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I want to root for the Cardinals, but

Shut Down Mail Service In Washington DC Til Wednesday

Can you feel it?

Anyone hear how many people were at the concert today?

A small update on the Emmonak situation - from The Mudflats

My reply to David Gregory and people like him who say..

I'm totally freaked. I just heard I may not get my disability check next month.

High Hopes Add to Burden For Obama

DU's own Eliz Edwards speaks out on healthcare in FLA!

After his presidency, George Bush wants to help Gulf Coast area

Martin Luther King, Jr. - "I Have a Dream"

Not much chance of these two being photographed drunk in a gutter, eh?

Not much chance of these two being photographed drunk in a gutter, eh?

If Obama picked Skinner to be in his Admin. What would the reaction at DU be?

I LOVED the "Coat-Concert"..

McCaskill wonders what's wrong with mascara, Joe Lieberman "speechless"

One small step for Obama...

One small step for Obama...

For me, the single most convincing argument pro universal healthcare:

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Look at Google! Note the graphic!

Please help :Green Acres Animal Sanctuary

Pelosi Open to Prosecution of Bush Administration Officials

Yes GD is back

AOL: "A Fun Look Back at Bush's Presidency." Huh?

Most see Bush presidency as a failure, but 'DISASTER' is more appropriate

This is what happens when one "assumes."

Ok, what the hell did I miss

So when can we expect the pardons?

Just heard a caller on C-SPAN recommend people to go to DU

Anyone see BO Kenyan Grandmother?

Juan Cole: King's Anti-Imperialism

Just heard a caller on C-SPAN give drop a DU rec

Change the locks on the shadow government

Nice MLK banner on Google today.

The most insulting aspect of the looming pardons

CNN will play MLK's entire "Dream" speech at 12 pm ET n/t

FYI - HBO to replay the "We are One" concert at 1pm and 9:30pm Eastern today

Just Bragging: I was at the "I have a dream" speech

Vincent Bugliosi needs to be appointed to investigate War Crimes

My mom doesn't have HBO but is dying to watch the "We Are One" special..

I like how this has worked out! MLK Day today, President Obama tomorrow!

Labour stakes its reputation on second gamble

Inaugural art blog post

For those who said we'd see a black president the day the Arizona Cardinals play in the Superbowl...

Just pause a moment in your daily life and just take a breath to..

Most blacks say MLK's vision fulfilled: poll - Meanwhile SC quietly reviews Voting Rights Act - CNN

Bush making calls to world leaders

James Clyburn (D-SC): V is for Vindication

Has anybody counted the hours and minutes left to

Sorry guys, but American Pie is one of the worst movies ever filmed.

Presidential Pardons are explicitly for Federal Crimes only.

Bush's One Achievement Fails

Quick preview of what the ENTIRE WORLD will be doing tomorrow:

What is the exact timeline of the Inauguration?

First impressions from Masdar's sci-fi solar city (Abu Dhabi, UAE)

WPo: Hayden says Obama will NOT Investigate or change Torture Tactics

Question On Pardons?........

Inauguration Mass Murder “would be a public service.”

How appropriate that Obama is painting things "Blue" as part of his

Obama on stem cell policy

Any Good Pictures in archives of President Obama

1968 AFSCME Memphis Sanitation Workers' (I am a man) Strike Chronology (NAACP National Guard & MLK)

Ruby Bridges . . .will witness another milestone 50 years later

Ruby Bridges . . .will witness another milestone 50 years later

Holy shit ..... on his last day in office, i heave learned that George Bush and I agree on something

Opinion: President-elect Obama will spend political capital every day he isn't investigating

Opinion: President-elect Obama will spend political capital every day he isn't investigating

Oil futures dip after Israel-Hamas cease-fire

drive time this am on npr....newt fucking gingrich

Why Am I Thinking Of This Song Right Now?

My shirt for my Dr King speech today

Anyone have a link or know of a site that lists all of morons* midnight deregulations

Dr. King and the 1968 AFSCME Memphis Sanitation Strike (videos, photos, text of speeches etc.)

Hero Pilot and Family Invited to Inauguration

What Bush's punishment should be...from a gaming nerd's point of view

Tonight's dinner for McCain .....

Good Riddance, Rotten Prince


Capt Sully and family will be at the inauguration (per MSNBC)

Inauguration Eve

Progressive Startup to Re-open Rust Belt Factory and Make Revolutionary Green Product

Defense procurement case cited in delay of women's contracting program

A Troubling Level of Winter Violence in Afghanistan

24 hours to go!

The Right Wing is trying to set Obama up for failure in a lot of ways.

War of words breaks out between Nato, Karzai govt

Robert Gates will be at an undisclosed location in the event of a worst-case scenario tomorrow

Breaking: Bush's Last Minute Health Care Plan; Single Prayer Health Care.

No bail outs to companies that have escaped taxes

Martin Luther King, Jr. I have a dream speech on right now CNN.

Economic people out there - when does money become worthless and what happens then?

On Route to the Concert, the Day's Joyous Vibe Goes Off Message

No new president has ever been set up to fail so badly

23hrs & 20 minutes to go

Are you somewhere without MLK Day Events? Feeling left out? Help is available

What Gives Me Hope . . .

Check out this clock

In order to receive a pardon, does one have to APPLY for one?

For old times' sake, one last tin foil party: Gates will be doomsday designate..

Countdown: 23 Hours Zero Minutes

HBO- It's starting NOW

World newspapers shred Bush**. "A buffoon and warmonger.."

Could the Presidential Pardons Already Be Filed, but Not Made Public?

Attention Apple/linux users streaming tomorrow's events

Let's Give Bush A "Swearing Out" Ceremony

I've Been Watching CNN's MLK Day Converage

Hey freepers? Love the law? Get your own to obey it first:

I'm Gonna Miss Bush

I've lived 16,356 days but only 6,136 days under a Dem president

Maybe he can pardon Joke The Plumber for douchebaggery

More Americans Joining Military as Jobs Dwindle

It almost doesn't seem real

For those of us who have to work tomorrow, lets compile a list of sites that stream the festivities.

Al-Qaida threatens Germany

Bush Commutes Sentences for Two Former Border Patrol Agents

Boxer Statement on Bush's Last Minute Offshore Drilling Plan

The guy who runs Production here at work put a big picture of

Alaska Native Family Scores Legal Victory Against British Petroleum

The racist right indulges its assassination fantasies

In less than 24 hours, the Rapture comes11 Praise Jeesus11 Series!!

Andrea Mitchell is speaking with Gene Robinson now n/t

"Thank God this eight year fraternity party is finally coming to an end."

Does anyone here know if Alberto Gonzales has found a job yet?

Post ONE thing you won't miss when these D-Bags leave!

So has that Fascist Prick Warren dropped out of the Inaugural Ceremony yet?

So what did you all do for your day of service?

Say? Is it safe to start blaming Obama for all of Bush's f*ck-ups yet?


Chrysler now in talks with Fiat

Mississippi Paper Offers Apology for Its 'Gross Neglect' During Civil Rights Struggle

Happy MLK day.

Who Here Will Be Drunk By Noon Tomorrow?

Check Out The Lyrics To This Great Anti-Bush Song

About homophobia


Now THIS Is leadership

Today is the last day George W. Bush will ever hold a job of any kind.

In honor of Dubya's last day. A re-publication of an old classic.

In honor of Dubya's last day. A re-publication of an old classic.

Pardon Watch: Those two Border Patrol guys just got their sentences commuted, reports MSNBC

Free at Last political cartoon by Jeff Koterba (my best post of the day)

Top Saudi cleric: OK for young girls to wed

If you are looking for good, solid financial news....

Are You Ready For The Depression??

Are You Ready For The Depression??

Are You Ready For The Depression??

Moms Get Pledge, End Hunger Strike

Gates to sit out Obama inauguration

The Rude Pundit: "What Was Yours Is Everyone's From Now On"


Question answered, moderators delete.

Jill Biden said on Oprah that

Can somebody point me to a map of the mall security zone/ entrances pls? thx!

Developing: HBO says they aren't to blame for not including Gene Robinson in concert special

I don't believe I have *ever* heard a more beautiful rendition of "America the Beautiful"

Illegal wire-tapping suit now in Obama's court

this is a concise list of Bush adm failures.Remind your neighbors

Bush Moving Party - Volunteers Needed

Should Obama's Administration be concentrating on mass re-financing?


Help me make a decision, please. I have classes scheduled all

Obama's Inauguration Path

Obama's Inauguration Path


Number 44

Number 44

When is this terrorist going to get busted?


One of the better Google Logos

Watching the Inauguration on TV?

Watching the Inauguration on TV?

Watching the Inauguration on TV?

'Elections Aren't Democracy'- Barack Obama

Some marketing guru should get the SHOE THROWER in a Super Bowl commercial

Bush commutes sentences of border agents

On MLK day, a query: How many know what Rev. King actually did? (NO Wiki peeking!)

I feel oh so sorry for all of you not capable of my great warmth and joy!

please critique my ltte Re: failures of the Bush Adm.

poor old Freepers

122,400 LOOOONG seconds to go...

Barack Loves Georgie - Headlines 1/19/09

I do believe I could die tomorrow with a smile on my face

Study finds payday loan fees take money from health care

OMFG Are you watching Obama with the baby and toddler

CNN is making everything about their reporters. Just read your script.

No more Bushisms!

Taliban Bans Female Education in NW Pakistan

I do believe I could die tomorrow with a smile on my face

The BushCo moving crew is enroute even as we speak ----->

Snort. - The freeps are seriously losing it.

The GW Bush Pardon Pool - How many ?

Who's watching Ashford & Simpson sing "Solid as Barack" on CNN?

Do Women Get More Bangs Because Of The Bucks???

Get your Obama Pix

Okay, seriously folks. Will Bush ever take a trip out of the country

Page 6 U.S. extradition laws with Paraguay

HBO Streaming Inauguration Concert... FREE... NOW (11:30pm central)... Link...

Buffett says US in 'economic Pearl Harbor'

Anyone notice the Google logo today?

I think theres a technical problem with the alert function


In Barack Obama's call for a day of service, what would you do to help?

In Obama's rise, Kenyans see lessons for Africa

In Obama's rise, Kenyans see lessons for Africa

The HBO thing comes down to money

Watch the 2009 Presidential Inauguration without a TV

Hahaha .... Tim Pawlenty fails to defend Sarah Palin's absence from DC tomorrow

My intro for the Dr. King film at the Veterans Home earlier today

MLK: Why I Cannot Be Silent

I Enjoyed The Entire 'We Are One' Concert Today

I didn't think anyone could be as bitter as I was in 2000. But Freepers and RW pundits are moreso.

Rick Warren's African Allies Tied To Massacres, Sex-Slavery, Forced Labor, Concentration Camps

OK it's finally hit me

OK it's finally hit me

Should the US government cease sending foreign/military aid to Israel?

Some right wing kid on Dr Phil just said the media pushed Obama through myspace and Facebook

Fuck off, you pathetic, insufferable lout. And don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out

Three shot in two incidents in Marrero

A bizarre thought went through my head. Does anyone think * will end up throwing Cheney under a bus?

Freepers are wishing for Obama to fail miserably so they can say "told ya so"

Freepers are wishing for Obama to fail miserably so they can say "told ya so"

US Air 1549 had engine failure problems two days before downed flight

US Air 1549 had engine failure problems two days before downed flight

For the life of me, I cannot find anything about Martin Luther King, Jr. on my Comcast Cable.

Thank You Martin Luther King Jr.!

What a history making today was, with the train coming into Union

“It spreads quickly and kills within hours. This will be really worrying al-Qaeda.”

“It spreads quickly and kills within hours. This will be really worrying al-Qaeda.”

By tomorrow, we'll all be debushed!

What I did today in honor of the Inauguration..............

The big " We Are One' concert'? - no union bug on the HBO b'cast.

Flat Screen Cable People... You are the devil

24 Hours to go: Reflections at the end of the Bush era


I guess I haven't made that big a change-letter printed today by a local

David "Toss the shoe"-ster? Chris matthews is having fun.

Would this work for you as a way to honor the one who dishonored us?

The Celebration over Obama is Justified but also

Editorials worldwide pillory Bush one final time

Does this look right to you here in mid-January?!1

Proof of an alternate universe? LTTE from Mpls. Strib...

HBO owns Obama's inaugural concert. If you took any photos or videos you'd better destroy them now.

I take no joy in Bush's failed Presidency. I'm just glad he's gone

can someone please make sure Matthews has all his meds.

Did you ever think it would be like this?

Eight killed in Brazil church roof collapse

Oh Noes!!!111 What will we do on the day without a Conservative???

So a little over 24 hours from the first democratic President in 8 years being sworn in....

CNN's BIG BIRD SCREEN! (what a stupid POS)

Protesters Shout at Warren During Ebenezer Sermon

Wheres Blago?

awww freepers cancel their inaugural ball....

awww freepers cancel their inaugural ball....

Will anyone ever just be happy for the hope they've been served?

CNN: Obama May Reverse Bush Abortion Policy In First Week

Video of Bishop Robinson's invocation

Up to $20m at risk as American trader vanishes

Yah! The DUzy's are back! Thanks HawkeyeX (and JeffR)

Bush commutes that sentences of those 2 border agents that shot the drug smuggler in the ass.

Interesting take on values, formed watching PBS newshour. Mentioned how important

Repeat of Barack Obama interview on TV One right now

"Republicans Want Pres. Obama to Succeed"

"Republicans Want Pres. Obama to Succeed"

I have no problem with bush's commutation of the sentences of Ramos and Compean

Chris Rock on Obama: "There's nothing to say about Brad Pitt"

What should I be watching tonight?

In addition to Captain Sullenberger.....

DC Gay Men's Chorus Performs At Obama Inauguration Concert

I have to wonder what Bush is thinking right now.

Earthquakes, record cold, rain and snow, floods, volcanoes....when Obama is president...

Can't you just see Bush issuing a back-dated Pardon next week?

HBO is passing the buck on Rev. Robinson... to the Presidential Inaugural Committee.

Letter from a Birmingham Jail

Big balls in DC

Watching replay of Meet The Press

WATCH: Dr. King Discusses America's First Black President In Unearthed BBC Clip

I know there are more people who deserve it more, but I wish Studs Terkel could have seen this..

Twas the last night of George Bush

America's use of phosphorus, poison gas, flamethrowers and atomic weapons in WWII.

Don't flame me, but I sorta don't want to rush Inauguration Day

Oprah show guest list for Mon and Wed

The definition of a classless motherf*&^er White House starts referring to Bush as "former president"

HOW DARE Obama hold an inauguration on TV...some only have radio...

Not my president. Not any more. I have had enough.

MSNBC and Hardball are about to bust a nut they are so excited....

U&h oh.. "he's getting the nation at its nadir"..

Nuclear Proliferation, Terrorism and Deceit: America’s Deadly Game

Listening to long time coming -- and crying

Why We Have to Look Back John Conyers

what time is the swearing in?

1987 season opener of 'Dallas'

Here's an interesting exercise regarding our health care crisis:

Is Obama officially president at midnight or not until Oath-taking?

This is true, we have prevailed, Got the best person for President since

Happy Birthday Dr. King

inauguration day freebies

Why did Garth Brooks get to do 3 songs? I am poutraged.

Any plans for a DU meetup in DC?

How Come I Always Miss The Really Cool (P)Outrages?

"Change won't happen overnight..."

I have a dream.....that when Obama escorts Bush out of the White House

Bush commutes prison terms of former Border Patrol agents

scab being accompanied by security in a pub at 5:00 am cst

BWAAHAHAA! All That Experience and No Place to Go....

Rooming with Michelle Obama (Video Interview) & Boston Globe Article

17 hrs 19 mins to go but who is counting?

When Bush took the oath of office and swore to faithfully execute the law

Comparing Obama with where Bush was at this point...

Stars, regular folks heed Obama's call to service

I Have a Dream - Dr. King Tribute

Enjoy union made coffee without the bitter aftertaste of the Starbucks union buster

Anyone else see the assassination bullshit on CNN and Nora with her basketball line?

10 Bush pardons to watch for

Political Proseuctions Documentary...

WOWT: State Of The Dream In Omaha

NY Times: "A Pragmatic Precedent" What Lincoln would think of Obama.

Freeman foots prom bill in Sundance doc

Watch Obamas Inauguration Online

Words we are unlikely to EVER hear from Pres. Obama

Obama just dismissed the press so he could continue to work

Far Fewer Consider Racism Big Problem

Obama Aides Offer Preview of Inaugural Speech

The people who will be disenfranchised by the Obama Presidency.

The people who will be disenfranchised by the Obama Presidency.

The people who will be disenfranchised by the Obama Presidency.

Anyone think Obama will be taking any month long vacations any time soon?

"Fox News" says they will cover Obama objectively, just as they had Bush

Anyone else having problems posting in GD?

In honor of MLK's birthday I give you Lift Every Voice & Sing

"America's Song" - download and watch performance

Newt Gingrich To Help Launch Health Care Website

Special Song for tonight -- enjoy! Happy Dance!

Heads up for a KO Special Commentary tonight

Elegant and Graceful

Barack Obama Essay: Martin Luther King Day

January 19th: Sr. v.s. Jr.

Crowd behind Keith sings:"Nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah, HEY HEY HEY, Good-bye!"

We Can Never Stop Crossing the Bridge: The Continuing Struggle for Voting Rights

hey hey hey good bye are ya hearing it?

Was HBO to blame for this too?

Dick on wheels?

On Fox News, Gingrich echoed distortion that EFCA "tak[es] away your right to a secret-ballot vote

Rep Serrano introduces resolution, HJ Res 5, to repeal 22nd Amendment

Birther crazed Freeps now hoping to see Obama arrested by U.S. Marshals

HOLY MOLY did KO just do a port-O-pottie joke? KO: what is your DU screen name???

What I learned about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. today (jazz and blues).

Guardian UK: Magical spell that will open a new American era

Former Sen. George Mitchell to be special envoy to the Middle East?

WTF? A Website Dedicated To Exotic 'Pet' Ownership?

George Bush torture prosecution poll

Gee, the tv head seem to think obama's got a lot of challenges

US Air might be lying about the bird strike to cover their

A prayer for Rick Warren

Meanwhile on Faux News...

Tomorrow will be the first time since I joined DU in 2001 that * will not be presidenten!

this is the last day i will post on DU while george w bu$h* is president...i'm so happy

What would you say are the odds that Barack is inheriting another Great Depression?

The "L" Word

Watch or Stream online the "One" concert on HBO today (1/19)

Let's say Barack Obama rightfully brings the US, Mexico and Canada into closer economic and

A prayer for Rick Warren

Here is the video of Gene Robinson's Invocation

Hey CSPAN! Please continue to let the bigots and racists talk when they call into your shows.

ACHING NEWS: Box causes Cheney back problem, mistakenly thought he was a bird.

Just got back from the We Are One concert in DC

Bush's Farewell: CC'ed for BS Impaired

Tick, tick, tick, freaking, tick, tick, tick!!

Mods pls delete, posting bug

Americans, Feeling the Love "For the first time in a long time, it's cool to be an American,"

for Richard Shelby and the rest of the anti-Big Three Red State Toyota Republicans:

< 1

Say Good-Bye to Chimpy Thread:

Where can I print out an regular paper sized "Hope" or "Progress" Obama poster?

Holy shit, they're singing na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, GOODBY in DC tonight.E

Feelings of disappointment will not be permitted.

This May Not Be Very Obamian Of Me, But...

Oh shit...the weather is NOT cooperating with Washington today

No flared nostrils. No overheated rhetoric. Just the simple fact. Thank you, Keith

Ha! Neocons pissed at idiot son for not pardoning Libby

To DUers Who Are Going To Be In Washington D.C. Tomorrow:

USA Today: Slave history part of oath site

This is what a bird strike in an engine looks like:

So Long Bush: Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish

Cheney gets the chair

STOP. THINK. If McFailin has been elected, what would we have

American fights for art seized by Nazis

Is this fucking true? Can this possibly be true?

I guarantee you'll smile if you watch this video

Can Labor Revive the American Dream?

Rt. Rev. V. Gene Robinson will be on The Daily Show.....tomorrow

The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors

a nice photo of MLK Jr. in DC

If you've not met the very impressive Corey Booker, watch Rachel now or catch the rerun at 11 pm est

Black Iraqis Make Obama A Model To Follow

A Link For Educators:

When will Scooter Libby be pardoned

CNN does a Piece on AirForce-1 Pilot who is "moving on" ...Thank God he's not Obama's Pilot

Ahhh, the refreshing detached honesty of Canadian News.....

So, I have seats for the Swearing-in. When they announce Bush should I....

Is it safe to come out from under the blankets yet?

You are either with President Obama or you are with the terrorists

IWW files more charges against Starbucks, slams company for jet purchase

What ,if any, recompense did Californians ever get from Enron gaming the electric grid?

Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow-tag team on prosecuting torture.

A History Of Pardons

So awesome that Pete Seeger got to lead the closing song today

Bush's Last 24 Hours Inside White House to Be 'Mostly Private'

Somewhere in Heaven....

PHOTO: Tomorrow.

Is there any site that tracks how "progressive" Dems vote vs. the

Cheney to attend inauguration in a **wheelchair**

World Nut Daily founder: Praying For Obama To Fail

Does anyone remember Reverend Andy Sidden? Yesterday reminded me of him...

The reign of King George the Second has nearly come to an end, now it is time to fix the damage.

Note to Skinner: How about creating a Kick/Recommend button?

I wish Bush ...... well ............

Shoes thrown at White House

What Is The Probability That Inauguartion Clips Will Be Posted Faster Than They Are Removed?

You realize, that we'll still see Bush in the White House for years to come?

Aww..."Joe the Plumber" gets another 30 seconds of fame...

Brittani's surgery is at 8pm central

So tomorrow Cheney will finally officially become Mr. Potter of Bedford Falls!

A few excerpts from lesser known MLK speeches..

This Modern World: A farewell salute!

Bush's ma and pa reflect on their boy's last night

"One Day More"

Dumb question - what time is PE Obama's speech going to be tomorrow?

Aretha Franklin: my respect for Barack Obama

Dumb question

Bush expected to pardon those with torture links

Maybe this is why it happened.

"Then, as a country, we woke to find it wasn't a dream at all."

Today Feels Like December 31st

So, my kid now knows racism exists

Lest you think we can simply 'move forward', please study this man.

Lest you think we can simply 'move forward', please study this man.

Why the need to stamp out or discredit other DU'ers' disappointment in Obama?

Some Obversations about Having a Loved one with Cancer

my goodbye to georgie

I am offended!!!!

I am offended!!!!

the "kids inaugural" was a brilliant move, in addition to being fun and sweet

A look at the personas the reich-wing have given DUH-bya over 9 years

For those getting hit hard in these economic times...

Breaking: Bush has barricaded himself in the Blue Room - Say hello to my little friend Part II

So The Gay Community WAS Represented In The Televised Concert Yesterday?

From HuffPo: Washington Woodstock (photos of THOUSANDS of Americans ready for a real President)

Do You Think Bishop Robinson Would Have Agreed To Give The Invocation Today...

The Anger at Obama over Robinson and Warren shows that we've actually moved forward

When's the last time we've seen Cheney strolling about? Not just standing at a podium but

Any DUers at the HuffPo ball?

Ya know, for 8 years we were told what an intellectual the former librarian, Laura Bush was .......

Whither FOX NEWS?

I finally found the house that will take Shrub's memoir!

Woman who beat Sarah Palin for Miss Alaska title, to perform at inaugural balls

Good old reliable Sonny Perdue. He can always be counted on to make the wrong decision.....

C-Span. Wow, the racism elicited by the discussion of MLK

For "We Are One" Concert, Michelle Obama Chooses Narciso Rodriguez Again

My Black neighbor just came over and gave me a bottle of wine.

Dirk Benedict: Battlestar Galactica Has Been Taken Over By Feminazis

HBO is homophobic..yeah, right...come on....the claim is BULLSHIT

I'd like to have a quick review about our new Pres.

I'd like to have a quick review about our new Pres.

January 20th, 2001 vs. January 20th, 2009

Photo challenge for tomorrow: Pics of where you'll be AT THE TIME & later!1

On this joyous, historic occasion for Democrats, Progressives, African Americans, People of Color,

Hissyspit's Buttload of Inaugural Celebration PHOTOS Thread (DIAL-UP WARNING)

Maybe I've made a difference

"Schlock Therapy" from an alternate universe...

Just one more day and I'll have to retire this line:

Oh boy. Obama's daughters get to watch Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers

why Chain-eee was moving his own boxes: WH bushies to clear out by midnight, hand in blackberries

Bookie offers odds on Obama cliches

Making the Most of Tomorrow if you don't have TV.

[Video] Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Goodbye

[Video] Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Goodbye


Day of Service or Day of Self-Service?

< 24 Hrs. and that Rat Bastard is done.

cnn talking about snipers-does anyone remember if this was an issue

cnn talking about snipers-does anyone remember if this was an issue

cnn talking about snipers-does anyone remember if this was an issue

One can find economists to back any policy just as you can find lawyers to sign off on torture

Polls: 50% and 22%

24 hours and 8 minutes!

Martin Luther King Jr on War and Poverty

Tenaciously Proud

Only 13 more hours...

Hit the uvula and win a prize from the top shelf

I am addicted....

Can You Imagine Being A Freeper Tomorrow?

Every Charter Bus in America is in DC tonight

Just before his last day, I want to have a positive Bush* farewell thread.

The sarcastic mocking posts must stop - the use of "poutrage" is itself sarcastic, mocking, and

What time does DU go to Defcon 10 tomorrow?

Yay! I Got My Obama Commemorative Coins In The Mail Today!

Check out the sorry ass graphic that Jim Robinson posted....

Michelle Obama, Miley Cyrus: favorites at concert

15 minutes until Inauguration Day!

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

One Last Bushism

Michelle Obama still has not picked out her Inaugural Gown...WTF???

What no-cost symbolic changes can you think of that would set a new tone in government?

If bitching about an awesome, historic and extremely moving inaugural celebration is foolish...

How many here will be watching the Inauguration for the first time since 1997??

How many here will be watching the Inauguration for the first time since 1997??

Tomorrow, I will wear a flag lapel pin for the first time in 7 years

Day of Service: DU'ers post your service here...

"There is no water in the valley of despair"

Ruh roh raggy: Dr. Biden spills the beans on VP v. SOS.

Why will Obama keep Dumbya's "Sun King" rug?

Fixing Everything Could Actually Come Easy For Obama

Don't stop thinking about TOMORROW!

BWAHAHA Cheney hurts back while moving boxes

I work in an area that supports Federal Employees

I have to admit it makes me a tad bit nervous

A lesser known MLK quote, but an all time favorite of mine

Where Can I Buy The DVD For The Concert At The Lincoln Memorial?

Bush Is Riding With Obama To The Swearing In???

Rules 3 and 4:

ROFL!! Did you see the end of the Daily Show?

ROFL!! Did you see the end of the Daily Show?

Do the posters who swore Bush would not leave office tomorrow still think he won't leave office?

Dr. King's August 28, 1963 speech on CNN Now!

Two survive 25 days at sea — in an ice box

CNN: Obama visits wounded soldiers at Walter Reed

How To Get To Noon Tomorrow Quicker

"You can please some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time,

Obama Plans to Get Right to Work After Swearing-In

***HEADS UP!*** Frank Rich will be on The Colbert Report (1-19-2009)

DC's homeless rousted for inauguration. No change there.

Obama now Live!!!

Despite the crybabies pouting over the use of POUTRAGE I will continue using it, AND. . .

Despite the crybabies pouting over the use of POUTRAGE I will continue using it, AND. . .

What is it that the "far left" wants that is so bad for the country

The View from the Mall: A Pic That Says It All

99.8% through with the Bush administration.

Not a single word about equal pay for equal work at the inauguration!! Are women pissed?

Pete and Woody hoboed together -- the original lyrics to "This Land"

West Point Cadets list Harvey Milk as example of West Point leadership in film

Amid all he discussion of the first AA president,

Obama Takes Office Today

My community service today

Legoland Inaugural

Has Trudeau picked an Obama icon for Doonesbury? nt Click here to hide this thread

Ugh, now I am tearing up

Obama speaking now on MSNBC

This person at another board is getting on my nerves

Tonight, Obama will find out how to catch bin Laden

Let's ignore Obama's stated motivation for not wanting investigations for a second...

Questions: Does anyone know if Robinson feels "snubbed"?

It is Caroline!

Anyone else wonder what's going on in the WH tonight?

uggg Kurt "thank you jesus" warner trying to compete with Obama but he is NOT gettign a puppy

Bush's 2000 Inaugural ride

As an atheist, I'm glad Robinson's prayer was cut

Philly PG Andre Miller didn’t vote, but he’s going to the Inauguration to party, anyway.

Biden shushes wife after secretary of state slip. (full story)

Something unusual about yesterday's event -- almost no protesters.

Hey DU, what are YOU doing tomorrow? and where?

******** I PLEDGE *********

LAT: Forget inaugural bashes -- some Republicans are skipping town

What a sight it will be ...

BREAKING CNN: People on flight 1549 2 days before say that they had the SAME problem!

Does anyone believe Cheney (with his heart) injured by moving boxes?

The day before he becomes prez, Obama picks up a paint brush.

I don't think I have ever done something so important with my life (Ken Nerburn)

Photos: Obamas, Bidens Participate in Community Service

Fox News: Bush COMMUTES sentences of convicted Border Patrol agents

Pass it on...

Did Mika just say the New Deal didn't work?

I can't help but wonder what was in those heavy boxes that Dick Cheney felt he had to move himself.

Still time for a Bush Miracle?

Bishop Robinson on NPR right now.

Bush's Final Purge

Anybody else watching MSNBC hear the protests at the White House?

Excuses, excuses

For New First Lady, Hints of Agenda and Tone

Has anyone alive today ever witnessesed a bigger, happier, more purely joyous inaugural crowd than

Barack Obama’s Speech at Ebenezer Baptist Church at the same pulpit where Martin Luther King spoke

Bishop Robinson on MSNBC right now... not CNN, dammit!!!

As promised JCS scheduled to meet with Obama Wed to receive order to leave Iraq in 16 months

I had no idea Christine Ebersole could blow like that!...

The Top 20 Jon Stewart quotes

Obama reaches out for McCain's counsel

ROFLMAO!! Tony Bourdain just asked what Cheney eats for dinner.....

BREAKING:Bill Nelson appointed to Senate Finance Committee (from FDP)

Posted without comment

the documentary "Crawford" is available for free on Hulu

What's up with Obama not inviting Mavis Staples to his inauguration?


Biden Now Live!!

Wouldn't a legacy conscious Bush hate issuing pardons ADMITTING criminality in his inner circles?

Perhaps John Conyers has deferred his investigation until

Sorry, if it has been discussed, but I want to mention "Free Speech Zones."

From Bishop Robinson's Blog...

Where do we draw the line ?

did you just see those babies lovin on Obama on CSPAN. He's

Bye Bye W (You Tube Video)

Yipee ki-yay,

Pardon Countdown. What's up with the BushCo pardons?

Today reminds you of what holiday or holiday eve?

Video: Obama’s first official USAF flight

Do we have a DU MeetUp spot for tomorrow??

"Bad things happen when Obama speaks" - whiny LTTE in Columbus Dispatch

OK..It's official... I just made the worst batch of Mac&Cheese in history..

Any good links to people crying

Black president? Impossible: Congressman savors moment

Just heard Gene Robinson on Talk of the Nation (NPR) ... and he still doesn't know why HBO ...

From Think Progress: "Thank You For Standing Up"

More information on Challenger the Bald Eagle at the One Concert for Obama

Will Bush and Cheney be booed when they are introduced tomorrow?

Agent Mike....

20 hrs 17 mins 20 seconds to go (but who is counting)

Bush History: 3 Bush Insiders Slam 3 Bush Policies, & Bush's Last Full Day

Jim Crow Segregated Florida in the 1960s as experienced by James "The Amazing" Randi

Bush's last act: Putting Lou Dobbs out of a job...

Why the hell is Puffy Combs on Larry King Live?

No More Pardons, Commutations

H.J. Res 5

Say can Skinner give us a Bush countdown clock thingy for the next 23+ hours!

Day of Service Photos: Michelle & Jill package items for Military, Barack paints homeless shelter

Obama's 27-year-old Mind-reader

How have you served today

Finally back. I cannot believe it's almost here!!!

Will Wednesday become an unofficial National Whistleblower's Day?

Change from the bottom up

This is how awesome I am: I'm "Your Take #2" on TPM right now.

Bushisms: Post your favorite ones here:

Where did the thread for tonight DC meet-up go?

Who do you think Bush will pardon today?

Harvard, MIT profs join Obama team

That's all . . .

Does anyone have a schedule of events for tomorrow? n/t

What network looks to have the best coverage of the Inauguration?

Joe the Biden and JIll on Oprah now!

Sen. Hillary Clinton Says Goodbye to New Yorkers

Bush kept us safe after 9/11!

No moving trucks needed for Bushes on Inauguration Day

The inauguration of Barack Obama

Will Obama reform or reassure?

Three Jewish rabbis slated for prayer recital at Obama inauguration

OMG! I just realized why HBO was chosen!!!!11!!

Bush's bon voyage card - Sign it....

From Books, New President Found Voice: "Words had the power to transform."

Opinions on tobacco taxes?

James Taylor

40 years ago tomorrow, two people left government service.

Barack Obama Wants Caroline Kennedy for NY Senate

I'm Having Dinner With A Semi Retired Fundamentalist Minister

In another way the Lincoln comparison with Obama is on target

Think before you post.

Do we need to rename DU now that we're in charge? Public Democrats anyone?

Are there any plans for republican protests tomorrow in D.C.?

Keep track of Obama's promises (895) as he takes office.

Palin bristles as JKF's daughter glides towards Senate

Republicans live one blessed life.

Can someone please post a video of Shrub and Shooter leaving The Hill

Barack Obama and a plunger: He might not want to remember this photo

Let's talk about YOUR "pet issues".

Don't expect any more pardons from Bush... and with good reason

It takes a special pResident to perform like this:

Does anybody know when the U.S. Mint will produce a President Obama coin?

Call for Obama to open UFO files

BWAHAHAHA-Secret Service arrested man for tossing a shoe over WH fence!

"When I see Caroline Kennedy, I think Mike Bloomberg."

Do you believe "destiny" had anything to do with Barack Obama becoming president?

Rock Obama

Question -- Where are the "free speech" zones for protesters?

So when do we tell the freepies that we have the whitey tape, the birth certificate and we believe

122,400 LOOOONG seconds to go...

What will we talk about here once they're all gone?

One last message to George Bush.....

David Maraniss on Obama: Restless Searcher on an Improbable Path

A lesbians take on the Reverend Gene thing

Any suggestions on what kind of cigar I should smoke tomorrow?

I'm sure I'm not the only person here who's worried about tomorrow

DUzy 2.0 released - in GD

At this time tomorrow, our president will be Barack Obama.

NYTimes: "In McCain Country, Acceptance of Obama Grows"

Wal-Mart, $640 in back wages, would never have happened if the employees were represented by a union

How 'bout that...

Christopher Hitchens: It was "our society" that asked Bushies to torture

Bill Clinton sees less divisive politics under Obama

Inaugural Committee will rebroadcast Robinson on the jumbo screens on the Mall tomorrow

Obama volunteers in Kansas City collected enough food for 40,000 meals

As an atheist, gay and why I'm not surprised.

Is really listening? And can someone explain to me, please, the difference between

In 1964, Martin Luther King predicted a African-American president "in less than 40 years".

In 1964, Martin Luther King predicted a African-American president "in less than 40 years".

One who is counting down to the oath by the seconds

Obama's Opportunity: "Out of great crisis comes great opportunity."

Will Obama stiff the Veteran's Ball ... or will he let them cool their heels

As Bush exits office, portraits come down


Newsweek - No pardons for Libby, or anyone else!

What are you streaming right now?

I have a confession-

Funny image from Sunday's event

Aussie artist uses tattered stars & stripes for portrait of Obama

whisper, psst...anybody know

Michelle Obama chooses L.A. jeweler Loree Rodkin's earrings for "We Are One" concert

Why the Ideological Melting Pot Is Getting So Lumpy

On the last night of Bush's presidency and anticipating the first night of Obama's

Coming Out of the Cold

Marriage and Equality

*LOL* I just bought one (1) MegaMillions lottery ticket for the January 20, 2009 drawing

Less than 18 hours to go in the Bush admin. I think we might make it.

Obama Pens Essay for Washington Times Front Page

Got Call Tonight from Huckabee at 6pm CDT, I live In Missouri,,,

I am ready to celebrate!!!!

If anybody wants to see Robinson's invocation, it's up on youtube.

Obama: We'd always intended for HBO to broadcast Robinson

Rev. Lowery Honored to Participate in Inauguration

I am a bad citizen.

Come-on, tell us what you really think of George Bush!

Dr King's Prediction

w00t -- I put my Obama yard sign back in my yard for tomorrow!

Haha, Cheney hurts back!

I am retiring my signature tonight.

Why do you think Bishop Robinson's prayer wasn't included in the HBO special?

My Goodness. Did Mellancamp Kick Butt or What!

My favorite Obama speech is still the New Hampshire speech.

Why is the media making a BIG deal what Jill Biden said about Joe being offered either job

Is Obama against Gay Marriage?

Mathews says tomorrow "will be the honor of our lifetime."

Democrats dominate electoral college with 'Blue Wall' of states

Will Cheney be wheeled around tomorrow by a black man?

ROFLMAO! Bush P-Residency Retrospective to that old song...kick butt...

President Elect Obama, HBO; the GLBT community thanks you for a job well done

Transition: Biden was offered only VP slot

Cheerleaders for Obama (great video!)

Watch Michelle Obama Now Live!

It's not a club, there's no manual and we don't pay union dues.

For the record, I have not always wished to see Obama fail.

I Wish There Was A Huge Bronze Statue Of Dim Son In DC

Keith said Cheney hurt his back and will attend the inauguration in a wheel chair

Obama, HBO: the GLBT community thanks you

Nah nah nah nah. Nah nah nah nah, Hey hey hey. Good Bye.... The crowds behind Keith.

These Pepsi commercials are interesting.

Anyone else going to watch the Kid's Inauguration on Disney tonight?

Michelle on Disney speaking nt

Face it. Nobody has any good excuse for being on the Intertubes

How are you spending Inauguration Eve??

KO Special Comment coming up on MSNBC nt

For the record, I do not believe Biden's hair plugs are unattractive.

This is great


TV Coverage of Inauguration

It's almost over! We're gonna make it!!

I Wish Obama Would Wear A Lincoln Type Top Hat For The Inauguration

You know one of the things that I love the most about today and tomorrow?

Is someone taking inventory at the White House today?

In the rare event that you actually begin to MISS George W. Bush, remember this

OBAMA-MANIA hits cell-phone networks

Downtrodden meet the man who will take them to Barack Obama's ball

Here's my haiku...

Maddow and Turley on MSNBC discussed foreign travel problem of ex-Bush admin.

Kids Inaugural Ball on Disney now. nt

Mike Malloy: "Tomorrow is the REAL Emanicpation Day"

CSPAN has good coverage on right now...of the mall and other

Hillary as Secretary of State is part of her endless desire to be president.

How much credit goes to Will.I.Am's "Yes We Can" video for Obama's win?

So what's George B doing tonight?

Tomorrow Will Remind Me of This

Kids' Inagural: We are the Future Concert on Disney Channel Now.

Power Switch, Interactive: The New D.C.

Go Rachael! She just mentioned the Inaugural Watch party in Quincy, MA

What happens?

'America's Song' free download

Obama-McCain Dinner

Seal singing "A change is gonna Come".....on CNN!

It's a gay thing. You wouldn't understand.

Does anyone have an hour-by-hour breakdown of tomorrow's Inauguration?

When Will Barack Obama finally close the Damn Deal? Geeze!

Say goodbye to Bush (an online game)

Sources: Obama may quickly reverse abortion policy

Some days, it felt like the * years were never going to end.

People bitch to no end about prayer, then bitch to no end when there is no prayer

The Pundit Heads have exhausted me on their discussion of our New Prez

He makes a NOISE when you hit him!!!!!

Last freaking day of turdship!

HOURS.....HOURS!!!! Can you hear me???

Will Rev. Warren's microphone work tomorrow?

I can't believe this is really happening.

Happy, I feel Happy. In 8 years of the Hoover Bush misadministration, I never felt Happy.

So if your local TV station doesn't have an African American on staff

Did Larry King just have a stroke live on the air?

Hey! Listen up...this display of antagonistic Poutrage over Dr Jill Biden's

Hey! Listen up...this display of antagonistic Poutrage over Dr Jill Biden's

Hey Kids!! I just got back home .... how'z y'all doing?

Thank you Sasha and Malia!

It's all Obama's fault. Freepers to swarm Dallas. is updated! Anyone else notice?

************** 24 HOURS **************

HBO has video from Sunday up on their website

Has Trudeau picked an Obama icon for Doonesbury? nt

I don't dare read the Slate article, but this, THIS

Has any other PE honored their opponent at an inaugural ball?

I've FINALLY been paid for serving as an election judge. Ask me anything!

Why has Obama not mentioned LBJ at all?

The Free Republic Inaugural Ball has been cancelled.

Looks like we all missed this story of Republican classiness...

Obama is not going to be a liberal Bush

Why are y'all acting like Obama is inevitable??

This is an awesome, historic and extremely moving inaugural celebration but let's bitch

I am just so proud, right down to my bones.. just proud

Cheney to attend Inauguration in a wheelchair

I am cleaning out the cat box for the last time of Bush's error!!!!

Bush Repeals English Language as Last Official Act

There's live blogging right now from HuffPo's Pre-Inaugural Ball at the Newseum

Superficial comment deluxe (deal with it): The Bidens are gorgeous, Jill is totally cool.

Rachel Maddow's sign off-oh my. How sweet. Embrace the moment,

Does anyone know the exact time of Obama's swearing-in, tomorrow?

To enjoy future tasty goodness, continue to attack W's legacy

I am happy

What is wrong with this picture?

OMG the NEW Hannity show is trying to be a Fox version of Countdown with KO

--- The Promised Land --- (w/ Double Super Secret Eye-Candy)

Fuck YOU DICK!!! FDR walked across that podium

Obama's Moment Arrives

Does anyone know what Bush is doing on his last night in the White House?

Bob Herbert:I Wish You Were Here

What will be Letterman's last "Greatest Moments in History Speech" be like tonite?

What's with all the crying on DU lately?

Remember waiting for Gallup at Noon and Zogby at Midnight???

I want to thank DU & all of you for being here all these hard years

Springsteen: "That's common sense. I don't even see it as politics at this point."

If a White Supremacist were speaking tomorrow, but kept it nice, would that be okay?

What tomorrow is about

KO's special comment on prosecuting Bush for torture

Growing stocks of unsold cars around the world - photo gallery - quite amazing!

Congratulations to all of my fellow DUers,

Anaheim White House offers Inauguration Dinner for $44

PHOTOS: Obama and McCain Dinner

Why didn't l'il george pardon the entire neocon Xmas card list?

Sarah Palin on Glenn Beck's new Fox program talking about Obama...

Hey, anyone know where to get that countdown to Obama clock on that person's phone...

Does anybody know why Jeb decided to decline a run for US Senate?

I work for a Republican-owned car dealership.

TV Barn: "Why was Rev. Gene Robinson kept off 'We Are One'? Some transformation."

DUers who are old like me - remember what happened right after Reagan was inaugurated?

Jill Biden let it slip to Oprah that Joe Biden was offered choice of Sec. of State or VP

Good News! Look who is going to "make it" to inauguration day. (Repost)

The transformation is complete: Cheney IS Mr. Potter from It's a Wonderful Life

VPE Joe: Hard at work! (pics)

I'll admit it, I'm not fully over 2004. But I can't wait for tomorrow.

Inauguration day hourly schedule

Rev. Robinson on MSNBC: "PE Obama has a real sensitivity to LGBT people and our lives..."

This is just one example of the popularity surge Warren got b/c of being chosen to give invocation

The score, 8 years out. Bush: Total effing failure. Al Gore: Nobel laureate, producer of ...

No Way! Cheney Lifting Boxes While Moving Into His Home In Virginia?

Obama Supporters in DC Want Bush Arrested

Today feels so much like New Year's Eve to me...

LOL!! Wasilla Hillbillies: "Sarah Palin calls Levi's Family White Trash"

Obama not going to attend military ball?

I just had one of the best thoughts I've ever had. I pictured Cheney's

Grrr. I just Heard a John Lennon recording used as music for a Cisco commercial

This is who you all want us to have a dialogue with

Nuts...Peggy Noonan on MSNBC...

LOL.....Cheney pulls back muscle, in wheelchair for inauguration!!

Size matters when it comes to female orgasms....

If this picture doesn't give you goosebumps and a few tears welling up in your eyes....amazing!

That Pepsibama ad is driving Freepers insane

Unbelievable. Two high school girls on CNN just now talking about having to desegregate

Hissyspit Goes To Today's March To The White House And Shoe-Throwing Protest PHOTOS

My opinion on the Warren/Robinson controversy...

"America's future": cute pics of PE Obama from today!

Jill made a teensy weensy boo-boo?

Coleman grasping at straws, now wants to open thousands of absentee ballots

She Got The Call Today (Updated)

The GLBT community deserves an apology for today.

When do the Pardons begin?

When do the Pardons begin?

I was bad... bad... BAD today!

Teacher wants to expel Huck Finn - due to N-word

What kind of pie will you have tomorrow?

Gates has been designated Successor by the Outgoing Administration-YIKES!

DUzy 2.0 - The New Version - Inauguration Release!

Almost a year ago, after Iowa, and figuring

Woman Refuses to Abort Twins With Two Heads, One Body

Hah! Bush Can't Get an Agent

Tom Tomorrow's Farewell Salute to the Bush Administration

CNN will be replaying MLKs I have a Dream speech

Final approval ratings per MSNBC:

NYC adds man's cancer death to 9/11 victims' toll

A Heartfelt Apology to the Iraqi Dead and their Families

Post your congratulations to Barack Hussein Obama here or just "sign" the thread.

Why do teachers get the bad rap for students' inability to be taught?

As a young person and first time voter, let me attempt to explain my feelings tonight

Is there a bigger asshole who is not on Fox?

Filled with pride at today's events, yet still able to speak out. Walkng and chewing gum.

15 Hours Left.......

Can They Install A Big, Loud Horn on Airplanes To Scare The Geese Away?

Ninety-eight years, and the white folks don't care......


A quick education for the South bashers here...

A quick education for the South bashers here...

Limbaugh, Hannity and Coulter looking as relevant as 1980's parachute pants.

Seymour Hirsch

Environmentally wasteful packaging? Individually wrapped prunes

Common objections to universal single payer health care and some snappy comebacks

For change to happen, the "other side" is EXACTLY who you must talk to.

My blood type is O-.

For those DU'ers who did not make it to see these days, We salute you.

Cornyn Threatens To Hold Up Hillary Nomination Over Foundation

Do some non-violent criminals deserve prison sentences.

The "empty spectacle" crowd meets "perception equals reality"

I got ANOTHER (25th) email read by Cafferty on the air today!

Don't Forget Seymour Hersh said he had people coming forward tomorrow!

does alerting more than once get a post locked any faster?


Its A Wonderful Life!


A conversation about the School of Hard Knocks.

I heard that some minor league team from a western state...

Someone stole my fence!


About guacamole

Hey, philboy!!!!

facebook video sucks!

Just got back from the bar.

Lonestar Beer Puzzle Caps


"The owner wasn't very pleased with your performance..."

"Ruggy" not going away? Say it ain't so, Barack!

Bush is Melting

Ava, I'm crazy....

i found his type!!

*PSA* The Lounge Mafia NEVER sleeps.

I'm gonna go see what's on TCM

Kittimus Prime be a Pirate....arrr

Flat Screen Cable People... You are the devil

Flat Screen Cable People... You are the devil

Fire on the Mountain

LISTEN!! will be alright.

What if I "ask" a dumb question and get all pissy with everyone "who" answers?

Pierre, what can I do to be your type?

For meritorious service to the lounge and admirable use of the Advanced Search function, LostinVA is

I like your smile, but I ain't your type.

Dean profusely praised Obama in Nigeria.... "new generation has taken over in the United States."

I'm not my type.

Flowers and puppies. n/t


Jesus Christ! It's a fucking greasy mess in here tonight. n/t

Deleting Browsing History!

My Health Plan!

So, who did the Cardinals endorse in 2008?

jesus christ, you people are crazy

A Conversation About The Kudzu League...

God this was fun! Thanks Pierre!

I miss NYC.

"You're not my type"

I did not time the inauguration correctly.

The next time I break up with a girl

Anybody still awake?

Is anyone else having trouble posting in GD?

Why didn't anyone tell me about Carl Hiaasen?

No more Danger Will Robinson

Why do itches run away from scratching?

It's the middle of the night back there in America. Don't you people sleep?

Do you think I could get some of these things on the "greatest" page...

*****DU Guide to DU Guides*****

Pierre, I want an answer to this question

A conversation about the Ivy known as Kudzu, upon which I'm bullish.


My DU treatment

Gay Interracial Relationships

The Alert button.

DU Donation

where the hell is godzilla

where the hell is godzilla

***BUSHCO IN TOONS*** (one final trip down memory lane) (NOT for dialup)

the phrase of the day is "the scent of your balls is like a drug to me"

An error occurred during processing.

Ok I have something important.

Hello My Apple

Wow - the Fasting for Bush website is now Fasting for the President.

Cool...Obama cookies

***** DU Guide To Reading Comprehension *****

NO, Ma'am

check in here if you're not his type

Check here if you are his type ( guaranteed to sink or your money back )

What are the ramifications of an AA Duer getting a Pizza on MLK JR. Day?

Is anybody having trouble getting into GD?

Lost in Space Robot actor dies

Please help :Green Acres Animal Sanctuary - Rainsville, Alabama

OK, my mind is in the gutter

Your ass was sleep or tricking or doing whatever you do

They're getting ready to world premiere U2's new song on Irish radio - if you want to listen

Today's code word is 'pithy'

Nine Inch....


mcctatas is DTM. So is bigwillq.

Thanks A LOT, Barack Obama. Jeez!

Things I don't understand.

What was that phrase again? What happens to make a kitten cry?

Should those of us DTM start our own club or Lounge or something?

can you guys post more j/o porn pics?

I missed all the fun

It's amazing how different the lounge looks

anybody out there interested in having a clothing optional meet up?

imagine . . .

In these last days of PeterU, I only wish I would have once seen a PeterU appreciation thread...

Anyone here a fan of Aussie rules football?

Study shows overall happiness directly linked to proximity to Ludacris.

Officer, please, for God's sake, they're looting the Food King!

Funny pic of the day...Bernie Madoff urinal target...

It was my understanding that everyone had heard.

Where's that son of a bitch who harshed my mellow last night?

If you like catchphrases, check in!!

Super Bowl prediction

Eagles' Fans.

I thought I swore like a sailor.

I am TOTALLY my type.

Florida Republicans finally using the "T" word in desperation...Taxes.

Blind Guardian - Imaginations from the Other Side.

I am SO not your type,

In the future all money will be baby teeth.

Talk about blowing smoke out of yer ass...

Why Johnny Can't Read . . .

any chicago area DUers want to come to my inaugural "ball?"

uh-oh...I'm having problems buttoning my pants

Where the hell are the Mods?

U2 producer poll

That Wales UFO....

My eBay Auction ends in 57 minutes. Ask me anything.

One of the Eagles players predicted they'd win because an eagle is an American bird.

For those who said we'd see a black president the day the Arizona Cardinals play in the Superbowl...

What happened to Andy Griffen's wife?

K&R if you're my type!

Good morning Lounge

That stuff that sprays out of an orange peel really burns the eyes.

You're not my type...

Lately I've been worrisome...

sausage appreciation thread

JOKE- good old boy sees two of his friends at the golf course

Oh baby it's COLD outside!

I have a dream...

There were pianos with five pedals at one time, Conrad Graf's Fortepiano:

I need a nap.

Paul Blart was the #1 movie this weekend.

Worst ways to wake up.

A Tale of Two Parties


Political games allow dickhead to create to imaginary words

Lingerie Bowl players quit in objection to game being held at nudist resort.

Bought a new vacuum cleaner yesterday....

Worst case scenario

worst ways to wake up

Is NBC's "Kings" going to be any good?

ET, the best kids movie ever...

Quick, before the name change: A PeterU appreciation thread.

JackMN took FOUR HUNDRED (+) pictures with my camera.

Video games allow you to travel to imaginary worlds,

"An unforeseen event has occurred that will delay shipping".

BREAKING: Bush Declares a State of Emergency

He won't stop swallowing his teeth.

I have to post this, though it goes against everything I believe in.

Flight 1549 birdstrike. MIHOP or LIHOP?

Flight 1549 birdstrike. MIHOP or LIHOP?

I hate life. Slightly. At the moment.

Today is Blue Monday....Third Monday in January

Hey LeftyMom

Beatniks: The original punks, or the original posers?

Damn you Daddy, the Texan thought to himself.

Me, Matcom and Parche were "Dead to Midlo" before it was cool

I'm suffering, so you can just suffer too.

About half the country is in the 60's or above

I'm betting Pierre.Smooth was Asher Heimermann.

Vodka drinkers- Cast your vote:

I just watched a Hitler in front of me...

I, and a bunch of other people, are owed big ass apologies, but we won't be getting them

a picture request

I am getting ready to leave for my inaugural adventure....

Has anyone here ever done their own pet vaccinations?

I need to dispose of my old user name after tomorrow...

If you are choosing a new name?

Have you ever allowed your toddler to rub his bare butt on your spouse's pillow

Have you ever allowed your toddler to rub his bare butt on your spouse's pillow

Midlo thanks Jesus for helping her win the big bunco game

Thank god for iPod and Wii.

I had my first phone conversation with a DUer today!


I saw an X-ray of a girl passing gas

Can anyone tell me what is the purpose of the DU Buddies list?

A new concept: "Pro Abortion-Doughnuts"

If a car battery's dead and

Oh-my-god, a co-worker just sent this to me....f'ing hilarious

What are you toasting with/drinking/smoking tonight/tomorrow?

'What I look for when Obama is president'

Just watch half of NC get shut down tomorrow.

Best ways to wake up?

Alien or Aliens?

I've been gone a couple of days. How did the eaglets do yesterday against

This is so bizarre (it's either laugh or cry. I'll laugh)

I just pulled my ball out of the attic

How do you rip a video off of youtube?

Happy 200th you soused old tale-spinner!

my new glasses really suck!

So "which" post got him TSed?

The internets keep lying to me. T or F it's sooo bad to swallow gum?


The Legoland Inauguration

Richard Cheese: Thee Lounge Singer for The Lounge ~ and not a moment too soon

Hero "Top Chef" Judge Saves Life at Inaugural Dinner

If you have a vibe, send one. If you need a vibe, take one.

Hey! It's Enrico Pallazzo!

Ever given "Falling George" a try? Here, have fun.

Did you know unicorns do exist?

Well, Oeditpus Rex was right. The whole thread got disappeared!

The "Started to go to work, then realized it was a holiday" Club

no matter how bad it seems...

keep me company

Is DU going to hit another defcon tomorrow?

That movie Taken looks awesome.

So I saw 'Mall Cop' and while it was hardly fine cinema...

I'm not a homophobe guys...

What happened during the last 5 minutes of Desperate Housewives last night?

I want to know the truth from all of you American women...

we have a live one in GD

You are not my type.

What champagne do you have chilling for tomorrow?

Joaquin Phoenix’s Next Big Role: Rapper (Co-Signed by Diddy?) *VIDEO*

Mott the Hoople fans rejoice-they ARE reuniting (two October shows)

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 1/19/2009)

I'm so excited for tomorrow! I get to watch the inauguration on a big screen at a nice theater...

Anti-choice nurse removes women's IUDs "accidently" and then refuses to insert it..

I'm having an "Obama is gonna be the best fuckin' president ever" party tomorrow

14 hours

So, my kid now knows racism exists

One last time, for old times' sake...


For my 18,000th post: Happy Inauguration day everybody!

George and Pickles are sitting in the Oval Office for one last time, when the phone rings

But, but, but...I don't LIKE cats!

A vacation tip - cruise to Alaska. :-)

The inaugural period has ushered in a widespread the sense of renewal

Call me naive, but...

Okay, it's not Christmastime anymore, but check this out anyway:

Self Deleted NT

I can't figure out what sings to my heart more

Check out The Visitor w/Richard Jenkins...good movie...

Social Distortion totally ripped off Sha Na Na

I feel content tonight

I was talking with some friends earlier, and this is just so fricking odd that I had to share it..

From January 12, 2007

Since the NFC East is out of contention for the Super Bowl...

I Love House, But The Schtick Is Getting Old...

A live troll...

Anyone know of a good username generator?

I'm sorry to CreekDog about the whole "she" thing and...

What can Democratic Underground do for me?

I think madinmaryland has had a setback

Note to self...


When we run out of oil, will Houston become a ghost town?

Cheney will attend the inauguration in a WHEELCHAIR...

OK..It's official... I just made the worst batch of Mac&Cheese in history..

Most inappropriate projects for National Service Day

i just watched a fucker in front of me hit a dog

Good vibes needed! So Pippi and Bailey got in a fight and Pippi got pretty messed up

How in god's name can anyone watch The Bachelor?


It's too bad that The Dark Knight will only BARELY get a best picture nod.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/19/09

What are your favorite bizzare snack foods?

Unfortunately named product?

What are the origins/significance of gay mens choruses?

I simply do NOT understand the "" concept.

Hello Loungers...I have a vibe request

What goes around...

I feel queezy. We're under contract to buy a house

Holy cow Glenn Close looks good.

I think Gray's gonna Free the Duck!

To Warm up you Chilly ones...Fun at the Beach ***dialup warning***

Have some fun on Inauguration Day with this game: Goodbye Mr Bush!

WTF? Did DU seem to take a nasty pill today?

I was looking at my call history on my phone...AND, AND, AND...

I'm jealous of everyone that is in DC for the inauguration

24 hours to go... WOO HOO!!!!!!!

I'm taking my husband

Oh Hell! Please send me good vibes!!!!

Obama is seriously disappointing me in his treatment of the gay community.

What's your music tonight?

I gave everyone at work the morning off tomorrow

From those of us outside the USA congrats to all you Americans on fighting the good fight

You are my type.

You are my type.

Name your Nickelback coverband

Lets all have a drink to celebrate the end of the bUsh era... The Bar is Open

Why cats paint

We have a new used dog!

Yes We Can and Yes We Did! -Inauguration Excitement!

Stand back y'all ... WE DID IT!!!!

Baby Photo Contest! Plz help

Gene Robinson + D.C. Gay Men’s Chorus Shoved into HBO's Closet

I, for one, think that this is TOTALLY uncalled for

PHOTOS: Protestors disrupt Rick Warren speaking today at Ebenezer Baptist Church

kitten picture of the day for Monday January 19

Uh, Guys, Just Wanted to Say ...

Words rapped by Will.I.Am at the Inaugural Concert celebration yesterday.....

"Look Around You."

Bush has new portrait painted as last day of Presidency is here...

If you are under 50 yrs old I doubt you have a real appreciation of

Who does Caroline's daughter Rose look like?

A response to hate

Have you FORGIVEN Lars Ulrich?

How come in Die Hard 2...

For those who think inaugural invocations matter

Blood donors: I gave birth to her, Her life is in your hands.

OK - Call me thin skinned but I am out of here until Wednesday. Blessings to you all!

DUzy 2.0 released - in GD

So Jack Jacobs is trying to say that Obama is "snubbing veterans as a payback"

Bittersweet thoughts on new beginnings and old habits

Inauguration Haiku Thread

Barack Obama, Greta Garbo and China's trade surplus

Obama, With Stars and Masses, Celebrates (Photo Galleries, Too)

Riots expose roots of anger on EU's edges

Thailand to tackle migrant claims (asylum seekers put to sea to die)

Melbourne writer jailed for insulting Thai royals

First Cambodian "Killing Fields" trial set for Feb

Rwanda ends spat with Germany over genocide arrest

Scale of Gaza destruction emerges

Alaska senator asks Bush to pardon Stevens

German Banks Face Further Big Losses

Murkowski Asks Bush To Pardon Stevens

Bush commutes sentences of former US border agents

EU Slashes 2009 Economic Outlook

Bush commutes sentences of former US border agents

Murkowski Asks Bush To Pardon Stevens

Gaza homeless toll 'hits 50,000'

Gates to sit out Obama inauguration (as "designated successor")

Israel To Pull Out Of Gaza By Inauguration

Crew Of Downed Plane To Media: Chill

Up to $20m at risk as American trader vanishes (a new one from Tennessee)

Bush commutes sentences of former Border Patrol agents

Guantanamo court convenes amid chaos, confusion

Iraq: Baghdad to sweep beggars off its streets

UPDATE 1-U.S. FDA confirms salmonella in Kellogg snack

Militants fire rockets into Israel after cease-fire

Security Officers win historic victory as Kaiser Permanente ousts irresponsible contractor

Breaking: No Libby Pardon (No Bush pardons at all?)

China approves "Serfs' Emancipation Day" in Tibet (update)

Rulings of Improper Detentions as the Bush Era Closes

(London) City Hall will fly the US flag tomorrow

Thailand sentences writer for insults

(Missing Fund Manager) Pilot accused of trying to fake death is jailed

NY governor says no decision yet on Senate seat

Human rights lawyer killed in central Moscow

Judge Rules That Cheney Has Broad Discretion Over Records

Fresh attacks on Pakistan schools

Obama Sketch Going to Charity.

Iraqi shoe thrower to seek Swiss asylum

Cost of Borrowing Zooms Up for Corporations

Protests mark Bush's last day in office`(protesters throw shoes @ the gate of WH)

Former Miss Alaska, who beat Sarah Palin for the crown, is set to perform at two inaugural balls

Bush spends final day calling world leaders

Afghan president claims defense deal with Russia

Report: Bush commutes prison sentences of two Border Patrol agents

'Lost in Space' actor Bob May dies at 69 in Calif.

Iran students say time for U.S. to change policy

Iran students say time for U.S. to change policy

No Pardon For (Scooter) Libby

Fiat May Take Up to 35% Equity Stake in Chrysler, FT Says

Congress Pushes For Credit Card Relief

Fishermen survive almost a month at sea floating in esky ( a cooler)

Editorials worldwide pillory Bush one final time

Windows virus infects 9m computers

Venezuela opposition attacked after Chavez speech

Banks Foreclose on Builders With Perfect Records

Cheney pulls muscle in his back

Portland (Oregon) mayor acknowledges sexual relationship with young man he mentored

U.S. client (State Farm Insurance) cancels contract with fraud-hit Satyam

Co-Pilot in (Miracle on the Hudson) Crash-Landing Thanks Union

S&P strips Spain of its AAA credit rating

President-Elect Obama Meets Oliver Homan - Behind The Scenes at a ritzy party

The Girardeau Family Joins Obama Whistle Stop Tour & Pres Obama meets the Guests

Solid as Barack - Ashford and Simpson (AWESOME!)

Sharon E. Watkins Sermon: "As If..." - Part 1

Jewish Women Occupy Israeli Consulate in Toronto full story

ARETHA FRANKLIN - Young Gifted & Black

TPMtv at Inauguration: The Manifest Hope Exhibit

A Long Hot Summer: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Tom Paxton: I Am Changing My Name to Fannie May

Twenty-Twenty-Twenty-Four Hours To Go

Obama explains his gay marriage strategy

Barack Obama's Comments on a National Day of Service

Black National Anthem to the tune of the Star Spangled Banner

Hitchens vs Smerconish on Waterboarding

Obama Inauguration Fever - Feel It All Over (Stevie Wonder)

The Obama Brand

stevie, usher(i think) and shakira at inauguration. well done

President Obama, Please Get FISA Right

Land of the Free

Yes We Did! - Happy MLK Day

Closing Argument, MLK Conspiracy Trial - 1999

Elaine Taylor - The Rise and Fall of Empires (We Know How it Goes)

Martin Luther King died in the midst of supporting workers in a struggle to form a union

Obama Girl + Obama Duet!

Rachel Maddow: Obama Inauguration parties and Kate Clinton on driving evil spirits out of WH

Al Jazeera English: Bush's legacy, from Afghanistan to Katrina - 16 Jan 09

Obama Radio Nation 2009 Panel pt.2

Obama Radio Nation 2009 Panel pt.3

Project Save Justice - Part 2

Project Save Justice - Part 3

Obama Radio Nation 2009 Panel Final pt.4

End of an Error - Jan. 20th

TYT: Mike Huckabee Says He is Not Pro-Sodomy! (Or Pro-Palin)

Project Save Justice - Part 1

George W. Bush Six Months From Today

Gene Robinson's Prayer Kicks off Inaugural Events

From MLK to Today

Radio Obama Nation 2009 Audience Cheers For Prosecution Of Bush!

U2 performs at Obama Concert (REMIX)

Stephanie Miller & Crew Steal The Show At Obama Radio Nation 2009

WP, pg1: President-Elect Sees His Race as An Opportunity

E.J. Dionne: Why the Uniter Divided Us

An Old Soul

Israel, Gaza, Oil...

Riots expose roots of anger on EU's edges

Bush's legacy is America's shame

Legacies? How About “Good Riddance to the Swine?” by Walter C. Uhler

The case for nationalizing the banks

From Books, New President Found Voice

'This is our hope'

Editorials Worldwide Pillory Bush One Final Time

TYT: Al Sharpton's Great Rant On Religious Hypocrisy & Prop 8

Young Turks: Obama Has First Fight - Find Out Against Who?

Moved by poster. Wrong forum. nt

New Administration. New Blog! BI30 becomes Mugsy’s Rap Sheet with New Look!

HBO to Employ 'Bad Dream' Device to Depict Bush Administration

Parsing Gains of Gaza War

What Obama Should Read-25 books the new president should have by his bedside.

...Capt. George W. Bush was the best captain the Titanic ever had...

The Martin Luther King they won't celebrate

Classic LTTE: Let's give Bush his due as president

Norman Lear to Americans: Know Your Shit

Assassin Wannabe: “. . . it’s not because I’m racist. . .”

Most Valuable Progressives: Code Pink's Transition

Restless Searcher on an Improbable Path Good Article by David Maraniss

Bush, in Final Act, Takes Credit for Obama's Call to Service

Magical spell that will open a new American era

It's an Obamanation!

Leading article: A morning of hope and goodwill in America

I've got just one thing to say about Bush...

Independent UK: Bite the bullet and nationalise the banks

Chris Hedges: Peace Is in the Eye of the Beholder

TYT: Tom Hanks Says Mormon Church is Un-American

Josh Marshall: TPM Launches TPMDC

Does Obama really want to take on Israel?

Has anyone else seen this nonsense? Pray Obama fails (link from Drudge)

"Bush and the Bush-Haters" by J.R. Dunn (batshit crazy whining)

The Horror of Healthcare in America

My local fishwrapper - with the emphasis on hysterical

Message in a Bottle

A Letter From the Grave

Nuclear Proliferation, Terrorism and Deceit: America’s Deadly Game - Connecting the dots....

Sean Hannity: Champion Fighting Goose Abortions!

TO OBAMA: Tell the wealthy to stop being selfish crybabies

Ken Blackwell: Obama's Trojan Horse

Why Do Limbaugh and Malkin Hate America?

U.S. Army Band is ready for inauguration

Maintenance company soldiers return from Iraq

Airman on trial in beating death of soldier

Testimony shows scope of meal problems at McCoy

Obama pauses to honor war dead at Arlington

Soldier killed by roadside bomb in Iraq

West Point site to tell firsthand story of war

General: Winter ops to help cut Afghan violence

Seabees tapped to support Afghanistan surge

Board finally to review disability ratings

Course designed to help thwart roadside bombs

Lejeune Marine dies in bike wreck

Lejeune unit tests new approach to safety

Lejeune Marine arrested on terror charge

Airmen returning to Mountain Home from Bagram

AFPC releases demographics report

(Air Force Times) Editorial: Air Force fails PT test

Northrop Grumman to build new Ford carrier

The Bush Years: A growth in communication, evolving politics and war on terror

Iraq set to control ‘Sons of Iraq’ by April

Commander addresses Iraq challenges

Air Force to invite some officers to return

Residents in Naples left worrying about water

Off-base water testing dropped in Naples

The Oath Tomorrow; Today Obama Honors King

At Gitmo, Hearings As Usual

Drug test clouds airman’s status

Leaders look for help to lessen bike deaths

Testifying in Uniform Nets Punishment

Israel to Quit Gaza by US Inauguration

SecNav sounds off on firings, carriers, crew size

Stennis, strike group to leave Saturday

COUNTDOWN: Special Comment: Why Obama Must Prosecute Bush's Torture

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 356

Time to rock the boat on Japanese whaling, report says

NASA ... top ten plants that help clean out Benzene Formaldehyde & Trichloroethylene

World Wetlands Day is 2/02. Raise Wetlands consciousness! Plan a Gathering....

Peak oil review - Jan 19

Judge Defies Bush - Rules In Favor Of Conservation Groups

NOAA/NCDC - 2008 Tied 2001 As Eighth-Warmest Year On Record Globally - Science Daily

Last Link Tethering Wilkins Ice Shelf Now 500 Meters Wide - Was 100 Kilometers Wide In 1950

Why "Independence from foreign oil" is nothing but political sloganeering

Gore, environmentalists optimistic about Obama's environmental policies

Israel to keep troops in Gaza following ceasefire announcement

Turkish PM says Hamas authority must be respected

Israel recruits 'army of bloggers' to combat anti-Zionist Web sites

Unanimous Consent By Glenn Greenwald

A return to square one

Déjà Vu in Gaza

New Middle East indeed

Egyptians Sick Of Own Government, Media Over Gaza Claims

Hamas vows to rearm after Gaza war

Robert Fisk: So, I asked the UN secretary general, isn't it time for a war crimes tribunal?

Ban urges Arabs to back Abbas in Gaza crisis

Why American academics must join boycott of Israel

Travel advisory issued for top IDF officers

Gaza: Palestinian family mourns 48 dead

US journalists call Livni a 'terrorist'

Bitter pill after the mourning

Israel fears wave of war crimes lawsuits over Gaza offensive

Saudi Arabia pledges $1 billion to rebuild Gaza

Hamas says 48 fighters slain in Israel-Gaza war

Why the Arabs Splinter Over Gaza

The Angevin Counterfactual

Campfires flicker in annihilated Gaza garden suburb

Hamas Says 48 Militants Killed In Gaza Operation

The Secular Spirit of Judaism...Eric Alterman

Europe says no Gaza reconstruction under Hamas

Another War, Another Defeat

Cease-fire in Gaza appears to be holding

Israel Speeds Gaza Withdrawal as Efforts to Buttress Cease-Fire Continue

'Hamas rounding up, torturing Fatah activists in Gaza Strip'

The violence network (About Al-Jazeera)

Abbas in limbo

Iran renews efforts to supply weaponry to bruised Hamas

Reservist arrested for refusing to take part in Gaza op

Could There Be a One-State Solution?

Who will save the Palestinians?

Gaza homeless toll 'hits 50,000'

Report: EU to lift sanctions on Hamas if Palestinian unity gov't formed

Arabs: Israel ammo in Gaza had depleted uranium

Blind and burnt: Mahmoud, 14, young victim of banned white phosphorus shelling

Why Israel won't survive

Egypt's Mubarak: Hamas invited Israeli offensive

Robert Fisk: Posturing and laughter as victims rot

Analysis: Trumpets of victory strike false note

Analysis: Trumpets of victory strike false note

Question about my bank

The S&P downgrades Spain

Swiss central bank predicts mild recession!


Scale of Gaza destruction emerges

The case for nationalizing the banks

Amnesty Int'l: Israeli army's use of white phosphorus in Gaza is 'clear and undeniable'

Today in labor history Jan 19, 20 rioting strikers were shot by factory guards / Joe Hill arrested

Card Check

Union Civil Rights Activists Vow to Keep King’s Dream Alive

Blue Oregon: Martin Luther King, the Memphis sanitation strike, and the dignity of labor

Hotel Workers in DC “Button up” for Employee Free Choice

Writer, producer and director for over 3 decades explains the need for the Employee Free Choice Act

Global unions behind US passage of The Employee Free Choice Act

Alliance@IBM CWA Local 1701 Presses IBM to Save Jobs and Stop Off-shoring of US Jobs

Union chief: US auto makeover deadline unrealistic

Arbitrator's report outlines Carla Katz's (Gov. Corzine's girl) efforts to retain her union job

New Flight Attendant Union Program Enforces Safety, Confidentiality

Toyota group unions to demand pay hike of at least 4,000 yen

George Miller (chairman of the House Committee on Education and Labor) Improving Labor Standards

"Sully" Phoned Pittsburgh After Hudson River Crash

Wal-Mart, $640 in back wages, would never have happened if the employees were represented by a union

Martin Luther King died in the midst of supporting workers in a struggle to form a union

Filipino lauded (by US Dept. of Labor) for fight vs child labor

Seeger and Springsteen: "This Land Is Your Land" like Woody Wrote It.

Wall Street Voodoo - Krugman

So what's your e-cred?

I'm Giving Out Hugs...

I have a very serious question

A totally serious question

On the Celebration of the 80th Birthday of Dr MLK Jr, get to know Bayard Rustin

Why even HAVE a GLBT forum here

A nice post in GDP could use some k & r love.

By the way, at yesterday's protest, I wore a T-shirt with the following picture on it.

Video: Rev. V. Gene Robinson's Prayer

So what is everyone doing tomorrow?

HBO shoves Rev. Robinson and D.C. Gay Men’s Chorus in the Closet

Behind the wave of anti-gay hate crimes

Congressman John Lewis (D-GA) statement today on gay marriage

Prop 8 Legal Defense Fund Plea for Money

What sources do you use for the percentage of the population that's glbt?

Chavez on Obama. his own words

Former El Salvador guerrillas ahead in vote count

Univision interview with Obama (edit)

One Final cboy4/Barry Bonds post before 01/20/2009...

Super Bowl spread: Pittsburgh favored by 6 1/2

I decree that the Sports Forum shut down January 20, 2009

Which Way to Universal Healthcare?

Pro-choice and lethal self-defense


Cruise to Alaska. :-)


Cool photo thread by Hissyspit of The Concert

Looking for name ideas for a photography business.. Mainly wedding for now but branching out..

this water was very cold


Dear World:

Rediscovering the Power of Crystals - OMG!

What's My Name? - ASAH Tribe Naming Ceremony

Ancient Persians 'gassed Romans'

So, "Bullseye Barbecue Sauce" is now HFCorn-syrup free, and I'm THRILLLED!

So, what Inaugural snacks are you making?

Tom Colicchio is a hero (x-post from the lounge)

This should thrill the FReepers...Then again, maybe not....

The Ricotta Cheesecake was a hit!

the theological implications of the the plane crash on the Hudson river

Good science and religion share skepticism, wonder

As promised: the Saga of my First Chef Competition- Long

[Video] Friends of God -- Evolution

Christian Scientists Seek ''Faith Healing Exemption'' In Wisconsin

Post that Restaurant Menu... The one you want to go to....

King Arthur Flours is looking for a Retail Manager for their Vermont Store

A question for those who are NOT fundamentalists but who are religious on their own accord

I baked the most incredible bread yesterday!

The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors

ACMH FOIA -- Interviews From Pentagon Eyewitnesses And Others

NOVA program and website based on Bamford's book The Shadow Factory

Gone tomorrow!

Had to post a link to Babalonsister's GD post here.

What I don't like about DU Texas

Fan of British TV series? Order from the UK and save money

Help! Re: Western Digital External Hard Drive

Sloooooooow Internet

Need password help

Auto labour costs must compete with U.S.: Clement

My Canadian friends...

Is anyone using google chrome?

So just how bad are Coutts' losses as NatWest (parent company) shares dive to 10p

The impossible GTE phone call of Peter Hanson (Flight 175)

We're about to wake up...