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Franklin County (NC) man gets 30 months for moonshine

Franklin County (NC) man gets 30 months for moonshine

Great photo with identifiers

The eew Obama America with Paula Dean

Could whatever causes Roberts to have seizures cause him to flub his words?

Control to all DU agents

Jews in Solidarity with Palestine

It. Doesn't. Matter. What. I. Think.

The "O' keys were left on keyboards, but.......

"Jonas Brothers Surprise First Tweens with White House Visit"

I need someone to help me...........

Fingerprint test may catch US killer

Tamil Tiger 'command hub taken'

And now the really important questions . . .

Fast bucks: how Porsche made billions

Caroline Kennedy withdraws senate bid...

Email From Robert Redford & the NRDC:

Obama administration first 100 days to promote antigravity

Bush twins offer advice to Sasha, Malia Obama

Clear Channel Fires 1850 People-- 9 Percent of Work Force

Inaugural Irritant: Why Rick Warren’s Prayer Left Me Cold

Bus Driver Guilty of Braking Hard (to throw misbehaving children from their seats)

China warns of "grim" fight against deadly bird flu

When it comes to ex Presidents; I've never seen such "love".....

Texas Wrestles With Science Standards, Evolution

Surprise! Caroline Kennedy Withdraws Bid for NY Senate Seat

Freepers going nuts that some repukes are supporting Obama!

'Polite' Britons died on Titanic

Obama to sign series of anti-torture orders

And you think you've seen stealth cats...........

Where was Condi rice during all the inauguration hoopla? Did she slink out of town?

I have spent fifty eight long years trying to find myself and

OKAY it's time for REAL CHANGE

Guantanamo Bay Fiasco

Harry Belafonte at the Peace Ball - great speech! (video and transcript at DemocracyNow!)

WJ this morning - Gitmo

Idiot DeMint says he voted against Clinton because she's pro-choice.

Limbaugh represents his own self -interest and that's it

Bunch more products added to list of salmonella tainted products

Fascinating point of view from Paranoid Freeper-esque patient...

Seal of the President of the United States

Gitmo is an abomination, no better than a concentration camp, we're better than that.

"Now that Obama is in the White House I want to __________"

Man, 80, charged with making moonshine (2 gallons)

Would someone tell Joe Scum that torture has long been defined

So, a naked guy runs into a bar with an America flag in his hand yelling "OBAMA!!!"

The bleeding intensifies......Intel to cut up to 6,000 jobs

So now is Obama going to have to step down because Castro sung him praises?

Why is NPR reporting that Kennedy has withdrawn her name when last night that was corrected,

asshole cornyn on mourning ho

I never knew I was so sad

Zach Wamp On Washington Journal - Medicare question

Bush Dies Peacefully In His Sleep

Who has seen any MSM coverage of the Tice revelations yet?

The Dems need to start citing the Chicago police torture cases to make their point

Where have the Billions gone....

Two... okay three informational questions for an academic ostrich.....

Two... okay three informational questions for an academic ostrich.....

What happened with that RNC Chairman's election

The Revolution WAS televised

"Simply out of place" describes most accurately the impression that Rick Warren made on me.

The news this morning: Caroline is back out

New WP Poll: Americans support investigations 50-47

Is a South African type of Truth and Reconciliation Commission the answer here?

13,000 things that may have been troubling government employees:

Obama to host meeting on health care


What do we do to step up ?

I really hope the Rice woman was watching this

Hillary looked and sounded spry this a.m. taking over the State Department.

Can we have a temporary place where all the films coming in from around the world can

Damn! They put Mr. President in the sand box, but they took away all the toys!

Today is the annual March for Life in DC. And today Obama

I would love to see Penn get it...

Chicago Alderman Arrested, Charged With DUI

Should Obama order the release of the Abu Ghraib Photos Bush has been hiding?

Repost for the day folks

Imagine a room full of Lynn Cheneys

Sri Lanka Allegedly Shelled 'Safe Zone,' Killed 67

Scarborough and Buchanan pointing out that Obama not wearing a coat in the Oval Office.....

Obama Staff Finds White House in the Technological Dark Ages

Biscuit Biscuit! Where's my Biscuit!

Did Roberts flub the oath so that Obama's legitamacy might be questioned?

What are you Listening to?

Caroline is back in!!!

One Theory On Why There Were Not Hundreds of Pardons Issued By Bush

Microsoft to cut 5,000 jobs

The children of Guantanamo Bay

Obama Re-Takes Oath

Hedging His Bets: Norm Coleman Gets Gig With GOP Jewish Coalition

WOW! Look at that WARM Welcome at Foggy Bottom.

Very Cool, UTUBE, Morphing 44 United States Presidents.

Very Cool, UTUBE, Morphing 44 United States Presidents.

Great Tweety article in Slate!

My favorite silly thing about the new administration.

Senate Backs Three-Seat Democratic Advantage on Most Committees

So out of curiosity, how many people attended Dumbass's inauguration?

The Dead play the Mid-Atlantic Inagural Ball

Try this on for size: "Senate Majority Leader Al Franken."

Republicans Obstruct Holder's Path to Justice Dept.

Gloves off as Sen. Cornyn launches attack on Reid

Merry Christmas, movie house! Merry Christmas, you wonderful old Building and Loan!

Instructions (with pictures) for Eric Holder:

'The Intell Agencies Of USA MUST Respect Privacy & Civil Liberties & MUST Adhere To Rule Of Law'

No Fly list......will this continue...or be reviewed?

Now that Two Shoes and Shitstain Shoots-Guy-In-Face have been separated....

Breaking a new pick for N.Y. Senator (Pix)

Want to hear batshit insane banter? Go to a shooting range. EDIT

Farewell Address by DNC Chairman Howard Dean as Prepared for Delivery

Iglesias has been on the job for a while according to TPM

It feels so weird to have a competent benevolent being in the white house.

Tragic Report: U.S. Doctor in Iraq Driven to Suicide

Condoleezza Rice signs with William Morris Agency

I've been looking through my channel guide and I can't find the All-Obamas-All-the-Time

I feel different

What Are Indigo and Crystal Children and Adults?

Now we've celebrated, who here is unemployed or underemployed?

The Senate has spoken on who should replace Clinton

Now would be a good time to release the Abu Ghraib photos.

Wanna call Ann Coulter today?

"Milk" up for Best Picture...

Recycling our fiscal errors

Updated my avatar.

This is absolutely awesome!

Microsoft to Slash 5,000 Jobs

Post in your own way differences you see between Obama and *

I love the RW denialism

I hope that the species of human call The Duggars will soon be extinct

Want to smile? Here you go:

I KNOW this is trivial and frivolous but

How would you rate President Obama's first 2 days in office?

Complete the following: "I survived the Bush Administration, but...."

Where on can I find the page which will link to streaming coverage of press confs?

1/22/09 Executive Order summary

Trump’s Casino Firms Hoping To Avoid Bankruptcy

When does the right-wing blow-back begin?

The President with his Blackberry.

"I didn't vote for the man, but I hope he does a good job".

Obama's first presser scheduled for 12:45 Eastern today

Helen Thomas, "The time has come to proclaim an end to petty grievances and false promises,

Go away, Sarah Palin!

The Obamas wanting to preserve history had a recorder following them on the 20th

Is there any kind of online monument to the crimes of the Bush administration?

What do you call ten ditto heads?

Yup, I was paranoid, but now I'm pumped.

Bomb blast kills Bragg soldier in Iraq

They don't call it WorldNutDaily for nothin'! Example #4 bajillion and 1

Change in Black and White

Hartmann is talking to Joe Madison. Topic is the "hold" on Eric Holder.

in 1991 Five presidents 4-R 1-D, in 2009 3-D 2-R

State's moment of silence law tossed

question about last night's countdown

A fool and his bunny...

Levin: I’ve Suggested To Eric Holder That He Should Appoint An Independent Investigator On Torture

The BEST part about today's Executive Order on torture:

My latest letter tied for most a sister out!

People were crying at my workplace yesterday.

In the movie version Roberts will be played by

Man Arrested For 190th Time

Who else thinks we need monuments reminding us of the Iraqi victims of the Bush administration?

We are definitely not in Crawford anymore.

The one thing I'm gong to miss about the Bush administration...

There are census taker jobs available.

watching C-SPAN....


What Movie did Tueday bring to mind?

They kicked the door in & took all the bibles & guns!

Emmonak Diary from Wednesday

Russell Tice Confirms Everything We’ve Surmised About Bush’s Illegal Wiretap Program

Ryan C. Crocker, the outgoing U.S. ambassador to Iraq attempts to sow fear of a hasty withdrawal

Presser on now.

So did Limbaugh say he wants Obama to fail on Armed Forces Radio as well?

Iraq to reopen infamous Abu Ghraib prison

Iraq to reopen infamous Abu Ghraib prison

A Kinder Bankruptcy Law Is Sought as Filings Soar

The problem with our economy....

Green Bay middle school had the students listening to the inauguration from Rush Limbaugh!

Oberstar: Mass Transit Got the Shaft to Make Room For Tax Cuts

Former Gitmo Guard: '60 Grown Men Locked In Cages'- BBC VIDEO: Judge halts 9/11 Guantanamo trial

An argument to use on those who want to "look toward the future" rather than investigate BushCo

From Blogosphere to Cable News, Pressure Points and the Fierce Urgency of Now

Intelligence Director Blair Pledges New Approach to Counterterrorism

Iraq: Right Getting Ready To Blame Obama

*** Right wing terrorist attack on Planned Parenthood building in St. Paul, Minnesota ***

Who else got hired by the 2010 Census?

Photos of low flying recon aircraft at Obama's Inauguration.

MSNBC Wants to Add a 3rd Prime-Time Show

It's great to hear Hellen at a WH Presser again.

So why in the world would anyone NOT boo "War Criminals"?

Man thought bank error was gift from God

Are we at war? Should our Congress revote? Should Obama tell us what state

Fourth arson attempt at Calif. tobacco store


How About If pigboy Just Gets Canned, As In FIRED?

Obama Order Could Lead To Release Of Bush Docs

Help DUers - Is this a new scam? Supposedly from the IRS, I am suspicious!!!

Latest Pet Treat Recall/Salmonella

It looked as if they brought down the Iron Curtain at the State Dept today..

Obama and Clinton at State Dept.

Ultimate Obama action figure

Newsweek and holier than thou Jon Meacham defends Abu Ghraib

The "Drive by/Liberal media" sure are holding Gibbs' feet to the fire.

What exactly was controversial about what Limbaugh said about Obama?

"Asking the HARD questions! Keeping THEM honest!" bleats CNN ad

Obama just signed executive orders

So rush is hoping Obama fails

Hillary News conference NOW on tv

Bush failed to heed Eisenhower’s warning

Bush failed to heed Eisenhower’s warning

Army: Negligence caused soldier's electrocution (KBR)

Barack Obama is president

"Discovery-Disclosure & Discussion"-Sen Whitehouse: "We Must Look Back-Too painful a cost to ignore"

Is it just me, or has The Onion just gotten angrier and angrier at Bush as of late?


"Barack and a lot of touching, kissing, and even fisting with each other."

Mitchell envoy to Middle East. Holbrooke envoy to Pakistan & Afghanistan

Report: U.S.-led NATO forces in Afghanistan caused at least 680 civilian deaths in 2008

Change TOONS- Yes, we can and will do it!

The Rude Pundit: Bipartisanship For Dummies

Did Seymour Hersh just want to make some headlines? What's the deal?

How exciting to see the new president highlighting the State Dept. with his visit there

Welcome to the Second Reconstruction

It's so nice to have an intelligent man in the Office of the Presidency.

President Obama just made extensive remarks about Israel and Palestine

Some clouds, maybe even a little drizzle, on Pres. Obama's post-inauguration parade

Obama DNI choice won't call waterboarding torture

Watching Morning Joe Is Torture.......

Comments from Rockefeller Now that the NSA was spying on all of us?

Ted Kennedy's Circle Upset By Caroline's Awkward Exit

was that a small earthquake here in SoCal?

Petty Grievance File: Wingers whining that Obama didn't use Bible during re-swear

KBR implicated in electrocution death of soldier in Iraq. Just now on CNN.

Merrill Lynch CEO: Thain spent $1.22 million of company money

Jane Harman was just interviewed on MSNBC after the Obama event at State.

Good Effing Grief

Man Crashes SUV into Planned Parenthood Center

Bolivia Poised for Historic Vote

BREAKING: Rush Limbaugh Found with Exploded Head!

Pizza that you can believe in...

Next Up on Dr Phil: Ann Coulter & Deb Norville to Discuss the New President...???

Kansas bill would require police to video interrogation

Have you noticed that no one, not even Keith Olbermann will talk about Bush taking child hostages?

Breaking: Army investigator finds KBR's negligence led to the death

Abbeville (La.) Meridional *apologizes* for endorsing Boosh!!

Would you like to see President Obama hold weekly "fireside chats?"

Checking in for all who attended all the major historical events

happy anniversary, roe v wade

What do you think when you hear Obama blaming the Iraqis for the situation they are in?

NPR (aka Neocon radio) watch: Douglas Feith on TOTN.

Uh oh, it's going to be four long years.

George Mitchell, Richard Holbrooke named as special envoys

David Rivkin is oh so upset

Poodles on Prozac

How many brigades is Obama withdrawing from Iraq this month? One or two?

Death Sentences Given in Chinese Milk Scandal


Note: To anyone considering a career in politics

I feel bad for Caroline Kennedy

Further instructions to Eric Holder re: investigating Republicans:

Legoland replicates inauguration

Who the hell is Nancy Pelosi?

Jim Bunning - AWOL for Congress, makes it to the balls


God damn you rush limpballs!

Dr. Phil, Ann Coulter, Scott McClellan and Alan Holmes. on now..

More sick shit in an anti choice "film."

World Agenda: riots in Iceland, Latvia and Bulgaria are a sign of things to come

Dear Pubbie Asshole talking to Tweety,

Coulter on Dr Phil

kit bond is out of his everloving mind

Outdoor smoking ban, exemption for police

What was security like when you were at the Inauguration?

Any opinions on this Jonah Goldberg character?

One member of the GOP-controlled media hopes Obama fails.

LOL! Bush's Last Official Act as President

Levin: I’ve Suggested To Eric Holder That He Should Appoint An Independent Investigator On Torture»

bush failed miserably for 8 yrs., no matter how hard rush hoped he wouldn't.

Massive anti-choice protests in D.C. right now. Where is OUR side?

Dr Phil

B*sh's note left for Obama REVEALED:

Hey rush, & all you ditto heads:... GET OVER IT!

Hey rush, & all you ditto heads:... GET OVER IT!

NC campus cops arrest student in snowball melee

President Obama sure did nail the.....

I hearby order

On Plane to Texas, Critiques of the Speech - bu$h* & co. will NEVER get it

On Plane to Texas, Critiques of the Speech - bu$h* & co. will NEVER get it

Colbert Report last night.

***Introducing!!!*** Official Name Change Howdy! Why Did You Change Your Name? thread

Re: A Pardon for Scooter -- Dear Dick Cheney:

Holy shit! McCain and Graham issue a statement in SUPPORT of Obama on Gitmo

Boehner’s Alternate Reality: Gitmo Detainees Get ‘More Comforts Than A Lot Of Americans Get’»

I was gonna report Jesus missing, but he has been found! In a rock next to "THC Smoke Shop"

Ok....what email triggered the 4 Limbaugh posts?

Ex-CIA Official: Torture Ban a ‘Great Leap Forward’

Have you ever served as a handler for someone who could go off into left field in public?

Chinese TV Censors Part of Inaugural Address by Obama

WorldNUT Daily continues to earn its nickname with Obama hatred


Just how blood curdling is the last line of this AP article?

Bob Cescar: President Obama's Rejection of American Cowardice

Bob Cescar: President Obama's Rejection of American Cowardice

Obama spoke Indonesian to one the State Department civil servant

My Thoughts On Caroline.........

Rep. Eric Cantor is a smarmy fuck.

Man, 83, misses bus after dancing with young women

Ok--so WHY "So help me God"--TWICE!!!

Elephant in the living room; Why did they let Obama take over?

I Deduced NSA Was Spying in Journalists in 2006 From the Dan Rather 60 Minutes Case

I'm going to answer a question gone 3-time unanswered on Washington Journal

86 seconds-Rush (yes another Rush thread) explains racism

Who is hahahaha Eric :::chortle::: Kantor ,,,,,,,,,,

They may be terrorists -- but at least they carpool

Tad Haggard is NOT gay, but his sexual identity is "complex" and there are "gray areas"...

Bill Kristol Column Following Bush's Last Press Conference

DR. Phil has Ann Coulter on trashing the Dems and Obama.

"Awesome shot of the entire city flipping Dubya off."

Tuesday the world was all a 'Twitter'

Kick Ass Obama Doll

How can a company that makes over 4 billion profit lay off workers?

It is now policy: We Do Not Torture

Anybody just see that skanky rug wearing MD former pug gov on with Shuster just now on 1600?

Question re: Caroline Kennedy's status ...

Question re: Caroline Kennedy's status ...

So some idiot right winger was trying to tell me income tax was unconstitutional

Who else has a Crackber ..... er ..... Blackberry? Check in here if you do.

Okay, what's the back story on the Treasury guy?

What the FUCK did Kit Bond just imply about prosecuting Clinton????????????

New Middle East envoy: Peace is Possible

"Liz...Liz...if it's just blogs, drop it. If you have something that's hard reporting, share it."

We only made $4.17 billion last year so we need to lay people off

retrospect- Mr. Fish's first Bush cartoon

Anyone want a little "Yes We Did" banner for their sig line?

How long do you think it will take for a real turnaround in our economy?

SF Housing Authority settles gun lawsuit (prohibited guns, ammo), never intended to enforce...

revelations that the NSA wiretapped the media should be sending alarms off everywhere

Obama’s new limo - ugly but it can fend off asteroids

First Time In 8 Years: President Supports Roe On Anniversary

Special zones urged for people who sleep in RVs, cars in Venice, California

Lawmakers reintroduce paid parental leave bill

Clinton promises State Department employees a 'new era', welcomes debate

Requests flood in for 'Queen of Soul's' (Aretha Franklin) custom hat

Statement of Support from 16 Retired Admirals and Generals for Executive Orders on Torture and Gitmo

My Obsessive TV Viewing Habit Has Been Cured!

FISA Whistleblower on Olbermann Again Tonight With More Info "Worse Than Anyone Thought"

FISA Whistleblower on Olbermann Again Tonight With More Info "Worse Than Anyone Thought"

Bush may be gone, but his influence -- and the forces that put him in office -- aren't.

Rep. Kirsten Gillebrand asked to come to the NY Governor's

Al Qaeda Theorist Urges Ceasefire Because of Obama’s Executive Orders

Obama More Committed to Government Transparency Than News Media?

I have a better idea than pulling Pigboy from AFN, and it would WORK!

Russ Tice back on KO now.

A Brief History of Presidential Suit Jackets in the Oval Office

Ottawa boy's invisible invention warns birds about deadly windows

Gates: 16-Month Iraq Timetable Just One Option

Radio personalities are never guaranteed an outlet for their views.

Dangers of third-hand smoke: Outlaw Parental Smoking?

i'm in nashville tennessee and today we are voting on an english only amendment....

The Case of the Vanishing Students

Another sign that Chimpy is gone: Employee Free Choice Act is being advertised

Anyone else having a hard time believing it's all over?

Senators urge Obama to keep F-22 production lines open

KO's worst person: Former Merril Lynch CEO John Thane for lavish spending spree

I'm watching KO and I'm wondering, is it me or does

Is Russell Tice "American Dad?"

Housing Prices, Starts Tumble at Record Pace in U.S. Recession

TX textbook decision on evolution theory may change schoolbooks around the US

Intel’s Silicon Valley Plant Closure Signals End for Production

Who else is shell shocked from 8 years of Bush?

Man spared jail for abandoning 280 rats

There was a protest of the Iraq War at Union Station in D.C. on MLK Day.

KO and John Dean Drop "Bomb!" Did Bush issue "Secret Pardons" when he left?

Not much about Bush to miss

Get ready for 4 to 8 years of Geithner jokes, now that he is confirmed

Barack Obama celebrations around the world.

Saw this message on the marquee of the local Christian middle school:

Castro says he doubts he'll be lucid in 4 years

It would have been so easy for the most failed president in history to issue pardons

Folks, Dorothy Height was at the Inauguration...

Could Russell Tice be a trap?

Limbaugh and the First Amendment.

I didn't realize how releived and happy I am until today.

dear friends from maryland, your former governor is an asshole

I heard that Gillibrand was invited to Patterson's house at 11.00 tomorrow morning ........

A Day at the Office

"Shoe" Fly

Rockefeller on Wiretapping

James Bamford is coming up on Rachel

I want this to happen not just for the unity it shows but to watch heads of the

John Cornyn should be expelled from the senate or at least censured

What do you think of this idea......

Poll: Obama Boasts 62% Approval -- In Texas?

Boehner appears to be cornering the market on Gitmo timeshares

Vilsack's introductory remarks to USDA

The 'English Only' vote is losing.

Dollar Firmer After Geithner Remarks

Merrill Lynch CEO John Thain spent over $1.22 million to renovate his office in early 2008

How come the repubs never questioned all the foreign donations..

There's been a lot of talk about the 1st amendment and rightwing talk.

Cheney's secret energy confab -

Somehow, it's unfair that Obama is a jock AND a nerd at the same time.

Aluminum foil hat time ... (MINOR EDIT)

Blind teen with remarkable ‘echolocation’ skills dies at 16

Crossposting: Great pic from Google Earth, Inauguration Day. (dialup warning)

Can we save the "what's she wearing" shit for the Oscars?

Picking Gillibrand is dumb for many reasons...but the biggest one is

No matter which party is in power...

M$NBC fail.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: One Family, Three Layoffs

State Department staffers compare Rice to Wicked Witch of the West

Officer admits excessive force on man in wheelchair (Chicago 2005)

How (and when) will New York's Lt. Gov be chosen?

Executive Order 13233 of November 1, 2001, is revoked.

Cholera moves to rural Zimbabwe

A Rock, A River, A Tree.

So everybody HAD to wear a jacket in the Oval Office..................

Malaysia bans foreign recruitment

Sorry, Gillibrand is a f-ing awful choice for NY senator....

Lobbyists Who Pay $25,000 Get To Mingle With GOP At Winter Retreat Next Week

Estonia withdraws its 34 troops from Iraq.

It's really no surprise that NSA has been monitoring everyone

It's really no surprise that NSA has been monitoring everyone

Army cuts off pay for Alaska WW II vets. Alaska Natives get the shaft AGAIN!

WOMEN, the long seige is over....

A 16 year old girl was killed tonight while walking across a very dangerous intersection.

Anyone watching Jon Stewart?

Afghan political rivals meeting with Obama administration officials may signal US split with Karsai

LOL - Freepers freaking out over a video pledge by celebrities!!

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

I would be very surprised and disappointed if Gov. Paterson appoints another white male from NYC

DTV converter box problem.

Consumerism and how it works

China closes 1,250 sites in online porn crackdown

Castro says he probably won't be around in 4 years

Why was John Negroponte at the State Dept when Holbrook and Mitchell were appointed?

MN-Sen: Coleman Takes Another Gig

About State .... Clinton ..... 6 special ambassadors/undersecretaries .... and Wes Clark

Help!something called "Anti-Virus 360" is sending me Alarm Messages...How can I get rid of it?

Japanese firms unveil 'robocop'

Do you remember Elvis' first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show?

A possible threat to Obama -- should I report it to the SS?

A possible threat to Obama -- should I report it to the SS?

compare and contrast -- 2 pictures of 2 daughters in presidential limos

"The effects if Obama refuses to investigate Bush crimes."

Barack's Big First Day (or "what I did on my first day in office")

Barack's Big First Day (or "what I did on my first day in office")

If I were ever to write a movie or play, the guy I would focus on is Yoo.

A grow house with 66 plants was found in Tampa Fla today,

Famed quartet played inauguration to taped music

I have a question about Limbaugh for all you legal eagles.

So Microsoft had 4+ billion profit last quarter and they are laying off 5000

So Microsoft had 4+ billion profit last quarter and they are laying off 5000

Hey Obama! You need to shatter the covert action arm of the CIA

Mexico to rethink death penalty

HISTORY CHANNEL: On now "The Presidents" (West Coast)

Chinese milk scam duo face death

Leaders quit at indebted Christian college..(rats leaving sinking ship..$42Million in debt)

I don't see a press secretary news conference transcript on the WH site

U.S. Senate confirms Rice as U.N. ambassador

I think Obama has grasped one of the major reasons any economy goes south --

Russ Feingold: A Great Start to Restoring the Rule of Law

I just saw a pic of OxyRush on KO .... holy shit.

Will the medical industry go into recession too?

Sen. Rockefeller: NSA may have spied on me

More Obama Inauguration photos.(extra added bonus: Tweety pic & the back of Pat Buchanan's head!!!)

Priest's prayer on floor of KS state house criticizes abortion

Lord Mandelson: 'The banks are fucked, we're fucked, the country's fucked.'

WOW! Laura Rozen: HUNG OUT TO DRY-National-Security Press Dug Up The Dirt, But Congress Wilted

The English Only vote in Nashville is dead!

Limbaugh should not be ignored this time.

If you think they didn't pull information out of that NSA program for political opponents...

Republicans are trying to delay the time when a Democrat takes over DOJ & starts reviewing Bushco

Rep. Tammy Baldwin Asks Colleagues to Hold Bush Gang Accountable

The Obama bashing e-mails have begun, and I just got a real duzzy!

I Really Need Some DU Help!

An inviation to WALK WITH ME through 01.20.09 in Washington. Bring your eyes !

On November 26, 1968 - something happened in Geneva which should give us all hope!

Cheney's secret energy confab -

Paterson should appoint Michael Moore

The Money Quote of Obama's First Day: "Openness Prevails"

an obstacle to universal health coverage?

Flirting in the Green Zone

Another one of those "666th post" posts

The repuke Sen from Missouri is an idiot.

Inauguration TOONS

Some final W TOONS....

Barack's Gift to the Talibornagains

Can the market system finally be made to serve us? Or will we continue to serve it?

So far, Barack is a ROCKING prez!

Adulterated Olive Oil, Honey and More: "FDA doesn't have resources" to stop it

Adulterated Olive Oil, Honey and More: "FDA doesn't have resources" to stop it

FR Reacts To McCain/Graham Support Of Closing Gitmo, LOL!!!

Best Actor Oscar Will Go To

Welcome to the Bush-Cheney Alumni Association!...

Female student decapitated at Virginia tech.

Kirsten Gillibrand On the issues (there are more issues than gun control)

Random question: Does anyone know where I can download and MP3 of Will.I.Am's "Yes We Can"?

To what degree is allowing manufacturing jobs to be outsourced resp for this 2nd depression?

Debranding the GOP

I adore the President, the First Lady and their adorable kids so please

Senate Passes Lilly Ledbetter Act

State Department staffers compare Rice to Wicked Witch of the West.»

A quiet congratulations to Keith Olbermann for blowing up the fake number

Hey Kids! Let's connect the dots! NSA surveillance might be connected to:

Bay Area Gathering Saturday January 24th , 2009 information

MA man raped and murdered to "fight the extinction of the white race"

Interruption Of Service Notice

I LOVE LOTS OF OGRES LOL!!! just kidding

Outrage. Florida's economy crashes, state holds $795 million in cool cash for CSX.

Sam Brownback is angry at Obama about closing Gittmo

Limbaugh Claims He’s Being Told ‘To Bend Over, Grab The Ankles’ Because Obama’s ‘Father Was Black’»

Just heard: MSNBC got the lowest ratings in Inauguration coverage. Why? Could be no HD..

When will Obama end every day torture??

I can't make this stop bothering me .... After Biden's 'dig' at Roberts, Obama's reaction.

Blue Dog Dem, with 100% NRA record, picked to replace Hillary

Obama: "Our Daughters Have the Same Rights and Opportunities As Our Sons."

3 news agencies refuse to distribute Obama photo

What a tragic, freak accident

Barring smokers from employment isn't right, researchers say

The Nation editorial honors Howard Dean today. Also welcomed at Netroots Nation.

Microsoft to layoff 5,000 people. MICROSOFT!

Why we booed - My letter to MSNBC

National Safety Council Calls For Complete Ban on Cell Phones (even hands free)

IMO, Limbaugh and hate radio have got to go

Obama Should Worry About the Bush Family Tentacles Undermining His Plans (Russ Baker)

Limbaugh Should Be Pulled From Armed Forces Radio ASAP

Why are they afraid?

Site Lists Top 20 Healthy Foods Under $1 Per Serving

My friend, the death row prisoner, is busy dying at this moment.

Remember when Cheney and the RWnuts said that Obama would "change his mind" ...

Today I received this email from my son in Iraq.

The "pro-life" crowd was everywhere in downtown DC today, and it was appalling.

Change Another DUer's name

Revvie I have your new user name

What do you have?

where's the Top Chef thread?

OK, how do I know how many sweet potatoes to cook to make 2.5 cups

Job hunting

Well since My love is taking ideas for a name change...

The politics of failure have failed!

I love you guys

Thanks to LeftyMom, I'm thinking of changing my name to "MindCooties".

What the hell?!! Delete! Time to go to bed! nt

Obama Finds Chewing Gum Under Oval Office Desk

Hey, HypnoToad...

Lil Missy's post reminds me of something....

Let's talk about something important.

Good Morning MissHoneychurch!

Need help posting new avatar

Which do you prefer, and why?

President Obama repeats oath, but insists Justice Roberts eat a bug...

G'morning everyone...g'day to those of you in Europe, and all the ships at sea...

Bush leaves his successor nasty surprise

What should I change my name to?

What should I change my name to?

Woohooo my new computer is arriving today!

Stephanie Miller and Kevin in DC photo

Question about changing my avatar

Inauguration: Thousands turn I-395 into Pedestrian Bridge/Tunnel!

Good morning Lounge

LOST question/theory

Microsoft Fires Steve Ballmer - saving $1.5 B

I spent all this time cleaning my living room yesterday

Hmm. nt

Hmm. nt

Anybody see the movie "Zodiac"?

Why I think Rush Limbaugh should be removed from Armed Forces Radio...

I had to share this photo of Obama and Bush with you...

a party

Oscar nominations are out!

User name change suggestions

Pet Rules

Tarquin Fin-tim-lin-bin-whin-bim-lim bus stop F'tang F'tang Ole Biscuitbarrel

Breaking a new pick for N.Y. Senator (Pix)

Just got this exclusive email revealing the TRUTH behind the plane landing in the Hudson

Attention: SacredCow has settled on: Oo ee oo ah-ah ting-tang walla-walla bing-bang.

LOST: best TV since X-FILES or ?

One line on the eye chart.

I've decided. I am NOT going to name my change. n/t

My brother the republican lost his job, I don't know if I feel sorry for him.

do you ever sneeze so hard that your nose rockets off your face and embeds in your wall?

do you ever sneeze so hard you bite your tongue?

How to enjoy and preserve vintage photos

Would you please come "express" my dogs anal glands? I'd try, but he'd bite my damned head off.

Probably not true, but still funny.

Once more. With feeling!

I'm thinking of getting a cell phone and getting rid of my land line.

Curse you, Hostess.... Curse you, AND your delicious Ding-Dongs...

I just got the nuttiest "remedy" for my phone problems.....

taterguy should change his name to PimpMyRide

minor work related rant...

So evidently I put a very silly thing in our last software release.

Who wants my user name?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/22/09

We have worked hard and long to have a president again...

Yesterday, I crossed over to the dark a MacBook

I'm horrified by my imagination. I figured out "The Viking Technique"

Question: What are/were baggies?

Question about LOST (spoiler!)

Flaming Squirrel To Blame In Jones Wildfire

Who'll volunteer to change their names to Biggus Dickus and Incontinentia Buttocks?

Ohhhhh wowww far fucking out man, I'm diggin' it....Wowwwww...

Help me pick from potential new usernames.

I hate windchimes. I can tell if there is wind. I do not need an aural alert.

Is it me, or is Russell Brand better at delivery than he is joke writing?

Did I imagine it?

Whats causing my icemaker to be all funky? stinks

I am sofa king sad



I'm having difficulty eating

I just have to post to let yall see my personal avatar. nt

according to krispos42- DU mod

What happened to Google Maps' Street View function?

Fuck The Oscars.

Miller High Life to broadcast 1-second ad during Super Bowl

How Can You Sell Kitchen Magazine If People Dont Answer The Door

There's a thread over in the GD that needs some help.

How Did Midlo Get The Jonas Brothers To Sing At The Whitehouse?

i wonder if "gapeman" is available as a username?

My new name is MissMcPaddy TitsPhilboy PierreSmoothMidlo NoMyZozo AsherType Grumpy OrzoBomb.

I Am NOT Changing My Name

Friendship should always be mutual.

Dude - I shoulda been a deejay I just segued Carole King to Iggy Pop's "Penetration"

I had the worst nightmare last night

Red Converse High-Top All Stars with a Tuxedo? Good Idea?

Has anyone heard from NewYawker99??

So I come home from work to find I'm now married to Pale Blue Dot?

Where do you get live news streams for free now?

I need some computer help with popup ads

DU New Yawkers: Lay down your thickest New York Accent!

Oh geeze.

Oh geeze.

I'm making vegan muffins tonight for a school bake sale.

Drive uninsured? No problem, we'll crush your car!

Are the usernames Asshole, No Sense of Humor, Idiot, Jackass, Daft taken?

datasuspect will remain datasuspect

I Need Cheering Up

What's your favorite episode of "Emily's Reasons Why Not"?

Hey computer geeks! What say you re the "fix Windows Autorun" issue?

Favorite show to pig out (eat) while watching

What should Will Pitt change his DU username to?

I just pissed off two young magazine salesmen

I'm changing my name to "Secret Admirer" in preparation for V-Day,

Be glad I chose the screen name that I did.

Has anyone taken Malcolm Peter Brian Telescope Adrian Umbrella Stand

I've decided to wait to change my user name

I'm *this close* to pulling the trigger on my new name.

Who is Gary Switling?

Can I wear darkish brown shoes with a charcoal-grey suit?

My writing class is going to drive me to therapy...

true dat.

iphone questions

Where did Turtleandsue Go?

Has CreekDog changed her username yet?

I must have spilled food on my shirt..

Great pic from Google Earth, guess when! ;) (dial-up warning)

My kerosene heater is either the miracle menorrah or a perpetual motion engine

I was witness to a restaurant brawl last night.

Ladies and Gentlemen, in about 2 minutes, my user name will be...

Anyone out there ever have any fantasies of going after Christofascists with baseball bats?

Really sweet music from the RAAH PROJECT

Should I change my SN?

It's a grey California day, and today's earworm is Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes." Enjoy!

I hope that you name changers recalibrated your chakras too

Holy farging schnit, the cobwebs, the dust..

All these new people - Who Are You?

All hail elad! Elad fixed the problem with name changers losing their DU Journals

Inchworm wants to 'get on' Oprah, Springer, *and* Ricki Lake!

I hate that I don't know who anyone is until I click on their post

If I were to die - you all would help my wife say something nice about me wouldn't you?

West Wing Question.

I think Maidenmaryland works at my Wawa.

The Obama Chia: In "Happy" or "Determined"

Inchworm is pregnant!!!

Should I let my dogs growl at each other?

Disney World resorts question

Sexiest movie scenes

i changed my name and my sig line disappeared

OK! Who has taken advantage of Skinner's amnety and changed their underwear?

Who are you people and why have you taken over the Lounge?

Do you know Satchmo? "What a Wonderful World."

Thursday night LOLcats classic

Notice: trof is still trof

Ugh, I've lost my voice

So, I'm Reading The Watchmen, Which Is Totally Awesome. Recommend Some Other Graphic Novels

I just have to say this...

Here's to fine blondes from Delaware!

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?

Best Court Testimony Ever!

It's a blessing when a dove lands on your head, but what about a butterfly?

Kitty and Bunny

It's a blessing when an anvil lands on Rush Limbaugh's head, but what about a tsetse fly?

I need help from you socializing Socialists:

this is an amazing little film of the 44 presidents..just cool

A metaphoric goodbye to GWB, Freda Payne's "Band of Gold"

I have discovered the secret to perfect homemade cinnamon rolls, purely by accident.

Simple Simon Says

One small step for "green jobs"

I can't remember my new name

Next time...

PSA: laidinmaryland is now known as madinmaryland.

I've decided that I'm going to change my underwear.

How do you like my new name?

I am not changing my name, but if I did

I've decided that I'm going to change my username.

Sigh. How come when you have an awesome, mischievous plan, it never goes as smoothly as you want?

I inadvertently tried to changed my user name to that of a highly sought fugitive...

It Came Today!!!

Seven cats successfully vaccinated, four to go.

Boy, was THAT a tasty snack!

"Prunes" are now..."Pitted Dried PLUMS"!


Seriously, how awesome is my new username?

Obama vs. Cheney

I am changing my name to MissMcPaddy TitsPhilboy PierreSmoothMidlo NoMyZozo AsherTypeGrumpyOrzoBomb.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 1/22/2009)

Oh CRAP!!!

ALiberalSailor is now SKKY. Everyone please update your block lists...

Oh, what the frig? Now my Peter University joke doesn't work any more.

You should change your username if it appears truncated with a ...


Does the Daily Show have a podcast?

I haven't lived in the States for more than 4 years now, so forgive me here but...

Sentence upheld against armpit fetishist in Singapore

neat story in the DU Science forum:boy's invisible invention warns birds about deadly windows

What do you think will happen to what's in my oven?

So I'd like to ask my roommate from my freshman year in college

I'm thinking of changing my user name to "Unless."

We need some puppies around this place!

Things you never want to hear a small child ask you.

It is done. It was either this or Count Duckula anyway.

Fucking NBA basketball commentators would get every thread locked here!

X is for exhausted

And now for something completely different -

Is it wrong to occasionally caress your instrument?

Congratulate me!! Picked her up today...Rides like a dream (pic)

Name changers . Write your old names epitaph

The 'terrible twos' are a remarkable understatement.

If you have changed your name post your picture here..

Killing time while my database compiles....

How "underground" are we if we're the ones in control?

Wii gamers - Rock Band or Guitar Hero

I'm officially old. Dentist says I need a partial.

What's your favorite episode of 'Night Gallery'?

So it looks like I am going to need a second surgery

Good For Dan Freakin Marino

So, I've made my own Ginger Beer

The Rush ROCK AND ROLL Hall of Fame Campaign

What's your porn name?

Looking for a really awesome new username? Check out this list of available names.

What foods are a good source of iron?

So anyone here hear about the secret to Barack and Michelle's marriage?

I am streaming music, wirelessly, from my mac to my PS3

Attention Midlo: download Lexulous already so you can play with us on FB

How much do you pay for vehicle registration?

HOLY SHIT, have you seen Google Maps' "Street view"

HOLY SHIT, have you seen Google Maps' "Street view"

I hate user name changing!

If you changed your username, please come sign my "cheat sheet." PRETTY PLEASE.

A moment of silence for the Brazillion Joke, please.

Which is the correct way to say 'route'?

Straight guy in need of advice (possibly from gay community)

Zillow has the wrong house pictured at my address (the pic is of the "walked away from the mortgage"

Why are nurses being brought from other countries to fill jobs Americans need?

Hey look, it may be small...

PSA: CaliforniaPeggy will remain CaliforniaPeggy!

Hi Lounge, This is my new name.

It's the year 2173! Time to watch Sleeper again...

What are the symptoms of a Brain Tumor? Stomach Cancer?

I regret changing my name...

What's your favorite episode of 'The Twilight Zone"

Is putting food on the table a high priority?

Anyone else ever write with their own blood?

Said by my 5 y.o. nephew: "Smush Bush! Go Obama!!

NYT basically says Caroline talked out of both sides of her mouth tonight

US Democracy Server, President patch V44.0; Issues Addressed By This Upgrade

ReReBreaking News?: Caroline Kennedy ReWithdraws?

He is my president now

So much for "change" New White House Website leaves behind Bush residue.

Abraham Obama in Los Angeles

Super Obama To The Rescue!

The president holds a big thank you soiree for thousands at the D.C. Armory Wednesday night.

Ghosts of Inaugurations Past **pic heavy**

These last eight years must NEVER be forgotten

Hillary sworn in as Sec of State - ready for women and children to be central to foreign policy

The shirt that says it all

Google publishes satellite image of the inauguration for Google Earth..

Who supports trying U.S. "non torture" techniques on the Joe Scar and his crew? nt

Arguments from the "extreme right" (since they seem to call us the extreme left) on torture

If big guys can't/won't tell us what they are doing with TARP $- give the the little guys a shot

Torture should never be used, most Americans say (new WAPO/ABC poll)

cute toddler says "Bye Bye Bush"

Michelle is an egghead; not some sort..

Is Obama was NOT President....?!

It is kind of like going from an Xbox to an Atari!

Where is the Democratic support for giving Franken his rightful seat in the Senate NOW?

Obama Pictures on the Desk At Work.

What did Pat Buchanan mean by comparing...

Someone needs to Water-board John Cornyn

Poll: What's worse?

People who justify torture do not have the moral clarity to serve in the government.

Will Helen Thomas get her seat back?

Staff Finds White House in the Technological Dark Ages

BWA-HA HA Pranksters in SF Change bush Street to Obama Street

I've got to say, I liked Michelle's dress, but Dr. Biden looked stunning.

President Obama already has a nice accomplishment under his belt

National Day of Renewal and Reconciliation, 2009

PHOTOS: Jill Biden with D.C. school kids today

First Executive Orders Are Up at

Re: Cuomo...

Is US is sitting on top of a huge caldera of corruption, crime revelations that is about to blow?

OK...we're in charge now... what Ronald Reagan nonsense can we rename for FDR today?

Watch Dennis Blair's confirmation on CSPAN

If freepers say that Obama isn't sworn in. poll - Are you ready to follow the new Commander-in-chief?

Well, it's all back to normal...

No Bible Required... some points to score against Freepers who complain that Obama's "re-do" oath

It was like Christmas!

Sorry I simply loathe the Repugs

Vote Coming up Now on the Wage Discrimination Bill

First two Executive Orders posted

Has Obama

quick question (I know a DUer will know): didn't the GOP seat someone whose election was disputed?

the senate finance committee has approved Geithner by a vote

I have to admit, at least Limbaugh was honest.

Appeals Courts Set for Tilt to Left

Note To Fox's Chris Wallace: You're no Nostradamus (predicted "OathGate" would "go to the courts")

Post A Picture Of Your Inaugural Experience

Misogyny Kills: Rick Warren, Mark Dybul, and AIDS (Part One)

Now these Pricks are holding up Lisa Jackson and Nancy Sulty's nomination

Why Can Obama Close the Deal?

Eye Candy. Wow


I can't WAIT till the FCC is revamped with the adults in charge

Can anyone explain the Exec. Order regarding Ali al-Marri?

way back when...

What do you think was in the letter stupid left

The reformation of

Here's an inaugural fact: Porta-potties went largely unused

limpballs wants to come to A Green Bay Middle School And Teach Civics

OMG: First Press Conference appears to be about "Oath-Gate"

HA HA! They've got COLUMNS up in the press room!

I frankly think having no bible at the re-taking of the oath speaks volumes.

GSA Orders 7,000 Obama Portraits For 1,500 Buildings

Today is the 36th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision

At this point I think Gov. Patterson should appoint Mario Cuomo to senate seat

Japan learns English from Obama speech textbook

Nicolle Wallace supports... Obama (?), & blogs that GOP support is growing

National Security Archive applauds Obama's pledge of "new era of openness in our country"

What's Drudge trying to imply with this "No Bible" at oath blaring headline?

If Caroline wants to be a Senator

Who is the lady that asked about President Obama taking a

Obama 3rd American President to Retake Oath; Hoover Never Said Oath Perfectly

I am so very proud that our press has suddenly discovered how to ask probing questions.

Folks were getting tortured, the press sat silent

Is it just me, or is the press opposed to closing Gitmo/stopping torture...

White House Website Now 'Sodomite Publication,' says Religious Right

Robert Gibbs is Doing a Great Job keeping the Mediawhores at bay

Thank you Helen Thomas

You could tell the exact moment John Roberts stumbled.

Looks like the Freepers have turned to what they know best

Good news, all the missing people on the D.C. Mall have been found..

I just sent a notice to my Republican friends today regarding Gibbs premier

From the looks of this forum

The White House press corps - starving seagulls and someone just opened a dumpster.

Cheney: Bush was wrong not to pardon Libby

A President who sounds like one.

WH Press Pool RWers UPSET That They Weren't Included in the Oath Take 2 (PIC)

Wow look at that. The WH press corps suddenly got some balls. Interesting.

Well it is clear: ABC's Jack Tapper is a GOP talking point tool

Wow, looks like the adults are back in charge at the State Dept.

Think of me as you will, but I am totally pissed off

does anyone agree?

Throughout the campaign, I kept cautioning myself...

Did Obama just tell Israel to lift the Blockade against the Palestinians?

What are you all so scared of?

OMG, Sanchez on CNN has the racist fuckwad loon, Larry Johnson on

Inside Edition spying on the President?

New details emerge about Caroline: Was expected to be chosen; 'personal reason' unrelated to Ted

Crowley: Balance of power trying to find balance

President Obama's salary has already been frozen - BY THE CONSTITUTION! End of Discussion

Is It Just Me, Or...?

Caroline Kennedy was Derailed by Housekeeper's Taxgate

Will Obama Join the International Criminal Court? If so, would

The Idiotic Start To Chuck Todd's Stint As NBC's Chief White House Correspondent is offfering a free audio download of Obama Inaugural Address

So fucking cool! Madame Secretary Clinton is at the podium next to President Obama.

And to think some people here wanted Caroline for VP. Good grief....

Obama's Inauguration was the most watched in American history.

Is it too early to start talking about repealing the XXII Amendment?

Vice President Palin is live on CNN!

***Live Thread For The First Press Briefing****

WTF is wrong with Chuck Todd? He wants to be a smartass..

Is the global gag rule really being revoked?

Obama is a Master of Timing

Solution For Gitmo Detainees.....?

Obama’s Civil Rights Agenda: LGBT Equality

hnmnf has Left DU

Complete this: Obama/Biden/Clinton are making Bush/Cheney/Rice seem like ____________."

Coleman all but admits defeat - lands new job as a consultant to Repug Jewish Coalition.

The real action on Guantanamo

Paterson to Announce New York Senate Appointment Friday

I'm sure Inauguration pics were posted but I have no links because still recuperating from the cold.

CNN's Jeanne Moos-"Cuddly first couple-Lovey-dovey, touchy-feely Pres. Obama causes women to swoon."

In 25 seconds, President Obama became president again.

Uh.. Who isn't totally loving this new administration?

Who were those people standing behind President Obama this morning

Does it seem to anyone else that someone wants to make certain that Caroline Kennedy

Yay! No more sympathetic embarrassment when I watch the President on TV!

The war on terror is no more.

"willing to observe core standards of conduct — not just when it's easy but also when it's hard"


When will Prez. Obama rescind/revoke NSPD-51 ?? Remember this??

Ha ha ha ha ha. Bite me, rightwingers. There you were, having your orgasms while

Senate committee appointments for the 111th Congress

"Will President Obama lead by example and cut his own pay?"

BREAKING: NYT - Problem with Housekeeper and Taxes Derailed Kennedy's Senate Bid

Does anybody know what has become of "The North American Union"? n/t

Watch this space.

Is anyone listening to Hardball and Kit Bond (R) Mo

Are you an ideologue?

I hope you NY DLCers are're not getting CK!

Transcript of comments from Obama, Biden, Clinton, Mitchell and Holbrooke at state today:

DU'er DLC4Biden is no more! Say hello to my new DU handle!

Trip stirred 'whole lot of emotions rolled into one'

On 35th Anniversary, Obama Praises Roe v. Wade Precedent

After the Second Full Day in Office, How would you Rate President Obama's Performance?

After the Second Full Day in Office, How would you Rate President Obama's Performance?

Florida Gov. Crist about Obama`s inauguration: It was an incredible feeling

Experts: Obama Order Could Let Us See US Attorneys Docs

Caroline Kennedy lost in a power struggle between Gov. Paterson and Mayor Bloomberg

Governor Howard Dean's Speech at the 2009 DNC Winter Meeting

According to NYT, Roberts flubbed the oath because he believes in the bogus "split infinitive" rule.

Senate confirms a cluster of Obama nominees

Republicans...wake up and smell the coffee. There IS a new President in town.

Has anyone else rewatched the inauguration?

John McCain, LOL.

After 8 years, I can enjoy the evening news again.

Did anyone see "Katy from Kent, Ohio" on CNN?

POLL: Which phrase are you enjoying hearing the media say more?

POLL: Which phrase are you enjoying hearing the media say more?

A funny Freeper skirmish at the airport while returning home from the Inauguration

Didn't Sam the Fake Plumber seek out Obama?

Text of Fidel Castro's Online Essay

Obama Pardons Bush, Cheney

Obama Pardons Bush, Cheney

Obama is Our First ePresident

Caroline Kennedy "linked" to Arthur Sulzberger?

Caroline Kennedy "linked" to Arthur Sulzberger?

Caroline Kennedy "linked" to Arthur Sulzberger?

Now that is dead, does anyone know...

The Oval Office looks the same but more barren. Are they going to paint

Caroline Kennedy source calls tax reports "BS" and spokesman says they're false.

Lou Dobbs just said

To "44" .... From "43"

Catholic group exploits Obama's achievement for anti-abortion ad on BET

Democratic contenders should try to oust Schumer in 2010

More in Latin-America consider themselves "socialist" than "capitalist" (Gallup)

Bush's Depressing Goodbye Party: One Staffer Gets Job At Abercrombie

Caroline didn't have what it takes.

McCarthy pledges to primary challenge Gillibrand in 2010 if she is chosen

Any true count on the size of the Inaugural crowd?

Well its Day 2 and Politico already out with a hit piece on Obama - and of course, Drudge is on it

America 2.0 .... love this inagural front page, and the headline!

Kudos to President Obama.

Senate Confirms (Susan) Rice as U.N. Ambassador

Faux news idiots saying that Reagan and Bush had better run first days then Obama

Three high-powered, successful women are right now discussing sexism

Alright, who else picked a new name based on President Obama?

Obama's task is to make America realize that part of putting away "childish things" is to become

My little sister posted this bullshit in her blog..I have to go to bed so I

Who believes that a bus will pull up to your local Starbucks and unload 27 Gitmoers into your town?

Why do you suppose Chimpy didn't pardon Scooter?

Funny Or Die: High-Five Inauguration

MSNBC (breaking after midnight): Caroline has officially confirmed that she's out

Checklist for tomorrow's (Friday) retaking of the Oath, again

So are we only going to spy on REAL terrorists from now on

Okay, just my opinion, and I realize no one cares, but....

Keep track of Obama's campaign promises - very cool website

Whoah! BACK UP! Look at the Terminology Obama used here!

If FOX NEWS reported 2 million people in DC for the inauguration,

My message board argument with a FOX news Viewer over Cable News Ratings!

Misogyny Kills: Rick Warren, Mark Dybul, and AIDS (Part Two)UPDATE: OBAMA DUMPS AIDS CZAR due to

The depth of stupidity of callers to Washington Journal, is always impressive

Obama spy choice won't call waterboarding torture

Secretary of State Clinton Arrives at Foggy Bottom

Obama accomplishments in 50 hours vs. Bush in 8 months

Serenading Bush off on his helicopter.

World Responds To Obama Inauguration

They LOVE her

Do you want to know why Roberts MIGHT have flubbed it on purpose?

OMG, Paterson decided to appoint CKS Tuesday and Evidently Caught Off Guard by CKS's Withdrawal

It's interesting how the Republic party hasn't seemed to yet realize the wee fact that


Kerry: "Today is a great day for the rule of law in the United States of America"

OMG the coolest thing you've seen for 8 years:

PHOTOS: Hillary arrives at State

OMFG. Faux News saying Obama's orders signed yesterday aren't valid.

So, I'm at work and a non-political person is saying, "damn, they're trying to eat him alive."

What, exactly, is the argument AGAINST Obama cutting his own pay?

Kirsten Gillibrand Is Sort Of Like Hillary Clinton's Mini-Me

MSNBC Wants to Add a 3rd Prime-Time Show

Obama staffers stunned by antiquated computers at White House

A great lolcat about the Obamas

How many attended the pro-life rally on the Washington Mall today?

Kerry: Senate Approves Fair Pay for Women

HOw many women here feel like you've just been declared...

God's Hit List

Company makes Malia and Sasha dolls

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

Funniest FR Thread EVER... crying (real tears) that B*sh Presidency is over!

If Caroline isn't Senator Kennedy due to taxes women have a right to be furious

bwahahahaha. Zach Wamp, (R-TN) says education should be from conception to grave.

"X number of Guantanamo detainees returned to terrorism after being released"

From the new issue of MAD Magazine......

Poll: Obama Really Popular...In Two Deep-Red States

She's Back! Sarah Palin Hires Entertainment Lawyer!

The First Lady Sends Message With Dresses

I thought "Air and Simple Gifts" was BEAUTIFUL!

Their frame is "Obama is dismantling the systems Bush put in place to keep us safe"

Wow, Secy Clinton is Formidable. I have no doubt She'll be Prez 45

Ted Kennedy's Circle Upset By Caroline's Awkward Exit

My Take On Yesterday ....

Anyone think Robers "flubbed" the oath on purpose?

President Obama Speaks Indonesian!!!!!!!!

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

Obama taking care of everyone. Check this out>>> those that missed the inagural to get things...

Cynicism v. Hope, and popular movements.

Inauguration Day photos and some comments about the amazing day

DU Demographics

Does anyone now if there was even ONE arrest during the Inauguration? I don't think

Fired US Attorney To Prosecute Gitmo Cases

Obama asks Pentagon for responsible Iraq drawdown

Outcry Erupts Over Reports That Israel Used Phosphorus Arms on Gazans

Sources: Obama to order Guantanamo closed

Caroline Kennedy withdraws Senate bid.

WHouse stops pending Bush regulations for review

Whitney: America's banks need to sell "crown jewels"

Jazz musician David 'Fathead' Newman dies at 75

Va. Tech stabbing suspect charged with murder

Japan’s Exports Plummet Record 35%, Signaling More Job Cuts

Three Death Sentences in Chinese Milk Scandal

Sri Lanka accused of shelling 'safe zone' in north

Obama boom for K Street

Iraq ready if Obama orders quick exit: minister

Thai royals consider Nicolaides pardon (writer guilty of lese-majeste)

Obama intel nominee says no torture on his watch

Obama intel nominee (Dennis Blair) pledges no torture on his watch

Huntsman cuts 1,175 jobs, closes plant (and Williams Sonoma lays off 1,400)

Cheney Differs With Bush — Wanted Libby Pardoned

Firefighters: Flaming Squirrel To Blame In Jones Wildfire

Barclays may lose control to Gulf investors

News of Guantanamo's closure welcomed worldwide

Blair Pledges New Approach to Counterterrorism

Ottawa may shift stance on (Omar) Khadr

Sri Lanka captures Tiger command

Freed Gitmo prisoner sues U.S. for unlawful detention

Jobless claims soar in latest week (much higher than "expected")

New staff find White House in tech Dark Ages

Kennedy IS withdrawing -- just released a statement

Army accuses KBR contractors of 'negligent homicide' for electrocution

RAC (Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism) welcomes Gitmo closure, torture ban

Colombian judge sentences ex-mayor to 28 years in rare conviction for ordering reporter killed

Coleman joins GOP Jewish group as consultant

Bridgestone stops making some tires at Tenn. plant (laying off nearly 900)

Merrill paid bonuses early as BofA deal closed- FT

France Fumes Over US Roquefort Tax

Florida Catholic priests 'stole millions from collection plate'

Florida Catholic priests 'stole millions from collection plate'

Army report released to newspaper says Smith College graduate shot herself in Iraq

Cheney Speaks Out on Libby (disagrees with Bush's decision)

California's median home price falls 38 percent

Obama spy choice won't call waterboarding torture

Nominee for US intelligence chief rejects torture

Shaler soldier's electrocution called negligent homicide(KBR Iraq)

ALL prospective Senators invited to NY Governor's office on Friday. Not just Gillibrand.

Thain Pushed Out at Bank of America as Merrill Loss Widens

U.S. Home Construction Ends Worst Year Since 1959

On Hold: Even Congresswoman Gets the Runaround on Bank Help Lines

IBM is cutting jobs: maybe some locally

Granholm, lawmakers to unveil prison spending cuts

Japanese Housewives Desperate After Currency Scheme Collapses

MSNBC Wants to Add a 3rd Prime-Time Show

Mitchell introduced as Mideast envoy

No more troops for Afghanistan: Canada tells Obama

US co gives Satyam deals to others (State Farm)

EU experts to discuss France, Greece GM maize bans (Monsanto)

Al Qaeda webcast calls for attacks on Britain

Castro Ends Silence, Praises Obama

Obama says U.S. 'will not torture'

Fair-Wage Bill Clears The Senate; High Court Decision Would Be Overturned

Homeless agency fires Illinois First Lady

Heartland data breach sparks security concerns in payment industry

Ore. to investigate gay mayor’s affair with teen

Judge upholds affirmative action ban

Clinton Greeted by Cheers at State Department (Update1)

Franken Makes Case To Let Senate Decide

Microsoft to slash 5,000 jobs, misses on second-quarter profit

US Interior Department to Go Ahead with Offshore Drilling Plan

Obama orders Guantanamo Bay closed, bans torture

Pak warns US, says will review options if Obama not patient

U.S. smoking-attributable death rate drops (reflecting decrease in smoking)

Obama Stops Bush's Last-Minute Regulations

On Plane to Texas, Critiques of the Speech

Staff Finds White House in the Technological Dark Ages

Voters decide today if English is it for Metro (Nashville)

Caroline Kennedy faced tax 'problem' and nanny issue, says source close to Gov. David Paterson

Judge Voids Illinois Law on Silent Time in Schools

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday January 22

Two are sentenced to death over toxic milk scandal

Sun (Microsystems) notifies 1,300 people of layoffs

Trees in Western U.S. Forests Dying Due to Climate Change

Man crashes vehicle into Planned Parenthood in St. Paul (Minnesota)

Obama Names Copps as Acting FCC Chief

Pa. defense firm raided by FBI (Ties To Murtha)

ACLU to sue Twin Cities charter school that caters to Muslims

Confirmed: Kirsten Gillibrand Chosen to Fill Clinton's Senate Seat

Castro says he doubts he'll be lucid in 4 years

'Vista Capable' case could cost Microsoft $8.5B

Good footage of Pres. & Michelle Obama's parade walk

South Korean Protesters Clash with Police

Police Brutality

Jordanians bid shoe farewell to Bush

Protest in Iceland..

I will miss the idiot's jokes!

Janeane Garofalo stand up (1992)

Jessica Alba in DC: Bill O'Reilly.. "is kind of an a** hole...I don't know how he does it...."

Rachel Maddow Show - Sen. Claire McCaskill discusses Afghanistan

Biden makes joke about Roberts Gaffe

RFK, Jr. - Another Halliburton Heist Pt. 1

Ann Wright on War Crimes

French Socialist Party Protest

RFK, Jr. - Another Halliburton Heist Pt. 2

Sen. Whitehouse on al-Haramain Wiretapping Suit

*** Caroline Kennedy Has Withdrawn ***

TYT: Comparing Bill Clinton and George Bush Approval Numbers

Countdown: 1/21 Jonathan Turley on Prosecuting Gitmo Detainees

Ray McGovern on War Crimes

David Swanson on War Crimes

Inaugural Parade: Awesome Percussion, Tumbling

Hamas Booby Trapped School and Zoo 11 Jan. 2009

Pending Regulations on Halt for Obama's Review

Countdown: 'At Last'...The End of the Bush Administration

Bush thinks the Amazon is in Africa! First Speech as ex-President

Time to Raise Taxes

Rush Limbaugh VS. Freedom Of Information

MC Yogi: Grassroots Movement and Starbucks

Rush Limbaugh and other bitter conservatives

Howard Dean's Speech at 2009 DNC meeting

U.N. Investigator: U.S. Must Prosecute For Torture!

Pres. Obama Signs Executive Order to Close Gitmo

Countdown: Ret. Major Gen. Eaton on Obama's First Day - 'Great Courage'

TYT: Cenk Questions The MSM's Take On The Bush Booing

View's Hasselbeck Slams Critics of Michelle Obama's Fashions

Countdown: John Dean - Why Didn't Bush Pardon Libby?

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on Morning Joe

Countdown: Author James Risen 'Bush Admin Got My Phone Records' NSA Spying

Hillary Arrives at State

Limbaugh: I Fear That Obama's FOIA Order Makes It Easier To Hold Bush To Account

Hardball - Sen. Jay Rockefeller = Guantanamo, torture, ...

TYT: Is a Billionaire Allowed to be Depressed? (Ear-Muff The Kids)

In Congress Today Kucinich Mentions White Phosphorus

Countdown: KO Debunks Released Gitmo Detainees Propaganda Numbers

CBS News: White Phosphorous Uproar

Sen. Kit Bond (R-MO) - Guantanamo is wonderful

TYT: Find Out How Unpopular the Republican Party Is (New Stats)

CBS Raw Footage: Obama Meets the White House Press Corps

GOP Congressman: We Owe George W Bush A Debt! For Being An Example For Our Children! (WTF?)

Countdown: NSA Whistleblower Tice Talks to Keith Again 'That's When They Came After Me'

Hannity interviews Rush (9:40)

Courts still dealing with Bush records policies (Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press)

What about our water? (Lexington Herald-Leader editorial)

Obama speech censored in China

Dubya Shrugged (Harvard Law Record)

Red State Update: Oscar Nominations

Jessica Alba: "Goodbye, Bush! O'Reilly is an A-hole!"

Glenn Beck freaks out about the missing Bible at Obama’s do-over swearing in (42 seconds)

Calling a Time Out by George McGovern

The prospects for the US economy have become uniquely dreadful, if not frightening

President Obama Tours Air Force One

Whitney: America's banks need to sell "crown jewels"

Peace is in the Eye of the Beholder

The Top 100 Things I'd Do If I Ever Became An Evil Overlord

Riot in Iceland - 21 january 2009 --- day two

Chief Justice Explains His Constitutional Theory of 'Strict Split Infinitive Construction'

Henry Kissinger: The world must forge a new order or retreat to chaos

AlterNet: A Silver Lining to the Economic Crisis: Less Money for Prisons

Was Bush’s NSA Surveillance Watching Me?

Sen. Barbara Boxer: My Inaugural Reflections

The Kerfuffle Over The Mangled Oath

On Day One, Obama Sets a New Tone

Joe Klein: Obama Promises New Destiny, Work Begins Today

Obama and a lifetime pledge, renewed

Ex-K.G.B. Agent Buying London Tabloid

Caroline Kennedy Declares Her Candidacy for Chief Justice

Black Death 'kills al-Qaeda operatives in Algeria'

Dean Steps Down, Kaine Steps Up

In the Wake of Gaza, Arab Hard-Liners Gain Upper Hand

Tweety Taken To Task

They're hiring! (20 top employers have openings....)

Oaf of Office

A world of financial freeloaders

Bush Was Right When It Mattered Most By KARL ROVE

Murder of Prominent Russian Human Rights Defender Must be Investigated

Childish Things

"From 2000 to 2006, 1,066 male veterans in Oregon took their lives."

Boomers Versus the Rest

A New Focus for Feminism

George Mitchell's Moment: Obama and Clinton Move for Middle East Peace

He's Already Talking to Iran

Staff Finds White House in the Technological Dark Ages

Sony plans to lay off 16,000 workers

Abe Foxman: Mitchell is “Fair” and I’m Unhappy About It

France Fumes Over US Roquefort Tax

Recession or Depression? Too Early To Tell.

It’s Time to ‘Git On With It’

Sen. Russ Feingold: A Great Start To Restoring the Rule of Law

CIGNA Spokesman: Satyam Computer Events Affecting Us

Taking Advantage of the Obama Girls for Profit

New Age of Rebellion & Riot stalk Europe

Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Bush Goodbye

With promises to keep

Building a Healthy Community, One Child at a Time

Conservatives lose first evolution vote

Raw Story - Whistleblower: NSA spied on everyone, targeted journalists

Why Can't 'Eco-Conscious' Liberals Clean Up After Themselves?

Yes They Did! Mall Throng Sang 'Hey Hey Goodbye' as Bush Flew Off!

George McGovern: Calling a Time Out (on war)

Payday parasites

Ceremony purges White House of evil spirits

Robert Fisk: So far, Obama's missed the point on Gaza...

Johann Hari: Is the US about to treat the rest of the world better? Maybe... (Independent / UK)

Obama, top officials begin Iraq drawdown talks

Ex-soldier pleads guilty in hunting death

Obama to sign order shutting Gitmo in a year

Soldier’s pardon plea rejected

U.S. investigates Afghan civilian deaths claim

Afghans want bigger role in Taliban fight

Report released on suicides of 4 recruiters

Maine Army Guard unit headed to Afghanistan

Brownback seeks study on detainee transfer

Former soldier, ROTC teacher sued in abuse case

Soldier found dead at Stewart identified

DDGs leave Hawaii for west Pacific, Middle East

Death penalty sought against 4 Marines

Lejeune Marines die in auto wreck

Obama Acts, Cornyn Whines, Specter Snivels

Retirees, reservists to be tapped for empty jobs

6 bases considered for Global Strike Command

Finalists announced for cyber command HQ

U.S. reaches deal on Afghan supply routes

Grand Forks investigating locker-room camera

Grand jury indicts former Eielson employee

Minn. Air Guardsmen return home

At inaugural ball, Obama pledges to serve troops

Ex-Kirtland airman pleads guilty in DWI case

Taxing Iraqi interpreters raises identity crisis

Five Atsugi sailors focus of test-cheating probe

SETAF’s name expands with new Africa mission

Reporter's Notebook: Meal with a sheik seals friendship

Bomb kills three Iraqis, wounds two U.S. soldiers

Court-martial under way in Arkansas for former Ramstein airman

Obama Orders Gitmo Closed Within Year

Democracy Grows in Anbar

Stress a Factor in Recruiter Suicides

Army Outspends Corps to Keep Captains

(Air Force) Academy FB coach agrees to 5-year, $4.175M deal

Canadian officials: No AWOL deportations

please proofread my latest ltte re:Shinseki's appointment

It's raining in NorCal

Glaciers In Bhutan Retreating At 30 - 35 Meters Per Year As Scientists Discuss Glacial Lake Collapse

Temporary Lifeline For Congo Rainforests As Govt. Cancels 2/3 Of Logging Contracts

Reuters: Seas to rise at varying rates due to warming: expert

Nicholas Stern: Time for a green industrial revolution - risks…even greater than we…recognised

USGS: Tree Deaths Have Doubled Across the Western U.S. -- Regional Warming May be the Cause

Why Darwin was wrong about the tree of life

Antarctic Ice shelf splitting off - video link

Seasons Arriving, On Average, Two Days Earlier Than Normal, Along With Peak Hot & Cold Days - Nature

Cleaner air equals longer lives: study

Burning cane.... cost to the environment, cost to healthcare, is

OMA’s Zeekracht North Sea wind farm masterplan offers promise of European energy independence (2050)

Offshore drilling plan to go ahead: Interior Dept - Reuters

Severe Space Weather - what might happen to high-tech grid in the event of a 'super solar flare'

Does adherence to strict environmental policies causes jobs outsourcing.

Matt Taibbi: Someone Take Away Thomas Friedman's Computer Before He Types Another Sentence

How Green Is My Orange?—How much does your morning glass of orange juice contribute to global warmi…

Clean Energy 2030 - Google

Carbon sequestration drilling begins

Few survivors from mass whale stranding in Tasmania

Vestas Reports 15% Drop In Demand As Financial Crisis Eats Away At Orders - Guardian

Local man entering X-Prize Automotive Race with car powered by magnets

Regional Nuclear War and the Environment

Hamas leader urges West to talk

After Gaza war, Israel sees Hamas prisoner swap

Israelis are united on war in Gaza as censure rises abroad

The One-State Solution

Olmert: Gaza operation to expedite efforts to free kidnapped Israeli soldier

Two Gazans succumb to wounds at Egyptian hospitals, death toll at 1335

Israeli navy opens fire on Palestinian fishing boats

France says Israel continues to block aid, diplomats from Gaza

UN official suggests Israel pay for destroyed aid

Gazans Permitted to Fish

Backlash begins as Israel split over success of war in Gaza

On Palestinian Question, Tough Choices for Obama

War and Natural Gas: The Israeli Invasion and Gaza's Offshore Gas Fields

In the Wake of Gaza, Arab Hard-Liners Gain Upper Hand

Trial in AIPAC case set for April 21 (January 15, 2009)

Israel warns it can hit Gaza tunnels again

Seasoned Negotiator to Serve as a Mideast Envoy

Catalunya cancels Shoah memorial ceremony over Gaza op

Israeli student collects 10 truckloads of basic aid for Gazans

Mark Steel: Now we've all seen through the Israeli government's excuses

Gaza injuries put focus on phosphorus

Clinton and Livni discuss situation in Middle East, Gaza op implications

Navy hurts Palestinian man, girl in Gaza

Obama picks George Mitchell as Mideast envoy 'to make Gaza truce last'

Israel to open Gaza Strip crossing to journalists

Captain Islam and the fight for Gaza

BackStory: Filming Gaza death

Israel rules out opening Gaza border if Hamas gains

Fast bucks: how Porsche made billions

Intel’s Silicon Valley Plant Closure Signals End for Production

A future for Gaza's children

Israel’s bigger battle ahead

Madoff Clients May Recoup More Losses Through Taxes Than Suits

Gazans stay away from Israeli clinic

10 ways outsourcing could ruin your life

Druze, Bedouin diplomats wage PR war

Human Desperation and Environmental Destruction in Gaza

War crimes: talk but not much action


Israel accused of executing parents in front of children in Gaza

Israel accused of executing parents in front of children in Gaza

Jews and the 2008 Election

Israel opens border clinic for injured Gazans

Obama urges Israel open Gaza crossings to aid

Obama urges Israel open Gaza crossings to aid

Economy and Finances In Cloud Computing

Hamas confirms PA affiliates in Gaza executed for collaboration

John Thain and the $35,000 toilet

Jews in Solidarity with Palestine

Italian paper: Gazans say Hamas kept them in homes used by gunmen

UN releases Gaza attack photos

Former Merrill head Thain out at BofA

THANK YOU Econ forum!!! I think I sold at the right time eh?

"War IS Peace": Video Screened On The Israeli Embassy

President Obama's remarks to State Department


Guess who was on CNBC today!

Super Rich to Keep buying in 2009

Supply-side economics != free trade

What about the rich

Roubini Sees S&P 500 Slump Due to Downturn in China, Edwards Predicts 40% Drop Down to 500

Has anyone setup a self directed IRA - looking to avoid problems

Experts: Concerns over Gaza op prosecutions justified

Ex-Carter Admin Official: Israel Ignored Hamas Offer Days Before Attacking Gaza; Violated Ceasefire

Chance for kids to find a pal in Gaza

7 civilians injured by Israeli gunboat in Gaza, “We won’t accept this any longer”

Censor bans identifying IDF officers involved in Gaza operation

Alarm Spreads Over Use of Lethal New Weapons: by Erin Cunningham

Today in labor history Jan 22 Five hundred New York City tenants battle police

Anti-Union Front Groups

Greece: ITUC demands that justice be done after ignominious acid attack on a woman trade unionist

urgent action Unilever/Nestlé Hong union mobilization/Canadian Supreme Court to rule if farworkers



What did they think 'contract' meant? Pinellas County Fl Schools Today

Hamas Decries Obama's Israel Statement

Geithner Warns Japan, China on Currency

The One-State Solution: By MUAMMAR QADDAFI

New evidence of Gaza child deaths

Ford moving ahead with next step in bringing the ethanol direct injection engine to market by 2010.

First War Tally: 1,284 Gazans Dead And 4,336 Wounded

Los Angeles ABC Station Banned Gay Family Ads During Obama Inauguration

GLBT and Allies in or near Massachusetts: ACLU Statewide Conference

Day of Truth Now Under New Ownership

55 percent of Floridians want to overturn the gay adoption ban

Gonna re-post this here from Lounge 'cause it'll probably sink there

Gee, even GLBT forum is no longer Gay Friendly

On Day One right wing slams agenda

SacredCow's 2009 Gay Agenda:

Lifetime becomes gay central this weekend (but get your tissues handy)

Latin America: Perspectives for Socialism in a Time of a World Capitalist Recession/Depression

Colombian judge sentences ex-mayor to 28 years in rare conviction for ordering reporter killed

Brazil, Venezuela and Cuba Greet Obama with Hope and Skepticism (Brazzilmag)

MILK!!!!!! YES!!!!

Bolivia constitution could give Indians upper hand

U.S. Diplomat in Bolivia Walks Out on Morales Speech (Update1)

There are more gay people in the US than Jews, Muslims and Buddhists COMBINED

Report: No more than 600 died in Gaza

Anyone else taking advantage of the username amnesty? Post old and new names here!

Finkelstein: Foiling Another Palestinian "Peace Offensive": Behind the bloodbath in Gaza

XM subscribers - - email XM to get Sirius OutQ on the XM lineup

Alonzo Mourning Retiring

In Defense of PETA

Kurt Warner is the best QB in football today??

Margarito vs Mosley

Now that Shrub is not the pResident, what are the odds that he becomes the Commissioner of MLB?

First war tally: 1,284 Gazans dead, 4,336 wounded

Growing Need for Medicaid Strains States

Cleaner Air Worth Five Months of Life

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Flush Those Toxins! Eh, Not So Fast

Man hurt when gun blasts toilet...

Father and daughter.. Also TreeGirl..

A little waterfall at sunset near the Biltmore house


New Moon-Solar Eclipse - January 25th

DU name poll

Was this Telepathy?

Doctors to operate on baby with conjoined twin protruding from buttocks

Ottawa boy's invisible invention warns birds about deadly windows

At tributes to Darwin, Lamarckism—inheritance of acquired traits—will be the skunk at the party.

Last night I dreamed about my refrigerator

Question on the MotherEarth bread in the fridge

Cooked tonight for the first time in months

My mother earth bread... hrrmmm

Variations on the Artisan Bread in 5 recipe

Prayer Over Politics?: Florida Megachurch’s New Leader Is Weary Of Fighting The ‘Culture Wars’

Religious torture opponents pleased, concerned by Obama executive order (Associated Baptist Press)

I might not make it through the night...........

In praise of fish sauce

What Are Indigo and Crystal Children and Adults?


Note to Leibnitz and Newton… Archimedes beat you both.

[Video] Ayn Rand on Religion

What's your favorite kitchen gadget?

Against the law to criticize religion in Europe?

In Texas, a Line in the Curriculum Revives Evolution Debate

Obama's Education Agenda - link

Need Opinions Here

The Golden Girls In My Eyes

Vista file help needed

We have any CSS wizards here? I need a hand right now.

I have to return a full hard drive that went south.

Another question from the clueless.

Tories aim to gut environmental rules, NDP says

Committee Assignments for the Senate for the 111th Congress

Kerry Hails Signing of Executive Orders

Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act passes. Yeah, change happens.

Kerry speaking at the Finance Committee today