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Israeli History told via Maps

Some misguided justification for the Israeli attack on Gaza, and a nice response from Reddit.

So how did the latest conflagration start? Facts preferable to opinion please.

Just stop...please

LEAKED: Graphic, uncensored video shows carnage in Gaza

We give Israel a billion a month - $12 BILLION a year

Gilad Atzmon - Living on Borrowed Time in a Stolen Land

Hamas Charter

Watching CNN international

The Israeli action in Gaza: why Israel will continue its current policy.

UN's Palestinian envoy on assault (BBC Video)

Did Palin abuse power again for future son-in-law?

Portrait Emerges of Anthrax Suspect’s Troubled Life (about Ivins, NYT 1/3)

The ground war has started.

Remember that "hope"?

Frank Rich on Bush: "You start to pity him until you remember how vast the wreckage is"

"Please, God. Make me a stone."

When is the bailout for the drug/insurance companies coming?

When you see Bush ... remember this ....

Written for All Times and All Places

Happy 50th Birthday, State of Alaska!

I want us all to think for a moment what life is

The Dead announce Spring tour dates!

Radical Obama acting like he won the election

George W. Bush's Legacy: A Soldier, Teacher, Detainee, Reflect On How Bush Affected Them

surge update - Suicide Bomber Kills at Least 37 Near Shrine

Clear Channel removed liberal talk from San Diego because they bashed the President

2008 Darwin awards...

How the so-called 'liberal' media is destroying America, and how it didn't start with the Iraq War

Why do you think all dem senators (and Bernie) support Harry Reid for ML?

What a sacrifice Barack Obama is going to have to endure......

i'm so proud that my country blocked a cease-fire resolution.....

FReepers Upset with Franken ( Uncertified) Win... Women voters to blame..LOL.

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury - Trudeau Does The Transition...

Israel, Palestine Fighting Over Cemetery Space (Onion)

“Analysis: Bush’s personality shapes his legacy”

"White House to Block U.N. Cease Fire in the Gaza" .... TV news headline

On Obama not commenting on the Gaza situation before taking office. Good or bad?

Gawd. 2 more weeks and 2 days.

Former Madoff Employees Selling Memorabilia on eBay

Queen Noor Speaks Out Strongly for Palestine on MSNBC - On Now.

let's go flying...check this out:

Hey gang! Cheney's on Face the Nation.

Megan said James has not been the same since he returned from a deployment to Iraq

Have you seen this Virus Alert? - Obama Acceptance Speech

Secret weapons program ... A film by the BBC

I'm sorry. But I do think that accusing people of bigotry is very serious business.

Oh man, somebody get Dick Cheney a shovel

Can you imagine if we were looking at McCain and Moose Killer taking over in a couple of weeks?

Meet The Press: Douche Gregory vs Spineless Reid

A victory for labor, but what next? (US a nation where workers don't have to protest for fair pay?)

DUers need help, who said a few yrs ago that we are a nation that buys & sells houses to each other?

Don't worry about Obama not commenting on Gaza. I expect very clear statements when he is in office.

Let’s Tour America’s Toxic Waste: What’s In Your Neigborhood?

Cornyn: GOP will block any attempt to seat Franken

A political lesson we can learn from "Milk."

US to leave Baghdad base, Iraqi said to turn it into a shopping mall

George H. W. Bush: I’d like to see Jeb elected president

Do you think that the Israelis

Eminent Family Scholar Overlooks 67 Million Americans (it's called Singleism)

115 Groups Ask Obama's Ag Secretary to End Wildlife Killing

2008 Year in Review

2008 Year in Review

US Blocks UN Action on Gaza Conflict

Ann Coulter: Liberals Use So-Called Sick Children To Create Budget Deficits


Role of Bush/ Neo Con White House in Gaza Attacks?

HEY, TV And Newspapers! Stop Saying "Civillians" Like It's The Name Of An Exotic Species!

Time for US Congress to open a new set of Pecora Hearings to get at the Bush corruption

Trudeau treads on sacred ground; Tinsley channels Rush Limbaugh

Worst idea of 2008

RIchardson withdrawing!

George H. W. Bush: I’d like to see Jeb elected President.»

Fareed Zakaria GPS: Let's see if there is a difference in perspective from the usual bias to

Queen Noor on Late Edition: international community must demand a ceasefire and implement 2 states.

LEAKED: Graphic, uncensored video shows carnage in Gaza

We give Israel a billion a month - $12 BILLION a year

Bill Richardson withdrawing name from consideration for Commerce.

Highland Township soldier arraigned in sister's death

NASA May Face Protest Over Recent Commercial-Cargo Contract

Is this a new investigation of Hostage Negotiator Bill Richardson?

Knee-deep in the big muddy - Christmas Day battle in Afghanistan

Corpsman jailed for unauthorized medal

I think you'll like this post from my Blog :-)

AP Nails It--Itself, That Is

Obama isn't saying anything about the conflict because as soon as he "takes sides"

So, the Obamas cannot move into Blair House before the 1/20/09

What we need is more threads about Richardson withdrawing

More Internet connections in China than the US?

Even to his defenders, Bush's legacy is 'debatable'

Twenty-five Iraqi civilians died a day in 2008 - And that was a "good" year

Glen Greenwald: Dem leaders out of step with voters on Israel's attack on Gaza

Military fakers will be a very common phenomenom for the foreseeable future....

CNN cheerleading for Gaza invasion for an hour now...

Kristol says Gaza invasion 'a favor for Obama'

I will have to die 10 years sooner than I did a few years ago.

Best All-time Movie Scene?

Would the Big Three do well to emulate the 'Hyundai Assurance' program?

CIA still lists their car bomber Ayad Allawi and Ahmad Chalabi as part of the Iraqi government

Invasion a monstrosity, says UN leader

Zardari urges Iran, China role in anti-terror efforts

Passenger arrested for bomb threat at St. Louis airport

What Movie Scene Makes you Tear Up or Cry every time?

Breaking: Condi cancels China trip to "concentrate on situation in Gaza."


The National Exit Poll must match the official vote count — come hell or high water - x

"Over the long term, the United States cannot kill or capture its way to victory."

Is Harry Reid negotiating to let Coleman keep his office, staff, etc. in return for McConnell's help

Smuggler's Gulch-fill dirt and a fence will surely solve the problem (Pics & VIDEO)

NYT: Lawmaker in Kentucky Mixes Piety and Politics

what Obama has to tell the Supreme Court 30 days after he takes office

Exposed: Why Kos is Bad For Democrats

Love Story: Homeless alcoholic and teacher marry, change each other's lives

Trooper, Union say politics delayed Johnston drug case

With Richardson out, I'm very comfortable with Laura Tyson at commerce

Ok, I finally get it!

Wow..what an encounter I had this morning!

(South Dakota) High court: Yelling at cops was protected speech

New definition of gall...... (Graphic picture-not of war)

Richardson Withdrawal Mars Seamless Transition

Daily Kos rocks... and so does DU.

Exposed: Why Krap is Bad for Democrats

Exposed: Why Krap is Bad for Democrats

From today's funny papers....something for the GLBTQ

From today's funny papers....something for the GLBTQ

RawStory: the world needs to see through the spin

Columbia (MO) Tribune: Minimum wage bumps up automatically (Business owner supports "fair wage")

Democratic Leader (Reid) Endorses Bush admin's Israel Policy of NO Immediate CEASE FIRE for Gaza

Is Israel Using Cluster Munitions On Urban Areas?

Let’s Play Musical Senate Seats! - Headlines 1/4/09

Opinion: The Gaza assault targets Barack Hussein Obama, not pitiful Hamas rocketeers.

Is DU censored ?

So what's up with Hillary's campaign debt?

Schumer: Franken should be seated in Senate

Advocates for bike lanes, animals, and electric rates monitored and labeled terrorist in Md.

The Grand Chessboard

"It's good to know who hates you, and it's good to be hated by the right people."

Historians hope Obama will undo records order

Bush 41: Jeb Bush for President

Where is John McCain and why are we not all Palestinians today?

Where is John McCain and why are we not all Palestinians today?

Cheney: Financial Crisis ‘Developed’ Only ‘Over The Last Six Months’

Some misguided justification for the Israeli attack on Gaza, and a nice response from Reddit.

Some misguided justification for the Israeli attack on Gaza, and a nice response from Reddit.

can someone help me.... re Republican scandals

FEDERAL PAY RAISES: Pay hikes show what Congress thinks of American workers

Okay, who has read/seen Everything is Illuminated?

Is Israel's military response appropriate?

who benefits from all these wars? Who is making the weaponry? Who supplies each side?

How do we get our country back?

LBN has all the I/P Discussion

Israel has plenty of tactics for war, but none for peace

Thank you DU admins and Mods for relaxing I/P rules

Cheney: Bush's Actions Legal If Not Impeached

Cheney: Israel did not seek US OK before invasion

Fuck DU

Fuck DU

“George W. Bush Is To Blame For The Current Gaza/Israeli War”

Va. Governor Kaine to Become DNC Chairman

How sad for David Shuster

How sad for David Shuster

Look—Bob Fertik is not giving up on criminal punishment against Bush

I will give Bush credit for one thing

Bloomberg Takes Cover From Rocket in Solidarity Visit to Israel

U.S.-installed Iraqi ex-PM Allawi says Bush "utter failure"

Virginia Governor Tim Kaine To Become Next Chairman Of Democratic Party

Good luck and (insert your deity here) bless!


MSNBC's Bush worship piece: "He's a fast-moving Texan who stays upbeat even when his country is not"

Digital TV experts, quick question

SNL "Sports Extra" on now on NBC!

SNL "Sports Extra" on now on NBC!

40 Years of the Mouse

Entertainment news... NEW Jason and the Argonauts series buzz

Another post reminded me of this lovely WWII song...

Daily Kos: Why the Employee Free Choice Act Is So Important: The Power of Organization

Richardson drops bid for commerce secretary post

Research project: Bush1 sent troops to Somalia Dec 1992

America in one photograph

"Bromance" on MTV, more like "Douchemance".

Occupation 101 - watch this film if you want to understand what is going on in Gaza

War in the Middle East will widen in Bush's last week in office.

Meet The Press: David Gregory Thinks Confronting Politicians Only Matters With Democrats

Why Obama's green jobs plan might work

In Gaza, the real enemy is Iran

Conn. man's last lotto ticket wins $10M for widow

Nakheel may offer shares, you might be able to own part of the palm islands

Cheney Previews Legal Defense

What is Ethnic Cleansing?

Surveillance State Run Amok

Looking for something good to watch? ESPN2 - "The Greatest Game Ever Played"

2008 Election Analysis: A Compendium of Links (TIA) - x

Durbin on Blagojevich, Burris

Brian Eno: Stealing Gaza - An Experiment In Provocation

Oh, this is interesting (for those keeping an eye on privatization issues)

The next Senator from Minnesota did THIS.

For Israel, Chance to Strike Before an Ally Departs

Another Bush Failing-Not Doing Anything to Stop the Israeli Incursion into Gaza!

Rulings target Internet sex stings

I am beginning to wonder if I did a favor to the man

Contraceptive pill to blame for male infertility: Vatican

WTF???!!! Bush gets a $200,000 pension for the rest of his life - on our dime???

Norm Coleman is...

Holy shit... I am so sorry....

Sunday ****TOONS****

Harry Reid just supported the Bush admin on not calling for a cease fire in Gaza

Is it possible Fitz won't bring the indictment yet to keep certain evidence out of Blago's hands now

Oh where was the outrage?

Doesn't Hamas's Electoral Victory Give Them A Democratic Mandate For War?

In regards to foreign affairs ...

the politics of abundance

Media Matters has again ripped Coulter to shreds-debunk of her lazy new book up

Do you believe human beings will ever evolve past the need to war?

Test : True or False

Is the Israeli attack justified - WJ this morning

So... this is like a republican's wet dream... right?

I once lived under canvas over a rope

Anybody else think Meet the Press is boring with David Gregory?

The numbers are the numbers.

Greeks Set Banks On Fire In Protest At Gaza Attack

One of my best friends ever passed on yesterday.

Pat Hingle is dead. :(

**GLOBALL MORAN AWARDS - JAN 4, 2009*** (link fixed)

“Bush heads to Texas for some quiet time”

Watching the documentary Cinema's Exiles From Hitler

Scientology violates the most fundamental of human rights.

One More Time: Bush 3?

quebec orders immigrants to learn french or leave

Trooper, union say politics delayed Johnston drug case

Al Franken will be gong to the Senate on Tuesday

Analysis: US Media Coverage Of Gaza Invasion Largely Biased Towards Israel

Take that, you slackers!! (Chesapeake Bay Foundation sues EPA

A kick.

Another Moran

Boy saves girl from pit bull attack

Harry Reid go and study the fugging law

He kept us safe*

CNN, political predictions for 2009

Steinem suggests Maloney for Senate, CK for Maloney's House seat;Paterson hasn't interviewed Kennedy

Never forget what Norm Coleman said.

TMZ ~ John Travolta's Son: Meds Ultimately Did Harm

Portland, Oregon is now largest US city with openly gay mayor

I've been taking Depakote since 2002 -- great drug

New DNC chairman Tim Kaine on gay issues - against marriage AND civil unions, whee!

So how are you gonna answer when your kid asks you

Tin Foil hat time, I think Booshe is behind the whole deal in Gaza

Looking for I/P map that was posted the other day

Is NBC going to help Ann Coulter sell THIS book? She's scheduled on "Today" January 6

Is NBC going to help Ann Coulter sell THIS book? She's scheduled on "Today" January 6

Like my new avatar?

Good luck getting around DC on Inauguration Day

Another excellent piece by Jim Kunstler on 2009.....

Three men arrested in videotaped rape of unconscious woman in Orange County

Invasion a Monstrosity, Says UN Leader

CHENEY: Bush Is Innocent - Because "He Wasn't Impeached"

It is under the saddest circumstances that Congress decided not to impeach Bush. . . .

March of the Dead to Greet Congress on Tuesday

March of the Dead to Greet Congress on Tuesday

First picture of Booshe pResidential library (conceptual)

Neil Young-Perfect Storm for Innovation Gathers in Washington

Seating Franken and Burris - Memo to Congress: Try Following the Rules

Who reads a newspaper and is anyone worried about their demise?

MSNBC Breaking Richardson to withdraw as Commerce secretary

Are There Any Jewish DUers "Out There" that think Israel's Invasion Is Wrong?

"The Culture of Our Discontent"

1/3 - 9:59 PM MN Recount. Franken - Set to Win. MN SoS - election contest futile

TOONS: World and US responses to the Gaza war

Terry McAuliffe says he's a 20 year VA resident and wants to be my governor???

For anyone working in the tech industry:

Its time for the top 10 conservative Idiots to come back

Bush Special Prosecutor Is Top Question for Obama

Harry Reid has jumped the shark and needs to go!

Moderate American Jews Need to Take Back the "Israel Lobby"

Anyone watching History Channel's Seven Deadliest Sins

what kind of bomb is this ? (pic)

I just ain't feelin' the love ........

In the face of their grief, Travolta and Preston are facing interrogation

Are you better off now than you were four years ago?

The marijuana fumes are hitting me now...

To you -

got my dtv box today. 16 crystal clear channels!

If I had a pet know, a little pet monkey...

If I had a blow know, a little blow monkey...

A kiss is just a kiss....

I got my first negative feedback on Amazon as a seller

Why, oh why, does David Coverdale irritate me so much?

Just because

why so sad?

we're back from Oklahoma,

"Believe it or not, in 1978, a gallon of gas costed about 70 cents a gallon"

I don't know, maybe Marvin Gaye had it all wrong

In Other Words, Check your PM

Uh-oh. Smarm alert.

If I had a pet know, a little pet goat...

Whenever life gets too overwhelming, at least I can count on the fact that Cal Peg will never PUI.

I'm posting while sober. Don't ask me a damn thing

If John Mellencamp cleared his throat would his career end...

Who did the Lime in the Coconut song?

Apparently Oasis is popular with /Little House on the Prarie/ fans.


I hit the wrong button on my computer

You know what today is, don't you?

I'm hungry...

The Dead announce Spring tour dates!

I fondly recall the days when I looked stunning in a tight, white sleeveless muscle T-shirt...

Woot! I'm a ninja!

I think I need to see a doctor.

Just watched Gran Torino....all I can say is

Great conspiracy thriller! "The State Within" (from 2006)

Good news everyone - there are 3 coupon packets in today's paper


Is ghost kicking still working?

Question about credit reports

All these years I thought vodka kicked my ass yet...

Somebody talk about coin collecting with me

Polar bear

It has been a long day

Heh! Check out the bear........

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 1/4/2009)

I'm back and I'm not happy

I played my first gig ever as a keyboard player last night

Haha, the Dolphins are getting canned

I'm rooting for the Eagles!

Who else thinks the head of the 'wow' smilie should be on the same baseline as the preceding text

The Good Wife

Funny pics...........

Sometimes I Wonder If "The Magistrate" Was A Former Pro Wrestler

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/4/09

Sunday afternoon questions

The Bar Will Be Open Wednesday!!

Hey mcctatas - WTH is up with the fish?

When did Google, um, leap the piscine predator?


This cat breaks my heart (video)

I'm gonna watch "Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol". Yeah, it's evil at one level.

The fridge is defrosted. There is no more ice. No more drip drip drip.

Anyone want to go do my grocery shopping?

Mars rover "Spirit" celebrates 5 years, thankful to be clear of Earth's messes

Kind of realized why I'm reluctant to circulate my profile/resume.

Finally Some KFC Whats For Lunch And Dinner?

It will be nice having something new in the news tomorrow

Oh man I'm a fat wad

Day 15

I learned something today.


All this potato ole talk has me wondering...what are some regional taco places

The whole Schoolhouse Rock series just appeared on my hard drive!

Has DU become very slow for anyone else this evening?

Grand Caymans or St. Thomas, U.S.V.I.?

I reported a suspicious vehicle at the airport today...

Should I drink the green beer at the Irish pub?

How do I shut off Outlook CONSTANTLY asking to compress files?

Okay, seriously — WTHF is up with PBS??

I think it's kind of creepy that I can google map and see my house

How much sauce is the right amount to go with my pasta?

You know... for women

For MadinMaryland- Some Cowboy tales

I just spent 14 hours at Walt Disney's WTF Land in Anaheim

Need relief from what is going on now? Try Dog Town and the Rehab of the Michael Vick Dogs

Talk me down. I can't do this any more.

Well, this caught my eye

Master Bates

All the Best...

Smile, dammit

Where can I get some chocolate starfish?

Veteran actor Pat Hingle dies at 84

Name some movies that made you fall asleep and drool a dinner plate sized wet spot on your shirt.

Can the housing only on a Hetrick Z18 tension spring assembly be replaced when it breaks, or...

Happy 2009

Online poker for play money is boring

I love this woman.

kitten picture of the day for sunday january 4

If I watch the game, the Eagles suck. If I not watch the game they score

If I watch the game, the Eagles suck. If I not watch the game they score

If I watch the game, the Eagles suck. If I not watch the game they score

Can someone who has a Facebook page tell me if Don Henley...

How can someone not get life for killing someone while driving drunk?

pictures from the game and new orleans (dialup warning)

Tonight on Masterpiece Theatre: Tess of the d'Urbervilles

Cesar Millan: Dog Whisperer

"Bromance" on MTV, more like "Douchemance".

I'm back! Did everybody miss me?

Charo rocks the house

No love for the Ravens??

Anyone here work out at Planet Fitness?

TBS teaser on The Outlaw Josie Wales--15 seconds and funny *WARNING* language

I am so proud of the Dolphins

I shake and shake my laptop, but I cant get more internets to come out faster

I'm completely shut down....

History Channel 7 deadly sins


TCM Remembers - 2008

I think I need to see a doctor.

So, it appears I leave for Beijing on the 20th....

So how come the penguins from Happy Feet aren't dancing in

I am having a bad night.

Which group of penguins would you want on your side in a fight?

Slumdog Millionaire...

"The Planet" on the Discovery Channel is the greatest stoned television experience in history.

Perhaps I Am A Jackass After All...

Two things have been true about Clint Eastwood movies in recent years


Made a music video for a married couple I know (X-Posted from Animation)

Bury magnets. Swallow the rapture.

Road Trip Update (Soccer Tournament Pics)

OK it's been eleven years already...will it EVER quit sucking??

Do you have a minimum intelligence level for other DUers

%&%^$#@#$@! Snow!

I'm Freaked Out... Found Out My Friend Was Murdered

Is it ok to apply for more than one job simultaneously at one company?

Anyone live in Denver and play a bow/string instrument know where to get rosin?

An afternoon on two wheels (Pic heavy)

Updating my facebook

I can't believe I didn't post this over the holidays!

I'm really scared right now, I heard all this yelling coming from the other room

I have $25 to spend at Itunes as an xmas gift. What should I buy?

Confessions of a teen idol

**Who's Watching Some Sunday Pigskin-Passing? Vikes-Eagles Thread.....**

Anybody here seen "The Bucket List?"

Thank you again, Bertha

Will my oven get fixed tomorrow?

How many wine glasses have you broken in the last week?

Gah! I just passed 40,000 posts!

OK, I'm going to stay in the Lounge tonight

Observation: When Beyonce dances, she looks like a goddamn robot.

Potato Ole's are quite possibly the perfect food...

this crying kitten is tugging on my cat's maternal instincts

How The Hell Do You Screw Up Ramen Noodles??????

A lunchbox from your youth?

E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!!!!!!

I never got out of my pjs today.

The single most astonishing guitar-playing I've ever seen:

The only football prediction I will make and the very safest bet at that....

Why am I not famous and insanely successful?

One of my nephews has been diagnosed with acute schizophrenia.

Congratulations Philadelphia Eagles!

The Sham-Wow guy is lying!

Penis peppers!

What Movie Scene Makes you Tear Up or Cry every time?

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning)

An Arab Moran?

Ex-smokers - give your advice


iTouch and Bose docking station questions....

Best All-time Movie Scene?

Post a song that describes your life. Here's mine:

Smokers, restaurants adapt during first year of smoking ban

Franken DID NOT WIN YET!!!

Most Gratifiying PUMA Tombstoning

I'm glad that McSame and Palin didn't win!

A New Chapter: Europe Is Ready to Work With Obama

You Can't Stop the Beat: 16 days left!

Negroes built this nation, gays will deface it.

Kennedy Was Spared Financial Disclosure as a Top Aide at City Schools

The Real Bailout Needed is a Consumer Bailout - Part 2

Bush History-A Tale of Two Appointees: One Does Us Proud, One Does Not, 1/4

Boo hoo hoo... GWH Bush upset about criticism of his dimwit son GW (on Fox Wallace)

A Donor’s Gift Soon Followed Clinton’s Help

Isn't it time

If Franken was a repub and the repubs moved to seat him

Sunday talk show lineup for January 4 (Watch Dick Cheney giggle about how he's getting away)

An Obama National-Service Program

An Obama National-Service Program

Memo To Norman Coleman

The Hidden Face of Rick Warren

Breaking: Bill Richardson to resign as Commerce Secretary

PE Obama has already beat George W. bUsh's 8 years in approval ratings.

CNN: "GOP Using 1950s KKK Crap - And THAT's How They're Going to Win 2012? "

Now that Maj. Leader Reid has proven himself a bigot and unfit for office, what are our options?

What is your opinion of UFOs?

Senate race certification set for Monday with Franken up 225 votes

Senate race certification set for Monday with Franken up 225 votes

Leaving aside inappropriate words like bigot, corrupt and interference, a question about Reid

Norm Coleman for Commerce Sec!

Have you noticed that with each Cabinet post made, an advisory committee also has been put in place....

Hoyer saying Stimulus Package likely ready mid-Febuary for Obama?

"One of the last things our country needs is a White House that has Christian right on speed dial"

CNN: Doctors in Gaza report Patients 'Lying Everywhere'

OFFER: Obama Data DVD

Bush is the incarnation of Mr. Magoo.

Is Big Business Scared Of The Obama Admin? - Love this story in the WSJ Legal Blog

AP continues to portray Dubya very positively

What about Barney Frank for Commerce?

So let me get this straight. Bill Richardson's state gives a contract

Where is Bu$h going after he gets out of Al Gore's house?

Pay to Play? Firm Receives Government Contract After Donating to Bill Richardson

Can somebody here list all the stuff Obama can do via executive order?

OMG!!! Bush has published a political version of "My Pet Goat"!!!

Intrade on key Senate Spots Franken 95 Kennedy 88

Qatar says Israel's Gaza offensive a "war crime"

***TOONS*** ... The Bush Legacy Edition -------->

Security Agencies Alter Strategies, Add Backup for Inauguration Week

HEADS UP: Obama arrives in DC

Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sibelius in the running for Commerce

What I'm f*cking waiting for........and am particularily excited about......

With Richardson out, Gary Locke would be a great choice at Commerce.

PHOTOS: Obama takes U.S. Air Force jet to Washington for the first time!

Just realized something really cool

Did you know that Reid has been re-elected Majority Leader?

2008 Election Analysis: A Compendium of Links (TIA) - x


GDP seems.... peaceful tonight :)

Schumer: Franken is the winner

Schumer: Franken is the winner

Does anyone remember Bill Richardson's biography stating that he was drafted into MLB?

I bet you haven't seen theses pictures in this controlled news media

Is anyone listening to this Burris interview on CNN?

"I gotta say I choked up a little bit leaving my house today," Obama said

CNN special on the First Family coming on now! n/t

OH Fuck Baghdad Terry is going to do it

Reid To Coleman: It's Over. Concede.

How did you spend your leap second?

Frank Rich eviscerates Chimpy - A President Forgotten but Not Gone

Blago getting nailed for this scandal is like Al Capone being nailed for tax evasion.

Obama Considers Major Expansion in Jobless Aid

PE Barack Obama and Michelle, and the girls

Iraqi ex-PM says Bush "utter failure"

Va. Governor Kaine to Become DNC Chairman

Does Cheney have any powers that we should be worried about for Thursday's joint session?

New York Times: A Donor’s Gift to Bill's Foundation Soon Followed Hillary’s Help

Latino Groups to press Obama to appoint another Hispanic to replace Richardson

Duties of the DNC Chair....

PHOTOS Obama Arrives at Andrews Air Force Base

Sorry, this is a bit mushy...the moment Michelle decided Barack was "the one"

Whose idea was it to investigate Richardson in the first place?

Whose idea was it to investigate Richardson in the first place?

Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine to head DNC

Guess who came in #1 on the men's "best dressed list"?

As one who listened to Al Franken's show let me tell you he will be a great Senator

So Reid said Blagojevich lied re: Davis, Jackson & Jones who do you believe?

Looking back, I do think McCain was the strongest candiate Repugs could have run

I just wish the Bush's would just leave us alone!! Now Poppy wants Jeb to run

Good luck getting around D.C. on Inauguration Day-"Pack Your Patience"

Ok, NOW it feels real ... (Barack lands in DC via an official plane)

What do you think?? Please answer this poll!!!

Obama to propose $310 Billion Tax Cut for businesses and middle-class workers

Richardson to withdraw as Commerce secretary (Updated w/Obama statement)

Nationwide ignorance of Illinois politics (Obama/Blago)

Cheney is actively enmeshing Democrats in his and W's crimes.

Freepers react to Al Franken news:

BREAKING-Al Franken will be declared the WINNER tomorrow!

MORE freeper reaction Franken news and MN board finalizing results:

Freeper Heads exploding!

The Twelve Days of Bush Christmas

Joan Rivers says Obama should have plastic surgery on his ears

PHOTOS Obama leaves for Washington

Obama isn't President yet so he can't speak out AGAINST this admin.'s Israel/Palestine position...

No Senator would join the objections of the Cong. Black Caucus to Bush's appointment, but Burris?...

Bobby Rush is a transparent race-baiting hypocrite with Blago's endorsement of Roland Burris

"And clean-up is a snap!"

Help me out here: are Freepers Anti-semetic and Pro-Israel all at the same time?

Obama Team Feels Richardson Wasn't Forthcoming About Investigation Before Being Offered Commerce

Florida's various rankings in US a disturbing story. Also shrinking population in South Florida.

The National Exit Poll must match the official vote count — come hell or high water ( TIA ) - x

Look...IT's not "bashing Democrats"...It's just speaking up for the party's principles

The Silver Lining of the Richardson Withdrawal

Richardson Kept Details of Investigation

Tim Kaine on abortion, stem cells, same-sex marriage, civil unions, and labor issues.

Commercials that live rent-free in your head

Portrait Emerges of Anthrax Suspect’s Troubled Life

(FYI If Traveling to) More bedbugs are biting in Cincinnati

S.F. files lien for tiger attack medical bill

More Groups Than Thought Monitored in Police Spying (Human Rights activists deemed terrorist threat)

Iraqi Station Rebuts U.S. Account of Employee's Shooting

Israel Destroys American School in Gaza, Kills Guard

More Groups Than Thought Monitored in Police Spying

(UK) Public wants taxes that hurt the rich - Credit crunch provokes backlash against bankers

Depleted uranium found in Gaza victim

At least 4 Palestinians killed in Israeli ground assault

Israeli strike levels American-style Gaza school

Denver Schools Chief Named to Fill Senate Vacancy (Replacing Salazar)

Israeli Ground Troops Invade Gaza

US stimulus plan to be ready by early February: lawmaker

Report: Former Madoff Employees Selling Memorabilia on eBay

Deaths as Israel hits Gaza mosque

Smokers, restaurants adapt during first year of smoking ban

France Leads Alarm Over Gaza, Splits With U.S.

Richardson withdraws bid to be commerce secretary

Civilian toll rises as Israelis, Hamas fight in Gaza

Democratic Leader (Reid) Endorses Bush admin's Israel Policy of NO Immediate CEASE FIRE for Gaza

One More Time: Bush 3?

U.S. thwarts Libyan push for Gaza truce demand at U.N.

Cheney: U.S. Close to Achieving Its Goals in Iraq

Va. Governor Kaine to Become DNC Chairman

6.2-magnitude earthquake hits Afghanistan

Iran Threatens to Break Israel's Gaza Blockade

Foreign journalists vie for the few slots to get into Gaza

Iraqi Police: Female Suicide Bomber Kills 30

The Bush retirement plan: build library, enjoy perks

Czech EU Spokesman Sorry For Calling Israeli Action 'Defensive'

Schumer: Franken is the winner

Reid To Coleman: It's Over. Concede.

Obama Considers Major Expansion in Jobless Aid

Gaza death toll surpasses 500

Police, protesters clash near US Embassy in Beirut

Violence In Gaza Sparks More L.A. Demonstrations

Panel to declare Franken winner of Senate race

Demonstrations continue worldwide over Gaza violence

Gaza crisis forces Rice to cancel China trip

Historic border canyon near San Diego is filled in (Bush answer to illegal immigration)

Bush first ex-prez to face limit on Secret Service protection

Fed, ECB prepare to tackle deflation head-on

Durham Man Expelled from Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit

Reid To Coleman: It's Over. Concede.

Obama Moves to Counter China With Pentagon-NASA Link

Israeli ground war bisects Gaza, deepens humanitarian crisis

Kaine to Become DNC Chairman

WSJ: Obama Eyes $300 billion dollar tax cut.

Cops: Dad ordered to pay child support kills son

Russia wants warships stationed around the world

MK Khenin: Gaza war won’t solve security problems

Protests in support of Gaza's Palestinians corrupt: Saudi cleric

Israel Splits Gaza in Three as Soldiers Battle Hamas

Gaza civilians left exposed in Israeli invasion

Nizar Rayyan of Hamas on God's Hatred of Jews

Palestinian official: Egypt brokering new truce

1 versus 37 - or is it 485? MSM Misleading with Fatality Numbers

1 versus 37 - or is it 485? MSM Misleading with Fatality Numbers

Israel Continues Ground Offensive in Gaza as Death Toll Mounts (Deutsche Welle, corrects Czech FM)

US Thwarts UN Gaza Ceasefire Call

Israeli Troops Reach the Edge of Gaza City

Shin Bet Chief: Hamas has eased its demands for truce with Israel

Russia tells Israel it is concerned over Gaza dead

Civilian toll rises as Israelis, Hamas fight in Gaza

IDF strike levels US-style Gaza school

West Bank Protester Shot Dead By Israeli Troops

Robert Parry: Israel's Looming Catastrophe

Opinion: The Gaza assault targets Barack Hussein Obama, not pitiful Hamas rocketeers

Qatar says Israel's Gaza offensive a "war crime"

UN official rejects Israeli view of extent of hardship

Sarkozy: Hamas to blame for Gaza suffering

Foreign journalists vie for the few slots to get into Gaza

Boycott Israeli Goods

Insight into the I/P situation from my cousin, a transplanted American living in Israel

Guillotining Gaza by Noam Chomsky

I bet you haven't seen theses pictures in this controlled news media

Sarah Roy -If Gaza fails

America's Hidden Role in Hamas's Rise to Power

Diplomacy behind Obama’s Gaza silence

Leading Democrat: Bush 'the worst president we've ever had' {Reid}

Hamas delegation to visit Egypt

Iran Threatens to Break Israel's Gaza Blockade

Dr. El-Sarraj: Terror in Gaza

So what happened to my thread with the link to Occupation 101?

Israel Destroys American School in Gaza, Kills Guard

Sderot residents welcome ground op after years of rocket-fire

Israel examining int'l treaty to isolate Hamas

And there lie the bodies

Pro-Israel Palestinians

Time to speak up Pres Elect Obama: US blocks UN statement demanding immediate cease fire....

Depleted uranium found in Gaza victim

The US and Israel used to support Hamas

Israel Claims Control of North Gaza City - Civilians Detained

DU is suspected to be used in Gaza...

US academic group decries the targeting of schools in Gaza

Israel has plenty of tactics for war, but none for peace

Why the Hell Are We Allied with Israel?

Brian Eno: Stealing Gaza - An Experiment In Provocation

Gaza Diary: "They know no limits now"

Introducing the RedState Army Strike Force

World's Worst Job? Meet the Couple Who Clean Up After Messy Deaths

Glenn Greenwald: Orwell, blinding tribalism, selective Terrorism, and Israel/Gaza

Tying the Not..

Native American journalists urge Bush war crimes tribunal

Bush Burns the 'Midnight Rules' Oil

Feds Uncover a Bernie Madoff 'Fonzi Scheme'

Gaza Update: Cluster Bombs?

"Senator Surprise": Colorado Senate Choice Michael Bennet New to Politics but Has Smarts

The Irish Economy’s Rise Was Steep, and the Fall Was Fast

America's Hidden Role in Hamas's Rise to Power

political meddling in the Sherry Johnston drug case!

Sea Dog Bamse goes to war

Christopher Cox's Reign Seen Denting Image, SEC's Future; "worst SEC chairman ever to lead agency"

Circular Reasoning Enables Hamas

Public Wants Taxes that Hurt the Rich (UK-Guardian)

In Gaza, the real enemy is Iran

Clarence Page: Hiding Behind The Race Card

Soldier killed in northern Gaza

Rich: Forgotten But Not Gone (Frank's best ever?)

A Tribute to Claiborne Pell

The graying of the presidents

Juan Cole: Gaza 2008: Micro-Wars and Macro-Wars

The Devil's in the Details: Cheney Explains the Missing Emails

Did You Know 200,000 Vets Are Sleeping on the Streets?

End of Financial World as We Know It; Collective long-term interests sacrificed for short-term gain

Expert: Microsoft made $1.5B on 'Vista Capable' campaign

France braced for 'rebirth of violent left'

NYT editorial: Exit, Stonewalling; "Mr. Cheney retreats from sunshine with the wariness of Alucard."

Guardian: 'There were shells, rockets everywhere'

Some informal extensions to mathematical game theory: factoring in elites and religious fanatics.

GOP Religious Whack Jobs Choose Blackwell for RNC Chair

A quarter of all British families will have no disposable income in 2009

'Blago' Senate charade

Music video in support of marriage equality

Thousands of Pairs of Footwear Thrown by London Protesters

If this isn't Slavery, What is?

Pro-Obama Demonstrators

Robert Parry: Israel's Looming Catastrophe

faux's Wallace uses right-wing buzzwords to fearmonger on Employee Free Choice Act

Will Blago Meet RICO?

Obama is losing a battle he doesn't know he's in

Palestinan hip-hop - DAM - Born Here

CBS: Obamas Ready to Move

RealNewsNetwork: Rafah - report from the ground

Generational Hopelessness

Cheney tells Bob Schieffer: I don't believe we violated anybody's civil liberties

The Bush Recession In His Own Words

Muslim Family Kicked Off Airplane

Energy demand is down sharply – and could stay that way

Latest Nontroversy Brought to You by Ann Coulter

Paul Krugman:Fighting Off Depression

Amid Gaza violence, Israeli and Palestinian doctors save baby's life

The Week In Cartoons 01/03/09

TYT: Fox News Still Pushing For An Invasion Of Iran

Free the Shministim – Israel's young Conscientious Objectors

Did Palin abuse power again for future son-in-law?

James Bamford on NSA Wiretapping - 10.14.2008

Over 500 Palestinians Killed - Four Israelis killed

Poppy Bush to Chris Wallace: I'd like to see Jeb be President one day, or maybe Senator, whatever...

Jonathan Moller’s powerful prints document effects of genocide

Ron Paul on the invasion of Gaza 1/3/09

Now The Truth Can Be Told

Law on Flu Vaccinations May Be Tested

Soldier’s Body Found On Texas Bay Shore

The Road Ahead: 12 Things Soldiers Can Expect in 2009

Town Mourns Soldier Killed In Humvee Crash

Fort Riley Soldier Dies In Iraq and Soldier From Concord Killed in Iraq

U.S. Readying Afghan Surge Against Taliban

Navy Considers Closing Case Of Missing Pilot

Battle-Related Murder Charge For Canadian Capt.

Corps Moves To Replace M249

Historic border canyon near San Diego is filled in

Maldives 'rubbish island' turns paradise into dump (11 pictures)

Wind, water and biomass in Ohio's alternative energy future

Countries in tug-of-war over Arctic resources

Just talking ok, maybe even looking for encouragement

Global Inventories, and Sources of PAH (Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons) Pollution, 2004.

Biomass Fuels To The Rescue?

EU's new figurehead believes climate change is a myth

How the economic downturn has prevented UK councils from recycling household rubbish.

Edenpure heaters--Reliable? Save energy?

5 years ago TVA rejected costly fixes for Kingston power plant

6 Reasons Why Nuclear Power Can't Save Us

The Gold-Standard and the Perfect Economic Storm

The End of the Financial World as We Know It

Fed, ECB prepare to tackle deflation head-on

Jailed For 23 Years, An Old Spy Asks For a Fresh Start

Workers Call for Rally at Detroit Auto Show

Today in labor history Jan 4 "You can starve for a long time without dying."

Todays Carol Simpson working family cartoon: Union-Activity

Labor cartoon for the week: Chart

Public Safety Net—Not Charity—Should Guarantee Health Care

Trooper, union say politics delayed (mother of Levi) Johnston drug case (father of Bristol Palin's

Schwarzenegger takes aim at paid holidays

Mass Paycheck Shortages: UPS

Painting a reminder of railroad labor strife, Federal troops held Sacramento during violent strike

the military as a modern day WPA; just as the neo-cons planned it!

Handbags, drugs and slave labor (equals about 750,000 American jobs lost)

More Central New York labor unions say they were burned by Bernard Madoff investments Fact vs. ficti

Labor's fresh face Hilda L. Solis

Experts: Layoffs may peak by summer

Rebuilding the American economy: Fix housing first (18 million jobs are linked)

Pizza employees ordered to work in the cold (Cratchitt, no more coal)

Wal-Marts great fight North

Report: SAG Members Want to Oust Guild's Negotiators

Linking labor standards to trade sanctions could hurt poor nations

2008 Job Losses Probably Worst Since 1945: U.S. Economy Preview

15 More DAYS!

Meet The Players in The Cleveland Partner Registry Fiasco

Posted earlier in GD. From the Sunday funnies....

This Is Not the Last Warren Thread I’ll Ever Write - But May Be a New Idea.

MILK is fantastic!

Attack on lesbian in Richmond reflects continuing trend

Cleveland LGBT Community is Mobilizing

There Has Been No Dialogue Between Team O and Gay Leaders About CU vs. Marriage.


Will there be pitched fits over Peru's pending defense spending increase?

Ernest Hemingway Documents at the Disposal of Specialists

Jonathan Moller’s powerful prints document effects of genocide

What is the calculable probability that MIT could lose a basketball game?

Basket ball, 4 players on the floor or 6?

Smith edges Sparano for AP Coach of Year

Ok I'll say it: Come on Dolphins!!!

Looking for something good to watch? ESPN2 - "The Greatest Game Ever Played"

Who says the Bolts don't belong in the playoffs?


BCS stinks

Great season Phins--- I can't wait till 09.

What is the Big Ten equivalent of Gatorade??

No Parent Should Have to Outlive Their Child

Does the Earth's magnetic field cause suicides?

Oregon could set standards for diet and exercise at day cares

Cory Friedman is a victim of Tourette's syndrome and OCD .' Against Medical Advice' is a must read

Study Shows Solar Activity Affects Humans Physical and Mental State

I think my neighbor's deceased dog is coming around me. He died two months ago.

My best fireworks shot EVER. And I'm not kidding.

A cool optical illusion/sunset

I found my brother's quilt panel from the AIDS quilt.

Stinky, a little advice needed.


Article from an Athiest: As an atheist, I truly believe Africa needs God

Sandra Lee ... semi home made ...... semi stupid?

Study Shows Solar Activity Affects Humans Physical and Mental State

Alien mouth within a mouth

Portabella - Feta Cheese Omelet

Merging the Gospels...

Goldbach's Conjecture

The 'first true scientist'

Deep Suitcase by Daniel Hopsicker

Israeli Wiretappers, the NSA, and 9/11

Protest re Gaza continues in Houston.

Former members of "The Amiga Scene", I have sad news:

Compuidiot here - need help w/ laptop

MY TOP SAMURAI movies...

every time i start the computer i have to download Adobie Flash Player, AGAIN.!! anything

Tay Tay - is Kerry going with Biden to Pakistan?

Kerry supporter in Dorchester