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Archives: January 29, 2009

Barney Frank on Larry King NOW

Bernie Marcus quoted on Democracy Now

President Obama today said...

President Obama today said...

Sun, sea and sewage in the playground of the rich in Dubai

Suicides continue alarming rise in military

CSI Salford: How footprint embedded on man's head is helping police track down his attacker

Has anyone here ever self-published a book for Amazon's Kindle?

Putin calls economic crisis a 'perfect storm'

Sometimes I feel alone

S Lanka army in ghost 'Tiger' town

France braces for mass walk-out

Arctic’s thawing seas may bring new security risks

LA Cardinal faces probe over abusive priests: report

Maddow, Olbermann nominated for 2009 GLAAD Awards (Outstanding TV Journalism Segment)

Couple in murder of 5 kids/suicide definitely were living beyond their means but not that bad off

So far up we're up to $8.5 trillion and they want another trillion?

Lilly’s Big Day (& other women who lead the way!!)

so if i pay my mortgage I get no help... but if I stop paying for 2 months the government will help

Repuke Phil Gingrey humbled, begs lord Limbaugh for forgiveness. With video.

AdWeek already has some of the SuperBowl ads up online

"Ms. Palin's PAC: Gaming the Truth" - Andrew Halcro rips SP.

You know what? I love Obama.

I think "The Republicans want the commander-in-chief to fail" hits hard at home.

The best option on where to house Gitmo detainees:

Iraq Won't Allow Blackwater to Operate in Country

Hey Kirsten! Wanna Buy a Senate Seat in NY? See Your Uncle Al

Lest we forget, those persistent rumors about rush's child sex tours

For GOP, a case of misshapen identity

U.S. Moves to Bail Out Credit Union Network

Bush war on Roquefort raises a stink in France

VIDEO (:30) Handcuffed escaped prisoners + lightpole= roll video

Iraq to Deny New License To Blackwater Security Firm

Can you believe this shit? WSJ publishes Rush's "bipartisan fix" for the economy

Did Norm Coleman's campaign fake a Web site crash?

Channeling "bush"....regarding "rushican" vote on stimulus......

Channeling "bush"....regarding "rushican" vote on stimulus......

That old Haggard Cross...

Afghanistan Delays Presidential Election

'They Are Killing Innocent People'

Coulter on CBS Early Show: Automatic channel change.

Phony Guantanamo Recidivism Numbers?

An addition to the bill of rights

2 Hours of Cspan so far this morning and not a single word about Holder

washington times is still running holder/kit bond story

15,000 apply for jobs at Battle Creek-area casino

During the campaign and to Jan 20, my inbox was flooded with

During the campaign and to Jan 20, my inbox was flooded with

Red States: An Endangered Species

Cost saving multi-tasking or a really bad photo?

Gingrey and Cantor, the new GOP - Geldings on Parade


Are there any democrats on the tv any more? All I see are repuglicans on

California to print its own money in form of IOUs.

Republicans vote to RAISE TAXES!!!


Check Out This TARP-Based Scam

Check Out This TARP-Based Scam

Cell phone technology extraordinaries, I have a question.

China's Premier Has Tough Words for U.S. Role in Financial Crisis

Republican Official Hopes Recipes Will Flush Out Voter Problems

should drug companies be allowed to advertise their products on tv?

DTV-An arm twisting moment for Obama.

So .... Harry Smith will interview Ann Coulter about Rush Limbaugh in a few minutes

When he was a Rep. Dick Armey lived in his office and showered in the House gym.

Matt Lewis

What happened to all the police chases and sharks that were so damn important before the election?

Frozen in indifference: Life goes on around body found in vacant warehouse

I AM Bernie Sanders

Page Six cites bloggers for "erroneous" sliming of Caroline while repeating it ALL

Iraq Revokes Blackwater License

Buy American, Hire Americans

Tell me how we are supposed to buy, buy, buy when our jobs are disappearing daily?

msnbc is discussing rush limbaugh's role in the stimulus package....

msnbc breaking news: gov. blagojevich leaves his house

Geico Says They No Longer Advertise on Limpballs

Awesome TOON!

Now Pugs are concerned with spending

Sarah Palin's shoes sell for $2,025

Rush: If Obama succeeds, Ninjas will kill your children.

Tax Cuts? Just more "trickle down" BS.

Question about buying a pre owned car from a dealership

Freshman Dem Rep: “Rush Limbaugh is a has-been hypocrite loser, who craves attention."

We're Never Going To Learn

Dick Army accomplished this much yesterday.

"Heil Limbaugh"

Nothing is an accident. What's with the Rush Resurgence?

Bush War on Roquefort Raises a Stink in France

With Blue Dog Democrats like Jim Cooper, who needs Republicans

The diffuse elements of what's left of neocon Repubs, plus Coulter, Hannity, Fox, Limbaugh,etc

Serious question - has anyone ever received an answer to why Republics dominate on news talk spots?

Cartoon from blog.

What is National POLL of Americans Supporting Obama's

Proposing a new word: "Obama'd"...

Does the AP..ADMIT... to editorializing? . . Or are they still maintaining

GOP = "Grand Obstructionist Party"

Steve Sack on Limbaugh....

U.S. Investigates Los Angeles Archdiocese Officials

Zombies in Texas! Run for your lives!!

No Majority Party Will EVER Give Up Talk Of Bipartisanship

National Emergency Centers Establishment Act (Introduced in House)

In China, a Grass-Roots Rebellion

Stganding next to President Obama at the bill signing is Lilly Ledbetter.

Did anyone hear what Matt Lauer said? What a freakin idiot

Gallup: The political landscape of the United States has clearly shifted in the Democratic direction

How do you feel about the stimulus package?

Closing argument in Blago trial on C-SPAN 1

New ads target Republican senators on recovery bill

Got yourself in trouble financially?Too bad for you.Don't expect help from Uncle Sam for your faults

Caroline Kennedy is INNOCENT of Affair Claims

If Rethugs refuse to negotiate in good faith, Obama and the Dems should tell them where to go

Colombia Rules Gays MUST has same right in common law marriage - US Beckon of Freedom?

Exposed propogandist given platform to comment on traitorous radio host

Yoo Unrepentant & Prepping His Defense In The WSJ

American Indians could reap almost $3B in stimulus

Will Governor Rod Blagojevich become an hero before the Illinois State Senate today?

Defending the Indefensible : Neocons and Guantanamo (X-posted from GDP)

Should Gitmo be Used for Those Who Raped and Pillaged our Economy?-Thom Hartmann

NSF and porn

Take some time and check out the Stimulus Bill -

It's ok for Obama to make fun of DC about their snow phobia, but Biden can't get a

the pettiness of mr bu$h* - asshole extraordinaire

So Blago gets impeached and then gets his day in court. So

Lily Ledbetter Act being signed now on CSPAN. I hope she is there front and center

Egypt govt. still acting bad

Anyone know about severance packages?

How about a tax credit (reduction) for debt reduction?

Lily Ledbetter Act.. Please someone.. school me,

If you have an interest, The Swan is Singing (Blago making his closing statement)

If you have an interest, The Swan is Singing (Blago making his closing statement)


If any of you are watching Blago...

Tweeting Congress - a movement to lobby from the grassroots

What`s all that background racket?

What`s all that background racket?

The republican tax cut stimulus

Seems to me the only ones upset with Obama...

I am reminded of a teenage girl saying, "I wasn't doing anything!

Instead of the Blago Distraction, Senate Roadblock Republicans...

"It's hard when it hits so close to home"

How many "red" states are there?

Angry that people are dying while the Grand Obstructionists Pigs

He is really nutz (Blago)

Military seeks better use of biometrics on U.S. bases

What kind of a disaster is it going to take to get Blago out of the media?

So when does the Senate vote on the Economic Recovery Bill?

"The Limbaugh" How would you define/ use the term?

Greenwald: Do we really want to be 'bipartisan' with Armey's GOP?

Dumbest cops in USA: "Standoff comes up empty"

Passengers Wait 10 Hours On Orlando Flight

Dear President Obama .....

Quote of the Day - Being powerful...

Rush Limbaugh has "a plan in the paper" and now we have a genuine debate (??)

Obama signs bill making equal pay law suits easier

Australian Throws Daughter Off Bridge to Death, Police Say

Officials: Army suicides at 3-decade high

If Conservatives and Corporate Media Pundits Ruled the World

GOP will declare "no mandate" on Obama/Dem leadership.....

Got this EMail today...

Poor Women are Not "Pork"

Margaret and Helen on Coultergeist's new book:

A question for newspaper professionals

Austin, TX: Construction signs warn of zombies

repukes are really going after FDR

Boy Scouts as Land Rapers?

Post here if you think all the 'progressive' noise has a stench of conformity to it

PREDICTION: If Blago does not get convicted in federal court he will become. . .

I had to call and email my House Representative this Morning.

Senators Feinstein and Brownback Introduce Lung Cancer Mortality Reduction Act

After Blago's speech, the Illinois Republic's called for a caucus and got an hour delay.

A question for newspaper professionals

Camden's Tent City homeless keep up hope

Camden's Tent City homeless keep up hope

Politico admits their Republican alliance

Joe the Plumber on with Thom Hartmann

DUers I need some recommends on this article to get it in the navigation...

Limbaugh coming up on MSNBC at 10:50.

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said she will attend Alfalfa Club Dinner because of President Obama

"NO" I'm Not Going To Show Up: Rove announces he has no intention of obeying Conyers' subpoena

Faith-based dorms near a public university?

Sen. Brown, Steel Workers President Leo Gerard Call for 'Buy America' Enforcement in Stimulus

Does DU have a Facebook Page? Oops...yes it does.

Bush sighting...


Are people who take cookies without permission from the baker thieves?

Unemployment has risen in every state in December

Conservatives Losing It

Obama and the Return of the Real-Post-George W. Bush America (The Nation)

Email I got about a scam (involving temp agencies)

Gates says more troops going to Afghanistan, Iraq combat involvement 16+ more months

Is DU especially slow and wonky today or is it me???....n/t

A book that will cause a political earthquake in the Middle East

'Hi My Name Is Kujo. I Am a Nice Dog.'

The Bloggo Impeachment - Live blog (CSPIN 1)

I just got this email from my stepmother, out of the blue

LOL-Colbert airs Hannity's "Hate Line" phone number for complaints

Is our country broke?

Would you say your risk of dying is greater from terrorism or

more change - President Obama Signs Equal-Pay Legislation - His first bill signing

New world order' after crisis??


Robert Gibbs just said that he didn't attend the

America’s infrastructure crisis - falling apart at the seams

Republican Congresspeople who might be vulnerable in 2010

Open letter to Diane Rehm of NPR:

Could The Senate Strip Out The Tax Cuts From The Stimulus Bill?

reporter...the republicans said they were shut out of the stimulus bill....

The Rude Pundit: They're Losing Their Fucking Minds, Part 2 (Arm(e)y of Dicks Edition)

The Rude Pundit: They're Losing Their Fucking Minds, Part 2 (Arm(e)y of Dicks Edition)

Caption this!

MSNBC/CNBC: Apologists for Limpball's "I want Obama to fail" comment

Anyone know of any good communist newspapers? And don't give me PWW, they've gone to hell since...

Anyone know of any good communist newspapers? And don't give me PWW, they've gone to hell since...

GOP Lawmakers Outnumber Democratic Lawmakers 2 To 1 In Stimulus Debate On Cable News

Repukes and their whining over spending.

BLOGO II Senate's arguments before the vote CSPIN 1


Selfless Chimps Shed Light on Evolution of Altruism

Selfless Chimps Shed Light on Evolution of Altruism

Hey Condi Rice

stimulus package

Does anyone remember a cartoon with a bunch of elephants discussing the "Big Plan" on education?

yet another family murder/suicide breaking news

When they talk about closing Guantanamo

I detest ron paul. he's a heartless and crazy little fucker.

Obama Disappointed Cabinet Doesn't Get Comic Book References

An old friend found me on Facebook

Question about the military judge

Question about the military judge

On second thought, never mind about that bailout

Adding Alternative Minimum Tax Relief to Stimulus may help Passage in Senate

Schwarzenegger Seeks an End to Federal Oversight of Prisons

Tell Cantor to call WHINE-ONE-ONE

Study Seeks Link Between Unusual Male Names With Juvenile Delinquency

Would someone please tell Rush & Hannity that they ARE MEDIA!

Here's what fries my ass about the torture non-convictions

We're being DISTRACTED again...

REPORT: GOP Lawmakers Outnumber Democratic Lawmakers 2 To 1 In Stimulus Debate on MSM

Democracy Now! re: Econ Stimulus pkg

So I started a pool at work... when do you think the first Supreme Court Judge will retire?

Speaker Pelosi: "Best Person" least today. She smacked

Does anyone know where the World Labor Forum is meeting?

Now and then...

Secretary Clinton Announces Appointment of Special Envoy for Climate Change Todd Stern

Happy Birthday Edward Abbey

Wanted--Link to Olbermann story about judge freeing Gitmo captive because of torture

Wanted--Link to Olbermann story about judge freeing Gitmo captive because of torture

Stimulus seeks to bar illegals from tax credit (latest GOP talking point/lie)

How we would have loved that vote for impeachment if it had been Bush

Jewish Voice for Peace email

Dear "Buy American" opponents,

Just impeached, Blagojevich already has a corporate gig lined up

School officials worry about less fresh food for students' lunches

I'm willing to bet that Blago will be kicked out of office and then acquitted in criminal court

What do Republicans really want? – More

FDA scientists: We're being targeted

Blago is guilty as sin and they will bring him down in court

Look at how many jobs have been lost just since Monday (Jan. 26th):

Let's organize against Limbaugh Advertisers

If you were an Illinois State Senator, would you vote to convict

IL Senate is In - Blago is Out.

IL Senate is In - Blago is Out.

BREAKING NEWS: Blagojevich convicted unanimously. He is removed now.

Breaking News Gov. Blagovich has been impeached

Breaking News Gov. Blagovich has been impeached

ATA Seeks Support for Speed Limiters, Other Eco-Proposals

Just Curious, but need to know

Would the DUzy fans forgive me if I postpone the DUzy of this week to next week?

Obama's Islamist challenge

Let's call it by it's real name:

Got this from an x DUer! OMG too funny!

House GOP votes against tax cuts

Who are the Top 3 Most Powerful GOP Senators?

Pittsburgh schools to have 2-hour Super Bowl delay

We received a "humorous" e-mail regarding our companies "weapons" policy.

Blago Watch: Senators about to vote whether to convict

Am I Crazy...Have You Ever Noticed?

Saltsman's Out!

New Illinois Governor speaking now, old governor to speak shortly.

I agree with every word Blagojevich said.

Balgo voted out

Buh-bye, Blago!!!

What did Vice President Biden say?

Want to stimulate the economy? According to the data, forget about tax cuts

Robert Reich: How to Keep the Banking System in the Private Sector

Is this economy driving people to crime?

CBS "News" doing an apology piece on

Red States disappearing from the map.......

Now, you see how fast and easy an Impeachment can be? Why in hell?

Everybody but the RepublicaZombies understand the real definition of "insanity"


Team Coleman Fakes Website Crash

Did Dick Shelby somehow forget that HIS party nearly doubled the National Debt in 8 years?

I'm so glad our Republican Senators have their priorities straight!

Any believers in the law of attraction or synchronicity here?

Atlas Sports Genetics-test ages 1+ for sports potential

Juan Williams Slanders Michelle Obama


Illinois Makes Major Israel Bonds Purchase

New Book: "Tear Down This Myth: How the Reagan Legacy Has Distorted Our Politics..."

Torture Lover John Yoo Excoriates Obama For Banning Torture»

Torture Lover John Yoo Excoriates Obama For Banning Torture»

I hope that Rod doesn't get any splinters on that Cross of his...

Quinn Set to be Sworn in as Illinois Gov.

tweety is a big fan of rod the blag..

I need the photo of Code Pink woman with red hands confronting Condi...anyone??

David Bowie's 'Back Catalogue Bonds' May Have Started the Credit Crunch

So ..... I just flew in from Springfield ...... and are my arms tired.

Jackboots and Goose Steps...

Hmm. Palin keeps an Israeli flag in her office, but she's dining w/ Nixon's guy who targeted Jews??

Blago had the best opportunity, but was disingenuous in his

Partisan politics is back. And I love it.

President Obama wins and all we have is 24/7 ru$h* fucking limbaugh

When are moron cons gonna learn tax breaks are just a different kind of spending?

Silbury Hill mystery soon to be resolved

I miss Blago.

Minimum Wage and Protectionism

I'm taking a vacation from this place and I'll probably enjoy it so much I'll never return

When I ran my company, I made a profit

35, 000 teachers in California may be laid off

A local, "regular guy"gets limbaugh riled up

Struggling Republicans to pick new party chief

I hate to say it. I'm gonna miss ol' Blago!

Hasselwitch is pregnant again.

Statue of shoe tossed at Bush on display in Iraq!

UN nuclear chief says Obama offers hope of ‘saner’ world

Now here's some weird shit....

Help Norm Coleman's Recount Fund--one penny at a time

reply from my democratic congresscritter on his vote against the stimulus - how do you read this?

Duer's hit this poll hard in a super strong Repug paper. Change needs a voice.

Duer's hit this poll hard in a super strong Repug paper. Change needs a voice.

Palin-Blago 2012! with Flair

Earth to GOP: You are NOT relevant. Go away.

Should Elected Officials Be Drug Tested?

Woohoo! Equal pay!

Shoe monument filled with a plastic shrub for man who threw footwear at Bush in Iraq

So Blago defenders, is every single member of the Illinois state senate

Baltimore Examiner Shutting Down. (Local Reich-wing rag)

Baltimore Examiner Shutting Down. (Local Reich-wing rag)

Chris Hayes of The Nation: Asking Republicans for ideas on a stimulus package is like....

Ok, WTF, why is the market down today!?

Good fucking God, IT STILL HASN'T HIT BLAGO!

Netanyahu: Iran nukes trump global economy

Girl dies after being thrown off bridge by her father

What I did this coming summer (2009)

According to Keith, Rove is going to ignore the supeona for Monday

You Want Change? Without it, you won't have it.

In honor of Rick Warren and his church, we have a new sexual term. "Saddlebacking"

Gold rush: The battle over sunken treasure

Blagojevich might still become an hero.

Would "Blago!" make a better musical or movie?

Blagojevich and Palin. Two Peas In a Pod.

The peanut recall scandal - Bush and Georgia Rethug

Right to life...

NKorea declares past accords with South ‘dead’

My first post. I need your advice.

With a Super Majority....

two observations: Dona Perino, let alone the rest of shitstain's press secs

Tip of the hat to Helio Gracie and the Gracie family today

Local Company Praised By Obama Forced To Cut Jobs (OH)

Welcome to the new Illinois State Website...

Michelle Malkin: "'s coming to bite back Mexico in the backside..."

HUGE jump in poor Michigan unemployment numbers

I'm getting a real funny feeling about Gov. Blago.....

As unemployment rises, so does number of drivers without insurance, research group finds

Discovery Channel right now 10pm eastern "Treasure"

Rod Blag.... is a two act play. with annoying commercials intermixed.

Report: 3 calls before police get frozen body

BO better be careful Afghanistan doesn't become HIS Vietnam....

BO better be careful Afghanistan doesn't become HIS Vietnam....

Judge James Pohl rejects Obama delay request.

Call from a polling firm (asked if I was reg. voter and then hung up???)

Postmaster General: Mail days may need to be cut

Remember How Bush Warned the UN Would Make Itself Irrelevant

"NEWS & PEOPLE LAUGHED IN 2006 and NOW, where are THEY?"

What song do you wish Springsteen would play during the Super Bowl halftime?

Select a lovely parting gift for former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich

Perle in '03: "be very surprised if there is not some grand square in Baghdad" named after Bush

Rachel Maddow - you are the best

Bill seeks to establish 'FEMA camps'? (Text of HR 645)

Obama was wrong to acknowledge Rush.

Fort Pierce woman allegedly used part of tampon to snort cocaine

This Week on NOW: Billions in Bogus Bonuses? Track the TARP Money

Crowds riot in striking France

President Obama, please remember that 1.8 MILLION people came out to

Teens taser 14 year old on his way home from school

2010 Prius pushes average to 50 mpg

Luskin May Have 'Screwed Up Tactically' - May Have Jeopardized Turdblossom! (Matt Cooper)

Caught on camera: the absurdity of Arnoldbucks

ha! yes, Olbermann just told Rachel Maddow to ask Dan Rather what he's doing at 10pm weeknights!

Stupid gun-toting fuckwit kills toilet, or similar headline

Republican family values in action

This is the kernel of Republican intransigence...

John Yoo, big pile of human waste, needs to be locked up for life......

Oops - John Yoo reveals that Bush authorized waterboarding

Oops - John Yoo reveals that Bush authorized waterboarding

Sat what? A military judge at Gitmo rejected President Obama's request. Who's running the show here?

Swiss police spy marijuana field with Google Earth

Bill O'Reilly calls himself Paul Revere, doesn't trust Obama because of Bush...

KISS - did I manage to respond that way to this LTE in a way that makes a little dent?

Cobert is spot on tonight

Cobert is spot on tonight

Could The Dems End Up With A Super Majority In The Senate After All?

NJ police: Woman's ex-friends used cold as weapon

NJ police: Woman's ex-friends used cold as weapon

Would anyone else like to see a Photoshop/Graphics group?

Would anyone else like to see a Photoshop/Graphics group?

One year old baby girl is pregnant

Right wing co-worked said to me today...

If Limbaugh has all the answers, then why won't he run for office?

What can I say - this had my rapt attention - I just love being able to call Obama mine !

Right to Lifers say that they "care" about that unborn fetus...

Could someone help me with a link to Sheldon Whitehouse speech?

Who should play Blago in any movie that's made?

Boy's wrapped birthday gift is dad back from Iraq

What the fucking fuck??

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs: Do Energy-savings Outweigh Mercury Hazard?

I want Rush Limbaugh to run for office. Seriously, I do.

Should Gitmo be Used for Those Who Raped and Pillaged our Economy?

Oh my GAWD the Twit to spawn again ........ uggggggggg

How many of you have republican relatives that have gone batshit crazy since Obama won?

Former Oregon Congressman Wes Cooley (R-Ore.) caught in new scandal

Exercise gear... and all that jazz

Google Earth reveals two-acre field of weed to Swiss police

AL cop accused of stealing $5K from evidence, faking his kidnapping, running off to Vegas

Holy crap. They actually believe it.

“As Time Goes By”

GOP opts out of bipartisanship and calls the Dems partisan?

Palin gives reasons for forming PAC

Today on the way home, I saw a woman lying on the sidewalk in convulsions.

Has there ever been a better real life version of Wormtongue than Lieberman?

North Korea tears up agreements (longer article from BBC)

Is Bay City Electric privately, or city owned? Cause this was the case being made by Tom Sullivan

I am a nice dog. My owner can't feed me. Please help me.

French Unions Launch Nationwide Strike Over Economic Crisis

Why is the MSM so talking about Obama walking into the window?!?

why, why, why WHY did I trust that Repub scumbag???????

WooHoo Bush RULES...

Did anyone watch the Ted Haggard HBO documentary? I felt bad for him.

Freezing death of Mich. man in house sparks anger

A headline too good not to share

A headline too good not to share

Take on me!

Haggard would "wrestle" with his gay side.

Enchante !!!! When the French protest, they do it with panache.....

Say what you will about the Repukes but they do know how to act as a opposition party

Whatever the problem the GOoPer remedy is cut taxes

Lavorare meno! Lavorare tutti!

Republicans delenda est.

You know the republicans would love to see another 9/11 type attack soon

White House To Host Labor Leaders Tommorow, Sign Labor-Friendly Exec Orders

Support a Nobel Peace Prize for Pete Seeger!

Waste - Pork - Shovel Ready?

$18.4 billion in bonuses for the year 2008 by Wall Street? (6th Largest Haul in History!)

Bacon Explosion catches fire on Web

Refuse The New Dollar Coins 'Without God We Trust - Is this new???? Think I have seen this before!!!

EXCLUSIVE: Are you with Obama or Rush?

Corporate Domination of Global Finance & Monetary Policy (World Economic Forum - Davos)

Corporate Domination of Global Finance & Monetary Policy (World Economic Forum - Davos)

Phrases that rhyme with Blagojevich

"Irritable Limbowel Syndrome"

Torturer's Own Lawyer Says Holder Will Have to Prosecute

Response to Professor Yoo

US tech sector job cuts hit 5-year high (approximately 187K in 2008, up 167% in second half of year)

One thing that p's me off about people who are covered by Medicare but are against a national health

I was moved to make this Bumpersticker

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

OK so Blagojevic is a buffoon.

U.S. Said to Give $60 Billion Backing for Student-Loan Plan

What is Blago even talking about?

What is Blago even talking about?

New bank bailout could cost another $2 trillion?

To Senator Kerry: I'll see you your rant and raise you one of my own

Blagojevic becomes the 8th Governor sent packing. The others are...

So ... Jerry Nadler wants Rove in jail


SEIU President Andrew Stern Undermines Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA)

The republican Mayor wept quietly in the corridor of the courthouse

Affirmative Action

Memo to Nancy Pelosi: THIS is how shit gets done (Blago impeachment)

It finally dawned on me..Obama is playing rope-a-dope Version 2.0

Peru pushes claim on $500M shipwreck treasure

Just received an OFA 2.0 email requesting participation in a teleconference next week

'Buy American' stimulus plan riles trade partners

OT: Why you should all root for the Steelers on Sunday

c h a n g e - Senate passes children's health bill

15 year old driver and 11 & 9 year old passengers die in police pursuit crash

The white racist sore loser repubs will refuse to play nice for 8 years

The white racist sore loser repubs will refuse to play nice for 8 years

Bill Hicks on the MSM.

Brookings Study Confirms Bulk Of Housing Bubble Arose Under Solid GOP Rule

Blue Dogs need to be put down......

Urgent Alert From Don Siegelman

Shout Out! DU Progressives might want to watch this Video where Podesta answer questions!

DU'ers: Beware that "I.Q. Quiz" posted as an Ad here and around the Internet sites..

Frozen in indifference: Life goes on around body found in vacant Detroit warehouse (GRAPHIC)

ACTION alert! VAWA is Under ATTACK!

OT - Bad Site List

If you're dog has joint pain and can't walk

If you're dog has joint pain and can't walk

Please consider supporting Al Franken

GA man's credit line & score lowered because he shopped at Wal-Mart

House votes down DTV delay.

No one will buy US Treasuary Notes so the Federal Reserve has to buy them It's going to get very bad

Can Portland's Gay Mayor Survive a Scandal?

Pakistan army 'will retake Swat'

AP: Blackwater says it could leave Iraq with 72 hours

Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur! Toledo Ohio!

Are people who download copyrighted music without permission from the artist thieves?

To Say Obama Won the 2008 Election Is a Huge Understatement

For me angry is not a strong enough word.

Greg Palast: Obama is a two-faced liar. Aw-RIGHT!

Octuplets Mom Has 6 Other Kids

A homeless guy saved my puppy!

THIS IS BULLSHIT- Geithner Appoints Goldman Sachs Lobbyist As Top Aide

RFK Jr: Bush "deadenders" blocking Govt Funded Autism Research

A test

Thought it was going to be porn

YouTube: Al Green's scorched Earth version of "Let's Stay Together," Apollo Hall of Fame Concert '93

So I decided to install and play around with the Windows 7 beta.

nothin' but BUMS around this place

New Zealand inmate stroll stopped by pole

It's the drums, man... those jungle rhythms...

I'm against Peter

Vince the Shamwow guy has a fan club.

mcctatas has TWO boyfriends - Paddy and Vince.

What education institute best represents Teh Longue for the last couple of weeks?

Digital Television is Happening Soon

So, you want to be a bullfighter...................

The octuplets' mothers' doctor .......


Mrs. V. made me a beautiful lunch

As seen on tv the Snuggie, that long strange robe looking thing with arms.

I have Shamwow Vince trapped in a cage....

Florida makes deep cuts to state universities, but private college tuition aid may rise.

Well now I feel discouraged.

Investment term redefined; Liquidity.

Looks like I won't be buying Scharffen Berger chocolate again

A "Who is CaliforniaPeggy's hubby on DU" Thread...

So, you want to be a bullshitter...................


FYI ~ Joan_Alpern will always be a Freebird In_The_Wind

Create Your Own Original Star Trek Story

Post two bands from your hometown with the word "Five" in their name

Post your favorite 80s video!

Stevia Natural Sweetener

I took the name change challenge.

CLEAN-UP on Aisle needed!!!

Look what Orrex bought me!

I am going to tell you sumping.

Good morning Lounge

Guitar Hero people: on what level do you play?

REAL reasons behind the lies for why we are late for work.

Single Payer Moment

I propose a new forum: GD:SW

what i did on sunday

Say something nice about Vince the Shamwow guy, I will start.

Robb is now a moderator.

Octopus Mom has 7 kids

Yeah. So now that I brought it up, no one has texted me today.

Friends, Until I Delete You


Quick resume question.

NIMBYs piss me off.

Piping hot pizza delivered to your door.

Thursday afternoon earworm...

I need a nap

Name your fictional horse and sidekick

Sea Kittens?

Yesterday my stepfather had his THIRD back surgery in 7 years

Eruption expected of Alaska peak

Raise your hand if you also have the impulse control of a five-year-old.

Did I tell you what a pig I was in Florida?

What? No BACON thread?

A Question About Job Reviews

The Kurt Warner - George W. Bush Super Bowl connection, kind of...

Username help

Any parent/caregiver who says, Quit crying or I'll give you something to cry about, should be

Suck it, 5gan!

A month ago, I released some fundy-mocking software here. It had a bug. Here's the correction:

The Guava Jelly 2nd one time only,(Every now and then) Poetry thread instance

Oh, dear! There's a rather unfortunate typo on the local paper's web site!

Ashton Kutcher and his f**king jackass dickweed neighbor

Tool Definitions for the handy men and women who use power tools et al

How many DU'ers have you shagged in your mind?

Who Is More Irritating?

Northerners are buffer than Southerners

Now that's one hell of a first day on the job!

Dude Vibrations for Obama

Any resumé gurus out there want to give mine a critique?

F*** football! It's basketball season and DUKE GOT BEAT!!

Facebook question...


Bob Loblaw Launches Law Blog

Mcctatas loves ShamWow Vince, I love Dog Whisperer Cesar.

Northerners are rougher than Southerners

Who else has already broken their New Years' resolution(s)?

FedEx Driver just left... "Milk" swag arrived!!!

Nickelback rents Tampa house for SuperBowl weekend. $22,000.00

Now that Robb is a moderator, is the option "Robb is a dingbat" not allowed in polls??

NEWSFLASH!!! The Civil War ended 144 years ago

Alison Krauss : A Hundred Miles Or More

I am eating frito pie and a ice tea, nothing better.

I was setting fire to my garden and got to thinking almanacs

Uh-oh!!!! She's pregnant AGAIN!!!

Zombies ahead! Run!!!

Who would like to kick my husband's ass?

'Immortal' jellyfish swarming across the world

Fuck EVERYONE! Only Maryland rules!

Dreams that should've made me a vegetarian. DISTURBING IMAGES WARNING.

Just to be clear, you all are better than me

I know I'm going straight to hell for posting this

I was going to take the kids to dinner

ZOMG! WE HAZ A FRIGIDIDATOR!!!111 (dialup warning)

I am so fucking sick of the "northerners are better than you southron inbreads" shit. Fuck the North

DO WANT!!!!!!

Kurt Warner regularly thanks God for Matt Leinart sucking

uhuhuhuhhhh...."taco cheese"...uhuhuhiuhhhh...uhuh

I posted this in the DU Mac users group, but some of you may not go there

Northerners are tougher than Southerners

Who's worst?

Best Microsoft Operating System


Reasons you are looking at poll posts tonight

Just Great! This Northern/Southern stuff is going to bring out all the SEC Apologists!

Sixty percent of the time, it works every time.

DU hunting types... are these lynx tracks do ya reckon?


Need help with gambling problem

Y'know what? I don't know where you've been. You can stay out of my glory hole.

Can someone help me find this You tube clip?

Passing the Piss Test

Anyone who took math in the 70's - I'm trying to find an educational film

SophieMN keeps telling me that Larry David is a hippie.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 1/29/2009)

Hottest FEMALE "Lost" Character EVER

Is everyone aware that "Oh Shit!" is slang?

Plant freaks and botanists, Rare book fans, Art connoisseurs (dial up caution)

We're getting our new fridge delivered today. Etiquette question:

Are finger waggers who attack you for using the word "moron"

Fuck the North and South! Only the MIDDLE rules. The rest are douche-ist peripherists!

Where is Parche when it matters????

SHIT!!!! I didn't get around to going to the software store!

LEERING GNOME SAYS: Hey there sexy, would you like to suck my pipe?

A very short cartoon for your pleasure..Bambi meets Godzilla..1969

Police: NY boy dressed as girl to cheat on exam

Got a favorite disco-type song?

I just picked up BabyM from a friend's house.

Blagojevich is OUTTA HERE.

Who wanted the my-life-as-a-soap opera update?

I have a confession. I've become a texting slut.

Please tell me you have a giraffe. my southern friends on here- I love y'all!

Sigh. I just found out I can't send in my taxes yet....

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/29/09

Looking for an image...

Favorite Pasta Type

God dammit! I was trying to take a break from DU, but I'm gonna lose my mind!!

Got this from an x DUer! OMG too funny!

I re-read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, and Ridley Scott is still a douchebag.

I went to a hatchery today for a story I'm doing

Ugh, I DO NOT want to go for a drink tonight, but I can't cancel

Sometimes animal testing is just WRONG...

Hey Skittles (or anyone else)! I need my ass kicked!

MY LOVE - Paul McCartney - México City 2002

Poll: Is Ashton Kutcher a fucking jackass dickweed?

Anyone else annoyed by the anti-Obama and anti-labor ads on DU?

You guys have it ALL wrong. The WEST will bury the North AND the South!

Things I learn on DU. Such as Midlo is an elitist from Greenwich, CT!!

Just thinking out loud here, but seriously, shouldn't

So we can all agree: The TUBES were the best band from the 70's-80's!

Kirk Cameron is in some bullshit movie.

Dance moves MOST LIKELY to guarantee you an ass kicking at the next Young Democrats social mixer


Hottest LOST character (F)

Something brilliant from my dream last night.

Wow. I just bought jeans with a 34" waist.

So, why are we rehashing the war of Northern Aggression, again?

National Sub Race Pictures. Awesome!!

lee ritenour - is it you

Ah, relaxing with a nice cold beer on DU. Or is it 'relaxing with an ice cold beer'?

General William T. Sherman appreciation thread!

My wife just told me I need to change my "snark filter"

Obama is a beach!

Anyone need a Chicken Whistle?

General John Hunt Morgan appreciation thread!

Have you ever accidentally slapped/hit your significant other?

North, South, East or West..who wants madinmaryland as a resident?

Hottest LOST character (M)

Holy FUCKING SHIT!!! cboy4/upton is on David Letterman tonight!

I'm watching "The Breakfast Club".... Oh, to be in high school again....

Just got back from my 4th and final session of getting my arm drilled on....

Can this be the new Rickroll, please?

This Quote Is Awesome....

An American business icon is going away.

Calling TZ.

The real reason why Midlo moved to Virginia...

LOST is really starting to piss me off

Do you also say, Fro-dereck?

Compared to The Republic of California, the rest of you live in 'fly over' country

Battle of the Corrupt Democrats' Hair: Blago v. Traficant!

Does this look appetizing to you?

Have you ever accidentally shapeshifted your significant other?

Obama gives chilly reception to canceled school

I didnt even know it was a competition. I won. nt

MBT shoes, fad or science?

You're my sweety pie!

Is it a thumb, or a man? You decide..!.

What are you craving right now?

Your everyday problems that need solutions.

You are worthress Arec Barrwin

HELL'S KITCHEN - Unofficial Lounge Thread


Is everyone aware that "Oh Snap!" is gay slang?

Anyone have any luck selling items to raise quick cash?

What? No I hate Robin van Persie thread?

Update on Lost Dog: it looks like we might have found his owners!

The A-Team film directed by Ridley Scott to hit cinemas in 2010

How Midlo's move from CT to VA looks to Californians

the awsomest, most kick-ass cat in all the land

Anyone up for some Obamagang (Inauguration ale) in suburban Chicago?

Match Game Story: "Freeper Freddie is so fucking dumb (he IS a Freeper!), he ____ his carpet."

I hope to god oranges are not bad for dogs

Letterman To Show Comedy Routine Axed 16 Years Ago (Bill Hicks)

Listen up, people. I've lived 1/2 my life in CT and 1/2 my life in VA.

Doesn't tipping on a % basis fuck over people who work at more humble establishments?

Anyone into the board game RISK??

What? No LOST thread?

Kitty help making the bed

Y'know, Bowie was a bloody genius!

What percentage tip do you leave in full-service restaurants for good to excellent service?

The paperwork's in and approved. Lelapin's graduating!!

What's a Fun Thing to do While Everyone Else is Watching the Super Bowl?

In the Great Lounge Civil War War of 2009, which side are you on?

Battlestar Galactica fans: how's the series going to end?

I am going to marry this woman:

Long rumored A-Team movie to be ready in 2010

I'm looking for Board Game suggestions. What are you favs?

I saw the Shamwow commercial for the first time

OK, serious question for The Lounge. Which would be the more marketable, desireable Master's Degree

Godfucking motherfucking dammittofucking hell!

***Thursday night picture thread***

Call me old-fashioned. For all you ol-timers up late tonite. It don't get any better than this.

I've been adrift lately, thinking about what's left of my life...

White Hands For Obama Cutouts

Revealed: The letter Obama's team hope will heal Iran rift

So I take it Sarah Palin is not going to accept the federal money her state is expected to receive..

As to Ice, Chicago Still Obama's Kind of Town

Is it possible for the Stimulus Bill to remove the tax cuts now that no repubs voted for it?

Everyone, Calm Down. This Was Not The FINAL Bill

AP working hard against New Prez- Headline: Billions more needed for financial rescue

Barack has no option he must keep negotiating with Republicans

The real reason to attempt bipartisanship.

A Future Installment at Madame Tussauds

Something to Remember about Republicans

Robert Reich Must Read: How to Keep the Banking System in the Private Sector

AHA! It IS the GOP that's pulling down Congressional approval ratings!

Ok... everything I heard on media (ABC, Local,Cnn radio) - economy tanking/repubs partisan

It's Media Madness Day. Blago Thursday.

Illinois has always had forward thinking Democrats

MSM is already trying to paint a picture that the stimulus won't work.

Holder Confirmation Controversy - GOP Members Guilty of Extortion, Obstruction of Justice and Racket

On the today show this morning....

President Obama: "This is a wonderful day"

Probably reflecting the overnight conventional wisdom-ABC's Halperin said on Morning Joe...

Can someone help me please?

Watch First Lady Michelle Obama Now Live!

Interior Department Tarnished, New Chief Says

Who is holding up Hilda Solis?

Our favorite Inauguration Day photo

Palin, Obama to share stage this weekend as Palin decides to attend "elitist" DC dinner

Why is there not a wave of NEW bank charters?

What "bipartisanship" in Washington means (Greenwald)

Mika agrees with Rush on the Stimulus bill

Can we get Democrats on Teevee to speak about the stimulus package.

As Rod is removed from office today remember a lot of folks will be losing their jobs as a result

so now we know the neo con's after smirk plan

What President(s) have ever moved so fast after taking office in

Ok Obama ya tried.. Now just save the country....

Um, where was Michelle? I didn't see her by President O's side

Go here and check out the Stimulus Bill for yourself-

Rove Compares Conyers To Captain Ahab

Defending the Indefensible : Neocons and Guantanamo

Obama has become a traitor to me ...

And now, a little something for the ladies

The Ditto-Head Caucus

Waiting for Presidential Jujitsu

Since the GOP says that votes against tax cuts are effectively votes FOR higher taxes...

President Carter did not "snub" President Clinton at the inauguration.

How much hell would Pres. Obama catch if he just went ahead and fully pardoned Don Siegelman?

Russia halts missile plan in 'olive branch' to Obama

The Bush Presidency was just a TOOL for the Republican Party

The latest Rove whine: "Mr. Obama's tendency to work late into the night will... pose problems."

Michelle with Barack as he signs Ledbetter Into Law Thurs. Morning 10am

Looks like Rush Limbaugh has been posting on DU today

So, is a measure that demands that projects funded by the stimulus

Whole world cashing in on brand Obama

Coalition Of Activists Targeting The Republican'ts

This is the dumbest thread you will read today.

Thanks GDP!

Sad: Franken will get much worse committee assignments than Gillibrand or Bennet

Hamas officials signal willingness to negotiate

"OUTRAGEOUS!!" Obama is cleaning house!!!

Obama signs his first bill into law: equal pay for equal work.

LMAO! My Pet Goat reference dropped in press briefing!

Army suicides at three-decade high

State-by-State JOB IMPACT statement to be released...

My Inaugural volunteer experience

NY'ers on Gillibrand: 51% approve, 28% disapprove of her appointment (Sienna poll)

When did you first realize Democrats resisting Republican atrocity was our biggest national problem?

President Obama was given a 100% coordinated rethug 'fuck off' --- how do you recommend he respond?

"Fox & Friends" asks is Obama more concerned about Limbaugh than the economy and "war on terror"?

When it is time to start sending funds to the districts to build the roads

Only the Dull and Stupid Fight Head-on: Some Strategic Thoughts

Business casual in the Oval Office?

Palin, Obama to share stage

Here are the 4 women and one man that might help us make a difference in the Senate

John Podesta (head of Obama Transition Team) answers questions from "Think Progress" readers

Look who's itching to pal around with those that pal around with terrorists

Robert Gibbs sure does say "uhhhh" a lot.

Congress Passes Fair Pay Act After Months of Opposition

OK Obama,it's on!

Obama as Road Runner versus Wile E. Coyote: article from back in October (hint: he won)

Obama Is Playing The Republicans Like Michael Jordan Played The Detroit Pistons In The 90s

CondaLIEza LIESALOT on "The View" this morning

Army orders recall of body armor

Can Portland's Gay Mayor Survive a Scandal?

A Call for Elections to Vacant Senate Seats

Lieberman Heaps Praise On Obama For Afghan Policy, Al-Arabiya Interview

Pelosi, Reid, and Dem Congressional leaders let Obama down with the stimulus bill

Yesterday, someone posted a photoshopped pic of the POTUS/VEEP giving finger

Guantanamo Judge Refuses Obama's Request For Delay

Obama giving billions to illegal aliens!

Obama: Wall Street Bonuses "Shameful"

Defending the New Deal

Ron Paul blathers - - - endlessly

My daughter in law's fundie mother....

It's official: Blago now ex-governor

Obama rooting for Steelers

Obama Calls Wall Street Bonuses During Recession ‘Shameful’

President Obama To Cave In Even Further To Repubs On Stimulus Bill?

Think about bipartisanship, and consider why Repubs would choose to vote against the stimulus?

BREAKING NEWS: Wisconsin National Guard invades Illinois in order to restore democracy there...

Stimulus Bill and Clinton's Budget

Is Robert Gibbs the WORST press secretary EVER?

Paul Krugman's joke for the day (Warning: may include snark)

McConnell warns GOP is becoming a Regional Party that can't compete

McConnell warns GOP is becoming a Regional Party that can't compete

I'm going to have to correct Cenk's score keeping. That would be

Shocking! MSNBC 'money honey' thinks Limbaugh's ideas re cap gains, corporate tax cuts are nifty!

~~~ DU Lou Dobbs poll of the day ~~~

They will say this shit until someone stops them...

Blago: Fire Rahm

I'm grateful to have a Press Secretary who is Intelligent and not just a Mouthpiece

Iraq does what US Government won't: Kicks Blackwater out of Iraq!

Fine SO BE IT! If the Republicans want to stand in the way of economic recovery

Palin-Blago '12

dupe; please delete

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Ann Coulter stops by for a chat with Seth.

Bend Them Over

Cheney Interview Cold Open: The departing Vice President has no regrets.

Biden needs to go out tomorrow and state.....

gov pat quinn

Iraqis honor Bush with a statue: Epic Fail

reply from my democratic congresscritter on his vote against the stimulus - confusing?

House Republicans Running Scared on White House Threat

Yes! Demand

A freeper, re: stimulus bill: "I wish the Reps had done this in Oct."

BREAKING NEWS: Blagojevich holds press conference - proclaims innocence - blames one armed man...

Blago was the news networks' Go-to Guy for their "See! The Dems are corrupt too!" segments...

Congress Approval: OVERALL: 40A 46D (-6), DEM 49A 38D (+11), GOP 26A 62D (-36)

Panetta hearing delayed again

Ill House votes to bar Blago from ever holding public office in the state.

The lies they tell

Umm BYE BYE Blago! IL Senate votes 59-0 to convict...

Who operates the website now?

Picture of the Day: January 29, 2009

"Obama's going to tax us when we shit!"

Rod Legojevich?

PHOTO Joe and the Parade....

Does anyone know what the makeup of the '10 senate races will be?

Today I encountered two people (total strangers) that made

In sharp reversal, Lieberman praises Obama's Afghanistan policy

The End Of White America?

What would President Barack Obama drink? Honest Tea

Does anyone seriously think that Obama lost out in the stimulus deal?

Freeps: Obama wasting electricity, turns up WH thermostat

How the hell could lower taxes for corporations and the rich solve the current depression!?

Politico: Gregg tight-lipped on Commerce

And you thought we'd have to wait two more years to get to 60...

Can some of you just lay off Gibbs. He is one of the main reasons Obama is now our President.

John Yoo slams Obama for banning torture; implicates Bush

I reserved my Leviticus 2010 Referendum at the Madison Farmers Market today!

Governors in Trouble List....from the last 20 years

Your Daily East Room Presidential Address: Friday Edition :-)

OK I really need help, I just got chocked up over the Lily Ledbetter Act. . .

Can Obama just do the following with the stimulus package?

Obama Coffee Cup Raises More Than Questions

Rev. Joseph Lowery's Prayer, One More Time. How Beautiful That He Quoted the Black National Anthem.

It's not that the CBO analysis doesn't exist. It's that it was distorted by the media and GOP

I'm so happy with what our president has done so far and is doing - do you share my feeling?

When is Franken going to be seated? christ

Talkingpointsmemo: Obama plans to Get Family Planning Aid Done Soon

I think our President needs to address the nation soon. Like next week.

The Good in 'Sweet Sasha' and 'Marvelous Malia'

Does anyone know if President Obama and First Lady

Obama is just BEAMING today!!! (pics)

If you wanted a liberal version of President Bush, you voted for the wrong man.

On Being A Republican

Obama signs first major piece of legislation: the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act.

Free Republic Inciting Insurrection

I think Obama making Rushblo the de facto leader of the Rethuglican party is brilliant

The Obama Cult

The Silver lining? IL Legislature had the guts to do what United States Congress didn't with Bush

White House Unbuttons Formal Dress Code

First broken promise

White House plans hardball

Here's A Bipartisan Idea......

Here's A Bipartisan Idea......

Gallup: America Is A DEMOCRATIC Nation

PHOTOS Is the strain beginning to show?

Hey, Gibbs. Enough with the baseball metaphors

How dare he not wear a jacket in the Oval Office.

How dare he not wear a jacket in the Oval Office.

Our VP and SoS (pics from today)

Answer to foreclosures ...

Senate passes children's health bill 66-32

HuffingtonPost: Judd Gregg, Commerce Secretary?

Does America owe Iran an apology?

PHOTOS Inauguration Day Memories.... (VERY pic heavy)

PHOTOS Inauguration Day Memories.... (VERY pic heavy)

Kerry: Ignore Republicans if they'll vote no anyway

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA -- Iraqis build monument to Chimpy

Kos: "Mark Halperin is still a moron" and "Listen to John Kerry"

Obama staples GOP congressmen to Limbaugh's fat butt

Obama announces he is Steelers fan for Superbowl.

John Yoo Blasts Obama on Torture Ban - Incriminates Bush for War Crimes

A good compromise on the stimulus bill...

Cuban leader seeks Russian boost

Father unfit to face charge of killing daughter at West Gate Bridge

Revealed: the letter Obama team hope will heal Iran rift

Shell reports $2.81 billion loss in fourth quarter

Bush war on Roquefort raises a stink in France

Obama gives chilly reception to canceled school

UN to launch huge appeal for Gaza

Struggling Republicans to pick new party chief

New York City fears return to 1970s

UN visits boat people detained in Thailand

Afghanistan delays presidential election

Higher stakes: US to seek Afghanistan help at NATO

Republican Official Hopes Recipes Will Flush Out Voter Problems

U.S. Can Continue Yemeni's Detention

In China, a Grass-Roots Rebellion

Sony and Toshiba Report Losses for Quarter

Report: U.S. troops exposed to 231 shock incidents (KBR)

Japan executes four convicted killers

Shell reports $2.81 billion loss in fourth quarter

Warr, Wife Charged With Katrina Fraud

Unemployment Benefit Rolls in U.S. Soar to Record

Four prisoners executed in Japan

SEC charges adviser with fraud linked to bailout

Russia and China Blame Capitalists

Army questions aspects of injured soldier's story

Al Qaeda suspect, held in U.S. for 7 years, became recruitment tool for terror group - officials

Pakistan says it arrests 3 alleged Indian agents

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is returning to Stanford University

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is returning to Stanford University

Iraq: Artwork dedicated to (Bush) shoe thrower

France urges measures to enforce humanitarian law in conflict

Sun, sea and sewage in the playground of the rich in Dubai

Australian Throws Daughter Off Bridge to Death, Police Say

Ford reports record yearly loss

Ohio family found dead in suspected murder-suicide

Bolivia looks to restore ambassadors, rebuild US relations under Obama administration

Obama Signs Equal-Pay Legislation

AstraZeneca: 15,000 Layoffs Through 2013; Company

Bon-Ton to cut 1,150 jobs

U.S. New-Home Sales Fell in December to Lowest Level on Record

Groups Target GOP Senators On Stimulus

U.S. Draft Law Would Ban Most Trading in Credit Swaps

Week of mass strikes set to paralyse France in protest against Sarkozy's reforms

Report: No re-election for Uribe in Colombia

Obama signs workforce anti-discrimination law

Obama signs workforce anti-discrimination law

Source: Obama Plans to Get Family Planning Aid Done Soon

Judge denies request to keep Proposition 8 donors secret

California court approves Schwarzenegger cuts

(Yet Another Ponzi Scheme) Accused NY financier Cosmo detained for now: judge

(Yet Another Ponzi Scheme) Accused NY financier Cosmo detained for now: judge

Blagojevich says he has done nothing wrong

Black & Decker to lay off 1,200 after profits fall

Policymakers sound alarm over protectionism

BREAKING on CNN: Blagojevich ousted

BREAKING on CNN: Blagojevich ousted

Three candidates killed ahead of Iraq vote

Officials: Army suicides at 3-decade high

La. Sen. Vitter to visit Guantanamo over closing

Electric car set to go on sale in Australia

Senate GOP: Don't seat Franken

U.S. protectionism alarms PM

Cops: Ohio family dead in likely murder-suicide.

Stocks sink as unemployment claims reach new high (7,000 at Starbucks; 1,000 at Allstate)

Only 5 percent of $819b plan would go toward infrastructure

Iraq to Deny New License To Blackwater Security Firm

JPMorgan Exited Madoff-Linked Funds Last Fall

China and U.S. in Currency Spat

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday January 29

Netanyahu: Iran Nukes Trump Global Economy

Senate set to confirm Holder as AG on Monday

Senate set to confirm Holder as AG on Monday

Israel must investigate charges of crimes in Gaza -US (new UN - U.S. envoy - Susan Rice)

Pelosi dismisses need for bipartisanship

(Former House Majority Leader Dick) Armey scolded for sexist crack on "Hardball"

UN to organize effort to help stabilize Pakistan

Court agrees to review 11,000 ballots

Amazon beats Wall Street estimates in fourth

Turkish Prime Minister Walks Off Stage Over Gaza (Davos World Economic Forum)

Calling Rod Blagojevich 'crazy' is offensive—to the mentally ill, health officials say

Lula Shuns Davos Elite for Anti-Capitalist Jamboree With Chavez

US tech sector job cuts hit five-year high

Kodak announces big layoffs (3500-4500 jobs)

Monument to Bush shoe-throwing shines at Iraqi orphanage

NASA ponders Spirit's erratic behaviour

Obama Calls Wall Street Bonuses ‘Shameful’

Senate passes children's health bill

Food stamps offer best stimulus

Coleman Lawyer: "I Don't Care About Your Procedures" -- Count The Forger's Ballot

Quietly, Michelle Obama lays the groundwork for policy role

New Gov. Quinn Sworn In: 'The Ordeal Is Over'

'Jewish money' buys minister a tongue lashing

Official: Obama to repeal 4 Bush executive orders

Condoleezza Rice regrets there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq

Somali pirates thwart navy, hijack another tanker

Women Have Nightmares, Men Dream of Sex

McConnell: GOP Becoming 'Regional Party'

The Financial Crisis Is Driving Hordes of Americans to Suicide

Kerry: Ignore Republicans if they'll vote no anyway

Judge rejects Obama delay request

Army Suicides At Record High, Passing Civilians

Taliban kill Pakistan 'spy': official

Airlines Report ‘Shocking’ Plunge In Traffic

Judd Gregg: Commerce Secretary?

Ailing Castro throws first punch at Obama

Illinois Senate Votes to Oust Governor Blagojevich

Obama selects Pastor, 26, to Head Faith Office

Anti-gay marriage donors must be public

Final ruling: Schwarzenegger can order two furlough days a month

Chavez tells Obama to give Guantanamo back to Cuba

Is the GOP stupid or playing smart chess?

Scout councils defend logging of their lands

Maddow 01/28/09: Senator Russ Feingold on Bush Prosecutions

Top Ten Failures of Bush Pt. 1

Russ Feingold on Morning Joe

The End of Morality Policing in America: Part II

"So Help Me God" Always in Inaugural Oath?

Fox News Bias For Israel in Gaza Conflict?

Tell Senator Gregg to Support President Obama's Economic Recovery Plan

Blackwater Forced Out of Iraq

The Last Run of the Impeachmobile- 1/19/2009

Top Ten Failures of Bush Pt. 2

The American Society of Civil Engineers give U.S. infrastructure 'D' grade

Cheney Calls Obama About Blackwater

A Four Point Plan for National Infrastructure Renewal

"Imagine Spot 1"; Pro Life Super Bowl Ad Rejected by NBC

Maine ECFA commercial. Mildly amsuing

Republicans and Limbaugh: The Party of NO!

9/11 Lessons From Star Trek

Malvina Reynolds - The Little Red Hen


Social Forum Mundial 2009 Opening Parade

President Obama Gives the Business to

Riz Khan Interviews Jimmy Carter (01/28/09)

Blagojevich Reacts To Being Removed

Economic Stimulus Moves to Senate Following House Approval. Democracy Now 1/29/09 2 of 3

Worldwide Economic Riots

Iceland Revolution Update

Crowds riot in striking France

IMF Global economy grinding to standstill into big depression

Rep. Manzullo Opposes Stimulus Bill on Rachel Maddow Show


President Obama Signs Equal-pay Bill Into Law

Raw Video: Blagojevich Out; Quinn In

Obama slams Wall Street bonuses

Bob Herbert: Dick Armey Owes Joan Walsh and Hardball Viewers an Apology

Rachel Maddow Show - Pete Defazio (D-OR) discusses infrastructure

He's BAAAAACK...Junior & Pickles attend basketball game in Waco

Rachel Maddow Show: Rachel interviews GOP Rep. Don Manzullo

Courage Campaign tries to spend "ArnoldBucks" without success

Economic Stimulus Moves to Senate Following House Approval. Democracy Now 1/29/09 1 of 3

Jimmy Carter's excellent advice for Obama

Barney Frank vs Marsha Blackburn on the Stimulus Bill

William Greider (3/3) on Obama's Stimulus Plan, Nationalizing the Banks and Globalization

Break Room Live: Gingrey to Rush Limbaugh: A Republican Stimulus

The Missing Memos

O'Loofah and Dennis Miller, cracking each other up

Interior secretary to clean up after oil-sex scandal

Will Padilla's case be heard? (Christian Science Monitor)

Putting Torture Behind Us (Kristoff / NYT)

Congress Should Heed Al Gore's Advice, Union of Concerned Scientists Says

The confusion over renditions

Deniability: Facing the War on Terror through Poetry

Public airwaves should always be used to best serve the public interest (Culpeper Star-Exponent)

It's Time for a Trillion-Dollar Tag Sale at the Pentagon

Senators receptive as Gore pushes for climate change legislation this year

Too Big to Fail, Too Big to Jail

Bailout This! by Andrew Hughes

The United Haters of America

CO GOP looking for senate candidates

The ONLY Way to Stimulate the GOP — to Support the Stimulus

The Big Con Game, By Siv O’Neall

Hidden Bonuses Enrich Government Contractors at Taxpayer Cost

GOP opts out of bipartisanship

Will Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld be prosecuted for war crimes?

Obama's stimulus plan needs more infrastructure spending

Feldstein's Ideas About The Stimulus

The Top Ten Provisions of the GOP 'Primitive Stimulative' Plan

Gallup poll on most/least religious states

Lies, more lies, and ACORN (le Mars Daily Sentinel)

Of advertising, slogans & subtext, and the shifting landscape of political ads

What Red Ink? Wall Street Paid Hefty Bonuses

Conservatives Distort Research To Claim They’ll Create 6.2 Million Jobs

War on Drugs: The Price Tag

Americans receiving jobless benefits hits record

US may spend up to 2Trillion to bailout banks

Obama is a two-faced liar. Aw-RIGHT! (Palast)

DeMint (R-SC) "...but his stimulus is a mugging"

The Financial Crisis Is Driving Hordes of Americans to Suicide

Bush Honored in Tikrit, Saddam’s Hometown, with Statue

"U.S. Nuclear Detection and Counterterrorism, 1998-2009" National Security Archive Electronic

" ... The Maplewood 171 dispute is now history ...

Bush lawyer directs Rove not to talk

Universal Health Insurance Coverage or Economic Relief — A False Choice (New Eng Jour Med)

News We Can't Use

Match This for Stupidity: Taxing a House of Cards

Eliot Spitzer

Rove To O'liely I'm Not Going To Show Up

Change Haiti can believe in

Fox News Is Using the Obamas to Perfect Its Racist Attacks on Black America

Is Rush Limgaugh the de facto leader of the GOP?

The Real GOP Whiney Fear: Pledge of Allegiance, to Obama?

Obama Declares War on Evangelical Christians.

Obama visits Pentagon, vows immediate action

Once-missing soldier back at Fort Stewart

Firm charged with deceptive practices at Drum

EADS will not compete for next Air Force One

Senate approves Blair as intel director

Army questions aspects of electrocution story

Service dog group lost $5,000 on failed ball

Deadline extended for overseas Tricare claims

Stimulus offers tax credit for hiring vets

Dix plot defendant: I lied to fed informant

Bills would let more troops get mail for free

Alliance asks for steady rise in BAH rates

U.S. pays $40,000 after 15 Afghans die in raid

Japan orders ships sent to fight Somali pirates

Two Lejeune NCOs killed in Afghanistan

Cardinals invite Tillman family to Super Bowl

Offutt E-7 jailed on sex assault charges

Iraqis on cusp of landmark election

Alaska WWII militiamen will get retirement pay

Report: Violence could delay Afghan elections

Obama: Tough choices await on two war fronts

New, young driver? Italy may put limits on you

Gates addresses medical care in Afghanistan

Lawmakers press for more progress on assault cases

Army: Europe networks not affected by worm

America Supports You investigation begins

Unanswered questions remain in freezing death of 93-year-old Michigan man

Interesting mail bag at Stars and Stripes this morning:

Iran’s President Wants Apology From US

Panel Touts Robots' Future Combat Role

Obama Set to Continue Pakistan Strikes

Guard High on Demand

Army Doubling Money for Family Programs

Fighters to Fly Supporting Super Bowl

Airman Found Guilty of Gang Initiation

Senators Say KBR Should be Punished

Defense Tech: A Rare Glimpse Inside FCS Armor

(Military Times) Op-Ed: Wars? What Wars?

Defense Cuts Coming, Gates Testifies

Officials: Army suicides at 3-decade high

Blackwater no longer allowed to operate in Iraq

Thawing Arctic seas may bring security risks

Obama to seek more Europe help for Afghanistan

Wainwright GI on Iraq leave dies at family home

Army orders recall of body armor

Century of the Self Part 1

Interior Ignored Science When Limiting Water to Grand Canyon

NASA Media Briefing about New Global Carbon Dioxide Mission

Next-generation Ford Focus could top 40 mpg with 4-cylinder EcoBoost

Dolphins surface as sea's smartest chefs

Installed US Wind Energy Capacity Grows by Record 8,300 MW (in 2008)

enXco & Carrier Clinic Sign 1.9-MW (PV) Solar (power purchase agreement, NJ)

enXco & Carrier Clinic Sign 1.9-MW (PV) Solar (power purchase agreement, NJ)

Geothermal Market Update: Steady Growth in 2009

300-MW of Offshore Wind Planned in Netherlands

Austin proposes nation's largest solar array (30 MW PV, TX)

FEATURE: Recession’s cloud has solar lining in Silicon Valley

Solar panel installations in California through the roof in '08 (158 MW)

Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) to evaluate solar energy for power plants

Fuel Cell Shipments to Exceed 5 Million Units (per year) by 2013

Silicon Valley clean-tech companies expect to benefit from stimulus bill

Obesity contributes to global warming

Blowing away King Coal

Suing the Belugas

Sun, sea and sewage in the playground of the rich in Dubai

I have been a democrat all my life.

6 Japan Firms to Sell Home-Use Fuel Cell System

Fighting hunger with flood-tolerant rice (CNN)

Swiss scientists say world's glaciers melting fast

Australian heatwave sign of climate change

Ocean fertilization: dead in the water? (Nature)

Boy Scouts as Land Rapers?

Scientists propose a way forward on carbon capture

Campus turbine gives Hood River teens the (wind) power

Nuclear Fusion-Fission Hybrid Could Destroy Nuclear Waste And Contribute to Carbon-Free Energy Futur

Geothermal Market Update: Steady Growth in 2009

Convince me that chemtrails exist and are harmful

Human Sewage to Power Buses in Norway

The Amazing Story Behind the Global Warming Scam

Pooty-Poot's Tank Crews in the Renewable Kingdom of Europe: We Can Blow This Thing Up Any Time.

Eliminating HFC's (non-ozone-depleting refrigerants) which are powerful greenhouse gases

Fraunhofer claims world record in solar cell efficiency - 41.1%

Europe’s Grass-Lined Green Railways


Today in labor history Jan 28 First U.S. unemployment compensation law enacted

New Report Shows Sharp Union Growth — Despite Unionbusting

Today in labor history Jan 29 Sit-down strike helps establish United Rubber Workers

Nationwide French strike shuts trains, subways

SEIU President Andrew Stern Undermines Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA)

FOREX-Yen gains, dollar supported as risk appetite retreats

World economy may lose 51 million jobs

The US Chamber of Commerce isn't American anymore!

Roubini Says Financial System Risks More ‘Disastrous’ Bubbles (Self Regulation = No Regulation)

The Story So Far: Greed + Incompetence + A Belief in Market Effi ciency = Disaster


Governments face protests over downturn

The Republicans never even looked for this money.. TRILLIONS of dollars missing!

Bailout Rate of Return: -1,096%

Lookout Iceland here comes France! French demonstration: Sarkozy vs the street

Global GDP Growth ... graph

Should a person try to keep making house payments...

Hospitals laying off record number of workers

Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin calls for end of dollar stranglehold

GOP 100% Against Economic Recovery

Plagiarizer To Run Focus on the Family’s DC Lobby Shop

How likely is one to catch std's through homosexual sex?

I have a series of questions i have developed while reading this forum:

Do gay men hold the patent on fellatio?

Queerty: Things Moving In California on G-Marriage Initiative.

Heroin addict complains that gays adopted her children

Anyone remember Green trousers on Thursdays?

Congratulations to racaulk!

My roommate's cat is obsessed with gay pop-culture....

If you are gay, married, and travel to Nigera, you go to jail

Cuba President Raul Castro in Russia

Spain Grants Aid to Nicaragua

Report: No re-election for Uribe in Colombia

Bolivia seeks to rebuild strained ties with US

EU calls on all parties in Bolivia to recognize constitutional referendum results

Bolivia Looking Forward: New Constitution Passed, Celebrations Hit the Streets

'Neoliberalism ends here'

The seeds of Latin America's rebirth were sown in Cuba

CUBA Invites Visit of UN Torture Investigator

May Day 2009 - Travel to Cuba! (Cuba Education Tours)

VEN Students and Security Forces Clash Violently as Ref. Debate Intensifies

I'm having my (2nd) nightly cocktail.... And I dedicate it to Racaulk!

Bill to expand rights of Domestic Partnership introduced in Washington State

Racaulk is getting a trial by fire today!

Congrats racaulk!

Groups Seek To Shield Gay-Marriage Ban Donations

NC General Assembly First-Day Bill Filings -- GOP is still batshit crazy

To my fellow nuclear gays: a poem

Judge: Anti-Gay Marriage Donors Must Be Public

Solana softens policy towards Hamas

A personal question aimed mostly at the GB men here, although I'll take advice from the other LBT

Israel's chief rabbinate severs ties with Vatican

I reserved my Leviticus 2010 Referendum at the Madison Farmers Market today!

The BBC's Day of Shame

Israeli air strike in Gaza wounds 18: medics

Intel sources: Gazan informants intercepted by Hamas during war

Arab leaders: caught between emotionalism and realism

Arab states want action on alleged war crimes

Doctor's anguish stirs ugly debate among Israelis

Venezuela considers Israel's decision to expel diplomats late, weak

Gaza crossings should be open to prevent smuggling: Mitchell

The Limits of International Public Opinion

The Devastation of Gaza: From Factories to Ice Cream

Netanyahu optimistic in Davos

Erdogan Says Talks Between Israel, Syria ‘Shelved’

Spanish Supreme Court Deadlocked Over Allowing Families to Opt Out of Homosexual Indoctrination Prog

ISRAEL-OPT: Fear that sewage may contaminate drinking water

Hezbollah: Obama same as Bush on Israel

Pro-Israel media: Bloggers join media war

Olmert to be interrogated by Police for 13th time on Friday

Gaza: Laboratory for the Power-Hungry

US lawmakers urge Clinton to aid Gaza

Crushing end to dreams

Israeli Military Allows West Bank Settlements To Grow

Israel Broke "Ceasefire" Hours After it Went Into Effect

Gaza victims describe being used as human shields by Hamas

First evidence of damage to Gaza’s cultural sites emerges

Controversial Bestseller Shakes the Foundation of the Israeli State

Mitchell to Meet Netanyahu Friday; Won't Go to Gaza

Erdogan withdraws from Panel on Gaza; says will not come back to Davos

Dennis Ross Chairmanship of Israeli Government Funded Think Tank Could Torpedo Iran Envoy Job

12-13 year-olds arrested for throwing stones at the Wall

The Middle East needs a new vision

Account of Israeli attack doesn't hold up to scrutiny

Spanish judge probes 2002 Israeli attack on Hamas in Gaza

The Myth of Disengagement

The white flags of Gaza

“Remove My Grandfather’s Name from Yad Vashem!”

Hamas: We will accept long-term truce if Gaza borders opened

Hamas accused of torture death of Gaza critic

Favre-to-Vikings move possible

Here What Matt Ryan Said About Arizona's Defense?

What team was the Nuggets playing last night? >>

Urine Samples Said to Link Bonds to Steroids

49ers bring in Raye to lead offense

Boxing: January 30, 2009

U.S. professors call for academic and cultural boycott of Israel

Victims forever

Fixing UNRWA: Repairing the UN's Troubled System of Aid...

Study of First Medical Device To Treat HIV/AIDS is completed

MS Stem Cell Treatment "Success"

New study: Mercury contamination found in high fructose corn syrup

HuffPo: "Big Pharma Wont Police Itself" - 8 Years Without Oversight Puts Lives at Risk

RFK Jr: Bush "deadenders" blocking Govt Funded Autism Research

Let's end this argument for once and all.

Judge Says Citizens Need To Buy Guns To Protect Themselves

okay, just so I am sure I know who everyone is...

gettin' a red eye

Possum nests, crescent Moon, Venus and an airliner..

I just got a nudge for Dennis Kucinich

February's Top Five Astro-Events

Silbury Hill mystery soon to be resolved

Gold rush: The battle over sunken treasure

Nuclear fusion-fission hybrid system might destroy nuclear waste

Glitch as Mars rover phones home

Bush's War Against Roquefort

I need a tool, but I don't know what it's called.

"Bacon Explosion".. heart attack waiting to happen

Vegetarian delight for dinner tonight.

Sparkly's Inspiration

PNG cult leader absolved of sin

Sorry I annoyed some of you.

I'm lazy

Free recipe management software

Deviled eggs?

Article: Why should I respect these oppressive religions?

I found a great coffee!

Did the Psychic Consortium make any predictions about

NYC battalion chief to speak about 9-11 - at Northeast Texas Community College

Black Op Radio

Convince me that chemtrails exist and are harmful

Attention "Middleman" fans......

My computer reboots itself....and I'm not smart enough to figure out why!

is there any way to block/cutoff

Strange CDR/DVD Player problem..

Kerry: Ignore Republicans if they'll vote no anyway

Kerry in Davos, talking Mideast peace. C-span2, Fri, 8:15am

David Wade - Kerry aide gave boss a loyal proposition