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Aren't Israel and Hamas's Leaders Both Democratically Elected? Does That Make War Legitimate?


Hamas is stupid.

Doesn't Israel (US) have the technology to shoot down Hamas rockets?

Israel just bombed a large civilian street market in Gaza.

I may be wrong but why have I never seen a post here about Israelis who are AGAINST the action


Child killed by Israeli tank fire in Gaza becoming the first victim of a ground offensive

anyone have call of duty 5

Hi everyone!! I'm a disease!!!

How can we afford this?

Well, here's the answer, I guess?

Mia Farrow and Andre Previn's oldest daughter, Soon-Yi's sister, dies at age 35

How many of you understand how difficult it is to tell your boss "Sorry, I can't donate blood"

George W. Bush’s fabrication of information leading up to the illegitimate Iraq war. . . .

James Hansen's climate letter to Barack Obama - great!

U.S. Branch of Amnesty Calls on Rice to Drop "Lopsided" Stance

Ha'aretz: IDF admits exaggerating threat of Gaza rockets

Has the pope said anything about the

Tel Aviv demonstration, Saturday, January 3 - Stop the Killing! No to the Siege!

Who knew, who knew, Ledeen agrees with Netanyahu...war is ALWAYS the answer...

Notable Opinion Art of 2008

GO, MA! Less than an ounce is legal? YOU ROCK!

Separate Trials for Prayer Death Parents

Has there ever been a more blatant theft of the treasury than the Wall Street bailout?

My all-time favorite movie is "Anatomy of a Murder"--what's yours?

Six Vie to Become Next RNC Chair

Having your country occupied be a foreign military is the ultimate form of terrorism

public service thread:

WJ this morning - 1 trillion bailout for states ?

Memorial for Studs Terkel -- Book TV (CSPAN2) at 11am ET

I wish Molly Ivins had lived to see Barack Obama become president.

Shouldn't public officials think about the long-term consequences of decisions like this?

When are the conservative bloggers going to call out the US Chamber of Commerce? COWARDS!

Is there now peace on Earth? Just tuned in to

Is this just the beginning of false broadcasting?

Chris Gunness, UNRC Spokesman: "Life in Gaza is a Living Hell.

Luann (comic strip) goes political, wants to go to Hawaii & D.C. Hmmm...

Need a laugh? Blackwell wins Phyllis Schlafly's endorsement for RNC chair

Most likely New Year's Resoultion

Rerun of Studs Terkel memorial on CSPAN 2 now (11 AM EST) n/t

Whoops! Charlie Rose Mistakenly Declares Friend Dead

On December 10, 50 Democratic senators signed a letter calling for

'obama will be tested early'

I think Israel is obligated, and will be compelled to consult with Obama on any Gaza invasion

Bush says he wants lasting Mideast cease-fire

Racist gets drunk, shoots up neighbor's house to celebrate New Year

AP: Bushisms over the years (so many cringe-inducing, face slapping statements all in one place)

Why no special election in Illinois?

Damn, I just witnessed a neighbor's truck getting repo'd

RI Sen. Pell, creator of Pell Grants, dies at 90

breaking: Israeli airstrike hits mosque, killing 9, injuring 60

Sea Shepherd halts chase of Japanese Whalers to refuel

The fact that Isarel's actions are only possible because of the United States

For the new Senate, We May not Need 60.

Massive demonstrations planned in London,

"OMG she married some African guy and now her last name's Obama!"

Bush Administration Trying To Make It Easier To Turn Forests Into Housing Subdivisions»

Governments don't lie...

Spilled coal ash carries poisons-Arsenic levels are 149 times the limit for drinking water

The Warsaw Ghetto.

Growing Taliban use of marksmen worries U.S. military


a mediator and peacemaker does not assert blame ......

Analysis: Bush's personality shapes his legacy

You've got to listen to this!!

Haaretz: Israel launches ground operation in Gaza Strip

Protests Turn Violent In France, Greece - (Gaza\Israel)

Tying Obama up with war the way Clinton was when he first went into office

Are you familiar with Stefan Forbes? He produced "Boogie Man" (Lee Atwater)

Is KUCINICH the ONLY one ??

12 Trillion deficit?

Yellowstone Super Volcano Activity Increasing

Should the comma be outlawed?

Alberto needs a job. PLEASE Sign the petition

European protesters urge end to attacks on Gaza

Christiane Amanpour rocks.

Burris writes Reid

Israel just bombed a large civilian street market in Gaza.

Conservatives Whining About Their Loss of Power

US Branch of Amnesty Int'l Calls on Rice to Drop 'Lopsided' Stance

Where are the anti-war demos? Any links to planned actions?


Summarizing re: IL: Fitz, with the evidence, needs more time, while the Leg, without access

Benecio Del Toro as Che Guevara

17-year-old in Bismarck ND calls 911 "to report herself for driving under the influence"

Anti-war Demonstration in San Francisco at 5PM Pacific Time

Protests across the globe

America's hidden role in Hamas's rise to power

I'm going to get flamed for my opinion on Healthcare but here it goes

Hamas is stupid.


DNA dog breed testing

How is turning infants, toddlers, children into hamburger helping anything??

bu$h* gave his blessing

united nations security council will meet in nyc tonight

Proposal: Change I/P Posting Restrictions or stop sending threads to I/P that don't meet the reqs

New House Kicks Off with Ledbetter, Fair Pay Acts (R's are scared already)

Does anyone really believe that Bush's Yale grades weren't rigged?

DU Admins have every right to lock/move/delete I/P's their board.

The Star.. I think I like this newspaper..

Foreign military aid always seems to come back to haunt the U.S.

Israel: if you are bombing civilian targets you are using the tools of terrorism

If Obama is looking for a simple way to signal to gays he is serious about our rights

Is Israel attacking because of the upcoming election?

Nitpick one word out of my post and tell me why I'm wrong.

Apparently universal health care HAS arrived

How many Dem Congressmen do we have? How many do we need?

NY Daily News: "More Women for Maloney" as Senate pick

I wish the world was more like Matt

Amazing visualization of recent Yellowstone earthquake activity

Lead for car batteries poisons an African town

In broad terms, the great penalty for having a fool for a president

The Iraq War Is Now Illegal

Please support sustainable food and farming practices

Shoe Bush on January 19

It is 3 pm on a Sat. and the local ABC station is showing informercials for hours.

The freepers have a new conspiracy going.. "Trolls are making us look racist" LOL

Bushisms over the your "favorites"

Man arrested for farting

Israel has become the monsters that used to persecute them

Bush: "This recent out-burst of violence was INSTIGATED BY HAMAS"!! And Dems are SILENT as before!

America is Pro-War

I'm so fucking hetero that I make women pregnant by looking at them!

Ok, Obama, you can stop with the emails

Apprenticeship raises questions about Palin

The Year-End Quiz -- See how much you’ve failed to repress about the year:

Who's Staying at Blair House?

7 Consumer groups demand Congress pass Employee Free Choice Act

DemocracyNow: "How Israel and the United States Helped to Bolster Hamas"....

Make Sen. John Cornyn, R-Mofo.....

CNN Breaking: Ground offensive underway in Gaza...

Was the new Congress sworn in today?

AP: Minn. Recount Nears End; Up Next: Lawsuits

Texas jail shut after cops discover recliners in cells, rooms that lock from inside, rack of nails

Palin is odds-on favorite to win 2012 GOP nomination

"For Some CULPRITS In Financial Meltdown, Life Is Still Pretty Good"

The U.S. Sends $3.1 billion per year to Israel for Military Expense

Even Italy, Rwanda, and Burundi have more women in their Parliaments

"Fighting in dense Gaza brings child casualties "(Herald Tribune)

So been in the hospital for a few days...

Polls About Congress

Blundering Reporting on the Housing Crisis

Bartcop Reports, You Decide...

"Atheist? Where do your rights come from?"

Gas prices up $.15 since noon today

Special Prosecutor Question Number One Now On The Obama Site

"The next time this happens again..." Thinking about the Bangkok nightclub fire

"Sing a song about the Southland..." ; ) (contains giggles)

Israel has just fucking started WWIII with the Middle East

Why is Darth Vader considered evil?

What the hell ?

mass murders and mass detention camps are the only solution in the Middle East

Then There's This: 'Countering Iran in Gaza and Beyond'

If we knew Blago's pick wasn't corrupt, should he still be blocked?

Any "Countdown to bush's last hours in office" parties anywhere?

I'm gonna tell youse da truth! All dese senators talkin' trash about blockin' Franken and Burris

The ever so subtle pro-Israeli propaganda continues...

Fire truck kills Union, NJ firefighter in 'terrible tragedy' (charged with arson and felony murder)

AP is reporting that Israeli ground troops are entering Gaza

AP is reporting that Israeli ground troops are entering Gaza

Congratulations to Senator Al Franken

MN Counting Underway...800 to go.

George W. Bush’s learning disability: dyslexia

Why we should never compromise on our progressive principles.

Can we have a serious discussion about breastfeeding

We took the White House, Congress, and many Governorships and ..... (video)

X post: Have you experimented with your sexuality?

?? Did Fuckhead Do Radio Addresses While Clinton Was Still President?

I take back what I said about alleged FReeper troll seventhson.

Apprenticeship raises questions about Palin

Did Obama give his weekly youtube/radio address this week? I wasn't able to find one.

Faux News = "The Ann Coulter Network"

NYT: Clinton, Familiar With Pitfalls of Mideast Politics, May Face Early Test in Gaza

Ed Schultz gone from Los Angeles/San Diego Raido

NEWSMAX: Headlines, really feeling the pain conservative idiots? Good!!!!

As to the argument of Bobby Rush and others and Obama must be replaced

Wolf Blitzer should be reprimanded for his incredible rudeness.

Must be no news today

Tomorrow is the Third Anniversary of Ariel Sharon's debilitating stroke...

Coleman camp: ‘We’ll take legal action to remedy Franken’s artificial lead’

With Al Franken poised to become the 59th Democratic Senator....

Did Bush pardon Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard?

pics from gaza

Does Roland Burris really believe he can strong arm his way into the Senate?

Kennedy Was Spared Financial Disclosure as a Top Aide at City Schools (NYT 1/3)

The arrests of the people conspiring to bribe Blagojevich are coming when?

Airliner hell as 40 passengers - many drunk - 'run amok' on flight from Gatwick to Cuba

I know Harry Reid won't do the nuclear option. I know he just won't.

unbelievable, 'kill them, kill them all' freepers on gaza

The DCCC Claims It Spent Its Money Well... Did It? (from DWT)

From the Sidelines, Top Contenders for Clinton's Senate Seat Emerge (NYT 1/3)

Now that 2008 is past .

Republican Senators Can't Pretend To Be Moderates Now

Can someone please explain the 650 votes that Coleman wants counted

Contraceptive pill is polluting environment and causing male infertility: Vatican newspaper

Reid to Meet With Burris Next Week As Showdown Looms

Non-violence is the only way. Peace shall overcome.

Well, I'll have to admit it - Bush *did* warn us his administratiom would be a failure..

Ted Kennedy, the "Lion of the Senate,"

LAT: Parents of man shot to death by Anaheim police sue city

faux responds to 'Magic Negro' scroll, but don't expect an apology

Maddie Blaustein (October 9, 1960 - December 11, 2008)

EXACTLY One Year Ago

God Tells Pat Robertson US Headed For Socialism

The next great lie from the pulpits that won't die?

When they repossessed our car I gave them the keys, why argue with the inevitable?

Where's the UN ?

Who would YOU like to see as Senate Majority Leader instead of Reid?

Any munitions experts here who can identify the bombs or missiles

Dad kills 2 year old son when ordered to pay child support

The Bravery Of Being Out Of Range"

Rep. Donna Edwards (D-MD) Stands Up, Calls For Immediate Gaza Cease-fire

The Iraq War Is Now Illegal

Legal Schnauzer: Will We Ever Get Serious About Animal Cruelty?

TIME - A Spurt of Quake Activity Raises Fears in Yellowstone

Do we really want a Majority Leader who is afraid of the Republicans?

Cops fatally shoot Nazi memorabilia collector (WA student wearing Nazi uniform and wielding rifle)

Who can turn the world on with his smile?

Muslim family booted off U.S. airline gets apology

In Case You Missed This: John Bolton: Gaza Crisis Means We Should Attack Iran Now


Special Prosecutor Question Number One Now on the Obama Site

Shred your credit cards

Blair House

Blago sure ain't dumb no matter how crooked he may be

Bill O Reilly reacts to Sen Al Franken winning Norm Coleman's Senate Seat

A Call For Peace: Recommend to call Hamas and Israel to the Peace table.

Portrait Emerges of Anthrax Suspect’s Troubled Life

You remember "The Nuclear Option"?

Swastikas daubed on Holocaust memorial

Need info on OTH (Other Than Honorable) discharges from the military...

The Army Quashed Anthrax Investigation Led By Ft. Detrick Scientists (NYT)

She walks every day to work using the same road, but all of a sudden there was a U.S. patrol

FBI E-Mail (Obtained By ACLU) PROVES - IT WAS BUSH - Who Authorized Abuse of Iraqi Detainees

If Reid did insist that Blago appoint a white senator

Is it me or are there starting to be more and more Democrats brought down by now legal wiretaps.

Recount is complete; Franken up by 226

Thousands rally in Tel Aviv

Larisa Alexandrovna: Rove, WH Emails, Attorney Scandal, Siegelman - All One Story, Justice Not Done

Police catch serial rapist by matching DNA of rapist's 4 year old son

Why does anyone have to take sides in this conflict?

20-20 tonight... Oh my..there's not enough popcorn in the world

It's SHOE time - have fun!

TV and teen pregnancy.

Halfway through "Family of Secrets" by Russ BAKER. Spoilers.

NYC mayor heads to Israel to 'show his support'...along with police commissioner Ray Kelly...

Come on, Coleman. Don't be a Sore Loserman! Concede already, Franken won!

Will Obama's public silence on Israel's military response to Hamas translate into complicity?

Amtrak photo contestant arrested by Amtrak police in NYC’s Penn Station

Fanken Baby!!!

We Lived to Tell the Story: Lebanon Rescued Us: Cynthia McKinney

It's time we had a Pet Parents' Bill of Rights

Can you coin a word? Claiming that a particular allegation is false...

Should churches/religions/cults be taxed?

Frank Rich: A President Forgotten But Not Gone...Smaller Than Life

We mock the "Get a brain morans", guy but 698,798 rocket scientists voted for Ralph Nader last year

Let me show you something, and it shows why I'm suspicious of Scientology in re Jett Travolta:

Here's something that REALLY bothers WRONG in today's "techno-society"

Political caving-in and other stuff since 2000 that has angered me the most. .

Iraq was a legacy of lies told and lies believed. A confused time. A tragic time.

Willful Denial, Arrogance and Stupidity

America's blind support of Israel damages the US national interest. Yes? No?

grrrrrr ........

Talk to the CANNON. Have a few words with the CANNON cannon cannon...

I'm headed to the kitchen for cocoa. Anyone want anything? nt

Road Trip!

The (Korean) film, "Ditto".

I have been watching the old games in black and white on the game show channel.

Tom Scholz is a Freemason and Boston lyrics and album covers...

Ran Out Of Love Spam Last Nite

inversion tables

Damn, I've got a 101 fever and aches. Hubby wants me to "sweat under blankets"

Anyone know any black polish jokes?

Play a Pain song!

Play a Pain song!

Some parents are so freaking clueless

Some parents are so freaking clueless

The collective wisdom of DUer Loungers

Does anyone remember the band Human Switchboard?

Why America Is Still Awesome

Wii Wii Wii Wii, all the way home...

some asshole put orange juice in my

Why didn't anyone in the Lounge ask for this for Christmas?

I want you to walk all over me.

Is Midlo missing, or is it just my imagination?

Did you know that Diggy Liggy Li loved Diggy Liggy Lo?

Working on a collage to post at the GOODBYE SHRUB website

If I have posted anything irrational, unkind or plain old

Is the BOLD type the forum uses for the topic titles harder to read than plain?

Matt Smith (age 26) is the new Doctor Who

Burglar flees in terror after homeowner returns from New Year party..dressed as Thor, God of Thunder

After going through a whole bag of pistachios..

Suspicious father...IS THIS ANYTHING????

Polyester sportcoats

I'm Listening To Aphrodite's Child '666'

Central Autralia's Legendary Rock Feces

Hitlers myspace profile.

How dare 'Playgirl' get the ax?

The Demolition of Shea Stadium: Aerial Pics...

I want to see The Wrestler! all hype, no movie....

A 17-Year-Old Girl In North Dakota Got Drunk On New Years...

A 17-Year-Old Girl In North Dakota Got Drunk On New Years...

Dave and Busters. Is this an appropriate place for four young women, ages 17-19, to spend a

I just injested over BILLION live bacteria cells

So much for the winter storm warning of 3~5 inches during the day and another 3 tonight.

Anybody get anything cool for the holidays?

Anybody get anything cool for the holidays?

Is it Just me: Does anyone else with 5.1 sound for TV get a mm-mm-mm during commercials and

What's your browser?

Celebrity Apes!

Frederick hates DU!

This is for all the Dallas Cowboys haters:

Central Kentucky's Legendary Rock Fences

Dang - my husband's headed back overseas tomorrow (for work, not for

Is there a movie that you were going to see over the Christmas holidays that

'Northern Exposure' Marathon in my house today. Hubby found a boxed set

Why were the beds separated in most sitcoms in the 50s?

Who do you think is cuter

Why are the beds seperated in most European hotel rooms?

bad mistake

Can there POSSIBLY be anything more fucking lame than a thread about "tribute bands?"

Woah.. Crayon Physics

1st Playoff game on NOW. Go Falcons!

kitten pictures of the day for saturday January 3

Hallmark Scientists Identify 3 New Human Emotions

Why do some 1˝ hour movies seem so long, while some 2˝ hour movies zip by so fast?

Ex-Giant Ingram captured, arrested

Rolling Change...

I finally hit my Weight Watchers goal. Ask me anything. (nt)

Who has experimented with their sexuality?

My local department store already has their Christmas stuff out.

I love this episode of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"

Hi, billyskank!

Hi, billyskank!

Michael Dick got his balls handed to him

DUzy Awards for the week are up in GD.

There's a cat caterwauling outside my office window. Has been for days.

She just wanted to make it snow

DU Omnivores: Do you ever get disgusted by food in general?

I have nothing to say but I'm posting this for Creekdog...

Anyone see Eagle Eye? I'm watching it now, what an intense movie

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 1/3/2009)

Wow...The Unborn looks really, really, REALLY awful.

Help me come up with a creative response to this inquiry on a Craigslist ad I posted.

DU Herbivores: Do you ever get disgusted by plants?

Commissioner James Gordon or Ned Flanders?

So I see Yoko Ono is trying to make it look like John Lennon cared about children at all.

Snow can be fun, look at this pic...

Hey geniuses, how do I shrink a big picture (4 MB) so I can send

Kids of the 60s: Do you remember slot cars?

$18 for a scarf, originally sold for $36, and should have been $9

I'm feeling crunchy tonight.

Everybody was Kung Fu fighting ....

*** DUzy Awards for week ending January 2, 2009 ***

The Wii is fucking addictive.

Post arguments to convince my partner that we NEED a wii!

Wait a minute Mr. Postman ....

Anyone here walk like an Egyptian?

When I want to post in the lounge and have nothing to wear..

The Cat's Meow

You Talkin t' me?

Should the comma be outlawed?


Ah yes, it's 30 degrees outside and windy. Time for some January BBQ!

Just got done watching the Halloween remake....piece of shit ( long rant ) long time coming

XBOX360 - who knew?

What did Santa leave under the freepers' Christ™mas trees?

What do you do when you want to post in the lounge but have nothing to say

I have been sitting infront of the computer since 10 am

If you put Jamal Williams in the end zone, you will score a touchdown

What's in a name?

The Chargers Powder Blues..

If you could complicate your life, how would you do so?

Who's still in their PJ's?

well that game SUCKED.. but i still had a good time

My Boyfriend Got a Beatle Haircut

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/3/09

bye for a while, du

Ever go through your bookmarks and find really strange stuff?

What movie(s) have you seen the most times?

Are the sleeves too short?

What do you do when you want to post in the lounge but have nothing to say?

I sure do feel safe in the Lounge. I feel that if I venture out of here, I'll be banned instantly.


I just vacuumed. After 6 months. Hurray for me!!

who do i gotta

So Alabama ran into its kryptonite: Magical Mormon Underwear

Colts LOSE!!!!!!!

I Feel Safer Now Knowing That GERALDO Is Deep In War Torn Gaza

If I waited until I had something to say I would post in GD

Does anyone know about non-verbal learning disability (NLD)?

Loungewear of the Apocalypse

Are lesbians gay?

When does one give up on a friend?

Recently widowed woman finds her late hubby had just won $10 million lottery

is anyone else deeply bothered by the new use of the word "futurist"?

At last! Blonde@last's Christmas puppy (pics)!

Anyone play "Egyptian"?

I went to a Lou Malnati's Pizzeria last night

How many times have you seen the movies you've seen the most times?

We saw "Milk" today.

Welcome to Australia (NOT for the faint of heart, lol)

What would you do if you found out your significant other was a space alien?

Shrink film window insulation kits?

So, if I understand Facebook

I'm having an invisible day.


What's a Mom to do.....

If you could simplify your life, how would you do so?

Watching Serenity on the SciFi Channel...

When I want to post in the lounge and have nothing to say..

Post goofy things you reminisce about

I kissed my best friend by accident tonight.

Lyrnrd Skynndner

Just got a very bizarre robocall.

Of all the dangerous things that cults do, which is the MOST dangerous?

Why couldn't the new Dr. Who have been a woman or a non-white?

NFL Playoffs Start Here - Make Your predictions!

Should oshyposhy and I go out and get boxed tonight...

Saturday night ** pic thread **

Tavernertavern: Stone Cali-Belgique IPA. Yummy. Clovey.

My all-time favorite movie is "Anatomy of a Murder"--what's yours?

My all-time favorite movie is "Anatomy of a Murder"--what's yours?

"Bogtrotter" . . . . . my new word for today......

Which browser do you use?

*****Unofficial OPTICAL ILLUSION Thread***** Post em if ya got em...

I think my room mate might be crazy/paranoid

Forgotten originals - post a song whose cover version(s) are better known.

Chargers WIN!!!!!!!

Folks forced to sell cherished collections, heirlooms, keepsakes put up for sale to pay bills!

What does Jesse Jackson Jr, Danny Davis, Emil Jones, and Roland Burris have in common?

I can't wait until this country is finally being lead by a President what can reason and...

Will Obama push for universal health care for all children in this country?

On Punahou School Campus, Obama and Memories

The 6 who think they want to lead the RNC

where are all the threads complaining about the appointment of Michael Bennet?

Rocky Mountian High: 17 days left!

Seating only Burris or Franken will not affect our ability to pass legislation

"Subcommittee B, to plan the implementation of the policy...

Do The Damn Math

Chicago Sun-Times: Burris selection likely legit -- so seat him

Talkingpointsmemo's Rosenberg: Rep. Donna Edwards Stands Up, Calls For Immediate Gaza Cease-fire

Obama Image Request (magazine covers)...

I think Obama needs to detach himself ASAP from this whole damn mess in Illinois.

What do you think the prospects are for passing ENDA this year?

The SHE-MAN makes another stupid statement can someone put a muzzle on her

Obama Plans Bipartisan Meeting on Economic Stimulus

Yellowstone Super Volcano Activity Increasing

Is there any cool, not tacky, memento of the Inauguration that you can buy online?

Hawaii's Still Waters Run Deep for the President-Elect

Burris Sought Death for Innocent Man

The Finer Points of Liberalism

Any Chicago/IL DUers agree with me? I wish this was some local fanfare for the Obama departure. . .

Democratic voters overwhelmingly oppose the Israeli offensive...

Why I'm proud to be from Minnesota: Watch the count of abstentee ballots

PHOTO Franken supporters wait for the result....

Those looking to throw Reid under the bus re: IL Senate seat should also target Durbin as well

reid called blagojevich about who was`t acceptable for the senate seat

Who is the new Senator from Colorado? Check this out.

I was closer than Nate Silver. I predicted Franken +125. He won by +225

Mr. 89% popularity (photos)

***Minnesota Absentee Vote Counting Thread** Starting 1:35 PST Franken +49

Tone May Empower Obama's Agenda

Does anyone know whats up with these last 654 ballots in minnesota?

Malia & Sasha prepare for Sidwell

For the Obamas, it's new-home, new school time

Message to Michael Steele: You Can't Spell Republican Without 'Re'

has there been an explanation of GD vs GD P recently?

With Obama's Rise, Punahou School Adds to Its Distinctions

"Reverse Freeping" (and ticking off Berg) anyone??

Washington Post Website: .... Who does their website headlines?

Clues Leak Out: How Obama Will Deal With Bush-Appointed US Attorneys

Denver Post: "How do you feel about Michael Bennet as the choice for U.S. Senate?"

Bush History-President Bush's Hard, Very Hard, Oh So Hard, Night, 1/3

Censure and Moveon

Why do people declare that "it is official, it is Caroline"

Welcome new 2009 Democratic Senators ~~

Whites built this nation, Negros will deface it.”

Obama's inauguration: Lincoln's Bible (good summary)

Do you think Obama has looked over the table at Michelle and asked

Will Obama, then, deliver the State of the Union Adddress?

Obama's Perilous Compromise with Looters

PHOTOS Look what that Egyptian reporter started.

Notice anything odd in this video?

Steve Chapman in the Chicago Tribune: Why the Senate should seat Burris

10 Things I want Obama to do

Pushing Kennedy for President is nothing but idolization in action

Should Military recruiters be allowed to go into High Schools?

Perilous test awaits Obama in detainee case

Shame,Shame, Shame on You DU

Why Is Anyone Surprised About Rick Warren?

Inside the Presidency (National Geo) Great Read!

What makes Franken's win all the more delicious?

Will Caroline Kennedy prevent Obama from establishing relations with Cuba?

Franken wins + 223 Congratulations Senator "Landslide" Franken

Question about Healthcare from the Idiot Class:

Question about Healthcare from the Idiot Class:

Red States =net takers, Blue States = net givers

Obama is not going to pander to anyone

"Barack Obama born in Kenya!" --The Globe

Hey DU. Give it up for Iowa. One year ago, tonight.....

Reuters: Raul Castro says hopes too high for Obama (as LGBTs have bitterly found out)

Freepers to the Watch List. They have now become terrorists.

Do you think that reaching out to Warren will improve the chances for equal rights?

Check out this police dog!

2008 Web Log Awards - Bigot PUMA sites shortlisted

Been gone for three days. Did I miss anything?

With Obama, DC Residents Hope For A Voice

John Travolta's 16-year-old son dies from injury at actor's Bahamas vacation home, police say

Sri Lanka bombs Tigers in north after fall of HQ

Shootouts leave 8 police wounded in Mexico

Peacemaking Event is Attacked in Iraq

Appeals Court Polarized in DeLay-related Ruling (Dem Justices Blocked from Filing Dissents)

Six Vie to Become Next RNC Chair

Reid pressured Blagojevich not to appoint Jackson Jr. to Obama’s U.S. Senate seat

Israel set to begin ground war against Hamas in Gaza

Iraq won't be used to threaten neighbors: Maliki

Leaflets warn Gazans to get out of harm's way

John Atta Mills Wins Ghana’s Presidential Election (Update4)

Israeli ground troops have begun moving into Gaza, according to Israel Defense Forces.

Hamas not to blame for current crisis despite Bush claims

U.S. Debt Expected To Soar This Year

Israel bombs Hamas sites, split on ground invasion

Obama: Country Needs Economic Stimulus Plan (Saturday Radio Address)

ANALYSIS / Israel must prepare to turn its military might from Gaza to Iran

Israeli ground forces launch Gaza invasion

Army Recruiter Suicides Prompt Investigations

US-installed Iraqi ex-PM says Bush "utter failure"

Tsunami alert issued after strong Indonesian quake

U.S. Military Takes First Step to Quit Iraqi Cities

Economic talks bring Maliki to Tehran

U.S. military takes first step to quit Iraqi cities

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Shirin Ebadi of Iran is threatened at her home

Navy May Close Case Of Missing Pilot

Reid Has Conflict of Interest, Blagojevich Spokesman Says

U.S. Forest Policy Is Set to Change, Aiding Developer

Two IDF soldiers seriously wounded, 9 lightly in Gaza fighting

Congo says Ugandan rebels fleeing toward CAR

Russia gas row disruption spreads, no talks in sight

Quake hits Indonesia's Papua island, four dead

NYC mayor heads to Israel to 'show his support' (????)

Israeli Troops Launch Attack on Gaza (ground troops- NYT 6 minutes ago)

Thousands rally in Tel Aviv for and against Israel's Gaza op

Tense moments in Minnesota Senate recount, Candidate tries to halt Minnesota recount

Developing: Israeli troops 'move into Gaza'

Former DNC chief announces Va. gov run

Venezuelan U.S. Dollar Reserves Close 2008 at Record $42.2 Bln

U.S. thwarts Libyan push for Gaza truce demand at UN

France condemns Israel land offensive in Gaza

U.S. could be facing debt 'time bomb' this year

More Groups Than Thought Monitored in Police Spying

Ashlanders 'Shoe Bush' at Navickas' new art gallery

Reid pressured Blagojevich not to appoint Jackson Jr. to Obama’s U.S. Senate seat

Historians battle Wal-Mart over key Civil War site, Wilderness Battlefield

UN Security Council has 'failed' in Gaza: Arab League

Riot police called out in London as protest ends in skirmishes

Franken gains big in count of new Minn. ballots

EU presidency: Israel ground op in Gaza 'defensive not offensive'

Michelle Obama, Daughters Arrive in Washington

DTV converter box coupon program running out of money

Intense fighting reported as Israeli troops cross into Gaza

A New Cigarette Hazard: ‘Third-Hand Smoke’

Thousands protest in Europe at Gaza offensive

Conservatives on 9th Circuit Can't Rescue Boy Scouts From Establishment Clause Claim

Yellowstone Earthquakes Raise Fears

Brazil freed 4,600 farm slaves in 2008

How does this end?

Israel's righteous fury and its victims in Gaza

Israel keeps ban on foreign journalists in Gaza despite a recent Supreme Court order

Israel to treat more injured Gazans (Jerusalem Post)

At least 435 Palestinians killed in Gaza in one week

Abbas to Release Hundreds of Hamas Prisoners

"Creative anarchy" in the Gaza Strip

Israel May Win in Gaza, Hamas Won't Lose and Moderate Arab Leaders and Obama Will Worry

Israel mobilizes navy units off Gaza coast

Live GAZA updates on twitter

US blocks cease-fire, gives Israel carte blanche to continue killing in Gaza

World protests at Gaza conflict

IF Israel is an apartheid society,

13 reported killed in airstrike on Gaza mosque

Bush, Obama and the Gaza blitz

ret.FBI agent Coleen Rowley LTE on Israel/Palestine

Gaza and the World: Will Things Ever Change? (Ramzy Baroud)

US demands at GAZA

White House, Israel Reject Conclusion Of Aid Groups That Humanitarian Crisis Exists In Gaza»

Obama's Deadly Silence

Mark Steel: So what have the Palestinians got to complain about?

Israel May Be Running Out of Targets, Air Campaign Could Be Nearing End

Hamas urges suicide bombings as attacks escalate

Israeli Airstrike Kills Top Hamas Militant in Gaza(Third Senior Member Killed)

Statement by Prof. Richard Falk, UN Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in the Occupied

Foreigners flee as Israel destroys Hamas homes

Leaflets warn Gazans to get out of harm's way

Israel has plenty of tactics for war, but none for peace

To Live and Die in Gaza

ANALYSIS / Israel must prepare to turn its military might from Gaza to Iran

"Mideast: Jewish Organisations Call For End to Gaza Bombings"

Any word on the crisis from Steve Cohen, Jerry Nadler, etc.?

Gaza hides a war over the Arabs' future

Israel’s onslaught on Gaza will fail

America's hidden role in Hamas's rise to power

EU Presidency: Israel ground op in Gaza 'defensive not offensive'

DemocracyNow: "How Israel and the United States Helped to Bolster Hamas"....

Totally Different

Bombing Refugee Camps in Gaza Instead of Paying the Refugees Reparations

Gaza and the Law of Armed Conflict (Proportionality of the Gaza Conflict)

Criminals vs cowards

White Phosphorous: Israel fires artillery shells into Gaza

Tel Aviv rally decries Gaza assault

Troops face bitter battle of the tunnels

Israel's air force shells orphanage in Ar-Ramal; one killed

Gaza: Hamas relishing chance to take on Israeli forces

Starhawk on Gaza: “I Just Don’t Get It…Or Rather, I Do.”

Gaza is at the centre of an unwinnable war

Israeli Tank Column Enters Gaza: Witness

Israel maintains ban on journalists entering Gaza

Hamas moves on Fatah 'collaborators'

Israel must come to a ceasefire with the Palestinians!

Hamas not to blame for current crisis despite Bush claims

"Fighting in dense Gaza brings child casualties "(Herald Tribune)

Just got back from a Palestinian rally I was at for work

Riot police called out in London as protest ends in skirmishes

Israel Gaza Offensive Boosts Barak, Scrambles Election Outlook: It's the elections stupid

Tomorrow is the Third Anniversary of Ariel Sharon's debilitating stroke...

Caroline's Competitors Claim She's a 'Ya Know It-All'

NY Jets Seek to 'Reverse' Fortunes in Hiring New Coach: Benjamin Button

Cost of dealing with insurance bureaucracy

The Bush Years

Democratics Exact Revenge: Release CD of 'Dick the Magic Vigo'

Funding the Israeli Military The U.S. Pipeline From Industry to Congress

To Live and Die in Gaza

Mass Uprising of Greece’s Youth: Bailouts for the Banks, Bullets for the People


Israel, Gaza and the US: what will Obama do?

As 111th Senate Is Set to Begin, Four Seats Still Up in Air

Bushisms Over the Years

Frugal is cool in cash-strapped US (Guardian UK)

William Blum: Anti-Empire Report:1/3/08

G.M.’s Secret Success

Congress Faces Historic Challenges

The Last Word: Hatewatch’s 2nd Annual Smackdown Awards

The Daddy Bush Connection with JFK's Assassination? Please check out these links.

Glenn Greenwald: Dem leaders out of step with voters on Israel's attack on Gaza

Chicago to take over at the White House

This is YOUR War on Drugs - and it's killing Mexico.

Support Damon Weaver to Interview Obama, Meet Malia, Sasha

Global Warming Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg: Warming could lead to warfare

Well well well - Ben Harper and the Blind boys of Alabama

AP: Protesters in D.C. Condemn Attacks in Gaza

Thousands of Shoes Appear on Miami Freeway

Dear Obama

Rabbi Against Israel (Zionism)

Israel Won't Allow Journalists In Gaza - Ground War Imminent

Israeli Omer Goldman Calls Gaza Assault IDF Terror

01/03/09: President-elect Obama's Weekly Address

Weekend Economists: The Deja Vu Edition January 3-4, 2009

Obama Weekly Address: Country Needs Economic Stimulus Plan

Mary Lou McDonald speaking at the March in support of the people of Gaza,

max keiser promo - new finance/political/pop culture show on BBC World - The Oracle with Max Keiser

Israel's politics spill into Gaza

Veteran of George's War Wants a Bail-Out

Red State Update 2008 Year In Review

CNN: When Michelle Met Barack

Barack The Magic Negro

Like It Is: Horrors of Drug Addition (1981)

Queen Rania: Come together, stand up, and speak out about Gaza.

TYT: Guess How Many Pairs Of 'Shoe Thrower' Shoes Have Been Sold?


BBC: Israel Military Refuses Supreme Court Order To Let Journalists Into Gaza

Young Turks: Scarborough Gets Embarrassed On His Own Show!

ABC News: Top stories from Aug 18th 1970 (state-of-the-art graphics 1970 style)

Young Turks: Who Was The Most Important Or Most Famous Person To Die In 2008?

Fiddling while Gaza burns

Bill O'Reilly whines about MN vote recount

New Ann Coulter Book Coming This Week -- Rips (Surprise) Michelle and Barack O

Targeted by violence, peace in sight

COLA rates get boost in Europe

Reporter's Notebook: Engineers have seen plenty of Afghanistan

U.S., NATO seek supply routes in Asia

Afghan bombings increase

S. Korea mulls fingerprint plan

Soldiers Shoot, Wound Woman in Baghdad

Home-based Jobs for 2009: What's Hot, What's Not

Bush Wants Lasting Mideast Cease-Fire

Military Update: CBO eyes military retirees, vets for health cost cuts

Australia Won't Accept Gitmo Detainees

Report: Crash Caused By Pilot Flying Too Low

Israel's Policy Is Perfectly 'Proportionate'

A Modest Proposal In Outline For a Peaceable Resolution....

Air Force Pilot Got Hooked On Space As Child

WI: 3,500 Guard Troops Prep For Call-Up

Official: Unlikely Missing Soldier Mistook Pier

Marines In the Movies

Military Intercepts of Aircraft Decrease

Fellow Marines Appeal To Obama For Peralta MoH

EBG construction program continues at Grafenwöhr

Report: China To Build 2 Carriers By 2015

Fitness Mag Features Brawny Reagan Crew

Judge Awards $65 Million to Pueblo Victims

Won decline was surprise

I am on my way

Israel Allows Palestinians to Flee

I am on my way

Itaewon: Koreans embrace Seoul’s ‘exotic’ district

One Voice Can Change a Room- Obama

Open thread - Questions about the current conflict, history, etc.

crosspost: Bush blew up the nuclear levee, a Very Dangerous Deal

Chinese Consortium Announces Plan For 1-Gig Solar Plant - No Date For Buildout Given - Reuters

Parents Of Children Sickened By Milk Held By Chinese Authorities To Prevent Press Contact - NYT

2008 Output At Daqing - China's Largest Oil Field - Down 3.6% YOY

Dynegy - Key Backer For Nevada Coal-Fired Power Plants - Pulls Out Of Project - LVRJ

Have fun: "RORMaxx Could be First Steps to Wind Powered Sports Car"

Ten Years On, Summers-Browner Conflict May Return As Climate Policy Debate Reopens - NYT

2009 Atlantic Hurricane Outlook Troubling For GOM Oil Zones - 7 Named, Four Major Storms Projected

A Spurt of Quake Activity Raises Fears in Yellowstone

Growing Consensus Among Military, Political Planners That Climate Breakdown Will Define Future Wars

Chesapeake Bay Foundation Sues EPA, Charges Abdication Of Responsibility For Cleanup & Oversight

Dept of Homeland Security Sues Nature Conservancy to Condemn Land

Drop In Electricity Consumption Fuels Rate Debate (FL)

Planning the Fate of a Nuclear Plant’s Land (Shoreham, Long Island)

Solar-power industry remains hot in California

The Top 10 Green-Tech Breakthroughs of 2008

2008 'Huge year for natural disasters'

Nuclear Power Can't Keep Up

Missourians wanting to power their own homes are finding it difficult

Top 10 organisms of 2008

The efficient destruction of CF4 - an extremely potent greenhouse gas.

Photojournalist Antrim Caskey: Scenes from the Coal Sludge Spill

I have written

Austria takes over Bank Medici hit by Madoff case

The Wall Street Ponzi Scheme called Fractional Reserve Banking

The library - a recession sanctuary

Monetary flat-spin... Denninger

What do you think ?

What about this

Today in labor history Jan 3 demand food for their starving families, warning they would take it by

Let me introduce myself...

A national LGBT group should organize a protest on Inauguration Day.

Reuters: Raul Castro says hopes too high for Obama (as LGBTs have bitterly found out)

MLK Center: Rick Warren chosen to give keynote address for his "unifying spirit"

MLK Center: Rick Warren chosen to give keynote address for his "unifying spirit"

Just sent another donation to the Human Rights Campaign.

I need a shoulder to cry on (Fire and Rain) with snopes link

Did anyone see this great Jon Carroll column: The Purpose Driven Bigot.

Our community in pictures: My new years eve gay party

Are there any gay du'ers who dont like warren and are going to the inauguration

Tribute to Vice President Al Gore

Bob Barr: The Defense Of Marriage Act Must Go

I guess its time to leave DU for a while...

Gay History Month

God Hates the World

A glbt protest idea of warren or really any bigoted speaker,

Sam Adams takes oath as Portland's chief executive

Grassroots activism worked for the extreme right, can it work for us?

Venezuelan U.S. Dollar Reserves Close 2008 at Record $42.2 Bln

Brazil freed 4,600 farm slaves in 2008

Che's spirit burns on in Latin America

St. Nick beat by a bunch of Homophobes....

Sugar Mountain

Hmm. NBC has Matt Millen in the studio as an analyst. Guess

Baltimore, Minnesota, San Diego, Atlanta...

Should the NFL eliminate the blackout rule?

Celgene warns that anticlot drug linked to deaths

How effective is intraperitoneal chemotherapy for ovarian cancer stage 4?

85 yr old sister in law has been taking 400 gms of Darvocet for years


Anyone getting anything on Yellowstone?

OK, this is funny

40 years of homicide rate data

Have you ever had a kind of "psychic door" open temporarily?

pizza dough: prebake or not?

I'm so glad I discovered this group.

The Dragon In My Garage by Carl Sagan

Interesting Historical Paper On Xenon Chemistry.

Is Saturn losing its rings? (CNN)

Obama Moves to Counter China With Pentagon-NASA Link

Team records 'music' from stars

A mysterious ``circle stone'' is puzzling archaeologists (Arizona)

Atheists In Heaven? Sign Of Shifting Moral Zeitgeist?

crap.crap.crap. another shoe drops. I don't know what to do.

It's January. It's 80 degrees in Austin

Open Office Users V. 3 issues when opening files..

Can I get some help, please, in navigating

Doctor Who? BBC's Surprise Choice

I need a website and I need help!

Problem with USB ports on Dell laptop

Browser (IE 7.0) hijacked. Need help.

Nafta's unhappy anniversary

Beware the crocodile's instincts

Labour law in Canada (BC)

a little OT: TPM on the Washington press corps

(UK) Public wants taxes that hurt the rich - Credit crunch provokes backlash against bankers