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Archives: January 28, 2009

"NONE of this information in the 9/11 Commission report. They simply IGNORED all of it."

Don Siegelman And Scott Horton On Democracy Now Today (1/28) To Discuss Rove Subpoena

The Young Turks Youtube account

Great to watch Jimmy Carter tell it like it is on Charlie Rose...

Bring back the Resolution Trust Corporation.

I like the sound of "President Obama". I think this often when I hear that phrase.

AIG retention pay

Hey there, I'm a prophet!

Feds used the Big Guns to try 1st Felony case of Arrest during RNC .

Hoard Of Hundreds Of Antique Gold Coins Uncovered In Walls Around Jerusalem National Park

Iceland: World's First Openly Gay Prime Minister

There is one place to get much-needed funds in the federal budget...

Limbaugh Online Petition

RIP John Updike

Rachel Cory .....Never Forget

Ex-Serb general accused at war crimes trial

Winning war and peace in Sri Lanka

More on 1,800 Year Old Marble Figurine in Israel

Why isn't Huffington Post reporting on the Prosecution of Dissent ?

Russia accuses Georgia of 'capturing' soldier

22 killed in surging wave of violence in Mexico

Man kills Family and himself over job loss

Consumers Union wants to hear about your health care experiences

Consumers Union wants to hear about your health care experiences

Education under attack in AZ!

US roads, water and basic systems earn 'D' grade

Now WE want to build $180 million worth of "emergency" camps on military installations??

With all due respect, Roland Martin is not smart enough to sit on a panel

Alleged GOP Blackmail Plot Exposed (paging Katon Dawson - RNC chair candidate)

" Sick Around the World". Coming April 15 on PBS

How I managed to miss the most celebrated event in recent U.S. history

Fucking Pieces of Shit!

WOW check out this screen grab of a car wreck in Germany

So Cindy must have opened up the books to John McCain?

Mr. President....its getting too late too soon...

Stimulus Bill Tax question?


Poverty in the South

DEC Aid Appeal For Gaza - (Refused to be shown on BBC and SKY)

Just an observation re: U.S. Naval Observatory.

bob corker (asshole-tn) 'we need adult supervision from the white house'

Memo to Mika

Dear Inconsistent Ones (Republicans)

The definition of a "two-tiered justice system"

"The real America" coming soon to a neighborhood near you !

The joke is on us (and the Republicans)

Outrage halts launch of 'Caylee Sunshine' doll

Piss on Bush (Literally!)

Bi-Partisan support for stimuls is not important.

Bi-Partisan support for stimuls is not important.

Fast Food Kills Breast-Feeding Benefit - Asthma More Common With Fast-Food Diet

Do you think marijuana will be decriminalized in your lifetime?

I just want everyone to know I'm a real go-getter today.

Adrian Fenty (D) (DC mayor) = Ronald Reagan

Adrian Fenty (D) (DC mayor) = Ronald Reagan

Decent Blue Bank?

Do we have to repay the stimulus check we got last year if your getting a refund?

Our little rain and slight ice event should be over in Texas and the real news of the storm the

House to Vote on Stimulus Bill, GOP to Say No (ABC)

American Indians could reap almost $3B in stimulus

American Indians could reap almost $3B in stimulus

11:15 est - Obama to address U.S. on economy

Incredible video--- a must watch.

Hey, Floridians! What's your opinion on this? Was Jeb popular?

Obama Won't Give In: Denies GOP More Tax Cuts

Buyer's and Seller's Beware - My observations....

Do the Republicans who don't support the stimulus not want any of the money for their states?

youtube suspended The Young Turks?

Vince Bugliosi on Stephanie Miller right now

Holder has been approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee

Playing for Change

Let's say it is your choice alone ......

"Interesting" database. I would like people to take a good look at this

New Obama Lawyer Fought For Release Of Bush Torture Memos

New NASA Administrator?

IBM strips off 700 jobs to beat NY Warn act....

"Harlan County, USA" -- It's MUST SEE stuff for all Americans. -- 12:35pm ET today on IFC

Let me tell you a story from a while back.

Todays Announced Job Losses so far 16,050 and climbing

Florida has a Ponzi

American Indians Could Reap Almost $3B in Stimulus

Who Is Setting Fire to Coatesville?

Heads up on Climate Change hearings in SFRC @ 10AM. Al Gore is today's witness.

A Litany For Dictatorships

Caregivers sit-in at community hospital in Aliquippa, PA demand fairness for working families

Froomkin calls Thiessen the little bitch that he is.....

reading Asia Times Online today will give you a good update on

Meet the Author of this Historic Stimulus Package :

The Senate Judiciary Committee meeting and vote for Holder now available

Iranians or Republicans

Did I just hear right? $250B mostly business tax breaks? Rapid Transit - Bush-approved only!

White Sox planning Obama-themed hat

I know I'm a Viking...

Why are we introducing new troops into Afghanistan without a 'clear strategy'?

FDIC May Run ‘Bad Bank’ in Plan to Purge Toxic Assets (Bloomberg Update)

sales tax deduction

The wife isn't always the last to know

A song of hope and courage - DEMOCRATS UNITE!!!

These ditzes on Fox - as seen on the Daily Show

Format changes/problems

Unsolicited advice to the Republicans- What you guys need is......

Chimp is keeping his faux ranch

Why isn't Blah, Blah, Blago in a mental hospital?

Self Preservation - a little funny for our times

Interior Secy Salazar: 'We will no longer tolerate the sort of

If You Have Lexis Nexis Read This!

Family Planning Cut from Stimulus Bill????

UAW agrees to drop Jobs Bank at GM

Wow, there is Another Silver Fox

For Decades, Right-Wingers Have Pushed Paranoia & Xenophobic Politics & Called It 'Moral Clarity'

Transnational Corporations treat people like

Has Anyone Heard republicans Yammering About Millions Of Tons Of Garbage...

How can Shrub assume "executive privilege" would protect anyone (Rove) from prosecution?

Oskar Wehr (munition ship) stuck in western Mediterranean

If we can't call out one DUer, can we call out a whole group?

A question for gay DUers about Andrea Mitchell.

Whats everyone eating for Lunch Today?

Whats everyone eating for Lunch Today?

"Bipartisanship" explained (apologies to Shultz)

Are you getting a tax refund and if so, how are you spending it?

Obama is amused that his daughters' school closed today

Do we want Rush Limbaugh to fail? "No Fairness Doctrine for me. Let him talk and talk.

Japan: Delicacy Makes Diners Seriously Ill

Jim Robinson's robust, self-made, pull 'em up by the bootstraps.....

Here is my position exactly

We were all called in today for a meeting RE: Lay offs

Last Chance to Save Mass Transit in Stimulus - Call your Rep. Now.

I'd like to smack the hell out of Eric Cantor!

The Missing Memos (mentioned on DemocracyNow this morning)

Dear Mr. President, Here is a Fix for the US Economy, The anti-Russian Model

El Rushbo...Is now head of the GOP Party!

Rethinking Military Escalation in Afghanistan

Do you have a favorite photo of the cat, dog or other companion who owns you? Show 'em, people!

Gates says Iran bigger worry than Russia in LatAm

Iranian leader demands apology

What's your weather like today? Is the ice gone for now?

Whitehouse and Leahy Scold Cornyn and Specter for Asking for No Prosecution Guarantee

I collect reports of President Obama's statements and appearances

Who is more more messy or neat on DU --- women or men?

Clarence Thomas-Just beaming with pride over the incredible step forward his people have just taken.

Sign the Anti Limbaugh Petition now. Take this pig off the air.

Is there is web-based summary of the stimulus package which is being considered?

I can't take it any more.

Fucking outrageous: Family planning stripped from stimulus bill

Would someone please explain to me why anything republicans think right now means shit?

The politics and policies of 8 years of failure should NOT get a seat at the table.

What will little Aryan Nation and Adolf Hitler Campbell be when they grow up?

In "Lost in America" the wife is forbidden to ever use the words "nest egg" again

The hearings with Al Gore have started up again

Tax Refunds Now on Hold in California

After suspension for nodding at Obama, drum major quits

According to Rep Flake's logic, we should strike all funding for the Military...

here is where you can see PETA's banned ad

Question on the House Stimulus Bill debate...

You've got the GOP all wrong - they're all about peace and happiness and they care, they really do.

Men in video threated to attack Germany

It's Clear We Now Have the Democratic Majority and the Torture/Obstruction Minority.

Hmmmm........a vengeful God, ya think?

The new President--through the eyes of a 5-year old

Digby nails it - again. Tax Cut Primer

School can expel lesbian students, court rules

"Wasteful Spending" is okay when Bush and the GOPers do it...

Tell then Charlie Rangel

The big taxes and wasteful spending message will always work

Tonight at the White House: Cocktail Hour

I'm curious....Who/How started this idiotic "Democrat" Party junk?

What Obama needs to say about the Stimulus Bill...

Rethugs mostly hate America.

Boehner: We are 'working hard' to create our own stimulus bill

Georgia Power defends nuclear fee plan

Here's how Obama gets the Limbaugh Republicans on board with the stimulus bill

Encore! Couple spend $155,000 to clone dead dog

Wow Nora is taking apart Mike Pence, that smiling POS

has the Administration shot down the washington times/eric holder story yet?

anyone catch this on tweety last night


This does not bode well

Marijuana Could Prevent Alzheimer's, New Study

America spent over ten trillion dollars over the last eight years

The Republic Party is NOT dead. You know that story about Pat Brown

How Can We Prevail Upon the repukes To Stop This Bullshit?

HAHAHAHA there's another Duncan Hunter!!

Soros Says Bad Bank Plan Won't Help Increase Lending (video)

American Apparel's Dov Charney: 'Women initiate most domestic violence'

why is it the media doesn't like the stimulus bill? why are they against it?

Republicans Are Dominating the Media

SarahPac she just won't go away.

Palin-speak at its finest - "Is Palin Running for President? 'No, not at all.'"

It may be only me, but the CNN Obama picture..Whats up with that?

Holder Aide: We Made No Special Promises to Bond

Slate: Sicko-nomics

Study: No Link Between Autism, Vaccines

Gore's Testimony this Morning: An Inconvenient Truth: The Sequel.

Economy so bad that even gold-digging whores are suffering

We will ever know the contents of the Energy Task Force documents?

Do Some People Here REALLY FUCKING BELIEVE THE WT STORY About Holder????

Who/where is the central command and control of the .........

tweety just lost me...first guest: darrell fucking issa pontificating on the stimulus

Americans For Torture - Responses to Newsweek Article Re Obama's Torture Ban

Weddings/Celebrations Announcement: Joseph Biden, Barack Obama

cnn is outraged! at the salmonella peanut butter

Leahy’s office was very interested in the Washington Times story.

Aide: Holder Has Made No Decisions On Prosecuting Bush Officials

Are you fucking kidding me, you boy buggering,

UAW people being selfish again...

Bob Herbert calls out Armey to apologize to Joan Walsh for his sexist comments

Joan Walsh PISSES OFF Dick Army - must see teevee ... Matthews's show's rerun

LOL, Tweety nails it

I want my 4% loan!

Democrats Launch Petition Against Rush Limbaugh After Firing Back at Obama

Its a little known fact.............

It is nice that Obama is asking for their input, BUT

Dick Armey is a piece of crap who ought to crawl back into his own ass

Scientific community on when life begins: I need help...

Depressing question but is the a list of DU'ers who have passed on?

Rush Limbaugh found dead on toilet, thousands commit suicide. (fake headline)


Feministing: The asshole gene runs in the Bush family

Gulfport Mayor Brent Warr has been indicted on fraud charges.

Dick Armey is a

Dick Armey Apologizes to Rush Limbaugh for Joan Walsh Stimulus Bank. Tweety Blago.

Katrina vanden Heuvel: DC's Moment of Truth

Well, the stimulus is going to pass the house

DHS publishes 315-page book honoring Chertoff’s ‘Select Speeches.’»

Rec this thread if you give a shit about what the GOP thinks!

Tomorrow will be a special day in Illinois: BLAGOJEVICH to give own closing argument

Not one REthug House vote for

Did Senator Kit Bond (R-MO) commit a crime?

$335 Million in contraception funding would have saved $83.6 BILLION a year

tweety hates it that bill clinton made 4.7 million in speaking fees.....

Republic of Money: Spies james angleton & dick helms

What I Learned Today:

This is why the republicans were thrown out of office head first.

Our local gun store closed.

I hope this vote buries the GOP for the next 50 years

Why is it that the pugs can still cause a lot of damage

If the bad debt is so massive that it will cause our economy to collapse - just cancel it.

Dick Armey just told Joan Walsh that he's glad she's not his wife!

House Bill Pleases Rail-Transport Advocates

A latte trouble at Starbucks...........

Not a single Repub voted for the stimulus package.

republicans clamoring to protect & apologize to Limbaugh for his behavior is the proof...

The republicans voted against Social Security in 1935. They were out of power for the next 59 years!

"U.S. Colonel Killed in Iraq -- On a Treadmill in the Green Zone" ... Why I still hate Bush.

Oh, so now that the poor might get paid, Republicans are suddenly "Fiscal Conservatives" again?!?

Freeper-types, thier racism and hysteria


Is it too early for President Obama to go straight to the people and

Republics raise their voice in a unified Lemming Chorale

The Myth: Republicans in the Congress stick together and Dems

Dios Mio !!!! - 7,000 jobs axed at Starbucks, 10,000 at Boeing......Where does it end?

Techcrunch's Layoff Tracker

Prodigal Republican Begs Rush Limbaugh for Forgiveness

Robert Gibbs, what do you all think?

Google, Partners Release Net Neutrality Tools (PCWorld)

The Dems who voted NO on the Stimulus Package:

Iowa's budget blues....

will stimulus package pass the senate? what if the republics vote in lockstep?

Maybe it will have ZERO impact, but I just wrote to President Obama at the White House

Whitehouse & Leahy Scold Cornyn & Specter for Asking for No Prosecution Guarantee

Whitehouse & Leahy Scold Cornyn & Specter for Asking for No Prosecution Guarantee

It's the same old republican bastards. The same bunch that voted against

Six million Burmese need food

First thing we need: A list of everyone who voted against the Stimulus Package. NT

Who are the 11 so-called "Democrats" who voted against the stimulus?

Hope the electorate remembers this as they collect their benefits after their job losses.

$400 million in bonuses given to AIG Financial Products, division that caused need for bailout.

Sir Paul (McCartney) on

after four years in congress, i bet this is just what President Obama expected

ThinkProgress: ADL Chief Smears Time Magazine's Joe Klein As Anti-Semite (along with Jimmy Carter)


The invisible Democratic Party.. all over the airwaves today..

Never heard a Republican bitching about 200Billion a week to

Kissed their ass for zero votes in the House.

Prop. 8 donors to ask court for anonymity

I don't think the republicans get the point of politics.

Why is Hannity mad about Geitner not paying taxes?

Do we have a "learning disabilities group"? I ask because my daughter is having

Palin Gets Free Ad Time During Superbowl?

You know, I'd be worried about the lack of Republican support for the

In case you're curious, here's a list of the Democrats who voted against the stimulus package

Regarding the stimulus bill, anything for retirees?

I guess the House GOP has simply declared war and

Has the Republic Party ever done anything to help America?

Hey! What happened to The Young Turks??

Republic. I like it. I really, really like it.

Try to imagine the anquish. I simply cannot begin to.

Neil Cavuto says "Limbaugh Doesn't Need Me to Defend Him," then...

it appears the media has decided to torpedo President Obama's stimulus plan

Dirt is good for babies: the Hygiene Hypothesis

What do you think of the new Press Secretary?

A letter to Bank of America

A letter to Bank of America

Obama: Snowy Washington Needs 'Chicago Toughness'

Women who care for their husbands for richer or poorer hurting in economic crises, too

US says rule lifted limiting immigration arrests (AP)


Schools can expel students that seem gay, appeals court rules

EXCLUSIVE: Holder assures GOP on interrogation prosecution

the washington times STILL has the eric holder/kit bond story on their front page.

Regarding the stimulus bill, anything for homeowners?

Regarding the stimulus bill, anything for homeowners?

An overview of (De-) flowering shrubs:

What an ass

So when do I get my damn tax cut?!

This commentary on the high speed U-Haul chase in Los Angeles has reached a new low.....

house of representatives proves that the republics are now inconsequential

In your opinion what is a "fair" profit margin for private business?

Has anybody ever heard of a George W. Bush?

Two cars just slammed into each other on my ice-covered road

One last chance to use the phrase YES WE CAN ... ('TOON)

Lynyrd Skynyrd Keyboardist Billy Powell dies

OK, not a single House Repuke voted for the stimulus package. Rush owns 'em. Screw bipartisanship.

Florida County Looks to Privatize Fire/EMS Department

It took EIGHT years for the republicans to destroy this country

Is Rush Limbaugh the Best the Right has got?

Is Obama taking notes regarding the House stimulus vote? Is he taking names?

Thom Hartmann listeners: I have a question for you!

Tell us why rush limbaugh frightens YOU

Why is the market up today?

Coleman's Continuing Comedy of Errors: Days 2 & 3 at the MN Election Contest

Wow look at all the Repub "economists"...

the fairness doctrine.... so here we are

10 top dog breeds

Is anyone watching "Oprah" right now?

Peanut Processor KNOWINGLY Sold Tainted Products

Crime doesn't pay......especially when you're a dumbass.

You know ... he's really not an entertainer. He is an opinion leader.

An Iraqi Woman's Perspective of Our Media

An Iraqi Woman's Perspective of Our Media


Help Refute (or is it true?) Interesting Statistics 2008 election

My LTTE (re: Bush's refusal to talk about his legacy/record)

2009 Report Card for America's Infrastructure

Now we're bailing out lobbyists?

Tweety on with discussion on the bill with no Rushican

at least we've seen the fruits of post-partisanship early.

protect the AMT

eeeewwww John Potter.

Bob Herbert calls for Armey to apologize to Joan Walsh and

Obama Afghan strategy to stress non-military role

Republic or Republican?

Undercover FBI informant egged on RNC defendant.. Sick, Sick, Sick

Senator Russ Feingold is on Rachel Tonight

So if Republican Congressional districts don't want...

Revealed: the letter Obama team hope will heal Iran rift

You realize that we are entering into an era of political thermonuclear war, right?

So, when will an enterprising publisher get to one of El Rushbo's ex-wives...

AP: Mass layoffs to accelerate in 2009 at furious pace

Why is a stimulus plan for PEOPLE bad, but a larger "bailout" for BANKS good?

How does a US Congressman grovel at the feet of Comedian Rush Limburger?

Live on Headline News: police chasing a UHaul in LA

It's official! Rush Limbaugh is RUNNING the repug party!!

Cookie sales at work

shrub is at a women's basketball game tonight in Waco, Texas

Eric Cantor

Eric Cantor


For those of you who HATE Rush this might help you...

Man Flings Feces in Courtroom, At Jury; Smears on Lawyer's Face

Is the Huffington Post becoming an online tabloid?

My City of Ruins

Palin to avoid the RNC while in DC.

What Needs to Happen to Get TYT Back Online??!!!

If the left/dems had a Rush figure, with as many media outlets and the apparent

nevermind - sorry folks

More Than a Million Wait in Icy Darkness Across US

Fugitive mom who lead model life after prison break to be released in May

Letter to my "Dem" Congresman (Parker Griffeth) who voted against the Stimulus Bill

NAFTA's Dangerous Security Agenda

So, I've been watching re-runs of West Wing on Bravo...

Happy Birthday, Jackson Pollock

HAH! Did chimp dump pickles already (or vice verse?)

Will someone explain to me like I'm a 6 year old(cuz I am about this) why the Republicans

Does it matter if there is Quid Pro Quo in campaign contributions? NO here's why

Sadness in my family today, young friend died. I am looking for funny news to pass on

What's up with this "republic" meme? Where did it come from?

You thought fighting between Dems and Repubs is bad? Check this out!

When was the last time you called your congresscritters?

"I am not demonizing putting grass back to work."

Thank you Senator Whitehouse for saying the words I so wanted to hear

Rate your New Prez

How Obama Can Boost the Economy by Investing in Science

cnn quick poll = Do you support passage of President Obama's $825 billion stimulus bill?

Mythology, the Number Three, and Two More Kicks in the Teeth...

AAaarrgghh... Gwen Ifill on Rachel Maddow...

2012 palin for prez - rush for vice.....i like it.

Economy what.

Titles for future books about Bush

Russia And China Slam U.S. Economic System, Blaming It For Financial Crisis

Russia And China Slam U.S. Economic System, Blaming It For Financial Crisis

Repukes, sit down and shut up while we show you how it's done.

Is Dick Armey an army of dicks?

Senate passes COBRA subsidy bill

Doing my part against RW propaganda. Un-progressive of me? Maybe. Good for my mood? Definitely.

Flashback: House Passed Clinton Economic Plan in Aug. 1993....with no Republican support.

Ötzi’s Last Days –Glacier man may have been attacked twice

Ötzi’s Last Days –Glacier man may have been attacked twice

Not a single Republic. Not one.

U.S. Moves to Bail Out Credit Union Network

How to handle the Republicans while the Democrats are in charge

Bush tax cuts plus Bush war

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Link to all the peanut recalled products

Does everyone "get" the following.....

Haggard: "A tragic embodiment of the still-raging war between sexuality and religion"

Bush administration was thoroughly briefed on mortgage situation

No republican votes? Heh. I'm left wondering what all of the courting is good for?

Paul McCartney is Steve's guest tonight

Blagojevich, After Inking Movie Deal, Will Resign Tomorrow

Every Peanut Product From Ga. Plant Recalled FDA: Toss Out Anything Made in 2007-08

The Repub that showed up on Rachel's show has no idea what stimulus is.

I think it's time we all boycotted the organ donors roll

The Financial Crisis Is Too Dire to Be Left to Politicians

Right wing psychopaths filling up stock message boards for Pepsi and Campbell's


'Buy American' Rider Sparks Trade Debate

If you have a Student Loan you should read this post - From Founder of

Who Will Be Part of 'The Great Recovery'

Will Obama continue jousting with the bipartisanship windmill?

Michigan man, 93, freezes to death after city cuts off electricity

More than a million in the dark and cold

Listening to Letterman... looks like Limbaugh is going to be his new pig to poke

So Nancy Grace is outraged about the singiing 'Caylee Anthony' doll

Which House/Senate Repug asshat do you despise the most?

I wonder if we're ever going to rebuild America

If Holder guaranteed NO PROSECUTION for Team BushCo on Torture, then...

I have no sympathy for the man who lost his job and killed his

Fundies: "Week of Tolerance" is intolerant of bigoted homophobic fundie assholes....

Hackers Crack Into Texas Road Sign, Warn of Zombies Ahead

Cut taxes to all businesses that don't outsource and raise them for companies that do.

I don't give a damn if they do call us the "Democrat Party." In fact, maybe we should

Everything in the stimulus/bailout packages should be things we can completely stop funding

Watch this sickening video of a g.o.p. swine kissing rush's 'giant' ass

Not defending Blagojevich, but....

My 3 dates with a closet republican

Why does no one ever bring up the oil company profits during this economical crisis?

Obstructionist Republicans vote en masse against Stimulus Package that passes in House

GITMO, simply explained

Week One

TBI Searches (former State Senator) Jeff Miller's Law Office In Bradley County

Don't ya just love it that beating the shit out of each other on TV is called an "Art?"

TOONS, part 2: Obama and the oath oaf

Toyota to recall over 1 million cars worldwide

Pissed about Bank of America's anti-Union conference call with conservatives?

Dick Army has just lost his mind on MSNBC coast to coast

A Modest Proposal

It took 20 tries just to get on hold with the unemployment office.

Please DU my ltte re:Shinseki

I am against PETA.

Ice! From my front porch.

This clipped paragraph says all anybody needs to know:

Special thanks to Hadrons for their incredible work in the DU Video area!

Obama's first congressional defeat: GOP defeats bill to delay digital TV broadcasting

How is mail to the president processed?

How Can High School Seniors Afford to go to College?

The Rude Pundit: Regarding Motherfuckers (Republican Edition)

The Rude Pundit: Regarding Motherfuckers (Republican Edition)

Do you want to thank Bob Herbert for demanding an apology from Dick Armey...

Studies find mercury in much U.S. corn syrup

It is time for the middle class and working class to march to

SP watch -- this is troubling. "Sarah's Weekend Away" - The Mudflats

"Is a GED More Valuable Than a PhD?"

Mr. President...ground the republicans....

TOONS: Economy and RW losers

GOP Is The Main Obstacle

NATO High Commander Issues 'Illegitimate' Order to Kill Afghan Drug Dealers

Redoubt volcano rumbles; eruption potential forecast


Lynyrd Skynyrd keyboardist dies at Florida home

Sheriff's Office to transport inmates via light rail (Sheriff Joe Arpaio)

"Well, he's going to be shot anyway"

Should all Democrats vote the same way on every vote?


personally, i want the democrats to destroy the republicans

TYT: Obama Trying To Appease GOP With More Tax Breaks (Video)

And now a message from the lunch ladies...

"Young or old, a writer sends a book into the world..."

NICE...Check Out Bush Checking Out

"Saddlebacking" defined

Blanket Labeling of our Gitmo Detainees as “Terrorists” Is Anti-American in the Extreme

Homeless man gets 15 years for stealing $100

DUers for prosecution of the Bush/Cheney criminals by President Obama's administration

AP: Zoloft, Cipralex are best antidepressant options

About the parents who killed themselves and their kids.

U.N. crime chief says drug money kept banks afloat in financial crisis

Any NE Ohio people on the board. Rumor is a house just exploded.

Unique Hoard Discovered by Archeologists in Centre of Moscow

If anybody is surprised about Republicans fighting this tooth and nail

From $80,000 a year to eviction: Hard times in America

From $80,000 a year to eviction: Hard times in America

OK, you are in charge of the economic bailout...What would YOU do?

Obama will use the current Economic Crisis to pass sweeping Health Care Reform.

Assholes who voted AGAINST the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay act of 2009


So I'm watching Good Will Hunting on cable

Dude! If you put dryer sheets on the furnace intake...

PaddyBlueEyes and flvegan are now DTM!

to the tune of "Fresh Prince of Bel Air"

Funny from two years ago

MccTaTas and I are headed to bed...Night Everyone

Name good places in Jersey.

I've just watched Conan the Librarian... really!

NO layoffs took place at Microsoft India, just in the US

here's how we overcome boredom in my part of the world

I found Petas new ad campaign.

Son of bitches at the Ban company

Oh, my head.

Studs Terkel educates William F. Buckley on the working man

Okay, DUers, regarding this whole Parche issue.

I am supposed to be working from home

What do you use Google for?

Long shot, but please help me out here. Anyone who watched PBS in the 90s remember this show?

So what's the deal on "Mall Cop?" Is it any good or is it all hype?

Stranger In The House

I just finished my taxes. Boy, that was depressing.

I just want everyone to know I'm a real go-getter today.

Bart Simpson robocalls for Scientology.

Warning: Mega-banks Could Fail Despite Federal Bailouts

I do love local news when we get an ice storm.

Tell us something minor you hate about your hometown

Good morning Lounge

I used to hate robocalls.

Hungry caterpillars force Liberian emergency

The vibes around here lately have been kinda funky!

I want bacon! No, what I really want is for the snow to stop.

Just a neat Blog I stumbled upon... 1948 Sportsman reatored trailer

celebrating 500 posts!

my employer reconsidered and now the office is opening at noon instead of 10

*~*~*~*~* Midlodemocrat Appreciation Thread *~*~*~*~*

"Cello scrotum" may be a hoax but "inner tube nipple" and "runner's nipple" are for real!

If Social Security check is your only income...

New name here! You like?

Caption: Panda Escape Attempt at the National Zoo

I am going to see Ain't Misbehavin' tonight.

Obama lawyers set to defend Yoo

It's my birthday. I've been here for 5 years and 5 days.

It is snowing. philboy no like snow.

Highlight the white area in the body of my post to see what I am thinking.

Peer pressure is an aweful thing

Roddenberrys set to “boldly go” in 2010.

Wow! My friend asked me to run a marathon with him in Sept 2009.

Are the name changes retro-active?

Steve Clemons: "No Economic Team of Rivals On Obama Staff: Rubin's Manic Neoliberals Dominate"

My friend wants me to run a marathon with her.

Computers and me? A bad mix

Married 84 years, and still loving

Pluto: the once and future planet?

I get half way to work before I think to check the website for a snowday, D'oh!

The Motorcycle Wave Training Guide

Okay, I just tried to play and sing Travelin' Soldier

Did they "i am who i am" his meds this morning?

Linux Users: What Distro would you recommend?

Say HELLO to our new moderators!

My new operating system just arrived in the mail!

Incredible video--- a must watch.

How do you make that chinese white gravy?

OMD! OMD!! Heidi started a critter pic thread in *GD*!!!

The most distrubing video I have ever seen on the net

HEY!!! We are getting out-lounged by GD!!

Found this old clip that kinda shows what a great guy John Candy really was

A Willie Parker story (Steeler fans)

Photo help

Europe is a country and everyone speaks french there

I've decided to take a DU break.

As sad as it is, looks do get you places.

Dog, pig, and leopard. MUST SEE!!

Latest Misplaced-Canine update:

For my 11,000th post, I changed my user name!

"That color has been discontinued" ARRRGH!

Family Feud-esqe question regarding lurking conservatives and their basic lameness

4 Weeks No Smoking! (In Smileys)

Hey Lounge! I'm not going anywhere

***Free Mr. Pibb!!!***

My 19 year old tv just died on me

Whats everyone eating for Lunch Today?

Heyya, getcher 'Get Out of Hell Free' cards rightcheer!

Short joke about a new job..

AOL Users - email question

I didn't realize mullets had so many different classifications

Lynyrd Skynyrd Keyboardist Billy Powell Dead at 56

If you're in Atlanta, eat this burger for me, thanks!

TZ informed me that I'm her major league girl crush.

Is it just me, or does MLB Front Office look like the coolest game ever?

How many DU'ers have you met in prison?

OMG the co-founder of Home Depot!!

Yet another undocumented Google search trick (find images by exact dimensions)

Today's word is 'automagically'. Change any thread title to include automagically.

No surprise are the 11 right-wing Democrats who voted AGAINST the stimulus

Don't tutch the Hans-Jörg Butt

So has anyone here actually taken the screen name Blagojevich_Fan yet?

I'm so tired of seeing the word "automagically"

Football rule question....."stripping" the football...

You know you're in the 21st Century when,,,

A friend of mine grew up in LA and recently moved here

The Importance of Animal Companions in your Life

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/28/09

What is your best restaurant experience?

How many DU'ers do you regularly interact with outside of DU?

How do folks feel about the Nationals' chances this coming season?

Movie buffs---what's the name of this church from Shadow of a Doubt

What is the longest you've ever stayed in your house/home?

Death cab for cutie - "I will follow you into the dark"

It's so shitty, I'd be surprised if Kevin Costner doesn't make a cameo

I have been abnormally pissed off all day

Looks like Mickey Rourke is about to "Norbitt" himself out of an Oscar

The Bacon Explosion hits the NYT!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 1/28/2009)

The Truth about the Fairness Doctrine

Oeditpus Rex is at the top of my list.

I rise in praise of The Magistrate, on the day of his retirement.

Trouble in DC; Obama calls DC residents weather wimps!

Cartoons and the "Eddie Deezen" rule

Funeral Parlors

Sicilian Pizza looks different, but does the shape affect the taste?

"Don't Give Up" - could have been written for these very times

LOST tonight. Two episodes?

The Boburrito

I just lost my old maid down by the docks.

Do you have any superstitions/lucky charms?

Play some music that gets you energized.

Snowstorm pics!

Nice Quote, Serena!

How many DU'ers have you meant to Poison?


I'm putting together a blues hard rock band - any requests?

With regard to popcorn, I perennially confuse "old maids" with "maiden heads".

I just SUCK as a crook - what the hell are Bluecoats anyways?

Bacon explosion? Chicken Fried bacon. With cream gravy.

The calls for the "car warrenty" saga continues....

I think somoene mentioned a hamdog earlier.

UHaul on the run from the cops TV right now

Free Diet Dr Pepper

Small-towners: How small is your town?

If they're looking for infrastructure projects, they can start with storm drains in Boston

How many DUer's have you met in Prison or Jail?

I just SUCK as a cook - what the hell are bratwurst anyways?

If Rachel Ray and Martha Stewart were to have a knife fight in a back alley in Tijuana, who'd win?

RiffTrax (MST3K's Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, Bill Corbett) LIVE online in 1/2 hour (6 PM Pacific)

I should be banned from the lounge for admitting this but I want to clear my conscience

Serious mac people help!

Goddamn it I hate cops, lawyers and judges

Well, this video reduced me to a quivering heap of jello


The Nine Naked Men video - did anyone get an FLV file that still works?

Grrrrr, AGH, and other sounds of frustration and pissoffedness

Richard Alpert thinks Daniel Faraday came back for his bong

Today's been a shitty day

Serious mac and cheese people help!

Its a Nirvana evening. Sorry haters, Cobain rocked.

Hello from the Burbank (CA) airport.

Dear Ohio Department of Transportation:

My sincerest apologies (mea culpa)

I'm done

If you had to fill out an online dating profile, what would your "About Me" say?

I'm trapped in a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma!

Anybody here ever been treated for / cured of emophobia?

My wife has two questions for DU *LOST* fans (spoiler)

May I please borrow somebody's time machine?

Stupid French kitten video. Cute, but stoopid.

So what's it mean when you have dreams about zombies?

Dole advertised Viagra, what will Bush sell? Trojans? Jock straps?

Frakking in the '70's!

Someone recommend a decent Audiobook....I have a ten hour drive tomorrow

Hey lounge pevs..I just found out something interesting...

I pity the fools SOMETIMES

Metal fans only. New Metallica album. Yeah or Ney.

Panic attack...lovely.

Attention Los Angeles ..... U-Haul CAR CHASE LIVE!

Apocalypse Please...

23 years ago today

I once again have no words for something!

To Midlo, Paddyblueeyes, BeachBaby and others

Should I change my name to Jacques Weaselweiner?

What you fear in the night in the day comes to call anyway.

You know how I thought madinmaryland was maidinmaryland...

Question about the Louisiana Purchase

Most annoying personality on YouTube?

About this photo:

Whats the latest news on Parche?

Anyone want to talk Food Poisoning?

suggestions from the cat experts for my cat that just had bladder surgery

Carrot top!

When was the last time you threw money away?

I missed a circumcision thread today? It's locked?

Can anyone help with a Windows Vista problem?

I just had an Irish Red Ale for the first time. Now I know why they're so hard to find.

I know I'm stupid, but how to I post a picture?

You know I really love men and all...

Well, THAT was a weird dream.

Is Sylvia BROWNE the predictor, uh, well, I was going to ask, "Reliable?"

Ten Sure-Fire Ways to Be a Complete Failure At Everything

Another Big Hit on the Anxiety-O-Meter

Divorce papers arrive tomorrow.

What is the perfect adjective to describe Michael McDonald's voice?

Mary Matalin has overheard daily calls with Rahm, Carville, Begala, and Stephanopoulos

My cat is apparently a James Lee Burke fan

Severe Anxiety. Other than pharmaceuticals, what do you do to lessen?

Science-types - I have a curiosity about heating a home

Top Chef Thread!

Pay-to-Play Scheme in NY Senate Seat Pick?

Well, I've lost 60 pounds but I am still "obese"

I wish Taterguy would just leave.

I wish Taterguy would just leave.

I'm a first time Grandmother

To Those of You Who Think About It...or Walk in My Shoes for a Moment...

kitten picture of the day for thursday january 29

Major LOST spoiler!!! (I think)

How many DU'ers have you shagged in person?

I ate some Republican food

How many DU'ers have you met in person?

Degenerate gambling addicts and football freaks: Any surefire prop bets on Sunday?

I am a great cunning linguist

Name a band/singer, a great song by them, and an absolutely putridly horrible song by them

Anybody here ever bought the Total Gym?

Any non-academic PhD's (ABD or not ABD) out there?

I have a migraine. One of the worst I've had in awhile

When the Apocalypse comes, what do you hope it is?

Ab in the bass, Bb and Db over top...what would you call the chord?

Saw Burn After Reading.

Has anyone noticed that as they passed 40 their memory got bad?

mo got me

Cactus Jack vs. Big Van Vader - The Ear Incident (3/16/94), Munich, Germany

I'm Tellin Ya,

Can anyone tell me what this little figurine is? I found him in a parking lot

OMG Teenager puts M-80 between thighs to muffle explosion

Who Is The Funniest Seth?

Post Master General. Mail delivery days may have to be cut

Best Metal Band Ever.

Do you have a favorite photo of the cat, dog or other companion who owns you? Show 'em, people!

the twenty greatest southern rock songs

I am requesting vibes and other good energies.


Post a song that takes you right back to high school.

What long gone TV series needs to come back in a modern interpretation?

I watched 15 minutes of The Pirates of Penzance today

I suppose everyone loves onions, right?

Who's that writing?

Fair Warning to Obama Bashers: Pre-Schoolers are WATCHING You!!!!

We should have known it wasn't The Obama Administration that Authored this Stimulus Bill

The Fight for the New Economy : Rumble Time

The First Bill President Obama Will Sign

As I recall, the GOP fought hard to oppose Pres. Clinton's Economic Plan, and yet . . .

So, should we go back to a limit of Three O.P. per day?

**Heads Up: Pres. Obama to Address Nation at 11:15am**

Will nudity come to network tv?

Question: Why did the GOP pick up seats in 78 & 94 after Carter & Clinton stimulus's worked?

Obama plans potential February homecoming, we urge him to fly into Gary

Anyone see this

Link to watch Gore speak to the SFRC on global warming

U.S., European Bank Stocks Surge on Obama’s Plan for ‘Bad Bank’

Most obnoxious HGTV show?

John Dean: 'Not a Lot of Help for Rove' Likely from Obama White House

Look at the difference in color between CNN and MSNBC shots of Obama.

Anyone know of a website that explains this stimulus bill?

Obama does what he says, and he said he's going to cut programs and entities that don't work.

A picture worth at least a thousand words;

Does anyone know if the Obama Admin is planning on reigning in-

Robert Borsage: "Get Ready to Rumble"

Heads up-White House Briefing starting now

The RNC Chair race and implications for 2012

At least Limbaugh spoke the truth for all Republic party members when he hoped Obama fails.

I am so happy to have President Obama, am pretty sure most of you are!

A little good news: progressive priorities that made it into the stimulus bill

OK, whats the withholding of stimulus money for white male construction workers about.

Gibbs Press Conference Wed. 1/28

House punchs a hole in DTV bill.

about all these repukes who are NOW 'concerned about the direction America takes'...

Why doesn't have videos of daily press conferences?

Bipartisan poll: By 2-1 margin, most Americvans favor spending over tax cuts

Well - Hell - If The Repug Version Of Economic Stimulus Will Create Over 6 Million......

Times of London: President Obama leads US drive to topple Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe

The Republican "Not we Can't" Pity Party. The more we hear them, the more they remind us

If I had the floor as a Congressman, this is what I would say about the Republican plan

Let me get this straight, Republicans say do what we've been doing?

BREAKING: Holder Just Confirmed by Senate Committee!!!

What time does the Stimulus package go up for a vote in the House?

imho Dems need to regain control of the story...

The NY Daily News is trying to chimpinate Obama

Dems have early lead in 2010 congressional race: 24-point lead on generic ballot, 62% neg for Repugs

my power was out today- so ....

I pity males SOMETIMES

Phil Gingrey groveling before Rush was just so satisfying. MSNBC played

Why is FOX News always the top result in Google News?

If the stimulus bill wins by party lines why should we offer ANY friggin' tax cuts for 'Pukes?

Hoop dreams: Ensign challenges Obama

Freshman Rep. Grayson: ‘Limbaugh actually was more lucid when he was a drug addict.’

I Keep On Hearing That This Economic Stimulus Bill Is Still Not Spending Enough Money To Get......

Why in the HELL should we even listen to any "new" ideas the repubs have?

The DCCC's Petition against Rush Limbaugh

Ammo and Stupid

Overstock sent a dismissive response to my email on Limbaugh.

Ok, which Obama Action Figure Should I Get?

Eric Cantor schmoozefest with Rush this afternoon.

Why do House Republicans hate America?

Holder assures GOP "he won't prosecute CIA officers or political appointees" for torture

Obama's first foreign visit announced.

Does anyone have a list showing who voted for/against Obama's stimulus package?

BREAKING NEWS: (MSNBC) House passes White House-backed $819 billion economic stimulus bill

The House vote should not trouble anyone/ It was largely theater

If the Repubs were against it, it really must be something GOOD & HELPFUL

What in the HELL is Juan Williams smoking calls Michelle: Stokely Carmichael-in-a-designer-dress

"The Gound Has Shifted Underneath Them"

View the kissing of the godfather’s … ring

Pssst.... Republicans...

House passes stimulus package with more than $100 billion in green spending

Obama hosting a White House Happy Hour to settle details of the stimulus bill.

Senate should reject this bill

Jim (CRAZY ASS) Cramer saying the stimulus plan isn't going to create any new jobs

Fairey`s two obama posters raised 800,000 for the obama campaign

Chubby Lou Doobs is practically sucking face with Repig Rep. Mike Pence

Everyone's favorite cardboard Obama isn't really Obama at all.

In light of the fact that virtually every industrialized country is spending on fiscal stimulus..

What do you say to Republicans

What do you say to Republicans

Here's the important question: HOW do we get Rachel into elected office?

UN: Claims US is required by treaty to investigate Bush and Rumsfeld torture policy

If there's ever a good time for the gov't to borrow $900B, it's now.

Peter Defazio is my hero.

Deja Vu? No house republican voted for the stimulus

When Will the RePuke Lemmings Break?

Favorite nutball thing I read today and my response

What do you say to Republicans

Let The Republicans be The Party of Obstruction!

Obama is a genius!

Note to Republicans: "We must act; these are serious crisis times"

The best way to frame the Stimulus vote in the house

If Eric Holder really did issue a "secret promise" to Kit Bond not to prosecute Bush officials,

Obama is doing EXCACTLY what he did in the primary, losing a skirmish and winning the war

When we come out of this recession sometime in early '10, Obama and the Dems OWN the recovery

Obama scores well in second post inauguration poll

Obama Statement on House Passage of Stimulus

The First Family.....

Newest GOP Complaint On Stimulus: There’s Not Enough Housing Aid (Which We Voted Against Last Week)

Holder aide rebukes WashTimes report: Holder Has Made No Decisions On Prosecuting Bush Officials

Obama tells DC "apply some Chicago toughness."...LOL

James K. Galbraith: What's Missing in the Stimulus Plan ... "Act on a Larger Scale"

Most Say Tax Cuts Always Better Than Increased Spending

Mike Malloy is talking to a repuke right now! She is as dumb as a rock.

Rumor has it Michelle is pregnant.

As America Burns, WE Voted for CHANGE - But the GOP keep on keeping on with same ASS SHIT!

Ahmadinejad's Letter to Obama

Rush Limbaugh is about to become the spokesperson of the Republican Party

Advisers Deciding Obama Trip Plans

Republicans got Obama to concede some and gave him nothing for it, Lesson? F__k em!


Let no one say the Lego folks aren't historically accurate.....

So is DICK Armey going to be the official Repuke party spokespig now?

Let's see: they still march in lockstep, they still suck up to Rush, they still push tax cuts

Hurrah for Joan Walsh and Bob Herbert !!!

Hurrah for Joan Walsh and Bob Herbert !!!

Jim (Crazy Ass) Cramer ia a National (Fucking) Treasure

Right winger sent me this.....does anyone know if it is true. If so it is really bad....

The MSM is just-a-itchin to catch President Obama in a controversial statement

Eyes on the Prize

Newly coined word for M$M's attack on Obama's initiatives

What is wrong with the Republicans?

It looks like the word "Democratic" has been deleted from the Repubs.' vocabulary

Just What Does It Mean That There Is Money In This Bill For Jobs?......

It's all a game and Pres. Obama is playing the Repubs like fools.

It's official: Obama's quest for bipartisanship got him pwn3d. Now where does he go from here?

Which new senator are you most excited by and why?

Rachel Maddow gives the most hard-hitting interview on television. Period.

Obama to Host Bipartisan Cocktail Party

Say HELLO to our new moderators!

Holy Sh*t! Gillibrand Patron Al D'Amato Hosted a $500k Fundraiser for Paterson

OMG Sir Paul McCartney on Colbert is KILLING ME

Just Five Republican States Left

So Ahmadinejad Wants an Apology.....

There is not enough money in this bill for infrastructure, health or education.

ABC: CIA agent raped Muslim women, made videos of rape

Republicans lost, everything else is BS spin.

I just can't fucking take it anymore. Almost 900 BILLION DOLLARS, and not ONE cent

NYT: From the Top, the White House Loosens Its Buttoned-Up Style

PHOTOS: President Obama visits the Pentagon

Either Obama is actually naive about "bipartisanship," or he meant for this to happen.

The Trash Was Historic, Too

Yet Another "Oh my, he really IS the President" moments....

Message to Obama: the republicans do not want to fucking work with you

I just read the Magistrate is Retiring

Mike Malloy has a good take on the Stimulus Package Vote

Who Voted "Nay"

Steelers & Cardinals players are eager to win the Super Bowl so they can meet Obama

Paul Krugman: "Aren't you glad that Obama watered down the stimulus bill?"

You wanted Transparency? Geithner posts all the Bailout Contracts online

Bill Clinton made over $6 million from foreign sources last year

Hillary Clinton leaves quick stamp on US State Department

High-Flying Citigroup Grounds Plans for $50M Jet - Obama Aide Called Citigroup to Complain

Obama order could present problems for Rove

Sri Lanka troops enter another Tiger village: military

Aides Say Obama's Afghan Aims Elevate War.

Rock Fans head to Iowa to Recall Day the Music Died.

US roads, water and basic systems earn 'D' grade (American Society of Civil Engineers)

Engineers give U.S. infrastructure poor grades

Spanish police arrest 6 over $600M London share fraud

Gates says U.S. must set realistic goals in Afghanistan

School can expel lesbian students, court rules

Terrorism Guilty Pleas by 2 in Sri Lankan Separatist Group (in Brooklyn)

UN: Myanmar faces food crisis because of cyclone

Iranian leader demands US apology

John Updike dies at 76; Pulitzer-winning author

Iceland sets major whaling quota

Santander Offers $1.8 Billion to End Madoff Claims

IAEA chief ElBaradei cancels BBC interview over Gaza aid row

Japan asks Russia to quickly free seized boat crew

China Raids Homes and Businesses in Tibetan Capital

ConocoPhillips Posts $31.8 Billion Loss on Charges

Who Is Setting Fire to Coatesville?

Interior Ignored Science When Limiting Water to Grand Canyon

Boeing Will Eliminate 10,000 Jobs After Posting Loss on Recession, Strike

Chairman: PPG could cut 4,500 jobs

Cello scrotum - the truth at last

Japan: Delicacy Makes Diners Seriously Ill

Amid Spreading Job Losses, Union Membership Across Country Rises To 12.4 Percent Of Work Force

(UK) Asylum seekers 'dumped and forgotten' in detention centres, says report

Iran To Send Satellite To Space By March 20

Japan readies to join Somalia anti-piracy patrols

Gates says Iran bigger worry than Russia in LatAm

NATO says killed 97 Afghan civilians in 2008

Warning over collapse in capital flows

Obama is amused that his daughters' school closed today

Senate panel OKs Holder as attorney general

Western Bank Giants (JP Morgan Chase & Citibank) Prepare to Revamp Iraq’s Financial System

Klein says without state help, (New York) DOE could lay off 15,000 educators

Got Work? Some Bushies Still Searching for New Gigs (Gonzales & Jackson)

Iowa trooper disciplined in Obama e-mail case

Fed holds interest rates near zero, says economy has weakened further in past month

School Can Expel Lesbian Students, Court Rules

Post office may cut back deliveries to 5 days a week

Top U.S official: There's no way to stop Iran's nuclear program

FBI saw mortgage fraud early

Unions gained more members in 2008: Labor Dept

EXCLUSIVE: Holder assures GOP on interrogation prosecution

Gay woman minister to become Iceland's PM

Cop accused of pushing Wal-Mart greeter suspended

Hackers Crack Into Texas Road Sign, Warn of Zombies Ahead

Senate Committee endorses Blair as new intel chief

Obama lawyers set to defend Yoo

Former President George W. Bush visits new Dallas home

Dupe, please merge.

AOL axing 700 jobs in cost-cutting move

Dinner with T. Boone Pickens: Bidding Starts at $100,000

Obama: Snowy Washington Needs 'Chicago Toughness'

Stimulus Plan Would Provide Flood of Aid to Education

Sarah Palin Launches Political Action Committee

Sun, sea and sewage in the playground of the rich in Dubai

Domino is latest magazine to fall

Greece paralysed as farmers ratchet up protests

Pakistan army 'will retake Swat'

U.S. Senate committee votes 17-2 to approve Eric Holder as attorney general

Pakistan: U.S. must halt drone attacks

US bill would boost food, drug safety inspections

Lt. gov. prepares for possible take-over

US Interior Secy says open to new offshore drilling

Global job losses 'could hit 51m'

World's leftists agree it's hard to hate Obama

Calif. mom who fled Mich. prison to be released

Update on RNC trial of Tx's David McKay: FBI informant speaks

Exclusive: CIA Station Chief in Algeria Accused of Rapes

Aide: Holder Has Made No Decisions On Prosecuting Bush Officials

TCS may call back 20% onsite staff in US (TATA)

Hundreds dead as Sri Lankan military creates humanitarian disaster

Boeing to Chop 10,000 Jobs

Starbucks to cut 6,700 jobs, close 300 stores

Russia 'halts missile deployment'

Labor Department: Freightliner production shifts from Gaston to Mexico (850 US jobs lost)

Judge OKs Holding Taliban Cook At Gitmo

Obama says tough decisions soon on Iraq, Afghan wars

Leading Senate Dems Dismiss Report That Holder Promised No Torture Prosecutions

Clinton Sees an Opportunity for Iran to return to Diplomacy.

Ice Storm Cuts Power To 870,000 In Midwest

Fed Readies Plan To Help Consumers Get More Credit-Card Debt

The Republican't party is hanging itself

ACLU tests Obama with request for secret Bush-era memos

Abortion Foes Warn Of Hospital Closures

Health effects of Chinese drywall unknown

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Revealed: the letter Obama team hope will heal Iran rift

Gore joins push for Obama's stimulus

Whistleblower Amendment Passes: Federal Workers Now Protected In House Stimulus Bill

Gulfport Mayor Indicted On Katrina Fraud

U.S. peanut plant (managers knew they) shipped salmonella-tainted products: FDA

DAVOS-US Chamber confident Buy America will be limited

House bill funnels $2.4 billion to Wisconsin

Icelandic Minister, Johanna Sigurdardottir, Would Be World's First Gay PM

Court: Christian school can expel lesbian students

Senate Rejects GOP Alternative for Children’s Health Insurance Expansion

House OKs $819B stimulus bill in win for Obama

Army orders recall of body armor

Blagojevich asks to argue before impeachment trial

(Russian PM) Putin, (Chinese Premier) Wen urge new financial order

Postmaster General: Mail Days May Need To Be Cut

Texas Republicans assail Obama stimulus plan

GM and UAW to suspend Jobs Bank program as of Monday

Medvedev Orders Precise Soviet WWII Death Toll

House defeats bill to delay digital TV transition

Rabbis may halt Vatican talks over Holocaust-denying priest

France Braces For Mass Walk-Out

Some Credit Card Companies Financially Profiling Customers

Studs Terkel and William F. Buckley 1998 (1:17)

A response to YouTube suspending the Young Turks

Undoing Depression

Climate Change Now

A Song of Hope and Courage

KO & Jon Dean discuss Rove's subpoena and 'vestigial' executive privilege

Beyonce Crying at inauguration ball (Jan 20 2009) Emotional Interview

World's Worst - Limbaugh, O'Reilly, Goldberg

Thom Hartmann on Countdown talks about bailout oversight

Dildo Reilly & Tammy Bruce can barely defend torture w/ Bush's c*ck in their mouths

Obama: 'We can turn the economy around'

The Tyranny of Oil

CBS News: Gov. Reagan and the California budget standoff (1969)

Break Room Live Remedial Theater: The 'Bipartisan' Stimulus Package.

Obama's Economic Address

BUSH SR FLOORS BILL CLINTON - The asshole gene runs in the Bush family

Orson Welles on performers & audiences (1979 ... indirectly Gore/Obama related)

Conyers to Rove Time To Talk

A ROAD NOT TAKEN- tells the story of the solar panels Jimmy Carter put in the White House

Gingrey Slips On the Gimp Suit - Grovels to Limpballs On Air

Sarah Palin Promotes Her PAC!

Rachel Maddow follow up and analysis of Blago's interview: Did the Hair screw up?

Obama, take away the pain in my stomach (an Israeli woman pleads for an end to the occupation)

CBS News: The Battle of Ben Het Vietnam (1969)

The War of 33

Countdown-Prof. Jonathan Turley discusses the ACLU suit to release Bush's torture documents

George Carlin bashes the baby boomers

Keith Olbermann Talks About His Issues With Authoritarian Types (including link to full interview)

Naomi Klein ... on Appointments

Obama's snow day

Kissinger calls on Obama to create a New World Order

Review Of Politics 08'

Obama sings Billie Jean

Dick Army is an ass

"Veggie Love" Banned Super Bowl Ad

Looking for Porn clips turns up Young Turks being suspended

AlterNet: The Financial Crisis Is Too Dire to Be Left to Politicians

Alberto Gonzales, the Sequel

Amy Goodman: Too Big to Fail, Too Big to Jail

Plunder and Blunder: A Roundtable

World News Trust:: Selecting a Supreme Court Justice (Hal Cohen)

World News Trust: Dystopians On Estrogen (Carolyn Baker)

GOP Opposes Provision to Remove Used Condoms From National Mall

Non-Racists Indicted for Burning Black Church on Election Day

Troubled Times Bring Mini-Madoffs to Light

Rush Limbaugh Is Hot Under the Collar

A Dark Age of macroeconomics (wonkish) |Krugman's NYT blog

Breaking: Rep. Gingrey Hospitalized With 'Brown Nose' for Doing 'The Limbaugh'

Cornyn's outrageous confirmation demand (LAT)

Is It Time to Bail Out of the US?

Long Decline in Union Memberships Reverses

Is a GED More Valuable Than a PhD?

Rush Limbaugh Attacked by GOP Lemming

Post Office May Scale Back to a 'Newman Schedule'

Charles Morgan Jr.; Lawyer Championed Civil, Voting Rights

Censorship-Fighting Editor Richard Seaver

MOre Stimulus Needed

William Glendon; Won Pentagon Papers Case

The Bjork Fund for Iceland.

BOOK REVIEW: Bernard Goldberg's "bias" against the facts

"BBC exemplifies anti-Palestinian bias" by Linda S. Heard (1-28-09 Online Journal)

Starbucks Cuts Decaf for Customers, ADDS Caffeine for Reduced Work Force

Sun, sea and sewage in the playground of the rich in Dubai

Brazil holds 'alternative Davos'

Sunday NYT Mag: The Big Fix - Can Barack Obama Really Transform the U.S. Economy?

Seumas Milne: The Seeds of Latin America's Rebirth were Sown in Cuba

Guardian UK: Obama's America Opens Up

The Impossible-To-Track Bank Bailout

The End of Morality Policing in America: Part I

Blogger’s Butt: May be a Hoax

Climate Denial Crock of the Week-1/28/09

Sanders Votes No on Geithner: "[He's] More of a Part of the Problem...Than the Solution"

News You Can Endow

Al Gore: We've Arrived at a Moment of Decision

Putin-Dell slapdown at Davos

Veggie Love Rejected PETA Super Bowl Ad

Israel's chief rabbinate severs Vatican ties

IBM quietly cuts thousands of jobs

Stiffed: Why Are Bailed-Out Banks Helping Pfizer Buy Wyeth?

FLASH: Rush Limbaugh Off the Radio (for a week)!!

Recruiting stand-down ordered

Board to select officers for medical training

Gates details plans for deployment, dwell time

Alaska: Reconsider pay for WWII militia

Obama to hear advice of service chiefs on Iraq

Mullen: U.S. tried to stop Hamas-bound weapons

Military seeks to expand use of biometrics

Gates: Missile strikes in Pakistan to continue

Fort Campbell soldier killed by gunshot wound

AWOL soldier given stay by Canadian court

VA to settle for $20M for data theft

Gates: Gitmo closure won’t force releases

Senators: Contractor should be punished

(Army Times) Editorial: Make housing rules fair

(Army Times) Backtalk: Strategy change needed in Afghanistan

Gates backs commitment on Colo. training site

Austin: Troops set for Iraq elections

Intel director resigns, effective immediately

Groups urge faster action to help veterans

Lawmakers press DoD on sex assault prevention

Hawaii Stryker brigade makes way home

Dennis Kucinich States His Intention To Put The Federal Reserve Under Government Control

Drum BCT deploys near Afghan capital

Stennis group heads out heavy on helicopters

Hearings set on Navy plan for dolphin patrols

Coast Guard stands-up new logistics center

Report: Corps mismanaged ITV, EFSS programs

Lejeune Marine dies in Afghanistan

Marine sentenced to 6 years in prison for rape

(Marine Corps Times) Backtalk: The right mission

Gates: DoD aiming for tanker RfP in 2010

(Air Force Times) Backtalk: The case for the Raptor

Kadena pararescuemen deploy to Iraq

Iraqi police chief sets new tone

(Marine Corps Times) Opinion: Obama’s way forward

Vaccine shortage not affecting Europe supply

Camp Ramadi given to Iraqis

America Supports You investigation begins

Commissary sales show growing appetite for bison

GI Gets Final Wish of Arlington Honors

Obama to Arabs: US Isn't Your Enemy

DoD Buzz: Next-Gen Bomber Possible Casualty of Economic Crisis: Gates

(Military Times) Op-Ed: Ministry of Truth and Peace

(Air Force Times) Backtalk: Don’t rush to replace Air Force One

Judge strikes down draft mandate for fed jobs

Explosives are found at polling station in Iraq

DOD scouts Pendleton as site for Gitmo prisoners

Iran’s Latin America Moves Raise Alarms

FTA Screenings in NY and LA This Weekend:

Please DU my ltte re: shinseki

Kitty Hawk decommissioning set for Saturday

Maureen Dowd's column:"Wall Street’s Socialist Jet-Setters”

Expatriate executives making way for local hires (India firing foreigners..hiring locals)

RWE Innogy Acquires Rights To Build 960-MW Offshore Wind Farm (Gremany)

US House and Senate Move Forward on American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

Polish Your Shoes With A Banana Peel (VIDEO)

California adding green jobs, leads nation in energy efficiency

Dominion and BP evaluate wind energy projects in Virginia

Liberia declares state of emergency as caterpillar plague wrecks crops

Peak oil review - Jan 26

Salazar to revisit recent Interior Department actions

Question about carbon/climate change

Change From The Bottom Up On Transit

Salazar says limits needed on offshore drilling (AP/MSNBC)

Setting out Obama's green agenda (BBC/Viewpoint) {LONG op-ed}

Green car rules give auto industry a new challenge (SD Union-Trib/AP)

Britain's big polluters accused of abusing EU's carbon trading scheme (Surprise!)

EU urges US climate commitment

Beacon Power, National Grid in collaboration deal (flywheel energy storage)


Ethanol no longer seen as big driver of food price - Guardian UK

latest study of corn ethanol production shows GHG reductions of 48% to 59% reductions vs gasoline &

Gore Delivers 'Inconvenient Truth' Lecture to Senate {For'n Rel'ns} Committee (WaPo)

AFP: Geo-engineering 'useful' against climate change: study

Why I am a socialist

Hilda Solis: Great Choice for Labor


UC workers demand answers

Los Angeles conference calls for grassroots fightback

Davos: Trade Unions Bring Tough Message and Practical Solutions to Business at World Economic Forum

The Truth About EFCA and Secret Ballot Elections

Nebraska jobless rate hits 4 percent

Rich guv proposes cuts for workers, poor

The stimulus package that will work that we won't get ...

IMF cuts global forecast and warns on deflation

List the Limpnuts' advertisers, please ...

Why shouldn't Pres. Obama's admin limit the bailout/whatever actions to those states

A 40 year wish list

Taleb Foresees Private Equity Firm Failures If Stock Market Falls

TREASURIES-Bonds tumble as Fed refrains to buy long debt (Reuters)

World growth 'worst for 60 years' (BBC)

And now for the latest news from Iceland...

Can anyone explain these statements from the Davos Econ Forum?

Why did Warren Buffet build factories in China

New Report: 30 Million Service Jobs May be Shipped Overseas

Gaza has 'set back' Britain's anti-terror fight: minister

Gaza plant designed to protect 10,000 lives suffers £140m damage

Syria and the new Arab 'cold war'

Middle East Defense Market Still Strong, Despite Decline in Energy Prices


Tragedy stalks Gaza family

Top UN official blasts Hamas for 'cynical' use of civilian facilities

The War to End All Wars

Aid agencies need to reach vulnerable people in Gaza

Gaza: Witnessing the damage

France Summons Israeli Ambassador Over Gaza Incident

Display on Danger of PA State While Mitchell Visits

IAEA chief cancels BBC interviews over Gaza charity pleas

France summons Israeli envoy over Gaza scare

Israel: Rights group says settlement construction accelerated in 2008

Rightists in Israel predict dismal fate for Obama envoy's efforts

Five Questions for an Israeli-Palestinian Future

Post-Gaza realism

Mideast: Israel reopens Gaza border crossings

THIS is bigoted advertising.

A question for gay DUers: What do you think?

US doctors face challenges in crippled Gaza

It's tax time, and I was just wondering if donations to LAMBDA LEGAL are tax

Blair: Gaza strategy "hasn't worked" (Roundup)

Gay rights conference opens in Denver

Court: Christian school can expel lesbian students

Chávez warns against a potential war if he steps down

Israel expels Venezuelan diplomats (Spanish)

Whoops. Dupe story. n/t

Small item today in Amy's headlines: Gates Warns of Iran Role in Latin America

Hugo Chavez on Bolivia: 'The Yes Vote Triumphed'

Cuba to invite U.N. torture investigator to visit

Lula Shuns Davos Elite for Anti-Capitalist Jamboree With Chavez

Yossi Alpher: One entity or two

Israel expels Venezuela embassy staff, cuts ties with Caracas

Report: Massive Hezbollah attack against Israeli target in Europe thwarted

ok -- i tried doing the 'GaGa' thing --

Counting casualties of Gaza's war

What Mitchell would miss by skipping Gaza

Right wing psychopaths filling up stock message boards for Pepsi and Campbell's

Peres after meeting Mitchell: US, Israeli stance in accordance

DEC Aid Appeal For Gaza - (Refused to be shown on BBC and SKY)

Israel Bombs Southern Gaza

First evidence of damage to Gaza’s cultural sites emerges

Livni to Haaretz: Netanyahu and Barak have character problems

Hundreds of West Bank Palestinians commemorate Holocaust

Israeli jets target Gaza tunnels

Al-Qaeda would blow up ‘Christ’s burial site’ says Israeli election favourite Netanyahu

Despite promises to facilitate humanitarian aid Israel Is preventing repair of the electrical, water

Resolving the Israel-Palestine Conflict: What we can learn from Gandhi - by Norman G. Finkelstein

Israel's destruction of school with U.S. curriculum shocks Gazans

First Qassam since end of Gaza op hits Negev

Top U.S int'l official: There's no way to stop Iran's nuclear program

Report: Israel conceals illegal West Bank building

Peace Now: Israel settlement building accelerated in 2008

Do fag hags count as "Q"? Comes from a conversation with a friend

Lanny Davis: Israel, Gaza, and the Double Standard

For HRW, Israel is always guilty

Best sports article title ever: "Razing Arizona"!

The proposed new Marlins ballpark looks like Dick Cheney's paper shredder.

Most hated sports franchise

Cello scrotum - the truth at last

Slate: Sicko-nomics

Preparation CV 247 for cancer treatment

Individual Health Insurance

Paul Rogat Loeb: STIFFED: Why are Bailed-Out Banks Helping Pfizer Buy Wyeth?

Controversial Bestseller Shakes the Foundation of the Israeli State

Police: Homeowner Strangles Intruder

After we reinstate the Assault Weapons Ban, we need to...

two noses

Found my marbles..

5:30 trip to HOME DEPOT - with my little powershot in the pocket

I think I hate iPhoto - except for some things.

The Redoubt volcano is rumbling more. I think it's going to blow.

About this photo:


Starchild: Leadership, Service and Spirituality...does it matter?

I just saved the life of a crow

Obama is in my town, and the ravens are flocking at my house again.

Do any of you who switched to organic food in recent years ever worry...

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Black hole outflows from Centaurus A detected with APEX

Baby neurons glue new memories

Climate Change Could Choke Oceans for 100,000 Years

New NASA Administrator?

Ötzi’s Last Days

So, that's where my ex ended up. - new planet found by NASA

Challenger tragedy - 23 years ago today

Pope in bid to dampen bishop row

Describing Food

1001 foods you must eat before you die

I am being very naughty.

How to clog an artery in one simple recipe

Mashed rutabagas

Pea shoots - great early season greens.

Anyone ever have Lexington Red Slaw?

Pope in bid to dampen bishop row

Hail to the Chef (Obama's Chef comes to DC)

BRAZIL: Churches eye alliances for financial change at World Social Forum

Editorial: Betraying Vatican II (Jewish Daily Forward)

Get serious about sewage (Ekklesia)

This hasn't been mentioned over here yet so...

Prebaking pie crusts

No Right to Judge

Get your drool on (photo heavy)

What weird foods do your significant others (spouses, or whatever) like?

Anyone here have Synesthesia?

Noa writes open letter to Gazans

Stimulus Plan Would Provide Flood of Aid to Education

Russia and 911 truth

Texas is no longer a Republican state according to Gallup Poll

Harper on a leash, Coalition is dead.

I'm back, since we haven't talked in a while. Obviously this old

Just got a nasty virus . . .

Great deal at Costco on a 28" LCD monitor right now.

Tandalayo_Scheisskopf, any advice?

Life On Mars returns to ABC tonight.

Climate Change hearing in Sen. Foreign Relations Comm

When families become enemies of state