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Archives: January 27, 2009

E.U. aid chief: Hamas responsible for Gaza

Waiting on Repubs to cooperate?

David Axelrod, Lee Hamilton on with Charlie Rose tonight. ... Adm. Don Guter with Tavis

nevermind - Obamas playing cards on the bus.... pics?

OMG! tivo Letterman and Brian Williams!!!!

Tweety coming up on Craig Ferguson tonight. Heads up. n/t

Egads this guy Michael Yon ("considering suing" Michael Moore) is a real piece of work

hello poeple

Is Wolf Blitzer disrespecting President Obama?

President Obama.

Official: 300 wounded in Sri Lanka artillery fire

Gold pushes above $900 in buying spree

Down the Drain - The Legacy of George W. Bush

Darfur sees 'fresh air strikes'

Anyone Else Having Trouble Accessing Their Journal?

I'm digging the shit out of Obama so far

Thrift store MP3 player contains secret military files

Foreign Policy Workers Ask U.S. To Back Benefits for Gay Partners

CEO Rich Fuld sells 13 mil. dollar estate to wife for 100 bucks to avoid creditors...

Feingold Seeks Change in Empty Senate Seat Protocol

So the megachurch PAID the young male to keep silent about the sexual relationship with Ted Haggard

From Mercy High to White House halls (24 year old deputy associate director in the Office )

Transcript of President Obama's interview with Al Arabiya News Channel

Eugene Robinson: Maybe the Only Crime Was by Blago’s Barber

(Coleman/Franken) Senate recount trial: Copies of ballots don't cut it

"The missile melted my children..."

Aspirin 'could cut liver damage'

CNN: Corning slashing 3,500 jobs in new Earnings Report...

Today in History

Terror is Making a Comeback in Iraq

Go here; to help jumpstart the prosecution of George W. bush for War Crimes.

can anyone explain the "conservative" idea of "small government" and "individual liberty?"

Premature Obits For Kennedy, Byrd May Force New Wikipedia Rules

Home Depot to close four dozen stores

Why is GEICO (One of Limbaugh's sponsors) called "GOVERNMENT" Employees Insurance Company?

Ron Paul is on Morning Mika

BBC documentary takes on Obama's plans for American health care system

Geithner set to unveil new lobbying rules

Revenge of the nerds

The month of January in Rome

2,200 Foreign Policy Workers Ask U.S. To Back Benefits for Gay Partners

Promotion Company Sells Caylee Dolls

A week without being in a constant state of pissed off makes a world of difference,

After 48 years, forgiveness for a bus station racial attack

Overheard at work yesterday

The Agape pyramid scheme in Long Island....

Dems push redistricting panel

How will Holder fare later this week?

Is it again safe to listen

Mika is "tired" of Blago. "He's just using us, the media, to make money"

Learn how big labor is undermining Obama' Priorities?

So do Obama and Hillary Clinton both know who really shot Kennedy?

In case anyones forgotten Lou Dobbs cheerled the Iraq War.

AP: 9 in 10 execs at bailout banks remain on job

Ponder this. Bush was cuttin' brush or otherwise doing nothing much of the time.

Change, not obstruction

mitch mcconnell goes on today show and says it democrats who are holding up stimulus

Bush Admin Churned Out 48 Last-Minute Rules In Final 13 Weeks

Schwarzenegger wants to tax golf, auto repairs

More CA Drivers Cuttting Back on Insurance

Twenty-five people at the heart of the meltdown

The honeymoon that ended before it began

Mubarak Risks Losing Lead Role in Gaza Talks as Criticism Rises

What should we do?

What should we do?

Health care insurance: more expensive, less coverage

"At 55 years old, this isn’t what we envisioned" (auto dealers face layoffs, 60-70 hour work weeks)

In case anyone's forgotten Bill Bennett gambling hypocrite said this about black people.

Senators Casey & Dorgan vow to take action regarding "negligent homicide by KBR"

GM gives dealers some breathing room on Saturn (till 2012)

Octuplets born 'screaming and kicking' in Calif.

Study suggests babies get the beat at birth

"Slumdog" child stars miss out on the movie millions

What is up with George Mitchell's lawfirm?

Will Rover appear Feb 2?

President Obama Signals New Tone in Relations With Islamic World

Didn't see this but thought it should make the rounds...over 9000 misdemeanor charges..

Pentagon No. 2 Could Earn $500K Lobbying Pentagon

Petition to revoke Citigroup's bailout (corporate jet)

Consumer confidence hits all time low

You Are A CEO Of A Corporation Or Bank That Is Swirling Down The Toilet So You Decide To:

Skeptical at first, but I have come to see the wisdom of a post-partisan nation.

PETA ad banned from superbowl (concerns over "rubbing pelvic region with pumpkin,", ,more)

PETA ad banned from superbowl (concerns over "rubbing pelvic region with pumpkin,", ,more)

Couldn't they indict/prosecute Rove in his absence?

Couldn't they indict/prosecute Rove in his absence?

Citigroup Won’t Take Delivery of New Aircraft (Update1)

Madoff Enablers Who Say They Were Duped Winked at Suspected Front-Running

Rare Reptile Becomes Dad at Age 111

Palin's Got PAC & VIP Status - NY Post Gossip

Palin's Got PAC & VIP Status - NY Post Gossip

I have to say, while I dislike them intensely, Republicans know how to stick together and fight

Wow the government killed thousands of birds because of 1 farm?

Wow the government killed thousands of birds because of 1 farm?

In case anyone's forgotten Joe Scarborough had a dead lady in his office once.

Judge: Law Banning Jobs For Men Who Don't Register For Draft Is Unconstitutional

Wired: Gates: Cash Cows of War Running Dry

Why is DU accepting ads from a Wal-Mart anti-labor front group?

A real CBO analysis of the complete stimulus bill

So Obama's had a week. Where are all those changes already?

Blowfish testicles sicken 7 in Japan

Woman breast feeds puppy. Pretty weird.

Only 6,900 jobs lost today!!

ABC News: President Obama Heads to the Pentagon Tomorrow

Performing arts institutions deal with soliciting money from donors facing bankruptcy, unemployment

here's republican bipartisanship in a nutshell.

here's republican bipartisanship in a nutshell.

What the Chimp considered his biggest mistake of his first 100-days in office

Ice in Canada's St. Lawrence River traps ships carrying 500, including icebreaker

General James P Cullen-Standing Behind a Ban on Torture

Juan Cole/Taylor Marsh Debate Obama's Bombing of Pakistan

In case anyone's forgotten Rush Limbaugh is a convicted drug addict.

Israel launches new attacks on Gaza

Damn Hippie heads to second day of trial !

Will They Actually Prosecute Poll

Will They Actually Prosecute Poll

TEDTalk Tuesday: A New Idea on Mass Extinctions

Caroline Kennedy, Bill Richardson... both Clinton enemies

Gawd, talk about being out-of-it--I just got the story of the Inaugural UFO, and

Rove's lawyer: "At the end of the day Rove will do what he is told"

What Diplomacy Looks Like

State Farm to pull out of Florida because they did not get their big rate hike.

Alberto Gonzales Emerges From Under His Bridge - "Obama Made Jack Bauer Sad" - The Rude Pundit

Nevermind, I'm far too stupid to look at water and understand if it is frozen or not.

The Rude Pundit: Alberto Gonzales Emerges From Under His Bridge

Jobless rate helps state collect child support

The Leftish Folks Are Destroying The Planet.

If Fish Were Democratic We Wouldn't Be Here.

John Updike has died

Is there a 'debunk' of Obama skips medal of honor ball? Typical

r-david drier just met with President Obama re: stimulus package

r-david drier just met with President Obama re: stimulus package

LOL! Try again freepzoids!

The problem of Blago and Fitzgerald

The problem of Blago and Fitzgerald

Looking Back at Wal-Mart, and Looking Forward to Something Else

Check out the Bush urinals . . . very funny

Can we stop calling it "laid off" or "let go", or "downsized"?

Oh no it is the end of civilzation if the Employee Free choice act is passed

Treasury unveils bailout lobbying restrictions

Power, politics, gossip on daily call

I need some advice.. rabid Republican coworker..

Study: Lead Levels In Water Harming D.C. Children

Just since yesterday, it's starting to sink in, that the US has a black man as president, and his

Obama administration calls Citigroup -- Now, no new jet

Obama won't give the GOP more tax cuts

E.U. Willing to Help U.S. on Guantanamo because of Obama...

Boca couple pay $155,000 to clone canine

question to the lgbt community--has that lying hypocrit ted haggard EVER apologized for his actions

President Obama's interview with El Arabiya

Florida-based Military Distributor lands $5 billion DOD contract

Swat: Pakistan's lost paradise

Feingold on GEM$NBC now

LOL... She just will not go away...

What if the "family planning" money in the stimulus bill is a head fake??

Tuesday TOONS part 2: Gitmo, economy and crooks

Sign a 30 second petition to bring Air America Radio back to Ohio

Dead Bat Caterer Feels the Strain of a New Administration.

Bailout Recipients Hosted Call To Defeat Key Labor Bill

State Farm pulling out of Florida

Dean (NOT Howard the duck or Howard Dean) Accused Of Kissing Girl, Buying Her Tattoo

Ball In Obama's Court On Rove's US Attorney Testimony-Rove's lawyer has forwarded subpoena to OBAMA

Would someone tell me why the Republicans deserve commonground?


Specter will now vote for Holder confirmation, per msnbc, breaking.

Where Housing Is Headed - WSJ Chart of 28 metro areas.

Where's our mass transit money?

Any thoughts given to an RSS feed?

"When one falls, another brings him home."....."Taking Chance".....HBO - 2/21 at 8pm

Framing the stimulus debate

Legislation on Farmers' right to sell firewood advances

I really enjoy listening to Robt. Gibbs as the new Press Sec!

Lancaster may target pit bulls and Rottweilers as anti-gang measure

US pays $40000 after 15 Afghans killed in American-led raid

Blackwater Watch - NE North Carolina's cottage security industry

In 2006, 13,470 people died in alcohol-impaired driving crashes.

Woman Exchanges Monopoly Money for Danish Kronor

Director of National Intelligence Michael McConnell has resigned effective immediately

Napolitano orders security review of Canadian border

Pelosi's full quote on contraception and family planning

So I'm pulling out of the parking lot...

O'Reilly Said All Illinois Governors in Jail Were Democrats

O'Reilly Said All Illinois Governors in Jail Were Democrats

Senecas confident cigarette biz will continue, will ask Obama for Fed. Troops to protect

If you could only prosecute 1 person from the Bush Administration?

MUST READ: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

Is Prison a right wing site or progressive?

Sen. Thune just lied on MSNBC and the novice host let it go.

Coleman's Supposedly Friendly Witnesses Backfire

I Have What's Considered Good Health Insurance.

Gates makes sense: Turning Afghanistan into 'some kind of Central Asian Valhallah' a loser

The way to get back at the Bush Administration

John Ensign, on Hairballz, regarding our (his?) new President:

Name your pick for Most EVIL Corporation.

alright, President Obama has tried to charm let's neuter them

Saltsman On 'Magic Negro' CD: It's Hard To Be A GOPer

where was the MSM covering the Democratic "concerns" to bills during the 6 years of

Fuel vaporization could boost gas mileage, cut emissions

Are Companies Using The Economic Situation As An Excuse Now To.......

Bank of America & AIG use BAILOUT MONEY to LOBBY against labor bill, grease repug activists

Support Nadler's ammendment for 3 billion for transit- Vote is at 3- call congress!

GOP stages a "feud" with Limbaugh

Royce Zeigler, I dare you to make me address you as "Sir"

So, with housing prices dropping so much, that means property taxes will drop as well.

Our dear friends in the media seem now to have decided they want to talk about how bad ..........

Fresh Air-1/27/09: 'Times' Journalist Ethan Bronner On Gaza Conflict

heidi harris and pat buchanan....fair and balanced

Dave Lindorff: Wake-Up Call to Obama: Afghanistan is No Threat to America

Freeptards Checking Themselves out at DU -- They're Famous!

"You're too young to understand John Updike."

Job creation? Stop sending our jobs overseas!

Canada's conservative party; whites only please

Circumcision can curb HIV rates

OUTRAGEOUS right-winged email sent to me - Just adding to the list...

This is like a Jeopardy question

I have just found the most incoherent item in print since the Unibomber

Report: Michigan Slides In Health Insurance Coverage

Rod who?...nt.

McConnell: Bush was a ‘burden’ on my party.»

We need universal health care!

The most interesting thing I discovered this week was that Rs dislike family planning/contraception

Jessica Alba Upset With Bill O'Reilly Over Her Sweden Is Neutral Quote

Interactive Map: Job Losses Increase in a Majority of States

Newest GOP Complaint On Stimulus: There’s Not Enough Housing Aid (Which We Voted Against Last Week)

Mad Magazine gives Obama the treatment. :)

President Bush Got Served

What if we created a new category of business charter - All American Company

What would be the strategic goal of continuing the war in Afghanistan?

Do not give them those tax cuts Obama

Global food crisis: so far a 'silent tsunami'

Senate stimulus bill also contains windfall for federal agencies

Senate stimulus bill also contains windfall for federal agencies

Wow! Checkout Rep. Jerry Lewis (R-CA)

Bill seeks ban on free tobacco samples

Everett bans secret videotaping in classrooms

Affirmative Action: Minority contracts no longer assured (Nebraska's ban on affirmative action)

David Letterman and Brian Williams

Thousands pay tribute to Ben Underwood, blind Elk Grove teen

Ohio prosecutor to check students' letters

Court Rejects Suit Over School’s Expulsion of Alleged Lesbians

Dear Senator McCain

Man, 93, freezes after power cutoff

REPORT: TV Media Cited Disputed CBO ‘Report’ At Least 81 Times In Past Six Days

You know that saying??

You know that saying??

Can someone make a good case for bleeping bad language?

Bastards at Bank of America

The media's portrait of the embattled Congressional Republicans against the evil Democrats

Fitz wouldn't indict Blago for just talking like he was going to sell

Alternatives to Military Containment

Whisky saves man trapped by sofa

Glen Beck was having Alberto Gonzales comment on the Blago case

Headteacher bans the word 'school' (no, not the onion...)

It Don’t Gitmo Surreal Than This (Legal Director's Visit To "The Farce")

Video game plays strange message

Dems target Republicans who backed smaller stimulus

Weird. People Losing Jobs Like Crazy, Recruiters Calling Like Crazy

Bush rejected pardons for Duke Cunningham, Edwin Edwards, Michael Milken, Leonard Peltier, more...

UGH. I watched the last segment of Situation Room, then LOU comes on talking of "PRO OBAMA BIAS"

Will Obama Stack His Middle East Team with Neoconservative Ideologues?

'no minds were changed' Thanks for trying President Obama.

E.U. Willing to Help U.S. on Guantanamo

German Engineers Fail the Paternity Test

The manatee in Bimini

Woot! FWB!

My inauguration cost LTTE makes it to print

History (and thus the Future) Belongs to Those Who Re-Write It.

here's change:::::President to Muslim World: "Americans are not your enemy"

NATO: 3,000 US troops deploy near Afghan capital

Any Topeka Kansans or nearby people on here? I need some HELP>>>

How to defeat terrorism.

Ted Haggard's wife says he told her "years ago" of his "struggles"

Anyone here caught in the ice storm?

I'm so confused over how honest and straightforward to be about the cancer situation of someone in

Bush Sent Rove a Letter Blocking His Appearance Before Congress

Jason Leopold Caught Sourceless Again-(2006)

Does anyone have a list of email addresses for Congress members?

How about those congressional repukes, anyway?

one of my hopes: dental is added to medicare

Holder Gets Support From Specter on Judiciary

Poll Republicans should read: Americans love Obama AND support his stimulus plan

does someone have the pie chart with the stimulus plan on it?

Savage fixing his polls! (Try it yourself!)

Large Hadron Collider - Live Webcam

Tell Senator Baucus to keep single payer universal healt care on the table

Every time I think I'm too cynical,

Did you know....?

H.R. 179: Community AIDS and Hepatitis Prevention Act - Please support with a call or letter.

One more time

Investigators are calling Monday's teacher disappearance a hoax.

Hey Republicans ...YOU Did This... Remember?

"Karl Rove asking for help from the Obama administration. No, I'm not kidding"

Whoa!! The recovery bill is going to help pay for COBRA insurance!!!

Who released him?

It's time to meet a candidate for chair of the RNC!

Out with the old, in with the new? No Sweat. Plus some Love for your Valentine!

Why is Obama Ramping up the War in Afghanistan?

Ball In Obama's Court On Rove's US Attorney Testimony

The 30th Anniversary of the 1977 Black Trans Am, the Smokey and the Bandit version.

As Seen on TV: The 10 Most Laughably Misleading Ads

6th-grader faces felony in bomb case

Does anyone believe we have the capability to eliminate or defeat al-Qaeda in Afghanistan/Pakistan?

My email to members of congress regarding the stimulus

FSU Center for the Advancement of Human Rights Symposium on International Criminal Tribunals

Turley: Obama 'accessory' to war crimes if no prosecution

Nigerians apprehend goat in armed robbery -- claims suspect shape-shifted into a goat

Another season of the Duggars

Factory Knowingly Sent Contaminated Peanut Butter, Officials Say

To commemorate my 1000th post, I submit the following to

My rallying cry to members of my group during the presidential campaign re: stimulus/repubs/media

What happens when our unemployment rate resembles that of Zimbabwe?

Thom Hartmann on Olbermann

Why isn't Pakistan doing anything about this?

Why isn't Pakistan doing anything about this?

more change::::Geithner Sets Limits on Lobbying for Bailout Money

more change::::Geithner Sets Limits on Lobbying for Bailout Money

DU, thank you so much for the other night when I asked about Hospice.

Secret Cabinet minutes on Iraq must be made public,

Welfare Queens Gone Wild Update: Looks like this Welfare Queen won't be getting that private jet....

Cleveland firefighter John Coleman's wink to President Obama gets drum major tossed from band

Thom's on KO again!!

Anyone watched that old Classic "Petrified Forest" for Womens'/African-Americans Rights" lately?

Will heads roll in this crisis?

LA Times: Deluge of layoffs hits U.S. economy

Rich Little Frames Rod Blagojevich!

Obama Begs Waxman to Yank Birth Control from Stimulus

I am being laid off- any pension experts out there?

Why does Olbermann have an Oakland Raiders Emblem behind him in the studio??

Question? Bush still gets PDB's correct. Does Cheney?

with everything going on in the world I'm disappointed Rachel gave blago the whole hour.

Do you have any hope that Bush, Cheney, & Co. will ever face justice in a court of law?

Mitch McConnell licks his nonexistent lips over a GOP "comeback," free of George W. "Burden" Bush

Fundie asshole: A lesbian granted visitation rights is destroying a child to advance "The Agenda"

As King of the world, the word "ditto" shall be replaced with "shit."

Happy 50th Birthday, KO!

Oh No! Joe the Plumber's website, with its paid premium membership, is no more......


Jimmy Carter is the only guest tonight with Charlie Rose.

"TOXIC ASSETS" "MEXED MISSAGES" -- Have you been OxyMoroned?

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

"Prayers for Bobby" is on again tonight. For those wanting some insight on being gay.

Blago is batshit crazy

Financial Times: Arabs respond warmly to Obama interview

President Obama leads US drive to topple Robert Mugabe

Begala: Time for Coleman to Concede

Another mass shooting in Los Angeles, Father kills wife, 5 kids and self

Help identifiy the people in this picture!

My Senators, McCain and Kyl, are already devoting themselves to obstructing Obama's Vision.

NE DUers are you ready for this massive winter storm

Tuesday TOONS part 1: New Administration

Right on cue, the White House press awakens from its bu$h* slumber

Norm Coleman urges supporters to conduct online Astroturf campaign in his defense

We have a couple of new visitors

The U.S. is going broke! There are no if, ands or buts about it, America is going bankrupt.

No indication Canada bird flu outbreak has spread

Crooks & Liars: "Heartbreaking Scenes from A Small Business Layoff in Ohio"

There were mass layoffs at a friend's office today

How to Spot Dog Fighting in your Community; $5,000 Reward

Rachel Maddow Talks About Her Job, Coming Out, And MSNBC Colleagues

CitiBank: "Pay Your Bills & We'll Raise Your Interest"

How much do you think pirating (of software, games, music, movies) has contributed to the recession?

BBC program on American health care not available to American viewers

Obama order could present problems for Rove

Wow. Contessa Brewer just went all mad dog on Chip Saltzman

Rachel, Popcorn and Blago- Oh my!

ADHD drugs can cause hallucinations in some kids

*Stimulus Plan Would Provide Flood of Aid to Education* - nytimes

The 'stimulus' bill will be an epic failure. Demand national healthcare NOW!

Virginia GOP: "Coal is a natural resource that has not been linked to any environmental harm."

A modest proposal for economic stimulus: How about a limited **Student Loan** amnesty?

Firefighter Suspended For Obama Nod will quit

PBS: NSA Could Have Prevented 9/11 Hijackings

A good friend of mine got a nasty right-wing email...

Obama offers his hand to the Repukes, they offer their middle finger.

Dana Bash on Lou Dobbs Show

The blood of 3000 dead Americans on 9/11 are on their hands..... set your Tivos

Ugh, Mr. President, all your voters are not selfish assholes.

Norm Coleman doesn't have legal evidence in hand to continue case in court, yet he continues.

NBC (read: GE) Super Bowl Ads Clearance Sale......All Ads Must Go !!!!!

In case anyone's forgotten. Bill O'Lielley used a vibrator on himself


It's Canadian federal budget day! Come on, feel the noise!

John Dean: 'Not a Lot of Help for Rove' Likely from Obama White House

High School Football Coach Charged With Homicide After Player Dies (Withheld Water)

The #1 Secret to Selling Your Home

Kansas rep proposes law making sonograms available to women seeking abortions

Sean Hannity Quote of the Day

Michelle Malkin Joins The Klan To Clean Up Language

N.H. legislator: use firing squad for death penalty cases

New Sign of Brain Damage in N.F.L

New Book 'The Student Loan Scam:' By Michael Collinge & Website

For all those people bad-mouthing Patrick Fitzgerald, watch

Juan Williams calls Michelle "Stokely Charmical in a dress" and no one here cares?

Ted Nugent for United States Senate Petition HIT IT !!

flush lamebore: "Obama is frightened of me"

Susan Lindauer To Speak At National Oress Club Tomorrow / Michael Collins In Attendance

Bob Herbert: When the GOP talks, no one should listen

Ouch! You really can break your penis

I need some advice.. rabid Republican coworker..

Thom Hartmann just said, "rarely do I talk about my books on my show"!

Can someone who is on Social Security & owes Student Loans help me out here please?

It's Keith Olbermann's 50th Birthday! Post Congratulations to Him Here!

Is this some kind of scam?

Can Someone, Anyone Explain To Chris Matthews That Bush Cut Taxes On The Wealthy Three Times....

"The banks have stolen enough; it’s time to take them over"

Barack Obama Arrested for Possession of Joint, Imprisoned.

Rep Peter King(R) Wants Camera Phones to make an audible click

Ex-Regent University Official Pleads Guilty To Sexual Abuse

My real name is Peter Sullivan, and I have been treated for depression.

I think Rachel Maddow misses the crux of the problem.

Blackwater Watch - Blackwater Airships LLC

I do not want most children to have the best education possible.

I do not want most children to have the best education possible.

What are the three most fundamental principles that define "Democratic"

DainBramaged appreciation thread


What would be wrong with nationalizing the banks?

BULLCRAP: Senate passes bill to delay digital TV switch

Sheldon Whitehouse's unforgettable and important speech in Senate

"Elevating Science, Elevating Democracy" - killer essay in today's NYT

My husband's work place is forcing him to go in.

Who's for a 5% usury limit?

Golfers Tee'd Off Over Proposed Tax

Karl Rove speaks to packed house at University of Miami. Still getting credibility.

The definitive question is - Does Rush Limbaugh in fact call the shots for the GOP?

The definitive question is - Does Rush Limbaugh in fact call the shots for the GOP?

$1T more for Banks? (Bad bank plan)

The truth outs: Nasty rumours about Caroline Kennedy were leaked by former BUSH WHITE HOUSE STAFFER!

An AWESOME Response To A Conservative Mass Email(!)

Chili's Smokehouse Bacon Triple-The-Cheese Big Mouth Burger with Jalapeno Ranch Dressing =unhealthy?

America Needs a Job

Sympathy for Ted Haggard

Looks like the worms are in the Apples!

Gates says missile attacks in Pakistan will continue - CNN

Gates says missile attacks in Pakistan will continue - CNN


Shit. My sister's neighbor's house is burning.

I'm still pissed off at Nick At Nite for taking The Donna Reed Show off the air.

Starbucks to Stop Brewing Decaf Coffee After Noon (to cut costs)

Clean up on aisle GD-P

What's with the new user names?

"To sir with love" question

Glamour Magazine May Lead To Masturbation

New dining opportunities for the Lounge pev society...

If this doesn't melt you, nothing will.

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

Agh! I will have to send the IRS a check this year!

A question about Ignoring...


There is something drastically wrong with me.

My governor is on Larry King.

One hundred million dollars


Enviornmentally friendly RV

Too Late For Chicken, Too Early For Eggs....

Good Morning, DU!

A nightmare woke me up and now I can't go back to sleep...

Happy, happy

Remnants of the Republican base

Remnants of the Republican base

Take me to the river


OK, I'm kinda hooked on that song from the "" commercials.

Parents angry that school feeds kids cheese sandwiches if parents don't pay lunch bill


The Masturbation Subject is Closed. Everyone Beat It!

Good morning Lounge

Who put the stump In my rump-ba-bump-ba-bump?

Ultimate Bush years smackdown? ABC cues up remake of sci-fi series V


Hey! I broke 19,000 posts today! I just noticed!

Movie Review: Standard Operating Procedure (& The Inside Scoop On The Review Site Rotten Tomatoes)

Help me settle a debate I have with arcadian: Dalton vs. the Wolverine - the Death Match

Palin IGNORES Alaska's mayors

Used to be, when you stayed in a terrible overpriced hotel, you had to complain to management - 8 Customers Everyone Hates

So I'm filling out an application

Germans working as policemen in the US, that's what I dreamed about.

When you've just met someone, oftentimes we ask them, "What do you do?"

Here CNN, free headline: "The nation is hemorrhaging after birthing a fetus of economic disaster

Questions that I can't answer about the movie "March of the Penguins"

My First Vid cast

More NFL Super Bowl Trivia..

Who put the bomp in the In the bomp bah bomp bah bomp?

The Graboids are Real!


Apparenlty I'm going to be doing the time warp

Did I catch a freeperism in today's LTE or am I just missing something?

Snow turned the day unpredictable... what's everyone else doing?

Uprooting the Turd Blossom...and looking back at his power in the White House.

It's official!! THIS is the funniest subject line EVER for a DU GD:P thread

This economic crisis would have never happened if Herbert "H-Dogg" Kornfeld were still alive.

Help - Question about DU webpage text size display

Anyone have any wisdom to share Re: infected nose piercing?

Been away for a few weeks...did I miss anything? n/t

Vibes vibes viiiibes needed.

Tomorrow is the day and I'm so excited I might vomit

My GAWD, ABC's True Beauty must be the dumbest show I've ever seen

Speaking of masturbation.. I need a motion for appropriate release

Schoolhouse Rock - Walking on Wall Street

2 Pa. judges to plead guilty to public corruption

Obama walks around the White House with his pants unbuckled

If I may have just a small moment of your time :

Should unicode support hieroglyphics?


Evolutionary step towards World Domination...

Woman breast-feeds starving migrant worker. Pretty weird.

For FOX News watchers, apparently history has rewritten overnight. Now FDR is the worst president

Thanks for the vibes. The beagle is fine.

Blowfish testicles poison 7 diners in Japan

DU this poll

How to drive a man to drink

John Updike dead at 75

John Updike just died

Someone explain to me why for the love of God do I have the Sesame Street theme song as my earworm

Jurors weep at details of 'Baby Grace' torture

So I had dental surgery, and at least SIX people

Woman breast feeds seven diners in Japan. Pretty weird.

Blowfish testicles poison 7 diners in Japan

Diners poison seven blowfish testicles in Japan. Pretty weird

Is there any kind of market for snot?

I am really bummed out, today.

Question that I can't answer about the movie "Howard the Duck"

DTV Delay.

Why is it that if you do something nice you're out to get something?

I don't know why NBC rejected PETA's Super Bowl Commerical

Oh my god. It's the perfect Lounge thread. The end is nigh!

German Driver Crash-Lands Car On Church Roof

TYT youtube account suspended!??!? Young Turks pulled????


Criss Angel

What The Hell Happened to Adult Swim

My life isn't nearly sexy enough...

My eye is twitching

ACK! the food is attacking us!!!

oops dupe

Why is the Geico Gecko British?

Dang hiring freezes!

Sarah and Rod in the Morning

Calls of Car Factory Warrenty expiring...every freaking day!

Speaking of perverts, where is Dr. Strange?

I want to act and write.............

Hey philboy...I thought you had a vet appointment

OK, dammit. Bad enough we have alligators, coyotes, etc. here in MS

***The official Tell Philboy to stop using CAPS thread***

Did anyone hear Charlie Sheen use the douchebag word on 2-1/2 Men last night?

Why do you like IRL?

I just realized where I am

Is Facebook just a waste of time, or what?

"That's horrible," exclaimed madinmaryland. "Geddy Lee doing

I am watching Bagdad Cafe, found it in my last box of video tapes.

Study: Why Telling Bad Jokes is a Bad Idea

Can anyone help me with Blogger/Custom domain/DNS issues?!.

I can't begin to thank the DU enough

A guy who shapes trees as they grow

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Woman Exchanges Monopoly Money for Danish Kronor

LOL. Bernie Madoff's FL home was toilet papered by local

It Needs To Be Said...

You ever watch "Man Vs Food"?

EEEK - This shoe (in a size 12) must look like an aircraft carrier

Questions that I can't answer about the movie "Roadhouse"

I wouldn't do it, even for 10 million tax free dollars

Look Around You.

Things that television teaches us

Iced in in Tulsa

Is this that dead time in the Lounge when east coast people are driving home/eating or whatever?

Three day topic of discussion at the graywarrior house

Fine then, you stupid damn drill!!!

Anyone else have a stinkbug problem?

Be the first in line to view the train wreck:

Note to self:

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/27/09

Jizz in my pants

For everyone posting about how much they miss MaddyMcCall

Obama to Beyonce: I'm a fan of "Single Ladies"

Power off/Power on/Power off/Power on....

Dean (NOT Howard the duck or Howard Dean) Accused Of Kissing Girl, Buying Her Tattoo

Movies that have been slightly ruined/diminished due to annoying conservative co-opted analogies

Do you ever watch those real life emergency movies or shows?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 1/27/2009)

I am oddly intrigued and terrified at the same time:

My real name is Peter Sullivan, and I have been treated for depression.

Mr Coffee, we need to find the studs.

would a restaurant that adverts in their

damn! Maybe no Project Runway this season

A very old joke about going to any jokes?

Poll for DU men: Are you Circumcised?

How many remote controllers do you have?

Is Skittles gonna kick my ass for this???

What would you do if you were a 'real man' -- but probably won't?

Video game plays strange message

1994 Montreal Expos: Random Tip of The Hat

Definately the easiest movie poll you will ever take

Any ideas for odor killers?

Post a song that reflects your mood.

Anyone else here familiar with The High Kings?

What do these 9 things have in common?

I'm going to the airport, ya bastids!

sniffa!!!! Will you please answer my fucking PM????

Beastie Boys news: Paul's Boutique 20th rerelease

This makes me sad...

I wish I could post a picture of my wife

Mexican Fiesta! Chili rellenos, refritos, arroz Espagnol.

I have some exciting news....

I'm cooking chorizo and the smell makes me want to vomit.

no nevermind

Ever "pinch a nickle till the buffalo shits?" I wonder who are old enough to know what that means?

Ever "pinch a nickle till the buffalo shits?" I wonder who are old enough to know what that means?

Theres a snow blower being used outside and its freaking my cat out

A Dinner worthy of DU Foodies!

I want more power tools, but can't say why

Lost-in-Nj, like others here, I just wanted to say I respect and miss you so much.


Please delete this thread before it turns into a flame war.

"Prayers for Bobby" is on again tonight. For those wanting some insight on being gay.

"Prayers for Bobby" is on again tonight. For those wanting some insight on being gay.

He lived a full life...

All the threads about New Jersey.

Home is better than work.

Hi Keith

My favorite remake...

Happy 253rd, Wolfie!!

Random, but you all are making me miss New Jersey so badly, and some of the good

Sometimes I find myself wondering, "Why is that frisbee getting bigger?"

Man trapped under sofa, survives on whiskey

Hard Times Are Good For Fascists

I lost an earring

Anyone else having post Holiday depression?

I can remember dozens of IP addresses, usernames and passwords and server names...

Man Trapped on top of sofa, survives on whiskey

Man Trapped on top of sofa, survives on whisky.....

Who Doesn't enjoy the act of sodomy

Amur tiger cubs playing in snow...

Our NPR station is offering this thank you: tickets to "Fort Worth Symphony plays Led Zeppelin"

Sinfest rolling with a cat arc

OK, so is Matt Damon really this important?

I had a tuna sandwich, do you think that's enough on my stomach to take pain killers?

Springsteen tour dates are up!

While I was working, the two Midlets who live at home

While I was working, the two Midlets who live at home

I need some help. Starting Thursday, I won't be leaving my house.

Headteacher bans the word 'school' (no, not the onion...)

I got ten thousand.

The sister-in-law is here. Help!

VIBES PLEASE!! Husband headed to very important interview right now!

I don't feel well

Biggest Loser

Made a new outdoor shelter for Angel.

Self Deleted

My cat, Mookie, understands taking turns, it seems

Its Over Time To Quit

Thank you San Francisco - for being San Francisco

Bow down to the almighty great CLANG!!

My two year old has started playing the cutest, kinda weird game.

Okay what was the last Teenage movie you could relate too...

it's 64 degrees outside right now

Ice in Dallas & Ft. Worth

I went on an interview today.

my farts smell good today

Saw Louis CK at the Improv this weekend. Very, very funny...

I just went outside to bring in more firewood, the cold front is here.

Has anybody heard back from Parche????

~~~~~~P A R C H E~~~~~~~

Post some music to show your bipartisan spirit

Rare Reptile Becomes Dad at Age 111

So I have my wallet in my as i move from the bank to starbucks.

Old dudes: Masturbation is good for you

anyone take a look at the OP on this thread?

I'm bored. anybody want to iChat?

I missed another PETA flame-fest!

Anyone who knows Parche's pertinent info

Vince Thread: ShamWow! Wins's "As Seen On TV" Tournament

Teh lounge is so educational

Teh lounge is so educational

Nash the Slash

Springsteen World Tour announced!

Ambiguous song lyrics

"You know the woman is in charge, don't you?"


Whisky saves man trapped by sofa

8 Customers Everyone Hates

Questions that I can't answer about the movie "The Dark Knight"

Growing up Catholic and not liking fish was never easy for me.

I spent the evening with my neighbors and we were talking about the 1930's.

Post here and I'll tell you why you're going to Hell.

Curse You DUers for talking about facebook

Happy Birthday bluesbassman!

Reminiscing about New Jersey

What do you think: good move to change my DU name?

tonight: broiled sirloin steak, medium rare with large mixed green salad,

"Nassau slaps restriction on candy cigarettes"

Half Dome this morning

Buyers regret

Perhaps the easiest movie director poll you will ever take

IMing total strangers...


I get a do-over on my birthday, right?

Just Post the Punchline...

I'm watching Conan the Barbarian - seriously, best soundtrack ever.

The Local Breastaurant Went Tits Up

Blowfish testicles sicken 7 in Japan

Are you an introvert or an extrovert (or other)?

Post a silly fact about yourself (if you are so inclined, more of a

NC lost a great lady and a great liberal tonight...

Are the rest of you getting tons of spam in Russian?!!

My arteries hurt just thinking about this, but it looks hella tasty...

kitten picture of the day for wednesday january 28

kitten picture of the day for wednesday january 28

So, A girl turned me down today because she did not like my shoes...

Woman breast feeds puppy. Pretty weird.

I am going to visit my freeper uncle tomorrow.

Are these guys wackjobs or not? I can't tell

Look at this stupid thing I got in the mail today

Wow I just learned something about flvegan...

In About 45 Minutes I'll Be Taking The Test To Be On Jeopardy

I think my LOST obssession is getting out of hand.

*** USS Parche Appreciation Thread ***

Anybody here ever been treated for / cured of emetophobia?

Where is lost-in-nj?

Name good places in New Jersey

WWII Veteran Freezes To Death In Own Home

What is your worst restaurant experience?

Being away from intimate relationships.

Anyone else find it fun to hold a gun?

Any previous debate about the BEST DAMN POST *EVER* on DU has been resolved

Just wanted to take a moment and say Thanks

Parche is fine.

Cactus Jack vs. Big Van Vader - The Rematch (4/23/93)

Who else is on Orrex' ignore list?

'Ab Fab' Remake Gets Green Light at FOX

What the HELL happened to the SciFi channel?

There is a neat article about my sons's band in our local alternative paper

Another WAPO columnist asks not to prosecute the torturers (Richard Cohen, 1-27-09)

Will Beyonce's "At Last" song that she sang for the Obamas be available for download?

In honor of Black Monday -

Obama: More Political Capital Than Reagan?

Obama Is Challenged to Surpass Roosevelt’s Uneven Success

Did Obama have a Buddhist Kata from the Dalai Lama in his pocket when he took the Inaugural Oath?

Porn Actress to Challenge Senator Vitter in GOP Primary in Louisiana?

Yesterday's interviews displayed Blago's natural political talent. "He coulda been a contenda!"

Which party controls congress?

Obama’s First Week: Mission Accomplished!

Thinking Small in Troubled Afghanistan (How Obama's Approach Will Be Different)

Did John McCain post on

"My job to the Muslim world is to communicate that the Americans are not your enemy."

"My job to the Muslim world is to communicate that the Americans are not your enemy."

Caller on Bill Press: the Republicans are the crazy jilted ex-boyfriend of America.

Bush has been gone a week and I miss him.

Geithner to Issue New Lobbying Rules

Geithner to Issue New Lobbying Rules

That crazy s.o.b Blago is going to try and damage Obama

Citigroup Grounds Plans for $50M Jet; Obama Aide Called to Complain About Jet

Breaking on MSNBC: Consumer Confidence at Lowest Point Ever

Records show McCarthy contributed to Gillibrand races

Like In The Movie "Dave" When Will Charles Grodin Share A Sandwich With The Pres And.....

Sully's review of "The Al-Arabiya Move" - A Muslim reader responds: "He hit it out of the park."

Gates to Sen Armed Services Committee just now... he would be extremely skeptical of more

Obama Interview Signals New Tone in Relations With Islam

Is there a press briefing today with Gibbs?

How about an "Obama" hand sign?

OMG just think - it's been a whole week with Obama as President

My Republican Co-Worker Nutty OathGate Theory

Obama order could trip up Rove

2012: Our real GOP rival is John Thune, not Jindal or Palin or even Romney

Chris Lee asked for my input on the stimulus....

Quinnipiac poll finds Gillibrand favored more among Republicans than Dems

Know your facts on family planning services in stimulus bill

Stimulus Bang for the Buck chart: Note a payroll tax holiday vs making Bush tax cuts permanent

Boehner to GOP: Oppose the Stimulus

Is there enough support in the Senate to pass the Stimulus bill without Rethugs?

Any exploding heads @ FR, re: Obama's Muslim interview?

Does anyone else just love the fact that the GOP have to call Obama the President. . .

Screw Boner And The Repugs......

Family planning money was/is a good idea.. but there really isn't anything "stimulative" about it

LOL! I think the House Rs are between a (Ba)Rack and a Hard Place (Pelosi/Reid).

Boehner: we're asking Obama to help us

Interesting notes from the Obama meeting going on now

It's back

Family-planning funding in the stimulus bill:

The "Family Planning" jettison; An Obama "cave" or a deliberate setup?

FREE Obama desktop graphic for your use (BIG image)

The Republicans' Latest Demand on stimulus: no ACORN!

It has been eight years so I forgot about the confusion tactic

Obama's Deputy Sec of Defense could earn $500K next month from previously lobbying Pentagon

Who would be the craziest person for Maddow to interview tonight?

Enough carrots, Obama. Time for sticks!!!

Pat Bagley, Salt Lake Tribune

Is the stimulus plan online? I went to and saw that

Now the World Nut Daily is attacking DU of the story on Barbara Nelson

Did congress lose dem seats in 78 like we lost dem seats in 94? If so then I can understand Obama...

Gotta love my White Sox!: White Sox design Obama cap

I Say If The Repugs Threaten Filibuster On The Stimulus Package........

Repukes will only support the stimulus if you extend the Bush tax cuts and cut out all of the

The "plunge"

A Graphic Novel about the Election (looks great!)

You know what word I'm looking forward to not coming out of Obama's mouth?

Larry Summers and Congressman Oberstar in shouting match??

OK, people, we got this man elected. The party hats are put up. Seems to me that it is time

GOP Might Back Stimulus Bill - With "Changes"

Buchanan on Hardball just said that Limbaugh was the "de facto" Republican leader on the stimulus

Reluctant Republicans 'Swoon' Over Obama After Stimulus Pitch

Palin launches political action committee

I don't know about you but I like how our President is kicking butt and not taking names.

Prez O on ME Peace: "All too often the United States starts by let's listen"

Political cartoonist Tony Auth on the Republicans' idea for a stimulus bill. Surprise!

Response to the Bush Kept us Safe

David Muir reported on ABC News tonite...

Correct me if I'm wrong; didn't, in May 2008, an executive order was signed that would allow

Mitch trying to ditch Bush, calls him a "burden"

Asst. for a deputy chief of staff to the president- Alejandra Campoverdi

so...we have TWO repukes on M$NBC explaining Obama's goals and plans??...

What President Barack Obama Won't Do....

Robert Reich: The Union Way Up

Standing Behind a Ban on Torture by General James P Cullen

House Repugs are trying to cozy up to Obama and marginalize congressional Dems.

Military discussion board

LOL. Instead of asking Obama questions today, many Republicans sought to get photos taken with him

Does Obama need to arrange one or more high profile, prime time TV addresses re: stimulus?

Damn Bank would not give me a loan!!!!

Freeper's Racism Showing Bigtime On Thread About Rove's Subpoena !!!

Obama open to 'compromise' in Stimulus Bill - Open to MORE tax cuts - ENOUGH ALREADY

GREAT shot of Michelle, and a word of warning...LOL

Obama Mad Magazine Cover: Spoofs President's First 100 Days (PHOTOS)

President Barack Obama= RESPECT! He spoke to an Arabic station, and

Obama's gaffe on Al Arabiya

AG Andrew Cuomo Subpoenas Thain over Merrill Bonuses

Missouri's new Governor (D) calls for an expansion of health care (State of the State address)

The Stimulus Package that Passes Will Be a HUGE Disappointment

PHOTOS: Biden swears in Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

The Taliban Say Guantanamo Closure "Positive Step"

SAG Awards Fashion: The Michelle Obama Effect And More (SLIDESHOW)

More Inauguration photo galleries at

Poll on Re-evaluate aid to Israel

"I understand that and I will watch you on fox news and feel bad about myself"

Speak out against Rush Limpballs - Sign up here!

Obama to cameo on hip hop album

I'd really hate to be on Keith Olbermann's bad side

It's so hard for me to understand far right nut jobs

STUCK in the MIDDLE (with you?)

Obama on Al-Arabiya: First Formal Interview As President With Arab TV Network (VIDEO)

HuffPo: Bailout Recipients Hosted Call to Defeat Key Labor Bill

Someone get Lou Dobbs off my TV!!!

The Republicans can bitch all they want...the bill WILL Pass

"Feel free to whack me over the head because I probably will not compromise on that part,"

The Republicans can't really lose on the stimulus (but boy do they hate America!)

President to Muslim World: "Americans are not your enemy"

i've been watching robert gibbs' press conferences

Check out this cartoon my daughter just emailed me.

Dee Dee Myers: Is Obama the Most Famous Living Person Ever?

What's with the "Mister Obama" on the news?

Dr. Biden has a new job teaching at Northern Virginia Community College

"FIX IT!" Obama tells Citigroup to ditch their purchase of $50M bizjet!

I just love the British sense of humor. Hint: Veet = Nair bottom of the graphic

Clinton says world "exhaling" with Obama at top

LOL! President "Yes We Can!" meeting with "No We Can't" Republicans!

Save Mass Transit funding- Call Your Rep.Tommorow To Support the Nadler Amendment

House GOPiggie Gingrey (Fugly Scumbag - GA) Tells Limpballs to Back Off

Biden apologizes to Roberts for oath of office joke

Chief Reagan economic adviser: spending is better than tax cuts when it comes to stimulus

Obama caves to Republicans on family planning provision in stimulus

Joan Rivers said Dr. Biden looked like a hooker at the inaugural.

Obama has dropped the ball, bigtime on the Stimulus

Rahm Emanuel talks to Carville, Stephanopoulos & Begala daily


ROFLMAO @ Brian Williams on Letterman right now

Etta James, "At Last" and editing Wikipedia

(Re)Public(lican) Service Announcement

Greedy corporations are plotting against President Obama and the country

How would you rate Rod Blagojevich's Media Frenzy?

Girlfriend of Obama's Speechwriter Is a Maxim Model

On passage of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009

Remember Barack Obama is PRESIDENT of the United States, not KING and he'll have to compromise. . .

Black Hollywood's reaction to Barack (very moving, hilarious)

Has Shrub dropped totally off the map?

Help stop Coleman's unending lawsuits from bankrupting Al Franken

Obama! Stop supporting the Advice of Republicans who got us into this mess!

Barack to Beyonce: I'm a fan of "Single Ladies"

Obama tells GOP no compromise on tax rebates (for poor)

Senator Boxer on Obama, bipartisanship and the stimulus

Our First Lady is Beautiful - pic

My what a sweeping shift this board has taken in ideology this past year!!!!

Report Assails Ex-Health Chief in New York

Concerns Mounts in Sri Lanka About Civilian Casualties

Corning slashes 3,500 jobs

Report: Some climate damage already irreversible

Cambodia tribunal dispute runs deeper

93-Year-Old Michigan Man Dies After City Turns Off Power To Home

Spread of Malaria Feared as Drug Loses Potency

Octuplets born in Bellflower (CA)

Swiss shield China's PM from protests during visit

Geithner to issue new lobbying rules

Gates Will Give Lawmakers ‘Hard Choices’ on Pentagon Priorities

Australia, Japan Discuss Whale Hunt in Southern Ocean

China vows copyright cooperation after WTO case

Justices Back Worker In Retaliation Case.

Jailed governor Siegelman says Rove subpoena 'restores people's faith in democracy'

Iran: Men vs. women soccer game draws punishment

White House Aims to Defuse Furor Over China's Yuan Policy

Liberal? New York Times buries Rove story on page 23, beneath octuplets

Smoking Ban Hits Home. Truly.

Auschwitz survivors mark camp's liberation

Blagojevich tells CBS "Early Show" it is "cynical" to suggest he is trying to influence future jury

Clinton: Iran has chance to show willing to engage

Police seize 'Obama' brand heroin

Fannie To Tap U.S. For As Much As $16 Billion In Aid

After Cheney, vice presidential house is clearer on Google Earth

Rise in Infant Suffocations Renews Debate On Bed-Sharing

Obama order could trip up Rove

After 2 Mistrials, Prosecutors Try Again to Prove Jihad Plot

Mitchell’s Firm Lobbied for Dubai’s Ruler in Camel Jockey Case

Clinton Raises Prospect of Direct Negotiations With North Korea

Runaway U.S. fund manager arrested and charged

Thailand bans Economist magazine (lese-majeste)

Obama says ready to talk to Iran

Obama Begs Waxman to Yank Birth Control from Stimulus

Assad: Syria willing to talk with U.S. without preconditions

Honda moving jobs to China from U.S., Japan

Oh no it is the end of civilzation if the Employee Free choice act is passed

Sir David Attenborough: 'I get hate mail telling me to burn in hell for not crediting God'

Italy Recalls Brazilian Ambassador Over Extradition (Update1)

Drum major suspended for waving at Obama

Gates Says More Troops For Afghanistan By Summer

EU debates allowing in Guantánamo inmates

$4.2M unfrozen for indicted Miami Beach munitions dealer

New York CEO arrested over pyramid scheme: reports

Famed Author John Updike Dies at 76

KBR must be accountable for Iraq deaths: senators

Peru court frees 2 accused death squad members

Elder Bush: Son held to principles after attacks

Bush Rejected Flurry of Requests for Clemency

U.S. arrests and charges missing fund manager Nadel

Government must release cabinet minutes on lead-up to Iraq war

Iraq minutes 'must be released' (UK meeting regarding whether war was legal)

More guilty pleas in tomato-processing scandal

Avery Dennison to Cut 10% of Jobs (3,600) After Sales Decline

World Relieved As US Starts To Repair Bush 'Damage': Clinton

1 voter fraud case found in southwest Ohio probe

Another Manager At Iowa Kosher Slaughterhouse Charged With Violations Of Child Labor Law

$825 billion question: How fast will it work?

Republicans Object to Stimulus Dollars for ACORN

White House e-mail system restored

Israeli troops killed Gaza children carrying white flag, witnesses say

Rendell projects 1,000 to 2,000 state job cuts

Venezuela: Diplomacy with US on hold despite Obama

Tribes join global call for change

Senator raises questions on trial's fairness

Band, "Burn," Blamed For Thai Club Fire

Best Buy to lay off workers

Target says it will cut jobs in weak economy

RAF 'ordered to shoot down UFOs' (UK Government directive)

Bill Clinton Made Millions From Foreign Sources

Chastised Citigroup grounds plans for plane

Ailing Brandeis (University) will shut museum, sell treasured art

Economic News Release: Regional and State Employment and Unemployment Summary

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday January 27

AIG executive sentenced to 4 years in prison (committed $500 million fraud)

Obama seeks GOP help, suggests open to compromise

US pays $40,000 after 15 Afghans die in raid

LA man upset over job kills wife, 5 kids, himself

NY AG subpoenas Thain over Merrill bonuses

(Norm) Coleman's Photocopies (of ballots) not good enough for judges

Group seeking Morales 'liquidation' yanked

Governor recommends deep cuts to Colorado budget


Injured US soldier says he was shocked in shower (installed by KBR)

Recruiting stand-down ordered

N.J. Town Shocked As Dead Birds Fall From Sky

Thousands Blacked Out As Ice Storm Wreaks Havoc

Prosecutor: Slain toddler said 'I love you' at end

Man discovers secret US files on mp3 player

Senator Warns White House Will 'Create Crisis' and 'Panic' to Push Stimulus


US' stricter H-1B plan may hit Indian outsourcing firms

Studies Find Mercury in Much U.S. Corn Syrup

Scientists Not So Sure 'Doomsday Machine' Won't Destroy World

Obama to Meet Brazil's Lula in March and Later Travel to Brazil

Top Dem: No comprehensive health reform this year

Jill Biden to Teach at Northern Virginia Community College

UN official: Enough evidence to prosecute Rumsfeld for war crimes

California mom gives birth to 8 babies

Rachel Maddow: GOP In Exile - Gonzales' Nixonian Rationalization

Obama's First TV Interview as President (Al-Arabiya TV Exclusive)

Guantanamo Case Files in Disarray

Group of activists in Miami moving homeless families into empty properties

Glenn Beck interviews.....Dennis Kucinich.

Rachel Maddow & David Sirota, urging the Democrats to develop spines

Rachel Maddow: Mark Denbow again calls Bullshit on administration's GTMO claims

Congresswoman Kaptur Points Out The Revolving Door Between Wall Street & The White House

TheRealNews: Should Obama prosecute Bush and Cheney?

Rachel Maddow: Karl Rove subpoenaed, again, maybe it will mean something this time

Longtime Activist Kathy Kelly On The Destruction In Gaza. Democracy Now 1-27-09

Profit and Loss: Anniston, Alabama - a town where war is both a blessing and a curse

The flat-out truth!

UN Official: Clear evidence Rumsfeld 'ordered torture'

The Daily Left - Conyers Subpoenas Rove

Global Tamil Protests (19 - 25, Jan 2009)

Obama's first interview as president (Al-Arabiya TV exclusive)

KO & Jon Turley on torture, Obama, and Rove subpoena

Anti-EFCA ad uses inauguration imagery

Break Room Live On Blagojevich Part 2: Blagos Christ.

Obama on Stimulus Package: Need to Put Politics Aside

Longtime Activist Kathy Kelly On The Destruction In Gaza. Democracy Now 1-27-09 2 of 2

Farmers protest in Corinth in Greece

Limbaugh Needs a Lesson in Reality

Obama visits GOP

Evangelical Leader Ted Haggard's Accuser Speaks

Break Room Live On Blagojevich.

Irreversible Warming: The Next Nuclear Waste

Republicans Say "Save Our Prisons From The Terrorists!"

Cenk interviews John berry (wrote article for newsweek about how obama shouldn't prosecute)

Strange Days On Planet Earth: Your Ocean on Acid

11.4.08 The Day of Change

Obama's mid-east envoy not to visit Gaza

Brian Williams on Obama's Botched Oath of Office

My Shameless Promo For My New Radio Show

Three torture apologists versus one real American

MSNBC Anchor Schools Rep. McCarthy (R-Ca)

Blackwater Expanding Domestic Reach

Gaza father finds daughter thanks to reporter

Rachel Maddow: Change - VP Residence No Longer Pixelated...

Rachel Maddow Show - Blagojevich interview, Part 1

Rachel Maddow Show - Blagojevich interview, Part 2

Rachel Maddow Show - Blago interview, Part 3, Rachel asks if U.S. Attorney is in on a conspiracy.

Rachel Maddow Show - Blago interview, Part 4. Rachel asks, "Are you mad?"

Faux asks ignorant racists questions, gets ignorant racist answers

The Week Ahead in International News (WaPo)

Death by a thousand cuts as recount trial opens

Have You Heard About Russ's Proposed Constitutional Amendment

John Tirman, AlterNet: Will Obama Stack His Middle East Team with Neoconservative Ideologues?

Rush Limbaugh is Right, Kinda Sorta

Allan Nairn on the Torture Ban

Europe Hopes Obama Shifts on 'Terror'

Q&A: 'We Have to be Good at Proposing, Not Just Opposing'

Why is Anyone Litening to GOP--Herbert Spot on OpEd

Obama Being Urged to Nationalize the Cranks

From Egypt: Obama: A New American Attitude

Guantanamo: A symbol of US resolve (???)

President Obama extends his hand to the GOP.

Move Over Lawrence, Make Room for Barack of Al-Arabiya

Geography Is Dividing Democrats Over Energy

Paul Craig Roberts on Truth

The Same Old Song - What’s up with the Republicans? Bob Herbert

The Republic Needs Bush's Prosecution

Taking on the Goliaths of Doom - Capt Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd Conservation

Elevating Science, Elevating Democracy

Robert Reich: US Needs Unions To Restore Middle Class

Bailout recipients hosted call to defeat key Labor bill

Mitchell's Challenge; After Gaza, Five Questions about Palestinian and Israeli Realities

Coleman launches astroturf campaign

Patrick Lang: Let's take a good look at Iran

Arianna Huffington: The Era of Not Getting It: Marie Antoinetts of the Meltdown

Israel's Leaders trying to prevent war crimes proceedings

The Public Will Turn Against Afghanistan Escalation

Kofi Annan: Time of Crisis and Opportunity

Commentary: Why GOP can't say 'whatever it is, we're against it'

Israelis Are Living High On US Expense Account

Liberal? New York Times buries Rove story on page 23, beneath octuplets

Alberta bishop questions 'moral legitimacy' of oilsands development

Obama's Revenge: Family Planning Provisions Really a 'Trojan Horse'

Obama v Limbaugh

$559 Million Worth of Bribery -- Halliburton

Mitch McConnell Gets Bush Monkey Off His Back

Dear Mr. Bush, Allah Will Punish You

Pity The Debt Collector

"Shallow Throat" On Obama and GOP Obstructionism

Time Has Come for Single-Payer Universal Health Care System

The People vs. Dick Cheney

First soldier buried under new rules

Gates faces Congress eager for Obama war plans

4 killed when helicopters crash in Iraq

Attorney: Charged soldiers were good Samaritans

Pentagon: Gitmo prisoner releases not fail safe

N. Zealand man finds soldier info on MP3 player

Black Hawk forced to land in Honolulu park

Army adding lawyers to prosecute sex crimes

5 sentenced for protesting Benning institution

Convicted Dix conspirators file appeals

RI investigates state-run home for veterans

Laser system could aid troops in war zones

Iraqi PM expects faster U.S. withdrawal

Afghan roadside bombs hit record in 2008

Soldiers learning to use non-lethal force

Navy adds rotary-wing squadrons, sailors

Offshore fire destroys UAVs, building

Convicted Green Beret sues Army over paycheck

Navy may tap into tidal energy off Wash. coast

Navy will take captured pirates to Kenya

New rules for recruiters using networking sites

Marine is killed in combat in Afghanistan

II MEF command element leaving for Iraq

Marine sentenced to 6 years in prison for rape

Marines, sailors return from Iraq to Pendleton

Home of accused Marine up for auction today

Pre-deployment training to be standardized

Empty instructor slots won’t be filled soon

Air Force spending $1B on surveillance planes

F-16 pilots chosen as first F-35 instructors

AF electronics unit faulted in scathing report

TYT: Fox News Blames Obama For Jay-Z and Young Jeezy Lyrics

Melrose to be modified for Cannon AFSOC wing

Military projects are part of stimulus plan

Security improvements help Baghdad Zoo attendance

Army names special prosecutors for assault cases

AAFES using airwaves to inform its customers

Sailor to spend time in brig for beating Iraqi

Soldiers get chance to try out the newest Army gear

Drifting trash polluting Okinawa beaches

Injured GI Claims Shower Shock

Man Tried to Send Iran Military Parts

Phony Medals Case Rocked by Records

New Army Surge: Sex Crime Prosecution

Interesting mailbag at today

Army Testing MCS Cannon

Retiree on school board demands rank be used

US Attacks Fuel Afghan Anger

Brazil ex-minister, leader from Amazon area, warns of destruction

Drifting trash polluting Okinawa beaches (xpost from Veterans)

Large desert solar plant opens (will power 6500 homes)

BBC: 'Climate hope' in economic plans

Presentation on iceberg calving at UofM campus (Ann Arbor)

DRC's Viruna National Park Mountain Gorilla #s Up 12%+ - But Rangers Remove 500+ Snares

WHO Notes Substantial Spike In African Yellow Fever Outbreaks In 2008 - AllAfrica

Despite potential, Maine lags offshore wind power race

Boondoggles to the rescue!

Old TV's cause new problems

Texas Plugs In To Plug-In Hybrids

Potential Application of Renewable Energy on Brownfield Sites: A Case Study of Michigan

Argentine President Declares Agricultural Emergency In Worst Drought In Nearly 40 Years

Clinton Names Climate Envoy

AP: Wind Power hits economic storm

U.S. senators debate alternative energy tax breaks

Iceland sets major whaling quota - BBC

Ethanol not so wasteful, report says

Henry the tuatara is a dad at 111

Study: Effects Of Climate Change 'Irreversible'

We're getting a new AC/heat-pump.

TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Co) plans 10-MW solar plant to cut CO2 emissions

Geography Is Dividing Democrats Over Energy

Car engines are beyond ridiculous

Are windfarms more dangerous than nuclear power?

SSC's plug-in supercar would need the mother of all plugs

Detroit Calls Emissions Proposals Too Strict

More ammo in the fight against Anti-Science Syndrome (ASS)

Ukraine leader goes to court over central bank resolution

Retail investors buy into oil - Goldman Sachs

Greek farmers to government.. "F#^*K Adam Smith"

Kawasaki Kisen Jumps in Tokyo as Baltic Index Gains

November Home Prices in 20 U.S. Cities Fall 18.2% From Year Ago

Davos Vampires Sip Rare Wine

Mortgage Cramdown--Layering On Complexity

the recession in perspective

What the hell is Frostbank? Is this an open season scam on everyone during this period of

Wall Street Workers Still Get Bonuses, Many Unhappy, Poll Finds

U.S. hedge fund reaps big RBS profit (short selling)

F.D.R’s Example Offers Lessons for Obama

Credit Crunch Leads Nations to Barter for Food

Check out how many companies John Thain ( of the $18,000 crapper fame) ruined.

Consumer confidence darkens further in January

Wall Street Employees Unhappy About 2008 Bonuses

Could someone here explain what this is?

Bank bailout could cost $4 trillion

Today in labor history Jan 27 New York City maids organize to improve working conditions-1734

Ground zero: the impact of the DHL shutdown on Wilmington, Ohio

Bloody Monday: 74,000 layoffs announced in one day

Bailout Recipients Hosted Call To Defeat Key Labor Bill

Ordered to pay a living wage

Taking on GM in Brazil

New NLRB Chairwoman Liebman a Welcome Change

Daily Koz: Human Rights Watch: Employee Free Choice Is a Human Right

Breaking... Here is the SEIU mailer about Bank of America: Time To Go

Roubini: 6 Million US Job Losses in 2009


Here's a youtube video explaining Japan, Iceland and the carry trade.

A Site to track Lay-offs

Just got my end-of-year 401K plan statement...

Topper: WS Cosmo ran $370M Ponzi scheme

(Video) If you were a Palestinian who would you want to be your neighbor

Rosner - Buying Time

Gazans Wounded in Israeli Air Raid

Ground Troops, Tanks Return to Gaza; Hamas Attacks Negev

Arabs fiddle and squabble, again, as Palestine bleeds....

Gaza war rabbinical edict draws protest in Israel

BBC Assailed for Refusing to Carry Gaza Appeal

Barak seeking to 'Putinize' image to attract Russian vote

Israel launches new attacks on Gaza

Israel's Leaders trying to prevent war crimes proceedings

Clinton says Israel has right to defend itself

I don't care any more

Father of captive soldier Shalit: Sarkozy assured me Gilad is alive

Turkey calls on Hamas to pick politics over arms

Bibi won't rule out Palestinian state

Livni: Israeli restraint in Gaza is over

The former Cat Stevens performs song for Gaza

The settlement-terrorism equation

France asks Syria to help free Israeli soldier

Abbas blames Hamas for Gaza destruction

dupe, delete please

Israelis Are Living High On US Expense Account

Human Rights Watch wants Gaza war crimes probe

'No Palestine, catastrophe for Israel'

Israel launches attacks in Gaza

Abbas to tell visiting U.S. envoy: Israel does not want peace

IDF: Hamas Didn't Carry Out Attack – But Is Responsible

Iran: Holocaust is big lie

ABC leads nominees for GLAAD Media Awards

"Prayers for Bobby" is on again tonight. For those wanting some insight on being gay.

GLAAD:Indiana’s WTHR-TV Changes News Story To Reflect Transgender Fairness

No Name Calling Week Jan. 26 - Jan. 30

The crusader of Castro Street

H.R. 179: Community AIDS and Hepatitis Prevention Act - Please support with a call or letter.

For some, Holocaust exhibit calls up thoughts of Gaza

Obama to Meet Brazil's Lula in March and Later Travel to Brazil

Hearing the other voices in Colombia

Venezuela: Diplomacy with US on hold despite Obama

Peru court frees 2 accused death squad members

Obama, Uribe talk by phone (Obama going to Trinidad for summit in April)

Group seeking Morales 'liquidation' yanked

Colombian senator announces release soon of hostages held by rebels

Israel accused of using farmers as human shields

Dirty Business, Dirty Wars: U.S.-Latin American Relations in the 21st Century

Bomb explodes near IDF patrol along Gaza border fence

A bloodstained wall full of flechettes

Homophobic Ad?

GLAAD: England’s Soccer Stars Kick Homophobia Out

Fresh Air-1/27/09: 'Times' Journalist Ethan Bronner On Gaza Conflict

Globe and Mail: Anti-Arab sentiment swells among youth in aftermath of Gaza war

Netanyahu: 'Sooner Or Later We'll Have To Finish The Job In Gaza'

At a Border Crossing, Drivers and Truckloads of Aid for Gaza Go Nowhere

Why American Jews care deeply about Israel

Eclipse Award Winners and Vote Totals

Top 5 Myths About The 100-0 Girls Basketball Game

Nine Wolverines in the Super Bowl!!!

We (my workplace) have been watching this all day, for a laugh.

Cairo intercepts Iranian arms ship

Israeli troops killed Gaza children carrying white flag, witnesses say

Peanut Plant Was Cited for Violations

The Epidemic That Wasn’t

Is That Device Safe?

Longevity from Calorie-Restriction Diet Questioned

Please sign the petition to ban infant circumcision

Anybody heard of having mesh put in your bladder for overactive bladder?

No indication Canada bird flu outbreak has spread

Masturbation May Increase Risk of Prostate Cancer

Lesbian likely to be appointed Iceland interim PM

Obesity Caught Like Common Cold?

The FDA sat on 2005 evidence of mercury-tainted high-fructose corn syrup

Employees, patron subdue robber with serving spoon.

The cafeteria Constitutionalists are already bloviating about Senator Gillibrand

Foggy Morning in the Forest


Ice and minimalism

Bottle Caps

Through the window of the music shop

DIY Flash Hacks

New Lights, new Model.

More Graffiti

Duck-Duck; Goose-Goose..

Gung hei fat choi

Strangers Touching (or Touching Strangers).

Interesting meeting/presentation I was at on Saturday

Starchild: The Solar Eclipse and the next step Forward into the energy of the One

'convinced' aliens have visited earth (UK)

Is the right trying to make Obama fail? My intuition about this.

A good website on this Year of the Ox.

any insight or experience please? with Venus square Uranus and/or Uranus in 7th house

Apollo 1 fire - 42 years ago today

Using a Leadership Role to Put a Human Face on Science - A CONVERSATION WITH PETER AGRE

Elevating Science, Elevating Democracy

The Flesh of Physics

Attenborough reveals creationist hate mail for not crediting God

It's snowing on Mars ...

I've been looking at buying the pouring shield

Action Alerts from AU

Americans United calls on President Obama to make this list a priority.

WCC to explore economic alternatives at World Social Forum

Pressure cooker question

Ex-Montreal pastor gets five years in prison for sex with 10-year-old 'wife'

Nun with the Sisters of Cleveland gets prison for military protest

Another miracle of God?

For Hippywife and other fans: Caraway Swirl Rye

Cooking sausages

Attenborough reveals creationist hate mail for not crediting God

Keep a good thought for sazemisery.

Which philosopher, theologian, or other thinker has influenced you the most?

Parsley - what's the point?

Is it possible that Goldbach's conjecture is a fact?

i don't believe it was an inside job, but...

Alternet covers, and dismisses, "chemtrails"

CT tactics justified by authoritarianism

Leading Japanese Left Newpaper Abandons 9/11 Truth After David Ray Griffin Visits

Ex-sheriff accused of sexually assaulting woman (TX republican)

What the hell's going on with the weather in N Texas?

Bruuuccceee in Austin April 5th

Is there any way to access Jehovah's Witness periodicals online?

ABC has ordered a pilot for V,

Harper Index: Budget warning signs raise doubts that announced money will get spent

I Take

XP applications under Vista

Computer will no longer play YouTube, other videos

Wow! Read this DKos post

Do you both own and possess at least one pair of eyeglasses or at least two drinking glasses?

Good news on Sen. Kerry's High Speed Rail Bill

Car industry gets loan guarantees

Sir David Attenborough: 'I get hate mail telling me to burn in hell for not crediting God'