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Teachers/librarian assistants in my district being "reassigned" or let go

Question about Former Governor Blagojevich

Nothing has been as emblematic & disgusting in the last 3 decades as

Bill Hicks on Letterman NOW

Divers plunder Greece's sunken treasure troves


Ancient Wounds Reveal Triceratops Battles

Enough of Flimball already!

One good thing about inviting Sarah Palin to a fancy dinner...

With God On Our Side- 1963 Dylan

Yushchenko warns against 'social catastrophe'

British protests against foreign energy workers spread

Fox "news"




Bill Clinton speaking at the World Economic Forum

Protests in Europe, World near Depression: I quote Carlin

Moving forward

If you missed Claire McCaskill's speech, they're

When you think YOU have it bad...Sign Seen in NOLA (pic)

Question for the Chamber or Commerce?

Most pathetic letter from a Republican official. Ever. Must be seen to be believed.

Official: Obama to repeal 4 Bush executive orders that unions oppose

Cash4Gold Offers Blogger $3,000 To Remove Negative Post

The Rethugs have "The Eternal Flame of Freedom near the National Republican Victory Monument"


Former Texas sheriff admits to being a rapist with a badge

Bush Holdovers Attempt to Undermine Obama Foreign Policy on Whaling

Something to remember about Michael Steele: He said embyonic stem cell research is akin to

so . . . got my goody package of "Milk" swag the other day . . .

AP: Gov't launches criminal probe in peanut recall

Total dominance in men's vs women's tennis.

Kurt Warner and his Holybowlers

Bruuuuuuuuuuce! We loved YOU...Now you are SELLING US OUT WITH THIS POS!

John Adams...

Bravo Serena WIlliams

The Mormon church found to have spent almost $200,000 on Prop 8, but didn't report it

Joe Torre on Larry King: 'A-Rod LIKED Being Called Douche-Rod'

C-Span: Discussion about I/P on WJ

WJ this morning -Michael Steele

The Doctor who gave Suleman fertility treatment should have her liscense yanked

Clergy at local church refuse to sign state marriage licenses in gay-rights protest

We have only seen the leading edge of the economic collapse

BREAKING NEWS: Orrin Hatch just called the College Football system "Un-American"

When are people going to start laying the blame

I'm sorry, but I get a *huge* kick out of reading Free Republic.

Children 'were basically waterboarded'

Stop saying that Rush owns so many cars to make up for his itty, bitty, teeny, tiny, itty, bitty...

I accidentally the Google.

Opposing The Stimulus Bill Will Hurt Republicans in 2010-- As Well As The Handful Of Reactionary...

Wow! The Google is down....

Massive progressive tax increase on the over $250k earners.

What a 1988 college thesis by the former vice president's daughter tells us about the Bush years

Detailed article-Mother of 8: witness cared for autistic son-mom said she was paid to have babies

Fox News offers an inside look at Gitmo-there is ART!!!

Haiku time again

Is something wrong with Google?

I need help in wording a poll.

interesting results for "similar pages" on google, too....

Are any others getting tired of the excuses

Oh boy! Lanny Davis is on C-SPAN now. He's back!

New RNC Chair Was Paid by the GOP to Run for Lt. Governor of Maryland. That's Right. He Received a

Can we count on all Democratic Senators

Conspiracy theorists proven right about FEMA camp plans

The Google is back up

The face of RNC economic policy/GOP republicanism 2009 ***graphic warning but *do* add your own***

FEMA Failing again, and where's Obama?

US-funded program to arm Afghan groups begins

What Broke the Google? PC World: "Is Google Falsely Flagging Harmless Sites?"

We need a list of media members like the list of Prop 8 donors

Hope this isn't breaking the rules, need some help. Did a google search and every result said "this

(AP/Yahoo) awwww poor wittle Georgie

How much do you make ?

Alright, I fixed the Google. Everyone send me five bucks, please.

What is your combined Tax Rate plus Health Care cost

google has an explanation up for this morning's strange behavior....

Bruce Springstreen: Wal-Mart Deal "A Mistake"

So I googled "Free Republic"

The last person to propose a maximum wage along with a minimum wage was...

Here is a link to the peanut products recalled products page

Drug Dealers or Corporate Raiders – Who should do more Prison Time.

Robert Lee Stinson spent 23 of his 44 years in jail. Freed yesterday

"On the Militant Trail" a 4 part series about Pakistan - The Asia Times

What's more important to you? Rumsfeld or McKinney?

Death to Capitalism!

Under Obama, `War on Terror' Catchphrase Fading

"You can't just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done."

MUNICH SECURITY CONFERENCE - Searching for a New World Order

Alaska lawmakers question Sarah Palin's focus

Officials "concerned that harsh limits" on executive pay could discourage firms from asking for aid

How much power/authority does the RNC chairman really have?

The best thing you can do to attack elRushbo is IGNORE HIM

'Human error' hits Google search

Iraq's shoe monument to Dubya taken down.

Congress Quietly Subpoenaed Harriet Miers, But She Refused to Comply

WRBL CBS in Columbus GA blacked out Letterman last nite.

Ok. This is more than a bit gross. But you know what? So is the G.O.P. This sums it up perfectly:

Letterman played Bill Hicks ' banned clip from '94 apologized to Bill's mom

man who raped as on-duty cop worked at L.A. County hospitals despite reviews of record

man who raped as on-duty cop worked at L.A. County hospitals despite reviews of record

man who raped as on-duty cop worked at L.A. County hospitals despite reviews of record

a good site to bookmark for news videos

I forgave Mellencamp, so get off Springsteen's ass...

Call me old-fashioned. For all you ol-timers up late tonite. It don't get any better than this.

George Obama arrested

Does anyone here watch the March Madness?

Does anyone here watch the March Madness?

WSJ: Economy Dives as Goods Pile Up

Who portrayed John McCain on film?

Virginia lawmakers refuse to allow "up or down vote" on repealing gay marriage ban

Gov. Lynch Announces Creation of Economic Stimulus Office

Gov. Lynch Announces Creation of Economic Stimulus Office

I used to know a conservative Republican in college who could be described as pro-abortion

The Things You Do Not Learn In School History

We're being boiled to death, like the frog.

I am hoping the senate

I am hoping the senate

Republicans Gearing Up To Filibuster Recovery Package Despite Promises To The Contrary

Sore Loserman Norm Coleman turns to Bush v Gore

Meat Industry says California's Ban on Sick Livestock Goes Too Far

Meat Industry says California's Ban on Sick Livestock Goes Too Far

An interesting and simple calculator of birth rate function

Friend needs something to read during a Ghouliani speech at law school commencement

Yale Whiffenpoofs celebrate 100 years. Cute video of Whiffs singing

Just Curious - How Is The $18 Billion Bonus Money Doled Out?....

We need more progressives on Olbermann, Maddow

The Inauguration. At Last. (A visual Poem)

There is no comparison between the Duggars and the octuplets, so stop saying that

More Banks Go Bye-Bye

More Banks Go Bye-Bye

Republicker values: Obama spending $800 billion to stimulate US economy BAD.

I just had a call about the stimulus: Do a Google news on pork barrel

Democrats will never be in a position of such strength again for a long time..

I lost my boss's company 5 Billion dollars last year so I'm going to ask for a bonus check....

Anyone Remember Todd Boulinger?

AG likely to handle part of satanic cult case (involving NC democratic party officials)

Unless Obama confiscates the bonus money, he'll have zero credibility

WTF? National Guardsmen have no chainsaws to chop

Hummers get more tickets

I like the new Windex commercial. Kids think they are late for school.

My Last Question about Hospice (promise)

CNN lady said the Peanut butter company knew it was sending out bad

16 year sentence for dad who disciplined with dog shock collar and water torture

Question for mortgage expert about how to address housing sector.

Question for mortgage expert about how to address housing sector.

Rush Limbaugh is Not

Town bans blunt wraps (I feel safer now!)

So..have nutrition standards fallen so much under Bush that a serving of Ravioli counts as a FULL

Rep: Foreclosed owners should squat in their own homes

Shameful Proof-Iraq's Best & Brightest BETRAYED & JAILED By Bushco's CIA

Obama unlikely to toughen Wall Street pay rules

Pope Allows Holocaust Denying Bishops Back Into Church

Does Rush Limbaugh have blood on his hands?

God, I wish there were more Alan Grayson's in Congress

President Obama better be careful..he's gonna get burned

Democrats screw IT workers

Didn't the Wall St geniuses ever notice that at least a 3rd of the Dow

Apparently Geitner and Daschle don't "have people"

"" all atwitter that Obama & his white horse are signalling THE END TIMES!!!!1

24 Hours To Die ............. (Cool parable)

If judges have thrown out foreclosures because no one can prove

So you think we won and it's over?

So you think we won and it's over?

Did you feel it? We stimulated the economy yesterday..

Cousin Brucie/Buddy Holly Fans! "50 Winters Later" Sirius broadcast TONIGHT on 60s @ 6 Sirius

Is it time to amend the Constitution to restrict the power of pardon?

My co-worker's issue with Best Buy's Geek Squad

Troops In Iraq Allowed Two Beers For Super Bowl

Walmart's latest scam

Purple fingers, and it only cost us 4,000 dead and over a trillion dollars

Elizabeth Cheney, Bush Legal Counsel

Pet-ernity leave -- truly the mark of an evolved society

The Chamber of Commerce and "Bill the Union Boss"

There's no one as Irish as Barack Obama

Huffington Post: Campbell Brown Challenges Rush Limbaugh To Economic Stimulus Debate (& VIDEO)

Czech president attacks Al Gore's climate campaign

Fundies: Canadian polygamists seeking legal status AND IT'S ALL THE FAULT OF TEH GAYS!!!

How To Define Rich

So . . . what has to happen first?

Senate needs to get Ron Kirk confirmed, the world awaits. Really Doha needs to have dates set for

Sunday News Shows

Canada's Stonehenge

Now peanuts ( not just peanut paste) being recalled.

Now peanuts ( not just peanut paste) being recalled.

Is anyone here conversant in senior issues?

I don't know about Tom Daschle.. Why Obama wants him..but "Common Dreams" website give some "stuff"

Goddamn it

Here's Another Smiley... Animated "Loser"

Write Oprah and tell her not to promote/encourage/support the octuplet mom.

Filming of Palin's Super Bowl commercial put on on the 'Net

People: Smithsonian requests Aretha's hat

Enough of that there Catholic bashing - here's proof that we get the credit

Forbes on Fox featured all-out assault on Employee Free Choice Act

Isn't this an odd place we find ourselves in? Shit hitting the fan, our president in charge,

If the government had given the money to the people--would we even need to worry about funding

Who's on the Sunday talk shows?

What people are missing in the Octuplet story....

"Just say NO " to police searches

I've reached the point where politics doesn't matter.

High taxes help the economy.

Alright DUers, I need some advice.

America abortion debate reaches into African slums

Senate Republicans Gearing Up To Filibuster Recovery Package Despite Promises To The Contrary»

Obama has begun discreet talks with Iran, Syria

Octuplets Mom Worked in a Fertility Clinic

I followed this story all day and I love it

Steep Slide in Economy as Unsold Goods Pile Up (Q1 GDP decine "will probably exceed" 5%)

"You have to admire the French."

Income of 400 richest Americans doubled during Bush era

Octuplets Mom has been in hospital for 7 weeks...

Some legislators say the old Palin is gone

Iraqi Christians caught in middle of Mosul vote

Stream Obama, Amy Sedaris and John Updike at BookExpo America 2006:

In Senate trial, Coleman turns to Bush v. Gore

LOL. Begala says the real leader of the repuke party is a corpulant drug addict

As we contemplate the definition of rich, I just heard this morning on KNX 1070 news radio out

She Wants to Breastfeed Them All - now I know she's crazy (Octuplets)

Sad stories from co-workers who are losing their jobs....

The real Super Heros.. Gov Intelligence Whistle-blowers like Ray McGovern, Coleen Rowley, &other

Michael Phelps caught on camera smoking a bong?

A funeral for the Catholic church

What are Americans still buying?

Is it true that the grass grows again after rain?

Chamber of Commerce Leading Congress Astray (petitioned Congress to drop “buy American” clauses )

Should Obama have spoken out about Ice Storms in MidWest?

GOP Governors Press Congress To Pass Stimulus Bill

Jonathan Alter: Change McCaskill's bill to include Clawback provision

Frank Rich:Herbert Hoover Lives

General Motors to Invest $1 Billion in Brazil Operations

Just talked to my letter carrier- she is PRAYING they cut back to 5 days

Pope Promotes Conservative Austrian Cleric (He Applauded Death/Destruction Of Katrina)

Remember he CNN anchor who dated LimpBalls? What was her name?

What Else Could the $18 Billion in Bonuses Have Paid For?

US-funded program to arm Afghan groups begins

FDA To Ban Painkiller Linked To Suicides - Darvocet

Coleman to try to use Bush v. Gore to hijack Minnesota Election

New Way To Monitor And Improve Clean-up Of Contaminated Groundwater

All my criticism of $250 B for road building got ignored -- so maybe you'll listen to an expert.

Brass cannons clue to wreck of HMS Victory

The Few Remaining

Its a catastrophe for the apostrophe in Britain

Whats with the "This is the DU member formerly known as..."

QUICK ! D.U. this Fox poll on Obama

Tobacco's Great Escape

Any guesses on how much the birth of the octuplets and their care

Grandma: Octuplets mom obsessed with having kids

I say “Tax the Crap out of the Wealthy Elite”

Boy Scouts logged, sold thousands of acres of prime lands

How would you describe ...

Ethics and Health Care

Bill Clinton flies from Davos to take sides in the Florida senate seat primary race.

Octuplets’ mother wants Oprah to turn her into a $2m TV star

Issue with TurboTax

Don't know what to make of this wage theft.

"Compare the two administrations take on women's issues."

Hawaii may ban slim cigarettes

humanity must outlaw the RIGHTWING!

State Workers Call for Impeachment of Schwarzenegger

Frank Rich: Limbaugh sez he's "hijacked the Obama honeymoon." Frank sez, "In his dreams."

Screw Super-Bowl Sunday

Regulating Fertility Treatments

Not all rich people suck.

Who's getting arrested tonight at the Super Bowl?

Think Progress Reports 400 richest Americans’ incomes doubled under Bush.»

Google It Your Own Damn Self!

I totally messed up the name change thing! Can anyone help?

Goddamn it! I just need a job!

OMG - Obama Is Fucking Hilarious!

Okay, i did it... I listened to NPR

Screw The Opera. Screw Art Museums. Screw Comedy Central.

Bush Bronze Monument Replica Now Available! ; )

Anti-octuplets equals anti-choice and anti-woman in my book.

Dems: House GOP’s Stimulus Plan Would Actually Raise Taxes For Many Americans

Obama Administration Had No Impact At World Economic Summit

Outrage Inflation

Why do some in the middle class feel the poor are out to get them?

Teacher in small-town Texas getting railroaded out of a job (based on political views?)

Octuplet's mom's mom: "It can't go on any longer," "I'm gonna be gone"

On Regulating Infertility Treatments: BITE ME

Would You Boycott Rush Limbaugh's Sponsors?

A $50 Billion Nuke Power Bomb Is Dropping Toward Obama's Stimulus Package-by Harvey Wasserman

A $50 Billion Nuke Power Bomb Is Dropping Toward Obama's Stimulus Package-by Harvey Wasserman

What You Drive Defines Your Driving Style (Sometimes To the Detriment of Others)

Pat Tillman’s Super Bowl

WTF!!? Obama Lets CIA Keep Controversial Renditions Tool

Smokers In California City Face $100 Fine For Smoking In Apartment, Condo

No pardons? Bush gave Miers and Rove absolute and irrevocable immunity from prosecution

Florida school can't pay substitutes, so students sent to gym to sit...

I am living vicariously through LaraMN tonight!

I hate it when Mr. Writer attacks me with his investigator.

OMW.... that hurt!

Oh god,.. I'm touching my glabella.. are you? please tell

Occasional DUer Max Keiser now has a show on BBC, "The Oracle"

Kim Kardashian: Jessica Simpson 'Looks Hot!'

Christian Domestic Discipline

Oh, that face!

IM PUI....ask me anything...

Who wants to phone _____?

Advertising during cell phone conversations.

Who do you want to win on Sunday?

Has anybody been able to log into DU from a BlackBerry?

Don't laugh, this is one serious cat!


You know what this place needs?

Yes I do!


Do you feel the need to tell why you edited your post?

bloop bloop ~

some other time?

So, um, like, what *did* ever happen to Baby Jane?

possibly ~

Index Finger -- you decide!

No Doubt - Just A Girl

Going to bed, Gun'Nite!

Check in here if you have already started your superbowl festivities

Post your iTunes Genius music....... here is mine tonight.

HELP! Anbody bookmark the thread with Michelle's Vogue shoot blue evening gown?

".. we can try to understand, the New York Times effect on man..." -Staying Alive (3:51)

I want to start a thread that features a day long earworm

Can I rant about Hell's Kitchen for a moment?

My buddy and I just made a song about my Jethro Bodine falls in love with Sistah Soldiah reality

Speak the truth and speak 'ever, cost it what it will

LOL 'Phants.

Blow Hole!! Cum on'ya pervs ya'know ya'wanna'it!!



GOP : this is what you get for following Bush

Oops! double post n/t

Some background motivation

Joe Torre on Larry King: 'A-Rod LIKED Being Called Douche-Rod'

Hold it right there, Pal!

Yesterday my firm held a goodbye reception for the new U.S. A.G.

My dog is far more protective than I realized

google searches - every response returning "This site may harm

I do believe that this is the funniest/best Star Wars fan film ever.

Oh! I'm were saying?

Who's gonna hold the goose for that?

Great moments in the human experience-John Squibb wins Wing Bowl 17 downing 203 wings

Good morning DU!

Is anyone else hanging out nekkid?

&%^%**@!Tommy_Carcetti's illegal, counterfeit knock-off Soper Bole thread ^$%$@#@

Thanks to whoever for the the star!

"On a morning from a Bogart movie...." --Year of the cat (6:22)

some very strange toilets

Anyone know where you can buy this t-shirt?

This site may harm your computer. HELP!!!

Happy Retro- (active) Holidays!

Stephanie over in GD has nailed down the reason why they hacked the Google:

If the Cardinals win, it'll be a sure sign of a coming Apocalypse

Gaslight Anthem KILLED on Letterman tonight.

My fantasy is to live in Europe.

Ugh...I have a serious case of Saturday morning ennui.

"The Office" one hour episode AFTER the Super Bowl

Australian Open Final *SPOILER*

Occulus Repairo didn't work

LazyTown - Cooking by the Book!

Bush Era Reality Shows - Who else hates them?

Cop reaches into foamy sewage tank to rescue dog

What is it about John Malkovich that bothers you?

Tower Defense Flash Game.

You will need eyebleach

Now, THAT was lazy

Someone that runs the Peeps© website has a funny sense of humor.

Great Song!

Is it bad luck to see a podiatrist on Ground Hog Day?

IF Philboy sees his shadow, do we have 6 more weeks of winter?

I think the Sci-Fi channel is going through the D&D monster manual

The rogue unofficial Super Bowl thread- that was never authorized

Any Other Lapsed Football Fans Who Would Just as Soon Watch HGTV Sunday Night?

You never know how what you say is going to affect someone

I accidentally the whole internet

Foodies: $25 coupons $3 each


iPod help...

I have a craving for fried mushrooms!

Does Juno take place after Jason Bateman and Jennifer Warner got married in 'The Kingdom?'


Taxes are done and e-filed.

I tried to make homemade French toast.

OMZ!1 I am now dialup-FREE and able to see YouTube & such!1

Joseph Rakes vs. Ted Landsmark (4/5/76), City Hall Plaza, Boston, Ma.

Hey LaraMN - How you feeling today?

Stop having a boring tuna.

I am disgusted! I just got this e-mail from some asshole.

Now THIS is a cool looking cat.

Every now and then the crappy mainstream Canadian music industry puts out

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 1/31/2009)


nucking futs!!! thats what these guys are.

Speaking of names from the past... what ever happened to Floogeldy?

Someone told me they get Corner Gas in teh US now.... anyone watch it?

I just saw the sham-wow commercial..

Blowfish testicles send 7 to hospital with poisoning

U.S. Economy to recover entirely based upon sales of Snuggies, Shamwows.

Wanna TIVO Bruuuce- any estimates on when halftime will be?

Volcano or C.H.U.D.s ?

Who woulda thought they'd live to see Ed Asner play a pope?

Computer time .. 3:14 here

Doo doo doo doo de do do do da doo ron ron doobie doobie doo

Rush sings "I'm a Nazi"

KPFA Grateful Dead Marathon today!

Logo design Failure

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/31/09

Time to bring back Christian the Lion

I think my wife is starting to realize...

Ward, I think you were a little hard on the Beaver....

Do you judge a man by the size of the pecker between his legs?

I saw a mother breastfeeding octuplets at the Olive Garden today

I get to meet the Geico Caveman today. Ask me anything!

I like the new Windex commercial. Kids think they are late for school.

Some Winter photos from Fort Frederick

Superbowl's greatest ads?

I am so friggin BORED

Studying for mid-terms. Dear God! Please just shoot me now...

I like the new Spandex commercial. Kids think they are late for school.

Attn Haole Girl: I've received the lighted collar for the pooch.

what is Liz?

I am watching Dr. Who, where is the Dr, is there a new one.

I started building my chicken house today, that was fun.

My husband just made me order hot sauce online!

I am loving Netflix!

Teach me about Acting vs. Hammy Acting (Frost/Nixon --- SPOILERS)

Anybody have the Youtube link to Jessica Savitch falling into giggles reading about famine

Are there any laws against nuking James Taylor?

Is this one of the best renditions of Star Spangled Banner?

This has to be one of the best beats ever, and I am not even a Dead fan!

Pay no attention to this thread. I just changed my username

Chicken Fights One, Two and Three

what is it about James Woods that bothers you?

new, exciting, sexy, and cool! FFXIII trailer!

I think Super Bowl is bigger than Christmas

Name a Food You Hated as a Kid and Now Love

Post here if you aren't watching that professional sporting event that everybody else is watching.

By the way...this beer rocks, and I feel sorry for those of you who don't have access to it

Subject: USA - outage report

my Super Bowl cake

Boo. For the first time in years I'll be watching the SB alone tomorrow

Forget about the octowoman, have you heard about Feodor Vassilyev's first wife?

I'm Sick... and Whiney....

I'm predicting SNOW for the Super Bowl!!!

Just found out about the first laid off worker in my congregation.

Oh, hey there...

New Fox Ab Fab remake update - Kristen Johnson as Patsy, Kathryn Hahn as Eddie

touch the butt resurrected

Need ideas - Superbowl Party for 50. What do I serve besides alcohol?

I moved today.

When they had the headline about the octuplet mom having "six more kids" was I the only one

Favorite Random Thing

Plan 9 via webcast right now!

Hilarious short video from ICanHasCheezburger.

The ending of the first Narnia movie is such a kick in the teeth to the characters, lol

Serge Gainsbourg Dub Rastaquouere

Damn, that was a long day...

Just digging through some pics. These make me want to cry.

Who still uses phone books?

Attention: it has been 2 hours since your last break.

Ooga Chaka Ooga Ooga

Do businesses where you are close during the Super Bowl?


Is it just me?

I need Skittles tonight...

Foods that you loved as a kid that you hate now

Paula Deen just made deep-fried lasagna...

Maybe it is time we got back to the basics of love

Something to watch tomorrow!

Springsteen SUPER BOWL setlist?

What would Vince Lombardi make of the high-tech hype around Super Bowl this year?

The half grown kitten is getting ready to school the new dog in

Is That Frank Black I See Singing With Swell Season On My TV?

5 days, and my lower jaw is still very sore. 2 extractions done on lower jaw, 1 on top.

Will Alec Baldwin show up on SNL?


Someone gave me a Donor star

What's so bad about Einstein Bagels?

I'm back. I'm really really fickle.

Mighty Putty Re-Dub

It is possible that I am tipsy.

Are you ready for Valentine's day?

Sherman's March is coming on at midnight on the History Internation channel

What's everybody drinking tonight?

Has it been a week yet... since I've been gone?

Funniest thing I've seen this year

Well, that didn't take long. Thumbman hits the bigtime.

Which are you looking forward to most during the coming week?

I hate cancer

It was 45 degrees here today. FORTY-FUCKING-FIVE FUCKING DEGREES!!!

First the mice started pooping in the pots and pans cupboard, then the dishes one, then

It's Saturday Night. What are your plans?

OMG! This flashing collar on the dog is the best invention since sliced cheese!

I'm going to go beat the pets, watch a movie, and go to sleep.

If you think that mixing whiskey with a chocolate shake is a good idea...

One day left, please talk me out of changing my name

DU is a dead zone on Saturday afternoons.

My afternoon with the Geico Caveman

Does the song Shotgun tell some kind of story?

Is it possible to do one's taxes for free?

The 'it's Saturday and RevActs is bored' picture thread!

Check in! Post your new and old name here so we can fucking find you again!

Compose a Haiku based on this:

Microsoft Songsmith: Music Maker or Genius Killer?

Senior Moment Problem

Travelling, swallowing Dramamine...

Buy this and send it to me!

Favorite Breakfast Mush

Sweet, Groundhog Day is on tomorrow

Screw the Parental Advisory Lock!

Strife, Unrest breaks out on DU

Fear of heights?

Pre Superbowl KITTY PICS!!!!!!!

I think I'm a nihilist.

Haiku me!

Any music technicians out there?

I just wrote behind my father's back to his nurse about his pain control issues.

Hotel California

It is dumbo baby!!

Does it hurt your feelings when you make something for somebody....

What sort of person would you see wearing this hat?

Obama communist trucker hat

Since Steele is the new RNC head, you might as well familiarize yourself with the Oreo tossing myth

Can someone help me with an Obama quote? PLEASE?

Republicans and their Gimmicks! They can only Steal, baby, Steele!

Please DU this Tom Price poll!

The TROLLS come out at night

Are those Barack Obama's hands on cardboard cutout?

Obama promises lower mortgage costs, new loans

The Field: Hoping Against Hope? A Response to Limbaugh & Teachout

McCaskill Pushes for Salary Cap for Bailout Recipients

Middle Class Task Force: Joe Biden's New Website

When will Obama be getting their dog?

Fidel Castro Tells Obama To Give Back Guantanamo

It looks like President Obama is still playing the bipartisan game link to weekly address:

Michael Steele Elected RNC Chairman; First African-American in Job

I'm going to do something stupid. Give the GOP the benefit of the doubt on Michael Steele

Obama "hit the ground running" in Kentucky cleanup

Iran says Obama's offer to talk shows US failure

The Turks are freaking out because Obama appointed Samantha Power to be senior Director

Iran says Obama's offer to talk shows US failure

Bill Moyers: What is up with Obama continuing drone bombing in Pakistan?

Colbert had a good point a few nights ago.

GOP governors press Congress to pass stimulus bill (including Palin)

Daily disappearance of 20,000 jobs; on the verge of collapse? People think Obama can fix it.

Over 2 million Green Collar Jobs in Two years

President Unveils ‘Create-Your-Own’ Tax Cut Plan

Every Senator and House member in the last 30 years should be prosecuted!!!

Obama has done a fine job on almost everything.

I'll play the game if I know the rules :)

Should the Obama's name one of their dogs, "Rush"? :P

When will Obama Realize the Republicans don't WANT to Work with Him?

GOP governors break with party over stimulus

"Uppity" is back... in a different package

Michael Steele "Bipartisanship is overrated"

Obama to Labor--“Welcome back to the White House.”

Sunday talk show lineup for February 1

I agree.

Racial shit

Joel Tyner for NYSCD20 - anything less would be uncivilized

Republicans aren't interested in helping people

Heads Up-SNL on in one minute (11:29 ET)

I have no problem with Steele being selected as chair, even if it's in response to Obama's election

Politico: Why Limbaugh is the new Bush (and why he hurts the GOP)

Someone is twittering: "The President just dropped the palin' around joke on Palin.

And the Pursuit of Happiness. The Inauguration. At Last.

Ice Storms...where is Obama? Where is FEMA?

My Challenge to Republicans, anti-government crusaders, and "deficit hawks"

I love the fact McCaskill called the Wall Street Execs "Idiots"

So what's the story with Sanjay Gupta?

Why Rush is in trouble and why he is the perfect foil

I don't know what keeps the dems from finishing Limbaugh off

*** I need to see a picture of everyone in their working environment ***

I disagree.

Couuld Warren Rudman be a placeholder for Gregg's seat?

President Obama, please don't appoint Judd Gregg as commerce sec. It is not worth the trade off!

Who Wants A "Dubya Shoe Toss" Animated Smiley? (Updated)

Josh DuBois evidently was the one who suggest both McClurkin and Warren

Palin wants stimulus from Obama's package

Obama Administration Calls for War Crimes Investigation in Gaza War

Obama realizes that the Republicans will not work with him. He has always known they wouldnt.

Hello? All you folks dumping on Obama tonight because he isn't down in Kentucky

Obama-backed Sheila Bair shakes up Washington, Wall Street

AP: Obama Pokes Fun at Alfalfa Club Dinner

This is the sleazy person Michael Steele

Catholic Church is attacking Obama already; threatens to close Catholic Hospitals

I have electricity for the first time since Tuesday! (Ice storm photos from Arkansas)

Any Dazed and Confused fans out there?

NY Times: Obama Set to Pick Sen. Gregg for Commerce Secretary

Steele to Obama: "How do you like me now."

What favorite Taliban policy do you agree with most?


Post a song that makes you happy.

Limbaugh is losing his cool.

Sri Lanka rules out cease-fire with rebels

Ex-soldier says children fought in Congo militia (Lubanga ICC trial)

Nova Scotian woman admits she strangled daughter to keep boyfriend

Peru navy officer gets 20 years for burning death (political murder of 17 yr. old boy)

Brazilian helicopters head for Colombia for FARC hostage release

15 Lawmakers to Join Obama to Watch Super Bowl

Iran watching US policies in Afghanistan: foreign minister

Police Order Statue Dedicated to Bush Shoe-Thrower Removed

GOP governors press Congress to pass stimulus bill

Obama Pledges Mortgage Help With New Financial Plan.

Voting under way in Iraq amid tight security

Suits Saying Pfizer Experimented on Nigerian Children Are Revived

Alaska lawmakers question Sarah Palin's focus

State House is in chaos as Sansom steps aside

Super Bowl ads reflect tough times in US

Davos: Gore calls Obama "greenest person in the room," urges fast climate pact despite crisis

General Motors to Invest $1 Billion in Brazil Operations

In Senate trial, Coleman turns to Bush v. Gore (could end up back at US SC)

Muntazer al-Zaidi votes in prison (Iraqi journalist with shoe pitching talent)

Amputee is last witness against Charles Taylor

Recalled Products Sent To Schools, Day Cares (Peanut)

GOP governors press Congress to pass stimulus bill

Obama has begun discreet talks with Iran, Syria

Toy makers get extra year to comply with lead test

Davos: Gore calls Obama "greenest person in the room," urges fast climate pact despite crisis

Violent clashes in Russia as angry protesters call for Putin to resign over economy

Protesters rally against World Economic Forum

Pope Promotes Conservative Cleric (Austrian Who Applauded Destruction From Katrina)

Obama unlikely to toughen Wall St. pay rules: report

We are on the brink of war with the South, says North Korea

Obama's Half-Brother Arrested on Charge of Marijuana Possession

Iran: Obama's offer to talk shows US failure

At Davos, fear of retrenchment from free trade

Mormon church reports spending $180,000 on Proposition 8

In Senate trial, Coleman turns to Bush v. Gore

Sharp rise in China birth defects

India to be spared of Boeing job cuts

L.A. Times to lay off 300 and Cuts Local News Section

Sudan expels US aid group over bibles

Catholic U.S. Lawmakers Call for Direct Repudiation

Supreme Court Steps Closer to Repeal of Evidence Ruling (may encourage "unlawful police conduct")

14-times Olympic gold medal winner Michael Phelps caught with cannabis pipe

Obama facing dilemma over protectionism in bill

Lithium deposits could power long-exploited Bolivia's future

No end to Kentucky power outage in sight, governor says

Venezuela synagogue vandalized

The Oracle with Max Keiser - pt 1 - January 30, 2009

pt. 2 bbc world news, the oracle with max keiser

Associated Press: Blackwater's Iraq Deal Not to Be Renewed

Chennai protests killing of Tamils in SL

Little Boxes

Thousands Form Human Chain To Protest Sri Lankan Violence

Protests in Mexico City

Flash mob protests Latvian Radio financing

01-29-09 - Antananarivo a ghost town after protests

NAU budget cut protest

Workers protest across UK

protest1 in Seoul korea Jan31 2009

Santa Cruz Street Protest

Add your Voice: Internet for Everyone in 2009

Davos Annual Meeting 2009 - "The New US Agenda" with Valerie Jarrett


Listening Post - Manipulating the media - 30 Jan 09

Davos Annual Meeting 2009 - "Rising to the Challenge of Copenhagen" with Al Gore

Ring of Fire's Buried Stories Jan. 31st Pt. 3

Archie Bunker on Gun Control

Davos Bankers `Too Busy' to Say Sorry for Role in Crisis

President Obama Weekly Address Jan31 2009

The Power of a Dream Changes Lives!

Ring of Fire's Buried Stories Jan. 31st Pt. 2

Archie Bunker on Democrats

UFO files to be released under Obama Open Government Memoranda

Chamber of Commerce Leading Congress Astray

Democracy Challenge - what is it to you? (contest entry)

Shut The F$%& Up, Rush Limbaugh!

Inside USA - Privatized Cities

Ring of Fire's Buried Stories Jan. 31st Pt. 1

'I Love you, Rachel Maddow'

TYT: Find Out How Much Wall Street Ripped You Off (W/ Wes Clark Jr)

Rachel Maddow: Bush issued 'pre-emptive immunity'. w/ Michael Isakoff

Rachel Maddow Handicaps the GOP RNC Race

Blue Dog Ben Nelson helps spread Conservatives' stimulus BS

Dem ad uses Limbaugh against GOP

Former Gitmo Prosecutor Quits in Disgust

Michael Steele is to Barack Obama as Sarah Palin is to Hillary Clinton

Criminal review of scandal-ridden agency an easy call for Salazar (Rocky Mtn News)

A legacy of torture (Maher Arar / Windsor Star)

Bailout Oversight Still Lacking, GAO Finds (WaPo)

Biden to Lead Task Force on Issues of the Middle Class

Why Are We Getting All NIMBY on Gitmo? (The Nation)

Davos discussion - Is Emissions Trading the Carbon Solution?

Wall St., Having Already Spent Bonuses/TARP Funds, to Repay U.S. in Drugs and Hookers

Military 2.0: Should You Fear the Killer Robots?

60 Minutes: Is Peace Out of Reach?

AlterNet: The Soul-Crushing Malaise of the 1950s Killed the American Dream

Supreme Court Steps Closer to Repeal of Evidence Ruling (WaPo)

Why Contraception Saves Money and Prevents Abortion

by JIM WEBB Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Global Bankruptcy as World Leaders Succumb to Monetary Dementia

Michael Steele Assures His Base: 'I'm Hack Enough'

"Depression Economics," Recovery and Socialist Transition

How Far Will Housing Prices Fall In 2009?

It’s Not the Bonus Money. It’s the Principle.

World Social Forum message to Davos: We told you so

Why The Bank Bailouts Are Doomed

Why Israel Is "Losing" In Gaza: Lessons For America

WP: In Book, Insider Recounts Hunt for Hussein's Weapons

Robert Fisk’s World: When did we stop caring about civilian deaths during wartime?

Frank Rich: "Herbert Hoover Lives." Sunday, 2-01-09 NY Times. He does it again.

Michael Phelps Latest Endorsement: Marijuana

Naomi Klein discusses the "Shock Doctrine" with Keith Olbermann

Tough times ahead as US moves towards protectionism

Holbrooke: Insensitive Choice for a Sensitive Region

‘Treasure of Louisville’ killed on U.S. 287 - A beautiful soul being honored.

Limbaugh Hoped President Obama Fails -- You Responded

Very Smart Person to Make Very Dumb Mistake?

GOP hoists sail on Steele ship of racial denial

Serious Social Instability Has Arisen from the Greed Induced Economic Crises

The man in the ice: His name is Johnnie Redding.

The Corporation (trailer and movie)

Protectionism is a dangerous road to walk - remember the Thirties

Arab, Kurd rift evident as election day nears

Iraqis say three Sunni candidates killed on eve of voting

Army orders ‘stand-down’ in wake of suicide spike

Biden to lead U.S. delegation at Munich

Report looks at what could happen if North Korea falls

Seoul regrets Pyongyang decision to nullify accords

Ugbogu testifies about ‘overpowering voices’

Military women hold symposium for support

USS Harpers Ferry sailor sentenced to 18 months

Airman arrested on weapons charge

MIA Marine's Name Used in Email Scam

Military Doctors Embrace Acupuncture

Guard Gets New Firefighting Wings

(Military Times) Op-Ed: Iraq Vet Unveils Roadmap for Congress

Airman Found Guilty of Indecent Act

please critique my ltte re:Body Armor recall

Blue Dog Destruction Request

The War on Sense

TYT: Matt Damon Goes After Neocon Bill Kristol (Fun Clip For Saturday)

Sun power adds twist to review of CMP plan (Maine)

80% of Amazon Deforestation Stems from Cattle Ranching

Australian Heat Wave Claims Lives Amid Bushfires, Blackouts

Graph of the Day: Rapid melting of North American glaciers, 1984-2006

Scientists Rank Global Cooling Hacks

Congressman Brian Baird, chairman of Energy & Environment Subcommittee, "20% reduction in 20 weeks"

Sea Shepherd Relocates the Japanese Whaling Fleet

Air Pollution Now Melting Snowpack Quicker, Study Shows




Today in labor history Jan 31 Ida M. Fuller is the first retiree to receive a Social Security check

Los Angeles public school teachers protest budget cuts and layoffs

Just another day at the protest (or is that office)

Thousands of refinery workers (24,000) prepare to picket Valero, BP, Shell

Jones Act and US Jobs

Obama Seeks To Improve State Of The Unions

Still no labor proposal to players from NFL team owners

Labor union tells lawmakers: We're watching you

Employment costs rise at slowest pace since 1980s

Canadian Auto Workers to Reopen Talks

Equal Pay for Equal Work is Now the Law

Northwestern University Prof Dale T. Mortensen Honored For Labor Work

Boeing Posts $56 Million Loss as Strike Cuts Output

Has union organizing turned the corner toward real growth?

Durham Workers Choose Teamsters Union (260 workers voting by a near 2 to 1 margin)

There is one more thing you can do to help guest workers

6 banks failed in January, compared to 25 for all of 2008

Four Bad Bears: January Update (2 of the worst bear markets have occurred in the last 9 years)

Exactly what happens when banks get Nationalized?

Tyson workers reject contract proposal (98% 'No' vote resonates )

IBEW Local 1249 hit by Madoff scam (union plans on making its members contribute more)

GOP Says We'll Play Ball, But Kill The Ads

Restaurant labor violations show Ithaca's dark side (more restaurants per capita than New York City)

How did Clinton pass the 1993 Budget act 51/50?

Four million jobs in two years? FDR did it in two months

Fight Brews Over How to Build a Better Internet (The stimulus bill has $6 billion to expand broadban

AAA in danger as Ireland tops the high risk league

January Economic Summary in Graphs ... from new home sales, mall vacancy, unemployment, port traffic

New York weighs ban on Central Park carriages (wipe out 400 jobs during an economic crisis)

Protesters rally against Kremlin's economic policy

Wall Street Bailout Exceeds Cost of All US Wars Combined

Uribe’s third consecutive mandate lacks political support

Peru navy officer gets 20 years for burning death

The New Venezuela of President Hugo Chávez: Ten Years of Bolivarian Revolution

Brazilian helicopters head for Colombia for FARC hostage release

Venezuela Restarts Talks With a Foreign Oil Firm

Lithium deposits could power long-exploited Bolivia's future

Lawyers for CUBAN FIVE file petition to US Supreme Court

CUBA: Top-ranking devoloping country regarding protection of children's rights

Congressl Hearing - Subc. Western Hemisphere: US Policy Toward Latin America in 2009, 2/4/09

Hate crimes bill introduced in Ga. House

Gay rights activist urges younger generation to continue Harvey Milk's fight for equality

The Mormon church found to have spent almost $200,000 on Prop 8, but didn't report it

Lesbian couple wins court round

Local theater FINALLY screening "Milk"....... Yay!!!

Mayor won't vote for same sex marriage resolution

New Smiley! Animated Dubya Shoe Toss

3 Yr. Sentence In Gay Man’s Death


France says Israel blocks water equipment for Gaza

Has Israel Jumped The Shark?

Report: Turkish PM Erdogan says 'Palestine today is an open-air prison'

Hamas is a Mideast reality

Hawk Netanyahu echoes Israelis' discontent over Gaza offensive

Using the Holocaust to Attack the Jews

Groups review Gaza conflict for war crimes (Globe and Mail)

Netanyahu retains lead ahead of Israel election: poll

Egypt installing cameras, sensors at Gaza border

Israeli CP Launches Election Campaign Against Extremism

Sourani: 86 Israeli war criminals are now wanted by international courts

Black flag (Uri Avnery)

Do you like the new "Heavily Moderated" sports forum here at DU?

Total dominance in men's vs women's tennis.

SEC finally has a team in the top 25! UK is #24. Where's everyone else?

Gov't pays slain journalist's family 1.5 million pounds

From Humble Worker to Hamas Leader

Road To The Derby

Do you believe/care that Romo cheated on Jessica?

"Don't be Stanley Wilson"

Does anyone here watch the March Madness?

Report: Jason Giambi to testify against Bonds

Hopefully we've eliminated the weak from the sports forum.

UK soccer fans (owns 75% of team) sign player

Should Super Bowls be played in the elements?

Bravo Serena WIlliams

Israeli Peace Offer Would Maintain 230,000 West Bank Settlers

The one-state illusion

Derrick Thomas elected to Hall of Fame

Baseball will be dead to me, if they let Bonds, McGuire, and any of the other roid

Palestinians in Gaza launch Grad rocket into Ashkelon

Jessica Simpson is taking steroids!

Netanyahu says Iran will not get hands on nukes

UNRWA Admits: IDF Didn't Hit School

Multiple sclerosis reversed with stem cell therapy

The Big Lie - Italian Study of Thimerosal vs Autism

HEALTH QUIZ: Do you feel that differing viewpoints are welcome in Health Forum?

No Charges to Be Filed Against Colorado Man Who Shot Intruder

Juliette man defends home from invasion

Two news videos about increased gun sales, one shows media bias and one doesn't.

anyone have any suggestions

Spain won't annul judge's decision

Photos from Fort Frederick, Maryland

Which lens is best; a Tamron 18-275 or a Tamron 28-300 for image clarity?

Saturday walk in Asheville, looking for a little RED

Landscape photography inside a fish tank.

Black ice

Oops! Dupe post.

Water crystal replication study all have to hear this!!!

This is not like me. I'm scared. Dream.

David Wilcock on Myth & Logic radio....1/29/09

Canada's in GD.

Looking for info on elemental spirit beings

I'd like to discuss how we should begin taking care of ourselves during these changes.

The sacred role of Western civilization in global oneness (youtube, Peter Kingsley)

Weekly Healing Project #19 | Feb 1 - 7 | Finding Your Soul Group & Others On Your Wavelength

February 2009 Prayer, Light and Healing Requests

Rick DiClemente's February Starself Astrology Newsletter

New Jungles Prompt a Debate on Rain Forests

Has anyone else seen this

Here's a freebie for a whole lot of the folks out there;

The Sacred Role of Western Civilization in Global Oneness (youtube, Peter Kingsley)

I am sooooo addicted (mixing no-knead recipes and techniques - results inside)

I'm experimenting with Brioche this weekend

Bread Porn

If you could choose only one, which would it be?

Velveeta or Cheeze Whiz?Hmmmm ...... We chose the Velveeta .......

I wish I lived in Bound Brook, NJ.........

Progressive Faith Groups Now Trying to Shift Debate

Be vocal, vigilant

Former President Jimmy Carter Supports Call For New 9/11 Investigation

Hey Texans! Come take Mac Thornberry's poll!

For Molly Ivins (August 30, 1944 – January 31, 2007)

Nova Scotian woman admits she strangled daughter to keep boyfriend

Afghan roadside bomb kills Canadian soldier

How large may our DU avatar files be?

Unknown System Tray Icon

FUCKIT!!!!! You're goiing to get Flash on your site!!!!!

Time breakdown of Modern Website design (for grins)

"This site may harm your computer" on search Goggle results

Anyone into malware sleuthing? (and gif shrinker) RevLeft

Is this the week that Labour lost the next election?

Governments across Europe tremble as angry people take to the streets

Independent school call for poor

Grandad in fury as gays adopt kids