practice colonialism?

Texas House Dumps Rightwing Speaker in Favor of Bi-Partisan Reform Choice

Davis may be poised to return to Texas House (Parliamentarian)

Gonzo writing book on years in Bush administration (who cares)

Hard drive destruction 'crucial' (BBC)

I need help, computer people. My wife's computer has been infected by the AV 2009...

How to open a .rar file?

Gas just shot up about SIXTEEN CENTS here today.

Kerry says he’s happy where he is

Kerry not crazy about the Tax Cuts in Obama's Plan

David Shuster declares next week John Kerry Appreciation Week

Punish savers and make them spend money

Doyle is an idiot!!!