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Shed building frenzy - Locals scramble for free wood that's washed up on beach.

It's "tough" to shake off 8 years of this "bad-blood thinking.....

GOP Leaders reward Yesmanship

$1400 for a trashcan when your company is tanking.

$1400 for a trashcan when your company is tanking.

Afghan president: US forces killed 16 civilians

Kindergarten class, 2014

Google failure or miserable failure.

Bloomberg: Economy in U.S. Probably Contracted Most Since 1982 as Spending Collapsed

Good news - thehouse loan contract is currently being written

Sunday Morning Bobbleheads

Image - A Drop of Sea Water

Independent UK: Britain is facing return of three-day week

Ooops! Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Paging Minnesotans and others in the know: How the hell long is the

Why would spilled milk need a hazardous materials team?

msnbc and the pentagon REALLY want gitmo to remain open

GOP congressman Cantor's wife's bank did well in the bailout

General John Batiste: An Army General's Letter to Obama

Miss Indiana Crowned Miss America.

Mariana Bridi da Costa, Brazilian model whose hands, feet were amputated, dies

Do you realized that by this time in his Presidency Bush would have used up 2 vacation days?

Georgia Republicans (fill in insult here) against stimulus bill

Wall Street’s Sick Psychology of Entitlement

Pilot gets a hero's welcome on return home to CA

Fallen evangelical pastor Haggard faces claims he had relationship with ex-church volunteer


Time/Newsweek put the President (then, to-be) on 24 covers in '08

Obama slideshowS

Gay Narratives in Graphic Form

The more things change . . .

Pope gesture to traditionalists outrages Jews

MarketWatch: Buried in the economic avalanche

George Will calls Gearge W. Bush "the inarticulate son of a famous father" on This Week

Dear Mr. President:

We should put the past behind us

Hey Boehner your plan doesn't matter

How much of our National Guard is currently serving overseas? (re: arsons in my town)

Blagojevich in NBC interview compares himself to Gandhi, King and Mandela

And what happens in 8 years when Obama leaves office...

Blagojevich Compares Himself To Mandela, King, Ghandi

More than a 250,000 Floridians lost their jobs in December

Afghan president: U.S. forces killed 16 civilians

Afghan president: U.S. forces killed 16 civilians

Does Boehner's Package Produce Sufficient Stimulus?

The South just isn’t what it was - St Petersburg Times

The Sicko Bushit pis collection <-- add here


Saw my Congress critter tonight & spoke briefly with him....

I get to meet our wonderful classy Gov this week. 4 of my students get to be pages

In rural Alaska, villagers suffer in near silence (crisis his Mainstream news!)

Joe Biden is smart

Joe Biden is smart

Joe Biden is smart

The Real Battle Line

GOP Congressman Cantor's Wife's Bank Did Well in the Bailout

Jim Robinson's insane fuckwits continue to be.....

Joe is watching his own mouth with a smile.

BORK on CSPAN sez he was "begged" to stay at DOJ to fire Archibald COX

Colbert King criticizes Bill Clinton...for holding the Bible at Hillary's swearing in.

YouTube of the Day: Diane Sawyer does inauguration broadcasts still drunk

FReepers are furious at Tom Hanks and still love Sarah! More from FR

I think we can expect abortion, as an issue, to come roaring back

Fight building over judges redoing mortgages

Wal-Mart Worker Accused Of Rolling Back Prices

This Week roundtable was essentially Paul Krugman making everybody else seem stupid

For those concerned about their antennas and the digital switch here is a great site:


ACLU: "Confessions, Obtained Under Torture (Crucial Evidence-Tossed Into A Locker & Forgotten)

War Crimes Prosecution Watch reports the United States

War Crimes Prosecution Watch reports the United States

Ugly basketball foul

No case files for Administration to review re: gitmo detainees... Un*********believable

Coleman reaches out to Franken on absentee ballots

How's THIS for coincidence?

Big Media, Jobs, Health Care, Education,

a recent GD thread revealing that Saudi women felt like it was the

The Pentagon Report on the released Gitmo Prisoners is just too convenient

Were you opposed to Impeachment/Investigations and NOW are calling for prosecution of Bushco?

Rock the violin .... a young violinist discovers hip - hop

The Inauguration and New Orleans

Economic Stimulus Appropriations Committee Discussion on CSPAN Now - 1/25

Independent UK: Barack Obama: The audacity of toast – my first breakfast at the White House

in a recession, it takes a lot of ingenuity to make some extra money . . .

Deleted by CC

a Scottish Garden I would really like to see - not what you'd expect

A request for information on the Cheney energy meetings needs to be

A message to Concerned Canadians

Y'know, it's occurred to me since I changed my username . . .

Where can I find all of the pictures of Obama and family...

If you like the Constitution, hate Prop 8

ROTFLMAO: Dallas paper: Chimp to "add a valuable intellectual dimension to SMU and Dallas"

Sen. Ted Kennedy,(hypocrite), wind farm off Martha's Vineyard

VP Biden: Expect More US Casualties In Afghanistan

(Look what I just found) Mountain Lion Orphan Rescue (cute cubs on video)

Federal law says you may order a FREE credit report from each agency once a year.

Scottsbluff officer kills mountain lion & Hunting for deer, boys find lion (Ne)

Haven't seen much of the "It's their money they can do what they want to with it" crowd lately.

The ailing economy is making people sicker

Just what is the EFCA?? (Employee Free Choice Act)

Local NAACP asks for ban on Tasers

RIP, Martin Delaney, HIV patient advocate, dies (SF Chron)

Bob Woodward article in todays Washington Post offers some good

Judges: Mother Not Guilty Of Bathtub Drownings

Obama seeks space weapons ban - Lockheed Martin Corp, Boeing Co, Northrop Grumman getting sad

Shout out - are there any investment specialists on board?

Hey Freepers

"Prayers for Bobby" airs Sunday 8 PM EST for those who missed it Sat.

The smoking White House

New EU Ban on Used Medication Creates Difficulties for Charities

I hope Obama is Wiretapping Dick and George...

Are there groups that protect gun rights other than the NRA?

Pickles needs help with a title for her new book on her memoirs...

My town is the top story on (on TV, too)!

Banking Crisis: Bob Brinker was insightful today re: the "Bad Bank" concept.

Obama "test"...worrying developments

My belated inauguration pics from DC

Limbaugh against stimulus because its success could hurt GOP’s electoral chances

Economy in free fall in fourth quarter

Oops-Israeli PM in war crimes pledge

GM To Announce More Production Cuts On Monday

GM To Announce More Production Cuts On Monday

GM To Announce More Production Cuts On Monday

FYI, one of my mentors sits on the Board of Directors for a small bank in California.

Which near-failed-state must we prepare to invade now (for their own good of course)

Nothing to go back to, no place of their own

Sweet Jesus you HAVE to see Limbaugh's latest rant

Parent's sentenced in fire death of kids. Used utility money to buy crack.

gregory....'john mccain would have closed guantanamo too'

Flood of Foreclosures: It's Worse Than You Think

Australian family caged, detained, starved and deported by US customs

Emptywheel to Senator Whitehouse: We Only Have 7 Weeks to Indict Bush

Divorce Gets Harder as Recession Ends Jobs, Cuts Values of Homes, Artworks

rethuglicons plan to obstruct stimulus package....unless they get their way

Freeper quandary: Who to hate more; Obama or Al-Qaeda

World's highest drug levels entering India stream

Mitch McConnell wants to "reform" Social Security.....

Inauguration experience from


I've got this itching feeling that Blagojevich might become an hero on /The View/.

Republican Pushes Alcatraz As The New Guantanamo

LA Times: Drastic downsizing of pediatric care at L.A. County-USC Medical Center

Anyone Watch Fareed Zakaria's show today ?

Wolves needed to restore an ecosystem.

A billion frogs on world's plates

The problems with just giving each of us a check

(Branch Davidian) David Koresh's Mother Fatally Stabbed

Many rethugs are against the stimulus package. Has even one of them

Here's a media question for you...

David Koresh's Mother Stabbed to Death

San Francisco Chronicle: Paying the Price for Prop 13

Norwegian Daily: Terrorists Working for Western Countries

Anti-worker front group rigs poll to contradict huge majority support for Employee Free Choice Act

just found out a friend died last night at work

Secretary of Peace U.S. Department of Peace & Nonviolence 1 of Top 10 Ideas on

A question for European (especially Scandinavian) DUers

NARAL: President Obama Reverses Bush-Backed Attack on Family Planning

Govt. Regulators Aided IndyMac Coverup, maybe others...

Harley Davidson

Carryback of operating losses

Sign of the

There is a court located in the Hague

GOP-controlled media finally notices what's happening up in Alaska

Closing of DHL profiled on 60 Minutes tonight

Made in the USA

Take a look at this lunch crew at the Waldorf...

India Police Kill Two 'Pakistan Militants' Near Delhi

Obama being used by Satan. Freeper delusion.

TPM has done to their pages what Huffpo did.

60 Minutes reporting on Palestinian people's lives? SHOCKING!

Anybody watching the Special on Air Force 1 on Nat'l Geo Channel?

Question about some of the religious nut jobs such as found on

George McGovern To Obama: "How About A FIVE-YEAR TIME-OUT On War?"

Bishop Robinson's Invocation.

Schumer Signals Support For Prosecution of Bush Officials

Hillary Clinton favors diplomatic response to extraterrestrial life

The abortion debate is framed all wrong

puke alert...hannity and rush circle jerk

Who's watching 60 Minutes

Calling all political voyeurs: On Board Air Force One

Are these guys watching the same first week in office??

There Are No Files

Economic Setbacks That Define the Bush Years (chart)

Boehner has been on for two minutes and already he needs a shovel

Is Boehner the new Newt?

Independent UK: Britain is facing return of three-day week

Clearing up some misconceptions about Nursing and the Nursing shortage

Thank you Obama and Dems

Is the Novel a Dying Art Form?

A hide forum feature would be nice.

Feb 12, 2009 is whose 200th birthday?

Heart-wrenching "Prayers for Bobby" re-airs tonight 8pm EST

MarketWatch: Grim Domestic Product

Buddy Holly: The tour from hell

Peter Werbe's live online radio show now talking about the Inauguration

2 dead, 7 injured in Portland shooting

Guardian: President orders air strikes on villages in tribal area

Mansion sold to wife for $150 (Leman Brothers CEO Fuld's)

Innocent Gitmo grads find "home" in Albania - report from DW-TV

Afghans, in Hospital, Dispute U.S. Account of Raid

Presidents of Pakistan and Afghanistan protest U.S. drone killings of civilians

Dumb question here: Do TARP recipients have to actually pay that money back?

What % of laid-off DHL employees

Fundies: The AARP is pushing porn

Arrest in that case of homeless man burned to death in Oct 2008

Lehman's Fuld sold Florida mansion to wife for $100

Armed squirrel shoots and kills intruder in the nuts!

medicare and the "part D" or "part B" of whichever company Bushy put in

Why Did Dr Phil Have Ann Coulter On Last Week

Did anyone watch "Prayers for Bobby" Tonight?

Why are they afraid of investigations if they have nothing to hide??

Is it time to consider a four-day work week?

The past is a disputed country

New York Times Magazine Spotlights Female Orgasms This Sunday

Unreturned library book leads to woman's arrest

Why not an asset tax?

GLOBALL MORAN AWARDS - January 25, 2009

Eisenhower building near White House evacuated

California is almost out of ways to pay bills, fund programs, controller says

California is almost out of ways to pay bills, fund programs, controller says

How would YOU look with Aretha Franklin's hat?


Deliver pizzas, wife tells laid-off hubby

"I felt bad when George Bush was booed"

Promoter Dies in Monster Truck Accident

No Smoking

In which nations should we seek to eliminate oppression? Further quesitons:

Filing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests

The mark of the Beast - Have you taken it yet? HURRY, SALE ENDS TUESDAY!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! To all our Asian and Asian American DUers, Happy Year of the Ox

Presidential Smokers.

david gregory, when you ask your guest a question, allow them to answer.

American scientists celebrate end of the Dark Age

Lean on me, Mr President: White House releases intimate pictures of Obama's big day

Culture Wars right near me (ACLU takes on local school district)

Dem whip challenges GOP to invite Obama to retreat

Florida legislators cut spending by 8 billion in two years, 4 billion coming in March.

I'm sure others have noticed that ad for "The President's Therapist." What are your

McCain won't vote for stimulus

Went to a bookstore today

Does anybody have that picture of Palin and the First Dude where she is hogging the TV Remote?

Thank you.

Palin's aides charged in new allegations.--- the daytime drama continues

(Smirking Chimp) Let a new noun enter the lexicon: the dubya.

GITMO - "There Are NO Files"

Go Aboard 'Air Force One' with President Obama! Sunday January 25 @ 8p EST

"We must give former President George W. Bush his due"


The extraordinary life of a roo called Myrtle

Heads Up, Douglas Feith is getting airtime on NPR. This is more galling than Kristol

MarketWatch: Goodbye, McMansions

What do you think federal income tax rates should be?

So our district manager came in for a meeting with us on Friday

Obama won. Apparently the Democratic majority in Congress didn't

Oopsie! The physician and nurses shortage was manufactured.

Welcome Home, George and Laura!

Major Warning: Brace yourselves and look at Two Shoes' left nostril....(Caption please)

Aargh!: Heartland Payment Processing (credit/debit card) breach

Patents, politics, "religion," and the medical research industry.

I'm ashamed I just found out where Trafalgar is. Did youknow? NO FAIR GOOGLING!!!

This cover says it all, for me..."The First."

I know this guy, please consider leaving some kind feedback (esp. teachers)

Has anyone else noticed that

A Loyal Bushie Burrows Into Obama's System

BushCo Held Men NOT Because They Were Or Are Dangerous-But Because It Would Be Embarrassing

Can anyone tell me a little bit about how Hospice works?

douglas feith is coming up on CNN....who is this guy representing? thugs or pentagon?

Good news from

2 killed 7 injured in Kansas...shot during a Wake...Gang activity and guns

Inspiration, Republican Style!

Bastards! Jarred spaghetti sauce is now 24 oz instead of 26 oz! No price reduction of course

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall - photo history of Bush's time in office (NYT)

Dangerous Executive Orders

The 25 People At The Heart Of The Economic Meltdown

Did NY Gov's Office Leak LIES About Caroline Kennedy?

Kennedy and Vietnam

Talk Radio in Ohio: Nothing but Republican Propaganda

The Covenant School (Dallas) fires girls basketball coach (100-0 game)

The Guardian UK: "Twenty-five people at the heart of the meltdown ..." - Guess who tops the list.

So tell me about torture... it just can't be as bad as pulling wisdom teeth

William Thomas Dies After 27 Years in Front of the White House


Western Alaska makes the LA TIMES. Sarah's not going to like this.

To save his soul I tortured and killed my son

President Obama Vice president Joe Biden We Demand Audits or Full Hand Count of the Paper Ballots


People need to learn to cook again...

AHA! I Knew Big Pharma was Blocking Possible Cures for Diabetes

I like to bite...

What is your favorite corn movie?

facebook has captured me

In a tacky way i think this video is appropriate.


You, me and a bottle of Crown Royal... Who are you?

I made meatloaf tonight

Ok, so I started watching BSG....

Was murder of astronomer Tycho Brahe inspiration for Hamlet?

You know who's great? Buck Owens.

I've got sunshine on a cloudy day

Air Force One is on!


lost ....

Love is like an itching in my heart

Nothing but heartaches

Cooler 80's video villan?

just clowning around....

PSA: don't drink hella beeyah as you listen to Dr. J. Vernon McGee


Just watched 'The Wrestler'

Stoned Love

Snow in the UAE!

Reach out for me!

When Is Enough, Well, Enough?

DUzy's or Sunday LOLCats?

Going to a go-go

For My Birthday.... The Prisoner

Basic physics dictate that friction generates heat

There's a pretty funny story downthread a ways.

Anyone else NOT watching the Bowl?

Olbermann is on C-Span right now.

What does National Geographic say is the most desirable place to visit in the U.S.?

I ate something at my computer last night, and I must have dropped a piece, because I smell it...

Need IMMEDIATE help, vibes, good wishes, etc.

Need IMMEDIATE help, vibes, good wishes, etc.

Puppies thread

What is your favorite breakfastt?

This is your typical Sunday Afternoon Lounge Thread

I just took my Christmas tree down. Ask me anything!

Need some Vista help please....

Deep13's surgery went well today

I must have been living under a rock

One more university question.

I am NOT an idiot but figuring out the instructions on some of these

One of the Bush daughters don't look like him

***** The Official "Why I Did Not Change MY DU Name" Thread *****

Any former or current sheep dockers here?

I am working on a powerpoint presentation on Chusingura

*****The Official I Still Have Time to Change My Name Thread*****


My years-old Apple II has started running very slowly.

How many other DUers are feeling ill this week?

Is it ok to re-freeze puppies?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 1/25/2009)

Crispini reviews "Untraceable" (on DVD) - spoilers

It is so cold that I feel like an insignificant frozen hair on the ass of progress.

Anyone heard from RevActs?

My Grandmother's buscuits

I have a dog problem.

My years-old Abacus II has started running very slowly.

Yay for Cobra Motorcycles!!

Do you ever feel like you've accidentally stumbled into a drama? And just want to STFU?

First Blood starting on AMC in a few minutes! The Stallone marathon continues!

Its Make Or Break Week Wish Me Luck

Bi-Baby doesn't believe me that in the "Rocky" movie series he fights a bear

Just read a post about Collards - how about grits?

FaceBook etiquette?

Attention: Haole Girl

Anyone watching 60 Minutes?

Riche$t Basketball Team is on the air@ESPN

Riche$t Basketball Team is on the air@ESPN

Riche$t Basketball Team is on the air@ESPN

What's for dinner?

My daughter in law is in labor

Beware of shapeshifting car theives.

How cold is it where you live?

Corn Nuts!

What's your favorite porn music?

Is it acceptable to call in sick 7 minutes before your shift starts? When is an acceptable time?

Tomorrow you have decided to go homeless. What do you pack in your sack and what shoes do you wear?

And I hope you like jammin' too

Where do you go for inspiration when you are out of it?

So, what's with all the name changes?

They're so cute when they're asleep.

i finally got a much needed hair cut, but can i still be in a fabulous 80's hair band?

What TV show are you most likely to end up on?

stooopid God!

Do skiiers where ski masks?

So, I was at a local club for Mod night... I forgot how awesome it was

Well, ain't THIS inspiring!

Who is watching the SAGs?

Best song in Mary Poppins

55 Beers That Will Knock You Flat On Your Ass

kitten picture of the day for Sunday January 25

So relaxing...Christopher Cross... Sailing

Has anyone seen Revolutionary Road?

lost a close friend last night

Think 'After M*A*S*H*' was bad?

Dear Hiring Authority,

Hey all you estimators out there, I need some rough numbers.

Ben Stiller pitches a movie idea to Peter Jackson-you've gotta see this!

Outstanding instrumental from Charlie Haden & Pat Metheny --- Spiritual

What if your groin....

Banana Puddin'

For those of you who DID read the article, what was your reaction?

Goober or Gomer?

Cool, I took a good pic today that'll be my new desktop

Just how many movies have the Hallmark Channel made.

I am having an identity crisis. Which do you prefer?

Did I miss a "dinner" thread? What did you have?

Should I have another piece of chocolate cake?

I got this message from my freeper uncle, and I don't understand what it means??

Quick question: Can you successfully mix cottage cheese with...

All this time I have been doing the wrong thing.

Your Sunday LOLcats. (dial-up warning)

There are three DUers sitting here in my living room

The casual reader might have missed this bit of family history: The Blizzard of 1888

Who writes/wrote the best sentences?

"Lifted" by Pixar

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/25/09

ABC has a Homeland Security reality show

Heath Ledger's posthumous awards run continues, wins SAG best supporting Actor

For those interested. "Prayers for Bobby" in on now. On Life.

Sometimes I wished I still smoked

Why do I go into GD?

Election's really over. We're back to circumcision wars.

HELP!!!!! I need to find the first 4 episodes of season 3 of 30 Rock


My newest poem...Untitled...

Hey, when did MonkeyFunk get TS'ed?

What are you listening to right now?

Banana pudding

Here she is Miss America-Kathie Stam of Indiana

Post your idea for the next SciFi TV movie

I had Calamari for the first time yesterday, finally

I'm losing flexibility in my toes

Should I change my user name to Killface?

Obama Curses LIVE During Inauguration

The beagle and I are watching "Dave". Ask us anything! nt

Tall cactus picture.

Oh man, I just finished this game called Hotel Dusk for the DS...

What do you think is the likelihood that God exists?

SF/East Bay Duers: I'm going nuts and I need to get away. I would love to spend a week

your username is your brand identity

Who are your rooting for in the Super Bowl?

I finally did it! Say hello to my new cat, Mr. Poofy Hiney!

I'm back from the hospital.

Back from Florida. A few pictures here. What's your fave?

What the fuck is Ben Kingsley's problem?

Music you loved but have trouble listening to now because of some painful experience.

I wanna see Vince and John Basedow in...

Sunday nights are the worst.

You're on your bed, you look up and notice THIS in the corner of you room.

***** The Official "Why I Changed MY DU Name" Thread *****

I have a job interview tomorrow morning!

Just saw Obama on CNN again talking about how his father may not have been served in a restaurant

Poll shows high early approval rating for Obama

Obama's first days: Dramatic actions with a lawyer's caution

Is there a thread with a collection of all the wonderful photos from the last week or so?

2010...what are the odds that Republicans regain control one r both of the two chambers of congress?

Obama aide won't rule out more money for bailouts(Summers)

Pres. Barack Obama's Official Photo

NY Times: Emanuel is arguably the second most powerful man in the country

HEADS UP: Biden on CBS - Face the Nation.

After 3 days - Obama Starts With 68% Job Approval

SO>>>which Justice retires first? Who would make a great candidate

What Is the Objective in Afghanistan?

Say goodbye to Blago, hello to Governor Quinn

Videos of Biden on Face the Nation

Graph why the Press is frustrated with Obama- Humor

Okay - Time to get to work. First order of business, contact Obama about the stimulus bill

How would you rate the performance of White House press secretary Robert Gibbs?

When it comes to killing "terrorists", is there an acceptable ratio of innocents vs terrorists?

Why isn't Obama bringing up nationalization of the banks?

For Coming-Out Party, Gillibrand Stops in Harlem and Queens

My favorite photo (from TIME)

Move over Mandela, MLK, Gandhi - Blago thinks he is in the same company as you

GOPers where we were 8 years ago

This President is a chess player in a checkers world.

Ousted from the in-laws

Bush Legacy Tour suspends events

I know the Iraqi people want U.S. troops out. How do the Afghani people feel?

Hmm... Anybody Know Who THIS Was Directed At, LOL !!!

Hmm... Anybody Know Who THIS Was Directed At, LOL !!!

SoS Hillary Clinton, Off to a Running Start with Foreign Leaders and USAID

I was a bad boy this afternoon

Did Caroline ever really WANT the Senate seat?

Do you think Blago could win his impeachment case?

Will Obama change Bush's media ban of photos of soldier's caskets returning to the Air Force bases?

Blago isn't going anywhere

Biden (on Afghanistan): We've Inherited A Real Mess

I'm watching the inauguration coverage that I missed while in DC

I am watching a rerun of MTP

Meet Obama's bodyman: The White House 'Chief of Stuff' who caters to the President's every whim

Nancy Pffuffenhuffer was just on MSNBC

The End Of A Dynasty. Or Two.

Rangel's School Tax Credit Bonds In Stimulus

Fearing Another Quagmire in Afghanistan

Ummm, who forgot to tell John McCain that Obama won the election?

John McCain: "I think The World of Sarah Palin"

Greg Craig, Susan Rice and George Mitchell

The Bushies Stole Us Blind ... So, How Did You Like Your Beer?

A grocery store tale ( no vandalism involved :) )

Biden: I Am Not "Deputy President"

Obama to Direct Shift in Emissions Regulations

Bipartisanship is the new code word for selling out to corporations

The Great POTUS Ox in the Year of the Ox

Go Aboard 'Air Force One' with President Obama! Sunday January 25 @ 8p EST

Obama said numerous times that he wants to expand the war in Afghanistan

The next time a wingnut tells you that more people watched Reagan's inauguration ...

So Begala is comparing Gillibrand to Obama?

President Obama will issue executive orders Monday allowing states to set own automobile emissions

One positive from the Bush regime: A tactic that Obama is using nicely

Heads up if you are interested: Nat Geo special on Air Force One @ 8 PM, Sun 1/25

Pres. Obama to Address ... um ... everybody from the East Room Mon 10:30am.

House Members and Speaker Nancy Pelosi Called Paterson to Protest Gillibrand's Nomination

Drug dealers name heroin after President Obama

Obama Earns Respect From Senator Inhofe

INCREDIBLE Inauguration videos from The Washington Post

Senate-designate Gillibrand: My goal is to try to fill Hillary Clinton's shoes

2008 Election Interesting Factoids FYI!

Kennedys, Cuomos, Bloomberg Angry with Paterson; Gilli goes on NY "Listening Tour"

President Obama's First Big Move: Making People Care

My three favorite pictures from last week (maybe of all time . . .)

Mary Shapiro, new head of the SEC, a thankless job, I'm thinking,

Oooooh economic guru "the fundamentals are sound" MCCain is not pleased.

Maureen Dowd: "Which Governor is Wackiest?" - Remarks on Gillibrand

Pepsi rides O's coattails with new $1.2 billion ad campaign

FReeper seems to advocate mob violence against Obama

Guess whose turn it is to spew BS about Obama? Hannity? Rush? Not quite.

What happens to the president's book royalties while he's in office?

Additional troops in Afghanistan should be about shifting strategy, not expanding war

Freepers & now newspapers spreading accusations President Obama "snubbed" Salute to Heroes Ball

Freepers & now newspapers spreading accusations President Obama "snubbed" Salute to Heroes Ball

Should the Democrats cut the Republicans loose?

I decided to watch the "We are One" Concert available on my "On Demand" menu, and guess what?


'Air Force One' National Geographic Special Review

How pleased are you with Obama's first week?

This is easy. Raise minimum wage and then tie it to inflation NOW.

Where will Richard Holbrooke take us in Afghanistan?

Real Person's Inauguration Pics

Michigan people?

Gregory - "If Democrats would have been faced with 9/11 would they have done anything different?"

Don't forget. Tomorrow on "The View"

Obama's Inaugural Speech gets better every time...

I was moved to paint another watercolor

OFFER: Obama Data DVD - Inauguration Edition

What a difference eight years make . . .

Sen. Feingold to Introduce Constitutional Amendment on Senate Vacancies

Where is that "Seed of Hope" picture?

Limbaugh says he's against stimulus because its success could hurt GOP’s electoral chances.

Barrett: Did Paterson Consider the Bruno Connection to Gillibrand's Dad?

Pastor/radio host says Obama is "worthy of death"

30% tax credit to install solar water heating

Oh &%^$%#$@.... Larry Summers just said it right up front.

First lady duds get backlash

Haha! I'm about to pwn you in my speech

Kerry: Torture weakened America's national security

Obama faced down Gates, Mullen and Petraeus on Iraq pullout

Paterson-paid pal doomed Caroline, insiders say

Gillibrand Meets With Clinton

Walt Starr walks into a bar...

Wow, I think I just heard our future first woman President giving a great interview

1,474 Megapixel Image from the inauguration. SO FREAKEN COOL (And I found myself)

Now Comes Lilly Ledbetter: Obama pledges to sign the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act

The Taliban are Nazis and the women of Afghanistan are the concentration camp victims

Black Artists Association Whines About Michelle Obama’s Textiles

Obama trading cards? Stop it!!!!!!!

A few reminders for those upset about Obama striking within Pakistan

Kirsten Gillibrand will get beat badly in the Senate primary when she actually has to run!

Hillary to Cornyn: "The Clintons don't forget."

Kennedy Family "Furious" with Paterson

Italy: Detainees stage protest

Guantanamo Case Files in Disarray

Hamas opens makeshift offices, Gaza talks to begin

Sri Lanka says it captured last rebel stronghold

A billion frogs on world's plates

Israeli official: Obama envoy coming to Mideast

Former rebels win Salvador poll (former CNN journalist)

Unreturned library book leads to woman's arrest

Israeli War Against Hamas Scars Gaza's Children

Israel prepares legal defense of soldiers

U.S. to offer Talansky partial immunity over testimony given in Israel

World leaders to converge at Davos to discuss financial crisis

Ill. gov: Heroes from history offer perspective

2 shot dead, 7 hurt at Wichita wake

Baroness Reuter, last link to news dynasty, dies

Bolivia constitution approved, quick count shows

Ford CEO: 'No More Money' Needed

International court starts first war crimes trial

Video shows a police punch before BART shooting

Democrats try to lower economic expectations

Mercy dash family denied entry to US

Lobbyists skirt Obama's earmark ban

Fed May Gain More Financial Oversight

Calif farmers idle crops, veggie prices may rise

Berlin's Tegel airport littered with unexploded WWII bombs

Blagojevich Lawyer Calls It Quits

Iceland business minister resigns (banks and market collapsed)

Obama to Let States Restrict Emissions Standards

Bolivians vote on Indian rights

Feds raid Lake Tahoe marijuana dispensary

Republicans step up criticism of Obama

Fight building over judges redoing mortgages (Banks are spending big, lobbying against it)

Issue of terrorists' rights to test Obama's pledge

Radio Spreads Taliban’s Terror in Pakistani Region

Police brutality at london pro palestine protest in london. 24/01/09

Sarah Silverman's Farewell to Bush

max keiser, political and financial holocaust in Gaza and Wall Street

George Galloway MP | Protest For Gaza, Against BBC Charity Broadcast refusal

Playing For Change: Song Around the World

The Venus Project

Throwing shoes at Bush 1-19-09

Greece Riots non stop

Inauguration Of Barack Obama -'s "A New Day"

Diane Sawyer drunk

Jean Athey: National Guard Shouldn't be Used as "Backdoor Draft"

Early Rush Limbaugh interview - how he does his talk show

TheRealNews: Civil libertarians praise Obama's Moves

McCain says he will vote against the stimulus package

Compilation of late-night hosts making fun of the Inauguration

Joe Biden On Economic Plan in his first Face The Nation interview as Vice President

Panorama: What now Mr President 2 of 3

Gene Robinson Invocation at the Obama Inauguration (As Cut by HBO)

The Week In Cartoons 01/24/09

50 Sperm Whales, Mothers and Calves beach and die Tasmania

Professor Paul Krugman on this week - Shuts down Sam Donaldson's Nonsense A new day (A Tribute To President Obama)

Panorama: What now Mr President 3 of 3

Dear Sasha & Malia : From Jenna & Barbara

This Week Panel Discusses Stimulus Plan (Paul Krugman with some other people)

TYT: Cenk's Thoughts On President Obama's First Orders

Tom Friedman Fear Mongering on Meet the Press

Tony Benn London 24 Jan 2009

Anderson Cooper Drunk?

Daily Show compares Obama's inauguration speech with G. W. Bush's speeches.

Panorama: What now Mr President 1 of 3

Bush's Letter to Obama

The Bush Legacy Project

Young Turks: Jessica Alba Calls Bill O'Reilly an A-hole!!

(Diane) Sawyer Hangover?

Iceland protest january 24 2009 Reykjavik

Fear and Imbalanced

TYT: Cenk Reacts To Limbaugh's Non-Sensical Race-Obsessed Remarks

In the crucible of history (Trinidad & Tobago Express)

New regime has to deal with past abuses (Schnapper / Seattle PI)

Sri Lanka: Genocide of the Tamil minority

Venezuela: Constitutional reform campaign heats up

My run-in with Dick Cheney, rising star (Syracuse Post-Standard)

Protesters in Iceland want government to step down

Too broke to buy a ticket home, Valley's immigrant day laborers just hang on (LA Daily News)

Lethal Injection in Texas: A Three-fer Week Scheduled (Axis of Logic)

The Four Horsemen of 2009

This Land IS My Land

More here, fewer there: US considers whaling trade-off with Japan

Tony Karon: Tearing Up Washington's Middle East Playbook

Jamison Foser: Media menu: Scrutiny, with a side order of sound judgment

Lying Continues at Ted Haggard’s Former New Life Church

Bolivia Votes Sunday on a New Constitution that Affirms Indigenous Rights

Long Shadows

Obama 'whitewash' can't repay prison horror: ex-inmate

Obama airstrikes kill 22 in Pakistan

Jim Hightower: Bush-speak was a real hoot

The national hero dividing Germans (re: film "Valkyrie" on Stauffenberg)

NY Times: The Talented Mr. Madoff

New lingua franca upsets French (BBC)

Editorial: Resisters of a 'dumb' war (Ottawa Star)

Assclowns of the Week, er, Year #75

Nicholas D. Kristof: Bill Gates really does something

Charles Darwin's theory of evolution was driven by passion to end slavery

Independent UK: Obama: A breathtaking beginning

NH phone jam: Let's get answers (Nashua Telegraph)

India's outsourcing sector faces bleak outlook: analysts

Guantanamo Bay: We reunite a prisoner and a guard ... (Mirror - UK)

Greece: The revolt continues

Resurrecting the ruins of Aqar Quf

Midwives in the military offer extra level of care

Feeding Afghan children a formula for peace

Nothing to go back to, no place of their own

New program expedites benefits for the wounded

Army rebuts reports on 'negligent homicide'

Making the distinction between friend and foe in Diyala province is tough

DFAS fire causes ‘minimal disruptions’

Romania honors soldiers from 1-4 Infantry

Italy-based unit returns from downrange mission

Commandant Wants His Troops Out of Iraq

Dead Soldier was Punched, Choked

Airman Accused of Sex With Underage Girl

NOAA Sets Rules for Navy Sonar Training

AF Spending $1B on Surveillance Planes

SASC May Look Into Recruiter Suicides

Researcher Develops Satellite Technology

Vets Share Millions in VA Insurance Dividends

America's Army 3 Game to Be Released

AF Searching for Air Force One Replacement

Largest Deployment of F-22s Under Way

Widow’s residency battle hits little snag

New Army Site Enhances Video, Changes Layout

Maine Guard Contingent Gets Big Sendoff

Minn. WWII Vet’s Dog Tags Find Way Home

Maine Contractor to Admit He Bilked the Army

Disney Discount Program Available to (military) Families

Ex-sailor Gets Silver Star for Iraq Actions

(Military Times) Op-Ed: Clear and Present Danger

Lawsuit: Defective Helo Caused 2007 Crash

Sailors Now Can Check Personnel Records Online

UAV Sensor Operators May Get Own AFSC


(60 minutes) Time Running Out For A Two-State Solution?

Danish firms consider wind power projects in South Africa

US considers whaling trade-off with Japan

Sperm Whales beached and die (48) in Tasmania

Copenhagen plans to purchase (hydrogen) fuel cell cars

Living on Earth: Weathering Climate Change (The climate is already changing, ecosystems need help.)

Living on Earth: Harvesting Emissions (Cutting emissions, by changing farming practices.)

Living on Earth: Sea Lion Seizures (One good reason not to dump urea in the oceans)

Warming Trends Alter Conservation: Experts Think Old Paradigm of Fixed Boundaries Will Not Work …

Green makes good business sense

AFP: (International) Environmental groups hail Obama's green agenda

Row over scheme to 'fertilise' oceans: Scientists plan to dump iron in sea to feed plankton

Sleeveless in January.

I was reading about China and carbon credits.

Toyota will begin selling an electric vehicle in U.S. in 2012

Gore highlights new US push on climate change

Obama’s Order Is Likely to Tighten Auto Standards

Fusion power only years away: B.C. company (General Fusion)

The other global warming: (Waste heat)

Calif farmers idle crops, veggie prices may rise

Supercritical Water As A Molten Salt.

Currency Fluctuation and Manipulation

Warning: rating agencies can do you harm

UBS to pay 2 bln francs bonuses for 2008-paper

Help regarding stimulus package

Stimulus Ideas: More Money Moving

Fed Reserve Fails to Reflate the US Banking System

More corporate greed: Take their hands

One small victory for our side.

Obama e-mails bring suspension (from job)

Today in labor history Jan 25 UMW constitution prohibiting racial, religious and ethnic discriminati

Scholars call Employee Free Choice Act vital to economic recovery

Card check' may give workers rights again

Top NLRB Precedents in Jeopardy Under an Obama Labor Board

The real source of terror

NLRB orders Genesys to reinstate eight employees

The next step (Gideon Levy)

Sarkozy deploys French frigate to Gaza

Majority of Americans support Israel during crisis, says poll

Paul Craig Roberts: ' A compassionate government would handle the economic crisis in this way:'

State agency settles sexual harassment claim for $800,000

CNN: Chrysler, GM Aim To End Union Job Banks

Service Employees Union loses NLRB appeal on election

Netanyahu's anti-Obama flak jacket

Starbucks reportedly laying off 1,000 workers after lavish spending on corporate jet for CEO

Job losses prove we’re in recession

Ruling on First CAFTA Labor Complaint Demonstrates Weakness

OSHA Proposes Rulemaking on Diacetyl, Seeks Comments

Dangerous Downtown Condo Collapse Results in Loss Of Life and Lawsuits

OSHA levies $119,000 fee on Pasco contractor

Worker killed at construction site in Boston (story & video)

Feds: Crane (one of the largest) operator in fatal accident untrained (4 including operator dead)

AP: Hamas opens makeshift offices, Gaza talks to begin

Patrick Lang: Dennis Ross and the "Jewish People Planning Institute"

Police name worker who died

Saudi calls Bush legacy ‘sickening’ Mideast policy needs to change, prince says.

Economy going to hit environment to survive.

Hamas opens makeshift offices, Gaza talks to begin

CEO calls OSHA violations 'complete joke' ($140,760 in fines)

2009 Economy Outlook - Severe Recession, But Not a Depression

Egypt, Hamas discuss 'lasting' truce with Israel

The horrors of Israel's peace

Hamas represenative: Smuggling of arms will continue to Gaza

Media bias ensures Hamas is always going to win PR battle

Bush politics seen the rule at OSHA (Administration protected industry, many officials say)

Hilda Solis' path to becoming U.S. Labor secretary has hit a snag

Egypt denies deal with Israel on banning Gaza arms smuggling

Livni: Bibi's win comes at cost of US ties

Livni warns of rift with US after elections

What can you tell me about the Employee Free Choice Act?

Egypt evacuates Rafah area, fearing IAF strike on Gaza

GPO chief: Foreign media coverage in Gaza 'a disgrace to the profession

Mitchell as US Mideast envoy revitalizes peace process - experts

A family’s story speaks for the terror of war in Gaza

Israeli War Against Hamas Scars Gaza's Children

Oops-Israeli PM in war crimes pledge

Israel prepares legal defense of soldiers

Hamas: No reconciliation with Fatah until it ends Israel peace talks

Hamas may extend ceasefire if Israel ends blockade, says deputy minister

60 Minutes reporting on Palestinian people's lives? SHOCKING!

Israel's war of frustration

Hamas offers Israel a one-year truce in Gaza

Universities cancel study abroad in Israel in wake of Gaza op

Israel stamps scorched earth policy on Al Attars

Gaza crisis: key maps and timeline

Israel Ships Fresh Fruit and Vegetables to Gaza

Gaza faces failed harvests after the bombardment by Israel

Observers worry Gaza war scarred children with hatred for Israel

Hamas rejects long-term truce

AFP: Israel to protect its soldiers from war crimes charges

Carter’s new peace book out

Israel on the wrong side of history

Israel Must Stop Fanning the Flames That Will Consume Us

Al-Jazeera drew US viewers on Web during Gaza war

Kadima: Netanyahu-led Israel would clash with Obama

Israel Screwed Itself Over with Its Gaza Assault; the World Sees It as a 'Blood-Stained Monster'

Meretz seeks 'blocking majority' to prevent Netanyahu government

Israel switches to Iran after Gaza

IDF rabbi told troops fighting in Gaza: We must not cede a single inch of Israel

Netanyahu: Likud-led government wouldn't build new settlements

RIP, Martin Delaney, HIV patient advocate, dies (SF Chron)

Women confesses on deathbed she killed 2 women in '67 who taunted her about being gay

Hamas executes former B'tselem field worker

So, what are we up to this Sunday morning?

Lesbian mothers embroiled in unprecedented battle for custody of 2 children

Bolivia: Referendum Coverage on Twitter

Recalling the one who mixed politics, poetry

"Bolivian Savages To Drive Out God, End Civilization Forever"

Ugly basketball foul

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report (January 25): Movsesian Leads in Wijk aan Zee

"LT" will always, and only, stand for "Lawrence Taylor."

TOP 10 Best Super Bowl teams

Time Running Out For A Two-State Solution? - 60 Minutes (CBS)

Legislation would require Pharma to disclose gifts and payments to doctors

Agency questions FDA ability to protect public

Wall Street Journal: "Drug Industry Hustles to Blunt Democratic Strikes"

Single Brain Cell Can Hold a Memory

THE NEW DRILL FOR PHARMA - cozy partnership with Republicans is over

Resveratrol segment on 60 Minutes.... now isn't that

Leftchick: "I Knew Big Pharma Was Blocking Possible Cures for Diabetes"

Resident kills burglar at NW Houston apartments

18-month Old Holister Child shot and Killed

Tulsa Child Shot in Face

Police: North Houston resident disarms, kills burglar

Child Shot Inside Saginaw House

Suspect Shot in Home Intrusion

Intruder fatally shot during struggle with resident

Teen Intruder Shot Dead in Dallas

The Expired Assault Weapon ban didnt stop Columbine..or the hollywood shootout

Gun control/2nd Admendment videos

In 2006, 13,470 people died in alcohol-impaired driving crashes.

Defining and describing an assault rifle.

Men At Work..

Only you cheapskates like me will like this

The Pool Table

North Fork Feather River, CA, between storms ~

*** Official "Screw You, Winter" photo thread! ***

The Stars This Week: "Leave the Past Behind" - January 26 - February 1, 2009

Solar Eclipse

Can I ask ASHA for Good Vibes, Chants, Prayers or...... ?.?.?

Opinions please on name changes.

I have taken my new name

Appearance of rifle thwarts would-be robber in Cambria


Quantum Technologies Move A Step Closer With Demonstration Of An 'Entanglement' Filter

Old plutonium found in dump

Dinosaurs could survive cold conditions

New Observations Show that the Pleiades May be Harboring Earthlike Planets

Lizards Evolving Rapidly to Survive Deadly Fire Ants

Female Companionship Extends Sex Lives of Male Mice

Quantum Teleportation Between Distant Matter Qubits: First Between Atoms 1 Meter Apart

Charles Darwin's research to prove evolution motivated by his desire to end slavery?

"Hobbits" Were Separate Species, Skull Suggests

Seal brain and penguin breasts off Antarctic menus

Asian Green Beans

What's wrong with this recipe?

[Video] Blasphemy Challenge

The weirdest thing I eat. And it's from cans. And microwaved!

Are babies atheists?

The fucking nazi Pope broke the excommunication of 4 french negationist

Indonesian atheists find refuge online

Pad Thai Noodles

I know this guy, please consider leaving some kind feedback for him

Wasn't college education free

Hillary Clinton favors diplomatic response to extraterrestrial life

Why isn't this forum labeled, "The Conspiracy Forum". ?? nm

Why isn't this forum labeled, "The Conspiracy Forum". ?? nm

Bush Returns to a Divided Texas Republican Party

I sent Cornyn an e-mail re: blocking the Holder nomination...

Can someone give me advice re automated testing?

Clint Eastwood was robbed. He should have gotten a nomination for Grand Torino

More edumacation needed, please. :) Firefox versus IE display

Kerry Commentary on CNN site:


Anybody changing their name?

Police 'should probe Lords case'

(UK) Cannabis law change 'illogical'