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Archives: January 30, 2009

Erdogan hailed after Davos walkout

Call Obama about this.

S. Miss. U.S. Attorney Lampton to retire (Paul Minor prosecutor)

Two more U.S. mayors arrested

RNC's Molotov cocktail case with jury. Entrapment by FBI, or ???


Life on hold in Madagascar

Mumbai 'not planned in Pakistan'

Tami rebels without the wherewithal

LOL. Freepers wasted time stalking Bill Ayers today.

If the Steelers beat the Cardinals Sunday I will donate $25 to DU, if...

Bill Kristol and co. were right - Bush finally gets his statue in Baghdad

I would like someone to explain where outrage could be found in this

Is Rush Limbaugh the new leader of the GOP?

TBI investigating Chattanooga cop’s Wal-Mart conduct

The Myth of Lost Innocence

Traffic stop leads to man believed dead since '89

Joshua Holland: Stop Rearranging Deck Chairs On The Titanic And Nationalize The Damn Banks

H.R.1-the Stimulus Bill. Page 14 text- Blagojevich mentioned by name

Zimbabwe abandons its currency

TPM: Source: Obama Plans to Get Family Planning Aid Done Soon

Terminated IT contractor indicted for planting malicious code on Fannie Mae servers

Iraq on high alert after election candidates shot dead

The South Vs. Obama

Killing Satire In Cold Blood


Ever wonder why Rush doesn't usually give interviews? See this (CNBC)

Gotta love this toon...

Here's the thing about Rush, Coulter, Hannity, etc, for me

HEAD'S UP: Thom Hartmann Pullimg 6 Hr Double Shift Starts Now

As I speak, the two top headlines at the Yahoo news front page

Young Turks YouTube account RESTORED!!!!

Iceland likely to name world's first gay premier !

Health Care NOW! (Paul Krugman)

What would TV be like if the PTC controlled all programming?

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

Remember when Newt Gingrich shut down the government over a perceived slight?

I was speechless, but not for long

Let's get to the crack down!

Libraries say new safety law could mean no more books for kids

Greg Palast sings the most kick-ass praises of Obama I've read yet

18.4 billion.....

get ready going off the deep end today

It's not that the GOP can't talk Gregg out of being Commerce Sec. it's being a former Commerce Sec.

Their only option is (our) failure

I've found the conservative brainwashing operation of the GOP...

Send notes that will self-destruct after being read

Brand loyalty has a stronger hold on us than we realize.

End the power to impeach (and lots else beside)

senselessbrenner Whining

Police chase man who circles back, steals police car

"He doesn't seem like a total douche,'' the teen remarked after the former governor passed.

Exxon/Mobil has record profits again! 45.2 billion in '08

Bush will see his popularity turn up over time: Pres. Carter

Snow study shows California faces historic drought

So how many of you will be buying 3-D glasses to watch a commercial

A conservative is somebody who's against helping out anybody

I'm being totally serious. I know almost as many people out of work as those working

==Life without Bush== by Mark Morford

Change-Compare and contrast five years ago and'll be glad you did.

With so many people late on bills: Anti-bill collector phone harassment legislation

Alternative Scouting programs?

Right Wing Terrorism Watch - Search of Neo-Nazi vandal's house turns up cache of explosives

Bring tractors, not tanks: Afghan governor

Schadenfreude! Celebrity Foreclosures

"We're on your side again."

When can filibuster be invoked?

Executive Privilege When You are No Longer the Executive

Turkish prime minister's stormy departure from Davos draws praise, but concern about diplomacy

I just heard Mika refer to the money for unemployment compensation in the Dems bill as welfare

Illinois State Worker: "Do we need to throw a shoe?"


Which Loser Republican will be elected head of the GOP today?

surge update - Violence and intimidation mark run-up to Iraqi elections

John Yoo needs to be delivered to the Hague ...along with Bush & Cheney

Florida's DCF fails again. A baby girl is killed because they did not follow procedure.

OH Yeah! Let them eat shat!

"How can the President tell Wall Street how to spend their money?"

SCHIP passes Senate while economy drops ("unborn child" amendment fails)

Question about Rove

Russia's Space Agency Plans To Build Own Orbital Station

Palin Church Fire: "Hired Assassin" Claim

Democrats Set Sights on Republic Senators Who Oppose Stimulus Plan

John Thune


GOP election for RNC live on CSPIN

GOP election for RNC live on CSPIN

Number seeking jobless benefits hits new high - or Scenes from the Republican (Deregulation Dystopia

Man arrested in hate crime charged with misdemeanor battery

Mr. Fish

4.6 earthquake rattles Seattle-Tacoma

Police Spying in Maryland Was Broader than Previously Thought

Legally, can the IL State Senate really pass a bill prohibiting Blago from ever holding office in IL

Here is a thought for a stimulus ...

Any Links to Republicans Complaining That Recession Fears Overblown?

Any Links to Republicans Complaining That Recession Fears Overblown?

WAR CRIME Research-TPM-"Interwoven Timelines" Suggest Memos Are SECRET To Hide Geneva Violations

Statue in Iraq dedicated to Bush.

Will Bush's Secret Legal Memos Be Released?

Obama is STILL bi-partisan, and should remain so.

Those of you with low "fixed rate" credit cards - pay attention to your bills!

Bwaaaaaaaaah no one received enough votes for

OMG - Saddam-Qaeda Conspiracy Theorist Surfaces Writing Iraq Reports For The Pentagon

Wonkette Pig of the Day: George Bush Sr.

All hell about to break loose in Iraq??

All hell about to break loose in Iraq??

MO republican senator proposes death penalty for litterers

File Under Bush "Keeping Us Safe"-Bin Laden NOT Determined To Attack The US After 9/11

I think the mental health support group is sleeping so someone here has to cheer me up

"Republicans are total assholes. You don't have to argue me on that one bit."

Monument to Bush shoe-throwing shines at Iraqi orphanage

FEC Drops Case Against Soros

Obama considering Sen. Judd Gregg for Commerce Secretary. WE COULD GET 60!!!

Nothing says "GOP Comeback" like "eager volunteers" wearing "The comeback starts now!" T-shirts...

The "Iraqi Obama"

Nelson ‘Undecided’ On Recovery Plan: ‘I Don’t Even Know How Many Democrats Will Vote For It

Ok folks. We need to wander on over to and help them with the latest ad campaign

Florida House Speaker Quits Post Amid Controversy

Kids Put In 'Holding Tank' When Teacher Out-Budget Cuts Slash Money For Substitute Teachers

Obama hosts labor leaders, will undo Bush orders

How long can Solis' Nomination be held up?

c h a n g e - President Obama Moves to Reverse Bush’s Labor Policies

“I actually saw a fish shit a piece of plastic"

Pot farm found on Google map (No more nude sunbathing... Google is watching)

HEY!! RNC!!...don't f*** up and get yourself a Putney Swope as your chairman...

"Parties Stand Tough on Stimulus" (CQ). Filibuster unlikely?

Yep I like Robert Gibbs, what a straight shooter

Bad peanuts found before salmonella outbreak

Giuliani: Cutting Wall St. bonuses means less spending in restaurants, stores

House Republicans Vote to Reinstate Bush President

If Gregg leaves, Lynch may replace him w/Republican

Gibbs doing briefing on cnn now

Repug Senator Judd Gregg (NH) Contender for Commerce Dept. Head...

Every vote counts, if you count every vote. (Coleman/Franken)

Can we all send positive thoughts to Michael Steele???? Please??

Repubs Behaving Like the Collapse of Bush's Policies Never Happened

RNC Chair Balloting (as of 1:30 PM)

Lawsuit argues Clinton is ineligible for State post

Samantha Power will be Senior Foreign Policy Aid at the NSC

This was not bugging the headquarters of a political party, or breaking into a doctor's office.

Military doctors trained for acupuncture

No Republican gets the number of votes required to be the next RNC Chairman

Fuck being bipartisan.

Duncan Ousted as RNC Elects New Chairman

And your mother is ugly too...!

Michael Winship: Reading, Writing and Recession

Gibbs presser up now on GEM$NBC

Getting ready for work, when the "Rush Limbaugh" is the fearless leader story came on ..

Why is C-span doing live coverage of the Repub. Convention?

How many foreign lives are worth an American life, from your foreign policy perspective?

The FEMA interment camps are real and will be passed within a month

The FEMA interment camps are real and will be passed within a month

msnbc - coverage of the rnc shitfest then we get orrin to the golf channel

Gov. Quinn to "fumigate state government."

Too little too late...headlines that should have been breaking a year or more ago

Is it just me or does "The UPS Store" suck?

Even more BS.. sigh

blackwell just dropped his bid for rnc head

CNBC: Plan to buy off toxic assets and put them into "bad bank" is off, market going down...

$400,000 salary cap for bail-out money.

Blackwell quote after ending run

Is this a great country or WHAT?

Verizon Could Get $1.6 Billion in Senate Stimulus Plan

To those who have been studying the stimulus package

Nevermind. I finally found it.

Someone tell McCain not to keep his great ideas a secret

Privatizing the profits and socializing the costs

Delusional Republican column of the day...

Watchdog groups want my money to fight the rethugs. Which will get more bang for buck?

The big changes no one is talking about....

The Rude Pundit: This Might Take Some Getting Used To

Did I miss something

Breaking on GEMSNBC - Duncan withdraws bid

I predict Katon Dawson as the new RNC chairman

DU this Poll

Antisemitism Experts: OK. Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Discredited BRAZILLIONS of times.

So. . .RNC-TV is on every channel?

Google "Cheerful Achievement"

Iraq Obama

Just now on cnn

I'm on way home from Canada....

I'm on way home from Canada....

CREDO ACTION: Tell Congress: Don't let Bush off the hook.

Exxon Mobil shatters U.S. record with $45.2 billion annual profit

I think it's pretty clear that Michael Steele is going to be the next RNC Chair

RNC 5th Ballot results...

GOP lawmakers outnumber Democratic lawmakers 2 to 1 on stimulus debate......

Karl Rove's daydreams these days might be looking something like...

More from the libelous Freeper-type

More from the libelous Freeper-type

Should the secret ballot be abolished?

Navy says new presidential helicopter way over budget

Bush shoe attack spawns artwork

Young Turks last day on XM

John LaBruzzo might find some support on DU these days.

Church Not Signing Marriage License To Protest Ban On Gay Marriage

GOP is scared shitless of the Gregg pick

So the leaders of both major parties are African American

CNBFox? "Obama vs Wall St. Bonuses: Class Warfare?"

Repub Phil Gingrey grovels and apologizes to Rush Limbaugh and other RW talk radio hosts

Mkichael Steele: "And now for something completely different." A Monty Python fan?

The food supply in this country is a national security risk, and we have Bush to thank....

Explaining the Unemployment Rate

Explaining the Unemployment Rate

Roll Out The Bully Pulpit

A story about Limbaugh prominent at MSNBC

A story about Limbaugh prominent at MSNBC

Senate Armed Services Committee chairman to allow 'wiggle room' for Obama's Iraq exit

Time to use the nuclear option

New Super Bowl Pool Tied To Commercials.......

New RNC Chair talks a good game.

Obama Will Review Buy American Provision in Stimulus Package

Did you know that Congress passed a bill extending medical care to 4 million children yesterday?

Just wondering how long it will be before people hit Wall Street in Protest ....

BREAKING: In Surprise Move, Rush Limbaugh Named RNC Chair


Judge: Prop 8 Donors Must Be Public

One of these things is not like the other…

One of these things is not like the other…

I haven't discussed it, but I have been studying law.

One of the saddest stories

Meanwhile...The Rich Get Richer

Your daily "Ron Christie is whiny ass" thread

Lawyer: Michael Vick could go to halfway house 'any day'

The one good thing about being a Republican.

The White House must be a lot different now than it was a couple weeks ago.

I just want to know one thing.

I think I will request a song tomorrow from EIB network

I think I will request a song tomorrow from EIB network

Michael Steele was essential to the large black constituency in the Republic Party.

Ok, what the heck is this?

Worst Drought Ever

I think some are missing another aspect of the Blagojevich story and that's how Dems

Just how damned funny is this? Well, I think it is hilarious.

I trust Michael Steele ........

Finally: Some real funding for special ed. (The stimulus bill)

Fuck the oil companies

Shouldn't Palin Be Staying In Alaska - Should The Volcano Blow?......

Where's my damn W-2? I've got to fill out my taxes AND 4 FAFSA

President Obama and VP Biden to speak on

The Financial Rust Belt (New York and London)

Restaurant Boycotted over "Barack Obama Room"

TYT - 1.30.2009 is their last day on Sirius Radio ;-(

According to GEM$NBC, the Octuplet family filed for bankruptcy and

Asia Times: Is ethical capitalism possible?

Springstreen: Deal to sell greatest hits CD exclusively through Wal-Mart "A Mistake"

Octuplets' mother refused selective abortion

Octuplets' mother refused selective abortion

Bill Hicks' Mom will be on Letterman tonight Friday 1/30 11:35PM EST

Humor me for a moment... I want to talk about having faith in humanity.

What hath Bush wraught? Leaving clueless, the architect of disaster.

Who the F*** who is Tony Blankley?????

Stop That Damn 3 Million per mile Wall!!!

LOL is Andrea Mitchell actively campaigning against Michael Steele for GOP chair. . .

Can we please cut the crap here about the California mother!

36 of 2,380 RNC delegates were black. And Michael Steele wonders "how did it come to this?"

Judd Gregg for Commerce Sec = 60 dems in the Senate?

I was actually excited to come home from work today

Micheal Steele has never won an election on his own

Obama picks army general to be ambassador to Afghanistan

democrats obstructionists / republicans loyal opposition

Didn't the original Wall Street bailout include caps on exec salaries or bonuses?

I get it, 43 muscles to frown and only 17 to smile, but I would submit that it only requires ...

Is Michael Steele as GOp chair a reaction to Barack Obama?

Another positive thing about Obama being President.(Well at least for me).

Larry Craig to run Bad Bank...

Worst quarter since 1982, Morning in America, eh?

Its time to tell Conyers to resign. what a frickin disappointment again and again...

Fuck This! Judge grants bail to BART cop who killed Grant

Dear "outraged" Congresspeople railing against the bonuses .....

Republican's Jump the Shark (literally!)

Question: What web sites are not allowed to be referenced here at DU?

Scientology promoted in Bart Simpson's voice

I see that Michele Bernard on Hard Ball- has returned to her repuke/conservative talking points.

January 30, 1972

How many foreign jobs are worth an American job, from your trade policy perspective?

Lawyer: Ex-BART cop from Napa used wrong weapon in shooting

The rise and fall of Rush Limbaugh

The rise and fall of Rush Limbaugh

Most important news story of the week (ending January 30, 2009)

Join the Military, Become a Missionary

Peanut recall expands to include Sara Lee, more

Kin of Saudis who died at Gitmo sue Pentagon

Curiouser and curiouser - the octoplets mom and her doctor-

Nadler: If Rove won't testify, he's 'presumably' jail-bound

Someone let Bay Buchanan off her leash, again.

Shoveling snow?

Ethics vs Morals

Michael Steele and Sarah Palin continue to exhibit the Republican ignorance on race/gender issues

Aww, the poor Freepers can't agree on McCaskill's pay cap proposal

What did the President know and when did he know it? Karl Rove knows...Larisa Alexandrovna

Great Luckovich TOON On The GOP

Marr and I officially dub Ron Christie as Obi Ron Christie:

Ron Christie on Tweety

Atlanta woman, 94, charged with assualt

Michael Steele's acceptance speech for RNC Chair ...

Anyone else's head spinning from the cacophony behind Keith??

If You Can't Beat Them

Comedy Legend Dick Van Dyke on TDVDS being Michelle's favorite & his much maligned cockney accent

1099'd and paid CHEAP as an employee....paying self employment tax

rush is a cult leader, similar to Jim Jones, with 20 million Kool Aid drinkers

NY 23,000 City job cuts on cnn now

Which is worst?

The Dems' OPPO Book on Steele


Tear Down This Myth: How the Reagan Legacy Has Distorted Our Politics and Haunts Our Future

Ballsiest Congressperson of the week!

Michael Steele

No fucking way: Guess what basement dweller is in Japanese?

So if I put out a song parody called "Steele, the Magic Negro..."

How About An Animated Winking Kissing Palin Smiley?

Bill Moyers Journal tonight

The worse it gets, the better it gets

self delete

ROFL! Rachel in a lacy purple hat, at the races.

Dallas TX County Sheriff Sued By 4 Deputies For Political Reprisals

Obama Plays the Republicans .... Poll

VIDEO - Nadler: 'Rove Will Testify or Go to Jail'

A salmonella question: Does salmonella reproduce only in living animal

Federal Legislative Report 1-30-09

If someone wanted to launder money through a campaign, how would it work?

Is It Really Legal/Ethical For Someone To Have IVF If They Already Have 6 Kids?

Is It Really Legal/Ethical For Someone To Have IVF If They Already Have 6 Kids?

Virgin: the world's best passenger complaint letter?

Friday TOON Roundup 2- Bailing out the wrong people

If I have one GGGF who fought in the Rev War and one who fought in the CWar

Graphic showing the value of US contracts with Blackwater since 2001.

A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Important Movies about Whistle blowers: Do you have some favorites?


Crappy service

Rove vs. Bush

"Mike the Magic Negro Runs the RNC"

Aesop nails it again! Democratic frogs and Republican scorpions

HELEN THOMAS: Nice president must start playing hardball

Alaska's Mount Redoubt is ready

LA Times: Economy is going from bad to worse, reports show

Bwah-ha-HAH!1 So Rethugs have rejected LIMBOsevic by choosing STEELE?!1

Mom gives birth to Octuplets, already has six (Duggars have some competition)

Claire McCaskill rocked today, and I wonder do the idots with our 18 billion plan to give it back?

10 tons of gold, 70 tons of platinum, one a half tons of industrial diamonds and 16 million carats

Toon..... Appropriate Punishment for disposed Bushites- Rush is included

David Brooks just used Jack Welch as a POSTIVE example of a CEO on Lehrer!!!

Where TF is Keith O tonight?

Where TF is Keith O tonight?

Palin might be "nominated" for president Saturday

Guardian UK: Government to nationalise failing private schools

Spingsteen Calls Wal-Mart CD Deal A Mistake

Executive Compensation Figures (or, One Giant Step for Capitalism)

Top ten things that are good about the recent peanut butter scare:

A Gift For My Fellow DUers (Smiley)

Iran's nuclear terrorism fears

To the Dems in Congress: While you're socializing the losses of these corporations

Will we ever know the full depth of criminal activity by the bush/cheney regime?

hopefully Daschle's nomination fails and Obama decides to nominate Howard Dean.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt: January 30, 1882

It is a whole world problem.

Rep. Nadler: 'Rove Will Testify or Go to Jail.'

Can the GOP be any more fucking SEXIST and RACIST?

Stupid twit Kathleen Parker thinks Boil Ass Limpballs.....

Out-of-touch Giuliani

Today -FDIC shuts down three banks in one day amid ongoing credit crisis

"Never before seen comedy from Bill Hicks" -- coming up on Letterman tonight.

What is justice?

Should poker games, home or online, for money, be legal or illegal?

DOW below 8000 again with 20 mins to go - down 180 today nt

Friday TOON Roundup- Obstructionist Republicans

She's gonna blow! Aviation Color Code ORANGE and Volcano Alert Level WATCH."

Hahahahaha...Conservapedia says "yes we can" is now "an anarchist cry"

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) Proposes Investigation Into the Financial Crisis

Sgt. Drew Peterson.. Bolingbrooke Illinois Police Dept....

Monica Whatshername on McLaughlin is a nutjob

For those complaining about the woman having the children you believe she can not provide for and

RW Talking Points - Ireland As A Corporate Tax Utopia

Frontline: Inside the Meltdown on PBS Feb 17 ... Krugman will be on the show

'Slow-Motion Comedy Show': Days 4 & 5 of the Coleman/Franken U.S. Senate Election Contest in MN

Russian soldier says he fled to Georgia on his own

What is Obama going to do about Monsanto and GMO????

Will Bush's Secret Legal Memos Be Released? Interactive Guide Reveals How Much We Still Don't Know


Letterman to finally show infamous banned Bill Hicks segment from 1993 Friday night!

Red-Faced School stages lunchtime pole-dancing demonstration for pupils

For those of you very cold and/or feel like you're freezing....Well,

Per haps the octuplets woman is a set up.

Blackwater to Battle Pirates

Invasion of Normandy - OMG

Medical Professionals: Question about a procedure: Steel Rod in Femur.

in our tax system- how do you give tax cuts only to people making BELOW a certain amount?

How long before the MSM is falling all over itself to showcase new RNC chair Michael Steele?

This is war.

Sick! Wall St. $18,000,000,000 in Bonuses at Christmas & ExxonMobil made $45,200,000,000 last year

Group of Christians don't tip their server at Chili's... because she works on a Sunday.

Rachel's GOP Preakness, video link

The funniest Stephen Colbert "Word" in a long time

I have a question re using your personal car for business purposes.

N. Korea ditches nonaggression pact with S. Korea (UPDATE)

In the last few minutes of listening to Rush today (the so-called de facto head of the Repub Party)

May we have a Bad Bank too, sir?

Senate Republicans Gearing Up To Filibuster Recovery Package Despite Promises To The Contrary

Ron Carey Memorial Meeting February 28, Flushing, New York

Who Was Laid Off From Microsoft?

Not sure wher to post this, however I am concerned about a very good freind of mine who has joined

if bruce is really sorry

Is tipping in a regular sit-down restaurant an "option"?

Meh, my job sucks a lot sometimes.

Is there an easy, free way to convert a pdf graphic file to jpg?

Mother of Octuplets already has 6 kids under 7yrs!!!....

Beware of Facebook 'Friends' Who May Trash Your Laptop

What can we do to castrate the power of the wealthy to screw the rest of us at regular intervals?

Good Bushes

Good Bushes

Welfare queens line up for handouts.

The Nation: Jobless in America

Order to Kill Angers German Politicians

Putin smacks down bush lover Michael Dell.

Vice President interview

Postmaster General wants to stop Tuesday Delivery of Mail

Former President Jimmy Carter supports a New 9/11 Investigation

Should I change my DU name to "Ilsa Hussein"?

Guess what the most religious state is. Guess what the least religious is.(Answers now posted)

Can anyone provide a rationale for the bonuses that will not cause me to laugh out loud?

So, if I'm correct, if I want to have one of my legs amputated for the hell of it...

I just watched the 1958 version of 'The Quiet American'

I just watched my first Gibbs presser on Cspan replay. I am very impressed.

Perhaps the time is right to consider a general strike in the US

Palin/Steele in 2012. Mark it down.

Palin/Steele in 2012. Mark it down.

Any names yet for Commerce, FDA, FEMA? n/t

They got a bonus, my mom lost 1/2 of her pension today

Mormon Church can no longer hide - Donations to Proposition 8.

Krugman: Health Care Now

What is the current unemployment rate?

This is a "must listen" Democracy Now with guest William Greider

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!! & Happy Birthday spiderpig!!

I'll just go ahead and say it- Daschle should withdraw his name

Okay DU Techies I've got a question for ya.

Outplacement ideas for ex-Gov. Pay-Rod?

World Unions getting ready to revolt against Corporations

So long DU

Octuplets' mother already has twins, four other children

Octuplets' mother already has twins, four other children

$400,000.00 MY ASS. Fire the

Octuplets' Family Filed For Bankruptcy

I was thinking about that lady that just had a litter of kids.

Can Hugo Chavez Steal His Way To Safety?

The War on Drugs and sound science.

What Do You Consider "Wealthy" to the point that they ought to be

Exxon Mobil Shatters US Record for Annual Profit

Do you have a Facebook page?

DVD Plunge, Viewer Shift to NetFlix May Force Studios to Write Down Films

President Obama, Don't Become Complicit in Their Crimes! Letter From: Cynthia McKinney

Bill Moyers: What is up with Obama continuing drone bombing in Pakistan?

Prosecuting Bush administration not politics, but matter of national security

Hummer Drivers Get More Tickets. A Lot More.

I just got called for Jury Duty, HELP!.......

Hot Times on MSNBC: Mika and Joe?

$75,000 to push fucking paper? I am a PROFESSIONAL making $15 per hour

The Village Voice: What Cooked the World's Economy?

Chase Bank: Fuck Everyone!

PETA goes after Eliza Dushku for professing enjoyment in hunting

Florida may not get desired stimulus funds because they cut funding to schools.

Holy crap... awesomest taser EVAR!!!!!!!1!

Food Bank Friday! (January 30, 2009)

I just put a DUer on ignore for the first time EVER.


Yoghurt? nt

How would you solve this problem

Boris Karloff vs Bela Lugosi

So Now That We Have A Democrat In Office Is The Lounge Just A Place To Come And Attack Other DU'ers

kitten picture of the day for friday january 30

is there a better album than "Sweetheart of the Rodeo" by The Byrds?

Yellow, black, and uh, rectangular.

Well, it seemed funny in context

Gopher Everett?

Okay, what's better, The South or The North?


Once and for all

A thumb on a man

Jesus, it's past 2 in the morning. I gotta wake up in a few hours!

Stop the madness!

The Wrestler: Touching, Powerful, but Predictable

Tonight's Song For The Lounge --

Hey MccTaTas.....

Ben & Jerry's newest flavor...REALLY!!!!


Group hug!

LeftyMom & fivegan...

I do my best....

Hey, who cares?

I Know You Rider, Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone.



Name it! I'll argue about it in my style!

Does anybody know where I can find some Devo videos?

Don't matter what you do...

Hurry home early....

I think I found Ann Coulter's vagina.

don't let life pass u by

Fuck it all...

Hey Philboy! Let's argue about this song

I just watched Cleaner

On the Allegations that Cynthia McKinney Is Crazy

Later lounge.

I just got an email from a friend who substitute teaches in Pittsburgh

Help I have a cranky Rethug on my ass!

I pretend I am a liberal...

Is it a man or a thumb? Who cares? Fuck you.

Who set Ann Coulters vagina on fire?!

Rice basketball mascot ejected from game VIDEO (00:37)

In context, it's just an admonition to be patient and finish what you start, BUT...

Well shit, so much for getting sleep tonight.

Well, that just friggin sucks

Looks like the aftermath of a Houdini routine in here this morning

Pittsburgh university upset over Grisham novel

So last night, Mr and BoyM and I went out to our favorite

Rush Limbaugh...5 homes in Palm Beach, 6 cars about half a million each.

Rush Limbaugh...5 homes in Palm Beach, 6 cars about half a million each.

Is it safe?

Wretched Excesses,Tain's $35,000 potty, Somers' Vaginal Injections,Corporate Jets etc.

Good morning Lounge

Bacon & peanut butter sandwiches are amazing.

Bacon & peanut butter sandwiches are amazing.

I want to create a Fred that never dies.

I want to create a thread that gets shot down, but before dying, manages to utter that crucial plot

Weekend plans

Good vibes for Rhythm today, please.

I just went through a rite of passage. I had a post removed.

Jesus Vega (that's Hey-soos, BTW) all those "civil war" threads were for real?

What band am I thinking of? (#1)


What band am I thinking of? (#2)

What gland am I thinking of? (#1)

Hey, Man. Where Have You Guys Been? - Cheech & Chong hit the comeback trail.

Have you ever wanted to eat dish soap?


"Hey, I saw you on TV last week!"

Serious question for The LIberal Men in The Lounge --

When I was a kid, this was a secular nation. What the hell went wrong?

I have to admit, I am totally opposed to the impeachment of Blago.

I want to create a thread that dies a quick and painless, merciful death.

I think the mental health support group is sleeping so someone here has to cheer me up

Ken Burns coming to the DU Lounge to film a 28 hour documentary....

It's official: NO Lingerie Bowl this year.

Everyone sing along now

I'm so pathetic; I miss Jack, and he's only gone at school.

interspecies yawn contagion? can it happen?

Poverty in America: No Shirt, No Shoes – No Service

LOST: Oh snap! I just realized who Jacob is!!

I want to create a bobbin that never threads.

My breasts itch. Invent the appropriate wive's tale.

ack! I've somehow deleted the people you might know application

I've started the last two threads to get locked in the Sports Forum!

I want to create a thread that

Chuck Norris Needs to Wash His Vagina

I want to create a thread that no one responds to


Dell is building me a new computer as we "speak"

I've been asked to be a celebrity judge at a chili cookoff

I almost never remember my dreams, but last night, I had a doozy

My marriage now has an expiration date

What former Governor has the most mystifying haircut in recent history?

I used to watch the Dr Laura tv show just to stare at her neck. It looked pregnant.

Orrex, you make me think of this:

My mind is paralyzed.

Wow! Dr. Phil and Nancy Grace on the SAME SHOW!


25 Random things about me.

Me and a Cooper's Hawk or Sharpie almost collided on my front porch.

Ashton Kutcher is a first class PRICK!

Name your fictional 60's/70's era all-purpose coverband

Scientology promoted in Bart Simpson's voice

Favorite Tom Petty acting role

I would gladly kill each and every one of you if called to do so by the state of Pennsylvania!

madinmaryland is under the misimpression that CNN is

Of ALL the fingers in the WORLD, you DO NOT want to pull THIS finger. Trust me on this.

Snow day again. Gonna be teaching until July at this rate.


lost-in-nj just called me a girl!

Give this some love

A new business opportunity, inspired by LynneSin

I was planning to wake up at noon today

Dolca Villa mango gelato

Miller's one second Super Bowl ad

Dammit! There's a hole in my underwear!

The GOP: Relegated to the Crane Machine of History

Its nice for once to end a week on a positive note.

I think I've had enough of life kicking me in the ass for a week.

Sister beats up bride at wedding reception

Yakov Smirnoff goes to DU! Make your best "In America you ___, in DU ___ to you!" joke

Disturbing exchange in the parking lot today

Would someone please buy my farkin' TV set?

Today is a 'Radiohead - The Bends' day

Super Bowl mayors wager trees on big game

Super Bowl mayors wager trees on big game

Motörhead - You Better Run

Anyone have any suggestions on what I should make for dinner?

Could you ever fancy yourself fucking a sheep?

Ever fancy yourself reading disgusting thread titles on DU?

The Official Rules of the Chili Appreciation Society International state, and I'm quoting here

Jell-o: Love it or leave it?

today was Lynyrd Skynyrd Day in my classroom.

Ever fancy yourself licking a donkey's taint?

Vader has a new ride...

The day I posted something terrible in the "Guns" forum

Kidlet fever: let it burn or not?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 1/30/2009)

Dont respond to this post...

MMMMM, Fresh Focaccia Margherita and Iberico Cheese...

Friday's Lolcat thread (inspired by the state of the economy)

Of ALL the fingers in the Universe, you DO NOT want to pull THIS finger.

This is NOT a sex thread...

Jason Bourne or Batman? Who wins in an all-out knock down, drag out war?

Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard...Pancho and Lefty

So that woman who just had Octuplets? Yea, she should have plenty of help at home.

San Ramon, California and it's practially Summer Weather

So.. I was thinking, ... (invention?)

Oh noes! A chicken wing shortage right before the Super Bowl?

What's not to like about Michael Steele, as many of you...

I've been watching Curb Your Enthusiasm, and all it does is stress me out.

I know that it's Super Bowl weekend and all, but

Arrested Development movie is a go!

I can haz night out drinking until I fall down?

I want to create a thread that dies immediately

I just bought "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" on DVD


How it's made-BACON (5:00)

My five year old son and I are having a "guys' night", tonight...

What it was...was football (5:41) Andy Griffith

Michael Steele is now RNC chairman and I am not happy.

What should I do with the evening? The man and the kid have a dance to go to.

Settle a debate! Which is healthier.....

Okay, okay, I am Michael Steele's sock puppet.

Found my diary from 1990. What a whiny little shithead.

I'm watching "Fast Times at Ridgemont High"...Oh, to be HIGH in school again..

Whole Foods' Vegan General Tso's Chicken...

Dexter Rules

Gotta love the Emergency Room!

FUCK. I need to buy health insurance somehow.

I haven't been in the States for a while now, so my question might seem silly to some...

So apparently Homer Simpson is fat now!

Based on the trajectory, my cat is clearly standing on tile while vomiting on the carpet.

If you have four threads locked in GDP within minutes

A good link for LOST info

The Thank God It's Friday jukebox is powered up. Spin your faves for teh Lounge.

If you don't have the beer

How the hell does a father not know when his kid's birthday is?

Where's kentauros? The rec fairy is back!

In Honor of Gene Hackman's Bday today, what's your favorite Hackman movie?

Tom Petty explains why albums should be $8.98

Does your cat do this?

Canadians have soul? Who knew??

Just when you thought it was safe... it's the RETURN of "Don't Tutch the But" !

That about power rings true

Sometimes I just don't get DU

Howard Stern 1984

Gordon Ramsay vs. Anthony Bourdain. Steel cage match. Who wins?

is wikipedia down for anyone else?

Gem at Fundies Say The Darndest Things dot com.....

OMG - most bizarre RW email yet

Is there a difference between nice people and good people?

Hey everybody...I visited my Mom today

To those of you who consider the harp a symbol of Ireland,

I am so fucking bored. Ask me anything... anything at all

mixer - home grocery delivery in Cali

My stomach is growling and my cat is confused.

Such a beautiful day to be off work. Too bad


My cat is talented, and I'm sick of it!!

Sign up here for The Lounge's nightly mumbly peg tournament. Starts 10 PM EST

Trial by fire for the new mods, eh?

Trial by fire for the new mods, eh?


Save The Sea Kittens!

who is this DUer?

Should I buy these shoes? (pic)

Do you recognize this short melody? Need help, less than 30 seconds of your time...

Why the hell am I watching CNN?

Just watched The Darjeeling Limited

Friday night flamewar

May I please have a hug.

Who do you want to win on Sunday?

Do you like Mario games and Mario as a character?

Just how many police shows are there on tv, both network and cable.

Damn, lost another one.

Women... when did you outgrow Cosmo mag?


OK. Just checking in on those who have a buzz going now!

Children of Men typically gets rated four out of four stars. Why?

It's a veritable cornicopia today in GD.

Whose Superbowl thread is more official?

Anybody got a good toothache remedy?

Can you read this? Only 55% of people can:

OK, heard my first racial slur at my new job this morning

The Way of St James - Pilgrim's Route to the Holy Land

downsized from cube to stall

What was the drunkest you have ever gotten?

40 Years ago, today - An impromptu concert on a Rooftop

Pittsburgh and Arizona - what foods are associated with these two locales?

kitten picture of the day for saturday january 31

Attn: Letterman's on; Bill Hicks footage soon

Attn: Letterman's on; Bill Hicks footage soon

In the spirit of TheMightyFavog, some random things about me:

Plastic wrap makes food taste like plastic wrap.

Coachella festival lineup announced (PAUL McCARTNEY, The Cure)

2 days til Super Bowl and our tv just died!!! Repair man took it

Bruuuuuuuuuuce! We loved YOU...Now you are SELLING US OUT WITH THIS POS!

Great Moments in Moderating History: Puglover

I just got home from cleaning up freeper PC. (Uncle)

BEST Detective / Cop / Action movie series: Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, Dirty Harry

New Mexico's medical cannabis regulations: Just one more bureaucratic dime-bag

Lol! Banned Durex commercial

Do you care who wins the Super Bowl?

Electrical question.

I just bought insanely high heels to go out drinking in...

So really, who would YOU have cast in the leading role of Valkyrie?

What would you do in this situation. I work in a gift shop. Yesterday

Those "Fat Stomach Ads" are really gross and everywhere. Who is paying for them?

Bad News~Have lost my job

So apparently Jessica Simpson is fat now!

I'll provide the answers, you just have to ask the right questions

My five year old just shouted something in his sleep.

Unconditional love

Flvegan, you are very much appreciated

What's your favorite low-budget sci-fi movie?

Read this thread if you've ever made fun of me

RIP "Don't Tutch the But"

What did you have for dinner? Or what will you have?

Attack of the over-complimenter!

What's your favorite short story?

How poor are you right now?

OK, serious question for The Lounge. Which would be the more marketable, desireable Master's Degree

So, who wants to Kill Gaeta? (possible BSG spoilers)

Freepers flip-flop on their love for Sen. Gregg(R).


A story about the stimulus package. What's in it for the unemployed?

Economic gloom and doom are the headlines this morning.... disturbing but it helps Obama.

Obama has been in office for 10 days

I wonder how many years it will be until we see Senator Sasha or Senator Malia enter the fray?

FoxNews must know it's morning viewer demographic is stupid and uninformed

Guys don't be naive

President Obama and Grifter Palin to be at same event on Saturday night.

Colo. man accused of threatening Obama surrenders

David Sirota: Moving the political center

Obama Stocks White House With Prominent Lawyers

Remember "Buy American" under Reagan was good? not now per Fix News.

Samantha Power to join Obama administration

Why GDP declined "only" 3.8% in the 4th quarter

Republicans in Congress and how Obama deals

I was wondering ... it's well documented that Rush is a Steelers fan ...

Limbaugh's gift to the dems - "I hope he fails" used in an ads to get support for bailout

Every time I hear someone say "President Obama" ...

Obama to repeal 4 Bush executive orders


I finally did it. Read through some Rush Limbaugh transcripts on his site

Obama-Biden speech re-run NOW ....C-span

((((Breaking)))) Economy Contracted By 3.8% Last Quarter

LOL spin: Sludge headline versus reality.

so doesn't this immoral spending of our bailout money by banks prove

so doesn't this immoral spending of our bailout money by banks prove

Time to send some shoes to Sen. Ben Nelson?

Iraqi Town erects a statue to honor the person who threw a shoe a Bush (w/ pic)

Obama touts middle-class task force led by Biden (or there Obama goes being progressive again)

The First Family inspires the smallest work of art (fits in the eye of a needle)

***Heads Up: Obama,Biden Remarks Now Live***

Mika: "Not a Single Republican Voted for Obama's Stimulus and I Don't Blame Them"

WH Press Briefing NOW

Obama Assumes Role Of Commander In Chief

389 Years Ago

Re: Blago

Let's get one thing straight

The Sleeping Judge

Just signed up to host an Economic Recovery House Party

RNC Chair: Will segregationist-loving Dawson beat out African-American Steele on the final ballot?

Justice Department opening criminal investigation into the Peanut Plant

The Paradox of Thrift and the Paradox of Deflation

Ken Blackwell withdraws and endorses Michael Steele for RNC chairman

Anyone else not surprised that the RNC chairman's name rhymes with "steal"? Seems that's how we got

Perhaps it was an offhand comment. But.. do you think it might have been on purpose?

does anyone have a copy of the pro-labor Executive Orders that Pres. Obama signed today?

did Mika just ask Charlie Crist a question that he had just answered:

I Floated This Idea Yesterday And Was A Bit Surprised By The Responses......

Security Around Obama Alarms Some VIP Donors

Steele is another Palin

Gov. John Lynch (D) would likely pick Republican to replace Gregg

Gov. John Lynch (D) would likely pick Republican to replace Gregg

So...Does Saltsman Have A Song For Steele?

CCR Alert: torture may continue

CCR Alert: torture may continue

SCHIP passes the Senate

If Obama really wants to have fun he should invite Michael Steele to the White House for a photo op

C-Span: Voting for RNC Chairman LIVE! First ballot count underway.

So now Palin is going to a "Washington elite" party so she can meet the "terrorist sympathizer"?

Boo, Sen. Ben Nelson. "I tend to agree with" Republicans on stimulus package.

Michael Steele will win and become the token RNC chairman.

Alan Cumming On Obama: "I'd like to see him naked"; says he has a big package

Remember these words of the new RNC chair: "I'm convinced we should not re-anything" (updated)

Deleted dupe. n/t

Since Rush Limpole is in the news a lot these days....

Since Rush Limpole is in the news a lot these days....

So, how long before the GOP "Wattsis" Steele?

"Republicans don't judge people by the color of their skin." GOP hack on Hardball.

Cornyn on offer to Gregg to stay in Senate: “I would say whatever it is, name it.”

Stabilizing the housing market (via government intervention)

"Blacks" DO NOT have to be democrats.

Ex-Goldman lobbyist now Geithner's right-hand man

Have the Obamas picked a new church yet? n/t

President Obama DOES want Rush Limbaugh to fail.

Condoleeza WAS ignored by Democrats.

Playing Catch-Up, the GOP Is All Atwitter About the Internet

I guess that's one way to get Judd Gregg (R-NH) out of the Senate.

Everybody loves liver and onion sandwiches, right?

(DU link inside) Show your love for Marcy Kaptur ...

Can President Obama snatch those $18 billion dollar corporate bonuses from the CEOs?

Mika calls unemployment insurance benefits "welfare"! Gregory has to set her straight.

David Cutler To Serve Obama In D.C. (Harvard Econ, Healthcare)

Freepfucks thrilled about their new RNC chair. I was particularly struck by this boast

I think it's hilarious that the GOP has chosen Michael Steele to be their new Chair.

Susan Collins and Ben Nelson are working together to strip some of the spending out of the

President Obama: You are a bitter disapointment to me

Who the hell is doing the vetting for the Obama Admin and why are they doing such a horrible job.

I thought it was a spoof,

Microbrews, anybody like em?

Send your ideas to VP Joe Biden at this site for a Stronger Middle Class - Link

That bailout money is OURS. If it goes to the banks, then

OK- here is the tax scandal waiting to pop up that Woodward referred to - Daschle

Toon that perfectly captures just how bad Republicans blew it

Sen. Lamar Alexander "Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid is wasteful spending."

In response to Rove being subpoenaed, Bush team stalling for time

wow, some wierd shit going on in DailyKos' electoral map

McCain to Obama: Going After Limbaugh a Mistake

BREAKING: Steele wins RNC chairmanship with 91 votes

Dick Steele

EPIC flame war going on at Politico: Obama vs Rush Limbaugh

Typical McCain, flip flops on Rush "Phony Soldiers" Limbaugh

Wanna see a border fence go up REEEEAAAALL quick?

Great job Senator McCaskill

Great job Senator McCaskill

Dan Rather to MSNBC?

Michael Steele: those of you who wish to obstruct, get ready to get knocked over.

Did anyone see that stammering Heritage Foundation guy just now on Hardball?

Mittens pathetic attempt to be relevant. Attacks Obama on Abortion and Gitmo

What's your favorite sci-fi movie?

Palin Shoes Bring in $2,025 on eBay


The mood on CNN right now is Daschle will survive

A really good first ten days, but Geithner needs to go,

Ready... Aim... Grassroots Attack! Let's nail the GOP Senate incumbents in 2010!

Obama Considers GOP's Gregg to Head Commerce (filibuster-proof Democratic majority)

Sandwich building / stacking order. (Hey, this is important!)

400 richest Americans’ incomes doubled under Bush.

Shameful (The White House Blog)

So now that Daschle may be out

Daschle will be confirmed as Secretary of Health and Human Services, despite the tax hiccup

Who is this tangle-eyed idiot on Hardball?

PHOTOS Barack, Joe, Michelle & Jill (Jan 30)

Michelle Bernard; FU TOO!

Phil Donahue. Dan Rather, Young Turks, Ed Schultz or Thom Hartmann to MSNBC?

He’s not a pomp and circumstance kind of guy

Damn!!! Now that a black guy runs the RNC all of the black people will vote GOP!

I have a few words for Congressional Republicans...

Picture of the Day: January 30, 2009

Oh look, Condi lies again!

Reports: Ex-Sen. Daschle failed to pay taxes (updated)

Abramoff-related case "director in the Senate..."Staffer F," tried to help insert spending"

Quite astounding: Rush Limbaugh is now head of the GOP. Not Steele, McConnell or Boehner.

Just curious: Who here still believes that President Obama is

I toured the Gettysburg Battlefield today with my unit and

Would you rather see the GOP totally implode or make a shift to the left?

Is there a picture of Jimmy Carter giving this hand signal?

Sticking It to Rahm (Pub: Rahm hates us and lets us know it, and we hate him back")

Curiosity Rises Over Clinton’s Travel Itinerary

White House Guest List for Superbowl Party

I want to create a thread that lapses into a coma, lingers, makes a miraculous recovery, then dies

I have a new celebrity crush...does anyone here watch "The Mentalist"?

I got your bipartisan right here...

Am I going to be the only one, that will not be able to remember all the name changes in 30 days?

The tragic case of Pam Graf

Wall Street Bonuses May Go Way of Dodo Amid Bailouts

Ex-lawmaker Wester Cooley is accused of investment fraud

Roubini Predicts More Global Gloom After Vindication at Davos

Gore hails Obama's climate goals despite crisis

EXCLUSIVE: Are you with Obama or Rush?

4.6 earthquake rattles Seattle-Tacoma

Turkey hails PM as 'Conquerer of Davos' after walkout

Tony Blair: I suffer doubts over Iraq

U.S. Economy Shrank 3.8% in Fourth Quarter, Most Since 1982

Wall Street perks 'irresponsible'

Bush officials authorized torture of US citizen, lawyers say

Electronics giant NEC set to slash 20,000 jobs

Econo-cide: Financial Woes Turn Deadly (Recent Suicides and Murders Linked to Job Losses)

Economic Signs Turn From Grim To Worse

Electric shocks came often at U.S. bases in Iraq, report finds

Army sees sharp rise in suicide rate

UN criticises forced evictions in Cambodia

Sri Lanka's president urges rebels to let civilians flee

Steep Slide in U.S. Economy, but Not as Dire as Forecast

North Korea says all agreements with South are void

Zimbabwe Opposition to Join Government

Economist magazine blocked in Thailand again (previous issue had been banned)

Electronics giant NEC set to slash 20,000 jobs

Poverty drives Myanmar Rohingyas into death traps

Organizing For America Takes First Action For Obama Agenda

Caterpillar To Cut 2,110 More Jobs At 3 Illinois Plants

New gov. wants to regain public's trust

Palin, Obama to share stage

Morgan Stanley, Goldman mull more job cuts: report

Saddam-Qaeda Conspiracy Theorist Surfaces Writing Iraq Reports For The Pentagon

North Korea tears up agreements

Blackwell Withdraws From (RNC) Chairman Race

RNC chairman Duncan abandons re-election bid

Anuzis Withdraws From (RNC) Chairman Race

Sewage yields more gold than top mines

Russia's S7 cancels Boeing order

(Mike) Duncan withdraws as RNC chairman

Secret Israeli database reveals full extent of illegal settlement

Father stabbed to death in front of daughter on his way to visit newborn

McCaskill offers plan to limit executive pay

'Slow-Motion Comedy Show': Days 4 & 5 of the Coleman/Franken U.S. Senate Election Contest in MN

Suburban Federal bank closed by federal regulators

Venezuela's Citgo Resumes Heating Oil Donations

Federal regulators shut MagnetBank in Utah (#4 this year)

Former Pres. (George H.W.) Bush Writes Coleman to Offer Support

AP Exclusive: Bad peanuts found before outbreak

Intercepting fish cause of economic distress

Inside Alaska's Explosive Redoubt Volcano

Alaskans brace for Redoubt Volcano eruption

Appeal Set for Convicted Lawyer Minor

NBC rejects anti-abortion Super Bowl ad

Criminal Investigation Launched in Salmonella Outbreak

Bush lawyer directs Rove not to talk to Congress—once again

Malaysia says 1.8 million-year-old axes unearthed

Tour bus crashes in Ariz., killing 5, injuring 15

Gordon Brown warns countries against protectionism

Exxon Mobil shatters US record for annual profit

Barack Obama welcomes union leaders to the White House (Reverse Bush’s Labor Policies )

Senate trial focuses on absentee processing (Franken-Coleman recount)

Clinton Lawyer On Bush's Exec Privilege Claim: "There's Only One President At A Time"

AP Exclusive: Peanuts tainted with metal fragments

Worst January ever for Dow, S&P 500

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday January 30

Attorneys: Bush officials knew of S.C. torture

Job cuts exceed 100,000 for the week

Cuomo eyes return of $4 billion in early Merrill bonuses

Verizon Could Get $1.6 Billion in Senate Stimulus Plan

Hamas must be brought into peace process, says Tony Blair

Aide who slammed Clinton to join Obama team(Samantha Power)

Michael Steele next RNC chairman

Giuliani: Fat cat bonuses help keep NYC afloat

US Mideast envoy Mitchell postpones visit to Turkey

Springsteen calls Wal-Mart deal a mistake

Release of Colombian hostages set for weekend

DEA quits Bolivia on Morales' order

Smithsonian asks for Aretha's hat. Yes, *that* hat

Grim growth data an economic 'disaster': Obama

BREAKING NEWS: Iceland to Become EU Member by 2011?

Daschle Pays $100k in Back Taxes Over Car Travel

Homelessness surges as funding falters

Military Commissions Must Obey President’s Directive, Official Says

Security Around Obama Alarms Some VIP Donors

Angry senator wants pay cap on Wall Street 'idiots'

Sen. Jeff Sessions "infrastructure spending does not work. History proves that.

‘Shoe monument’ in Iraq taken down one day after it was unveiled

Former USS Cole commander slams Obama on Guantanamo

Obama Considers GOP's Gregg to Head Commerce

State Department To Blackwater: You're Fired, Leave Iraq by May

Mullen Says Close to 30,000 New Soldiers Likely for Afghanistan

Governments across Europe tremble as angry people take to the streets

Feds allege plot to destroy Fannie Mae data

BART Shooting Cop Defense Claims He Meant To Use Taser

The John Conyers-Karl Rove showdown has been delayed.

PBS News Hour: U.S. Military Suicide Rate Highest Levels Ever Recorded

Barack Obama's Motorcade travelling between Presidential Inaugural Balls

'Oath of Office' by Roy Zimmerman

Getting More Infrastructure into the Economic Stimulus Package (Part 1 of 2)

Getting More Infrastructure into the Economic Stimulus Package (Part 2 of 2)

Red State Update: Obama's Stimulus Package

2 VIDEOS of Rush Limbaugh's old TV show (1:32 and 1:42)

Bring the Young Turks channel back!!!

Rush Limbaugh engages an ill informed liberal caller.

Frank Caliendo impersonates Rush Limbaugh

Limbaugh: America's #1 Liar & Hypocrite! CNBC Host Calls Out Rush during Phone Interview

Beauty of Iceland

AL GORE (1 of 15) SENATE TESTIMONY 1/28/09


Massive protests across France

Turkish PM walks out on Israeli President after denial of response

Davos 2009 - the meeting the Turkish Prime Minister walked out of

Hamas delivers cash relief to Gaza victims - 30 January 09

Tony Blair at Davos, Turkish Prime Minister walking out was 'inevitable'

O'Reilly Offers to Hide Rove from Conyers

Sigur Ros - Viorar Vel Til Loftarasa - English subtitles

McCain To Obama: Leave Limbaugh Alone!»

Vice President Joe Biden and the Middle Class Task Force

U2 - Bloody Sunday

Turkey's Prime Minister given a hero's welcome on his return to Istanbul

Glenn Beck reminds me of a wacky drunken neighbor

Attacks into Pakistan Continued By The Obama Administration - Democracy Now

TYT: The first female U.S. President?

Blagojevich Translated for the Politcally Impaired

Jet Li Joins Davos debate

The Century of Self: Engineering of Consent part 5

Where is Osama? -Saudi Prince interview

Friendly Coleman Witness: They Cherry-Picked Me (TPM)

Haitian Senate candidate a wanted man (Miami Herald)

Saved by the Bureaucrats

Pet “Value” Returns After Being Missing for Eight Years!

What is this New World Order thing?

Health Care NOW. (Paul Krugman)

The Throne Amidst the Ruins

TYT: Is Dick Armey Stuck In 1955?

Kevin Rudd's plan to rescue capitalism

What Would Molly Think?

George Bush’s Gift To The World: The End of American Imperialism

Forget Judd Gregg, Obama to Put Entire House GOP in the Cabinet

Produce the Note!

Roubini Sees Global Gloom After Davos Vindication

Sen McCaskill: "Bunch Of Idiots Up On Wall Street that are kicking Sand In The Faces Of Americans!"

Blagojevich's 'Otter' Defense in Animal House: A 'Blotter' On Our Society

Obama's busy, bold first 10 days in office could rival Roosevelt's pace

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Oh) on Buy American provisions in Federal Law and the Economic Stimulus Bill

What A Difference Ten Days Make

Springteen on Walmart exclusive: "MISTAKE......"

Labor Calls out the media on Free Choice Act

Some Silicon Valley companies having second thoughts on outsourcing

‘Americans first’ shadow on H-1B route

US set for ‘big bang’ financial clean-up (FT)

Monsanto’s Harvest of Fear

Union boss warns pols to keep promises

Countdown with Keith Olbermann: Karl Rove Says He Will Not Show Up For Congressional Subpoena

Closing Guantanamo puts pressure on leaders who back cruelty

Maddow Show - Isikoff - Investigative reporter (?) - Rove and Executive privilege

Next Right Winger Conspiracy Theory: Obama’s Hitler Oath

Health problems at the Big Three

Eugene Robinson: The GOP’s Soundproof Room

George Soros : The game changer

Friday Talking Points (63) -- Populist Rage?

Women Are Not “Pork”

Monsanto's Seed Police Keep Harassing US Farmers

Davos Delegates in ‘Denial’ as $25 Trillion of Wealth Vanishes

Joe Biden, USATODAY: Time to put middle class front and center

Former President Jimmy Carter supports a New 9/11 Investigation

Weekend Economists' Groundhog Day Weekend Jan. 30-Feb1, 2009

Army: Body armor safe for soldiers in combat

Army IDs soldier found dead in Hood barracks

Soldier dead from gunshot at Hood ID’d

3 political candidates slain in Iraq

Ind. Guard to send about 130 soldiers to Iraq

Blackwater: We will leave if U.S. orders it

New Orleans will not ask to extend Guard stay

About 200 Ind. Guardsmen to go to Afghanistan

Guardsman sues employer over promotion

Judge rejects Obama bid to stall Gitmo trial

Senator wants substance-abuse program review

Sailor arrested in baby’s death

4-star sees difficulties in closing Gitmo

2 sailors sentenced for ship-board child porn

Lockheed over budget on presidential chopper

Somali pirates hijack German gas tanker

Senate puts Filipino vet pensions in stimulus

Honolulu lawmakers join fight for Peralta MoH

Lejeune range cleanup prompts explosion warning

Funding spat stalls military eye injury center

Trainees take on the BEAST

Synthetic fuel plant at Malmstrom nixed

TYT: Alberto Gonzales can't find a job

Court case to decide future for Luke AFB

Pilots, jets to return to S.C. base from Iraq

Iraqis to lead vote security, but Americans will be nearby

Plenty of HiB vaccine on Okinawa, Japan

Military pulls peanut products from rations

Azores gas prices fall; Europe sees small drop

Chopper crash victims ID’d

In Diyala, authorities upbeat about security, yet not sure who’ll vote

3,000 detainees in U.S. custody vote in Iraq

Democracy’s proving ground

Officials to discuss troop realignment

Captain guilty of wrongful sexual contact

Bar ban brings call to talk

Probe of Laurean rape investigation halted

Hospital set to cope with deployments

Gitmo Judge Bucks WH Bid to Stall Trial

US Mulls DoD Aid to Mexico in Drug War

Homeless Vets Buried With Honors

Paratrooper Dies After Accident

DoD Buzz: Obama’s Afghanistan Strategy Likely to Ditch Karzai, Focus on Local Governance

Relatives of 2 who died at Gitmo sue Pentagon

KMA signs US$600 mln polysilicon deal with Hyundai Heavy

Suzlon Plans 1500-MW of Wind in Gujarat (India)

Pole-to-pole flight finds CO2 piling up over Arctic - Reuters

Peak oil notes - Jan 29

ODAC Newsletter - 30 Jan

Newark, Delaware Tests Vehicle-to-Grid Technology

North American Trees Dying Twice as Fast

Air Force drops plan to make fuel from coal in Montana - McClatchy

Exxon Profit Down 33% as Prices Fall

Serotonin linked to locust swarming

NATO summit: thawing Arctic could spark confrontation over energy reserves

Mexico City Begins Short-Term Water Rationing - Will Return Until Rainy Season Starts - LA Times

Hawaiian GHG Emissions Up 23% From 1990 To 2005 - U. Hawaii Study

UK Global Wild Seed Bank Project Hurt By Econ Crisis, Diversion Of Funding To 2012 Olympics

Alpine, Andean Glaciers Shrink For 18th Straight Year @ Double Rate Of Late 1990s - Bloomberg

Heat Records Falling Across SE Australia As Train Tracks Buckle, Spot Power Failures Grow

Malaysian Dengue Outbreak Worst Ever - 14 Dead, 5,062 Confirmed Cases So Far In 2009 - AFP

Yemen's Main Oil Pipeline Blown Up: Exports Unaffected So Far - Rigzone/DPA

San Jose, Tesla Suffer Huge Setback Over Stalled Plant

Wind Turbine Unveiled in Downtown Reno (NV)

Turds, Condoms Piling Up On Bonnie Banks Of Loch Lomond, Thanks To Exclusive Resort's Waste Dumping

Snow study shows California faces historic drought - Reuters

Virgin rainforest targeted for oil & gas drilling - The New Scientist - i.e. Land Use changes for

Toon: Bush Science Advisors

Review of Searchinger's Land Use CHanges article - devastating criticism by Bruce Dale professor of

studies on Land Use changes caused by oil and gas exploration (links)

Rising Acidity Threatens Oceans - “Severe damages are imminent”

Help Wanted for Green Jobs

Duke may drop rooftop solar plan

Former EPA chief will orchestrate Obama's efforts to achieve his ambitious goals on energy.

Climate Change Could Drain Great Lakes

Whaling: Iceland fish boycott calls grow

Will US follow Maryland's green lead?

NRC: Pa. nuclear plant workers fear retaliation

Reality Check: Volkswagen made a 50 mpg car almost 20 years ago!

Solar-coal hybrid power plants

New Jungles Prompt a Debate on Rain Forests

Low–cost LEDs May Slash Household Electric Bills Within Five Years

Japan to send armed ships to defend their own plundering Somalia Coasts - Sea Shepherd Commentary








Time for change

Today in labor history Jan 30 (ILO) - watchdog for workers' rights across the globe - was founded

Workers Who Speak Out

Detroit area electricians protest job cuts

Middle class task force

Are unions getting the backseat?

Two workers killed in Venezuela, while defending the occupied Mitsubitshi factory

Super Bowl Halftime Sponsor Bridgestone Firestone Continues to Exploit Workers in Liberia

Does This Seem Familiar?

Blogosphere echoes CIW demand for action on slavery!

Labor's Day At The White House

UFCW statement on middle class economic growth

President signs orders he says should 'level the playing field for unions

Boeing Busts the Union

Has union organizing turned the corner toward real growth?

Health problems at the Big Three

Biden and Obama welcome organized labor back into the White House

Ron Carey Memorial Meeting February 28, Flushing, New York

BCTGM-Alliance for Retired Americans: Friday Alert, 1/30/09

dcsmart to dcsmart: stop posting all this stuff don't you have anything better to do...

The Moral Hazard of the “Bad Bank”

Six held in Spain in Aim inquiry

Irish Debt Outlook Cut to ‘Negative’ at Moody’s

U.S. Economy Shrank 3.8% in Fourth Quarter, Most Since 1982

KKR’s Kravis Says Buyout Firms Face More Regulation

Swedbank Sees Deeper Baltic Slump, Risk of Deflation

Senators Bid to Regulate Hedge Funds

Barricks Gold excluded from Norway SWF for ethical reasons!

Dr. Housing Bubble 01/30/09

Baltic Dry Index is up slightly...but down 93% for the year.

Caveat emptor - "Strange Occurrances, and a Story about Naked Short Selling

Ex-Merrill Executives Got Burned by Madoff

supply side...Supply Side...SUPPLY SIDE!

What will happen to court-ordered support in this economy?

NFL pleads poverty as union fight looms

Stimulus Funds Offshore Outsourcing! US Tech Workers/Companies Denied!

Did anyone catch this quote from William Grieder on Dem Now?

Explain how this could happen to a mortgage?

Global Worries Over U.S. Stimulus Spending

General Motors to Invest $1 Billion in Brazil Operations -- Money to Come from U.S. Rescue Program

Is real estate a good investment right now? I have a chance to buy the house next door

my letter to Sen Hagan re helping self-employed in Stimulus package; k&r if you agree

Record Number get Jobless benefits - USA Today (..or scenes from the Republican Dystopia)_JW

Relatives of 31 Colombian detainees say they are not paramilitaries

Venezuelan defiance to rights treaty could set precedent

Call Obama about this.

Colombia's Constitutional Court grants gay couples full equal rights

Vt. judge refuses to limit child visitation in lesbian custody case

Hey meegbear! I Made Something For You!

I made a new smiley... he he he he he Ooh! Make That 2

Prayers for Bobby now available on iTunes

It's only a two minute prayer -- lighten up

Turkish PM given hero's welcome

Erdogan hailed after Davos walkout

Controversial scholar slams Israeli 'massacre' of Gaza civilians

U.S. envoy Mitchell set to return to Israel after general election

Israel plans more pinpoint strikes against Hamas in Gaza

Dozens believed dead in reprisal attacks as Hamas retakes control

Fuelling the Cycle of Hate

Anti-Israel Occupation Groups Unite

Blockade Thwarts Postwar Building Boom In Gaza

How IDF legal experts legitimized strikes involving Gaza civilians

I have nothing but contempt for people who steal other people's property

Netanyahu: I'm not bound by Olmert pledges,

For first time, U.S. professors call for academic and cultural boycott of Israel

9/11 Lessons From Star Trek

For those who have read Carter's new book "We can have peace in the holy land"

Spanish FM: We'll act to prevent war crimes probes against Israel

Hamas dispenses politics along with aid to Gazans

Pro-Israel media: Bloggers join media war

US puts up $20 million for Gaza relief

Israeli Apartheid Week 2009 May Be Coming To A Campus Near You

Cyprus: Suspected Iran arms ship violates UN resolutions

Obama supports Israeli 'genocide': Castro

Wow--- A thread locked in the Sports Fourm...

How it's made-FOOTBALL HELMET (4:42)

Cboy linked to locked thread

Hamas wants new leadership for Palestinians

Sen. Klobuchar watching Super Bowl with the Obamas

And you thought that the college football season was over. It's Texas vs. The United States!

Maholm, Pirates agree to three-year, $14.5 million contract

Despite devastating Ice Storm, SEC basketball goes on

Israel Has Fewer Friends Than Ever, Even In America

Turn it off!: The 50 worst announcers in sports today

Secret Israeli database reveals full extent of illegal settlement

Carter says Hamas must be included

US Senator Gillibrand (D-NY) Supporter of Vaccine-Autism Research

American Chronicle: "Pharma + Professional Persecution = Profits!"

Health problems at the Big Three

Support the "FDA 9" Dissident Scientists

Put your money where your mouth is

Health Care Now - Krugman

Three things that I suggest everyone here consider.

I may have saved my own life

FBI: Burgeoning gangs behind up to 80% of U.S. crime...

The National Wildlife Photo Contest


Three pics from last year I'd forgotten about...

Haven't posted here in a while -- San Francisco trip pics (40+)


Last night

I'm thinking of taking the LOA to another level.

Any psychic hits on this?

Actually checking in to post this:

A really excellent Esoteric movie worth seeing "Youth Without Youth"

Radical Forgiveness

Toon: Bush Science Advisors

Gabrielle Giffords, wife to astronaut, to lead House space panel

Redoubt Volcano activity page

Really good breakfast from Martha Stewart

Potato/venison stew?

National Haunted Service: exorcist summoned after spook scares staff at Derby Royal Hospital

Tuna Steaks tonight

Superbowl Menus...Whatchya havin' for the big game?

Cooks Illustrated Video: Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

Priests' Comments on Jews, Muslims Embarrass Pope

I'm going to kill that frickin' dog of mine.

Hold a good thought for Fiona today.


The First Ever! **DU GLBTQ Emoticon Performance!!**

Question please. If I ask some of my questions in other forums they

What is this New World Order thing?

Conspiracy theorists proven right about FEMA camp plans

KBH dumb as doorknobs: Doesn't know Texas would receive $16 Billion on Stimulus Money

Springsteen calls Wal-Mart CD deal a mistake...

Budget fails to quell criticisms of Prime Minister, poll suggests

Day to raise trade concerns with U.S. at forum

Is there a way?

Wireless help. WEP

John Kerry rooting for the Steelers!

Kerry against bad assets bill + Kerry on MTP Sunday

Six-year-olds fingerprinted by Britain

This lobbying scandal confirms it. The dying days of Labour are upon us

Father stabbed to death in front of daughter on his way to visit newborn


And this makes more sense than putting the money into State Schools?