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was that Michelle's brother holding one of Joe's grandkids?

In a world with true cosmic justice...

I was able to call in to the Gene Burns Show on KGO this evening....

[Video] President Elect Obama - Grant Park

Welcome to January 20, 2009. The End of an Error.

Happy New President Day!

~~~~~Let the good times ROLL!~~~~~ (let the bad vibes sink)

Kathy Griffin on HBO now

In Our Wildest Dreams

In Our Wildest Dreams

How they Leave!

How they Leave!

What is the likelihood that Dumbass will do one last stupid thing tomorrow, and ...

There was a fast food commercial with a person talking with an unseen person on Air Force One

I'm watching Faux. It's downright laughable! They have no idea what to do

Bush by the numbers...

Is anyone else gonna be drunk by Noon?

Noon tomorrow (January 20, 2009) everything will be different.

Noon tomorrow (January 20, 2009) everything will be different.

As of writing there is only ten hours and ten minutes left

10 hours and counting! n/t

CNN: Puppy chews woman's inaugural ticket

My goodness. there's a "hate hannity call line."

"Finally Bush's reign of evil has come to an end"

Celebrate Good Times - C'mon!

Celebrate Good Times, C'mon!

Barack Obama Presidential Inauguration - will give you shivers!

PissyPants-SocioPath is being ridden out of town.

Starting tomorrow January 20th@ 11:00 CT

Bureaucracy threatens peoples' lives

Christmas Eve is always better than Christmas itself...

Washington State to criminalize student-teacher sex?

Almost free at last…

Fiat, Chrysler in partnership talks make sure I understnad this. Voter fraud vs. Election fraud.

In-flight confrontations can lead to terrorism charges

Good movie on BET: "Boycott" (STARTING NOW!)

Wednesday, the new admin will kick ass and take names.

Wednesday, the new admin will kick ass and take names.

I wonder what would happen if The Joker were to capture George W. Bush?

I am curious--will the White House be swept for bugging devices

Red, White, and BLUE...

What should the new DoJ investigate?

What should the new DoJ investigate?


On Weather Channel-- 1995 Chicago Heat Wave.

What most Americans don't know about Barack...

What will happen to the members of this administration?

Anyone remember the Bicentennial?...

Is DU moving slowly for anyone else?

DC traffic is already packed..........

9 hours to go and I can't sleep.

Whoa - They're Practically GIVING Chrysler Away!

When I first came to know DU

Famous Last Words: A Farewell Address Quiz

today is my 8th anniversary,help me celebrate!

More Presidential Trivia

PBS: "Without Greenspan, the dotcom bubble and the Enron bubble would not have been possible"

LOLCats ready for the Inauguration!!

Chertoff assures Inauguration security forces 'ready'

I was 'attracted' to a co-worker....I told another co-worker, "hey I may be married, but

Good Gawd! We have a winter storm warning.

Thank you, Obama and Biden.

Washington Journal, CSpan1 is up and running


Today, 303 million hostages will be freed.

Washington D.C. webcams/traffic cams!

Jonah Goldberg, African-American Studies expert

U.S. broke obligations in Mexican's execution

The Most Effective Tax Break Obama Could Give, Would be Single-Payer Health Care

Worldwide, well-wishers mobilize for inauguration - I don't think this happens very often

Bush sings My Way

A TOAST to DU & the new Barack Obama administration!!!

"These Are Days"

Marie Cocco: It’s Over—And Not A Moment Too Soon

The International Criminal Court at the Hague

Buh-Bye George...

Jesus' General: The Wickedness of Acceptance

SRI LANKA: Rising concerns over thousands trapped in conflict areas

Isn't it funny? Everyone around here seems to be doing the same thing.

Barack Obama or George Bush

Best coverage I've seen? On Canadian Broadcasting

Warren stirs protest at MLK's church

Today is like the moon landing.

Delete dupe.


Fox News Primes Itself for a Shift



Why Obama will not prosecute Bush... for now

Ya know when its 3am...

Bush's final Iraq War US death toll: 4229

Why is the media spinning this victory day as ALL about race?


Bidens have entered St. John's church,

Anyone else going to take some digital photos of Obama being sworn in from their TV?

My fellow prisoners! A shaft of light below the door. It's swinging open!

Sweet Mercy! Less than 4 hours!

3 hrs 22 mins 15 seconds to go .... and yes i am counting

My President is leaving Blair House for St. John's Church.

Moving is hard work.................just ask Cheney

DemocracyNow! live video stream at

Michael Moore praises us all today (a letter in my inbox this morning)

Man stole KY jelly and pregnancy tests

3 hours 'til Happy Hour! Say Goodbye, Dis-Gracie!

WEATHER ALERT....Its Snowing In Memphis

Less than 12 hours, the little jug-eared fuck is gone, and I never thought I would make it

Okay, what are you REALLY celebrating today?

There's my President!!

Congrats to MSNBC for some classy music

Today, I feel sorry for Dallas.

Why do we like survival stories?

First photo of Cheney in his wheelchair

First photo of Cheney in his wheelchair

I woke up this morning thinking, "holy fucking shit." -- kos

I woke up this morning thinking, "holy fucking shit." -- kos

Do you think there will be a loud collective "boo!" at GW

"One outgoing Treasury employee had already landed a job as a manager at Abercrombie & Fitch."

Tomorrow is my Birthday...

If you're happy and you know it rec this thread!

I miss Tim Russert on days like these

Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Goodbye

Yeah, I'm just that thrilled.

12:01 a.m. EST: THE. LAST. DAY. Say Goodbye to George HERE.

Suggestions on which network to record the day's events?

Well I did it...I managed to save my 1000th post for a special occasion

There are mucho dumbasses in my red state who think protesting is "bad" or "wrong."

Great line I heard:

good riddance to the bu$h*s

Retailers overhaul business as consumers pull back

1968 -- Over at Last!

Wish me luck, I gave up smoking to celebrate the Inauguration!

TOON: THIS MODERN WORLD Final Farewell Salute to Bush

I think it's really cool that Chesley Sullenberger was invited to the inauguration....

Has Bob Woodward had a stroke?

Now is the time to look back and remember what President Bush did for us


Ding, Dong the Witch is Dead!



Wolfie just called Michelle and Barack Obama occupants.

********* PRESENT **********

The only question today. How many times am I going to...........


The continual stream of people walking past my door is unreal

The motorcade just left the church and the Obamas are at the WHITE HOUSE!!!!!!

Thank you, C-SPAN, for just covering it without the stupid voice overs.

Help NEEDED: Contact CSPAN - Where is their captioning???

Michelle is wearing American designers

1 hr 59 minutes and 50 seconds to go

After 9/11 I put an American flag out in front of my house ....

Dog Daze for Soledad O'Brien (DOG HATER)

I am actually watching Faux Snooze Today!

Guess what DUers - Television Jamaican has hooked up with

Guess what DUers - Television Jamaican has hooked up with

so when do the war crime tribunals start?

Whoa. The Onion gets reeeeally weird today

Lauer: "So Tom when do you think the weight of the office will hit [Obama] him?"

The Marine Band is playing.

Pakistan Launches Assault in NW, 20 Militants Dead

They got away.

"designated successor" - Robert Gates. . someone explain to me

"designated successor" - Robert Gates. . someone explain to me

Wish Cronkite and Rather were commenting a bit.

I haven't seen this much hero worship since the Republicans in 2000

Michelle looks great today in a yellow dress

Billy BUSH drunk (surprise) & Inaugural gossip tidbits

KO on now on msnbc

I am afraid to exhale...

28 years ago today

28 years ago today

W Not the President

Muhammed Ali is there!

"My Parents Who Are in Heaven Waited Their Whole Lives for This"

From the US Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial is 1.9 miles

Howard Dean on TV right now....

Ken blackwell? KEN "back stabbing" BLACKWELL??!!!

Which TV channel should have the most complete coverage

It wasn't an election, it was a revolution.

Has any previous inauguration been this exciting?

PG&E Won't Cut Power During Inauguration After All

Having to watch Faux (with sound down) they just showed Gingrich

Having to watch Faux (with sound down) they just showed Gingrich

1.5 hours!!!

They're out of church.

Only Obama could get me up this early.

Hey! Thank you all!

Since I discovered DU, I have relied upon all of you for current

Keith, Rachel and Chris are on MSNBC now!

Has *bush's final pardons list been released yet?

2.5 Hours! And counting! streaming

CNN: Petraeus Returning To D.C. For Meeting With Obama Tomorrow

How perfect is this? Cheney in wheelchair for inauguration.

But, but, but, but . . . I thought Obama and us DLCers had banished Howard Dean to the Arctic?

The Power of the Dream

The Daily Show and Colbert hit it out of the park last night

I'm so glad that Ted Kennedy is able to be at this inauguration....

Okay, I admit it!!! I'm a little choked up today.

Teddy! Teddy! Teddy!

Jilly and lynne ch. enter limo at WH

Jill Biden and Lynn Cheney sharing a car to the inauguration

"Never think that war, no matter how necessary, nor how justified, is not a crime." Hemmingway

Senator Ted is ON THE PODIUM


Barbara! It's Barbara!

BREAKING: 68 Year Old Woman struck by Metro train

Michelle brought a gift for Laura!

Michelle brought a gift for Laura!

Michelle brought a gift for Laura!

Here comes Dr. Strangelove.

What my seven-year old said this morning at breakfast...

I'm not a fashionista in the least, but Lynne? Seriously, red gloves with a black coat?

Michelle and Laura enter limo

Just mentioned on ABC TV:

Holy Crap, it's Mr. Potter!

Nouriel Roubini: US banking system is insolvent

Yuck. Coffee with the Bushes. I thought there was supposed to be

Historical Mystery of Bush's Presidency-By Robert Parry

What was the largest number of people ever assembled in one place on earth?

BBC International

Web Links To Watch The Inauguration Online

O'Reilly Is "Kind Of An A-Hole" - Jessica Alba

What is the Bush family thinking...

They're wheeling Cheney out. Wonder what's in that cane?

Accident on Metro Rail Red Line

Darth being wheeled out on ABC!!!!

Free Krispy Kreme today

William Ayers turned back at Canadian border

Richard Norton Smith on ABC. Gag!

Hillary Clinton will not be confirmed today because of Cornyn

Was The Onion Clairvoyant?

A big thank you to DU today. You all helped me hold on to a

George W. Bush has just left the White House for the last time. Ever.

On the steps of a building built by black slaves..

On the steps of a building built by black slaves..

Freeps are freeping CNN poll.

The crowd chants "Obama"

U.N. chief: Gaza violence 'heartbreaking'

There are times when we are asked to do something for the common good that is .......

You have your flag flying, right?

Yeah Keith, Michelle handed the stepford wife a box with a red ribbon, which stepford promptly

One more hour...

Joe and Jill have a beautiful family

My wish is that a day never comes when anyone named Bush enters the White House again.

Sing it everyone!!!! Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Them Goodbye!

Just wondering where John Edwards is spending the day.

Bush and Obama Riding in the Same Limo

What kind of celebration is going on in your city? On your street?

The Quayles arrived! Ick!

Michelle Obama Shares Stage with Miley, Jonas Brothers

Brian Williams must be slapped

Brian Williams must be slapped

Michelle looks SO beautiful!

Peoples' cheering at the motorcade is making me cry.

Lysol as a douche?

"A crowd estimated at 300,000 braved the cold and drizzle to attend the inauguration..."

Never has eight years seemed so long.

Can't we just sort of toss W. out the plane somewhere over Texas, to save fuel?


Cornyn is blocking Clinton's SoS confirmation today.

Here comes the Big Dawg!!!

FEIN: The rule of law

Down the drain, Turdweasel!! *funny pics*

Poppy Bush is in purple and yellow.

Yaaaawn. I just woke up from a 8 year nap

George Bush gave us a gift?

Peace & Love

Why the Democratic Underground should never change its name... keeps cutting out on me but I want to listen to Keith & Rachel -

Yes we can! Yes we did! Yes we will!

Finally, we are rebooting our country with a clean boot

Why are republicans such bad historians?

best ex-president ever! CARTER!!! nt

Get another wheel chair!

Last photo of the bush family before leaving the WH

The people at my work today are so pissed today! LOL!!

Wait 'til they intro *

For Today, There Are Two Types Of People In The World:

Obama boxes being unloaded at the WH! Don't drop it, Ryder! nt

Bill Clinton is not looking too thrilled

I am the most cynical bastard you will ever know

Anyone have a better stream than MSNBC? its so choppy!

why OBAMA DIDN'T WALK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????

That was astonishiPresident Carter greets Barbara Bush and doesn't say a word to Bill Clinton

Huge cheers for the Clintons.

There's a moving van offloading at the old front door to the White House

The end of government by monsters. What a huge relief.

The end of government by monsters. What a huge relief.

The end of government by monsters. What a huge relief.

What is sparkly in our house is the sun glinting off tears of joy

So this old guy wanders up to the steps of the White House

Who does Scalia think he is, Cosmo de Medici???

eeeewwwww, elaine chao

LOL. Rahm just cracked me up.

LOL. Rahm just cracked me up.

Bwaaahahaaa a moving van at the back of the White House

The Girls!

Dead silence when GHWB was announced!

Awwwww the kids are adorable!

you'ld think lynne cheney would burst into flames when exposed to sunlight. nt

one final gone satan

When is the right time to pop the cork on the champagne?

On January 20, 2001 and January 20, 2005 I wore black.

Where is Sarah Palin?

We Are All Here.

Kiddies and Mrs. Robinson!!!!

Did you guys see that? Malia was scritching a spot on her blue coat

Why is Laura Bush Dressed Like a Confederate Officer?

Department of the Startlingly Obvious:


Bush is getting Booed!!!!!!

Stoopid's on the way out. nt

Stoopid's on the way out. nt

LOL! They're Booing Bush!

Here comes Chimpy! The boobirds are out!

Smirking to the very end.

wtf is wrong with poopy?

They're not just booing---they're sneering!

Bush* is coming out soon. I'm gonna cut a big wet one for him. nt

Do you hear them? NA NA NA NA!

Striking up the band to drown out the booing and nah nah nah goodbyes

My god, the First Lady and the Vice President's Wife are beautiful women


With booing and jeering at Bush, it looked like they were marching out to a firing squad

Laura's wearing the drapes again

Limbaugh: ‘I Hope Obama Fails’

Amy Goodman narrating the Inaugural with Alice Walker on DemocracyNow

Are the Carters there? I've seen the other former presidents, but didn't see him.

Na na na na, hey hey hey, GOOD BYE!

They're booing Darth Cheney! Good!

Is Cheney taking a bathroom break

TOON: Bush waves good bye from an elephant's sphincter

I can't believe it, even Bill "Boxcars!" Bennett is all choked up today

Joe Biden looks like he's getting a bit misty.

Poppy walking with a cane



The Last Gasp of Washington's Rotting Royalty

They are booing bush!

This may be redundant but has anyone EVER seen that many people?????

Holy Crap, even George Washington showed up!!

Obama takes the stage and the crowd goes wild!


Brokaw just compared Cheney to Dr. Strangelove

To me its more like relief that maybe things might get back to normal somehow.

Okay, I just opened the champagne--

OMG Its the girl from Scooby Doo

Brokaw worried that people who don't like Cheney will "accuse him of pulling a Dr. Strangelove"

OMG...they played the Darth Vader theme when Bush came out...

The population of The Mall is now larger than...

I think Harry and Nancy just got a few boos

When was the last time Bush had to deal with an unfriendly audience?

No crowd shots

The most beautiful sight and sound!

Good things can happen sometimes.

Dennis Kucinich has a great seat


If he says "Yes, We Did" as part of his speech, that crowd is going to

Bit behind schedule - I know, let's cut Warren's bit

This feels like a coronation.

Where were you when...

Look at all the fucking people................n/t

Obama is wearing black gloves. Reminds me of:

Look at the girls and grandma



I can't watch the inauguration!

Well shit! I missed it!

So Rick Warren doesn't know there have been 45 transfers of power in the White House?

OK wrap this shit up you fucker.

Just breathe for a moment .. this is history.. we are living history

I'm watching with my 2 year old

God, I want PIE!!!!!

DiFi, Warren, off to a great start

About Bush's handwritten note to Obama

My Sig has come true at last... time for a new one!

Warren's talking, laalalal al al al alalalalaalalallaaaaaaaaaa I CAN'T HEAR YOU.

Such a disgusting looking person.

Rick Warren now invocatin' - Time for a bathroom break

Middle fingers up! Warren's talking!

Damn nbc messing with Jill Biden's ACCURATE statement!

Why is he taking so FUCKING long???

ENOUGH ALREADY!!! Get off the stage Warren.

Warren is such an asshole

You just heard George Bush called "Mr. President" for the very last time!

Go Aretha!


Does anyone have a VLCPlayer-friendly (LINUX) streaming link?


I loves me some Franklin

Get it Reetha!

Get it Reetha!

Get it Reetha!

Ouch. Crowd jeering Bush. "Bad form," says Tweety.

Ouch. Crowd jeering Bush. "Bad form," says Tweety.


all right aretha --


Yuck, now it's the invocation.

It's 11:55, are they gonna get him sworn in by 12:00???

I am watching MSNBC and hearing Michele Bernard wax so eloquently about her family and

And Cheney is gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If Darth is in a wheel chair, why does he have a cane?

We have a new Vice President officially!!!

Biden's in

Here we go. Biden is VP!

That was one of the worst and contrived as well as insincere prayers ever.

"enemies foreign & domestic..." see any of those standing around? n/t

Thanks to all of you who have sometimes been my only

Not only is Warren an asshole, but he's a crap preacher too. This is a terrible invocation, yuck.

Cheney is toast.


We have a new VP.

I'm WEIRD! They asked us to stand and I am here


Obama is President!

Doesn't make sense to me to swear in the VP first...

Crash Cart---out!

Isn't Yo-Yo Ma a rap group from 1988?

He's Gone

"Barack H. Obama"- H?

What isBidens middle name?


Cut the Yo_Yo. I want to hear some real music.

Here we go!

Did he think the crowd was going to join him in the Lord's Prayer?

This beautiful Copeland-esque music is washing away all the stains of Warren.

Chimp now in overtime....

Oh yeah, these three are good, what a beautiful piece.

The music's playing and my dog started ripping apart her stuffed elephant toy.

The music's playing and my dog started ripping apart her stuffed elephant toy.

Blitzer just said that, at 12noon, Barack Obama is OFFICIALLY our POTUS now...

We have a new President.

Our long national nightmare is over, Bush out.

This moment starts a whole new America!! Right now


Our long national nightmare is now over

Not only is Warren an asshole, he gives a lousy prayer.

We have a new President.

Hail to the Chief.

Whoooo!! It's Noon Eastern! Say Hello to President Joe Biden!

Did anyone else think that it is strange that cheney supposedly injured himself moving boxes?

Does Cheney transfer control of his shadow govt to Biden today?

Can we say President Obama yet?


Congratulations, Mr. President.

Did everyoe stand?

roberts screwed up

Ma LEE-AH and SAH - SHA. wtf?


Until now I couldn't believe...

***** THE Inauguration Thread *****

It's PRESIDENT OBAMA:Obama officially becomes 44th president


DOW Jones as Bush exits 8,121, down 159 for the day.

Franklin Pierce was the first president to use the word affirm rather than swear. Theodore Roosevelt

IMPEACH JOHN "I f$#@ed up the presidential Oath of Office" ROBERTS!

What's the snare drummy sound I hear?

President Obama.

The reign of the witches is finally over!

Crowd extremely hostile to Bush, MSNBC says bad form..

John Roberts forgot his line.

Ladies and Gentlemen... Come congratulate President Obama

Roberts forgot to say "against all enemies foreign and domestic"

Notice how they change the sound when the war criminals came out?

America is back.

12 hours to go!

George W. Bush is now the 44th Best President Ever!

The refrain from Fanfare To The Common Man did it for me. The tears stream.

My Cont------try Tis of Thee

Has bush given pardons we don't know about?

Keynes is back


Logistics question ...


This is a magnificent song. And what talent playing it.

I have this strange feeling--I think it's "peace"

Hey, it's SNOWING in Chicago right now!

He pronounced "nuclear" correctly!

It's here....finally. It's here.

Barack is a uniter and not a divider.

Notes for the next inauguration:

"He left the White House as the most unpopular President since polling began."

Franklin is fucking awful and sounds drunk

If anyone can get CSPAN - watch there!!!!!

"and nonbelievers . . . ."

I nominate John Roberts for Top 10 Idiots under the dumbell category for


There are brushes to clear in Crawford, TX

Local Couple Plans Inauguration Party (ex GOP Chair)

Oooo, he mentioned the levies--

The Price of Our Citizenship

Step into the light (photos)

He's damn good.

Did you see the troops in a room at Camp Victory in Iraq? I thought it

Pres. Obama points to the commitment to service of those in the military

A word or two about Cheney and the wheelchair

It's over. Thank (insert choice of deity here), it's over.

I haven't heard 9/11 mentioned yet. Anyone else?

Now is the time a "Good Man" came to the aid of his Country..

What a catharsis! What a genesis! n/t


Reagan 1981: "Government is the problem...", Obama 2009: "Government works for you"

John Roberts fucking up the oath

"...and non believers."

Welcome back _________________

We'll always have each other, George

I'm watching CSPAN. What am I NOT missing on the MSM?

This speech is masterful

So as Obama speaks what is Shrubby thinking????

It's January 20th now.

That was a fucking awesome speech.

Boom! Splat! Freepers heads exploding everywhere

Know that your people will know you of what you can build. Not what you destroy.

Anyone have a site for a low-bandwidth streaming video


Hooowweeee!!! Mr. President is thumping the Bushies - but good!!!111

I don't believe in God, but what just happened is making me rethink that....

This speech is showing no mercy to Bush

The reign of the witches is finally over!

Cheney hurt himself moving boxes? Hmmmm ... changed over!!!

He parked it.

I see pickles stole the table cloth for her outfit

Todays Front Pages....(today is good, tomorrow will be also)

they put the camera on Bush right then!


At what time will Obama get sworn in?? a

Come have a beer with me and watch the history.

Click my Sig!

Uggh - I had to remove a childhood friend that has completely gone bonkers from Facebook.

Inauguration LiveBlog! Post your comments here --->

Out with the old sig pic, in with the new:

Afraid No More

Where is John McCain listening to this speech? n/t


Prelude to a Bush Divorce?

Bill C looks pretty good;

Thanks to all of you who fought for free and fair elections!

Get the fuck outta the way chimpie bushitler! You're not even shit anymore!

Now that's the sort of prayer this non-believer could listen to all day!


So why did Truman's reputation increase well after he left office?

So why did Truman's reputation increase well after he left office?

who else stood

Obama might just want to recite the oath on his own before he steps down

DU just lost it's favorite punching bags-------Thank goodness.

Curse you, Mr. President Obama

My heart is just bursting!!!!!

President Kennedy's 1961 Inauguration on CSPAN

WHY IS IT that f*x news is the only decent feed I can get?

FORMER President George W Bush

Ya know I am glad we are out of the "bumper sticker" prez

Full text of President Barack Obama's Speech


Is it even possible to be more pompous than Michael Eric Dyson?

I expect "Gitmo's" future will be sealed within the next hour or two

We fellow citizens are no longer living in "Bush's America"


Fake sites spreading malware claim Obama won't take oath

The Long National Nightmare IS NOT OVER ....So Much to Fix... So Many to Prosecute...

So no further pardons? Unbelievable.

At this very moment, George W. Bush is fast asleep in his White House bed....

There's Doctor Strangelove!

I'd call that a "tough" speech.

Tweety just said someday he'd love to meet

Shout out to the atheists! But as "nonbelievers."

Bob Herbert: I Wish You Were Here

It's a beautiful day!

Frat boy still trying to walk in front

Anyone have text of Lowery prayer?

Now Obama walks * to the chopper and the evil is gone.

Get lost, Dumbya.

Chris Matthews: Cheney's wheelchair is a metaphor

i never thought id see the day

i never thought id see the day


Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address

That helicopter cannot take off fast enough for me

How about a new DU avatar showing Obama with his hand raised?

How about a new DU avatar showing Obama with his hand raised?

On Moving Day for 2 First Families, a Bit of Magic by 93 Pairs of Hands

Marine One is standing ready to rid us of the worst scourge ever to occupy the White House

Boos for Joe Lieberman

Na na na na! Na na na na! Heeeeeyyyyyy Gooood Byyyye!

Welcome to OBAMA'S WORLD!!

President Obama off to WH

The band will play Ruffles and Flourishes after Obama takes the Oath

President Obama off to WH

Malia gave Biden her camera so he could take a look at her pics she took

George W. Bush: The only former president who was never president

As a Texan I just have to say this

End of an Error!

Bush History: Lt. General Compares Bush & Clinton on Terror, & Bye Bye Bush, 1/20

He's gone!

What do you expect tomorrow? Are you hoping for the worst or the

Holy moley, you guys! In a few hours, we're going to have a president named Barack Hussein Obama!

I think it is safe to say Karl Rove is now fair game...

Outside a fresh, surprise snowfall covers the world in pristine white. A fitting look

I can't wait for the fucking parade! Bring on the Bands and shit! (Pic Heavy)

Stock market down 150. Sure sign the Rethugs and big business are running scared

From The Left: I want a suitable answer from the Obama inaugural team about Robinson

And now we have a real preacher!


Enjoy the day! 1-20-2009

Boner just made his entrance looking lost and bewildered.

The Turd is in the air!

After everyone leaves tomorrow evening/night, what will Obamas do?

Can you imagine what it must feel like?

Does Anyone Else Get The Feeling That * Is Just Daring The Obama Administration To.....

BUSH'S LAST DAY! 1-20-2009!

Obama Program on C-Span now

Who thinks Cheenee's "back injury" is an excuse not to shake the Obama's hands? nt

It still has not sunk in just a few more hours its gonna hit me hard

Ah the air smells fresher!

i LOVE where i work

i LOVE where i work

i LOVE where i work

Fiat to take 35% of Chrysler. So who will buy or merger Ford and GM?

My trek to Washington has begun!

Talk to you later people

Some idiot young conservative is repeating the lie about the cost of the inauguration

Cheney looks just like Mr. Potter from It's a Wonderful Life....

Rev Lowery takes the nation to school

Hip Hip Hooray

Who says SHIT Cannot Fly?

Who says SHIT Cannot Fly?

White House website has been updated! Check it out!

The President is at work

The History Channel's White House: Behind Closed Doors is awesome.

who cried?

Amazing. People are streaming onto the Mall

MSNBC has the Leave Boat on camera

Things Not to Say To An Outgoing President With a 33% Approval Rating:

Good Morning, DU.

D.C. braces for up to 2 million visitors

D.C. braces for up to 2 million visitors

The crowd is singing nah nah nah nah

A double-spanked state in tatters - yee frickin' haw - the end of an error is here!

The Idiot can't even leave with dignity. Did you see him go up the copter stairs? nt


Sign in crowd sayin' BUSH GET DA HELL OUT!.

Show about the White house was on last night on the history channel.

It's almost over...just a few more hours....

Lefty's first official act!

What will happen to the fake ranch?

My wife hears the words "bush left the pardon" in the background on C-Span

Wonder how the rest of the world is reacting?

Wonder how the rest of the world is reacting?

NYT - The Fellowship Bus: Singing Through the Evening

Transcript: PRESIDENT Obama "My fellow citizens:"

Bush looked to be in a bad mood.

One last time George Bush.

Poll: speculate on reasons Deadeye Dick is in a wheelchair.

I predict a lot of "choking up" today and not just from us DUers...

Heading off to work (late), I have the satisfaction of knowing


Executive One has left the ground...

George Will: Obama's speech was "cultural conservatism."

Psssssssssssssssst! Look over here

OMG I just woke up!!!

NBC's Brian Williams just said Roberts fouled up the oath.

looks like CSPAN will be covering the lunch

Today those at the Mall will see a great transformation.

It is 7:00 am est and the National Mall

It is 7:00 am est and the National Mall

Horrible thought - Cheney's injury

For what its worth; top astrologer predicts Obama re-election

President Obama!

President Barack Hussein Obama.

Great toon in SMW

Had I gone to DC, there are so many things that I wouldn't have seen

Don't you ever sometimes just feel good ?

Change has come to The first post on

I have a question about the cabinet.

"Rosa Parks sat so that Martin Luther King could walk...Martin Luther King walked so Obama could run

Senator John Cornyn (R-Asshole)

Watching that helecopter fly away

Ok say it with me ..

Obama's Inauguration: A New Birth of Freedom

Obama's Inauguration: A New Birth of Freedom

I'm so happy. Are you happy too?

Marine One flying directly to Gitmo?

PHOTOS: The Bidens volunteer on National Service Day [DIALUP warning]

who has my kind veggie inauguration links? post em here!



Tomorrow and forever Democratic Underground will be different....

John Roberts is a fucking MORON

The day is finally here

Obama saved my life.

So, when will we learn of the last minute pardons Bush must have made?

Has anyone else noticed the enormous amount of work

Wow--I just got an email from work--

A posthumous thank you to (Stanley) Ann, Madelyn and

How about Aretha's hat? I loved it!

Destroy something in your home that reminds you of George W. Bush

For those of us stuck at work- Any streaming of the inauguration?

I can't sleep

Don't you think Bush knows, now, how HATED he was by his own people?

Roberts said " I swear that I will execute the President to the United States faithfully..."

I'm Wondering If I Should Go See The Inauguration At The Daytona Beach Bandshell

Yes We Can . . . Yes We Did . . . Yes We WILL!!!

Has anyone seen Helen Thomas today?

Is Guantanamo Prison closed yet?? What's taking so long??

I'm kind of surprised Bush didn't bomb Iran before he left....

Cheney retires to his residence..

now, i get the warren pick,,, he was the old

Roberts said "My fault" to O n/t

Gen. Colin Powell just admitted that he teared up.

They are seriously having too much fun in DC.. ("shoe-ing Bush away")

Spectacular aerial view of the mall from

No pardons is Bush's final taunt

Crowd chanted "Fired up! Ready to go!" & "Yes, We Can!" ... counted down from 10 to 1 then screamed

Not of any great importance, but I can't wait to see what Michelle will be

Malware Campaign Impersonates Barack Obama's Website

W should be given a cheap suit, a cardboard suitcase, $20, and a lift to the Greyhound station.

WTF is with all the trash all over the National Mall? Geeze I expected

Everyone have their 10-second soundbite ready to go in case you're on the news today?

Go to Wikimapia. Zoom in on the Oval Office. Click & read. Text changed courtesy of yours truly.

So, will we FINALLY get to hear from her?

Hail to the Chief!


Compare and contrast:

Thank you Michelle, Malia, and Sasha

As Adrian Cronauer used to say: "GOOD MOOOOOOOOORNING VIETNAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

What a juxtaposition! The world's most beloved man ushering out the world's most hated man.

So? How long before Bush is shit-faced?

Bush being booed again. Peggy Noonan says, "Hm"

Oil rebounds in volatile trading


A Fitting Legacy: Dirty Shoes and a Wheelchair

MSNBC Morning Joe coverage SUCKS

Did Roberts just apologize to President Obama

Na na na na ...

Kissing. Can I remind you of something from a scene from 2001? After the swearing in Bush was

"A crowd estimated at 300,000 braved the cold and drizzle to attend the inauguration..."

This picture (the first couples on the stairs of the capitol) says so much

NBC coverage: Williams and Holt have been good to listen to.

Revised TIME Dream Cover

Revised TIME Dream Cover

Revised TIME Dream Cover

Sasha and Malia's outfits are by J. Crew

Is there some idea of when Bush will get on his helicopter to leave D.C.?

I gotta say, I was happy to see Jill Biden announced As Dr. Biden.

What happened, Hal?

Historical: The first time a President-elect had to prompt a Chief Justice for the oath of office.

I just realized: I can now refer to the President without scare quotes.

CNN: Inauguration crowds overwhelming Washington Metro

best picture of former president EVER!!!!!

Is there going to be a parade? Did I miss it?

What Recession? The $170 Million Inauguration

Does Kelly O'Donnell ever STFU?

Will Elton John sing "Candle In The Wind" for Bush?

Its not likely we'll ever see Barbara Bush on TV again

For those watching the CNN/Facebook stream:

"This is It!"

I cannot stop crying for joy. I am so overwhelmed.

Notice how the staff are all smiling?

Inauguration Luncheon Menu, courtesy eleny

Damn, now I have to re-learn how to type the word "President"

Chimpy is getting on the plane!!!

I actually hope the door does hit him in the ass when he leaves..

Recipes (not just menu) for today's luncheon in Statuary Hall:

Anyone know what time we get to see Boosh get on his plane?

Here is to the healing of all those Bush hurt so badly with his violence and war

Picture of Bush waving goodbye.

Online Cable News Streams

Online Cable News Streams

Inauguration poem (subtitled "Calvin Trillin is my hero")

Damn, I am now older than the President of the United States ...

National Mall is now closed!

Bush currently flying around, and around, and around DC.

Special Air Mission 28000 is wheels-up. AMF!

i will from now on refer to President Obama in large case letters due to my utmost respect.

No pardons for the Bush administration war criminals

Michelle outfit #2 - still a yellow/gold theme.

So flame me, but I don't think Obama should close Gitmo.

Michelle brought Laura a gift!

This is how I'd like to see Bush leave the building:

Am I wrong or did Roberts screw up the swearing in of THE PRESIDENT?

I 've got it. Al Roker should become the host of MTP. They blew it with Gregory. n/t

Who listened to Robert Reich on MSNBC just now?

"They embody the spirit of service . . . precisely (the) spirit that must inhabit us all."

npr is knocking the President's speech....'nothing memorable comes to mind'

Morning in America (Horsey hits it again)

The President-elect does not enter by the front door of the White House ....

TV Coverage: Best Bets?

Now get busy damn it!

Happy New Year! The turdship is over!

i love that CNN has the San Francisco boys and girls choir singing in the background

K&R if you feel that everytime Cheney enters a room Motorhead's "Orgasmitron" should be playing

In 10 hours... the IQ of the "leader of the free world" will go up by 50%

Snowbama! in NC. The newly blue state gets a snow day to watch the Inauguration!

And to that fuckwit, we are forced to look for justice? WTF

Are the Obama daughters going to be there? It just seems like I haven't

Transcript of the speech

Muhammad Ali has a seat up near Obama

Thank YOU Sarah Palin...

What's up with the Young Turks free podcast?

Marty Lederman Takes over John Yoo’s Former Position

Just What Kind Of Gift Did Michell Obama Give Laura Bush?

So what is Fox "News" saying about the DC crowd: probably "about 40,000"?

As much as I want to watch in high def, CNN got shut off as soon as

For one day, I am African-American

Anybody seen a somewhat dazed, somewhat plucked Duck wandering around here? nt


OK I admit it. I'm in love with Dr. Jill Biden!!!

What's Obama signing?

1,400,000. A million MORE than usual at an inauguration.

He screwed up the oath, he should be impeached.

As my final act of disdain, I hung my "Bush's last day 1/20/2009"

Wow Axelrod combed his hair. He doesn't look shlubby.

Happy Inauguration Day, AMERICA!!!

What is a good online site to watch the Inauguration?

Now Is Not The Time To Become Politically Complacent

I put a small American flag on the mailbox about 90 minutes ago

Where can I view the inauguration online???

Where can I view the inauguration online???

That speech could have been written on DU

Ok, Part 1 of Project X is complete.

K aND fucKING R!

I see the Pat Buchanan cloneis on the air today That isn't the PB I know and hate.

Obama did not have to criticize George W Bush...

With my 5000th post I'd just like to say...

Sensed a change already.

Time To Get My US Flag Out Of Mothballs

Hey, Rove, how's that perpetual majority working for you now?

I can't find a viable stream anywhere!!

CNN is also "crediting" Roberts with the error, saying clearly


it's gradually sinking in...OMG

OK, I'm puttin my whole collection up for sale. Cheap.

Lindsey Graham is a sophist.

I am jealous so many of our members are in DC today to celebrate

So who's going to have a drink with me around noon EST?

No longer hawks and doves, but OWLS!

This is my guess(es) for an Obama icon in Trudeau's Doonesbury.

This is my guess(es) for an Obama icon in Trudeau's Doonesbury.

Here's a Web site worth visiting all of a sudden

Fox News: "These were much bigger crowds than we were anticipating..."

Can any economist here answer this question? How come with all the printed

Can we think about an issue that will now dominate the headlines: The Stimulus Package?

OK I thought Bush was gracious, Cheney an asshole till the bitter end

A feast of photos

Beating Dead Horses

Has ANYONE be able to reach a loved one in the Mall area? I have some friends who got up around 4 to

Rick Warren prayer summary --- "You are weak, pitiful and lucky god doesn't strike you down."

A white guy in Alabama... Who still has his Obama sticker on his car.

anyone heard that Ted K. was taken by ambulance from lunch

BREAKING: Teddy collapsed at the luncheon!

Shit! It was Kennedy



ted kennedy is having convulsions. not good n/t

What's the temp in DC?

Manteca (CA) Considers Charging for Accidents

Anybody surprised that Bush didn't make any last minute pardons?

Too bad there isn't a countdown clock on the site. nt

Bob Shrum, I hope with all my heart that you're right on this one ......

Fuck you, Peggy Noonan, you irrelevent idiot and shrew

What is a Chief Usher?

A fitting goodbye to Bush found at Yahoo news...

Never Again

Sen Kennedy has seizure at luncheon n/t

Jill Biden boot threads are useless without pictures.


All those doors, all those phone calls, it was all about today

Did Michelle give Laura one of those Obama plates?

Thank you everyone

Verdicts on the Speech?

Obama on CNN Live, It was Teddy

ABC News: Authorities close down Washington Mall due to capacity crowds

Olbermann now reporting that it was Ted Kennedy

Justice Roberts Should Be Fired For Fukin up the Oath of Office

Change has come to America

Hey, what was the URL of that service site Obama was talking about yesterday?

ABC Reports Kennedy had a seizure that lasted several minutes.


Just heard from a friend with connections at Amtrak...

Sorry, but the poetry is not of much interest. . .

Did anyone notice Chelsea?

Obama made a mistake in his speech: only 43 people have taken the oath

From your heart, tell us what today means to you?

Hey everyone -- it's 12:01am

So much. It’s just all so much.

HEY! Guess what?

Ted Kennedy

Dodd, Kerry and Hatch with Kennedy as he was loaded onto the ambulance..

This isn't an issue now, but I'm curious: if a private citizen wanted the kind of health insurance

Inaugural Poem Offering

Good Morning, America! How are you?

Three Jewish rabbis slated for prayer recital at Obama inauguration

Good Morning People. Believe me, it's a new dawn.

Teddy Kennedy just arrived!

Kennedy went into the ambulance. Byrd fine according to Capitol Police.

How the hell did Karl Rove arrange for Kennedy to foul up Obama's inauguration?

Note left by Bush for Obama:

5. . . 4. . . . 3. . . .2. . . 1.......HAPPY INAUGURATION DAY EVERYBODY!

I think there were more of us protesting Booshe at his inauguration

Did anyone else notice that Bush Jr. looks older than Bush Sr?

Do you feel a little sorry for Smirk, slinking out like Nixon while his successor

sen. leahy....a lot of us were making the sign of the could tell the irish

Vibes for Teddy

Wikipedia edited to say that Ted Kennedy has died....(probably vandalism)

Ya think Bush is drunk yet??

Which tv station should I watch today?

"Would Senator Kennedy be here today? Your damned right he'd be here"

It's Very Sad That This Shining Moment For President Obama

Alright DUers...FEAST YOUR EYES on the Fabulous INAUGURAL BOOTS

Sea Hag ALTER!!

Capitol Police: Sen. Byrd is fine



Mr. Potter has left the white house

The Official I just cried my eyes out thread

God, CNN is pathetic... here's a snapshot

Ladies and Gentlemen, George W. Bush has left the White House.

Aww...Hannity wants to be the "Loyal" voice of opposition...

No pardon for Libby let alone the other criminals

Time for the movers to get busy!

A Nice, Short, Kind message to the Republicans

You know, it just ISN'T a proper inauguration, unless the Queen of Soul sings at it

Cheney has completely morphed into Mr. Potter

MSNBC: "The President will look like a raisin in the distance."

Does anybody know what units were reviewed by Obama?

Damn! Not funny how the high was snatched straight away!

Damn! Not funny how the high was snatched straight away!

The Obamas and the Bidens look to be in pain on the Capitol steps.

Pardons??? Did Bush leave them in a drawer for Obama to find and announce?

Maya Angelou says Barack Obama can be a great leader, just like Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela

Good news from Orrin Hatch: Teddy smiled to him as he got into the ambulance

Biden to Snarly ..... You feel ok Mr. Vice-President?

Ted Kennedy is there!

Cheers for the President

Responses to this article show the measure of hysteria and hate felt by racists today

Bush's Depressing Goodbye Party: One Staffer Gets Job at Abercrombie (not Onion)

Anyone see Cheney? Wheelchair AND Cane. This is bullcrap.

I'm lovin' this...and it has a blog!

As an Iowa native I think those of us who caucused for Obama owe ourselves a nice pat on the back.

Bitter RW bastards commenting on Kennedy and Byrd on Politico

TCM Runs "Face in the Crowd" on Obama's Swearing In Day. WTF?

Holy shit! Don't piss off the guys in the car following Obama

Keep in mind ... the issues most important to Sen Ted were civil rights and health care

A Very Special Day!!

cpan has good feeds of different - Limo Caravan on Now

Gitmo Adjourned for a Day or Forever

It's so good to get the "cowboys" out of the White House

Ted Kennedy Collapases at Obama Function

Ted Kennedy Collapases at Obama Function

A startling moment of "Deja vu"....

We've got to get younger Senators

There's Ted Kennedy! Doing so well with a glioblastoma. Makes me think of my mom.

Dow down 300 plus. If you see a republican smiling that is what they are happy about.

Burris is the Second Happiest Man in Washington, DC

how bout some non christian invocations and prayers??? Buddhists, Moslems, Pagans...anyone please!

Pfff, nice parade, there aren't even any shriners!

No 11th hour pardons from Bush?

So is Karl Rove on his way to the Bush Paraguay compound???

Shit! Citi group just dropped another 20% and is under $3 right now


Crain's New York Business reporting Gov Paterson (NY) has made a Senate choice...

School children wear masks of U.S. President-elect Barack Obama

I can't help but wonder what might've happened in the last 8 years had Gore been in the White House.

I can't help but wonder what might've happened in the last 8 years had Gore been in the White House.

Cheney offers sneak peek at Inaugural wheelchair

I'm going to explode from excitement

President Bush's one-time Bakersfield home to be museum

President Bush's one-time Bakersfield home to be museum

President Bush's one-time Bakersfield home to be museum

Fuck you Senator Cornhole

My brother . . .

Black Presidential Pix.

Bruce Fein in the Washington Times -- A Call To Investigate, Possibly Prosecute

WTF? Homeland Security issued "potential threat" statement at 10:30am ... anyone know

NC man gets $35,000 for Bush's library domain

Hold on to this thought, re: Teddy

Cheney Stopped Leaving WH With $8000 of Uncle Billy's $ Hidden Under His Blanket

Inaugural Poem

Do you think Bush knows, now, how HATED he was by his own people?

So anyone wonder what Bush/Cheney said to Obama/Binden at the

I have to take a shower, but don't want to pull away from the coverage.

Media Will Watch Obama? - Headlines 1/20/09

I just talked with the Secret Service

Student from Mumbai celebrates bush leaving


They are out of the limo...WALKING!!

Sweet Jesus. Could the man be any cooler????


Just a general question that has nothing to do with the inaugurations festivities...

Nasty Bitch just showed up

Was that planned?!

One of my childhood friends on Facebook is a big time freeper...

Jigsaw has Barack Obama as their Puzzle of the Day!

I haven't seen so many blue lights slowly following a black man since the OJ chase.

Who's dancing?

While riding in that motorcade....

This is so fucking cool

I tuned in to the OxyRush Hate Fest Hour for a few minutes just for a laugh.

looks like nbc and msnbc just meshed together.

The most psycho-insane prayer for the President to come out of FreakRepublic

A Romainian Immigrant, an American mutt and an African-American at the kitchen table this morning...

The last hour of the last day of the 8 year nightmare

Where's Biden through all of this?

Okay. Are Malia and Sasha playing with Dad's phone?

One hour left of *

Jill Biden... yowza!

How symbolic that Cheney arrived in a wheelchair

FYI about Sen. Kennedy...

Anyone Capturing the Changing of the White House Website?

Riddle me this - an Inauguration Day poll

wow-- doesn't Randi have a 7 second delay?

Jesus God, please don't let him get shot.

Was chimpy mcCokespoon able to walk to the White House

Carlos Santana launches socially conscious website

George Will let Obama drink out of one of Abe Lincoln's cups

"We Have Chosen Hope over Fear." Who Remembers Inauguration Day 2001 ?

I'd like to point out Obama's limo is showing blatant disregard for the "No stopping anytime" signs

Wolf Blitzer used to be a serious journalist. What happened?

Ms. Depakid says "the whole world is thrilled"

The Obama's are out and about!


President Obama to Al Roker; "It's warm!"

Michelle in heels

Too bad they don't show a comparison to Bush* 2001 and 2005 inauguration crowd.

Ohio's Jennifer Brunner just sent me this. (Ohio's Sec. of State)

It's starting! I am so f-ing excited!!!!!

President Obama's officially getting Beatles screams!

Right-winger breaks his promise...

I'm afraid. I'm really afraid that

I work at a Gov't lab... at 11:30, I went to lunch working for George W. Bush....

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye

And they're walking!!!

bush who?

Have you ever had a rotten family of neighbors move in next to you & stay for 5 or 10 years?

First President Obama Interview:


Republicans Are Looking Small, Scared & Inconsequential Today

Quayles, Gores and Mondales are arriving now.

This All Seems A Little Surreal To Me

Hey! Mondale! He looks fantastic!

The DOW is down slightly over 300 points

I see McCaffrey the sell-out is back after the m$m ignored

Today is the day I delete almost ALL of my Booshe images from Photobucket

May Cornyn's penis shrivel up and fall off and grow back on his face.

I've never heard Aretha sound more soulful!!!!!

Barry McCaffrey just termed waterboarding a "War Crime"

The MSNBC coverage, all day, has been absolutely giddy

My Favorite Part So Far

Buchanan, Matthews, Rachel, Beschloss on MSNBC

Me? I'm beyond thrilled. I'm fucking thrilled.

So my classes got cancelled tomorrow

Where can I get the full text of Obama's speech

A man goes to the White House and asks to see President Bush.

"The Beast" looks like a frigging tank without a turret.

Obama's speech is nearly a complete repudiation of the last eight years.

Anyone else find Pepsi's new "Yes We Can" ad campaign a bit crass?

Bush Twins Leave Obama's Daughters Beer and Cigarettes

"We're here, we're home" says Michelle

My creepy RW neighbor across the street took his flag down today

So I asked my 76 year old mother today if she had ever seen an inauguration like this.

Michelle, on arriving at the WH reviewing stand . . .

I wonder if any wingers kept their promise to leave the country when Barack became prez

Dan Quayle looks terrible

A photo of George and Laura leaving the White House


The White House web site is finally back up!

are mental illnesses such as depression & adult ADD a protected class?

Asian-American employees underreport discrimination, report finds

Thank His Doctors & The WH Staff That Teddy IS Doing OK

Inaugural Poem for the Underground

Wait a minute!!!! Didn't the Clintons walk Pennsylvania Avenue?

Do you remember that cold, rainy day? He didn't get out of the car. They threw eggs at him,

And the crowd goes wild

That band is so cool!

CNN cuts away when the FAMU band is at the review stand for a picture of the capital?

Our makeshift "Snowbama Man" -- we got a few inches of snow in NC. (pic)

CNN - thankfully has stayed with the parade

I think Cheney must be seriously ill

Get involved.

Al and Tipper! This should have been the end of THEIR term in the WH! nt

I am so PROUD of the FACT that

Chris Matthews: "The Bushes will feel like the Romanovs today."

From the USA Customer Service Department, we apologize for our service outage

Check In: Inauguration Parties!

Caption these 3 pictures.


Hail to the Chief.

Biden's grandkids are cute. But Where is Obama's family like his sister

Good News: Sen Kennedy is doing well and will be hospitalized overnight...

Can We please quit exploiting the women by analzying their footwear?

Hey Y'all - It's President Obama

YES! Michelle is all in pale yellow, a great choice. Beautiful fabric but

Superficial: I *love* those green gloves of Michelle's!

Pres. Obama Proclaims A National Day of Renewal and Reconciliation

In all seriousness, Obama, I got a big problem with you

Stupid question,, Was Clinton and Gore at Bush's 2000 swearing in? I can't recall!

Reuters: Kennedy is awake, smiling, being assessed

Ted Kennedy's gonna be OK.

What I'll take away from Jan 20, 2009...

Lord I'm sick of Pat Buchanan. That's all. n/t

MOMMA Biden!!

Does Obama do a state of the Union this year??/

Wow, no one is throwing eggs! No one is shouting him down!

YES! The moving vans are there at the WH! Now we need some sage to burn and

Michelle is Absolutely Stunning...

ok is there some station that we can listen to and hear the bands

Hail! Hail to the Victors valiant, baby!

I did it. I made it through the Bush Administration.

GWU - George Washington University - yes our float - looks terrific n/t

OMFG ... Freakin' Dan Quayle!

This last picture of this SOB is the one I'll remember best.

Obama just got his first salute as C.I.C...

C-Span has the best coverage

'Morning DU! So, Is There Anything Interesting Going On Today?

I would never watch a fricking parade for my life on the TV

William Henry Harrison gave a 90 minute inaugural address in a driving, icy rain with no coat or hat

mission (actually) accomplished....

mission (actually) accomplished....

WOW AFL CIO - unions YEeeeeeessssssss - get into Wally mart and other places quick n/t

Faux Noise bullshit: Obama and the dems are socialists...

I was wrong, and I'm glad that I was...

FYI. Senator Cornyn is another dick from Texas. Remember the other one?

Ashford and Simpson's Solid as a Rock

Hissyspit Is Proud To Announce Saging Of White House A Complete Success PHOTOS

Cheney's a dick.

Obama To America: The Frat Party Is OVER, Time To Get To Work

Was that the 'first butler' taking requests from Michelle a moment ago?

Is it just me, or was Warren's speech the most hypocritical thing, ever?

where (online) are you watching...

So Funny - the lawn rangers - with lawn mowers n/t

What an absolutely wonderful parade! And it's for someone who actually won the Presidency legally.

Poppy and Babs

I mentioned briefly-- at about 10:00 during my morning biology class...

Parents of five 9/11 victims want to keep Guantanamo open

Alright the lawn mowers just passed by....

The reviewing stand is empty - these people marching have been

Carter and Bill Clinton did not acknowledge each other

Do you think Bush noticed the crowd this time?

Woohoo! Unbelievers got a nod in Obama's speech!

What I'd Like To See Tomorrow...

The Bush Administration named the car

Hillary looks GORGEOUS.

Take 38 seconds right now and put out your US flag!

Lawn Mowers and a cardboard cutout of Reagan in the parade


A Goodbye Salute to Bush

Any word on * pardons? I've been on Mars for a few days...

Front-Row Seat

If You Haven't Done A Screen Capture Of Today's DU Front Page, You Might Want To...

SING-ALONG: Hit the road, Jack!

OK, no more excuses.

I wish Teddy would take it easy

Senate confirms 6 cabinet secretaries, puts off vote on Clinton

Oh Gawd. Michelle's feet hurt. I can tell.

Cheap Fun waiting for Obama to take charge

Nothing can stop the US Air Force!

HA! "Beautiful mind" just left her tottering husband behind at the top of the steps!!

Outstanding salute now! Needs a little more snap though.

Do you know why we few Negative posters exist?

At law school...

Bush speaking live at Welcome Home event in TX (ugh)

chimpie lands in Midland, traveling to address crowd

Does anybody know who the parade announcer was?

At the preschool I work at the kindergarteners cheered when Obama took the oath of office


A marching band is playing Viva Las Vegas!!!!!

Lord, I wish somebody would play 'Happy Days Are Here Again' n/m

In the high security euphoria, REMEMBER the oath is to preserve, protect and defend the CONSTITUTION

The second best thing that happened today!


Did I miss something? Where's Evil Dick Cheney? nt

There are a lot of bitter people at DU today.

Bush has left the White House .... I know it has been posted before but ....


I do hope the good citizens of Dallas know what to do with their old shoes...

wtf? see the chevy corvette blaring lee greenwood's 'god bless the u.s.a' in the parade?

Obama obliquely ripping Chimp with speech.

Britanni is out of surgery

On NPR they said there are protesters calling Obama the AntiChrist.

We're making plans for a summer vacation in D.C...

There are a lot of glum faces at my work today

It's over! It's really, truely over!

Anyone else totally choked up by this parade?

Norah O'Donnell's laugh is sickly

Everyone: Please wish this Young Democrat a Happy 6th Birthday Today! He's Getting A New Prez!

They just showed the moving van at the WH

Warning: There' a Chimp on the Internet Machine

Not that anyone care.AZ Lawmakers mull bill to ban partial-birth abortion

I miss Bush already.

I sobbed all day

What time is th DU marching band coming on?

Rude Rude Rude Repug...

Sen. Cornball-Cornyn couldn't disguise his contempt for Teddy

On Veterans, President Obama Off To a Great Start

OK - I DIDNT have to see that.

What's today's terra alert color?

for extra credit...what is the Secret Service code names?

As soon as Poppy and Bar were announced, there was underwhelmed silence,


So now the conspiracy idiots will have to change their $19.99 DVDs to say

NOLA! Represent!

A Right Winger's Post: "Thanks President Bush! One of the Greatest !!"

Question on closing Gitmo.

Enchante!!! From Paris to Madrid to Berlin to Ottawa to Accra, the world celebrates.....

Not for causing problems. But what are the fundies (racists) going to

How much difference four years make: MrScorpio's 2005 Inaugural Redux

Beau Biden is there!!! He got a leave from Iraq.

WTF! You can no longer listen for free to Hannity, or Rush online...LOL They are charging!!!

One question I have is Who is Treasury Secretary right now?

I bet the cold medicine market picks up by tomorrow.

I am not going to agree with everything Obama does but it's going to be great

Just saw Cater. Didn't bother to spend time talking to BushSr. Clinton.

Hey, I've played that piece

MSN Money declares Obama honeymoon over


Somebody pls tell Pat Buchanan that today's market drop is an indictment of corporate leadership NOT

"We rejoice... in America's peaceful transfer of power for the 44th time."

Obama's stuff is moving into the WHITE HOUSE!

Yay, Bush 1 looks like shit

Why did Obama have Roberts administer the oath?

"Let America be America again"

I DESPISE the way that Bill Clinton clings to Poppy.

Are purple and yellow the official colors of the day??

Obama's extended family from Africa, are they there?

Florida's contribution to Statuary Hall. It figures!

Iranian AIDS doctors sentenced to prison

Obama's address. Some themes, lines I liked - paraphrasing off the top of my head -

Are we all feeling the Excitement of having the U.S. Flag

Do us proud Mr. President...

Good Lord, I had totally forgotten Lynn Cheney existed.

I'm sorry I forget. Does Bush go back to the White House and get

"Rev Lowrey insulted all white people today" -the right wing meme on talk radio this afternoon

One hope my wife has for the Obama Girls: That the Freakin press leaves

For any lurking racists freepers who said you couldn't live under a black president

For those of us stuck at work - is there a good internet video feed?

how long before justice stevens announces his retirement?

Can we have an update-only thread for those of us who can't watch TV or stream?

There's the lovely Maya Soetoro-Ng ... I LOVE Barack's sister!

Hey Dainbramaged (and all you UAW'ers)-- this Bird's for you!!

Go! - You Masters of War's inaguration live blog round up

U.S. Supreme Court .... Birthdays ... Ages .... President who picked em

in one day we got rid of bu$h*, cheney, condi, perino, mukasey, hayden, mueller, hadley, mcconnell..

Where is the Peanut Butter coming from?

Where is the Peanut Butter coming from?

HA HA HA HA HA HA - 0 Response- 0-Applause

Say a prayer for Teddy Kennedy

Obama never gave Bush any reason to consider pardoning himself

My Yes We Did! shirt got here today!!!!

Flashback to Jan. 20, 2001.......An inauguration that wasn't so widely celebrated:

House GOP looks to triangulate

Proud they stayed the WHOLE time in honor of those marching

Notice to ALL radio stations!!!

Follow "whitehouse_gov" on Twitter

A big THANK YOU to the VOTERS of the United States of America

Why Pat Buchanan Should Shove it up His Ass

What time are they rounding up the Republicans for the resettlement camps tonight?

President Barack Hussein Obama. Am I dreaming?

Booshe, 2001-2009

Obama Became President Today Before He Took The Oath

Malia takes her own photos

Now things are serious. Aretha is in the house!

To all the good people of Texas:

It is a small thing, but I am REALLY looking forward to visiting some of my clients ......

The Inauguration as seen from space

Women of the world, you need to unite

ABC coverage just came on- the Aussies don't like the cold- mentioned Harrison

MSNBC Live: Mr and Mrs President at The Neighborhood Ball

Say Something Nice about George W. Bush here:

Ha...................the booing of Bush!!!

Here come the booooooooooooooooos

At Last.....

Barack now is surrounded by the "Presidential Bubble"

"No more Bush! No more Bush!"

Are we all feeling the Excitement of having the U.S. Flag

Ken Burns: "Today was the beginning of our third act."

I watched it was exhausting,including reports of either Kennnedy / Byrd or Both going Down

Nah nah nah nah , hey hey hey , good bye!!!

A black and white issue?

The booing is coming from down on the Mall. They will not be booing Bush in the stands. nt

See Ya ..........Suckers!

What Network is giving the best commentary/coverage ?

Cheney and Bush

Cheney In A Wheelchair....Absolute Punishment Of Power

for some reason I've been on the verge of tears for the entire day

I have called him everything under the sun in the last 8 years, but henceforth I will call him .....

Woohoo! The first dance.

Why is Cheney in a wheelchair?

Will idiot son get booed? Seems it's a possibility. Is that what


Why didn't they announce Michelle and Jill?

I hope bushitler took his nasty codpiece with him!

What the right-wing ladies had to say about the inauguration



The honorable George Walker Bush

I just got a text message update from co-workers our freaky Fundie colleague's reaction today.....

Cheney in a wheelchair because he pulled a muscle.. I bet it is just TORTURE

there he is! AWESOME.

I stuck with the Democratic Party all these years with little to show for it.

Indonesians celebrate with Obama pizza

I did not think this day would really come

Obama: Federal agencies to halt all pending regulations until his administration can review them.

Barack Obama Interview by the Boston Globe in 1990...a Retrospective

Who the fuck does Cornyn think he's impressing?

So much for this Rick Warren guy.....pfft.

Cheney being introduced...crickets chirping

Obama Pledges ‘Humility and Restraint’ in Foreign Policy

Super-duper Marriage is between same sexed couples

Obama: Non-Believers Are Americans, Too

Tonight the Republicans have no balls!

Being bi-racial, I am also proud of having America's first bi-racial President!

I wish people would shout something different ...

My Alma Mater's Band

neighborhood ball ... watch it on ABC

Um ... Bill Clinton looks pissed!

Biden- looking like the "cat's that's got the cream!"

I am a Bush survivor

Protesters of Obama had ZERO impact on the inauguration...(a few pics)


The Obama Song by Michael Franti

MLK Lecture in Social Justice: Danny Glover

Boooing Bush

OK, maybe it's just the paranoia from eight years of phantasmagorically unbelievable shit, but......

So who else still has that instictive recoil of disgust whenever they hear the words "the President"

democratic underground......

I've only felt this relieved once prior in my life! I will sleep well tonight for the first time in

Look at that swagger!!!!

Who else is happy that they can now spell "pResident" as "President"?

Have you seen the updated White House website yet?

Who knew? Eating a can of French Onion Soup can lead to more Gay Marriage !!!!

Who knew? Eating a can of French Onion Soup can lead to more Gay Marriage !!!!

Tonight the Republicans have no garumbah!

You know, Warren's invocation happened BEFORE Barack Obama took the Oath of office

Friend of Rick Warren gives a thumbs down on the invocation...

A little black girl I keep thinking about tonight.

I Was Wrong

Say it ain't so, Joe!

The crowd is amazingly HUGE!

Evil Poppy looks sick as a dog. Like when the Bushes lose the WH, the evil envelopes them, like the

Barack is spaceman cool.

Bush is giggling, laughing, smiling from east to west.

Woop! There he is!!

From the new WH website: Presidential Pets (cool pics - many dogs, two cats and a pony)

OK, when does this parade end?

President Obama - its long overdue. Hope and anger from NW Ohio

Despite all odds. Only minutes away from being president.

The Freepers all have their TVs turned off and are kicking their dogs.

ok - vp and wife at and on tv n/t

They have to rush around so much and not really get to enjoy everything

Holy Molly.......unbelievable shots of the crowds.

ONE America

Obama at work already - Obama orders a halt to all of Bush's pending regulations

On the front door of my home is...

they're 20 minutes behind schedule. Perhaps they'll skip the invocation?

My friend swears she heard on Faux that Hillary didn't get SOS?

They're running late ... they could have skipped Warren!

A Hissyspit PHOTO For You All - Bush Leaves D.C. By Helicopter

They should've had Zack de la Rocha give the inaugural poem

Bush speechwriter calls Obama's speech "Cliched"

LOL! Glenn Beck chokes up at being in Sarah Palin's presence: "You're one hot grandma!"

Official Inauguration Thread: For those of us stuck at work w/o streams

great pic....michelle & 'date'

7 minutes and 30 seconds then the adults are back in charge

Don't you just love it... "EX-president Bush"

Obama/Biden.. I love it better every day

I like the digs Obama put in his speech

Fox News on my TiVo schedule is showing Inaugural Ball, the description is interesting

Fox News on my TiVo schedule is showing Inaugural Ball, the description is interesting

the 8 year nightmare is over. I do believe we regained the world's respect

For the 1st time in eight years, I will be able to listen to a SOTU address...

Today feels like a long hot shower after not being able to bathe for 8 years

The Bush error is finally over.

*Hawk and Dove DU Meetup* (pics!)

The Canadian Embassy ......

HEre it comes - Warren!

Ok. No martial law was declared. No last minute nuking of Iran. No last minute self-pardons.


WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our President

Damn.... Jill Biden is wearing the sexiest boots...

WH Chief of Staff: Hold on right there, Skippy!

President and Mrs. Obama just came to the Neighborhood Ball! ABC.

Why are they wasting time having Feinstein speaking?

~sigh~ (PICS!)

Heads of state welcome Obama presidency (France, UK, EU, Spain, Italy)

Obama looked upset. I'm thinking after Warren was done. Flipped him off

Oh Gawd not another one!

Just say a damn prayer you scumbag Warren. Not a damn sermon.

Merkel Hopes Obama Will Launch Era of Global Cooperation

How ya doin'? Havin' fun?

Cartoon from Spain ....... What the Earth thinks

my country tis of thee--and the champagne cork is popped!!! And the tears are flowing.

Good audio feed for inauguration? Low bandwidth video?

Caption * one last time.

Scurvy spider

SHITTTTTTTTTTtt my DVR didn't record, I just got home...Will it be replayed on c-span?

I'm confused - The goodbye song to Bush was on a split screen

I'm confused - The goodbye song to Bush was on a split screen

There should be a rule that anyone riding a horse in a parade should be at the very end

Ms. Magazine Cover...

The Prayer is Mostly Painful for Me because of how the Separation of Church and State Shatters.

Okay - I'm buzzed

We are one in change. Today was amazing.

Let's separate church and state and stop having invocations at state functions.

Rick Warren is Horrible - I cannot see his appeal to the masses one bit

Those poor people are crying in the cold! Their tears will freeze!

Canadian media on Obama's inaugaration

Biden sworn in! Adios, Darth Cheney!

The contrast is remarkable, don't you think?

Bush: Egged on the Way In and Shoed on the Way Out

Al Gore looked happy.

Who's not watching the Rev speak?

Recently deceased people you wish were still alive to see today?

As if you need another reason to love San Francisco.....

Are you listening to the Military greet our President

ok now where can I view more balls - neighborhood at abc is over n/t

As Warren prays, hear that great sucking sound? It's millions of evangelicals switching sides ...

Brokaw: "You also see how stately Michelle is she's a full 6 feet and she's eye with Bush."

Empire 2009

Make mine Stevens

This is the part where Bush and Cheney both lied with their hand s on a bible

Eight years. Eight long years. Ansd in that time, not a single white house blow job was discovered.

No booing for Warren.

Why doesn't the "news" media just say...

What a contrast...

So right now ... Biden outranks Obama!

Sweet Dreams, mes amis

Malia and Sascha slide show. Ultra Cuteness Alert

They danced to one of my favorite songs at the military ball.

President Barack Obama and I were born only two months apart

Now, now, relax. The bad man is all gone. He can't hurt us any longer.

They should had started the damn agenda sooner!!

I note that the corporate media edited out or ignored all the Boos

Congratulations, Vice President Joseph Biden!

he is at the youth ball 18-35 on live right now 10:30pm EST n/t

The President is at the Military Ball. This reminds me of a dream I have had for a while .....

In His WheelChair - Cheney Really Looks Like A James Bond Villain.....nt

Bushies may get prosecuted yet

My Good Night Message: I LOVE YOU GUYS AND GALS!!!!

Anyone see Michelle & Barack's first dance? They seemed to

I turned off Rick Warren, I don't care how "nice" his prayer was.


The VP goes first? Doesn't seem proper.

Ok I am at work and TOO EXCITED !!nt

No spins, Barack!

Pastor Schtick

With the power Anything, anything you want to do


Katie the Pixie Couric just labeled Two Shoes....

Right-winger does it again...

Thank you freepers!

...against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC

Malia and Sasha slide show. Ultra Cuteness Alert

Is there usually a musical interlude between oaths?

I cannot wait until tomorrow!

List all the families yopu know who have among them, not one, but TWO failed presidents.

Senate reaches deal to vote on Clinton confirmation


Freepers send their love

"In a Winter so cold that only hope and virtue could survive"

"In a Winter so cold that only hope and virtue could survive"

Obama is NOW officially our President.

Happy America Day!!!

I don't care how cliche it is - the transfer of power is something America NAILED...

CONFESS!!!!!! Who here is posting while intoxicated!!

Come on. Swear in the President!! It's 12:00PM Now

Barack Obama is president

Hey, hey, (we) saved the world today...

Want to make a bet this is a right-wing talking point tomorrow?

Holy Cow! Did you see that protest banner in the inaugural parade???

I was over there at Free-republic

What is the root of the bad blood between Carter - Clinton

We are officially Without a president

Sweet home All Obama's

OMG, I love Appalachian Spring.

Hope Day 1

Splendid ! n/t

That has to be tough playing violin and cello in freezing temperatures

Just announced on CNN!! Barack Hussein Obama is now President of the United States!!!


I knew republicans would be happy about the market falling, they will be thrilled

NOW it is official, Obama is President, the Reign of The Error is OVER!!!


VP Joe Biden is tired... Dr. Jill Biden is wearing a knock-out red dress

VP Joe Biden is tired... Dr. Jill Biden is wearing a knock-out red dress

Dear, Right Wingers. We're coming after your Bibles.

People are txting me from all over the world

Dear Right-wingers, we're coming after your manhood.

Oh shit, he said Hussein. Fucking A!

Ted Kennedy was WONDERFUL

this is not a day i expected to enjoy in my lifetime...

Guess what congressman Chris Matthews was talking about.

Dear Right Wingers. Mandatory yearly abortions. Men included.

Lovely dress First Lady Obama

So, Cheney's In A Wheelchair, IS HE STANDING UP AT ALL????

Do we get a real FDA now? One that doesn't abet poisoners and try to cut its' own budget?

Biden is now acting president.

Obama Presidency Marks The Death of Reaganism

Dear Right Wingers. Gay marriage for everybody is coming!

Dear Right Wingers: Do you mind if we dance with your dates?

Dear Right Wingers. We're coming after your white women

Can't get enough of hearing "president" obama!!!! n/t

Dear Right Wingers, it's me, Chelsea

44. Barack Hussein Obama!

"Congratulations, Mr. President..."


Can we call the theme of the first Obama administration, "New Pragmatism?"

I came home from work to watch the inaugural

Dear Right Wingers: You've just been humiliated.

Leno says the Roberts' flub was the second major SC mistake.

I wish my Mom was alive to see this.

The Interregnum is OVER.

Dear Right Wingers: We're taking Fox News and Talk Radio

Dear Right Wingers. SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Faux News, already in rare form......

120 day freeze on military tribunals at Guantanamo Bay.

The nightmare is officially over

Dear Right Wingers. We're letting EVERYONE in!

Congratulations, Mr President!

Dear Right wingers: You must learn science now.

Dear right winger, you will pay OUR taxes...

Dear Right Wingers. We're coming after your assault weapons

Wishing Sen. Kennedy speedy recovery.

Dear Right Wingers. We're replacing the Constitution with the Communist Manifesto

Gotta Find Out Who's Decision It Was To NOT Say "Hussein"...

Yeah, I'm just not that thrilled.

One word of Hope:

And the entire fucking planet says "Thank (deity of your choice) THAT's over!!"

An email from John Conyers

dear right wingers, we're going to teach your children how to have sex

Today's wet rag.

Our long national nightmare is OVER! God Bless President Barrack Hussein Obama!

Dear Right Wingers. No more wars!

Dear right winger, we will print the 10 commandments in every toilet bowl...

OMG. He's botching the oath. What. The. Hell.

He's not Darth Vader he is Doctor Strangelove...

Damn. Letterman's a rerun tonight.

So what do you think Bush's note says to Obama? just changed!!

Dear flying monkey right wingers: We are going to nationalize the banking system.

If not "At Last," what should Barack and Michelle dance to next?

Dear Right Wingers: FUCK YOU!

Did Roberts screw up the oath as badly as he screws up the Constitution?

Get out the barf bags, It' s Prick Warren time.

I can't believe I made it this far!

"We remain a young nation"

Somewhere in Texas, a village is no longer missing its idiot.

The Obamas First Inaugural Dance To Beyonce (VIDEO)

Hey - I just realized - where are the DU decorations?

OK who else is afraid that the White House is full of bugs

Justice Stevens looked thrilled up there

i'm trying to go to to see the new site

The Beast: Obama Rolls In An Armored Cadillac Stagecoach

Good Riddance EX-VP Cheney!

Thank you DUers... It's been a long hard road.

Someone at work just told me Obama's oath wasn't "legal" today

Boy, did W look pissed that he's no longer Pretzeldent.

Well, we know the new direction for TDS fnd Colbert .. Bush and Cheney

Tuskegee Airmen in the house! How sweet that is. nt

Wolfie Interupted The Music To Announce Obama Is Now President

This is a GREAT Inaugural Address!

PATIENCE, even in the most optimistic of circumstances

"Their memories are short."

Official DU Inauguration Poem Thread

Limbaugh Having A Pity Party

Tha Williams thing is pretty awful

Text of Obama's Speech

Commander in Chief ball is at attention!

Before the conspiracies start: I think Roberts screwed up the oath due to nervousness.



Obama's putting the screws to Bush.

Dear right-wingers: now you know what it's like to feel like a stranger in your own country. Enjoy.

Do you think we can't have the ERA? Yes, we can!

To celebrate post inaugural Bush-Co departure my lunch consisted of salmonella tainted

White House update - ServPro came yesterday to get the stale weenie smell out.*

I do believe that Obama put in a few digs at Bush43 nt

Dear Right Wingers. Christmas is now ILLEGAL

we reject as false the choice between our safety and our ideals

Check his birth certificate!

Roberts screwed up the oath!!

Obama's speech, the media's reporting, all us weeping Americans.. you'd think we just emerged f

"Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus, and NON-BELIEVERS"

Chers Droits Ailiers. Le Français est maintenant la langue officielle de l'Amérique.


As the snow swirls here in Raleigh, I'm certainly glad it's clear there

"The market fell more than 300 points on fears that the bailout does not do enough for banks"

So I take my kid to school today in behind the red curtain of OC

Please donate to the Trevor Project today in Rick Warrens name

Vice Presidential Handlers Lure Cheney Into Traveling Crate

Obama just mentioned non-believers in his inaugural!

Oh yes...Michelle is such an "angry black woman", isn't she?


I can't believe a former Constitutional scholar...

Will there be a baby boom in October?

Freepers - delusional to the end.......Check out their "Goodbye President Bush" thread:

This is AWESOME!

This is AWESOME!

IF President Obama had NOT "repeated after" John Roberts' oath goof...

Oy! Getta a look at Maya!

Sasha is so cool. She has great body language, great attitude.

Ladies and gentleman - we finally have a leader in the Whitehouse!

Pssssst....go to

I'd like to gather all those who knew George Bush would not give up the office.

He actually mentioned NON-BELIEVERS!

CELEBRATE tonight stop being downers

Upon seeing Dick Cheney in a wheel chair

President Obama is not beating around the bush, no pun intended

Dear copycats: there's no comma after "Dear" when opening a letter.

to bob_weaver's awesome photoshop pic ... adding a quote from MLK

What a really bad invocation

What a really bad invocation

Thrill over. Start the arrests.

I'd hate to be Bush right now seeing the love for our new President compared to the hate for him.

Backbone, Class, Humility, Understanding, Sense of History, Vision for the Future,

This must be a very painful day for white supremacist assholes

Beautiful speech. I was getting choked up at the end, anyone else?

1800 tickets **still** available ..... and they were ***free***

Wow! I'm just speechless. It's truly amazing.

That is my President!

"The Zombie Brigade"

RWers: How dare they have a Jew and a Chinaman, a Nigra and a Girl play that egghead music??? nt


New White House Web Site Feature

President's speech here

A present for my fellow DUers and Thank You!!!

Rev Lowery and my self talk about this day 2 years ago .

Here is the text of the Oath of Office according to the Wiki page

He's so nervous

I cannot tolerate hate.

A moment of Silence to remember DUers who are not with us on this historical day

With 37 words, America is America again.

With 37 words, America is America again.

First Lady Michelle Obama!

"When brown can stick around".

What an amazing day...

thank God for Lowery

How many digs has Obama gotten on Bush so far during the speech?

I unwittingly bought a book at Borders that praises Pinochet. Ask me anything.

More indignant Facebook users over the "mocking and jeering" of Bush.

soooo, were there any last minute pardons?

Obama to latchkey parents: Get your asses in gear

The best, most profound line from his speech, IMO

Michelle's dress - how do you like it?

OK, my turn: Dear right-wingers, it's not patriotic to criticize the Commander in Chief during a war


Bush Dies Peacefully In His Sleep

Congrats to Skinner and crew. DU alive and kicking

Hey before we forget - Happy Birthday DU

And Now, I'm Going To Take PRESIDENT OBAMA'S Suggestion.... And Go To Work.

Did You Catch Vice President "Uncle Joe" Biden...

Bush the elder is 4 months older than Carter

BOOOOOO.... that sound will be in Bush's memory for years to come

Is it weird how incredibly happy Laura Bush looks?

Barack and Michelle dance like they still have sex.

Well, that was Magnificent

Where were you.... When Obama took the Oath of Office?

Jerkoff and scumbag to the very end.....(Caption please)


A Weary World Rejoices!!!!!

Dancing to "At Last".....again!

Herr Cheney being rolled out! n/t

Video of the Oath up on Youtube now

How should we interpret those remarks by Jill Biden ?

Was the upskirt shot of young Barbara Bush REALLY necessary?

Obama's Inauguration: Picture Gallery from DER SPIEGEL (dial-up warning)

Bush didn't pardon ANYONE?

The evil fuckers look really sick (Cheney, Poppy, Quale).The good people look great (Bill, Carter.

Say It!


Something about Cheney in that wheelchair familiar ...hmmmm ...where have I seen it before???

Krugman- Obama's Team Signals It's Taking the Taxpayer Ripoff Route to Saving Our Financial System

The nightmare is over, I now have hope

Here comes our Nixonian moment! The copter is ready and waiting.

So, any news about last minute pardons?

Don't let the door hit you on the way out, Georgie!

WTH is up with Poppy's hat?

Three living Democratic presidents!

There he goes, the DC airlift.

I officially no longer care what Bush and Cheney and their families are doing right now.

"...and non-believers."

The man on the left has an approval rating of 79% -the man on the right

Yea he's getting some tonight....

How Comes The Obama Gets To Be A Presidents?

Bye-bye, President Bonehead!

Naomi Wolf: Obama inauguration: A new tone. No more fake optimism for the people

hahaha, did you hear what's his name on CNN just say the Bushes are GONE. They're outta there!

Rachel just said 1.8M

Id rather not have any prayers, but if one must happen...Lowery's Is Absolutely Perfect n/t.

And don't come back!

Matthews: Biden will be our Ed McMahon.

Time to dust off your American flag....

no motorcade?

CNN: "President Douchebag" -- CHECK THIS OUT

BREAKING NEWS: Former Vice President Cheney at the age of 67!

Knowing that bonehead

DO LET THE DOOR HIT YOUR ASS on the way out, you Monkey-Ass Chimperor, Chimpy McCokeSpoon!!! nt

see ya.....wouldn't want to be ya....

It's a Brand NEW Day!

Color him GONE.

Goodbye, smirking chimp. nt

Read this great speech here: (text - not a link)

Honestly, who gives a shit about the oath screwup?

Bush has left the room!

Yes its over !!!!!!!!!!!

I rocked out in my car to this song today...thought it captured the spirit of this historic day:

Na-na-na-na ... na-na-na-na ... hey hey hey ... GOODBYE!

Excellent!!! The crowd gave Bush a proper send off. LMAO

when does bush fly away for good?

Sorry, dupe. nt

Suspicious Helicopter sighted over DC....

From a friend: A song to commemorate Bush's departure:

Junior is bailing on the lunch for Obama...Brian Williams said "he will not be hanging around"

Funniest moment of the day:Cheney getting wheeled out the White House

Nya nya nya nya! Hey hey, goobye!

Can you guys keep a secret?

Bush and Pickles leaving from the capitol? Has that been done before?

Aaaaand heeeee's OUTTA here!

WHat happens the rest of the day? agenda? I know balls are tonight

the crowd singing-nah nah nah nah nah nah hey hey goodbye

It was a good day, a very good day, except...

The ADULTS have taken over!

Bush looked pissed while walking with Obama - muttering something...

Singing "NA NA NA NA Goodbye" on the Mall. MSNBC NOW! (nt)

AND NON BELIEVERS! Shout out to the Atheists!

Watch this space.

I'm elected. Get used to it.

President Obama is signing something.

To all the Freepfuck fucking fuckheads who think that a bobbled....

**** OFFICIAL DU INAGUARLA BEER COUANT *** Hic! Iam at Hic! numero 4-oh!!! I mean 4, not 4 zero

Refresh my memory. But isn't Roberts a bush appointee? Man it's like

Lol. Denzel isn't going to miss this one

Na na na na. Na na na na. Hey hey hey. Goodbye!

Ok, he's been president for 57 minutes, have you gotten your Pony and Pie yet?

Special Air Mission 28000 is ready to take the jug-eared little prick back to Texas.

Streaming video of Dick Cheney's lunch

CNN: It was tough for George Bush to hear Obama's speech

The Real Story of Roberts' Flub . . .Obama caught it.

Change has come to America

Leave it to Bush appointed John Roberts to fuck it up.

Someone give Cheney his rifle and tell him the copter is a bird.

that poem sucked. good god... why the hell did they approve that crap?

Joe Biden's smile

Congrats, Americans!

Former President Bush being Escorted out by President Obama

CNN talking about Roberts messing up oath.


Guess which major nation doesn't have a Secretary of State today?

Shout out to the Secret Service and the high strength Lexan industry.

CNN called out Roberts.


Comedy from Free Republic...

MSNBC background noise: "Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey, GOODBYE!!!" NT

Now, how does this make any sense at all...according to the

Here's a does Cheney get home?

Stephanie Tubbs Jones is Smiling and Dancing in Heaven with Toot


Is there any more info on how to make a name change?

What time does the parade start?

A Leader in the White House

Any other DUers make it back from The Mall yet?


Here's a does Cheney get home?


Lowery grateful that nation believes 'yes we can'

Roberts flubbed (intentionally?!?) the oath! Obama not president says the fringe!

"Restore science to its rightful place"

Fuck TIME WARNER CABLE!! Who here doesn't have sound on their television?

WHY did Chief Justice Roberts CHANGE THE SCRIPT?

Now hear this! Now hear this! THE NIGHTMARE IS OVER!

PRESIDENT Obama to America: "I'm a lefty. Get used to it."

OMG - Cheney in that wheelchair

The Inauguration Picture taken from a Space Satellite.-edited to add one more

My favorite new Dilbert Toon....... good in most arguments with


'tis the gift to be simple, 'tis the gift to be free,

Inaugural crowds may reach 2 million

Inaugural crowds may reach 2 million

And on a pettier note...

Praise our Veterans today!!

Nah, nah, nah, hey hey hey good bye!

Warren looked like the buffoon and the charlatan that he is.

They are going to have a three-course meal

Photo Gallery: The inauguration of Barack Obama

"We will restore science to its rightful place"

Check out the website for the Whitehouse

Why are they still showing the CHIMP??

It's like they're a SuperCouple! (PIC)

Did he just say "settled the West"?

Anybody have a link to a pic of * taking off in the helicopter after the ceremony?

I've been walked out of a bar for making an ass of myself before

I'm so mad about Roberts I don't remember if Obama said his full name

Does MSNBC own hat stock or something?

My President, Barack Hussein Obama

And he didn't use the Koran

Goodbye George (Reprise)

Would somebody PLEASE drag Peggy Noonan's wrinkled old ass off the set??

President Obama was just shown signing a few documents...

Was Roberts being an asshole? I think so.

How many minutes of Chris Matthews can you withstand?

On behalf of the world (if I may presume) I thank President Obama!

The Sweetest Revenge is happening...the Bush's and Cheneys forced to endure

what an amazing man

You Took the Best Years of My Life!

"Apres moi, le deluge"

Enjoy this- great reaction by freepers to bush's na-na-na good bye

Yeah, I've got it on mute now.

The MSNBC gang are cracking us up.

Rosa got kisses from both Obama and Biden!!

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Happy Inauguration day!!

Adult lunchon menu: What are the kids getting think I might like that.


Obama and Roberts just shared a quick laugh at the luncheon

How some evangelical leaders are reacting to Obama...rather mixed.

So... when are we going to find out about *'s pardons?

Stupid fucking asshole Roberts!

"We have chosen hope over fear"

I just realized why Roberts messed up the Oath of Office ...

Why the fuck is Brokaw worried about what Bush thought of the speech?

It may sound corny but I'm so proud of America today-it's been a

It may sound corny but I'm so proud of America today-it's been a

I stand with our Commander in Chief and our troops!

Proposed Constitutional Amendment: Presidents are required to smoke

What a wonderful day in the history of our nation!

"Obama, Obama, Obama..." LOL! I was on the phone with

Damn, I actually feel good browsing the White House's website now.

Order of the Inaugural Parade down D.C.'s Pennsylvania Avenue

From THE Official White House Web Page--- LGBT Rights

DUers that want the Bush/Cheney administration criminals prosecuted check-in thread

Pinch Me

DiFi seems Enamored- She is sharing the Limelight

Who does the dishes at the Bush house tonight?

I'm not usually drunk by noon on a Tuesday morning

Need an Obama bumper-strip - right NOW? Print one here on DU.


Video: Happy "Obama is President Day"(from my little sisters)

Breyers is an ass

I think Diane Feinstein is doing a great job as emcee today.

01/20/2009--SMART IS BACK!!!!!

Obama serious slammed Bush and Cheney in the speech......

please DU my LTTE-it needs help(printed today)

Some of the students in the PS where I work think VP Biden is gay.

Can we tell the Secret Service that Chief Justice Roberts threatened Obama's life?

Waahh. I have no TV and I can't get a stream anywhere.

Can anyone with any experience with healthcare..

Rahm Emanuel stuck sitting next to Cindy McCain at the luncheon

PHOTO: "No! Don't make me go Barack! I won't go!"

any indication of when the president will rescind the global gag rule?

Buchanan's saying the market had a "bloodbath"

Grammar Nazi Rampage! "constructionist" Roberts alters Constitution to repair split infinitive.

Re: Roberts--Think this had anything to do with it?

Did you think this day would never get here?

Anyone else catch the use of "Forbearers" instead of "Forfathers?"

YouTube freeper comments

Fate is a Fickle Bitch.

A Great Gettin' Up Morning (my essay on...well...all this)

Biden!!!! woooohoooo!

Over 300 teachers stood arm in arm watching the oath of office with tears flowing

Roberts Screwed up administering the Oath to Obama

A National Day of Renewal and Reconciliation

take down the pictures

Just IMAGINE the HARM Smirko McCokespoon could've done if he were INTELLIGENT?

So, How Long Will It Be Before Stevens, Ginsberg and Souter Retire?

Those fucking rightwingers just do NOT fucking get it:

What a juxtaposition! The world's most beloved man ushering out the world's most hated man.

Air Failure One is taking off. nt

Hey, Freepers, that's PRESIDENT

Not Another Fucking Prayer!!!

Not Another Fucking Prayer!!!

CQ Transcript: Elizabeth Alexander’s Inaugural Poem

Nice work Warren, Nice Prayer

Both George Bush and Barack Obama believe in freedom.

I bookmarked for the first time in 8 years

A Song for January 20th, 2009

"We must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and begin again the work of remaking America."

Faith as Discussed (Now) on

I will say this, I saw WAY too much fur wearing today...

Record Attendance Today? Ya think?


How long before freepers claim the crowd was just there to see Aretha?

Wow. Bush is gone.

Brother in da house !

LOL ... my puppy just saw Bush on TV and BARKED at him!

Oathgate in full swing. DRUDGE spinning it as an Obama flub.

I will not be patient. If Obama doesn't fix Bush's mess by next week, I'm calling for impeachment

I would love to being browsing the classified archives of the cabal

How long until freepers claim Barack isn't the President because Roberts fucked up the oath?

ORiley burning up the airwaves...worried about expense

Kelly O'Donnell: "Hillary Clinton Gave an Earful to Sen. Cornyn"

The President of the USA is smarter than I am.

Crowd: 3-4 million

How am I going to reset my Bush countdown clock?

Let me revise my statement about the inaugural poet. And apologize.

Justice Roberts needs to be Fired!

Online Cable News Streams

Well, I see that Warren got his coverage.

Rush burning up the airwaves...calls all the speeches Godly Goop!

Yes we can.

When I saw Obama and Biden standing together today, God help me,

President (!) Obama was signing a Proclamation of Renewal and Reconciliation

Eight years of my life lost to a bad internet connection

It was a GREAT DAY and a GREAT DAY IT WAS to be a DEMOCRAT....

Lowery grateful that nation believes 'yes we can'

OK, a poll's obviously in order here: What should we dub fhe flub?

Eight bungled years...

Ass hole Drudge changed his banner to Obama AND Roberts messed up oath of office

Any day now

Ok NPR didn't like the speech. pat buchannan liked the speech.

Limbaugh Bleeps Out "Hussein" While Replaying Oath

Limbaugh Bleeps Out "Hussein" While Replaying Oath

University of Phoenix just ran a TV ad that said, "Congratulations, Mr. President."

Has President Obama really changed?

The reign of evil sorcerers has passed over. Their spells are dissolving.

Any amateur estimates on crowd size?

MSNBC called out Roberts

caption this pic...

Is it wrong to laugh at Cheney rolling around in his wheelchair?

President Obama's Inaugural Address

The praise of Warren here is exactly and precisely what our problem was with his choice

Tell me what's missing when you run this slideshow

First time in eight years I will utter the phrase "My President" or "Our President" instead of "the.

Pat Buchanan: President Obama's Speech was Fresh, Powerful, Moving!

Jill's boots:


Okay since the end of an error happened today which of the Supreme court justices will retire?

The booing/jeering at Bush: appropriate or tacky?

OMG!!! Did Kennedy collapse at the luncheon?

Time to dust off your American Flags and fly it in support our first ELECTED President in 8 years!

Good by and good riddance GWBush. You're done screwing us over! We, the people

"Seafood Stew."

I Didn't Think It Would Hit Me

Obama inauguration scenes from around the world

Stewie Griffin's message to the outgoing administration & The British Poodle

Look what's up at with NO apology or minced words

"PRESIDENT Barack Obama."

C-Span Giving Remarks About Kennedy Right Now!! n/t

Breaking: Ted Kennedy collapses at luncheon

What was the Kay- son reference in the speech

Obama speaking about Kennedy, looks emotional

BREAKING: Sen. Kennedy taken from luncheon after collapsing...

What's missing from this picture?

I love that Obama just said his administration will surely make mistakes.

Sorry....this is funny!

Michelle just handed Laura Bush a gift.

Aircraft experts Need help identifying military aircraft circling the Mall during the inauguration.

Biden was President for like 5 or 6 minutes

It's over. For real.

Anyone have an MSNBC live stream?

Fuck you Rick Warren

He hasn't had time to see the new house, Rachel: "He had other things on his mind"

Obama: A part of me is with Teddy

Oh shit...CNN is saying that BOTH Byrd and Kennedy had "medical issues"...

Sen Kennedy taken out of luncheon on stretcher

Senator Byrd had health issues as well

Joe Biden at luncheon: Reminding us there are THREE branches of gov't

AP acknowledges that Roberts flubbed the oath.

Senator Kerry shown helping Maya put her coat on.

An Obama Puzzle....

Roberts screwed up. Twice.

Rapture Ready freaks...

What was that line in Obama's speech about Science...?

OK, this is what CNN is reporting: Both Byrd and Kennedy had


The (Inaugural) Poem --

You realize, of course, that today the Supreme Court is safe ... for now

If you think the OATH didn't go quite right. Let's work to make sure he gets a second shot at it.

So...who was taken back to a high school lockerroom when Warren read the Lord's Prayer

I've been watching C-Span from early on Re: Ted Kennedy.............

Predictions: what was written in Bush's note to Obama?

Keep in mind: Justice Roberts was the guy who coordinated the protests against the 2000 FL recount

~ Prayers for Senators Byrd and Kennedy ~

Obama LEFT the luncheon to be with Kennedy before returning.

What Today Means....

CNN reporting: Hatch said Kennedy gave him "the old Irish grin" as we went into ambulance.

Let's have a parade!

Wow! Did anyone just see Hillary on MSNBC?

I love the "Old Guard"....

OOPS Keith just said president elect and vp elect

Front page of the New Era, Lancaster, PA's afternoon paper. Special inaugural edition

I am with you, Mr. President.

Did you see Obama reviewing the troops?

I bought a new flag for today

Lowery towering over Pastor Schtick

Will the flubbed oath become the new birth certificate for desperate freepers?

'I'll never vote for a black person'

Thank you to Barack - and to Aretha -and to Bob

**** Our Best Wishes for Senators Kennedy and Byrd***********

Reid on Senate floor asking for Executive Session to discuss Hillary confirmation.

To EVERYONE that told us to chill out over Warren

Finally, a president that writes his own speeches!

Vice President Dick apparently was in wheel chair because he sprained his back packing boxes ...

What was that humongous tome Biden was sworn in on?

Finally we once again have a First Lady of depth and substance that we can be PROUD of. Her outfits

Proud, joyous, relief...

Fixed News "Roberts corrects Obama after oath stumble"

President Obama!

How Awesome Is It To See A Presidential Motorcade Again Without Hundreds Of Middle Fingers?

Just one of the many reasons America is great

Finally, A President for the People

Both Kennedy AND Byrd? What the fuck?

look at how attentive the secret service agents are

Toomin, or whatever his name is on CNN is fucking out of his mind!

You didn't hear this one on Fox News

Very very cool parade. If you aren't watching, turn it on. It takes you back and gives a great

It would be nice if they showed the parade instead of just people talking about the parade

One final diplomatic incident

I would love to know if anyone else here in the Lounge knows this band...

CNN just reported on air Kennedy is with his family & doing "a little bit better"

To the new Commander-In-Chief Of The Armed Forces Of The United States

Holy cow Beck's looks good

BushCo shot of in-security at Inauguration: show of force trumps common sense

Security nightmare coming up--parade march.

I'm gonna be on campus tomorrow during all the hoopla. (and probably most of the rigamorole too)

Here he comes!

madinmaryland is a total jerk. Don't ask why.

He is getting out...........

Oh goody. Freepers new controversy: "He's not really President because he didn't say the oath."

Chills -

Poll: Sound card is blown--posted Youtube-videos to one's blog

the dow jones industrial verdict on the bush years: down

2001. Darkened Limo at 30 MPH, straight to the White House.

Finally!! The President is out of the car!!

I hope Obama gets out of the car at 15th Street NW

Reuters saying Sen. Kennedy awake and answering questions. (MSNBC reports)

Anybody watching BBC America now.

My stupid puppy no longer warms my bed

It was a good prayer for a while.

Well, it is finally the 20th, just a few more hours to go.

Do not look for pictures of broken canine teeth on the internets

I have to start thinking of what I'm going to do to help President Obama save our country.

I give you "animated dancing person gif thing from intertubes"

I am sitting here listening to some of my new Christmas CDs...

What food you love gives you the worst gas?


What's on Your Inaugural Party Menu?

Is Scalia trying to be the next Medici Pope? How 'bout that hat? n/t.

The reviews are in (photo)

My son's "white bread" elementary school has covered the Inaugural today.

I love my country

I'm ashamed to say I havent seen the movie Network until just now.

The second to last time it snowed here, I was just a little kid.

I was 'attracted' to a co-worker....I told another co-worker, "hey I may be married, but

I'm getting a new President for my birthday.

Them boots are for walking ....

This is fucking amazing, Obama out waving, smiling, everyone cheering, screaming, whistling

"Police officers fire streams of pepper spray into a crowd of protesters after demonstrators"

I feel so WHOLE today.

Question about The Matrix

Thank God Kennedy speaking and alert

Any word yet on who Obama will pick for FEMA director? Commerce Sec? n/t

What is the better First Edition book find?

Look, no one is throwing eggs!!!

It's going to be dark before the end of the parade

I love bucking horses!


President Barack Hussein Obama

Am I the only one who is a nervous wreck?

And ... he's out of the car again!

Want to hear what Bush was singing in that helicopter? Here it is:


1.20.09 - The Inauguration of Barack Obama and the day it snowed in North Carolina! YEEHAW!

Ok who parked the fricking drumline right underneath my hotel room window???!!!

Is that a bus in the parade?

Who else is making peach cobbler today?

Best website to watch inauguration?

YOu don't think they're gonna cancel the parade, do you?

MSNBC reporting that Bush did NOT pardon anyone today. No flurry of last-minute pardons.

MSNBC reporting that Bush did NOT pardon anyone today. No flurry of last-minute pardons.

Reactions from around the world:

It's INAUGURAL MORNING on the West Coast!

So can we change our usernames now?

Are we getting a new president today or something?


I don't remember ever seeing such a screaming crowd like this before.

Can You Feel a Brand New Day?

Omg, laryngitis, noooo!

So. Anything going on the news today?

Good morning Lounge

I hope you don't mind if this morning I indulge you in some U2

Tomorrow i will celebrate being on DU for 8 years,and i need your help to reach 2000

Song for DUers and others all over today : president has walked since Carter...this is amazing

I can't work

I turned to the Faux News channel to see what they're doing today.

"A resetting of America"

As we venture forward into a new era I'd like to say one thing

Mardi Gras season has started.....

Al Roker just got Obama to yell to him on the sidelines.

vibes for McTaTa's

In case I haven't said it lately, I (heart) my new President.

Biden kids got out of the limo to at the second walk.

I dreamed last night I was working for Brian Wilson, as a sort of gofer.

Transcript: President Obama Delivers Inaugural Address

I watched Michelle and Barack get into the limo after church

I love bucking authority!!!

Info request: Presidents who have walked part or all of their parade route

Washington is so gorgeous in the setting sun. Even more gorgeous today.

David Gergen - Speech Not For The Ages, But The Here and Now

I spent 3 1/2 hours running the chainsaw and splitting firewood yesterday.

I'd like to pause on this important juncture in American History and reflect on this sober thought:

Today brings about big changes for me at work

Rec this thread if ppl complaining about ppl complaining abou ppl reccing should be recc'ed

The MSNBC announcers are giddy with all of the excitement!

Fox Moran: "...that's the money shot, right?"

Wait...isn't there supposed to be a ceremonial tossing of eggs and fruit?

Band from Obama's high school leads off

Anyone else feel like you're friend was Inaugurated today?

You know... the more I look back, the more I think if you didn't go to college in the '90's...

Welcome, everyone to the best hour of the Bush Presidency!

give Kid Rock this much

3:20 AM Suited up for the cold and heading out

This Inauguration Is SO AWESOME!!!!!!

What at event will DU be at Defcon 1?

Gather round, Loungers


CNN Video: "This is my moment too"

When does Bush land?

When does Bush land?

So how many days' drunk is Shrubbie gonna go on starting tonight?


Holy cow Glenn Beck looks good.

"What's the date today?"

What's that sound?

I just got a big laugh. The audio feed emitted a loud shriek because the server is overloaded.

Happy 8th birthday, DU!

Watching the coverage from the University of Washington Health Sciences Library.

No body around me has speakers on their computers..

He said the Doers..(DUers)

*Puff* *Puuufffff* *Puffffffffffffffffff* *whoooooooooosh-cough-cough*

The tears are starting.

Say it with me, "PRESIDENT OBAMA!!!!!"

Is it normal for people to pack Times Square for the Inauguration?

"Barack AIYTCH Obama"?!?!? I'm gonna mertylize that announcer!!!

I'm trying to run Bit Torrent and I am getting a port forwarding error message.

Do you see that? He put his hand over his heart.


Y'all should hear all my windchimes right now, they are ringing in our new President.

The former president! Dang, how good that sounded!

I don't mean to be critical, but is Michelle wearing enough to not get sick?

Faked News Channel: New Deal Did Not Work...

My Friend Mordechai just called me from Israel!



What an improvement to NOT see Lynne Cheney.

"We reject as false the choice between our safety and our ideals." nt

**SPOILER ALERT** Attention

The second President Obama begins his inauguration speech

I hate Password Day!

Our long national nightmare is over.

Does anyone have a fifty-foot "Mission Accomplished" banner I can stick on my house?

We have destroyed the Death Star

Anyone have any strategies for combating tiredness?

"It's Still There!"

"Do you think little kids think Obama is some kind of God?"

My neighbor put this up today

The beagle and I are going for a walk, just to take it all in.

Rednecks: It'll be a cold day in Hell before the US has a Black President...

Ladies and Gentlemen: The President of the United States of America...

It's such a perfect day. I'm glad I spent it with you

The President s New Wheels are......

How about some "special day" music

Did the MSNBC person

DU seems buggy. Time to go to defcon, istm. nt

Fox is focusing on Bush. As if anyone gives a rat's ass. nt

Man stole KY jelly and pregnancy tests

I want a drink. What should I have?

I want a drink. What should I have?

Now, *that's* preachin'!

A reason to be thankful for the Roberts screw up...

all i can say is WOW!

8 yrs. ago....I was locked up against my will in a mental ward....

The new C. in C. better get used to returning salutes.

Joe Biden is a TRIP! Look at him hamming it up out there!

DING DONG! the Witch is Dead. Which old Witch? The Wicked Witch!

Oh My. Our President looks soooo good Saluting!


Once again it will be a pleasure to wake up every morning knowing that we have....

Cheney didn't hurt his back moving boxes

How does one sleep through Inauguration Day???

Just Wish My Mother had lived to share this day with me.

Time Has Come Today

Its 10:45am Pacific Time, And I have had tons of beverages

Did anyone see BARACK'S BROTHER today??

I have to go change my profile now

Inaugural Pics (apologies to dial-uppers)

Ok...anyone here *NOT* watching the inauguration?

Are those Biden grandkids with Michelle's brother?

I wish Obama had worn a kilt today.

Freepers call for Obama's impeachment because he didn't properly recite the oath of office

You DO realize there's only 45 minutes of daylight left in DC, right?

Hey! Al Roker rode on the bus to the Pentagon with my old HS marching band!

I want to thank my wife

The skinny kid with the funny name is about to become our 44th President of the United States

What did you do when Sick Rick Warren came on with the invocation?

Apparently the freepers have dubbed President Obama an "empty suit",

Now it's official!


Keep an eye out for that Obama kid: I think he's gonna go places and do things

I am so choked up with pride in my country

My favorite comment about Cheney's wheelchair status

The Crowd sang Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Goodbye to Bushie as he flew off

Thanks to Obama, the POTUS number is again greater than my age.

I can't stop smiling

Warren spits in Obama's face; stains unity theme

Obama is giving the Hawaiian hand signal -- the shaka -- to the band

From the weirdos of the DU Lounge to President Barack Obama


I feel for Michelle!

Man in a Hurry: "a man who had already memorized a few lines that another had not"

Did you see those ladies on the horses?

Anyone else tracking the wheelchair movements?


"Awesome speech Dad". I think that is what he daughter said. Anyone else catch that?? nm

the dolt in the cubicle next to me has a petition

Say, Is Jill Biden rocking a miniskirt under that coat?

The daughters

Need help with Obama and babies post from the primaries

That Thomas Hill painting at the luncheon is gorgeous!

Now I can say I've met the President


My son called from Iraq just before Obama was sworn in.

Commander in Chief!!

OK I have to leave the Library now, and go back to drinking beverages and celebrate

I think I'm going to sit around and drink wine for the rest of the day

Arewethereyet? Arewethereyet? Arewethereyet?

A moment of Silence to remember DUers who are not with us on this historical day

Does anyone have the text of the benediction by

What caused the 1994 Congressional Democratic Bloodbath/Massacre?

Poetry wars in GD

And he will rejuvenate dry, cracked hands, feet, and elbows.

I am thinking of changing my name to

We watched the inauguration in school today!

So what's the best farewell song for alleged president George W. Bush?

"I dunno why you guys are so upset - I mean you finally got OJ.."

Michelle: We're here! We're home!

Can anyone tell me who the president is?

One of the Best Things About Democracy

76 Trombones "led" the big parade...

Barack Obama has more political capital now than any other President in the history of the union.

I know Barack is the 44th President.

so i have a Lounge question, about an article my H sent to me

Any weeping freeper posts?

Commander in Chief!!

An Inaugural Message for the Disgruntled Freeps

I didn't realize the President was left handed--

So when somebody criticizes the President now....

Facebook Status Updates Hit 1M During Inauguration

They are some of the deadliest people on the planet... and they're right next to the new President.

I love Reverend Lowery. Best closing of a prayer I have ever heard.

Does anyone have that site...?

Obama has a cadallac limo?

I'm putting together a Grammar Raiding Party

Headline on Google News says "Former President Bush"

The Stig a/k/a Ben Collins

The President is telling the Hawaiian marching band to

The Empire State Building is red, white, and blue tonight.

No eggs or tomatoes?

So what should we use instead of "*"

Transcript of Joseph Lowery's Benediction

Please forgive me for asking the following question.

I know we've said it before but .... YES WE DID!

Now my racist co-worker thinks Sarah Palin is the only good Republican

Mayor Of Portland Confesses to Relationship with Ex Intern

So I guess the Secret Service aren't allowed to wear gloves.

Presidential Cupcakes

I taped the inauguration, SO DON'T TELL ME HOW IT ENDS!!!111

How Did We Manage To Avert a Bush Administration Coup?

So I heard something that really disturbed me today

any thoughts on the screen name- Cogent Misanthrope ?

How sweet it is , get your free Krispy Kreme today

I have one of those faces.

Jesus has been mentioned at Inaugurations for a long time (FDR, JFK, Carter, Reagan, Clinton, W)

Do you think either of the Obama girls has 'Show and Tell'

Myopic logic

You know what would be awesome?

I sent this email to my new boss (new job I just started),

If you dont wanna hear Tweety, & just want to enjoy the parade & the Obamas, turn on C-Span


Rick Warren reminds me of Jimmy James from News Radio.

Mandela hails Obama as "new voice of hope"

I'm I saw the new President sworn in....

The Daily Show says good-bye to Bush...

Paging Texas Explorere

DU is now above ground.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/20/09

One of the best parts of today: no mention of Sarah Palin!

Transition day LOLCats

I too am back and with some pictures of my best friends wedding

Michelle's look reviewed: "Fashion is a business and Michelle Obama means business."

Our new President is out of the car and walking.

My Dad marched in the 1953 inaugural parade

shameless mod callout thread.

First Day of Obama's Presidency, and I Find Out That I'm Getting A $2400 Tax Refund!!

My 8 year old Grandson

Who else thought of this guy when they Cheney in the wheelchair?

So, with the inaugural address concluded, what's your favorite speech given by President Obama?

So long, Chimpy! Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out!

About "kid scissors"

I'm getting dressed in my cocktail finery for an inaugural celebration in downtown Boise tonight...

On Hardball they are discussing cutting entitlement programs


If any of you out there are watching MSNBC, please tell Buchanan to shut his piehole.

Seeing Cheney in a wheelchair today

"Obama raises hand lifts nation"

Our new cat.

self delete!

Can you help me find this Obama quote?

I'm overwhelmed by the fact that President Obama is now our Commander-In-Chief...

Tonight's the night the world begins again

Okay, where are the instructions on how to change our DU usernames?

Obama texts warn of parking, train problems

wandered into a forum here on DU

I wish the talking heads would just shut up and LISTEN

What percentage of the cost of the "war on terror" would today's inauguration bill be?

So what's happening?

So...who got Taco Bell tacos for 20 cents today?

Is it illegal if somebody threatened me on Youtube in the comments section?

Did I have a stroke or something?

Obama pledges new start with Muslims

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 1/20/2009)

I think my TVO won't make it.

Some of the Secret Service agents were a *little bit* hot.

Vibes for Ted Kennedy!

UFO spotted next to Marine One.

We had a "thanksgiving dinner" in our house tonight

Rooneys(Steelers) give Obama game ball from AFC Championship at McCain dinner

I hope Ted Kennedy is okay


Inaguration Tavernertavern Beer: Surly Grit 16 outa Minny, MN

So I think my friend caught me accidentally eyeing his spouse

Change Has Happened.


The Fifth Cylon

I wish NewWaveChick1981 was here so we could share this day with her.

Am I the only one who likes watching Obama coverage on FOX?

Levis has 44% off on their website...

I Had Tears In My Eyes For The Whole Inauguration

Are those Peeps following the LGBT Band?

Who's in a good mood right now? Check In!

Hi Neighbor! Say Howdy to a DU'er neighbor today!

hey, baseball card collectors. get your Obama cards

LOL (with tears in my eyes) I just saw an auto ad in which the

1-20-09 The End of an Error...

The Ectofuntus...

The Rename Democratic Underground Project

Yay !!! Mobile Trail Maids just went by.

GREAT NEWS!!!! Free Republic lays down their arms, pledges full support of President Obama!

Ken Burns said IT GOES TO ELEVEN! OMG!


Next Obama Inauguration, I want BILLY COLLINS to read a poem. He is the gold standard

Caption Asshat clinging to Obama --->>

Tacoma DU-ers. I'm at The Swiss tavern on Jefferson. Anybody want to join me for a celebration?

I so wanted to say today that I am proud to be an American, but....

You all do realize he's been STANDING this whole time right?

I found out that someone I once knew died of brain cancer.

MadinMaryland has been asking for this

I need a new keyboard (So I designed the perfect DUboard)

Hey, hey, we saved the world today

I demand Zombycoffee to celebrate this moment!!1!11


Ken Burns and Dave Barry: separated at birth?

inauguration night picture thread!

Holy shit. It's really happened. Barack Obama is our president.

I know I Speak for All Watching the Parade when I say....

msnbc is giving weird medical reporting Senator Kennedy was conscious but was

"We will restore science to its rightful place."

You should really check this out. bob_weaver nailed this photoshop!

Oh, yes, the bagpipes! Yes! Yes! PLEASE!



Annie Lennox Walking On (Broken Glass)

episodes like this one showed the genius of Seinfeld

Bush your time is up...the road to change (heavy photo)

Pres Obama and First Lady will be attending dumb inauguration balls until 3am.

Ok, I just got home from work, what did I miss?

Fark Obama Photoshop contest

With all respect to the great Sam Cooke...the best version I have ever heard of this song....

let me hypothesize for a moment...

So who is Giddy + Wasted as me?

It is customary for the outgoing president to leave a letter for the incoming

Faked News Channel is making excuses for keeping Guantanamo open..


Play the Match the Stations Game!

Can't help but look at *this* pic of Barack and Michelle, and thnk...

It's official:

anyone watch Big Love?

Yo Loungers! Happy "Obama is President Day"(from my little sisters)

I did a little bit too much celebreating tonight


It's official...I hate other guys who don't share the same testosterone pumped, muscle-flexing

My pictures from today

KitchenWitch Appreciation Thread.

This is the first time in how many years a black man is the most powerful man in the world?

Spider cuteness!! Wait......wha?

My currency is fucked.

10 more groups to go

emotional manipulation

We got Pippi back from the vet

I need help finding an image (or images) from today

Disaster du Jour

ZOMG!!1!1!!!1 Michelle has not picked out her dress yet!!!1!1!

How do you do an exact word count on Microsoft Word 2007?

Any thoughts on keeping my name as Shell Beau?

Wow! My professor from last semester just sent me a hoax chain-mail

Inauguration Day Poetry Thread

Sweet home All Obama's

I don't know how they are doing it.

Did Sasha and Malia go to the White House yet, or

Did Sasha and Malia go to the White House yet, or

Take a look at Bush St. in San Francisco!

Clueless George back in TexAss..

DU Servicemembers and veterans! Care to join me in a salute to the new President?

Our house 1/20/09

Don't forget

Name a song that reminds you of President Barack Obama

I've heard everything now!


Our President is a compassionate, thoughtful human being

What will Obama hide in the secret compartments of his desk?

President Obama's first official duty --

A reality check

Cow knocks over woman on bike, steps on her legs

Would You LOOK at the Respect our President and First Lady are Showing...

Pictures from the Mall in DC before the swearing in ceremony

Preview of Todd Rundgren's upcoming HDnet special - "Courage"

If you had a million dollars? If you had 100 million?

Fuck. I really really really really really really really really really really really

Oi! My son has a crush!

BREAKING NEWS: Former Vice President Cheney at the age of 67!

I'm in a cyber cafe' on broke down...can make DC in a few hours...

Help me identify a video. PLEASE!

In the spirit of bi-partisan unity.....

The largest ever single gathering of humanity for a Political Event

Pete Seeger Deserves The Nobel Peace Prize

Hey y'all! I'm back from the woods! PIC HEAVY!

An inaguration parade rant

Lil' AA had her first modeling shoot today

I will be renamed Empress of the Universe (xchrom nicknamed me such)

Looks like I'll remember Obama's Inauguration as the day my brother died of a massive heart attack.

What I would like to hear in details of Obama's new deal with Arab World:

DAH dah dah-DAH dah dah-dah dah-dah dah-dah dah

Tomorrow: Obama's First Day In Office

Just now, on NYC TV, they said, "The president shared his feelings about the event..

Cool thing at the end of the parade.

Oh no! Not the bagpipes!! Anything but bagpipes!!

Here's a shitty argument for gun control...

Charles Gibson is a total dickhead. He stated nearly a 1.5 million

How can I stream audio wirelessly to my home stereo?

What's been your favorite part of today?

This President literally has the weight of the world on his

Who wants a hug? I'm in a really really good mood

I find myself periodically bursting into tears...

It's been said once before in our nation's history and will be said again.

My 1-20-09 Bush's Last Day Bumper Sticker

A Sampling of World Reaction to the Beginning of the Obama Era

Marty Lederman joins the Obama Justice Department.»

Did you see Barbara Bush's reaction when Junior got booed?

This afternoon Erin Burnett (CNBC) said "we have a clip of the President's comments on the economy"

Obama is totally geeking out about that NASA rover

We have a President again!

What a relief!

On this day......(fill in the blank)

Pictures from DU meetup last night in heavy...

The ONLY thing that would have made me smile more today is:

Was Senator Franken present during the inauguration?

Do you HEAR Uncle Pat right now?

show us pictures of your favorite balls

Anyone else watch it all on BBC? It was wonderful

Meh. Forget Warren. Lowery just wiped the floor with him.

Where does Will Smith fall

W to Michelle: "You're going to have the time of your lives, I promise you!"

HA! HA! MSNBC cut away from Bush in Texas.

BESIDES the speech and the oath of office, was the highlight of the Inauguration Ceremony?

Who else is happy about Obama's Shout Out to the Atheists?

In the words of that late American poet James Joseph Brown, Jr...

am I the only one that hears "Hail to the Chief" and thinks of the movie Dave

Remembering the political insight of Robert Kennedy back in 1968.

It's sending chills of pride up my spine watching our new Commander in Chief salute the bands

Cheers, whoops of joy in Afghanistan as soldiers welcomed in their new commander-in-chief

I wonder which color Crayon *Bush used to write his note to President Obama?

Kill me now.

We got some seriously good looking folks staying at our houses!

woot! just picked up the Inaugural Special Edition of the Washington Post

In photos: 'Crowds, Stars, Great and Good arrive for Obama Inauguration'

OK! It's 'FIGURATIVELY,' but the 'message' is the SAME!!

Faux Snooze...funny to the bitter end.

See Dr Strangelove Cheney in the wheelchair?

Where is a good stream to watch the balls? I don't have cable. Thanks

I think Obama purposely toned down the speech to match reality..

Ladies of DU My wife is wondering what you think of Michelle's dress.

He acknowledged atheists.

Obama's day starts with Prayer Meeting tomorrow.


Did anyone save a copy of the White House web page after Shrub's Inauguration in 2001?

"Good Bye George Bush" BEST youtube video yet!!!


Name your dinner after today

Congrats from Sweden...

Obama has already done more for this country than Bush did in 8 years . . .

First daughters Malia and Sasha Obama stand by their brand, J. Crew


Stupid-ass freeper call to Cspan: Roberts "standing up for his honor by flubbing the oath"

Stupid-ass freeper call to Cspan: Roberts "standing up for his honor by flubbing the oath"

The speech was an oratorical evisceration of the last eight years

Are there really people getting upset over Lowery's benedictions closing?

President Obama and Michelle are on their way to the first ball - per ABC (live)

If only Ann Dunham could have been here today, to see her son become president.

Let's be thankful for small blessings too--I'm sure Michelle won't try to

she looks beautiful in white~


No trolls all day?

NOT my commander in chief.

Raise a glass and toast the First family

Michelle Obama is going to be one hell of a "FABOULOUS" First Lady

Turn on your favorite TV channel folks -- they're doing their first dance

Look on ABC ... Barack and Michelle just came into the ball!

I do believe that today we regained the world's respect

Is this the first inauguration with no protesters?

~~~~~Let the good times ROLL!~~~~~ (let the bad vibes sink)

These colors don't run

Even the wingnuts hate him

Are you ready for my downer post yet? It's about Bush.

Do they always televise inauguration balls like this?

Some might not remember that Aretha sang the same song Marian Anderson sung in 1939

Can we ever forgive Elton John?

I tuned in late but Obama's speech was beautiful! If I could be inspired by a politician this

Obama caught on camera with a known terrorist!

Wonderful outfit, Michelle!

Obama issues first Executive Order - halts all regulations pending review

Are yaul getting ready for the balls?

Can I just say, it's so nice to see two people so in love...


Joe Biden in a tux at the Commander-in-Chief Ball on CNN

San Francisco changed a street name today; from Bush to Obama (photo).

I don't remember seeing a President actually DANCE before.

President Obama was doing the bump ROFL!!!

Washington Post has a live feed from the balls ... sorry I found this so late for cube rats

Circle K's carding policy, (or carding policies in general)


Well, thank God, THAT's over,

President Barack Obama's first proclamation (from The Blog at

Greenwald on the inauguration

Whoooaaa... CNN satellite image of the crowd on the Mall today

Schumer: Obama is a "moderate activist" who will not necessarily lead a “left-wing government.”

CNN Now! n/t

Look on CNN live feed ... Michelle and Barack about to enter Home State ball


Thousands with Inaugural tickets don't get in, and miss the ceremony.


Where's the Puppy?

Did he get out of the car again!!??

The symbolism of Roberts' flubbed oath

After Obama got out of the car and Al Royker tried calling him over...

John Cornyn is a fucking asshole.

all you debbie downers couldn't wait one day before you start crap?

1.8M estimate...

You won't believe what they just caught Cheney saying on his way out!!!!

Warren did well with the prayer.

****Neighborhood Inaugural Ball****

Obama's should each dance with a same sex enlisted person!

The Bidens are speaking at the Neighborhood ball

First of all, How good looking is my wife? - Barack

Six Cabinet Members Confirmed

Robin Roberts interviewing Obama on ABC (backstage at ball)

I feel for Michelle. She looks tired. Why are the balls on Inaguration night?

OK. I just watched the speech again.......

CSPAN 2 is showing the former presidents at the inauguration. Maybe we can catch the booing * got

Fashionistas, here's the website for Jason Wu.

what a dumb move by the networks to not air these things live for everyone...

I hate these innaugurations.... How about some REAL change?

CSPAN's coverage was awesome!

Please good vibes to me. I'm going in tomorrow to get the tests ready for ECT treatment

found a nice slide show at the LA Times

Oh dear Freeptards... now comes the fun part.

Any words of wisdom from fellow or former parents of teenage daughters?!

CNN - Obama is at the Commander-In-Chief Ball

Crooks and Liars has the download links for THE Speech today

I noticed John Boner refused to applaud after Obama completed the Oath of Office.

hopefully the dresses get better as

Barack is talking to service people in Afghanistan (I believe)

Terrible outfit - Michelle

I hate these whiny about some REAL change?

Whats up with Carter and Big Dog not acknowledging one another

The President, First Lady, Vice President and Second Lady

Methinks a final TA-TA to Bush is in order. . .Sing along with me. . .

Turn to CNN Obama at Commander In Chief Ball


So with the inauguration out of the way, who else is anticipating LOST tomorrow?

Am so choked up watching Obama and Michelle

Rachel said that Roberts apologized to President Obama? Did I hear that?

Don't feed it.

Turn on ABC to see Bidens dancing

Respect and dignity has returned to Washington,DC.

Barack and Michelle expected soon (maybe 10:45 EST) at Youth Ball ... should be a good appearance

Good Night! I'm Divorced! I'm Going To Bed!

To the DU Moderators and Administrators working today: *~*~*THANK YOU*~*~*

Oh thank God this man will be our Commander in Chief

Phot of Sasha giving thumbs up to Dad

Pic Of My Class And Another Class Watching (Live) The Inauguration

We'll be a good member of the UN again.

Freepers show some class: Some wish President Obama Good Luck

kitten picture of the day for tuesday january 20

Obama talking to the troops

These fucking *media* jerks love the sound of their own voices!!


was the duck freed?

Michelle: "Hi! We're home. Isn't it great?!"

Ted Kennedy expected to leave hospital Wednesday

Ted Kennedy expected to leave hospital Wednesday

The Unofficial Democratic Underground Thank You President Obama Thread

Here's a geeky change.

My beloved America is now a place of hope. At long last.

For everyone who canvassed, polled, went door to door, phone banked, and voted...

"I hope the media is as harsh with Obama as they were with Bush."

Inauguration party over front pages

"The People's President".

Photo of Dick being wheeled to the ceremony.

and now for your Shortwave Radio update!

"My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over." Remarks of Gerald Ford on taking office

President Obama. Has it sunk in yet? President Obama. n/t

Photos of Michelle and Barack (and Joe and Jill) at inaugural balls ... post them here

Obamas juggle inaugural balls.

Michelle's outfit.

I hear America Singing today

I am looking for the ball that the Clintons are sure to be attending.

Obama is at the Youth Ball now

Obama rockin' the Youth Ball!

Like Pinochet, Bush can be prosecuted by foreign nation, Maddow's guest says

This President is SEXY !!

Our president said, America is a friend to each nation....

USA Today Inauguration Day Pics!

Will the girls be making an appearance?

Anybody see George's face during Obama's Speech?

Inaugural preparations pics courtesy of The Boston Globe

Chris Matthews: Bush worked to limit our memory and brains

Matthews just refered to Bush's "Stupid Chauvinism"

OKay, for those of you lusting after Dr. Biden....(like me..sorry Catwoman)...

AP Estimates Crowds At About 1.8 Million

how much hope do you have tonight?

This Day has been nothing short of Perfect

Hey, how about THREE CHEERS for the DU admins!!!

Park Police, MPD Report No Arrests....well thats simply amazing


Is tomorrow when we find out about all the missing O's and exploded frogs all over the place?

It just hit me....watching Obama dance

Is there anyone else who doesn't want this day/night to ever end?

In Freeperville..Obama "Changed" the Oath...tin foil hat time already

Bush's remarks in Midland sound like he and Rove spent the whole plane ride back crafting "answer"

New Movie: The International - A Take-off on BCCI???

Wow...Jill Biden!!! (Up dated with a picture)

One thing we can thank Bush for

The Day Dr. King's Dream Came True

The one negative thing tonight about President Obama just struck me as I watched the "balls"

Picture request

Picture request

The inauguration poem was exactly the kind of poetry I don't like.

Chief Justice John Roberts - Today's WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD!!!

Gene Robinson on TDS

5 down, 5 to go...

This isn't the end of the battle folks - it's the beginning...

Colbert ask the staff to show something to ice his heart.

FOX is coviering all the inaugeral balls

Obama's thanking of George Bush* made me turn to the Green Party.

Are Barack and Michelle going to be sick of "At Last" by the end of the night?

How will the media be now they are in Obama's reign?

Tensions are running so high on here, even though we have won ...

Chris Matthews is batshit crazy.

Today is a great day.

I haven't felt this way since the Berlin Wall fell in 1989!

I'm sorry, but I think the Obamas are laughing their way through this ball circuit.

Rachel just reported Roberts apologized to Obama for fumbling the swearing in..

TD Jakes preached at St. John's Church this morning? Ugh.

I just found out Bay Buchanan is Pat Buchanan's sister. I never thought of

On the eve of the Inauguration, the streets of DC are indeed an enlightened place

So what's going on tomorrow?

Cheney in the wheelchair is the spitting image of...

The Rude Pundit at the Lincoln Memorial

Ball gown - Southern belle frou frou on an elegant, tall, statuesque, 45 year old woman?

Goodbye, bitch

Does Michelle's Inaugural Gown have cotton balls stuck all over it?

Go to right now.

Community fist bump, anyone?

I'm not sorry in the least when I say, "America Rocks!!"

I am SO not interested in the fashion obsession...

CNN Jeffrey Tubing-Toobin craps all over Obama Inaugural

Did one of the justices skip the inaugural ceremony today?

OMG!!! He's saying the Lord's Prayer! How much less ecumenical could he be?

Does anyone know what the all-black military unit was in the parade?

Wait a hot minute.

Michelle's gift to Laura Bush was a journal with a Louis L'Amour quote...

Editorials worldwide pillory Bush one final time

Don't be a Bush, Free the Duck. Free the Duck Now

So, how did your place of work handle the Inauguration?

BlooInBloo's 5 Biggest Take-Aways From Today...

The Obamas' first dance (Beyonce At Last)

After 8 Years this feels so good ...

How the hell could the Chief Justice of the USA fuck up the most important oath in the world?

Msg to Chris Matthews: STFU

What the swearing-in "FLUB" proved was that Obama won't be fooled or railroaded...

Elizabeth Alexander's Poem was terrific

Obama stands up for dissent and freedom of speech in his Inaugural Address today!

Be sure to copy the following info down! It has just become relevant again in the White House!

Was Joe Biden briefly president? Or acting president, but not president?

So what was the gift that Michelle brought to Laura Bush?

Ali & Obama (Great news!)

Where's my damed martial law declaration?

Hilary Rosen just reported on CNN that Sasha and Malia are having a sleepover tonight at the WH.

I've been trying to come up with a youtube link to music that sums up today for me

Top 10 side effects of President Obama's inauguration

The MSM, as usual, misses the main story. It is not about a black guy in the WH

Obama remembered to give a shout out to "non-believers." That's unique i think.

Lowery's prayer was beautiful Absolutely, stunningly, beautiful.

My kiddos got to watch the swearing in on TV. I bet just about every other school

I am no longer embarrassed of my country people.

Protagonist or Antagonist? Raining on the Inauguration or Giving It Volume?

Will everybody PLEASE stop begging other DU'ers for recs?

The Bidens are a breath of fresh air after the evil Cheneys. Loved watching Joe during the parade.

Just Watched The Swearing In Again. Didn't Realize They Both Messed Up! (I Think)

The most beautiful 404 Error page ever created

Obama tells America to grow up and set aside "childish things"

I'm watching Warren so you don't have to.

Rec this thread if you agree ROBERTS SHOULD APOLOGIZE to Obama and the American People

The United States of America just TRADED UP!!! (pic-heavy)


DU This Poll! - CNN Poll Grades Obama's Speech

Finally! A woman on Fox reporting that GWB was booed loudly...

Obama may not lift stem cell limits

I want to see Jill Biden's ball gown.

The fashion critic reviews are in: Michelle "an ultra-feminine goddess. Picture-perfect!"

This poet sucks.

President Obama seriously fucked up Bush's "Legacy" with his speech today!

Rec. if you think Michelle Obama is one classy lady!

GLBT Band on CSPAN now!


How about a toast to Andy Stephenson. I know he's smiling today. n/t

I am confused by the lack of Bush pardons

So I did it - I turned on Faux - AND

David Gregory; "These balls look terrific.".

The Daily Show's Live Inauguration Special on Now with Guest, Rev. Robinson.

Here's my Photoshop of the day:

I watched the oath of office with 300 teachers and we were all arm in arm

It must just totally suck to be a Republican tonight.

OMFG....I have no words....this picture takes my breath away!

Gene Robinson on TDS

LOL! Keith just said that Chimpy couldn't get rid of 1800 FREE tickets to his "homecoming" party

He just acknowledged "non-believers" AKA atheists.

Obama needs to get his FCC folks on the case of the Dumbass Always Opining Media....

To all of the Republicans /Conservatives/Freeptards, registered, visiting or lurking here today

Whew! He's back in the car. n/t

Post one song...just ONE song...that captures today's mood for you

************---{{ Official INAUGURAL CEREMONY THREAD No. 1 }}} ---*************

Tweety has that feeling trickling down his leg again

Oh wow-- remember Check it out now! :-)

Obama's left handed?

This is what MODERN POETRY is really like....

PHOTOS: Soldiers in Iraq react to the inauguration

PHOTOS: Soldiers in Iraq react to the inauguration

What I Loved (And Didn’t) About Obama’s Inaugural Address

What I Loved (And Didn’t) About Obama’s Inaugural Address

Will there be a PRESIDENT OBAMA Robot at The Hall of Presidents in Disney by the time I get there?

The President

VolcanoJen's Not So Excellent Inauguration Adventure

As Bush exits office, portraits come down

In-flight confrontations can lead to terrorism charges

For New First Lady, Hints of Agenda and Tone

What Recession? The $170 Million Inauguration

Banks likely to head back to the trough

David Grossman / Israel's success in Gaza only proves it is strong, not right

Wind power jobs to double in EU by 2020

Ex-HUD official pleads guilty to role in fundraising scheme

Calm reigns in Gaza ahead of UN chief's visit

Obamas visit Bushes after church service

Report: Bank of America to cut 4,000 from capital markets unit

FBI Defends Interrogation of 15-year-old in Guantanamo War Crimes Trial

Gay bishop to pray today 'before' Rick Warren

Argentina president on official visit to Cuba

House Plan for Infrastructure Disappoints Advocates for Major Projects

Joe Biden sworn in as vice president of the United States

US soldiers welcome new chief

Sources: Obama may quickly reverse abortion policy

Insulza expects renewed US-Cuba-Venezuela relations

No final presidential pardons from Bush

Analyzing Obama’s Inaugural Speech

DHS statement on potential inauguration threat provides no details

Kennedy Suffers Seizure at Inaugural Luncheon

Coleman wants judges to review 12,000 twice-rejected ballots

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday January 20

Rohm & Haas cutting about 900 jobs

World has 'high hopes' for Obama

U.S. Stocks Fall in Worst Start to a Year

Iraq bringing home Saddam yacht from France

Philadelphia Fund Manager Forte Charged With Fraud (another Ponzi, this one $50 mil)

Salazar confirmed in Cabinet spot

Colin Powell: The America We Remember Is Back Again

Canada investigates Taser death

US consumer confidence falls near record low - ABC

Obama takes office, appeals for 'hope over fear'

Obama orders Guantanamo prosecutors to ask for 120-day halt in tribunals: trial source

Obama unveils new presidential Web site; "Change has come to the official White House Web site."

Bush, Rumsfeld should be pursued for torture: UN rapporteur

Breaking: Senator Ted Kennedy wheeled out by stretcher

***Stop eating foods containing peanut butter, FDA says***

30 mile stretch of NJ Turnpike shut down (BOMB THREAT)

FCC wants big fines for cable giants over channel switching

Records show plane suffered previous malfunction

Bushes depart Washington

Payment Processor Breach May Be Largest Ever

Payment Processor Breach May Be Largest Ever

Guantanamo prosecutors seek trial freeze

Obama to tap ex-Sen. Mitchell as Mideast envoy: report

Paraglider survives 11 hours hanging from high-voltage cables

Clear Channel Plans to Trim 1,850 Jobs

In culminating moment, Biden is vice president

Few Protesters at Inauguration

Obama halts all regulations pending review

Republicans will obstruct Hilliary Clinton's Conformation

For GOP, it's hard to say goodbye

Farewell, George: Boos for Bush as the former President waves goodbye to Washington

Bush Again Defends His Presidency

Chrysler forms alliance with Fiat

Warner Bros. to cut 800 jobs in coming weeks

President Obama does first official act

Eaton Says To Cut 5,200 Jobs To Cut Costs

Fiat to take 35 percent stake in struggling Chrysler

Chief Justice Roberts stumbles (reversed several words in the oath of office)

Person struck by train (Washington Metro)

Barack Obama Presidential Inauguration - Prelude

Unprecedented security to protect Obama - 20 Jan 09

Crowds Gather in DC on Eve of Inauguration

America's Song

O Happy Day - a song for today

"When Will We Be Paid"

Steven Chu Reacts to the Citizen's Briefing Book

Why You Shouldn't Satisfied Today (ill doctrine)

Goodbye George (Reprise)

One more before he's gone... Bush scares little girl

Bushes greet Obamas to the White House

Reflection on the Inauguration of President Obama: Fidelio

President Barack Obama - Americans remained 'faithful'

President Barack Obama - 'hope over fear'

President Obama 'We have duties to ourselve

President Obama addresses the world

President Obama 'We will defeat you'

The Daily Left - Inauguration Day!

Na Na Hey Hey, Kiss him goodbye

Hail to the Chief - Obama

Barack Obama inaugrual addres 1/2

Barack Obama inaugrual addres 2/2

Bush departs in Marine 1

Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye) - Steam - 1969

The Verdict Of Future History.

Bump fists with the President

Inauguration of George W. Bush

Barack Obama Takes The Oath Of Office

protestors give Bush the BOOT!

TARP bailout protest: 'The bailout is bullshit. You broke it, you bought it.'

TYT: Cenk & Michael Weigh In After Obama's Inauguration Speech

U2 - Beautiful Day: Video


1993 MTV Inaugural Ball: Michael Stipe & 10000 Maniacs 'To Sir, With Love'

Barack Obama's Oath & Crowd Reaction, Bloor Cinema, Toronto Canada

Obama mania sweeps Japanese town of Obama

President Obama & First Lady dancing @ Neighborhood Ball

President Obama & First Lady dancing @ Home State Ball

Glenn Beck informs Sarah Palin that she is one hot grandma

Rachel Maddow Show: Turley on War Crime Prosecutions

From Crooks & Liars founder John Amato: Shoes thrown at Blow Up Bush in DC during Inauguration

Crowd Jeers and Boos Bush at Inauguration

Rev. Joseph Lowery. Beautiful. Brilliant.

Civil rights icon John Lewis: 'It was worth the pain, the suffering, the beatings, the jailings...'

Barack Obama sworn in as 44th President of the United States

Dan Rather implies Dodd may replace Reid

Bush Leaves Washington

President Obama & First Lady walk down Pennsylvania Ave

Keith Olbermann Says Goodbye To George W. Bush

This Land Really is Made for You and Me

Perlman, Yo-Yo Ma, Montero, McGill perform

Iraq Veterans Against the War: End the War Now

FOX's Wallace: Is Obama Really Prez After Bobbled Oath?

AT LAST....The Obama's First Dance

Happy Days

George W. Bush Inauguration 2001: They pelted his limo with eggs and brought the parade to a halt

Editorial: Celebrating change -- and constancy (Wilmington NC Star-News)

TYT: Crushing The Conservative Talking Point On Cost Of Obama's Inauguration

26 file for congressional seat vacated by Rahm Emanuel

Anybody Care to Update This Record?

Banks likely to head back to the trough

Afghans subdued but hopeful as Obama takes office

TYT: Did Israel or Hamas Win?

The Best Bush Gaffes Caught on Tape

After two thousand, nine hundred and twenty two days ...

Early Inauguration Celebration in Obama, Japan

The Bush legacy in 10 words (Channel 4 / UK)

George Bush Booed At Obama's Inauguration

Yes we can join in the fun say city's Barack Obama fans (Edinburgh)

Celebrate the moment. From then, it's not who Obama is, but what he does

Editorial: Self-Destructive Conservatism

A Step Forward.

China weighs assertion and caution in U.S. shadow

Supreme Court Fails in Attempt to Reverse Another Election

It’s Over—and Not a Moment Too Soon

Text: President Barack Obama's Inaugural Address

How Obama Is Wooing the Military

Julie Burchill says the snobs got it wrong about George Bush

Humility, Gratitude, Sacrifice: "Even on a day so bright he was not blinded."

Hints of Agenda and Tone for New First Lady

Bush's Departure Follows Form: Does 'Stair Workout' During Inauguration

What Obama's America Will Look Like

Katrina Vanden Huevel: Tone and Challenge in the Obama Era

Bush departs with lousy stock stats in his wake

McCain Reportedly Dissatisfied, Wants a SECOND Dinner

Obama's Inauguration Speech: First Thoughts

Obama's Moment: Historians Say He Could Redefine The Presidency

Why Obama Stumbled Over the Oath -- Aura Reading Perspective

Robert Parry: Historical Mystery of Bush's Presidency

We will all remember where we were today - even in lazily cynical Britain

Guardian UK: America, under new management

King's legacy demands reforms in criminal justice system

Gitmo court adjourned for a day, perhaps forever

Cheney's Final Act: Renditions Wounded Vet Who Took His Handicapped Spot

Der Spiegel: 'America's Renewal Is No Modest Undertaking'

Recollections of Obama’s Ex-Roommate

The END of the republican Party...Perhaps??

"Improper Things:" The Portraits of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney

Analyzing Obama’s Inaugural Speech

Writers praise Barack Obama's inaugural address

The GOP just "ain't" Republican any more

Presidential e-mail mess (Las Vegas Sun editorial)

Rick Warren Gets Tepid Response

Bush's Depressing Goodbye Party: One Staffer Gets Job At Abercrombie

Matt Taibbi on Thomas Friedman: Flat N All That

No Gates at inaugural, but not a snub

Hood’s 1st BCT to leave Iraq early

Charged 9/11 conspirators praise attacks

Obama visits Walter Reed on King holiday

Pakistan temporarily halts U.S.-NATO supplies

Guard gives control of armory to university

Special Army Guard unit deploys to Afghanistan

N.M. Guard equipment outlook improves

Veterans ball canceled, organizer missing

Corps to field two new body armor vests

Marine air squadron deploys to Iraq

26th MEU head back to sea after Kuwait training

Recalling the history of blacks in uniform

U.S. to have minor role in Iraq vote

Navy crew teaches skills to Equatorial Guineans

US Has New Afghanistan Supply Routes

Bad Economy Aiding Recruiting

Obama to meet with NSC on first day

Where will military issues rank in the new administration?

The Whole World is Watching

Hearing set for GI seeking political asylum

Inaugural Bush bashing - Party like it's 1/20/09

I'd appreciate it if my DU vet friends would comment on my latest LTTE

Citizen’s Briefing Book: Dr. Steven Chu reacts

Rate Of Production Decline At Cantarell More Than 2X Mexican Government Estimates - Bloomberg

Transition United States

Air force working on Coal to Liquid aviation fuel

Antarctic ice shelf set to collapse due to warming - Reuters

Obama on energy - sun, wind and soil

Feds May Provide Marshall Islands Emergency Aid After High Waves Batter Crops, Displace Hundreds

Kenya Declares Drought Disaster, Asks For Aid - Food System Also Stressed By Political Violence

New Japanese Satellite Will Measure GHG Concentrations At 56,000 Points Around The Planet - B'Berg

Survey - One In Five HK Residents Considering Leaving Because Of Filthy Air - AFP

Pacific NW Orcas - Most Contaminated Animals On Earth - Get Most Toxins From Near-Shore Salmon

Green jobs at Fuel Cell Manufacturer in Conn.

Indonesia Delays Forest-Carbon Rules Pending Further Discussion

Energy and emissions top Obama's green tasklist

NOVA: The Big Energy Gamble

Glaciers melting so fast some could disappear by middle of the century: … melting faster than ever

Take Japanese Whalers to court over Environmental Law says legal expert

Schwarzenegger Calls For Relaxation Of Environmental Laws To Aid Economic Growth

Asian Restaurants' Demand For Reef Fish Crushing Spawning, Populations In Tropical Waters

Climate scientists seek a urea moment: …fertilise the ocean…plankton to slow climate change.

Akiva Eldar / As Obama is sworn in, Israelis and Palestinians will be thinking 'no we can't'

Israeli Arabs Recoil at Attacks on Gaza as Allegiance to Their Country Is Strained

Gazans heading back to their homes - if they exist

'Sarkozy to host global summit on Mideast peace'

U.N. Chief Demands Probe Of Israeli Shelling

Israel shelled UK war graves in Gaza

Gaza operation presents a quandary for Israeli rights groups

David Grossman / Israel's success in Gaza only proves it is strong, not right

UN Chief: Hamas rocket attacks are 'appalling and unacceptable'

Israeli warplanes attack Gaza (1/20/09)

Israel pinning hopes for Hamas deal in Gaza on Egypt intel chief

So is Israel out of Gaza now? They said that by Obama's inauguration

Last exit for Gaza

Obama to name Mitchell as Mideast envoy: paper

The myth of Israel's strategic genius

Gazans Rally Behind Hamas

Israel wanted a humanitarian crisis

Gaza has exposed the Arab leaders to fury and contempt

Yad Vashem Chair: Nazi imagery at anti-Israel rallies incites violence

Olmert: U.S.-Israeli relations will grow even stronger under Obama

The Shortest President

Layoffs Keep Growing—Is Your Firm On the List?

Big Bank Cliff Diving

Stephen M. Walt: The myth of Israel's strategic genius

PATIENCE, even in the most optimistic of circumstances

In pictures: Devastation in Gaza

Checker Motors files for bankruptcy after 87 years

Today in labor history Jan 20 (ACLU) founded -Bruce Springsteen's "My Hometown" topped the charts

Poverty wages for day laborers recruited for inauguration

The fight at Great Western Erectors

The Real Audacity of Hope

Inaugural Parade Marchers Display Diversity and Strength of America’s Workers

U.S. House of Representatives passes pro-labor bills

GOP May Try To Block Incoming Labor Secretary

New Labor Laws in China Could Hinder Investors' Profit Potential

Workers vs. Wal-Mart at the Supreme Court (Canada) on Wednesday, January 21st

Grocery Retailers Benefit from Lower Union Wages

Gaza Rebuild 'To Cost Billions'

One of life's sinfully delightful pleasures...

Obama's Remarks at the Lincoln Memorial

Delete Dupe

Bishop Gene Robinson's interview with Andrea Mitchell, 1/19/09

GLBT in the Obama admin

Despite all the recent drama, today is truly a great day!

Obama Outlines His Agenda on

Puppies and Kitties, and even PONIES!

WTF is all that white stuff in my yard?

Obama provides hope for gays, lesbians (


Ladies and Gentlemen: The President of the United States of America.

Question: Where Women or GBLT mentioned at ALL During anyone"s speech?

I'm watching the President and First Lady dance right now at the Youth Ball.

GLBT once again listed on

What was Portland Mayor Sam Adams thinking?!??!

How many gays? What causes being gay?

It was Great to turn my back to Rick the Hater Today

More Extra-judicial Killings in Colombia

Costa Rica gears up for 2010 elections

¿Sí­ o No? Bolivians Mobilize for National Vote on New Constitution

Ghost Economics Spook Uribe’s Colombia

Argentina's Fernandez meets with Raul Castro

"We can't let this appear as a massacre. That would be a problem"

If you're looking for a bright side to Warren's speech....

Government followers break up celebration of Bandera Roja

In Cuba, hope for better US relations under Obama

Craig Robinson's scarf

Want to get your credit card interest rates reduced and annual fee abolished?

Eli Lilly Pays $1.4 BILLION for breaking rules, NEXT FDA changes the rules that Lilly broke

Steven Nissen Gives Obama an Rx for FDA Reform

Another quiz regarding vaccine safety

UNICEF report: Half a million women die from pregnancy complications each year

GERD sufferers....ladies....what kind of bra is best for you?

Pair gave Mayerthorpe Mountie-killer a rifle and a ride to the crime scene

Guns for Teachers?

Support for semi-auto ban now featured on website

Did you hear that...?

Happy Inauguration Day, Photo Groupies.

Film shooters and scanners.... this is cool

We Are a Generation That Documents Like No Other In History

The view from my front door is cluttered with civilization, but...

Vedic Astrologer Looks at Obama Presidency

My rune and I Ching readings on Obama today

Peace, mah fellow babies

Is the VOC moon today really that foreboding

The Spiritual Dimensions of Obama’s Leadership

An offer for anyone here that is sick, or has a loved one or friend with an illness

NEWS FLASH -- Surveyed scientists agree global warming is real

Frustrating day for watching Inauguration in HD via Antenna

Working combo - Steak and Pistachio Ice Cream

Gay bishop to pray today 'before' Rick Warren

If you could create restaurant menu, what would you choose?

Speaking of Automats...

An Alternative (Humanist) Invocation

"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus - AND NON BELIEVERS"

so do we get an oops from the *marshall Law* folks?

The end of an error - and a new beginning for America

John Cornyn is the biggest asshat in Texas today

I know you know Cornyn's a jerk, but here's more evidence

Does anyone know any of these songs?

3G broadband download speed slow.

I just put together a writeup of KDE 4.2, for all the Linuxheads here.

Can't access my e-mail.

Jesus christ, CBC, stop the fucking racism

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/20/09

Just spotted JK on the CSPAN coverage of the Inauguration

Wood cargo makes eight-mile slick