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Archives: January 7, 2009

Report: US Officers Deployed Along Egypt-Rafah Border

Israeli Militants Poised to Resettle Gaza After Assault

Protester Calls for Jews to 'Go Back to the Oven' at Anti-Israel Demonstration

So how long before we instigate a regime change in Israel?

Thank God! Someone is finally doing something for the poor IDF troops!

UN Says Israel Deliberately Targeting Civilians in Gaza

US troops 'monitoring Rafah crossing' (are you surprised)

How Israel brought Gaza to the brink of humanitarian catastrophe

Adi Dvir: Don't Pity the Palestinians

Four UN Buildings hit by Israel in the past 24 hours

Pastor Bob would like to remind you that...

Anyone here wanna join me in NOT choosing sides?

The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007 - A Huge Relief If You Had To Short Sell Your Home

Dutch museums probe Nazi loot

Atheist Bus Campaign Kicks Off in UK

Democratic leaders seek to resolve Burris saga

Driver warned of jail's sexual gorillas

Just for fun, I Googled (separately) the single words "Bush"& "Obama"...

Letterman's top ten, "Is it Jan 20th yet?"

BBC t.v. news on now with Al Jazerra is showing pictures from inside Gaza

Record snowfall, followed by rain and flooding with mudslides.

K&R This Post if You Think That Posters Shouldn't Ask for a K&R...

Bush Scheduled to Fly Over His Own Presidency

Yemeni Jews seek safe zone in Sann’a

Veto for resolution seeking to legalize drugs

Watch this segment of Monday's Democracy Now! program.

World demonstrates for Gaza - (Great photos at link)

Howard Dean on MSNBC

Israeli settlers following the army into Gaza

The Men From Uncle or maybe Law & Order: Executive Branch?

Guardsman would rather face Taliban than U.S. economy

Report: States shortchange military voters overseas

Man Dies After Having Penis Set On Fire

"Fox And Friends" just conflated Bernie Madoff with Roland Buriss

OlberBlogging Countdown Favorite MNBC News Pundit Poll

Rep. Maxine Waters on CSPAN now, 6:40amCT. on Burris and more. nt

Everybody get bloody. By Mark Morford

The Wizard of Oz for Secretary of Defense.

Man on leave rapes, stabs, kills his own sister.

Have any DUers used this site

Kreepy Koulter coming up on Today this morning....

ADP reports 693,000 private sector jobs lost in December

Why is Bush doing this?

Panetta's Peers Back Him for CIA-They Cite Years of Relevant Experience

Venezuela expels Israeli ambassador over Gaza

Breaking: Illinois Sec of state says the Senate is using him as

Israel stops Gaza attack for three hours

Ill. SecState Jesse White proves he's a village idiot

Tmeline of attacks (both sides) leading up to this conflict during cease fire

Boy, 6, tries to drive family car to school--uninjured in crash

Just heard a report that the Illinios SoS just said he is being used as a fall guy

What A Shame.......Franken/Coleman Recount...

MSNBC has Mike Barnacle on criticizing the ethics of other human beings.

Guess why Congress poll numbers are so bad: . .Republicans

When "dittoheads" bash "socialism"...

HuffPo's leaked contents page of Pickles' upcoming White House memoir, "I'm With Stupid" (satire)

India's Satyam Computer head quits after admitting falsifying accounts; shares plunge 78 pct

Today's memo from the Twilight Zone: Specter Attacks Choice for Attorney General

Economic times have you saving money? Thanks for making things worse!

Seat Burris (who cares?) & Appoint Barris at CIA.

Get this idiot off my TV!!

Hey Keep this one alive on graigslist

Bush press conference coming up at 10.00am

Obama picks RIAA's favorite lawyer for a top Justice post

Will the Wasillabilly circus ever end?

MSNBC Breaking News Burris to be seated

Russia shows the Ukraine and Europe how to play hardball.

PE Obama's Press Conference

Bush's legacy

Olbermann: 'Fatuous, condescending lunatic' Cheney failed to prevent 9/11

Venezuela cuts off oil pipeline for 200,000 US homes

The Devil (Ann Coulter) Returneth!

Bailout Cost Exceeds All American Wars

Ex-Judge Won't Drop $54M Pants Lawsuit (from the file of not being able to "let it go")

The Little Bomblet for Turdblossom in the New Rules (YES!!)

Franken elected Senator.....Time for O'Reilly, Hannity & Limbaugh to run too

'The Pipeline Power Play'

Obama to inherit $1.2 trillion deficit from Bush

Can anyone point me to a link for the Inaugurations event times, etc?

To the religious fundies who think harsh laws on choice and abstienence education works....

Bush makes 45 more last-minute appointments (Mukasey, Chertoff, more!)

When Will People Stop Reading "The Drudge Report"

I'm glad Burris stood his ground

Oh crap. Fristy isn't going to run for guv of Tenn. I was so hoping for more fun with Fristy.

Breaking: Burris will be seated

Did anyone else gag when cheney swore in all the senators???

Republican Victims

Harry Reid: "I do not work for Barack Obama," won't rubber-stamp policies (like he did for Bush?)...

Bush Happens.

The price of gasoline soared, and so did the prices of groceries and nearly everything else.

Specter's Tired Routine

we dont want your cheap chinese and .com

An amazing event not to be here for

Thom Hartman will be discussing Gupta today...should be good.

Egypt keeps doctors from entering Gaza

Bush: "I am going to write a book. I am going to set up an institute"

will chaos be a necessity?

US AirForce has its own Twitter feed

What is a Surgeon General? "America's chief health educator."

Some news from Nova M Radio

tweety keeps calling w "george wilson bush"

Harry Reid: 'I Don't Work For Obama'

Does anyone know how to fix an e-mail problem I have

What is the mechanism in the Senate to challenge Harry Reid's Majority Leader position?

So Reid is still waffling on seating Roland Burris

Things the word "Gupta" can be used for...

In this economy, why are not more of us choosing to work part-time at home and make 9K a month?

Has anyone else been getting a huge amount of pre-approved credit card offers recently?

Bush is loading up the government with Republican operatives..

Prosecutors want Madoff locked up says he violated bail.

FBI goes on massive hiring blitz

the most "innovative solar power project in the world kicked off Monday"

"The party is teetering on the edge of complete anarchy" (bwahahahaah)

Breaking: Congress to vote on equal pay in next 48 hours!

Friends, a question about Thom Hartmann and the Michael Connell incident

Coleman's Lawsuit Hits First Possible Bump In The Road

Burris says he expects to be seated in Senate soon

Caption O' Rama! FIVE Presidents!!!

Let's cut war funding -- not Social Security/Medicare ....

FBI spied on Katrina activists

Does the office of President "transcend the individual?"

This is for those who don't like the Child Tax Credit

Gaza truce proposed after Israeli shell kills 30

Employee Free Choice Act might get early consideration this year!

US Air-force Sergeant to Bush: "Next time, pick up the shoe and throw it back"

When is the top ten conservatives coming back.

How the military-industrial complex is destroying America

Lesbian couple to participate in the Delegation of Americans.

Meet the Blagojevich burger: meat, cheese and a hefty slice of bologna

Glen Greenwald: George Washington's warnings and U.S. policy towards Israel

GOP 'Rebels' Against 1950s Media Technology

Complete Envy time...My good friend got tickets to the inauguration

CEO admits 94% of outsourcing vendor's cash 'fictitious'

South Florida Business Bankruptcies Highest Since At Least 1990

Mississippi has highest teen birth rate, CDC says

Question on Joe the Plumber. Help me decide.

Can one sue the surgeon general for misrepresentation? Distortion of facts

Israeli Basketball Team Flees To Changing Room In Turkey

Israeli Basketball Team Flees To Changing Room In Turkey

Israeli Basketball Team Flees To Changing Room In Turkey

The Little Bomblet for Turdblossom in the New Rules

Reigniting Violence: How Do Ceasefires End? (Who started and When by the Numbers)

Reigniting Violence: How Do Ceasefires End? (Who started and When by the Numbers)

Pro-Prop. 8 group targets public-school curricula

Never Give Up

I wonder if any of the ex-presidents or PE Obama offered to pay for their lunch today.

Joe Biden's CODEL to Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan: Working All the Angles. . .Like He Should!

Polygamist leader charged in British Columbia

Federal judge blasts Bush administration as hiding evidence in case of Gitmo detainee

"We owe the American people a reckoning": Eric Holder vs. Karl Rove

Of course, no jail time for this piece of trash.

McConnell’s ‘Middle Class’ Tax Cut Gives 10 Times More To Mega-Rich Than To Middle Class Families»

Was it not really strange how far Carter stands from them all.

Legacy? The one quote that reveals all you will ever need to know concerning George W. Bush

WARNING: I just received an enail saying I had changed my Amazon

I don't really care that much about the Gupta appointment, BUT

Sheepdogs Used to Guard Troubled Penguin Colony

How the U.S. Army's Field Manual Codified Torture -- and Still Does

Question about "war correspondent" Joe the Plumber

Harry Reid is just worthless

Harry Reid is just worthless

1.1 million jobs lost in last two months of 2008

Let’s Let Go of Dead Ideas - Headlines 1/7/09

Caption Dumb, Smart and Dumber

Caption Dumb, Smart and Dumber

Joe the moronic plumber......WTF?

Bailouts gone wild! Larry Flint wants $5 billion for the porn biz.

Have you planned your "Bush is Leaving" party yet?

Ann Coulter is on The Today Show?!?!

Scenes from the Gaza Strip (photo story)

Gupta is a shill for Time-Warner

"This war on terror is the calling of a new ... season across the country -- and I encourage you all

So why won't Harry Reid let Roland Burris sit down?

Totalitarianism of the Christian Right

So how long before we instigate a regime change in Israel?

A Football Hall of Famer Will Appoint A Three Judge Panel for Coleman v. Franken

Lightfoot v. Bowen Case Accepted For Conference (BIRTHER ALERT)

Amy Goodman will be in ATLANTA at the Southern Regional Conference

Just Unsuscribed to the DSCC Newsletter Emails

"Money trumps peace ..."

WTF? Sen Reid wants Ted Stevens Freed!

Digital TV Converters; Another Bush Admin. Screw-up?

Hundreds of Coal Ash Dumps Lack Regulation

Who do you think is the best of Obama's cabinet selections and the worst?

Biden tells Feinstein, Panetta is window dressing.

Dont tell Congress the Economy is Collapsing

So Minnesota Judges will decide Franken/Coleman? Why does this bother me?

Pregnant Smokers Make More Aggressive Kids

An instance of Republican Victimization: Feds charge 3 NY men in election bias attacks

An instance of Republican Victimization: Feds charge 3 NY men in election bias attacks

support creative direct action against fossil fuel development

A Blagojevich tutorial for non-Illinois residents

Fresh Air from WHYY, January 7, 2009: Philippe Sands, Author, Torture Team

Texas Federal Judge Faces More Sex Abuse Charges

House renews probe of U.S. attorney firings

In Defense of Joe The Plumber’s Reporting Cred

Couldn't happen to a nicer family...

How many bathrooms in your house did you have growing up?

Just Curious - Has Roland Burris Ever Discussed How The Conversation Went ......

Army War College toned down its Iraq war criticism under pressure from Rumsfeld

Anyone interested in trying to set up a fund for the citizens of Gaza?

Anyone interested in trying to set up a fund for the citizens of Gaza?

Someone explain what POTUS radio (satellite) is all about to me.

A four-step plan for peace in Gaza

Patrick Fitzgerald Screws Up ROYALLY!

In a Hostage Situation, is it Acceptable to Kill the Hostages to Stop the Perpetrator?

Bush will return to Midland, Texas on Jan. 20, 2009. They're throwing him a party!

The ways of the Bush administration are inscrutable and stupid (ADA service animal ban)

AP Reporter Watches Own Home Destroyed, via YouTube, in Gaza

Oh My God. We Can't Seat Burris .......

Bluesman Sam Taylor dies in New York at age 74

White House to get/or has gotten half a million dollars worth of new china

SEC(Madoff): "Why are you taking a mid-level staff person..."

Minnesota sled dog race canceled because of too much snow

What happens when nursing homes start closing due to budget cuts?

Army mistakenly sent letters to family members of fallen soldiers addressing them as ‘John Doe.’»

The b*sh Years - Then and Now

Coulter and CBS don’t meet in the middle - Harry Smith takes her on:

"Black support for Prop. 8 called exaggeration"

What the hell has happened to the weather forecasting?

CNN reporter makes case that Israel broke the ceasefire first, in November

sorry, checked the recently posted and didn't see this had been done.

Joe The Plumber to become war correspondent?

New Rolling Stone - Bush FINALLY makes the cover

New Rolling Stone - Bush FINALLY makes the cover

GOP complains House isn't being very Obama-like

WaPo's jihad against Social Security continues by Dean Baker

WaPo's jihad against Social Security continues by Dean Baker

So Who Watched Frontline on Katrina Last Night...

The Rude Pundit:Because We Won't Have Him To Kick Around Much Longer, Pt 5 (9/11 Never Dies Edition)

Someone who gets it; 'Bridging the Gap'

The issue isn't some TV-News Doc

Council To Vote On Single-Bottle Beer Ban

Is This a Time to Spend or Save?

ProCon....(Pros and Cons) great website

Why is Bush getting credit for luncheon today

Joe the Plumber to become Israeli War correspondent???

Reporter: Bush administration lying about Blair House booking

Woman Gets Entire Can Of Hairspray Lodged Up Her Butt

NPR's Fresh Air has Phillipe Sands on whether torture is prosecutable-very interesting!

Uncle Jay explains: It's 2008 set to music!

Should Ukraine pay market price for natural gas?

So, Joe the plunger, I mean plumber, thinks he's Ernie Pyle. Joe's gonna

Credit Suisse Urged Clients to Dump Madoff Funds

BART Police Officer who Fatally Shot Unarmed man Resigns


Backwards-assed Republicans constantly scared shitless of creeping Socialism

It takes a worried man to sing a worried song.

WOW!!! Fresh Air with Terry Gross - Prosecuting War Crimes for Torture In The U.S.

MoJo: Fiscal Therapy, Getting the economy back on its feet

McCain, Feingold reunite to battle earmarks

Defendants in Music-Industry Lawsuit Ask for Trial to Be Broadcast Online

Leahy To GOPers: You Voted For Gonzo, So What's Wrong With Holder?

My God, Tweety seems to be getting weirder. He kept calling Bush ..

Vomit alert..............Cheney: “I’m actually a warm, loveable sort.”

Reinstate the 50 State Strategy

Reid plans weekend session

Special Report on Oceans from The Economist

Official Inauguration Poster Released By Obama Team

A little old, but here is a link to an article on how the candidates would have looked in 4 years

Republicans See Template for Rebound in Election of Puerto Rico's Fortuno

Stupid, arrogant, stiff-necked pride.

"Hot Sarah Palin Calendar Just Released"

Roland Burris IS a Trailblazer

About another Stimulus Check solution. Sorry, I just don't get it!

CountDown - Chris Hayes of 'The Nation' on Harry Reid:

Matthews will not seek a senate seat


The Daily Show Is Back and They F-in Killed Me Last Night!

Come On Keith O.....Special Comment on Harry....

Salmonella outbreak sickens 388 across U.S.: CDC

What chain has the most annoyingly perky employees?

What's with Reid's "I don't work for Obama" comment?

Sanjay Gupta walks into Michael Moore's whirling propeller blades on Larry King.

What do we know about this guy?

The Only Way to Mass Prosperity

Red States Have Highest Teen Birth Rates. Blue States Lowest.

KO's worst person: Florida rep who wrote to Pelosi demanding scheduling change

Watching the growth of Walmart across America

"Taint".. So, how many times can the reporters get away with saying this.

I just looked up who Sanjay Gupta political donations

States Faces Shortages of Primary Care Doctors

Schuster was great on 1600 PA Ave today

Army sorry for 'John Doe' letters to relatives of war dead

PBS Makes Case For Bush Admin. War Crimes - Torturing Democracy

Reid ..."Hot Poker!"........

What would the Great Depression employment rate have been if defined by today's parameters?

Why is Obama "Low Balling" his Stimulus Package to Congress? Explanation...

Is the US decision to side with england in 1794 a stain on our country forever?

Arizona license plates to have anti-abortion message option soon

Porn Biz Needs Stimulation Amid Limp Economy

Conyers Seeks Probe of Bush Crimes

Gupta's pot position doesn't worry me. His value lies elsewhere .......

Say NO to Vilsack For Agriculture Secretary

Cheney: It’s Just An ‘Urban Legend’ That I ‘Exceeded My Authority’ As Vice President»

Tonight: Rachel Maddow in the miner's hat

Judge's Order Could Keep Public From Hearing Details of 9/11 Trials

I FINALLY got my T-Shirt from the O campaign

Criminal Investigation of CIA Video Destruction is “Ongoing” (Expected To Conclude In NEAR Future)

Alleged Killer Of Local Mother 'Made A Mistake'

Spring cleaning in the middle of winter

America: Full of Pod People


The glass is half full: At least Harry caved to another Democrat this time rather than a Republican

Looks like Bush 41 was trying to not shit in his pants


Jim Dean urges grassroots to tell Kaine to save 50-state strategy

How should traitor Democrats be treated after they endorsed McCain?

Does anyone have any information how many Palestinians the Israeli forces have captured?

John Howard and Obama - A bump in the night

Rachel on Daily Show Tonight ! No other text

"My name is Dr. Sanjay Gupta, and I'd like to warn you about the dangers of marijuana.."

"They played a little bit of a game with Burris yesterday."

Afghanistan: 11 Civilians Killed by NATO Bombing

Cheney says Obama should keep terror polices

What's going on with NOVA today -- ?????

Al Franken supporters -- Al needs a little support

The Economy has Affected My Cheese Purchase...

President Clinton loves "the" yellow pissy "rug!" Ackety!

Colbert's word

BBC interviews a former Israeli Captain "we are very near WW III."

BBC interviews a former Israeli Captain "we are very near WW III."

I mowed my lawn this afternoon

Did anybody post the moving segment CBS' Steve Hartman did on the elephant and dog?

Rachel Maddow was on Jon Stewart show tonight

More Questionable Deadly Force Used Against Black Male

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! We're Live tonight!

Why Middle East Peace Will NEVER Be Possible (warning).

CNN: "Commentary: Rick Warren foes aren't practicing tolerance"

Animal lovers - get the tissues out! Love is a beautiful thing, wherever you find it.

8 Years down a slovenly sloppy path of wasting our resources our standing and our peace of mind

I Heart .....

Peace, prosperity, & a budget surplus of $128 billion as George W. Bush enters the White House, 2001

Crazy...a wildfire is burning north of Boulder, CO tonight whipped up by winds

Anybody see Frontline last night?

Harry Reid SUCKS

The crew of the Steve Irwin

Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) vowed that he'll lead the U.S. Senate "until 2015 and beyond

Howard Dean is coming up on Hardball.

PCCC PAC Forming to Elect Progressives to Congress

Generally what would be the result if the grocery stores ran out of one common item like bananas?

Clinton and Carter hate each other???

Clinton and Carter hate each other???

The Pickle Jar

Anybody watching Rachel?...

ABC: Eureka Springs's Free Clinic Runs on Kindness

Is any sort of farewell event planned for Howard Dean?

House panel to look at Blagojevich's alleged hiring improprieties-impeached by week's end?


Old Fish New Wrapper

So Coulter got to be on the Today show TWICE today?

My senator is asking what our priorities should be next year...enjoy,DU


Thanks partly to DU,partly to local freepers,my ltte has most comments ever

Wash. teen charged with drowning newborn in toilet

Now I know why we are seeeing info-mmercials during the day.

TVA Tennessee Disaster: Much Worse than Imagined and Radioactive!

Global Tech Sector in Free Fall This Morning: Lenovo Stock Suspended; India Meets it's Bernie Madoff

[Video] Notes to Obama: John Waters

Without the machine guns and bloody hands, they wouldn't look like cops to me....

Pontiac kills the G8 ST sport truck for 2009 (my dream of a "new El Camino" gone)

RE: Harry Reid. I told you so.

Why isn't John Howard staying at a Hotel

Tony Blair is staying at the British Embassy while Howard inhabits Blair for a night

Can you help me name Federally funded programs that exist,to counteract the socialist meme

How Big is Walmart?

Hotline Blog covers Obama's announcement of Tim Kaine as chairman tomorrow.

Oakland Ca ... dumpster set on fire .. Bart Protesters

So I'm At The Dr This Morning and......

Okay all you capitalist, social Darwinists out here, please be

Jeb Bush To GOP: Don't Attack Obama

Hollywood Conservatives threatening to "come out of closet"...

Joe the Plumber to become a war correspondent

Sources say video shows Sen. Hiram Monserrate dragging lover, who looks 'scared out of her mind'

All-inclusive DU Member Appreciation Thread

Federal judge arrests Ala. sheriff over jail food

"Breaking The Real "Last Taboo" - The Things No One Dares To Say "

The self-definition of the modern conservative is predicated on their imagined persecution

Howard Dean's Brother...Speaks Out about the 50 State Strategy and how WE can Help!

DUers are more conservative than Herbert Hoover on issue of inherited wealth and inheritance taxes!!

Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana – December 2008

Census bureau is hiring!

House of Representatives overturns Bush order on papers secrecy

Will Obama be the Center RIGHT president?

Walls of Jericho/Walls of Gaza : “And they burnt the city with fire, and all that was therein"

Just Remember....If you are a Progressive Dem or Activist Dem...they want us to Shut Up....

I'm for Social Security reform (but different than what many pols want).

Baggy Pants Legislation Miffs Atlantans - Baggy pants hinder who young people can become...

Is it time to go drag some of these ratfuckers out of the halls of Congress and flog them in public?

Law May End Second-Hand Store Sales

Can we **please** moderate the moderation?

Tell Tim Kaine to Reinstate the 50-State Strategy - NOW!

The Daily Voice: "A black pastor supports protests against Rick Warren"

Babylonsister Appreciation Thread

Let's see where this goes: let's talk about a 100% Inheritance tax.

McClatchy Gets Hold Of-3 More YOO Memos-Reveal BUSHCO'S (?) Thinking On Iraqi War

After Feb. 10th there may be no children's clothing in thrift stores

Minnesota recount judge slams WSJ editorial

Suggestions for ways to find out how to contact friends you have lost touch with, even a long

Harriet Christian (PUMA wackjob) wants to be appointed to Hillary's Senate seat

Sorry, kid, but just drop dead already!

Eee Cry!

New Pepsi Logo v Obama Logo

Laura Bush orders a $485,000 White House China Set

The Greatest Greatness of George W. Bush (a farewell letter I wrote to George)

Rec this thread if you agree that Former Senator Norm Coleman is an ass. nt

I'm Sorry. I'm Done. (language)

One chart to explain it all

A 2005 interview with Tim Kaine about religion and politics.

Could Randi give the juvenile Franken-bashing a rest?

Horton: Failure of oversight by Rockefeller and Feinstein led to independent decision on Panetta

'The spiritual tragedies in Obama's choice of Rick Warren' (Obama can't understand wound inflicted)

Molly Ivins once said: " Drag God into politics, and you'll ruin His reputation in no time."

How do I go about reporting this to the Secret Service?

Arctic Sea Ice Recovery?

So I heard Sanjaya is going to be the Surgeon General

The advent wreath is about to go away. What should I use for my new

Obama to screw with Social Security/Medicare? Or am I reading

Man, the scrotum sacks

New Al-Queda tape claims 'Obama did it'

bad luck central...


Obama taps spending watchdog, eyes Social Security

You know what weird thinks is XemaSab?

Is this dog behavior or cat behavior?

This is weird - "Gran Torino" is apparently not playing anywhere in Houston

Rumour: Microsoft readying free POP3 access for Hotmail

Has there ever been/will there ever be, a horror movie as terrifying as this?

Zhang Ziyi "enraged" by paparazzi photos

Here's an unusual Beatles cover.

Possibly The Greatest Paean Of All Time

My parents had the coolest Christmas/Epiphany tradition.

Am I on your "Ignore" list?

Tip: Save time by hitting the return key instead of clicking on "search"

My body is a cage

I have much bigger boobs than Angelina Jolie

Devo or Carrie Underwood?

Devo or Carrie Underwood?

If i hear one more person call "za" "pie" . . .

Why are some sports sites obsessed with photo galleries now?

Lounge Polls

The Final Election Joke

Apples or Oranges?

A very good year in Pictures

Hypothetical regarding Blagojevich:

The Intergalactic Thom Hartman Show Fan Club, Bria Chapter (Dial-up Warning)

Must Have or Must Not?

A gun question for you well-armed Loungers...

I have a ten pound cat, a 10 ounce kitten, and a queen size bed.

Kitten picture of the day for Wednesday January 7

Question about Video cards

People who say modern music has artistic merit just overlook all the bad stuff...

Whoppper Wednesday!

Mr. Peebles, World’s Smallest Cat

So I was called "sir" again this morning

Where should I go for my honeymoon?

Man arrested for shooting at a snow plow operator.

Epidemic: Crack is back on the streets of New York

Come on, people, now, smile in your brothel

Ride the Subway with No pants!

What Cats Do All Night.

These smilies are too small

Guinness the dog and Missy the kitten are lonely, so they're playing with each other.

i'm sick >_<

What is that thing invented by mankind?

Porn kings Larry Flint and Joe Francis go begging for a bailout

Shorten a multisyllable word to form a new, annoying, monosyllable nonce word

Tough Decision - To move or not to move

Some days, parenting makes me feel like this....

A new text message spam scam!

I got my NRA card in the mail yesterday?! WTF

BLEEEEEE That is 3 minutes for frozen, not thawed.

Full moon over Vail, CO

"The Sacred Dark"

People who say modern music *has* artistic merit just don't bother mindlessly focusing on the crap

Giambi heads back to Oakland

it wasn't a break in, but my back door was OPEN when i got up today and i'm pissed

I just spilled a quart of red fruit punch all over my desk and cubicle floor

Zazzle or Cafepress?


Need advice from Lounge Shutterbugs on photo storage

What is up with the craigslist scammers?

Anybody want to buy me a Wii?

Who else here is keeping Kleenex in business? Damn nasty ass cold!

Is Sundance really a place for indy films?

I had to explain to Little MB what a mullet haircut was

Is there the equivalent of a "white pages" (for free )where cell phone user's no's can

PHOTO: Burger King Releases the Angry Whopper: spicy crispy onions, jalapeños, pepper jack, bacon...

The right elbow hurts. Damn, does it ever hurt.

Greetings, Lounge Denizens!!

Who would win in a fight?

"May you live forever, you son of a bitch"

Mississippi has highest teen birth rate, CDC says

god dam, my youngest nephew is cute.

That's about the size of it.

So last week I posted that the vending machine in our building raised it's prices...

Besides the lounge, name a forum you like on DU

New Power Generation & Sheila E. - Glamorous Life

Tavernertavern Presents: Drake's 1500 Pale Ale

I will admit that I actually phoned in a vote for Sanjaya when he was on AI

People who say modern music has no artistic merit just don't bother to look for the good stuff...

Anyone have experience with mediation

Cool Tune for a Wednesday Evening

Zero 7 - Passing By

Clutchy Hopkins meets Roman Polanski

I'm trying to be open minded - so explain why it seems Notorious BIG's movie....

How about this guy for Sturgeon General?

Flying Lotus - Roberta Flack Feat.Dolly

Flying Lotus - Roberta Flack Feat.Dolly

If you were Neil Armstrong, or any other astronaut who walked on the moon....

RadioHead - Reckoner (FlyLo Remix)

Whoa... I just created the strangest ice cream float ever.

Prefuse 73 w. School of Seven Bells - The Class of 73 Bells

Zo! & Tigallo - Africa

I forgot to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

"Let's do it every day in January." Dumbest resolution ever.

Oh good GRIEF. Mechanic prank with very dense woman.

'Rude' English streets defended

Lanu ft. Kero One - It's Time

my sister's phone is dead......and I need her right now......

David Axelrod - Holy Thursday

You know, keeping a beard shaved perfectly isn't easy.

I wish they sold just the Oreo creme filling.

Raphael Saadiq - Be Here

Amplive - Nudez (Radiohead Remix)

Treadmill desk update, Day 2

You have the right to food money

Soulive Ft. Amel Larrieux - I Don't Know

Quasimoto - Real Eyes

There's a cat under our Christmas tree.

Shawn Lee - Happiness

Radiohead - No Surprises Cover by Shawn Lee

Thanks lounge for the good wishes and vibes for my sister

Zero 7 feat. MF DOOM - Somersault (Danger Mouse Remix)

You know what I think is weird?

Lady in Cement - The Shark

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 1/7/2009)

I HAS A MUSIC BLOG--with a difference!

From GD: 2008 set to music

Music from the last decade is artistically dead.

Tell me that GD didn't beat the Lounge to the punch on this one!

What is LaraMN doing in February?

Sevilla, España

The Intergalactic Stephanie Miller Show Fan Club, Chilastra Chapter (Dial-up Warning)

Best .....Summertime Blues

Someone else was just laid off at my old place of employment

Someone else was just laid off at my old place of employment

bim sherman - heaven ~ the underwolves mix

bim sherman - heaven ~ the underwolves mix

Who does the best Sympathy for the Devil?

The Underwolves - Bird Song

Right now I'm playing Yngwie Malmsteen. Help.

Nick Drake - Riverman

I took Lexapro. It made me numb. I quit. Now I'm depressed as shit.

Urgent anti-cold Lounge vibes needed.. please?

Prefuse 73 - Perverted Undertones

SLYKICKS?!?! Nope. Sleestaks!!!

eternal sunshine - portishead

Which dog should I take to Canine Citizen class?

Portishead - All mine

Art Of Noise - Moments In Love

Deep Forest Sweet Lullaby Live at Kyoto Otobutai

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/7/09 (warning: graphic language)

Ryuichi Sakamoto - OKINAWA SONG

You know the best part about those lumbar back braces?

One blue jay, two cardinals (male and female), one purple finch,


The FBI is hiring. What kind of agent would you be?

If you were going to make a mix CD of Radiohead songs

Fire erupts in house growing pot...fireman treated for smoke inhalation

Build a Penrose Triangle with Legos!

Build a Penrose Triangle with Legos!

"Busier 'n a one handed man at a but picking contest"

Can I please get some of those fantastic lounge vibes for my family?

Can I please get some of those fantastic lounge vibes for my family?

Florida's first Powerball drawing is tonight. $105 million.

Florida's first Powerball drawing is tonight. $105 million.

My roomate from University got me on facebook - post some memories.

BTW, much thanks to the DUer who told me to get a heated mattress pad...

DU ladies, Confess!

Showing off my new baby, "Peanut" She's adorable.

All The James Bond Themes

$50 gift card for what would you get?

Double U.

Six degrees of Bacon: Who knew the porn industry and GM had something in common....


Lou the mule alerts Tennessee woman to house on fire

Play "where is this?"

Come on, people, now, smile on your brother

Joe the Plumber as a journalist? Was Jeff Gannon-Guckert already

if i hear one more person call "pizza" "'za" . . .

Funny YouTube video on Minnesotan vs. Wisconsinite accents

Bush bans all non-canine assistance animals?

Bush bans all non-canine assistance animals?

Why would anyone BUY episodes of TV shows on iTunes

Have you ever been crowded alone in a room?

Have you ever been alone in a crowded room?

ROFL: Harvard beats BC

"Rick Warren's Anti-Gay Work Exposed"

There is something I have to get off my chest...

My two year old is very, very sick tonight.

"Have you ever flashy-thinged me?!"

'10 Attractive Women Who Could Kick Your Ass At Something Manly'

If an outed homosexual is gay, what is an outed 'closet conservative'?

Porn industry asks for 5billion dollar bailout. LOL!

First it was the snow, now it's the flooding! Wheee!

How do I know that I'm not dead, and you aren't projections of my mind

My husband is about to take the computer away from me now...

Any Suggestions for ways to find out how to contact friends you have lost touch with, even a long

Damn it! I just had 3 or 4 posts deleted

Man Dies After Having Penis Set On Fire

Yay! Hard drive rescued!

This just pisses me off!

The Milky Way Transit Authority

People I hope to not see on TV in 2009

Satellite or Comcast? I would like your opinions Lounge...

Do any of you recognize this quotation? I promised my sisters I would post this as a question

Woman Gets Entire Can Of Hairspray Lodged Up Her Butt

who wants to do a practice fantasy baseball draft tonight?

I'm drunk again....pick on me, if you dare

Layoff at our house: mental health clinics closing

Forget the great soda/pop/coke divide: there is a generational word gap to explore.

IQ test angst.

The folks in The Computer Help and Support Group Rule!

Police seek blow-up doll sex bandit

Shoot! I could get flooded out! The Puyallup River is inches from breaching!

Anyone else watching "armageddon week" on the history channel?

Jerry Clower or Dane Cook?

I find myself wishing I could talk to my dad.

I'm curious to know if the loungers can do this... an anti-pev challenge!

anyone here taking online college classes? u of phoenix in particular, but any

I finished John Grisham's "The Appeal" last night.

Cat freaking out at a copier video

Should I be concerned? My son's elementary school principal...

Name one thing you buy regularly, that you can do without

My neighbor is wonderful

"Your ass" is the phrase for this evening. Modify a thread title to include "your ass".

Right now, these two films are available via Comcast's OnDemand service. Which should I watch?

Match Game Story: "Mullet-sporting NASCAR-lovin' freeper redneck Kyle Freddy couldn't get ___ up."


Here is why "modern" radio sucks out loud.

2008 Razzie Nominations are out

What font are you?

Minnesota DUers: Vote for the location of our next informal gathering, Jan. 10

A co-worker tried to assault me today

Unlawful Assembly

Laugh or cringe?

I've been hearing about this Pandora stuff. Help me out.

Damn - it's true

Ever play with a Spirograph?

Wow, just.........

Now, EXCUSE ME! But, can a queer gal get into some of this BOOB fun?

How do I tell my GF...

PR From John Russell, A Second Great Depression? You Decide! F/U Krugman 1/7/09

Pet Peeve: "Oh but it's not spicy, it's not hot. Eat it!"

Random life lessons you have learned?

What chain has the most annoyingly perky employees?

IMO, the GOP will demand either Holder or Panetta. Only one will be confirmed.

What moment in 2008 made you nervous the most?

Change is gonna come

If you belong to any Protestant church that acknowledges the Apostolic Succession,

Only one thing to like about Gupta is his America's Killer Diet documentary

Worst Replacement lead singer

Blair House Mystery Solved: It's John Howard

Hannitys Nazi America asks "When Will YOUR Button Be Pushed? "

What moment from 2008 convinced you Obama was going to win

Dems plan pro-Israel resolution

Stimulus Plan Just One Part of Obama’s Early To-Do List

Can someone point me to the Panetta as CIA Chief threads?

1/6/09: Photographic Randomness

Talkingpointsmemo: "How Many Jobs Is 80 Votes Worth?"

What the hell is wrong with the folks at Nabisco???

Lucky Families To Join Obamas On 'Whistle Stop Tour' To DC

Dubya Goes Home - soliciting images!

Reports: Obama Rolling Out New 'Chief Performance Officer' Job

Feel good moment of the day--

MSNBC: AP reporting Roland Burris will be seated as Illinois' junior senator.

Affidavit says Burris had limited conversations with Blagojevich before being appointed

We need to start listing Bush screwups lest people forget and try to turn him into Truman

If John McCain meets the constitutional requirements to be president, so would Imelda Marcos...

First pictures of Senator Designate Burris, Majority Leader Reid and Senator Durbin

Reid Spokesman: Burris-Seating Story Is Wrong

**Heads Up: PE Obama Press Briefing, Live 1/07 **

Why I am happy Burris will be seated. . .

Is Harry Reid a spineless wimp?

So basically Reid is going to seat Burris BUT he is buying time to save face?

What do you think this "investigation" by Harry Reid will look like?

Obama's Competent Change

VIDEO (HuffPo) The Congressional Swearing-In: The Matching McCaul Family

Caption needed.......

Caption needed.......

January 17th - PE Obama in Philly

Bush History-Bush Brags About His Immoral Fiscal Irresponsibility, 1/7

AP: Burris to be seated

I support Roland Burris being seated BUT I'LL MOST LIKELY support one of his Democratic challengers

Reid And Durbin: No Seating Of Burris Yet -- But We Really Like Him

PHOTO From the archives: Biden Meets Carter

Obama at 82% approval rating. Bush at 27%.

In a mere matter of moments...... (Five Presidents Have Lunch)

This may be a dupe...but the Senate just approved of BURRIS seating....period.

I have an alternative to Gupta that has a public profile and previous government experience.

Guess next weeks outrage and get a free popsicle!

For those DUers with constitutional/senatorial protocols, can people do anything to unseat Reid

How can I contact the committee in charge of the

"My signiture is symbolic, it is not needed" -Jesse White

Billy Mays, a better pick for Surgeon General by Obama's standards?

13 days until we are divided no more. We are Family!

Obampromise: finding the middle ground between the center and the fringe

Why doesn't the Senate seat Burris temporarily

Obama asked what can he learn from the mistakes of his predecessors - "from their successes!"

My LTTE to the Augusta Chronicle (R/W rag...)

Never mind

Why do Senate Dems elect milquetoast leaders like Daschle and Reid?

Hillary Clinton to get confirmation hearing next week

Clinton confirmation hearing set for Tuesday

National Portrait Gallery Gets Obama Poster: "HOPE"

So this "Sanjay" guy.... Is he the one who was on "American Idol" a coupla years back?

Nixon Inauguration memory...

The coming shitstorm on DU. In about three years, Obama will dedicate the Bush Library

Remember the flag pin bullshit? Obama wore his, Bush 41 didn't.

Ecstasy used to treat PTSD by Dr. Sanjay Gupta (He also does segment on Iraq Vets and PTSD)

Tuberculosis running rampant in some Peruvian villages- Dr. Sanjay Gupta

It's a little late HARRY!

Insult the person to whom you reply in this thread

United States Surgeon General

Let's cut war funding -- not Social Security/Medicare ....

"Go out and make me do it."

Damn! Obama is starting to build us ladies a bunch of HOT cabinet members!

I'm skeered... where's the real GWB and who's THIS replicant?

I feel sorry for Burris

I love Jimmy Carter.

Kaine heads group offering donors access to governors

Is Harry Reid turning his lemon into lemon aid?

America's Forgotten Epidemic by Sanjay Gupta, he recognizes Obama's plan f/National HIV/AIDS Program

When your conscience forbids you from fulfilling your mandated duties you RESIGN

Replace Harry Reid?

Admit it: You think he's a stupid "TV Doc" with no real credentials.

Gupta - The Objective Of Hiring An Accomplished Shill

Networking For A Cure by Sanjay Gupta. (He sees benefit of internet speeding research)

Has Obama's presidency been a success?

'Senator' Biden's trip raises concerns

President Bartlett hosts meeting with living former West Wing presidents and Pres. elect Santos

Why not Paris Hilton for Secretary of State?

PHOTOS PE Obama & Presidents Big Bush, Little Bush, Clinton & Carter

Who Would You Choose For Surgeon General?

Do we always turn on Majority Leaders and House Speakers?

Nevada Dems, please primary challenge The Cave-man

Kissinger: Obama's 'task' is to help create a 'new world order'

Cool new Obama art -- new deal style

Should we call him Bush '00 (not 43)?

Jesse White: I've been made the fall guy (by US Senate) ***audio link added***

Obama's wheels: Secret Service to unveil new presidential limo

FYI John Harwood to interview Obama on CNBC at 8:00 EST

Paula Poundstone: Skip the Inauguration, just get sworn in and get to work

Obama interview with John Harwood on CNBC Tonight at 8PM

Seems like every time we elect a Black President, the world blows up.

Perhaps this makes me uncool on DU, but I'm pretty pleased by Obama's appointees so far.

Will anyone pay

Orly Taitz goes completely off her rocker (BIRTHER ALERT)

House Clears Measure to Pave Way for Sen. Salazar at Interior

I love this rug!

Kleefeld @ TPM re: Coleman & Sheehan v Franken (w/ link to pdf of 204pp Notice of Contest)

If Reid loses in November 2010, who becomes majority leader?

Day 6 Of The (Blagojevich) Impeachment Hearings

Oooops - Presidents' Lunch Today: "Only Ronald Reagan is missing"

Obama's on CNBC right now

Howard Dean on Dr. Sanjay Gupta:

Democrats Misstepped In Handling Burris Matter

So, a friend of mine is going to die. And I am extremely angry about it. For many reasons!

Guess the celeb from their childhood pic

Rochester: We should support Caroline Kennedy

The Sanjay Gupta - Michael Moore thing.

Cheney: "I'm acrually Lovable".....LOL

50s/60s/70s tv shows that need to be made into big screen movies

Hey DU: You think the 2008 Presidential Primary was ugly? Come to Illinois in 2010!!!

Obama appoints "Chief Performance Officer"

Gotta Love that SANJAY GUPTA for GS pick! Gotta Love OBAMA!

AIDS In The US by Dr. Sanjay Gupta (He addresses impact of AIDS on black Americans & lack of funds)

PROOF! Obama wears blue ties like both Bushes, Carter and Clinton wear RED ties!

Actual Headline from Michael Moore's website:

Dean not invited to the Obama/Kaine DNC event tomorrrow...

From the "This Was Inevitable" Department: HW Bush AND Carter Twice As Popular, Post-W.

Milliard Fillmore born January 7, 1800

Official Inauguration Poster Released By Obama Team

NOT the Onion: PORN industry demands BAILOUT!

George Bush was at his most popular when America was attacked on Sept. 11

Feds say inauguration attractive terrorist target

Laura leaves Michelle a housewarming gift (new China.)

Paulson Says Obama Will Decide on Rescue Spending

Obama Is Reported Set to Revise Counterterrorism Efforts

I'm going out on a limb: I wish Gore fought as hard in 2000 as Coleman is now

DiFI: I now like Panetta

Magaret Carlson thinks Bush lied about Blair House

Aw bless, Obama blushed over topless pics

Columbia Journalism Review calls out Gupta's "clean bill of health" to McCain's healthcare plan

My George W. Bush portrait for his Presidential Library indicating his legacy

are his balls covered?

I'm sick of being a pessimist.

Clinton Is Moving to Fill Senior Posts at State Dept. (NYT 1/7/09 - including Burns)

Democracy for America (Howard Dean's Brother) calls on us to Give Message to new DNC Chair Kaine!!

Obama's shocking appointment today IS that Change We Need

Qualifications to be SG - Gupta is perfect, whether you like it or not.

Reuters: Obama says he'll fight to keep his BlackBerry

I think I got inauguration tickets!!!

Chris Matthews has question: With success of 50 state strategy, how come no job in admin for Dean?

President Kennedy hosts meeting with Superman

President Kennedy hosts meeting with Superman

A simple person might posit that there's a schism between the populists and the corporatists

Congress Will Make it Official on Thursday! (Counting the Electoral Votes)

So not only is no one staying at the Blair house but this place is fricking HUGE too...

So not only is no one staying at the Blair house but this place is fricking HUGE too...

The President-Elect with four US Presidents, including a war criminal

Does anyone really believe that Bush wants Obama to succeed?

I have very little hope that Obama will make any changes

Netroots Nation Party - Yes We Can = Jan 19 - Arlington

Some advice for President Elect Obama: Fuck the Republicans

The laptop charity starts self-destructing after John Lennon's /Weekend at Bernie's/-style ad.

HBO: Cable Network to Air Inaugural Festivities

On Countdown Richard Wolfe said that Carter and Clinton "hate" each other

I think waiting to criticize until Obama takes office is WAY premature.

Obama's choice of Gupta says a lot.

By ignoring him, they may be making him more powerful

Sanjay Gupta

Screen Cap Photos of Obama from his Occidental College days

Tweety just told Howard Dean that it seems he should've been rewarded...

"I'm going to the Inauguration " Thread.

Did Fitzgerald arrest Blagojevich before he had a solid case ?

Thanks Chris Matthews

Somewhere right now a future Democratic President-elect lies in utero, and you just know ...

Obama is at risk of dying if he serves two terms

Jay-Z to perform concert on eve of Obama Inauguration

Chris Matthews won't run for senate

So Michael Moore is pissed. Other people disagree.

Harry Reid: "I don't work for Obama"

Hey Progressives - Take a LONG look in the mirror, if you are okay with Sanjay Gupta

"Blair House" was APPALLED at the Obama's request to bunk there in early Jan.

"Blair House" was APPALLED at the Obama's request to bunk there in early Jan.

Do we have a consensus on the "Bush farewell song"?

Dennis Kucinich Message

Shockingly, I've seen some people state "Obama doesn't have a health care Plan"

Dr. Sanjay Gupta: the latest snub to progressives:

Just interested: what was the general view of Bush Snr as President?

Obama asks Dennis Ross, Richard Haass, and Richard Holbrooke to Serve as Envoys

PHOTO Caption It?

Obama won by 20m votes? "That’s too big a mandate; he'd be compelled to enact a progressive agenda."

My cat was just diagnosed with kidney disease :(

So I had 16 items at the store I used their express lane to purchase...

Heroes and She-roes? Ugh.

Israeli leaders to debate "final" Gaza push

Army 'continues Jaffna advance'

6-Year-Old Drives Family Car to School

A bump in the night: how Howard debunked Obama

Real Estate mogul Steven Good found dead in apparent suicide

Military says Israel will briefly halt Gaza offensive to allow in humanitarian aid and fuel

Sarkozy: Israel, Palestinians accepted Egypt-led truce plan

French PM says Israel, Palestinians accept Gaza truce

Judge indicted on more sex abuse charges

Obama boosts DCCC with extra funds

Alcoa to slash 13,500 jobs to save money

Real-Estate Executive Found Dead in Apparent Suicide

LR Losing 150 Jobs at LM Glasfiber (windmill manufacturer)

Obama Names Chief Performance Officer

Stock Losses Leave Pensions Underfunded by $400 Billion

Will Ferrell taking Bush spoofs to Broadway, HBO

Palestinian girl stands up to Israeli soldier.

Joe the Plumber to Become War Correspondent

Obama hails 'extraordinary gathering'

Worst December for layoffs on record, survey says

Joe the Plumber to become war correspondent in Israel

Bush leaves new fuel economy rules to Obama

Mississippi has highest teen birth rate, CDC says

Gunmen attack TV station in northern Mexico

Bollywood bids Bush goodbye

House Dems to vote on Obama-favored health plan (SCHIP renewal)

Texas kills 50-year road building plan after outcry

Hamas Rejects Gaza Cease-Fire

Bush leaves CAFE decision for Obama

Mississippi has highest teen birth rate, CDC says

IRS to cut struggling taxpayers a break

Reuters Breaking: Sarkozy says Israel (and Palestinian Auth) accepts Gaza truce plan

HBO lands rights to inaugural ceremony

House renews probe of U.S. attorney firings

McCain volunteer begins probation program for made-up story

Jack Kemp has Cancer

Jack Kemp diagnosed with cancer

Senate Dems Will Seat Burris(update: Leaders Dispute Reports of Seating Burris)

Senate Dems Will Seat Burris(update: Leaders Dispute Reports of Seating Burris)

Dems plan pro-Israel resolution

Iran biggest Mideast challenge for Obama: White House

Iran biggest Mideast challenge for Obama - W.House

U.S. rabbi raises $100,000 to buy care packages for IDF troops in Gaza

House Dems to vote on Obama-favored health plan

Israel Warns Residents Along Gaza-Egypt Border of Air Strikes

Israel expels Venezuelan charge d’affaires after Israeli ambassador’s expulsion from Caracas

Homeland Security rules on data collection rile businesses

ABC cuts back in Iraq; relies more on BBC

First U.S. female soldier to flee Iraq war for Canada ordered deported

Army apologizes for "Dear John Doe" letters

Gaza Strip is a concentration camp, says Vatican

Protester Calls for Jews to 'Go Back to the Oven' at Anti-Israel Demonstration

Iraq's Prime Minister calls on Arab states to cut ties with Israel

Colombian coffee growers to sue over US cartoon

Israel accepts truce 'principles'

Khmer Rouge Leader Gets Trial Date At Last

Army sorry for 'John Doe' letters to relatives of war dead

Obama to Deliver Major Speech on Economy on Thursday

U.S. Deficit to Hit 1.2 Trillion Dollars: Budget Office

Networks to Usher In Historic Presidency; "ambitious coverage plans"

Bernard Madoff Prosecutors Ask U.S. Judge to Jail Him

Moqtada al-Sadr calls for Iraq revenge attacks over Gaza

Malibu Man Arrested In Ponzi Scheme ($15 million)

Democrats: Ignored IG advice could have saved $25 billion

House renews probe of U.S. attorney firings

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday January 7

Guinea military arrests point to post-coup tensions

EXTRA: UN: Israel admits rocket fire was not from within school

Feinstein says she supports Panetta for CIA

Lieberman pushing for authorization bill

Oil Tumbles 12 Percent as U.S. Supplies Rise More Than Forecast

California May Delay Tax Refunds Amid Budget Iimpasse

Obama Plans to Keep Republican FDIC Chair Bair: Report

Army sorry for 'John Doe' letters to relatives of war dead

Islamabad sacks top security adviser (after he acknowledged Pakistan connection to Mumbai attacks)

NBC’s Matthews Won’t Run for Senate

11 gay bars get letters threatening ricin attacks

December Job Losses Off The Charts

Conyers Calls For Probe Of Bush's Torture Policies

Army apologizes for hurtful message to survivors

Survey: ER doctors suspect excessive police force

Feds Launch Financial Meltdown Web Site

Gaza medics describe horror of strike which killed 70

Pelicans fall out of sky from Mexico to Ore.

Feds say inauguration attractive terrorist target

Spokesman: Officer in subway shooting has resigned

Porn industry seeks federal bailout

Democrat: Blagojevich 'called our bluff' on Senate pick

Obama Seeks to Mend Rift Over Panetta Pick

Federal judge arrests Ala. sheriff over jail food

AP reporter watches Israeli strike destroy own home on YouTube

Protests Over BART Shooting Turn Violent (Oakland)

Lesbian couple invited on Inaugural Whistle Stop Tour

Chief Justice will recuse himself from Coleman contest

Silvio Berlusconi could lose immunity from prosecution

1,800 Germans dug up from 1945 mass grave in Poland

Israel approves tougher war on Hamas

Jesse White: I've been made the fall guy

Muslims Plan Boycott Of American Goods

CDC Launches National Probe Into Salmonella Outbreak; Nearly 400 Cases Reported In 42 States

Venezuelan Heating Aid to U.S. Poor Restored

Israel's fait accompli in Gaza

Witnesses to Israel's war crimes

Adi Dvir: Don't Pity the Palestinians

Jim Lobe: Perle Explains (Another neocon explains, again, how it wasn't him)

"Gaza slaughter" ensures the continued growth of the Sunni insurgency al-Qaeda leads and inspires.

"The trouble with Sanjay Gupta" - Paul Krugman Blog -

Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment

How Bush Broke the Government

Bernie Madoff (actually pronounced made-off)Folk Hero By John Kelley

Dr. Mads Gilbert: Unconventional weapons used against Gazans

Bush rewards his hired guns

Bush will use federal funds to install security gate to protect his Dallas home.»

Bush Spins Scandalous Neglect of Vets

Garrison Keillor: The cheerful idiot

#1 Qualification for RNC Chair? Gun Ownership

Gene Lyons writes about Unfinished Business

Money Owes No Allegiance

Bush Invites the Obamas to Stay at TONY BLAIR's House

The Price of Consensus: Obama and Congressional Republicans

Why Obama Picked Panetta To Run the CIA

Japanese Whalers have no legal credibility

Reigniting Violence: How Do Ceasefires End?

Patrick Swayze: I'm Going Through Hell

Report shows which states have highest teen birth rates

A bump in the night: how Howard debunked Obama

A Surprise for Langley: Leon Panetta "is not going to preside over the demise of the CIA."

Israel May Face Charges for War Crimes By Mel Frykberg

No room for Obama while Howard's in town

IRS agents soften heart for delinquent taxpayers

Facing Losses, Billionaire Takes His Own Life

Telegraph: Gaza medics describe horror of strike which killed 70 (bloodiest single incident)

Robert Scheer: Why Do So Few Speak Up for Gaza?

How Much Electricity Does It take To Replace Gasoline? By Jeff Wilson

War of Choice: How Israel Manufactured the Gaza Escalation

Jobs cut soar as US (small) firms fight to survive

Joe the Plumber to become war correspondent

Bush Wins

Israeli Militants Poised to Resettle Gaza After Assault

Marjorie Cohn: Israel's Collective Punishment of Gaza

Man arrested for shoe bomb comment

Fiasco at the Army War College--Thomas Ricks black balled for critical attitude on Iraq.

Three accused in Obama revenge racist attacks

Obama doesn't consult Feinstein on Paretta so she undercuts him on not seating Burris ?

Bush OK's shooting Palestinian ducks in the Gaza barrel.

The Full Transcript of Bill Clinton's 'Rug Comment'

DOD develops new weapon against the War on Press.

Neoconservatism dies in Gaza

Hackers take down ring of key progressive blogs

The Purple People Eater Will Decide Franken/Coleman

Norm Coleman -- Be Free.

Indian Outsourcing Giant Satyam Hit By Huge Accounting Fraud

Jeb Bush is the Smart One, if Cowardly

Killing Children is Never Legitimate

Check this editorial from my local paper

Jason Leopold: Conyers Seeks Probe of Bush Crimes

IDF captain interviewed on Aussie TV - denies use of phosphorus in Gaza

Countdown - Olbermann interviews Ezra Klein - Surgeon General appointment

Analysis: Hamas desperate for lull

Rachel Maddow - Ben Nelson disgraces himself, and more, with defense of Gaza assault

Blackwater Soldier to be Charged for Murder

Sanjay Gupta reports "Double Standard" of Obama's medical release

Indonesia Awaits Obama’s Gaza Plan

"As the Arabs see the Jews"

Alberto Gonzales A "Casualty" In The War On Terror A 23/6 Propaganda Production: Gay Marriage

Jamie Kennedy Experiment - Las Vegas Wedding

Johnny Cash Ghostriders In The Sky

Oakland BART police shoot man on ground in handcuffs (WARNING - GRAPHIC)

March of the Dead

Debunking MIHOP 911 CTs in 10 seconds

Im Just a Girl Ep.4 - MN Senate Race and Gaza Conflict

If you want to watch it-Coulter with Lauer this morning on TODAY (9:50)

In God We Trusted-The truth about ex-gay ministries

Israel and international law

President Eisenhower's Military-Industrial Complex Speech

The Time for Equality is Always, Always Right Now

In Fatah-Governed West Bank, Solidarity With Hamas

Israel halts campaign for 3 hours to let in aid

worst person 1/7/09 brian kilmead hilarious

Israel Considers Broadening Gaza Attack

Hamas Team Takes Egypt Truce Plan To Syria

Hamas leader: We reject a permanent truce with Israel

UNWRA: There Were Unarmed Civilians In The School Strafed By Israeli Army (Hebrew)

For Israel, 2006 Lessons but Old Pitfalls

U.N. Should Ensure the Criminals Responsible Will Be Punished!

Obama nominee helped killings in East Timor - Pt. 2

U.S. Weapons Used To Kill Children! Paid For By U.S. Taxpayers! Dennis Kucinich

Joe The Plumber to cover Israel's war

Sayyid Najm: "Tanks against Flesh is not War"

Defense sources: Even if Hamas agrees to truce, its armed wing may resist

AP Gaza reporter finds hometown in rubble

Egypt Preparing for Massive Gaza Refugee Influx

TYT: Is Obama's Tax Cut Stimulus Plan A Bad Idea?

Obama nominee helped killings in East Timor Pt. 1

Israeli settlers following the army into Gaza

Obama's warning to Israel

Joe Conason: Hypocrisy From the Party of Pork

The Rachel Maddow Show: Rachel discusses intelligence and Leon Panetta with Bob Baer

German peacekeepers suggested for Gaza (Roundup)

Gaza medics describe horror of strike which killed 70

World Bank: Drinking Water Shortages in Gaza

Jewish women occupy Israeli consulate in Toronto

Telegraph: Gaza medics describe horror of strike which killed 70 (bloodiest single incident)

Sarkozy retracts peace deal claim

Palestinian Working for Iran Media Held in Israel

Angry Citizens Confront Oakland Police over murder of Oscar Grant

Stratfor: Hamas and the Arab States

In battle for public opinion, IDF Web site puts female face forward

Haniyeh and his Israeli sisters: wartime tales from Gaza/Israel

Avi Shlaim in The Guardian: How Israel brought Gaza to the brink of humanitarian catastrophe

Israel mulls expelling Venezuelan diplomat

"The Courage of Detroit" - Mitch Albom in SI

Neve Gordon: Israel's New War

War of Choice: How Israel Manufactured the Gaza Escalation

Israel wounded in propaganda war

If Obama Is Serious He should get tough with Israel

Rafah residents ordered to flee homes ahead of Israeli bombardment

Does anyone have any information how many Palestinians the Israeli forces have captured?

CNN Confirms Israel Broke Ceasefire First

Barak, Livni, Olmert at loggerheads over exit strategy of Gaza operation

French Safe Sex Public Awareness Video.

TYT: Juan Cole Joins Cenk To Try And Answer -- How Will The Gaza Conflict End?

Obama Warns Trillion-Dollar Deficit Could Lead to Extensive Government Budget Cuts

War Crime over and over

EXTRA: UN: Israel admits rocket fire was not from within school

Gaza Health Services Near Collapse as Medics Killed, WHO Says

Egyptian-French Cease Fire Deal accepted by Israel and the Palestinian Authority...

"Courage to Refuse" Is Back.

Israeli military targetting Palestinian news media in Gaza, foreign journalists still kept out

TYT: Would you bomb a school?

Petition: IDF targets ambulances

Victory through air attack? It's pie in the sky

Any online "Live" coverage? CNN had been covering this conflict 24/7 as "Breaking News" on

Mahmoud Zahar has betrayed his people

U.S. rabbi raises $100,000 to buy care packages for IDF troops in Gaza

Israel, Hamas, Palestinians Agree To Talks

Not-guilty pleas in Blackwater case

1st ID commander: 2009 to be as busy as 2008

Hood staff sergeant found dead in barracks

Shinseki pledges to fix gaps in veterans care

N.Y. guard troops back from Afghanistan

DHS travel program requires early registration

Bush thanks military for serving just cause

Delegation of governors visits troops in Iraq

Book helps children cope with deployments

Some Priority 8 vets could get VA care again

$96 million sought for Monroe upgrades

Ex-sailor seeks new trial in terrorism case

Lejeune Marine dies in Kuwait

Riley soldier dies in Iraq attack

Lejeune Marine dies in Afghanistan

N.Y. reservists begin predeployment training

Afghanistan airstrikes fall for sixth month

Pentagon expands eligibility for GWOT medal

Former chief of staff to speak on strategy

U.S. to airlift supplies to Darfur

Is anyone familiar with the work/writing of Anna Baltzer?

Air Force Reservists ship out from Homestead

Iraqi school is finally in session

Marine pleads not guilty in fatal DUI crash

Study: States’ overseas voting systems are flawed

Article 32 hearing for alleged child rape begins

Strict NWU wear rules confound sailors

Blade ban: Knives best left on base to avoid breaking Japan’s new weapons law

Obama May End Military's Ban on Gays

30,000 Iraqi Troops to Guard Pilgrims

Coast Guard, DHS get reality TV treatment

US Official Says al-Qaeda Near Defeat

Army uses adventure activities to fight PTSD

Weight Waivers Help Fill US Army Ranks

Commands won’t serve beer during Super Bowl

What You Don’t Know About Gaza

Marjorie Cohn: Israel's Collective Punishment of Gaza

Military Bias Alleged in School System

Looking for info on Congressional resolutions re Israel/Gaza

Green revolution: still possible amid deep recession?

Tilting at wind farms: Controlling rotor speed smooths wind power supply

Solar energy catching on

Cruise Car's Solar/Electric Hybrids Take Green Mainstream

Proposal for Waterloo coal plant is scrapped: economic downturn blamed

Developers Diversified bringing solar power to (hundreds of the Beachwood company's) malls

Group plans to protest Redford's environmental views at film festival: (Exxon has given $250,000)

Castle & Cooke and SunPower Open 1.2-MW Solar System in Hawaii

Massachusetts Announces New RPS Rules

Toshiba to Enter Photovoltaic Industry

The German Perspective, Part 2: A Resilient Renewable Energy Leader (wind)

Two area wind farms have turbines turning (Kennedy Co., Gulf Coast TX)

Ocean Township (New Jersey) seeks solar-power contractor (for 6 MW PV farm)

(359 MW) Wind power facility proposed near Searchlight (NV)

Hundreds of Coal Ash Dumps Lack Regulation

ENERGY STAR Residential Water Heaters to Save Americans Up to $823 Million in the Next Five Years

$65,000 fine proposed against Exelon over 'inattentive' guards at (IL) nuclear plant

Australian Military Report Scans Potential For Failed States Across Pacific As Climate Breaks Down

Spike In New Brunswick Bald Eagle #s May Be Due To Higher Salmon Mortality From Fungus

115 Groups Ask Obama Restrict USDA Wildlife Services - $100 Million, 2.4 Million Animals Killed 2007

Corn, Potatoes, Lettuce Among Crops That Absorb Animal Antibiotics From Industrial Farming - U Minn

Nuclear owners accused over leaks (UK)


LIPA Expands Solar Programs (Long Island, NY)

Bruised, Disoriented California Pelicans Landing Miles From Coast - Investigation Underway - BBC

Foreign Policy Magazine - "'Scientists Are Divided' - No, They're Not."

Arctic Sea Ice Recovery in GD

Australians buying more bikes than cars

So Far This Water Year, California Snowpack Disappointing - 70 - 80% Of Historical Average

Could ‘Tentacle’ UFO Have Destroyed UK Wind Turbine?

University of Kassel in Germany prove that the entire country can be powered by renewables only.

Vermont Requires 'Global Warming' Labels For New Cars

portable solar powered condensation fridge

Private sector shed 693,000 jobs in December

Do DUers know the significance of the equation: GDP = C + I + G + (X-M) ??

Worst December for layoffs on record, survey says

The Worst Is Yet to Come

How's the euro doing against the dollar? I'm planning a trip to Europe in the fall

Needing to rollover 401k. Where should I put it? Suggestions?

Today in labor history Jan 7 Tom Mooney pardoned and freed after 22 years in San Quentin

Say "Ciao" to Chao

Youth: Ready for unions

NEW Labor site: (Sheet Metal Workers)

Chamber Of Commerce’s Stimulus: Cut Corporate Taxes, Prevent Employee Free Choice

Chicago Tribune: Republic Windows and Doors (of the sit in) workers file labor board charges

U.S. Economy: Companies Cut Payrolls at Faster Pace

City, Omaha Police Union Seek Pension Spiking Change

Labor Unions' Top Priority Faces Delay

Chicago Sun-Times' Parent Seeking 7% Union Pay Cut

Capitalism in Crisis

Wells Fargo Whistleblower Files Lawsuit to Enforce Department of Labor Order of Reinstatement

Change To Construction Plan Blamed In Accident That Claimed Worker's Life

OSHA orders American Airlines to reimburse sick pay to pilots

Tyson Foods pleads guilty, fined for OSHA violation ($500,000)

American Rights at Work, director interview (video)

GM Working Toward Feb. 17 Deadline On Labor Deal

Union Seeks Ouster Of Principal Accused Of Attacking Wife

Saturday is my birthday, and I have to renew my driver's license...

Obama May End Military's Ban on Gays (xpost from Veterans)

Jamie Kennedy Experiment - Las Vegas Wedding

In God We Trusted-The truth about ex-gay ministries

11 Seattle Gay Bars Receive Threatening Letters

Mother fights against ban on sleeping with lesbian partner

"Black support for Prop. 8 called exaggeration"

As it turns out , it is religion/age & republicans not race, that is the major factory behind h8

Israel expels Venezuelan charge d’affaires after Israeli ambassador’s expulsion from Caracas

Bolivia's Morales to launch newspaper to counter propaganda of private news media

Humanity versus hatred in Colombia

Chavez hopes Gaza situation improves under Obama

His US sentence served, Noriega fights extradition

Colombia rebels say they downed unmanned spy plane

Between Law and Politics: The Continuing Struggle Against Impunity in Uruguay

Colombia's FARC Seeks Foreign Monitors on Hostages (Update1)

Venezuela Expels Israeli Ambassador over Gaza (english)

Interesting thread about steroids in the lounge (of all places!)

Spend a few minutes watching the best kept secret in pro sports

Mangini hired by Cleveland...

So just what is going on in Dallas right now?

And people like to give me a hard time about Bonds. Oh brother.

Does anyone else have a gag reflex so bad they can't get treated at the dentist?

"Johnson fired at the man still holding a gun to his wife's head"--The bad guys always win--part 2

OK, since we're dreaming- I had this amazing rainbow dream

This rain feels like it's never going to end

Natural living, natural beings...Are you one?

rainy day mood pics

Around Town in Black and White

It's a bit on the nippy side here...

i might have the day off tomorrow!

I have a some fresh brussel sprouts. I've never made them before. Any ideas?

Ins and Outs, for my friends!

Best-selling "God" author faces plagiarism claim

Bill Maher - Religulous: Video Clips

In case you need divine guidance on the net: CatholicGoogle

Light pollution becomes a polarizing issue

News From Home

Scientists reach a surprising conclusion about black holes

An open letter to DU atheists from a spiritual (not religious) soul:

for the "Oh for Gawd's Sake" file --- Laura Bush's new $485,000 china

Questions about death...

Help!!! Need baby shower ideas???

Republicans cry "Coup!" in Texas

Input please...

The birds are GONE from Houston and nobody notices.

"Apple introduces the new Macbook Wheel"

New Video Card

Hill Times: Harper's Silence on Middle East Politically Calculated, Experts Say

Roadside bomb claims life of another Canadian soldier

Photos from JK's swearing in reception

Inventing our way out: A123 Systems looks to expand US production

Confirmation Hearings for Secretary of State and US Ambassador to the UN

On the first new day of a new Senate, these bills were filed

Looks like Kerry is not going to join the CODEL for overseas trip

Staff changes announced for Sen. Kerry's office.

Atheist bus campaign spreads the word of no God nationwide

We must stop arming Israel - Clegg

Hypocrisy, thy name is Blair

Brilliant cricket in Sydney.

Forbes magazine "Top 10 cities where they're hiring" includes Madison, Milwaukee