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DVR/VCR ALERT: Naomi Klein and Jeremy Scahill together for 85 min -- Book TV @ 6am ET

Troops reach outer perimeter of Sri Lanka rebel stronghold

Will Israel stir things up with Iran right before the inaugaration

CATO: Sinking SCHIP (on purpose)

U.S. steel industry urges "buy America" recovery plan

Toshiba, Nivia,...

Innocence Project lost funding in Madoff case

Not symbolic at all.

Sick of people kicking the bag out of the UAW and Labor in general

China favors jobs at home over freer trade

Clones that do not look alike?? whaaaa?

Guyana leader wants to know who put him on Facebook

Reaping and Sowing: The incompetence of today's GOP was a long time coming

WJ: Beaverton, OR representin': Caller calls M. Continetti "Punk" &

WJ this morning: Should Congress get their automatic 2% raise

Warren stuns audience on New Year's Eve

"What Do Women Want?" Found online.

'Safest' seat remarks gets Muslim family kicked off plane

Democrats Must Not Get Into Blagojevich’s Game

You've Got to Slap those Bigots Down - 2008 Weblog Awards

2009 - How do you feel about it?

U.S. readying Afghan surge against Taliban----WHY?

End of the Year Brings A Burst of Settlements With Justice Department

Cult-like Iranian militant group worries about its future in Iraq

surge update - Iraq bomber strikes tribal meeting

condi gonna speak to the press @ 8:30am cst...

Any suggestions on how to reach the Change is Coming....

Local news just said SAG strike will cost Hollywood billions.

What Obama's foreign policy will look like over the first 100 days

Clinton, Familiar With Pitfalls of Mideast Politics, May Face Early Test in Gaza

maybe Senator Shelby is owed an apology

Obama seeks bipartisanship whilst RNC plans major attacks

Supporting Our Troops: Once More, With Feeling

New Media Meme - The "deep recession" of the 30's - ??

I just got a prospectus from Fidelity Investments. Sweet!

Condi speaks and now I hear her in a new light

Hadley On The Decline Of Cheney's Influence: "That's Just Hooey--It's Just Hooey"

Photo: "Bush monkey with sneakers" effigy hanged during demonstration against Israel attacks on Gaza

Bribes Corrode Afghans’ Trust in Government

Departed Friends, Tribute to DU Pets 2008

Analysis: Republicans struggle with race issue

a conversation

Just Do It

Republic of Money: 1700s to present

Duh...Older white military men from the South are less likely to approve of Obama than Bush

Top Bush Aides: Reports That Cheney Was Pulling The Strings Are "Hooey" and "Bunk"

Senate Dems To Block Burris' Path To Senate -- Perhaps Even Literally, Physically

'Starsky And Hutch' Actor Dies

A Thorn In the Side Of Apartheid (First paragraph should sound familiar)

FOLLOW THE MONEY, Red States =net takers, Blue States = net givers

Sympathy For the W?

2009: The Year of Historical Revisionism and Scapegoating against Muslims?

PHEW - I can breath a sigh of relief

More Iraqi refugees apply for asylum in Germany

More Iraqi refugees apply for asylum in Germany

Matthew the tool Continetti was ridiculed off the W.J. set this a.m.

What important 'lessons' were learned from the bush/cheney years?

Iraq Offers Up Giant Oil Fields to Foreign Firms

Poll : How optimistic or pessimistic are you ?

Rice vows hard work on arranging Gaza cease-fire

9 Muslim Passengers Removed From Jet-Others on Flight Say a Remark Was 'Suspicious'


Someone dumped a load of shoes on a freeway in Miami.

The top gets "bail outs" while those below get piratization, oops, privatization

Filing Obama's Vacated Senate Seat

Sources: Michael Bennet will be Colorado's new senator

Steel Industry, in Slump, Looks to U.S. Stimulus

Dershowitz: Israel's Policy Is Perfectly 'Proportionate'

What is wrong with the French consulate in NEw York?

Erin Brockovich to visit site of recent coal ash spill.»

*** WARNING!!! EXTREMELY GRAPHIC!!! *** IDF strike on Gaza Video

A thought on our future

Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich was a bookie who was connected to the mafia,

"Get Out Our House", a musical goodbye to GW by That Guitar Man from Central Park

What if Palestinians had Israel's military power?

Meet the new Democratic Senator From Colorado.(Salazar's replacement)

Bike Rider Gives Appalachian Towns a Voice

New ignition lock laws aim to foil drunk drivers

I'm strangely optimistic this New Year. Here is what I see coming:

With Democrats like these, who needs Republicans?

The collective wisdom of DUers over 50

FDR (1933) -- Barack Obama (2009)

No Thanks for the Mess You’ve Left, Mr. Bush. - Headlines 1/2/09

No Thanks for the Mess You’ve Left, Mr. Bush. - Headlines 1/2/09

What is CONSTRUCTIVE criticism?

self delete!

Travolta is not dead. It's his son who died. Sorry.

Bolton calls on Obama to launch ‘meaningful efforts at regime change’ in Iran.

Are we going to see the DU community population dwindle due to job loss therefore loss of

NY Governor Paterson to Appoint David Blaine to Fill Clinton Seat

Food bank Friday! January 2, 2009

Why Roland Burris Should Be Seated

CNN and Sanchez continue with real reporting on Gaza

Let's keep it simple.

Let's keep it simple.

If it wasn't religion, it would be something else.

Urban Knitting: The world's most inoffensive grafitti.

More states adopt 'safe' cigarettes (UPI)

When the middle class is successfully obliterated...

For U.S. Soldiers at a Remote Base in Afghanistan, Lots of Combat but No Clear Gains or Losses

Vietnam vet Tom Bernard from "Sir! No Sir!" film leaves us with a heart attack...

Thousands of Shoes Mysteriously Appear On Miami Highway

Happy New Year, Montana! Don't Drink the Water!

US military deaths in Iraq war at 4,221

Below what dollar figure does your sense of compassion kick in?

Thank you Bush Admin, I am also out of work

Markets Surge on the First Trading Day of the New Year

Coleman Turns to Courts (again) as Minnesota Recount Nears End

FYI: New "Foreign Policy" site starting on Monday.

Would Ms Condi Rice please explain to me


Mugabe Moves Hint At Unilateral Formation Of New Zimbabwe Government

Brian Moran D running for Gov. of Virginia

I saw the commercial and called my US Senator Ben Nelson asap

The Rice woman .......

travolta's 16 year old son died

Children as Unlamented Victims of Bush’s War Crimes

Follow up on Archway Cookies / Lance's Snacks

trojan alert - if you don't have a gold star and are getting ads - be careful

Dennis Perrin (HuffPo): Israel/Palestine Debate Is Shifting

Lance Armstrong's True Identity Revealed!

Video: Interview with Mariela Castro (Raul's daughter. Discusses same sex marriage, SRS)

"cleaning up America ... one shower at a time"

I hate photos of happy stockbrokers

Hope in Shadows: Portraits of the Downtown Eastside

About that truckload of shoes spilled on the highway down

Describing Bush in a word

That Republicans are better than Democrats in one way is made clear time and time again...

That cocky motherfucker is flipping us off

Reps. Markey and Boucher may swap gavels on key Energy and Commerce subcommittees.»

Other than the Do Not Call List ............

Bush Gaza Crisis Response: Let Obama Handle It

Question: Why would Israeli forces launch a ground assualt on Gaza?

"Obama's Hawk" . . A man who should NOT stay on. . .

Pull And Pray

Iraq vet's lawyer:He Fired In Self-Defense In Shooting Over Noisy Moviegoers

I was in the kitchen washing dishes and I heard my kid hysterically laughing.

AirTran apologizes for removing Muslims from flight

Paul Krugman:Bigger Than Bush


Bush: Hamas attacks on Israel an `act of terror' (AP)


There are some people in the outside world who don't seem to like the posts I make on this site.

Breaking: Blago Impeachment Vote May Come As Soon As Next Week

Damn, I just quit my job...

Digital TV switchover: some basic facts

Special needs patient left alone overnight on frigid bus

Urge Secretary Rice to help end the civilian bloodshed!

Cornyn promises filibuster on Franken

Condoleezza Rice is busily trying to bring peace to the middle East, proof here!!!1

Roseanne Barr is Jewish and a Pro-Palestinian Activist

Sierra Vista development site yields old artifacts

Republicans to flee DC for inauguration

Obama's Team Rankles the Right

2009 brings hard choices over the future of capitalism

2009 brings hard choices over the future of capitalism

Awwww ..... I feel really awful for them ........

In the UK planning for the corpo-fascist police state continues apace.

Bush setting us up for an act of terrorism again?

You really believe the business community and conservatives?

blagojevich loses his homeland security clearance

Businessman Argues for Employee Free Choice Act

Thousands of Afghans Demonstrate Against Israel, US

Are the Duzys up yet?

Attacks condemned as supplies dwindle and deaths rise

Iraq Vet's Lawyer: He Fired In Self-Defense In Shooting Over Noisy Moviegoers

X-posted. Help needed. Thanks to DU, I was inspired to obtain an internet domain name and

Yellowstone daily earthquake report for Friday #304

So.. The top 5% keeps their Taxes While They Increase Gas Prices

60.... 59.... 58.... 57.... 56.... 55....???

Bill Moyers Journal. Opens with Marx Bros. 'Duck Soup', Fredonia, and

Utah 21, Alabama 3

FReepers go wild tonight over another Obama birth non-story.

Do you think Al Franken should be seated before a victor in MN is certified?

Curious about sexual behavior


I have an idea about what to do when airline passengers encounter scary fellow passengers.

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Best of Malloy tonight TGIF!

Here's a thought: If Obama doesn't come through on his promises,

Economic Forecast for first half 2009. How We Got Here..Where We are Going

Most important news story of the week (ending January 2, 2009)

For everyone talking about 8th graders and such having the first babies of 2009

Can new TVs use rabbit ears?

The year 2008 in photographs

The History Channel is running a show on the '29 crash to today now.

Great video animation on the politics of military and war.

AirTran apologizes to Muslim passengers who were removed from flight.

Should we start taxing gas by the mile?

CNN: US weapons 'killing innocent civilians' in Gaza

House Rules Package Could Curb Minority’s Power, End Term Limits for Chairmen

Israel is about to invade Gaza with tacit Bush approval. Without taking a side

WHERE DID OLBERMAN GO?????????????????????

Should The Stimulus Bill Contain A "Buy American" Clause?

Muslim family, US born citizens, removed from plane for discussing safest place to sit.

"OBAMAS' 'HAUNTED' HOUSE Staff say they've seen ghost at storied Hay-Adams Hotel "

Do Scientologists have a heart?!1

Bush blew up the nuclear levee, a Very Dangerous Deal

Another sexual poll

Glenn Greenwald: More oddities in the U.S. "debate" over Israel/Gaza

Diagnose this! (not looking for a solution, because no one has figured out one).

Politico: Bristol: Pregnancy wasn't 'ideal'

Politico: Bristol: Pregnancy wasn't 'ideal'

After serious & cautious consideration.....

Erin Brockovich To Visit Coal Ash Spill Site

Exercise & Fitness is on just about everybody’s list this time of year.

Exercise & Fitness is on just about everybody’s list this time of year.

War Vet, 50, Stunned By New Deployment

Belarus ruble sinks 20 percent, shocking citizens

Obama Faces Legacy Of Lawlessness At Justice (Career Lawyers Hired For Ideology Entrenched At DOJ)

The Abramoff Scandal is Expanding: More GOP woes for 2009...

"Rare Bugatti untouched for 50 years could fetch millions:" report

Rachel Maddow, Mixologist

British Corespondents and Pronunciation of Proper Names

My insurance premiums have gone sky high

Is it time to save money by abolishing the use of black boxes in commercial passenger airplanes?

CNN...NEW developments...

Senate Adjournment Blocks Last-Minute Bush Appointments

I`m sick to death of war.

John Travolta's son, the messed up L.A. media and Kawasaki Disease

The 10 Worst Corporations of 2008

HELP! This Is Going To Seem STUPID... But I Need Some Verification About

It's Official: It's Caroline..

It's Official: It's Caroline..

Warning on toxic honey.

I talked to Don Siegelman yesterday.

CT: Catholic diocese charged under RICO for predator priest coverup

Levi's concurrent enrollment in GED/apprenticeship may violate *federal guidelines*

March 7, 2003. Democratic "quandary" over how to oppose Bush's war.

Wal-Mart's Great Fight North

27mpg Cadillac Escalade

my letter on H.R. 676 printed TODAY!please DU!!

I will bet DU that Scientology had something to do with Jett Travolta's death.

Police Report:: Charles Barkley in a Hurry for Sex

Hah - Freedom Watch Founder Adelson loses $24 Billion

Scarborough Shares The Coveted Media OHS Award With Hannity

Health-care reform poll

Oil was 3 times more expensive in July. Recession alone doesn't explain it

reid called blagojevich about who was acceptable for the senate seat!


Please do not forget the families imprisoned in the for profit T Don Hutto prison in Taylor, TX

Tweaking the Occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan

Lakoff sez that most people who oppose publicly funded health care cite the following values

Florida Democrats use almost exact same words about Gaza attacks.


Who, if anyone, is criminally responsible in this situation?

What is Randi Rhodes' beef with Al Franken?

Ruth Marcus Supports Torture

We may never cross paths but

More top brands seen disappearing in 2009

It's Official: The Caroline Kennedy PR machine knows no shame...

Life after a six-figure salary

A Closer Look at What Ailed Jett Travolta

Madoff Who? Palm Beach Parties On (Gilded Age Still Kicking)

Harry Reid has to go. NOW!

Dick Cheney's new house. Ugly as shit.

Taxes, Insurances, Licenses.....Enough Already!

Can we quit with automatic labels of "homophobic", "racist", "sexist" et cetera

Should bicyclists be required to have a license, registration, insurance, etc?

There is a Twilight Zone show about Bush, it is starting now.

No fucking shit, Sherlock! My wife just dropped me into teh drink again!


Goodnight, folks. I'm fucking tired! Also I've been told to..

When office pranks go wrong

This generic sleeping pill is...

Since so many Love threads going on.

We will never be a nuclear family but a rainbow will begin at our feet.

I just wrote a poem and sent it off to an old friend

Hey sports fans! What ever happened to the "Salad Bowl"????

The estate tax

The Best texy mexy sexy thread

The only thing better than Orange Juice is


College Bowl Season: Who's going to play in the Zoloft Self-Esteem Bowl?

I am in love with my spotting scope!


Here was my NYE. How about yours?

OMG, I just realized I'm a Liz Lemon - I kid you not

I Finished Reading A Book About An Hour Ago

Questions for College Football Fans

Hello All

OK...Now I am really confused!

You're arriving at a friend's house at 1:30 a.m on a weekday.

Slum Dog Millionaire

Question about itunes on a mac

Lush: De-Luxe

Fresh Air

The first AMERICAN to walk in space was a grad of the University of Michigan

When is an exit not an exit?

My 2009 New Year's Resolution - No More Lounge Pevity.

update on my health issue

kitten picture of the day for Friday January 2

I have an idiot computer question...

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/2/09 (warning: graphic language)

Seriously...what's up with Iceland, anyway?

Dumb college football corporate bowl names

Hey Jack Kerouac

Anyone shop at Rooms to Go?

I had a dream I was in the basement of the Alamo...

Word salad

One For The Ages

Finally I Am Saved

I nominate for couple of the year

My 2009 New Year's Resolution - MORE Lounge Pevity

Kids. Go figure.

Let's have a sexy party!

Are the holidays officially over now or do we have to wait til Monday?

I love how WALL E made so many Republicans mad

So, I am watching When We Left Earth this morning and had a thought

Anyone Here Old Enough To Remember The Kids Show "Wonderama"?

Hey man, don't finger my bologna!

Love chickens? Really love Tyson meat company?

Craftygal's setting up a Terminator film festival in our living room

This may be a lost cause - but do you have any resolutions for 2009?

LynneSin's album discussion for the day 1/2/2009: Brain Salad Surgery by Emerson, Lake & Palmer

Playing for Change

Midlo hasn't been here for a while

The End of an Era ?

Strange sports trivia question

Fuckin'- What the fuckin'. Fuck. Who the fuck fucked this fucking... How did you two fucking fucks..

Who was it here looking for a Victorian/Edwardian tailcoat about three weeks back??

Fair and balanced football? Ick.

Fuck it. It's cold out but the streets are clear of ice. I'm gonna ride my bike.

Help! I'm being taken out! To see things!!

To welcome in the new year: An Aged Ale from 2007 (Fullers Vintage)

Why does it feel like Monday?

Anyone Have Family That You Could Not Curse Around?

iPod question

False modesty defined.

I just ate the best tasting omlet ever prepared. You know who made it?

Really desperate for some levity, anyone got some to spare?

I want to create an omelette that never dies.

Come fly with me, lets fly, lets fly awayyyyyyyy.....

DU Parents: Get your kid The Beatles Yellow Submarine

Balanced and Fair - Donald Mc Gillavry

Seriously this picture needs a caption..... (for all you baby panda lovers)

My new favorite lunch

How do I register an internet domain as quickly as possible?

Do you hate it when this happens?

Conway Twitty: Was that guy weird-looking or what?

Hotty Toddy, Gosh almighty

How To Give A Cat A Pill

How have I lived almost 60 years and never heard of Bob Rivers

I want to create a thread that never lives.

"I Love Lucy" - the complete series is at Target for $150 (on for $200)

Anyone know of a legitimate work online job? It would really help

So... who left their trunk open driving down the freeway?

My brain keeps trying to convince me it's Saturday.

If you want to listen to some beautiful Grateful Dead music, here you go.

SUGARBOWL!!!!! Woot!

I'm still grieving for my dogs.

techies, i need your help

the wunder boner

Warning to female Rock Band 2 drummers: Remove your wedding set before you play.

I got new eyeglasses today, and the only thing that they improved

Who's your favorite TeeVee pitch man?

a new way to use the word fuck...I just invented it!

What are you still doing here? I thought you said you weren't going to spend so much time

How do you think my mother spent $2000?

What does "pubaluc" mean?

Anyone here running Linux on their PS3?

How come I'm not getting email notification for pm's?

The "My Cousin Vinny" Bowl comes on at 8:15-Alabama vs. the UTES

this should be interesting...

Tonight I drink GIN.

The Long And Winding Road Is Over

I need a job

when will it be the Chicago Bulls turn to play at Wrigley Field?

I see the Phantom Rec'er is back...

It's been a long time since a movie snuck up on me: I LOVED "Hamlet 2".

Does anyone understand music psychology

Stand-up comedian (with curly hair, I think), sounds kind of like Albert Brooks...HELP?

Songs About Maria...Know any?

Why does my wine taste so crunchy?

Alabama has a BASS PLAYER in their marching band?

Photos: This "New York's Best Cheeseburger" is cooked so rare I can still hear it "moo."

It's my birthday! And I got money as a gift--what should I buy?

Introducing Cheyenne. (pic)

If I pass you on the highway...

Do You Think The Wicked Witch Of The West Smelled Really Bad?

What is happening in this picture?

Here's an animated flash spider you can play with and feed.

Cheese-filled Balloon animals....

Let's go to UTAH! Let's go to UTAH! Let's go to UTAH!

anyone have call of duty 5

Would one of you PLEASE come over here .........

Head of Human Resource was fired yesterday. Of course as small

Tonight, I drink Djinn.

No flames please. Quick poll question

The power has gone out here at work twice tonight.


Let's go UTAH! Let's go UTAH! Let's go UTAH!

Chim chiminey, Chim chiminey, Chim chim cher-ee!

Just Had My Last(?)Surgery in Treatment of Cleft Lip & Palate, ask me anything!

has anyone here had "Wii Arm"?

Am I the only person weirded out by the Dominican Republic?


The best tex mex

I am in love with my potted dope!

Hey Guys! Guys! I have a car! Signed by Paul Newman and Ed Harris!

OK, when you were little, what did you want to be when you "grew up"

Ok, here's my plan for a college football playoffs

Why don't we listen to winter music after Christmas? You know,

DU folks and techies: Thank you. Finally I have figured out something positive to do. But now

Name a song that should be on everyone's Ipod

Here's the one cute cat pic that you get from me...

Had a great ride today...

Is it normal for a grown man to play "GI Joe and Barbie make love on a handkerchief"?

I Wish I Were More Like My Online Persona

Can we all agree that the Mountain West Conference deserves BCS status?

Snapped some nice pics on the way from Whistler today

Hottest Pre-WWI First Lady? (I bet you've never seen these photos)

So Rush Limbaugh saw Billy Mays advertising OxiClean and ....

My 1000th post...the last time my post total shows without

If you're into the whole Big Lebowski thing

Anybody heard this about John Travolta's kid dying?

I've come to a conclusion, and this might upset a few people, but here goes:

The Germans make some twisted smilies...

Back to the future: Vinyl record sales double in '08, CDs down

John Travolta's son died this morning - link added

These social internet sites where you can share your pain with others: Do you think they help or

DU Carnivores: Did you ever just get digusted by meat?

Okay, DU fellas, we have a potential new obstacle. This is IMPORTANT!

Look what The But Tutcher made for me tonight!

I watched The Wrestler last night.

I was browsing (and noshing) through Costco at lunchtime today

Jesus H. Christ's middle name

I spotted Ava on tv at the Sugar Bowl, and she's sitting with the bag boy

I am in love with these dogs!

The collective wisdom of DUers over 50

Taipei 101 building fireworks

Ever dreaded doing laundry so much that you figured it'd be just as easy to go out and buy new stuff

This song reminds me of my brother

"Perfect" movies

Some pictures I've taken over the last few years

My wife just called from out of state and told me to sit down...

Play A Train Song!!

Anyone Here Old Enough To Remember The Fox Show "Futurama"?

Best Girl Band

One of "those" kind of Threads!

Obama returns to Chicago after Hawaiian holiday

Folding Blago's Big Top

Will Barack call out the Israel BS on the Gaza campaign the way he did Bush's Iraq dissinfromation?

18 Days.

"We've become a nation of scofflaws and political pirates"

The Nation: Gaza Clouds Obama's Prospects

Do you want to know who you are? Don't ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.

If election was held today I bet Obama would win by a much larger margin!

Are certain warmongers from both sides taking advantage of the last days of Bush's regime?

Fox News Airs "Magic Negro" Message On New Year's Broadcast

Ameria Responds To Obama's MLK Day Of Service

When Warren ends his prayer with "In Jesus' name we pray . . . "

18 Days left of this "Supermassive Black Hole."

Breaking: Ritter picks Denver superintendent Michael Bennet to fill Salazar's senate seat

Huffington Post: Understanding the Gaza Catastrophe

When does the new Congress take over? Were the new Senators and Congresspeople

Since this is controversial for some reason...

Library of Congress plans to collect sermons for inauguration

if i was in obamas shoes...

Make best wishes your guiding light.

Does America look to one document for guidance?

Lynn Sweet: Senate opposition fiercer than Burris thinks

With Obama, DC Residents Hope For A Voice

District Welcomes Obama as One of the Capital’s Own

Is it just me or do you wish that Senate Dems were as up in arms over Bush as they are about Burris?

Military wary of Obama -Military Times

Michelle looks wonderful on CNN right now.

Will South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford turn down Federal money?

Government gives you Your Rights?

Bush History-Duct Tape Censorship: Keeping the People's Business Hidden from the People, 1/2

MSNBC: Armed guards will keep Burris from entering the building on Monday?

You guys may have done this already...

(Poll) A Poll on "Do I approve of Obama's job performance so far?" polling (Poll)

Who's the bigger opportunist?

Ran across the site 'Bushwatch'...still up. And what a Top 20 List it has

Representation in DC: Are you represented or Resented?

What are the chances that you will ever be happy with Congress?

Promises, Promises

This is NOT about Burris. Period.

Which posts will be on the "Greatest" list on January 21st?

I Interrupt this Presidential DIscussion for a bit of a Freak Out due to a Front Page Post

Female deans of Harvard and Stanford law under consideration for Solicitor General.

Officers could bar Burris from Senate

Politicians who support gay marriage?

Burris unlikely to get Sec of State sign-off by Tuesday

Chicago tribune: Blagojevich impeachment vote could be held next week.

Apparently to some posters here, it's fair game to call me "a disease" because I'm a gay man.

Will NCLB be overturned or will the Dems cave to right wing anti-teacher groups?

Total Friggin Nuttery - Dick Cheney's role next Tuesday with regard to Roland Burris

N.C. HS Student Seeking Donations To Attend Inauguration

Denver Schools Chief to be Appointed Senator Saturday

anyone know what language this is?and what it says?

Sen. Michael Bennet?

Obama's team polishing economic stimulus measure

Bigger Than Bush by Paul Krugman

Freepers Furious at imminent Caroline Appointment: "Stupid, incoherent liberal b*tch"

Gallup: 93% of liberals remain confident in Obama.

What so many people have already forgotten

The IL & MN Senate situations highlight why our side is always on the defensive

The Nation's Robert Dreyfuss: Israel Revives Hamas

Sorry, But Cornyn is right Franken Should not be seated until the process ends.

Sorry, But Cornyn is right Franken Should not be seated until the process ends.

McConnell/Boehner Threaten Economic Stimulus Package

Obama's Team Rankles the Right

Harry Reid: "Ted Stevens will always be remembered as a lion"

(REPOST) Does America look to one document for guidance?

Just curious, What's the difference between Al Franken, Tammy Duckworth, and Carolyn Kennedy?

Report: Obama Likely To Tear Down Military-NASA Barriers

PHOTOS The Sporting Life

Democratic Lawmakers Gird for Racial Showdown Over Burris Appointment

Please do not buy into the hype. . .THERE IS NO RACIAL SHOWDOWN over Burris

Breaking news: It's Caroline!

Could Caroline be the next President Kennedy?

K&R if you think we should pull ALL troops out of Iraq AND Afghanistan

Does anyone know if fold up chairs are allowed on the mall on 1-20-09?

Ha! Barack Obama was on local Chicago PBS show "Check Please" years ago!

how can we purge the DC insider privileged class that infests our politics,

Oh how I love our President Elect..........I just hope some speech coach....

CRY BABIES: Republicans to flee DC for inauguration

CNN: AP reporting Gov. Patterson will soon pick Carolina Kennedy to replace Hillary Clinton

When is Hillary going to resign?

People comparing not seating Burris to George Wallace blocking the admission of an AA girl

Video: Interview with Mariela Castro (Raul's daughter. Discusses same sex marriage, SRS, Obama)

Burris' actual IL Supreme Court filings in Burris, et al v. White

Departed Friends, Tribute to DU Pets 2008

Friends of Rick Warren - Discussion of MLK Commemorative Service Appearance

Cheney believes that Liberals do not have the guts to prosecute

PHOTOS The First Couple: If Only They Could Lighten Up......

Laurence Tribe: The Senate doesn't have to seat Burris.

Poverty in America: Truth Hurts, Ignorance Kills

Obama's Hometown Kicks Off "Camp Hope"

Obama's Hometown Kicks Off "Camp Hope"

12 dead in northern Mexico are latest drug war victims

Suspected U.S. drone fires missiles in Pakistan

Five dead, 51 wounded in blasts in India's Assam state - Summary

Australia unlikely to resettle US detainees( Guantanamo Bay)

End of the Year Brings A Burst of Settlements With Justice Department

Smoking ban leads to fewer heart attacks (Dropped 41 percent)

Suicide bomb kills many in Iraq

Republicans to flee DC for inauguration

U.S. preps south Afghan surge

Kashmir protests over assault on Gaza, 50 injured

Sri Lanka troops 'enter rebel HQ' (BBC)

Manufacturing index drops to 28-year low

Sri Lankan president hails victory as army seizes Tamil Tiger capital

Iraq Suicide Bomber Kills 24

Israel destroys Hamas homes, flattens Gaza mosque

The Abramoff Scandal is Expanding: More GOP woes for 2009...

Stores responsible for crowd control, police say

GMAC Gives Up Some GM Financing Rights

Mobile's MoonPie Raising Draws Big Crowd

Israel to allow small number of foreign journalists into Gaza

Stars call for ceasefire in Gaza

Wal-Mart Poised to Repeat Share Gains, Grab Target’s Customers

Parents of China milk scandal victims detained

Russia looks to re-route EU gas

Russia looks to re-route EU gas

CSX to consider options for Greenbrier resort in W.Va.


Inauguration Feels Special to Many in Washington

Gunmen strike downtown Muskegon Heights one day after cop layoffs

Ukraine accused of stealing gas

US gov't sends Chrysler $4B bridge loan

Gov't Resumes Oil Purchases For Emergency Stockpile

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday January 2

Thousands of shoes tie up Miami freeway traffic

Governor may be leaning toward Kennedy-Two people close to Paterson tell AP

U.S. governors seek $1 trillion federal assistance

Justice at last for gay war widower

Burned Bangkok Nightclub Lacked Safety Measures, License To Operate

Motorists' habits spur call for tax increases

Supreme Court asks to hear from Franken, counties before ruling on Coleman’s suit

World's oldest person dies at 115

Michael Bennet chosen as next Senator

France captures 'Somali pirates'

Democrats Debate Methods to End Stem Cell Ban

9 Muslim Passengers Removed From Jet

Troops lured by drug trade, report warns

Cornyn promises filibuster on Franken seating

Blagojevich stripped of access to classified federal security information

Airline Offers Apology Over Detained Muslim Passengers

Bush blames Hamas for Gaza conflict

War Vet, 50, Stunned By New Deployment

Ill. governor's pick (Roland Burris) to be given few privileges (in Senate)

Cuba's Raul Castro offers direct talks with Obama

School sued over religious ed

Yossi Sarid / If you (or I) were Palestinian

IDF admits to overestimating Gaza rocket severity

Israeli Human Rights groups to Defense Minister: Stop draining Gaza of Fuel and Electricity

Gaza rockets put Israel’s nuclear plant in battle zone

Fears grow of Gaza ground assault

Gaza conflict can make or break Ehud Barak's fortunes (election)

"Special spin body" gets media on message, says Israel

Israel braced for Hamas response

Most Israelis back Gaza retaliation in poll

They hate us for our bombs

West Bank anger over Gaza raids

Israel Clamps Down on West Bank, Jerusalem Mosques

Palestinian arrested, charged for Denmark shooting

What is the solution?

Hamas Missiles Could Put Israel’s Nuclear Plant in Target Zone

Livni: No crisis in Gaza Strip

Dershowitz: Israel's Policy Is Perfectly 'Proportionate'

Foreigners Exit Gaza as Ground Attack Fears Grow

Arabs must decide

Physicians for Humans Rights- Israel Press Release for 1/2/09

Why They Fight

Israel lets Palestinians flee; UN warns of crisis (Jan 2, 4:12 PM EST)

Civilians take brunt of 7th day of Gaza offensive (Fri Jan 2, 2009 3:05pm EST)

British protestors target Egypt over Gaza conflict

I realize it is an idea divorced from all reality...

McClatchy: Israel rebuffs court, bars reporters from Gaza


IDF admits to overestimating Gaza rocket severity, but warns worst may be yet to come

Israel bombs as tanks wait on outskirts of Gaza

Dennis Perrin (HuffPo): Israel/Palestine Debate Is Shifting

Where Is Israel Going?

US Gives Israel Free Rein on Whether to Invade Gaza

Americans Closely Divided Over Israel’s Gaza Attacks

Israel Set to Begin Ground War Against Hamas in Gaza

Massacre in Gaza: Israel As We Know It

Gaza 2009 - To win, all Israel has to do is survive

Darkness in Qassam-Land

Most Democrats oppose Israeli offensive on Gaza; Republicans support it (poll)

Hamas: We Foiled an Attempted Entry of IDF Soldiers Into Gaza

An Open Letter to President Bush on Gaza by Ralph Nader

IDF calling Gaza civilians to warn them of imminent bombings

Palestinian Police Ban Pro-Hamas Protests(in West Bank)

Ha'aretz: IDF admits exaggerating threat of Gaza rockets


Israel set to begin ground war against Hamas in Gaza

"Israelis feel empowered by attacks against Hamas"

Winds Of War Blow Netanyahu's Way

Gaza fight deepens Palestinian divisions

Seth Freedman: The recklessness of Hamas

Negev house sustains direct Qassam hit

Israel/Palestine Debate Is Shifting

Haaretz: Did the IAF bomb a Gazan welding truck or a Hamas Grad transport?

Eleven children among 21 killed on sixth day of Israeli air assault

Israel's war of terror against Gaza

The Paradox of Israel: Regional Super Power and the Largest Jewish Ghetto Ever Created

Mashaal to IDF soldiers: 'A black fate awaits you in Gaza' (Jerusalem Post)

About Israel and "fair and balanced" news reports

Israel/Hamas: Civilans must not be targets

Let India 2.0 rise from the ashes of Bombay

Eugene Robinson: Our Cuba Policy: A Failure at 50

Jim Lobe: Heilbrunn Reviews Neo-Con Travails

Hawaii's Still Waters Run Deep for the President-Elect

Bribes Corrode Afghans’ Trust in Government

Hillel Schenker: The View From Tel Aviv (good background on the political situation.)

Let’s Pledge to Stop Being Stupid About Teen Sex

Shame on You, Rick Warren

More Jefferson, Less Rove

America's Soul Sickness & Permanent War: Obama's Rude Awakening

Sirota: Did you hear FDR prolonged the Great Depression?

Is Ken Salazar Too Nice?

Israel's Gigantic Blunder

Video: Interview with Mariela Castro (Raul's daughter. Discusses same sex marriage, SRS)

Republicans to flee D.C. for Inauguration

Democrats debate methods to end stem cell ban

Robert Parry: Pity the Poor Neocons

Everything You Need to Know About Iran By Col. Ann Wright

Friday Talking Points (59) -- New Year's Resolutions (For Democrats)

Prominent Activist and Organizer Outed as FBI Informant

Krugman: (GOP FAIL is) Bigger than Bush

The Bizarre Life and Angry Times of Bill O'Reilly

Republican to Whine From Remote Locations Jan. 20th

Anderson Cooper reports from Sesame Street

Processed People Promo trailer

Rachel Maddow Awards for 2008, part 3, news event most suited to be made into a musical

Rachel Maddow Awards for 2008, part 5, Most Memorable Previously Unknown Performer

TPMtv: The 2nd Annual Golden Duke Awards

Rachel Maddow Awards for 2008, part 4, Most entertaining failed presidential candidate

Rachel Maddow Awards for 2008, part 1, fish in a barrel

1/4 Censoring Science -Inside the Political Attack on Dr. James Hansen

Young Turks: Amusing Press Conference: Blagojevich's Appoints Senate Seat

Will Obama Honor His NAFTA Campaign Promise?

Israel Attacks Gaza, Silence from Mainstream Media about Israeli Violations of International Law

Convicted For War Crimes

OBAMA SONG OFFICIAL VIDEO - Michael Franti and Spearhead

The Reality In Gaza -

OT: Theme from Shaft played by the Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain

TYT: Merrill Lynch Executive Gets New House With TAXPAYER Money

TYT: U.S. Media Coverage of Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

John Travolta's son dies in Bahamas

Rachel Maddow Awards for 2008, part 2, Denial not just a river in Egypt

Maine Army Guard aviation unit returns

Army Guard unit to return from Afghanistan

Faker Army veteran gets probation

Mont. Guard says help for troops strengthening

Convict wants retrial in Dix plot

Wainwright continues Iraq troop deployment

Navy awards contract for communications center

Caution light rerouted Marine in jet crash

Former Marine pleads not guilty to killing

14 things airmen must know in 2009

U.S. teams play support role to Iraqis in Sadr City

‘Carry trade’ collapse takes a toll on yen

Report: Online voting possible, but challenging

New pact with Iraqis often ties U.S. hands

Air Force failing at fitness?

Pacific briefs: Article 32 set for airman in child abuse case

Progress cited in Long drug case

Sons of Iraq Transfer New Year's Day

Navy Tests Waters on Home-Based Work

'Cart-Starts' Make a Quick Launch

DOD Committee Moves Into High Gear

'Scars Are Not Forever'

(Military Times) Op-Ed: A Spouse's Signature War Injuries

A Focus on Violence by Returning G.I.’s

An inaugural ball will be only for military

For the ones who watched "Sir! No Sir!"

Departed Friends, Tribute to DU Pets 2008

New Park Protects Penguins And Other Marine Life In Argentina

Second V1 Reactor at Jaslovske Bohunice Shut Down (Slovakia)

Hong Kong Air Pollution Worst In 2008 Since Record-Keeping Began - AFP

EU Admits That It Is "Highly Unlikely" To Meet Biodiversity Protection Goals By 2010 - ENN

Canadian Forests May Have Crossed Line From Net Carbon Sink To Net Source - Hartford Courant

2,500 Lost Penguins Wash Up, Dead And Alive, In Brazil

Did a Comet Hit Earth 12,000 Years Ago? (causing the "Younger Dryas")

Wind turbines

Science - Study Projects No Coral Growth In Great Barrier Reef By 2050, Replacement By Algae

Oregon looks at taxing mileage instead of gasoline

Global warming

NASA ocean windpower maps

Factories slash output and jobs around world

Madoff Fund was Bust NOT a Fraud, but Fraud Entitles Investors to Compensation

US Manufacturing Orders at 60 Year Low, China Contracts 5th Straight Month

Who suffers in an economic depression ?

U.S. steel industry urges "buy America" recovery plan

The Bank Bail Out Explained (a little humor)

Wikileaks: Clearstream-counterparties 2004 (including Madoff)

Credit crunch to intensify, Bank of England warns

Dr. Housing Bubble 01/02/09

Sovereign Wealth Funds Take a Big Hit

UK prediction: Unemployment will soar above 3 million in 2009, say chambers of commerce

David Sirota - We told you so

Survey sees worsening recession in Midwest, Plains

Today in labor history Jan 2 Attorney General Palmer arrests 4,000 foreign-born labor agitators

Fair Pay for Women Now! E-action

SEALED AIR TO CLOSE PACKAGING PLANT IN CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA….Teamsters local 238 seeking severance

Union workers to stage second protest

The Economy is Worse Than It Appears: America Bleeds Its Way Into 2009

U.S. steel industry urges “buy America” recovery plan

Controversial Employee Free Choice Act Rears Head in McDonald’s Row

Sanford agrees to loan to keep unemployment (benefits) afloat

Froma Harrop: Close loophole that replaces skilled U.S. workers with foreign labor

Union members and families fill stockings for United Way children

Auto industry girds for chilling Dec. sales report

Money Saver: Job hunting may yield added rewards for taxpayers

Rough Month Ahead For GM Employees (no job bank anymore)

Couple scrambles after nest egg cracks: Recalculating retirement

Tell Obama how you feel about equal marriage rights, cast your vote:

Steven Colbert, In his own words

Video: Interview with Mariela Castro (Raul's daughter. Discusses same sex marriage, SRS)

Would you put this meat in your mouth?

BAM!!! And there it is.

Warren Invitation at MLK Service Unifying or Divisive?

"What kind of self respecting f-t am I?"

Sandra Bernhard on the Rick Warren bullshit.

Video: Interview with Mariela Castro (Raul's daughter. Discusses same sex marriage, SRS, Obama)

Hokies salvaged a little respect for the ACC

Lance Armstrong's Real Identity Revealed!

Every week, there's a team that doesn't show up to play...

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report (January 2): Happy New Year

This is pathetic

Go Uuuuuuutes!

Great analysis of why the BCS and the MNC are stupid.

I'll say it again.

my letter on H.R. 676 printed TODAY! please DU!

Bone drugs may raise risk of esophageal cancer, FDA official says

2008 was a year for dangerous Drugs

Blood donors to win airline tickets

Antioxidants Relieve Pain of Chronic Pancreatitis

Donating hair for wigs?

Jaw Infection From Fosamax More Prevalent Than Thought

Need a little help, please


Came across these videos (Grand Master David Harris) while researching pendulum techniques

Calm video clip gift

Chakra balancing massage

Energetically speaking, what is the significance of moles?

20 years of expanding "shall issue" laws

Rick DiClemente's January Starself Astrology Newsletter

good morning

Hope in Shadows: Portraits of the Downtown Eastside

Research: Alpha Lipoic Acid Benefits: Most Powerful Antioxidant, Diabetes, Heart Diseases, much more

Indian Food

How long does Egg Nog last?

No knead dutch oven bread

Council Reluctantly Disapproves Of Prayer Box At City Hall

I prefer a restaurant with ......

Pastitsio from Vegetarian Epicure

Which writing is the most beautiful?

Catholic School Terminates Woman Over Her Marriage.... To A Man

Water-based eyeglasses for the masses

New Evidence of Meteor Bombardment 12,900 years ago

Rovin', rovin', rovin' - Mars explorers don't want to stop

Who knew onions could do this?

Questions for the DU

Is there any encyclopaedia that advertises a monetary reward...

bill ayers on obama and education reform

wt7 Dec 13 David Chandler interview (mp3 link)

NIST Finally Admits Freefall of WTC7 (Parts II & III)

Pardon watch on as transition nears But it's doubtful any Houstonians will make the cut

Any Wine users here?

Is the Google Toolbar DU button kaput?

Let's be futurists

Good site for instructions on wiping the HD and re-installing Win XP?

Mia Farrow and Andre Previn's oldest daughter, Soon-Yi's sister, dies at age 35

Top CEOs need just 12 hours to earn average Canadian annual salary - Canadian Press

3500 WI NG troops to Iraq